Zen and the Art of Baseball


This is when we rally together. I had written a draft of this entry where I criticized everything from Pierre still batting second (move Martin to that slot IMO), to Kent looking like he has a piano strapped to his back when he runs.

But I?m not going to go there.

It?s easy for even the most optimistic to get negative after watching yesterday?s game, to see the specific flaws instead of the whole picture (kind of like when you look in the mirror and only see the zit on your chin even though it takes up a miniscule part of your whole freaking face). But I am going to make a conscious decision to stay positive, at least for the time being and with this entry.

Love it or hate it, this is our team. Our outfield, our manager, our LOB #?s, our lack of power. It?s all ours. And whether you?re Yankees fans, Cubs fans or Dodgers fans, we have all shared this feeling. We are all the same.

Our respective rosters are made up of men. Just men. And yes, they have bad days.

The outfielder misses the catch and can?t find his comfort zone.

The ump misses the call at second.

The batter misses the squeeze play.

The reliever blows the game.

The batter strikes out looking for the third out with the bases loaded.

The GM overestimates.

The manager puts in the PH three batters too late or leaves his pitcher in too long.

Every fan of baseball has felt exactly what we, as Dodgers fans, are feeling right now. And I don?t know about you, but I find solace in that.

?Whenever I see an erring man, I say to myself I have also erred . . .?
? Gandhi

?If the world were perfect, it wouldn?t be.?
? Yogi Berra


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Yes..yesterday’s game was very unfortunate! But..yes, this is our team…GO DODGERS…:) and thank you for the Touch apparel….:)

I was disappointed that the Dodges lost yestday game.When I flip though the channels and notices the Braves VS. Dodges I decide to watch they 2-1 in the 5th inning. I was able to watch game on TBS, in new york. This was the second time I watch the Dodges played. I had to do some Stuff so, I couldn’t finsh watching the game, today I check mlb and the lost by 2. thats just wrong. Hope they do better tonight.

Hello Alyssa!
Im just read your post… And I love the 2 quotes that you mention! I think it is totally true!

I want to say you that after read your blogs Im trying to learn a little bit more about Baseball, because Im from Europe and I have no idea about it! ;p Sorry!

So I have to say you that Im so impress about how many you know about this game, you are so great!

I feel that this game is so excited! I like it!!!

And how I said to some Doggers fan in SS, I love when all af you say: “GO BLUE”!!!

Thanks so much Alyssa for make my happy!


Bonsoir again,

Im glad to see that you found time to watch the game. Positive thinking “miss Milano”, they are just men ;-))))

Tembrasse fort,


Hi Alyssa –

Thank you for the intelligently written and insightful blog entries. They never fail to entertain me, or to illustrate to me you bleed Dodger Blue just like I do.

Today, you practically read my mind with regards to criticism and the art of being human. When I thought about my personal criticisms of our team, manager, performances, etc., I decided to deal myself a dose of reality and take a look at the standings.


After all the bad calls, missed plays, questionable decisions, and basic mistakes, we’re still in FIRST PLACE.

Playing poorly, we’re in FIRST PLACE.

Making mistakes, we’re in FIRST PLACE.

Leaving men on base, we’re in FIRST PLACE.

No power hitter, we’re in FIRST PLACE.

Let’s face it, our manager, coaches, and GM will make the correct adjustments and personnel decisions as this young season weaves its way through the dog days of summer. They have never given a reason to think they won’t.

Our team is young, and our team executives have put together a first-place team in a very short period of time.

After reading your blog, I say any true Dodgers fan should take a deep breath, enjoy the feeling of being in first place, and look forward to watching our team evolve into a true force in baseball, once its full potential is realized.



Although I appreciate the perspective, I would have to disagree with moving Martin up to bat second. Yes, Pierre is not hitting to the capacity we as fans are expecting him too, but moving Martin up to the two spot would only create a deficit in the latter part of the line up. If our line up is deep in the 5-6-7 spots, the potential for scoring runs is much greater all around. Especially when those spots are leading off in different innings. Moreover, Pierre has never hit over .300 so he is actually performing as he typically would for any other ball club.

The dilemma with the bases loaded must be addressed and I’m glad you are voicing this issue. It’s safe to say all of us are on the same page about that.

Although the bullpen blew it this weekend, they are still one of the best bullpens in the Majors. That’s definitely one thing we have to stay positive about.

By the way…it’s refreshing to read another woman’s perspective on the game and see that she actually knows what she’s talking about!! Us girls need to stick together😉


Yes, but as a Pirates fan I experience each and every one of those frustrations every single game.


Hmmm… Moving Martin up to second Sounds good to me.

You are so right positive thinking I’m sure those in charge will get things going soon.


Thoughtful post. But keep in mind there is a fine line between accepting reality and complacency. First place is a wonderful place to be in May, but it doesn’t matter til October.


Pierre needs to be traded for a 50 lb. sack of potatoes.

It’d have a better OBP, that’s for sure.

Nice post! There is certainly solace in knowing that every baseball fan, regardless of what city their loyalties are tied to, understands the pain of a muffed ground ball that leads to 3 unearned runs or a fly ball lost in the sun that turns certain victory on its head. That being said, I think it would be much harder to be a fan of a team that is embroiled in losing culture where even the joy of a new season is tainted with the sad realization that the team doesn’t have much of a chance. At least as Dodger fans we can genuinely hope that this is THE year, where (to stay with your zen theme) the planets will allign and the Dodgers will find themselves standing alone in the twilight of October. Go Blue!

Well said Alyssa.

Sports fans have a tendency to not see the forest for the trees. Baseball fans in particular jump all over a guy who?s gets off to a bad start. But you don?t have to be in a slump to post a bad batting average for 50-100 Abs. The guy could be hitting in bad luck. And if his backup is hitting .350 coming off the bench in maybe 30 Abs, the fans want the bench player to start even though the starter has a much better track over an extended period of time.

Another problem is fans who want a player to fit into a certain style of play. I?m an Astros fan, and Astros generally are sick of Morgan Ensberg because he hits for a low average and hasn?t hit with power since May of last year. Yet, the guy is very good at getting on base, and that has a lot of value. But because third basemen are supposed to hit homers, his great on base skills are not valued. The smarter fans are the ones who recognize the weaknesses of a player like Ensberg while appreciating the qualities he does bring to the team.

Old Dog, New Tricks

I have been following your blog and find your knowledge and passion for the sport impressive. I have also gained a greater appreciation of the strangely demanding role American society has come to expect of its athletics and participating athletes. Because of your passionate blog entries, my interest in the sport of Baseball has been renewed.

I had not watched a baseball game since the Royals won the World Series in 1985. That puts me quite a distance behind the times. I have been trying to follow along with today’s players, strategies, and statistics, but am starting to feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the sport’s strategic challenges and the reference materials that address those challenges.

You have stated that you learned the finer points of the sport from your dad, but have you ever read that one perfect book about baseball that you would recommend to a “Jill-come-lately” showing a genuine interest in the sport? Or, perhaps your followers could offer some assistance to us “Jill?s,” if you ask them. Thanks for your anticipated support and as long as you keep blogging, I will keep reading!


I know we can’t trade him yet but soon we can get rid of him(Juan for four) and swallow maybe 3 mill a year and trade him along with their pick of Tomko, Stultz, Houlton, and Delwyn Young for something useful while plugging in Kemp in CF. Now that would be a good line-up! (Now we just need to find a place for Loney)

SS Furcal

C Martin (great contact hitter)

1B Nomar

2B Kent (ugh)

LF Gonzo

CF Kemp

3B LaRoche

RF Ethier

@ Erica…

Juan Pierre has hit over .300 four out of seven MLB seasons

@ Alyssa…

Did you wake up this morning with a zit on your chin ?

That’s quite alright, we’re all human — Just make sure to clean the mirror :-j

Gotta love the Yogisms…Here are a few of my favorites…

~~~ “You give a hundred percent in the first half of the game, and if that isn’t enough,

in the second half you give what’s left.”

~~~ Carmen Berra: “Yogi, I went to see Dr. Zhivago today.”

Yogi: “Now what’s wrong with you?”

~~~ Larry Berra to his father: “Hey, Dad, the man is here for the venetian blind.”

Yogi: Well, go in my pocket and give him a couple of bucks for a donation and get rid of him.

~~~ On being asked why Johnny Bench hit more home-runs than he did:

“Most of his home-runs were hit on artificial turf.”

~~~ On Yogi Berra appreciation day in St. Louis 1947:

“I want to thank you all for making this day necessary.”

~~~ On why the Yankees lost the 1960 series to Pittsburgh:

“We made too many wrong mistakes.”

~~~ On being asked his cap size at the beginning of spring training.

“I don’t know, I’m not in shape.”

~~~ “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Perhaps my very favorite…

~~~ On being told by the wife of New York Mayor John V. Lindsay that he looked cool despite the heat:

“You don’t look so hot, either.”

And most popular…

~~~ “It’s deja vu all over again.”



I know exactly what you mean. Although I didn’t see the Dodgers game yesterday I saw that they lost 4-6 to Florida. But I did watch the tail end of the Mariners/Yankees game and yes, the Mariners were shut out. I was very frusterated. It’s like we couldn’t do anything right. But one thing I was ok with was that even though we were losing 4-0 in the 7th or 8th inning our manager put in a relief pitcher that was pulled up from AAA that morning. And even though he dug himself into a 1-out-bases-loaded hole our manager let him figure out how to get himself out of it and I thought that was good because there is no use getting upset over something that was going to happen no matter what relief you put in there. And I think the kid did a very good job. As far as I can remember he didn’t allow any runs so I was okay with it.

So that whole story for just saying that I like your positive spin on the whole thing.

Love always,


(donoho from SS)

Interesting. It IS a time to rally together, of course. Close ranks. Circle the wagons!(since they ARE playing the Braves, I just HAD to, sorry)

Here’s my theory: We have holes in the outfield, and a hole at 3rd base. Trade Perre, Betemit & Anderson to Arizona for Eric Byrnes. We get an arm in the outfield, and some pop in the lineup. For their part, AZ gets a young 3BMan in Betemit, a veteran outfielder in Pierre (with wheels) and a veteran pinch-hitter/utility man in Anderson. They are chock full of outfielders, but no viable pinch-hitters. This fills their needs and ours.

I’m not talking about a fire sale here people, just taking care of the things that will continue to plague us and may get worse in the long run. We have great kids. We keep Kemp, Ethier, LaRoche & Loney. Bring up Loney and convert him into a 3rd baseman. Leave Nomar at first. Byrnes would play CF.

Here’s my line-up, in that scenario:

SS Furcal

CF Byrnes

2B Kent

1B Garciaparra

LF Gonzo

RF Ethier

3B Loney/LaRoche

C Martin (don’t scream here people, it’s about helping the bottom of the linep)

As a side note, I have to say thanks to Alyssa for the *touch* clothing line. Women buy fan gear, too! And thanks for not making it pink!🙂

I saw on tv that the Dodgers lost, and it made me frustrated, because the teams i root for in every sport havn’t been doing so great. First Dallas lost(basketball), then the Rockets lost, Then Oscar De La Hoya lost (boxing), And then the Dodgers lost.😦 –Anyways though, i liked this blog alot, because i think what you said is true, and not just in baseball but in every sport. Seeing how all my teams lost, it still dosn’t stop me from loving that team. Oh, and great quotes. You can never go wrong by quoting the wise Gandhi, his words always have meaningful definitions. Well thanks for posting your blog. Good luck with everything.🙂

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there, “moneyball” aficionados. Trade Pierre? Comparing Pierre to a sack of potatoes? The guy is leading the Dodgers in hits, runs, and has more than twice the stolen bases as the next guy, who happens to be our catcher, who has 5 (!) He’s a big reason the Dodges are in first place. Yeah, he needs to walk more. But he rarely strikes out, and is an artist with the bat. Every time you turn on a game, he’s making something happen, getting into scoring position, getting the pitcher preoccupied, etc. Why do you think Nomar’s hitting through the roof with runners in scoring position? Because that runner is most often Juan Pierre, threatening to steal third or make it to home even on a hard-hit single. (Yeah, and Nomar’s not a bad hitter).

On top of all this, the guy is a relentless competitor, doesn’t get hurt, and has played a huge part in winning a World Series. Alyssa, ask the guys on the team what they think of Pierre. (By the way, I don’t disagree with your idea of moving Martin to 2nd. In fact, I’d drop Furcal down to 7th until he gets his groove back).


We love reading your posts, but this one especially hit home. You probably know that the Washington Nationals are off to a really rough start.

As Nats fans, our biggest challenge is staying positive. We realize that your team is always your team, win or lose and while those tough errors sting, they don’t really distract from loving the game.

Reading your list of struggles, we had no choice but to reflect on our own.

At the end of last season, our right fielder accidently smashed the first baseman’s femur in a on-field collison. He’s still recovering.

Our LOB% is one of the highest in the league, due to a weak bench.

“The reliever blows the game”…and so does our Closer…a lot.

We can’t even talk about strike-outs and errors.

We traded a rising star for a falling one.

Despite a handful of really talented players (Zimmerman, Kearns, Church, Lopez…) we can’t ever seem to get it all together during one game.

But at the end of the day, we have a team full of talented, respectable, team-oriented players who we love to cheer on regardless of the boxscore.

Our motto?

You gotta have heart

All ya really need is heart

When the odds are sayin you’ll never win,

that’s when the grin should start. (The Washington Senators in **** Yankees)


Three Girls with Heart


Hi Alyssa. Happy to see you thinking positive after some of the past few series have got you down. I find myself having to look at the standings often to feel better about the situation.

It’s funny, it seems that now that we’ve had a couple of tastes of the postseason over the past three years, we’re as crazed as the Yankees fans were last year. “What, A-Rod only hit 2 for 4?!! Get that bum outta here!!!” I know my future mother-in-law (a Yanks fan from New England) was about ready to burn her A-Rod jersey by September.

I see us Dodgers fans getting the same way, judging Pierre on 4 weeks of baseball, some even asking for Grady or Ned’s head (?!!). How soon we forget Bob Daly, or Kevin Malone’s empty predictions of LA-NY World Series’. And the wound from DePodesta’s fire sale of a 2004 club who was 17 games in first is still too sore to fully grasp, and we paid for it last October when Lo Duca, Green, and half of the ex-Dodger Mets spanked the blue soundly and sent them to bed.

I guess it’s in our collective blue blood, though, inherited from those Brooklyn fans who loved their bums as they chastized them. “Hey, The Dodgers got three men on base!” “Yeah, which base?”. After all, with most teams, “bums” isn’t really a term of endearment.

Seeing as you’ve posted a couple of great quotes (and sorry Yogi, Jackie was SAFE!), I’ll post an appropriate one.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

(as long as we’re moving slowly atop the NL West pack, I don’t care how slowly we move, just stay there!)

San Francisco Giants fan here.😀

Every team goes through their ups and downs, I have to agree with you on that. It was horrible watching the Giants struggle in the beginning of the season, but they are doing better now. They also had FOUR errors during Saturday’s game vs. the Phillies. Argh. But I love them to death, win or lose. You love your Blue as much as I love my Black and Orange!!



Baseball season is a long one, I hope you’ll recover from the mistakes. As ajs.folks says, you’re still in first place.

@Lau: Yes, please learn things about baseball, because it’s a lovely game. I also am from Europe, but I went through the process of understanding baseball (although maybe not at the same level as an american who just breathes baseball eight days a week, hehe), and never have looked back🙂

Back to Alyssa: Good luck with your movie, and good luck with your LA team. (Yes, I’ll call them Los Angeles, because that should be unambiguous, grrrrr)

Alyssa, i can understand your fustration. Of courese, what do you expect when some of the Dodgers are former DEVIL RAYS? Oh well. One more point from Yogi, which all ballplayers, even actresses (:P) can understand- “They pay cash, which is just as good as money!”

Hi Alyssa,

It’s nice that you didn’t call any Dod a dud.

Although I do have to say it would be a lot more entertaining to see a baseball game where all of the players did run the bases wearing grand pianos.

Did you see Deal last night? The contestant set a new record, leaving the stage with just a dollar.

But these are all just games. Nobody can win without someone else losing. And whichever way the coin lands, everyone ends the day in a place with food, water, clothing, and shelter.

Yet in the permanent and unstoppable games of world politics and the rise and fall of nations, this is hardly the rule. While the day to day dynamics of trying to write a better tomorrow take on all of the same nervous tension, adventure, hope, defeat, and uncertainty experienced by those sitting in the stands.

So don’t be nervous or upset. It’s just baseball. When we can be upset about our home team losing it is a gift. Hundreds of millions have nowhere near such luxuries, or any luxuries at all.

The unstoppable game of making their world a better place is always available before us, to be played or reset at any time of any day. And nobody ever loses.



You’re neglecting the fact he is a liability defensively, his OBP is very low, and he also has the most CS’s on the team. His play defensively moreso than offensively is a liability we cannot afford with Gonzo also in the OF with a weak arm.

This is Pierre to Me:

Singles Hitter, Good Bunter, Low OBP, Low SB% but lots of SB’s and speed, HORRIBLE defensive instincts, good range in CF, HORRIBLE ARM,

* The ump misses the call at second.
* The reliever blows the game.

* The batter strikes out looking for the third out with the bases loaded.

* The GM overestimates.

This pretty much sums up the night for the Yankees vs. the Mariners on Monday night!

Either way…Go Yankees!

you have got to love a women who quotes Yogi! great comments today, 162 game schedule is a long time and we may very well have to use all on the major league roster as well as all of AAA before it’s over. think positive, think win,think BLUE. been a dodger since the fifties and have see it a lot worse than this.

“Every fan of baseball has felt exactly what we, as Dodgers fans, are feeling right now. And I don?t know about you, but I find solace in that.”

God do i love this woman. ;o)

pffft, come on woman. screw positive. positive will get us second in the standings. constructively critical is what wins penants. staying positive would have your beloved Meat still in the lineup, and the way Andy LaRoche is playing, nothx to that.

Yesterday was unfortunate, but we lost to a great two-out teams. I don’t mind Tsao giving up some runs to a great time. I just wish it was 5, esp. when he’d be perfect all year. Yet thinking back there was really nothing I could criticize about his pitch selection. The braves just hit him, and hats off to them. He’ll make the adjustment and get them out next time, cuz the Dodgers’ pitching staff is unbelieveable, esp. Penny tonight.


What is hitting in bad luck? Hitting with runners on second and third with two outs instead of one out? So a hitter like D Lee, Helton, Upton, Guerrero, Holiday etc.. who is at the other extreme of 100 at bats .414 -.363 must be hitting in good luck, according to your argument.

Furthermore, I would say that a bad batting average is .220 over 100 at bats. So 22 hits in 100 plate appearances. Bad luck in 78 plate appearances? But I think your point is a player can turn things around don’t judge him on 100 at bats and you are right about that. A guy hitting .300 over that same span only has 8 more hits.

If you’re saying bad luck is a liner being snagged by Omar Vizquel, what about the bloopers that fall in somewhere between the right fielder and first baseman.

There’s no such thing as luck, these guys are great athletes. They catch the liners because this is what they have been preparing for all their lives. Take the pitchers for example, they were most definitely the best athletes at their high schools, leagues and colleges growing up and they have trouble hitting major league pitching. They look silly for the most part and they are great athletes. It is just a difficult sport to play.


Kemp is a stud and you have to put him at the top of the order. He’ll get on base and score runs. He was sixth in the league last year in runs scored per plate appearance. 166 at bats is a large enough sample to be reliable.

Stoneyspring you know your baseball. I don’t think the Dodgers brought the veterans here in the off season to just trade them away. Historically Pierre gets better as the season goes on. He is always a threat to score from second base on any kind of hit. When you are the a team like the Dodgers good young prospects can always be used to get a great proven player. Trade the Yanks a couple young prospects for AROD and ship Furcal elsewhere in a three team deal.
What sounds better, making a trade that brings you AROD and you still have Pierre at the top or try and fit Ethier, Kemp, Loney, LaRoche, Young and the Veterans into 8 spots? Or maybe not Arod but a solid closer. for a prospect?

Hi Alyssa, I just can’t get into the technical side of baseball. I have to say I’m a little surprised at your technical knowledge and interest in this part of the game. Is it really part of your character? Anyway I think it’s great that the Dodgers are in first place. I think they started off even hotter last year but as we all know it isn’t how you start that is most important but how you finish that matters the most. I find it hard to believe any of the Dodgers would look like they have a piano strapped to their back when they run. I share your view however that Dodger or no Dodger we are all human an highly prone to making errors. It requires a huge amount of grace to allow humans to be the fallen creatures that we are. Thank God he has provided an escape from these bodies of death we are all living in through Jesus Christ the Lord! Anyway Alyssa how is it going filming your new movie? You know we all want to know. What do you think about Paris Hilton being sentenced to 45 days in jail? Do you think she will have to go? If she does, I’m pretty sure she’ll be ok afterwards but I’m sure it will be tough for her if she does have to go. We all love you Alyssa, never forget.



Thanks for keeping us honest and putting things into perspective with the wisdom of Gandhi. I’m sure it must be easy for you to relate to the ballplayers because you have always had to perform in front of millions as well.

I am a carpenter and it’s great to receive praise for the work you performed. But I’m not good at all things carpentry and criticism is tough to deal with. I can’t imagine having millions of people to critique my work.

Dam I love how much knowledge you have about baseball, and especially about the Dodgers! Now if you said you knew just about as much as golf or that you play golf, I think I would have to marry you. That’s my perfect woman, likes the Dodgers and plays golf.

Hi Alyssa,

Red Sox Nation know that feeling all too well:

It’s October 1946, Ted Williams hits only .200 and Enos Slaughter scores the winning run in Game 7 of the World Series all the way from First.

It’s October 1948, and the Indians win the AL Pennant in a one-game playoff.

It’s October 1967, and the Impossible Dream evaporates at the hands of Bob Gibson.

It’s October 1975, and the magic from Fisk’s home run fades away in the reality of a Game 7 loss to the Reds.

It’s October 1978, and a light-hitting infielder who would only amass 40 home runs over a 12-year career hits one that just clears the Wall.

It’s October 1986, and after three consecutive base hits and a wild pitch, the ball goes through Buckner’s legs.

It’s October 2003, and Aaron Boone hammers a Tim Wakefield knuckleball that didn’t dance.

It’s October 2004, and the Yankees hammer the Red Sox 19-8 to go up 3-0 in the ALCS,

But we all keep watching because the story doesn’t always have to end the same way:

It’s September 1967, and Carl Yastrzemski carries the team on his back as the Red Sox come out on top in a four-team pennant race on the last weekend of the Season.

It’s October 1978, and a fly ball richocets off the left field foul pole, ending the greatest World Series game ever played.

It’s October 2004, and Dave Roberts steals the biggest base of his life, David Ortiz wins two games over 24 hours, Curt Schilling pitches hurt twice, and a Curse evaporates.

I see we’re not talking about Penny’s game last night, but if you won’t, I will. 14K in 7 innings, first Dodger pitcher to do that since Chan Ho Park in 2000. First Dodger pitcher to have 14K and NO WALKS since Sandy Koufax. He’s 4-0 with an ERA of under 1.50 in seven starts. I know that most Dodger fans have Brad Penny issues, whether it’s because he was involved in the LoDuca trade or because of his temper last year… I personally think it’s refreshing to see some passion on the field. After Drew and Lofton, I forgot what it looked like for players to care… But everyone has to be impressed with what he has done this year, because it has been impressive. Hopefully the Dodgers have finally stopped shopping Penny and started supporting him, because he is the best pitcher they’ve got.

b.hom: “It’s October 1978, and a fly ball richocets off the left field foul pole, ending the greatest World Series game ever played.” …I think you mean October 1975, Game 6, Fisk.

For the record, I don’t mean you Alyssa, who isn’t talking about Penny. I mean everyone… for some reason, he doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves from this town.

hi alyssa
can you believe the roger clemens

is rejoining the yankees

oh good luck for the dogers on winning the penent.

signed melody.

mlblogosphere: “…I think you mean October 1975, Game 6, Fisk.”

I sure did – the dangers of too much cut and paste (that, and I’m still trying to drive out that memory of BFD’s home run after all these years)!

Steve wrote:

“Furthermore, I would say that a bad batting average is .220 over 100 at bats. So 22 hits in 100 plate appearances. Bad luck in 78 plate appearances?”

Steve, you don’t have to be unlucky in 78 at bats. Using 100 ab bats as an example, if you were unlucky just 6 times, you would drop from a .280 hitter down to a .220 hitter.

And my point is that over 100 or so at bats, there will be a lot of variation in player performance. Some of this may be poor play, but some isn’t. One thing to look at is Batting Average on Balls in Play. The league average is around .300. If you have a guy who is way above or below that, luck is one possible explanation.

To My Blue Blooded Cohorts:

We need not worry just yet. A couple years ago when Steve Finley played for the crew he was asked about his famed streakiness as a hitter and he replied by saying that he wasn’t streaky at all because he was hitting very consistently. It’s just that sometimes the ball finds the gaps, sometimes it doesn’t.

Our boys are 5th in the majors in strikeouts committed with 170 (Florida is in last place with a ******** 278). This is the reason why we’re in first place still and thus don’t have a reason to worry just yet… the boys are hitting the ball!!! Sometimes they fall sometimes they don’t. So long as they keep putting the ball in play, the way they have been doing, the rest is all up to pitching.

P.S. For the record the other four team ahead of the Dodgers are playoff contenders with exception to St. Louis, and if it weren’t for their pitching situation they would be contenders too!!!

@ lvproduction:

you are right…he did hit .300 for four seasons. I mis-read his stats. But these are low .300 numbers and it’s only 4 out 8 season’s he’s hit .300.

What I’m trying to say is he’s performing as he should. It’s disheartening to see so many fans against him when he’s actually doing well! Another poster had mentioned A-Rod nearly getting skinned alive by Yankee fans because he wasn’t “performing” either, when in fact he was hitting well over .300 with plenty of homers under his belt.

The consensus here seems that moving Martin to the 2 spot is a good idea. I still think it’s not the most logical choice. Believe me, I am a HUGE Russell Martin fan, which is why I think he should stay where he’s at. He’s producing very well in this spot.

Ultimately, the team is doing very well. I know we all (including myself) tend to over-react when we have a bad day. Believe me, when the ump made a bad call on La Roche’s awesome bare hand play over at third, I was screaming so loud that my dog hid under the bed.

That’s just it though, we all have such a passion for the game we tend to let our emotions get the better of us when something is going bad. The cool part is that’s not always a bad thing😉

I think Alyssa’s right in encouraging all of us to stay positive.

Last nights win was just what the Doctor ordered. Penny was on fire, Martin’s triple was awesome, La Roche was performing very well…it was an all around great game.

I am very proud to be a Dodger fan, win or lose.



I have to say, that after reading your *touch* em all blog for a couple of weeks now, my thoughts have changed. No longer are you just the girl I remember from “Who’s the Boss” so many years ago, but are now you are definitely that girl next door who has become much much more. I love your insights on the Dodgers and on baseball in general (I even posted a myspace comment the other day listing you as one of the celebrities I’d have to be stranded on a desert island with me, just to talk baseball). And on one final note, coming from a Cubs fan that had Pierre last year, be patient. He’ll warm up and become that hitter and baserunner he is known as soon.


Regarding Pierre:

He’s never been a high on base guy, so he should probably hit lower in the order.



MIss. Milano,

As a Mets fan, I know the pain of watching your team fall– hard and fast. The Mets are the kings of breaking your heart- but you love ’em, so you stick with them anyway. And eventually, they will come through for you.

Being a fan means putting up with the heartache, in order to feel the joy that comes when they do pull through for you.

peace, love and flowerpower,



Regarding: pierre should hit lower in the order because he is not a high on base guy.

Pierre has scored 90 runs or more his entire career. How do you not put him at the top of the order. Scoring runs is the object of the game. When he gets on base he scores, period. His speed has a lot to do with that and it can offset a career .310 OBP.

He poses a threat to steal which takes some of the pitcher’s concentration away from the hitter or may change the way he would pitch a hitter if no one was on base. I wonder what a hitter’s avg. is with Pierre on first as opposed to bases empty? I bet you would find it increases.

He can advance an extra base when others can not (goes second to home for example. A lot of guys can’t go second to home with less than two outs). In other words he finds ways to score. You can’t look strictly at the numbers.

However, we’ll take a look at some numbers. He reached base in 2006 236 times and scored 87 times. 37% of the time.

Kendall hit lead off for Oakland, who plays the on base percentage game. He reached base 216 times and scored 76 times for a % of 26.

Kendall’s OBP was .367 and he scored 26% of the time, Pierre’s was .330 and scored 37% of the time. So I can’t agree with your argument that Pierre can’t be at the top of the order because he has a low on base percentage.

Every manager in baseball has put him at the top of the order. How can you argue with that. He is put there for a reason, he scores runs.

It has been fun arguing baseball with you.

Pierre update:

Singled and scored in the third on a grounder to first. 1st baseman thought about going home, but with Pierre’s speed, he took the easy out at first.

hey alyssa,
karen again =D…i was reading this blog nd u didnt seem like ur normal self..haha..a little um…mad? o well u’ll get ovr it =D stilll….1st place! haha..nd to quote u…”kind of like when you look in the mirror and only see the zit on your chin even though it takes up a miniscule part of your whole freaking face”….but ah luv it! its nice to c that u get mad sometimes… well keep blogging..u absoulutely rock!!

-karen =D

Touche’ ***** cat!! We wouldn’t be fans if we didn’t groan with every bobbled play, missed call, blown save. Perhaps that is why there are 162 games to agonize over. In Dodger fashion we will overcome this wee batting drought. Better it come early than in the stretch when we are neck and neck with the evil Orange and Black.

As for Pierre, I agree. 2nd in the lineup is way too high. Martin should be up there, he’s very clutch. Ethier is spotty but I think he should be moved up after Gonzo and Pierre in 8th. But that’s just me. As for the Kent comment (and I’m a little biased – I’m a big fan of his…. yes.. I know… booo hisss) he’s almost 40, and is consistently making contact with the ball. Betemit is the one we need to look at putting elsewhere… like on someone else’s team.

By the way, I’m bummed that this year I wont be able to make it to any games until Sept (God willing… October). I’m 7 weeks away from welcoming my 2nd child. But you can bet this kid and my 3 year old will be with me, eating foot longs and agonizing with you Alyssa.


Alyssa, as a Cardinals fan, I know exactly what you mean! Haha. I’m glad you can find some zen. Whenever I am frustrated at how awful we’re playing, I just remember World Series 2006… that’s my zen.🙂 Good luck to you!

By the way, I LOVE your clothing line! Believe me, we female fans appreciate it very much.

Heyy Alyssa. I love the new clothing line. very cute. :] i was wondering when does Ethier sign his big contract? im dieing to know. thanksss in advance if you could tell me!🙂 Love, Hannah

Hello Alyssa,all of your points are correct.I’m learning tremendously from you.Possibly,the Dodgers were resting for a more powerful advance later.Thanks.


That’s pretty sums up my feelings about tonight’s game against the Marlins. That actually sums up my feelings about every game, even if we win or lose. I know we’re in first place, but it baffles me sometimes that we are. Gonza runs like a girl, same with Kent. Pierre drops balls too much. Our bullpen is extremely inconsistent. They either rock, or ****. Games are emotional rollercoasters for me. But woohoo for still holding on to the #1 spot!



Say it ain’t so, Alyssa… there is no chance that you ever had a zit on your chin… is there?

good comments. Wonder iffin Yogi ever said to a hitter “if the ball comes across the plate…hit it!”
Our team is doing pretty good, regardless of a few losses, here and there. I still expect Dodger blue to become more and more prevalent throughout the season.

Thanks for being there, Alyssa.

Just as pretty as ever, and you bring an extra dimension to the sport, with your input.

Hello Ms. Milano.

I am a Mets fan who is pleasantly surprised by the content of your blog, but still a bit skeptical. I am willing to offer an apology on behalf of all fans/bloggers that may not have taken you seriously in the past. But first I must evaluate your fandom based on a few questions. Should you take this challenge, I can promise you worlds of credibility in the blog world, and a fabulous prize. I will also apologize publicly for introducing a clothing line “Feel” to compete with yours, as seen at http://itsmetsforme.blogspot.com/2007/04/time-time-father-time-is-on-our-side.html

The Alyssa Milano Challenge:

1. Joe Buck, knowledgable silky voice of the big leagues, or irritating nepotistic St. Louis homer?

2. Comment on the parking prices at Chavez Ravine over the last 8 years, and their impact on Joe and Jill Fan.

3. Where were you on the MLB DirecTV scandal this past spring?

4. Should Keith Hernandez be in the Hall of Fame?

5. If there was such a thing as a “Hall of Shame” which team’s hat would Darryl Strawberry wear on his plaque?

6. Who is more overrated, Derrek Jeter, or David Eckstein?

7. True or false: Kirk Gibson faked it in 1988.

8. Describe the changes to the warning track in Dodger Stadium over the past 5 years and comment on whether they represent a positive or negative development.

9. Would you take a bullet to protect Vin Scully or would you have your bodyguard do it?

10. Identify the player(s) you would take in a draft before NY Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.

Good luck!

best wishes,


Full challenge details are available at http://itsmetsforme.blogspot.com/2007/05/around-horn.html

(I may repost this on your next post to get your attention, but only in the interests of enhancing your reputation as a fan.)

Alyssa & Blue Fans,

I was sick the last few days so had to catch up on the reading. You Dodger fans are a harsh bunch, you are in first place and looking good. I think you all should pull back a bit, enjoy the game and wait untill the allstar break to bust up the line up! Baseball is the greatest game ever and the best teams over the season will go to the play offs, maybe not the best team today but the best teams of the whole season so even National fans still have a shot. My Angels are in first and only one game over 500 so not to worried.

To day in Dodger history,

May 9, 1983:

Former Dodger third baseman Ron Cey returns to Dodger Stadium for the first time as a member of another team and delivers three hits, but his Chicago Cubs are on the losing end of a 4-3 decision. Cey, who was known as “The Penguin,” had his career home run record of 228 eclipsed by Eric Karros in 2000. He played for the Dodgers from 1971-82.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Go Dodgers! I consider the Dodgers my Indians of the West. Similar records, similar passion,similar fan base, similar disappointments after a great season. There are ups and downs with baseball, just as there are with life. Its what makes the great moments, so great! I mean i still get chills watching clips from last years 4 homers in a row game against the Padres. Only teams in history to do that? Dodgers! Indians! and the twins.
Also, I dont understand why people insist on not taking a gal seriously when it comes to baseball fandom. Im a bigger dodger/baseball fan than most of my gentlemen friends. the “its cute” comments are really starting to irritate me.


Who are you to qualify her on baseball? Either you accept her as a credible fan and someone who speculates like all the rest of the bloggers, or log on somewhere else. She doesn’t have to accept a chalenge by you or anyone else. There are media members who work in baseball and have less knowledge than she does.

Steve wrote:
“Kendall’s OBP was .367 and he scored 26% of the time, Pierre’s was .330 and scored 37% of the time. So I can’t agree with your argument that Pierre can’t be at the top of the order because he has a low on base percentage.”

Steve, according the stats I see, Pierre scored in 11.6% of his plate appearnces while Kendall scored in 12.1 % of his. But runs are very team dependent and so that’s probably not the best way of looking at it. Certainly Kendall would give the succeeding hitters significantly more RBI opportunities.

As far distracting the pitchers, there are a couple of other factors to consider. First, that works both ways because it also distracts the hitter. Also, after a successful steal, the first baseman can move back to his normal position and increase his range since he doesn’t have to hold the runner. That’s not helpful to the hitter.



To even mention Jeter as overrated is moronic. Not to mention both players you suggest to be overrated have won multiple World Series and had a huge impact on their teams’ achievement. Why should she qualify herself to someone who obviously didn’t watch the Angels, Cardinals or Yankees in the World Series?

However, i love question number 10. Great question!

That was nice, some of the stuff you have said in your blog entries I’ll remember for a long time to come. Although I dont care for Yogi Berra, that was a very incitefull quote. Keep the great blogs coming and go Dodgers.

-Blue for Life



Pierre was on base 236 times 87 of those times he was on base he scored, I’m not talking plate appearances. Where you got 11 I don’t know. 87/236 When he reaches base he scores runs and that is why he needs to be at the top. Anyways what good would his speed do for you hitting in front of the pitcher. The pitcher isn’t going to drive him home.

Because of his speed, when he is on base he has a better chance of scoring. If Nomar doubled in the gap, Pierre “could” score from first. not possible for most players. When on third he can score on more ground balls than most players. Sac flys will get him home. He can take an extra base, first to third second to home. That is why he hits in front of 3,4,5 hitters and not 7,8 or 9 hitters.

I’m not saying OBP is not important. I’m saying you’re wrong when you say he should not be at the top of an order. He brings a dimension to the order other players can’t.

As far as Martin, I would love him in the five hole but you don’t want three righties at 3,4,5. Why? You need to mix up the lineup. Late inning pitching substitutions. But get Gonzo out of there and move Eithier up. Get rid of Gonzo all together when Kemp is ready. What do you have to lose? There has to be someone out there interested in a left handed bat when it gets later in the season.


Too many people complicate the simple game of baseball with too much info. Let’s make it simple here, no stats.

If you are Nomar or Kent and were asked who you wanted at third with less than two outs, they would say Pierre. They know they can drive him home with a sac fly or ground ball. Martin doesn’t have bad wheels but you want speed in front of your big hitters. Martin probably is more of a guy you can rely on to make contact and drive home runners. I don’t want him at the top of the lineup, I want him driving the top of the lineup home. He has proved he can do it.


You’re simply not looking at it correctly. To make a football comparison, you’re looking at how often a quarterback throws a TD as percentage of his completions, while I’m looking at how often he throws one as a percentage of his attempts.

Speed is useless if you don’t get to first. It’s the old axiom about not being able to steal first. Quite frankly speed is really more useful down in the order where you might choose to manufacture a run.



27% Right? 87/236 I should have used a calculator. But he scores as often as the top of any other order. What’s the difference 100 runs is 100 runs and I’ll bet he scores 90-100 runs this year.

If not at the top where would you put him?

The QB analogy helps me understand your point at how I’m looking at it the wrong way.

So why do guys who get on base more often, score less?

“If you are Nomar or Kent and were asked who you wanted at third with less than two outs, they would say Pierre.”

Steve, that’s not the proper way of looking at it. The better question is if Kent or Garciaparra were due up second in the inning, would they prefer Martin or Pierre hitting in front of them? Assuming Martin is better at getting on base, that’s an easy question to answer, and the answer is not Pierre.

Speed is a nice asset, but you have to prioritize, and OBP trumps speed every day ending in “ay”.

So you’re saying it would be best to have him at the bottom, steal a base and have the pitcher bunt him to third for one out man on third? But the guys at the bottom aren’t all that reliable on most teams.

“So why do guys who get on base more often, score less?”

I don’t know if they score at lower rates. One problem in using runs scored is that it’s hard to isolate the individual stats from the team effects. A guy could be scoring a lot because the guys behind him are very good in comparison to a player from another team.

At the end of the proverbial day, I just want my players to get on base as much as they can and let everything else sort itself out. In the long run, that what scores runs.

Again, thanks for helping me to look at it a different way. Does this mean there is something wrong with how I think? How come I look at everything backwards?

But still. Pierre is a career .310 OBP Martin .365 so how much of a difference .055 going to make? Isn’t the difference between a .275 hitter and .300 hitter 1 hit per 10 at bats?

Aren’t the significant numbers rbis and runs?

Aren’t the really significant plays that matter are what a player does in the clutch. 2 out runners in scoring position? Late inning avg. say 7th or later? stuff like that? what does “ay” mean?

Oakland gets to the playoffs but not over the hump. How do you view what they have done? I guess they get there more often than others but can what’s getting them there be the same thing that hurts them in the playoffs?

does it just work over the course of a long season and not seven game series?


That?s why you want speed at the bottom of the order. You can take chances at lower cost.If Pierre gets caught stealing or thrown out taking an extra base, who cares because the weak part of your order is up. On the other hand, getting thrown out in front of your 3 or 4 hitters is costly.

Hi Steve, Thanks for your attention. Ms. Milano is lucky to have you policing her comments section. Let me just quickly give you some responses:

“Who are you to qualify her on baseball?”


“She doesn’t have to accept a chalenge by you or anyone



“There are media members who work in baseball and have less knowledge than she does.”


“To even mention Jeter as overrated is moronic. Not to mention both players you suggest to be overrated have won multiple World Series and had a huge impact on their teams’ achievement. Why should she qualify herself to someone who obviously didn’t watch the Angels, Cardinals or Yankees in the World Series?”


“However, i love question number 10. Great question!”


Good post Alyssa. John Donovan over at SI did a nice piece on Russell Martin being one of the games best catchers.



You have a traditional way of looking at things, but sometimes the conventional wisdom is wrong.

As far Oakland, some of it’s bad luck. And although I generally dismiss small ball tactics, they might be more useful in the playoffs where runs are harder to come by. That may be part of Oakland’s problem.

By the way, here’s a reading suggestion for anyone brave enough to wade through it:

THE BOOK–Playing The Percentages In Baseball by Tango, Lichtman, and Dolphin.

Thanks for helping me look at things differently.

Thanks for the book recommendation, always looking for a good book to read.

Steve, on the other hand, some of the way things were done in the old days makes more sense than how they are done today. I’m particularly thinking of today’s one inning closer as compared to guys like Goose Gossage who often pitched more than one inning.

I’ve really enjoyed this discussion. I’m not that smart . I’m just a guy who’s read some analysis that makes sense to me.

@ h-town…

You can thank Tony LaRussa for the overspecializing of the bullpen, he started it way back in the early 80’s. Now it is the norm for teams to have a left-handed ‘specialist’ come out of the pen in the late innings to pitch to just one left-handed batter. Jesse Orosco extended his career by at least seven years thanks to him.

Long live the days of the ‘Quiz’ and the ‘Goose’. And more noteworthy firemen like Bruce Sutter and Kent Tekulve. By the way…Who’s this Mariano Rivera guy ???

Paulie **==


Hey Putz,

Thanks for policing “the blog world” and testing her credibility. you are doing your part to ensure we are not fooled by “ghostwritten marketing” and the “blog world” will be free of corruption.

I just think it’s ignorant to challenge someone’s credibility because they are a celebrity or a woman.

If some woman who wasn’t a celebrity had an idea to start this clothing line and blog, you wouldn’t question their integrity. I’m impressed by her desire to achieve. I’m sure when she started this blog she was aware she would be scrutinized for what she was doing and why. people are cruel.

Here’s someone who for all I know doesn’t have to work another day in her life and she persists to achieve things. Charity work, she still works as an actress, has a clothing line and blog. Anything she will ever do will always be viewed with skepticism because she is a celebrity. It’s just a character she played,it doesn’t mean she can’t have hobbies, interests or opinions.

She takes chances and leaves herself vulnerable to public scrutiny.

I just resent people who try to knock people down instead of giving them a pat on the back. I’ve run into the type myself.

And no I don’t live in California. I live in Chicago, Cubs fan. Sat and watched every Cub game with my grandmother as a kid. She grew up across the street from Wrigley and raised me as a purest. National League rules, day baseball, no jumbotron, no loud blaring music, close to the field, talking baseball with the fans around you, take the day off of school for the home opener and a hot dog with mustard.


I didn’t know Larussa began the specializtion of the bullpen. Did it start back when he was with the White Sox?

@ h-town and others:

what book would you recommend to a woman who has come to the baseball experience late in life?

Now Steve, you know my name isn’t Putz, its “itsmetsforme.” I’m sure your grandma didn’t raise no fool, and I am also sure celebrities appreciate you sticking up for them in this cruel world that they have to somehow make their way through. Very noble and brave of you. But if you read it more carefully, the spirit of my challenge is quite laudatory to the lovely Ms. Milano. I’m sorry you have anger issues, but I don’t think you should blame me for reaching out to include Ms. Milano in the great baseball blog family.

I think it’s funny how a manager will save his closer for the ninth when it would make more sense to use him in the eighth. For example, if the opposing team has it’s 2,3, and 4 hitters up, wouldn’t it make more sense to use your best relief pitcher there instead of waiting until the ninth?


That?s a very good question that deserves a better answer. I tend to get most of my insight from websites. (I can give you a list of some of my faves if you email me).

At any rate, I would say always remember these maxims.

1. If you play for run (by bunting) that?s all you are likely to get.

2. Just because a guy is not producing good numbers over a short period of time, it doesn?t necessarily mean he?s playing poorly. A full time player will get 600 or more plate appearances, and it is possible he?s just having bad luck if he?s been a good player in the recent past.

3. Broadcasters like to say ?so and so? is a good clutch hitter. This is largely a myth. Some players do perform better when the game is on the line, but they are few and far between. Generally players perform to their general ability.

4. For a hitter, getting on base is much more important than speed or being hard to strikeout.

5. For a pitcher, won-loss record and saves are highly overrated.

6. Team chemistry is less important in baseball than other team sports because the offense doesn?t distribute the ball like a quarterback in football or a point guard in baseball.

7. It?s harder for one player to have an impact on a team?s season. A hitter is only going to get about 10 or so percent of his team?s total plate appearances while a starting pitcher will only generally get about 16% of his team?s Innings

It depends on what you are looking to get out of it. I read alot of baseball books including the fictional The Natural, excellent book, baseball is just the tip of the iceberg. It interweaves alot of themese and myths and folklore such as Excalibur, casey at bat etc… Another great fictional baseball book is “The Great American Novel” by Philip Roth Again baseball is the tip of the iceberg starting with the title. It is funny as well.

Latest biography I have read is Clemente The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero by David Maraniss.

Moneyball has alot to do with one teams approach, the A’s to scouting and drafting their players and how and why they deal with their free agent veterans. How to get the most value out of a player by using an evaluation of players based on the on base percentage, slugging percentage issue, so a small market team can compete with the bigger markets. My explanation probably doesn’t do it justice.

Basically the A’s are competetive year after year and it is based on Billy Beane’s progressive thinking that goes against traditional beliefs. he once being the hottest prospect based on traditional beliefs.

Year after year they have brought great talent to the organization and they explain how they do it while losing their top free agents year after year to the highest bidder.

True Believer The tragic inner Life of Sports fans by Joe Queenan. Goes into a more than baseball.

Universal baseball association by robert coover. fiction

For me the best is by far



It is a compilation of historic short stories of baseball. Non fiction




Not noble, just not cynical and star struck. But most Chicago people aren’t starstruck. You won’t find a post of mine that is not related to baseball. Her celebrity brings alot of attention so there are alot of baseball fans to hear from on hear.

Thanks guys!


You think Hernadez is a Hall of Famer, what about Mark Grace?

I still don’t have an answer for #10 the Reyes question. But I’m getting there.


interesting, I’m watching the games so I’ll get back to some things later. I’ve never heard these axioms, where did you get them? There are a few questionable ones though don’t have time to ask questions right now.

Wilson Valdez just went 1st to third on a hit to right. Most players wouldn’t have gone first to third. he score on a sac fly. How can speed be overlooked?

**I just think it’s ignorant to challenge someone’s credibility because they are a celebrity or a woman**

Thank you for that comment. I appreciate the fact that some people can handle a conversation with a woman that does NOT include shopping, kids, husbands, politics, gossip & religion. I am so offended by people who assume that women know nothing about sports.

I can also thank Alyssa fo disspelling that myth. I love baseball. I love the Dodgers, and have loved the for the last 29 years. They are THE team.

You guys keep me entertained & thoughtful of the team. Although I don’t like being called a Moneyball Afficianado. I was simply stating my opinion. Leave Moneyball to Beane & DePodesta (the worst GM on the face of the planet!).


The Cubs have a fan who is an aged woman named Dorothy. She sits 1st row behind the visitors dugout, never misses a game and keeps score. She was hit with the ball the other day by **** throwing error that went into the stands. She brushed it off. One tough woman.


I’m all over the place on this argumant but stay with me my friend and don’t take my disagreement as not having respect of your point of view. Your views are provocative but I don’t think you can sell me on them.

you can’t sell me on the stats to create a lineup.

Axiom #4 speed

Kendall was just thrown out at the plate on a bang bang play. The braves stole three bases in their come from behind win. One SB led to a run.

Axiom#4 speed & #3 clutch hitting

Andruw Jones stole second was moved to third on a ground ball to 2nd base and was stranded by two ground ball outs. If he doesn’t steal second, he gets doubled up on the grounder. Because he stole, you have a runner on third 1 out. No Clutch hitting to drive him home from third with one out.

But there was clutch hitting in the game.

Axiom#3 clutch hitting

All three Brave runs were scored with two outs. As a matter of fact, the two innings they scored in, both started with two outs. The tying run came after two outs and winning run came with 4 straight hits after 2 outs.

axiom #4 speed again

Speed played a vital role in the Dodger victory. Valdez’ squeeze he beat out for the insurance run. (You don’t squeeze without speed) He went 1st to third on a single to right that most runners would have held up on.

So I’m sticking with my opinion of you have to have Pierre or speed at the top. And there is such a thing as clutch hitting.

There are guys who are rally killers and guys you know who can keep an inning alive. The Braves won last night on a ninth in. HR with two out and scored all three runs tonight in a come from behind win with 2 out.

i can’t agree with your axioms, from watching games tonight.

Axiom #1

In regards to bunting, you don’t do it early because you have the best hitters up in the 1st and you have an entire game of outs to work with. And that pretty much is the idea through the middle innings. But at the end of a game you have less outs to work with. If its the eighth you have six, so bunting for a run is a valuable alternative to tie or add an insurance run.


Furthermore, even if it were some marketing scam then good for her for a great business idea that is working. So she’s ambitious. You write well, maybe you’re using you’re blog to advance your career as a baseball writer. Have you seen all the Pepsi adds on MLB.com? You don’t scrutinize them for how they market their business but you’re going to single her out because she is a celebrity and a woman and attempt to discredit her and humiliate her. (although #10 is a good question, it would be interesting to hear people debate that one)I see you apologized to her for the skepticism but the fact you held a prejudice against her for whatever irrational reason is just plain ignorant. i checked out your blog and you do a good job. Give credit where credit is do.

Hey Milano, Why don’t you come to Wrigley, sing the seventh inning stretch. I won’t even be offended that you are using Wrigley to market your business in the midwest. I have talked with some women and there is a lot of interest. besides, there’s a lot of cutties in the neighborhood, I would love to see in Cubbie touch apparel.

You sound like a fun guy, Steve. Don’t put too many words in my mouth though, cause I’ll choke.

I’m happy you like my blog,and I appreciate your comments, but if i wanted to advance a career as a journalist, I doubt I’d run a blog dedicated to the spread of “humor and gross inaccuracy.” Then again…

As for Mark Grace, that’s a good question that I haven’t given much thought. Without looking it up, I think he hit 300 careerwise but I wonder if he has done enough to merit consideration. Now if you mean to compare Grace to Keith Hernandez, well I can’t follow you there. Grace was a nice little ballplayer, but Keith was a god. An underappreciated god, but a god just the same. He’s like our…our Fernando Venezuela, Steve Sax, and Kirk Gibson rolled into one.

So Steve, I think YOU should come on over and take the challenge! I’d be interested in your answers, but shhh don’t tell you know who!

ps. Why do you only like #10? What’s more (DONT READ THIS ALYSSA SPOILER ALERT), number 10 is a trick question…get it?

Steve, the guy who wrote the book that I mentioned earlier llooked not at just a few instances, but at all plays from 1999-2002. They concluded that:

“the disruptive runner has an enormously negative influence on the batter, enough to almost offset the disruption caused to the defense.” (p.326)

“The stolen base attempt reduces the wOBA of the batter by 22 points, compared to the situation if the runner had elected not to steal.”(p. 327)

putz and htown,

it’s good to hear from some interesting baseball fans. I’m doing a built-in now and have painting later, so I probably won’t respond until later tonight.

Quickly,Putz interesting question you posed on who’s your favorite Met of all the terrible ones.

Htown, I was reminded last night that baseball is a simple game, you don’t need stats to play it. It’s fun and exciting to steal bases, bunt runners over etc… If you let a hitter swing away and the inning ends in no runs scored, how do you know that a bunt or a steal or hit and run wouldn’t have worked. It never happened so you’ll never know. A lot of coaching is gut feeling. For instance putting a guy in who hasn’t played for a while and he comes up big. For example, Wilson Valdez of the Dodgers last night.

putzelotioninthebasket & stevepfeifernuggan you guys are ruining the chi on the blog……LOL

Hey AM & Dodger fanz

Newbluegirl2 you type like a hot chick!!!!


Mike Scioscia on Friday became the Angels most winning manager in our history. So the ex Dodger is still doing it in LA just in red. Alyssa we have seats for you in the OC. So with the Blue crew W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L the last 8 games looks like you guys should win tonight so good luck.

This day in Dodger history

May 10, 1955:

Don Newcombe faces the minimum of 27 batters as he pitches a 3-0 complete game shutout of the Chicago Cubs, 3-0. Newcombe won 20 games that season as he helped the Dodgers to their first World Championship.

Trivia for all..

How many of Hank Aarons 755 home runs were inside-the-park home runs?

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Hello Alyssa,

I will do a lineup discussion like I used to do for my fantasy football website. Hope MLB bloggers are amused.

C – R. Martin ( aka “Ricky Martin”) .319 21 RBI’s (Leads Team) Dodgers love this crooner. Challenges for Rookie of the year award last year. Leads team in RBI’s this year. Alyssa Milano’s favorite player. A catcher that hits? Hum….

1B – N. Garciaparra. (aka No Mo) Ex Cub who failed to get his job done in Chicago. Batting .267 with only 1 HR? Come on No Mo; Alyssa will not like you for long if you cant get the ball out of stadium? Can No Mo carry a whole team? Weez will see?

2B – Jeff Kent. (aka me, Kent) OMG! I see Milano typing “Kent cant run!” on her blog? HEY I RAN A 4.6 40 yard dash in half pads on grass after high school football practice? I run fine!!! Oh ya that’s Jeff Kent not Kent. Ok this guy HAS to be AJM’s favorite player! I want to see Milano type “I love Kent” He’s the best! next time. Alyssa… you should love this “Kent” guy come on show some love?

SS – Furcal (aka Mendoza) Batting .226 with 15 runs. Hey AJM ever hear of MENDOZA LINE! .200 ya your boy is flirting with Mendoza line. He needs to flirt with you, not this Mendoza Line stuff?

3B – La Roche (aka Roche Clip) Roach Clip looks like the answer for 3rd base. Dad and Bro played major league ball. If he passes the roach like he should, can he be AJM’s new hero?

OF – J. Pierre (Peppy Lapue) Ex cub hitting .275 with 23 runs scored. Peppy Lapue was stinky for Cubs? Does LA glitz blow the stink off of Peppy?

OF – L. Gonzalez (Great Gonzo) Great Gonzo plays Guitar like Ted Nugent. Has arm like Queen of England. This is your power hitter but only 13 RBI’s. Great Gonzo needs to either start hitting RBI’s or wham bang sweet poutang…. there’s a job waiting for him at the mall selling shoes.

OF – A. Either (aka Premium Unleaded) With Milano watching closely this newbee hits .283 with 15 RBI’s and 3 dings. If he hits like this all year Milano will knit him a custom jersey.

Pitching is good. Penny will be an all star for 2nd year in row.

If someone goes to a Dodger game. please buy Milano an order of Nachos compliments of MLB blog, send me the bill.

Hi Alyssa! First of all, you are a girl just like me with the same passion for baseball. The only difference is I am an Angels fan. Don’t worry though, since I am a true baseball fan I also keep track of the Dodgers since they are my other local team. I am hoping for a freeway World Series this season. What do you say?

I read what you wrote about female baseball fans. I totally agree with you on your point about how with all the movement between teams, how is anyone supposed to get emotionally attached? I was just thinking the other day that I think it’s sad that Saenz is the player who has been on the team the longest. It’s nothing like the old days right now, and I do think it’s hurting the game.

I will be keeping you posted on what’s happening in baseball. For now, have fun making your new movie.


Htown and pfeifer-get a room!

That’s some funny ****.


you made me laugh. I guess I’m a little overzealous baseball fan.


You ******’ stalker,

Who cares how many inside the park home runs he hit?

But I know when I’m not wanted. I’ll find somewhere else to go. It’s a waste of my time anyway.

hey hotstuff!

You have a great blog here. Just wondering if you will be in any movies anytime soon?

Still reeling from yesterday…I’m starting to understand the National League a little better now and loved the pitching duel but I’m not certain I can take the 9th inning heart attack too many times.

I’m finding that nit picking over every game this early in the spring is getting a little wearisome tho and wish people would lighten up. Leave the “work” of the game to the guys that cross the white line everyday and just enjoy game itself.

Bosox are doing fine so it may be an interesting fall.


Nothing to do with ANYTHING…

My friend’s friend first ordered it and it is pretty tasty!

The Russell MARTINI!!

Regular Vodka Martini with a Blue Curacao Floater


It’s all good, I am glad you have a sense of humor!That is all I was after just a laugh. go Dodgers!

Yes, Rod’s right. My friend Derek made it up after the Jackie Robinson Day game. It is a very tasty beverage, and STRONG – just like our awesome Canadian catcher. Let’s get the campaign going on this drink, and, since I’m a bartender it would be a great day in my life if someone would come to my bar (not a friend, but an unknown patron) and order a Russel Martini!
PS: Can we PLEASE trade for Miguel Cabrera? I mean, we now have FIRST HAND knowledge of his crazy skills.

Hey again AM and Blue fans!!!

Hope we didn’t scare off stevepfiefer… It’s all in good fun. Well I know alot of don’t follw stats but my w-l-w-l etc. theory seemed to go well for you Dodger fans last night. I hope it breaks with a win tonight. So nobody took a crack at the Hank Aaron trivia question and steve didn’t care, so I will give you all a hint. It was more than 0 but less than 2… & it was May 10th in ’67 hope that helps…lol.

This day in Dodger History

May 11, 1963

Sandy Koufax

Hall of Fame left-handed pitcher Sandy Koufax, who earned the National League MVP and Cy Young Award honors in 1963, tosses a no-hitter as the Dodgers defeat Juan Marichal and the first-place San Francisco Giants, 8-0, at Dodger Stadium before a Saturday night crowd of 49,807.

You guys have a great weekend and Alyssa can’t wait to hear about your weekend and thoughts on Monday.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Just a quick greeting from m’corner of Red Sox Nation — I’m enjoying your blog very much, Alyssa, and hope you and the Dodgers have a good weekend.

Here’s hoping for victory for both of our teams.

Hey Alyssa!

I figure you can trust a foxy woman who loves baseball. She won’t marry you just for your money and then run around with your best friend behind your back.

For a team to jell and work at its best together, it needs stability and consistency. Most armchair managers tend to overmanage and flail around, benching guys and scrambling the defense and the batting order, looking for something magic to happen in the next game. At the worst, we get somebody like Paul DePodesta, who gutted a division-winning team and through ill-advised trades and shot-from-the-hip moves, turned a fine team into the gang which couldn’t shoot straight. Or hit. Or pitch.

When the manager or general manager are too twitchy, you get Mike Piazza going to the Mets for a few bucks more a week, and Adrian Beltre heading off for obscurity in Seattle. You lose fine ballplayers like Paul LoDuca and Shawn Green. Jim Tracy, a fine manager, quits in disgust. The players don’t have any sense of security or togetherness, and morale tanks.

This isn’t to say you don’t make changes when something isn’t working. What it means is, you don’t bench Furcal, for instance, even tho he’s so cold he can’t buy a hit with an ad in the paper, as Vin might say. You don’t mess with Nomah, either. He’s a two-time batting champ. It was a good idea to sit Meat down and give Adam LaRoche a chance, but you don’t dump Meat. He can hit and he’ll shake this off and be a good guy to have. You sure as **** don’t mess with Jeff Kent just because he runs out of gas trying to score from first on a double, or Juan Pierre just because every third ball hit to center field with him out there turns out to be an adventure.

Fact is, the team is winning, even tho not everything is going right every time. Baseball by its very nature demands patience. We have to play 162 games, and as Tommy Lasorda noted: A team will win about a third of its games no matter how bad it is, and will lose about a third of its games no matter how good it is. It’s what you do with that uther third that separates the division and pennant and World Series winner from the ones in the cellar. We try to win every game, of course. But the object is to finish at the end of the regular season with at least one more win than whichever team is in second place. If we make it to the World Series, we don’t have to win all seven games. Just four of them.

Where do you usually sit at home games, by the way? Are you anywhere near Big Hair Lady, in the front row, right behind home plate? Did you buy any of the old seats when they replaced them? I have two, and they are a big hit on the patio. Gotta love Russell Martin. Hate the Giants.


The first Dodgers game I went to in August of 1987 I caught Mike Schmidt’s 523 career home run. Ok so actually some guy closed his glove to early and it fell into the gap between the seats and the wall and I picked it up!

Read about the 99 game home run balls that I have caught at Major League Baseball games as well as following my total count of 4,809 balls caught at professional baseball games!


Part of being a true fan of your team is to stick with them through the rough patches, so what you say is true. Well said.

gosh I posted an innocent question last night and it is gone. My least inflamatory post yet, and I appear to have been censored!

ANnhow, after watching last night’s LA-Reds game, I asked why Psycho Steve Lyons was still on the broadcast team. I thought he was fired last year for his strange comments. What’s the story?



(an alyssa milano, dodger-friendly environment)

Bonsoir ma belle,

Sorry about your show! I tought it be have been great to have something else than those doctors and crime investigation stuff that they all showing; But everything happens for a reason; I believe that…

Tembrasse fort,


Allez les “Bleu”

Juan Pierre is on a pace to have 200 hits and steal 50 bases. He went to local high school about 7 miles from our house and it is good to see him playing so well in majors and his work ethic is the best in the major leagues. He works out after games even.

Alyssa, I think you should do some type of ‘understanding of baseball, basics’ for women who are just getting into the sport or want that ‘advanced learning’ that you have. I used to be well versed on it but other than playing ball for recreational purposes, corporate america has limited my time to participate & watch it. But I still love the game!

Good postings. Hey Alyssa will there ever be a Charmed reunion show just out of curiosity?

hy alyssa!!
i’m a french fan to lyon and i want love you!!❤ you’re fantatiscal!! i dream to see you a day!! juste for 5 minutes because you’re very beautifull and you’ve got a very big heart (unicef)…

good day!

and big kiss for you, alyssa


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