My baseball and me


Jeeze. Tough crowd. Yes, I really write this blog. Yes, I am a huge baseball fan. Yes, I?ve read all of your comments that you?ve left for me (ouch). No, this isn?t for publicity. And no, my entries won?t come and go like the other high profile blogs you are referring to (of which I am not aware but shame on them).

I have no way of proving any of this to you except to keep going. You?ll just have to take my word for it. I will hopefully convert the doubters. It will be my mission.

I will now do my best to address some of your comments directly:

  • Keith, although Zito and I are still great friends, since I am a Dodger fan, there is no possible way I can help you with this request.
  • Christine, all styles (there are many more and the Shop will expand) are available for every team but unfortunately, I have no control over what the teams stock to sell in the stadium shops or what chooses to sell. My suggestion would be to write and express to them that you are disappointed in the selection available for your teams.
  • G, I happen to love geeks and I think pocket protectors are hot.
  • Bilbo4771, I do think McGwire deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame. And when Bonds hits #754 you absolutely pitch to him.

Anyone that reads this should know the following information about my baseball and me:

  • I never leave a game early.
  • I love nachos with just cheese and guacamole even though it makes my ankles swell (but I will occasionally partake in a Dodger tofu dog, which if chased by a diet soda gives me the burps for days).
  • I cried the first time I saw a fan wearing TOUCH in the stands that wasn?t my mother.
  • I grew up watching baseball on my dad?s lap. This is him:


  • I participate in the wave whenever possible.
  • I am often the one that starts the chant that eventually makes it to your section.
  • I have a recurring dream that I am a pitcher but have the yips.
  • My favorite present day Dodger is Russell Martin — with Nomar in close second despite his obsessive compulsive batter box habits that make me anxious. Here’s a picture I took of Nomar last year at the All-Star Game:


  • My favorite all time player is Roberto Clemente (because of his righteous humanitarian work).
  • I hate when the count is 0-2 and the pitcher throws that ball low and away (the batter knows just as well as we do that it?s coming so why not throw it in the zone for the love of God).
  • The last time I got star struck was when I saw Ned Colletti at my annual Christmas party for the Mattel Center at UCLA Children?s Hospital. Tommy Lasorda was Santa:


  • The Angels billboards all over Los Angeles — and particularly the one of Bartolo Colon on Olympic Blvd (which is on the way to Dodger Stadium I might add) — freaking drive me crazy (am I alone on this?)!!! They should put that billboard on the 15-day DL.
  • I am concerned about our outfield defensively and think Gonzo throws like a girl.
  • I love baseball because it?s something we all share.

We may disagree. You may think the Cardinals won The World Series while I think the Tigers lost The World Series. You may not like Bonds for cheating while I dislike Bonds for lying about cheating. But baseball is ours and no matter what our differences are, where we come from, what we do for a living, what ethnicity or religion we are, we share a bond. It?s a bond that is cemented by a red-laced ball and the comfort of hearing it land in a glove. All you need is gLove. And for those nine innings, all our differences are irrelevant. In a time when we are so politically divided and as you have confirmed in your comments, tend to disagree, we unite — and all we see is blue.


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Alyssa I hope that you?ll read this message… I’m an italian girl and you’re my favourite actress since I watched the first episode of Charmed…Charmed has become my favorite tv show? and now I?m so sad because it?s over?
Charmed wasn?t only a tv program for me.. it was something special?

You?re special! You?ve given me great emotions?

You’re so beautiful and so kind! one of my greatest dreams is to see you one day, to say you THANK YOU… for your work, your smile… you’re great Alyssa… never forget that!

THANKS FOR LIVING! you will be forever in my heart!!!

(sorry for my language!)…

by Francesca

Thanks for the great BLOG.

I must say I am a bit embarressed at some of the posts you recieved. I like to think that serious baseball fans are a little more enlightened than what was represented.

Did you go to the game last night, it was incredible! It makes you especially proud to be a Dodgers fan solely for that one reason…the Dodgers had the courage to break the color barrier with Jackie Robinson. Great game as well, those Padres fans heads have swelled as of late!

Your comment on the Angels Billboard is on the money. I live three miles from Angel Stadium and would rather drive forty minutes to see a game!

Also, your clothers line really is terrific.


I still don’t believe it’s you! I bet Tony Danza actually writes this stuff. Just kidding!

In my comment to your first post I said I would get my wife something with the Brewers logo on it… then I went to look for that item and found that you do not have anything for Brewers fans! Can it be special ordered, or are we outta luck?

Keep up the great work… and sorry for taking 2 of 3 against your Dodgers to kick of the season!



Another good blog and while I’m not a Dodger fan I do love Russ Martin too. He’s going to be a stud ballplayer, already is. Twice last night in big spots to add insurance runs he got the job done and he stole a base (his 4th of the year). You mention the OF defense and I have to agree with you. Gonzo has no arm and doesn’t even look good throwing, and Pierre has a gross arm also. Why they even signed Gonzo is a mystery to me as well when they had Ethier, Kemp and Repko to play OF with Pierre and working Loney in out there. Having too many guys is better than too few though I guess. I look forward to your next entry. Keep cheering and I’ll be rooting for the Blue as well, only my Blue plays in the Cathedral in the Bronx!! Go Yankees!!

Mike in CT

Welcome to the world of baseball blogging – which often meets with a tough crowd! I’m happy to see female cut baseball clothes that aren’t pink, but I guess I’ll have to wait til your line gets stocked for the Nationals over on the other coast (yes, I support them!). Hope to see you keep up with posting for the love of baseball!


Welcome to MLB blogs!
My wife LOVES the apparel!


i can testify to ms. milano’s badassness. i was at friday night’s game with a few buds, sitting in section 3 just behind home plate when we saw her before the game. we arrived early, and there she was – sans entourage, by her lovely little self. we waved to her throughout the game but couldn’t get her attention [or we did get her attention and scared her]. myself, being a ***, wasn’t QUITE as thrilled as my friends were, but i can verify that she stayed the entire game and wasn’t there just for an “appearance”. she’s a dodger badass – so don’t front. good on ya, ms. milano.

Hey, great job with the blog Alyssa. I’m a big-time baseball fan living in the UK and and made it over to see a bunch of games in San Francisco last year – not quite LA but good enough (Bonds was injured though :(). I remember reading a while back about your interest in the Dodgers so it’s good to see you posting in a blog.

I’m with you on Russell Martin, Alyssa! Right out of the gates, he’s just been tearing it up! I have an interview coming out with him soon. Should be fun! I’ll let all you MartinHeads know when it’s published.

While I agree with you about the signs, and the ridiculous marketing name and billboards for the once and future California Angels, I must disagree about the wave. I told that to the guy who invented it as well. The only people the wave is good for is the front row. My boys, 10, 5, and 10 months can’t see whenever it comes around. I live in San Francisco, so we are all huge A’s fans and season ticket holders; I also cannot bleed blue because I grew up in San Diego, and it is against the law to do so when you are Keepin’ the Faith with the Pads.

Dodgers have a nice stadium, though, gotta give you that.

I didn’t even know you had a blog over here till someone posted the link over at the WTB?R site. Coolness! I am a big baseball fan as well though I’m a Phillies fan and I’m not quite sure you can call what they’re doing right now “baseball.” I still love ’em though. Oh, and I’ll pass on the tofu hotdog — give me a Philly Cheesesteak! 🙂 Have a great week!

Wow! A Dodger fan. Who knew? Outstanding blog with great insights. Keep up the good work.

Baseball is a great game and I have many memory for the game. My first profesniol game was a Tripe A game in Tuscon with some friend from scool. I have some freind s from Colorado that drive down for a week or so in Aparil for spring training. I took my little sister to her first game and it snowed. They did get the game in that day at about 3:300. i thought she never go to another game but her and her girl friends get to a few game a year.

Baseball been grased with some wounderful sarts like ROBERTO CLEMENTE, and Jackie Robison. It will over come the short coming of Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, and other the have take a bit of luster off the game. (both of which should be in the hall for what they did on the feild) The Hall is not filled with angles but with great baseball players.

Contuine to love that game and share that with other.


I must say there is no doubt in my mind that you are a huge Dodger Fan. I remeber last year when i sat right behind the Dodgers dugout and looked up a couple rows and there you were, me and my family had fun letting everyone know around us that you we just a couple rows in front of us, though i seem to remember hearing a little something about you dating a Dodger and thats why you were at the game?? hahaha this caught my attention but i never could figure out which one it was but heres a guess….. Derek Lowe?! I guess ill never figure it out but hey its good to see that your a Dodger Girl and id have to say the clothing line is great and my girl loves it. Thanks for the great insight on the game, its good to see there are some good baseball fans out there. O and dont worry about all the nasty commments coming your way on this there will always be those people just waiting to take a stab at someone on these things. Have a great week. GO DODGERS! (ps my girl says GO ANDRE!)

Well, I was with ya until the Cardinal comment … eh, you’re probably write that the Tigers lost the series more then the Cards won it … but I’ll take it nonetheless.

I just have to let all you doubters know, last year I sat next to Alyssa in the Field Boxes for the series with the Giants. She is DEFINITELY the fan that she comes off as in these BLOGS. But what’s more, she is just as sweet and beautiful in person as she looks on the screen – it is NOT an act.

Thanks for the great MLBlog!

And down with the doubters!


What’s the deal with Dodgers fans leaving so early? We were watching the game last night on TV and couldn’t believe how few fans were left even in the seventh inning with the game still close. I know that’s the Dodgers fan general mo, but that was pathetic (you not included).

Jon in Chicago.

Sorry that you got rocked by some folks on your initial blog. Forget them.
So tell me your opinion, DH or no DH??


It’s great you are a true baseball fan!!! It is the best sport there is. My favorite team is the Cubs (The Cubs Daily Den is my blog), but the Dodgers are my 2nd favorite team because they are the team which had the courage to sign and play Jackie Robinson. Kudos for the Dodgers for putting on a wonderful celebration last night. It was fun and educational to watch. I wish you well and will read your articles often.


I always thought you were awesome before, but to know that you are a die hard baseball fan, it’s even cooler. I am a die hard Red Sox fan, and I really miss Nomar. You can keep Derek Lowe. I already cut him from my fantasy baseball team. You are one of my favorite actresses and people. I remember watching you on Who’s the Boss when I was younger. My fantasy football team’s name is actually Kissing Alyssa. Keep up the great work that you do and enjoy those Dodgers. They might make the playoffs this year. I agree with a lot that you say about baseball. The biggest one is about never leaving before the game is over. The true fans are the ones that stay, no matter the score. I don’t know about the tofu dogs, though. Nothing beats a hot dog at Fenway. Hope to hear from ya. Later.

Alyssa, great posts so far. Hoping you can shed some light on one thing: as a true-blue Dodger fan, do you think Paul Depodesta got a bum deal in LA? Seems to me there was more rancor than was deserved, for a GM who got the Dodgers back to the playoffs for the 1st time in almost a decade.

WOW, first “Who’s the Boss” now you’re a Dodger! I know very little about celebs but to know that my first crush is a Dodger just blows my mind.

I must admit I was truly skeptical until you said “yips.” I have friends that played ball all of their lives and don’t know the term.

Well, my question is simple… where were you when Gibson made history? My dad and I still argue to this day about who is in the picture at the Dodger Restaurant. He thinks it’s Ron Cey from ’81.

Think Blue and God Blees.

AM, First of all welcome to the MLB Blogs. Nice to hear you are a huge Baseball fan. My opinion is that it doesnt matter what team you root for. As long as we are Baseball fans, we all have something in common. I too watched the Robinson game last night and was very impressed that all players on the Dodgers wore #42. Kind of depressing that 4 games were rained out and some players didnt get to wear the number (Bonds) as planned. Hopefully, MLB will let them be worn when the games are made up. I thought that what ESPN, Dodgers and MLB did was awesome. And it was truly an honor to hear from Jackie’s wife, Hank Aaron and Frankie Robinson. My son and I couldnt pull our selves away from Aaron’s comments and stories about the past. Truly memorable. Looking forward to your post next week. Oops, almost forgot, I too was supposed to marry you when we both grew up. Loved Who’s the boss. But, I am married now, so we both missed out. LOL

Hi Alyssa,

regarding this comment:

“I hate when the count is 0-2 and the pitcher throws that ball low and away (the batter knows just as well as we do that it?s coming so why not throw it in the zone for the love of God).”

As a Braves fan, I can tell you the reason pitchers throw that 0-2 pitch low and away in two words: Andruw Jones… he’s incapable of resisting the temptation to swing at that pitch… aggggghhhhh!!!

Dodger Fan? Wow, wouldn’t have ever guessed…My folks are Dodger fans as well and it goes back to my grandfather whom was a Brooklyn Dodgers guy…Look forward to reading more from you…Thanks

Hey Alyssa,

So you are a Dodger’s fan, makes sense being in the LA area. I am a Twins fan and am looking forward to a great year. Who knows maybe it will be a replay of the ’65 World Series, when the Dodgers won in 7 games, only this time the Twins win. I think it is cool that you are a Baseball fan and I look forward to reading your blog. If you are ever in Minneapolis and want to go to a Twins game let me know.

Cheers, Ray

i kinda agree with the angels thing but i dunno if you see it this way but i think they shouldnt be called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim seeing how they are in Anaheim and Technically not L.A., I live in Chicago and Cubs fans tend to not like me due to the fact that i am a dodgers fan i dont know why but yes well that is all from me

Peace and Blessings

Sorry Alyssa,

With Cincinnati being my hometown, I gotta boo the blue, although that rivalry is almost non-existant anymore. I am still bummed that dem bums blew it against the Mets last October. However, I do agree with you that the Tigers lost that heartbreak of a World Series against those undeserving Cardinals. Hats off to ’em though. I am originally from Cincinnati, so I guess I just have a bad case of baseball envy towards our St. Louis bretheren. Anyway, a couple of questions if you have the time. Will there be any TOUCH fasions for children? I have a three year old daughter who loves baseball and there is hardly ever any choices in her size. Secondly, do you every go to any Minor League games? I currently live in Toledo (go Hens!), so most of the games I go to are MiLB. Ever think of expanding the TOUCH down on the farm, so to speak? Thanks for your time and GO REDS!!!!

Dear Alyssa

I don’t know what statement I should throw out there first. On one hand, I’ve been a huge fan of your career as I “grew up” with you while watching tv lol. But I think I’ll go with how amazing your blog is turning out. I find when most celebrities get thrown into anything sports related, their fan loyalties seem very artificial. Your blog exudes passion for not only the Dodgers, but for the game in general. I really want to hear your opinions on ALL teams in MLB but I think i’ll start with something relative to your Dodgers.

Even though you site Gonzo’s lack of an arm for being a defensive liability, do you feel that that is where the Dodgers should concentrate on to strengthen your team for October?


ps-you really should listen to your brother and make a men’s line, I’d buy a Yanks item for sure


“I hate when the count is 0-2 and the pitcher throws that ball low and away (the batter knows just as well as we do that it?s coming so why not throw it in the zone for the love of God).”

1. God likes low and away pitches.

2. I think the number of times guys do swing and miss at these balls justifies the strategy, especially since the pitcher is still way ahead in the count at 1-2.

Also, you should root for the Orioles in the American League . Our celebrity fan Tom Clancy isn’t quite as appealing as you. Though you could wear his camos well.

Nice job on getting our attention. Good Stuff.

What do you think about Fantasy Baseball?

The Dodgers should be in Brooklyn. Where Jackie actually played. I think they now have the yankers class A Cyclones as a consolation prize…

have fun – Zack-Philly.

Great Blog Alyssa!
I do believe it’s you!

Glad to hear you don’t leave games early. Good luck with your clothing line, make mine TWINS!


Alyssa, so awesome to see you so passionate and involved. You are incredible and beautiful and I wish you continued success in all your acting endeavors! hope to catch you at a game. Go dodgers, kings and lakers!!

Great blog! Keep up the good work!

Alyssa –

You can definitely tell you get your love of the game from your dad. Anybody who wears wristbands as part of their fan attire is a TRUE fan. Haha, I love it! But please don’t tell me you are sitting up in the suites this year. Part of the reason I renewed my Dugout Club package was so I could run into you every once in a while…

You look sexy in Dodger gear. Im glad to see your passionate about the Dodgers and Baseball. You’re really down to earth and enjoy the simple things in life. We received the catalog of your touch line and my girlfriend is gonna order from there, the items look good. Thanx.

I really enjoy reading your blogs. It is cool to see that you are such a big fan of the sport. I happen to be a biggggg Yankees fan. I don’t mind the Dodgers. I also think you are really pretty. Keep them coming! Mike

just wanted to say that

i enjoyed 2days blog. I just

started reading your blog today, but i am already hooked. Hope you keep posting good one’s like this one. I love hearing a girl’s perspective on a sport that i love so much!

Have a great day!

Go A’s!!!

As a Cardinals fan, I want to say that I am glad that there are others who believe McGwire belongs in the Hall of Fame.

The Tigers did hand us the World Series with all their errors. Oh, well. I’ll take it any way possible.

Keep up the great work.

hi Alyssa!!! my name is Rodrigo…i’m a huuuge dodgers fan!! and you are not alone on the angels billboards all over los angeles..i live in san fernando valley and i see angels billboards everywhere and i can’t stand it drives me crazy seeing an A or vladimir guerrero all the time!! i mean our mayor is a dodgers fan..he has to do something!! haha.. i like your blogs a lot.. take care.. i hope you read this..byeeeee you are very beautiful!!

Hi. I caught your comment about 0-2 pitches and why not throw it in the zone…as a die-hard yankee fan, I sat stunned yesterday, literally in shock as the Great Mariano Rivera had Marco Scutturo down 0-2 and then did just what you suggest. Game over. wow, I guess it happens to the best once in a while. I don’t think Mariano and Jorge thought he could catch up with the high heat but he guessed right. Have a great day Alyssa.

Fantastic post, Alyssa. From one diehard Dodgers fan to another, you have my complete respect. Your blog is now added to my favorites. I look forward to reading more from you!


It’s hard for people to understand when they see a woman who actually knows her baseball. I’m glad to see you’re one of them.

Have a nice stay at MLBlogs and take care.

Rafael (not wearing pocket protectors or anything of the sort)

Hey, Alyssa

Glad to hear that at least one or two of the celebrities that they show on the screen at the stadium are bona fide fans.

As a confessed baseball snob, I like the fact that you are a BASEBALL fan and not just a Dodger fan. The Tigers did lose.

Your writing is not half bad, and I like the fact that you pull no punches (“…throws like a girl”). You just won yourself a regular reader who enjoys Weisman, Tim Brown, and Gammons more than eating.

One last thing; I don’t care if Gonzo throws like Tammie Faye Baker as long as he keeps hitting.

I must say I enjoyerd reading this blog and your baseball knowledge speaks for its self.
As a Tigers fan I whole heartedly agree with you that the Tigers lost the Series.

Keep up the Good Work.

Hi Alyssa!

It seems that you really care about the dodgers and have some pretty good knowledge of the game, very nice!

I’m a Red Sox/Dodgers fan from Dominican Republic in love with your blog, Keep this up!


Hey! I didn’t get a chance to say it in your previous blog so welcome to mlb blogs! haha.

Like the others said, good to see that your a whole hearted baseball fan and I look forward to reading your future blogs!

Best of luck to the Dodgers this season!

Hello Ms. Milano,

My Girlfriend and I are season ticket holders (I’m kind of on a budget so I sit in the top and she is a HUGE fan. She loves everything you do and is THRILLED about your clothing line, which by the way I told her about🙂 We were celebrating our 4 1/2 year anniversary yesterday at Dodger Stadium during Jackie Robinson day and I was unable to find your clothing line at the top of the park gift store. I was wondering where I could find it in the park and if you could personally recommend one of you favorite shirts. That way she’ll love it even more when I tell her you picked it out! Thanks for your time and GO DODGERS!!! – Ruben

Hi Alyssa,

From one Italian to another, WELCOME!! Anyway, even though I’m a die hard Mets fan, I have to give respect to the Dodgers who played the Mets very well last year in the NLDS. They are going to be a great team this year and should win the NL West.

My question is this, if you are a Dodgers fan, how come you’ve been to Shea a lot? Is this due to doing filming in NYC a lot over the last few years and just itching to see a game?

By the way, nice clothes. I’m buying some Mets stuff for my Girlfriend!

Hi Alyssa!

Love your blog! You confirm my theory that foxy women can love and understand baseball.

I’m a little too old for the comic book silliness of Charmed, but Holly was a customer in my picture framing shop in Chatsworth.

Goodness for a pitcher is getting a hitter to strike out and look foolish going for that low and away waste pitch on 0 and 2.

YOU can probably throw as well as Luis Gonzalez. Can you hit? Thought so.

Mike from Chatsworth


I think you’re great! I love that you’re doing a blog. I just wanted to respond to a couple of your comments. I am also quite worried about our outfield diffensively. I’m actually much more worried about Pierre’s arm than I am about Gonzo’s.

Also, I wasn’t even aware that there were Dodger tofu dogs. Do you know if they’re available at all the concesion stands in the stadium?

I just want to commend you for doing this blog. I’m glad to know that there is someone else out there who has as much love as I do for the dodgers. Most everyone thinks I’m obsessed including my family. I have no shame though because I bleed Dodger blue!!!

Good for you for never leaving a game early. I simply can never go along with that, no matter what kind of traffic I have to look forward to.

Although I am a guy, I was very glad to see your new clothing line. Sometimes people can develop a connection to a team for some trivial reason, but that weak connection could lead to something stronger. I think that the best thing for sports is the ability of the fans to develop a connection and ultimately a loyalty with a specific team.

For girls who buy your clothes but don’t consider themselves baseball fans or particularly loyal to any one team, it seems unlikely to me that they will continue to be indifferent while wearing that team’s merchandise. I would expect that even a trivial and mild connection would lead them to begin to at least pay slight attention to their new team, and with baseball, I don’t see how anyone who is actually paying attention cannot become a lifelong fan.

Anyway, that is my hope, but what do I know?

Having said that, let’s hope that the Dodgers’ merchandise outsells the rest.

I am glad that a female like myself, and as passionate with their team is actually out there. There are your “want to be’s” but you are TRUE BLUE! I am very jealous because you have Nomar. I was friends with Nomar and even had my son’s picture taken with him when he was in Boston. He is a great player and takes playing ball serious. I look forward to your blog this year.

Hi Alyssa,

I’m from the Czech Republic we don’t play baseball much .. but I think it’s a great game. I wish to go and see some baseball match but it’s kind of impossible. But still I’m big fan of charmed. And I’m curios. Are you still in contact with Holly and Rose? I know that Rose is very buzzy now about her new film. And will Holly show us her litlle baby ?😉 There’s a link to our fan site little part is in english so If you want look at it We would be honored.

*JOKINGLY* You’re one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen. I’m really exited about your new TV show.

You’re great in everything you do . Simply You’re the best *THUMBS UP*

Hey Alyssa,
Wow, there are a serious amount of comments on here. I would like to make a few comments if that is alright.

1) If you have not already met him, Russell Martin is one of the nicest guys in baseball! Let’s hope he stays that way. Good choice for favorite player.

2) Great point on the World Series. St. Louis didn’t win it as much as Detroit lost it.

3) I only disagree on the wave. It shows the fans have tuned the game out and i find myself staring at it! ha

P.S. – Good luck with your clothing line. We have promoted it on our show before and received a good response from it.

Thanks for reading,

Vinny – Host of Leading Off on’s the Baseball Channel

Hey, Alyssa. I had wondered what you were doing since “Charmed” ended – now I know – you’re going to Dodgers games! By the way, how can you possibly call yourself a true fan if you stay until the END of a game at Dodger Stadium? That said, I hope the blog continues – it’s always good to get a lady’s perspective on baseball. Now to the main question: Since the Braves and Dodgers are in different divisions, you can be honest: is Atlanta back atop the East?

By the way: you very well could through like Luis Gonzales, and and if you hit at ALL, I’m sure Kansas City has a roster spot for you. If nothing else, someone your size would have no trouble drawing a walk.🙂

If you know and love the game that much, I have nothing but respect for you. Sometimes my hometown team (KC) makes it rough, but in the end it doesn’t change the love for the game.

Alyssa, first of all I want to congratulate you on your wonderful career. I’ve been a fan of yours for many years as we grew up together while you were on “Who’s The Boss”.

Second, after reading your latest blog you had me rolling on the Gonzalez comment and the 0-2 pitch. I couldn’t agree with you more about Gonzo’s defense. It isn’t as good as it used to be, but he’ll manage. He’ll “hopefully” put up the numbers hitting and that’s basically what he’s there for. I’m sure you got a better arm than he does (I wouldn’t mind playing catch with you). And as the 0-2 pitch comment… you’re right. Pitchers should groove one in there, but that’s not how the game is played. Baseball is about tradition and how it should be played. Everyone knows that after a high and tight fastball comes the low and way slider. That’s the way it is. Savvy cathers like your boy Martin knows this. Some catchers call pitches backwards so they can get good hitters out. I love your knowledge of the game and see that you, like myself, want to keep the integrity of the game. If you made a mistake, admit to it (Mark McGuire) don’t hide or lie (Rafael Palmeiro). People will respect you more as I have found NEW respect of your baseball knowledge Ms. Milano. Keep up the good work!!!

Alyssa, I am so impressed with your blog. It is nice to see another woman out there with such a great baseball knowledge (besides myself) posting a blog. I agree with you on the 2006 World Series. The Tigers lost the series. I said all season this was their year and the blew it. I myself am a HUGE Boston Red Sox and so far the season has been great. Hopefully we won’t be riddled with injuries like last. I look forward to reading your blog throughout the season and good work!!

Hey Alyssa — was so happy to see this blog today when I went on the Dodgers site. Most peeps don’t think a GIRL can know ANYTHING about baseball and yet here we are! I sit and watch game after game with my hubby and he LOVES it. I love it too but don’t tell him that!!! I hate going to my son’s baseball games and those women don’t even know a bunt from a balk – what the heck!?

Anyways — I am planning on coming back to your blog day after day – nice to meet another chick with Dodger BLUE in her blood!!

Christine in Corona, CA

Hey Alyssa-
I’m a big fan and I think its wonderful that you have this blog! You are spreading the fact that women can be baseball fans and know what they are talking about! I love your Touch line but when are you going to have it available for us White Sox fans. No Cubbie blue for this girl! And I totally agree that the Tigers gave away the series! I look forward to reading more from you as the season goes on!

In your opinion, which rivalry is bigger, the yankees vs the mets, or the dodgers vs the giants (considering they were all once new york teams)?


P.S. You’re a great actess.

Wow, Awesome to see someone like you involving women and young women into the sport. It’s good for our society. My only gripe is the availability of apparel for other teams (ouch). Should be exclusive to our Dodger Blue community. In closing, I can’t believe that we share something so special together in this Dodger bond. It makes me so Happy =) lol.

Keep up the good work.


Let me just say I have seen you a quite a few games and often wondered if you cared whether people were filming you eating those nachos. Who cares- I wait all week for that!
I love the new clothing line. Finally we can wear some dodger gear that isn’t a men’s small. Keep up the posts!


The question isn’t directed to me but as far as the rivalries go it has to be LA/SF over the NY rivalry because they are in the same division. The Yanks and Mets aren’t even in the same league. The Giants play the Dodgers 19 times each year and the Mets and Yanks play 6 times and not until 10 years ago did they ever play in the regular season. Dodgers/Giants is more like Yanks/Boston. Anyway, that’s just one man’s opinion.

Mike in CT

I’m amazed that some people react negatively or suspiciously.

I suppose it’s an unavoidable byproduct of our disenchanted times, but still, if a ridiculously beautiful actress, philanthropist, and designer happens to also love my beloved Dodgers and grew up with them the same way I did, I see no reason to do anything other than to congratulate myself on the excellent company I keep. 😉

I’m a third-generation Dodger fan (dad & grand-dad from Brooklyn, I was born in SoCal), so the blue runs deep in my veins, as it clearly does in yours as well.

Best wishes.


As a Cardinals fan, I would have to disagree with your sentiment that the Tigers lost. Yes, they made a TON of mistakes, but please bear in mind that this past Cards team was basically the same team that had the best record in baseball the previous two years. They did not field their desired starting lineup for the two months leading up to the playoffs, and three days before the start, did they finally field that team. The same that won over 100 games in each of the previous two season. They limped in, but the wounds healed and were better than everyone else.

SV in STL.

Hey Alyssa,
I’m very impressed about all your messages on the Internet (okay i wish you would write a massage for us every day, but who doesn’t?). Okay, I can’t read every word cause I’m from Germany and I’m still learning englisch but I don’t care about this and okay I’m not a fan of baseball, to say the truth, I don’t even know much about it. But the point is I like reading your messages and I hope you’ll wirte us again soon.

BTW: Good Luck for your new show.

Ian from South Germany

OK, Alyssa …

… point taken. Now that we’ve gotten the introductions out of the way, I want to ask you a question about the Dodger outfield.

Do you think the Dodgers are better served with the veterans they have now (Gonzalez and Pierre), or should they have went with youth (Kemp and Repko)? Was the price too high to keep veterans around with little potential for growth?

Thanks for doing this blog; it’s nice to see a different perspective on the team.


Now I believe in a heaven on earth – the most incredible woman on the planet is also a baseball fan – and a knowledgable one at that! Amazing!!!
I really enjoyed your posts and look forward to more in the future!


My dad was a diehard Brooklyn Dodgers fan, so when they left in 55 because they wanted a new stadium, a gaping hole was left only to be filled in 1962 by the Amazings. Always was and always will be a NL fan. I don’t mind them now, but the Mets are due this year.
We gotta share Italian family stories sometime. I’m an awesome chef (don’t believe me? than call my bluff) so you must have sunday dinner sometime. Always around 2pm, and salad comes last for pete’s sake! Drives my friends crazy, but I won’t change it. And it’s freakin’ gravy, not sauce! I’m telling you, we probably have a lot in common to talk about. I even play guitar, drums and sing a little, which besides baseball, acting, and others interest, I know music is one of your passions. Good luck with the clothing line, new show and all that you do.



Welcome to the world of the Internet and blogging. May you have fun here, opine on baseball, let us know a little more about you, and more importantly love the game we all love — baseball.

Have fun, and I showed you a little love on my blog too…

– Anthony, the Oriole Post

Let me get this out of the way… wow you are amazingly beautiful. Ever since Who?s the Boss I?ve had the biggest crush on you.

Anywho, on a more serious note – I wanted to see if you could do a huge favor for me.

You definitely have more pull than any average Joe that goes to the park. See my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of years back, it has since been removed and he is in remission with his cancer. He is now on dialysis twice a week to help with his failing kidney and hopefully if his PSA reading stay at 0 he could be put on the list for a potential kidney donor. My father is my hero, we watch Dodger games anytime we can together and head out to the park to watch a game from time to time. He?s been through a lot in the last two years all the while still working full time.

My dream, is that he and I could throw out a first pitch at the stadium someday.

I know it?s a lot to ask for & I know this isn?t the best way to go about asking for a favor but perhaps you could steer me in the right direction of who to ask?

Thanks for your time and I hope you read this.

Hope to see you at the Stadium someday.


San Gabriel, CA

i’m a Yankees fan; just wondering if you still talk to Carl Pavano


Thank your dad for intoducing you to the greatest game ever played. I have been watching you since you were a little girl on tv and I’m glad your a Dodger fan. What do you think of Mike Lieberthal I think he’s a super addition to the team.



Have you ever caught any foul balls? And do you have any signed baseballs? If so, which is your favorite?

Glad to hear you’re a Dodger.


Yay Alyssa!

I actually sat behind you once when my boss gave me his super bad *** tickets for a game last season, so I know you are a true fan of course!

I look forward to an interesting blog – it’s a great read so far!

First of all – I’ve seen Alyssa at games and she is TOTALLY a true Dodger fan. She arrives early (without a giant entourage), stays till well after the last pitch, and has never turned down a fan when they asked for a picture of autograph. She’s amazingly sweet and a GREAT role model for all Dodger fans to liken their behavior towards! Second- I LOVE the new clothing line! Third – I agree with your opinion to pitch to Bonds when he reaches 754. Half the world believes his record breaking is going to be discolored by the steroids charge anyway, so why waste the 4 pitches trying to prove he can’t do it? Fourth – as an Angels fan, I can feel for you on your opinions about the Colon billboard. Not that I am opposed to seeing it everywhere in LA, but I get furious when I see Dodgers boards in the IE or OC. For the record – true Angels fans don’t embrace this LAA thing -you guys in blue can be the LA team, we’re fine with that! Just a quick question though – which is your favorite to watch – the Dodgers/Giants rivalry or the cross-town Dodgers/Angels rivalry?
Thanks again for reading this🙂

Wow. I might actually start paying attention to the Dodgers now or might consider flying to LA just to get an autograph from Alyssa at the game. I’m a faithful Minnesota Twins Fan, but I think it is good to have a favorite in both leagues right?
You’ve got a new blog follower.

Tommy K

Wow, i think you are my new favorite celebrity. You always hear on the news about actors and actresses who love a team, but you are one of the few who really gets involved.


Thank you for being a celebrity that promises to keep up on blogs that you start. It is also nice to have a blog from someone who truely appreciates the game that is played for all that it’s worth. I try to get to games whenever possible, however, being a Yankees fan means not so cheap, “cheap-seats”, which is why I often watch the game at home (haven’t missed one yet this year). This brings me to my question, if you can’t make it to the game, how do you prefer to watch the game?

Is there any way you can make Grady Little move Russ Martin to hit second in the lineup? Maybe with a spell? If that works, make me rich too please.


Great blog, very interesting and like what you have done with the new clothing line. My only gripe with your rant was the 0-2 pitch comment(being a former pitcher myself). Pitchers that dont throw it out of the zone on 0-2 either made a mistake or are too cocky for their own good, it’s just good pitching! Anyway I think you are great and i even find myelf watching Charmed from time to time(my ex-gf made me watch it with her everyday)! Keep up the good work and hope you have a great season.
GO D-Backs!!

Hey Alyssa,

Well i must start by saying, i think it is great that you are doing this. Been looking for that italian girl that knows baseball like i do since, well, since i first had a crush on you in “who’s the boss”. Don’t get the wrong idea, i was just a kid, too.

Anyway, like i said, great job, and way to solidify the belief that you are the coolest chick ever. I have to say I agree about Gonzo.

Unfortunately, I am a huge mets fan though…guess it’ll be a love/hate relationship.😉



Hi, Alyssa!

Great to see you “blogging”…I have been a big fan since my younger days, so it’s nice to see you putting your baseball views out there for all of us fans! Just for your info…I am a Giant’s fan, and a huge Barry Bonds fan (also a Barry Zito fan now!). However, that being said, I did go to Dodger games with my dad quite a bit growing up…my favorite Dodger to date was Steve Yeager (I was a catcher in HS and college). I think the Dodgers will be the team to beat at the end in the West…even though I think the road will be a rough one. Schmidt better start pitching better though…or it could be rougher than expected. Keep up the site…will look forward to reading your comments! =)


PS…Did you go to any Spring training games in Vero this year? I have a condo in Vero and was there this spring. Like i said, i am a mets fan, so i drove to st lucie everyday, but i did get to see the dodgers play them at St Lucie on the 26th. anyway, just wanted to get that question out.


Hey Alyssa,
I saw the link to your blog ON MLB.Com today and decided to come on over and check it out.

And I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I think it’s pretty cool !

I didn’t know what to expect at first from your blog.

I know you had the clothing line that they also advertised on MLB.Com as well and so I wasn’t sure how much actual baseball was going to be blogged about, but I was psyched to see what a fan you are.

I’d love to see more actors and singers to do things like what you’re doing and get involved in being a fan and making being a baseball fan cool again !

So kudos on the blog and good look with the clothing line.

Although I’m generally one who likes to see the lady fans wearing the traditional caps and jerseys and shirts, I must admit your stuff looks nice and if it gets the girls in the game and feeling good — I’m down with that.



I actually started up my own blog and sorta gave you a shout out because after reading yours I thought why not make my own as well?

It’s all about the love of the game — right ?

Anyways, if you have time — stop by and drop me a comment !

LOL, Peace !

Hi Alyssa,

It is so great to hear you’re a Dodgers fan. You are tied with Jack as my favorite celeb fan now. You came to my ship, The USS Nimitz a couple years ago, but I didn’t get a chance to meet you. I am a third generation Dodgers fan, and my dad attended the very first game at Dodger stadium. Somehow my brother is an Angels fan (he’s also the only lefty in the family, maybe it’s a coincidence?) and I give him heat about those signs all the time. I took my daughter to the Freeway series and was outraged to see one on the 5. Well, keep up the good work. BTW, are you still dating Penny?

Your #1 fan in all things,


Hey Lyssagal!,

Well I believe its really you. I know your an honest and true person and that baseball is a strong passion of yours as are your projects and everything else that you hold close to your heart and if people want to be mean and leave mean comments about that then that is there loss.

Its just like the facebook, I mean I suppose you never really know who you are, except for you. People should just be themselves, theres nothing wrong with that.

Anyway I LOVE your touch clothes, can’t wait to buy some.

Keep on keepin on and never change because your an amazing person, an incrediable role model and just a great person.

I know your busy but id love to hear from you sometime if you ever get the chance.

*hugs to you and your puppy!*

Hi Alyssa!
I have been your fan for so long and i really want to get of your clothes! But i have a question- What teams will you be making(like you did tyhe Dodgers and Tigers). My fave team is the Astros, but if you don’t make one for them, i’ll buy my second fave team (the Dodgers).

And I believe it is you😀

P.S. Do you know how Holly’s doing(since i pretty much know how Rose is :D), and how are Finley and Riley?

P.P.S. Do you have any ither new projects coming up?

Your clothes line looks nice. If I were a woman, I would where them! Maybe MLB should contact you do design some of the teams uniforms since some of the teams need some help with threads. Ya gotta give Gonzo some slack though. You would throw like a girl if you had Tommy John surgery on your throwing arm too! He played with that torn a couple seasons ago, so this guy is tough. Plus, the Dodgers got him for his bat anyway. This guy is a doubles machine familiar with NL West pitching. If there are more women in Cali your age that like their baseball, send them to upstate NY please. But no RedSox fans please. thank you for your time

great blog. don’t worry about those doubters, you clearly know your baseball. And I thought I loved baseball a lot “for a girl”…speaking of which, this whole ‘gonzo throws like a girl comment’ i appreciate the metaphor, but I throw harder than most guys i know. And I’m only 5’2. OK actually 5’1 and three quarters, but who’s quibbling.

The clothing line is a good idea. My brother got me a derek jeter jersey (go yanks!) and it gaps in between the girls if you know what i mean. And a small is like a dress for those of us who are petite.

keep up the good work. and give those boys who THINK they know baseball a run for their money.



Nice post! – Heck, I guess this really is you.

Sorry for the initial skepticism <—(pushing the “nerd frames” back up over the bridge of my nose).

I bet you are going to set the all time record for sales of pocket protectors after everyone reads this one. (hmm..designer pocket protectors…ok, dibs on the trademark – lol).

We’ve been previously “bamboozled” by other celebrity’s who have posted maybe two or three posts, never responded to anyone, then high-tailed it back to Spago’s or Rodeo Drive or something.

I admire the fact you set us straight – you go girl!

Let me be the first to offer “Da Peace Pipe.”

Glad you are blogging and welcome aboard!



Nice job Alyssa! Fun, different and full of insight. I’m adding your blog to my must read list. Cheers, Darryl (Dodger fan, and writer of Darryl’s Dugout View)

Intersting read. if you think LAA billboards are bad imagine being a yanks fan living in cardinals ****. I do root for LA in the national league. i’m glad you guys got furcal back, i’ve got’em in my FL, so its nice to see him back. A girl who knows her baseball uh? i’m not sure i agree with you on McGwire and Bonds in the hall for cheating, but i also don’t belive in the DH, domes, or the giro-ball either. I also think a person’s fav. baseball movie tells alot about what kind of baseball fan they are. My predictions for the year LA wins the west by 10 games, hamilton NL rookie, TB-most improved team, my NYY don’t make the playoffs. Keep up the work with the children at the hospital. I run my own pediatric theraputic company, so i know how much those activites benefit children. Nice read. p-


Good job with the blog. I hope you keep it up, I look forward to reading your postings. So far so good.

And if you’re only doing this blog to sell more clothes that’s okay, more power to ya…


See this is the downside to you being famous of course. If I want to talk baseball then I am going to have to wait for you to get through the first 97 comments. Nomar is still my favorite player. In the first half of 03′ there was no one I would rahter have with the bat in his hands and the game on the line.

Well said. Look forward to reading some more stuff.

You are fun to watch at the games. You truly are a great fan, clapping and cheering and showing your support like the rest of us. You are not there to be seen … or to be cool. My daughters approached you and you willingly signed their ticket stubs. You are a family favorite of ours. Thanks for being a REAL person, and a real Dodgers fan!!

I’m impressed with your baseball knowledge. It’s always good to hear of a fan that sticks in it to the end. Reminds me of a game I went to last year against the Cards. Day game. 100+ degree weather. The Dodgers were losing quite painfully. We were baking in the sun, but I wouldn’t let my friends leave until all nine were over.

I live in New York now and will be attending all the road games that I can in full gear. Wish me luck with these NY fans…especially when we beat them!🙂

Wow give the Cardinals a little credit. They had to capitalize on the mistakes of the Tigers.

Plus the Cardinals were underdogs from the beginning of the playoffs. They still had to play the games, score runs and deal with the pressure.

Sure the Tigers choked but the Cardinals held it together and won.

A little respect please.

And the wave is so 80’s.

And as a woman I believe you know the baseball and hate the insinuation woman don’t understand sports, it is truly insulting.


Finding out that you’re a die-hard Dodgers fan is totally awesome! I’ve grown up watching you on TV and I’ve always thought that you were a beautiful person…you’ve grown into that beautiful smile very nicely. But to find out that you’re a big-time baseball fan is every male sports fan’s ultimate dream. The fact that you bleed Dodger blue is even better! Now, if you’re also a Lakers fan and a UCLA fan, then you are even more of a goddess than I thought!

Your comment: “Keith, although Zito and I are still great friends, since I am a Dodger fan, there is no possible way I can help you with this request.”

– That’s right, you tell him. There is no way that you should help the lowly Giants in any way. We want them to fall flat on their faces on their own. Hahaha! I dislike the Giants and I live here in the Bay Area, in San Jose. I’m surrounded by Gigantes fans, so it’s nice to see them struggling, even though it’s still early in the season.

Your comment: “I grew up watching baseball on my dad?s lap….”

– Yeah, it was my dad that got me into watching baseball & other sports as well. It’s great being able to talk with him about common interests like that.

Your comment: “I am concerned about our outfield defensively and think Gonzo throws like a girl.”

– Yes, it’s true that Gonzo & Pierre both don’t have the arms, and Gonzo doesn’t have young legs anymore, but I think they’ll be fine. It’s more their offense, work ethic, professionalism, & veteran leadership that are going to be key contributions. Pierre is in an offensive slump, but I think he’ll turn it around — just like Furcal did last year. Also, our solid pitching staff should make things easier for them.

– The thing that concerns me most is Jason Schmidt & his dramatic drop in pitch velocity.

I’d like to see James Loney, Larry Bigbie, and Tony Abreu up here playing as well.

Keep up with the blogs. Best of luck with your “touch” clothing and best of luck with your UNICEF & PETA work.


Brief statement / question.

You said this:

“I am often the one that starts the chant that eventually makes it to your section.”

But it appears from the picture of your dad that you have luxury suites! Also, the few times I have been able to sit in the pricier seats, I have noticed a distinct lack of enthusiasm when it comes to cheering and yelling (at least compared to my usual watching grounds of the outfield pavilions…


i am a long time, die hard tribe fan out in tucson. i have been trying to make the d’backs my NL team upon moving out here in late (in the baseball season)’02, but the process has been slow. i have always preferred the NL style of play (i hate the DH), but unfortunately, cleveland plays in the AL.

anyway, my buddy & i were watching the dodgers vs d’backs tonight. he is a d’backs fan. he has always HATED gonzalez. i thought it was amusing when he got the assist to nail chad tracy at the plate in the 4th. especially since he had already told me about you saying he throws like a girl on here. i personally would be much more concerned with the D of overpriced juan pierre. i believe the dodgers are a much better team with gonzo as opposed to with his predecessor j.d. drew, in all aspects.

speaking of free agents, how concerened are u that jason schmidt is not throwing well?

btw, nice blog.


Hi Alyssa,

I hope you don’t mind but I gave you some free press. Seriously, I do love that you are a real baseball fan.

Hello Alyssa,

I am not 100% convinced you are indeed the real person responding to all these blogs. But just in case, you are the HOTTEST Dodger fan by far and away! And we are ecstatic to have you on our Dodger Blue side! Quick question now Alyssa, what is the most memorable Dodger moment you have ever witnessed either in person or live on tv/radio? And finally, who is your all-time Dodger favorite player? I will be anxiously waiting for your response Alyssa, but I do not think I can hold my breathe on this one!


Dodger John

As a Dodger Fan, I must say that seeing you dressed up in Dodger BLUE is so freakin’ sexy. Plus, knowing that you are truly a Dodger Fan… that’s just like the best thing ever. I’m glad you wrote this blog, I never met a girl that paid attention to baseball as much as you do. There’s hope for me yet in finding that Dodger Girl. Well, maybe I’ll see at a game… And good work with the clothing line, it looks good on you.

Hi Alyssa: I am a fan of yours as well as the dodgers. and i was wondering what your thoughts on jason schmidt? I am concerned about his pitching. I would love to talk baseball with you anytime you would like. later kevin

Hello Alyssa,
Had no clue that you were a Dodger fan! I hope you really do keep this blog going. So far you’re witty and well-spoken, and let’s face it, an attractive woman who knows baseball is a winning combination. Looking forward to future additions of the blog.

Go Blue!


First of all, thank you for commenting on the Angels billboards littering L.A. You’d figure that they’d at least stay in their county. I’ve got this one on Vermont that I see all the time and it just drives me nuts. I’m going to invest in your clothing line just because you said that. I take it your dad’s a Dodger fan (so was mine) but do you think blue or just love the game?

Great great blog Alyssa. Love it, and will check in several times every week.

While I am not a Dodger fan, I am a fan of the Great American Game. Living up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we’re forced to cheer for the perennially awful Mariners who are mired in weak ownership. If only we had an owner who actually cared about winning, instead of lining his already fat pockets.


I think it’s pretty cool that you’re such a big Dodger fan; but, come on! pitch to Bonds? Every night i pray he blows out his knee so that he can never break Hank Aaron’s record. He’s not even a functioning part of the team. he’s fat, he’s slow, he hits 330 foot singles. The only reason he comes to the stadium is to try to further sully baseball’s record books. That’s got to be a distraction to the rest of the Giants.

I think it was a travesty to see Bonds wearing the #42 yesterday. Not because he is a Giant but because he is Barry Bonds. He is the quintessential prima dona ball player that is ruining professional sports.

sorry, that was my rant…

the good news is the dodgers have the best record in baseball… for today🙂

Hey Alyssa,
Die hard Red Sox fan here, but I have always had a spot for the Dodgers. Love the history. Kirk Gibson’s Home Run – classic.

Anyway – I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. You really know your stuff. But, I have to ask a very serious question…Can you make a decent meatball??? Because if you can – you might just be the perfect date….🙂


Sox Fan in RI.

Gonzo throws like a girl? I couldn’t agree more. Good blog layout and good commentary. I’m directing all my readers from my blog at to check out your great stuff.


Interesting blog. I’ll have to foward it to my fiance. She likes baseball (we’re Twins fans though). Anyways, what in the world is a tofu dog? Blah. Vienna beef is the only way to go. Only in L.A. I guess. I look foward to reading your blog the rest of the summer.

“Gonzo throws like a girl”? NO. If you have been actually watching the Blue Crew play you would have seen Gonzo make two perfect throws to cut off man Furcal who hosed two runners at home.

masgaviota – come on. Throwing to the cutoff man doesn’t prove you have an arm, it proves that you know your limits.

Hey, I love the West Coast Red Sox, too. Our castoffs are doing well out there.


Christine quote “Hey Alyssa — was so happy to see this blog today when I went on the Dodgers site. Most peeps don’t think a GIRL can know ANYTHING about baseball and yet here we are”

Theres also a girl by the name of Sarah Morris who is a huge baseball fan & her story truly is inspiring.

Patriotacts425-come on Gonzo was in the left frield corner when he picked up the ball. No one would have been able to make a throw home from that spot on the field. Two times in two games he came up throwing and both time he hit Furcal’s glove. Although Gonzo may not have the best arm give credit where credit is due. And by the way, baseball like life is all about knowing your limits. Gonzo is one of the smartest players in baseball.

Alyssa I think it’s great that your here, blogging. I look very forward to reading. I too am a huge fan of baseball and I agree with you totally with one exception. I would have to say of Russell and Nomar, I’d have to go with Nomar he’s super cool. Anyway. I miss you as “Phoebe” she’s my favorite all time television character and I’m sitting here as I write anxiously awaiting the arrival of Charmed Season Six on DVD to come in my mail this afternoon. Heck even our family cat’s name is “Phoebe” I love all your work. And again I think it’s great and I will be your Number one Supporter in the blog and in baseball. Enjoy your Dodger games I however am yes I’ll admit it a Die Hard Braves Fan. But it’s all fun isn’t it!

Excellent blog.

Hi!!!My name is Mia and I come from far away …Croatia to be exact…not really big but we stick together!!!Lol
I really hope you are going to read this and answer me…I have birthday on Saturday and it would be my best present ever!!!

I think you are one of the rare actresses that has inspired me in a way I cannot explain.I am not an obsessed fan and I truly and deeply understand that you are just as normal person as anyone but I believe you have a special talent and beauty that has inspired many and I wish you all well and your family too.

HEALTH…(and if there is health,everything else comes along) Peace&love&hope&dreams FOLLOW THEM!!!

P.S.Croatia may be a small country,but the size does not matter,people do,and I can guarantee you the people are magnificent!!!

Charmed rocks…and I hope you dont miss it as we do!!!!your clothes too!!!

Lots of kisses,we love u!!!!!!


Have you ever caught a foul ball at a game? If not, I think I might be able to help…

-The Baseball Collector

hey you. it’s sweet that your a baseball chick even if it is for the dodgers. We forgive you anyways. I’m a big RusMart fan myself but for a fantasy baseball reason. I picked him up mid-year or so last year and he’s done wonders for me. There’s a good question, since your a bball chick, do you participate in fantasy baseball? ahh, those hard hitting questions that celebrities never get tired of. how is it i’m wasting my life as a computer geek with such a nack for reporting.

anyways, glad to have found this blog. if you are ever in memphis, i’d love to join ya for a redbirds (St. Louis AAA team) game. oh, and go cards.


Wow, your blogs are great. I just really gotten started watching baseball, as female this is a game that I can follow easily. As a New Yorker,Bx,I have to root for the Yankees. I did watch the Dodgers vs. Padres, the Dodgers weren’t bad. I love your new clothing line “Touch”,planning on buying some when school is out next month, since it ins’t very warm here in the city. Take care, larondaA26 from safesearching.

I’m with you on a lot of this stuff, but one thing in particular: If the Angels are ashamed of Anaheim, they should move somewhere they’re not ashamed of. In the meantime, L.A. already has a baseball team and won’t welcome another just because it calls itself “The Los Angeles Whatevers.”

Hi Alyssa,

Great post and way to answer the haters! You’ll find a number of serious female bloggers on this site…and then there’s me…but anyway, welcome to the chick power blog squad.

I do have to disagree with your comment on the Cards and the world series. It’s true the Tigers made it easy for us with their nervousness and errors, but if you watched the Cards struggle against adversity and tons of injuries last year and saw them beat the Mets in the NLCS, you would know they were (and are) a team with a lot of talent, heart, and spirit that can contend with anyone.



I think us girls know just as much about baseball as guys do. I’ve played softball all my life, and have watched every boy in my family play it. There’s just something about the ball park that’s just wonderful! I love it. The intensity of the game..the cheering, and of course the best part is just not ever knowing what to expect. It’s nice to get a girl’s perspective on things. Thanks Alyssa. And your new line is great.–last i have to say GO ASTROS!–my hometown team.🙂


Awesome blog! I love your enthusiasm for the great American past-time. My two favorite things in life are baseball and girls that like baseball (not in a creepy, womanizing kind of way; I’ve just always found female baseball fans to be among the most genuine, likable people I’ve ever met).

You are officially my biggest celebrity crush (don’t worry, I’m not a crazy stalker, I just thought you might like the compliment.)

While I will admit, I am a Yankee fan, I currently go to school at USC, so I’m rooting for the Dodgers in the NL as well.

Keep blogging! It’s great to read thoughts from a fan as devoted and genuine as you.



PS Since you said Olympic is on the way, feel free to stop by USC and say hi on your way to the stadium, haha.

Love the Touch gear but I looked for it at the Top of the Park store on JR Day and couldn’t find it. What gives? I gotta say, beyond my mom and aunt, I’ve never encountered a fellow female Dodger fan who even comes close to matching my devotion. Sure, my girl friends will go with me to games but I always wind up having to explain the rules! Ugh! I’m not a chick of many means, but I dropped almost two months rent on tickets this season and will enjoy every last minute of Dodger baseball. It’s our season – no doubt! Hope you continue with the blog. Keep on rockin’ in the free world

Alyssa, hope all these comments today have made you forget the cranky ones from previous post.🙂 Just want to say I’m a Dodgers fan since birth (grew up in Sta Barbara with my dad a huge Yankee fan) but even if I weren’t I’d appreciate your enthusiasm.

Btw, a friend of mine and I were joking the other day that the Dodgers should petition the league to add a “pinch-thrower” position for either Gonzo or Pierre – though I guess Rafael Furcal is pretty much that already. Anyway, why carp when the team’s 10-4 to start the season?

wishing I was Russell Martin,


WHO KNEW? in the past month I have talked to two women who are has crazy about baseball as I am. To bad one is a Giant fan and the other is a Red Sox fan. Where were these women when I was younger? I am a long time Dodger fan. I saw them play at the L.A.Colesium and watched Wally Moon hit one of his famous “Moon” Shots. I come from a family of long time Dodger fans….

Alyssa, I am a Padres fan and a Dodger hater. I wonder if you mind if I drop by every now and then and make fun of your Dodgers in your blog. I love the comradery. Most of my friends are Dodger fans but because of my job I don’t get to see them anymore, So I need somewhere to vent my hatred towards the Dodgers. I

Alyssa, i remember having a crush on u since, i always said when i grew up id name my daughter alyssa(yes, my 8yr old daughter is named Alyssa). Great to see ur a Dodger fan.. u seem like a die hard fan. Im a season tix holder as well. That being said, I agree with you, all the angel billboards esp. in Los Angeles really irritate me as well. Where were these billboard prior to their lone championship?? Anyhow, dont hate on Gonzo, we didnt pick him up for his weak arm. As u can see now, his bat is doing the talking. That being said, thank u for ur blog and all the Whos the Boss memories…

I love to find girls who love baseball, never leave early and appreciate my Dodgers(Who NEED to bring up Loney before he leaves)! I’ve given up taking my friends who are girls to games after several instances of them being cold/tired/bored by the 6th inning… and one time where the game went 16 innings and my friend almost lost her mind. If it’s 16 innings, we are staying for all 90+ outs… what could be better?!

Anyway, love the blog and the pictures – I’m jealous of your access! I take photos when I can, and try to see at least 5 stadiums a year… it is so much fun to be around baseball fans all summer long. Last November I went to the US v Japan series in Tokyo and got some great pictures – it is an incredible event for baseball fans, you should try to go next time they go… you would definitely enjoy it🙂

I’ll keep reading, maybe I’ll see you around the stadium sometime🙂

– Katie

p.s. Yes, the Angel posters are stupid. Can someone remind them that no one actually considers them LA’s team??

Hi there, Alyssa. I’m a Spanish baseball fan and charmed fan🙂 Though we don’t get much coverage here, sadly. Or rather, we don’t get FREE coverage, and I’m not going to pay satellite for just a channel, where sometimes, if I’m lucky, they’ll show me a few innings or a game in the wee hours. So I follow the season via

I’m a red sox fan. You *had* to remind me of the infamous 1986 WS, eh? Well, the curse is broken.

The Angels are and always will be Anaheim Angels. Los Angeles Angels is a bad joke of a name, if you ask me.

You can’t guess how the season will twist? Shame. Phoebe would have no trouble with that, hehe.

What do you think of the new Boston Red Sox attraction, Daisuke Matsuzaka? so sad he has a 1-2 record…

A few things that I don’t like much about baseball: The foul poles. Why are they called “foul poles” when they’re actually fair? The unbalanced divisions are unfair. And the playoff seeding system is massively unfair. I would get rid of playoffs altogether, but that’s too radical for the USA, hehe.

Best luck in all you do🙂 Ignore the naysayers.

PS: Do you like football? I officiate football games in Spain… (Yes, American Football).

Hey Alyssa,
(I posted this same comment under your first blog by mistake ? so here it is again)

I had not been to a baseball game in over 20 years, but after hearing about your love of the game, and since I still had to check out the new stadium (Miller Park), I decided to go see a Brewers ? Dodgers game. I?ll admit that there was a hope that you might take a road-trip to Milwaukee to watch your team and that I might catch a ?live? glimpse of, or (dare I say) even meet you. I was, however, somewhat surprised to find that I really enjoyed myself. I like the new stadium and go quite often now. I have been a great fan of yours for years, and now, along with your entertainment and humanitarian work, I can also thank you for re-introducing me to baseball.

GO BREWERS! (Sorry – but the Dodgers ARE my number 2 team),


P.S. If you ever do come to Miller Park and you noticed a short man looking at you, don?t be alarmed ? I?m quite harmless.

Great blog!!

It’s so nice to see that there’s still Dodger love out there.

In other news, we have two things in common: I used to always go to D games with my dad and we have the same birthday. So fascinating!

Hi Alyssa,

just stumbled on your blog .. I think it’s great

and I thought for the longest time that I was the only person who said “For the Love of GOD!”

I’ve loved you since you were a kid, loved you more when you did the Orchid movie … couldn’t love you anymore since charmed … you RAWK!

go Yankees!

just as an interesting baseball quip … I was at the Devil Rays v Orioles game Monday night at Tropicana Field … top of the ninth, Aubrey Huff, who gets booed everytime they say his name is approaching the box, I’m 5 rows back next to the ondeck circle and a guy in front of me yells to Aubrey … “AUBREY, YOU ****!”

moments later, the first pitch he sees … “CRACK! … a deep fly ball to left … he’s going back, back, GONNNNNE!”

like a true professional he walks into the dugout after circling the bases, high fives his teammates and ignores the disgruntled Rays fan … class act

take care doll!


Heya Alyssa,
I had never really heard of baseball until i read people’s comments about it (including yours)on Ss.

I have tried watching it on an American sports channel we have over here in England but don’t really understand the game.. any chance you could explain the game in simple terms?? lol. I tried reading up on it over the net but it all seems complicated :S.

It kinda sounds like something we call rounders.

Anyways i love your designs and although i dont understand the game much im hoping to buy some as soon as i save my money up :|(have no idea what team i’d get them for though lol).

Hopefully when i come to L.A next year i will know enough about the game to go and watch one =].

Thanks soo much for these blogs i love reading them!

Stay safe,

Love Nadine x.

Hiya; Am a female baseball fanatic myself, but the Dodgers? UGH! I’ve hated them since the ’70s and the fact that the Pads have Garvey’s number retired, I just cringe. But being fans of different teams is also fun. I have great fun with some Dodger fans in San Diego and Petco is always fun for those games. Then again, the Pads usually win. 🙂

Your comment: I hate when the count is 0-2 and the pitcher throws that ball low and away (the batter knows just as well as we do that it?s coming so why not throw it in the zone for the love of God).

The reason they throw it low and away is to take advantage of the batter being antsy, especially the free swingers like Andruw Jones (as someone pointed out). Soriano is another one. And MLB hitters can hit a fastball down the pipe.

I haven’t seen much yet of your clothing line but I can tell you that the female baseball fams are excited to finally have clothes that fit properly. Hooray for you!!!

I’m very much looking forward to your blogging and you inspired me to start one of my own. Like you, my dad was the one that got me going. It’s an Amazin’ game. 🙂

And always remember



I just read you second blog. and I love it. I wonder is there any thing you do Not like about baseball?

Does anybody else find it ironic that Alyssa has a new clothing line and all of a sudden she is claiming what a huge Dodger fan she is. Give me a break you might have knowledge of the game but you are clearly using this for publicity. Why did you not start your MLB blog 2 years ago. Oh yeah cause 2 years ago you did not have a clothing line. I love the game of baseball and I am a true Dodger fan. Stop using my team so you can get ahead.

Congratulation on your MLB blog, I actually never reply to blogs but because it’s you I figured, why not. It looks like you already have some haters, oh well, it was a smart move to get involved with a womens clothing line for baseball. No matter how sexy a female looks in Dodger Blue, the regular t-shirts and jersey’s just don’t do it. Good luck in your new line.

I take it your Season Tickets are not in the RF All-You-Can eat Pavilion (that’s where I’ll be when the Dodgers play the hated Giants). So I’m asking you for a little favor; after we start the wave in the pavilion please don’t let it die out behind home plate (like it usually does).

We’ll have a Happy Dodger Day, there’s nothing like having the best record in the majors.

Blog with you later

You never cease to amaze me. You’re a Dodger Fan! I love it. For you entire career you

Alyssa, first time writer. I remember watching you on “Who’s the Boss?” and having a huge crush on you back then. I think we’re about the same age but whatever, you continue being gorgeous. I have a question, why do you wear other teams gear for photo shoots?? I’d never do that!

It doesn’t matter what you wear! HOTTT!!! But you do look good in TOUCH~~. There is nothing hotter than a women in dodger blue! And the fact that you know baseball is even hotter! In another time…

Alyssa, now knowing that you are a Dodger fan, its safe to say you are the greatest actress ever(at least you are in my book). Russ is my favorite player also, usually whoevers catching for the Dodgers is my favorite. Is there any chance that you could me up with both of your autographs? If not, would want to go to prom with me?

P.S. Angels ****! Being called the L.A. angels is almost as big a joke as the giants entire ball club. Is there any chance you could take care of those billboards?

It’s nice to see another girl who loves baseball just as much as i do. Grew up around it, and i will always love it!Thanks for showin that us girls love the game too!:)–Baseball is not just a sport..its a passion.

Don’t you think it’s time the Dodgers retire Vin Scully’s “number”? Watching the Jackie Robinson tribute, which was wonderful by the way, one couldn’t help but notice the largest ovation that evening went to Vin when he came on the field. Naming the press box after him is nice and fine, but the man, in his 58th year, deserves the chance for fans to let him know how much we love him…

Alyssa, I am SO glad to see this blog! There are so few of us chicks that are die-hard baseball fans.

I too, never leave a game early — and this is why: the one time I left a game early (two years ago, Dodgers/Rockies @ Coors Field) — it was a nice day when I left home, and was pouring rain by the bottom of three (that’s how it goes in Denver). I remained in the stands, freezing my butt off because I refused to leave. As my section emptied, I remained, shivering and sad because the boys in blue were down 3-5 by the bottom of the 7th. Deciding that it might be better not to catch pneumonia, I left the game at the top of the 8th with one out. I half-ran the three blocks back to my car, turned on the radio and screamed in horror — in the time it took me to get to the car, the Rockies pitcher had not only walked the bases loaded, but walked in a run, and the next batter (gee, I can’t even remember who it was) hit a grand slam. Our boys ended up winning 8-5 and I still haven’t stopped kicking myself for leaving the game early.

It ain’t over until the last out is called!

From a rival Giants fan looking for a Dodger fan’s help.

Can you help me find the details or scorecard of this one particular game between the two teams back in the 70’s?

What I do remember about this game was that

1. It was a “come from behind” nail biter that from the beginning looked hopeless for the Giants to win…

2. This telecast I was watching had Chuck Connors (The Rifleman) sit in during the telecast for either an inning or the entire game – It was over 30 years ago – I don’t remember.

3. The game that I witnessed may have been the one that officially reeled me in as a fan of the Game…

Before you consider blowing me off because I am a Giants Fan, please consider why I am asking you…

1. Chuck Connors was a Dodger, but when I “google him” there was no mention of him doing a telecast of this game in question between the Giants and Dodgers. (then again he may have been a guest in the booth for just one inning – this was a long time ago…)

2. I figure if you do find out that he did, in fact do “color” commentary for the most of this game, you as a Dodger fan can share a side to Chuck Connor’s biography within your blog that maybe some Dodger fans never knew…


3. I can relive that game that had me cheering in my bedroom, celebrating afterwards – riding my banana seated huffy bike to get another Cola Slurpee at the 7-11 served in a limited edition cup that either featured the current MLB star player or a comic book superhero back then somewhere there in the 1970’s.

(I do remember that)

Alyssa: I am thinking you may have a source within your field of acting that may connect the dots to Chuck Connors, the Giants/Dodgers and this game in question?

Thanks for your help!

from a fan of the Great Game of Baseball whose blood type is that of Orange and Black…


I have never posted to a blog before, but I had to because I love what I just read on yours. I am a 52 year old father of a 23 year old daughter. Both of us are huge Dodger fans. We have a 22-game plan, and go to as many games as possible. And we agree with you; we never leave games early either. I love the fact that you share this passion with your father.I agree with the other points you made in your blog as well. Keep it up. I will be a regular reader. See you at the game!!

Hey Milano, hope you finally dried out after the Super Bowl. This is Richard, the photographer you met at the game when you and your friend were leaving. For all your fans, I can attest to the fact that Alyssa stayed for the whole game, even though it rained for 4 hours. Just wanted to give you kudos for your blog and all of your humanitarian work. Did you get the shots from the SB I sent? I think it was Sarah Fuller who I sent them to. Take care and keep shooting. Richard Shiro

Why can’t I find a woman like you in Minnesota?🙂 This world needs more women who understand the importance of the little things in baseball. Great blog. Keep up the good work!

BTW – The World Series will be a rematch of the ’65 match-up. This time, the Twins beat the Dodgers in seven.

I just want to point out, the Red Sox never won the World Series in 2004, the Cardinals lost it (anyone who ever saw how dominant the Cardinals were that year could easily see that they never even showed up for the World Series, and just handed the bloody thing away). But I still give the Red Sox respect for capitalizing on their opponents failure to show up. Given the debacle of the 2004 WS, I don’t mind taking the WS from Detroit after being the worst team in the playoffs yet wiping out the Padres and outplaying the Mets in what was to my eyes one of the absolute best playoff series I’ve ever seen (tough loss for the Mets, but they played one heck of a series and it could have gone either way).

Alyssa …
I am also a New Yorker who has a hugely over zealous love for our boys in Blue – unfortunately, I still live in NY, so it’s hardr for me to get to as many home games as you!

As for what you said here about Bonds, though … I agree with you that we should dislike him for lying more than for the actual cheating … but shouldn’t we all hate him simply because he’s a Giant? That’s my main reason …

A huge fan of yours who is happy he stumbled across your MLBlog …


1. I also hate when the count is 0-2 and the next pitch is a ball. Keep the pitch count low and pitch a strike.
2. The Angel billboards make me crazy too. Speacialy when they are within eyes view of Dodger stadium.

3. I HATE Bonds not only because he is a cheater but maily BECAUSE HE IS A GIANT!

I was already a big fan of yours and the boys in blue. Now that you are their most visible and, as always, most beautiful fan I am even more proud to say I am a fan of you both. Long live the Dodgers and my first crush Alyssa!

Buccos invade LA this weekend. Look OUT!! Good stuff, pretty impressive. If you wanna read about a “not-so-successfull” ball club check mine out…

Weak and low comment on the World Series. I can only assume you were referring to the defensive woes of the Tigers. Errors do not cause you to average 2.2 runs per game. The Cardinals were a horrible team for a lot of 2006 but for that week they were much better than the Detroit Tigers. They could have swept them if it was not for Tony LaRussa’s pity and sympathy for the honor of the game that he did not have Kenny Rogers thrown out of Game 2 for cheating, yes a foreign substance is an automatic ejection and suspension under MLB rules.

sofar you have an amazing – very funny- column and I look forward to reading it. you are absolutely right about all those cursed angels signs, they drive me nuts. The one in particular you noted almost made me burst an artery I got so furious (I admit it had been 8 years since the last time I made it out to dodger stadium but living in minnesota and boston will do that to you i s’pose)

OMG Alyssa, that list of things to know about you were making me laugh! That was great. The best was the first. I never leave a game early either. If you are going and you love it why would you leave before it is over??? I can sleep, work, or do whatever later. That list of thoughts reminded me of Costner in Bull Durham! And truth is I probably start the chant right before you do, I think you might just join in:) When I sit in the outfield I like to “help” the opponents outfielder position himself. “Trot, move over 3 more steps towards the line! This guy has been hitting the line all week! Come on Trot 3 more steps.” Gotta have a hotdog at every stadium (even Tampa). The wave is still cool and I will sing the 7th inning stretch but I have never sang in a church.

Keep Blogging.

kudos on the yellow submarine references.

I hate it when people leave the stadium early! we’re usually the last to go! And since we don’t have season tickets, We get put next to different people each time and they are so much fun to get to know!

I LOVE DOING THE WAVE. just recently at the friday night game with ORIOLES V. BLUE JAYS at CAMDEN YARDS, The wave must have went around the whole stadium atleast 13 times….all the sections were doing even the nosebleeds! It’s so exciting to see people act so nice to one another!

JUst riding up to the park, and getting to smell the stadium is awesome for me! I Love the sight of all the fans, I love the Hot dog/Cheese steak smell and I love the way everyone gets out of their seats and stands when it’s the bottom of the ninth and it’s a tied game and all we have to do is score one more run. It’s the BEST FEELING EVER!

( I just wish i had enough money to go to every game becasue then i could cheer on my Cutie MArkakis!)

XoX Samantha

Thank you very much for addressing my concerns about the selection of items carried by the MLB shops. I will write directly to them and let them know I’d love to see some more of those items available for my team.🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to read my comment and reply to my question. I’m also happy to see a high profile female baseball fan, since we tend to get a bad wrap! Good luck with the rest of the season (I’m an AL girl, so I can wish the Dodgers the best for you in the NL for now🙂 Take care, Christine



It is refreshing reading about a woman who knows about baseball. This is not to say that there are women out there that don’t know, but there are many women who just pretend to enjoy sports for a man’s sake (which all in all I guess isn’t too horrible either).

I must say though, I am a bit tired of hearing Dodgers fans complain about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim thing. As a lifelong Angels fan, I know the history of the team. The Angels began in LA. They were known as the Los Angeles Angels and even shared Dodger Stadium for a year. Just a thought…

I you’re a fan of Clemente pick up a copy of “Clemente The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero” by David Maraniss. He also did a Vince Lombardi bio that was excellent called When Pride Still Mattered. My grandmother was the one who turned me onto the Cubs. She grew up across the street from Wrigley when it was a poor neighborhood and when married raised her family on the southside. Maybe the doubters didn’t grow up with a female role model who was into sports. It ties me to my grandmother to this day. It’s tough being a Cubs fan on the southside but I always wear my hat with pride. Someone always has something to say even little kids.

I hate it when a pitcher gets taken deep on an 0-2 count. I’m a Cub fan, I have found myself saying numerous times, “why did he give him a good pitch to hit on 0-2″. The idea is to try to get the hitter to chase the pitcher’s pitch.” Even though they know an 0-2 waste pitch is coming, sometimes they can’t lay off. A perfect time for a change up low and away. It appears to be a fastball and dips out of the strike zone as it reaches the plate and is too late for the hitter to hold up on his swing. If it doesn’t work, you still have three more balls to play with on 1-2 count. But you’re right, they need to keep the hitter honest and throw an occassional strike.

I am a big fan of yours and I have been since the first time I watched who’s the boss, then I happened to see charmed and I am also a fan of it. I hate that it has come to an end but I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do. I have always wanted to meet you in person and I wish I could have met you when you cam to South Carolina. Just think you weren’t that far from me since I live in North Carolina. I hope to get the chance to meet you some day but until then I wish you all the best in life.

Marie (md28379- Safesearching)

2 of 3 from the banged up Yankees. Watch out LA, the Mets are the team to bet in the NL. Hope to see you on the East coast in October!


PS. RLS is a real deal and if you never experienced it, consider yourself lucky. Don’t pooh-pooh something you know nothing about.

I dont like baseball. SORRY :o( But I freakin LOVE Alyssa! Charmed is my favorite show! Nice blog! I didnt read most of it because baseball doesnt interest me but what I read was cute.

Peace owt!

Sorry Alyssa but Russell Martin is mine. He is totally mine. You don’t even know anything about him you GOLDIGGAH!!!

Hope you got to meet Russell and hope you have (had) a blast at the All-Star Game.

Thank you for being a vegetarian, by the way!

Stellar, Alyssa.

(you’re on my veggie blogroll)


dodgers snuck one out saturday, they should of left lowe in longer. thats a big series for you. i’m a brewers fan and went to opening day against the dodgers in milwaukee. iv’e been a fan of yours since the old days, i also agree about what you say abouy gonzo. i think i threw harder than him in 5th grade. wondering if your clothing line is womens only? i think it’s great that your such a huge baseball fan, heard you on the show with dibs and kennedy. i have russell martin on my fantasy team and he’s a stud. go blue your team and mine

thats jim from green bay

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