FloodgatesOkay. Alrighty then. Here we go. Are you ready? Trust me, okay, I so don?t want to be one of those bloggers that never has anything good to say and critically complains about the blatantly obvious. BUT I HAVE TO VENT. So consider this a warning! If you don?t want to hear me complain, now is your chance to stop reading. I?m serious. Venting is about to begin. Click elsewhere because here comes the complaining.

Before I start this diatribe, let me preface it by saying, I cheer for the Dodgers no matter what and I am not losing hope. I know every single team goes through a time during the season when things don?t go its way. Breathe, Mets fans. Breathe, Orioles fans. Breathe, Mariners fans. Breathe, Dodgers fans. Breathe, Cubs fans. Breathe, Giants fans (I?m talking to you, Jamie Williams).

Last chance to click away before the floodgates open.

  • We should not have let Clark go.
  • Double switch??? There is no reason to play James Loney in right field, out of position, when we were losing by a ton in the eighth. It?s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  • Wall
    It should be mandatory in all MLB parks that the entire outfield wall be padded. Just ask Matt Kemp. Outfield walls should NOT be made of Plexiglas. What is this, hockey? And a Plexiglas wall with a cement base? Huh? Protect our players for the love of God!!! A nice goose down would be great. Thanks.
  • We need more FIRE. Where?s the passion?
  • Billy Mueller has his work cut out for him with Wilson Betemit. Nine pitches. Three K?s. As my bro would say, ?Make me a believer, Wilson.?
  • Randy Wolf hasn?t lasted seven innings in a while.
  • 1-5 record against The The Angels Angels Of Anaheim. (Literal translation).
  • This loss put us in third place.
  • Jason Schmidt?s status is ?on hold? and according to the Dodgers.com wrapup article on yesterday?s game, he did not pack his equipment bag for the team?s trip to Toronto.

Sing it with me! Everybody! (In the melody of John Lennon?s ?Give Peace A Chance?) ?All we are saying . . . is give Bills a chance.?

The good news?

That?s about it for the good news.

If there?s anything I missed, please don?t let me off the hook (I know you won?t). And if you?d like to vent about your own team, go for it! Feel free. Misery loves company. Let?s consider this post a communal tirade for frustrated fans of baseball everywhere.


P.S. I want to acknowledge the Angels fans for being so classy when Loney finally did get up after crashing into the wall (did I mention that wall is cement and Plexiglas? Did I mention that same cement and Plexiglas wall took out Kemp in the beginning of the season?). I was embarrassed to hear some of the Dodgers fans cheer when Angels great Casey Kotchman was hit in the head on Saturday by a pickoff throw from Russell Martin at second. The fans that cheer when an opposing player is injured do not represent the majority of Dodgers fans. Regardless, I apologize for them because . . . well . . . I feel I should.

P.P.S. My family and I are leaving on an eight-day vacation starting today. Please keep me updated on all things baseball (but especially Dodger baseball) while I am away.

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Hey Alyssa!

When you wrote Misery loves Company I immediately had to think about Good Charlotte’s new album and their song Misery (it has that phrase in it) good song btw

It’s oke to vent, you have to stay positive but critic is important as well, what’s wrong is wrong you should be able to say that..

Yeah it’s embarassing when players from other teams are injured and “fans” are cheering…

I hope you and your family will have a great time!



Hi Alyssa,

I had a feeling you would post this morning, I’m not sure why but I did. Anyway I think it’s ok to voice (or write) your opinions. I don’t think that all opinions constitute complaining. I didn’t see any of the Angels/Dodgers games in their entirety, but I think I saw parts of all of them, both in Anaheim and LA. The Angels have been pretty hot lately and seemed to take out some of that heat on the Dodgers. They really seemed to go on some pretty big scoring drives and for the most part completely outplayed the Dodgers this year. Sorry, just my perception. Anyway I think it’s bad sportsmanship to cheer when a player is injured also; especially if they aren’t doing anything wrong and are just playing the game; shame on those “fans”. Where are you going on your vacation? Rome, Paris, London, Grand Canyon? Well wherever it is have a great time and stay safe. I presume you are talking about going with your mom, dad, and brother. Did you know I’ve met you, your mom and dad before? The only one I havn’t met is your brother. I thought it was Vince Scully. Shows you how much I know. I met him before too, I feel so honored! Anyway have a great trip and stay safe.


One thing I forgot to say Alyssa. Don’t forget so soon that the Dodgers just came off a 3 game sweep of the Mets, who were in first place at the time I think; and maybe still are.

Hi Alyssa –

You are absolutely correct with with regards to every point you made in this week’s post! I was at yesterday’s game, and have the following to add:

Why would we sit out our (arguably) most passionate/best/All-Star-game-starting player, Russell Martin in the rubber game against a first-place team? Nothing against Mike Lieberthal, who was productive at the plate but looked like a bush leager trying to throw out baserunners, but c’mon! We have a travel day today and are headed to Toronto for crying out loud! Rest him there . . .

How much larger does the hole at second base have to get before somebody sits Jeff Kent out for more than one token game? How long before we put someone who is not batting under .260 in the cleanup spot? He’s in a slump, both on the field and at the plate! Help him out, not to mention the team . . .

I almost fell out of my chair when Wilson Betemit came up to bat a third time after his first two embarrassing at bats. I am a big believer in his potential and ability, but wasn’t ANYBODY on the management staff watching him flail helplessly at the ball the first two times he came up to bat?

I completely agree with your comment about a lack of fire (or passion, or the illusion that one cares). It starts with Grady Little. He needs to begin to, or at the very least act like, he cares about our team’s performance. While the Dodgers are on the field, I often wonder what game he is watching. After the game, he shows no interest in anything, and falls into a “reporter” role instead of one of a manager.

This weekend, we got to see a great manager in action. Mike Scioscia makes good decisions, dictates the flow of the game, isn’t content just to sit on leads, and consistently tries to make things happen. He uses pitchers, pinch hitters and pinch runners well. He makes quick, concise decisions while they matter, and ones that affect the game currently in progress. He also shows great passion. When Grady Little reviews the film from these last three games, he should take notes.

Lastly, I do feel good that we took four of six games against first-place teams during this homestand. That should not be overlooked, even if the Mets are slumping. We do, however, need to step up the intensity if we want to contend this year. We have the talent on the team, we just need someone to put it to good use.

Good post, and enjoy your “time off.”


Completely out coached!! Better decisions on the Angels part. When I saw Loney out in right field I said to myself, “this is going to be disaster”. Well it was not all bad but at the time at the game it looked like it was. Im suprised Betitmiet did not get hurt when he was out there too. Just a bad series but, a good stretch overall, well semi-good.I mean 5 out of nine is not horrible. Two out of three series resulted in us winning the first game then losing the next two. Just need to close series then we will be fine. So,that is my voice.

Bad news:
1. The Astros are 30-39 and 8 games out in 4th place.

2. We don?t have a true short-stop on our team, because our left fielder took out our shortstop by sliding into him and breaking his leg during the game on Thursday (out 4-6 weeks).

3. & 4. Our loaner pitcher, Jennings had to be pulled early in his last start because of a sore shoulder, and our bullpen ERA is over 4.00.

5. The Cubs have a better record than we do.

Good news:

1. We just swept an AL team! 2. Craig Biggio is only 11 hits away from 3,000.

3. We are on a roll, so maybe we can exact some revenge for the Dodgers and beat the LAAoA.

For years I have always said the Cubs can never with the world series because the Tribune would not pay for more than two good players. Its a business and the Tribune learned many many years ago that if they fielded a team that won 50% of their games they made money. Therefore, they had no reason to pay for players. Now this year, I dont have that excuse. I feel like they did their best to pick up some good players, were still ******* hind ***. Dodgers are good Ms. Milano. you guys are up there almost every year. You dont know what its like to be a Cubs fan. June swoon, la de dah da.

But as far as being bitter about a baseball team, Cubs fans have more reason to beach than anyone. Cubs fans should fill up this blog entry with beachin. I’m beached out and its just June.

Okay Alyssa – you said that we were free to vent about our own team so that’s what i’m here to do! I’m a Mets fan (and yes – I have been trying to breathe!!) but seriously – what the heck is going on!!! OMG! They are just killing me…

Beltran and Delgado can’t get the ball out of the infield, Green still looks like he forgets where he is whenever the ball is hit to right, and Gomez – fast as he is – is so over matched by major league pitching that I wish he’d just step into one so we wouldn’t have to deal with watching him flailing wildly at pitches…

Alou’s out, Lo Duca’s banged up, Endy (seriously one of my favorite players) is out…

Now on top of all of this we have to deal with our pitching staff and their inability to get out of the 5th… Glavine has been horrible, Maine’s getting knocked around and although he has been great – EL Duque completely fizzled last night… And then… (see – I told you I was going to vent) they bring in Schoeneweis (horrible) and Heilman (home run anyone?)

I love the Mets and have since birth… but man do they make me want to crawl in a hole and cry sometimes…

1st and foremost… I am a Dodger Fan.

2nd, I believe Jimmy Dugan said it best “There’s no crying in baseball…”

Baseball is played in the bowels of the exceptional. The old phrase comes to mind “if you fail 7 out of 10 times you’re doing a great job.” Keep in mind the reason why we teach our children how to play baseball, to get dirty. No, really, the real reason is so they learn to “DEAL” with adversity.

Baseball is a great sport where on any day the Devil Rays can go into Yankee Stadium and put a beating on the Power-House Yanks. Remember, everyones effort in the organization of a team is laid out in a season. Even if you aren’t presented with the desired result. Just ask Steinbrenner and the Yankees who are the most successful franchise in Sports history.

All-in-all, the struggle makes it sweeter. There will be low’s throughout the season but will you be prepared for sustainning the Highes?

Coach and Players Perspective.

Hey Alyssa: Hopefully the front office hears you loud and clear, and by the time the team returns from their trips, that outfield wall is completely padded.
Enjoyed taking my Mom to Saturday’s game. Sorry, but she wore red and her team got to win.

Feisty is a word I like. Should a new Manager be the way to go, to fix what ails the team, one with a generous splash of ‘feistiness’ would be great! If only R. Lee Ermy was a baseball coach….!

You have fun


Im a big Astros fan..

the bad news..

1) we are 30-39! Not doing too good so far–were in 4th.

2) we need help like crazy with pitching! Oswalt’s great..but he needs backup.

3) I havnt had time to go to a game.

good news..

1) we just swept the Mariners!

2)on sunday there was a sold out crowd at Minute Maid Park. Astros fans are awesome!

3) Lamb hit his 2nd grand slam of his career! -and man did it feel good when I saw it on tv .😀 you go Mike!–and altogether I think we have a solid hitting lineup.

4) and last but not least, Biggio is almost at 3,000!-please vote for him to be an All-Star! He deserves it!!😀

well Alyssa, thanks for creating a place where us girls can vent on our views of the game.😀 Hope you have a great vacation with the family!

take care!

I have 2 words for the Dodgers as the trading deadline nears. Mark Teixeira. I normally wouldn’t consider trading James Loney except in this case. He is exactly what the Dodgers need in the middle of the lineup. I know he’s on the DL now, big deal. 1st time in his career. And, yes I know he’s a Boras client but the Dodgers have some money coming off the books after this season. On another note what’s the deal with the “Angels s#ck” chants when they’re kicking out team’s rears 10-3? If they s#ck, what does that say about us? I know, I’m over analyzing. Have a great trip!!

* Martin had played something like 12 games without a day off, and the only reason he was out was that he woke up with a stiff neck. Seriously, his theme music should be Barenaked Ladies’ “Who Needs Sleep.”

* Jeff Kent doesn’t care anymore, so it’s time to ship him out to someone that needs a 1B/DH. What do you think the Yankees would offer for him?

* I believe that Loney getting out of that with only a knee bruise is a sign from God, a sign that God would rather see Loney play first base than Nomar. Even Tim McCarver figured that out last year.

* I was just talking about how good Betemit was and then he went down swinging 3 times. But hey, it’s not like the Angels sent Jeff Weaver out there; they had a good pitcher.

* I really feel bad for Orioles fans, because not even Leo Mazzone can teach Danys Baez how to be a good pitcher. A 3 year deal for Baez? Aiye.

Hey Alyssa – Good girl for venting! Now take a DEEP breath and turn on that dazzling smile!

The thing about baseball which makes it so wonderful and so infuriating is the ups and downs. We live in eternal hope that each guy will live up to his maximum potential each time, but we know this will not happen. As Vin frequently notes: Ballplayers live with the belief that it all evens out.

Nomah hits a scorching line drive only to be robbed by a magnificent diving catch. Next time up, he hits a dunker which drops.

Jonathan Broxton is as unhittable as any pitcher I’ve ever seen, but I was in San Diego at the game the night he came in with a 5-1 lead and blew the save and the game. The PetCo Park radar gun showed 100 MPH on his next-to-last pitch, but the Pods hitters were sitting on it and then he walked in the losing run. If my hair had been long enough to grip, I’d have pulled it all out.

Meat – the poster kid for good AND bad – comes off the bench and pounds out homeruns, yet now when he goes up there, it looks as if he should be carrying a white cane instead of a bat.

And so on. You can pick every guy on the team and come up with examples. We still love them, and they’re a good team and they’ll be playing in October.

We don’t know what Grady Little is like when the camera isn’t on him, but I think he probably isn’t as stoic as he appears. He’s been around, and knows whether a guy needs a word of encouragement or an ***-chewing. There’ll never be another Tommy Lasorda in this regard, but I expect Grady is a shrewd, level-headed guy the players respect.

Later word on the Eddie Murray firing notes his history as a coach, and it seems to be true that great a hitter as he was, he was not an effective coach. Some guys can do but not teach, and some can teach but not do. That’s the way it works. Bill Mueller absolutely has his work cut out for him, not only with Meat, but with all these young kids who are brimming with talent and enthusiasm.

The Dodgers are in the enviable position of having a good team NOW and a marvelous group of kids who are going to be great very soon. Nomah, Kent, and Gonzo are no longer at their peaks, but you can be sure every opposing pitcher with a lick of sense does NOT want to see any of them stepping into the batter’s box with runners on base in a tight game.

I would still counsel patience and NOT making any crazy moves. We’re in a tough division with three very good teams, and it’s going to be tough all the way to the end.

Jimmy Choo’s? At a BALLGAME???


First i have to say that the first two games of the Freeway Series were fantastic to watch, especially in person. I attended friday and saturdays game to see two games filled with great pitching matchups. Sunday’s game was obviously a different story, but being an Angel’s fan I was very happy with the the outcome. (minus Loney being injured- that wall is dangerous). Ok now it’s time for my little issue. Why is it that many(not all), but many Dodger fans feel the need to chant “Angel’s S**k!” throughout most of the games? Obviously the Angel’s don’t s**k, so can someone please explain that to me? I was at Angel stadium during the first series and never heard any Angel fans chanting bad things against the Dodgers. Ok I’m done ranting. Thanks
Another note- I think other teams should take a note from the Dodger’s regarding All-Star candidate endorsing. From the minute you walk into the stadium you are encouraged to vote for Russell Martin, which I did and you are reminded many times throughout the game.I even saw you Miss Milano handing out ballots around your seat. now that’s a dedicated fan. Even my Angel’s need to take a page from this book- Hello Orlando Cabrera!!

P.S. Sorry to my brother who lost yet another wager this weekend. maybe that will teach you to bet against our hometown Angel’s!!! Thanks for going to the game with me on Friday, it was great hanging out with you.

Have a great vacation!


Miss AM & Blue’s fans,

Well on the good side the Dodgers did not get swept, that would have been even worse.. Also the fans who cheered when Kotchman got hit in the head.. NOT COOL! When Loney went down I stopped cheering for the Angels inside the park HR and was just hoping that Loney was not seriously hurt. I thought he broke his leg for sure but so glad to hear it is just bruised. I have seen several players in Angel stadium go into that bottom six inches of concrete with no padding and it is not pretty.

Well onto other things, Alyssa nice to hear you vent… “Rearranging the chairs on the Titanic” That was funny! Keep up the faith and have fun on you trip..

Your Favorite Angel fan,


What can I “vent” about… New York is not doing good at all. The Yankees(Bronx boomers)are booming just in a good way, the Mets same thing. They are tied 1 to 1. Like I said I was rooting for both teams when the Dodges played the Mets, I even stayed up to 1am(ET) in the morning just watch the whole game, glad the Dodges won. As for the game the game last week-Why couldn’t the catchers catch the balls, what is up with their players? Okay I’m done. Have fun on your trip.


Hey Alyssa!

Sometimes you need to complain.

You are really living for your baseball. I can not so much about it. But it’s fun to read anyway. I learn my something new every time.

Have fun on your trip, and enjoy it!

Lots of love


well cant comment on baseball but can on your vacation…



I love your blogs Alyssa and I love you;)

Hi Alyssa, Strong Language. Insisting on who you are and struggling for what’s important to you! This just reminds me again why I am your fan.
(Don’t misunderstand me: I like your sensitive side just as much but that is what one expects from a rather dainty girl.)

So I continue to let you teach me the Major League:

as I already mentioned, in the baseball the Germans are kinda

Punk band (OK, concerning the few pros we have I upgrade to Sting-level) and the Major League is Beethoven.

I started working on a small present for you after reading

this entry of yours first time this morning (it’s round 8 in

the evening now), but it takes me some time and you are traveling, so I am not in a hurry. I will upload it and give you the link as soon as you’re back here.

You took one of his melodies, I wish you and your family a nice trip with some words of good ol’ Johnny (John is English for: Johannes; I like that!).

“You may say I am a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one”

Alyssa -enjoy the vacation-but a funny comment on this blog

about Dodgers blogs

Bonsoir ma belle,

I?m not going to vent one?s spleen on my team, because the Red Sox are doing great (Pardon).

But I still have a few comments on my second favourite team, the Dodgers !!!!

1. You need no blood in the middle of the line-up

2. Jeff Kent is reinventing the words ?lack of passion?: On sale

3. Gonzo, just NO COMMENT

4. Very bad Management

In the good news you forgot to mention?Russell Martin, I think he still look fresh and ?

A few days ago I would have thought that the situation wasn?t dramatic with the Dodgers, after the last game, I?m whispering some nervousness?

Have a great vacation and try to enjoy this time off anyway (I know it?s not going to be effortless) :

Tembrasse fort,



Three words for you and your blog: intelligent, thoughful and classy. I so enjoy your blog. Being an Angels fan, I started reading out of curiousity, but now you have me totally hooked. I am impressed that a(nother) girl on this planet is as obsessed with baseball as I am.

I was raised in LA and attended many Dodgers games as a kid. The days of Steve (cutie) Garvey, Davey Lopes, Ron Cey, Bill Russell, etc. The golden years for a Dodger fan, IMO. I moved to OC as a teenager, and little by little, I let the Angels into my heart, and there they live. I don’t consider myself a traitor, just changed by my environment.

I do have a couple vents of my own about my experiece at Dodgers Stadium this weekend.

– the gang element is killing the experience there.

– when did it become that an opposing fan is the enemy that needs to be threatened? and in our case, beat up? we were jumped by cholo’s during the game and the only reason was the score 3 – 0

– cheering when an opposing player gets hurt? ouch, and not true baseball fans

– “Angels ****” chants? when the home team is getting beat? i could see if home team was winning, but, really?

– $10 beer (i’m on a budget, so no cerveza for me!!!)

I know that you, Allysa, have no control over the bad fans, but I am hoping that the McCourts care that the rowdies are ruining their stadium.

Thank you for letting me vent. Your blog is a gift to us baseball fans, regardless of our persuasion!

The comments on this posting so far seem to be pretty good….often I can’t tell if this blog is about the Dodgers or about Alyssa…i guess if your fame brings people to read abou the Dodgers then that’s a good thing…right?

I totally disagree about letting Brady Clark go – why? What did he do for us? hit .224 with no power?? Kemp and Loney are far more valuable in the long run. Kemp and Loney will be stars in MLB, it’s just a matter of time.

Our problems against the Angels – Kent hitting .224 in the last 10 games, Martin in a 4-24 homestand slump…..Schmidt is turning into a total free agent bust….Wolf will fall apart really quickly if he gets behid in the count….

And I agree – where’s the fire and passion? Nomar seems to be lifeless out there (although Sunday 3-4 was good)…..this team has the assets to win, they just aren’t firing together every game….

I am glad that you vented before your trip, so now you can relax. Yes they need to fix the walls at ALL of the baseball fields.

Venting is always acceptable, my dear. Speaking of which, I haven’t had any time lately to watch any baseball (yes I know, let the slapping begin) because school is almost over and finals are retarded!!! but…the M’s have been losing! Yesterday one of our best starting pitchers, Jarod Washburn could only manage to pitch for….wait for it…3 innings. What is going on? Our starting pitchers have been doing a **** of a job since the beginning of the season and not wearing out the bullpen too much. How can this be happening? I thought we were going to have a great season but we just got sweeped by the Astros. Which now puts us in 3rd place 6 games behind The The Angels Angels of Anaheim (hehe it took me a second to realize what the heck you were trying to say).

But also, our guys are having to make up a bunch of games that were cancelled due to snow and having to travel across the country to play one game. and they are just exhausted.

But again I say, one of our best starting pitchers (in my opinion) shouldn’t be allowing 7 runs in the first 3 innings!!

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’m starting to freak out Alyssa. We’re only 3 games behind in the Wild Card but…I’m still worried. It’s still not too far into the season but I’m really afraid if we get into this funk now we’ll never get out of it. I just have to keep telling myself to breathe. In, out, in, out.

Alright. I think MY rant is over now. If you ever need someone to just be there for ya when your team is falling apart…you know who to turn to. =D

Have a great trip sweetheart. I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.

Luv ya,

~Ashley~ (donoho from CL)

Just ask Aaron Rowand about nonsense outfield walls. Early last year he made a heckuva catch before running into what was essentially a metal bar in right center causing him to miss several weeks. After that the club smartened up and put some padding on the bar.

Vent about my team? I root for the Red Sox, and no lead is big enough… hope we don’t have to wait till 2090…

Big kudos on showing how stupid is Angels’ new name. What the heck was wrong with Anaheim Angels, anyway?

Have fun in your mini-vacation!🙂

And by the way, don’t you feel it’s weird that the foul poles are called that? They’re in fair territory, after all…

Hang in there Alyssa.. Things could be worst, you could be a Giant’s fan, which I am.. sadly enough..

As for Schmidt, he was close to being done with the Giants.. not sure what’s up with his arm.. went from throwing in the mid-90’s to high 80’s, just over a year or something.. for no apparent reason, according to him.. but still thinks he’s a power pitcher.. might need surgery, don’t know.. but he needs to adjust his approach either way..

Good Luck this season.. Dodgers will be fine.. and all we get is Bonds going for “his” record and some young pitching..

Hi Alyssa,

I hope your Dods begin to perform better and that you and your family have a great vacation.

I read your message, but also clicked on your link to UNICEF. I’m looking forward to hearing about your new humanitarian adventures with UNICEF and GNNTDC.

So I guess you didn’t think my version of Double Baseball was much of a sport? I can’t imagine why…

By the way, my DSL finally seems to be up and running. So I’m no longer living in the Stone Age. On the contrary, there are 800+ accumulated Emails downloading. From one extreme to the other…

Have a great vacation!


Hello Alyssa,there is no way I will ever stop reading your blogs.No one will ever stop me from reading your blogs.Your complaints make good sense.You alone,can turn the Dodgers into the ultimate baseball team.Your blogs take root in human history as a genuine masterpiece.The day you stop writing blogs is the day I grieve.This is the best and greatest time of my life,because I am able to participate in something you’re a part of.I appreciate everything.

1)the kids are up and playing

2)Russ is gonan go to the AS Game

3) Penny may soon be joined by lowe in sub 3.00 ERAs

4)lets see what Mueller can do

5)we have the 3rd best record in the NL and are 1.5 games behind the team with the 3rd best record in the BIGS…

oh and 6) Az is currently losing. lets go TB!!

ok, since misery loves company, lemme share with ya. I am a Rangers fan. A disgruntled Rangers fan at the moment. I think we actually have the worst record in the league, so chin up Dodgers! BTW I love Wolfie, cuz I love the Phils, same reason I love Lieby. So maybe this is just a tough stretch.

misery loves company? then make way for this Cardinals fan. we are the WORST DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPION IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL. we are 7 1/2 back of the freakin Brewers. the CUBS even have a better record than the Cards. oh the humanity!

we have a starting rotation with the WORST starting pitcher in all of baseball since 1998. two rookies who are taking their lumps. and the rest are converted relievers. the best of which just went on the DL monday. OH! least you forget, our #1 AND #2 starters have pitched in a total of ONE game this season. both are currently on the DL. and neither one will be ready till after the All Star break, if Mulder even comes back this year.

AND our starting catcher, short stop AND center fielder are currently on the DL as well. our 3rd & 2nd basemen can’t remember how to hit or field. our right fielder is still not healthy from off season wrist surgery. Even Albert Pujols is nursing a bad hammy, knee, oblique, foot AND back.

dig the Cardinals Alyssa. dig them big time.

stay strong darlin. at least you are not a life long Cardinals fan.


Jonny Bone.


Man, that 10-20 stretch was tough. And getting no-hit. Not to mention Cappy on the DL. And Soup wasn’t a starting pitcher Sunday, he was a baby seal. The NL isn’t even close to getting with the times and adopting the designated hitter rule, and worse yet, there’s no sign that Miller Park will trade in its grass for artificial turf (which would be a huge advanatge for Corey, Rickie, and Bill, among others).


At least I can say I’m not the snacko.

Seven games up, despite that 10-20 stretch.

Ryan’s doing just fine at the hot corner.

Prince and JJ are hitting them out of the park.

Ben’s healthy, as is the rest of the staff, save Cappy (and Cappy’ll be back soon).

Come to think of it, my baseball life is pretty good.

Hope the Dodgers can at least make the playoffs, Alyssa. I’d really hate for them to wait until 2008 to meet Ryan and Yovanni. *wink*

Have fun on the trip with your family!



I vent all the time on my blog. Just have to do it. It’s one of the reasons I have a Blue Jays blog!

Dodgers are in Toronto tonight for three so feel free to visit my blog for a recap of the series when you return from vacation. Have a great time!

Is Russell Martin just slumping, or coming back to Earth, where he’ll reside in statistical mediocrity from here on out? I’m curious b/c I have him in fantasy. As a NY’er I can’t catch as many west coast games as I’d like.



Alyssa and Los Angeles Dodger Fans,

OK, OK, You all know me as the Angel fan on the Dodger blog, there is a reason for this. I grew up 15 minutes from angel stadium and about 30 minutes from Dodger stadium “with out traffic” but you get the point. So now more than half of my family is Dodger fans and a few of us are Angel fans and than you all ways have that one or two that for some reason are Yankee fans but anyway my point!

The name “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” Now not my first choice and seemed to be the majority of opinions of most fans out here. Even the city sued the Angels and lost but its the thought that counts. So after 2+ years of complaining I am over it, plus when you are a fan of the best team in the MLB who cares about the semantics of a name. If they win the world series they can call the Angels, the Angles of wherever for all I care. But I do think its funny that you all get a kick out of it. See at game time and hope Loney is back on the field soon. In case any one was wondering Kotchman took 3 stitches to the head and has a mild concussion, not sure when he will be back.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Hey Alyssa,

First off i think it’s cute that one of the links at the very beginning is sending people to the UNICEF website!

OK, pretty much i’m here to vent about the ORIOLES!! Why are we ******* so bad?? I mean Jeez!!! I guess we don’t do well every season…but we’re in Dead Last!

But i did here from my brother that they recently fired their manager, so maybe just maybe we’ll win some more games. The only other team that’s right there with us is Tampa Bay (i think) who is only one game win ahead of us. ahhhh! it’s so frusterating, but i still love the Orioles’ guys! especially NICK MARKAKIS who someday i’m going to marry when i’m old enough or atleast Legal! lol

ok well I hope you have fun on your vacation!! I hope it’s someplace exciting. today was my last day of 11th grade and I have next to nothing planned for the summer which is pretty lame…and kind of pathetic actually lol..but i have no money or a license…so there inlies the problem!

I love that you blog on here! and I hope the dodgers makes a turn around for your sake lol

XoX Samantha Morris

(samwitchp3 on Safesearching)

Whae else did you forget? Here are a few things:

1) Paul LoDuca used to break down in September because he played so hard and with so much heart earlier in the season. Russell Martin has caught more innings than ANYBODY ELSE IN BASEBALL! Give the guy some innings off!

2) Jason Schmidt is useless unless he can throw 90+…but Chad Billingsley is about to prove he can be a dominant starter…if management will just keep Hendrickson and Tomko in the bullpen

3) James Loney hit a homerun off one of the toughest lefties in the game, Billy Wagner. This guy can hit and needs to be healthy to help the Dodgers THIS YEAR

4) A lineup that includes speedsters Pierre, Furcal, Abreu and Kemp will make any catcher look silly.

My wife and I are travelling to Tampa to see the Dodgers this weekend. If your vacation takes you there, we would love to meet you and talk baseball…


You are just the bomb! What an absolutely cool thing that you have this blog on the Dodger’s website. I do, however, want to point out that unless you are a Giants fan, there can be no whining or crying in baseball! WE are in the cellar, and floundering there…your team is way above us!!!!

AND if it’s not bad enough, I am starting to see someone who is a DODGER’s fan-how can this possibly work!!!!

Have a great vacation, I’m quite sure you will updated in one form or another on what’s going on in the world of baseball!!!!


I agree with most of your points. I scanned the comments quickly looking for a Mitch Jones sighting, but I didn’t see one. I have to defer to Colletti. If he could produce at the major league level, he’d be in L.A. by now. Painful to hear about Schmidt’s surgery. They have to go with Billingsley now and hope for the best. I’m trying my hardest to stay patient with Betemit, but how much longer can they give him the AB’s with no production? I’m very envious of your season ticket holder status. I’m an East Coaster and I have to rely on ESPN Gamecast for my Dodgers updates.

Love the Blog.

– Tony

Dang, ease up on the Dodgers. No need to complain just yet. Let’s see how they do against the Pad’s at the end of the season. They’re the REAL ENEMIES!

Hello Alyssa,you are a beautiful woman.The Dodgers exploded on the Blue Jays 10-1.The Dodgers play the Blue Jays next.The Dodgers should release themselves against Blue Jays.Being aggressive here is the key.Thanks.

The Wilson Betemit experiment will end when the big club decides that Chin-Lung Hu, the shortstop in AA for the Jacksonville Sun, is ready. He is tearing up the Southern League in the footsteps of Loney, and Matt Kemp and he is a vacuum at short-an easy transition to third.

Hey Alyssa, great blog! Its easy to see you are a true Dodger fan. On a seperate note, will touch have any maternity wear in the near future… like within the next 6 months?


Getting things off our chest is sometimes necessary in order to go forward with a more positive outlook. As a die hard Cardinals fan, I understand your frustration. Considering the Redbirds have had pretty much their entire organization on the DL (Carp, Jimmy Ed, Eck, Yady, Mulder, etc.), its been tough to get any mo this season. The tragedy of losing Josh Hancock was an additional blow to the team and his family (which I offer my condolences to).

However on the bright side (trying to go in the right direction), we won a tough series versus the A’s where our bats finally came alive. In addition, we’re only 7.5 back.

So Go Cards! and the Dodgers can win, too (except for on August 10, 11, and 12). Have a safe vacation.

Hey alyssa
Just thought id update you on the dodgers. Last night they beat up the blue jays 10-1. Brad penny pitched 7 strong innings and struck out 5. Gonzo drove in 4 martain drove in 2 and pierre stole 3 bases. Jason schimt will need surgery on his shoulder so thats bad news

Baseball always


Hello!I don’t really speak english…😥 but you are my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ p.s thanx..

p.p.s you are beatiful!!!!!!!♥


If you think the walls in Anahiem are bad, wait till Sept 3-5 when your beloved trolley dodgers vist Wrigley. We’ve got brick! That’s right good old fashioned brick walls in the outfield. They’re great to look at, but running into…not so much.

Love the blog. It’s cool to see how much passion you have for the game. Keep it up.


ps – enjoy the Juan Pierre show. Cub fans got to watch his no arm, no pop, good wheels, no walk show last season. High quality entertainment!

Clark? What did we need him for? I am somewhat in agreement when it comes to the LONEY double switch in right on Sunday. BUT I don’t think you can blame LITTLE, for wanting LONEY to get some ABs while leaving NOMAR in the game. Nobody can predict the future and accidents do happen…PADDED WALLS? I read somewhere that the Dodgers were the first to install padded walls at Ebbets Field, after the Pete Reiser injuries(If you don’t know him think Jason Repko). For a while they were the only team to have their walls padded. Then somehow they built Dodger Stadium without padding the walls and at one point they were the only team without padded walls, now after reading your blog today it seems nothing has changed. Bill Mueller???If he asks you to play catch say NO…. BETEMET is better then all that. WOLF 1-5 against the Angels, the last time I looked he’s 8-5 overall this year. We don’t have to worry about the Angels unless we face them in the World Series. By now you’re up to date on SCHMIDT. …It looks like BILLS will get his chance. Speaking about the Casey Kotchman beaning, on another blog, when LONEY was hurt in Sunday’s game, someone commented “I’ll bet you NOMAR’S Glad”, and that was before we got the injury report. It’s just childish stupitity. LET’S GO YOU GUYS WE GOT TO WIN THIS ONE AND ALL THE REST TO KEEP UP WITH THOSE FRANCISCAN FRIERERS(or whatever you call them)


Ned Colleti needs to read your blog…There is absolutely no passion, no fire in our team as a whole, especially in Nomar or Kent. Nomar is a different player this year than he was last year. We are lacking the chemistry that lead us to the playoffs last year, and to the division championship in 2004. We have loads of talent, but it is not managed effectively. I hope Grady Little will stand up and really lead and motivate our Dodgers (and bench Juan Pierre for Matt Kemp). It’s been too long since we’ve won it all, let alone a playoff series. I really hope we can get our act together and make a serious push this year…

Go Dodgers!!

Hello Alyssa,the Dodgers give sacrifice to a good Blue Jays team by losing 12-1.Everything is going as planned.The Dodgers should release themselves against the Blue Jays.Being aggressive here is the key.Thanks.


I must admit I know nothing about the Dodgers. In fact I am just learning about baseball, my son is 9 and has become in love with the sport. With us living in PA his Fav team is the Pirates. Boy does it get frustrating at times, it is good to vent. I found your blog and am hoping to learn a bit about baseball thru you LOL. Obviously i know the basics but all the numbers, percentages, and such I am so confused. I look forward to your blogs and Good Luck with your Dodgers….

Go Pirates🙂


Bad news alyssa
Jason Schmidt will miss the rest of the season with shoulder surgery. In addition to that, the dodgers got killed last night 13 to 1. Kuo gave up eight runs in 1 and a third innings. But the padres lost so it wasn’t all bad if your a dodger fan.

In other news slammin sammy hit career homer 600 in a 7-3 victory over the hated cubs.

hope you have a nice vacation.

baseball always


Everything is correct above except I think The Dodgers lost 12-1 last night not 13-1. In other news The Angels came from behind and beat the Astros last night at Angel stadium. I don’t remember any other baseball on the news last night. How’s the vacation coming along?

Hello Alyssa,I just recieved a colored photo of you in the mail.This colored photo is very beautiful.If you ever need help,let me know and I will do what I can.The Dodgers beat the Blue Jays 8-4.I respect the Blue Jays’ sportmanship.The Dodgers do battle with Tampa Bay tomorrow.The Dodgers should not be fooled by any razzle-dazzle versus Tampa Bay.Being fundamentally ordinary is the ticket.Thanks.

hey alyssa,

you seem totally cool. my gf and i live at the beach in santa monica and attend about 10-15 games per year. i entered your touch contest to try to win my gf some of your gear and to try to get to talk to you about our team. even if we dont win, please email me cuz we’d luv to take you to the galley in sm for steaks and dodger talk after a game. you and your candid blog rule! if not for mlb.com i would have never known your depth, intellect and passion for baseball. best of luck with the clothing line and your mlb blog. go dodgers! (and astros…i am originaly from houston). most people in LA are from somewhere else!

kindest regards


Hi Alyssa, just read an article on CNNSI and I had to come check out your blog. I’ve long been a Dodger fan and wear # 32 in honour of Sandy Koufax ( just an over the hill senior league for graduating college players who can’t kick their passion for the game )
I’m sure the Black and White Jackie Robinson is now among your prized possessions🙂 Got any advice for the Jays up in the great white north, other than staying out of the infirmary?

Good Luck with your meetings and look forward to seeing you back on the screen soon.

Warmest Regards,



jhicks…. w t f ?

Hey Alyssa-

First of all, I owe you a Big Fat Apology. My husband, Billy, kep raving about your blogs…he would insist that my personal comments about JD Drew, Juan Pierre (et al) were repeated on your blogs almost verbatim. I would reply with something to the effect of, “huh? You must be joking! That little trollop actually writes something worth reading about our beloved Dodgers? No way!” OK, maybe I didn’t say “trollop”, but I figure if anyone will appreciate the word, it’s you. So here goes: Alyssa, please accept my apology for not taking you seriously and for not reading your blogs sooner. Also, please accept my sincere thanks for supporting/founding all of the incredible organizations that you are involved with. It is so freaking great to encounter a gorgeous woman who has brains, savvy, and (OK, I’ll say it…) balls.

Now back to our beloved Dodgers. I wasn’t even a baseball fan until I met Billy. He opened my eyes to its infinite beauty (and frustration) and I have been addicted ever since. One of the greatest gifts he brought home was Vin’s autograph. (BTW, how do we go about getting him canonized???) And to show him how much I loved him, I sent Billy to Dodger’s Fantasy Camp as a surprise for his 40th B-day. (What a good wife am I!) Anyway, needless to say, baseball is a huge part of our life and we both look forward to reading about your insights on the game. Keep it up!

With warm regards from a fellow trollop,

Deb Chase

Hello Alyssa,The Dodgers took down Tampa Bay 6-3.The Dodgers should not be fooled by any razzle-dazzle versus Tampa Bay.Being fundamentally ordinary is the ticket.Thanks.

Hey Alyssa,
Excuse me, aren’t you in first place? Just kiddin..everyone has the right to vent! Things could be worse, you could be a Rockie’s fan! Even so, were only four games back now and W20-L8 the past month. Do you hear footsteps?

Sorry, I was away and just saw this post so I’m a little late. Anyway, a few things:

1) You’re right to complain after that stretch (though the start of this road trip is heartening), but in the end we have some key things in place to survive and make a playoff run: veteran leadership, a great bullpen, and talent to trade for a final piece if needed (though I for one would hate to see any of those young guys go).

2) Betemit needs a shrink.

3) Wolf’s a pro with good stuff so I’m not sweating him (now Kuo, that’s another matter…).

4) Being a vegetarian at the ballpark is tough for me up in my seats in Reserve. I can only dream of a veggie burger and beer. Don’t imagine there is a big vegetarian lobby among fans to get some options like that upstairs, though….

5) Great linkage to UNICEF and GNNTD. Keep fighting the good fight!

Hello Alyssa,the Dodgers fall to a respected Tampa Bay,3-4.The Dodgers should not be fooled by any razzle-dazzle versus Tampa Bay.Being fundamentally ordinary is the ticket.Thanks.

I have to preface this comment with, you are amazing. Ok I am a Red Sox fan and I saw your blog so I had to investigate. You definitely serve Red Sox West well. Yes Red Sox West(Normar,Mueller,Lowe,Little).

Good luck with your blog. I’m looking forward to your next acting project as well.

I enjoyed your run on Charmed, that was a great show. If you haven’t vistited Fenway, stop by sometime.


Another week in baseball and airmiles….

Take pride in your enemy, then his success will be your success-Nietzche.

I really enjoyed the true baseball fans who wrote in this week and even tho their teams were hurting showed their love.It made for some inspired reading. Thanks Alyssa for drawing them here.

I live about 150 miles west of Toronto and I could hear the groaning from here.

OK I know it’s Hollywood and Russell Martin is getting it done and looking pretty but could we please stop with the “Paul Bunyanesque” stuff already.

Absolutly no comment at all on the Olde Tyme Baseball Uniforms.


Hey Alyssa, hope your vacation is going well. I was watching the sports channel yesterday and I thought i’d let you know that Russell Martin is doing good on votes so far. He was at the top in the voting polls.😀 -have a great day.

Ok, lets see. 1st home run of year for Navarro. 1st win of year for Jackson. Nomar was a no-show. Martin came up small. Is it time to panic yet?

Hi Alyssa,the Dodgers lose to Tampa Bay 9-4.The next team the Dodgers challenge is the Diamondbacks.Both teams are having good seasons.Therefore,it will not be easy to win.The Dodgers should

Hi Alyssa!
Oh boy, I am hearing your frustration. I am quite possibly the most Dodgers-friendly Angels fan there is. My loyalty definitely belongs to The The Angels Angels of Anaheim (good one, by the way), but I have been to more Dodgers games this year, and have been paying much more attention to them. I have been feeling completely frustrated with all that you mentioned and then some. I think of third base for your boys as “the dark cloud” right now. Yikes! Something has to be done! No team hesitates to run on any ball hit to the middle or left side of the outfield. But what I think may be the biggest problem, is a lack of good leadership. I don’t just mean the coaching staff, I really mean the players. Where is Jeff Kent or Luis Gonzalez? These veterans should be stepping up and really getting this team together and motivating them to play with some heart. Russell Martin can’t do it by himself. Rafael Furcal is very inconsistent. Juan Pierre is reckless, but talented. I have to ask, where are the leaders to get everyone on the same page and get this group of talented boys working together like a well-oiled machine? Derek Lowe should have never pitched a 1-run complete game and lost. Where is the support? They are not playing like a team right now, and I think when that changes so will the results. I have gone on long enough. Best of luck to you guys in the big series coming up with Arizona. I will be keeping up with the games. Have fun on vacation. By the way, I’m glad to see James Loney is back in the line-up. That was a scary sight.


P.S. So would your team name be directly translated into “The The Angels Dodgers”? 🙂

Very sorry about your Dodgers bad trip here to Tampa.But it is about time for my Rays to finally be a team that can compete.

be hard,be good,be serious and I have 4,815 powerful men on my side.Thanks.

Alyssa & LAD family,

Looks like interleague play is over. Blue crew did not fair to well with a 5-10 record. Even though they played some tough teams, they looked pretty good, still came out 1.5 out of first place, .5 out of the wild card spot and are still sporting a better record than the Yankees.

I am with Brandy as far as being a great Angel fan and still supporting the Dodgers for that coveted Free Way World Series Game here in So. Cal.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Misery loves company, try being a Texas Ranger fan this year. Bright spot of this year has been against the NL Central. How depressing.

Looking to improve the Rangers via trades. Current talk is centering around Mark Teixeira (on DL until July 15)and the Dodgers. Talk is centering on Teixeira straight up for James Loney, Matt Kemp and Bryan Morris. Would you make the trade? If not then why?


Hey, I just saw the crew beat the dbacks in AZ in 10 innings… great game! I’m thinking this new set up (loney at first, nomar at 3rd) will be it for us, barring any trades. I’m still not sure Nomar can make the throw from third…

I’m also glad to report that out of the 29,000 people at Chase Field last night, about 20,000 were dodger fans!

Teixeira isn’t worth Loney alone, much less him AND next year’s starting right fielder.

See if the Hated Giants will give you Barry Bonds for him.


PS: Jimmy Choo’s?

At the BALLGAME???

Heeeey Alyssa…

I wish you are having fun on you vacation and Cory too…

since Cory is a Dodgers fan too, does he have a blog on MLB too?


Mona (MonMon) from Kuwait

Being a Texas Ranger Fan and partial season ticket holder, I understand your frustration with a team that is under-achieving. A group of us (other season ticket holders) are wanting to start a class-action suit against the Rangers for impersonating a Major League Baseball Team. LOL
(Although now that they have actually started winning a few games, we might wait til next year now)

Have a great trip.

the dodgers got shut out 2-0 last evening. they left 13 men on base but dont worry they still won the series.

They are still right in the race for the division.

Baseball always


Love your blog Alyssa. Noticed your veggie burger plug. I’ve been bugging the Dodgers for years to offer veggie dogs throughout the stadium. It seems like every year they get harder, if not impossible to find. Pretty sad when SF & SD offer better food choices at their stadiums than LA. Check out eatnomeat.com if you have a chance.

the dodgers did lose last nights game and have not won the series yet but have taken 2 of 3. the dodgers have a small hurdle to leap tonight as you have randy wolf vs randy johnson (the big unit) good luck. let you know how it goes.

p.s. i do like you passion for the game and your thoughts on fantasy league.

Hello Alyssa,The Dodgers have no weaknesses,their whole team is beyond strong.The Dodgers next opponent is the Padres.Both teams are powerful and exceptional,therefore,it will be hard to win.The Dodgers should become defensively game planned.Thanks.

Hi Alyssa, I start to miss news from your brain.
I know, you have a lot of work, personal relationships to maintain and do many things. I was asking myself sometimes if you get enough sleep.

So it’s just to give a little feedback.

Relax Milano. Try being a Cub fan, where your season is over just about every year after the first 2 months and nothing to play for, the rest of the year.

Love the Scully quote

Wolf will take the ball every 5 days and give 200+ a year. A very underestimated quality in a pitcher.

Trade for P Mark Buerhle or someone. You can’t rely on a 3 man rotation to put you past the Padres.

Hey Alyssa,
Great interview on The Best **** Sports Show! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience with cathcing your first ball at the ball park, and catching another one from a hall of famer!😀..and Biggio hit 3,000 hits!..I think they said he’s only the 27th man to ever do that! And 9th hitting them on the same team!-GO ASTROS!-May I add that he did it to a sold out crowd!😀😀 Im so happy for him right now!!–I hope he becomes an All-Star!!! But even if he doesn’t ..he’s still numero uno in my book!😀

Hi fellow bloggers, in case you didn’t notice I thought you should know:

I just read on your SS blog that you have become Ambassador of the Global Network For Tropical Disease Control. Wow. No other word I can think of to describe that. I know this isn’t baseball related, but I just wanted you to know that you inspire so many people through your work with UNICEF..including me. Congrats on becoming a new leader. I don’t think there could have been a better person to take that position. Good luck with your work as Ambassador, and know that you’ll always have my respect and support.
Thanks for the inspiration.😀

Hi Alyssa: a short thought regarding Best **** Sports Show:
I always trusted you & I think most of the people did. I imagine I have a feeling for that.

What you write sounds what an individual person genuinely has to say, a ghostwriter would have to relay too much on common places for that. And it appears, that it is very important to you, to be recognized as the person you are, and not as a picture or a movie/tv-character or subject of parasites – oh, sorry, I mean gossip-press-journalists alone, and not running the blog by yourself would be counterproductive. So why should you authorize a fake?

BTW, nice interview on ESPN.com’s Page 2… I am a little disturbed that the interviewer couldn’t seem to get off the subject of your love life though… strange.

Alyssa, you a vegetarian?

It’s frustrating watching the Dodgers. Seems to me there is a lack of chemistry. No cohesion or something like that. “All wind-up and no pitch.”

Hoping they catch a lil’ fire in the 2nd half.

I was reading the ESPN.com’s Page 2 interview – thanx for the info – and I got to express some thoughts regarding Internet philosophy.
It is actually the best ever happened in the media sector!

It gives you direct access to all info you ever need. It gives you the opportunity to deliver what’s important to those, who are interested. (your Double Standard post for example)

It takes a while to learn, how to use it. But then it breaks the monopoly of information.

Sooner or later a lot of newspapers, magazines, even tv-stations will die because nobody will listen to their lies anymore and read between the lines to get at least a little out of it.

It makes plenty of people unemployed, I am sorry for that, but don’t worry, who works seriously and trustworthy will be strengthened and still keeps the job.

The Internet gives the bad guys the same freedom too, of course. This is the prise of freedom.

So, Alyssa, there may happen a lot in the Internet, that hurts you or drives you angry.

As a celebrity you have to deal with those who envy you – stay calm, envy is a deadly sin, they doom themselves more than they can damage you, you can feel pity for them just as well.

Focus on those who embrace you.

Then: you know those guys, who go to a party, where they don’t like the people, but the drinks are free and they can provoke when they are drunk without getting punished?

In a virtual way this happens to you, when you start a blog. It is right, to show them borders. Sooner or later those cowards disappear as they appear. And in some ways this has its good too: you can learn to deal with mean people safely.

Having to do with vicious people in the real life become essentially more expensive.


Another week in baseball and the good old summer time…

I know the Blue is fighting, with a game or two up or down but try being in Pittsburgh and being a decade and a half behind. I got my hitting stance and little windmill from Willie Stargell and if you look at Big Poppi and Nomar you can see it there.

My Red Sox seem to have no offense but with the Yankees spiraling who cares.

As I type this your pitching staff seems to be taking care of business…lets hope they stay healthy.

Is anyone else out there scared of Scott Boras or am I just being paranoid?


Congratulations Alyssa! You did it! Russell Martin is an all-star. (Paul LoDuca wuz robbed LOL!)

Hi Alyssa,you are a very interesting person and the Dodgers are fantastic.The Dodgers face the Braves next and both teams have uncanny abilities.It will be real hard to win,therefore,the Dodgers should try to explode with fierce combined with force.Thanks.

Hi Alyssa I from Brazil.I love you so much and the dodgers are fantastic.it is difficult to see games in Brazil.Then I am knowing for the InterNet.



About venting….i have to wonder why? Why do our boys in blue play GREAT one day and the very next get slaughtered? I love my DODGERS win or lose.Oh, and i too am embarrassed when i see these nut jobs cheering when someone from the visiting team gets hurt.On the other hand i can’t stand when these people for the visiting team come into our beloved dodger stadium and start taunting us with their BEAT LA or LA *****! Sorry, it just drives me up the wall.So, there i vented and all is good.
THINK BLUE!!!!!!!!!


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