Double Standard

While most of your comments have been so supportive of me (thank you for embracing me), I would be remiss if I didn’t say the negative comments have stood out (kind of like a Giants fan at a Dodger game). In particular, I am referring to the comments about my love life (you know who you are).

This will be the first and only time I am going to address this subject so let’s get it out of the way.

First of all, if I were actually attached to every pitcher the press has attached me to, I would be in a hospital or mental ward somewhere — in a straightjacket (that I would of course desperately try to make stylish).

Secondly, even if all the rumors about my MLB love life were true (which they’re not) ?- we should really examine the double standard that is in full effect here. I know for a fact, that there are many MLB players (plural) or athletes in general for that matter who have dated many Screen Actors Guild members. I won’t name names (cough Derek Jeter cough). And yet, these guys are considered cool and we give them props for getting their high profile starlets. On the other hand, women who have dated more than one guy in any profession are easy targets for ridicule. I am speaking personally of course, but I am sure any woman that reads this entry can relate to this double standard and how it may pertain to their lives relative to their own experience.

And I ask you this -? what girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to date a ball player (especially a girl who loves baseball)? They are heroes in the utmost iconic sense. Our heroes. Big, strong men that can save the day; that are sometimes the underdogs we cheer on and have faith in no matter what. We believe in their ability to make our dreams come true on the field. Why wouldn’t I believe that the same might be true off the field?

My social life doesn’t consist of going to clubs like some of my peers. You won’t find me at Hyde or whatever club some of my contemporaries find fashionable at the moment for their social butterfly lifestyles. My social life consists of going to games and through that, I have met a few really great men.

We are all looking for our ?Happily Ever After.? I am still looking for mine. Along my journey, I have been blessed to cross paths with some of my heroes. These experiences have taught me many things not only about the game I love, but also about the game of love.

I have no regrets.

So to all you lazy bloggers and sports journalists who chose to look for the easy target -? I am here for you. Just trying to find my way with a 0-2 count. And even though I know it?s coming, and it?s nowhere near the zone, I will probably swing at that low and away third pitch. But at least I went down swinging.


P.S. Juan Pierre?s bat finally woke up in Arizona!
P.P.S. When will Betemit?s bat wake up?
P.P.P.S. I thought Derek Lowe?s comment about power pitchers doing better at Coors Field was interesting.
P.P.P.P.S. I love that Brady Clark can come off the bench and hit like he?s been playing every day. But . . . why was Lieberthal batting cleanup? Is that some Moneyball thing?

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I’ve heard quite a few stories about Mr. Cough. No surprise to see his name mentioned here.

Anyway, well said.

-The Baseball Collector

wow, I get to be the first person to comment on your blog!
(or one of the first if when I hit “post” somebody else hit their “post” button before I did.

I have to agree with you about your public love life.

I mean it’s easy for people to sit and criticize people in the public eye that they have never met and don’t know.

But as you said, you know that many of these detractors would be doing the same thing if they were in your position.

I mean, I wouldn’t be dating any baseball players myself because I’m a guy and that’s not the way I approach my at bats — but still.

I hope that both you and I eventually get to go to the post season of romance and bring home a ring that will validate all of our unsuccessful attempts at finding the right person before.

I enjoy your blog and I have added you to my type lists for MLBlogs to check out.

Like I said in my first blog entry your blog sort of inspired me to get up off my *** and start my own blog.

It’s a Yankee blog so you might get the willies by looking at it, but the Dodgers are my NL team if that makes it any better !

Keep blogging and I hope to read more of your stuff soon !


See ? I knew I was typing at my comment too long and wouldn’t be first this time… LOL !

First of all, I think it’s awesome you have a blog here. We need some more ladies filling out the MLBlogs ranks. Secondly….I loved you on Charmed. 😀

Now to the point of your post: I do think it’s unfair what some of these people have been saying about you here, and they should be ashamed because you and I both know they would never say it to your face. I do understand where you’re coming from and completely agree that the double standards people have are out of control. People have no right to make you feel less of a person because of choices you’ve made in your life. Ignore those people, they aren’t worth your time.

Keep up the posting, Alyssa. I for one, enjoy reading what you have to say. 🙂

Beth —

Hey Alyssa. I’m so glad to be one of the first to leave a message in this post.
Maybe you’ll read my message ?

I was just translating your last post in french for my visitors. Because what you said about your passion for baseball is really interesting and you give me the envy to discover this game, which is unknown in Europe. =(

I just want to tell you that you are amazing. Just stay who you are. All this rumors are so silly…

Thank you Alyssa, you are my inspiration all along the day.

Phillocera – (

Wow. I must say I’m impressed with this blog so far. I saw her at the game the other night, and figured that she would just stay for a few innings and then duck out, but to my surprise she stayed until the very end and really seemed to enjoy herself! Incidentally, I always thought she was kinda cute, but nothing special…that is until I saw her in person the other night. I was in a field box about a few feet away from her when she walked in. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. Alyssa knows her baseball AND SHE’S SUPER HOT. What a combination.

Finally, a woman that knows her sport and loves Dodger Blue. I will continue to read your posts and share with others who either dig the dodgers, you or both!
Keep it up!

I think your blog is well written and thought out. Plus there are people writing in from parts of the world where baseball isn’t played and fans who wouldn’t normally particpate in fan forums. Which Bud Selig appreciates too Im sure. Nice to have something besides Yankees/Red Sox to discuss–I hate them both.

I really don’t see the big deal who you date vs. who you choose not to…

Alyssa, I’m coming to So Cal for vacation next week. We’re going to the Tonight Show on Thursday and after, I want to go to the Dodgers-Giants game while my girl prefers to dine at Dakota. How do I get my way without ruining the rest of the trip? I’m a frustrated Dodgers fan living in New York!

I think people just think it’s a little strange to date Pavano, Zito and Penny right after each other. Regular people don’t get to do that and there is a word for it if they do. Besides, most baseball players are sleazballs. Sorry to comment on this. I really do love your blog.

I really like baseball and am a big fan of Charmed! My sister and I are both HUGE fans of charmed and were really sad when it ended. I think it is really cool that you have your own blog. My sister knows almost nothing about baseball and yet, she still reads your blog. It really is a cool blog.

Double Standards.
Interesting blog…although not that baseball realted. I didn’t read all those comments that you responded to. In that cough section of yours, Tom Brady’s name could have been thown in [much more severe situation]. Anyway, some of the speculation and inuendo might simply be from jealousy. (forgive my spelling, I’m an engineer and that’s how it goes.) I’ve heard you described by friends as “not bad” to “hottest women around”. No matter what people think of how you look, they still see you. And they see some of your track record. Then there are single people out there that rather spread their misery through rumors and conjecture. Being in the public eye, it must go with the territory. I wrote previously that I was quite impressed with your life. You do what you do and you do it well. It shouldn’t matter what others think (personally, you entire profession is based on entertaining people). Those of us that are truely fans of yours do appreciate you trying to set the record straight. I for one, look at your proffessional and humanitarian track record and don’t care who you date..(but if you’re ever in RI, I play softball…heroic enough? LOL)

Do you have another anvenue/blogs that fans can relate subjects unrelated to baseball? Like your humanitarian work? I looked at and didn’t recognize one [probably just me]

Now, back to baseball. I know you can’t respond to everyone’s comments. But, I’d like to pose one of the bigger questions…your views on A-Rod. I’m a Yankees fan, but, not an A-rod fan. Although, I can tolerate his performance so far this season. Your comments or views?

Also….do you play? Have you been on baseball or softball teams growing up or recently?

Thanks for listening.


Hey Alyssa,
I am thoroughly impressed with what you posted. I’m sorry you are exposed to people like this.

I am a huge dodger fan and it sounds like you are also. I just wanted to say hey and that I am a big Alyssa fan and a huge fan of our Dodgers.

Go Dodgers!


Hey, don’t let the criticisms stop you, I am looking forward to some of your baseball perspectives (so long as you don’t bash the Cards like your last post … heck, actually they deserve bashing right now) … I hope you have the chance to actually share them more instead of dealing with these undue negative comments.


You’re so badass. I love it! Keep standing up for yourself girl!🙂 I hope to run into you someday at Dodger Stadium (i’m going this 25th). Can’t wait to watch the Dodger kill the Giants, AGAIN! Good luck with everything! If you ever need a Dodger girl to have your back, i’m there!



As a woman who has grown up around countless teams in basketball, baseball and football, I have experienced that same double standard that you talk about. If I like a player, the typical guy response is “So you think he’s hot?” Actually, I think a 3-0 record with an ERA under 1 is pretty impressive, but I guess that’s just me. I’m glad there are more women becoming involved with baseball in front offices around the country, and I hope that the great work they are doing (with the Yankees and Dodgers most notably) will pave the way for other smart, baseball savvy women to break down the doors of the ‘ol boys club that historically is baseball.


Here’s your $64,000 question, would you ever date a Giants’ pitcher?🙂 Or is that kind of like a Republican dating a Democrat, it will work but for part of the year it gets quite feisty?

My favorite Dodger Memory and one of my first baseball memories…Fernando “Baby Face” Valenzuela winning Game 3 in the 1981 World Series. What’s yours?

Hi!!!My name is Mia and I come from far away …Croatia to be exact…not really big but we stick together!!!Lol
I really hope you are going to read this and answer me…I have birthday on Saturday and it would be my best present ever!!!

I think you are one of the rare actresses that has inspired me in a way I cannot explain.I am not an obsessed fan and I truly and deeply understand that you are just as normal person as anyone but I believe you have a special talent and beauty that has inspired many and I wish you all well and your family too.

HEALTH…(and if there is health,everything else comes along) Peace&love&hope&dreams FOLLOW THEM!!!

P.S.Croatia may be a small country,but the size does not matter,people do,and I can guarantee you the people are magnificent!!!

Charmed rocks…and I hope you dont miss it as we do!!!!your clothes too!!!

Lots of kisses,we love u!!!!!!


To **** with all of your detractors. Regardless of what you may or may not have done, it’s none of their business. They aren’t real big blue fans or they’d be talking baseball and not your personal business. Ignore them. You’re a Dodgers fan and that makes it all ok. I love you for that fact alone, not to mention since the first time I saw you. So forgot those idiots and blog your heart away. That is why real fans are here!

I hope someday I can make it to Chavez Ravine to see a game and enjoy a Dodger Dog. I seen our Dodgers live but never at home. On a final note, Dodgers 8-1 over the Rockies today to go to 11-5. Gotta love it! I want the Yanks in the ’07 WS!


Wow I don’t believe people post rude comments like that. I think you really shouldn’t care what other people think. Unless their your friends or family why care. BTW wow it is true that you are very wow

Alyssa, never mind the speculation. People think the news is US WEEKLY (and I’m sure US would try to convince us that they are).

Ask Barry Zito what he thinks of Penny’s comments about power pitching in Coors Field! HA!



Don’t let the ******-bags get you down, Alyssa. It’s nobody’s business who you date, (unless you’re dating me, in which case my wife might interested) (but I don’t think she could stop me).
Keep up the good work. I’m a Twins fan (Joe Mauer’s birthday is today) but I might have to keep my eye on your Dodgers this year, after all they’re 11 and 5 right now!

Baseball can explain so much in life. As wierd as that sounds i think it’s true. Give me almost any subject..and some how i can find a way to explain in in terms of baseball.(I just get it better that way:)) Anyway, great blog! Reading it made me know hey..sure she’s Alyssa Milano( awesome actress/designer/singer/die hard baseball fan!) but she’s only human just like the rest of us. And just like everyone else, she too is searching for that “happily every after.” Thanks for taking the time to Blog!–Biggio, Berkman, and Oswalt! :)-GO ASTROS!(wish i could go to dodger stadium Alyssa, but because i live in houston..i guess ill have to stick to Minute Maid Park.🙂

Just finished watching the Dodgers destroy the Rockies. Hendrickson did a really good job in the absence Schmidt. Its too bad Jason went down, hope he’s not out for to long, he’s such a great player(even if he was a giant). Now, about what you were saying, the comment about Betemit. Its true, he’s not of to a great start, he’s got an average thats hard to see with a magnifying glass and isnt the best player in the lineup, but you just got to hold on and have faith. And if he still cant turn it on, Wilson Valdez is doing awesome and I wouldnt shead a tear if he got the starting spot.

And about Pierre, people can say what they want about his arm, but the man a huge asset to our ball club, and I too am happy to see he’s finding his stride.

Dodgers are rocking so far this season, and although its still early I truly think they have an extremely good chance at going all the way this season(knock on wood).

-Blue For Life


P.S.- Still any chance for an autograph

Hi, Alyssa I actually got to sit a few rows behind you in 2004 when you were in Seattle watching Barry Zito pitch. It was quite exciting. I wanted a picture with you, but I also didn’t want to bother you. Even though I’m an M’s fan, I’m also a huge Zito fan, so it was a little disapointing to see the bullpen blow that game for him.

Love your blog, please keep posting.

although not baseball related it was an enjoyable read.

Hey Alyssa

Seriously going to a baseball game with you seems like it would be a riot!!!. I love how passionate you are about the things that matter to you. Thats amazing.

Plus maybe you could teach me a few things about whats actually going on in games, i know some stuff but ive never actually been to a huge game like in the stadium or what not, just going to my cousins ball game is enough to bring a smile to my face so I can see why you love it so much.

Good job on your blog. As a Padre fan (but a huge fan of yours), it hurts that you are such a huge fan of the Dodgers. It’s still entertaining to read your blog though.

Are you ever going to get back onto a TV show ? I miss seeing you on TV


Hey Alyssa!

I’m so glad that you are posting a blog. I’m not that into baseball, but did watch the World Series last year because it’s so close to home. (GO CARDS!!) Anyway, I think the comments that people make about you are seriously rude. Alright, time to go. Have fun at the next Dodgers game!

Love always,


P.S.- Please say a little prayer for my little brother, he was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes on Friday.

P.P.S.- Love the clothes too!

I could agree with almost everything you said. I know what you mean about wanting a baseball player and everything about that…I’m right there with you. I would also like to thank you for your women’s line of apparrel. I love it all🙂 I just wish there was more Cardinal stuff…. After reading this, I’d love to go to a game with you… let me know😉

As someone who reads tabloid trash, I can honestly say I’ve never read any rumors about you and any players aside than the three you really were with. While it’s kind of cool to hear that you don’t hang at those lame clubs, surely plenty of good-looking women go to baseball games and don’t return home with a baseball player boyfriend. I’m not exactly buying that one. Why try to justify it when it is what it is?

p.s– i know you have an upcoming trip to Uganda, so i just wanted to say good luck. Stay safe and know that your work inspires your fans!🙂

Hey Alyssa,

I was just sitting here in a class on the American Presidency – well surfing the WWW while in class, pretending to take notes – when I caught a whiff of your blob. First off, way to go on the comments about the L-life! I get so tired of hearing who’s with who and who’s shaved their head. In the broad sense of what is happening in the world today, it doesn’t matter. Now that the gravy is done, here’s the meat and potatoes.

I was wondering what your take on the team was for this year. Will they be able to win more than 1 game in the playoffs this year? Realizing that it is still early and the season will take its toll, is there reason to be optomistic? Not wanting to date myself, but the last time I remember the boys in blue winning more than 1 game was 1988 with Gibby and the Mirracle of Mickey (Hatcher). Ever since then, I have been starving for a return to the Series.

Having moved to Washington State, I rarely get to hear Vin’s dynamic voice. I have taken to recording his call of Gibson’s homer off of the Eck as a reminder of how soothing and wonderful it is to hear him talk to us as we listen or watch the game. I was lucky enough to meet him once in Palm Springs and was even more taken by his voice.

Anyhow, I guess I should make some sort of contribution to the class and make a comment about the Constitution or the Presidency or something like that.

Keep up the good work both in and out of the stadium!


If you get down this far on the comments, just wanted to give you props for choosing Russell Martin as your favorite Dodger. As a fellow proud Canadian, I’m always glad to see a ballplayer from the ‘great white north’ get his due. (it’s not that cold here, by the way). If you’re interested in reading about the lone Canadian team in the majors — the Toronto Blue Jays — come check out
“The 500 Level” at:


“And I ask you this -? what girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to date a ball player (especially a girl who loves baseball)? They are heroes in the utmost iconic sense. Our heroes. Big, strong men that can save the day; that are sometimes the underdogs we cheer on and have faith in no matter what. We believe in their ability to make our dreams come true on the field. Why wouldn’t I believe that the same might be true off the field?”-

This was right on Alyssa! There is always a double standard when it comes to dating. Hey, aren’t there rap or pop songs about this double standard for that matter? I’m thinking Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Lil Kim…. No wonder they wrote those songs replying to the double standard.. lol.. Anyway it’s super duper cool, that a HOT and SMART girl like you is a Dodger fan, I was beginning to think that I was the only ONE!! Hehehe..

Go Dodgers!

P.S. I absolutely love your TOUCH.. I LOVE ROOKIES black tank top! I got mine and with a silver sharpie marker wrote in.. 2006 #16 and #55 for Andre and Russell!! Yay!!

P.S.S. No professional baseball players for me, only amateurs on Sunday leagues. You live, You learn!😉

ill keep this short and sweet…. i love you!

This is the first time I have read your blog; I love it! I am a huge Dodgers fan myself and would like to comment on a couple of the things you have mentioned in your posts. Number one, totally agree with you on the double standard issue, plus people have to remember just because US magazine says you are dating someone doesn’t mean you are! They need to get a life and not worry about who celebrities are going out with. Two, Russell Martin is my favorite current Dodger too and he has started off this year remarkably for which I am so happy. Number 3, you nailed it right on the head when you said those Angel billboards need to be taken down in LA, especially a block away from Dodger Stadium, I mean that is just insulting and so annoying! Anyway keep up the good work with your blog! Also, did you happen to be at the 4 home runs in a row game last year?

Hey Alyssa,

I think there is nothing better than a girl who loves the Dodgers as you do, and has an honest opinion not just something that they heard. I know that this will seem random but a friend of mine said that he is a friend of yours and I think that this is the only way to prove it. His name is Matthew Oney and I just have a hard time accepting it. On the flip side I have to say that I am blown away by your love of the Dodgers. I am still worried about our outfield. Gonzo is hitting, but his defense scares me I see us being vulnerable against speedy teams all year. And I would not start celebrating Pierre yet, he still has alot to prove at the plate, and his D is not anything to write home about. Hopefully Furcal coming back will be able to help and I do not know what to say about Ethier. He has had some solid games lately but I wonder if there is a better option. And finally the TOUCH line looks great.

You are so right about double standards, they probably just wish it was them. But thats all I am going to say about that. Was at the game today and watched the Dodgers take care of the Rockies 8 to 1 at Coors Field. Been a Dodger fan all my life living in Colorado and go everytime they are in town. Also I everytime I go to Calif. I make sure I take in a game at Dodger Stadium. I remember Tommy Lasorda refer to it as blue heaven on earth and now I have no doubt it’s a beautiful place to watch baseball with you in attendence. Go Dodgers

Hey Aunt Pat, thanks for chnecikg out the site. I played two innings at first base against the Red Sox. It was a fun day and a great experience. And thanks for the birthday card and wishes!Love,Jacob

I think it’s awesome that Alyssa is proudly displaying her love for the Men in Blue.

Let’s face it, a good chunk of celebrities in LA are viewed as being bandwagon fans when it comes to our sports teams (in some cases, rightly so).

But props to A.M. for representing LA to the fullest.

It’s also nice to see females that are true baseball fans.

Alyssa it is great to see another woman passionate about baseball, especially the Dodgers. I will be addiing your blog to my web reading. Go Blue!!!

I don’t really know that much about you, saw the link on the Dodgers website and decided to check the blog out. But I do know one thing.. if you are a Dodger fan thats good enough for me.. lets quit giving her this **** and talk some Dodger baseball.

Go Blue Crew!

Batting Lieberthal cleanup isnt a moneyball thing, Alyssa, its just really incredibly dumb.

Its pretty cool you’re really writing a blog – try and ignore the idiots. They’re like the drunk twits who harrass people in the upper deck at Dodger stadium – the annonymity of the internet brings out alot of people’s inner *****. Giving them attention so they can try to ‘argue back’ is the only way to keep them around, just ignore ’em, every online community has them.

Just awesome, that you are! It’s great to get a women’s point of view on the ever amazing game of baseball. Its great to have you posting on your blog, reading and responding to our comments. Pay no mind to the naysayers, they don’t have much else to do but criticize, a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Go Blue!

Just came across this blog and I love it! I think it’s great that you’re showing how female fans can be just as passionate and knowledgeable as male fans.

Not a Dodger fan…grew up a Met fan. But Met fans are known as the children of Dodger fans, so I can show some love to the Blue😉

The clothing line is awesome. I remember just last season thinking: “I wish I didn’t have to choose between clothes meant for a) a male body or b) a ten-year-old girl’s body.”

The jeans with the logos on the back pockets are my favorite.

Keep it up and don’t let the haters get you down.


Alyssa, my God! I never thought I’d see such a response from you, and honestly, I’m favorably impressed. I think it shows us how personal this is for you, and well, I’m glad to see you’re standing up for what you believe in.

Keep on swinging for the fences.

Wow, I love you more everyday. Keep it up. I’m constantly spreading the word out.

i don’t care who you date girl. been a Dodger fan since the fifties and you feel like one of the guys to me. know your baseball and are a Dodger, enough for me to fall in love. hang in there and as always GO DODGERS!!

Unreal. How am I just finding out that you’re a Dodger fan, Alyssa? I mean, we all know about Ashley Judd and her Kentucky Wildcats. And then there’s Eva and her allegiance to the Spurs (boo!). But I never had any idea you were a fan of the Blue — and so die-hard and knowledgeable at that!

I’m reading through your comments here for the first time, and I gotta say it’s good stuff. You sound like you’d be a real fun person to sit next to at a ballgame. Especially if you actually say things like, “Gonzo throws like a girl” out loud. That’s hilarious. Dude’s arm is pretty weak, though, huh?

Anyway, just wanted to say I like what I read here. Props to you for gettin’ in here and facing the masses with your words. I look forward to reading your stuff in the future. Have a good one, Alyssa. If you’re at the Pirates game tomorrow night we’ll be cheering our boys on together. Here’s to a free Schmidty shirt and seven strong innings from a re-vitalized Randy Wolf!


“And I ask you this -? what girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to date a ball player (especially a girl who loves baseball)?”

I was always under the impression that athletes were a bit on the “stupid” side, but hey, whatever, there are probably a few decent ones. I bet there is at least one guy on every team that could figure out his own OBP without using a calculator.

By the way, I think you might have damaged Carl Pavano, and I’d really like to see him pitch for an extended period of time at some point.

“P.P.P.P.S. I love that Brady Clark can come off the bench and hit like he?s been playing every day. But . . . why was Lieberthal batting cleanup? Is that some Moneyball thing?”

Considering he has a career .338 OBP and 150 HR in 1,178 games, I’d wager no, it has nothing to do with taking advantage of undervalued players and more to do with managerial incompetence. You know, to answer your rhetorical question.

I really think that this blog needed to be posted. Your comments and the double standards and the criticism they’ve given you could not (and should not) have gone unsaid. I do hope though in the future that we’ll be reading more about baseball and less about the lazy blogger/sports journalists’ chauvinist comments.

***** that you even have to mention your private life on here this is about baseball right

Alyssa, you are so hot, but the fact that you love the Dodgers makes you so much hotter. I know it’s hard to do, but don’t worry about the critics, it’s just the way part of society is. I would love to date you and wouldn’t care that you went out with others, before. Keep up the great writing, and I hope to see you at a game.


I think I just fell as in love with you as I possible can. LOL I met you back in the eighties when you were in who’s the boss and actually had lunch with you, and I knew you were a Dodger fan but NEVER knew you did a blog and never knew that you loved the Dodgers as much as I did and thats why I’ve taken all the Love possible from you lol. I hope we can have Lunch again one day now that we are adults I actually know we can have a real conversation this time around LOL .

Yours Truly

George Bigdog Guzman

Hey Alyssa…you are awesome! I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I love your new line and when I get enough money or when I go to a Mariners game (yes I’m a Mariners fan…laugh it out…come on. haha) I’ll see what they got. I don’t know if you travel with those Dodgers but maybe I’ll see ya at a game..? You are my inspiration and I eagerly await your next blog. Just remember that you always have people at SS that care about you and will back you 110%.

Hey, I thought you should know that you got a shot out on one of the best baseball blogs around. You can check it out at

Definitely an interesting comment by Lowe. Makes sense in theory; the elevation there should affect breaking balls much more than fastballs. Except then Mark Hendrickson goes out and shuts the Rox down for 5-plus, and he couldn’t throw 90 mph off a cliff. So who knows.

Side note: Sure looks like the humidor effect at Coors has worn off.

I watched you grow up on TV. You have turned out as great as can be!!! And a Dodger fan too! Your parents raised you right. Your new line of baseball apparel is fabulous and I will buy some for my three baseball-loving daughters. While I live in Houston now and am a HUGE Astros fan, my first love is still the Dodgers. Your blog is great and my favorite quote has always been “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And my favorite all time player has always been Jackie Robinson, the Best Dodger EVER, with Sandy Koufax a close second. My best to you.


It’s nice to see someone bringing a little style to the game. Now we just need to get some decent slim-fit t-shirts for guys. If you have a chance check out the shirts I design at If there are any shirts you like let me know and I will send them your way.



ps. Upon reading your blog I was impressed to find that you are not only beautiful, but also very articulate… plus your a Dodger fan.


You have a very clear and fluid writing style that complements your baseball knowledge. I hope this blog is a successful experiment and I hope it gains audience as much due to its writing as to its writer. The most important tip I can give is to post regularly and you can keep your audience.

While I don’t bleed Dodger blue I have followed their good start out of the gate. Finally replacing the injury-prone Gagne has cut out a major distraction and worry from last year, and it appears that Saito has been solid…so far.

It will be interesting to see how strong the NL West is this year. For the past couple of seasons it has been the division that has been most up the in the air, and while not especially strong as a whole, it has had an amazing amount of parity.

The Dodgers have a good balance of hitting and pitching, currently placing fourth in both. I’d say their fate rests in getting from guys like Lowe and Penny to Saito. And yikes…I remember when Beimel was a Twin…

Hi Ms. Milano,

Great site and nice marketing. I wish you success. Sounds like you have what it takes and are doing it for the right reasons. I got your link from the guys at FJM:

They provide a nice mix of comedy and serious analysis, with a stat-based approach to keeping commentators, fans and baseball analysts honest. They are pretty funny and have something important to say. Worth checking out.

What is your take on Moneyball and finding the balance between baseball the business and baseball an important cultural element?

In any event, your love of baseball is something I can relate to. Being a born and raised Brooklynite, born well after the Dodgers left town, I was raised in a Yankee household and family, with a pretty fair mix of Met and Yankee fan friends (with the older generation flirting with memories of the Yankees, Giants and Dodgers). That was then.

Do you think fans are born and raised or nurtured, based on where they reside (assuming they have moved fom their home town for reasons of school, job, love…)? Can a New Yorker really be a Mariners’ fan? An Angelino a Giant’s rooter?

I have been overseas for the past 13 years, starting of with a small human rights organization working on ethnic cleansing research in Bosnia in 1994/1995. Without exaggerating, baseball was important regular link for me. We put togther pick up games and some of the local kids got into it (most of them being basketball players and fans – basketball was and is hugely popular in the former Yugoslavia). The 94 strike was a killer (not only because it was probably Don Mattingly’s last chance to make it to the WS as a day to day player) because it came at a time when consistency was really important. That war did some irreparable damage to the men, women and children it affected. I definately could have used a box score or two that October. Seen at a distance, the strike was important, but at the time it seemed selfish.

Under what stuations should players strike in your opinion?

I transitioned to refugee work soon after, joining the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees. This got me around the world a few times, to a number of really sad and sorrowful situations but also with a fair share of luxury. Baseball again played a pretty important role and it was nice to see the Yankees so often in October.

What do you think about players’ salaries, salary caps and profit sharing to benefit small market teams and to develop new franchises? Do you think the approach taken by the NFL, NHL or NBA might work? Should players also have ownership rights?

I found myself in Kosovo for a few years, training and developing staff, teachers and administrators, basically building what will shortly become the planet’s newest country (give or take a debate or two in UN). Not only was baseball a wonderful time out (to play when we had enough people; to watch when the power was on or we had enough fuel for the generator), but it also taught me some good lessons (as a player and coach), especially about not always being successful and looking at each situation for what it was and where it might go.

Do you think that players (and celebrities in general) have an obligation to play a more active role (and informed and responsible) in local and world affairs, humanitarian or political? Do you think they should just stick to what they do?

I am now in Vienna, a couple of years removed from Kosovo, with a foot still in humanitarian type projects, with my own small consultancy. I get MLB on he lap top or AFN. The point of all this ramble is that having visited and seen 150+ countries and twice as many cultures, I am always amazed at the potential baseball has to enter certain markets and the fact that it has not.

What do you think MLB needs to do to develop baseball as an international rather than niche sport? In Austria, as in other countries I have visited, there are small leagues with a mix of US and Japanese ex-pats playing with locals. The quality is surprisingly good. But I rarely see anything sponsored by MLB. What do you think MLB should do, if anything?

Have you ever read Bill Veeck’s book about his time in baseball as an owner and all around fan? He makes some interesting recommendations and observations, many of which still ring true. What do you think about it?

Anyway, great site. You have quite an interesting perspective on the game and players. Looking forward to hearing your comments about specific players, situations and games and how you might manage certain situations as they come up.

I picked the Dodgers to win the NL West this year with a head to head against the Mets for the Pennant. You definately have the pitching.

Who are you taking and why?

Best wishes,


I love your blog, Alyssa. I love talking baseball with anyone but I really love talking baseball with women that know the game. I have a special relationship with my mom who has been a Dodgers fan for fifty years and went to games at the Collosium (spelling?). She is my favorite person to talk baseball with. We will be making our annual trip to a Dodgers weekday daygame on May 2nd against Arizona. I also love that Russell Martin is your favorite active Dodger. He is mine too and I will always remember his debut because it was on my birthday, 5/5, and wears the #55. Keep up the great blogging! Go Dodgers!


Think of how great the Dodgers will play when Furcal gets back in the flow!

Ms. Milano,
I am going to have to disagree with you, Nomar is the best player on my beloved Dodgers. Juan Pierre comes in at a close second because he’s so **** fast. Well now that thats out of the way, I think that these blogs are great it gives me a female view baseball and an upclose view of the game from Dodger Stadium. It is a little hard to see the games from Korea, because they only show certain whens with our limited channels. I just wanted to say thank you for your interest in the greatest ball club in the world.

I would just like to add to my post from about a half hour ago. I hope Broxton and Saito get the recognition they deserve sometime in the near future. They are definitely one of if not the best setup man/closer combo in baseball. The Broxton fastball and Saito slider are as good as it gets.


I am so glad Kent is back fully healthy again.



Hey Alyssa!

I am a big fan of yours. BIG fan. have been for years. became a even bigger one when my friend Jeff interviewed you for his magazine. he said you are the most down to earth, *real person* of all the celebs he has ever intervied. he was at a horse auction a couple years ago in LA and got to speak with you for a few minutes. he said you were very nice and totally cool. not a stuck up at all. you treated him great. and he was really impressed because you didnt have to talk to him, it was not a planned interview at all. he just walked up, introduced himself and told you who he worked for, and you were really cool about talking to him.

it’s awesome MLB lets you have a blog. I am going to make it a reagular read. I get the feeling your baseball blog will get more hits than mine.

I wish more girls in ohio where like you. they all like football. and dont get me wrong, football is cool. but you and all real baseball fans know, it can’t hold a candle to baseball. I wish I currently had a girlfriend so I could buy her 1 of everything TOUCH has so she would look great at the ball park showing off her St. Louis Cardinals pride. even if they stink right now. and boy, do they stink. seriously, your clothes rock. and I’m not just saying that because you are Alyssa Milano.

it stinks that Jeter gets mad props for hooking up with every hot girl on camera, while women like you are put down. I’ll never understand that. women in your position should have the freedom to date whoever they choose to. and not have to deal with any negativity because you have dated baseball players. while those same players are slapped on the back for dating you. the double standard is archaic and it’s high time everyone puts an end to it. I gotta say though if I was a pro baseball player in need of a girlfriend, you would be at the top of my list. what guy, player or Joe Shmoe wouldn’t want to date you? and why should you get flack for having dated MLB players? it’s stupid. flat out stupid.

one more thing, the Cardinals did WIN the World Series. they were the better team. so they WON. therefore, the tigers LOST. if you take away all the tigers errors, the Cardinals still would have won the World Series because they played the best baseball for that series. it does not matter what your record was in the regular season, all that matters is you get to the playoffs. come playoff time, anything can, and usually does happen.

good luck in everything Alyssa. I’ll look forward to reading your blogs this season. The Dodgers look really good this year. I hope they do well, except when they play my Cardinals.

Alyssa, I get the feeling from your blog that you don’t like the ideas presented in Moneyball…have you actually read the book? Or how about a more updated book that introduces people to the principles of statistical analysis in baseball, like Baseball Between the Numbers?


Love the blog Alyssa and your line of MLB apparel looks great. I’m sure my wife will enjoy wearing MLB gear that looks great and doesn’t look unisex or derived from a man’s T-shirt.

Sorry to hear people are giving you a hard time about anybody you may or may not be dating. Do what you want and live life to the fullest. It sounds like you’ve got the right attitude and your head is on straight.

Personally I’m a Red Sox fan but I grew up in LA as a Dodgers fan so I enjoy keeping an eye on how the Blue Sox are doing. j/k Best wishes and best of luck to you. Don’t spend too much time fretting over negative posts, that’s just what they want you to do.

Your fellow MLB fan,


I 100% agree with you Alyssa! I think it is great that you have a blog and are so passionate about your team and the game of baseball. I am a recent convert to the love of the sport and enjoy the camaraderie that goes along with it. Although I may be a Twins fan (as I live in Minneapolis), I will keep reading! Oh, and baseball players are indeed hot. You are correct in your assumption that, “What girl wouldn’t want to date a baseball player?” The people that give you flak about it are just jealous, bitter, and cynical about their own lives. Keep it up and I can’t wait to hear more insight in your life following the greatest sport of all time! 🙂

you’ve got some balls ms. milano…way to go! set those haters straight!

WOW Alyssa, you are amazing.. really… its not a complement.. I like everything in you… keep going girl..


I have really enjoyed this blog, it feels like a real life edition of “Stars: They’re just like Us!” “They go to baseball games! They write blogs! They regret some of the people they have dated!”

Your passion for the game bleeds (Dodger Blue) off the page and it has been a great read so far. I am late to the party as far as your “Moneyball” comments go, but in general I don’t think you would have as much problem with stat-head baseball as you think. Sure, statheads think Juan Pierre is miserable in general, but I think we can all agree that 1) Furcal is better and 2) Russel Martin is the man (2a is that R.M should bat second). Lieberthal batting fourth is Grady-ball, which is a little zany but a whole lot better than “Tracy ball.”

Keep up the good work, and obviously ignore the hecklers who think they know you because they heard twentieth hand something about your love life.

I agree with you completely Alyssa I’m behind you all the way in your love of baseball and setting those negative naysayer?s straight. You?re always a class act my friend in every way.




i think certain people are jealous that:

a. they don’t make millions playing a game.

b. they don’t get to date alyssa milano.

but now on to something very important: when are you going to design clothes for the female white sox fan? sox fans are one of the most passionate groups out there!



my gf loves you from charmed and everything else you’ve done in the past. i think i’m on the bandwagon too, now that ive actually found a girl that knows more about baseball than my sons little league coaches (its sometimes painful to sit back and watch them think they know whats going on).

nomar’s my fav player (with martin a close second, lol), since he was a rookie all-star back in my days of playing short. but i do agree. his superstitious habits make me want to smack him in the head sometimes.

when i first moved to LA (5 yrs ago), i was not a dodgers fan. i love what they’ve done in the past couple years as far as personnel and have become a big fan – not because they’re contenders, but because i personally like the players (i hate bandwagoners-but i couldnt help jumping onto yours =) ). what do you feel about the 2002-2004 teams the dodgers had, compared to the team now, since im sure you were still as big a fan back then?

I’d like to say glad I found the blog and I’ll throw in a comment before the comments grow too large that you won’t read them anymore. I think this is a great venue for you for a variety of reasons.

As to the questions about writting it yourself, tak it as a compliment. Many “celeb” written blogs tend to be either hastily put together sentences or they tend to be highly polished pieces that were obviously written by a PA or a PR intern (“Don’t forget to watch me in the upcoming Summer Blockbuster produced by the Oscar nominated BG Money and directed by the super talented director Allan Smithee who never gets the credit he deserves!”) has a bunch of both types. so people tend to be taken slightly aback when a “celeb” writes coherent thoughts in full sentences.

As to the double standard, yeah it exist big time. and its not just jealousy, but a society that tries to downplay female sexual pleasure.

So aayway I’ll keep reading even though you’re a Dodgers fan.

Wow. An Alyssa Milano baseball blog. I’m speechless. The level of awesomeness that you have achieved is unparalleled. All those haters are just jealous cause they **** at life. I’m not a Dodgers fan (although Mr. Martin is doing wonders for my fantasy team), but I’ll be checking in regularly here. It’s always nice to see someone who really knows what’s going on in the baseball world, and to get their insight.

oops. I’ve been censored. sorry. It wasn’t a bad word, I promise.

After reading your blog, you are now topping my list of favorite actresses (right there with Natalie Portman). I mean… a beautiful actress with brain, good writing skills, who doesnt party every night (cough Lohan cough)and LOVES BASEBALL?? Please tell me that you have something wrong like bad breath or bad memory, because I refuse to believe in the existence of someone THAT perfect.
I am from Venezuela, so I’d like to know your opinion about some venezuelan players like Santana, Felix Hernandez, Abreu… Sadly, there is not a single good venezuelan player on your beloved team (Carrara doesn’t count).

Keep on with your good work.

I wish you the best.



P.S: I’m sorry for any grammar mistake I could have committed (English is not my native language).

P.P.S: I’m glad Pierre finally woke up. I got him in my fantasy Baseball team.

You’re hot.
And I’m an Indians fan.

Complete opposites attract.

Come to Papa.

If i could date Grady Sizemore, best believe i’m hoping on that train. F what people say about you and who you like. Your private life is no ones business. Keep doing you miss lady =]

– Lo

I am glad that you stated that this will be last time you address your private and personal love life matters on this BLOG. Ignore the few dummies who will puposely try to get under your skin. Remember, those who stick their heads above the crowd, will get a rock thrown at them. So just ignore it.
It is really nice to see your down to earth and have great set of values. You know, you could be a great ambassador to this great game and the Dodgers as time passes. You set a great example, especially to young women.

Anyway, I’m excited for the upcoming Giants series.

I think Betemit will come around. Whats up with Nomar? Is it me but he just doesn’t seem himself this year, I am not talking about his batting average. He seemed to smile more last year and was a little more agressive at the plate, even his OCD ritual seems not as prevelant. He doesn’t seem to talk up the runners he is holding at first base like last year. The vibe sems different. What do you think, am I crazy?

Alyssa, homegirl.

The jeans are cool, and I appreciate that they are available in sizes greater than size 4.

But that tank top? Honey? Maybe you can wear that in the Diamond View seats (that ain’t jealousy, grrlfriend, that’s envy talkin’ – of course I’d sit in ’em if I could), but ain’t no way I could wear that at Shea. Or on the 7 train to Shea.

At least not without wearing a large sweatshirt over it. Which defeats the point.

On the whole, MetsGrrl is delighted that there is some fashion available to the female baseball fan that isn’t pink (see my post on REAL GIRLS DON’T WEAR PINK from last year, which I will link below, because mlblogs won’t let me hotlink).

I just wish it was the tiniest bit more practical for those of us who sit in the People’s Seats.

Come to Shea, Alyssa, and me and Coop and Zoe and the other Mets chick bloggers will buy the beer. We’ll have a girls’ day out.




How can any of us, as serious Dodgers fans, sleep at night knowing our team’s best hitter, and future franchise player, is wasting away in a Las Vegas 51’s jersey. Bring JAMES LONEY up now, Senior Colletti, move Nomar to 3rd, and trade Betemit to the Royals for a player to be named much, much later!

By the way, dead on about the double standard, and love reading your posts!

my name is Ricardo and Im a brazilian fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Im very happy to know that youre a Dodger fan too because I used to watch “Charmed”. My favorite player is Bills and congratulations for the blog.

Hey Alyssa,
I enjoyed reading your blog, you are an awesome actress! I had the pleasure of working on the set with you in Reinventing The Wheelers as an extra in Charleston,SC. It was in the party scene with James Brolin. I don’t know if you read this, but I just wanted to say what an awesome experience it was, even though we worked until 4:00 AM.

Cool blog. I found it via, in case you care. Anyway, my question was in reference to all the Jackie Robinson mentions on your blog. Given the hardship he went through being the first black player in baseball, how do you feel about the treatment that Tommy Lasorda gave to some of the first “openly” *** baseball players in the 80’s (Glenn Burke, Billy Bean)? Basically he ran them out of town and out of baseball because of his hatred toward gays. I’m not accusing you of hypocrisy or anything or even judging Mr. Lasorda, I was just curious to hear your views on this. Thanks!

Hey, this is by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen. We have gorgeous Alyssa Milano, a famous actress posting things about the Dodgers that are more insightful than I think I am. And I like to think I’m insightful. By the way, I think you are very lucky to be able to date Ball players, and they are lucky to date you. So I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with that. If they do, they need to get out more. I would much rather hear about you dating a ball player, than hear about these spoiled actors/actresses running around clubbing and doing stupid things with their cell phones.
Anyway, why did you say that you thought D-Lowe’s comment about power pitchers was interesting…good or bad? And I love Clark too, that was one of the best deals we’ve made. Oh, and don’t forget that Ethier’s bat…kinda woke up on J-Robinson’s day.

Wow, I’ve had a crush on Alyssa since the first season of “Who’s the Boss”. And now, not only is she a baseball fan but she also bleeds Dodger blue!!! I’m in love!!!!!!

I’ve officially bookmarked my first blog and I’ll be hanging on every word. I can’t wait to hear more from Alyssa!

Dude, you’re awesome. You are officially the second coolest chick ever (next to my girlfriend of course.)

Lieberthal has a career on base of .338 and hasn’t walked more than 44 times in a season. Those are not desirable statistics in the Moneyball school of thought. I’m no apologist, but if you are going to question the motives, make a little sense doing so.

Obligatory “you are hot”

As someone who grew-up, watching you grow-up on TV, it kills me dear, that you are a Dodgers fan … but, to each their own. (It does help somewhat that you actually root for Your team and More importantly, pay attention to what is going on, in and around the league.) Ignore the jerks who post ****, it’s just that, **** … it’s really wonderful to see someone of ‘stature’ address the problem of ‘Double Standard.’ It has now and will exist for as long as there are men in sports and women who pay any attention to them, but in your previous posts, you have gained quite some credibility on your insight to your team which is quite refreshing. Good luck/work on your blog! … Now, if I could find a woman excited about the Oakland A’s … (besides, Baseballgirl at Athletics Nation …)

I think you are terrific! Who cares what everybody thinks or says! I think it’s great that at least you’ll go down swinging. We all need that special someone. Anyway, I hope Betemit’s bat will come alive soon also. I have no idea why Mike was batting 4th.??? When I saw that you had a blog while I was on all of my dreams came true!!! I’m very happy to say that I am delighted at the fact that you are a Dodgers fan!!! That’s awsome! Go Dodgers!

Your blogs have made me smile over the past couple of days and nothing else has been able to (I have strep throat right now), it’s finally nice to get to see a celebrity get to set the record straight because there are so many that can’t (and don’t deserve to, to be honest…but that’s beside the point ;p). I’ll keep reading and visiting your site (most interactive celeb site I’ve EVER seen by the way). I hope your show gets picked up too…I like the premise behind it.

–Laura, Ireland

Hey Alyssa, Im from germany and Iam pursue your work a long time ago. I have see you in the Sitcom How is here the Boss and in Charmd and I look up to your work by UNICEF. A few day befor I find this blog and I find it great that you say what you think. It is beautifull to participate on your live and your interests but it must be in the framework hold. You are a famous personality but you must have to private-live quite on.
I hope you unterstand what i would say because my english is not the best. I wish you all the best and I hope you have a great time on the next game.

Hiya alyssa!

I’m so glad you got those stupid haters set straight🙂 please don’t let them get to you because they are just sad people who go on lots of celebs blogs to write nasty comments & thats pretty much the most interesting part of their day.


u guys ain’t welcome if ur gonna spend the whole time being horrible.

hope you have a great day alyssa. luv ya! xxxx

Well said Alyssa! Don’t let those stupid people hurt you! You are the best and you will always be the best!

Love, Tessa

Hey Alyssa,
It’s true, there’s a double standard. Hot chicks have it so rough! Really enjoy the blog, I’ve been trying to get my wife into sports to no avail. She looks so cute in a pink ball cap but she won’t wear any of it. Saw the Jays/Redsox Tues and Thurs games, first pro games in a long time. I’ll keep reading if you keep writing.

Alyssa, I agree that the Tigers lost the World Series lat year. As a life long Tiger fan though I must say it is finally a great time to be a Tiger fan again! We’ve waited a long time.
I was wondering if you would autograph a childhood cancer piggybank for me if I sent it to you?



This blog had a serious tone,but you definitely told thoughs negative bloggers. I think your private should be kept private, its nobody business who you date. Fans should appreciate you for your wonderful acting and your humanitarian work, not for dating some high-profile star or something. I really hope you’re find your “prince Charming”. For me as a young adult when the time comes I hope i’ll find mine “prince charming and have a happily ever after”.
p.s. larondaA26 from ss

p.p.s. take care, (yankees vs. red sox tonight)

This is a really new adiction for me ! (not that i have others.. lol). What i can see in here is that most of the people that are tuned to your blog are making a “weird” connection with you. For some reason you are taking your SUPER HOT ACTRESS side a part, and becoming our “friend”. I cant recive any of your comments, couse im not registred at this MLBLOGS,

(but you could leave me a message at if you wish hehehe…)

thats a blog that i started, talking about Mexican Baseball, especialy about SULTANES MONTERREY, our home Team… and what people can do at the Ball Park if you are not a besaball fall… YES im Mexican, YES my Engligh is bad, yes yes yes. Anyway, the point is that its great to se some one as you Loving the sport, cheering for a great Team, but i must say GO PIRATES, love that team since 5th grade. But your team ROCKS too… see ya !!!

keep Blogging!!!

Don’t let the negative comments turn you away from the game you love.

Which players do you feel are underrated through the first month of the season? I am a huge Twins fan and think that Michael Cuddyer has not been getting enough love for carry the Twins to the top of the best division in baseball, the AL Central. He is overlooked in the order because of Mauer, Morneau and Hunter.

Please keep the blogs coming. I enjoy hearing a woman’s opinion about this great game.

dude hey
i have a question

how did you become such a big dodgers fan?

Keep on doing what you are doing. It’s your life & who are others to scrutinize or judge you? We each have our own lives we should be concerned with & those of our close family & friends….if we are blessed.

And speaking of someone who has loved you from your days as Samantha on Who’s the Boss…perhaps you can try a wrestler instead of a ball player for that “Happily Ever After.” Or better yet a wrestler who loves baseball, too.😉

Take Care & All the best.

Long time fan,


p.s. Go CUBS & WHITE SOX!!!

You (and Derek Lowe) have more insight into Rockies pitcher selection than Rockies management does.


I grew up the only child in a single parent home (with my mom). I am raising my daughter who is 13 and she loves to go to the Rockies games (be nice to us Dodger fan)! Anyway, I showed her your blog on double standards and she loved it. I try my best to help educate her on the double standards and how strong a young woman must be because of all I’ve learned from my role model, my mother. Anyway enough of the ramblings. BTW will you buy the Rockies and make us a contender?

I hate to be the one who goes all ?negative? but to even mention Derek Jeter smacks of hypocrisy. I’m sure half of what they say about his love life is not true either but he is held up to the same standard as you when it comes to media scrutiny. Everyone knows a bachelor (guy or girl) who keeps a busy social calendar is going to be rumored to be with ever other name that?s available. That?s the price of fame and being a celebrity. Which, like or not, helps you fuel charity projects, business endeavors and access to readers through this very blog. I’m not trying to be a jerk; I’m just stating my opinion.

Other than that, I’ve like what I read so far and I’d like to pass on a personal conversation with Gonzo I had on Tuesday after the game here in Phoenix. Now I haven’t talked to Gonzo since I saw him at the Improv with his family about two years ago. When I saw him the other night I said flat out “hey did you know Alyssa Milano says you throw like a girl?”. He said he had heard that from all the other boys in the locker room… I thought that was funny. Keep up the good work and I’ll be reading



Miss Alyssa,
I hope that the mean bloggers won’t keep you away you should post any where you want to. Your social life is non of their business anyway.


My friend Lisa and I say that you?re that one girl that no matter who you ask, people like. No easy feat in Hollywood. I was recently singing your praises to coworkers (I work at a sports management company and am known as that Dodger obsessed girl which I can only hope is lovingly) – when you launched your new clothing line. Actually I think my exact words were God Bless Alyssa Milano (followed by a smile and a long very audible sigh). I?ve been trying to make ballpark wear fashionable for quite some time. I consider it my life?s work. But on to the real reason I write today. I recently was broken up with by someone who was completely wrong for me. In fact I myself had ended it before. I couldn?t really process it, but I was mostly perturbed that I would let it happen again. Then I read this blog. I got to the end ? about waiting there with the 0-2 count and knowing that third strike is coming and it will be low and away but you just have to swing at it. And for the first time it made sense. Because you know what, baseball is a little microcosm of life. It?s why you like it and I like it and I?m going to keep on living exhausting that count. I guess I just wanted you to know how much your words helped me forgive myself and move on. Keep on writing and go blue.

Wow! I’m here to read a blog about baseball, and I thought that’s what everyone else is doing here, too. So sad some are trying to bring your personal life into it! Heck, I don’t wanna know who you’re dating, I’m just glad to see another blue bleeder. I’m gonna be mad if all the haters scare you away. Please keep up the great work for us true fans!

Yep it seam that thier is a double stardard. It sad that many look up to the wong pepole. It was you looked up to your Mom and Dad to know what right and wrong. Now a days it you look up to some TV, Singer, or sport figure for that. Not to say that it wrong to look up to these folks, but you valve should come from home, not what written in a paper or mag. Thier are some wounderful people in baseball, and some great people to look up to.

You privite life/ love life is your, but it seam some small peolpe need to make new of it, and sell a poor paper or magazine. Keep swing, life to short not to.


wow thats a lot of ps’s😉

Amazing blog Alyssa! Thank you for posting (and spend some time for us!)
Kiss Christine (chris1990)

He He i love the way you seem to bring humour to situations which could be really tricky..

..But i totally agree with you.I mean if i was about 15 years older i wouldn’t mind dating some of the guys you have although i still wouldn’t say no to JT now :p lol.

I don’t really think people have any right to judge you on your personal life, because if all of theirs were in the public eye as much as yours is im sure we would all be able to criticise them just as much..maybe more!

Anyways i think your amazing, you inspire soo many that what some ‘lazy bloggers’ have to say really isnt important =].

Much love,

Nadine x.

Well said. The blogs are here to talk baseball not our personal lives, although they may intertwine at times. It’s amazing how people are quick to judge others. There is a Bob Marley quote that people should keep in mind “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your own hands are clean!”

How about dating me? I’m not a baseball player, and it sure would stop all the rumors.😉

I’m not trying to fan the fire or anything, but would you ever date a Giants player, and if so, which one?


Congrats on the new clothes for the girls but don’t forget us guys. We could use some new stuff as well, been wearing my jerseys for years. Ohh on the dating thing some people have no lives so they have to rag on you so if you go threw the line up well thats your choice. Oh the pics of you in the Angels gear looks great, got to say you look better in Angel red than Dodger blue. We could use a fan like you on our team. We have plenty of hotties here in the OC that go to our games but allways have room for you and I think Scott Shields is single. I can ask him for you….LOL

Again congrats on the new sports wear line,

You Favorite Angel Fan,


MG Derek Jeter has to be the cutest guy in BAseball! I love him so much.

It’s so true about the double standard.

I know that i’m in highschool and everything but the same double standard applies!! In highschool you constantly hear rumors about who’s doing what with who. When the news is presented of a guy who has gotten around, Most people see him as totally cool and popular. But if news get’s around about a girl She’s considered someone who get’s around and is looked at negatively. I feel sorry for those girls…..unless of course the rumors are true lol

XoX Sam

Dear Alyssa,
I’m very happy for you because there are at least two reasons for it are it.

1st is the your passion for this sport;

2nd is that you write very well.

This yours post is very significative for to know to you, like person, but above all like and what tasks (verb to think).

A good opinion is very important for to know the person better.

Compliment Alyssa.

One your Italian Fan.

I will continue to read to you, in spite of some difficulty for the language.

Sorry for some mistakes, but the translator online is limited.

PS: I know the English language, but not very well because I’ve studied it more of 24 years ago.

I know better the english computer science technician.

alyssa, i think your blog is great. you are a wonderful writer. i guess you must be great at everything. i’m sorry that some people don’t seem to see you as the awesome person that you are. look forward to reading more of your blogs.
p.s. baseball player,actor,musician, whoever,i hope you find your prince.

The Lieberthal thing made me laugh. I’m not a big Moneyball guy, but I have read it and I do look at stats regularly (I was even the statistician for a AA team at one time), so I think I can answer your question. (Sorry if it’s already been answered, but I don’t want to scroll through 120 posts to find out.) The Moneyball people tend to favor things like OPS (on base % plus slugging %). Since Lieberthal’s career numbers are a paltry .338 ob% and .449 slug%, I have to think there’s some other strange reason that doesn’t make sense why he was batting cleanup. Maybe strong career numbers vs. that night’s starting pitcher??? Since LaRussa is the manager of my favorite team, I’ve gotten to the point that I’m not surprised by any odd lineups anymore.

By the way, how often do you plan on posting new blogs?


You know I dont normally comment on who your “Reportably” dating. But let me tell you my honest thoughts.

1. I thought a baseball pitcher would make a perfect match for you since their already a “Public” figure and would not mind press or news articles. Paperrazzi whatever.

2. Since they have big$$$ contracts they dont have to view you as another lady chasing their wallets.

3. These guys are big good looking confident men, hello? perfect match for you.

4. I thought you would marry Pavano. In fact, I’m surprised the two of you are not married now. When I heard you were dating him I thought you were a gonner.

5. Being single I chat up quite a few good looking ladies. I swear on the bible not one of the ladies I know would turn down date offers from any of the reported people they say you date. I cant see how you would be any different? Barry “GQ” Zito crooner bb player, oh ya all the ladies I know would tell Barry to flake off. Oh ya JT too, hey JT I’m washing my hair cant meet you tonight.

6. You have to get yourself out there to find the Knight in shining armor. You aint gonna find him at home flipping thru the remote. Keep at it otherwise your sure to fail.

7. ok nuff said.

I’m going to comment at the cub fan blog, they look lonely down there. Keep rocking!

Great blog.
I was a much bigger baseball fan when my favourite team – Montreal Expos – was still around.

You’re right about the double standard.

Good for you, standing up for yourself, it must be tough having to deal with so much public scrutiny. Your dating preferences makes sense to me. You should date people with whom you have a shared interest. What does not make sense to me is Patrick stating you need to make white sox apparel because they are such passionate fans. This is total B.S. no disrespect intended. You can look it up. They just started showing up to the games in 2005 when they realized the Sox were for real. Check any historical data reference to fan attendance. Mondays were half price night, then mon & tues. They had dollar hot dog days. All this to try and lure the fans out to the games. Most people would buy a cheap seat and sit where they pleased because no one was at the games. They didn’t even have andy franes/ushers. I am a Cub fan and I went to a lot of Sox games because I am also a baseball fan. I still got to see AROD when with Seattle, Ripken with the O’s. During the World Series a fan picked a fight with Biggio’s wife. Not to mention the fans who attacked an umpire and a coach. His statement is ridiculous, they aren’t passionate. All they ever talked about was how bad a job Kenny Williams was doing and they needed to get rid of Crede before the trade deadline. Crede became their hero in the playoffs and World Series.
It is a beautiful park but too many distractions, people constantly walking up and down the aisles, talking about everything else other than baseball, they take more interest in the hot dog race on the big screen and play loud blaring music between each at bat and each inning. It’s like they have to be tricked into having a good time.

Cub fan

Hey Lyss, I have no clue really about baseball, just came over from SS to check out your blogs…and just have to agree Double Standards ****!!! That’s all I gotta say on the matter, you date all da sexy guys you want I’m so jealous hehehe Take Care Ali (Ragdollyanna) xoxox

Good for you and your comments on the “double standard” — I have heard comments about you and your dating of ball players, and I have to say I am impressed with your blog comment regarding that. You know as well as I do, Alyssa, that people who are saying those things are just jealous. Really, what does anyone care about who you date? Heck, I’d date Barry Zito too if I had a chance, was single, and.. er…younger. ;D

You really do seem like a true baseball fan, so — as far as I am concerned, and my previous perception of you (from hearing others) your blog has so far done what I suspect you want it to — well, it’s probably about selling the clothing, but.. I don’t know how that’s working out.. but — my impression of you now is as a true fan of baseball. Keep up the good work and I hope you DO find your “Happily Ever After” – whatever his occupation is.

(Me? I’ve been making my own Red Sox wear for years – either printing my own or steadfastly taking in those dreadful shaped “Man” jerseys. LOL!!)

Amen to that, sister. Don’t let anyone tell you who you can and can’t date. I am fortunate enough to have a girlfriend who is also a Dodger (and recovering Mariner) fan. Sure, as a fellow season ticket holder, it’s an almost-daily struggle to keep her away from Russell Martin (her favorite dreamy Dodger), but I’ve succeeded thus far.🙂 Keep the faith, and FWIW, don’t look at it as an 0-2 count, imagine that you’re stepping to the plate anew each time.


P.S. Can’t wait for your next post as there’s some juicy Dodger gossip I have to share!

The Chicago SunTimes ran your blog article in the sports section of today’s (May 17th)
from your April 19th blog.

The heading is “Alyssa is outside the lines” then in bold letters A Startling Rotation. Then in bold caption under your picture it says Sox & Cub fans, you have to love actress Alyssa Milano’s fashion sense, no matter who she dates.

The interesting thing is they left out the last paragraph, of your blog.

Don’t worry Alyssa, just be your self. What are you doing morally wrong? Nothing. You can date whoever you want. You can’t please these sports writers, and media outlets. They always have something nasty or negative to say or a cute, tasteless and colorful funny phrase to offer.

Its funny that sportswriters never become general managers, head coaches,assistants, managers or coaches. That’s the problem with the world. All the geniuses in the world are all media personnel like paparazzi ‘s and newspaper columnists.

Too bad they weren’t running the country, than everything would be perfect. :>

Good luck, Alyssa

alyssa between you and me the dodgers and the red sox rule
oh i want to thank you for mentioning my home team i love both the sox and the dodgers and you alyssa

signd melody i hope to some day. i would like to take a ohoto of me standing next base ball fand

movie actress and charmed one

alyssa I am a big fan of yours for years, glad to see you’re a true baseball fan….I did see you a few years back at a Marlins home game (I live in S Florida) but like you a new yorker….love the blog

Alyssa i’m a wery big fan of yours and i hope that your clothing line will last forever

I wanna ask; how old were you when you started to love Baseball or are you just “raised” to love it?

I hope you read this and answer it too!!!

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