The Steroid and Botox Era

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With a dark cloud of controversy hovering over baseball, Jason Giambi was recently brave enough to say ?I was wrong for doing that stuff? and for a brief moment the sun came out.

He went on to say:

?What we should have done a long time ago was stand up -? players, ownerships, everybody -? and said: ?We made a mistake??.

And then, with the news that the commissioner?s office would be investigating Giambi?s statements, the wind blew the dark cloud back to its resting place. With his honesty, Giambi has opened himself up to being suspended (if they can prove when he took the steroids) and the Yankees could void his contract. So . . . essentially he could be penalized for being truthful and making his voice heard in a time when everyone else has chosen to plead the Fifth.

We?re a pharmaceutical nation. In between acts of our favorite shows, every other commercial is selling a drug trying to ease what ails us. Allergies. Restless Leg Syndrome (I?m sorry, what?). Cholesterol. Impotence. Pop a pill and we will feel better.

We are youth obsessed. Creams to make you look younger. Plastic surgery. Botox. In my industry, it?s hard to find a woman over 50 that hasn?t had some procedure to try and recapture the physical appearance of her prime. In my opinion, it?s an epidemic. So . . . why wouldn?t athletes look to try and regain the physical ability of their prime? It is a sign of the times. We?re in an era when it?s easier to look for the quick fix. We?re in an era when we?re all looking to slow down the hands of time. We are in an era when natural ability just isn?t good enough.

Also, the ambition and responsibility to excel day in and out for these players is overwhelming. Should it be a surprise that they would look for something to speed healing time, prolong their careers, and make them stronger?

A grand jury, a congressional committee, a tell all book and still . . . this topic is being white washed by the league and the players union. Perhaps, this is a direct reflection of the trickle down effect of our government?s capacity to cover up and deflect the major issues that face us politically. Perhaps, it?s true what my brother says: ?Baseball is a mirror to our country.?

Before MLB can solve this issue they need to recognize the problem and apologize for it. If any employee of any major entertainment corporation were to act inappropriately and offend or alienate their audience, the CEO would apologize on behalf of the company. Why is it so hard for Bud Selig to say, ?I apologize for the steroid era. We made a mistake with our complacency and we are taking the appropriate measures to make sure the future game of baseball is played with dignity and integrity.?

Yes, Giambi may have made some bad choices throughout his career but I must admit, as a purist fan of baseball, I have a newfound respect for the man.

Giambi has shown dignity with his honesty.

Giambi has shown integrity with his candor.

His statements shouldn?t be investigated . . . they should be applauded.



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Very interesting blog, Alyssa! I agree with everything you said.
I will absolutely tune in to ET! Count on it.


Liv =]

i agree. so far Giambi is the only player to confess. i wish guys like McGwire and Bonds would do the same.

Ps- Whats wrong with Jason Schmidt?

Nice commentary Alyssa.
Lets get to the subject at hand…

I live in Orange County, it’s Monday morning, I’m on my way to work and it’s not going to be pretty.

I’m a banner waiving very visible Dodgers fan and there is nothing WORSE THAN BEING SWEPT BY THE ******* ANGELS!

I am going to catch so much **** today.

Let me ask you, do we need a new hitting coach? I know it’s Eddie Murray and everything, but c’mon! The Dodgers have just not hit all year!

We are barely holding on to first place because of the stellar pitching, and thats all. Yesterday we rewarded Lowe with a big fat loss (thanks Betimit) after a great performance

I am so bummed, thanks for letting me vent.


If MLB were interested in finding out what happened, they would put together some commission to gather testimony and grant the players immunity from any punishment arising from the testimony.

Hey Lys,
I really wasn’t expecting to find another blog this early in the morning but here I am.

I like your comments about the steriods and Giambi’s comments. I agree. He should be applauded for his honesty not investigated by the Grand Jury.

I loved the quote by your bro. It really is the truth.

I’ve gotta run but I just thought I would drop by and say hello.

Luv ya lots,

~Ashley~ (donoho from SS)

We may be a pharmaceutical nation, but that doesn’t make it right. Steroids are harmful to the body long term, but then again, so is smoking and the health detriments of that have been known for a long time. Yet, look how many people still smoke.

I agree, there doesn’t need to be a witch hunt. But 100% conclusive testing needs to be developed and implemented. Then we stop worrying about the playing field being uneven (pun intended), and we can go back to enjoying baseball.

They say they cleaned up the Olympics and not withstanding the legality issues of when exactly was it illegal to use the stuff I think the games have improved. Will it work with a bunch of PRO competitors…hard to say.

MLB needs to take it’s head out of the sand and institute some rules… and I hope they can do it without using a flamethrower.

I love baseball, warts and all…Mort

Alyssa, you’re missing the point. He should not be applauded for his honesty. If we forgive him then we’re doing exactly what he was looking for with his interview to USA Today. What he did was wrong, so if you want Selig to punish people who abused, you should punish them whether they apologize or not.

Great blog Alyssa!I must congratulate you … beacuse you choice a real topic of our life… not only in your country, its a problem around the world.

So About Jason Giambi , as you say he made a mistake, but he was so encouraged to do this step and it is worthy of admiration, no???

And about you talk of your industry… Why do you think the women future in this industry is so short??? Because a man can get some works over 50!!! Do you think that we still living in a male chauvinist era???

I have to say that I find that topic so unfair.

So we live trying to be always younger and thats not possible, is not natural!

Take care,


Hi Alyssa –

I, too, applaud Jason Giambi’s honesty. It was good to see a high-profile player step up and admit that performance-enhancing substances are not only being used in baseball, but that he used them.

MLB has been given a golden opportunity to step up to the plate and move forward on a difficult issue. Will they? No.

The reason the league will not move forward (effectively, at least) is that this issue is 100% about money. While I do agree with what your brother says about baseball being a mirror to our country, this is not a trickle down effect of our government?s capacity to cover up and deflect the major issues that face us politically. It is money, pure and simple. Nothing more . . . nothing less. Home runs pay the bills and major league baseball will do anything to keep the money flowing, including endangering its players. Top performers in any field do what is necessary (especially if it is culturally acceptable within the field) to stay competitive. In baseball it’s physical performance, in the entertainment industry it’s looks.

You really hit the nail on the head when you said baseball should apologize for the “steroid era.” You even gave the perfect template for them to use. Let’s all hope one day they will.

All the best,


I’m sorry, Alyssa. As a baseball purist/traditionalist like you, I have to say that while I was glad that Giambi confessed, I don’t think he should be applauded for finally telling the truth for what we all already knew.

Confession only provides absolution in certain circles. Not in the baseball world. He should be punished for his actions (if they can prove the timetable) just like Pete Rose has had to suffer his punishment. Career achievements mean nothing to the true traditionalists, when you have tainted the game, yourself and your team.

On the other side of the coin, I have to agree with you that MLB is as guilty as the players. They have repeatedly behaved in a shameful manner and Bud Selig is not a real man. Never before, until Selig came to power, has baseball taken such a beating from the media & the fans. It’s sad. That being said, let’s admit that we live in a fickle world. One day baseball is the national pasttime and the next it’s a drug riddled pustule. Hence, the steroids & botox. It’s too scary for me. No matter my age, the only vanity I willingly succumb to, is coloring my hair.

And for you jronston – Jason Schmidt went on the DL with inflammation of the shoulder. He’s been healing and now is making better progress. While I look forward to his return, nothing will change until the bats re-awaken. Losing all 3 games to the Angels….it makes the purist in me scream with frustration.

And that’s a good questions for you, Alyssa: How do you feel, as a purist, about interleague play?

My own presonal feeling is that interleague play is wrong. I long for the days when 2 teams, who have never seen each other, face off in the World Series. Endless possibilities, anything can happen and it’s anyone’s game. Interleague play takes away from the magic of the World Series. I know, I know, everyone says it’s SO great. Everyone says it’s SO exciting to see players from the AL. I could care less. Aside from the magic of the World Series, interleague play also makes it possible for teams from each league to affect the outcomes of divisions they have no business being in. Take the Dodgers & Angels, for example: The Dodgers go into Friday nite’s game leading the NL West Division by 3 games. Now here we are, 3 days later and instead of having gained any ground against other NL teams THAT THEY SHOULD BE PLAYING, we lose 3 straight to a team that’s not in our league and should NOT have the ability to make an impact on the outcome of the pennant. It’s a sad state of affairs. Baseball needs help. It also needs to lose Selig. I miss Fay Vincent and A. Bartlett Giamatti and the days when commissioners were real men and weren’t afraid to take a stand and make a statement.

The wildly profitable drug, food, sex and baseball industries have each created -and masterfully strung out – their own core of overindulged junkies.

At this stage, an apology from Mr Selig seems inappropriate, unless MLB redistributes a good chunk of their billions in tainted profit – to compensate defrauded customers (fans), former players on fixed incomes whose statistical legacies have been diminished, and to help with the medical and funeral expenses of PED using kids emulating MLB idols.

Great blog, sadly we do live in a world were everything has to be a quick fix. “Should it be a surprise that they would look for something to speed healing time, prolong their careers, and make them stronger?”, I don’t think it makes them stronger, it makes them weaker. But then again its their choice. The same goes with technology, the cell phone can do anything, be online,im, take pctures, its a mini computer all in one, the only thing we forgot was… you can make calls with it. Thats society today in the 21st century.

larondaA26(safesearching),I finally bought: New York Yankees Women’s Baseball Top “Touch”.

Alyssa & Blue Fans,

Where to start, OK I won’t rub in the Angel sweep today.. But it was a Great! series to go to I went Fri. & Sat. and the crowd was Electric.

OT for a sec.

Alyssa I ran into Steve Lyons on Sat. after the game and in our conversation I brought up your name and this blog. He replied that he had heard about it and went on to say that you were a great ambassador to the game, a very dedicated fan and that he thought it was unfair how the media brings your personal life and dating habits into the lime light. He also said that you were a “good kid” I thought that was funny because I am the same age as you, but any way He raved about you in a good way. Thought you would like to hear that.

And guys I don’t even know where to start with the steroids.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


I think its cool that you write a blog for the Dodgers, you seem like quite a good fan and after reading Eric’s comment above, others do too. I like to go around and see what other team’s fans are talking about.

An Orioles Fan,


Bonsoir ma belle,

We exist in a competitive world, every body has to be the best and look the best.

The sport world in not different, racing cyclist and soccer players in Europe are victims also. It?s great that Giambi came clear but I think that everybody has to take responsibility for his own actions: But drugs in sports is nothing new, it?s just going with modern time and pressure that we all put on our ?heroes?, because we want them to make our day.

Sorry that the Angels won, but I?m happy because the Sox made my rainy Saturday in Belgium:

Tembrasse fort,


Oh no hush hush Alyssa. Your getting me wound up now look out! I know some about Steriods as I was offered them back in late 70’s. First off no one who took them got a D-1 full ride who would not have otherwise. Secondly, if you take them I hope you plan on working out the rest of your life cuz if you don’t, it all turns to fat. I;ve seen it with my own eyes ok. Your hair falls out, you get severe acne and your gonads shrink up to the size of a grape. Yes in the short run people using steriods kicked butt in high school football, but the long term price is not worth a couple hours of glory in High School. I did not do them because I did not want to work out at 3 times a day. I said I would concentrate on my speed work but they also told me steriods would make me faster. My attitude was I’m already the fastest so what. As an Athlete I remember being scared so and so would win out over me because they were pumped on roids. So its tempting but I’m very lucky I shied away. The way I look at it is unless your super duper good perhaps top five in the country, then maybe steriods would make you world class. The million dollar contracts would justify your shrunken gonads, bald head and other health problems. But for 99.9% of Athletes from my experience, Steriods are not worth it. The drawbacks far exceed what you could possible achieve with Steriods. As far as worrying about everyone else using if your not, I would concentrate on technique. At high school or lower level technique counts more than brute strength. Barry Bonds has not been kicked out of baseball. Balco case does not taint the record in my opinion. He’s a major league player and he abides by same rules as everyone else. Therefore, the record is 100% valid. I would tell anyone who has opportunity and means to see Bonds break the record DO IT. Its a very special record and a moment in time I would die to share. Plus, remember those pitchers Bonds hits homers off of, they take them in the off-season too? I’d say that equalizes things some.

I don’t think MLB owes anyone an apology, but they do owe an accounting of what happened.

By the way, what do y’all Dodger fans think of this article on the Dodgers and Juan Pierre:

See also



I have to disagree with you about Bonds. I would love to have more time to debate him with you, but I have only a few minutes, so I’ll do the best I can:

The BALCO case DOES taint the record. The record is now forever tainted, starting with Big Mac. Bonds does NOT play by the same rules as everyone else and everyone else knows it. The fact that his trainer will not divulge anything is clear-cut evidence that he has much to hide. Sad that he would rather spend his time in & out of jail than help baseball (with his knowledge and access to the players) right the wrongs.

Just because Bonds hasn’t been kicked out of baseball doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty. We will never know if he really is a great player because of the steroids. We will never know if he would even be close to Aaron’s record because of the steroids. His playing field has not been even. Look at his past baseball cards and tell me you can’t see the change in him. It’s so painfully obvious!

There isn’t any proof of pitchers (who gave up home runs to Bonds) taking steroids and it’s wrong for you to lump people into Bonds category when allegations haven’t even been made yet. The American justice system says that people are innocent until proven guilty, but that doesn’t hold water in Major League Baseball. Once your name has been mentioned, it’s a scandal. Just ask David Bell, Gary Matthews, Jr., Big Mac, Sosa, Palmeiro, Canseco, etc. The records are tainted. The only ones left to respect now are Cal Ripken, Jr.’s consecutive games played, Tony Gwynn’s batting titles and Joe Diaggio’s 56-game Hitting Streak.

These men were class acts who never did anything to disgrace themselves, their teams or Major League Baseball.

My only desires for Bonds are this: an asterisk next to his name (since Roger Maris had to suffer it) and for Bonds to retire without ever earning (HA! I make myself laugh thinking he could actually earn anything!!) a World Series ring.

I was privileged to meet Tommy Davis and he was wearing his World Series ring. I asked to look at it, expecting him to just hold up his hand to let me view it. But no. He took the ring off his finger and handed it to me so I could REALLY look at it. Oh the pain, joy & suffering of trying for that ring! I was honored, humbled and proud. There are no players, ok, well, very few players like that anymore. Bonds would do well to listen, learn and put better things to practice.

A- cool blog. I think most MLB merch is so lame. The rare time I find something semi nice (like a shirt) there’s some hideous thing on the back argg. I hope Touch is really successful and you are able to make us guys a mens line as well. I’m glad someone with a fashion sense is getting in the biz. Maybe I’m just picky but it seems to me that if people are buying all this tacky stuff they would even buy more of a nicely design item. Or maybe the masses just like ****, I dunno. Anyway the main reason I’m writing is that I am trying to find an LA pin. Just a simple round pin the size of a quarter dark blue with a white LA logo on it. Real simple. The round metal kind with a wire pin, like a small campaign pin. I don’t live near LA and can’t find it online. If you ever come across a pin or pins like this please email me (or if anyone else reading this knows where I can get this simple yet hard to find item) Thanks! Rick PS Maybe for your next business you can open a ballpark food stand and sell vegi sausage with onions and peppers. I make em at home but they get cold by the time I get to a game, ummmm vegi sausage ummmm

By the way, what do y’all Dodger fans think of this article on the Dodgers and Juan Pierre:

See also

Scary!! And too early to speculate. Let’s decide once we get past the rest of the ridiculous interleague play. Then I’ll let you know.🙂 I have my own opinions of Juan Pierre, but I was called a ‘Moneyball Afficiando’ for voicing them. What an insult!!


In my book, a Moneyball aficionado is a good thing!

Hi newbluegirl2u:

Glad I could spark some discussion. You are correct that I assume the pitchers Bonds faced used Steriods too. From my perspective and from talking to people I know in sports steriod use is fairly rampant. But I admit I could be wrong for assuming. I understand your arguments and your reasoning is sound but…. dog gone it I stand by my comments. I respect your thinking and I’m doubt either of us is totally correct. The real answer is probably in between.

Some things to look for to spot steriod use:

1. Helmet Head. The frankenstein look. Eyebrows protruding.

2. Look at the cheeks, do they have high cheekbones? Look at the eye sockets are they sunken?

3. Hair loss or bad acne

4. Huge weight gain in short amount of time.

What I know about steriods is way way outdated (70’s). And I only know football. I do not know any baseball players or have any clue what baseball guys do or dont do. But I had good friends play Div 1AA football and I know for fact what football guys do. And they aint clean.

Let it go, Jordan. You’re scaring people. If that’s the first time you’ve heard the term ‘Helmet head’ then you’re too young to be let out on your own or to even know what it means.

h town – Sorry my friend. I’ll leave Moneyball to Beane & DePodesta. I don’t subscribe to any of their theories, and having had to suffer thru DePo’s reign of terror, I’ll pass, thanks.

Kent – I’m sure you’re right. The answer is lost somewhere in between your opinion & mine. Thanks for not dissing me. I get a lot of flack from guys who think I know nothing of baseball, when my husband defers to me whenever he’s asked a baseball question. lol I’ve been watching the Dodgers since I was 6 yrs old and I won’t tell you how old I am now.

The couple of players I can name off the top of my head that display all the physical characteristics you named are: Jose Canseco and Ken Caminiti. They jump out at me faster than any others. Makes me wonder how long Bonds has been shaving his head & why?

Nice Steve & Jordan

Turning a nice place to blog about baseball with good people into your own little circus.

h town – Sorry my friend. I’ll leave Moneyball to Beane & DePodesta. I don’t subscribe to any of their theories, and having had to suffer thru DePo’s reign of terror, I’ll pass, thanks.

Moneyball basically works. DePo never really got a shot what with the buffoons like Simers(sp) and Plaschke ripping him without mercy. And DePo was his own worst enemy sometimes. But the Dodgers have only been to the playoffs 2 times in the 10 years, and one of those was while DePo was GM.

h town – I never read what the critics say. Never. I form my own opinions based on what I see in the games. And believe me, I watch every game. My husband is a saint to put with all 162 games per year. What I saw with DePo was frightening. And he traded away too much talent all in one shot.

Wait, wait! Before you start groaning that I’m going to complain about the trade, let me assure you that with the arrival of Mr. Russell Martin, I have totally gotten over it. Even more so now that Guillermo Mota was suspended for 50 games for testing positive.

The thing is, the season was going well, the Dodgers had a great club and making the playoffs means nothing when you get swept in the 1st round. I firmly believed that the Dodgers had a club, at that time, as scrappy & tough as the ’88 team.

And yes, DePo was his own worst enemy. I was glad to see him go, hesitant about Ned and now just watching carefully because pretty soon, all we’re going to hear about is the trade deadline. It makes me nervous each year and this year is no different.

I know that Ned’s looking for that power bat and I know he’s thinking about deepening the depth of the pitching staff, and not just the starters.

Good nite, fellow fans. I’m out the door!

i hope the dodgers go on the world series this year alyssa

Alyssa, interesting viewpoint, but you’re wrong on Giambi. If he has admitted to cheating, he should and must be punished. And for all those Bonds bashers, until they find anything on him, back off! You’re right on one thing Alyssa, America is WAY too pill happy nowadays. Peace!

Hi Alyssa,

It’s nice to hear from you again. I agree with your remarks.

Consistent with the theme of moving beyond mistakes, remember when I mentioned that Dodger Stadium didn’t carry batteries?

Well it turns out they do- because I saw them there last weekend. I suppose when the vendor ran a computer search of the concessions for me, she only checked places that didn?t carry them? like Carl?s Jr. and Dippin? Dots.

So now it?s official- I don?t know anything about baseball.

But I need to tell you something you didn?t know- so how about this? Remember when you were at the grand opening of ?Speed the Ride? at the Sahara in 2000? Just a few weeks ago there was an incident on the roller coaster. Nothing serious- no one was injured. The midcourse launch just misfired and the train was evacuated with a cherry picker.

Some riders have all the fun…

I’ll be at work tomorrow afternoon, so I won’t catch your show live- but I hope you have a great time.

As for right now, I need to stand up from my computer and take a little walk.

I think I just caught restless legs syndrome…

Have a great week,


Hi Alyssa,you’re the example of what is right.You know everything better than anyone else.You have demonstrated supreme intelligence before my eyes.I’ll be waiting for your next blog.Thanks.

I have to say I agree with everything you wrote in this blog. Giambi was right for making the statements he made. Everyone makes mistakes, hey were only human right?..but it takes courage to admit that you were wrong. Admitting you were wrong hurts your pride, and I think Giambi earned respect from alot of people for admitting what he did. Of course everyone has their own opionions on this whole matter. I like the whole persepective you used on Botox, and comparing it to baseball. I guess I can’t really comment on the whole epidemic of wanting to look young, because i’m too young to understand that..but I feel that with age, comes wisdom. So maybe one day i’ll have wrinkles and lines on my face, but the expierience I will have in life, will be worth it. Thanks for taking time out of your busy scedule to blog.🙂 Hope I can catch your show tomorow. Good Luck!😀

Thank you for posting Alyssa. I agree with you this world is seems pretty messed up sometimes, what do you think we should do about it? What do you think of those Angels?


As usual, no good deed goes unpunished in this world. AND our boys in blue lost another game tonight.

But I think things might be turning up. Apparently Ichiro just bought a loft downtown at the Biscuit Company Lofts. Now why on earth would he do that? Could a trade be in our future? You can find some chummy pics with him and our Tommy on this blog: (scroll down to the May 14 post.


Hi Alyssa, first of all: you are certainly right: it is almost a crime to punish that man for 2 reasons: he encourages people to try a new start after doing a mistake, but this time the right way, and such a punishment doesn’t help anything.
Second is: everybody has things to hide and sometimes people are ready for whatever to keep it hidden and such an event tells them: if its something bigger, you better do keep it hidden by all means, otherwise one single thing destroys everything you achieved and wipes out all the good you did. – – well, in the eyes of the world, not in the eyes of God, I like to mention the book Job here, I am convinced all he has to suffer because of his confession will be very much appreciated.

At the other hand: it is just, what a mans life is about: You make a decision, you carry it out and then you face the consequences it takes.

So: first he was honored as a person, who is doing a good job in the baseball business, what in the end is only the result of coincidental genetic material and training. Now the people who know how to distinguish honor him for his character. Doesn’t that count more?

Look, you wrote him almost a poem here. Even if he gets kicked out of the baseball, he still gets a good job, he has money and all that. That is something everybody in the western world can have if this is what he really wants. Now he has a sympathetic blog of Alyssa Milano, what is possibly harder to get.

As much as our instincts would seek to punish players of the steroid era, we should also keep in mind that what these players were doing was acceptable according to MLB rules at the time. As much as I dislike Barry Bonds, the guy is good at what he does.

We cannot have conclusive proof, and in the US, you’re innocent until proven guilty, no matter what the BBWAA says. Face it, McGwire belongs in the hall, and Bonds will too, after he retires.


I must be too young. I have no idea what a helmet head is… How old are you? Do you give helmet head? ;D

Best Regards,

Jordan “Richard Simmons” Pixie Jr.

Posted by: | May 22, 2007 06:48 AM*

Until you learn to discuss baseball intelligently, you don’t even justify a response.

Well, Dodgers fans, another game gone last nite. Unbelievable. I know the Brewers are in 1st place, but the Dodgers never really mounted an offensive attack, of any sort. I quit watching in the 7th inning because I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

Patriot – While I can’t argue with the way things have worked with MLB in the past, I struggle with the fact that Bonds accomplishments appear to have been enhanced. I struggle with that kind of representation in HOF. On the other hand, Orlando Cepeda is in the HOF and he did jail time.

McGwire wasn’t using anything banned by baseball AT THE TIME, however, the allegations against Bonds are things that are & have been illegal for quite some time.

Metsnut – No offense, but you did post ‘Back off!’ on a DODGERS website. You have to understand the unlikeliness of that happening.

This was inspired from your quote…🙂

If I could ask You one question

I’d ask You WHY

You’re still looking on

While Your children are dying,

Brothers killing brothers –

With Your babies all suicidal.

We’re poisoning ourselves

With liquor, drugs and chems

We’ve got enough technologies and meds

Yet those who need can’t afford to spare

Children are born mutated,

Men are proved barren,

Cancer’s spreading like a pandemic

While Nuclear wastes dumped everywhere.

We’ve got answers to all our problems

in tiny colorful pills

We swallow them with ease

Only to cause worse side effects

We pray but do not listen

Throw cheap words yet do not act

Tell me dear Lord how can You bear

to see Your children behave like that?

The hope is growing dimmer

The problems never end

The prayers growing stronger

While the smiles are all pretend

We pray cos it’s on schedule

Not cos’ we love You so.

We hide and then denounce You

Afraid to be criticized by foes

We’re unworthy of all the loving kindness

and all the faithfulness

We’ve fallen and disgraced only

to have You lift us up again.

Lord, I don’t know how You do it

And watch silently through it all

when all I do is read the news

And feel extreme vexation

Do You hug and comfort every child?

That has silent tears through pain?

or send an angel to lead each soul

into Thy holy kingdom?

Do You envelope the frightened with Your presence?

And let them feel Your love?

Dissuade the desperate from pulling triggers

Killing the innocents – bodies dispersed?

Do You invade the strong through their conscience?

Try convince them to say “No”?

From giving single commands to major generals

Killing millions at a go

Lord, I know not how You do it

With such patience and such strength

To delight and dote on us, unworthy

While we return Your love with so much pain and distress

Lord, enlighten me I know not

How to continue with my hopes

For if I were to hope for what I see not,

I fear I’d lack the patience to wait without contempt


“Giambi has shown dignity with his honesty.

Giambi has shown integrity with his candor.”

If he was so honest, he would have made this admission years ago. There was no candor involved, in that he never admitted to anything. WHat is the “stuff”? Steroids? Spinach? Generic processed cheese instead of Velveeta? Tylenol instead of advil? Pepsi instead of Coke?

Giambi is merely looking to grab himself some extra spotlight, and it’s working. Look how much we’re paying attention to him…

Hmm i really like your blog. i agree with you in lots of aspects but then i see why they may investigate Giambi, in a sense they are trying to set an example here, if they let one go, then others could easiyl think it’s alright…

On the other hand, it IS a serious problem in baseball, and it should be acknowledged not pushed under the carpet. The first step to solving such an issue is being honest and knowing the facts straight out. Giambi’s statement is powerful in that sense, and yes he should not be under investigation. He just admitted to doing something that, lets face it, many athletes do. So i think they should delve deeper into it.

Haha just my opinion, lol im not that knowledgable about the world of baseball. hehe

Lots of love, erika ( my_imagination SS)

P.S. i LOVE your blogs! you go girl xx

Hey alyssa!!

first off i’d like to say that i agree with your statements on how hollywood is so0o0o0o obsessed with looking young!! I mean JOAN RIVERS much?? lol Also i thought it was funny when you said “I’m sorry What?” about the RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome……I mean come on now…you sit on your leg too long….you get up….your fine!

My mom and I were just talking about how more and more people are going with botox and stuff….and she ws saying that she might get it done….but only if she could still show expressions……and only if it was a little bit…..Not like every three weeks! (i.e. joan rivers) and then i said how fabulous HELEN MIRREN looks!! and how she puts a lot of the ****** girls to shame because she’s so elegant and gorgeous!

LKAstly i wanted to say….HOW COME ALL CONTESTS HAVE TO BE FOR PEOPLE 18 YEARS OLD AND OLDER??? I was so0o0o excited when i read about the sweepstakes….and then i submitted my thing and i can’t do it because i’m not old enough. I mean i’m going to be 17 on the MAy 28…Does that count?? lol It’s just that you are such a huge inspiration to me…and i would do anything to hang out with you for a day!

well that’s it Girlie!! Chatty Kathy Out! lol

XoX Samantha Morris

(samwitchp3 on SS)

P.S. Keep the blogs coming!

Hey Alyssa,

I have no idea if you read this or not but I would like to personally extend you an invitation (if you are ever in Las Vegas, NV) to come down to Elite Med Spa and get a complimentary service of Botox if you wish.

Our website is and our phone number is 702-565-WELL (9355). Thank you and GO DODGERS!

Hey Alyssa –

When I was a kid, the two worst things you could call a nuther kid were a cheater and a liar.

Barry Bonds is both, and he seems to be a jack*** besides.

MLB needs to do more than acknowledge and apologize for the mess of drugs and steroids. It needs to take serious steps to detect and stop the use of this junk. That one or two guys pop up now and then and fess up is just the tip of a huge, ugly iceberg.

I blame the players’ union much more than the owners. Why they are so determined to protect cheaters and liars like Barry Bonds makes no sense. You’d think they would be adamant that the game clean up its act and that the stats which go into the record books are not tainted.

Given guys like Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Bonds, it may well be the single season record for HONEST homeruns should still belong to Roger Maris.

The day Bonds passes Hank Aaron’s career mark is going to be a dark one for baseball, and unless he does it at home, I guarantee the booing will be seismic!

TV ads don’t annoy me any more, as I instantly mute them and usually have a second station on the R-tune button to switch to for a minute or two of something else.

When we were kids, we might get a bellyache or a rash. Now these have long jaw-breaker names and there’s a pill you’re supposed to bug your doctor to prescribe for them. There are even pills to take to relieve the side effects of the first pills. Are we all nuts?

Write again soon. We miss you when you’re away.


Miss M & Blue Fans,

I know I have not given my opinion on this issue yet. I try and stay out of it because it is a personal choice, but one with understandable and sometimes acceptable pressures. Meaning that man has always tried to get the upper hand in any type of competition, car racing they try and cheat the rules of the car, as well as the Olympics, horses, any sport. Back in the day it was the spitball and pine tar. And as far as girls and botox, breast implants, lipo suction etc. it is true to the same. I am sure that Alyssa in her line of work has had or been tempted to do some work or will be pressured at some point. The average Jane and John on the streets feels it to. It is something that guys wish they were the buff guy on the beach and girls want the best body on the sand as well. Now as far as the legality of some drugs well that is a different matter. So no I don’t condone or condemn those who choose to engage in these types of activities. If they get cought it should be a leagal matter for a court and a judge not the commisioner or fans of baseball to pass judgement.

Your Favorite Angel fan,



They blew the gem Lowe threw against Florida as well.


MLB is as guilty as the players, they always knew, as well as the fans. Everyone was fine until the records became an issue.

We live in a society where we want instant gratification and we deal with the consequences of that when they arise. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

We enjoyed the game and when it became evident the records were going to be tarnished, we got upset. We asked for it and we got it. You really can’t compare players from one era to the next anyways, everyone needs to relax.

We do live in a world of instant gratification and lack of personal responsibility. Very well written post Alyssa, I enjoyed reading it and am glad there are many out there who view this as I do.

The craziest part of this whole thing is that it already came out that he did use steroids, when his grand jury testimony was leaked in 2004. I remember him confirming it too. I’m just glad that a current player has the guts to take the responsibility, come out, and say “Yes, I did it. I’m sorry.” He didn’t have to, but he did. He gained a lot of respect from me when I read about it.



He stood up like a person should and he does deserve credit for it. He now receives criticism for saying “We” should have done something about this before. He is implying there was widespread knowledge from players to coaches to management. All that time not one person put a foot forward and said, ‘there is a problem in baseball.’ Not even those who didn’t use and knew others were. “NOBODY” Not one person had the guts to say anything. Why? Because it is Taboo to do so. (They feared the consequences) It’s like cops who break laws and those who don’t but also don’t do anything about what they witnessed or know.

I have been told ‘Courage is doing what is right in the face of fear.’


I consider myself a traditionalist for the most part but tradition isn’t always good.

Traditionally women and blacks could not contribute or contribute equally in the work force.

There has been more blood shed in the name of religion or tradition.

We don’t know exactly what they are using. We don’t know the effects of what they are using. I would rather hear scientists weigh in on this because maybe there is some substance that is not harmful and may actually be good for a person to take. What do we know? Did you think 20 years ago cloning would be possible? I don’t know anything about science or what they’re taking. I don’t think they are taking the same **** Lyle Alzado took in the 70’s. They are millionaires, maybe they are taking some pretty scientific stuff if any of that makes sense.

If most the players were taking, then most don’t seem to think it is wrong to use.

people use different ways to get ahead in any career. probably most of the people at the top have done something immoral, people should worry about them. Not some guys playing a kids game. It’s your money paying the congressional bills.


Good commentary. give credit where credit is do.

Spit balls and pine tar…I thought they only did that in Catholic School. I would shoot a spit ball and the nuns would tar and feather me. And that was going easy on us. Thank God priests didn’t teach…and a was not good enough to serve as an alter boy.

Wonderfully stated. It’s a shame that instead of respecting Giambi for being the only man to step up and say look I made a mistake he is going to be scrutinized by every media outlet and possibly penalized for being honest.

Alyssa if you read this keep up the great work I am a huge baseball fan and I really enjoy your column


I consider myself a traditionalist for the most part but tradition isn’t always good.

Traditionally women and blacks could not contribute or contribute equally in the work force.

There has been more blood shed in the name of religion or tradition.

We don’t know exactly what they are using. We don’t know the effects of what they are using. I would rather hear scientists weigh in on this because maybe there is some substance that is not harmful and may actually be good for a person to take. What do we know? Did you think 20 years ago cloning would be possible? I don’t know anything about science or what they’re taking. I don’t think they are taking the same **** Lyle Alzado took in the 70’s. They are millionaires, maybe they are taking some pretty scientific stuff if any of that makes sense.

If most the players were taking, then most don’t seem to think it is wrong to use.

people use different ways to get ahead in any career. probably most of the people at the top have done something immoral, people should worry about them. Not some guys playing a kids game. It’s your money paying the congressional bills.**

Mr. Pfeifer,

You are taking what I call ‘traditionalist’ out of context. The traditionalist that I am talking about has nothing to do with women, African-Americans, or religion. It was meant as a simple baseball term, about the purity in the game as it has evolved, what it is that makes us all love it so. You have taken it to another level that I would caution you not to use further simply because of the implied arguments that would begin in it’s wake.

As for what we know about steroids and what side effects are possible, the list is endless. Any time spent reading about ‘the cream’ and ‘the clear’ is time well spent, because then you WILL have the knowledge to make a credible argument. The side effects have been widely publicized and are available for anyone to review.

No, 20 years ago, I would not have thought that cloning was possible, but that doesn’t mean anything. We all know that the steroids available 20 – 30 years ago are not the same as the stuff available today. But that’s neither here nor there and has no place in an argument that is defending steroids.

You are a cynic, Mr. Pfeifer. Not everyone has to be immoral or improper to get to the top of their game. Whether you get paid millions to play a child’s game or are the secretary of a small company. It matters not.

You’ll have to forgive me for not completely understanding what you’re trying to say. I know my money pays the congressional bills. So does yours. What does that have to do with baseball, steroids and tradition?

Congratulations on your make up infomercial you did with Leeza Gibbons. I saw it this morning. You look great and so does Leeza; and she’s 50 years old! I wonder if she has done any of these procedures you are talking about. I don’t know Alyssa I think we are all so vain it is going to be very difficult to ask people not to use every product they think will make them perform better or look their best. What do you think? I know professional cycling has been dealing with this issue big time for the past 15 years or so. American cyclists Lance Armstrong and current Tour de France winner Floyd Landis have been dealing with accusations of drug abuse daily. Every day they show testimony from Malibu about the latest developments in the Floyd Landis case from last years Tour de France. The USA has been very blessed over the past 20 years to have won 11 Tour de Frances in a sport that America has never really had a presence in.

Hey Alyssa – I’m thinking botox and steroids aren’t the problem, but symptoms of the problem. The problem is: There are people who can’t live with who they are and what they can do and what they look like.

Real life is: You have to be comfortable in your own skin, because you have to live in it and it is what it is. You have to live with your own abilities, too. You can do what you can do, and you can’t do what you can’t do.

Like a zillion uther kids, I wanted to grow up to be somebody like, say, Steve Garvey. But, I’m not handsome and my baseball skills are modest, and I had to make different life choices. I did a couple of very challenging things which didn’t require good looks or baseball ability, and I’m pleased with my life.

Our bodies and our appearance change as we continue to amass birthdays. Some people’s efforts to combat or deny this border on the ludicrous, and it isn’t just people in the entertainment industry. John Kerry’s huge, ridiculous hairpiece, for instance, is so stupid-looking I can’t believe people don’t laugh right in his face. It seems guys wearing toops is some weird, particular blind spot of civility. Does he own a mirror? Does HE think that looks like real hair?

The point is: Botox, steroids, breast implants, face lifts, hairpieces – Why do so many people refuse to be and look like who they are? The person to be admired is the one who takes what he or she is given and makes something of THAT.


Are you talking about Selig? Bud Selig? Bud Let’s End The All Star Game In A Tie Selig? And you want him to apologize? Maybe you’re giving too much credit to him…😉

Alyssa, where’s the love for me, itsmetsforme?

I think all your readers are dying to hear your answers to my challenge. I mean, I am chafed, but idealism becomes a slave, lol.

Now I gotta tell you guys, a big hug to the first one who can tell me what Giambi admitted or owned up to. Done rereading the story? I’ll tell you: absolutely nothing. So please, stop it with the nonsense, he said “stuff” and admitted nothing. Plus, he knows that reports of him failing am amphetimines test are coming out.

There are plenty of people that deserve to be valorized, you bozos, this guy ain’t one of them. Find a real hero, like a teacher or a social worker or an actress! This totally chafes me.



@ newbluegirl…

Thank you for saving me the time and the extra keystrokes. You summed up my sentiments to Ms. Milano’s latest blog, entirely. I, like you, DESPISE inter-league play and will always continue to fall back on the TRADITION of the game — a tradition WITHOUT performance enhancing drugs.

I will pay top dollar to see the likes of Jose Reyes and Juan Pierre run, throw, and dive all over the field before paying a penny to see circus acts like Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds loaf to the plate with blown-up chests and domes, and enough armor to make a U.S. Marine look frail.

@ itsmets…

I’m right there with you, bud. Giambi’s comments hold as much water as a stainless-steel colander. ‘Applauding his courage’ would be akin to applauding the courage of Benedict Arnold at Fort Ticonderoga. Puhlease.

I echo your opinion on heroes/role models. We, as a star-crazed, dumbed-down, attention-deficient society, are continually looking in the wrong places. Starting at home would seem like the logical choice. If that fails, do seek out a teacher ( one that hasn’t molested his/her students), or a social worker (preferably one that doesn’t work for CPS), or a baseball player (one that plays hard, never gives up, and takes an interest in his community). Best of luck.

I can’t say I can think of an actress that would be worthy of such nobility. However, if by chance, one actress/writer in particular started hanging out on the set with Charlie Sheen, I might choose her. We all can dream.

@ Ms. Milano…

Although I disagree with your thoughts on Jason Giambi entirely, you did manage to catch my attention with something else you stated — ‘Perhaps, this is a direct reflection of the trickle down effect of our government?s capacity to cover up and deflect the major issues that face us politically.’— There, I am in complete agreement! But what ‘major issues’ are you referring to ? I think I have a good idea, but would prefer to hear it from you. I fully understand that this blog is not ‘political’ in nature, and of the sandbox variety. However, I would be quite grateful (as would many, many others) to hear you elaborate further (perhaps a short paragraph or two).

Ya know, your brother is 100 % right on point when he says that baseball is a microcosm of society. Our once great nation has become a land of perversion, greed, and irresponsibility (among other things). So has major-league baseball. It should come as no surprise, really. The purity, the innocence of the game, now a rose petal to the wind.

Perhaps, you’d extend this space to your little bro’ for a guest appearance of sorts ? I don’t think anyone here would object, even the T.V. people! It’s today’s twenty-somethings that stand to give us our best chance at restoring this once great land to a constitutional Republic. The 30+ demographic has a lot more to learn, although promise is being shown.

Bonne chance et bonne sante.

Dieu vous benisse.

Paulie B **==

‘In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ – George Orwell

Giambi should not be applauded for his recent comments on his use of steroids. In fact, I feel he should be banned from baseball. We have all known what he told us the other day for years now. He cheated, and while he didn’t lie, it took him 3 YEARS to tell the truth. I mean, seriously, just LOOK at the guy. The Yankees should do the right thing and release him immediately. Every other team should do the right thing and not sign him or pick him up off waivers. Bud Selig should do the right thing and not allow him to play the game for money anymore. Of course, none of those things will happen, because the Yankees are evil, every other team is looking for a power-hitting 1B, and Selig is spineless. Giambi is not a ray of sunshine. He is a big greasy blackhead on the face of baseball.

first, let me say, I got to wear my new TOUCH jeans, NYY, at the Yankee-Boston game this past monday. I’ve also been wearing them around town. First people laugh. Then they high five me. Typical NYers.

I agree with you about Giambi. You have to think, if we skewer Giambi for being the one person to come forward, how are we going to get any honesty in the sport? In our justice system we give immunity to the person who will come forward, but in the court of public opinion…not so much. So much in this world is about people making mistakes and not owning up to them. Maybe he’s not perfect. Maybe he could have come forward sooner, and in more detail. But it takes courage to come forward at all.

BTW, I’m an MD, and restless leg syndrome is when your legs have this inner ache that is only relieved by being in constant motion. Called Akasthesia, in short, it is a miserable experience to have this every minute of your existence. You can get a version of it as a side effect of certain anti-nausea medications. I’m not aware that the syndrome is so prevalent that it requires advertising on TV every five minutes. Not like that going, growing problem that is very common amongst men.

Purists, and traditionalists should really consider the game, roughly a century ago. Babe Ruth and the rest of his ilk, were the originators of our baseball records. Occasionally, when I might ‘sip some suds’, to use an expression, I recall what it was like for the Bambino…, ticker-tape parades, ladies by the score, cigars and booze. Performance enhancing drugs???
A real superstar of his own time. McGwire got his glory, Bonds is about to get his.

Sometimes we should take another perspective look at the current situation. The pressures to succeed can be overwhelming to a point that the individual loses sight of the long-term goal versus the short-term results.

newbluegirl you are pretty right on with your observations. Inter/Intra-league play should be abolished for the simple reasons that you have so briefly presented.

Unbelievable! The guy confesses cause he’s forced to under the penalty of perjury and you have new respect for the man? If he wasn’t called to the grand jury, he would still deny doing anything wrong like he had until his testimony was leaked. He cheated and got caught. That’s it. Stop apologizing for the guy and feeling sorry for him. He deserves all the ridicule and tumors he’ll get in the future for his blatant, illegal actions. Period.

im so upset the contest from the mlb wot.let rhode islanders try to win a chance to meet you and baybe dinner or win sme of our though clothing line i was hoping but i hope and dream again i wish i could play the

well i thought for a moment i had a chance

love you your friend and fan signed melody cl reporter-:(


wonderful and insightful post…u offered some very good opinions…

brad pitched a gem last night in washington…wish u made a cameo…

Restless Leg Syndrome used to be called, “The Jimmy legs.” (As seen on Seinfeld) ::shrug::


thanks for the news alyssa im going to see alote of you this fall

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