The Gift of Baseball

During this time of the season, every game matters and I eat a lot. We gradually accept the team we have and become more realistic about our postseason probabilities. There are no more blockbuster moves to make our teams better. We just have to sit back, surrender, hold on and enjoy the race to the finish.

It is a roller coaster ride. During this 2007 baseball season, we have all been on the roller coaster, just as we have in years past, and will in the years to come. Our moods and views shift day-to-day depending on the last game. Our reactions to the games are specific to who we are and what we?ve overcome or feel at that very moment in time. Baseball is our constant. It?s our oasis. It?s the tie that binds us here on this blog.

There is so much going on right now in the world. The mining accident in Utah. The earthquake in Peru. These devastations should be a reminder of what?s important in life. It?s so easy to forget that every day is a gift. Every single day — pain and bliss and the spectrum in between — is a gift.

Baseball is a gift. Every single game — wins and losses and the spectrum in between — is a gift.

Never lose hope. Have faith. Find compassion. And know we are all in this together.


P.S. If you would like more information on how you can help the earthquake victims of Peru, please visit:

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I just wanted to say thanks for the link to unicef for the people in Peru. My wife is from Peru and we have lots of family and friends down there and the people of Peru need all the help they can get.

Bonsoir ma belle,

It?s a tough week, and with Dean on his way, it?s going to be worst !!!

On august 27th , the sky will give us 2 full moons to watch, a sign ? (Planet Mars and our Moon shining for all people).

Lespoir fait vivre

Tembrasse fort


?Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” (Martin L. King)


PS : Even if the Dodgers and the Red Sox didn?t always win this season, I felt, and that?s the main goal.

PSS : I got your signed baseball on Saturday, took 10 days to cross the ocean, the longest 10 days of my life? ;-)))))

Thank you

It is interesting that it often takes a tragedy to help us realize that baseball is just a game. Whether the Dodgers or my beloved A?s when or lose, it is pales in comparison to the life and death situations many find themselves in. What baseball does, though, is give us an escape when we need it. For that we can be grateful.

My god, Alyssa, once again, you hit it right on the head. Baseball is a gift. Life is a gift. This game is NOT life or death (despite what Yankees fans will tell you :)). It is just good clean fun, a guilty pleasure. Thank you and God bless. Alvin

Pain = Colletti

Bliss = Loney, Kemp, Martin, Ethier, LaRoche and all the youngsters on the horizon.

and the spectrum in between.

vr, Xei

I love how you find good in everything, sweetheart. Ahh…the end of the ’07 baseball season is looming and football season is starting. The excitment will be renewed when the actual football season starts again, but right now the M’s are staying pretty far up in the West standings. Last time I checked we were leading the AL Wildcard. The Yankees made a big comeback that I did not expect them to make and were only 1/2 game behind the M’s in the wildcard. So I’m excited. Postseason is getting closer and the excitment builds.

So real quick not baseball related…before the mining accident a few years ago back in the south east (I can’t remember what state) I didn’t know we still had people actually working down in the mines. I figured we’d have the technology to have machines actually down there. And there seems to be a lot of mining accidents lately. Don’t you think we have the technology to get the people out from working down in the mines? I don’t know. Just a thought.

Always a pleasure, my dear Alyssa.

Love ya,

~Ashley~ (donoho from SS/CL)


each time I think you can not write any thing more beautiful you go and surprise me with such wonderful words of encouragement not just for baseball fans but for every one. You are write the terrible things should not be forgotten but neither should the good and great things that come in between. For each is as much a part of us as the other. That is what I have learned from what you just wrote. That and that baseball is hard on a diet, ha. Now I say good night and great peace to one and all.

Alyssa, thanks for ur words. It scks when u think about things that are really insingnifacate and worry so about them, when people around our world are suffering
and hurting. I hope God helps all who hurt. Never lose faith.

Winning and losing are part of life that builds character and teaches patience, let us try to look for a better tomorrow as today has come and gone. Maybe tomorrow the bad gets better and our dodgers get the wild card but more important let it make us closer threw the love of the game.

One other thing Alyssa,what happend to ur blog on

(1st time commenter lol). Thanks so much for the blogs Alyssa. You write so eloquently.

I, too, will continue to root until the season is over. I still believe!

Hi Alyssa, a couple of years ago in Berlin I was working a few month with people from Peru, and exactly from the particular area. They earn already lousy and now they have to send all their money back home to support their families.
On your SS-blog (wow, that feels weird typing SS considering that I am from Germany)you mention, that it would be “slightly irrelevant” to say something regarding “The Blue Hour” together with those disasters. I don’t think so: your work as an actress gives the people pleasure, and this is almost as important as the food as long as we don’t forget, what else matters.

And by the way: Thursday I was sending you a letter to your Sherman Oaks address. Just to let you know, because I was expecting some mail from Texas, that passed the customs, but disappeared mystiriosely after that.

And when I remember that lately the federal police and the secret services down here are eager to spy out the whole population below a certain income I have my suspicions. Now you know, that it should arrive within the next 10 days.

Enjoy the race,


Hey again Alyssa,

It feels like I just wrote to you 6 hours ago.

That is a beautiful blog. I admire your sentiments and hope that the situations splashing across CNN come to the most positive possible conclusions.

And yes, I have to say you are putting a big smile across my face every time that you mention a roller coaster. But back to the point (…and not Cedar Point).

Although it may seem that calamity is all around us, it could be vastly worse, and- as you say- everyday is a gift.

I hope tomorrow doesn’t tell us that the Endeavor followed the fates of Columbia and Challenger. Or that a terrorist attack made it across the sea. But we can only hope, pray, plan, and keep perspective of what’s important.

Thank you again for the link to UNICEF.

I hope the Dodgers improve and make you proud. But whatever happens with them, you make me proud.


Hey Alyssa, My first time reading your postings on here. I love what you have to say. Just wanted to let you know my sister and I are traveling to all 30 ballparks this summer. We are currently in Tampa…will be at the Dodgers the 26th. Our site is Check it out and let us know what you think. Hope all is well. And to everyone who reads this…check out the RBI program on the link in our site. It’s a great program that gives inner city kids an opportunity to play ball.

I guess if there is any consolation in tragedy it is that it helps the rest of us to better be able to put things in perspective; see what is truly valuable; and helps us not to get stuck worrying too much about things that really aren’t worth worrying about. Can you imagine how all of these peoples’ families feel who have been affected by the tragedies in Utah and Peru? Or any where else for that matter? I know life has a lot of ups and downs and can be a roller coaster ride; although I actually like a good roller coaster ride sometimes; but through it all we need to somehow keep our sanity and try to put it all in perspective. I think many things, including baseball, are a sort of microcosm of life and show us different facet of life. I think you’re right in that we have to learn to appreciate all aspects of life and try to take the good with the bad and make the most of them. Alyssa, you have a very healthy attitude about life and I think this is another thing that makes you so beautiful.

PS, I know you probably aren’t interested in this, but I went to the dentist today because I had a tooth that was really bothering me. The dentist put a crown on it and the pain has started to go away which has done wonders to help my psyche. I hope you are well.



Just wanted to send you a huge ::HUG:: I’m sorry your Dodgers aren’t seeing World Series in their eyes right now.

You’ve done so much this summer..touched so many people during your signings and made a bigger impact than you will ever know.

One day I hope to see you at Busch Stadium and we can take in a can show me the joy of it all… but regardless I want you to know I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished so far this season, through this blog and far beyond it!

I love you.

~CJ aka CJHeart

wowza. amazing once again. you are an amazing writer and actress and designer haha. keep posting. go blue!

o yea.
ps. is there another blog that you post to?? besides of course

Here ya go Alyssa… See ya in LA sometime..Eric

Hello Alyssa,I really appreciate you writing this new blog,it was a very realistic contemplation.My faith is in you.I know we don’t know each other and I’m not continuously complementing you because of your high position.Many people would say that it is unrealistic for me to like you and definitely,you don’t like me.Also,I’m considered as the lowest class in today’s society.The females of today’s world thinks I’m ugly,weak,unworthy and as a result,I’m alone.I really don’t have a problem with their opinions of me,because it’s true.I will never be able to have children,get married or start my own family.There is no hope for me and there never will be hope for me.I’m a 34 year old disgrace.You,on the other hand,is what I like.I completely understand that I’m just your fan and mutual likes or dislikes are insignificant.You are truly a beautiful being.Thanks,I appreciate.

“Never lose hope. Have faith. Find compassion. And know we are all in this together.”

This was nice to read and not just because it came from a talented and beautiful woman. It’s because when my team–the Dodgers–plays like it has during August, it can seem **** lonely (yeah, I’m a Dodger fan, too). To have hope instead of being depressed? Yeah, I’ll try that because I know which one I prefer. I look at the Dodgers as a very attractive glass looking more than half-full. Thanks, Alyssa.

The team has experienced a couple of gifts, of late. First, I think Martin’s second home run the other day was a ‘crossover’ moment for the team. Then, Ramon’s great hit under pressure, to propel the guys to a great win, after being downtrodden…, with that home run.
Like an earthquake out of nowhere…

I’m still holding out hope for those miners that they have found a pocket of air somewhere. None of us are small numbers, everybody counts.

Sorry you got bump ed out of the Dodgers page, Alyssa. Looks like has got you covered.


Alyssa: i have been praying for the people of peru, and the yankees too. watched a killer game tonight, even though we lost, was still an amazing roller coaster. there’s still time in the season. it seems half the league is in contention.

i went to peru less than 2 years ago. It is an amazing place with a wonderful culture. though i wasn’t in pisco, i was in small towns with buildings made out of shoddy materials. In fact, the only “safe” buildings are the ones built by the Incas. those are earthquake proof. thanks for putting out the word about peru. here is a link to my pics from peru, to show you what a wonderful and diverse place it is…


yeah i so agree with u Alyssa every single day is a gift but there alot of gift and it hard to understand it .. when we look around and see the earthquake and little children every where homeless … losing family and that make me see as u said every day is a gift .. we all should keep pray for them … they need us even by prays .. they should know they have ppl who is with them …. it make me cry see like that every where … see the war see the world what come in to … as it will end soon if they will keep destrpy it like that … thanx Alyssa to take from ur time and write to us here ….

u my hero



I recently joined a newly-formed adult baseball league. I was so excited to be out in the field as I have not played organized baseball since 1982 when I was 17. Playing baseball again is something I thought I might never be able to do again, as I’m not good enough to play in the hardcore men’s league.

I didn’t know about Peru and Utah!!! so cant wait to get the job so I can help… I still have 2 months to wait and see if the company will accept me or not, wish me luck please I need it…

I promise you I will help as much as I can… I will help monthly, you can take my word with that…

I feel like **** now because I can’t help.


Mona from Kuwait

Alyssa you constantly amaze me with the way you can put things into perspective. Yes baseball is a gift as is just being able to wake up each morning. I’m saddened for you & your beloved Dodgers and their recent slump. It just goes to show how haed it is to attain access to the playoffs & the world series. As most diehard fans might say – there is always next year.

Well said, babe.

Excellent Post, Lyssa I love how you are able to put all of yourself into each post.

Lots of blogs are stale and just feel too much like reading a newspaper, but anyone with a soul can feel that you really love Baseball and care deeply about life and the world around you.

You are an amazing woman, thanks for letting us know you better.🙂

A lot of devastations are happening in the world, and we need to take our life a day at a time. A really good book I read couple of months ago called “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall is in short about the gift of life.
I will try to watch the post season baseball games, if time permits,I go back to school next week.


Dear Alyssa,

For the miners in Utah and the people in Peru,

How can we help? What shall we do?

Call on our UNICEF friends, they’ll join in the fight,

To get things done and put things right,

Lets lend a hand and get our money out,

Thats what UNICEF is all about,

C’mon guys lets follow Alyssa,

Do it for them like you would for her.

On the topic of Baseball, check out these sketches of players:

Kind Regards,



Hey Alyssa – Baseball is a gift, to be sure. It is also much more than that. We live safe and free in a wonderful, crazy, serene and sometimes dangerous culture, and we NEED our diversions. Baseball – and movies and TV shows and books and theme parks and even the other sports – are not frivolous, but a necessary part of our lives.

One of your participants here, Steve, keeps accusing baseball of diverting interest and resources away from the “real” issues and problems of life. A person who thinks of only grim and serious subjects is not only unpleasant and a sourpuss and a downer, that person is just plain unhappy.

Baseball is an entirely different world into which we can go to get out of ourselves for awhile and take part in a magnificent struggle, even if only vicariously. Fans cheer and groan and soar in elation and plunge into misery, sometimes within a few seconds. Players high-five each uther, then slam a batting helmet and roar at the umpire and get tossed from the game. Someone wins, and someone loses. It’s all magnificent and wonderful! We MUST do this!

Going to a ballgame, or watching one on TV, does not take us away from our real lives. It enhances them and makes us more alert and stronger and well-rounded and able to do ALL things better. Letting yourself become immersed in baseball is like lifting weights for your mind. It clears your head and stimulates your faculties and makes you happy.

When I walk out of that tunnel into the seating area at Dodger Stadium, I can feel myself letting go and becoming a part of something exciting and wonderful. There are 25 guys in each dugout whose purpose in the cosmos at that moment is to play a game of baseball, and there are 56,000 uther people in all those seats there to cheer and boo and clap and eat horrid food and just have a good time. TV cameras and Vin Scully carry the game to millions more. If Milton had seen a ballgame, he’d surely have included it in his vision of paradise. It IS paradise! After a ballgame, I am refreshed and at peace. Oh, sure, sometimes the Dodgers stink the place up and lose, but uther times they play magnificently and win, and it’s all part of the same thing.

Baseball teaches us things. It is NOT acceptable to lose, but in baseball as in real life, we win some and we lose some. We understand there are rules and we work together as a team. Baseball teaches us how to handle this. This is true whether we actually play it or only watch others play. Baseball is so integral to American society the language even pervades it. We step up to the plate and we hit one out or we strike out. It should not go unmentioned that baseball provides tens of thousands of jobs and meaningful activity and exercise for hundreds of thousands of kids across the country. Big league baseball is just the peak and the tip of all this. America is a better place and its people are healthier and happier because of baseball.

A man I knew used to say all women are beautiful. It’s just that some are more beautiful than others. Well, baseball is always wonderful. It’s just that some days it’s more wonderful than others. We still have an exciting team and there’s plenty of baseball remaining this season and they’ll be back next year and the year after that. Winning or not winning the World Series matters, of course. But it’s really the game itself which matters. Every pitch, every hit, every out, every great play, every flub – it’s all wonderful.

Life is good. Baseball is a part of it.


Hi Alyssa,
I hope your Dodgers beat up on Philly this week and make up some ground in the west.

Aw, who am I kidding, I want them to help put some distance between the Mets and Philly in the east – it was worth a shot!

Oh, by the way, when you were at Shea in July, you were sweet enough to allow me to get my picture taken with you, but CVS screwed me and F’ed up the film. Any chance to have another opportunity to meet you again – I know it’s a shot in the dark but well worth any hassle for me.

Love ya lot’s,

Rob D

ps – Did I mention we were on the local Ch SNY news together? Some of my friends caught it and were stunned and envious to see me talking to you just a few feet away. I will cherish the moment as long as I live. oxoxox

wow there’s not much more I can say.. just wow, I have to agree with the rest; just when you think you can’t write an entry more beautiful than the last one, yet you still manage to do it every time..

I’m really glad you try to get awareness about these things, it says a lot about you. It’s just so great that you genuinely care, if only half the people on this planet would be like you this world would be a much better place. And I’m not just saying that..

You’re right life is great and all the pain and heartache will lead to better things and in the end it’s all worth it (If I learned anything from Charmed it’d be that (Piper/Leo, Prue’s death, Cole’s death.) Yeah it’s fictional but these things happen to real people as well, everyone goes through these type of things (some more often and more severe than others) but in the end it turns out that the pain is well worth it. It reminds me of two songs Hold on and March On)

Anyway about Peru and the mining accident my thoughts and prayers are with them, I hope things will work out before winter falls..

As said before sports (baseball) is a way of escape, like any other form of entertainment sports pulls out more emotions though, and we should be able to have that as long as we don’t forget that there are people out there who don’t have any way of escape but are confronted with the most cruel things every single day (war victims, natural disaster victims) Anyways I’ll better finish now!

On a lighter note I hope the Dodgers will keep winning, and make it to the world series,”Impossible is nothing”




While do understand your views on this, with everything that is going on in the world sometimes I can’t stand hearing about it every day. It’s on the news, the net, radio, magazine’s any media outlet you have talks about how screwed up the word is, both foreign and domestic!! Don’t get me wrong, I fought in the first gulf war, have been on humanitarian efforts in Africa and Bosnia and I’m very pro American.. Sometimes especialy at 7:05 pm when my team plays for 3 or so hours, it is nice just to forget about the terrible things that happen all over and try not go crazy because there is not alot we can do about it. Sounds kind of cold when I read this back but sometimes win or loose, baseball is a peace of mind for us. I have done a lot and still do a lot for family, friends and country in my life. I will continue but do need some time for me here and there so I don’t go crazy and end up on the news. Baseball is America and even in the worst of times the game must go on!!

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Sorry the Dodgers are falling behind. I hoped they would play the Cubs in the playoffs. Read where Grady Little held a meeting and told players not to push too much, try to hard ect ect.. Seems like Little will be back next year, he didn’t get much help from their off season acquisitions. Pitching Staff has been beat battered and bruised all year. So Grady may get one more shot.

Cubs must win over the Cardinals. I know too many Cardinals fans and dont want to hear them squack. I Still wonder what the Brewers are still doing hanging around? How do the Brewers keep winning with that weak pitching lineup? Say it aint so. When Soriano gets back, Cubs will surge. Surge baby surge, I believe. Its August and I’m not hiding behind a fantasy football magazine, I aint crying in my “touch” terri-cloth towel. I’m out dare saying hey I believe in miracles, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Cubs winning the world series!

Please right a book or something! Every blog entry of yours is so true..


Thanks for the Left Coast perspective you provide. I’m a Mets fan in Florida who contributes often to, and I enjoy how much you enjoy the game. Why aren’t more hotties like you baseball fans?


Hi Alyssa and all other Dodger fans,
Is it just me? Every fifth day or so, I find myself asking the question: What is the purpose of Brett Tomko? I have nothing against Brett Tomko the man, but Brett Tomko the major league pitcher is worthless. He may be going through difficulties with mechanics or in his head or whatever, but it’s been going on for a while now, since last year. Please, Grady, it’s time to give up on this project. Ned – call someone up from Las Vegas, he couldn’t be any worse than who he would be replacing.

Otherwise, let’s hope Lowe has his stuff tonight as he did in his last start.

Have a good day.

The wins and losses… and the spectrum in between. I know that I’m about to ask a very weird question. But what would you think if baseball accpeted “the spectrum in between”? no extras. Nine innings, and the game’s over. If it’s a tie, it’s a tie. What would you think of that?

(and, let me ask again, why are they called ‘foul poles’, when they’re in fair territory?)

Alyssa wonderful post. These tragedies make u realize wats important in life. How we shouldnt take any day as granted rather as a gift. Life is difficult for everyone and with faith and prayer i think we could get through our difficult times. My prayers are with the families of those affected by these tragedies.

Love Always,


PS. Good luck 2 ur dodgers maybe my cubbies and the dodgers will see each other in the post season.

Hi Alyssa__________I missed your last blog, since you were not in the regular spot on the Dodger Website. I see tonight you’re back in a different spot.____ Well the Dodgers are struggling after they fell into that funk, but they’re still in the fight. As write this they’re 5 1/2 out of the NL WEST, 2 back of the Wild Card as I wait on SD.___Tomorrow(Friday Night), Saturday afternoon and Sunday night with my daughter, I’ll be at Shea again where we met you on July 28th. This time to see the Dodgers. She’s a Met fan, as you know and she loves her touch shirt. Here’s hoping we’ll meet again some day._______Joe(not Jean) Pierre.

You’re exactly right Alyssa, life is a gift. Watching the news is scary these days, because of all the craziness that’s going on in the world. Hurricanes, the war, accidents..they all help us to see how fragile life really is. And baseball has a way of making me forget about all the craziness, which is why it’s a gift in itself. Let me finish by saying that your blog is always amazing and you have the biggest heart.


You’re stuck with this team, but you can waive some players now and get something for the future. Like I suggested, Nomar and Gonzalez to start with. They are not going to get you to the series, you might as well waive them and see if there are any takers and if there are see what you can get in return for them. Maybe someone will want them for the pennant drive and the playoffs. You might be able to get a good pitching prospect in return. Kemp, Ethier, Loney and Martin are in the lineup tonight with Nomar and Gonzalez on the bench. There is no reason to play either veteran the rest of the way. Think Pitching and third base from here on out.

nobody is producing now, but you have to keep insering the young guys into the starting lineup to get them experience.

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