Let us not forget those who came before Barry Bonds, swinging their way into the books with grace. Let this time in baseball be a reminder of what this sport truly is and what I hope it will return to in years to come. Is he a cheater? Time will tell when his body weakens. He is innocent until proven guilty. Let?s not judge what we don?t know or may never know. But . . . we can judge what we do know. We know that this is a man who stays seated during his team?s celebrations. He just lounges, gnawing his seeds, while everyone else offers a hive-five, butt pat or knucks. Not Barry. He just sits there. This is a man who hasn?t sued anyone for the published accusations made against him. This is a man who appears so ungrateful for his successes. This is a man who fuels the fire with his inability to be gracious in the media (albeit circus). This is a man who has chosen isolationism over camaraderie. If he is a good person and we have it all wrong, then he is the best actor I have ever seen.

It was odd to me that his teammates didn?t seem elated when he crossed the plate. Maybe this is because he never seemed thrilled for them no matter what the feat. It seemed odd to me that he pointed to the sky longer than he embraced his son who was once again there to great him upon his return — a gesture that, when he tied the record at Petco (away from the doting Giants fans and boo?s sprinkled on top), actually tugged at my heartstrings. For a brief moment, when he carried his son in that embrace in San Diego, I thought: Perhaps we do have Barry all wrong.

Just as we love our heroes, we also love a good villain. A villain and a hero are two sides of the same coin. They are, in fact, inseparable. A villain doesn?t care what he has to do to achieve a goal. The villain cheats because he feels rules just get in the way and he works alone for what he believes to be ?good?. A villain uses intimidation. A villain defies the laws of nature. A villain is only driven by ego. A villain is a character whose actions are important to the entire plot of the story. Barry Bonds is important to the big picture of baseball. He is a great media-made villain to the great socially made hero: Hank Aaron.

Right or wrong, it?s over. We are left with judgment relative to our own rights and our own wrongs. Hero or villain, Barry Bonds is our home run king and one of the greatest hitters baseball has ever known.

What are we left with? Nothing really. We are left with nothing and upon further reflection, that?s what makes me a bit melancholy. I sat with my dad and watched a game that I could care less about, while a man I have no compassion for, broke a record in the sport I love and I truly felt nothing. No tears of joy. No goose bumps. Not even anger.


At least it?s over.


P.S. Don?t even get me started about the Dodgers. My father is contemplating changing his dog Dodger?s name to Cubbie. ?Nuff said.

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As a baseball fan I feel fortunate to have been able to witness all of the records that have been broken this week. Congratulations A-Rod, Congratulations Glavine, Congratulations Barry. But most of all I am happy that the ‘Barry Bonds Show’ will be over for awhile.

You know, I also didn’t care much for this chase Bonds was after. It’s over, it’s done. It is what it is. But you know what? It won’t last too much longer. A-Rod will be next, and I”m glad for him. Congrats to him. Barry? … whatever.

I also noticed the difference between his tying homer in S.D. and his record breaker at S.F and those 2 moments with his son. To me, it’s almost as if he didn’t ackknowledge his son at all during his S.F. trot to home plate. What does that tell you?

Alyssa, you said it well. I think that the old adage: What goes around comes around” applies here. We really don’t know what Barry did, whether he did take HGH, steroids or whatever. But time will tell. Anyone who has taken steroids over a period of time will notice that it tears their bodies up. That will be punishment enough. But we can’t judge him. Who can know whether he could’ve accomplished what he did without all these drugs?? He is an outstanding athlete. And that is something he won’t know either. So if there is a question in our minds, so there probably is that same question in his mind. That could be why he has that “I am greater than thou” attitude. I heard he won’t sign baseball cards or autographs anymore. Who does he think pays his salary?? Those SF fans are a little delusional if they think of him as a hero. The steroids are one thing since that hasn’t been proven. But his attitude is despicable. What if he were a Dodger?? I’ve heard that kicked around. I think of our Dodgers as a cut above that. I’ve seen them before the game. They are nice guys. They will sign autographs, smile and greet the fans. They are human. And they have that comraderie among themselves. They are a team, not that one player trying to outshine the others. So the Dodgers aren’t #1 now. I still love them for what they stand for. Go Dodgers!!!

I’ve heard that Russell Martin reads your blog. I want the Dodgers to know that we support them no matter what. They may be in a slump and everyone has their opinion why, but we true fans are behind them. I will still go to the games and cheer them on to the last play. Go Dodger Blue!!!

Barry Bonds has told kids that he doesn’t like them and torn up his own baseball cards. That makes it very difficult to cheer him on. Then at last night’s press conference, someone asked him what message he could send to Greg Anderson, and Barry asked “Why are we in that conversation?” and called it “another negative question”. I think Anderson threw any and all TVs he watched that on right through the walls of that prison. Bonds couldn’t even say anything to his friend and trainer. I could never be friends with that guy, and I probably could never even be a fan of his. He is a nearly-emotionless robot. He never ceases to amaze me.

Good analogy there about Bonds being the “villain” of the story to the heroism of Hank Aaron. The roles will be reversed when someone breaks the new Bonds record years from now, and then it will be even more fun.

I just went to get my morning paper and accidentally ripped the front page when I was taking the paper out of the mailbox holder. Of course, on the front page, the headline was supposed to read: Barry Bonds has record to himself. My ripped paper just said ‘himself’ ~ how fitting. Actually made me chuckle.

I was watching his games on ESPN to see him break the record. But I was same as the Milanos, not much emotion from me. Ended up I missed the big home run last night because I played Monopoly with my girlfriends kids. We did look for the game on TV but it wasnt a big deal. I’ve read so much negative press on Barry, if only some of it was correct, its a turnoff. A-Rod will eventually break his record. He’s a better person than Barry I believe but this running around with Strippers while he is married is not good. Barry has a sweet swing though, and he is fun to watch not that I disagree with anything AJ Milano says.

Nice post, I was sure to find something about Barry Bonds after his homerun.
I really empathized with your post, because you succeed in portraying a lot of my feelings for this man and his record breaking.

Over the years, I used to imagine the breaking of Aaron’s record in a totally different way from how it turned out to be. At some point, I found myself wishing to be one of those fans who believe that Barry is completely innocent just to be able to enjoy the moment, no matter what. A moment like this deserved a much greater partecipation and enjoyment, but I wasn’t able to commit to it because I was overwhelmed by suspects. Even if he’ll prove to be innocent, this moment was ruined.

But, if he’ll prove innocent, I hope I’ll feel really sorry for him. And it’ll be hard not because of his behaviours or antipathy, but just because he’s failed to come clean about this specific subject and, therefore, make me so doubtful about him.

I can only hope it will be a totally different experience with A-Rod.


I’m not a big Barry Bond’s fan, but it was amazing to witness that piece of baseball history. I’d be lieing if I said I felt nothing after watching him hit that home run, because I was jumping up and down..not for him, but for what he had just done. You know, after he gave his little speech, I thought to myself, hey maybe he’s not so bad after all. To me the best part about it was seeing Hank Aaron come on that screen and listening to him speak. Hank Aaron, my friends is a true baseball legend. Whether we like it or not though, what Bonds did is still a part of baseball history, that i’m blessed to have witnessed.
Thanks for blogging Alyssa.


& A-Rod, i’m cheering you on! Maybe one day Bonds can pass that torch to you!😀

Man do i love this sport!😀


I too am glad that it is over. and don’t worry no one can hide from their Karma good or bad. It always comes back. We will just have to wait and see what kind he will get. And about the Dodgers don’t worry things will turn around. have faith in your team cause I have faith in you.🙂

It was tough to watch it happen against my Nationals – but we love Mike Bacsik. It was nice to see them continue to work and rally to take the game, despite the celebration.

Our play by play announcer, Bob Carpenter, blogged about calling the HR last night on our blog if you’re interested in reading his thoughts:


I was just rewatching the footage from mlb.com and, I have to say, the fans were really great. I was probably too concentrated on Barry to really focus on everything else…

It’d be interesting to see who reached for the ball, and what he intends to do with it. And, above all, which bones did he sacrified in order to grab it… Maybe he was absent-minded (hard to believe, I know) and started to see a crowd of people jumping toward him…

Dear Alyssa,
Your acting talent is a joy to watch, your charity work is heart-touching and your passion for basball is inspiring, I have a drawing I made of your father (using the picture from this blog) and I would love to give it to you. Err not fussed how, whichevers easier, email? post? in person? – ok dreaming on the last option, but a girl can dream!.

kind regards,



hey alyssa, i love the blog you have wroten it is soo insperational you put so many nice words and words i cant even comperhend in your blog! but in some ways i still kinda get it! jut to let you know its me keara again! umm once again this doesnt have that much to do with baseball but i just felt like commenting! umm me and my twin sisters birthday is coming up soon and thats pretty cool! One of our dreams is that someday we would love to get to meet you for our fourteen birthday! which is on sunday! We both love and watch everything you are in mostly charmed that is one of our favorite shows! I love so much that you take time to go all the way to India to help people in need that is so nice and caring! We just wish someday we could meet you! BUT we will keep wishing!

sincerley, Keara and Kiley!

hey alyssa again i just wanted to say! If i couldnt get to meet you me and Kiley would love it if atleast we could get a email back from alyssa milano! That would be cool!!!!!!

sincerley, Keara and Kiley

~The Twins~

Hi Alyssa, First and foremost, thanks for having the guts to tell us how you really feel. Your commentaries are always truthful, insightful and smart.

I have to share with you how I feel about the Bonds homer. I am sickened, I am feeling just sick about it.

With the adversity Hank Aaron had to deal with, threats to his family, the anguish he felt for several seasons as he approached the Babes record. Then to finally break the record admist all that racism and hatred. That is an American hero, more than just a baseball hero. Then to have a “villain” like Bonds take the title.

I’m sickened, and saddened. There will be no candy bar named after him I’m sure!

Tell pops not to be a fair weather fan, “thick n thin”. The Dodgers will turn it around, as painful as it is right now, it is easy to tune out baseball right now.

Thanks for continuing your terrific BLOG!


i did not like the giants but
i don.t like berry eithere

but i know in my heart that someday a dodgers player will hit a 756 or more

signed melody

Hey Alyssa

Hope you’re well😉

Wow I loved the anecdote about the hero and the villian, great way to analyze it.

To me it seemed to be inevitable that he would break the record, I saw a baseball movie last night, it was called Mr3000 when this movie started I had to think of Barry Bonds, same *** of a guy especially when he stole that ball of that kid.. Anyways it’s over cheater or not he is in the history books, lets hope someone with more dignity will break the record. What goes around comes around. let’s hope for that.



And I blow a kiss across the Atlantic for your entry.

All the best,


(And Lacenaire was always my favorite character in “Les enfants du paradis”)

What an accurate analogy.Many people see Barry as a villain. I have never been a really big fan of Bonds, But all I can say is that i am so glad it’s over. I couldn’t watch that game last night because my Angels are playing a great series against the Red Sox. Although they did show the clip and I couldn’t have cared less. I have a feeling that Barry won’t hold the record for long since another cheater(of the marrying kind) will most likely break the record.
Don’t worry too much about the Dodgers, I’m sure they will come back around. My Angels went through a slump a couple of weeks ago, But we are coming back as will the Dodgers.


By the way, I love the quote you used for the title it shows how much of a better person he is…



p.s The Dodgers will come around again😉 Just have faith in them.

Alyssa and MLB fans alike,

I know how most of you feel one way or the other about Bonds. What most of us miss is the passion we have about our teams, yes I said “OUR TEAMS”. With me being a die hard Angel fan nothing surpasses my feelings for the 2002 season to this date. Where I am going with this is when Biggio hit 3,000, when A-Rod hit 500, F. Thomas the same and Bonds broke Hanks record, they were great mile stones but nothing like a word series or a come from behind play off win for your team. Belive me Alyssa if the Dodgers win the world series that will be the one thing that you and all Dodger fans talk about for a while. You will remember later on in life that you were around for Bonds, A-Rod etc. for that season the Dodgers won the world series.

You can respect the records with out comming unglued everytime one is reached. That doesn’t mean that you don’t respect the player, just means he is not one of your favorite players.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


I agree completely Alyssa. It seems some times that the only ones who still have the passion for the game are the fans. Too many of the players treat it like just a job or an unpleasant task. maybe some day they will wake up.

I’m sure the Dodgers will pull out of this slump Go Blue.


Alyssa I agree with you that time will tell whether Bonds’ record is tainted or not. I’m not a fan of Barry Bonds or the Giants so it is hard for me to accept him as a great player. I can not put him in the same category as Hank Aaron – maybe someday.

Hang in there with your Dodgers. All teams go through slumps. They will rebound & if they don’t hey there is always next year.

Alyssa fans,

A bit off topic but I came across a hottie topic and Alyssa is in it if you guys want to check it out.


Firstly, thank you for your blog.

I am a life-long Giants fan and my father is a Giants fan from NYC.

I stood next to him at AT&T Park last night and watch him tear up. As Barry rounded the bases and my father and I hugged, it all made sense.

This is a game…it’s for fun, and anything that could make a father and son embrace like that is pretty special in my book. I love baseball! Thanks for reading. -L


I think it’s really great of you to not really take a side. For not bashing Bonds, at least. As of now, I still am not sure where I stand with this controversy, but I have to agree with you: innocent until proven guilty.

PS: I relaly hope your dad keeps faith in the Dodgers and does NOT rename the dog!!

I haven’t even watched the replay yet since I missed it last night… Frankly I still prefer seeing Hank run around the field with that fan trying to give him a pat on the back.
Odd that something so monumental could leave me feeling so indifferent.

I am not a huge Arod fan but he appears to be our best hope for new HR records…

Personally I preferred seeing Craig Biggio hit 3000 over Bonds hitting (what number???)

See I’ve already moved on.

Alyssa… you make proud to be a sports loving woman..



Alyssa, congratulations on another insightful post. I share the indifference that most folks have expressed here, as well as that melancholy you described.

As I read the morning paper, I really found myself with a touch of the blues because I didn’t feel I could enjoy this man’s accomplishment or even be glad for him. That’s just a shame.

Hey Alyssa – As I don’t have to be as diplomatic or gentle as you, I need to pop off.

Barry Bonds is a cheater and a liar and a disgrace to the game, and it’s a dark day for baseball that his name is now atop that particular list.

True – He is innocent unless and until proven guilty. Bonds IS guilty, and all that remains to be done is for a fraction of the evidence already out there to be presented and sworn to in some proper venue. A conservative estimate is that at least 100 of his homeruns are suspect, in that they were fly balls which would not have gone out if not boosted with steroid-enhanced muscles.

The fans know. He is and will evermore be booed wherever he goes. He is a fraud and a disgrace.

Oh, wait. I already said that. Well, he IS.

If there was crying in baseball, I’d be doing it. Not for me, but for all the clean, hard-playing guys who play their hearts out to give us a wonderful game. They are forgotten in the moment while some arrogant jacka$$ cheater grabs the headlines.


As you said, at least it’s over now. The Bond watching can end and now we just wait for someone more deserving of the record to come along and break it.


Alyssa: I know baseball fans have always been very vocal about their feelings. and are pretty quick to rush to judgment. You’ve stated a pretty clear case on why Barry Bonds is a villain.

For the record, I am not a Bonds fan. I am a true Blue-Yankee Fan. I proudly wear my NYY jeans in the ATL😉. I am a baseball fan. I too went to games with my dad when i was a little girl. And I still do.

But I think that there is no reason NOT to have compassion for someone. Is he a liar and a cheat? Maybe. But as Costas said, he was a great player before he was a superstar. And if you assume that a LARGE number of players were doing the same thing, then it was a relatively even playing field, and he was able to accomplish THIS, in a PITCHERS Park, hitting a 435 foot monster with the grace of a ballerina. Maybe I wasn’t looking for negativity, but I didn’t see teammates without emotion. He was greated with hugs. He pointed to the sky with true emotion, but he made a point to say he was glad for his children to be there before they were lost to school.

And lets not forget, in an era of “free trade” and roaming players, he has been in the same place for 15 years, and so was his father before him a giant.

Maybe he’s a loner. Maybe to do well he needs to focus inward. Maybe he really doesn’t care much about his teammates. Whatever. Does that make him a villain? And if so, does his being arrogant and distant make his a derelict human being who deserves the ire of all?

In a direct comparison vs Hank Aaron, sure, maybe he doesn’t stack up as the true image of a hero. But he, unfortunately, is representative of how sports as a whole has progressed. There are legit superstars and they should rightfully be applauded. But if we treat someone like barry bonds as a pariah merely bc we don’t like him, what does it say about who WE are as fans, as people, as americans and as human beings.

He was a great player who accomplished something great. His accomplishment does nothing to lesser Hank Aaron’s legacy.

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Our world is a very fragile one. Let’s not hurl boulders lest we walk upon nothing but broken glass.


Bonsoir ma belle,

?Never smile when I have a bat in my hands. That’s when you’ve got to be serious? (Hank Aaron)

=> serious doesn?t mean gloomy Mister Bonds ;

Can we please now go back to business ???

I?m just happy for the guy who got the ball, lucky him !

Don?t worry about de Dodgers sweetie, didn?t you said that every game is like a new commencement ???

Have faith, I know I have

Tembrasse fort,


Are you living in some sort of coccoon?? We are not denying that Barry is a good athlete. We merely are wondering whether he could have achieved what he has without that “clear stuff.” Granted he has achieved something great but the reason why everyone is up in arms is because he will never admit that he did anything wrong. Even if he didn’t know that the clear stuff he was taking was any sort of performance enhancing drugs and that it was some sort of linseed oil. Come on now. I would want to know exactly what was going into my body. Barry is not a stupid man. I too reserve any sort of judgment until the truth ever comes out. There must be a reason why Selig has not been right in the middle of all the publicity. This should be a proud moment for the MLB. Not a doubtful moment where everyone is on different sides. Hank Aaron is a true hero and a gentleman. Barry may be a loner but when athletes become public heroes they have an unwritten duty to the fans to show something other than disdain and standoffishness. They are in a way entertainers. Who do they think support them?? When you talk about glass houses, are you talking about lying and cheating?? I am not a liar or a cheater. Speak for yourself.

An interesting analogy but, I have to disagree a little. Personally I wouldn?t call a baseball player a ?villain? since we do not know if he is on steroids as you said ? He is innocent until proven guilty?. I think there is a lot hyp over his ?achievement?. When I was reading your blog I was also listening to the evening news, the news anchors mention Barry Bonds hitting his 756 hr, mine you not evening during the sports segment, this is how much important it is. Personally am apathetic about the whole thing.


Feeling cold or indifferent to someone like Barry Bonds is natural. After all the BS and innuendo that was bandied about, I doubt anyone would come away from the whole fiasco feeling elated and happy. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t worry me in the least if I never saw or heard of the guy ever again, regardless of whether he was a great athlete or not. Future history will be his judge and let it be that way, not that I think anyone would particularly care, not even the man himself. Let’s hope there’s not another repeat of the same sordid episode in the future, although that will never be a certain guarantee given the pressures to perform in the game. We can only but hope.

Don’t worry about the Dodgers, sweetie. They’ll come good. As much as we’d like to see them win this year, if they don’t well that’s fate. Maybe next year. But there’s still time for them to get their act together and come out swinging. At least they’re on third base, you could say. They’re jut stuck there (will someone scrape the glue off of their feet,please:) ) Let’s cross our fingers, toes and whatever else, and hope for the best:)

Take Care,


You’ve articulately expressed the feeling of many on Bonds. I also felt nothing and am glad that Barry’s Tour de Fraud is finally over. The preponderance of evidence in “Game Of Shadows” is very incriminating to say the least. As you accurately pointed out, the lack of any actionable litigation from Bonds’ camp following the book’s publication was significant. Contrary to what Barry said last night, the record is, by default, tainted by the controversy/suspicion swirling around the new “home run king” who presides over baseball’s Steroid Era(alledgedly). If he is eventually indicted and convicted by the grand jury (remember them?), mlb could face the specter of having its two most hallowed records (all time HR leader and all-time hits leader) owned by convicts.


Hi Alyssa
I have to agree with you

This is a shame one of Baseball’s greatest records falls and fans of the game really don’t care. This should be a time for great celebration well maybe when the next person to break Bonds record will get a better reception

Go Yankees!!


i agree that players are more than just employees, they are entertainers and owe what they have to the fans. And the fans have every right to reject him as he does them. You don’t have to like him.

I just think all these attacks on barry bonds, whether you call him a liar, cheater, egomaniac, or a disgrace (even if he deserves these designations) don’t change the fact that his swing is the essence of grace and power.

I was simply stating, that we as imperfect human beings should not be so quick to cast stones at one another. I was not impugning the character of anyone who makes derogatory comments towards barry bonds.

But all these personal attacks on him don’t make it better. I am personally tired of hearing all the attacks on bonds day in and day out. You don’t have to cheer him. You don’t have to watch him play at all if you don’t want. But I don’t think you need to attack him either.

Hank Aaron was a true gentleman about the whole thing. Those who look up to him and admire him should take a page out of his playbook. I think Hank Aaron’s way of dealing with 756 showed true class.

We don’t have to say one negative thing about Barry Bonds to know that Hank Aaron’s legacy is intact.


Hi Alyssa,

It’s nice to hear from you again.

Like you, I don’t have much reaction to this news.

But perhaps this is good.

When our nation’s news networks focus more attention on an interstate bridge collapse than on a home run record, it’s a balance of priorities toward the right direction.

However, if the construction of sleek new stadiums could be placed secondary to the $1.5 trillion necessary to prevent future busloads of children from plunging to their deaths, then the balance of priorities would be complete.

I grew up in Cleveland. They have the worst public school system in the nation. Decade after decade they failed to find any money to keep the educational infrastructure above the standards of a 3rd world nation. But whenever sports became involved, the financing for fanciest, sleekest new stadiums just flew in overnight.

Cleveland is now the poorest metropolitan community in the nation.

It would be nice if the baseball home run record were broken decisively legitimately.

But with baseball attendance performing exceptionally and allegations of steroid use widespread, perhaps America doesn’t care the way they once did.

Or perhaps their cares have shifted. But in which direction?

Only time will tell. And we will live the consequences.

Have a nice weekend,


I think it’s really sad that in a sport where it’s all about teamwork, and the love and support for all of your teammates…we have someone like Bonds who could care less about his fellow teammates and only focuses on himself.

I was so out of the loop before this post…because i thought everyone liked him and now I see that no one really likes him…and for good reason.

so all i can say is…IT’S JUST SAD. oh and about him pointing to the sky longer than he hugged his son, that has my dad written all over it.




I would have to agree with your comments on Bonds. To see a “villan” who is ungrateful and lacks team unity, take baseballs most substantial record from a man who defines the game of baseball is truley unfortunate. “Hammering Hank” will always be the homerun king.

P.S. I don’t blame your dad for wanting to change his dogs name. We (the Dodgers) need to get it together, and fast.


I think everything said at this point is pretty spot on. I was pretty disguted when I learned that was his son that greeted him at the plate, but I wasn’t surprised. If anything at least it happened in SF so the few that like the guy could be part of it. At least it’s over and we can wait for AROD.

PS – the Dodgers just lost yet again. Good thing I don’t have a dog who’s name I can change😛

Hi Alyssa,

I really don’t know what to make of all of the talk about performance enhancing drugs. I mean I have been hearing so much about it now for maybe 10 years or so in sports. It brings somewhat of a negative light to professional sports and seems to taint the image of sports in general a bit. I have always enjoyed seeing professional athletes performing to the best of their abilities and to hear so much talk about these athletes achievements being diminished by using illegal drugs breaks my heart a little. It seems that these athletes who perform at such a high level have achieved very remarkable things whether they took drugs or not. It seems a shame that sporting competition has degraded to the point of having to take drugs to perform your best though. I don’t know if Barry is guilty of taking drugs or not, and I don’t follow all of the sporting teams'(mostly just the hometown ones); and how the players are performing; but I don’t think it is my place to judge Barry Bonds and how he reacts to the media, his team mates, and the fans. I think he has achieved something great in the sport of baseball and we should all just let him bask in his achievement without passing any judgement on him. As for your dad wanting to change his dogs name from Dodger, well, has he considered renaming his dog Angel?

take care,


The record was 755 HRs held by Hank Aaron, now it’s 756 and counting and held by Barry Bonds. That’s all I know. Someday some player will break it. How a player achieves that goal is his business. At the moment the Dodgers haven’t scored in 28 straight inning. They’ve been shutout 3 games in a row and worse than that the have been shutout in 4 of their last 5 games. Why? I just think they ran up against the wrong pitchers and some really bad luck. Your father may change his dog’s name but he won’t change his team.

Hi Alyssa,you are certainly blessed.Your understanding of the laws of life is amazing.It was an exhilarating experience reading what you wrote.There is no doubt in my mind that you are the best writer this world has ever seen.The more you write,the more I learn and I appreciate.

Dear Alyssa:

I discovered your blog here in the last year and have enjoyed many of your thoughts on baseball. I do have to tell you though, this post appears to show your true colors. You are completely entitled to your opinion on Barry Bonds and the record, but to spew the personal **** about his relationship with his teammates, son and family makes you no better the all of the tabloid rags that you and your Hollywood hypocrits seem to hate. That is after you use them for your own personal gain. You mention he has not sued anyone for any allegations. Either did Michael Jackson. Is he guilty too? You make the allegations that his team mates dont seem to care and you call him the best actor you have ever seen. You seem to be perplexed by his pointing upwards so long and want to make him the villain of baseball because of your naieve personal feelings. Don’t get me wrong. As a man off the field, not someone I completely admire. But youclearly have no insight for a Hollywood supposed insighter who just had the Giants Organization hook you and your family up for the allstar game. Barry’s father, Bobby Bonds, is the reason, good or bad, for everything Barry is and has acomplished on the field. He has been pointing towards Bobby in Heaven since he died of cancer a few years ago. On this historical mark, he was honoring his father as one would do and went to tears a few minutes later. You clearly could not figure out his team mates let him celebrate with his son and then mobbed him. His team mates also honored him in the club house with a gift. Your supposed to be about humanitarianism, but showing this kind of inane judgement of a person on a personal level shows your mom must do all the work and your in name only. If your asking if he took something, probably. But if you want to eliminate his last 150 homeruns, be ready to remove the records from Gagne, Clemons, Schmidt, Pudge Rodriguez, Ivan Gonzales, Sosa and thats just the tip of the ice berg. If you personally don’t like Bonds, your entitled. He will never be voted Man of the Year. but to smear the guy publically about things you know nothing about makes you another Hollywood hypocrit. We boo the Dodgers when they are in town but we respect the greats. Drysdale, Koufax, Wills, Dusty, Lasorda, Gibson, Fernando….. Bottom line, Bonds is one of top five players of all time and should be celebrated for his talent. I still belive Mays, Clemente and Aaron might be better. But to personally disgrace the guy personally like this just shows your inner soul and lack of perspective. I want to believe your love of baseball is true in your heart and not just an avenue for your social life. Blogs like this make that hard to believe.

Lyssie, I’m sorry if this reply to the said poster worries you in any way. They need to be taken down a notch or two for what they wrote about you and I won’t let them get away with it.

Coolba (or whatever your name is), quite frankly the only person showing their true colors here is yourself. The only hypocrite I see here is you, for doing EXACTLY the same thing to Alyssa as you accuse her of doing to Barry Bonds. It wouldn’t matter what Bonds was pointing at….his dead father, a plane flying past, or the ball going over the boundary fence, the man’s conduct both at the game and off the field have had a lot left to be desired and his inertia over the allegations made against him have only further added to the whole fiasco. As for Alyssa herself, yes she IS entitled to her own opinion, as are you, but I think you need to reread her post a bit more carefully to see what she actually wrote and meant. It’s quite apparent that your attempt at the character assassination of Alyssa shows that you have little actual knowledge of the lady herself. Some of us here know here, through various ways and degrees, and I can tell you that she is nothing like you suggest. You make her out to be an soulless person, some (Hollywood) Philistine who only thinks of her own opinion and feelings…narcissistic basically. The only naive and possibly narcissistic person I see here is you.

You know something, I tire of people such as yourself. I’ve seen far too many of the likes of yourself, holier than thou, come out and accuse people of the same crass and indignant behavior you so fondly label them of doing, yet indulge in yourself. Too many boards and too many blogs are filled with the likes of you. I moderate a few of them, including Alyssa’s personal website, and whilst you may call me biased I’m talking to you from 13 years of experience on the internet and over 20 years on usenet and email. I usually cut the likes of you off at the tail, so to speak…you wouldn’t get a second chance if it was upto me. You’re **** lucky that Alyssa is a lot more accommodating than myself, she will probably let you stay on.

FYI…I’ve known Alyssa for more than 8 years, as in spoken to her and her mother personally via the net and I’ve come to know them rather well. You sir/madame wouldn’t even hold a candle to those two ladies…not even close.


Hey coolba – Alyssa’s blog does NOT assassinate Bonds. She notes he is innocent until proven guilty and we should not judge him. She describes him as a “media-made villain” and is in fact gentle and polite about him.

She notes she felt nothing when he hit number 756. She’s ever so sweet. Many of us felt sick to our stomachs.

If you want a fight, buddy, try a piece of me!

Barry Bonds is one of the half-dozen most gifted athletes ever to play the game, and he has somehow also managed to become one of the most hated.

The reason he has not sued anyone who claims he abused drugs and steroids is, THAT would create an official venue in which evidence and testimony could be taken, and he would be officially and legally exposed for the cheater and liar he is.

Your reaction to this seems to be to compare him to Michael Jackson and suggest a few others may also have abused drugs.

Well, Michael Jackson is wacko, and other ballplayers have abused drugs. This does not lessen the degree to which Bonds has cheated his way to the top and lied about it and acted like a churl (Frank DeFord’s word, as seen on ABC World News) in the process.

Alyssa has noted some of the behavior we’ve all seen, both on the field and in media events. He’s a surly, egotistical jerk. At least he loves his son and honors his dad, who played clean in all his years.

You have straw-manned and misrepresented what Alyssa said, and you owe her a monster of an apology for the slurs and accusations you made.

First of all I have to say, I enjoy reading your blog. Not only are u a great actress but you seem like a down to earth gurl. i agree with everything you wrote about Barry. I’m glad this whole mess with the home run chase is over and maybe he could try helping his team win some games. I know u probably dont want that since ur a Dodger fan but since I luv Zito i want the giants 2 do good. lol well take care hun.
PS. Do u think if i send Zito a fan letter to AT&T park he would sign the pic i send him and send it back to me in an enclosed envelope. Well luv yall gurl

Well, he won’t go down as a team player, it will be remembered as a whole lot of me, me, me.
Not one of the most memorable players of all time. Only one of the home run hitters, with asterisk. *

There is still a pending investigation…

While Barry shows almost no emotion except when he spoke of his late father, I thought it was a great baseball moment, like it or not. I, on the other hand, found more fan excitement over Tom Glavine’s 300th win. As always Alyssa, well spoken. Thank you. Always, Alvin

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Frankly, I had the same reaction as you when I saw the record-breaking HR: nothing. I didn’t feel any emotion stir up, didn’t get goosebumps…it just wasn’t a magical moment. I too am glad that it’s over. To be honest, I just saw my first Yankee home game (the game that was played the day after A-Rod hit his 500th), and felt more excitement for Matsui hitting his 100th HR as a Yankee than for Bonds hitting #756. Considering how big of a baseball fan I am…that’s pretty depressing.

At least it’s over.

hey you shouldn’t give up on the dodgers just yet. theres 2 months left in the season they could turn it around. If they get some of their injured players back they have a good shot at the playoffs. their hitting has benn terrible lately but their getting pretty good pitching. their hitting too good to slump for the rest of the year so it should be back.It could happen BELIEVE


P.S The dbacks are a very young team so they might go in a slump making it easier to catch them

I’m embarrassed for Coolba. Obviously a Giants and Bonds fan. Need I say more? He should not assassinate your character just because you wrote your opinion. Stating ones view is one thing but being hurtful is another. The letter was not addressed to me but I felt wounded. He/she totally misread what you wrote. You did not pass judgment. I also refrain from that until the evidence is out there which it never will be. There was no reason to be so hateful to you. I’ve seen fights break out at Dodger Stadium when the Giants are in town because of such animosity. Baseball is a game, we tend to get too obsessed and forget that fact. It’s supposed to be fun, something to take us away from our routine lives. Coolba, it’s too bad you have that much hate in your heart, and so misdirected. Too much negative has been written about Alyssa and there’s no reason. She’s not one of those starlets that stay drunk and high. She’s not on the front page for her behavior. State your opinion about Bonds but your thoughts about Alyssa are unwelcome here.

If you’d have read Alyssa’s blog properly, you’d have seen that Alyssa did not judge Bonds, she just said how she experienced the hit, the game and the reaction, she stated that the PRESS made him a villain, but she did not judge him she actually said he was innocent until proven guilty. She was very mild about him, if you would know anything about Alyssa Milano you’d know that Alyssa is not the type of person to be mean, judgemental or hurtful to others, especially if she doesn’t know them personally. Alyssa is anything but the typical Hollywood actress, Alyssa is one of the few people not getting wasted every night in some club, instead of that she does something valuable with her money and time. Alyssa is one of the nicest, inspirational people I know she doesn’t deserve these kind of negative comments, especially since your allegations are false.

As a die-hard Giants Fan, I am what most people would call a “kool-aid drinker”. I cheer for Barry while wearing my 2007 Bonds All-Star Game Jersey and hoping that he keeps hitting more HRs for the Giants. However, I do understand why people feel the way they do and in saying that, I don’t blame them. The media is partially responsible, but a majority of the blame falls square on Barry’s Broad Shoulders. I nor anyone else knows what it is like to carry the burden of baseball greatness since birth and to have everyone want something of you on a daily (if not hourly) basis. To be called a traitor for leaving Pittsburgh or for being called a ‘roid freak for supposedly using steroids, I’m not sure if I would handle it as “calmly” as he has. I can say that I would be much different and much better person in his situation, but I will never know what it is like to walk in Barry’s Shoes. If anything I am happy to say that I’ve witnessed great things from not only my SF Giants, but also from the new Home Run King. By the way, your blog is outstanding and it truly shows how much of a smart fan you are. Even though you’re a Dodger Fan🙂

I had to throw in one jab!


Andrew (San Jose, CA)


Nice blog… yeah, that 756 was on sportscenter all day, so I did’t watch the actual game and homerun, but it was funny that a guy in a Mets jersey (I think) caught the 756. Hope he does some good use for it….😀

I really appreciate everyone expressing themselves – that’s why I am here. I understand everyones feeling but in my opinion Bonds would have broken the record without it. Therefore, I really hope he hits 900!! He’s already on his way – 1st ainning against the Dodgers – 757!! Dont stop counting now people – we got a long way to go.

Hey Andrew – Good post and good thoughts!

It’s true: We mortals can’t imagine what it would be like to be Barry Bonds. What’s so off-putting about him is, there have been thousands of good ballplayers and hundreds of great ballplayers, and most of them have played clean and acted as if they love and appreciate both the fans who pay their salaries and the media people who tell their stories.

Barry, blessed with more talent than any uther player today, has been caught cheating, lied about it, and is a surly, unlovable jerk. Baseball fans aren’t idiots, and they know this and the bottom line is, for as good a player as he is, most fans do not respect him.

Did you see Tommy Glavine win his 300st game at Wrigley Field against the Cubs? The Cubs fans arose and give him a standing ovation. HE is a class act, not an arrogant, cheating jacka$$.

Also: People who aren’t baseball fans don’t understand about something like the magnificent rivalry between the Dodgers and the Hated Giants. It’s a SPORTS thing, and it’s fun, and in a weird sort of way, we LOVE the Hated Giants and we love to see you guys come to town and we love to go up there. Some of the best baseball in the big leagues comes out of these two teams going at each other.

The Hated Giants will be well rid of him next season, and maybe they can rebuild and become the fun rivals they once were.


“By the way, your blog is outstanding and it truly shows how much of a smart fan you are. Even though you’re a Dodger Fan🙂 I had to throw in one jab!”

Lyssie walks upto to Andrew, gives him a big hug and a peck on the cheek…the blow is so severe he flies backwards and hits the ground. He wakes up and totally forgets who the Giants are and is immediately converted into a Dodgers fan:P:P:):)


Well put, va! But one wonders what it would be like if Barry was a Yankee? Too funny Mad Scientist! I did love the fact it was a Mets fan that caught the ball! In a perfact world, Alyssa would be a Mets fan, but alas not.🙂 Alvin

First of all, my stance is neutral on Bonds. I’m an A’s fan and I’m not a fan of him nor do I boo him. My 2 cents is that Bonds’ demeanor toward the media and fans is partly a defense mechanism. Everywhere he goes, people are after him and maybe he’s just being careful. We have no idea what he is like off camera. I believe that because he was chasing the greatest record in baseball, he was singled out in this whole steroids fiasco. But, what about the stats of all the other players who have taken performance enhancing drugs? Those stats are in the history books as well.

I thought Hank Aaron’s message was really special, but I know (though he won’t admit it) that he probably thinks Bonds is guilty. The whole pointing to the sky thing was for his father and seeing that was heartwarming for me, as was seeing his family. And the Giants are a pretty dull team everyday so I’m not sure about them not being happy about the record. All the younger guys seemed excited.

Only time will tell if the record is legit. Media attention is not going to resolve the issue any faster so they should just lay off a little. His children don’t need to be hearing all this negativity.

Hey Alvin – To quote, sort of, Will Rogers: All I know about the Yankees is what I see on TV.

It looks like a completely different kind of place than the Dodgers. We are once again a family-owned business, and the owner is a fine man, interested in the team and the players. He makes enormous effort to connect with the community.

The Yankees looks to me like an asylum run by the wackiest inmate of them all, and he’s rude and crude and browbeats his players and treats them like pieces of meat.

Thus, the players he has are self-centered and don’t care about him.

I think all the Hated Giants executives not only accommodate Bonds, I think they fear him. Were he in New York, he and Steinbrenner would collide like two runaway railroad locomotives on the same track. I don’t think they would tolerate each uther for an entire season. Steinbrenner would fly off the handle, as he frequently does, when Barry went into a slump, and Bonds would tell him to stuff it.

Wow! I might even LIKE Bonds for a second if he did that!

But – It would pass.



I agree with you. It has happened and now it is time to move on. As I watched Bonds hit the homerun and heard the speech I thought to myself such a BIG man such a little voice. Anyway, for us Dodgers Fans and Cub Fans it’s going to get better.

Happy b-day to me August 8th is my special day… too bad the dodgers lost…Alyssa once again you hit the nail dead on.. As i watched the ball fly out the park i felt nothing! Actually i did..i was thinking i hope the person that gets that ball would sell it and maybe go buy a corvette or a house or the two. Thats it… Then i thought that’s pretty sad i just witness something i will tell my kids about,and i dint feel a thing and not just a Giant player did it but because i don’t know if he did drugs to help him and that’s a shame…well Dodger fans i wish u luck in whatever God bless And ciao…Go Dodgers

Hi Alyssa,

I got an email from a woman who is in charge of the construction projects at a church I sometimes go to here in Orange County. I guess she is planning a trip to Dodger stadium on Sun Aug 19. She says it is faith day and some of the Dodgers will be sharing their faith in God on that day and the email said they would also be having a concert and something for the kids that day. I don’t know about your faith in God but maybe this will be a day that the focus can be taken off the pennant race and all the competition aspects of the game and the focus can be on God and what this world is really all about. Are you planning on going on this day? Maybe I’ll go and I’ll look for you with my binoculars.


Alyssa she cheers her beloved Dodgers
But they’re playing like really old codgers

Though despite her protest they’re not playing their best

They’re behaving like a bunch of jolly rogers



Lyssie, a little poem to help cheer you up about the boys:)

They play a merry limerick across the tapestry of her mind

Not once, or twice but all the time

Thoughts and passions colored blue

Her beloved team of cerulean knights on a field of dreams

Mighty weapons clash, a flurry of determined action

Brings life to her days of repose

A heart beats blue blood, the color of the sky

Her body sways as the currents of a deeper blue ocean flow

As one she feels with the game

Forever blue will she be

For her soul shines and sparkles like a perfect sapphire


Great post Alyssa. All this time I couldn’t quite put to words how I feel about Barry breaking Hank’s record and I think your words really captured the essence of the frustration and annimosity many baseball fans have towards Bonds. Love your blog. Keep up the great work.


How could someone so sexy and beautiful be so smart at the same time?
It’s like breaking the home run record, you just sit back and stare in awe when you witness one.

It doesn’t matter who it is.

For the record, I’m not a Barry Bonds fan. But baseball’s tainted as a whole. The buck always stops at the top – Bud Selig.

Why isn’t anyone going after him?

Alyssa, I doubt you will even read this, being the 75th or so comment. Barry Bonds can be arrogant, selfish, etc.. but that’s not why San Francisco fans love him. It’s because he is the greatest baseball player of our time and quite possibly all time. I’ll say that again, THE GREATEST PLAYER OF OUR TIME. Fans in other towns think we are “drinking the kool-aid”. We aren’t. It’s just that we have been eyewitnesses to his Baseball Greatness while most of the country is asleep (Giants night game are usually the last games to finish on any given day around 1-2am East coast time). We have witnessed his amazing talent for 15 seasons. He won 7 MVPs, 4 in SF while playing in “Pitchers parks”. Imagine how many Home Runs Mays and Bonds would have if they played regularly at “The Launching Pad” in Atlanta, The Coors Field of its era (Atlanta is the second highest altitude in the majors)instead of Candlestick where a pitcher was once literally blown off the mound. Now I’ve learned long ago that it is difficult to separate the art from the artist. Picasso and Beethoven may have been total a-holes and it shouldn’t influence your opinion of their art but sometimes it does. It’s hard for me to like a song if I think the singer is a jerk, but the art should stand on its own. Barry Bonds is a ball player. He’s not very likeable and has lost MILLIONS of dollars in possible endorsements long before any steroid allegations surfaced. Other great players such as Ty Cobbs were also not the friendliest. I’m not naive enought to think Bonds didn’t use any PED, although I do think that our system of justice and fairness have been seriously eroded when the only reason this even became an issue was when secret grand jury testimony was illegally leaked. Something far more serious that if someone took something to make themselves stronger. But to say he cheated is silly when a significant number of all players from all teams for the last 40 years have been taking drugs to help their performance. Where was the outcry when Eric Gange or Mark McGuire were setting records? The home run record is more tainted by Bandbox Ballparks, The EVIL EVIL EVIL DH rule, Lowering of the mound, and tightening the strike zone than performance enhancing drugs ever has. Bonds can be a jerk, especially to the media. He’s no Cal Ripkin. Fine, you don’t have to respect him. But respect his talent. Bonds has become a scapegoat. The national hysteria concerning drug use has created a modern day red scare. Where is the outcry that Arnold Schwarzenegger used steriods? Would he have become a Movie Star or Governor without them?
Why is it that a guy like Roger Clemens isn’t allowed to extend his career with a pill (which we all know he has) but a pitcher can get Tommy John surgery and lasik (to give him beyond 20/20 vision) and that’s OK? Why is our government wasting billions on a phony war on drugs? Why is it wasting millions investigating Bonds for perjury when Scooter Libby is de facto pardoned for lying about the outing of a CIA officer during wartime?! The way Bonds is treated around the league you would think he was a wife beater or rapist. Why doesn’t Kobe Bryant get 1/10 of 1% the treatment Bonds gets? He forcibly raped a teenager! Yet LA Loves him. So Alyssa enjoy your Dodger games in a town so backwards that traffic prevents people from arriving before the third inning and forces them to leave in the 7th to get home at a reasonable hour. A place where “fans” are more concerned with doing the wave than watching the game.(I think I’ve seen the wave done once in the over 300 games I’ve been to by the bay). A place where the game is repeatedly stopped by “fans” playing with beach balls instead of watching the game. A place where the best chant they can come up with is “Barry s*cks”. A place where the Dodgers equipment manager is quoting as saying that amphetamines were routinely vacuumed off the clubhouse floor after games. Oops.

Dearest Alyssa,

You have a way with words. I, sad truth I know, haven’t had time to pay much attention to baseball in the last week. So I didn’t even know that Bonds had broken it. Just today I was on the computer and had to look up the standings to see how the M’s and Dodgers are doing. Happy to find that the Mariners are first in the wildcard and only 2 1/2 games back in the west. But sad to find that the Dodgers are in 4th, 5 1/2 games back. They’ll come back, hun. They have before huh?

But anyway, back to Bonds. I agree. I don’t know how to feel about it either.

Alright, sweetheart. Until next time.

Love always,

~Ashley~ (donoho from SS/CL)

Hi Alyssa,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog. I am a diehard Dodger fan as well and go to games as often as I can. Everyone who knows me knows what a fan I am. At my wedding last year, which happened to fall on that sad night the Dodgers were eliminated from the playoffs, people were coming up to me all night giving me the score. Living and dying by every game – it’s something that is hard to explain to people, but you clearly get it.


Hey Moon (uranus) – Don’t fall over dead, but I, maybe THE biggest Bonds-hater on this blog, agree with much of what you say. I very much DO respect his talent even tho I do NOT respect him as a man or an athlete. Ty Cobb, so I understand, was not only a racist, he was as rotten and disagreeable an individual as ever pulled on a pair of spikes. But – He did NOT cheat when playing baseball.

The DH rule is not only evil, it’s idiotic, and while Denver is a good town, it’s a preposterous place to play big league baseball.

And while I might not pick Barry as THE greatest player of his time, I certainly agree he is one of the haff dozen best of ALL time. The guy is Ruth, Mays, Aaron, Williams good. This is what makes his cheating all the more odious. He’d still have most of his achievements had he played clean.

There is a mammoth difference in principle between a player having eye or elbow surgery to remedy an injury or defect and Bonds popping and injecting steroids to bulk himself up artificially. Your comparison of those things misses.

That uther players have cheated with steroids does not change the fact that Bonds is probably THE biggest cheater of all. There was no outcry about McGwire or Caminiti because no one knew at the time. I’ve never heard any implication that Eric Gagn used drugs or steroids, and as spectacular as he was for two seasons, his lifetime numbers don’t suggest any super-human performance.

Lastly – You need to back off the cheap shots about Dodgers fans. In case you missed it, 3.76 millions of us went to Dodger Stadium last season, and if it takes awhile longer to get there and some of us head for home early, so what? Most of us don’t, at least not in numbers any different from the fans at any uther park.

Ask yourself this. Why is Bonds in PARTICULAR the most hated player in the game today? Other great players are cheered and applauded in visiting parks, as I noted in a long-winded post a couple of threads back. I think it’s because baseball fans, especially those NOT locally enamoured of him, realize he’s a cheater and a liar and a disgrace to the game.

He’s going to be booed everywhere he goes, and he deserves every single BAR-RY $UX he gets!


“But you clearly have no insight for a Hollywood supposed insighter (sic) who just had the Giants Organization hook you and your family up for the allstar game.” Memo to “coolba”: Please note that it is Major League Baseball that does the “hooking up” for the All-Star Game. MLB, not host clubs, conducts the festivities. And we at MLB.com staged the bash that Alyssa and Jose Reyes hosted during All-Star Week. Coolba, your comment is rapidly falling apart. Have a nice day and thanks for visiting MLBlogs.



Season 2010…A Rod’s about to hit his 800 HR…”…and the crowd goes wild!!! The ball flies over the fence, and, what’s this?? Alyssa Milano is diving at the ball in mid-air??!!! Oh wait, she’s got a pen in her hands and she’s signing the ball!!!. Boy, some lucky spectator’s going to catch it,and once A Rod’s signature is on there too…what a catch!!!! What a ball!!!”



Wow! I love even MLB torched Coolba on this one! Too funny! And yes, M S, WHAT A WOMAN!🙂 Alvin

Give yourself a test. Take a friend someday to a baseball game. Someone who doesn’t even know the game, but willing to go.
Somewhere along the way of the game, some booing will occur. All your friend has to do is ask said fans, “Why are you booing?”

They will surely tell you. For Barry Bonds, the answers will vary to many degrees. But it is guaranteed, he will get booed for the rest of his playing days, just let the fans in the ballpark tell you.

Or, thanks to our faithful Dodger’s fan, allow yourself to be enlightened here.

Baseball has been a part of America for over a hundred years, you really have to love it to indulge yourself into it for the entire season.

So, fellow bloggers here, Go Dodgers & Think Blue!

Heads up coolba or what ever you call yourself

You are flat out wrong implying anything hypocritical or shallow about Alyssa Milano. I?ve known her personally for over 6 years and there is not a truer or more honest person on these MLB blogs or the Internet. She is highly intelligent and more knowledgeable about baseball and the human condition then anyone I?ve known. She is also very compassionate and she does not judge anyone. If you had bothered to really read her blog you would have seen this. But I?m sure like all the small people that seem to follow her around the net you just waited to pounce on anything that would give you an opening to puff up your chest and denounce a celebrity. There is not one ounce of truth or any substance in your reply.


Message To Coolba,

I am neither a detractor nor minion of Alyssa Milano. However, I will say this: Alyssa projects herself as an intelligent person in this blog who, whether you agree with her or not, can articulate without embarrassing herself.

Conversely, your diatribe was littered with misspellings, grammatical errors, and fragmented sentences that diminish whatever point you were trying to elucidate – which appeared to be a personal attack on Alyssa. It read like the ranting of a functional illiterate.

If you can?t command the language, don?t speak to the nation.


Hey Girl don’t let that clown let you down, it is obvious he is a Giants fan. Hey Coolba you don’t belong in here!

Anyway, i did get to watch that homerun to tie and break the record and i too felt nothing. I wished it had been a better moment, instead it was not a big deal. It ***** to hear everyday that he has slammed another and another and it won’t end. I am so tired of hearing about Bonds and what will he do next, let’s take a breather and acknowledge all the other hard working players who have dedicated this game to their fans and for the love of the game. I have never seen Bonds sign autographs, i have heard him say he does not like to talk to the media, much less interviews what’s the deal, who do does he think pays his salary? I watched a clip from ESPN(GOD bless ESPN) where the Giants had just gotten swept and Bonds was being approached by media and he said “I am so embarressed to be wearing this uniform” what? Are you kidding me? I have never heard anything like this, and yet Giants fans hold loyalty to this man. I feel nothing for his accomplishment and the fact that this person(Coolba) judged you Alyssa really hit a nerve. Many of us read your blog and since i have been here never read anything as ridiculous as this person. Yeah you would judge Alyssa because you can’t fathem the fact that she is right.

P.S. We are true BLUE and will always be. Hang in there boys we know you can do it!!!! Hey Russell, my 9 year old daughter loves you so much when you are at the plate she kisses the t.v. and wishes you luck all the time. We luv u!!


To a.r.a.b.i.a.n.h.o.r.s.e:

My point was that Alyssa wrote an intelligent note explaining how she felt about Bonds breaking the all-time home run record ? one of the most cherished records in American sports. The individual who flamed her did not appear to have any factual support for his claims and was swinging and missing more than Wily Mo Pena. His personal attack on Alyssa wasn?t welcome. Furthermore, he couldn?t even talk the talk.

If my note seemed arrogant it is because I don?t like seeing someone unjustly criticized ? especially in the form of an unsolicited personal flogging. If the individual merely disagreed with her on Bonds and stayed on topic, no one would have had a problem with it. When he took it into the realm of personally blasting her, then he went outside the bounds of credibility.



Being a Red Sox fan, I know the kind of animosity that Dodgers and Giants fans have for each other. I do know however, and I believe that this is true. If Bonds had been a Dodger, would this discussion even be taking place?

I think it is time to waive Gonzalez, someone will claim him and pay his salary and send you something good in return. Let Kemp and Ethier play everyday. Kemp’s a stud, love Ethier’s arm. This team has a bright future, might as well try and add another young guy who might be able to be a part of that future. Preferably pitching but maybe a young 2b prospect to take over when Kent leaves or retires. I would think you should waive Garciaparra as well. Dodger management overpaid for high profile names. They were seduced by the names. I know it’s unpopular to say anything bad about Nomar, but he and Gonzalez are not going to get you to the Series. Why not get some pitching prospects in a waiver deal with a playoff contender.

It is however, my belief that Mr. Coolba stepped way out of bonds on this one.

Did you see the way Nomar fielded Miles’ bunt?

I have been melancholy for a while now. It struck hard when Brady Anderson hit 50 in ’96. He didn’t hit 50 in his three prvious seasons combined and only broke 20 once following ’96 and hit 20 plus three times in his career one of those being the 50 in ’96.

See that nice piece of hitting by Ethier. 2 bagger down left field line. Why does he not play everyday. Get rid of the old guys…waiver

The reason some celebrities do not sign autographs is that some autograph seekers aren’t fans, but only want the autograph so they can sell it on eBay.

Altho no one has ever asked for my autograph, I can understand how this might make a celebrity feel used and taken advantage of. Someone who doesn’t really give a dump about me would be trying to use me to make a few dollars. A Barry Bonds autograph may be worth hundreds of dollars, depending upon what it’s on.

Maybe Alyssa knows of celebrities who feel this way. I only know one personally, and she is a little shy about this.


All I know Barry will be one the greatest hitters of all time. Steroids or not! Steroids don’t help you hit a ball, but they will keep you on the field longer and recover from the everyday aches and pains. I saw the players jump out of the dugout and they were relieved that the pursuit is over. I think many of them feel under appreciated during this streak, because if Barry goes o-fer it is more important than their homers or wins. But the only important thing to Barry is family, especially his father and thats why or maybe why he shows more respect to him. He was the one who taught him the game and he is the one he watched hit time after time, so I believe he is just trying to say thank you dad…like so many of us who lost our fathers to early in life.

ever since the giants series things havent been the same, it was diffinent distraction But, there is hope on the horizon we will win the division!


No need to apologize. Actually, I didn’t think your note to me was rude. It made me reconsider what I wrote and perhaps try to explain it more diplomatically. We’re both in agreement here.


hey alyssa, its Keara and Kiley! So yeah its our birthday today and we were just wondering if you get this comment you could email us back we need some advise and we would love to get a email back from you on our birthday!You have the best advice too so that is why we want some advice from you!
I hope you read this comment




Another week in baseball and space shuttles…

Interestesting comments on Bonds and I joined in on most of them in an attempt to blunt my dissalusionment with the whole affair…then I read that post from L, the son whose Dad hugged him in the stands, as Barry was chugging around the bases on his record breaker. I’m hoping in the future that this small story will temper my thoughts and help make the day seem worthy. Being the sap that I am it should work.

Some shortened play off chances….if you don’t like bad news skip this part….

CHC 57.2% MIL 50.4% SD 42.2% COL 28.7% ARI 62.6% NYM 66.3% ATL 43.3% PHI 33.7% CLE 53.5% DET 49.1% SEA 26.8% ANA 90.7% BOS 98.9% NYY 76.5% LA 14.8%….please don’t shoot the messenger .

The National league is so hot and volitile right now that this news is not as bad as it looks. With only one or two game differences everyone is going to suffer more and more losses in these final fifty games. Here’s hoping your losing srteak will end soon. BTW because of the tightness in games you’re still only two off for the wild card.

Keep your chin up…Mort

Bonsoir ma belle, bonsoir tout le monde,

?Freedom of speech is useless without freedom of thought? (Spiro AGNEW)

So many words for a guy who didn?t even broke a world record !!!

Tembrasse fort,


PS : Doesn?t look fine tonight either with the Dodgers ?!

Hey Alyssa! I love reading your blog! I feel pretty much the same way about Barry Bonds. When he hit #756 I got excited for like a split second and then I just didn’t know what to think anymore.

I totally understand how you feel about your team right now. My team (the Mets) need to step it up, too, toute sweet. Maybe your team will see my team in the playoffs again this year, who knows🙂


This is the 1st time i’ve commented your blogs Alyssa, just so you know i am with you 100% ont his one!!!!!!!!! So lets catch a game sometime,lol.

Hey Mort – Just looking at the numbers, the Dodgers have very little chance of making it into the postseason.

If Hairy-zona and the Pods play only about .500 ball, they will finish with about 90 and 86 wins, respectively.

In their remaining 45 games, the Dodgers will have to go 26-19 just to win 86, and 32-13 to win 92, which is closer to the number they’ll need.

The pitching just isn’t up to this. Penny and Billingsley are marvelous and will win, and Beimel, Broxton, and Saito are all dependable in relief. But our other starters are broken and our other relievers are iffy.

With this pitching, the Dodgers are going to go about .500 the rest of the season.

This presumes the bats come back to life. If they don’t, it’s just going to get worse.

A hot streak might do it, but it has to be a long one with no more six-game losing streaks in the meantime.


Hey you guys, Lets just eradicate, stamp out and get rid of redundancy.
Seriously, This years dream is over. Lets put the big names on waivers and bring up the rest of the kids, I’ll bet they would out hit the veterans anyway. We have nothing to lose except our 3 for 43 with runners in scoring position record.

Next year we (Dodgers and fans) will celebrate twenty years of having done nothing since the last great Dodgers moment. Thats depressing.

Dont mind me I’m just having a Dodgers meltdown…”theres always next year”.


“Just looking at the numbers, the Dodgers have very little chance of making it into the postseason.”

Mike- Poor Lyssie must be pulling her hair out by the roots knowing this!! You’re right though, and it’d be a miracle if they could make it given the line up they’ve been playing with. There’s always next season (maybe Lyssie needs to get out that whip!!)



The Blue have now lost 16 of 22. Please begin the open letter to Ned Colletti.


All i have to say is wow. And to you nd ur dad- dont give up hope! even tho cubbie is a cute name



I heard about this site and I had to check it out.. Let me begin by saying I hate the Dodgers! Im an Anaheim Angels fan and someone who has followed them since I was a little Pennysaver Jr Angel. I cheer for anyteam out there to beat up on the Dodgers (Like we usually do in the freeway series)


I am just curious why a girl as beautiful and intelligent as you follows the Dodgers?

Come to the Red side in Anaheim!! You will at least be watching october Baseball..


I am not an actor or a Baseball player but hey can I get a date? OH and 2007 World Series Champs!🙂

GO ANAHEIM ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes..Alyssa..I agree…I didn’t feel a **** thing either when he hit that homerun. I knew we were witnessing history, but at what price of the game? The integrity of the game I mean…it’s like watching baseball lose it’s morals right before your eyes. And there’s not a **** thing u can do about it. It’s like watching a kid lose his innocence when he takes drugs for the first time….It’s wrong. Barry has not endeared himself to many pple. He’s not a likable person. When Cal Ripken broke the streak, even when A-Rod hit his 500th HR, I felt happy for them. Not Barry though. What Glavine did was more impressive than Barry. I will be glad when he retires…hopefully soon! You are right Alyssa…I guess we do need villians in the world to know right from wrong. Doesn’t mean I have to like them though!😉

ps…I can always root for u though Alyssa…(even if we disagree politically). My first celebrity crush…20 yrs ago. lol..(I am 32).

Can we all seriously talk about what this BLOG is all about. THE DODGERS! and why they are not going to make the playoffs anymore. How these next games with the Astros and Colorado are the do or die games? 6.5 games out and no light at the end of the tunnel. Leave Barry alone… geeesh! sound like a bunch of school yard kids fussin’ over who’s ice cream cone has the best topping! Dodgers are 3-9 in august. Shutout 4 times! I will tell you this much… thank GOD for COMMANDO! After watch 4 of the 6 games the dodgers lost in the beginning of August I was disgusted! Why do I lose sleep like this. I’m in the east coast so watching the whole game means staying up till 1am every night. Commando? yes… 2 nights during the games when the dodgers were losing and just no signs of a comeback i’d flip the channel and what would I find- NON other than COMMANDO starring the Governator and lil cute Alyssa Milano. “Not as happy as i’ll be when he smashes your face in”, “All that matters now is Jenny”, “C’mon Bennett, leave the girl alone, it’s me you want”. Just beautiful! I love it! One day after work I caught it again. Even my pug loved it. My pugs name is GAGNE! Yes ladies and gents GAGNE. You can check him out on YOUTUBE under GAGNE THE PUG.
I LOVE MY DODGERS, Alyssa thanks for making the reading interesting. Can’t wait to read your next post.


Why is the link to your blog gone from the Dodger home page? Please tell me it didn’t have anything to do with your open letter to Grady. Are they really that sensitive? I’d bet dollars to donuts Grady isn’t.

Goodgnuz, Burbank

Before the year is over, this commenter is putting out a book on the history of baseball from a different perspective, and will focus some pages on the steroid issue in a unique light.

The title of this tome:

Bringin’ Gas and Dialin’ 9:

An Engineer’s Perspective on Professional Baseball Development (1908-2007)

I realize this is not the forum to discuss the entirety of what I believe is truly behind the dramatic rise in dingers. But Steroids/HGH is like the frosting on a large home run cake.

Bonds is no prize as a person. However, the intense scrutiny of his personal life, his on-the-field crassness and the pursuit of a man’s record that had his roots in the Negro Leagues (Indianapolis Clowns), has made many fans too jaded about the ability it still takes to jack a ball 400 feet.

Yet, we still come. Like a train wreck or car crash, the temptation to watch has driven up the attendance at ballparks.

Baseball has recover from 13 years ago; even though Selig is not much of a leader, he knows how to generate cash flows to all parties involved.

The evolution of the game is much like our country. Sometimes we are disappointed by the current state of affairs, however, we are stronger in acknowledging our mistakes, our flaws and our missteps and finally, correcting them.

Some just aren’t ready to do so.

Jason Powers

A bus stop, and a story.
My car broke down the day before and I had to use the bus.

I hadn?t used the bus in a long time so I was actually a little weary

about the bus. As I sat down I saw an old man very tired looking

He was just staring out into nowhere. I sat down and a baseball

that was in my backpack slip out and fell next to old man. I dint

Notice the ball, but the old guy did and picked it up and stared at

It and held it tight. I turn around cause I notice his movement, and

I count help but notice the way he was looking at the ball and the

Way he held it. I saw a huge tear just fall from his eyes.

He turn to me and gave me the ball and then he told me his story.

About baseball and what I meant to him, and I found out that this old man

Felt something so strong for the game that I too love, more than popcorn and hotdogs

But about the way his glove smelled, the way the ball feels in his hands

About his father, and about a team. A story that puts a knot in your throat.

And I understood why he had those tears. I will tell u the story.

Because I want people to know that its just not a game it?s a part of us.

Its family, friendship and love. Next time…ps I love the Dodgers..NEVER LOSE UR FAITH…..WE CAN DO IT

Baseball lost a great one today. Thank you Phil Rizzuto for all you gave to the NY Yankees and to the game of baseball.


Riverting reaction for such an epic moment in the beautiful game of baseball. My reaction was similar too, what I find strange is that I am a Giants fan and even though I was elated to see this happen in “my” park I didn’t feel the same emotion I felt the night we celebrated Ripken’s achievement. There is just too must swirling around this HR record. Too sad for the baseball fan, but it wasn’t brought on by us…or was it?


“It’s a fondness, not an obsession”

Hi Alyssa,

Where’s your blog on the Dodger site? I miss your posts.

Hey Alyssa,

The only thing I can’t agree with you on is the “innocent until proven guilty” part.

We are not a court of law, we are paying fans (do you pay for your tickets being a celebrity? j/k. haha) who have the right to either believe or not believe he cheated.

There is plenty of information to back up either argument, and I believe 100% that he knowingly took steroids to not only increase his HR output, but to prolong his career to continue playing to be able to rob Aaron of this record.

Good luck to your Dodgers, sorry to hear Shea Hillenbrand is your starting 3b now.

Well, it says here Bonds is contemplating suing Curt Schilling for slander and/or defamation of character.

Give me a break. Bonds may not be a rocket scientist, but he can’t possibly be THAT stupid. To succeed, he’d have to prove that Schilling’s statements are untrue and were made maliciously. Given the clips in the news stories, Schilling did not actually accuse Bonds of anything, but merely implied he hadn’t done anything to dispell the idea he is a cheater.

If he initiates legal proceedings, he opens the matter up to depositions and gathering of evidence and sworn testimony, and the rats will stream out of the sinking ship and players and coaches and trainers and media and even doctors and everyone else will be all over this.

True – Many, especially uther high-profile players, will probably suddenly develop amnesia, but there are many guys who are clean and have no love for the liar and cheater and would like to see the game cleaned up. Bonds’ former mistress alone seems to know enough to sink him, and if she is sworn and gives testimony, Bonds is going to make Jim Morrison look like a Boy Scout.

Even some of the guys who likewise abused substances, like Jason Giambi, will no doubt come forward.

It will be especially interesting to see what stance the players union adopts if one of their own is indicted by others.

If Bonds tries to make anything of this, he’ll just expose himself for what he is.

“Give me a break. Bonds may not be a rocket scientist, but he can’t possibly be THAT stupid. To succeed, he’d have to prove that Schilling’s statements are untrue and were made maliciously. Given the clips in the news stories, Schilling did not actually accuse Bonds of anything, but merely implied he hadn’t done anything to dispell the idea he is a cheater.

If he initiates legal proceedings, he opens the matter up to depositions and gathering of evidence and sworn testimony, and the rats will stream out of the sinking ship and players and coaches and trainers and media and even doctors and everyone else will be all over this.”

Precisely. Bonds is going to regret suing Schilling if he goes ahead with legal proceedings. The BIG problem for Bonds is if he does sue, and the truth is finally outed, unless Bonds has been bathing with lye soap and a steel weld cleaning brush, something will stick. Then everyone will know for sure what Bonds has been upto. If I was his legal counsel, I would tell him to shut up and stay quiet like he has. Sure, he’ll still be thought of as a liar and all that, but that’s all he’ll be seen as. If he has to face the music, then the whole sordid mess will land in his lap and he’ll end up looking like a complete goose. Which if it does, I hope he learns his lesson from it.


I’m a huge Astros fan and a huge baseball fan all around. To me baseball is a phenomenal sport that is fun to play professionally and just for kicks with the girls or guys on a hot summer day. It’s a tradition for young kids and I don’t think it’s right to have someone like Bonds who may or may not be doing steroids being the example for young kids. If it’s proven that he did use, then his numbers should be stripped from him, his hall of fame status taken away.. however if he didn’t he still a horrible example of a TEAM player. I think he’s a poor role model. He should have no grasp on the greats.. and I think it’s wrong to categorize Barry Bonds among the Babe and Hank Aaron.. or Craig Biggio.

As far as I’m concerned Barry Bonds will always be 756*


Dear Alyssa,
Hi, It’s me again. Georgia from Oz. I just wanted to complement you on your super cool photography skills. I just discovered your photo’s from africa on your safesearching website. There really beautiful. I’m really into photography and I love the way you kept the shutter open in some photos to create a feeling of “Movement”. This may sound silly but I have these gorgeous dolls I love taking photos of. There really tall and have these big eyes there called Lollipop girls (hence the username🙂 Anyway, great job.

Thanks for reading this… I hope you’re having a good day🙂 Love Georgia.

As this is really Alyssa’s blog about Barry Bonds, happenings in Dodger Stadium tonight (thursday 16 August) are worth noting.

Craig Biggio, Houston Astros star catcher/center fielder/second baseman and future Hall of Famer, was introduced before the game and presented a photo and box score of a game in which he performed magnificently against the Dodgers several years ago.

Two of his former teammates, now with the Dodgers, Luis Gonzalez and Jeff Kent, congratulated him and gave him bear hugs and whaps on the back. The Dodgers fans cheered for him.

Kent had a magnificent game, pounding out three doubles, and each time he ended up on second base, Biggio came over and the two yukked and chatted like old pals. When Kent came out for a pinch runner after his third double, Biggio came over and gave him a swat on the butt as he trotted off.

When Biggio came up in the ninth inning for what would be his last ever at bat in Dodger Stadium, he popped up to catcher Russell Martin. As he returned to the dugout, the Dodgers fans stood and gave him a standing ovation.

The point is: Biggio is a terrific ballplayer and a class act and a great guy, and the fans know this and love him, no matter if he’s playing for an opposing team.

Baseball fans know. Biggio is a hero and great competitor and one of the bright lights in the game today. Bonds is a cheater and a liar and a jerk.

The difference is night and day.

Ms. Milano,
If ever there were a doubt that you were a true baseball fan, this poignant and honest blog erased them from my mind. It is obvious that you realize and understand that the game is bigger than any one man, whether his name be Bonds, Aaron, or Ruth. It is obvious that you understand fair play, having detracted nothing from Bonds’ achievement while expressing your feelings about him. As a baseball fan, I salute you.

However, as a Braves fan (since 1978), I do have to question your choice of teams.

Keep posting, I will certainly keep reading.

God bless,


Hey Alyssa🙂
Where have you go? It been a while then you wrote, im worry!

Hope nothing had happend to you! I just want you to know that you are so beautiful, and i should be just like you! The world is so happy for everything you have done for us!

You are a TRUE ANGEL! Keep doing what you doing!

Lots of love / Jennie

Alyssa. You gotta check out Dmitri’s catch today (8/17) in the 3rd Inning against the Mets! It was the first out of the top of the inning. GREAT PLAY!! You’ll have to rag him about the tumble!

Anyways, glad to hear that you weren’t exactly elated with Bonds setting a new record*** (asterisks placed intentionally).

For me, I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth since the homerun race between Sammy and Little Mac-No More back in the 90’s. Barry’s record now just makes that bad taste feel like it’s down in my intestines making me a little bloated! lol

The whole thing stinks and I can’t wait until Albert (I pray he is clean) and Alex (we’ll see what Canseco has to say) restore a sacred number to a person that DESERVES IT.

Good point on the Bonds record. One thing I could never wrap my brain around leading up to the breaking of the record was Commissioner Selig’s handling of the whole situation. How in the world can Mr. Selig expect fans to support his game, when he isn’t even willing to. When he was debating whether or not to even show up for the record I couldn’t help but think, “fine, if you’re not going to support your own league, neither should anyone else.” – Especially since Major League Baseball officials have had reason to suspect steroid use for years. The bottom line is, they never tried to stop it because it was making them money.

By the way, I’d say something about how the Dodgers stink and such, but I don’t have a lot of room to talk….I’m a Cubs fan.

Hi Alyssa:

It’s a late night going through today’s box scores– I saw your blog and wanted to say hello and add my two cents about your Dodgers’ arch rivals, the SF Giants and Barry Bonds.

Living in the land of Giants and As, unfortunately, all that’s been going on for this area has been the “Barry Bonds Show”. The Giants team that Peter Magowan (owner) and Brian Sabean (GM) assembled this year is atrocious. I have to believe the Giants front office knew they couldn’t compete with the Dodgers, Padres and Diamondbacks this year. The whole season was built around Bonds breaking the record, hosting the All Star Game and not about winning baseball games.

From a business point of view, the Giants season has been a great financial success. I think I read that Giants games had at least 30 sellouts in a row while Bonds was close to catching Aaron. Since 756, the Giants continue to draw well on the road.

At the moment, true Giants fans are suffering. It’s killing them that they can’t compete with the Dodgers this year. They have to patiently wait for the Giants front office to care about winning again and Bonds leaving the organization.

Thank God, I’m a Red Sox fan! Let me tell you, I’m so glad we’re in a pennant race!

Good luck to your Dodgers. Tell Grady Little not to leave his starting pitchers in too long. Hope Nomar can stay healthy.

Best regards,


Just wanted to share a cute baseball story with you ~
Last night I was watching the Mariners game with my 2 year old. He loves baseball and all the ‘baseball guys’ that play the game. During one of the commercials I switched to a rerun of ‘Charmed’ and watching it for a couple of minutes. My son stopped and was watching ‘The Lady Show’ and asked if the pretty lady from the lady show (Alyssa) would watch baseball with him. As I was switching back to the Mariners game I told him that the pretty lady liked baseball and would probably love to watch a game with him but since she lived far away and was really busy she probably wouldn’t be able to. I also told him that she was a Dodgers fan and probably would rather watch them than the Mariners.

My son said, ‘Oh, I get it. I’ll just send her my Mariner’s hat and then she’ll like them too.’

So, Alyssa ~ if you ever decide to take in a Mariner’s game, my 2 year old would love to watch it with ya! The only catch it, he roots for everyone: good pitch pitcher guy, good hit hitter guy, good catch catcher guy…you get the picture.

“My son stopped and was watching ‘The Lady Show’ and asked if the pretty lady from the lady show (Alyssa) would watch baseball with him”

:):):)…that is so cute:)

You know, tell your little fella this…if you ask the pretty lady really nicely and send her a letter, she might send you a picture of herself with her name on it:):)

Lyssie would love reading about your son and what he said to you. Now none of us big guys are going to have a chance…he’ll steal her heart away and that’ll be it:):P

Good on him:):)


Hey Alyssa it’s been a week since your last blog. What’s going on? the Dodgers won their last 2 games; there is hope! It’s been pretty warm in the LA area lately. I hope you are staying cool. Do your animals get hot in this heat? Do you still have your horses?


hey alyssa its me and kiley again! We have just got so much to say we would love to meet you someday that is our dream maybe go to a baseball game with you we would love that i just hope sometime you have another sweepstakes and me and my sister get a change to win or do win that would be our dream!!!!

signed the TWINS!


Another week in baseball…

Haven’t heard from ya in awhile..figure you’re hiding in a cave somewhere…I know the feeling, last year the Red Sox were sliding all thru August and September. They were a lot worse then the Blue so far. I got to thinking that the ” dog days ” were the hardest for a team to anticipate . This is the time to have back up available and a management team that plans ahead.The players, bless ’em are doing all they can,but can only do so much.

Don’t you hate these .5 games…drives me nuts.

If you have any plans to join your brother in rooting for Team Evil I’m going to be very, very disappointed.

Just enjoy the games as they’re played day by day and forget about the future….


Hi Alyssa

Congrats for winning today’s match, dodgers are 3th again🙂.. Let’s hope they’ll keep winning..

Hope you’ll update soon!



For the people who are worrying about how Alyssa is:


Hi Alyssa,
I am born 19 december 1972 in Paris. Just a word to tell you good luck in your life.


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