Baseball: Twist, turns and a new touch

SnowballTHERE?S NO SNOW IN BASEBALL!!! Cleveland?s home opener was called due to snow and then even worse, the Indians/Angels series was moved to Milwaukee. The Cleveland Indians Of Milwaukee??? Blasphemy, I tell you. Twins were in Chicago, and the game was postponed because of the cold. The Blue Jays and the Tigers had to postpone because of the wind. The Cubs and Astros were snowed out at Wrigley. Attendance is down. Home runs are down. Hits are down. Will it ever end? So now I am proposing a new rule: Cold-weather cities just shouldn?t host baseball games in April.

That?s it, end of problem. You?re exempt if you play in a dome or have a retractable roof. And do not even think about shortening the season. Schedule cold-weather teams on the road until the weather warms up.

I mean, where is Global Warming when you need it? Can we now admit that the weather is shifting at a dramatic pace? I am fine with most of the other repercussions but when this dramatic shift starts to affect my baseball — it?s time to buy a hybrid.

I am particularly concerned because I didn?t design ski masks for TOUCH, our new MLB women’s apparel line that has just launched at the Shop. Next year, I will revisit this as well as maybe designing a compact, girly snow shovel.

Okay. I feel better now.

Honestly, this is what I love about baseball. It?s just like life. The ride. The journey. Every year when the season starts, I think I have a pretty good idea of how the season is going to go. Oh, I think I?m such an expert — I read every magazine, I read everyday (OK, maybe four or five times a day), I watch the Spring Training games. And yet despite all the preparation, I realize I simply have no idea what twists or turns the season will take. As much as I try to peer into the future, the future is unpredictable. A ball bounces under a player?s legs, and the Red Sox lose their lead and the World Series. A fan interferes with a ball, and the Cubs lose their lead, and the playoff series. A-Rod finally silences the boo?s and steps up to the plate. That?s baseball. In life, we have our own rhythms, our own ups and downs, our own teammates, and all we can do is hold on and prepare for the challenges along the journey.

I would like to close my first blog entry, by paying tribute to the late, great Jackie Robinson. He was clearly a man with amazing ability, but more importantly, a man with remarkable courage. Gandhi once said, ?Be the change you want to see in the world?. I don?t think there is a man who exemplified this sentiment more than Jackie Robinson. And think about this ? the color barrier in baseball was broken only 60 years ago. Look how far we?ve come. Never forget. Never forget.

I would also like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to the great work Jackie?s son, David Robinson is doing to spur social change in Tanzania, continuing his father?s legacy in the noblest of ways. Please take a moment to visit this link.

Until next time . . .


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Alyssa, we wish you a warm welcome to the MLBlogosphere! That was fun to read and really looking forward to your posts this season!


Welcome to MLBlogs! I saw your baseball collection in the catalog I just got in the mail and I think I’ll have to buy my wife some Brewers stuff. Feel free to check out my blog on the Brewers at, and don’t hesitate to post comemnts if you’d like!

Again, welcome!


Is this just a publicity thing or do you actually love baseball?

Do you really write this blog yourself?
Or as Joseph so wisely put it, Is this just a Publicity thing?

Your the ultimate woman! Beautiful and a serious baseball fan. Wow your the total package! Nice job on your BLOG.


When I was 10, I was convinced I was going to marry you…and that was before I knew you were a baseball fan!

Now I’m married so you missed your chance!

All jokes aside, a great blog and look forward to more posts.

Alyssa, would you do me a big favor? Could you leave a loving IM, VM or email for your former squeeze, Barry Zito, so that he’ll pitch better? Look past the Giants vs. Dodgers thing and consider it a humanitarian act.



“Catcher’s Interference: A Rant for San Francisco Giants Fans”

welcome Alyssa! nice to see you here; i didn’t know you’re quite the Dodgers fan

the clothes look great (on women and you especially)

looking forward to your posts


Alyssa, your passion for baseball and fashion are evident in your new collection. It’s about time there is something cool, sexy and fun for my girlfriend to wear when rooting for the Red Sox!

Good Luck!

Welcome Alyssa I found out you were a HUGE Dodger fan a while back & I wanna tell you you picked the right team to root for. I’ll be looking forward to reading you’re Blog.

Noni “Do you really write this blog yourself?”

That’s pretty rude bro.

As a female baseball fan, I appreciate the idea behind your line. It’s nearly impossible to find flattering baseball clothes for women so I was really excited when I saw some of the items. Unfortunately, the two teams I root for have a combined total of 1 item between them from your line, currently available. Are you planning on expanding the selection to include more for the teams already featured and items for teams not featured at all in the future? Maybe you could write about your plans for the future sales of your line in your blog? Thanks!


Nice work, AM. Saw you at World Art Supply when I first moved to town in ’98, and thought ‘Wow, a rosary tat. That’s cool.’ GO BLUE, just as Mary intended it.

One wonders who her favorite Dodger is

Girl, what do you know about baseball?


Dear Alyssa Milano’s Press Agent,

Oh how you tease us that Alyssa actually posts here.

Do you realize that you are torturing the guys here on MLBlogs that actually believe as I almost did, that a fine creature such as Ms. Milano would actually hang with the likes of us baseball geeks- with our pocket protectors and portable stats.

Yes we know Alyssa is fine and yes if you actually had us believe that she is a baseball fan…well…that would be just a dream come true now wouldn’t it

For what it is worth, enjoy the benefits of the publicity from joining a blog, but know that if this blog dies like all of the other publicity blogs before (eh umm..Scott Stapp) we will vote Sanjay over Ms. Milano forever.

Peace and Baseball…Live Long and Prosper…



“You Still Fine Tho Momma”

Hey, guys, can we have a little civility here? Alyssa has just started this blog and already on her first day, two rude comments. It’s akin to showing up at a new job for the first time and being hit with obnoxious questions rather than a simple, polite greeting.

Alyssa, welcome to MLBlogs, and thanks for bringing some name recognition and publicty to this neighborhood.

Bruce Markusen

Cooperstown Confidential

Welcome to the MLBlogs. Just wanted to say you look especially stunning in Dodger attire.

I hope my comment doesnt constitute as being rude. I just wanted to know if this was a publicity stunt or if she loves the game. I didn’t think that was out of line. I just want to talk baseball with people. Thats why I am on here.

So…you’re against cold-weather games in April. I hope that means you’re a fan of the doubleheader. All of want to know where you stand on the real issues…! Does McGwire belong on the Hall? Who’s your favorite Dodger (besides Koufax)? Do you walk Bonds or pitch to him when he reaches #754? (to quote another Dodger legend, “Why waste four pitches?”)

alyssa milano i want to tell you your the best i am a red sox fan so im going to have a hard time cheering for the red sox when they play against your fave team oh i have season tickets to the rhode island miner baseball team called the paw sox – red sox i can.t afford the boston tickets but the boston red sox starts out on the miner tean signed melody

I’m very sorry if I offended anyone.
The name and most of the contents of the blog appeared more like something from a fashion magazine. Or like an ad for the MLB store.

Alyssa Milano I just want to tell you that I really like your idea to design baseball clothes for women because it’s really hard to find some.
They all are very good!


Alyssa! Awesome! Welcome to MLBblogs & keep up the great work you do for UNICEF.
You are absolutely the most gorgeous woman on the planet and a baseball fan as well. {Sigh}..

I miss seeing you on TV each week.

If you want to chime in as to why my Phillies stink each year I’d be happy to listen.

Best wishes, your biggest fan from Philly.

Welcome to the baseball blog, everyone’s public voice…I don’t care if the real AM or some PR AM writes the blog. It’s a smart, thinking comment on the one thing we all here love…baseball! The Jackie Robinson comments, of course, go without saying but still, 60 years later (and, probably, 160 years from now) need to be said. It may be naive to think that baseball played a major role in beginning to shift this country’s view of itself and the world and the true nature of freedom and rights. But, with the participation of this one brave and remarkable man (and we must not forget the contribution of Branch Rickey and the rest of the Dodger organization of the time), baseball was a catalyst for change not just within a game but within a nation’s soul.
As for the cold-weather problem…I don’t think that the people who make the schedules should be so stupid as to place early-season or late-season games between teams who only meet once each season in each other’s park in a cold area park. But they cannot postpone for a month or more every cold area team’s home opener. It’s unfeasible that no team that plays in an open-air stadium be allowed to play at home until the weather can be expected to be in the 50’s or better every day. However, what is NOT unfeasible is that MLB officials should demand that all new parks be built with retractable roofing, so, someday, there will be no more bad-weather called games anywhere. Until then, teams should play only divisional rivals for the first and last two or three weeks of the season, whenever possible.

Welcome, once again, Alyssa…and, please, could you design some female fan gear for the “older” and less (shall we say) physically fit woman, such as the 59 year old grandma writing this now? We’d appreciate it.

It’s great to see and hear from a woman that knows a ton about baseball and is passionate about it. In regard to the comment about early season games in cold weather cities, Minnesota is dropping the ball. They are building a brand new stadium without a retractable roof? What are they saving, $50 mil? Take a hint from state of the art stadiums in proffessional sports and if you are going to do it, do it right. AZ has a retractable field for the Cards for Christ’s sake.
Well keep up the good work and the great writing. I’m looking forward to reading some more.

Sponge bob no pants.
(Thought I’d give you that visual – the BK commercial)

Whats your thoughts on fantasy baseball?

Great clothes, but you would make a burlap bag look good.

Nice on psyco weather, agreed.

Have fun.

Zack – Philly.

Dear Alyssa,
I’m your Italian fan since the 1st season of charmed and I Love the person that you are.

You’re simply wonderful because the last of your choice about the child’s problems, but not only, are very brave

Compliments for this blog, but also for to have choice of produce this clothing’s line for women. You’re a really business woman.

That God protect you.

With sincere admiration.

Global warming? Shouldn’t that be “Global Cooling”?😀

I had no idea you have a great sense of humor…….lol. Go Dodgers and great to see you on here

I have follow your career and my wife is a huge “Charmed” fan. I respect your social work even more. Thank You for your comments on Jackie Robinson. The Ganghi quote is my favorite. I hopefully the Dodgers will be good this year.


I found your blog today and was reading your thoughts on baseball. I though I had found my soul mate – until that little comment about the Cardinals – OUCH! At the end of the regular season I would have agreed with you, it was going to be a short post-season for them. Unfortunately we will never know if the error stricken Tigers would have won so I prefer to think that the Cards stepped-up their play when they needed to, otherwise, no team ever wins – one simply loses. Of course I may be a little biased, being a HUGE Cardinals fan. Other than that – Great Job!


Great to see you on here. I believe you write the blog, I believe you love baseball. What I can’t believe is that you actually like to do the wave. The wave was outdated by ‘Who’s The Boss’ second season.

Come on, you’re hip, you’re Hollywood. Lose the wave.

Hey Alyssa, I just wanted to say that I have been a fan of yours since I first saw you in Commando with our governator. After that, I didn’t miss an episode of Who’s the Boss cause I had a crush on you, but who can blame me? Anyway, now that I find out you are almost as big a Dodger fan as I am, you once again reclaim the title of the perfect woman, and my crush may come back, regardless of your marital Just wanted to say thanks for being a Dodger fan, and I hope to see you at the stadium sometime, although I have tickets in the Top Deck, and you probably never have a need to go up there…lol.


Why did us Mets fans ever think that you were one of us?

Dodgers?? geez, im sick.


Hi Alyssa, I want to echo the earlier comment of the guy who misses seeing you every week. I watched Charmed for 8 years and just loved you! I sincerely hope your new pilot gets picked up. I agree about Russell Martin. In fact, he’s on all my fantasy teams! That leads to my question: Have you ever played Fantasy Baseball? I play in a high stakes league (NFBC – National Fantasy Baseball Championship) that has the co-stars of USA’s Psych in it- Maggie Lawson and James Roday Rodriguez.

Alyssa, I think it’s great that you’re such a baseball fan. My heart is yours forever. I think all the snow this year is just a fluke. But, what do I know, I don’t get to see snow down here in Texas. I just think that it was cool that Milwaukee was able to see an AL series in their NL park. I would love to see a Cardinals/Cubs series or any NL series for that matter, in Arlington. May be better than interleague.

Hello Alyssa, It is nice to see others who are big baseball fans. I have grow with baseball and enjoy the game. I’m a Detroit Tiger’s fan and I agree with you Detroit lost the World Series. Even though I’m a Tigers fan I like a lot of teams. One is the Dodgers. I love reading the history of the game and that is how I got into the Dodgers first with Brooklyn and now LA. I have been to all of the stadiums and love Dodger Stadium. I plan on making a return trip next year. Keep writing. Love to read your opinions

Alyssa, loved your blog. Very witty. You really know your baseball and I’m impressed. I do take exception to your comment about cold-weather cities. Wrigley Field is a great place to experience baseball, sun or snow (especially from the bleachers)!

Best of luck with the new pilot getting picked up. I’m looking forward to seeing you on TV again soon.

Looking forward to your next blog.


Alyssa, is there any chance that you’d ever fall in love with a Stros fan?🙂



I have followed your career for many, many years. You are truly a PRINCESS!

I am a die-hard Yankee fan but I am sure that if we were to meet that all I had to do is look once into your eyes and I would switch to the Dodgers forever!!!

We have something in common, we both should like Brooklyn, right? Brooklyn Dodgers!

Anyways, I hope to see more work of yours in the future…

Keep up the good work.


I had no idea you are such a raging dodger fan. I live in a place where beauty and intelligence seem to be mutually exclusive. It’s refreshing to see you blend the two. Great blog. I’ll be reading regularly. We’ll look for you at the Ravine!


When I first saw this new publicity on, I could not help but be angry for some reason. I do not know if I like this new idea. I am a Dodger fan (since I was 5 years old). The apparel is not of my taste and it is quite pricey. This reminds me of all the other celebrities that come out with clothing (Lopez, Simpson, etc. Lets just keep it about baseball on this site. I do not like this celebrity fluff it is ruining the appeal of visiting this site.

Alyssa, do you ever make it out to other cities to see Dodger games. June 19-21 your beloved Dodgers visit my hometown Jays. What are the chances of you making it up to Canada?

Hey Alyssa, I think its cool what you’ve done for the baseball lovin’ ladies, it makes a gal much more approachable with some Yankee gear on! I agree with your Roberto Clemente comment, great player, and an even better man. Good Job with the blog!
Enjoy the Season and Stay Cool.


Oh! Yeah!!!!
You are the best one Alyssa, all that you do are great! Im so happy because Touch Line are sucssesfull, and it is incredible!

Well done!



You rock. I never knew you were a Dodger fan, but it makes you sooo much HOTTER! (No, i’m not a lesbian) I love your clothes, I believe this isn’t a publicity stunt, and if I wasn’t so broke i’d buy all of your stuff. Thank you for your awesome idea. I hate ALL pink sports gear, and girls who wear them should be socked in the face. I’m constantly looking for cute Dodger clothing. Whether online, in stores, at Dodger Stadium…and I will only get little boys t-shirts because all the chick stuff is ugly and/or pink. So you rock for coming out with your clothing line.



So, since you were raised in the National League – DH or no DH? I think the DH rule takes away some of the strategy that managers can employ in late innings. Anyway, it’s good to see a celeb that stays for the whole game and isn’t there for the photo-op.


I too bleed Dodger Blue, and while I don’t agree with you on everything, I respect your ideals. I am a teacher in LAUSD (fourth grade), and a new father. My little girl went to her first Dodger game Friday night. She is eight months old today! (

My dogs are named Dodger and Gagne’and we have four of the old stadium seats in our home. We live ten minutes from the big “A” but want to go see real baseball… Incidently, a good comeback to any Angel “fan” is to tell them that it took former Dodgers to teach them how to win a championship. Anyways, thanks for the place to write!


Well, there it is the blemmish on a perfect being….Dodgers’ Fan? No offense to Jackie Robinson at this time of rememberance. I thought I read a few years back that you were a Yankees fan. My image of the perfect woman….destroyed with a few key strokes.
A little more seriously though. I am not the kind of person that gets lost in Fanaticism of being a fan. I am a fan though….I’ve even watched “Mario Brothers”. I think is a very cool that someone of your fame would make herself so reachable.

But, it may be time to put your money where your mouth is. And that’s a lot of money. Not to say your a big mouth..I digress…Someone asked your views on fantasy baseball…not that you need the money, but have you been playing Beat the Streak. I think it would be fun to see just how well you know the game and can pick the hitters. I’m sure others do to. How about signing up and starting your nlog with your streak and last hitter chosen?

With everything else that you have done with your life (fame and fortune) Kudos…keep up the good work.

Dodgers? Really.


As a sox fan I hated to see NOMAH go but he’s still one of my favorites players… which leads me to ask who’s your favorite Dodger. Everyone wants to know!

Well congrats!.. anyways this looks like a great situation for you maybe you can walk around the stadium every once in a while i’m sure the fans would appreciate it you still look great and hope to see you around the games.

Your blog is great and I had no idea you were such a Dodgers fan! That makes me happy right there! When I lived in LA I went to about 30-40 games a season and I miss my Dodgers so much.😦 I live in Arizona now, going to tonights game at Chase, can’t wait! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work girl!

You’re Beautiful, smart, knowledgable about baseball, and a DODGER fan!
You’re amazing, would you marry me!? hehe j/p

Hi Alyssa
It is sooo cool that you are hear. I wanted to get some TOUCH outfits but they too big for me mom say I have to grow some more. I was so sad that my dad promise me a custom made jersey now what team should I put on it ha ha. I put Dogers on in honor of you.

Dear Alyssa,

Nice blog on Jackie Robinson. What a great day for him and baseball, plus a nice win for the Dodgers. One of my all time favs is Roberto Clemente too…another incredible man, not just baseball but so much more.

Who will our Dodgers play in World Series? Have you been to a WS yet?

Hey Alyssa,
Don’t let the haters pull you down. I think there is something else you need to add to things you dont like at baseball games, and especially at dodger stadium, the new parking plan! It ***** and costs way too much. Although you probably get the VIP treatment in and out. Lucky you! Come down to the lower reserve level and say hi sometime.🙂 Go Dodgers!

oh yeah my name is Turro🙂


My friend told me about this Blog, because he knows I’m a Huge Alyssa fan. =o)

Welcome. I look forward to reading your blogs.

Like yourself, I’m a HUGE baseball fan.

I watch all the spring training games, rad all the magazines, belong to 2 Fantasy Leagues, etc.

I’m a 34 year old, life long Yankee Fan.

I know the Yankees are hated, but were’ on a Mission for #27.

Great stuff so far.

Enjoy it.

Your Pal,

Mission 27. =o)

Wow, you weren’t kidding. It’s hard to believe that people don’t think that celebrities are regular people just like the rest of us. Ouch was an understatement when you described some of your comments. Personally, I don’t care who you are or what you are posting a blog for. All that matters to me is that you are a Dodger fan, though it’s nice to think our cult following includes the likes of Alyssa Milano. What do people think, that there’s a special sports league just for famous people and the elite to follow? As long as you are a true fan and follower of the Boys in Blue, you’ll get support from me. I’ve been a Dodger fan since before I could hold a mit and I still say Gibson’s homer in 88 is the greatest moment in sports history. I will be keeping an eye on your blog (mostly because it’s the first Dodger one I found) and hope you keep the faith. I think this is the best team we’ve feilded in a long time and expect a lot from this squad. THINK BLUE Alyssa and I’ll see you at the ballpark!


Great posts! It’s not too often that I come across women who are as knowledgable and into baseball, especially the Dodgers. As a lifelong, die hard, true blue Dodger fan of 28 years, it’s great to hear other people talk so highly of them, as those people are hard to find out here in Texas (boo Astros). Martin is a great player, one of the best things to happen to the Dodgers since Paul Lo Duca so I can understand why he’s your favorite. You have to give it up to Jeff Kent though, the guys a gamer and tough at that. He goes about his business the way the old timers did it, not complaining, no excuses, just plays hard, the way the game was meant to be played.

I enjoy all your work and look forward to seeing your future successes. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. Oh yes, and thanks for signing my baseball that Friday summer night in ’06. Penny pitched a great game that night. I didn’t at first recognize you when I held the door open for you at Wolfgang Puck’s, but it came to me later. That was just too cool!


My wife loves the white tank top but can you make the back just like a regular tank. She has a smokin’ bod but because she is a mom doesn’t want to go over the top.


Hi Alyssa,

I agree with all your comments and like to say I have a strong dislike for Bonds. Since you are a dodger fan you have other reasons for no liking him. Just when I thought baseball was in a drought, along comes your new line to spruce it backup. I go to games and see the same jerseys and pink shirts on the woman, now I can see variety and enjoy both the game and the scenery. I hope one day to meet you and thank you personally for making baseball mans best friend once again. Best of luck with the new line.


Hey Alyssa,

I think I read in a press release for Touch that you’re dating Brad Penny, but in your blog your present favorite Dodgers are Russell Martin and Nomar. What’s up with that?


The Los Angeles Dodger Fan of Orange County

BTW- Will your line be available in any retail stores?

Hi Alyssa,

Nice work your doing here and I pretty much agree with your feelings. Its great to see a female with your stature express such a love for baseball.

Hey Alyssa, my friend Mike was a stunt guy on Charmed back in the day. A friend of a friend (all of us are from Rochester, NY) was a set decorator on your show, and apparently helped you decorate your house. Another friend has a bartending company and he and three other other friends worked Justin Timberlake’s birthday party a couple years ago and met you. Is that six degrees of separation? I think so. You and your fans are all invited to Punch Grill in Santa Monica. Just ask Steve Sax about it.

P.S. I’m a huge Red Sox fan, and really happy that a bunch of our old favorite players found their way out here to LA. I definitely root for the Los Angeles Blue Sox whenever it doesn’t conflict with my loyalty to the Crimson Calcetines. You may see me around the local ballparks sporting my Green Monster mascot outfit, showing my team spirit, so keep an eye out. Peace, Love and Baseball? I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Hey Alyssa I just wanted 2 say that your blog is awesome, and that its nice 2 have another girl be such a big fan of baseball. I am a die hard Mets Fan haven’t missed a game yet and have been a proud fan for 4 years since i was 11. I am dying 2 go 2 my first game but im saving up 2 get a seat with my dad. Keep up the awesome job and keep lovin baseball!

ok my question is do you ever travel to the way games? I`m in new york and I don`t recall seeing you at shea last year for the plyoffs, although Sandy Kofax and Tommy exc were there. So i`m just wondering if your Dodger loyalty is just subject to home games?

and the second question how could ya all ever let Maddox go he has a good 2-3 years left in him. shame on L A for that and for letting him sign with San Diago of all teams anyway i was just wondering if you get time please answer thanks Doug

Hey Alyssa,
Did you ever find it ironic being a Dodger fan and being on a tv show that was based in San Francisco for seven years?

Hi Alyssa,
It was great to find out you are a big baseball fan. Baseball is a national treasure. I wish you the best of luck with your fashion line. I wish the Dodgers a good season except when they play the Brewers!

Hey Alyssa,

I had not been to a baseball game in over 20 years, but after hearing about your love of the game, and since I still had to check out the new stadium (Miller Park), I decided to go see a Brewers ? Dodgers game. I?ll admit that there was a hope that you might take a road-trip to Milwaukee to watch your team and that I might catch a ?live? glimpse of, or (dare I say) even meet you. I was, however, somewhat surprised to find that I really enjoyed myself. I like the new stadium and go quite often now. I have been a great fan of yours for years, and now, along with your entertainment and humanitarian work, I can also thank you for re-introducing me to baseball.

GO BREWERS! (Sorry – but the Dodgers ARE my number 2 team),


P.S. If you ever do come to Miller Park and you noticed a short man looking at you, don?t be alarmed ? I?m quite harmless.

It’s a credit to your realism as an actress that I always thought of you as a Cardinals fan. That’s what comes of falling madly for you as a kid in “who’s the boss.” Of course even if Tony played for the Cards Sam grew up in Brooklyn so it ,makes sense after all🙂

I’m curious…as a celeb yourself who presumably commands more than minimum wage what’s your feeling about the school of thought that says there should be a salary cap for your fellow entertainers baseball players. And while we’re on that subject how about a salary floor so that guys like Jeffrey Loria can’t put double A teams on the field in Montreal and then Florida and then pocket the profits rather than investing it in the team?

Good luck on your new endeavor and ignore the few chauvinists who are bound to show up to show us how clever they are by dissing you.

I think its really cool what sports can do,isnt it? Whod have ever dreamed that idever get a chance to e mail alyssa milano OR that she was a base ball fan? Well,a DODGERS fan,but,technicly,I guess thats still base ball lol.Loved your comments and am very impressed by and share quite a few of your opinions.Keep up the good work and the best of luck to you. When I break into hollywood,We’ll do lunch at a cardinals-dodgers game.(I’m a life long cardinals fan).In your opinion,who do you think will win their respective divisions in both leagues,the wild cards,pennants,and world series? Again,very good work and I ook forward to reading your responses.

My friend,

It is usually I that answers the questions. But now that I have learned of this new Dodger Mecca for the baseball, I must ask you the question that has stumped Jesus for ages. From 1888-1898, this team you adore was known as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. Why on the earth would they ever drop such a superior mascot for the evasive choice of the Dodger? Yes, the Dodger is catchier, and in the baseball it is of the upmost importance to catch, but tell me my friend, who could ever root against the Bridegrooms?

If you can answer this for Roadside Jesus, I would gladly answer any question you may have.

Thank you my friend. And good luck in the NL West.

alyssa thanks for reading my post i have a question for you about baseball
long long have you been a baseball and to tell you i am a boston redsox fan

signed melody.

Alyssa, as a Yankees fan I cannot believe I am going to do this but unfortunately and inevitably I am going to get hooked on your blog. I am really impressed that you are such a huge baseball fan and while yes you cheer for the lowly Dodgers, I look forward to checking out your comments this season. Keep up the good writing. I will tell all the women I know about your new of baseball apparel. – Charlie

Alyssa I was very disappointed to see you erased by blog. I would of expected a response. Your comment on Luis Gonzalez was rude and uncalled for. He is a great asset to this organization. He is a true baseball player. He hustle and plays with a passion. Something you don’t find in many baseball players anymore. He might not have the strongest arm but he keeps those hits coming. You obviously did not look up the word loyalty. A “loyal” fan would not make a comment like that. At first I was furious by your blog. I think it is for publicity due to your new clothing line. Way to get ahead by using the Dodgers. But you seem to be a smart business woman. I just dont appreciate you using my team to get ahead.

For your first blog, FUNNY. I visit safesearching/Cl like 5 times a day or more, when i’m suppose to be doing my homework(shh…). Anyway I really miss Charmed my favorite show in the whole world, I have to quote from your blog:”As much as I try to peer into the future, the future is unpredictable.” when I read this even if it was intended or not(was it, a nod to charmed?) remind me of your character Phoebe. As I can see you are a huge Dodgers fan(blue is my fav. color), as I mention in your second blog, i’m for the yankees. Question: When was the last time the Dodges won the world series? Take care, larondaA26 from safesearching.

First of all, d_girl_23, you are way too sensitive if you can’t handle a mild critique of one of your players. Alyssa didn’t rip on him, she said she’s concerned with ONE aspect of his defense. Sheesh! And MLB uses your team and EVERY team to make money selling merchandise, it’s the American way, and you don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it. I wish there was more of a selection for my team, I’m sure my wife would love them.

Ok, on to baseball: Alyssa, as an A’s fan, I’m wondering if you read Moneyball, and what you thought of Paul DePodesta as a GM. Do you think he got a fair shake, were you glad he was replaced?

I can tell from your writing that you have a real love for the game. Keep writing from the heart.

you look ur best wearing dodger blue! u will make another dodger fan happy ur the best chick ever

oh and gonzo does throw like a gir….gonzo throwing a baseball now cmon people plz….the offield is embarrasing at times and needs imnprovement but gonzo can hit

Alyssa i just want to say that the clothes that i have seen is awesome and i cant wait to wear it.

Hey Alyssa, friendly message here from one of your “original” message board peeps. Keep up the good work with Touch! Think your idea is a very good one and I promise to buy your stuff if I make it to a baseball game this year. Hope you read this message. Its been fun being your fan thru the years, your a beautiful person dont let jealous comments hurt you. Your still my Hollywood idol and always will be! Rock on!

Hey Alyssa..
I Love Your clothing line.. i really cant choose what to buy… but i think i will wait and see what MLB will add more… looking forward to see more of your great work…

oh and you did great honey. I’m not a baseball fan but I’m buying just because you are the designer… Love you… Good luck..

Mona (MonMon) , from Kuwait

hey alyssa
its so great that you have two websites where you post blogs. I don’t reli know what baseball is about as i’m from the uk & we don’t play it here. So if any1 can explain it to me thanks. I will go watch a baseball game when i visit america in the next year or two. I will make sure its a Dogers game since you think they are the best! c ya alyssa xxxx

* A dodger’s game i mean. i can’t spell😦. xx

Want to go to a baseball game with me? Sure, I can not afford a box or VIP suite, but I’m sure we will still have a good time.

Sounds like you really know your baseball. Love it! Where do you sit at the games so I can snap a pic of you(it looks like the luxury level), and if we’re lucky maybe me and my girl can get a pic with you and her wearing TOUCH. Will

I am a huge Dodger fan who saw you at the stadium club a year and a half ago during a weekday afternoon game. I thought to myself, “what the heck is she doing here.” But now after reading your blog, it made perfect sense. A hotty who loves the Dodgers. PERFECT. And your clothing line looks super cool. I am going to order a whole Dodger wardrobe for my fiance. She will be elated, and I will owe it to you. Keep up the good work on the blogs and Go Blue Crew!

Good job on your blog. As a Padre fan (but a huge fan of yours), it hurts that you are such a huge fan of the Dodgers. It’s still entertaining to read your blog though.

Are you ever going to get back onto a TV show ? I miss seeing you on TV


WOW! My dream girl who I grew up watching during my teenage years is a Dodger fan! Alyssa you go girl and your blogs are great! GO DODGERS!

p.s. Don’t worry about the haters, you just keep doing what you do. I wish my daughter could be as beautiful and successful as you are!


You’ve got a great blog going. You clearly bleed Dodger Blue like a true Angeleno, and your entries are articulate, straight to the point and enjoyable. You get an “A” from me.

I will definitely keep posted to your blog. If you get a chance, and particularly if you are a Laker fan, check out Flea’s blog at the Lakers’ website. He demonstrates the same passion for his LA team and openness of mind and heart that you do.

How about that Hendrickson continuing what he started at the end of last season? Great showing in the Mile-High!

Friend in Blue


I admire your True Blue life. The Dodgers have been my lifetime team. I use to sit in the backyard with my grandfather listening to Vinny on the radio. My grandfather is 87 and I took him to his first Dodger Game @ 84. It was so awesome, he loved it. My daughter, who dared to test my love for the Blue, started out as an Angel fan. I was quick to let her know that she will bleed Dodger Blue sooner or later. Low and behold, she now has a blue room, wears a Dodger shirt everyday of the week, and even though we got swept by the Az last year, and living here in Az (houses are cheaper) she proudly wore her Dodger shirt that following Monday.

You thinking of coming to Chicago for a Cubs-Dodgers game this summer? You should consider it, you can stay at my place, I live with Charley Rivkin.


I wanted to add my applause to your blog appreciators. As someone who grew up in the generation of adolescent boys who saw you as the perfect girl, I am very impressed and have enjoyed seeing a side of you that isn’t necessarily seen on tv. There is nothing hotter than a girl that loves baseball. Well done.

I think it’s awesome that cold and warm weather both get blamed on global warming. So, I can’t believe you were in So Cal and are a Dodger fan instead of an Angels fan. Go Angels!

I love reading your blogs. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only girl out there that loves baseball as deeply as you do. It’s so refreshing to see! I also love your new clothing line. I ordered a shirt the other day! It’s about time women are thought about in the world of sports!

I did not like the fact that you said the Tigers “lost” the World Series. The Cardinals were flat out a better team. Sure the regular season record was bad but they brought their A-game when it counted. They beat the odds. The Tigers just didn’t have what it takes. PERIOD.

Love the clothing line. Can’t belive you had to sport the Yankees shirt in the MLB spring catalog, though. I suppose it could have been worse. Could have been the Giants, huh?


Go blue! I’m one of those who enjoyed “Charles In Charge” and saw your love for baseball back then. Looks like you’re the LA fan’s ambassador to baseball… Sorry I can’t identify with your Touch line (being of the opposite gender), but keep up the good work.


Hey, just got your catalogue in the mail. I know, I spell catalogue funny. Anyways, please tell me that you’re actually wearing your Jays gear and that its not really an airbrish job. This would make my day. Also, good luck with Gagne, so far so good.

i miss l.a.

blue is definitely your color

hey come visit a giants game, we need more blue in the seats!

ps-women look hot in your gear!!

keep it up


Wow. I found this blog through another blog that I visit,, and I must say that I am quite impressed by what I’ve read so far. Insightful and well-written. I enjoyed your piece about losing the female fan. I have friends that love the game, but they don’t attend very frequently. You may have touched on something. I’ll tell my friends that Alyssa Milano thinks they’re missing out.

Dear Alyssa,

I learned only a short time ago that you are a singer. I have heard some of your music, and I think you are very good! I especially like “Closer To You.” At “first thought,” I was surprised to learn that you sing, but, then again, on “second thought,” I guess I really shouldn’t be too surprised since I already knew of your role in “Annie,” a role which would probably require you to sing. I was wondering: Will you be singing the National Anthem at any baseball games this year? For the Dodgers or Yankees, maybe???

I love your work as an actress! You are my favorite!!!



Hi Sweetie just wanted to stop by and say hello. and I hope that we have a great week in Baseball and we wip up on the SF Giants. I live here in the Bay Area and have been catching all kinds of lip from the Giant fan and all I say is wait till the series is over because that is what you guys said the first time and you fans got nothing from us. Well take care and I will chat with you later.


After watching you grow up on my TV screen, I (like most people) had preset notions of what your writing would be like. Just wanted to say I have been pleasantly surprised with your writing and agree with your evaluation of fantasy league baseball. I am convinced that people will start rooting for individuals over the team and I will refuse to participate.

I prefer the pure game, just for the game.

I am an old Reds fan, stuck in Cub/Brewer land. I miss the old Dodger/Reds rivalries.

But you keep bleeding Dodger blue and I will keep reading, OK?


Alyssa, I am new to this sight and just wanted to say I’ve been a fan of your acting career but I never knew you were such an avid baseball fan. I wanted to comment on your apprehetion on Fantasy Baseball. I’m a passionate sports fan myself be it baseball as well as other major sports. I participated in A fantasy football leauge and I did find myself paying too much attention to “individual stats” and it did make the experice differnt. I don’t do fantasy anymore. Also, Having read your writing I find you Inpirational and refreshing. It’s always cool to meet a fan that appreciates the game so deeply as myself. Keep up the good work! thank you. Ken P.S. Go Marlins

Thanks Alyssa!!! I cannot wait to rock out my new Tiger apparel. I have been a huge fan of CHARMED, (waiting for season 8 to release to DVD)and I hope your new pilot gets picked up. I appreciate your humanitarian efforts and I also respect your ability to lead a drama free (as much as possible anyway) life considering your profession and celebrity. Positive role models for young women seem far and few these days…..Anyway, keep up the good work with “touch”..and forget about the negative comments from some of these yahoos.

I checked the schedule and your Dodgers play my Cubs late May. Hope you designed a terri cloth dodger hand towel? Your gonna need it after the Cubs come to town to wipe away the tears. My Cubs broom is ready to sweep late May. I’ll try not to do the boogie woogie on your Dodgers blog that week. NOT!

I don’t speak very good english, i’m from belgium, my name is Stephanie, and I found this site by chance.I am a BIG fan of charmed…

just to say hi, when I’m watching Charmed on tv, I always feel good…it makes me happy, that maybe can be funny or something for you, but it does.:-)

I like base ball too since I was 10 years old, but don’t know much about it.

I’m happy I found this site to put a little word for you.

I have a blog to if you want to visit it😉, it’s not about base ball but me, my family and friends, but in french:

have a great day.


Hello Ms. Milano,its really nice to know that you take time off from your busy schedule to write comments here,i just wanted to say that i am a big fan of yours and of charmed.

alyssa im soo sorry for chicagoes loss.
please give them my deepest condulances

signed your fan & friend


Jackie is my hero as well as Dr. King and Malcolm X. I was once told that courage was having the strength to do what’s right in the face of fear. The world would be a better place if these men were still here. I’m amazed at how they were able to lead people.
Being a fan of Clemente, did you know he was originally drafted by the Dodgers. Interesting story of his experience with the Dodgers. If the Dodgers brought him up to the majors, he would have been on the same field as Koufax


that is a very interesting idea, but that’s what road trips are for. Get out of your state and go see another ballpark and have a great experience. Every summer I go to a new ballpark. If you go to Milwaukee they are huge fans of tailgating, I think it’s considered a sport there. It is a lot of fun and they let you tailgate after the game for two to three hours, I forget. Now doesn’t that sound better than seeing Milwaukee in Texas. The fans in Atlanta are great as well, check out the 755 club in left field and if at Bank One BallPark stop at Alice Cooper’s restaurant/Bar It has a great baseball ambviance for pregame and postgame fun.


It’s MR. Robinson.

NOT “Jackie”

Show some respect.

Alyssa, I know that you probably won’t check this b/c it’s an old blog but I didn’t want to post it on your new blog about Hancock… how disrespectful would that have been?! Anyway… I sent the below to and they sent an automated response that said “This is an automated response to your e-mail. You will
not receive another response. Do not respond to this e-mail.”

Maybe it’s just me but that’s a little bit of BS… we can’t demand what we want… I mean, what happened to supply and demand… I can’t even request what I want… you SERIOUSLY need to talk to your contacts… I’m done ranting… this is what I sent them:

I was wondering if you guys were going to be offering more of the touch line from Alyssa Milano for different teams. I live in So Cal but moved from Texas so I’d like to get something for the Astros and Dodgers but you guys don’t carry hardly anything from the line. Like, those cute jersey looking shirts… how cute are they?! The closest

thing would be the Giants! Come on now! You guys need to keep a steady stock of her stuff… it’s so cute and I can’t find anything else

I really like on here. All the pink stuff is OVER! Only 12-year-olds and older ladies like that… I’m 23… I need something a little more

Alyssa-ish… hook it up! Please, please, please add more stuff from the touch line! Thank you!


Alyssa’s runner up for biggest baseball fan EVER!

I respect your loyalty to the Dodgers and Baseball…but the Red Sox in the 9th today!!!..Can’t beat it! While shopping I noticed your picture in the Red Sox catalog and the person working mentioned you would be visiting on May 19th…True? Would love to go to another game…and of course say hello…Nachos at the Cask are excellent!


Please try to go easy on my Cards this week. I was reading an article that within’ a week and a half in STL not only did they lose Hancock, but supposedly like a bench coach and an equipment manager both lost their mothers or something like that. Awful! Well, great job on the clothes. I plan on getting some for my wife!


Hi Alyssa, You’ve done a wonderful thing here. I’ve always thought you were beautiful and a great actress. *But to know you share my passion for the Dodgers makes you the coolest gal on Earth. God bless you and your family, and Go Blue!

Alyssa can you Please Apply for the Dodgers Manager Job in ’08. I’m 32 and just notice grey hair. I’m blaming it on GRADY >:0

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