The Female Fan and the Business of Baseball


Every game I attend, I see these two teenage girls wearing Ethier jerseys. They stand at the foot of the dugout before the first pitch religiously. When Ethier comes to the field, he is always so gracious with them. He chats with them and they swoon. (Update: Thanks to Jon SooHoo of the Dodgers for finding them all this weekend to take the photo above!) It?s a really sweet moment that I look forward to seeing every game upon my arrival.

The other night while I was there watching Ethier make these girls’ day, it got me thinking ?- has free agency affected the female baseball fan? What happens to these girls when it?s Ethier?s time to sign his big contract, Boras is his agent (god forbid) and he goes to another team (god forbid)?

Go with me on this.

In my business, and especially the T.V. side of my business, networks specifically do their best to target the most loyal demographic with their programming. What is the most loyal demographic? The 18-34 year old woman is notably the most loyal fan. Not only are women the most loyal fans, but also they are statistically proven to be the largest consumers. The networks love this because it means they get more money fGrowing_up_with_dodger_blue_2or their airtime. Advertisers paying for
the airtime love this because it means the shows that cater to this demographic (Grey?s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, etc.), have a loyal following that will absorb what they are selling and be loyal consumers to their product.

The way the baseball business is run nowadays, with players coming and going, I wonder how this affects the female baseball fan — the teenager who is a fan because of the player she worships. Or the teenager who grows up watching Lo Duca in blue for six years. How does the way baseball business is run affect the loyal female fan or the potential female fan? And do you think baseball would have more female fans if there were more franchise players signed to longer contracts?

It?s just a theory . . . what do you think?

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

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Clearly it depends on who these fans are loyal to. Some are loyal to that player, and will follow him to his new team, but I think most are loyal to the team, and will chose a new favorite player if the current object of their affections moves on. They may always hold a sweet spot for that player, and root for him when he comes to town, or when his team makes the playoffs, but in the end it comes down to the team.

Hey Alyssa

Let me start off with saying you’re a huge inspiration to me and the work you do and the love and comitment you put into everything in your life (from baseball to your tv work to your family to your humanitarian work) is more than admirable I’m therefore also a big fan I wasn’t going to comment on this blog because as much as baseball sounds like an awesome sport which I would love to see, its impossible for me to watch ’cause I don’t live in the states. And since this was a baseball blog (and I don’t know to much about it) I figured I wouldn’t and just kept on reading but this is also a comment on your previous post. I applaud you on this incredible blog you stay true to who you are and I love the way you put humor in your blogs, and the way you stood up for yourself it’s just incredible.. You didn’t really have to most people know what a wonderful person you are but you did and you did it with grace. As for your post it’s a tough question which actually could apply to any sport, tv show etc.. I don’t think I have an answer for you, sorry…

Anyways I just had to get this of my chest and I hope to see more of this blog! You rock (always have and always will!) I hope one day I’ll get the chance to visit the states and see a baseball game it sounds incredible!



P.s Will your clothing line be available in Europe?? I would love to buy some Touch stuff but I can’t buy from the internet us europeans would love it if you would!!

Great comment on the state of baseball Alyssa.

One demographics other sports disregard is the female fanbase, imagine if baseball could get more women to watch…I got my girlfriend to…but then again, I am a Phillies Phan and she choose to root for the Mets…hmmmm, passive aggressive me thinks

The other demographic is guys my age and older in the mid 30’s to 50’s who knew Free Agency, but most players stayed with their teams for an extended period of team, rather then play Hired Gun

Both of those aspects if taken seriously by MLB, would benefite this waning fanbase.

P.S. If loyal watching Moms who love baseball, pass that onto their children, this game could become America’s Pastime once again


I’ve seen many ladies that get interested in baseball because of the guys, that’s perfectly normal and I don’t have problems with that.

Now, many of them stay for the game, and when their idol player has to leave a team (either a deal or free agency) they stay loyal to the team because they feel their bond to the team is stronger. They just keep on following the player wherever he may be.

Case in point: all those female Bronson Arroyo fans in Boston. They are still gaga over him, and they keep on looking at his performances with the Reds. But of course, they are first and foremost, Red Sox fans.

This is a really interesting subject since I think there is a long way to go regarding marketing the game to women. Your clothing line (and you showing up here) is a great step on that direction.


Alyssa – You have a good point, not only for young women, but for kids of all ages. With rare exception (Biggio, Bagwell, Smoltz, Jeter and Bernie Williams come to mind), gone are the days when you could count on a player to spend his career in one place. I doubt that environment will ever return.

As a Mets fan, I like to see former Mets do well, but not TOO well, and not against my boys.

Welcome to the blogosphere from a Mike’s Mets correspondent!


PS – Loved you in “Family Guy”

Personally I would prefer to see teams stay more solid over years. Too much baseball is decided by money and not by fans. With teams like the Yankees throwing money around you tend to lose sight of the purpose of the game. I guess I didnt have it too rough as I grew up an Astro fan (still am even though they make me want to cry sometimes) and Bagwell/Biggio were there the entire time. Those are the kind of legacies teams need.

As for the female baseball fan not many teams/owners care really I am betting. I personally think any woman who can get into baseball (or any sport for that matter) is great.

Hey Alyssa. I never knew you were a baseball fan, until now. And a Dodgers fan at that, uggg…kidding you.🙂

I am a Cardinals fan myself. Anyway, welcome to the blogs.

But on to your blog. I am a loyal team fan. I like the players when on the team and have no ill feelings towards them when they leave. But I will always stick to the team at hand. My loyalty lies with the team in the end.

Anyway good theroy. Personally I really don’t know on a baseball standpoint, but I’ll give it a try. “How does the way baseball business is run affect the loyal female fan or the potential female fan? And do you think baseball would have more female fans if there were more franchise players signed to longer contracts?” As a potential female fan, personlly I really don’t care who plays what at the moment, i’m just watching the game and enjoying it for now. If I had a favorite player and he was signed to someother team I follow him to where ever he went to, as a fan supporting him. On television aspect as you mention, whn Charmed was on and moved three times to different days I followed I didn’t stop watching the show or network. Well the same way would go for baseball. Baseball should find a way to bring in more female fans. As a question for you: why do you think there isn’t a female baseball team anyone, like in the 1950(even though it was shorted lived)?

i dont know much abt baseball
but i think that like

more ppl would like it if it wasnt always associated with steroids and if the players didnt get traded so much

Seems like longer-term contracts are where the game is going. It’s interesting, though, that it has nothing to do with maintaining fan loyalty: owners like them because it usually means a discount on young players through their peak years, and players like them because it’s guaranteed money in case of a decline in talent.

An interesting theory. But it affects male fans as well. Not in the way you’re talking about with females. But for three years as a Yankees fan, I was devestated that Andy Pettite was gone. The day he signed with Astros was tough. I still remember that sickening feeling I had seeing one of my favorite players put on a different jersey. He was a pitcher I followed from the minors, watched him develop and help the Yankees win 4 world series (and lose 2).

Fortunately being a Yankees fan I knew there was always a chance he could be wooed back, and he was, and it’s great to have him back.

I think the difference between males and females is, for every “stud” that a female follows and then leaves, there’s a new one on the horizon for them to swoon over.

For the males its tougher. We grow up watching these guys, emulating them in little league games, playing them in video games. When they leave it’s crushing. Sure another great player will come along, but it will never be the same.

By the way, a woman talking/blogging about baseball is probably the coolest/hottest thing ever.

I think your theory may apply to a lot of other female baseball fans. Personally, I’m a fan of the team and not individual players. That’s not to say I don’t have favorites because I definitely do, but when they leave, it doesn’t affect how I feel about the team. Take Zito for example. He has been one of my favorite players since I started watching baseball 3 years ago. He was basically shoved out of Oakland but I still love my A’s and root for Zito to do well. I understand that baseball is a business and people come and go.

I’d also like to point out that the comment “for males, it’s tougher…” has to be one of the most sexist things I’ve ever heard. Yes, as a female fan, I enjoy BOTH sides of the game. That doesn’t mean my favorite players are all based on looks. My favorites are my favorites because of how they play the game, not how they look doing it. I’m a complete baseball fan and it’s just as crushing for me as a female to lose an important piece of my team/baseball life as it is for a male. A favorite player can never be replaced, regardless of gender.

Typically I don’t comment on these kinds of things, but you might appreciate this one.

Mike Piazza is my favorite player of all time (and I’m sure I’m not alone in a group full of Dodgers fans.) I became a Piazza fan when he played for the Mets and always dreaded the end of his contract in 2005, because I knew the Mets wouldn’t sign a 37-year-old struggling catcher.

Living in DC, I kept hoping maybe he would sign with the Nationals or DH for the Orioles, but when he went all the way across the country, I bought my tickets for the Nationals/Padres series at RFK and cheered him on. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t play for my Mets anymore, he’s still my favorite player and always will be.

I still love my Mets and I’m a huge fan, even if I had to find a new favorite guy on the team to cheer for (three guesses, and the first two don’t count.) I think that true female baseball fans will continue to love their favorite players no matter where they play and that the best thing a favorite player can do is not bring the women to the ballpark to swoon, but to make them fans of the game itself.

I wouldn’t be a Mets fan if it weren’t for Mike Piazza, and I probably wouldn’t be a baseball fan. Now I’m hoping to spend my career as a sports journalist. So, sure the Mets lost a little sparkle when Mike left, but I’ll be in my seat when the Athletics play the Mets this summer and for countless other games without him.

Ms. Milano
I do agree with you. My Fiance loves Nomar and she was glad they resigned him. I like the resigning for different reasons. But I think it would be good for all fans. I was crushed when garvey left but it is a business unfortunately. You are a wonderful actress and you look so hot in Dodger gear. I am glad you are writing a blog about baseball. I enjoy the baseball talk. You have a fan now because of your love of baseball.

Hi Alyssa,
I have been a baseball fan ever since i started playing softball and that was when i was 8 and now im 15. I really don’t pick one player and follow him throughout his baseball career I just follow the team. I feel guys (at least all the guys i know) tend to follow the player rather than stay with one team but that is only my observation But nevertheless it would be nice to have the same players for a longer period of time

I guess im not the average girl who only picks a team because a player is really cute I really LOVE the game!GO PHILLIES

p.s. we need some TOUCH clothes for the phillies

you make a great point. take for example, Grady’s Ladies in Cleveland. As a Texas Rangers fan I don’t have a lot of interest in the Indians right now, but I am aware that many women in the Cleveland are follow Grady Sizemore. It would definately be in the Indian’s best interest to keep him around if they are even a little concerned about keeping those female fans. I know a lot of girls here in Texas who are big Braves fans and absolutely love Chipper Jones. As much as I love my boy Hank Blalock, I still care about the team itself above all, but I think that with the female, both casual and die-hard, are a little more concerned with individual players.

Maybe it relates to your last blog, when you mentioned that baseball players in some weird way personify what women may look for in their dream man, or something like that. Maybe sometimes guys get too caught up in batting averages and ERAs to really appreciate the approach certain players take to the game. Still, before the 2006 season I was so worried that the Rangers were going to trade Blalock. Luckily, he’s still around (I just know his bat about to just explode). I hope for those girls’ sake that the Dodgers keep Ethier.

That happens in Braziian soccer too.Our best players are sold to Europe and we have lots of 18, 19 year old players in our teams. When those young players start to play well they go to Europe and we have few guys like Varitek, Jeter. I remeber the Kakamania when Kaka played for So Paulo, girls loved him but he was soon sold to Milan.

I would just like to say that it’s cool that you would start your own blog because most people with your status would not get involved even if they are as big a fan as you. I like the pictures that you posted. How old were you? 15? Well, I just wanted to say hi. Jimmy


I love your question about the loyalty aspect. I believe free agency makes loyalty very very difficult not just for lady fans but also kids. I am a 34 y.o. Yankee fan and I am fortunate, like you, to have a team with a rich history. Kids and new fans today are not guaranteed to have that core of players to follow for a few years.

When I moved to Houston, from the midwest, I became an Astro fan in addition to my Yanks. I grew to love the team and really follow them, but after I moved away I lost that connection because so many of the players have moved on also.

There will always be the fringe fans that follow a team because they are local or follow a specific player. However, the die-hard fans like us are not as common anymore. I could spend every afternoon watching a game looking for the little things like is the third baseman cheating in, is the outfield shadowing the line, and is the runner getting ready to steal.

I coach little league and I just don’t see the kids with as much baseball knowledge as we had growing up. I had the players I loved and disliked and I could probably name all the lineups on each team. You don’t see kids wearing the baseball gear anymore. I dont mean the fashion stuff for a video. How many kids do you actually see wearing their team colors?

I would love to see Free Agency go, but how do you get rid of it and still give the players a real opportunnity to test a free market? I would love to see more stability in the team rosters. I think gradually the diehard fanbase would grow.

I realize the league is making more money than it ever has, but I think that just masks the real problems. Love to get your thoughts Alyssa on dealing with free agency. Any suggestions?

P.S. I hope my Yankees meet up with your dodger blue in the post season. I still hurt over the ’81 series. I can still see Fernando. Ohhhh bad thoughts, bad bad thoughts.

LOVE the Blog!


In a way you are right, all these players that are changing teams evey 2 or 3 years are beeing forgotten, only the true Stars or the player that has carisma and makes a conection with the crowd are the ones that are remembered. But, theres a realy simple formula for a plater to know, so they can be remembered : HR + RBI + SMILING = GREAT STAR, and those are the players that the club is intrested in. Other players that play good but are not that TV FRIENDLY are not considered for up comming seasons, thats when they vanish from our head.

The Love for the Sport its on the field… but when you look up, directly to owners seats (not all of them) yo can hear ” MONEY TALK ” every now and then…

Girl Fans??? mmmmh… i see them everey were, the problem its not the players beeing trade, there ara a lot of distractions, good & bad distractions going around in the world that are keeping Women and Men away from sports.

See ya…

[Love U]

From what I’ve seen I think people will always be fans of “their” team first and foremost since the coverage of the teams is so regionalized. Working in TV myself, and being on the west coast I’m always hearing from fans that want their team covered by us, whether its football, baseketball, baseball or whatever sport. They live with that team because its close to their home and they are widely available to be followed. Its harder to be a fan of a team when you can’t watch their games or hear them on the radio, though the internet is making that much easier these days. As for women, I don’t think its any different for them then it is for men in having a favorite player that you follow, there will always be that part of being a fan. As a fan of the Mariners I was lucky enough to be able to follow Edgar Martinez thru his entire career as he stayed with Seattle. I was not as lucky with Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr., but just because they went to a different league and different team didn’t change me from following their career.

Glad to have you posting about baseball, its nice getting different perspectives from different people about the game I truly love.

While I agree that if the MLB were to eliminate Free Agency then there would be a large swing in their fan base?s demographics, I think Free Agency adds a level to the game that transcends local teams and purifies the sport.

It purifies the sport by letting us know what our favorite players really care about. Some players don?t have any team loyalty and just want the best paycheck (read as: Johnny Damon). It?s good to know who those people are so we can stop rooting for them and start rooting for people who do have that loyalty.

And once we know which players truly deserve our adoration, we won?t mind following them if they?re traded or their contract isn?t renewed. That?s the bit that transcends local teams. Whenever I see Garciapara?s obsessive-compulsive glove taps between swings on ESPN it brings me back to his Sox days, and I like the Dodgers that much more for having him.

So demographics and sales are undoubtedly affected by Free Agency exactly the way you described, but I think that the game is made better by the honesty that is brought to the table through Free Agency. Of course, it doesn?t help the player?s integrity, but at least we know which of them have it. Don’t you agree?

I think you make a great point about the transitory nature of the game today. I fondly remember the Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Cey years when players stayed with teams a long time. However, I agree with many of the other posters; most true fans are loyal to their TEAM more than any one player. It is tough to see a favorite leave, but if you remain loyal to your team, new favorites establish themselves. For the more casual fan however, I think that you are correct. If players did stay with teams longer, maybe more of the “casual” fans would become die-hard fans like us!


I just want to start off by saying that I grew up watching and loving Who’s The Boss, and now it feels like I have found someone from high school that I haven’t seen in forever. It’s great to know you are such a huge Baseball fan even if your team is the Dodgers(haha).

Back on Topic though, I can see exactly where you are coming from. I’ve been a Mets fan since I played T-Ball and there were players that I loved that would break my heart when they left. Now that I am older it doesn’t affect me as much, but I still hate to see the great players leave. I can see how this can be different for teenage girls or even adult women for that matter. It definitely is a shame that we really can’t see players stick with the same team for years anymore.

I’m glad you are posting on here, and I can’t wait to see what you write next.

I totally agree with your thoughts on free agency. I grew up a Dodgers fan. I saw every game of their World Series, I saw Kirk Gibson’s homer. And all of the clutch plays that made that homer possible. I have been turned off by the Dodgers lately because they have traded or sold the team away. When I think of the Dodgers, I think of Beltre and Green and Gagne and LoDuca and Izturis and Cora. And I love all these new kids like Eithier and Martin, but I just wish they hadn’t traded away the whole team. And I know I’m going to lose credibility with you here, but I’m an Angels fan nowadays (since 2000). And it’s because of Scioscia. And Hatcher and Alfredo Griffin. They are Dodgers. And they play like the Dodgers I remember. And they hang onto their talent (mostly) and recruit up from the farm system. And the Angels have many players who have never worn another jersey in their careers. And I can get behind that. I know GA is gonna be out there every game. And someday I will grow to love these new Dodgers, but right now, I’m wondering where my team is. And if I grow to really love Eithier, will he be gone next year? I would like to see some more player loyalty. Yeah, you can get a couple more mil by going to another team, but when your paycheck is as big as these guy’s are, what’s a couple more mil vs. loyalty?


First let me say you’re doing a great job!! Keep up the good work!!

You look amazing!! Getting better looking every year!! (Although if you’d wear Red Sox gear you’d be more amazing than ever!!) (I know your mom is HOT so I know where you get it from!! Hi Mom!)

Now as a Red Sox fan, I have seen many stars come and go (see DLowe). I believe that fans are first and foremost for their club. The players are secondary. I really can’t speak for the female fan, but going by my daughter, she follows certain players, currently Jason Varitek, but when they leave she starts following another. She is a Sox fan first and foremost, player fan second.


P.S. I still think you’d look better in Red Sox gear instead of Dodger blue. LOL I have a friend that loves the Dodgers and would definitely disagree with me!!



Seriously, what happened to loyalty? I’m not blaming players, but both the management and the players. Someone smart coined the phrase that we simply live in a marketocracy, not a democracy. If we, the bill payers, had a choice there would be no Gagne in a Rangers uniform or Paulie in Mets uniform. Ugh, I get nauseous thinking about it. Simply we live in a time when the holy dollar is king. Management wants to get the best bang for the buck and players want to get paid as much as possible for their services. So everyone’s making money on the deal except the institution that is baseball more importantly, the fans. We’re going bankrupt. I will forever bleed Dodger blue and it’s painful to see my favorites go. I suppose the answer is just love the uniform and not the gun for hire for the day. As far as women are concerned, I absolutely love it. My girlfriend is a huge baseball fan and it really is a binding point in our relationship, but you are correct, Alyssa, how many marriage proposals do you figure Paulie and Eric got in their days as Dodgers? I hope their interest is not lost, but I fear you are correct. Thanks for taking the time to talk some ball with other die hards, Alyssa. Keep up the good work. (PS, will you marry me? My girlfiend isn’t looking!)
Aaron LaPointe

You make a brilliant point. My mom and my two sisters have been longtime fans and are always heartbroken by roster changes. My mom still talks about Davey Lopes, Bill Russell, Steve Garvey, and Ron Cey and how she misses the days when a teams core went unchanged for years. It is an interesting point to note that women’s loyalties in sports may be stronger to individual players.

There certainly is a reason that baseball fans remain primarily male, maybe you’ve hit on a big part of that.

A few thoughts…

After Karl Malone defected from the Utah Jazz I lost interest in him. But to each their own, some are going to be devoted to a certain player and some will be devoted to a team. I doubt you can really be devoted to both as members of teams change quite often. When your favorite player leaves your hometown team then you are more likely to lose interest in said team and maybe even the player as feelings of betrayal set in. If you are devoted to the team then you’ll accept that players will come and go… just as long as you continue bleeding Dodger blue.

But if you want females becoming fans then you need to find ways to get their butts in the seats. I fell in love with the Dodgers in ’87 when I attended my first game (I couldn’t have timed that one much better). I’ve been loyal to them ever since no matter who plays on the team. But there is very little incentive for females to come to the games other than to be with their hubbies. The game is too testosterone driven to offer much more incentive.

Either that, or get Hollywood to make a movie about a girl who loves baseball (think: combination of A Field of Dreams and Charlotte’s Web) and show that it is cool for girls to dig baseball. NOT A League of Their Own, that was women’s baseball. NOT Fever Pitch, it actually showed the female disliking baseball. Reverse the roles in Fever Pitch so that the female is addicted to Dodger baseball and the guy is trying to keep up.

Personally, I think it would be great if more females followed the game. I love the fact that you follow the game, Allysa. Might I add, you look great in the two pictures you just posted. If the guys looked as good as you do and showed it off a bit (give new meaning to the phrase, “Mr. October”), maybe some girls will pay attention.

But, face it, little has been done to advertise to that demographic. Maybe that should change.

All children have favorite players. When those girls reach adulthood, they’re going to have to decide if they are fans of the team or fans of the player. It’s like when girls decide if they really like “Legends of the Fall” or if they just like Brad Pitt.

If they really like baseball, they’ll stick around. For every hunky Piazza that goes away, there will always be a dreamy Ethier to fill his place (I know there was like an 8 year gap between the two players).

I am a “victim” of the contract thing. I have become a fan of almost every team in baseball, mostly because some of my favorite players (especially Tino Martinez) have been traded or signed by other teams. I actually like it better because then, there’s always a game on to watch or listen to, there’s never a “down time” if there’s an off day.

I do like the idea of the person who said that there should be a movie that is the reverse of Fever Pitch. Everything in that movie was me (except for the Red Sox fan thing…being a Yankee fan, that would be wrong.) I would love to see a movie like that.

It was nice to see you mention LoDuca, as he’s my favorite player. While I’m glad when he’s doing great somewhere else, my loyalty has always been and will always be with my boys in blue. Losing great guys to free agency and deals s*cks, but that’s just the way the game is now. It’s sad to see some of them go, but don’t you just feel great when we pick up a great new pitcher or a power hitter? I’m all about seeing the Dodgers win the World Series, no matter who we’ve got getting us there!

Congrats for the clothing line and thank you for taking the time to take up this blog and respond to all the fans you have. I am a lifetime Dodger fan bleeding the blue transplanted from So Cal to Northwest Arkansas. I know you are involved in a lot of charities in your area and if you EVER have a need for a graphic designer, I would be honored if you kept me in mind for anything you may need.

I would love to help with the non-profits anyway I can. I don’t know if I am able to leave my web address but if you would email me at this address I can forward that on to you.

Thanks again for your time. Go Dodgers. Bleed Blue.

I only LOVE the Boys in Blue whom wear the Dodger Blue! Although I love Ethier and Martin if they don’t show their loyalty to the Dodgers, then I don’t show them any loyalty either. Unless the players are traded, then I still follow them, but for the most part… Out of Sight, Out of Mind!! Like a Man!! Hehehe— Eva

P.S. I was a Gagne and Beltre fan until greed stepped in!

Good point. When I was in high school, I formed a random celebrity crush on Tiger Woods. I started to watch golf tournaments and accidentally learned all about the game of golf. I bet lady baseball fans, moreso than men, are generally more loyal to a specific player rather than loyal to a team b/c its more personal and thats just how we operate. And you learn more about the histories of different teams when your favorite players are transferred. If ya follow a player, you’re gonna naturally pick up on all other aspects of the game and that’s awesome. Whatever gets us to the ballpark. I mean, if Bull Durham taught us anything…

It is a player thing for me and I really didn’t know it until my player moved to the other side of the country in January.. it is our hometown and it made this Dodger Blue all my life girl a Padre Fan! Go Figure! I also do not fit the age demographics anymore.. *sigh*

Im from Brasil ( sorry my english ), and a huge fan of soccer, and here we have the same problem,in the old days we had players that loved the team where they grew up,and used to stay there for life. But now the agents, the publicity, the money, takes them to another team, or in our case, worse, to another country ! Our best players are in Europe : Ronaldo Gaucho, Ronaldo,Robinho, etc… I root for Flamengo, and no matter who plays, im a die hard Flamengo fan !!!!
And by the way, im a fan of your work too ! Congrats on everything you do in your life!

LIGHT always !!!


My wife is a huge Takashi Saito fan. She loves his smile after the final out, and we both love how Nomar and him hug every time they finishing high-fiving the outfield…you gotta love tradition. I was a little worried my Ethier jersey would go out of style soon, but I think he is picking it back up. And you should know, when I opened up the paper and saw LoDuca was gone, I cried like a man who lost his favorite player.

Hey, I was going back reading your earlier blogs, and I have to say that you were not alone on the issue of the Angels’ billboards all over L.A. I just started a Dodger blog right before this season, and I’m not trying to market it or anything, but one of my first blogs was about those **** billboards. It won’t fit here, so if you (or anyone) feel like checking it out, I think it’s a pretty good summary of the anger Dodgers’ fans feel (or should feel) about those stupid billboards.

You’ll find it here:

It’s the second post down.

You have a great blog. I’ll keep reading.

Please oh please, tell me you DID NOT actually wear that Giants T-shirt that is shown on your “Touch” line; I like to trust in the power of computer graphics! ! ! (though in all honestly – it looks great on you)

I am a 16 year old girl. Huge A’s fan. I grew up loving Barry Zito. For me, it was the hardest thing to see him leave the green and gold. When I saw him for the for the first time in Orange and Black (eww) I threw up in my mouth a little bit. It was horrible. But, thats baseball.

Alyssa —

As a female fan, I started following baseball only a couple years ago. My mom is the sports fan in my family and growing up watching Houston sports had a tendency to be disappointing. When I was young I asked her why we didn’t watch the Astros (like we watched the Rockets and the Oilers) and she said, “the Astros will break your heart.” So I took her word for it and only picked up the sport when we made it to the playoffs. I felt like the worst kind of bandwagon fan, but I’ve stuck with them and most people I meet can’t believe I’ve not been following for my entire life.

Which brings me to my second team, the one I picked and wasn’t defaulted into the fandom based on pure geography. That’s the A’s, and I picked them because of various reasons, but the one I quote most often is Huston Street being from Texas. That’s easy enough. Oh, and Moneyball.

Point being, I’m a weird kind of girl-fan. Since I didn’t grow up watching the sport, I’m more attached to the guys on the team than the team itself (talking about the Astros here). I figure in about five years when we’ve only got Berkman, Lee, and Oswalt, that’ll change. I’m not going to abandon my hometown team in twenty years when no one I used to watch is playing anymore.

Regarding the A’s, I picked them up knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing them sign guys to long-term contracts (Moneyball). That’s an expectation. I know they’re always going to get a hot young rookie in there to shake things up, and as long as their pitching staff remains outstanding, I’ll be okay.

I agree that female fans are an important fanbase for baseball. In fact, I think that advertising has been largely ignoring this and there is so much more money out there to be made out of our pockets. SI for Women fell through, why? Because it didn’t actually play to the female sports fan who watches baseball, basketball, and football, tuning in maybe at first for the tight pants but sticking around because she’s fallen in love with the sport. We’re largely ignored (because who wants a pink Astros cap? Not me!), but I think (especially with your line of clothing) we’re picking up steam as a force to be reckoned with.


For better or worse, free angency is here to stay. As a Twins fan I’ve become accustomed to watching players go. The ones who had an attitude I root against, the ones who didn’t I still root for. If I were female, I’d probably feel like Annie Savoy by now, but it is what it is.
Thanks for including the pics. Makes it kind of hard believe your publisist writes this blog and it reminded me of why I watched “Who’s the Boss” so much as a teen-ager.

This blog and clothing line are a good start. Also if MLB would support girls and women’s softball that would help too. Erm maybe even women’s baseball without those silly world war II skirts. I think this really is Alyssa as she was one of the first celebs to sue over online photo manips. So it would be a tad hypocritical for her to use a blog manipulator.

it’s hard when you start liking a team because of certain players who are on it, only to have them move on to another team after several years. it’s like, where’s the team I fell in love with? that’s life, I guess.

so does this mean you still wear barry zito’s yellow socks for good luck?

Okay, I may have a lot to say…First and foremost, men are not the only ones who think you are the most beautiful woman alive. I think you are wonderfully gorgeous, and you are my favorite actress ever. I tell my boyfriend all the time if I ever had a shot, he would totally be history!
I completely agree with you about those Angels billboards all over Los Angeles! Hello…Would some one please get them a map! Anahiem is in Orange County, not Los Angeles county! When they played at the Collesuim all those years ago, it was fine. But they left Los Angeles! They should no longer have the right to bare the Los Angeles name! There is and always has been only ONE Los Angeles team – THE DODGERS!!!

Gonzo does throw like a girl, but with Furcal in the cut off spot, it makes for a lethal combination, especially with Martin at home! And Gonzo has been getting good bats! I couldn’t believe Little sat our three best hitters (at least right now) in Colorado!

As far as your love life goes, who ever it is or will be better be the best man out there, because you and every other females deserve the best…I was kinda hoping that the rumors about you and Repko were true (I love him too, and I’m sad that he got hurt and will be out the entire season)!

I can’t speak for all women when it comes to the love of Baseball…I can only speak for myself…It’s the team! You like the players, but you LOVE the team! I was sad to see Gagne and Izzy go, but The DODGERS is who I love! I’ve always been a Dodgers fan, but it was mostly because they were from Los Angeles, until my boyfriend took me to my first game, and I was hooked! Now the boys around the house tell him I shouldn’t be allowed to watch the Dodgers so much, I’m gonna be more knowlegable then them soon!

And my final note…I actually bled blue! The night we got sadly swept by the Mets last season, I went and got my first tattoo…That’s right, I got a Dodgers tattoo on my upper back! Not LA, But the sign right up there by the mile high store! Yup…I love the Dodgers!!!

Hi Alyssa! First off, let me just start by saying I think you are great. Not only am I a big fan of yours but I love baseball as much as you – only I’m a Yankees fan – so this blog makes my day.🙂

Secondly, I couldn’t agree with you more – there are a lot of young (and older) female fans who follow baseball because of the good looking players. I’ve been following the Yankees since around…2001. But the first baseball game I ever went to was a Baltimore Orioles game vs. the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Camden Yards. I am from CT but I was on a high school trip to B-more and Philli and the ball game was part of it. I fell in love with the every aspect of the game. And then I did my research and watched just about every team play at least one game. Long story short –> I fell in love with the Yankees. The way they carry themselves, the way they handle all the press, the legacy, i could keep going but i’ll spare you.🙂 and i won’t sit here and tell you the guys on the team don’t help. derek jeter, alex rodriguez, scott proctor, carl pavano, mike mussina…all of them are definately attractive. you can’t deny that. and derek jeter – no matter how many hollywood starlets he dates – and alex rodriguez are my favorite players but not because they are handsome. i like how they play the game. i’ve followed arod since when he was with the mariners. i was also a sheffield fan and when he was traded to the tigers i was dumbfounded. i think most women find a player they think is cute and follow that team, but eventually they learn to love the game just like me and you. it’s not true for all but for most it is.

as for your love life –> that’s your business. and if he just so happens to be a guy from the majors then so be it. as a fan, as long as your happy ; i’m happy.🙂

keep up the great work with the blog! i love reading it.

xO carli

Hey Alyssa,
This is awesome!!! I can’t believe you write a Dodger blog!!! I’m a die hard Dodger fan and can’t believe the girl that I had a crush on when I was a teenager bleeds Dodger blue like me. Anyways, check out this Dodgertown video I re-edited. Going to miss Dodgertown!!!


Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better you turn out to be a Dodger’s fan. I’m a hardcore Dodger’s and Charmed fan and I really enjoy reading your blog. I found your comment on the the girls who love Either funny because I definitely noticed his good looks last year (and the fact that he was a good hitter for awhile). Keep posting and perhaps I’ll see you at a game one day.


I’m a teenaged girl, and yeah, guys think I only like baseball for the hotties. And I’m not going to lie, that does it make it enjoyable. But I’m the biggest baseball fan I know, and good-looking players have nothing to do with it. It ***** that guys have this negative view of females like you and I who enjoy the game of baseball, but it comes with being a girl, and you just have to **** it up and spew out some baseball facts to get them to shut up. =)

I, being from Minnesota, am a Twins fan. I also am a 21 year old guy, but with Joe Mauer, the hometown boy playing for our guys, every girl I know is in love with him. Luckily we just signed him to a multi year deal and I know he will be the teams top priority for, probably, well, forever. But I know that every girl I know would be devestated if he were to leave Minnesota, heck, my girlfriend gets upset if he strikes out. This is a cool blog, I never knew you were a ball fan, I just discovered it the other day. By the way, my girlfriend totally got me into Charmed, we are patiently waiting for the last season to get out on DVD.

I sat behind you last year at the World Baseball Classic final game. Anyone who questions your devotion to this great game can just talk to me, because you were there from the beginning to the final pitch.

You were awesome with everyone who approached you, and you gladly signed autographs and took pictures. But you were obviously there to watch the game. It’s great to see women taking such an interest in a sport that I love.

I’m a season ticket holder as well and I’ve seen you (from afar) at quite a few games. If you ever want to “slum” and sit on the loge level, let me know.

Take care,


Hi Alyssa

congratulations on the new blog i dig it!

Hey, I decided to have a little good clean fun with you over on my Mets site. I mentioned your new store last week and mistakenly(?) ID’ed you as a Met fan

but now i see you’re obviously not… right?

I invite you to respond on the site – the BMF’ers would love it!

FYI you’re always welcome to root for our boys from Queens

thanks and Lets Go Mets!

adam salazar


I agree with you whole heartly. baseball has an untapped resource in female baseball fans. the dodgers are doing what they can with WINN. One thing that is sad about tv demography is that just because you may or may not between 18-34 35-52. that does mean you don’t watch tv. there are alot of people that are older than that watch tv. baseball can’t forget there older male and female fans either. later kevin

Bonjour Alyssa,

I?m a European girl who loves soccer and you are right when you say that women are more loyal fans. But since I lived in Boston as an AUPAIR back in 1996, my host dad Bob introduce me to baseball (the best sport ever, for him). I learned to love it, not as much as soccer but getting close. So when I visit them once a year, I enjoy going to the games with them, it?s a great family time also.

Money is to much involved in sports, any sports in every part of the world?

Don?t mind the negative comments and just keep doing all the great projects you are involved in.

It?s great to be an Alyssa Milano fan, you care and I feel it.

PS: Do I need to wait for my next trip to Boston for some TOUCH cloths or will it be possible for us European to buy them on-line.

PSS: When are you coming to Europe?!

T?embrasse fort,


Hey Alyssa!
What a great blog. I just went back after a couple of days and already missed two blogs! Now I have to keep in mind I need to get here more often..

Even though I’m not a baseball fan (live in Dutchieland so go figure) and not a fan of any sport teams, but I do think it’s a matter of being loyal to your team. If you’re really a die hard team fan, you won’t stop just because someone quits. At least, that’s what I think. I can’t speak from personal experiences, but to me it’s a kind off comparison with soccer in Europe. You stay true to your team instead of one player(although everyone has their favorites).

I’m sure not every fan is like that but in general I think everyone will stick to their team no matter who’s leaving.

May I just add I love your clothingline! To bad it’s not available in Europe *hint hint*..



PS Something completely different, but as I’m a photography addict.. When do you share some more of your own work on your site?! Would love to see it! The ones which are on it already are amazing also! You’re good!😉

PPS I was in LA a couple of weeks ago and thought I saw you walking when I was in a taxi. But **** I couldn’t get a glance of the woman’s face so the chance it was you is pretty low I guess.. Who knows you have some lookalike walking around in LA :p

I hope to get back someday and I might even go to a baseball game, it sure sounds like a lot of fun!!

Hey there Ms. Milano,
I love the blog and your passion for baseball, it’s very cool.

Anyway, in regards to this whole team/player debate, I think I can go both ways on it.

First and foremost, I’m a Yankees fan, and although there is a core of players that have been there for a long while, some players leave and new ones come. And although it’s sometimes sad to see those players gone, I think it’s the loyalty to the team that’s the main thing. However, I do enjoy seeing former Yanks do well on other teams as well, but I don’t necessarily follow their progress either.

On another spectrum, I’ve *tried* liking the Florida Marlins (being the sort of home team for me), but I think they really put team loyalty to a test when they sell their entire team every couple of years. I think it’s hard to adapt to changes like that since there’s really no feel of comraderie between the players. So, in a case like that, I might be interested more in the individual players than the team itself.

As a random P.S. I’ve gotta say that I have trouble calling them the L.A. Dodgers…I still think they’re the Brooklyn Dodgers, which is extremely odd considering I’m still a teenager and they were L.A. Dodgers way before I was even born!

Nice post Alyssa. You’ve been shutting up your detractors all week. Good work. Keep posting.


I think free agency does effect young kids both female and male alike. Many kids today grow up idolizing certain players and when they up and leave for another team it hurts. That can be said of all sports though, not just baseball.

As people get older though, I believe the attachment leans more toward the team than specific players, although you’ll always have some fans who just like the players.

By the way Alyssa, I always thought you were more of a Hockey fan (thought I read it in some article years ago). Any plans for a NHL blog in the future??🙂

Free agency hurts basball as a whole but not as much as the individual player. I firmly believe that players are remembered for the team and city they played for. Fan loyalty derives from this. look at A-Rod. Statistically, he is the greatest player in the history of Baseball. but since he moves around so much his legaxy is half lived. Loyalty to him never settles so fans of him aren’t as high as you would think th greatest ball player in history would be. look at Jeter. much more loved and cherished than others and when you think of Jeter you dont think great player, you think Yankee. Gherig, Reese, Robinson, Ruth, Williams = Yakees, Dodgers, Dodger, Yankees, Red Sox. always remebered by the loyal fans of that city. Statistics do not create a legacy.

Love your Blog and your loyalty to your team.

Gavin (Phoenix, AZ)

Hi Alyssa, I’m not a baseball fan (we don’t play it much in the Netherlands *shame*), but I’m a fan of one special soccerteam. There are some players that I like very much in other teams, but I will be a fan of that special team for the rest of my life! However, I’ve to say, you’re completly right!
Kiss Christine (chris1990)

Hi Alyssa

Love your take on the Game and on our favorite team!!! However how can you say you support the wave?! People have no clue what’s going in the game when they perform this ridiculous exercise(like starting a wave in the midst of a Dodger rally %*#@$%##$^!!) Please, please don’t encourge them. It’s a football thing for gosh’s sake, soccer I mean. It has no place in or near a baseball stadium much less Dodger Stadium!!! There, I feel much better, Thnx. Keep up the good work. I know, maybe you could cast a spell or something, Hmmm?

PS My daughter is twelve and for some reason she thinks Nomar is just the bee’s knees. Thnx for making it cool for girls to be fans also….

Dear Miss. Milano,

First time poster: long time fan. I agree with you, the female demographic is extremly reliable as you said in following TV shows ect.. (Im a perfect example of that, I followed Charmed since the start and cried at the end, goodness knows how much money I have spent on Charmed stuff! But it was well worth it!)

I know there is a small chance of you reading my comment, but I thought I’d say what I have to say anyway: I think its awsome you have a blog for MLB (I follow your blog on your website too) I’m a Mets fan myself, and I love ’em! I dont think I could route for any other team, excet I follow this modo:

“SUPPORT 2 TEAMS: The Mets, and whoever beats the Yankees!” (And after the-game-we-must-not-mention- *cough The last game agains the Cardinals last year cough* “anyone who beats the Cardinals! <- as we did the first game of the season!) As us Mets fan say in NY:

“Its hard to be a Mets fan, it’s easy to be a Yankee fan.”

Your Touch line, is beautiful, I think its unbelieveable you are modleing your own clothes, it just shows how strong and fabulous you truely are– its one of my favorite things about your line. More power to you! I am a customer of your clothes- and think they are wonderful, its about time someone made a clothing line for us female fans!! Your amazing, and I have the upmost respect for you and everything you do!

Peace, love & flowerpower (and the NY Mets!),


PS: I would just like to say Thank You again, about a year ago I sent you a fan letter, and about 3 months later, I got in the mail an autographed picture of you– I dont think I have ever smiled so bright. Your an amazing person for that, thank you for taking the time to care about your fans! Lots of love to you Miss. Milano!

Hey Alyssa Milano! Do you read our blogs too?

Hi Alyssa,

First off, I’d like you to know I’m a huge fan of yours. I’m so proud of you, because you do a great work and you help people who are in need. I thank you for helping these people. You’re really a wonderful person that I’ll always love.

Secondly, I’m glad you love baseball, because I love it too. I played this sport when I was about 13 years old.

I gotta say, you’re completely right !

Thank you so much for posting here !!!

Hugs, lots of love,

Maureen (from France).

PS : When will you come in Paris ?


when do i get to own you in scrabble ?


the king of kings.

Heya Alyssa, im not sure about with Baseball because i don’t know much about it at the moment but i would think it were the same with all sports.

Over here (England) Football (or as you Americans would say..Soccer:p) is one of the biggest sports, i wouldn’t like to generalise one particular sex into behaving in a particular way although as it is mainly guys who play the game this is probably why females are more likely to follow a certain player (probably because they think they are hot or ‘have nice legs’ lol) rather then supporting the whole team.

Although quite a few females do take sports more seriously these days and all of the females in my family have stuck to supporting our home team and not anywhere else..even when we weren’t doing so well =].

I will try to watch you on the show but it may not be shown over here, if not hopefully i can check it out on the net somewhere =].

Thanks for blogging again Alyssa, it means alot!

Stay Safe,

Much Love,

Nadine x.

I wish that baseball players would pick a team..and stick to it. Biggio and Bagwell are the two names that come to mind when i think of the Astros. Why? Because they’ve played with them for as long as i can remember. If they were on another team, the Astros just wouldn’t be the Astros anymore! I probably wouldn’t be a big a fan of theirs if they ever went to another team. So, i think girl fans support their favorite team, rather than one certain person..but i think every girl fan has that one guy in baseball that they just will never stop supporting, regardless of the team. Id never really thought about any of this before. You made a really good point Alyssa. Thanks for blogging.

This topic definitely hits home, since a) I am a girl, b) I am a Dodgers fan, and c) I went thought the same thing those Ethier fans will probably go through one day. And it raises another question – question of the t-shirts with players names on them (or pics in my case).
I was a huge Gagne fan. Loved the man! I mean, the reality is, who didn’t. The whole athmosphere in the stands would change when he would step on the mound. So, I bought the famous “Game Over” t-shirt, and (since I lived in Cali during his time at the Dodgers – now I live in Sydney, Australia) wore it with pride. And then he got injured (still wore the t-shirt), hasn’t played whole season (still wore the t-shirt) and signed with the Rangers (still wore the t-shirt, but was already in Australia at that stage). I am due to visit LA the end of May, and am going to watch few Dodgers games – should I be wearing the t-shirt?? I mean the guy’s long gone. But then again, there was a time in the Dodgers history when he contributed to their wins, he contributed to something special…That will never change. Right?

Anyway, to answer your question, I believe no matter how much you love one player, you will always love the team more (if you are a true baseball fan). So even if the player you love is not signed as long as you would like him to be signed for, it will not really affect your love for your team. And finally, you will find a new lead man to fill that shortlived emptiness your favourite player’s departure creates.🙂



Im a guy so I cant tell you how all that affects female fans, but I think that baseball fans in general are more fans to the team than the player. I do agree that it ***** that players are traded so frequently. When I was a little kid I was crushed when Mike Piazza was traded to the marlins. I play catcher because of him, and have long worn the No. 31. And most recently One of my all time favorites, Eric Gagne was not resighned, I almost felt like crying when I found out.

Now I can understand that baseball is a bussiness as much as it is a sport (unfortunately) and I love our players wherever they come from and wherever they go. You have to love your players and stay loyal to you team. As a fellow Dodger fan, you probably agree with me, there is no Dodger that can be traded away that will get us to stop being fans of the greatest team on the planet.

-Blue For Life


P.S.-Betemit did a good job against the pirates yesterday, hopefully theres more to come.

Hey Alyssa,
Nice job on your article it’s great to see women with passion for and knowledge of the great game of baseball. I think you’ve sparked a great debate I understand the players right to free agency but I believe it takes away from the fan having loyalty to a player when you don’t know if they will be there next year or if they will just go to the highest bidder. It’s rare to see a player like Derek Jeter stay with one team for his entire career. Well keep up the great work I have been a big fan of your acting now I’m a big fan of your writing.

First up, nice pics. =) My wife watches Ethier more than the team. At least that was the case last year. This year, she watches him more. He’s a big reason why she follows the Dodgers. But at least her appreciation for the game grows. Thanks to Ethier. =)

First of all – good job to those girls. I support anyone that is loyal to a team, or a player, and continuous to show their dedication. Sure, maybe they are in it for the wrong reasons (like they are only interested in his looks as opposed to his baseball skills), but if you stay true to your cause and feelings – I support you! Great job on being a fan!
Second – I think that dedication to a player helps young girls feel loyal to their team. I grew up a HUGE Angels fan. My first crush was JT Snow and to this day, the sight of him makes me stop in awe! But I’ve found that finding a favorite player has helped me feel closer to my team. Jim Abbott is my hero and I get star struck every time I hear his name mentioned. Troy Percival is my favorite player in modern times, because he lives in my town and went to my college. Every time I meet him, I get teary eyed and barely get out more than “hello”.

Basically my point – identify with a player, find a player that you love or admire or have a crush on. No matter what – you become a more loyal fan and you learn more than you ever thought possible about your team.

First, I can’t believe people are giving you **** about dating baseball players. They’re attractive and not overbuilt. I still remember ricky henderson very fondly…and you must be on the third base side of a yankee game bc jeter is a righty (say what you want about mr cough, cough, but he always shows up for the game during the season and in the playoffs…even if his golden glove has tarnished a bit this year). I think people see baseball players as PLAYERS, so they see you dating them and think that as well. You should check out ITSJUSTLUNCH…I’d pay to see the expression on your blind date’s face…

As far as your question, I do think that trading players away, free agency etc… does affect things, for me, a female baseball fan. I love the fact that bernie williams, derek jeter, and mariano rivera have been around for awhile. I hated soriano getting traded away. I also hate that steinbrenner brings in aging players that you know won’t be there for more than a few years. Back in the day, i nearly cried the day ricky henderson left the team. And Dave Winfield went to toronto. And it kills me that Willie Randolph was dumped by the yanks at they end of his career. Where’s loyalty?

If women are more loyal to a brand, and a player is a brand, then having them come and go definitely kills the allure a bit. I agree with your hypothesis.

take care.


Alyssa, when do you leave for Uganda? Check out or to see what a fellow MLBlogger does when he’s not blogging …

hey alyssa,
well i was reading your latest blog and you truly made me think about this…

i remember back in july 2004 when the dodgers traded loduca to the marlins…a lot of my friends that were dodgers//loduca fans were sad…and lost interest in the team..but later found another guy to keep them interested in the game…

i dont fully agree with this…but if thats the way they enjoy baseball…then so be it…

im a loyal dodgers fan and have been for pretty much my whole life [im 16]…i watch just about every game on TV..or on listen to games on the radio if im in the car..and get out to Dodger Stadium [heaven on earth!!] when i can…

but then i realized that there was really no eye candy on the team…lol..but that didnt bother me…im a huge baseball fan…i watch any game i can watch…and sportscenter..and baseball tonight..

oh..and when i thought i couldnt be any more of a fan, the dodgers bring up oh-so-cute ethier last year…who makes watching dodger games soo much more pleasant…haha lol..

Hello Alyssa, a belated welcome-to-the-mlblogs to you. I’ve definitely enjoyed reading your blogs, it’s interesting to not only read a blog from a fellow Dodgers fan, but also one that gives a different insight on the sport than one usually gets in the sports world.

As a guy, it’s difficult for me to answer the question you’ve presented, but I’ll give it a go. Although I’m sure women would love to see their favorite player on their favorite team, maybe free agency isn’t such a bad thing. I know my sis was bummed when Mondesi was traded, and my mom was crushed when Piazza left, but then again, as long as you’re fantasizing about people, maybe it isn’t bad getting a little bit of fresh blood in the mix too. After all, if LA still had Piazza, they never would’ve got LoDuca, and if they still had LoDuca, they wouldn’t have Martin, etc. I know that I’d be pretty bored with Maxim after a while if they just had the same person on the cover month after month (present company excluded).

Oh, on a side note, just got finished reading your Esquire article “10 Things You Don’t Know About Women”, and I found your comment “We think it’s weird when you watch sports and concentrate to help your team.” I think every sports fan, regardless of gender, does this at one time or another. I know last weekend Rachel Robinson was talking about how she went to every game Jackie played, and she said how she felt she was talking to him telepathically, trying to help him find that strength to help him excell. Just something to think about.

Have a good weekend.


What can I say, but WOW. You have no idea how cool it is to read your thoughts on baseball. As a ‘Who’s The Boss’ fan from way back, it’s fascinating to hear ‘Sam’ write about my favorite team.

I too am a season ticket holder for the past four years. And seeing my favorite players leave because of free agency has become the norm. It’s hard for us guys to see them go too! It’s hard for any fan. But what I’ve come to realize is that I am a fan of the Dodger TEAM. The organization as a whole are heroes to me. And while it will really be hard for me to say goodbye to Ethier someday (reeeally hard for my girlfriend!), I know that it’s just part of the game.

My season ticket partner and great friend always say, ‘It’s the name on the front of the jersey, not on the back.’As fans, we all need to realize that. Players will come and go, but we will always be fans of the TEAM.

Keep up the great blog! (And I think I speak for everyone when I say, keep including pictures!)


I have to admit that when I first saw that you were writing a blog about baseball, that I chuckled a little bit. Certainly, the announcement of the blog was attached to an ad for your clothing line, and so I figured it was a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, I was curious, and I ventured to read most of the blog posts that you have made this season.

I must admit that I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I went in sceptical, and came out with a better picture of who you are. Admittedly, I figured you for relatively shallow (as many Hollywood celebrities…and Southern Californians tend to be) and certainly not really a baseball fan. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Through your blog entries, you display a very down-to-earth personality and a genuine love for the great game of baseball. Having been a life long Dodger fan and growing up in Indianapolis, IN it was always tough to follow Tommy and the boys except in the box scores. revolutionized that as I have been an MLB audio subscriber ever since it’s introduction, and an MLB.TV subscriber for the past two seasons. Now, I am sleep deprived as I watch nearly every Dodger game on the internet.

Your comments regarding the transient nature of players in today’s game due to free agency and how it affects female fans are interesting. I think free agency has changed people from being fans of teams, to fans of players. However, I think baseball, with its tradition is able to overcome that. Little boys, just like teenage girls get attached to their favorite players (albeit for different reasons). And in today’s game, that may mean that a fan’s allegiances may shift when a player shifts. But that person is still no less a fan of the game. (Their money just gets spent on different jerseys…) However, it also may mean that they just stay a fan of that player. For example, when the Dodgers traded Piazza and LoDuca. I was mystified, but still remained an Dodger fan. Now, do I still root for both to individually do well…yes. In fact, my favorite player is Ken Griffey Jr. He and I are roughly the same age, and while I have always bled Dodger Blue, and will travel to see them play whenever I can…I will also travel to see Griffey (the greatest ballplayer of this generation) whenever I can.

In the end, it’s a love for the game that builds a fan. That love can be forged out of the “worship” of a player, but will grow to transcend it more often than not.

By the way, I couldn’t agree with you more that Gonzo is going to be a defensive liability in left (throws like a girl is how I believe you put it) but I can’t agrue with how he is swinging the bat. And, yes, the Tigers LOST the Series. I live in Michigan now, and once the boys in Blue were done, I parted from my National League allegiance to root for the Motor City Kitties (how could you not).

All I know is that I am rooting for Detroit to make a return appearance in the Series against our guys so that I can have a chance to go to a game in Detroit with my L.A. hat and jersey in tow.

Hey Alyssa – long time female fan of the DODGERS here! I see your point, but I don’t think it’s confined to the female fan – I agree with another poster that said young fans just getting into the game can also be turned off by the revolving door created by the lure of larger contracts elsewhere and the lack of fortitude by GMs to step up and keep fan favorites.

It should be interesting to note that had Kirk Gibson and Nomar not ended up on the Dodgers from the American League, I would never have known of these wonderful players.

Marketing to the female fan, however, is something that is clearly in your ballpark with TOUCH – create me some stylish Dodger clothes and I will max out my credit card!! LOL!

🙂 Joan

PS – great work with the blog!

Well, it depends. There are fans for one player, and fans for one team. Both male and female. The fans for a player will have to follow him from the distance, which is harder.

Alyssa, I must say, I’m more and more impressed with each blog I read out of you!

As a guy who’s been a Dodger fan all his life, who remembers being 6 years old and jumping up and down on the couch when Gibson hit the walk-off in ’88, Dodger Stadium has always been a special place for me. Consequently, I’ve shared the experience with as many people as possible, and that includes my best female friends and a few dates. In fact, I’ll be at the ballpark with a date some time in May sitting field level, perhaps we’ll spot you!

Okay, that sounded semi-stalkerish, but I can’t help it if I’m one of 50,000+ in the ballpark with you. No offense, it’s not you I’m there for…it’s the Dodgers🙂 But I’m glad to know you’re in the ballpark with the rest of us! (By the way, were you at the game last [Saturday] night? Did you stay to the end? Wasn’t Russell Martin’s grand slam amazing?)

Anyway, your point about women following favorite players (and swooning to some extent) reminded me of my friend Cari. She’s a HUGE Dodger fan (literally and figuratively, she’s about 6’1″ and once said to me “you’ll always look up to me because I’ll always be taller than you.”) I remember the first game we went to, we sat field level near the right field foul pole. At the time, the Dodgers had Mark Grudzielanek at second base, and I remember her reaction to him was one of “he’s got such beautiful eyes!” I remember thinking “he’s got the eyes of a wolf…” but I noticed from that day forward, I could talk baseball with her…but for the first year or so, I always had to bring up Mark Grudzielanek.

Cari has stayed loyal to the Dodgers, but of course she keeps an eye on Mark’s career. Frankly, I don’t blame her, Mark did a fantastic job for the Dodgers during his time here, much like Nomar going through a position switch (his from shortstop to second base), and is worthy of having some loyal fans out there.

So your observation of these Ethier fans and your thoughts on the female demographic being important are well-noted and well-taken. It makes a lot of sense. And I think Major League Baseball would do well to take note.

And not just for the female demographic…a guy like Ethier’s got all demographics at the ballpark watching. Let’s hope that Frank McCourt takes a page out of Gene Autry/Disney’s book with the late 90’s-early 00’s Angels and locks up his good, young talent in longer-term contracts to provide a solid nucleus and keep familiar faces around for the fan base to pull for. As I’ve heard several people, newspaper collumnists, and drunk guys in bars at 9:45 P.M. after Dodger victories fueled by the likes of Ethier, Martin, Kemp, Broxton, Saito, et., al, “the kids are all right.”

Keep ’em comin’, Alyssa, and I’ll keep readin ’em.


thanks for blogging in this site to its nice to know your
one of the girls when it comes to baseball signed melody;)

i been a redsox fan since in my teens

Dear Alyssa,

I learned only a short time ago that you are a singer. I have heard some of your music, and I think you are very good! I especially like “Closer To You.” At “first thought,” I was surprised to learn that you sing, but, then again, on “second thought,” I guess I really shouldn’t be too surprised since I already knew of your role in “Annie,” a role which would probably require you to sing. I was wondering: Will you be singing the National Anthem at any baseball games this year? For the Dodgers or Yankees, maybe???

I love your work as an actress! You are my favorite!!!



Thanks for the great new clothing line. I was sick of buying shirts in the youth section because I refused to pay FULL price for the same boxy T-shirts that really aren’t very flattering for women.

My husband’s a life long Reds fan. I grew up like you sitting on my Daddy’s lap, cheering on the Cubs! I have grown almost as attached to my husband’s fav team as he has been. (I truly think there is a connection between me and Ken Griffey Jr. but don’t tell anyone.) It’s just really nice to know that there is someone else out there as passionate about baseball and respect the sport for how great it is – keep up the great work!

Yo Alyssa, one time you came in Togo’s where i worked and you came in and you are HOT!!!But knowing your a Dodger fan that makes you 1 in a billion.Anyhows, keep writing your blog.It’s always great to hear a female view on baseball.GO BLUE AND THE GIANTS ****

I found your comments insightful.

On the positive side, at least MLB uses revenue sharing rather than a salary cap to maintain competitive balance. In the NFL and NBA where there are hard salary caps, players move even more frequently than in baseball. To use the Lo Duca example, at least he stayed around six years. In the NBA or NFL, since he wasn’t the centerpiece of the team he probably wouldn’t have made it that long.

I absolutely LOVE your blog and your work as an actress! It’s great to hear a strong, intelligent female talk about baseball! I have my own page on a sports blog called ‘Joe Mauer’s Girlfriend.’ I hope to make my blog as interesting and insightful as yours (though it is brand new and I have not had much of a chance to write any real content yet). Thanks for being a source of inspiration!


The headline on todays page of had a link to your blog here and I just wanted to tell you that I think it is great! The comment that you made about learning baseball while sitting on your Dad’s lap made my eyes well up with tears. We have a 5 1/2 year old daughter that we take to games all of the time. The Dodgers are her favorite team of course. When she was 3 her favorite player was Cesar Izturis. She liked him because his number was 3 and she was 3 years old (That is what goes on in the mind of a 3 year old). When he was traded to the Cubs for Nomar I told her and she was crushed. She walked out of the room and when she returned she handed me her Izturis bobblehead. She told me that she didn’t want it anymore because he wasn’t on the Dodgers. I convinced her to keep it.

Since she was born we have visited The Baseball Hall of Fame and have seen home games for the Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, Tigers, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Padres, Giants, A’s, Mariners, and of course the Angels and Dodgers. I hope that she grows up and enjoys the game like you do.

I am VERY fortunate to have a wife that loves the game as much as I do. She really enjoys being at the stadium. If she didn’t like the game we probably would have never been married. We met in college. I was a pitcher at UC Riverside.

There is also nothing wrong with you looking for your “happily ever after” at the ball park because that is where you will find someone who is compatible with your interests.

Your perspective is refreshing. Keep writing and we hope to see you at a game sometime.


Words can not express how happy I am to learn about your love for baseball and desire to add some style to oer game day look. I grew up going to Oakland games with my dad as a kid. Now that we live near LA I have learned to love the dodgers (although the A’s still hold my heart). Reading you blogs made my day. I don’t know alother female that shares my true love and passion for baseball…the smells, the sights the whole nine! What pleased me even more is that you actually have baseball knowledge, it’s not JUST about watching the hot guys play (which is always nice). I am looking forward to my next game. I’ll be sure to wear something from touch!!

Baseball is good.

Women are good.

This blog is the best thing that’s happened in my life since the operation.

Hey Alyssa!
You have taken on a suject that really has not been address for a long time! Kudos to your girl power attitude! I am in the industry and write a baseball blog from the perspective of a woman, check it out it’s called dollars to dougouts at

keep the ball rollin!

Jessi Vey

I am glad you are approaching a new direction in the profession of fashion design. My family and myself have always been a real fan of yours, and I am looking forward to perchasing some of you clothing products.I love the fact that you choose to make “Dodger” garmetsfor female fans. I been looking for “Dodger”for gifts for girlfriends and my sisters who happen to be like myself real big dodger fans.Keep up the good work, the designs are fantastic. I am looking forward to them thanks fro all of us”Dodger” fans.

If a favorite player of mine left to a different team, I would certainly follow him as long as it is not any team in the NL West not named the Giants, the Yankees, and the Red Sox. I have no love for any of those teams and would dislike if my favorite player left to one of those teams. Besides, I’d probably just get a new favorite player.


P.S. Even though you like the Dodgers, I still think you’re hot.

I am very happy to finally see somebody understand my pain! I am 100% Dodger but they have made a lot of trades that have affected me. For instance I grow up watching Mike Piazza. During that time to me Piazza was the LA Dodgers. So when I heard that he was going to be traded off I was crushed. Even though I was very heart broken, I decided to follow my team. It took a while for me to adjust to the trade but I did. Then most recently a couple years back, now being in my early twenties, I saw Paul La Duca. And again my heart was broken. To see him playing on a different team and to continue to play the game as a great baseball player is a little painful. Now the only way I get to see my favorite baseball player play is to see him play against my favorite team. So I hope that the MLB teams would take this into consideration.

Hey sweets,
It really depends if the fan is dedicated to the players or the team. I mean, if the female fan was really dedicated to teh player it probably would **** if he was traded to another team. she could still watch the games on tv but it wouldn’t be the same. But also the fan could just be really dedicated to her team and it wouldn’t matter who was on it. (I guess it probably would but just go with me here). She could just be really dedicated to her team and MLB can attract loyal fans that way. I don’t know. Just my thoughts.

Luv ya lots,


OMG those girls you described are so much like me! only “My Guy” is Nick Markakis of the Baltimore Orioles. He is Such a CUTIE!!!!

I don’t go to every game….so far only two this year (because of money) But i’m always standing as close as you possibly can to the players. our seats are usually right off of first (I think field Box…..or club box) My other obsession was JAVY LOPEZ but he Got traded to Boston…then somewhere else! I was so0o0o0o Heart broken. lol It was like one day he was on the team and then the next day i’m listening to the radio and they start talking about him and Boston. But i mean it was so0o0o true about what you said…if the guys had longer lasting contracts I think more women and men would become more diehard fans.

I hope to go and Get Nick Markakis’ autograph, or a ball touched by him lol

XoX Samantha

You know, we’re loyal but we’re not stupid. We understand how the game works. I love that David Wright and Jose Reyes will be around for a long time because of their playing ability, not because I like them. Cliff Floyd was my favorite player on the Mets and he’s in Chicago right now. That hasn’t affected my ability to root for the Mets.

I don’t believe that MLB takes the female fan seriously, or regards it as a realistic part of its demographic, beyond making some pink hats.

What events at the ballpark cater to the female fan, aside from (maybe) a mother’s day giveaway (something cliched, never something fun or good like a bobblehead)? And, I know I’m a broken record, and god love you for making clothes bigger than a size 2 or 4, but I walk into the Mets Team Store time and time again and the women’s clothing drastically pales in comparison – not just in size and quality, but selection. If I want to wear a number shirt for a player other than David Wright, I’m out of luck, or have to go over to the men’s side of the store. And that insults me and all other female fans on the highest level.

and you can’t edit a post. ****.

I was going to finish by agreeing with some posts above that this isn’t just an issue that affects female fans, demographics or not.

Hi Alyssa,

Like so many others, let me start off by saying I really enjoy your work both on-screen and off. I’ve been watching your shows/movies since Who’s the Boss and have always admired your acting, not only because your characters are so believable, but because I’m the same age as you!😉

Anywho – on to baseball! I’ve had a certain affinity since I was a kid growing up in Long Beach (though I now live in Seattle where I was actually born) for the LA teams (and for the Baltimore Orioles, truth be told). I’d rather watch games in person and find watching them on TV just isn’t as good. But my grandma was a great baseball fan and I probably owe my love of the game to her and to my dad.

I think you’ve made some great points here on many levels. I know for me that when the teams I watched starting changing players like players change their socks, I quit watching. Up to that point, I had been a fairly loyal fan to the Seattle Mariners (don’t shoot me!) and to the Orioles. These days, though, it seems like every other game, there’s some player I’ve never heard of! There’s no consistency. I think it is a detriment to female fans and their loyalty as well as to the business of baseball in general. I mean, think of any other industry and you’ll find that there is at least SOME consistency there.

Any business is reliant on it’s customers although sports don’t seem to be affected as much by the consumerism of the market as, say, does television wherein when ratings drop, shows are cancelled or rearranged.

In any case, as a female fan, I would agree with your theory. And I’ve had a hard time getting my kids interested in baseball and other sports because they never know who the players are – they’re not part of the team long enough for the kids to develop a special liking for one player.

Keep up the great blog! I’ll definitely be sticking around to read it.



Very interesting theory. I’ve never thought of that before. I guess the question I have is what were the numbers for that demographic years ago, before players moving from team to team was the status quo. Free agency has been around for a while, since Curt Flood, I guess. But the frequency with which players changed teams has only recently risen dramatically. So have the numbers of those female fans fallen off since then?

It seems to me that there are more female fans in recent years, but I have nothing to base that on. Just my own perception. It’s still something to think about.

Dear Ms. Milano,

I don?t think the business of baseball affects the game as a whole as it does the teams individually. Mike Piazza, Paul Lo Duca and even Greg Brock are perfect examples. I remember growing up as a kid in elementary school and one classmate?s obsession with Greg Brock. Prior to this obsession I don?t remember baseball ever coming out of her mouth. After Greg Brock, however, baseball was her life.

My sister is another similar example but with Mike Piazza. Similar because she was already a baseball fan due to my personal involvement with the game (Little League an so on). Mike Piazza, however, converted her from a seasonal follower to avid baseball freak. When Mike Piazza left, however, it wasn?t the same. Of course she paid real close attention to where he was and when he was coming to town but she lost touch with the Dodgers for a little while (she?s back now).

Paul Lo Duca, I believe, was the one that really hurt because in his heart he saw himself as a lifetime Dodger. People related to him because, for all intent and purposes, we felt the same way. When he was traded away, I believe the Dodgers took a brief blow to the loyalty belt. Baseball, on the other hand, expanded their market when he got traded to Florida and now ESPECIALLY in New York because regardless of the uniform Paully wears he is the fan?s player. He plays the game with heart and soul making him VERY likeable.

Finally there is the ever growing coverage of out-of-market games and ones ability to follow whomever you wish, practically without limit. and DirecTV, in my opinion are bringing the game, as a whole, to a brand new level by REALLY embedding itself into the forefront of many people?s minds. Therefore, if we expand on the affection of your pre-game girls toward Andre Ethier, with all the options now offered to baseball fans, if Ethier is traded away (?God forbid?) then Ethier, along with other objects of affection, don?t have to fret because watching your object is, literally, only a click away.

Keep this up Ms. Milano, you?re doing a terrific job!!!!


Just read your blog for the first time and wanted to tell you that I’m very impressed with your knowledge of the game, your love of the Dodgers, your clothing line, your spirit, and intelligence.

I definitely share your concern for our outfield defense, Gonzo’s arm, and the lack of the big bat! Oh and I’ll take anybody right about now over Betemit. 3rd base is a major problem. Even Pedro Guerrero in a wheelchair could probably hit better! Maybe we can give Ron Cey some steroids and resurrect him? Oh and Yo Adrian!! A-Rod in 2008?!

Doesn’t it seem that every flyball hit to Pierre could be a major event? That type of “bobbled” ball last night is gonna haunt us for the next 5 years I’m afraid. Suddenly, Lofton doesn’t look so old…

Loved the brilliant analogy of throwing up in your mouth a little on that Bonds HR. At least we expect him to go deep every now and then against us. But Dave Roberts?! I remember him when he played for us hitting about .260, stealing 40 bases (geting nailed 25% of the time or so) and missing a lot of games due to injury. The word “overrated” comes to mind. Against us, he’s hitting HR’s and acting like Alfonso Soriano! Is he the new Jim Eisenreich Dodger-killer?!

It’s refreshing to see a female (no offense) with such a passion for baseball and the Dodgers. I hope this inspires many more girls out there to feel that baseball is cool! From what I can tell, you’ve always been an avid and true sports fan. I remember meeting you almost 20 years ago at a Kings game and you were so into it (yes, we were both teenagers then!). Major props to you for being a genuine fan and not one of those celebs that shows up at playoff time, arriving late, leaving early, and more interested in your Blackberry than the pitch count!

Continued success and all the best,


Interesting. Loyalty is important in sports. Theoretically the turnstiles will keep moving, however, the team may flounder for an extended period of time, if those players turn out to be bad or as skills diminish with age.

I think you’ve got a great point about the under appreciation of the female fan segment, and how difficult some teams seem to make their own marketing by shuffling players through free agency.
Guys watch sports for a lot of the same reasons that women do, an appreciation for the capability of the human body. I really think that more teams, players, and fans need to be conscious of the emotional connection that locking those good players up early (case in point Grady Sizemore in Cleveland). If and when LA gives Ethier and Russ Martin deals I think their marketability will increase just like a band with a good looking lead singer.

I notice out in Texas our female fans seem to be much more sympathetic “long term” types rather than the fairweather sarcastic male detractor fans. It’s weird because you see the reverse trend in football- maybe it’s because men respect the fact that most football players are built like tanks, but guys get “man crushes” on football players much more than women do.

As a SoCal native transplanted to Dallas, it seems like the way our team is marketed is completely off target, and as a business I don’t know why more front offices fail to capitalize on that segment.

Hello Alyssa, Let me start out that many years ago, as a Cardiovasular Technician – I met your Mother and Grandmother in an office in which I worked. Their kindness that they bestowed upon me whenever I saw them was never forgotten, and they were so proud of you always!

I think your blog is really fantastic, and I really believe that there are SO many more female fans attending & enjoying Dodger games. Their spirit is what makes games so much more enjoyable, and they really get the crowd “on their feet”! I’m just wondering – what took them so long to get out here? Go ladies!

Alyssa & Girl fans,

I found this baseball poem and I think it fits right here, it looks long but goes quick. Take a minute to read it.

Our baseball team never did very much,

we had me and PeeWee and Earl and Dutch.

And the Oak Street Tigers always got beat

until the new kid moved in on our street.

The kid moved in with a mitt and a bat

and an official New York Yankee hat.

The new kid plays shortstop or second base

and can outrun us all in any place.

The kid never muffs a grounder or fly

no matter how hard it’s hit or how high.

And the new kid always acts quite polite,

never yelling or spitting or starting a fight.

We were playing the league champs just last week;

they were trying to break our winning streak.

In the last inning the score was one-one,

when the new kid swung and hit a home run.

A few of the kids and their parents say

they don’t believe that the new kid should play.

But she’s good as me, Dutch, PeeWee or Earl,

so we don’t care that the new kid’s a girl.

Published: The New Kid (1975)

by Mike Makley

I thought you guys would like that.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


I have just visited your blog for the first time – and I like most of your ideas about designing for female fans (slutty is counterproductive.. but.. I digress) – it is an idea I’ve had and communicated to my team for years.. with some success.

I’ve watched baseball since I was like 9 and fell in love with the game. We all have had our favorite players over the years — one of my huge favorites: Carlton Fisk. I was young but it broke my heart that the Sox let him go elsewhere — it’s one of those things that just “Wasn’t Right”… that being said, I didn’t stop being a Sox fan. If anything, my love of the Sox only grew as I got older. The 2002-2005 team I absolutely fell head over heels in love with. For their grit, their talent, their personalities.

But does the trading/losing of certain players affect the front offices? I think you should seriously ask the Red Sox FO… when they let Johnny Damon go to the Yankees… what was the response? I think someday they will let those true numbers out about how they lost (at least temporarily) the heart (and pocketbook) of the female fanbase they had built up so hugely. In 2006 (right after Damon left), I noticed a distinct change in the Red Sox marketing efforts: with things like “Who Will Be The Next Sox Sweetheart?” as they tried to drum up interest in his replacement and all the other ‘new’ guys on the team (no Billy Mueller, no Kevin Millar, no Pedro, etc.)

Now in 2007 I have to sit through commercials for “Sox Appeal” — apparently a lame *** attempt to condescend to young female ‘fans’ to audition for a ‘reality’ program that I will conveniently miss every episode, I assure you.

My point I guess is – I am offended by men who think that women only come to love baseball because a certain player has a nice ***. I always say to them “yeah, but at least they have achieved something, unlike ANNA KOURNIKOVA and YOU don’t even like TENNIS.” I love baseball and always will. I love players who can play the game with grit and style. I also fell in love with Johnny Damon despite myself. But that did not turn me into a Yankee fan. As pissed off as I was (and always will be on some level) with the Red Sox FO — I am a Red Sox fan, tried and true. Forever.

//Secondly, I couldn’t agree with you more – there are a lot of young (and older) female fans who follow baseball because of the good looking players//

That’s bull, seriously.

I think most intelligent women follow baseball because they love the game. PERIOD.

Hey Alyssa. Yeah, even though Im a huge Padres Fan. I learned about Ethier this season and i loooove him so much. and i try to watch every Dodger game when it’s on. Since my dad is a huge fan of the Dodgers & Angels it was easier for me to love Ethier. But is Ethier a free agent player? Cause i would hate to see him leave the team soo soon.😦

Some of these comments are idiotic. Real Baseball fans, regardless of gender dont watch because of how cute or handsome the players are. We watch because ideally, its our hometown team, and on our hometown team, players develop who become our heros. who play the game to an outstanding degree. who are role models and fantastic athletes. We watch because of the nuances of the game. its more than a sport, its a culture. And those of us who realize this, follow our baseball heros, as well as our team, and only hope that our next Omar Vizquel or Grady Sizemore will stay put, so that we may have the honor of watching them from a home stadium.

I know what you mean. I was 4 years old when I became a Detroit Tigers fan, and it was all because of Bobby Higginson. When he retired in 2005, I still watched the Tigers religiously. But it was definitely heartbreaking to see him leave.

I am a (cough Cough) yankees fan … and it totally did my heart good to see Roger come back and pitch a great game on Saturday.

You know, while baseball is awesome, it’s fun to dive into some off-beat moments, too — I found these great photo galleries about baseball that do just that. Maybe you all would like to take a look! The first one totally makes me rotfl

Biggest Butts in Baseball–mlb-baseball

Biggest Babes in Baseball

Pot-Bellied Pitchers

~ Alyssa

The female fan base in MLB has been getting bigger, but still, here in Pittsburgh, 99% of the females in attendance have know nothing about baseball. i on the other hand, am in that 1% of female fans that actually understand. People find it unusual to see a girl with her face painted balck and gold at a pirates game, but i really don’t care what they think. Do you think that the majority of females at attendance at the games arte just there for their boyfriends or to impress guys?

Hey Alyssa,

I’ve just discovered this blog and I’ve got to say, it is wonderful to find other female baseball fans that actually KNOW their baseball and what they are talking about. It is somewhat frustrating to me to talk to other female fans who could care less if Brad Ausmus is hitting .223 or .273, they just want to see him in baseball pants. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy that aspect of the game too, as I’m sure every female does. But, seriously? I want people to understand how intricate and great the game is. I want them to understand why it isn’t boring at all and that it is, in fact, capable of keeping me on edge for up to hours at a time.

As for this blog about female fan loyalty, I’ve got a few things to say. I’m a die hard Astros fan. My dad started taking me to games when I was 3 and I fell in love. I started going in 1991, right around the time Biggio was making his mark and Jeff Bagwell was getting ready to. As any baseball fan knows, those two guys became the Astros. I grew up watching them and I am anxiously awaiting Craig Biggio’s 3,000th hit. I’ve followed his whole career and there is nothing more rewarding than this. Bidge and Bags stayed loyal to the Astros their entire careers. You don’t see that too much anymore.

The loyalty of those two certainly helped cement my love for the ‘Stros. I think it helps when players are loyal to the franchise. Fans, in turn, will be more loyal. It’s just how it is.

Wow, that was really long. Sorry, haha.

Interesting points. It’s hard to say for sure, of course, but based on how much the business side of baseball is booming these days, especially despite the black eye of The Steroid Era, it would seem to be operating on a different level than television programming.

Alyssa, send me your myspace info if you have one

I want you to read what I have to say about Jose Canseco

Hey Alyssa,
My name is Aaron Tobin-Hess and I am a huge fan. I tried to win tickets to go to a dodger game with you. It would have been a dream come true and it would have been great bragging rights to share with my friends. being that you are such a baseball fan, you should check out this new sports trivia site that my uncle set up. Its and it is great for all baseball fans. Check it out and I would love to here your feedback.

Hey Alyssa,
Just wondering… is it just me, or has Russel Martin been struggling since the All-Star break? He had a great first half, started at the All-Star game, and has been struggling ever since. Isn’t that the exact same time he met you? At the All-Star party? Hmm… What did you do to the guy? It’s as if everytime he’s at the plate his mind is somewhere else. Maybe you should stop hanging out.It’s taking its toll on him. I have a suggestion… go hang out with the D-backs, Padres, and Rockies. That should bring us back to 1st in the Division. Please do not jepordize our season by hanging out with young Russel. He’s at the point in his life where he’s attracted to older women. Continue the fling after the season is over. Just had to mention it. Last thing… is it true that Disney drew Ariel’s face after yours?

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