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Without jinxing us, I just want to say, 13-6. ?Nuff said.

Many of your comments have asked my feelings on Fantasy Baseball. I have thought about giving it a try for some time but have been hesitant. My hesitation comes from a fear that if I draft my own team, my purist love for the game and my team will take on different motivation.

I?m not particularly concerned with baseball?s game of numbers. I only check the box score if I couldn?t watch the game (which means rarely). In my experience, the dance of baseball is much more compelling. So to begin a fantasy baseball obsession (let?s face it, I?m a passionate girl and would most likely become obsessed) and care more about a player?s individual numbers than a night at the yard or watching a game merely for the love of the game is something that scares me a little bit.

Russell_martin_walkoffThat?s not to say I haven?t imagined my dream team in my head. I?m only saying that I?m not so interested in altering my perspective of the game?s simple beauty. Baseball is enough for me. I guess I am a traditionalist.

There was an interesting lawsuit about a year ago between a small St. Louis company that operates fantasy sports leagues and MLB. MLB made the case that this company should not be permitted to use a player’s name, likeness and stats for their own profit without a license. The St. Louis company countered with the notion that players are public figures, and therefore their stats are public domain.

Even though the court ruled in favor of the fantasy league company, I find this to be an interesting debate. On the one hand, an athlete is indeed a public figure, a celebrity; hence their stats can be used for anything right? After all, are these fantasy sports companies doing anything different than what the tabloids do with celebrities in their magazines? The tabloids sell to advertisers and consumers by using photos and running stories without consent, and make millions of dollars a year off celebrities’ public images. The celebrities are not compensated for this. It just comes with the territory and we accept it as a part of show business. Isn?t it virtually the same concept? On the other hand, athletes are paid for use of their likeness and name for commercial endorsements. If these fantasy sports companies are making millions (needless to say, it?s a billion-dollar industry) off of athletes’ names and stats, shouldn?t they have to monetarily compensate the athletes and be forced to get the license MLB is seeking?

I don?t have the answer. I think we are in an interesting time due to the modern world and the Internet.

I also think there may be a bigger social issue at hand with fantasy sports that may reflect the current trend in a consumer demand for bigger, better and interactive.

Baseball, to me, is about family. Baseball, to me, is about the community. It?s an escape. It?s about a hot summer day and an afternoon game. It?s about listening to the pregame report because you can?t wait for the game to begin. It?s about listening to the postgame report because you don?t want the game to be over. It?s about knowing how your home field grass is cut. It?s about Valdez stealing home to tie up the game in the bottom of the ninth. It?s about feeling like you’re part of the celebration after Russell Martin?s walk-off grand slam. Baseball is already a flight of the imagination. To me, the baseball experience couldn?t be bigger or better and Saturday?s win proved that. It?s perfect . . . just the way it is.


P.S. Maybe Tracy should have positioned Bay in the bullpen Saturday instead of stacking the infield.

P.P.S. Here is the link to listen to my April 23 appearance on the studio show "Bottom Line"!

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Hey Alyssa,

I am from Ireland and baseball is not very big over here, but as I have been to America a few times to visit relatives I have always been taken to a Baseball game, and I loved it, the atmosphere was brilliant. Yes I did not understand everything, but I enjoyed it alot. In Ireland we have a fanasty football (soccer)which is very like the fanasty Baseball many people here do become obsesesed with it but and I agree with you I think the game is enough themselves.

I just caught the end of bottom line, as i did not think I would be able to see/hear it. I think you were brilliant!

I am a loyal fan of yours from safe searching (Celebrity Loop…still not used to it lol) I really enjoy reading your blogs so keep posting!!



I share your concerns about fantasy baseball.
Although I play it I think it’s sort of a double edged sword.

On one hand it gets people interested in watching a more complete representation of baseball by watching great players and on teams that they might never have watched before and I think that’s great.

Anything that opens up people’s minds about the game as a whole and gives people a better appreciation for it — I’m all for that.

But on the flip side I hate finding myself in a situation where I want my team to win but for one other player on the other team to do well since he’s on my fantasy team.

Like last Tuesday when the Yankees played the Indians it was perfect because the Yankees won and my pitcher won, but Travis Hafner went 3-4 with a homer.

Since Travis is on my fantasy team I loved that.

That makes me feel dirty inside.

Also, I think it makes poor fielding players who sometimes have bad attitudes and are lousy team players get the kind of praise and worship that they don’t deserve as much as guys that play all out for the team and are good defensive players as well as good offensive players.

I mean you could have a guy who hits 15 homers with 85 RBI’s and bats .310 but is a great team leader and wins a good glove and has a fantastic attitude but in the new fantasy driven baseball fan’s mind he’ll always take a back seat to the player at the same position on another team that bats .265 and plays down right awful defense and is a cancer in the club house but hits 39 home runs and has 123 RBI’s.

Sometimes I think it lets baseball fans praise the wrong things about baseball.

Because I’d take a Nomar or a Michael Young or a Derek Jeter for my team before many of the big sluggers with the poor glove and poor attitude?


I like your thoughts on fantasy baseball. I played for a few years and it really did dilute my love for the Dodgers. As a kid, I was passionate about the Blue, cared about Lenny Harris and Mike Sharperson because they were Dodgers, etc. While playing fantasy ball, it was all about stats.

I don’t have anything against it, but I can empathize with your thoughts.

I concur! I’m not into the numbers. It’s all about the family and atmosphere. I guess that’s where women differ from the men. We see baseball for the beauty of it and men see it as a sipmple contest. keep blogging!

I had to do my research on what fantasy baseball was(lol), this is an interesting debate. How I look at this on a student stand point if a student is writing a paper and use articles for their supporting details they must cite their work, if you don’t then the college will think you are plagiarizing. Same thing goes for the court case, MLB did not want St.Louis company using mlb players names,ect, but the court overruled this. In my Opinion if their are fantasy baseball companies being establish and they want to use the mlb players, then they should get permission to do so. On the other hand since the baseball players are pubilc, then it is hard to stop other people from using material that out in the open. On the tabloid side, the tabloids are telling lies and using the first amendment. similarly the same goes for fantasy baseball, their should be rules in place(copyright…ect), and if mlb are not going to establish, then let it be.

p.s. hope this make sense

p.p.s larondaA26 from safesearching.

I can agree almost completely.
Im in basically my first full year of fantasy baseball and I was almost completely biased to the White Sox, 11 out of the 23 players that are on my team are White Sox players. And I can tell you right now, I regret it because it makes me even madder when the players that I have don’t preform. The other problem is that I have players from division rivals and if they succeed it help my fantasy team but damages the White Sox, but over everything I want a White Sox win over anything else.

Good thoughts, keep em coming.

Light It Up!

Nothing can ever replace a night at the ballpark watching your team in action and being around a family of fans. I’m a huge Texas Rangers fan and every day since i was a 4 years old i have dreamed of the Rangers winning the world series. Granted i’m only 22 so thats only 18 years but still haha. I like fantasy baseball and studying other players around the league and different things that players bring to a team, but numbers can’t always show a player’s vaule. An example: on the Rangers we have a setup man named Aki. He isn’t going to be the one to get saves and show up that much in the stat department (ok if Gagne stays hurt then that may change) but he brings an energy to our team that can’t be replaced.

I love this blog and seeing you write your thoughts on baseball and the dodgers.

Great post! Just discovered your blog today. Looking forward to becoming a faithful reader. I’ve never given much thought or attention to the fantasy leagues in any sport. In my opinion trying to attend to it all is too much like work.

Loved your closing comments about Baseball being about family and community. That really resonated.

I live in Durham, NC too far for any regular games in the bigs, but we have the AAA Durham Bulls. Every year now for almost 10 years, I’ve organized a group that includes a half of a dozen families. We all commit to the same 10 games, and I coordinate for the seating/parking etc.

When we started this little “club” we always picked all the Friday and Saturday night games so we could “catch up” at a bar somewhere after the game. Now, we have to pick as many Sunday games as possible to minimize the impact on nap times and bed times for our growing families.

Last night I got to spend 4 great hours on a beautiful April evening with my 3 year old son, my wife, and my parents surrounded by my closest friends and their families hanging out at “Wool E. Bull’s house,” (That’s how my boy refers to the ball park.) and it was wonderful. Just to have family, friends, and that common bond of baseball was and continues to be amazing.

Ya gotta love the game! Sorry for the uber-long post. Like I said, “it resonated with me.”


PS: For anyone who’s wondering the Bulls lost to the Toledo Mud Hens in 16 innings! What are ya gonnna do?! And no, we didn’t make it to the end of the game due to the afore mentioned nap times and bed times.

I enjoy fantasy baseball, since it means I have a rooting interest in a lot of games, rather than only a few. It is like March Madness, the best thing about a bracket is that I suddenly care about the 10 vs 7 games and root hard for my teams.

Besides, baseball is a game of numbers. We all pay attention to some numbers, but more and more I have been paying attention to those hidden ones. On Base Percentage and Slugging Percentage should be short hand to most baseball fans by now, if they aren’t then get on it. They explain far more than batting average or homeruns do.

Hey Alyssa (you know, ’cause we’re on a first name basis and all). Orioles fan here (11-7 so far after a ridiculous April schedule)

So, let’s see if you remember this as a Dodger fan. (It’ll take you back to ’91-’92)

I have family in Pasadena and my sister and I loved going to Dodger stadium (we’re both in our upper 20s now).

So guess who is the Orioles 3rd base coach this year? None other than, and I’ll try and say it like the Dodger stadium announcer did back in the early 90s…

“Juan (pause)… Samuel”

We always got a kick out of that and recite it to this day just like the Dodger stadium announcer used to. And now that he is the Os 3rd base coach, it brought back a lot of good memories of Dodger Stadium.

Hey, I’m easily amused.


I played fantasy baseball last year (didn’t do it this year) and I must say that it is fun for a while, but gets pretty crazy. I was in a couple of competitive leagues and the competitors were extremely active — they followed practically every player they could so as to know who to trade, who to pick up, who to drop, everything. It was a fun experience to have and honestly, it never clouded my love for the Giants. I’d recommend that you perhaps give it a try because it’s something that a baseball fan should go through at least once. If it really does cloud your love for your team, then maybe you should consider becoming a fan of another team, say the Giants! That’d only make you even hotter.😉



Wow, Alyssa! This is your best piece yet! Your exactly right!
It is not about the numbers, but the sheer joy of the game and possibilities.

Thats how I feel just as you described,

Pre-Game show, I cant wait to see the line-up and the game to start. The post game I just dont want the whole Dodgers experience to end. it’s sad enough when Vin says goodnight! Especially after a win, you want to bask in the victory for a while.

Speaking of post Game Show, I like that Steve Lyons, he keeps it fun, I wish they had a bigger role for him.

JenBDavis, your way off track about men and women.

Clearly baseball would not be loved as much if it werent for grown men seeing the true beauty of baseball, they just wont tell you those simple terms.

Keep it comin Alyssa, your knockin my sox off! Go Dodgers, Sweep the hated giants!( little “g” was on purpose)


alyssa i read your post all the time ilove the photo when you were 15 at a dodgers game

Don’t play fantasy baseball. I personally really enjoy playing, but this is due to my curse of being a KC Royals’ fan. You can throw ‘displaced’ in there too. And since my Royals are out of the picture by April 3rd (you could say April Fool’s day, might be a little more ‘poetic’?), I still have a rooting interest in baseball games.

The one big drawback to fantasy baseball is when the Royals face a pitcher on my team. O the dilemma! And since I am ‘just a fan’ in reality as well as in heart, rooting is all I can do.

Shoot, now that I think about it, if rooting is all I can do I must be a terrible at it. Just thank your lucky stars I am not a Dodgers’ fan. heh.

Nice read once again Alisa. I share the same feelings about fantasy baseball as you do.

Alyssa, i agree with you 100%. Baseball is the greatest sport in the world because its not overly complicated. Fantasy baseball just dilutes it because it forces people to overanalize the numbers (like you said is NOT important) and ruin the fun of the game. See you in the playoffs (Mets vs Dodgers)!

Amazing blog Alyssa, a very interresting view on baseball… Maybe I’ve to watch it more then I’m doing now, coz I don’t watch it…
I’m going, sleep well

Christine (chris1990)

I have no desire to play Fantasy Baseball for the very reasons you stated. I know that over the past four years as I have played Fantasy Football, I have found myself uninterested in any ONE team as a fan. I have become more concerned about how any team or weekly match-up can help my Fantasy Team. I do not want that “effect” taint my singular passion of Baseball. I do not want to find myself cheering for Michael Young to strike out so that Mark Teixiera can get the RBIs. The whole game is a story and artform on it’s own. I do not want to miss the entire movie by concentrating on one charachter or line of dialougue.

I think fantasy baseball, basketball, and football are cool concepts because they do create more interest towards the games. For people that might not normally follow these sports as closely, especially video gamers, it helps to attract their attention. For the hard-core types, it’s just another avenue to enhance their passions. The downside to it is that for the part-time fans, it becomes only a numbers thing, which does take away from the “spirit” or “soul” of the game. Besides, how a player affects a game is irrelevant to what his (or her) stats show.

I can see where interest in fantasy sports lies, but I’ve never got into them because I simply don’t always have the time to maintain a fantasy sports team, especially when sports overlap with one another.

On a more important note… I hope the Dodgers crush the Giants and sweep them at home! I hope Bonds goes hitless! Let’s go Blue!


When I first started with fantasy baseball in the late nineties, I found that it actually expanded my love of the game.

I’ve been a die-hard Mariners fan since the era of Griffey, Randy Johnson, Edgar, and Buhner. But I never paid too much attention to what the other guys were or what they did. Sure, I knew about a McGwire or a Mattingly because my dad would tell me about them when we would go see the A’s or the Yankees play the M’s. But I never truly understood what made them so great.

Then when I started playing fantasy sports, I found that I paid more attention to those “others.” That doesn’t mean I rooted for Clemens when he was pitching against the Mariners just because he was on my fantasy roster. Quite the contrary, I’d hope against hope that he’d get shellacked. But I knew more about what he was capable of doing because I had watched him (via computer) pitch well all year long.

Now I’m not arguing that fantasy sports are good for everyone; they certainly are not. You’ve raised some good points for why it wouldn’t work for you. But for some fantasy baseball can elevate their love of the game and heighten the drama when they do get to go to the ballpark, as it does for me.

This chick plays fantasy baseball and loves it. I’m stuck in an office all day and can’t tune into my favorite match-ups on TV, so I stay plugged into baseball by feverishly checking my team’s daily stats on the internet. I find it’s the best way for me to stay hip to what’s going on in the rest of the league instead of being so focused on just the Dodgers… I love ’em and all, but it’s good to keep an eye on the competition too😉 I was at Saturday’s game and it was a blast. NEVER LEAVE EARLY!!!

Hi Alyssa,

I used to play fantasy baseball and I’m a fantasy football diehard. Yes, your right, It messes you up watching a game. People dont know who am I rooting for, and I say oh this WR, this RB, this defense. I watch like 6 games at one time at the sports bar on Sundays. Am I clouded, you better believe it.

I like your new MLB blog. My topic is did the Cubs “BUY” a team in the off-season? I still think the Cubs will make the playoffs even though its been a rough start. How do you rate the ballparks? What is your favorite ball park and why? Have you ever been to Wrigley Field? Or Cards new stadium? Is Ted Lilly any good? Just remember your favorite player is an Ex-Cub. You are forever cursed in LA, too high an ex-cub factor and you cant win. 13-6 or not.

About your first blog about the cold weather cities waiting till their cities are warmer is incorrect. because don’t u think the people of those cities deserve to see an opening day?

Fantasy baseball is not meant for everyone. I am a die-hard Dodger fan and fantasy baseball participant. I have no problem differentiating between the two. The love of my team always comes first. Fantasy baseball is just the icing on the cake and a great way to learn about players and even minor league players from every MLB team. By the way, I think you do a very good job with your blog. I have to admit I was surprised.🙂
vr, Xeifrank

Hey Alyssa,

Jeez. Seeing you in that Giants shirt gets me suspicious I mean I am HUGE Dodgers fan like you and I cant imagine even touching that jersey or anything to do with it. When I was a kid and i was in the little leagues and my team wanted to be the Giants and I refused to play for that team. And Jackie even refused to play for them when he was sold to them. What I’m saying is I know you are a Dodgers fan but be careful on what you promote to sell. I guess I’m still mad from the loss yesterday but, we are sweeping those hated Giants’. Viva Los Dodgers!!!!!!

Wow. I got turned on to your blog by the hilarious guys at It’s interesting to see a celebrity constantly in the public eye in the light that you paint yourself as a baseball fan. Makes me want to go to a ‘Stros game tonight. The part about knowing how the grass is cut, listening to the pre-game, that’s why I love baseball. I sometimes have a problem with the prima donnas, and the amount of money that is made off the average “joe fan”, but there are pure, artful moments during the game that make that part of me shut off. Thanks for helping me remember those parts. And here’s hoping Clemens decides that not going on road trips or coming to the park when he’s not pitching brings him back to Houston. Lord knows we need the help (although, looking at the Yanks right now, I could understand if Steinbrenner threw a million a game at him). Look forward to more blogs.

Hey Alyssa,

I am not a fantasy baseball player because I agree with you, I am a fan for the total experience.

But I agree with the Supreme Court on their decision and I will tell you why. When I open my sports page up to see how my Sox did last night, what I don’t read is this.

“Unnamed sources inside Manny’s camp confirm that he went 3 for 4 with 1 HR and 3 RBI’s against the Yankees last night.” Nor have I ever seen Manny going on Oprah to deny those rumors.

Oprah:”So, Manny I heard you did not go 3 for 4 last night, would you like to elaborate for our audience?”

Manny: “Oprah, seriously I have no idea who came up with those stats. I went 4 for 4 yesterday. I think that unnamed source was A-Rod. You know he is jealous because I don’t sleep over anymore.”

My point is this the stats are in the public domain. In fact, MLB gives them away for free everyday. On their Website you can watch the play by play on gameday. And anybody who roots for the little blue circle knows what I am talking about. Think it is kinda hypocritical to sue these guys for what they already give away for free.

“After all, are these fantasy sports companies doing anything different than what the tabloids do with celebrities in their magazines?”

The answer is . . . yes! Tabloids focus on what celebrities do outside of their everyday life, but fantasy sports companies focus on what players do on the field.

I’d say fantasy sports are excellent for improving your experience as a baseball fan. It was in picking up Scott Kazmir, Justin Verlander, Francisco Liriano, Ben Sheets, Felix Hernandez, Brandon Phillips, Frank Thomas and others last year that I learned more about who was in the majors and who was coming up. And to be frank, given the level of turnover in players this organization has, it makes sense to see who else might be coming in.

I also have a pet peeve for people equating “baseball” with “Major League Baseball” despite the fact that the two are distinct. If baseball was merely a matter of “community” and “family” then we would not have professional leagues with such significant television coverage; rather, we would see similar attention given to baseball as to professional minigolf.

I mean no disrespect, but I felt a counterpoint was appropriate. After all, as you said, this is “an interesting debate.”

I no longer do fantasy baseball, but I do love baseball stats. Some people think that those of who are stat junkies don’t appreciate the beauty and familial aspects of the game – as if they were mutually exclusive. That’s not true at all. The stat analysis is just one more way for me to enjoy and understand the game.

This is a great blog, btw.

I don’t play fantasy baseball but believe you should take an interest in numbers. It will improve your understanding of the game and expectations of players. However, you obviously love the game so understanding the statistics of the game must not be integral to being a spectator. I wouldn’t know, I grew up understanding the numbers.

These comanies do owe the respective leagues some sort of compensation. As it’s statisticians employed by the various pro leagues who are collecting said stats for both fantasy leagues and for gambling. Which said groups make loads of cash w/o paying a dime to MLB, NFL, NHL or the NBA>

I don’t really know too much about fantasy baseball other than what I’ve heard on Numb3rs. (haha Yes I know I’m a nerd but I embrace that). But I understand what you’re saying about it taking away from the pure love of the game. About watching a game just for the stats and the numbers. I personally have no idea how different teams are doing in the scheme of things (like I do with football) but I love to go to the stadium and watch the game just for the game. So I understand where you are coming from and it IS an interesting debate. Definitely something to think about

I *heart* this blog. Great insight!

Now to the topic:

I can’t think of cheering for anyone but the Dodgers. I have a hard enough time as it is when a team with a beloved former Dodger comes to town. (Can we say the Mets and Paul LoDuca anyone?) I don’t think I could handle Fantasy Baseball unless my team were comprised of Dodgers, Former Dodgers, and UCLA Bruins. Wait a minute…it could work!

Myself, I can’t cite player stats or anything like that. I just remember feelings. The feeling you get when you get all comfy in your seat and you bite into that Dodger Dog. The excitement of a triple, or a double play. Isn’t that’s what baseball’s suppose to be about?

I used to feel embarassed about not knowing stats or not remembering specifics about a game, so I started to score. I’m still not very good at it, but it adds a new demension to the game. It’s cool to be able to refer back to your card when someone asks “didn’t so-and-so strike out last at bat?” Still can’t quote stats, but sometimes I can remember a play I scored. 🙂

I wonder Ms. Milano, do you score the games?



Your passion for the game is obvious from the things you write. Stay away from fantasy baseball. Don’t get me wrong. It is fun. My old team, Met-Free, even won one season. However, you correctly anticipate that a players obsession for fantasy baseball can detract from their love of their team. I am a recovering fantasy baseball junkie. Now that I am in “recovery”, I know that I enjoy Dodgers games more than ever. Fantasy baseball is a great way to interest fans that otherwise have no interest in baseball. But Alyssa, a diehard fan like you, doesn’t need another reason to go to Dodger stadium.

Although, I do see one advantage to fantasy baseball. If he were just on my fantasy team, I would be able to stomach Juan Pierre’s play in center field. A fantasy league owner doesn’t care how many balls Pierre drops or extra bases are “legged out” by opposing players.

Keep up the good work on the blog.


Alyssa, I’m going to start this out by saying, Russ is the man! That was the most exciting game so far this season, I’m jealous of everyone that was there to witness it.

Now about your blog, I’ve never had a fantasy team in any sport so I’m not sure how much light I can shed on this particular subject. It does sound pretty cool, creating your ultimate dream team (mine would probably be all Dodgers). I’ve never got around to actually make my own team and frankly, I most likely never will. I’m with you, baseball is enough for me.

What you said at the end of your blog really hit home (just like Martin). Baseball is perfect, and is hands down the greatest sport in the world.

-Blue For Life


P.S.- Giants are coming, hope their ready for an *** kickin… again.

P.S.S.- If you havent already Alyssa, vote for our guys for the All Star game.

I became the fan of baseball that I am because of fantasy baseball, actually. A friend asked me to join a league for fun and after a month, I checked back and saw I was in last place! All my competitive instincts came up and I got myself a consultant (my older brother, heh) and started following the game. By the time the World Series came around, I had a favorite team (the Tigers) and a love of the game. There’s no baseball in my city besides minor league games (in my state, period) so I only get to watch baseball on TV.

Now I’m in three leagues this season and I have Tiger players in every one but I still have a rooting interest in every other game and for players I enjoy.

And I don’t agree with the commenter above who thinks women don’t enjoy fantasy leagues. Everything else I do, from work to other hobbies, being competitive would be super-counter productive. Fantasy baseball lets me let all that out in a productive way. (And I’m second out of ten in the league where it’s nine guys and me! I actually really enjoy that. Sadly, I’m doing my worst, fourth of sixth place, darn it, in the league that’s all women. Those girls are fierce in their picks, they keep stealing the players I want!)


Hey there!

I have a question for you, but not about fantasy baseball.

Do you know, or can you use your connections to find out, what the Dodger Home Run music is? You know, the song they play when a Dodger hits a homer — what is that?? It’s driving me nuts!



Keep up the good work, Alyssa. I don’t know anything about “Charmed”, but I do know baseball. And you are a welcome voice to the baseball blogger world.

Dear Miss. Milano,

Can I just say, your last paragraph is fantastic. That is exactly what baseball is! I couldnt have said it better if I tried!!

As a Mets fan, I know the depression of losing in those final seconds (ie- the last game against the Cardinals last yr, which I am still in denial about. It never happened. Honestly.)

–and the pure joy of seeing them come and simply destroy the other team (ie- the games against the Cardinals, this year. No disrespect ment towards Cardinals fans…)

Baseball is a passion, I couldnt put it any other way. Its the love of the game, and the team you cheer on till the bitter end (and Mets fans know all about that bitter, end) that makes it truely the great American Sport.

Great blog Miss. Milano, I love reading it!

Peace, love & flowerpower,


Love fantasy baseball… and even though Russell Martin was on my bench when he hit that grandslam, I didn’t for a second feel bad about it – Dodgers always come first!🙂

hey alyssa
im karen =D i luv that ur totally into baseball! especially the dodgers! i havnt been able to watch any games recently but this totally helps..=D…i was wondering if u ever watched or seen or played softball girl wersion of baseball..well i jus wanted to say..keep posting nd i totally love you! you rock! =D

keep blogging! luv ya!

karen =]

hey Alyssa-
I never understood the idea of any fantasy sport league.I am a huge Angels fan and I am finally going to my first game of the season on Tuesday. It’s about time!! I agree that baseball is a great family affair.I have many memories of my parents taking me and my siblings to Angel games growing up, that is probably the reason I still love the sport. Congrats on the TOUCH line, I will be wearing a piece at the ballpark tomorrow. It’s great having a woman voicing her comments and opinions with such conviction. Keep it up.


Hi Alyssa,
I know you have had some rough experiences with journalists, but we are not all bad (then again I write news and not entertainment). I like your blog. I have one too, but not one nearly as well read. I’m a big fan of the Washington Nationals and Toronto Blue Jays myself. I’ll admit that a west coast trip to see the Dodgers is a little out of my budget but if the Dodgers are in DC, go to a game and speak at the National Press Club about a favorite cause of yours. Many other stars do it. It would be cool to see you talk.

Well, if it wasn’t for Toronto, we (Boston Red Sox) would be better than 13-6 right now. But I have to give credit where credit is due, congrats on a nice start and a walkoff GS (which is OK when Russell Martin does it, but not when He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named does it).

So I take we can’t see you recording the game while in progress, then? It’s a shame I live in Spain. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong continent… some day, I will go to an MLB game, I hope. What are the best seats at a baseball park, in your opinion?

I won’t wear Touch, though, because I don’t think it’d fit so nice in a male, though again, it fits very well on you🙂

Well, that’s all for now. Good Luck from Spain.

I am old enough to be your mother and I play fantasy baseball. I love the Dodgers and baseball. When I visit other states, I make sure I go to the stadiums close by. I love the game! and follow the Dodgers minor league also. Baseball fantasy only heighten my love for the game. I draft many Dodgers in my team. Last year I ended up with Jason Schmidt in my team but because he was a Giant, I dropped him. this year I picked him but had to replace him with Pirate Gorzelanny when he went into the DL. Well, I benched Gorzelanny ’cause he was going against the Blue. Don’t think that because of I do that I am not competive either, I just took over 1st place. BTW in our league there are 8 women and 4 guys.

Go Dodgers! I was at Saturday’s game and Sunday and will be at all 3 games against the Giants. I am also going to be in San Diego for Saturday’s game. A friend organizes a road game every year. Go Dodgers! and yes Russell Martin rocks!

holy cow batman! an actual celeb blog that doesn’t ****! I really do hope you keep this up because I’ve loved it so far. I’ve been watching you since I was a kid hoping Tony and Angela would finally hook up on Who’s the Boss. Now I find out you love the Dodgers, and I can only say that I’m now a Dodger fan, and an Alyssa fan =). There’s something about chicks that dig baseball. You know what it is? They have class.

Anyway, since this is a ‘love of the game’ type blog, here are my thoughts on being a baseball fan in general, and the Dodgers in particular:

In a roughly cut field in a roughly cut country town, the boys emerge, presages, spirits of the season. They grab the first thing resembling a ball and the first stick resembling straight, and they dig in. On the dewed grass greened by the first spring shower, brightness of hope and life radiates hotly from their eyes, and their smiles speak of joy, simple and true as God’s children at play should know it. The first pitch is thrown with heartfelt intent, the first swing exuberant, and the crack of contact clear and satisfying. They; we, crane our necks, following the flight of the ball. The effect is overwhelmingly uplifting as ball and hearts sail heavenward. Maybe not for the pitcher that day, but even he would remember in years to come the pulse in his ears and the hotness of his breath.

I love baseball. I know most people today have no inkling of what I feel towards this game, but it is a game for timeless souls. It?s for people who measure the passing of moments not with seconds or minutes, but with laughs, with tears, with loves and sorrows. You see, with no clock to force the pace, there is left only the graces of humanity to fill the drama. And in those eternal moments when batter stares down pitcher, there lies elation, rapture, pure and simple joy. Or there is heartbreak; there is helplessness; there is defeat. But there is always hope. Just ask Cubs fans.

There?s one thing in particular I will always remember with as much childhood fondness as catching grasshoppers in the country field with my brother. Vin Scully, who announced Dodger games as father time himself, infinite in patience and bounty of kindness. Vin Scully, who like a jolly old grandfather so effortlessly carried the hopes of fans on his every word. For me no image of summer can ever be complete without the sound of his voice, speaking like a magic lullaby the fate of my beloved Dodgers. I can close my eyes and feel the liquid heat of august, and there?s his inviting baritone, wafting lazily through the air, full of grace. His slow, drawl-like intonations belie his New York roots, yet serve masterfully to impart his descriptions with hope and authenticity. I have no inkling of what heaven is like, but I’ll know I’m not there if after I die I don’t hear his voice kindly telling me how my Dodgers are doing.

I can never get over the feeling of purpose that I get whenever I watch a game from the stands, bare headed and bright eyed. The feeling that, if there is a God, this is the Great Purpose meant for us. To be, above all, joyful and at peace, delighting in this game with my brother rather than fighting him in arms. That in all the history of our struggles, this secret game is the glimpse of purpose and of divine hope we all desire.

It’s just amazing to me to hear about girls playing fantasy baseball. That probably sounded sexist but really, I can only think of a few women I know who even understand how the game is played.

As for myself, I agree with the majority here. Fantasy stats ruin it for me. I don’t like rooting for or against players because of their numbers. Kind of takes away from the whole ‘team’ thing.

I’m not a fantasy fan, but I am a stats fan and I found an interesting stat in which Dodger fans may want to take notice. On, Matt Kemp placed sixth among all major leaguers, sandwiched between Chipper Jones and Grady Sizemore, for runs scored per plate appearance minimum 150 at bats, which is an acceptable sample size. 18% of his plate appearance he scored a run. Of course the Cubs Theriot was first with 21 % ahead of the likes of Beltran, Pujols and Hafner.
Go Cubbies and day baseball

This is the first time I’ve played fantasy baseball, and I honestly don’t think it takes anything away from the game. I’m a Red Sox fan, and if someone on my fantasy team is playing against the Sox, I’d rather have the fantasy play go without a hit than have the Red Sox lose.

I think what fantasy sports do is widen a person’s appreciation of the game. You learn about more players than just the ones on your favorite team, and when those players play against your team, it makes it a little more interesting because if you’ve done your research you know a little more about their strengths and weaknesses.

Of course if you have money riding on your fantasy team, I imagine that changes your view a little bit. I just use the free leagues available on the Internet.

Nice blog by the way!😛

Dear Alyssa,

Good goin’ on your latest blog about Fantasy Baseball! You sure know a lot more about baseball than I do. Most of that intellectual stuff went right over my head! But I would like to contribute to the discussion by giving you my version of a baseball dream team….


ON MY DREAM TEAM, I would have the much-cliched DR. “WHO’s on First” and Rolling Stones drummer Charlie “WATT’s on Second.” To keep Charlie company, I would put another rocker on Third Base…. Sting, of the Police. He not only plays a “BASS” in his band, but, as a member of the “Police,” he could be very handy in “arresting” anybody trying to “steal” home! At SHORTstop, my “SHORT answer” would be the very SHORT “Mini-Me.” Behind the plate, I would plop Rush Limbaugh. He might not be a very good baseball player, but, by the looks of his plumpness, I can tell he is quite “at home” BEHIND THE PLATE! To fill the Outfield, I would let loose The Three Stooges…. Manny, Moe, and Jack (or whatever they are called). They would not catch many fly balls, but I would just love to see all three of them chase a fly ball at the same time and “clonk their heads” together! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! This would be a big box-office draw, for sure! On the mound, I would put a “tall” PITCHER… a tall PITCHER of refreshingly cool lemonade, for everybody to sip on while they enjoyed America’s favorite pastime in the pleasant summer’s sun!


As for the “auxiliary” personnel, these would be my choices: As ballgirl… YOU, of course, Alyssa, in one of your beautiful new “TOUCH” fashions! You are so beautiful! And, as a renaissance woman, you are proof that a woman can be BOTH beautiful and brainy! As BATboy, I would overlook the obvious choice of the “precociously pantyhosed prettyboy” Robin (of Batman fame) and instead select “Ross the Intern” from the Tonight Show. Ross obviously has much “field” experience in handling “bats”… and “balls” as well. He may even want to wear one of your TOUCH fashions. (Yechhhhhh… Perish the thought!) As “switch hitter”??? Well, that’s a tough one because there are so many good ones to choose from. Let me see… there is David Bowie, Elton John, and, oh yes…. Mike Piazza (who is not only a switch-hitter, but doubles as an “actual” baseball player as well!) In the DUGout, I would LITERALLY “stack” many of baseball’s greats! LITERALLY! Give me a shovel, and by the end of the day, I will have “DUG OUT” Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, and Mays! As manager, I would install George Castanza of Seinfeld fame. Hey, Alyssa, you are from New York; don’t you think George has paid his dues with the Yankees long enough (in all those re-runs) and finally deserves a managerial position??! And lastly, as the “Mr. Moneybags” masterminding this “Hodgepodge From ****,” I would install the quintessential team owner that people love to hate… George Steinbrenner! (Ditto of the Yankees).

Still trying to separate “Fantasy from Reality” and most definitely…”Out of TOUCH”!!!


Alyssa, love the new line, I’m hoping eventually you’ll expand the brand to include other MLB teams like the Rangers etc. And maybe cross your clothing line into other sports as well. I’m just so excited to see how you’ve handled the business, grown up in the public eye and really spreading your wings socially, economically, environmentally as well as in other areas of tv/film. Best wishes in all that you do. Just saw your youthful essence & veet commercials… you seem to be everywhere! Good luck!

Hey Alyssa,

I love the new line!! it’s awesome…just like you. MAy I ask…is there going to be anything for Orioles?? or is it just for the West Division? I Love safesearching! and i constantly post on your board! you are so nice and caring! THANK YOU FOR MAKING SOMETHING THAT WASN”T PINK!! I swear if i have to wear one more pink ravens jerseys… I think i’ll cry! jk

XoX Samantha

Alyssa, Please remember that 99% of us enjoy reading your enlightening Blog, so try not to let comments from idiots like gardenstate get you down! As for Fantasy Baseball, I was impressed you knew all about the CDM lawsuit! The judge got it right IMO, because facts in and of themselves are not subject to copyright. If you ever decide to try some fantasy Baseball, you will find it an interesting intellectual challenge. It is rare for us men to get a female perspective on baseball, so keep up the great work. Your Blog is very well written and entertaining.


Hey Alyssa,
Great to see you on here and sharing your love for the game with the rest of us, even if it is the Dodgers. Just kidding. It could be worse…you could be a Cubs fan.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I’ve been a fan of yours for a while, although I became a fan of yours when you were “Sam”.

Like you, I read through often, and the other day I ran across the interview they had with you about *touch*. Wonderful idea. (Only made better by your inclusion of the Cardinals in your first line.) In fact, I don’t know how far you’re willing to take the brand, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some fashionable men’s alternatives to the standard “Property of…” t-shirts and other lines that make guys look a)like a tourist, or b)very very dorky. Just a thought.

Anyways, keep up the great work with the line, as well as your blog. It’s refreshing to such a talented, beautiful female celebrity share something personal in her life, especially when it’s something as cool as baseball. Ignore those trying to bring you down. Since they are either still going through puberty or still living in mom’s basement, they feel the need to drag other people down with them.

ALYSSA! I challenge you to a throwdown! One Giants fan versus YOU, the Dodger Bum!

Read it baby! It’s on!

Hey Alyssa

I think you’re absolutely right although I can only speak from my own experience with a different sport (football aka soccer it’s as huge here as baseball is in the States) for me sports is all about the things you mentioned it’s a family thing I grew up watching my favorite team with my dad as well he always took me to games (from amateurs to professional, I even played it for about ten years and I still would if I didn’t have an injury but anyways)

We have fantasy football as well but I think it’s not as big overhere as fantasy baseball is in your country I once tried to put up a team but I didn’t really like it, besides I had to put in players from teams I can’t stand.

Our season is almost over next sunday is the last match it’s really exciting because everything can still happen and that’s the magic in every sport no matter how many money goes around anything can still happen until the last wistle in my case or the last “out” in your case. I hope one day I can visit the states and catch a game that would be awesome. Anyways I love reading your blog it proves that girls know as much about sports as guys know (sometimes even more ;))

Hope you’ll write soon!



p.s Before this blog I was a big fan but right now my admiration for you just keeps on rising I really love this blog you seem to have a lot of insight in the game and you’re really funny as well it just proves to me that I wasn’t wrong about you so thanks for that!

PPS I would like to ask a question I don’t really know much about baseball as it’s not really popular in my country but we do have a sport called softball and I think it’s very much like baseball so my question is do you know this sport and if so do you know what difference there is between softball and baseball?

Oh and please bring out Touch in Europe, eventhough baseball isn’t as popular here I think there are people who play baseball since we have a national team and from what I’ve seen they’re not that bad (at least I think they won some games) besides your clothing is very fashionable and I think a lot of women would wear it even though they don’t know anything/a lot about baseball..

Dodger History: Branch Rickey was responsible or credited for the introduction of the use of numbers in baseball.

Holy ****, you have a lot of comments! I only get 2-5 for each post! I guess a lot of people read your blog. A lot.

I’m still here, Alyssa. I’ve torn off my shirt and am shadow boxing… just waiting for you to take the bait! Let’s throw down! The SF-LA series in Chavez Ravine determines who’s paying for dinner at The Ivy! I’ll even let you buy me lunch! The challenge is on!



Alyssa, I’ve had a boyhood crush on you ever since you appeared in Blink 182’s “Josie” video (those were the good ol days). I found a link to this blog through another and finding out that you are a huge baseball fan instantly doubles your attractiveness.

I actually first heard about your TOUCH line when you appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show around opening day. I think it’s great that you are designing a line of clothing for women who love baseball because it’s something that hasn’t existed before. Plus, if you can bring more female fans to the game through your line then more power to you.

We may not be a huge market, but the Twins have a pretty large national following due to their small market status and their ability to play small ball. They also have Joe Mauer who 87% of females probably find attractive. I do understand that you need to be selective in the start-up of your clothing line, but think of us when you expand the line.

In response to your fantasy baseball post, I’m doing it for the second time this year. It’s a lot of fun, but quite addicting. Your hesitation because of having to cheer for “your” team and individual performances rather than the love of the game is right on. Last night I was rooting for Sizemore to hit a home run even though Johan Santana is my favorite plauer…ugh.

Keep up the good work though. I would love to see a Twins-Dodgers World Series.

Go Twins!


Hey Alyssa

I am a female baseball fan and its good to have a female baseball view on it. I am like you not a stat head just love the sport. I am also one of the few female British Baseball fans around so i am in the minority over here. Loving the clothing line i might get some sent over to the UK. Keep up the good work for the female baseball fans around the world.

Go Yanks

Jan in Glasgow

Hi Alyssa, first I have to say that I am a big fan of yours and that you are a terrific writer. I can tell you definitely have a passion for baseball. I am a Braves fan, but coming into the year I really thought the Dodgers would win the West. They’re clearly the best in that division, and I am cheering for them as well as the braves this year.

As far as your hesitancy to participate in fantasy baseball, I know exactly how you feel. When I first started two years ago, I thought it would take away from my love for the game and the braves and make me focus on individual stats. But for me, it hasn’t been that way so far. I really try to put a solid team on my roster, but I also make a big attempt to draft the best braves players each year. That way I can continue to cheer for the braves, and, at the same time hope for my fantasy team to do well. However, it is always a distant second to my love for the braves and the game of baseball itself.

As an example, I have Jose Reyes on my team, and he is, of course, on the rival Mets. When he comes up in a big situation with runners on base, I still hope that he strikes out. My dislike for the Mets doesn’t change anything. I also have to face a braves pitcher once and a while, and there is no doubt that I want him to go a complete game shutout with 10 K’s despite it really hurting my fantasy team. When approaching fantasy baseball, just make it a distant second to your love for the Dodgers and you should have a lot of fun. Also, put Dodgers players high up on your draft priorities and you will have a lot of fun rooting for them when watching their games everyday. This year, my team has 8 braves players (along with Garciaparra) and I am near the top of my league. It’s just a fun way to manage your own team of assorted players. But it never will outweigh your love for your team.

I hope this helps you make a decision. Keep up the blog; you are a great writer, and I love reading about someone who loves the game like I do.

Alyssa, I’m a big fan of yours and the Dodgers. I love your BLOG. You are a talented and insightful writer and I’ll keep reading. Great job!

Well, my uncle is really into fantasy baaseball, and I think that it somewhat has an affect on how he looks at baseball. But I think it depends on the person who participates in fantasy baseball, because some people love the game so much that it wouldn’t change the way they viewed the game. If i ever got into fantasy baseball, i don’t think it would change my persepective on the game, because I love baseball too much. But like i said before, I guess it really depends on who the person is, and how much they love the game of baseball. –The Astros are my team, but I have to say..the Dodgers are looking pretty good so far. dang.🙂

I have to agree with Alyssa on this one. When us women watch baseball were not into the “scores” or the “contest” that the men really care about. Were interested in what?s going on all around it.
I myself went to a game recently and I kept asking questions to find out what was going on… my brother got annoyed and told me “the only thing we care about is if the Philly?s win” which to me didn’t fit well with me at all. It?s an exciting thing to watch but I like to take in every thing I can learn form it. Just like when I am at new places I always ask questions and look around and take in as much info as people can tell me. I met an elderly person walking home from school one day. She was carrying an old coat it looked to be from the 1950?s and I asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was going to the thrift shop to sell it because her husband had died a couple years ago. She told me about her life and I took in as much information as I could because it was interesting to me. So yes I agree with Alyssa, us woman take in and learn as much as we can. Men just care who wins and who goes home.. well most do any ways.


You are so articulate, i would have enjoyed reading that even if it was not about baseball. anyway kudos to you!

p.s. i love you

p.p.s. keep writing

Alyssa: YOU JINXED US!!!!

(We’ll still finish on top)

thanks for the great blog alyssa. & thanks for the link as i missed it🙂. Most of the haters are away now so u won’t need therapy lol.🙂 xxx

Great Giants game last night, no?😉

I just heard the interview. I love it. I am sooo happy that the female baseball fan has a voice. though I can’t myself be called a fan yet I think I am getting there.

Hey Alyssa,

How are you? I’m so happy to hear you’re a Dodger fan. I LOVE the Dodgers as well. I’m a female fan as well and it’s nice to hear you’re passionate about them b/c so am I. LOL!!! I can relate.🙂 I don’t live near the LA area but I try to make it to a couple of games every year at Dodger stadium….in fact I was there April 20th when they played the Pirates. (They won 10-2)

I wish I could’ve gone to the April 21st game as well. (I’m a big RUSSELL MARTIN fan) I’m sure you know what happened that day.🙂 (Walk-off Grand Slam by RM)

I go to San Francisco everytime the Dodgers are in town since I live in the Bay Area. You’ve gotta support the BLUE CREW everywhere they go right.🙂 We beat the Padres in 17 innings today….it was a nailbiter but I’m glad we got the W.

Take Care Alyssa. I’m looking forward to your future blogs. Last but not least…..GO DODGERS 2007!!!

Bleeding Dodger Blue in NorCal,


I’m a die hard Kansas City Royals fan, sometimes it’s really hard and sometimes I really want to die. I grew up on a farm in western kansas and nothing made my day go better than listening to George Brett get a game winning homer against the dreaded Yankees on the radio of my John Deere green tractor. I consider myself a purist or traditionalist when it comes to my view of baseball. Nothing I do ever takes me away from my roots of home team love. In fact I throw up in my mouth a little with the sheer thought of evil empire pinstripes.

This being said I’m also a fantasy baseball junkie. I’ve found that it has increased my love of the game and made me appreciate players abilities more. You can separate the two and remain loyal to the tradition and love of games at the stadium. You might find yourself up until wee hours of the night struggling to decide who to play at the hot corner the next day, but with a little help from my friends rum and diet coke that is part of the fun. It may take some work, but I never ever root for one of my fantasy players against my Royals. Although ironically enough they always seem to fair quite well against my boys in powder blue.

If you feel the urge to take the plunge into fantasy baseball nirvana, look us up in one of the listener leagues. We are here to help. If feel a little bit like a pusher on a street corner, but fantasy baseball feels good, is good, and good for you too.

As far as fantasy baseball companies monetarily reimbursing players for statistics, it is an interesting proposition. I tend to view statistics as a form of advertisement. It has brought every player greater financial rewards by increasing MLB’s fan base. After the strike, fantasy baseball was a key contributor to bringing fans back.

So think about it. Come over to the dark side and fulfill a fantasy or two while your at it.


Garden City, KS

I tried Fantasy Baseball a few years ago and hated it for exactly the reasons you stated. I found myslef obsessing over stats instead of enjoying the game. Then, to make matters worse, every once in a while, my batters would hit home runs off of my pitchers. I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad.

I learned my lesson. One year of Fantasy Baseball was too much for me and I have refused to do it since then.

Fantasy Sports, in general, are an enjoyable hobby. They allow participants to play the role of GM and to have ADDED fun to their existing enjoyment of the game. Because of fantasy sports, my children have a greater appreciation of MLB, in general, and a greater understanding of the sport of baseball. One still cheers for the Red Sox (even against his own team) and the other still cheers for the Cardinals (even against his own team). What Fantasy Sports does, however, is give them relationships with a lot of OTHER out of market teams so that they will actually watch any baseball game that is on. As a result, they (and I) really feel that we have personal relationships with a lot of teams — not just our favorite teams. It makes baseball much more meaningful for us all. If one cannot separate the emotional value of wanting one team to win above all others, with the intellectual exercise of Fantasy Sports, one misses the point!

hi alyssa i have faith
that the dodgers and the redsox will play the big game of baseball and well since i am a fan of both its going to be a fantastic game-:)

light and love to you alyssa

signed melody

and your most loyal fan.

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