Living In The Moment

I wrote this article for the All-Star Game Program and wanted to share it with you…

Baseball and I had our first date in the mid 1980s. I was a gawky pre-teen (or "tween" as we now call them) with big hair. I wore jeans, a jersey that hung to my knees and a wide-eyed expression. Clutching my dad?s hand, I felt my chest tighten with the anticipation of the first pitch. I don?t think I blinked ?- or exhaled — during that first inning.

WoofThere was an instant connection; it was love at first sight. The smell of the stadium -? hot dogs, cotton candy and fresh cut grass — was intoxicating (and to this day is something I would dab behind my ears if someone would bottle it). The sounds -? the crack of the bat, the umpire?s calls and the fans screaming at the top of their lungs -? were equally exhilarating. Sharing it all with 40,000 exuberant devotees brought together in support of their hometown boys was absolutely delicious. I loved the camaraderie. I loved the sportsmanship. I loved Baseball.

As I grew up, our love affair continued. Like any good relationship, Baseball taught me about myself and the world at large. As a teenager, I?d go to games whenever my scheduled allowed. If I couldn?t physically be there, I listened on the radio. Vin Scully?s voice is as soothing to me as my own father?s. Baseball had nothing to do with my day job (a fact that I loved) and it kept me from pursuing some of the other, less wholesome, interests of some of my peers. I learned about competition, fair play, the disappointment of loss and the exaltation of victory sitting in the stands of Dodger Stadium. I learned that practice makes perfect, except when it doesn?t — that sometimes, no matter how much you?ve studied, prepared or anticipated, there will come a day when you just su*k and there?s nothing you can do about it. Except of course, realize that tomorrow is another day. I learned that great achievements don?t come easily. Not without hard work, sweat and sacrifice. I learned to live in the moment. I learned to never leave early because you never know what will happen. And I learned that if the impossible does happen, if the worst-case scenario presents itself, or worse, if a championship game is lost, one can go on.

Arf As a grown woman, I?ve learned to love the game even more. I can fully appreciate its nuances, the strategy behind it, the games within the game, and the other, deeper issues that surround the psychology of winning. And the lessons continue: If you love something, stick with it, for it will almost certainly bring you joy one day. The Dodgers broke my heart last season, but I was back in the stands this year, ready to watch the season unfold.

When the world is not OK (and that seems to be more often than not, lately), I take comfort in Baseball. The history and spirit of the sport remind me that life is complicated and so are our heroes. But that through a good, fair game, we can match wits and skill, and most importantly, put aside differences and play on an even field. Each opening anthem is a fresh beginning. Anything can happen and the possibilities are endless. Your past doesn?t haunt you. Your future is not yet determined. It is bliss.

Ask Alyssa!

I thought it might be fun to open up your comments to specific questions this entry. I will pick my favorite questions and answer them to the best of my ability in the next entry. How does that sound?


P.S. I have an appearance for TOUCH at Shea Stadium on Saturday, July 28. I will be at the Shea Stadium Team Store signing autographs from 11:30-12:30 p.m. ET and then again from 6-7 p.m. (doubleheader that day). Ten percent of all TOUCH sales at the store will go to the New York Mets Foundation. Come by and visit!

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Alyssa, once again you prove why everyone loves you! your unbrideled enthusiasm for baseball is immeasurable. I agree wholeheartly with you-I LOVE BASEBALL!!!

Will you be coming to Tampa Bay for Touch this season?

Hey Alyssa, I’m from germany, I don’t understand everything you write, but its great *lol*
I have a question: Do you have contact with Holly?

All her fans miss her😦 (me too) I would love to get a answer….

You are great!


Alyssa, in your June 5 blog you mentioned you were reading ‘The Entitled’. I happened to be about halfway through the book at the same time. I had the same feeling about the book you mentioned, wanting to finish it, but not wanting to because I didn’t want it to end. I have to know ~ do you think he did it? One part of me wanted to believe his innocence and the other part of me felt like I was almost betraying someone if I did. But in the end, I am holding on to the hope that the right decision was made. Do you agree?

Sorry, I forgot to sign my name!! Thanks ~ Lori

I know you’re a die hard Dodgers fan but, being from NY, do you feel even a tiny little pull to root for the Yankees or Mets? (Assuming, of course, that they’re not playing the Dodgers.)

My question comes from the fact that, although we’re Yankee fans, I like seeing teams do well that I know my cousins out on the left coast root for.

I love this post Alyssa, I felt same way when I went to see the Sounds play for the first time. okay for my question comes from a list of questions I wrote for you cause it was an assignment for school to write interview questions for our favorite famous person. here is my favorite from the list
Question for Alyssa

If you can be remembered for only one thing, that has nothing to do with acting what would it be, and why?

Love Makayla

Ps thanks for all you have taught me threw your words and actions

Hi Alyssa,
Thanks for another great entry, now I will have to track down an All Star Game program and pick up a copy. Being a baseball fanatic also I was wondering if you have any favorite baseball movies. Also what would you consider your favorite baseball moments such as a game winning hit or playoff game?




Is there any chance that you’ll be making an appearacnce in Philadelphia sometime soon?

Sorry it was not about baseball. I have to many questions when it comes to baseball to pick just one.

Bonnsoir ma belle,

My favorite painter (Dali) ones said,

?have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it??maybe, but it doesn?t mean that you can not try !!!

To be a fan is to cheer for you favorite club and they win for you, it?s our job to have faith, to believe and to stick to them no matter what, even if they will break you heart or kill your last nerves, they will at some point of the season make you proud to wear their colors and make you day after a 65 hours week (yep, tough one for me this one). They will make you laugh and cry, all the greats emotions that life brings, even if the world seems to be crazier and mother nature seems to be very angry, baseball and soccer show that they is always a commencement;

And a life without passion, it is simply a existence?

Tembrasse fort

PS : Lucy looks very cute in that Dodgers outfit

PSS . My question ? tough one => from one mania women to an other, how to you deal with some people who consider you cracked, because all you can talk about some time, is your passion ???

PSSS : I feel that women in general (Europe) have more sexist comments regarding women (like us) who likes sports, than the guys, what?s wrong with this picture ?

Two questions I know, sorry

I know that you are extremely busy, but as you know 2008 will be an extremely important election year for our Country and the World. Will you be campaigning and do you now favor a particular candidate? ….Go Blue!


That’s true of all sports. They can teach you valuable lessons in life, such as the ones you’ve described. I would encourage any father or mother to take their kids to a ballgame, football or any other sport. It has most certainly served yourself well:)

Now for the BIG question:)

As for players not pulling their weight at times, do you feel that they should be demoted to the minor leagues to think about how they’re performing, or do you think they should just be transfered out of a team, since in some cases it’s a psychological problem related to them being in a certain team?

Hope you visit SS/CL again soon. Take care🙂


I got to read your article last weekend at the ANGEL game and as usual it was great. I could identify with all of it. I grew up in the eighties also and baseball was a second religion in my family. My dad was a coach to my brothers and now one of my brothers coaches HS ball.(his team got to play at Dodger Stadium in the finals this year, too bad they lost!)
-My question is simple: When is the TOUCH satin jacket going to be available in ANGEL red?

I know this isn’t one of the more insightful questions, but I really want that jacket!! I started a post about it on the TOUCH boards so maybe someone can answer me there.



Oops, left out the most important bit I had to write….

Is Lucy a pinch hitter and does she also pitch as well? :):)

Another question:):P


Alyssa ;
Another two weeks of baseball and moon flights….

Heartbreaker Sunday..but ya know, I stayed right thru to the end and always thought there was a chance.

El Duque is one of the reasons I always loved the National league…he pitch’s, he hits, he steals and unfortunatly he also scores. I even liked him after what he did to my Bosox in ’05.

Great shots and story from the All Star Game, I was with a visiting friend who was playing at a jazz club and had to watch the game on a TV behind the bar…thanks for taking me there.

Ya know if the Yanks played Tampa for the rest of the season they just might make it to the play off’s.

My question is if Boston first has to beat the Angels and then beat your Blues for the World Series how well is that going to go over in Los Angeles ?


Ahh…baseball. America’s favorite pastime. You couldn’t have put it better. The sights, the sounds. All intoxicating.

As for my question, I’m just wondering how you have time for everything: acting, charity work, traveling to 3rd world countries, family, friends, and also (most importantly =D) going to baseball games? How do you juggle all of that?

And I also wanna know what position miss Lucy plays. Is she a good hitter too? hehe

Love ya sweetheart,

~Ashley~ (donoho from SS/CL)

I enjoyed your post Alyssa. I remember my first baseball experience and still have the ticket stubs. As a child, I used to fly from Chicago to Cincinnati to visit my biological father in the early to mid 80’s. Anyway, he would take me to Reds games at the old Riverfront Stadium, and I got the chance to see Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and my favorite pitcher of all time Mario Soto.
Unfortunately, my father and I have been estranged since 1990, but I’ll always hold those memories close to the chest. He wouldn’t be too happy to know that I was really a White Sox fan in disguise.;)

My question to you is.. Do you collect any baseball memorabilia? If so, what is the centerpiece of your collection?

I love this blog. It has a good message- never give up on your dreams. I’m definily going to Shea stadium, actually it will be my first baseball game I’ll be going to and I’ve been living in NYC all my life. Ask Alyssa kind of like Ask phoebe, lol.
I have two questions:1. Why did you fall in love with Dodges but, not the LA Angels?

2. Do you know how baseball originate?

p.s Lucy looks cute in her Dodges outfit.


Hi Alyssa: Your team support is evident. My question would relate to other fans, in the stands, especially at home.
Could some of the fans be so plastic that they just showed up to maintain their personal integrity with other people, away from the ballpark? Say, those that leave after 5 or 6 innings. Without ever giving a thought that that reliever that just came to the mound thought that they were looking at their very own father, or mother, sitting there in the stands. Then, that person gets up from their seat, leaves, and just doesn’t make it back.

That pitcher had his one time, in his life, to make things right, and his ‘supposed’ fan, got up and walked out, they just lost hope, didn’t try as hard, lost the game. But we really cannot blame the fans. The ballplayers know that they really could play a game without the fans, it is just not the same.

Hi Alyssa,

This is my favorite of your blog entries to date.

It helps me to better understand how you see baseball, but far more importantly and preciously, how you see life.

I wish we could talk about life and philosophy for hours and hours.

The freshcut grass, the late sunsets, the excitement in the air… I know what you’re talking about. Just add the smell of heated blacktop and the smooth thunder of a passing roller coaster, and you have my vision of summertime bliss.

I want you to be happy, and your soundtrack of bliss to be complete. But at the same time, as you have helped me to understand the context in which you see baseball, I think I owe you an explanation of my perspective of sports.

Sports have always seemed to me to be arenas where people go to relieve stress. But instead of everyone winning, only half the people win. And every step of the way, the crowd is on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs- bringing down to size the man who let the beach ball fly over the side of the balcony, the fan who kept the home run ball from the opposite team, the pitcher of their own team who just happens to be having an off night. And the predominance of intolerance, insensitivity, and absent compassion makes me anything but comfortable.

People are not just good or bad. They are complex creatures, with reasons and stories not printed on their shirts.

I know you already know this. But I?m not sure most of the people at the stadium do.

I agree with you that in the absence of sports, many in the stands would be at least tempted to pursue activities less beneficial to the world. But at the same time, I cannot ignore the metaphor that the number of people in an average stadium is virtually identical to the number of poor people who will die that very same day around the world of preventable deaths (50,000).

If only the passion for the games could be harnessed into the passion to save lives and make the world a better place?

Why can?t the fanfare and enthusiastic team efforts of ?Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? be implemented on a larger scale? Why can?t community events be centered around building barns the way that they were when this nation was founded?

Roller coasters don?t end world poverty either. But they, like sports, frequently deliver smiles to their patrons. And this translates in many indirect ways to happier communities and a better world.

I just see the enthusiastic passion and 100,000 human hours at sports games and wish the event itself could be an endeavor that matters, and that lives could be saved at the end of the night. And it would be just as cool for the people standing in 3 hour roller coaster queues to be able to spend their time contributing to the world. Perhaps the queues could be fitted for the guests to play real-life Nintendo games of managing traffic lights to improve traffic flow, with the proceeds of their service given to charity.

I just want what?s best for the world, even if it doesn?t yet seem practical or possible.

Of course I support you, and Touch, and I want you to be happy. I just want to share with you the background of my perspective as you have shared yours. And I hope I?ve been as politically correct as possible in the process.

I?ve been hoping for the opportunity to ask you a question. So here it is.

If it is possible with your schedule, after the baseball season is over, could you blog at SafeSearching with the same frequency with which you’re blogging here? And could you both ask and answer questions with us there? I?d love to chat philosophically on and on and on.

I hope you have fun at Shea Stadium.

Have a great week, Alyssa!


I love the dogs. I miss my americam dalmation nakes Watson it was 14yrs old same age as my youngest brother. It could not walk andmore, was beaf and had back problems so it was time to put it down. But anyway nice thing you wrote for the All-Star game Program.

I live and breath baseball. I have my cell phone set fro when I am at work and thier is a game I get the score after ever Inning for the Reds games. I even got season tickets for the reds Have one had partial season tickets for the last 4 yrs and Now finnally got the full season. I love going to the games when the Reds play the Dodgers it makes me think of my #1 Favorite Actress Alyssa Milano. I even have a photo gallery devoted to my favorite team the Reds. If you would like to check it out Alyssa and everyone else here the link to it:

Anyway thanks for the post It’s the best one to date.

Have a great time in New York.

-Rob Madden

hey alyssa i was wondering why if you where born in ny why and how its you became a die hard dodger fan and not a met or yankee fan and if your family is from bklyn how they would let you root for the dodgers after they left bklyn high and dry. im a real big fan of yours and love your passion for the game either way

anthony in ny

1) Have you ever seen a no-hitter in person, at pitcher-friendly Dodger Stadium or elsewhere?

2) What is your favorite baseball book?

I have so many: Cramer’s “A Hero’s Life” and “Satchel Paige’s America” by Fox are two of my favorites. I also recommend “Wait til Next Year” by Joyce Kearns Goodwin, a wonderful memoir about a future pulitzer prize winner’s love of the game.

It looks like baseball has taught you alot about life. I don’t think i’ve ever heard anyone talk about baseball like you do. It’s not just a sport for you huh? It’s a passion. Man there are a million questions I can think of to ask you, but i’ll try and pick just one ..or two😀.

What’s your best memory from being at the ballpark? We all have that one moment where our team won the world series or had our baseball hero come up to the plate and hit that home-run in the 9th inning with 2 outs. Do you have that ONE specefic time where what happend on the field made you feel..on top of the world?

Well Alyssa, good luck with everything you do.

-The Astros ( my home team) will be taking on the Dodgers tomorow!..i’ll be watching!..i’m sure you will be too.

hey Alyssa i really enjoy read your blog … i love when you said ” I learned to live in the moment ” well i don’t play baseball or fans of it becouse here in kuwait we don’t have it like there in US … but sometime i try learning from my brother but am so bad at it but i will learn some day .. well ALyssa you just amazing persone who change my life … you are the reason am a good now and a live … you ones visit Kuwait with the US army with USO service and i wish i was know after i knew it was too late i felt like i want to cry well l already cried like i was waiting for you when u come i didn’t know .. i start be your fan when i was 14 now am 18 and am still your fan … so my “questions” for you i know it kind of impossible but what i learn from you as you are my hero and idol there is nothing impossible if you believe in it .. so can you bring you clothes line here in kuwait ? or vsite kuwait again ? .. it would be so cool believe me .. i would love to come there” Shea Stadium ” and talk with you and take a pictures but i think it kind of dream . but i believe that you can make a dream come ture … so make mine and come to kuwait ..

thanks alot Alyssa of all you help for kids and all your love for ur fans it mean alot to me and to all your fans .. you are my angle

with all my love with respect


ok first of all I LOVE CORY, he is the cutest ever, i like his eyelashes (touch wood)… I asked your mother if its possible to let us hear his songs and she talked to him and he is giving us 4 songs… yay me😀

Lucy looks so cute too, dont know the other dog’s name but also adorable…

your article is amazing, you always teach us new things, the words you used are so touchy…

we are so lucky that you are giving us the chance to ask you questions, and that is so sweet of you (like always)…

so my questions are:

1. you said in one of the interviews (I dont remember which one but you were wearing red and a woman was doing the interview, anyway) that your clothing line is going to sold in some boutiques is Athlete’s Foot or Foot Locker one of them? if not please, can you manage to let them sell your clothing line?? i really really want to buy alot of stuff, but what is available online is not what i want, i want something to wear when i go out with my friends and here we dont have baseball at all, from what is online is more like something you would wear in the morning… so is there anything you can do?

2. have you ever been to a game alone?

3. you are a fan and you know how fans feel… so the question is, If you had no plans for the rest of the day (i doubt that) and a fan asked you if you would like to have a cup of coffee (a fan thingy, nothing more) would you say yes? or your just gonna say no because you dont like having any interactions with your fans or strangers, or why?

Mona from Kuwait

(MonMon from SS)

P.S. I still Love Cory i dont care if he is with whats her name?? oh yeah Rachael (god she’s lucky)..😛


I know….third post!! (tisk tisk) but I thought I’d post this little bit of prose I wrote and posted over at SS/CL here for peeps who aren’t members of your boards. Hope they enjoy it🙂. Hope you do too🙂

These lines of prose will be free verse,

Wit-less, iambic rhyme to read perverse,

So let’s just cut down to the chase

And write these words in any case

So here goes…..

Wow, what a game this is.

I mean, how can anyone not love it?

The grace and strength of the players

evident in the fluid motions of their physiques,

I can’t take my eyes off of them!!

It’s a homer!!!….that’s the fifth today,

Hopefully the Dodgers will win this game,

My team, LA’s team…blue blood runs true in our veins

Royal Blue, that is.

Mom, will you get the hotdogs for us,

Or maybe Cory can get them,

He’s flush with cash today.

I’ll get the drinks, but we’ll have to wait

I don’t want to miss the next hit!!

I’ve got my notebook, stats copied hurredly down,

in “Lyssie shorthand” only I can read,

It’s the bottom of the Ninth and we’re in front,

9-7 and I think we’ll win…maybe, the next batter

Has a record to match his pinch hitting….outstanding.

I close my eyes and pray,

Wishing the pitcher to strike him out.

The call…1 strike, 2 strikes, 3 and you’re OUT!!!

Yipee!!!!, I hug my bro and nearly choke him!!!

We Won!!! We Won….my heart is racing, and yet

it’s also swelling with pride, admiration, jubilation.

My Dodgers…my love, my game has triumphed today,

The whole world seems brighter, and I can see the clouds smiling.

The sun embraces me in warm loving arms…Dodger arms,

And as I lay my head down on my pillow tonight,

No doubt my mind will fill with Dodger dreams,

and I shall slept contentedly, a smile upon my face.


Just so everyone knows, it’s written from your perspective:):)

Hello Alyssa,my question is do you think the Dodgers can win first place in their division?Thanks.

Hello Alyssa,this blog is remarkably written,your words are gentle with power and sweet with strength.The Dodgers face the Astros next and both teams are strong.The Dodgers should be vicious and ferocious.Thanks.

Alyssa, How did you get so sweet, articulate, and beautiful?

Alyssa, I have been a fan of yours for a long time. My question is, have you ever been to a Minor League baseball game? Go Dodgers and Go Cubs

Hi, my question would be do you have any formal training in the fashion design field? If so, what kind of training and from where? thanks!
vr, Xeifrank

Hey Alyssa🙂 I know I asked you this during your last Live Chat at CL, but are we Milano fans getting any closer to wrangling the recipe out of Momma Mia for her meatballs😉 I think I’d have to cook them up for Ozzie, my fellow Aussie mod, if we could just take a peek LOL.

You take care and keep on spreading your love of baseball. It’s infectious, it’s inspiring and it’s honestly refreshing😉


A question for you from a fan who doesn’t get to sit down so close to the field: What sorts of things do people say (positive or negative) to the players when they’re in the on-deck circle? Do players ever respond? Do you ever throw in your words of encouragement (batting tips, maybe?)?

I remember the day like it was yesterday. As soon as my eyes focused, it was love. It came at me quick, an unidentified flying object. Before I could raise my defences, it had hit me in the chest. It’s essence forever imprinted into my memory and into my heart. Before I could stop myself I was doing everything to possess it. I tore at it and soaked the chunks in boiling water. Everyday I drank its essence but I could not get enough of it. I wanted more. I could not stop. It’s value continues to increase with each passing day. My precious >> my “Pu-erh Tea”

Question: Could you pinpoint to a significant moment that has made the biggest impression upon you as a human being and person. (More details would be appreciated as well ;))

I know what you mean about Vin Scully’s voice.

Having grown up in Georgia, I have the same great love, nostalgia, AND COMFORT when I listen to Skip Caray, Don Sutton, and Pete Van Wieren.

Fortunately, I get to listen to my favorites two different times a day now…..along with the usual TBS, Don Sutton was hired over at MASN to do the Nationals games.

GA replant in L.A.



First off, I think your blog is great. You are an incredible writer and it is awesome to see such talent from a celebrity such as yourself.

That said, I am curious to know how your love of baseball, your admiration of the game and your education of the game helped you in your acting career. Are you able to pinpoint specific instances in your career where you are able to draw parallels between baseball and acting? Thanks for your time.


Hey Alyssa

I really enjoyed reading this entry, I know what you mean with the feeling of for the first time entering a stadium and a game, I still get all excited when going to a game it may be a different sport than yours but it’s still a passion..

Anyways my question would be, Will Touch be available in Europe as well, I’m really getting into baseball and I love watching it but it would be great if we could get some touch gear here as well😉 I mean they already sell baseball caps from NY and the dodgers and they sell very well so I think your clothes would 2..

Anyways I’m off Charmed is on🙂



Hey Alyssa,

I am a NYer that is a Dodger fan also(my little league team late 70’s, and kept with it). I really enjoy your blogs, you give great perspectives on being at a game especially Dodger stadium since I have not yet been to, but definitely will one day. Really sorry I am going to miss your appearance at Shea, I would go see a Met game to just to meet a fellow Dodger fan. Keep up the great blog work.



Hey Alyssa,

All word you just wrote, it’s so true!

And i enjoyed to read every word. All that you wrote is so intressant, and true. I have lose all my words know. I don’t know what i should wrote. More than…

Im so happy that you write here eveyday. To red and understand how you life could be, how much you love baseball. you relationship to he sprot.

And it’s very exiting that you start that new thing. Because i think we all have a lot of question to you.

My question is about touch. But i could ask so much about charmed to. There is that place every one know you on. There was you 8 seasons, and all of them is great!!

– Do you think Touch can come to sweden and Europe to? Im not a big fun of baseball, but you cloths is so great! I realy love them.

If the come to sweden, it have to be a dream come true❤

We miss you in Charmed, it was realy great!

But we love you know to, you are the best. You are a true angel!

Lots of Love, Jennie


I love you and your blog! I’ve been reading since your first post and can say that i’m definitely proud to be a huge fan with you! Considering that I have an extremely easy time relating to all of your frustrations and triumphs, I’m always on the lookout for an update! However, I had a question, I was noticing the pictures of your dog in his little dodger gear, I have a little dog as well and was wondering where I could get some clothes for her? Thanks!


p.s. I know you’re gonna be there on 8/2 against the worst team in the league getting yourself a russ bobble (considering you’re his biggest fan besides me) I hope to see you there!

Hello Alyssa,_____ Your Dad, reminds me of me. Always like to show myself as a BROOKLYN/LA DODGER fan. I believe I became a Dodger fan because they represented Brooklyn, but once I was hooked I rooted for them no matter what town they represented. The bitterous moment was when Bobby Thomson’s hit the shot heard around the world. I forever became an anti gnat (excuse the spelling)fan. I grew up listening to Red Barber, Connie Desmond(my favorite) & Vin Scully which was proberly one of the reasons that kept my loyalty to the team after they left Brooklyn. I like the fact that your records include championships of 1858, 1864 & 1866. I’m glad I remained a Dodger fan, Those early LA years brought great joy (1959-1988). I always say they were the 2nd greatest team in baseball. I think we are on the brink of a new dynasty. I believe in if you lose today forget today tomorrow and you feel better. My daughter and I will be at Shea Saturday, for the first game, we have the April 15th rain checks. If we get there early enough we will check you out. My question is,—– Was your father a Brooklyn Dodger fan before they left for LA?—– Although he does look too young. We have another big game today (I know, they’re all big) against the Astros, good luck to BILLIINGSLEY.**** GO DODGERS ALL THE WAY.

First off, there is nothing sexier than a women who knows her baseball! My father also introduced me to baseball and the Dodgers, and the rest is history. On Opening Day, he used to say I had a dentist appointment so I could get out of school and go catch the game. It was great. Anyway, my question to you is this: What, if any, moves should Colletti make before the trade deadline? Offense? Pitching? Also, have you every went on, or considered going on a date with a Dodger(i.e Andre Ethier, Russell Matin?) That would be pretty cool. Anyway, you’re great. Go Dodgers!

Hi Alyssa, just a few questions;

1. Have you ever blown work off for a baseball game?

2. “…I was a gawky pre-teen…”, What weekend was that? You are about the same age as I and trust me, there was nothing gawky about you.

3. Have you met Tommy Lasorda? If so, is he like the kind old grandfatherly (yes, I just made up that word) baseball historian I have always envisioned?

4. Any chance you can talk Colletti into taking Burrell, Helms, and Barajas for one of your relievers (don’t care which one), Nomar, and some fried chicken? I’d settle for a Dodger dog. The Phanatic needs some variety in his diet, you know.

Would you ever consider owning a minor league team? Would you consider being a partial owner? I know that owning a whole team would be too much pressure. I know the independent leagues could use some baseball passionate owners to help the sport grow at a more grass roots level.

It’s a fondness not an obsession.

Hi again Alyssa. This is my 2nd comment to one of your blogs. I love reading them and getting your unique female perspective. Just to be clear I’m a guy. I wish your sport passion was the same as mine, hockey, but I still like baseball. Anyways, since I’m a fan of yours because of your first career, acting, my questions are directed at that part of your life.

1. I know last fall you filmed an indie-film called “The Blue Hour”. Will I was able to get my hands on the script and loved the scenario your character’s (Allegra) involved in, because it involves such heavy drama, which I don’t believe you’ve gotten to on screen before. I have heard nothing about this movie, so can you please update us on it’s future? Will it be released in theaters, go to DVD or air on TV?

2. Since your pilot wasn’t picked up by ABC, which may have been for the better considering your schudle right now, do you see yourself returning to TV on another show or are you going to focus more on film work? I’m asking because in your post at SS telling us about ABC’s decision, your tone was very cynacle towards TV. Either way I miss seeing you act, so I’m looking forward to whatever your next project is. Also, I’ve been to some supposed “TV Insider” message baords and several people have said that ABC and preview audinces loved you in the pilot, but not the show as a whole. The ‘insiders’ have said that ABC is desperate to have you on their network in some capacity, if this is true, have you had any negotiations with them about guest starring on a show, or even joining an established show as a new regular character? I’ve always thought you look like Terrie Hatcher, much better looking of course, and would be great as her younger sister on “DH”.

3. What role are you most upset at not being cast for?

4. Back to your pilot for ABC. What was the one concept of the show that had you most excited about being a part of it?

Have fun at Shea in NY on Saturday and at Comic-Con in San Diego on Sunday. Talk about picking up the frequent flyer miles.

hey Alyssa…I like reading your blogs here on I sent u some messages on your Safesearching site, but I guess u haven’t been on there for awhile. Anyhow…I agree that baseball (and for me all sports) is an outlet when life and the world get me down. I also use music. But people like u are also inspiring. Hope things go well with u. Take care.

Alyssa – when you’re at a game, do you interact with the fans around you? If so, any funny stories regarding said interactions?

Baseball to me is more than just a game, as a former player (High School, college and a couple of weeks in the minors) I love the game, everything about it. I think this sums it up from Field Of Dreams: “The one constant through all the years has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past. It reminds us of all that once was good, and what could be again.” – James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams (1989) or this quote from Eight Men Out -“I still get such a bang out of it, playing ball. Same as I did when I first come up. You get out there and the stands are full and everybody is cheering. It is like everbody in the world come to see you. Inside that there is the players in there and there yakking it up and the pitcher throws and your looking for that pill and suddenly there is nothing else in the ballpark you and it and sometimes when your feeling right and there is a groove there and the bat just eases into it and meets that ball. When the bat meets that ball you can feel that ball just give and you know it is going to go a long way.*****, if you don’t feel like your going to live forever.” – John Cusac as Buck Weaver in Eight Men Out (1988)

Since your a big baseball fan, and Barry Bonds is about to break the Home Run Record, if you were in Bud Seligs spot, what would you do? and what are your opinions about Bonds (other than he is a Giant and is to be hated by all Dodger Fans)?

Personally, even though Steriods really doesnt improve your ablity to hit, it only helps you recover faster and build up strenght, (in fact in most cases of players “jucied up” their bat speeds tend to slow down, even if they increase their power) it still takes an amazing talent to hit a baseball. I think Selig should be at the games, til he breaks the record, since he does represent the game. The game should come first!!

Hi Alyssa, I’ve read all your blogs and am impressed not only by your knowledge and passion for baseball, but all the great pictures and links you add to your writing! Here’s my questions:

1. When you were a girl, to what extent (if any) did you actually play Baseball? Or softball?

2. Since you inexplicably haven’t been cast in a starring role in a major motion picture, have you ever been tempted to go the Mel Gibson route and just finance your own movie and show the brain-dead producers what they’ve been missing??



I enjoy reading your posts.

My question is Have you ever been to Spring Training at Dodgertown and are you planning on going next spring as it will be the last year at that historical place?

Alyssa, how do you do for read all this messages. You have too many fans… It is a joke. Sorry if my english is no so good, i am puertorican. Only I want to say that I love your blog, I have another one in MLBlog about the Red Sox. But this is in spanish. By the way, do you konw speak spanish? I d like to hear saying somenthing in spanish. Congratulations and good luck. You make us happy every day with your blog.

Wow. I don’t think anybody could of said it more better than that.

at first I will say:

You are so beautiful cool and nice….!!!!!!!

I will love it when you come to Germany (Erfurt)!!!!????


Please answer!!!!

I must crying when I see you…YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON IN MY LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love Jenny, from Germany

MY MOBIL NUMBER:01747911036



If you had to choose between marrying a Meat Loving Dodger Fan and a Vegetarian Giants Fan who would you pick? Oh and by the way you can’t change them they will always be that way so don’t try to say I’ll work on getting them to switch sides/diets.


PS Did you hit any good veggie places in SF while at the ASG?


I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since I read about it in Entertainment Weekly. It’s been delightful reading your thoughts about baseball and other topics. You are much more than just another pretty face. My childhood friend Joe and his family were huge Dodgers fans, so it’s nice to reminisce about those years.

My question is what’s the best baseball game you’ve ever attended?

My favorite is when I saw my hometown Brewers beat the Blue Jays late in the year in 1992 when they were in their last pennant race (before this year). They were down 2 heading into the ninth against the hottest closer at the time (Tom Henke) and we beat him with a 3 run homer by Paul Molitor.

Keep up the good work!

Rob from Wisconsin

Well to start it all off I LOVE YOU ALYSSA!!!I love baseball to!

Will you be coming to Miami,Fl?

This is a little off topic and I already posted my question..but I just got done watching the game! -Astros vs. Dodgers. Just in case you didn’t get to watch..Astros won 7-4. And Biggio hit a grand slam! Houston is going to miss him after this season. But his grand slam was an awesome way to finish off the night after annoucing his retirement. That hit was bitter-sweet. And so was winning, especially after I heard people saying that the Dodgers were going to sweep the Astros. Guess not!🙂
– I’m not trying to rub the win in or anything, it’s just that i’m excited for the win since so many people expected the Dodgers to sweep us and all.

Hi again. Here are 2 baseball/Touch related questions.

1. I read your recent interviews with and, and both insinuate that your line will expand to other sports. Is this true and can you elaborate on and details?

2. With your connection to baseball and the Dodgers in particular, are there any plans for you to throw out the first pitch at a game or sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wrigley?

2A. Even though ‘Touch’ is selling well, have you thought about maybe doing ‘Touch’ commercial spots during national televised games, or for the upcoming playoffs? Or putting print ads in magazines like “SI” or “ESPN” or even womens mags like “Instyle” or “Cosmo” etc?

Hi Alyssa!
I have read all of our blogs and I am a huge fan!! Anyway,

I know the questions has already been asked if you have every played softball or baseball so…

1. If you have what is your favorite position to play?

2. If you have played do you prefer to bat or be in the field?

3. If you haven?t what position do you wish you had some awesomely mad skills in?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!!

~~<3Luvz Linda<3~~

Hi MLBay Mirror,
I surely would have plenty, I would love to exchange opinion with you:

for starters Afghanistan & Iraq, because it’s burning under the nails, and you have been a kind of involved in that whole thing.

Me too actually, but I was in Jordan back then and, well, lets describe it as: I received refugees. A young guy with a bombshell in his head for example, what was his luck, because so he will never know, that the rest of his entire family was blown into pieces.

But this is no subject for a baseball blog.

Or going into something deeper and more abstract: when we are at “Living in the moment”.

As Gottfried Benn, my very favorite poet, writes:

“Die Blumen so -, dann zu Verhangenem

sich wendend oder Zukunft wie sie wird,

da gehst du von Verschleiert zu Verhangenem,

einem vielleicht zu einwandfrei geirrt,

ein Hin und Her: einmal versiegte Gsse

und Noah strahlt, die Arche streift aufs Land,

und einmal ist der Niel der Flusss der Flsse,

Antonius ksst die braune , schmale Hand:

die Ruriks, Anjus, Judas, Rasputin

und nur dein eigenes Heute ist nicht drin.”

I try to translate the meaning(but you would be better off to read a professional translation, the poem is called: Melancholie)

The flowers so -, then itself turning to what’s passed

or to the future, how it becomes,

you walk between what’s covered from veil and what’s behind a curtain,

in a perhaps too perfectly mistaken,

a coming and going: once dried up rain

and Noah is happy, the ark roves on the country,

and one time the Nil is the river of the rivers,

Antonius kisses the brown, narrow hand:

the Ruriks, Anjus, Judas, Rasputin

and only your own today is not in there.”

Most of the peoples problem is, that they can not value the moment.

I blame the uncertainty:

uncertain friendships, uncertain loves, uncertain jobs, uncertain… the chain is endless.

But, that goes too far for the baseball blog. If you give the rhythm, I jump in, but I don’t intent to force it, that is inappropriate.

I express condolences for Mike Coolbaugh to the baseball community and his family, but that isn’t a question.

So my question is simple and practice-covered: are you already working on mens clothes? I am not exactley the guy, who is running around in Armani suits, but I would love to wear Alyssa-designed clothes.

Best regards, Johannes

It sounds very great Alyssa!!!


ok I start with my question!!!

Why do you do so much for poor people (persons, cildren)????…So much good thigs???

Or do you have fun to do this???

Please answer me!!!!!!!!!

Jenny, from Germany

Ok Im actually going to ask baseball a baseball question. Who has been the most disappointed Dodger to you this year? Don’t say Nomar.

Ok Id rather you Answer this one Which current young Dodger do you think will be on the team the longest? My dad says Ethier I say Martin my Brother say Chad B. so who do you think?

When was the last time you were at the batting cages? and, when are you going yo sing at Wrigley?

Hi Alyssa, thanks for all of your messages!!! i’m from france and i’m really happy always when i read your mlb posts! My question is: Don’t you think you’re lucky to had “meet” this sport? I think YES but i want to know your thought.
Lots of love


ps: sorry for my english…


I am your age, grew up here in SO. CAL and played ball when I was in Grade school for local little league teams the Reds, Dodgers and seniors I was a Padre. I played second and batted lead off because I was not a power hitter at all but I was skinny and fast. I believe to this day that the team work, highs and lows that are involved in baseball still help me cope with this thing we call life that we live.

Q: My question to you is did you play any organized little league ball when you were young: If you did what position did you play or did or do you get a chance to play any softball later in life or even now?

Hope you pick this question I would like to know.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Hey Alyssa,
I totally wish that you were at the Dodgers stadium on the 28th! Its my bday that day nd that wouldve been ttoally awesome if you were there that day! I was jus wondering if you were going to go to the Dodgers stadium any time soon to showcase TOUCH and sign autographs. If you are then please list the deetails! Hope you answer my question! You rock.


Hi Alyssa, I absolutely love your blog. I look for you every game I go to. (About 25 so far this year) I was just wondering if you will be going to Vero Beach next year. I went to DodgerTown for the first time last year and it was the greatest experience I’ve had since being a Dodgers fan. I would love to see you there next year for their last historical stay in DodgerTown, Vero Beach, FL.

On the last entry I had mentioned that I was taking my girlfriend to her first Dodger game against the Mets. Anyways, she loved being in Dodger Stadium and has become a fan. That being said however, she’s still learning the game and I can only explain so much. So have you thought about ever doing an entry, book, something that would help better explain this great sport to women and even the casual fan? Also, are you going to do a set of jeans with a Dodger logo ala the Cubs and Angels?

Alyssa, Why are the Dodgers interested in Mark Texiera when they have such a young stud like James Loney at first base?

And, do you guys have ANY interest in Kyle Fartsworth? (The Yanks’ll take a bag o’ balls in return at this point, I think.)

-Brooklyn Frank

Hi Alyssa,you are cool.The Dodgers face the Rockies next and both teams are solid.The Dodgers should concentrate on their immediate moment.Thanks.

Hey Alyssa,
Thought you might be interested in this from the Dallas Morning News about a trade possiblity between the Dodgers and Rangers.

The Dodgers also remain interested in a Teixeira-centric package, the source said. The Dodgers would likely have to part with first baseman James Loney, an outfielder such as Andre Ethier and a minor league pitcher to pull of such a deal. The Rangers love Highland Park lefty Clayton Kershaw, but it’s not certain the Dodgers would include a prospect of his caliber as a third player.

Looks like right now the Braves and Dodgers are tops on the Teixeira sweepstakes.

Dear Alyssa Milano






ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say HELLO!!!!!!!!!!

Love from Jenny, Germany

hey, Alyssa it’s corina (I asked you a question yesterday) I want to tell you: I love you very much and you are the most beautiful, sweet, etc ( you have A LOT of qualityes!!!!) I wanted to tell you this…🙂



and BASEBALL to you too!

Corina a BIIIG FAN!!!

hey alyssa! Ok, so I’m absolutely IN LOVE with Nick Markakis from the Baltimore Orioles. Every time I go to a game…I make sure to go to the right field and just stand and look at the AMAZING player. so i guess I have two questions…if you hae ever seen the orioles’ players..Do you think Nick Markakis is Dreamy? Also, do you think the Orioles stand a chance the rest of the year?

I Love You!!!


Hey Alyssa,
I guess I am commenting alittle late as I have been away most of the week (hospital and stuff) but never the less, brilliant blog!! I can relate alot to it even though I only am 16 and don’t know much about baseball but with the sport I follow I relate. Lucy looks so adorable all dressed up in her Dodgers gear😀 and I thought you were the Dodgers #1 fan lol. My auntie was in America lately visiting my relatives and my daddy had asked her if it would be possible to get get me an item of TOUCH and she said sure, I kinda had an idea that I wouldn’t be getting one as she never rang asking for my size or what team I wanted but I thought maybe as a surprise, but sadly no, but I did get something wait for it ….a pen Lol. I just had to laugh. I hope some day I will be able to get an item of TOUCH. I love the ‘Ask Alyssa!’ great idea! Well I don’t know much about baseball so I don’t want to make a fool of myself lol and I won’t ask about your acting because this is a baseball blog so i will ask about TOUCH🙂

If you were given the chance to lanch TOUCH into other sports would you do it even if you were not a fan of that sport?

I think that TOUCH would do so well over here in Ireland for the GAA. As there is alot of gaelic football female fans where we only have jerseys to wear to show which team we support. It is really annoying as the jerseys are so unflattering but everyone wears them because we have nothing else to wear to show which team we are supporting.

It would be so cool if you did another chat on SafeSearching / Celebrtiy Loop. I was there for the first one which was kinda messed up but I missed the second one unfortunately. If you did another one it would be so cool as there would not just be fans of your acting and of all your humantarian work but also baseball fans too as alot of new members have joined since you started blogging here.

Great Blog! I love reading them!

Kerri-Marie (Ireland)

kmh big fan (SS/CL)


Hello Alyssa !

France writing…

I am a huge admirer of your work and career for years and my question is simple :

will you ever come to europe, and especially in France to promote your TOUCH line, your movies to come or your UNICEF involvement ?

It would be such a thrill to be able to have an autograph session from you in Paris, to be able to thank you for the dreams and the joy you bring to our lives for so long !

Take care Alyssa, and keep making us dream…

A devoted french fan.

If you had a time machine and could choose any one non-Dodger game to go to, what game would it be and why? Is it safe to assume if you could go to any Dodger game, it would be when jackie Robinson broke into MLB?

Hey Alyssa!
My question:

Do you think the Touch line will be sold in Europe some day?

Even though we don’t have those baseball teams and aren’t that familiar with it in Europe, but I’m sure it will sell wonderfull! I wouldn’t mind buying your clothes🙂 They are great, so bring it on!😉



Hi Alyssa~

I was wondering if you like NASCAR? I’m a huge fan of racing, and I’m a big fan of yours too. I really love your line of TOUCH! My question to you is…Do you think you could start a line of clothing for us ladies in the racing world? It would be huge for you. There are millions of women who are racing fans, and don’t have a very big selection when it comes to womens clothing and being feminine at the race track. I was also wondering if your line of TOUCH is going to come out with some soft snuggly PJ’s?

You’re awesome! Keep doing what you do…you’re an inspiration to soooo many!!!!

Luv ya,

Debbie :o)

this comment is not only for Alyssa, but everyone let me start it off by saying hi to all Dodger fans the greatest team ever.I recently went on you-tube and looked up “Dodgers” and was so happy to see so many videos other dodger fans had loaded to you- tube a suggest you guys take a look at it. there’s that song i just love but don’t know the name of..I Love L.A, that song is perfect for the dodgers..well take care and Go Dodgers…PS…hi Alyssa love ur blogs i look forward to reading them


Your blog is fantastic!!

I have two questions for you. First, if it’s true you are dating Russell Martin (and if it is, I am a little jealous — see my screen name), could you please find a gentle way to tell him that he needs to relax when he’s at bat? I know Steve Lyons keeps talking about Russell torquing his back on his swing, but — on principle — I actively disagree with everything that Steve Lyons ever says. 55’s problems at the plate right now are 100% mental. So if you have his ear, just calm him down.

Second, there are tofu dogs at Dodger Stadium??? Is this only for Dugout Club seats? My seats are in the loge and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tofu dog. Or, do they not advertise them — is it one of those things that you just have to ask for?

Keep up the great work with the blog and Think Blue!

Hey Alyssa –

Do you REALLY wear Jimmy Choo’s to ballgames?

You can’t fool me, as I get to Dodgers games, and I’ll come to your seat to see if you are really wearing them!


Hello Alyssa

I am an avid “closet” reader of your blogs. I say closet because I’ve yet to comment, until now, so I hope this isn’t too long or redundant.

First of all I just want to say “thank you” for writing this blog. It is a definite treat and a pleasure to be able to read your blog as it makes me laugh and provides some very poignant insight into a game in which we all love. And its one of the coolest things, for me, to know that you are such a loyal and devoted Dodgers fan. Much like yourself I have my dad to thank for opening me up to the Dodgers. Without him I cringe at the thought of what team I might be pulling for. And considering I live near San Francisco….well….it makes one cringe even more….

But again, thank you for the opporunity to read this blog. It entertains, it enlightens, and there is just something about a talented and gorgeous woman who knows her baseball.

Before I get to my question I’ve been wanting to write to you about this. I dunno if this is the best possible outlet for that but since I don’t know of any other way to contact you I thought I’d do it through here. I just mainly wanted to share that I am a student actor who is looking for any and all ways to “break into” the business. I say student actor because I am still in college and am waiting to officially call myself an actor when the day comes that I get paid to do it. I’ve been fortunate enough to go through some training at Solano College and am finishing up my AA degree this upcoming year. I have a fair amount of theatre experience and look to start amassing some credits in film. Basically just trying to build my resume. At any rate, I don’t mean to go on, and I am certainly not trying to give the idea that I would try to use your celebrity to help me but I mainly just wanted to share that I am a “fellow actor”. The work of yours that I’ve seen always impresses me and I think you are very talented. Furthermore I just wanted to ask some advice as to what you think is the best way to pursue a career. While I know there is never just one route to take I thought I’d ask. I’d be remissed if I didn’t at least ask. And maybe if I could be so lucky as to correspond with you through e-mails as I wouldn’t want to always have to write you long comments on here (much like I am doing now). Would that be a possibility?? Plus that way I could keep my e-mail’s strictly acting and this strictly baseball….

AND my question is…..what has been the best game you’ve ever been to? I know you see A LOT of baseball games, and perhaps its too hard to narrow down, but I was curious what is the best one for you? Maybe most memorable. Anything like that. Reason I ask is because I went to the Dodgers/Gnats game a couple weeks ago, the one that was televised on Fox on Saturday, and that was definitely the best I’ve ever been to. Granted I’ve only seen about 15 games in person but it doesn’t matter. I had the opportunity to meet some players and score 4 autographs, things I’d never been able to do before, and of course it went extra innings so we got more for our money. It was amazing!!

Anyway, thank you again for the blog, and thank you for allowing me the space and time to rattle on to you. I look forward hopefully hearing back from you as well as reading your blog and seeing where this season will go (ugh, SO many injuries). You’re amazing! THINK BLUE!



Your MLB blog is really cool, and I have enjoyed reading your musings and anecdotes on the game. I wish my sister could be more like you. Tell your brother he is very lucky to have a sister who loves and appreciates the beautiful game of baseball.

I was at an Astros game a year or two back, and I vaguely remember that you were in attendance (I am not positive, but I think we were playing the Padres). Its always fun to go see a game at another park, especially when the hometeam is playing a hated divisional foe. So I was wondering, how many MLB ball parks have caught a game at?

I don’t want to rub it in or anything, but I was at the game Astros/Dodgers game earlier this week, when Craig Biggio hit a go ahead grand slam the same day he announced his plan to retire after playing 20 seasons with the same team. Even though the Astros are all but dead it was a special and emotional night for Biggio, the fans at the game and the game and the whole city. Any thoughts?

FYI, after the ‘stros put a thumping on the Pads last night, your friend, Roy Oswalt, decided not to skip his next start and is going to pitch against your southern rival this weekend.

My question:
When they decide to get rid of Dodger Stadium (you know it’s going to happen eventually) would you prefer they do a Shea/Yankee and build an updated version of the same thing next door or try something completely different, maybe in a different area of town? Where, I don’t know, now that I think about it…

Hey Alyssa,

There IS a bottled grass perfume!

I haven’t smelled this one, but the “Dirt” and “Gin and Tonic” scents are delicious!


Howdy Alyssa,
There are many questions I want to ask. However, I am having an unusually indecisive moment. I just cannot limit my curiosity to one question. Here’s hoping you will do it for me. ;o) My top questions are as follows:

1.) Digital communication is ever increasing not only in usage, but in terms of the allowance of anonymity, An increase in anonymity tends to correlate with the depersonalization of communication. While there are numerous positive comments and character assessments shattered throughout cyberspace, I have read comments left by misguided users who are wickedly ignorant of the fact that a name is not just an order combination of binary numbers. They fail to recognize that the name is attached to a human with very real emotions (or there is an increased population of pathetic and sad misanthropes–God help us if this is correct.).

Is it possible for you to express in words how affected you are by such hateful comments and character attacks, and the level of its impact?

2.) I asked a question similar to this in one of your previous blog entries. You have said you learned the finer points and strategies of baseball from your dad. Do you know of or have you thought of writing a “handbook” specifically for women new to the game, that has a compilation of the basic terms, strategies, and fan etiquette? (I have read several book that tell stories about baseball, but none like I previously described.)

3.) How much did you struggle before successfully becoming a vegetarian? Are you a strict vegetarian or do you sometimes eat meat (like a person who quits smoking, but sneaks in a rare cigarette break)?

4.) Just kidding! While I have several more questions I want to ask, I will stop here (too much reading). I think my strongest feelings are close wanting question one answered. However, choose whichever you desire (or, none as is your prerogative).

Laissez les bons temps, Alyssa, et baseball roules!

J Creole

Southern Louisiana

P.S. I hope my questions are not too invasive, especially since they are not about baseball in the obvious examination. I suspect that your love of baseball comes from a need to escape and sort of “hide in plain sight.” I offer my best wishes for your continued success.

Sorry Alyssa,

Wanted to add another question you could choose…

Pete Rose. Do you let him in the Hall of Fame?

Let’s say you were sitting in the right field pavillion. Barry hits 756 right to you. What do you do?

Throwing that ball back is like spitting on the holiest number in baseball. But do you take that opportunity to make a statement that people will talk about for years? Possibly the gesture that marked the beginning of the end of the steroid era?

Ok this are many good questions…But Alyssa…???…You will read this????…Then have fun WOW!!!!!!!!!!….But I hope you answer my question!!!!…But I think you dont do this …BUT I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE Alyssa answer my question, PLEASE!!!!!!



And please come to Germany?!


Love Jenny, from Germany!

Hey Girl,

I love how you are so passionate about the game. Baseball is a strategic game and when i hear haters say that baseball is boring it really irritates me. I too am passionate about our boys in blue. I LOVE THE DODGERS!!!!!! Growing up in the San Gabreil Valley in the 80’s as you did was the best. I live in Northern Cal and get lots of grief from Bay area fans but i never let it get to me. Anyhow, i was watching an HBO Sports special with Bob Costas interviewing the guy who was involved with the Balco scandal, a chemist who actually admitted that Bonds was on, (what they called “the program”). This chemist had no doubt in his mind that Bonds did use. How do you feel about Bonds being one homerun away from tying Aaron’s record? I also saw a story on our local t.v station about Bonds and there was a guy who was on air saying, “greatest player of our time”, do you think this is true? Who do you think is one of the greatest player/s of all time?

I took my kids to the 4th of July game this year and my girls had a blast! I had the opportunity to go on the field and watch the fireworks and the grass was amazing. My oldest said to me, ” Mom can we spend the night here, i want to wake up and see Russell Martin and Andre Either up close to tell them that i love them so much.” My heart sank! I have raised all FOUR of my GIRLS to THINK BLUE and to Love the DODGERS as i have as a child. I think i said enough I love your blog and i think you are amazing. Someday i hope to see you at a game and maybe if we plan accordingly we can sit in the ultimate cool seats. Our dream would be to meet the whole team my oldest always talks about meeting them and hugging the team, she really loves the team and i am thankful that she loves the game as much as we do. Thanks Alyssa

P.S. Which game is the most memorable for you, (any team)?


I was wondering what your hobbies are and what you like to spend your time doing besides go to baseball games?


I know it was on another post but the Dodgers don’t have a hole in 3rd Base. The problem with the Dodgers is their GM and his love for old guys like Nomar and Gonzales (Ok, he’s having a nice season), but what gives with Pierre and his contract? awful..

BAck to 3rd base… Andy LaRoche. Just call him up, and give him some time..

Miguel Cabrera? That ship won’t fly. (I hope)Sorry.

Nice blog! =)

I know it was on another post but the Dodgers don’t have a hole in 3rd Base. The problem with the Dodgers is their GM and his love for old guys like Nomar and Gonzales (Ok, he’s having a nice season), but what gives with Pierre and his contract? awful..

BAck to 3rd base… Andy LaRoche. Just call him up, and give him some time..

Miguel Cabrera? That ship won’t fly. (I hope)Sorry.

Nice blog! =)

Ms. Milano,

My question for you remains (see response to your May 22nd entry).

You are on the record as saying the following:

‘Perhaps, this is a direct reflection of the trickle down effect of our government?s capacity to cover up and deflect the major issues that face us politically.’

So again I ask you…What ‘major issues that face us politically’ were you alluding to ? And please elaborate.


Paulie B **==

‘Democracy don’t rule the world,

You’d better get that in your head.

This world is ruled by violence

But I guess that’s better left unsaid.’

– The Legendary Bob Dylan 1983

I was searching the web to see what you were doing since “Charmed” ended and was thrilled to find this blog! I love baseball and it’s great to read a female perspective on the game! I grew up listening to the Pittsburgh Pirates on the radio, but since moving to Nashville, Tennessee, I haven’t had the opportunity to see many Pirate games, although I did make it to spring training this year which was a highlight! Being a female, most of my friends think it odd that I love baseball so much, have you ever experienced that attitude from your friends? I love your blog and look forward to reading more!

Alyssa :

Another week in baseball…

Bonds is coming…what’ll it be, the throwing of roses or vegetables ?

The following are the playoff chances of all the teams as of Sunday afternoon

…if you don’t agree, tell my bookie :

Tor 3.4% TB 0.0% Cle 64.7%

Min 3.5% Det 83.1% CHW 0.1

KC 0.1% Tex 0.1% Sea 25.4

Ana 86.1% Oak 0.6% NYM 65.4%

Atl 23.6 Phi 38.0% Fla 0.4%

Was 0.1% ChC 62.3% Hou 0.2%

Stl 0.5% Pit 0.1% Mil 62.5%

Cin 0.1% SD 44.7% SF 0.4%

Col 12.8% Ari 29.9% Bal 0.5%

LA 59.4% Bos 99.4% NYY 33.1%

Baseball is dull only to those with dull minds-Red Smith.

Needless to say everyone in Red Sox Nation is happy that Jon Lester came back from the Big IS a family affair.

Iguess I get another question..Who played Lumpy on Leave It To Beaver ?


Since this week Cooperstown added Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn to their hallowed halls, I thought it appropriate to ask if you’ve ever been to the Hall of Fame? If so, what was your favorite part? If not, is visiting Cooperstown something you plan to do one day? One final HOF question, do you think a person’s off-field actions should affect his induction to Cooperstown or should it be solely for what he did on the field?

It looks like Bonds may make history in L.A. Are you planning to attend the series? If so, and he does do it, what will your reaction be? Applause? Booing? Chanting “Steroids”? Or just absolutely nothing?

One more acting question. I read somewhere that you were approached about adding your name to the Walk of Fame, but because it costs money to maintain you turned it down. Is this true? If not, would you like to be added to the Walk of Fame?

Alyssa, I could not have said it better myself. Keep doing what you are doing, and stay beautiful as well!

Hi Alyssa i met you yeserday in New York City, i just want to say that your absolutly amazing. You are seriously my favorite actress. I just wanted to know what is your daily routine for the day do you go to work, or whatever

Thanks so much,


woops i forgot to add that your brother is so hott. lOl

i had to add that!!


Hello Alyssa,the Dodgers play the Giants next and both teams are good.The Dodgers should play real hard.Thanks.

A note 20 years in the making:

There I was at Shea Stadium in the Mets club store deciding whether I should take a chance and meet my 20 year long crush, Alyssa. And, after much sctrutinization and paces to and fro I took the chance and shook hands with what I though and still think is my Helen of Troy.

Alyssa, not only are you classy but more beautiful in person than one could ever imagine. To say that you made this 33 year old’s day is quite the understatement.

I was told at 13 it would be impossible to meet you and I accepted that as I stared into my bathroom mirror here in Brooklyn, peach-fuzz and all, but twenty years later I was in front of modern day Daphne hardly mumbling my name. What a he** of a dream to come true.

Thank you dearest.



PS as e.e. cummings may have said to Marion: “nobody, not even the rain has such small hands”


Amazing getting the chance to see you at Shea on Saturday. As I said then, pictures do you no justice. You are simply stunning! My dad was a huge Brooklyn Dodgers fan and if you know your history which I’m sure you do, the Dodgers were suppossed to play in Flushing Meadows when Ebbetts field became obsolete. Had it not been for the stubborness of then owner Walter O’Malley and NYC Building Commish Robert Moses, the Mets would not be today. Will you come back again before, or after Citi Field is open?

Love ya lots,

Rob D

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for making things interesting and fun at this blog. This is one of my favorite stops on-line. In the past, you’ve offered soo soo many chances for fans to ask you questions, I drew a blank at first. Alyssa… you’ve been soo available in the past, I;m spoiled rotten. You spoiled me like those dogs of yours. So please dont feel like you have to answer my questions, I’m spoiled 100 times over already and you know I’m your addicted fan whether you answer me or not. Sorry I will miss your appearance in NYC. I was in Atlanta last week for a conference, please keep me informed when I can have a chance to meet you. My questions:

1. If you could pick one actress and one actor to work with, who would you pick?

2. If you could select any place in the world to take a group of people on vacation for 2 wks, where would pick?

Hi Lyssie,

I really love your account!! As we say here in Spain… Carpe Diem!!

I have a question:

1. If you could be a baseball player, which one you would be?? why??

P.S. I love the T-Shirts of your dogs!! they are so cute with them!

best wishes

A Spanish gir,


You know what is funny, reading a rumor magazines post about you and Russell Martin getting your “flirt on” at the All-Star game after reading about it in your blog.

Hi, Alyssa.

I’m regarded as a “freak” by my friends many times because I love baseball. Hehe… Little do they know… I guess It’s not common in Spain. I also like [American] football, to the point I officiate games of that, so go figure. It was a shame I couldn’t enter the “Meet Alyssa” sweepstakes… Anyway, on to questions.

Can you read the little charts that Gameday gives of at-bats (or rather, plate appearances) with the pitch information? Break, and pFX and the like? If so, can you help me with that? I’m always willing to learn more.

Why do you call them “foul poles”, if they’re in fair territory?

And finally, the team I root for is the Red Sox… why do I have this nagging feeling that my season will end with September?

Thanks for your awesome blog that shows that, yes, stars can be down to Earth. And thanks for… well, for being Alyssa. Touch looks nice on you (not that that’s hard, but still), I, being a guy, wouldn’t wear it, of course😛 hehehe…

Hi Alyssa

I totally connected with your comments about Vin Scully. As a child without cable t.v., my family spent most summer nights sitting on our porch swings listening to Pirate games on radio. For years, I lived too far away to get the games on radio, but payed to get the games on satellite. This year, I bought the “Gameday audio” from MLB instead. Now, I’ve spent many nights on my own swing with my own family listening to the Pirates. I can’t tell you what a warm feeling I get, not to mention all the memories of loved ones no longer with us, from such moments. Baseball has always been an important part of my family, and I feel that is really dying out in the USA.

I think the longevity of a Vin Scully, Cal Ripken, Tony Gwynn, etc. is a key part of baseball fans’ love of the game. The years of memories are an important part of the connection between fans and the league. Do you think there is anything that MLB or the players’ union can do to encourage that kind of loyalty (that fans obviously love) to return?


Hi Alyssa, this is Beatrice from France, I met you at shea stadium in New York, and I would like to thank you for the possibility you gave me and all your fan to meet you!! I gave you the letter, I don’t know if you remember, and if you read it, but just to said you gave me my most beautiful day in my life in meeting you! You had to ask you when I came a second time “what is she still doing here!!”, but When I met you the first time I was really choked! I couldn’t imagine I could meet you, It was like a dream! I was freeze you had to see, because I couldn’t even talk to you!! , and when I left I couldn’t stay like that away from you so I bought another clothe from your line to come back! that why I came two times! lol you have to think I am crazy! maybe I am! lol but the two only times I met you, only a few minute, gave me the minutes of joy!!! even If I couldn’t more talk to you the second! I don’t know why!, but one thing I loved is you remember my name!thank you, Just thank you sooo much to gave me that! I am leaving to phoenix, soo If you are there I would love to meet you again there or maybe anywhere else it can be possible to meet you!, and try to say a word this time! lol


I heard you on XM radio talking to Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble. Your experience as a child learning baseball from your Dad really made me smile. I have a one-year old daughter, and I love baseball (Played college and minors). My wife was worried that I wanted a boy, but I told her that a love for baseball is passed to generations not a specific gender. I hope one day my daughter shares my love of baseball like you share your father’s….but if she doesn’t, I hope she at least likes football. I am a Rangers fan, so I hope they trade Gagne back to the Dodgers for some prospects…and maybe it puts the Dodgers over the top.

WOW Dodger fans looks like Betemit is off to NY before the trade deadline… We will see..

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Do you think it’s possible that the size of the strike zone expands or diminishes for certain players of the game?

Not necessarily those on the corners, but even those that are a little bit high, or below the knees.

I still like to believe that the umps get it right 99.9% of the time…


Alyssa, while I’m not a slouch, I am a curvaceous female baseball fanatic. Any plans on offering TOUCH in larger sizes (14+…)?


I remember the first baseball game I went to at Veterans Stadium in June 1978. I was 6 years old and grown-ups were giants to me at that age, let alone baseball players. I still can remember the smell of the hot dogs, the sound of the crowd and organ music of the late, great Paul Richardson. This was back in the day when they only played organ music at ballgames and not FM radio rock staples such as “Slow Ride” by Foghat or techno favorites like the “Mortal Kombat” theme. I had only seen the Phillies on tv or listened them on radio so seeing the Phillies in person was a real eye-opener. There is nothing like watching a baseball game in person. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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