My All-Star Game Experience

National League All-Stars

I have literally started this entry four different times, only to read back what I wrote and then delete with the fury of a woman possessed. I am delirious from exhaustion. I am giddy. I am me. A girl from Brooklyn who is living a life so beyond my expectations that even I can?t help but marvel at how truly blessed I am to be given the opportunities bestowed upon me. I am speaking of my whole life of course, but I will focus this entry on the game I love and my ability to share it with my family and friends.

My mother, father, brother, his girlfriend (Rachael), my best friend, Alaa, my friends Kelly and Jamie and I (yes, that?s eight of us) made All-Star memories in San Francisco — memories that won?t soon be forgotten. I know I don?t have to tell you how magical baseball is, nor do I have to break down exactly what it feels like to see the greatest athletes in the sport today sharing the same field. Goosebumps. Butterflies in my tummy. I had all of it.

Sunday, I did the jumbotron commentary for the Taco Bell Celebrity & Legends Softball Game. (I was on the 15-day DL with plantar fasciitis so back off).

National League Lineup:

1. Ozzie Smith
2. Rob Schneider
3. Gary Carter
4. Dave Winfield
5. Leeann Tweeden
6. Kevin Mitchell
7. Matt Williams
8. Jimmy Kimmel
9. Robby Thompson
10. Robb Nen
11. Gavin Newsome
12. J.T. Snow
13. Jeff Garlin

American League Lineup:

1. Rickey Henderson
2. Rachel Smith
3. Jerry Rice
4. Andre Dawson
5. Fred Lynn
6. Dane Cook
7. Wade Boggs
8. Kenny Mayne
9. Bobby Flay
10. James Denton
11. Goose Gossage
12. David Bryson
13. Rollie Fingers
14. Marcus Giamatti
15. Jon Kelley
16. Sal Iacono

It was so enjoyable. No one took themselves too seriously and everyone had a great time. The quote of the day came from Jeff Garlin, who not only asked in the players meeting if we could implement a ?no running rule? but also asked if there would be chocolate in the dugout. My exchange with him went like this:

I just figured out who you remind me of, Alyssa.
Really Jeff? Who do I remind you of?
A young Jonathan Broxton.

Jeff Garlin and Me

I got to take a picture with Ernie Banks and Ozzie Smith and had them both sign a ball for my memorabilia collection.

With Hall of Fame shortstops Ernie Banks and Ozzie Smith

Right after the game I hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the party, which I hosted with Jose Reyes. The party was huge. I had no idea so many people would show up. The dancers and waitresses all wore items from TOUCH. I was very proud. At about midnight the players started to show up. Johan Santana (who is dreamy), Roy Oswalt (who needs to be a Dodger and I told him so), Carlos Beltran, Justin Morneau and? and?(drum roll please)?Russell Martin all made an appearance.

Okay, yeah, so I finally met Russell Martin. No big deal. And yeah, I was cool. Yup. And I didn?t have sweaty palms. Nope. I didn?t get star struck. Nope. I wasn?t even weak in the knees. Nope. My upper lip did NOT start sweating nor did I get blotchy and break out in hives. Phew. Thank God not one of those embarrassing things happened. I was cool as a cucumber. No big deal. Cory was cool too. The Milano siblings were calm and collected. See how cool we both were when meeting our favorite All-Star?

Rachael, Cory, Me and Russell

Russell was gracious and kind (just like I knew he would be) and told me he reads my blog — a terrifying thought that I am choosing to repress for all the obvious reasons.

DmitriOn Monday, I made an appearance at the DHL All-Star FanFest
where I signed autographs for the fans. After the appearance it was time to go to AT&T Park for batting practice. I was able to bring my father onto the field for BP. How blessed am I? In between doing interviews, I stood next to my daddy right behind the cage. He was in awe. I was in awe watching him in awe. He didn?t move. His eyes were glued to the action. I looked around and had a reflective moment and got a little teary-eyed with the crack of the bat as my soundtrack. I got to meet Dmitri Young. He isn?t built for power. He isn?t built for speed. He is built for comfort and has the loveliest way about him. You can tell he has overcome a lot and was truly ecstatic to be there.

Monday night I went to the Playboy party where I sat huddled in the corner with Rachael, Cory, Alaa, Jeff Garlin and Kenny Mayne (who should act). Jeff, a huge Cubs fan, introduced me to David Wright (who is quite the presence I must say). After watching a playmate dance her way to numerous ****** slips, it was time to go home and get some much-needed sleep.

Tuesday, I had another appearance at FanFest and then once again it was time to do interviews on the field during BP. I brought my brother on the field this time. I must have done 30 interviews in two hours. I stood next to my brother for a bit and got a little salute from Derek Jeter and then it was time to go to our seats for the game festivities.

My seats were right behind the National League dugout. The tribute to Willie Mays was really cool. My mother was crying. I almost caught one of the balls he threw out to the crowd from his pink Cadillac.

Say Hey

Alaa and His Bunny Pillow
Alaa (right) was sitting in another section. He wore his Dodgers cap. After the game, he said he felt like he was sitting in the Gaza Strip (he is Palestinian). The Giants fans were relentless with him. I ask you, how can you give this harmless guy a hard time?

Now correct me if I?m wrong, but…shouldn?t this be the one game of the year we can all get along? The Giants fans booed Penny, Saito and Martin. It was at that moment, I decided the Giants should get Rickey Henderson to round up their team. ****, they may as well go after Julio Franco, too, and bulk up their fiber choices on their pre-game menu. Can?t we just all get along? It?s amazing to me that sporting events are the only social gatherings where it?s politically correct to be vocal about hating someone because of color (uni color, of course). The All-Star Game was the only time I have ever cheered for Barry Bonds. I couldn?t boo him. For that night, he was on my team and I was okay with that.

? What was up with A-Rod?s white sneakers and matching wristbands? Every time A-Rod was at bat, my brother would start chanting, ?white (clap, clap) sneakers (clap, clap, clap).?

? Why can?t the National League beat the American League? The last time the National League won the All-Star Game, Bill Clinton was our President.

? Why didn?t Tony La Russa put in Albert Pujols to pinch-hit in the bottom of the ninth? What, did he hit the showers already?

Although Ichiro?s inside-the-park home run

was beautiful to watch, for me the highlight of the whole game was Dmitri Young?s five-pitch at-bat in the bottom of the ninth. It?s these fleeting moments that make me a baseball fanatic. (?Fan? just doesn?t suffice. I prefer the whole word.) With two outs and a long journey to redefine his career, he singled, paving the way for Alfonso Soriano?s two-run homer. When Dmitri got back to the dugout, he looked up in the stands, we made eye contact and he pumped both fists in the air. He then started dancing to the music.

And I danced, too.

Thank you, MLB Properties (Steve, Howard and Greg). Thank you, (Noah, Melissa and Mark). Thank you, Bobby Evans. Thank you, Russ Stanley. Thank you, for making a little girl from Brooklyn, along with her family and friends…very happy.


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Sounds like you had an awesome time! I didn’t understand the booing for the Dodgers or Angels either. I know we are rivals with our neighbors to the north the rest of the year, but why can’t they play nice? At least Brad Penny smiled. And John Lackey laughed!!

Alyssa, you are so lucky to have met all those ballplayers! From one female baseball fan to another: you go girl!🙂 One of these days when I can afford to sit in the good seats I’ll look for you and say hi.

I have been checking all day to see if you where going to post. I am Soo glad you had such a great time with your family and friends. I got to see some of the game on TV even though I have to admit I did not know who Mr. Maze was. The tribute was wonderful and I loved seeing it and got a little teary eyed too.
can’t wait to see the jewarly.


Hi Alyssa,
Glad you had a great time at the game and got to meet Russ Martin. Of course he reads your Blogs, doesn’t eveerybody. I too will never understand why the Giants fans would boo the Dodgers. For one night they’re all playing for the same purpose, so you would hope the fans would just root for the NL. Take it easy on La Russa though, he didn’t want to wind up with an empty bench after the whole 2002 tie game fiasco. There’s no tying in baseball. And in Tony’s defense Aaron Rowand has been pretty clutch for us here in Philly this season and just came up a little short. Thanks for the great pics and good luck in the second half of the season. Hope to see you in the playoffs.


Ever since discovering your blog, I’ve been waiting for the All Stars blog post. What an amazing experience!

I was a tiny bit disappointed to find out you’re a Dodgers fan but considering that both you & the team are originally from Brooklyn, I guess that’s understandable.

you did it again…. For those of you who are reading this, I am “Alaa.” I just want to thank you publicly for such an amazing wknd. I love seeing you in your element and having a wonderful time in such a public forum… I know living a normal life can be difficult sometimes, but I am so happy you have baseball, this sport puts such a beautiful smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes.

You are so lucky you have baseball and baseball is so lucky to have you, with that said,you can “Take me out to the ballgame” anytime!

love ya,


Wow, was that a good game or what? As an M’s fan, thus an AL fan, I was on the edge of my seat in the 9th inning. I have been waiting to hear about you All-Star experience. It sounded truly amazing. I do agree with you whole-heartedly about everyone in the same league getting along for at least one day a year and enjoying the entire experience
As a Mariner’s fan I almost cried tears of joy when Ichiro hit the in the park homer, I cheered for A. Rod (it hurt), I cheered for Jeter (caused me physical pain), and my husband and I greatly enjoyed still not having to cheer for Barry Bonds (sorry NL fans). I was on the edge of my seat in the 9th watching all those crazy pitches wondering why they had to take Putz out!!

Overall it was a great experience watching it on TV, I only hope that someday I get to experience it all in person.

Thanks Alyssa for sharing yours!

Hi Alyssa,
Glad to see you had a good time. All-Star games are a blast. I went to the 1996 one, here in Philly. It was also the last one the NL one. So I am one up on you in wins, I’m a Phillies fan by the way.

To defend LaRussa here, and I am not a fan of Tony LaRussa, but I think he made the right move. Statistically speaking they both had the same shot at a game winning hit. Now, if the NL was down a run or tied and no one is on, then you bring in Pujols. But if it’s a situation like LaRussa was faced with, where a single wins the ballgame, then it does not matter if you leave Rowand in or bring in Pujols. Their batting averages are about the same but I believe Rowand’s BA is obscene with RISP and if you leave Rowand in and he walks in the tying run you still have Pujols to win it for you.


Love your blog….I was also lucky enough to attend the All Star game. The biggest disappointment for me (other than the loss of the game) was that there was NO Russell Martin jerseys or t-shirts in the city. Every other National League starter(some reserves too!) had Jerseys available at the merch stands….I had to endure the game with my best friend in his Bonds Jersey and all I had was my Dodgers cap….Could there have been some anti Dodger bias in the merch stands in SF to go along with the booing?…Hmmmm……


Sounds like you had a great time while you were here. Thank you for autographing your picture for me. I look forward to your new jewerly line coming out.

Jennifer aka Die Hard Athletics Fan

Rooting for Bonds!?! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. You have sunk from a “10” to a “9.999” in my view…

Fabulous that you had such a great time, Alyssa! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. So you finally met Russell Martin… hmmmmmmmmmm…

I am soooooooooo glad you had a great time! (I’m still jelious thought! LOL) Just what is plantar fascitis anyways?

This is my first time writing a comment but I do love reading yr blogs n getting a girls view on this great game!!! that I love as well!.. Im glad who had a great time at the all star game with family n frinds (& a lil Jealous) u got to meet all those player (especially Russell Martin!!!) I love seeing him play n too my favorite Dodger… Thanks for sharing

Ps. Love yr touch line i have the LA jeans n I love the way they make my backside look!! lol.. I have gotten alot of compliments on them!!!

I heard you on the radio and heard you posted a picture of you and Russell, so I had to check it out. He is so gorgeous!!
– About the game I wish I could have attended. I actually went to a bar to watch it and found out quick I was one of maybe 3 girls and the only person cheering for the AL. Sorry Big ANGEL fan. I have to admit I almost cried when they brought in Frankie to pitch. I know he’s on my team, but there is always theatrics when Frankie pitches, nothing is ever simple with him. At least I got to leave the bar with my head held high, go Ichiro!!

– As for the booing I don’t get it. I actually found myself cheering for players I would never normally cheer for. People need to get over the rivalries for one day for heaven sakes!!

-Good luck to your Dodgers for the second half, unless our teams meet in the big show and then your on your own.


Great post, your love of the game comes across as always.

I plugged your blog on my site a month ago but I was almost baffled as to why I had become a reader.

A post like this explains it all though. You come across as truly grateful and exuberant – humbled, joyful, alive. All the great feelings a fanatic gets by getting lost (or is it found?) in this magical game.

And of course, you also look super-hot in the pics. Holy shnikeys.

I echo rafikam’s post, sounds like you had a great great time really enjoyed reading your blog.

Hi Alyssa, you so **** right: the dark side of a lot of the sports fans is the, say, fan-enemy ship.
At least in the baseball it is not so horrible as we experience it not so seldom in the European soccer: here sometimes people kill each other! I mean literally, they are dead then.

And now comes the fancy European stuff: did you know, that the beginning of the organized sports the same is with the beginning of the theater?

The ancient Greek invented the sport events as a festival for the gods:

the athletes performed the matches in certain month to warship the 12 of the gods and the use of their bodies have been the prayer. The rules of the games have been the model for the society to learn righteous behavior. As the theater was only for one reason: to warship the god Dionysos and the performance of the actors was the prayer.

So in the roots of your profession you have one thing more in common with the baseball players than most of todays people still know.

Thanks so much for the Barry Bonds Cheering!

That proves once more, that you are this person so full of love, as I always have seen you.

As much as I could pick up: it was a good game at all; I unfortunately get only the highlights down here in Munich, and of course Ichiro Suzukis homerun got its fame. AL, but well done is well done and deserves its honor.

Maybe – but I am not in the position to really estimate this – the NL has great players considering each single one, but the teamwork needs some enhancement. Just a thought.

Remains to say: I have seen the press photos of you at the events, and you looked so incredible! I wonder how the guys avoided to faint.

Keep the good feeling you inhaled there,


ahm: and never forget:

“It’s always the old who lead us to the war

And it’s always the young who die!”

(Phil Ochs)

(sorry, I can’t help this…)

Just wanted to say welcome back! Sounds like an amazing time. Don’t even get me started on Larussa. It’s no secret that baseball is not a huge passion of mine, but living in St. Louis it’s law. There has been NOTHING else on the news but Larussa’s decision since the very second he made it. Poor Albert you have no idea how much he does for St. Louis. I’ve met him and he is an Angel. Grrrrrr yeah see… you got me started!

Miss you!


Hi Alyssa!

I’m an AL fan so needless to say I was very happy with the outcome of the All-Star game. Ichiro’s inside the park home run made me scream and jump off the couch with joy. Like yourself, baseball always manages to bring a smile to my face. And even though I bet you aren’t able to read all the comments, I want you to know that your very much an inspiration to me. And not on the ‘celebrity’ type of level either. Although, you are gorgeous. But I look up to you as a baseball fan. As a female and being such a big Yankees fan, I get a lot of slack and mouth from guys who think women can’t possibly know or love baseball like they do. I like to think that women like us are proving them wrong, day in and day out.🙂

I’m also very jealous you got a salute for Derek Jeter.😛 Next time you see him, tell him I said hello. HA!😉

I’m hoping to get tickets to the All-Star game next year at Yankee Stadium. The second I found out the midsummer night’s classic would be coming to the Bronx, I had my heart set on tickets. But I’m going to school to be a doctor, so school comes first. But I’m PRAYING (24/7/365) that I will be able to go. Maybe I’ll even see you! That’d be great!

Lots of love,

And even more baseball love,
❤ Carli

Hi Alyssa,

I’m happy to hear that you, your family, and friends had a great time at the All-Star Game.

I hope that you have an enjoyable summer.


WOW! I could only imagine how going to an All-Star game must feel. I hope that one day i’ll be at one.😀
– I was sad to see that you didn’t get to play in the softball game. I was looking for you, because I had heard you were playing.

– ( Astros fan here.) Please din’t give Roy Oswalt any ideas about becoming a Dodger. We need him and love him here in Houston. Sorry Alyssa, he’s ours.😀

– I’m not a fan of Barry Bonds at all, but I did cheer for him because he was on our team. I agree with you, can’t we all just get along? Regardless of the team, we all share a love for the same game here.😀

– I was kind of mad that the NL lost! Not mad really, jusr frustrated! What’s up with us not being able to beat them?..

– Though i’m a die hard Astros fan, i’m also a fan of Albert Pujols. I was p-oed that he didn’t play! Come on now..if you have an awesome player like him..shouldn’t you use him?..I still love you though Pujols.

– I can’t wait for the Astros to play the Dodgers! I’ll be at the ballpark in Houston cheering the Good Guys on!😀 Sorry Alyssa, but my Astros come first, you understand.😀

Well thanks for sharing your expierience with us. I admire your love for the game and the way you have given girls a stronger voice in baseball. Congrats on expanding Touch! Good luck with your humanitarian work, acting, blogging, and whatever else you do.

Sending love from all the way down here in Houston, Texas.


Hi Alyssa,that was an incredible story and I’m glad that you had such a good time.The pictures are phenomenal and genuine.To tell you the truth,you possess the greatest beauty that I ever saw.The Dodgers play the Giants next and both teams are splendid.The Dodgers should keep their minds active thinking.Thanks.

Hi Alyssa,

Sounds like you and the gang had a great time!!. I’m glad you got to meet all the players and to do all the things you did. It’s great to see you back and posting:)

Tell Alaa, the BIG difference between the Gaza Strip and the ballgame was they didn’t shoot at him there!!:P

Take Care,


Glad you, your family and friends has a great time at the all-star game. Sorry you had plantar fasciitis aka “jogger’s heel(I looked up the term,I’m studying to become a doctor-taking pre-med courses). I’m also glad you meet Russell Martin, cool pics. The NL haven’t won a game in the last seven years, thats just sad, the NL needs to step their game up. Very entertaining blog.

p.s. can’t wait for Touch jewel.

Alyssa, I was at the park on Sunday. We were sitting right behind home plate. I had on my Dodger jersey.and you took the time to come over and give my friend the sharpie you had in your back pocket. That made his DAY!!!! It was great to see you,just wish you could have played. From reading your blog and watching you on the field it sounds like you had a great weekend.

Take Care,


Hi Alyssa!

My family and I were in San Francisco also, but we didn’t have the honor of seeing the All-Star Game. We did see you getting into your limo from your hotel though. (Is there a way to not make that sound creepy?)

I’m glad you love Dmitri too. He’s quickly becoming a hero in DC and all throughout baseball.

Hey Alyssa – Wonderful writeup!

Did you miss the Willie Mays autographed ball because you weren’t wearing your Jimmy Choo’s? Maybe they are what gave you the plantar fasciitis. I had it, and it makes you walk funny, kind of like Walter Brennan in the old John Wayne movies.

Oh, wait. You probably have no idea who he was. Never mind.

I’ll boo Barry Bonds until they shove me into a box and slam the lid, and probably even after that, as he and I will probably end up in the same place.

Tell Russell Martin the home plate microphone picked up his expletive when he hit the popup with the bases loaded in the 7th (or 8th?) inning. It’s OK. I’d have said a lot worse than that.

Pujols will be in many more All Star games and probably the Hall of Fame. The fun guy to watch was Dimitri Young. What a fine guy and great example of one glad and proud to be there. Barry Bonds could learn a lot about what baseball means from him.

It was a good, well-played game, and our Dodgers all acquitted themselves honorably.

Can’t wait for the rest of the season so we can start beating up on Bonds and the Hated Giants.


Hey Alyssa,

I’ve been a big fan of yours for a long time and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this season. It’s great to hear you had an amazing All Star experience, I hope to say the same some day about myself. Anyway just a quick question for you. The Dodgers have a past in giving up historic home runs to Barry Bonds. Number 500, numbers 71 – 73 in 2001. He needs just 4 to tie and 5 to break Hank Aaron’s record. With 6 games vs the Dodgers coming up and 10 home runs against current LA starters there is a large chance that we could give up number 755 and/or 756. With so much controversy surrounding what Barry might or might not have done and the * next to the record, what would your feelings be if he does break the record against us?


Hey Alyssa🙂

I’m so happy for you and that you can do all of this.

And the best of al this, at you are home now.

And we can read more from you, and se all this beautiful picture hat you have take.

I wish you good luck in the hole life, because you have giv people so much more!

You are a true angel! And you most promise me that you never give up!

You have get me another side of life, that it more and many, cloth and fiends. Shore, all ofthis is also inpotrant. but there is so much more to se, so much more to do.

And one day i hope i can be like you. I will go to india, africa or some were els. Just to se how hard life could be.

That you not can take things granted! At you inste had to fight for it, like school, food, a bed – to survive. That life is hard. It’s not some place there you can get all you want.

Thank you for every thing, keep doing everything you do now! Because we all love it, i love it! You are the bright in a dark tunnel!

Lots of Love, Jennie

Hey Alyssa,

Welcome back! Sounds like you had an amazing time! What wonderful memories, going to an all star game with your family, friends and getting meet all those brilliant baseball players! I hope your foot is better after plantar fasciitis … painful. I love the pictures of you with Jeff Garlin and Ernie Banks and Ozzie Smith, I like the flower in your hair🙂 Aww that is so cool that the dancers and waitress wore TOUCH items … well who wouldn’t it is lovely looking. Yeah you met Russell Martin😀 hehe Cory and you looking very cool :p Shows how much fun you were having!! Aww that must have been a very touching moment with your father. The harassment Alaa got was so uncalled for! I hope he is ok🙂 I actually got to watch a bit of the all star game! I was really surprised that I could, the atmosphere just from watchiong it on television was amazing, it must have been so exciting at the game. I was watching it live at 2am in the morning (couldn’t sleep :p) and I was glued to it. I can understand why your mother was crying when Willie Mays came, although I do not know him, I can see how much he is appreciated by fans. I got to watch the first few innings but then my mummy came and told me to go to sleep :p I would have loved to have watched the whole game, but what I saw of it I can tell it was great! Alyssa I think you deserve some well earned rest! Relax🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your experience and pictures with us, I love your blog🙂


Kerri-Marie (Ireland)

kmh big fan (SS/CL)


so Russell Martin carries the grace in real life that he carries on the field as well? Well ****, the dodgers better never trade him or let him go in any way.

hahahaha… you and Cory looked VERY cool, the pictures are amazing and your hair color is much nicer than before, did you cut it too?… i like how you keep changing it… its the major reason that let me look at your pictures… and what you wear of course love your taste… soooooo elegant and classy…

Mona – Kuwait

Alyssa, I know its last minute but I have 12th row seats behind home plate for Saturday’s Braves/Pirates game if you want to go.


Dmitri Young’s hit was definitely one of the game’s highlights, and booing any All-Star is just plain wrong!

oh… Rachael is lucky… i’m so jealous of her that all i can say is (YOU BETTER TAKE GOOD CARE OF CORY, RACHAEL)😛
ok dont be afraid i will not do a thing to her.. LOL i’m just kidding if she is the one sitting next to him in the pic then they look cute together but she looks older than he does (dont tell her that)….

i still love Cory (and you can tell him that)😛

Mona – Kuwait😀

HaHa! Funny. You can have Roy Oswalt if we can have Russ Martin, Andre Ethier AND James Loney!


All I have to say is that you are absolutely amazing. I am in awe of your love for baseball and what it evidently means to you… It’s always nice to know how others share the same passion for the game.. Even though you’re a Dodger fan (I’m a Giants fan).. =)


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Alyssa, Another wonderful BLOG. I often get frustrated with the constant fan adoration on this blog, but i have got to hand it to you, your a terrific writer and i think people really connect with because I think your really yourself and that comes through.
Anyway, i LOVED that they booed the Dodgers! That means they respect us, they FEAR us, and down deep, they really wish they could be just like the Dodgers! Long live the great rivalry between the Giants and the Dodgers.

We should never EVER get along, ask Tommy!

I think you need to hook with Russell, you really are a fine catch (those pictures, wow are you gorgeous) and he should be so lucky, then you would be the premier LA sports couple!

Great job!

Oh the All Star Game…I live for it each year and as a life long Dodgers & NL fan, I am tired of being disappointed. Someone earlier mentioned that the NL hasn’t won the game in 7 years. Wrong! This year makes the 10th year. The fact that I can even remember that makes me feel old!

I appreciate your blogs & thoughts, Alyssa. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one out there thinking the same things about my team. I thought the Willie Mays tribute was beautiful, moving and while I enjoyed it, I have a confession to make:

I despise Barry Bonds. I can’t bring myself to cheer for him, even for one day. I just can’t. My Dad took me to my first Dodger game when I was 6 yrs old. I’m the oldest of 4 and the only daughter. I’m also the only one who still follows the team religiously. And I mean religously. When I was in high school I had a psychology class in which the teacher asked us to create our own tombstones and write our own epitaphs. My tombstone had the entire Dodgers schedule on it for that year (just like the ones you get in the little pocket sized schedules you can get at any gas station) and a quote from Tommy Lasorda, “All other Americans may bleed blood red, but I only bleed Dodger Blue!” I think my teacher thought I needed the psychology. LOL When I turned 30, my birthday present from my husband was a new tattoo. Guess what I go? Yep! The Dodgers logo. You know, the one with the Dodgers scrawl and the the red lines that are the tail of the soaring baseball. Yep. Got it on my right shoulder blade ‘cuz I’m a right handed hitting, 3rd base playing fool!

Anyway, I said all that to say this: I can’t cheer Barry Bonds. I have despised him my whole life and will continue to do so until the day I die. I have a dream for Barry: Get the HR record. Go ahead. My family prays for an asterisk from Selig. And when you retire…spend the rest of your days wondering why, why, WHY you don’t have a World Series ring. Then stew in it. Respect is earned, not given. And he hasn’t earned it.

Anyway, I watched the game. Does anyone but me wonder why LaRussa started Peavy instead of Brad Penny? What a slap in the face! Just like when Bobby Valentine left Paul LoDuca off the team. Penny has the best record and the lowest ERA in the NL!! Even Joe Buck & Tim McCarver commented on the fact the Peavy is, “…second in this…second in that…” DUH!! Brad Penny leads the way! Why do the Dodgers & the fans have so little respect? It just boggles the mind. So, Peavy comes in, starts the game and gives up a run and a slew of hits. What happens next? Penny comes in and shuts down the side. No runs. No hits. No walks. Hello Tony! Still holding a grudge from 1988, are we?

Unbelievable that we didn’t see Albert Pujols. especially in the 9th with the bases loaded and K-Rod unable to locate the strike zone. It should’ve been a feeding frenzy for Pujols. Sad day when the manager runs the game amok.

The pictures & stories shared in your blog, Alyssa, were wonderful. I love the fact that Russell Martin is as great a guy as he seems. Paul LoDuca was, too. Got to meet him and what a sweetheart! Sorry, I digress…meeting legends is the chance of a lifetime and I’m so happy for you!

Your Touch clothing line is wonderful! I’ve bought several pieces already and my husband thinks I have enough baseball stuff for a girl. But it’s never enough! I look forward to your jewelry line coming out and I’ll be buying again!

So, now here we are. It’s Friday and the Dodgers are playing the Gnats (I thought I was the only one who called them that) tonite. I keep my fingers, toes & eyes crossed in hope for the win.

If I may make a suggestion to the Dodger fans out there: I watched a wonderful documentary on HBO the other nite called, “Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush.” It follows the Dodgers thru the Brooklyn era, Jackie Robinson and then the move to LA. They had interviews with Ralph Branca, Duke Snider (OMG! The DUKE!!!!!), Clem Labine (God rest his soul), Carl Erskine, Rachel Robinson & Joan Hodges (wives of Jackie Robinson & Gil Hodges, respectively). There were a few things I learned that I didn’t know and I had to plug my ears when they were discussing Robby Thompson, and, well, you know. I can’t take hearing it over & over. Wonderful piece of filmmaking and I highly recommend it!

This was the best blog entry so far this season! Really enjoyed reading Alyssa’s perspective on All Star Game and of course all the great pictures. I actually chotted down some notes as I read:
1. Taco Bell legends game, very very disappointed Alyssa had Pantar Fascilitis? Huh? Sore heal? Come on AJM **** it up no excuses take the field babe.

2. Love the picture of Jeff Garland and ALyssa, his face says it all!! I like seeing Alyssa kiss a regular guy. Gives all men hope.

3. Ernie, Alyssa and Ozzie!! Ernie Banks is my hero, Alyssa is my hero. Ozzie well… he’s a Card what can I say? But this is a great picture, priceless.

4. I sheet my pants when I read Russell Martin reads AJM’s blog? OMG Alyssa I promise I’ll try and act halfway normal from now on if I can?

5. Playboy party! Ya “ah carumba”! I would not have been huddled in the corner. I would have shaken every lil bit of booty cake I have? Sounds like a jiggly good time! Good site seeing!

6. I knew it, just knew it Jeter salutes AJM? Ya that dog ornery dog, he’s working you AJM I know it. Look the other way AJM, dont trust dat dog warnin ya.

7. I watched the game and I knew Alyssa was miffed when they booed the Dodgers. I agree with AJM, please can that stuff for All Star Game, its a tribute to players and fans. Sorry Alaa took guff. In the future, he should hold a bat or some other sharp object rather than a stuffed animal. And tell people your in the PLO. Then they might think twice about drubbing Dodger fans?

Go Alyssa you rock!

Hi Alyssa, that is soo great that you had the opportunity to go to the All-Star game and meet Russell Martin!
I was shocked to hear the Giants fans booing the Dodgers even though i’m not a Dodgers fan, i’m a Phillies fan, it was still upsetting. Thats ashame what happened to Alaa I don’t understand why they could of just put aside the rivary for one night

Anyway,I watched the whole game sitting on my couch but by the end of the game i was standing, it was soo close of a game! It’s amazing how the NL came back I thought that maybe we could of broke the losing streak All I can say is that there is always next year!

P.S. your touch clothes are AMAZING they are so comfortable and the two zippers are great I can’t wait for the jewelry !!

With much love,


(sbtwin1 on SS)

Bonsoir ma belle,

First I would like to thank you for posting because you must be very exhausted and tired : not a lot f sleep and a overdose of great emotions right ???

Than I?m going to say that I?m very happy that the AL won again?I just saw a resume of it, it?s well earned I would say !

Nice picture of you and Russell, I think he looks a little impressed?(I would be, big time !!!)

Are we going to see more pictures of this incredible week of yours ???

My good friend Maureen (my American mommy), just bought me some TOUCH (Red Sox) t-shirts and they are on their way, crossing the big sea, I can?t wait to wear them, now we just need nice weather so I can show them off.

Your friend Ala looks very nice and interesting, and he is right when he says that your smile is even more beautiful when you talk and watch baseball.

Tembrasse fort,


Come on now. You know if this game was being played in LA all the fans would’ve booed the Giants (Barry Bonds) like crazy. That’s just how it is. Just like the Sox fans would’ve booed Jeter and A-Rod. But don’t feel too bad, we booed the Angels too!😉

Don’t know if you had ever been to AT&T park, but I was there last month. It is beautiful.

That’s probably hard for you to admit since you’re a Dodgers fan. 🙂

Anyway, I heard you on XM this week talking to Rob Dibble. Thanks for being an unofficial ambassador for the game of baseball.

Hey Alyssa

I’m glad you and your family (And friends) had such a great time!

Love the pictures you posted, I don’t know what I would do when I would meet my hero, I think you looked really collected lol..



Sooo glad you had an awesome time!!!

Hi Alyssa,
I have been reading your blog since you started it and always look forward to reading your insight on baseball. I was actually at the party on Sunday and wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing and how I feel you totally represent us female baseball fans, but I didn’t want to bother you. Don’t worry, you looked absolutely cool as you were sitting with Russell Martin (I was so excited for you!). My boyfriend, on the other hand, did not remain so cool as we were hanging out just a few feet away from you. He kept saying, “Oh my gosh, she’s right there!” You had him totally starstruck, haha🙂

Keep up the good work!


Julio Franco actually got released from the Mets today.. Giants GM Sabean most have gotten a boner when he heard the news.. Not sure what was up with the booing or hostile treatment towards your buddy, not cool for an All-Star game, and I’m a SF native/Giants fan..

Was at the All-Star Softball event, which was a blast.. Was sitting right behind the Giant’s dugout, 1st row, which was great to see everyone.. From Ozzie, Jerry Rice, to Matty Williams, and of course, you Alyssa.. Was a great time all the way around in the stadium by the bay.. Made it out there with my crutches as I tore my achilles tendon playing softball a few weeks ago, and it was well worth the hike..

Glad you , friends, & family all had a awesome time..


I was so waiting for this blog. =D So I just have to say the AL won!!! WOOPEE!

Ok. Gloating over. The whole Willie Mays tribute was great. I loved the pink Cad. haha. And what really pissed me off was that the Gnats couldn’t even sit on their hands and hold their tongues for one moment! I don’t understand. It really irked me! And I was wondering if you were up there having a hard time not saying anything about Barry Bonds. =D

My favorite play of the game was our very own Ichiro’s in-park HR. That was awesome. But it was kinda funky because the wall oft he outfield was all weird but that’s beside the point. I had a feeling he’d get MVP and guess what…my feeling was correct. That was exciting.

But I was so angry when they put Putz in and he struck the first guy out. The next batter grounded out (if my memory is correct) and then the next batter hit a 2-hopper I think and our 2nd baseman couldn’t come up with it. And they called it a hit and not an error. What the heck? I didn’t understand that call. If you did would you mind enlightening me? Then Putz just fell apart. He allowed that 2-run homer and he walked the next guy. Then our manager decided to put the Boston pitcher in which at that time I was like “Ya, I understand” I was disappointed but I figured it was better for the team, right? WRONG! That pitcher couldn’t even find the strike-zone! Almost every pitch was in the dirt or a wild pitch. I was so scared we were gonna lose it right then and there. But somehow he got the guy to pop it up and we finally got that last out.

That last 1/2 an inning was intense. But we still get home-field advantage for the World Series.

So I was wondering where you were in the Softball game. I thought I saw you catching while I was flipping back and forth between that and The Closer, but I guess I was wrong.

Well, this is getting quite long. I think my rant is over right now. O wait, I did want to mention though that Russel Martin is a wonderful ball player. I’ve never seen him play befor but he is pretty good.

Glad you and your family had a good time. Maybe one day I’ll be able to scrounge up enough money and go to the game of the greats

Love ya hunni,

~Ashley~ (donoho from CL)

Hi Alyssa, sorry to post again but I forgot to ask you somtime, I have seen you where TOUCH clothing that says TOUCH by Alyssa Milano on it. Can I buy those kind of TOUCH tops. Since we have no Major Leage baseball team near us those are the kind I would love to buy and wear. Sorry guys and gals I know this is not baseball realated. But an important to me question to ask of Ms. Milano. Okay I promise from now on just basebal

Hi Alyssa, thank you for sharing your pictures and experiences at this years all star game. Somehow I keep missing the all star game every year and it’s my favorite baseball game of the year, as the best players are there. You have so many talents; acting, writing, etc. I didn’t understand why you thought it horrifying that Russel Martin reads your baseball blog though. Is it because you state your opinions? I’m sure he doesn’t mind that, although you may have said a few things that weren’t as kind as they could have been. That must have been a lot of fun going to the game with so many of your friends and family. I’m going to and Angel game with my Mariners church family. The Angels are playing the Rangers tonight. By the way, your brothers girlfriend Rachel is almost as pretty as you are! Have a wonderful day!


It is fun to read you. I don’t normally keep up with the All-Star festivities but since this year the game was in my home park it was a treat to know what goes on during one of these events.

I am a BASEBALL fan, GIANTS fan and will watch the All-Star game and World Series every year.

I have also been a long time fan of you! My family and friends always kid me about what my reaction might be if I ever got to meet you (It’s a fondness not an obsession!). I am actually sadden to know you were at FanFest on Monday. I was planning on taking my children there on that very day, but they are not old enough to be excited about baseball artifacts or games. Perhaps in a couple of years we will go to the All-Star city for a game and have a chance to meet.

There is nothing wrong with Giant fans booing Dodgers. You must know that our rivalry goes back a long way and this “hatred” is deep. We of course only keep it at a baseball level. I have many friends and a few family members who are Dodger fans, we can all get along, just not on the baseball diamond. I look forward to your future blog post.

Dane Cook is my favorite commedian so I was excited to see him play. his softball skills are just like his comedy skills, completely hilarious. also it is weird to see pictures of Rusell Martin without his Dodger gear. can’t wait to see Saturday’s game versus the Giants, being a Dodger Fan in San Diego isn’t the easiest of things :]

As a born and raised Cardinal’s fan, I’d like to give you a standing-O for pointing out the glaring omission to bat Mr. Pujols in the bottom of the ninth (NLCS 2005 anyone???)

Hi Alyssa,

I’ve just found your blog and thoroughly enjoy. It’s so great that you are such a fan! You really seem to appreciate baseball’s history and made it a part of your family life.

I am a native San Franciscan and loyal Giants fan. I was very proud of our city and our ballyard. There is a movement here to call it Mays Field. Works for me.

In the spirit of getting along , I, a Giants fan, toast you, a Dodgers fan. Great coverage. I hope we have a competitive series this weekend!

Alyssa. I met you in the tunnel near the clubhouses after the All-Star Game. I complimented you on your blog …I was brief, actually on my way to post-game interviews. Here is a link to my silly little blog. Keep up the great work and insight to the game we all love. I know all baseball fans love your take on the game.

I just got home from the Angel game about an hour ago. What a great finish! The first baseman with one out in the bottom of the ninth hit the ball by the opposing 1st baseman and drove in a runner on third to win the game 2 to 1. There were a lot of interesting plays including a single by Guerrero off the pitchers body(ouch that must have hurt)! but he kept playing. The game was followed by a pretty cool fireworks show. I guess they have one for every home game on a friday. Anyway Alyssa if you ever want to come down to Anaheim and watch an Angel game with me I’ll pick up the tab. You have to buy your own goody’s though, cause they are real expensive.

hey, pretty lady:
Real glad that your group had a great experience in the frisco ball park. Sometimes the pre-hype can overshadow the eventual game, but this one was so full of superstars, that it just had to roll well.

You seeking to appease Giants fans, wearing that orange/black top mix?

After reading all that you went through, I can easily imagine that it all comes down to one word – priceless!

That was cool… I can’t imagine what would be like to be at a baseball game, let alone an ASG, what with being from Spain and whatnot.

Now that you showed an at-bat gameday style, I need to ask, though. Can someone tell me how to interpret the pFX and break, degrees and arrow things? I guess they have something to do with the pitch route, but what are they? Thanks.

Wow you got to see one of the best ASG’s in recent memory. 5-4. Too bad rowand couldn’t get a hit and be the hero oh well i bet an N.L team will win the world series like my buccos (yeah right) but maybe a team like the mets or padres will win.

bseball always


PS. im going to make 3 predictions for the second half

1. the yanks will catch the sox.

2. the padres, dodgers and rockies will fight for the division in September instead of the d-backs.

3. the mets and tigers will play in the world series

One more thing Alyssa, the chart towards the end of your blog. I guess the numbers mean the distance the pitch drops and curves? Am I correct? These pitches were with which batter and which pitcher? How to they calculate this? Do they review pitching tapes? I guess you are more privy to this kind of info then we are.

Another great blog Alyssa. I’m with you in the fact that team loyalties should be put aside during the ASG and that baseball fans should respect the player and his accomplishments in the first half of the season, not jeering him based on what jersey he wears every other day of the season. At least we can take heart that this blog has become a place for baseball fans of all stripes to unite and discuss a great game. On a seperate note, I get to take my girlfriend (who’s a fan of yours btw) to her first Dodger game against the Mets next Friday. Reason being is she needed a place to wear her Dodger touch tank that I bought her for her birthday. Keep up the good work.

Lyssa: After rereading it, rethinking it, I do see more clearly your viewpoints.
I can see your ambivalence (?), towards the San Franciscans, since your last series was based there.

Would like to say that Lally was more likely singled out for being Dodger fan than Palestinian. Should that be contrary, my spirit of protectiveness shall take care of it…, Alaa, feel protected.

Maybe I am just kidding?

If you are a Dodger fan you just don’t like the Giants. The Giants fans, truly fanatics for their club, don’t like us SoCal’s.

It is kind of like “welcome to the club.”

Now choose – please.

I have chosen the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Alyssa – great post…i’m glad you got to meet Russell as i have noted your little crush on him (…your recap of that moment of meeting him was very funny too…

what do you think of Kemp or Loney batting behind him in the lineup? – i had no problem with the SF fans booing Angels, Dodgers, D-Backs or Padres. It is what makes the game great as long as its with class. SF fans proved that no matter what, they still love their Giants the most. I don’t have to boo so don’t get me wrong. Just saying I have no problem with the home fans of any park having fun and showing their guys what they mean to to community. And I am Phillie Fan so I have no biased opinion in this case.

Hello Alyssa,you are a great person.The Dodgers face the Phillies next and both teams are powerhouses.The Dodgers should play not too hard and not too light.Thanks.

I love you.

Hey Alyssa – I love you, too, but please don’t make me choose between you and this marvelous Dodgers team!

Can you stand it? If this isn’t the best hitting team in the National League, it soon will be, and we absolutely must NOT part with any of our guys for a supposed “big bat”. We have plenty of BIG BATS.

We could use a pitcher, but it isn’t because our guys aren’t good, but because FOUR of them are on the DL and one more just came off. For good measure, one had to spend two nights in the hospital, unsure whether or not he was having a heart attack.

Pitching is obviously at least as tough as it looks.

This is a great team and it’s winning! What we need to do is keep on keepin’ on with what works.

Better keep your Jimmy Choo’s ready for a big post-season celebration!


That’s great that you got to share that moment with your father. I grew up playing for father and won some championships for him while I was playing, and he got see win some coaching as well. That’s what is great about baseball it’s a family thing.

With the NL West being the class of the NL, and the second best division in baseball, ( AL Central is too strong) is there any team you fear catching fire in second half and maybe causing your beloved Dodgers some problems?

Be well!


I read your Blog and I can see a large portion is directed at the female gender. I agree you are truly blessed. Since you are Italian-American I wonder if you’re from my section of Brooklyn. I don’t dislike Barry Bonds other than the fact that he plays for the gnats(You’re the first one I read that used that spelling). Giant fans are having trouble getting along with us because they’re in LAST PLACE. You made the Daily News(N.Y.) sport section in MET’s beat writer Adam Ruben’s column. He mentioned you co-hosted a Posh party with Jose Reyes. I also saw you on TV before the All-Star game with your clothing line and those TV shows you made “years ago”. I enjoy reading your Blog keep up the good work. I remain your fellow Dodger fan–Joe Pierre–from B’klyn. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

ok, so 1st off, as a female baseball fan, I want to thank you for representing us in a big way! I, too, hate pink sports clothing…as if we’re all newborns ready to attend our first game. I’m surprised they haven’t created sports bows that we can put in our hair.

2nd, I LOVED Who’s The Boss (who doesn’t?) and as a Cardinals fan, still get a big kick outta the fact that Tony played a former Cardinals player! And now you’ve come full circle and have a pic with ozzie!!?? How cool.

Finally, Alaa, way to rep the falasteeniya cuz!

I’m completely jealous that you have the opportunity to attend so many baseball games and meet amazing people, but completely proud we have a beautiful person, inside and out, blogging about baseball and knowing what she’s talkin’ about! YAY!


Badia (baseball fanatic, and yes, fellow female)

p.s.Pujols not playing in the All-Star Game is like watching paint dry on the wall…BOOOOOORING

One more thing Alyssa. You mentioned you were at the Playboy party where one of the playmates danced her way to numerous ****** slips. What is a ****** slip? Is that where one of her ******* comes out of her costume while she is dancing? That might have been kind of fun to see.

jwagnon, re your comment above: “…the chart towards the end of your blog. I guess the numbers mean the distance the pitch drops and curves? Am I correct? These pitches were with which batter and which pitcher? How to they calculate this? Do they review pitching tapes? I guess you are more privy to this kind of info then we are.”

The chart is from our Gameday app. Everyone has access to that all the time. It shows Putz was pitching and Young was batting. It shows the break and velocity on each pitch, which we calculate in each park using triangulation with various camera angles. Just go to, click the Box, then click Gameday and you can see it again, play-by-play.

BTW, props to Alyssa for just being named one of the “best celebrity blogs” by Entertainment Weekly. That comes as no surprise around here. And it’s funny that she only loses points for too much inside-baseball jargon…maybe the best compliment of all!,,20045660_5,00.html


Alyssa –

Always been a big fan. Nice post. I’ve got a sports/entertainment blog that could use a woman’s key strokes. Serious. Not trying to be fresh. Contact me if you’re interested.



i’m a huge baseball fan from green bay; the big blue brew crew is my team. although i follow all of baseball and have to tivo baseball tonight everyday. i went to the dodgers/brewers on opening day where we barely won by good performances by wolf and sheets. martin should be at the all star game for a long time a catcher with speed, nice. when are you gonna come out with a mens line of baseball clothing? being true to your team and being a fan of the game has some people always yelling at me. i own a bar in wisconsin and i have so many hats, sweatshirts, etc of different teams that customers always call me out, when in fact i know more about our team than they do. sometimes i wear my yankee hat with my boston sweatshirt, now i know that would **** of people on the east coast, but the brewers not having a winning record since 92 you start sayin maybe i’ll cheer on an american leagu team. i hate when people jump on the band wagon which is happening all over this state because the brewers are doing good, but what gets me is when customers come in and call me out on wearing their teams logo and they can’t even name the starting lineup. anyways i’ve been a fan for a long time and r. martin is on my fantasy team so i will follow your team the rest of the way, i hope wolf gets off the DL soon. jim

i hope you can throw the ball better than victoria beckham, i know gonzo can, barely
green bay jim

Roy Oswalt needs to be a Brave!

Donnie, Georgian replanted in L.A.

I wish for one day I could be you and get the op to go around and talk to all of these fellas. Baseball players, because I once had that notion to be one, gotta be interesting when they are surrounded by stars (many greater than themselves) and fans like yourself.

Anyways, first time visiting, I hope to get back here a few times more!

You’ve been linked to my blog.

Great post, Alyssa. Plantar fasciitis is rough. I played tennis in college and suffered with that for almost a year. My advice is to rest it, use ultrasound twice a day, and avoid walking barefoot.

Loved the picture with Banks and Ozzie Smith. The Wizard is one of my favorite players of all-time.

Use whatever influence you have with the Dodgers organization to prevent them from trading Matt Kemp. The dude is the next Ryan Howard.

Hey – if you’re in L.A., you should try to meet up with a fellow blogger (and another Dmitry) Dmitry Tursunov from the ATP tour; he’s crazy! Check out this story on Tursunov?s goofy post-match interview after winning in the first round of the Countrywide classic. I put it up on Digg. Hopefully this guy starts blogging again real soon.

You just have to love a woman who loves baseball, especially the All-star game. Cool post!

I wish your dodgers the best and hope they don’t have to play the brewers any more😉

Thanks for signing the autograph Alyssa. The security guard woman was quite mean and said NO PICTURES!!!!!!!


Wandered in from, where they have your blog listed as one of the best celebrity ones! So when I saw it was about baseball, I had to pop in! I love it!!
We are sports fanatics in our house and my 11-year-old dd (who plays softball) absolutely adores baseball. We are Braves fans (sorry!)

The All Star experience sounds WONDERFUL! I’m jealous!

here is her autograph for those that want to see. I have video footage also on another site

more alyssa milano sightings on this vid!

Great post Alyssa ! I always look forward to reading your blog. As a lifetime Dodger Fan ( since I was 6 years old= 38 years )I share your passion for the Dodgers. I live in Las Vegas, but my heart is always at the Stadium. If you get a chance, check out my blog sometime at .

Miss Alyssa,

Great pics and stories, love to hear them. Sounds like a charmed week you guys had. Man I need friends like you seems like I am always the one making deals for tickets. And congrats on the 1 of only 4 A’s on EW’s best celebrity blogs. They high pointed your Botox vs. Steroids and the low point was the ball game jargon that only die hards understand , since we are die hards I think it is great.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


p.s. It is nice to hear from your friends and what they have to say, ask them to keep it up if they have the time.

linked…great blog…

what the bleepity bleep, that had nothing to do about baseball. previous post There were three numbers in the chart towards the end of Alyssa’s blog. One was speed, one was brk, and the other says pfx. I was thinking pfx would be curve and brk would be the arc of the pitch but I wasn’t sure.

Hello Alyssa,your brother and his girlfriend looks spectacular.The Dodgers face the Mets next and both teams are hot.The Dodgers should turn to their families,friends and the people of Los Angelos for support.Thanks.

Ciao Alyssa, io sono una tua grandissima fan…Non so se leggerai questo commento ma io ci spero, ad essere sincera non mmi interessa il baseball , mi sono registrata solo per dirti quanto tu sia fantastica, sei il mio mito Alyssa—Cinderella90

Alyssa, I’m sure you’re going to get a lot more readers thanks to your mention in EW.

However, you’ll likely KEEP them with great posts like this…

Count me among them — I am HOOKED.

(And JEALOUS AS ****. All-Star Game? In San Francisco? LUCKY!!!!)



How are you check it out, FYI last night on Sports Center when they were talking about Martin running into the screen and bumping into the fan, they mentioned your blog about it. So people are noticing your passion for the game.

Your Favorite Angel Fan,



This was a great Blog article. I stumbled across it (I don’t know how) and I am really impressed. I didn’t know you enjoy baseball as much as you do. You are not a fanatic, you are normal, it is the rest of society that needs to have their heads examined!

Check out my Blog for more sports talk:

Ross Day

Over at Fox Sports Blogs dot com and RealSportsBloggers dot com, we have some great bloggers who cover every aspect of sports. Of course the baseball season being in the dog days…we find ways to lighten things up. Check out this tribute to the works of Alyssa Milano

Wow,wow,wow. The All-Star game was kicking! I have to tell you I was on vacation during the All-Star game, I even made my family come back from the beach to tune in! I’m a baseball girl too, and my brother thought I was obsessing… I’m a big fan of all teams so I was cheering on AL and NL. To bad NL lost again, but like you said, I bet both teams had a fun time to see how the other side played. I was real excited when I saw my Cleveland boy hit a home run! Victor Martinez did well! So, Alyssa I imagine that you were just as glued to your seat as I was to the hotel television, in bottom of the ninth. Come to mention it I’m wearin’ my Dodgers baseball hat right now, just as I was when the All-Star Game was on!

Fun post, thanks Alyssa! Hilarious photo with Russell!

I loved your comment about Dmitri Young, but (ouch!) it got picked up by some MLB.TV announcers who made some rather sexist comments related to it. I wrote about this here:

On another subject, Juan Pierre isn’t getting much love at Chavez Ravine. Do you think he’ll be moved before the trade deadline?


AROD as a Dodger. I hear New York is interested in Betemit.


Enjoy the blog and everything…but Roy Oswalt a Dodger? No thanks, I’ll have him stay right here in Houston where he belongs =)


Your blog is super. You seem to have great insight. Which of the Dodgers do you know the best??

Hi! I have to admit being a Giants fan AND loving your blog…you seem sweet with a good sense of humor, and always appreciate the fellow female fans who know and love this game.

All Star Week was absolutely amazing, and I loved being there for each and every event. But seriously….to complain or wonder why Giants fans were booing is to not understand this rivalry at ALL. The Candlestick Faithful are alive and well…and never, ever will it be acceptable to give anyone wearing blue and white a warm welcome. The Rivalry to Giants fans is Joe Morgan making Tommy Lasorda cry in 1982, Juan Marichal, Bobby Thompson, Brian Johnson, and Barry Lamar Bonds. It’s lynching and dousing a dummy in a Steve Garvey jersey and hanging him over the wall in center field at the Stick. It’s Eric Gagne ripping out our bullpen phones after he blows a game here. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to a Giants/Dodgers game in San Francisco, especially during our days at Candlestick Point, but you haven’t felt the rivalry until you’ve felt it here. Would anyone really except Red Sox Nation to cheer any Yankees during the 1999 All Star Game at Fenway? That would have truly been a travesty. The only way to EVER redeem yourself in the eyes of a Giants fan for playing at Chavez Ravine is to turn around and become one of us (See: Dusty Baker, Orel Hershiser, Dave Roberts).

As for your thoughts on Mr. Bonds…..I’m pretty sure that you being a season ticket holder were there to cheer, love, and celebrate Eric Gagne in the days before his downfall. I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear a single Dodger fan asking for the consecutive saves record to be demolished, done away with, or asterisked. Let’s put down the beach balls and stop doing the wave for a few minutes, Los Angeles, and realize we’re being a little hypocritical here. I’ll give you a few seconds to arrive though, as it’s not quite the 3rd inning yet.

Baseball would be nothing without it’s two greatest rivalries (BOS/NYY & SF/LA), but that’s what helps make it so fun! Good luck to you personally (never your team) this year! Long live The Rivalry, may the Dodgers know forever that they are not welcome here regardless of the event (do you really think Tommy Lasorda wants to see the day they are applauded here? He LIVES for being booed in San Francisco)…..BEAT LA, and LET’S GO BARRY!

Nice shot of you and your bro.

I’ve never been to a baseball game in my life. Can I come with you next time?

Anthony Hayes

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