Click for TOUCH 2008 Sneak PeekFirst, let me apologize for not posting for a while. I have been in Vegas for the past week for Magic showing TOUCH to buyers. Magic is the biggest apparel show of the year. I can?t begin to tell you what an amazing feeling it is to see everyone?s reaction to the line and how it?s grown. I can?t wait for you to see the jewelry and headwear collection as well as the styles for Spring 2008 apparel. You can click the image to the right and take a sneak peek for yourself.

When I first came up with the idea for TOUCH, it was considered risky and somewhat pioneering. Needless to say, to see it be accepted and embraced by the team buyers, as well as retail buyers, is incredibly rewarding. This venture has turned into my proudest professional accomplishment to date. When I thank you for your continued support, please know it comes from the heart. I am well aware that if the consumers (you) didn?t respond to the product, there would be no growth and expansion. From the bottom of my being, I thank you all.

Having said all that, on to why we?re really here. It seems like our boys in blue are fighting the good fight. Matt Kemp seems to have found a home in the 3 spot. James Loney has turned in some ribbies. The Dodgers have won 9 of their last 13 games. We had our first sweep in seven weeks and we?ve come from behind in a few games. Let?s keep our fingers crossed that we can ride the wave and continue to close the gap in the standings. The worst is behind us, blue bleeders. ONWARD!

Ned Colletti has made some moves since my last actual baseball entry. Here?s my take on what he?s done:

  • Esteban Loaiza: When you consider that most of the great pitchers who would have been free agents next year signed extensions with their teams — and who knows what?s going to happen with Randy Wolf and Jason Schmidt? — the Loaiza signing makes sense to me. My only concern is, why would Oakland give up a pitcher for nothing unless there was something up with his health? Let?s just hope it?s a Billy Beane "Moneyball" decision and that Loaiza isn?t hurt.
  • Boomer
    David Wells: He is a veteran and a warrior. Making up for what he may not be able to contribute on the mound, you can?t argue the fact that he has heart and wants to win. He?s got a lot to prove and that aspect alone may mean numerous quality starts.
  • Scott Proctor: After the three scoreless extra innings on Wednesday, Proctor has proven his worth.
  • Shea Hillenbrand: It?s great to see him stepping up to the plate and doing what needs to be done in the clutch.

At first glance, Colletti?s moves may have seemed iffy, but desperate times called for desperate measures and he did the best he could considering the market and what was available. Most importantly, I think he made the team better without giving up any of our youth.

On Saturday, the rosters expand to 40 players. Let?s hope Nomar is activated. Andy LaRoche and Tony Abreu are sure to be called up to reinforce the infield, while D.J. Houlton and Eric Hull are the pitchers most likely to be called up.

Wow. I love baseball. It?s a reason to get up in the morning.


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Have you considered taking TOUCH to the top 20 College/University Baseball schools? The Female baseball fans are many there, and they aren’t looking too good in those boyish logo’d clothes. There could be great demand!

Thanks for the Dodgers Blog, see you at the games.



You’ve been busy, as we can see. You’ve been reading the posts!

I have to say thank you, again, for the great stuff you put out there for women. It’s about time someone did it and the fact that the line was started by a fellow Dodger Fan is all the more satisfying.

I can tell you’ve read the posts, based on your blog and it’s nice to see that most of us are in accord.

I always look forward to roster expansion every August for the simple pleasure of seeing what’s there. We’ll see some kids we haven’t had a good look at yet. It’s their chance to step up and prove they’re worthy of wearing the Blue.

After seeing the progress the ‘kids’ made last year (Martin, Ethier, Kemp, etc.), I’m very interested in seeing who the hottest prospects are now and for whom to be watching.

The only drawback to this time of year is that the close of another season becomes a reality. I start becoming more & more tense as the games wind down and wonder, “Is this the year?” They’ve made progress, no doubt, in the standings, but now I focus on the Wild Card as well.

Down with the D’Backs, Padres, Rockies, Phillies & Braves!


Hey Alyssa,

There is no need to apologize, you were working on Touch which is for baseball! I have seen lots of pictures over the past few days of the magic convention and from seeing those pictures and the pictures you have just linked us to, I must say that Touch is just getting even more amazing, if that is possible! I really like the blue and white tank tops! and also the black shirt type one (can’t think of the name :p) I really like the hats and earings too! Geez do I wish I lived in America! I want an item of Touch, I would buy it all actually lol. I am also glad that the Dogders are playing better for you. Go Dodgers!



Hey Alyssa…
so baseball is so important to you that its a reason for you to get up in the morning?? oh my god!! you are a BIG fan, aren’t you? I knew that you loved baseball but today I knew that you are IN love with baseball…

well now I can tell you really know how your BIG fans feel..😛 (kidding because you always did and will do)

BTW, I LOVE the hats collection cant wait for next year… so far I liked the ones on your left (in the picture)the ones have the TOUCH design, so elegant…

anyway, keep on going and like you said the demand will grow..



hey alyssa,
o gosh im so mad. im going up to vegas this weekend!! once again a missed time to see you. hopefully there will be another chance. i cant wait to order all my touch clothes!! keep posting!! GO DODGERS!!!

-karen =D

ps. luv the shirt nd hair in those pics! you look great! like always.
-karen =]

Hey Alyssa,

There is no need to apologize, you were working on Touch which is for baseball. I’ve seen lots of pictures a few days ago of the Magic convention and I really love them. And I really love the pictures you have just linked us too. I love the hats and earrings. And I love the blue and white tank tops too. I really can’t wait for next year !!!

I’m also glad that the Dogders are playing better for you. Go Dodgers !!!

Thanks a lot for blogging Alyssa !!!

Lots of love,


Hi Alyssa,

I’m glad that you had a great time at the Magic Show.

And I’m sure that any of the confused folks expecting to see David Copperfield were only the happier to meet you.

(I know nobody’s thought of that one before…)

I couldn’t be happier that your visionary dreams for Touch have come true. I hope the line continues to expand and that all of your endeavors meet with equal success.

Now from fashion (which I know nothing about) to baseball- (which I know next to nothing about)…

I also hope that the players continue to… earn more points. I hope they earn so many points they need 2 scoreboards. I hope they score so many points they can just retire right now and mail the points to the fans…

Well, maybe that’s a little silly. Though perhaps the Rangers could do it. But hopefully not against our Angels.

It’s always great to hear from you, Alyssa.

Have a great weekend!


You don’t have to apologize. I saw pictures of the new designs of Touch on safesearching and they look amazing. I like the hats, the jewel line is a great ideal. I can’t wait for the new line to come out next year.

p.s. I’m glad the Dodges are doing well.


We also need to see Jonathan Meloan up here helping out the Big Club.

Bonsoir ma belle,

Merci toi,

For you it?s a reason to wake up in the morning, for me it?s a reason not to go to bed at night, It?s 0240 AM in chocolate Kingdom and I?m glad the party I went 2 ended premature, so I can watch baseball on mlb.TV

Let “the youth” play, one goal : wild card

Tembrasse fort,

PS : Thanks again, no pink


I agree desperate times call for desperate measures. But why did they come across desperate times? COLETTI put them there by signing Wolf who hasn’t come anywhere near 200 innings in years…signing Schmidt who we knew he would be injured this year, just didn’t know the when part… Let Hendrickson into the starting rotation…signed Gonzo and kept Nomar. It is amazing they have done so well with only two reliable pitchers, Penny and Lowe.

There is so much young, incredible talent, position players and pitchers, I give my props to whoever runs the farm and the coaches developing the players.

hi alyssa i want to congratulate the boys in blue who i think will be in the big game and allso the redsox
oh i want you to know you never need to apollagize you did nothing wrong its my 22nd wedding anniversary im glade to spend of it talking to you

and i am looking for ward to let you be as part of the party 22 years is along time signed melody oh i hope mlb lets this letter on the sites

Alyssa I find it amazing that you find time to post in your blog with everything you have going on in your life. I like the look of the new line but I do hope for 2008 you will be including plus size items for us girls who are not a size zero or a 1 or a 2. We’d like to be able to support our team without having to wear men’s clothing.

I wish you nothing but the best as your line continues to grow & flourish. I hope you branch out into college & pro football teams sometime in the future. It would take off too.

Hi Alyssa, nice to have you back here, but I also have to say, that there is no need to apologize. I appreciate that you do nevertheless. 5 years of my life I was working for Reebok spring and harvest at the “International Sports Exhibition”, long ago, but I remember well how bustling and busy such a thing is, and before and after you have even more work to do than at the very event. I am very glad that this everything proceeded to your satisfaction!
I was a sort of following you to Vegas on the internet, because there where from day 1+2+3 pictures from your presentations to find. Lucky me. So far as I can estimate from the pics the caps are pretty **** cool and somewhat more finely shaped than usual what makes them kinda more noble than usual, and definitely: a boy can leave house with them on the skull (skull is a joke) too. What I will do when they come out.

But what I particularly liked have been the blue (I am not sure about the material so I just say) silk flowers with the team logo pearl for the hair: this is so Alyssa! Sometimes when you style it looks like the optical realization of a Gustav Mahler symphony (4+5 to be precise) – (before you started with TOUCH I was already a big fan of how you style yourself for your public appearances).

And last but nor least: the Dodgers finally entered the fast line, let’s hope they keep it to the goal-straight!

All the best, Johannes

Hello Alyssa,the headwear looks great.Your fantastic idea is an expression of your many talents.The pictures of you modeling the headwear is of tremendous beauty.Your beauty cannot be matched by anyone.The highest beauty is yours.I am glad to hear of the recent success your Dodgers had.I’m looking foward to learning more about the Dodgers and baseball from your incredible mind.I appreciate.

Well, as Alyssa said back when she caught the ball tossed to her in the stands by Eddie Murray while wearing Jimmy Choos: Insert Juan Pierre joke here.

I mean … Eddie Murray wasn’t wearing Jimmy Choos … Never mind.

Anyway – The point of the story, regardless of how much I mangle it is: We have TWO fine outings from David Wells. In the first, he went six and beat Washington, and friday night in San Diego, if not for that colorful play – or NON-play – by Juan Pierre, he would have allowed ONE earned run and come out leading 3-1.

Well, some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue.

Picking up guys at the last second for a stretch drive is always a gamble, and you must remember, it isn’t like going to Ralphs, grabbing a cart, and just going up and down the aisles picking off whatever you want.

Ned Colletti picked up some guys, none very expensive, hoping for some help. Wells so far is a good pick. Loaiza, we’ll see. Scott Proctor has been a Jekyll and a Hyde, a bit of each so far.

I like his instincts. He inherited a franchise in complete shambles, so broken the manager (Jim Tracy) quit in disgust and took all his coaches with him. Word is: Colletti had to talk Grady Little into taking the job after several uthers turned it down. The Dodgers was a train wreck, and Ned Colletti put it back on the tracks.

And for the udzillionth time: If not for most of the pitching staff breaking down, we’d be running away with the NL West right this minute.

Hey Alyssa ! Thank you for your message. That’s always a big happiness to read you.

I just want to tell you that the pictures you offered us during the Magic show are truly amazing. You look beautiful, and you sublimate the clothes you wear.

The new collection is even more brillant than the first collection of TOUCH, very stilish and original.

I definitely love the caps and the jewelries !

This collection shows on more time the extent of you huge talent.

I admire you for all the determination that you put into the things you want achieve ! =) It’s my inspiration every day…

With kindest regards, Phillocera

hey Alyssa .. well when u said it a reason wake u up … i remember my self when i wake up in morning u know what my reason ( you ) don’t get me wrong but u baseball fan am Alyssa Milano fan .. so here was sometime show charmed at moring so i was wake up on moring to watch Alyssa Milano as Phoebe on charmed lol .. anyway i so love the caps wow all of them soo nice i keep looking at them even now am watching who’s the boss i think season 3 or 2😄 and thanks alot for taking ur time post here we really glad ,, thanks Alyssa alot u the reason make me life and wake up at moring

with all my respect

ur forever fan from Kwuait


Alyssa, no need to appologize. Btw, congrats on your vegas show! (you looked great in the Mets stuff :)) You’re right, sometimes teams do things that leave their fans scratching their heads, but it might work out in the end. P.S. send va morrison a (signed?) pair or your Jimmy Choos so he’ll get off your case! lol Alvin

An interesting thing about having a season like this one is that it especially reinforces the role of the long-successful old-timers in relation to the hot young phenoms. Baseball is a delicious mix of success and failure, satisfaction and frustration. The best hitters will still fail about two-thirds of the time, and the best pitchers will eventually lose almost as many games as they win. It’s the nature of the game.

At this point, the season is winding down and the Dodgers’ hope of playing in October, while not gone, is exceedingly slim. What we’re going to see, on all teams, is the difference between the guys who really still want to win and the ones just collecting paychecks.

Consider Jeff Kent. The guy is fast becoming my hero. He’s just slightly younger than Barry Bonds, but the difference between the two is night and day. Kent dives for ground balls, tries for the extra base, and is hitting like a 28-year-old. Hitting, boys and girls, requires not only a fine batting eye but fierce concentration and determination. It isn’t enough just to be good at it. You have to bear down and WANT it. He has spent more time on his belly and gotten dirtier this season than Bonds has in ten seasons. He is blessed with incredible ability, of course. But the trait which is emerging these days isn’t his batting eye or his glove. It’s the fire in his belly. He’s been around, but now his shirt says Dodgers on the front, and he’s going to win ballgames and help this team until the last out is recorded or his old body finally lets him down.

Where this goes is, he’s an example for the hot young kids the Dodgers have come up with. They need to play alongside a guy like Kent to see and understand what baseball is about. Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Broxton – and any uthers I might forget – need to watch how he goes about the game. It’s much too early to tell whether any of these might be the next Jeff Kent, but they all have fearsome ability and will make their marks.

These five all seem to understand, and they all play with intensity. It doesn’t have to be outward, with Piniella-like tantrums and yelling at umpires and throwing things. But the concentration and the fire have to be there. It has to feel great when you do good and hurt when you don’t. A fan favorite moment is the look on Takashi Saito’s face when he gets the last out and records a save. The guy is genuinely elated! I love the high fives and the belly bumps and all the rest of it because it shows the guys take pride and pleasure in each others’ accomplishments. They look like a TEAM.

It looks like this year, all these up-and-coming future stars are going to have to learn how to lose. The team will finish above .500 and each will have his own high points, but the team will be going home at the end of the season to watch uthers play in the big ones. Just in seeing Kent on the field and in his marvelous interview with Charlie Steiner, I don’t think he’s going to show them how to lose gracefully. There is no graceful way to lose, and you don’t accept it, but it happens nonetheless. When you lose, you take something away from it and resolve to fight harder the next time.

It’s the beauty of baseball and guys like Jeff Kent.

Hi Alyssa!

I like thats actions, that you doing. You know, I live in Ukraine, and I can see your love to Baseball. I see as you have visit to Baseball. I will find all information about Baseball. You know, I just see your actions and your smile, I’m sure, woman alike you, love Baseball and want to understand you too. I like Touch and I wish that Touch will be best firm. I’m sure you have wins in your business and life. I love you. Good luck!

Have a great day!

Wish best wishes and respect to you,

You big fan and your poet,

Denys G.


Hey Alyssa

Great update, I love the hats and caps I’ve seen so far on the pictures they’re awesome!

I hope your Dodgers will keep going strong.. Congratulations again with the succes of Touch if anyone deserves it it’s you! Lets hope your new movie will be just as much of a succes as the clothing line..



hey alyssa, i love the blog you have wroten it is soo insperational you put so many nice words and words i cant even comperhend in your blog! but in some ways i still kinda get it! jut to let you know its me keara again! umm once again this doesnt have that much to do with baseball but i just felt like commenting! umm me and my twin sisters birthday is coming up soon and thats pretty cool! One of our dreams is that someday we would love to get to meet you for our fourteen birthday! which is on sunday! We both love and watch everything you are in mostly charmed that is one of our favorite shows! I love so much that you take time to go all the way to India to help people in need that is so nice and caring! We just wish someday we could meet you! BUT we will keep wishing!

sincerley, Keara and Kiley!



If? The pitching staff broke down as expected. Wolf isn’t reliable to take the ball every 5 days. Hendrickson? Everyone across the country stayed away from Schmidt because they knew about the arm problems and didn’t want to pay a guy to sit on the DL. Maybe “IF” Coletti sought out some reliable pitchers.

Alyssa!!!! As you can see the Anaheim Angels are the best team in BASEBALL? Dodgers who? Yankees Who? We own everyone…

Come join the A team!!


Come to Anaheim and you will see REAL BASEBALL.. October Baseball..



For all the Angel haters🙂

Greetings Alyssa we are very glad for you. We shall hope that that you when be you will come to Russia to Moscow and we can buy your things too. Very much it would be desirable.

Hey Steve – I don’t know what was going around about Schmidt’s arm at the end of last season, but he pitched 213.1 innings and was 11-9 on a poor team.

He had over 200 innings three of the last five seasons and only ONCE in his career has he pitched fewer than 150 innings in a season.

Evidently HE thought he could pitch and he passed the physical. Not saying there weren’t stories or concerns about his arm, but I can’t recall any, and his history makes him look like an iron man.

Hendrickson, on the uther hand, makes me crazy, and I think too often mediocre – or worse – left handers get a break just because they’re lefties.

The entire batter/pitcher confrontation, based upon which hand each is, has allus seemed WAY over emphasized to me, and every game it seems Vin notes some batter or pitcher is a glaring exception. Andre Ethier, for instance, clobbers left-handed pitchers.

How about Jeff Kent? Do you agree or disagree with my assessment of him? I think you make good points, even if I sometimes don’t agree with you.



Totally agree with assessment of Kent. He has always been a favorite of mine.

I don’t even agree with my own assessment at times. maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on Coletti. Taking a closer look, there really is no pitching in baseball. Or to put it in better terms, not enough. Maybe he had to take a chance on Schmidt and Wolf because there was nothing else out there. Stiff price to pay.

It’s hard with so many teams in MLB to be able to have all the pieces together at the same time. They will never contract the # of teams because the player’s union won’t allow it. But the quality could be improved if they did. There is so much talent in baseball but it seems there is never enough pitching.

Schmidt may be young in age but he has a good number of years behind him and one major surgery, I think in 2000. The talk during 2006 was him battling arm problems and that became an issue during free agency. Word was nobody wanted to touch him because they suspected arm problems. The Giants even tried to move him before the trade deadline in ’06…no takers. When a playoff team won’t trade for a top pitcher it raises red flags.

Really, it is a matter of pitchers staying healthy. Look at the first place teams. D Backs, Padres, Cubs and Mets have had healthy staffs this year. Watch the Phillies fade fast, they just lost Hamels and they already lost Lieber and Garcia to the DL. But again Lieber and Garcia were suspect to start the season.

The Cubs rotation stinks but the take the ball every five days and give the team a chance to win. They have five guys who have no history of injuries and pitch relatively deep into games.

Hey Steve – We’re definitely on the same page regards the general dearth of pitching spread across so many teams.

I think I agree with Vin Scully, who notes pitching is not only hard on arms, it is destructive, and the result is a guy may be good for a time and then just lose it.

I don’t know how old you are, but I saw Nolan Ryan’s entire career, and the guy was an android.

I was also a Dodgers fan when the incredible Fernando Valenzuela burned out his arm and wouldn’t admit it and kept going out and giving up six runs in the first two innings and they finally put him in a small room with a light hanging over his head and sweated him and he finally admitted it was painful and he couldn’t pitch.

There may not be any fewer good pitchers, but the lifespan is about the same as a World War I fighter pilot: A few weeks.

Are you going to give me that Nomah is HoF if he stays healthy, or do you think he’s finished?

Remember Reggie Smith? He allus seemed to have something wrong with him. And Mike Marshall (the outfielder, not the pitcher) – same thing. He went on the DL with a contusion. A contusion is a bruise. How about Raul Mondesi? What happened to him? He just sort of petered out. Will I get bleeped for that?

For every Jeff Kent there’s a dozen guys who break down. Oh, well. There’s results and there’s excuses. Nobody ever said it was easy.


There you go saying IF again. Nomar won’t stay healthy. He’s not healthy, that’s why he goes down every year. If he stays healthy, he still won’t get in the Hall. I love Nomar, but the future for him isn’t bright. He is a singles hitter w/o a position.

fenway is a hitters park. You can easily pepper that wall or lift one over. He made a career out of it.

I was getting on here to say I was watching a great pitching duel until the defense let Lowe down. Shea…Coletti went garbage picking. Sometimes doing nothing is doing the right thing.

The future for pitchers in MLB is 6 and out.

Look at how the DBacks set up their wins. They go 6 with their starter, 1 with Lyon, 1 with Pena and 1 with Valverde.

And until they do something about expanding a roster to only include the addition of pitchers to the roster, the game will take its toll on staffs.

Even good outings by starters get washed away by tired bullpens. Lowe has 11 losses and 26 earned runs in those losses.

Years ago it was much easier for a pitcher to get through a lineup. Your pen had rest. The athletes were not as good. Your ball players today are 6+’, 200+lbs. You can’t make a mistake as a pitcher. Look at Cameron’s HR. A flick of the wrist on a good pitch.

Cograts on all the success with Touch! The line is awesome, and I can’t wait to see all the new styles for the upcoming year. On a baseball note, i’m really frustrated with it, because of the way the Astros have been doing. I loved Phil Garner, so I hated it when I found out they fired him, but maybe it’s time for a change. Guess i’ll have to just wait and see. But regardless of how the good guys play, i’ll still be there cheering them on!
Thanks for blogging!


Hey Alyssa,

I saw you yesterday, briefly, at the touch booth at Angel stadium. I looked through the store and just couldn’t find anything that I thought I could use so I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year to possibly find something with the touch label that I can actually wear. I wouldn’t count the Dodgers out yet for the season. I think there almost 30 games left. Since I live closer to Anaheim though, I’m more of an Angel fan, and since they are doing a little better then the Dodgers this year, are in first place, and since I bleed red, I’m more interested in how they and their ex Dodger coach Mike Socia(spelling?) are doing.


Hey Steve – Interesting idea, expanding the roster to 28 or 30 guys to provide for more pitchers. Alas, you’d run afoul of the traditionalists, and it would be like the DH thing. The game would shift in favor of pitching, and the fans who think NBA basketball is a sport would groan about the lack of “action” and the slower, hit-free pace of the game.

Managers would have to start managing toward fewer runs and games would get longer and there might even be more extra innings games, which would demand more pitchers and defeat the hole idea.

Maybe there’s some great, cosmic equation between hitting and pitching and we’re still trying to find it.

Baseball is always evolving, and I think this will take care of itself. Among uther things, pitchers and managers will wise up. In saturday’s game, Jake Peavy was mowing the Dodgers down, but he reverted to “pitching to contact” – weird expression – and started getting more outs with fewer pitches.

I like Peavy, by the way. When Russell Martin was trying to stall a little and slow him down, Peavy barked at him to get back in and hit. It was a good bit of psych by both players.

I have also noted the increasing size and athleticism of today’s ballplayers. Vin Scully still refers to anybody over 6′ 4″ as “big” (Big Adam Dunn, Big Jonathan Broxton), but worse is, he has started to refer to guys under six feet as “little”. As a charter member of the 5′ 9″ club, I resent this. I was a pretty fair third baseman and could hit a little. It was a long time ago.

Cameron’s one-handed pop brought back memories of Kirk Gibson’s gimpy-legged, one-handed flick in game one of the 1988 World Series. That one didn’t just drop in the front row next to the foul pole. It reached the pavillion in the power alley.

Well, the Dodgers looked like a bunch of stiffs last night, and I may be in for a long day sunday. My brother and his wife are driving up from San Diego and they are serious Pods fans and we’re going to watch the game here.

I live in the Valley, and it’s going to be about 107 here today. Oh, goody.

About Nomah: I guess he’ll come back eventually and prove one or the uther of us rong. Hope it’s you, but I have to admit, his durability is suspect.

Keep the faith.


Even if Nomar is worthy, he’ll have a difficult time because of his counterparts. He will be view in the context of Vizquel, Barry Larkin (retired ’04;his last full season at ss)Tejada, Jeter and Arod.

Hey Steve – Interesting list of guys for comparison to Nomah. Vizquel is an ironman with eleven gold gloves but a light hitter. Larkin hit less than Nomah, .295 career average with less power, and had three gold gloves. Jeter (career .317) hits a lot like Nomah also with less power but walks more. OK – They ALL walk more than Nomah, but his career .315 BA over twelve seasons and low number of strikeouts gets him the right to go after the first pitch.

A-Rod is generally thought of as from a different planet, but even so, his career BA is lower and his extra base hits to strikeout ratio (392 + 26 + 509 compared to 1,500 Ks in 14 seasons) isn’t nearly as good as Nomah’s (351 + 52 + 217 compared to 510 Ks in 12 seasons). Nomah puts the ball in play. A-Rod hits homeruns.

I’m going to stay out on my limb and insist that Nomah is at LEAST in the same league with those guys. He COULD end up with 500+ doubles and 350+ homeruns and maybe he can maintain his .315 career BA. I like the guy.

Sure would like to hear Alyssa’s and G’s thoughts on this. You realize when you click PREVIEW, your post goes up to the top and it becomes more difficult to concentrate on baseball and writing with that shot of Alyssa right there to look at.


Thank you Alyssa for the photos!! I can?t wait until 2008 but I guess I am going to have to.
Patience in not one of my strong suites. Ha ha. I have question for you. It there a place where you can buy TOUCH tops that have “TOUCH by Alyssa Milano on them instead of a team? I ask cause there are no baseball teams near where I live and I would like one of those to buy. Sorry If i already asked this question. And don?t worry about not posting for awhile after all you are human and have things that need to get done. I am glad that the Dodgers are doing better and I hope they will make it all the way to the big game right now I can?t remember what it is called. Sorry oh it just come to me world series. I hope they make it to the world series and that you can watch them with your family in person.


Another week in baseball…

Just when I thought pitching would make or break a team this autumn I sit here ( Sunday afternoon ) listening to the Blue confound the best pitching staff in baseball and am reminded that on any given day it is the players and the spirit that wins baseball games.

Being of a more philosophical bent than analytical I sometimes get confused by the stats that I read all the time. The players are the ” X ” factor and they can surprise you every time. This is my round about way of saying Nomar is a force of baseball and will be remembered as a great one regardless of his stats. I liked him when he played for the red Sox and I like him even more now. His is a class act.

Maybe it’s a little early to talk about momentum, we still got a lot of injurys making themselves known and a lot of people getting hit by baseballs, but I seem to recall that it wasn’t always the ” best ” team that won in October but it was the ones on a roll. Lets all start thinking about a really good roll.

Have you seen those elbow pads some of the bigger babies are hanging in the strike zone lately…the only things in a strike zone should be balls and bats.

Oh Ya…liked the pics from your show and upon close scrutiny have decided I want one of those white Boston caps I saw over your shoulder and be warned I have a very big head.


I luv the clothing line, It’s great to show appreciation for the game, while still looking feminine. Do you know when all the styles are going to be for sale? I’m a Yankees gal, so I’m still awaiting more product that feature the Yankees.

My thoughts, eh? Where to begin…how about with Jeff Kent?

I saw In My Own Words and he was great. I’m a traditionalist at heart so I appreciated the fact that he said he’s more known for sticking a boot up someone’s kiester than a pat on the back. I like that, a lot.

It’s leadership he’s talking about. He will be the one to lead the kids. Sort of the like the Moses of Los Angeles, due to the fact that he’s been around. They would do well to listen and learn. These guys get paid obscene amounts of money to play a child’s game and would do well to act like men. Jeff Kent is a man, plays like one and leads like one.

Ok, do we STILL have to talk about A-Rod? Puh-lease! The guy is not coming to LA. He loves NY. He loves the big stage, the media and the crazy fans. There isn’t nearly enough of that in LA to make him happy. Besides, where in the world would that ego fit? The Dodgers are not stacked with guys with big egos. All the loud mouth, strutting peacocks are gone. He’s not a good fit.

Someone asked about Mondesi. Wow. What a disappointment that guy became. He left LA and bounced around for a while. The last I saw of him, he was with the Angels and, if I remember correctly, had some story about family in the Dominican being sick and had to be there. It turned out the be a lie, he got caught, was suspended by the league and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since. If you guys know anything, by all means, let me know.

Oh the pitching! So, they’ve optioned Tomko to make room for Loaiza. Won’t help his confidence problem any. Should’ve optioned Hendrickson. That would’ve made more sense. Randy Wolf is now gone for the season, along with Jason Schmidt. The playoff hopes are quickly dwindling away. Look for more ‘band-aids’ to appear in the next week or so. I’d give my left arm for a Jeremy Bonderman or a Jake Peavy or a Josh Beckett.

Speaking of Peavy, I too, saw him barking at Russell Martin last nite. After Martin struck out swinging, I told my husband, “Good thing Peav didn’t pitch him inside. There would’ve been ‘words’ after that.” ‘Course then Russell got kicked out of the game and it became a moot point.

I also feel the need to comment on Mike Cameron’s HR. It wasn’t just a flick of the wrist people. Cameron is not a HR hitter. He was lucky to get that thing over the wall. And with the comparison made to Gibson…don’t insult the memory of the LA madman. That HR in Game 1 in ’88 landed 3 rows in front of my Dad and my brother. Ask me how long it took me to get over being mad about the fact that my brother got to go and I didn’t.

I have been blessed to have seen many great pitchers over the years. I saw Nolan Ryan. I saw Fernando. I’ve seen Roger Clemens. And I idolized Orel Hershiser. My son, who is 16 and hates everything, thinks that the days of the real men of baseball are over. He wasn’t even alive during his idea of the ‘real men.’ LOL I can’t help but be amused at his lack of experience in the baseball world of fans, due to his age, but on the other hand, he has a point. I read you guys discussing the sizes of the players, but we all know, it makes no difference. Look at David Eckstein. Look at Pierre (despite my opinion of his arm). Those guys are not ‘big men’ but they are HUGE to their teams. I tell my son that he should be watching the guys who get things done. Those are the real men of baseball. Players these days are coddled entirely too much and it makes me ill.

I do have to share the fact that I took my son to his first game when he was 7 months old. We were sitting in field seats, right by the Dodgers bullpen and Ramon Martinez came over to us, autographed a ball for my son & handed it to us over the fence. My son treasures that ball.

I just finished watching the Dodgers beat San Diego, finally. They played like the team we know & love. Good thing that the Phils & Braves lost, too. Did anyone see the final score for AZ & CO? My husband and I are now watching the NASCAR race.

My last comment has to do with Dodgers management. We suffered, all of us, fans & players alike, under DePo and his Moneyball philosophy. When Colletti came in, I wasn’t happy with him either, but that’s only because I’ll never get over my hatred for the Giants.

However, as was previsouly stated, the club was in shambles. Tracy left with almost the entire staff, the players had no idea what was going to happen next & if they’d even have a job, let alone what team they’d end up with. Ned has done an admirable job, considering what he had to work with. I can’t say that I agree with every decision made, but let’s be honest – who’s happy with everything?

Oh, and to the Angel fan who posted: I met Mike Scioscia in 1991. I don’t care how good your team is/isn’t, your manager is NOT a nice guy.

for nomar to reach 350 hr he would have to hit 60% of the total he has hit over 12 seasons and 42% of the doubles over 12 seasons to 500. He won’t be playing much longer. there is no position for him. Unless he plays for a team like the Nationals or Royals.


Don’t give me Eckstein or Pierre because ther are exceptions to every rule.

Do your homework before you talk about players ability. Cameron has 6 seasons of 20+homeruns and one at 19 and another at 18. His total hr are 214 three shy of Nomar at 217. He’s approaching 800 rbi’s.


12 of the 30 straters lasted five or fewer.

All, I can say is that I have all the Touch items, purchased at YawkeyWay Store at Fenway Park, Boston, MA, I just love the fit, style I get lots of enjoyment wearing your items, even meeting you was a great pleasure. Keep up the great work you are doing with Touch, UNICEF, USA. Love the new 2008 I will purchase them all. Yours, Bobbi from Boston

Yes Alyssa, baseball IS a great reason to wake up in the morning. =D

Hey! Long time no talk. But no worries. I’m always excited to hear from you.

Yes TOUCH is amazing. You have done a fantastic job. I personally am ashamed to say I haven’t bought anything yet but when I get the chance I definitely will.

I don’t follow the Dodgers much except for their standings but I have to say the M’s are losing ground. I haven’t checked what’s been happening lately but before I left this weekend they were back 5 games in the west and they got swept by the Angels. GRRR!!!!

Hopefully they’ll be able to pull it together and make it to the post season.

Always a pleasure Lyssie no matter how long it takes you to post again.

Love always,


Was this all just a ploy to sell clothes?

Sorry, the Braves have pissed me off officially.


Hi shradard, I always do not understand you people: you sound as if you would blame Alyssa, that she has to earn her money just like everybody else.
Even Yello Biafra/Dead Kennedys and the Alternative Tentacles have to sell their stuff to pay their lives and to continue doing the work. When you have an idea such as TOUCH you do it, because it is something you wanna do. But you need some commercial success to do it, otherwise it dies. That doesn’t mean, everything related to it is a ploy.

Trust me, I did know the business 15 years ago, and I don’t think it changed very much: TOUCH is not a good idea to make the big money!

I am much more afraid, that Alyssa is not fully aware how the business works (but I can not know this, I just assume, because she is much more the sensitive dreamer type, so far as I get her, than the coldblooded business type).

The prognosis is: the more success she has, the more the coward big companies observe the development and when the final breakthrough is done, they use their power and market-possibilities to take over. Because that is what they do and that is why they are big. They do not produce ideas, that is too risky, they steal ideas in the right moment when the risk is overcome!

So, if you wanna ***** celebrities, there are numberless where you can start. How about those hiphopguys, who pretend to represent the underground and be nothing but entertainment industries supported pimps? Or… I don’t need to think long so that I think of celebrities who make me vomit!


I have watched you from the early days of Who’s the Boss. But I have always been distressed to know you were an avid Dodger fan. Until today. I just read (on FoxSports – in a piece about a Hall of Fame for fans) that you root for the Mets when your Dodgers are not playing. While I know that is not often, it does my heart good to know that you have a little bit in common with me. I am an avid Mets fan and I take great comfort to know that you, although occasionally, also like to watch the Mets. I’m curious to know how you handled last years playoff’s between the Mets and Dodgers. Are you as shocked as I was that the Dodgers did not put up a fight? Here’s hoping to see them together again this year.

It was so cool to watch the Dodgers beat the Cubs last night 11 to 3!! and I found out last night that they are going to play again on my birthday!!! I know they will win cause it is my birthday so they have to win ha ha. Hope you enjoyed the game Alyssa.

Do my homework before I talk about players ability? You certainly know how to start your comments out right. Maybe you should read what I’m actually talking about before you make accusations. Do my homework…some people.

I was referring to the SIZE of the players (Eckstein & Pierre) because someone, I think it was Mike, had said that players under 6′ tall are called small these days.

And 20 HRs a year, does not a power hitter make. Did you even see Cameron’s HR? It barely cleared the wall. Your rudeness aside, I wasn’t commenting on Cameron’s overall ability, I was referring to THAT ONE HR.

If I was like every other person in this world, I’d call you a sexist for telling a woman to do her homework. As it is, I’ll thank you to learn to be civil.

Hi Alyssa,

After reading your blog and how passionate about baseball you are, I decided to try and watch a game on tv.

You won’t believe that I walked all over Brighton City to find a bar that would show it?????

I found one and watched the Dogders away play against Chicago Cubs, what a great game!!!! 11-3 and Martin and Laoiza played great.

You’ve now got me facinated in baseball and I wish I could see a live game so when I next visit LA, I’m definately heading to the stadium. Hope to see you there.

Kind Regards,


(Just Jo from England)

for my baseball drawings.

Ooh, I like that tank top you are wearing – I might actually be able to pull that off! Congrats on your Touch success – you deserve it!

Getting down to the wire isn’t it? Every game is so important but I’m keeping the faith! And hoping that the D’Backs continue losing…is that wrong?


Congrats on your vision with TOUCH. You are a trailblazer in sports fashion. Baseball teams in general have been stuck in a rut for years in producing the same stuff and you have kicked in the door.

I run a minor league team just down the road from LA – the Lake Elsinore Storm ( which is the Padres Single A affiliate. Despite being the enemy as we have produced the likes of Jake Peavy, Khalil Greene, and the latest Dodger killer Jack Cassel. We applaud your new collection.

The Storm is currently in the process of creating our own line as we have found (as you have shown) our fans have asked for something other than the traditional on field baseball hat and t-shirt. Alyssa you are ahead of the curve and we hope to offer the sports world something different as well. We are blessed with the number 1 selling logo in minor league baseball and we are looking to spread our appeal and take our look to another level.

Noticing your latest deal with Twins Enterprises (who is a supplier to minor league baseball) you may have another market in minor league baseball. With 162 teams and little choices of fashion this is a great grass roots community that offer many die hard baseball fans.

In fact on Wednesday we begin our playoff run against the Dodgers affiliated team who happen to have former Dodgers Charlie Hough and Steve Yeager as coaches. With respect to your love for the Dodgers – I’m afrad we are off to slay Dragons and Dodgers this week. Hopefully the outcome will be the same as the big league Padres seem to have the number over your Dodgers.

With all competition set aside your passion and enthusiasm for the game of baseball is awesome. The ballpark truly is a beautiful place for family and friends to slow down a bit and enjoy time together. The community of baseball is a wonderful gift. I am truly fortunate to live it everyday at the office.

If possible I would enjoy finding out how Storm Baseball may become involved in the TOUCH collection.

Continued success on your fashion line and here is to the Dodgers finishing second to the Padres and winning the wild card – so we can beat you in the playoffs!! Cheers.


Hey Alyssa!

This is sooo, cool! Your Touchline, the Dodgers, you. Everythings just real cool ; ]

That was an awesome game last night! 11-3. Looking foward to stay up way late and watch the game on Wednesday.(seeing as how I live in Ohio.) But it’ll all be worth it! (i hope) But I know one day I’ll be sitting in that lovely Dodger Stadium, watching my favorite team play, (Dodgers first, then Indians). The Indians are doing good arn’t they? Hee, hee.😀


much love and respect,


Hey G – I’m with you on the difference between Mike Cameron’s homerun and Kirk Gibson’s. Cameron’s barely fell over the fence close to the foul pole, and Gibson’s was up into the seats in the power alley. The similarity was that both were the results of deceptively short one-handed flicks.

Fact is: Gibson hit 255 HRs in 17 seasons, averaging 25 per 162 games, and Cameron has 213 in 13 seasons, cluding most of this one, and averages 22 per 162 games. They are statistically very similar in batting average, RBI, and stolen bases, for example.

Not to denigrate Gibson: But Cameron’s homerun, while not pretty, wasn’t a fluke. The guy can hit. And like Gibson in ’88, he hit a good pitch, not a gopher ball.

I saw in a rumor article dated 27 August that Gonzo stated he didn’t want to return to the Dodgers if he wasn’t going to play. It noted his contract expires this season and our mission is pretty obviously to cultivate Ethier, Pierre, and Kemp as our next season’s outfield. I like Gonzo and wish him all the best and thank him for a marvelous career in our wonderful game.

Juan Pierre, by the way, even tho he looks like a nine-year-old in a too-big uniform and oversize cap, is 30 years old and 6′, 180 pounds. I still love his approach to the game, even tho he can be colorful in center field now and then.

The way things happen, however, we can’t launch into the season with only three outfielders. For all its leisurely pace, baseball is deceptively violent at times, and the team needs a constant supply of additional guys, especially pitchers, as we’ve seen again this season.

Pitching is still going to be a problem. We have two good outings by David Wells, but we know he won’t be back. Esteban Loaiza looked good monday, but he’s a journeyman. He had a deal with the devil year in 2003, going 21-9 with an ERA of 2.90, but he’s never been anything like that before or since. Without that one season, he’s a break even pitcher with an ERA up around 5.00. He’ll be 36 the last day of the year, and they may give him a look next spring, but we can’t count on him to be a starter.

Had to love Chad Billingsley once again. The kid is growing up before our eyes and he has power and nasty stuff and he might figure huge into next season’s rotation.

So, for next season, we’re going to need a fourth outfielder, some depth on the bench, and pitching, pitching, pitching. I hope Kent comes back. He’s a leader and he still has game left in him and we need guys like him.



You know whats so great about baseball?

1. Being able to play catch with your little brother, ’till the sun sets.

2. Going to a game and listen to your fanatic father, cheering on your favorite team.

3. Watching your heroes form into gods.

4. Experiencing your cousin’s first real up-at-bat, and the look on their face when you tell um’ how grand they were.

5. Sitting at the dinner table and chatting up the last good play, hit or win.

* Talking to grandpa about that 1974, late August game against your rivals, and how “we” kicked their showy behinds.

It’s strange how we remember those days, and not some of the others, just simply because it’s about baseball. And baseball impacts our life all the time. : )

Hey Mike,

I know Gibson was not/is not the greatest hitting phenom. But he was always there in the clutch and it stands in the forefront of my heart & mind. Not that Cameron can’t hit. I never said that. It was just that the last HR looked like it needed a step-ladder to get over the wall. I would much prefer that Cameron stick to the doubles, etc., that he seems to collect against the Dodgers, all the freakin’ time. I hate the Boys having to face him nearly as much as anybody else, and the list is long:

Eric Byrnes

Chad Tracy

Mike Cameron

Ryan Howard

Jimmy Rollins

David Wright

Omar Vizquel

Randy Winn

Carlos Lee

Derek Lee

Chipper Jones

Lance Berkman

Todd Helton

Matt Halliday

Prince Fielder

Craig Counsell

Scott Rolen

Albert Pujols

David Eckstein

Those guy ALL drive me to distraction when they’re in the lineup.

I would be sad to see Gonzo leave the Dodgers. I would love to see him stay here and for the Boys to get another WS ring for him. The problem is that we are overloaded with talent in the outfield. I think that Gonzo knows his days as a Dodger are numbered. I thank him for the time & effort, but the kids are on their way.

Pitching, pitching. I don’t even know what to think now. Loaiza put on a good show, but how consistent is he? I did my homework: 4.60 career ERA, 584 career walks, 1360 strikeouts, but has given up 2308 total hits and 1135 total runs. He’s not exactly the model of consistency. However, if he & Wells can continue to do well enough and the offense doesn’t fade away again, then I would feel confident in saying that the Dodgers would then have 4 viable pitchers instead of just 2. But we all know that a 4 man rotation can be difficult in the post-season, and the question becomes, do you want to bring up a kid and throw him into the lions den just to eat up innings? Billingsley could be that 5th starter, but he has some issues. When he gives up a couple of hits, he loses focus and then things just spiral out of hand.

You’re my godess of love, haha! I checked out the sneek-peek and i’m SOOO excited. I love the stuff you came out with already, but i’m a tall girl with big boobies, and the clothes wouldn’t cover my belly. I love that you’re coming out with long shirts! And the hats are super cute, and don’t have pink or glitter! Woohoo! I can look girlie finally. As I write this, i’m actually wearing my Jackie Robinson little boys shirt. I love it to death, but I look soo tomboy-ish. Anyways, i’m excited for the new stuff!

I love your line of clothes! Im a huge baseball fan, and as a girl it was very hard to find cute clothes for the teams that I love, until your line came out.

I know that you make all your clothes for all the teams but on I can never find the shirts I want with my team on them. I’m a HUGE Padre fan and the site doesnt sell the shirts I want with SD Padres on them. How do I go about getting MLB to sell them? Or is there another place i can purchase the clothing at?

Thanks a lot!

Your fellow girl baseball fanatic! =]


Looks like you’ve got several options for the girls, and their teams.
Dodgers have become an all new team. With the 40-man roster activated, good things are going on. It is becoming more plausible to envision this team making some good headways down the stretch. If you’re only thinking win, place, and show, this team has the ability to be win, win, win!

Good Luck to you, boys in blue…

Hey G – I love your list, and it’s interesting you have some guys with fearsome ability, like Chipper Jones, Scott Rolen, and Albert Pujols, and guys not blessed with great talent but who beat you with grit, like Craig Counsell and David Eckstein.

In addition to the depth and complexity of the game and its bursts of unbelievable action, a lure of baseball is the assortment of characters who play it. In baseball, every player comes up to bat (Boo on the DH rule!) and every player has to make plays in the field.

I was in Dodger Stadium 25 June 2004, when the Angels clobbered them 13-0 and Robin Ventura came in to pitch the top of the ninth inning. He gave up one hit and got three fly ball outs and his stats show he retired with an ERA of 0.00.

Contrary to what my idol Vin Scully keeps saying, I believe as long as the Pods and Hairy-zona play each uther, we will gain a game on one or the uther as long as we win. We are now 3 games behind them both, and wonder of wonders, we have a real shot at catching either or both!

If we make it to post season, it’s going to be pressure city. Penny and Lowe MUST pitch good games every outing, and at least two uther starters will have to rise above their expectations. I think Wells can do it one or two more times, but I don’t know about Loaiza. I would more trust Billingsley to have a good game. If a starter falters and we need a middle reliever, THAT is where we may be doomed.

Speaking of being doomed: Did you see where the Pods signed Brett Tomko? It goes to show you: EVERY team is scratching desperately for one more guy to get them to the finish line.

The Dodgers are playing good again, altho the pundits are more saying the Cubs are folding, as usual, than that the Dodgers are playing good and winning. It’s true the Cubs fold like a roadmap every season, but our guys are getting on base and making things happen. Thin as they are, I still like our chances.


The website I use to look up stats is:

Besides player stats, you can look up teams of any given season by typing “1988 Dodgers”, for instance, into the search box. You can also look up complete box scores and play-by-play of ANY game and there are lists of records, too.

This is where G and I do our homework.


Hi Mike,

Funny that you talked about the Pods & D-Backs playing each other. We watched the game yesterday (well, I was listening on the radio on the way home from work & got home just after Penny’s double) and we (my husband & I) were discussing those 2 teams. I have the same frame of mind as you. As long as AZ & SD continue to trade wins each nite, neither of them go anywhere. In the meantime, we can play the other NL teams and move in closer.

You know what I love about baseball? It’s a thinking man’s/woman’s game. It’s not about brute force. It’s more like chess. Strategy is the name of the game. Mostly. You’ll always have those power hitters & power pitchers, but they don’t rule the game. Thought & process rule baseball. I loved Orel Hershiser for being one of the first pitchers in baseball to keep complete notes on each hitter. I love that Greg Maddux will outsmart & finesse you to get you out. I love that a manager will wait until an opposing player has been announced to make his switch and make the opposing team scramble for the next move. I love the beauty of the All Star Game and the magic of the World Series.

Yes, I heard about Brett Tomko. I’m not surprised, really. I’ll reiterate my previous statement that Tomko has never been a bad pitcher. He had some bad outings and now has no confidence. Hendrickson would’ve been a more logical choice to let go. In a couple of the games that Tomko started this year, he pitched adequately and could have walked off with a couple of wins. But he had the defense behind him fall apart and/or had no run support. I believe that he could’ve done better. I believe that Dodgers are mistaken, in regards to him. For San Diego to pick him up, well, I was as surprised as anyone. But Tomko has a proven track record and enough experience to make him attractive enough for a team to pick up. I also noted, however, that he is not eligible for the post season.

Brad Penny & Derek Lowe will have to carry the staff. I’m interested to see Stults again, tonite. I’m also wondering whether DJ Houlton will get a start. By the by, how nice of David Wells to bring his suspension along with him, especially when these games count. Thank God he’ll be back before the Boys come home. Here’s my guess for the ‘new’ starting rotation:

Brad Penny

Derek Lowe

Esteban Loaiza

David Wells

The 5th starter could be Billingsley, altho I struggle with his propensity to get into a jam and then have to work twice as hard to get out of it. There’s also Stults, but he lacks experience more than anything else. And then there’s the new kid John Meloan, who’s just been called up & here’s his numbers for 2007 in Vegas: Record:2-0, ERA 1.69, APP 14 CG 0, SH 0, 1 Save, 21.1 IP, 12 Hits, 5 Runs, 4 Earned, 2 HR, 9 BB, 21 K, 1 WP.

It’ll be interesting to see how it comes together.

Hey G – It was, I believe, Steve “Psycho” Lyons of the Dodgers road broadcast team who observed that when a young kid pitcher (Billingsley) gets into a jam, his natural instinct is to try to throw HARDER and bear down more.

In many cases, this only produces wildness and makes things worse. It was either Grady Little or Rick Honeycutt who noted a kid in that situation should trust his stuff. It’s probably an old clich but it makes sense. Russell Martin is already veteran enough to go out and calm the kid down and remind him not to overthrow and try to blow every batter away.

Alas, I think less of Tomko than you do. His problem looks to me more long-term and deeper than a temporary loss of confidence. I don’t wish the guy ill, and he had some good outings for the Dodgers, but it just suddenly deserted him and he walked guys and got lathered and it happened nearly every time he went out there.

I like Wells in the rotation at this point because I don’t think HE has lost it and he’ll muster up whatever he has left and give it his best shot. Unlike Tomko, he really IS a terrific pitcher.

Didn’t know Meloan had such good numbers at Las Vegas. Only 12 hits in 21.1 innings and 21 Ks to only ONE walk are both VERY interesting stats!

If we keep WINNING, we can make this happen!


Ooops. Mis-read your stats line, but still, 21 Ks and only NINE walks is superb control pitching.

No way to edit a flubbed entry once you post it. Sorry about that.

It was that photo of Alyssa next to the edit frame which distracted me. Can you blame me?



I wish I knew what type of advice to suggest for a kid pitcher in trouble, but I don’t. I played 3rd base forever and never pitched a day in my life.

I remember hearing Psycho saying something like that, but he’s probably not the only one. I’m sure I’ve heard Vinny saying it my whole life. And you’re right, being rattled does lend itself to wildness and lots of walks.

The thing I find to be very interesting about Billingsley is that when he gets into a jam, he rattles easily, but somewhere along the way he has managed to work out of it with little to no damage in a fairly efficient manner. It’s the heart attacks in between pitches that make me crazy.

I’d like to think that Meloan might get at least one start in, at some point in this last part of the season. Unless it becomes a bigger brawl for a playoff spot. Or unless someone else goes down, God forbid! I would LOVE to see him, even if it’s just once. Let’s have a look at that arm!

As for Tomko, well, I tend to lean toward the eternal optimism of Tommy Lasorda. Ok, well, not about everything, ‘cuz there are a few here & there who could leave and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over, but Tomko’s been around a long time. I don’t think he’s washed up.

Hey! So I just found out about your Touch line and spent some time checking out all the products at Buuuut, I have a suggestion, is there anyway you would make clothing for other sports: NBA, NFL, etc? Most of the female fanwear produced by other companies looks so silly and unflattering, and I need some Denver Nuggets wear that I can rock! Great stuff- hope you’re considering it!

Hello Alyssa,

With the Touch business, your chasing my dreams too. My life dream has always been to own my own business. I have tried a few ideas of my own but have not been able to come up with enough time, energy and funds away from my job with the Army to get anything off the ground. So what I admire about you the most is your success in business. I surely realize you have put mega time money and effort into touch and you’ve worked hard to capitalize on your opportunities. As CEO of Touch, your living a dream come true for me.

P.S. Saw on-line somewhere you said you spent 4 hours working on one of your blog messages. I knew you knocking yourself out on this blog. Least I can do for you in return is try out your merchandise.

Hey G – I was a hot corner guy myself. I had pretty good hands and a good arm, but was too slow afoot to play middle infield or outfield. I was not big and was fairly quick, but just slow afoot. I could hit a little.

I pitched once, but I was 12 and all we did in Little League in those days was just throw. I guess now they have signs and 10- and 12-year-olds try to throw breaking balls and changeups.

Clich or not, I love that line: Trust your stuff. Never mind bearing down or trying to throw harder and burn every batter out. You’re in the big leagues now. Just go with the stuff which got you here.

Hart, the kid Piniella brought in tuesday night, had the yips and walked his first batter, but settled down and made a good showing. I always try to imagine what that would be like – to be 21 or 22 years old and find yourself in a big league ballgame.

I’d probably have a lot worse than the yips.

I met Tommy twice and sat thru part of a game with him back when the Dodgers had Fred McGriff. I guarantee he knows the fine points, and was noting how Hideo Nomo had to come off the mound after each pitch so the batter didn’t dump a successful bunt up the third base line. Nomo didn’t, and the batter did.

The game is SO intricate and marvelous!


A- What do you think about the new iPods being named iPod Touch?


Intricate & marvelous! Good way to put it and I couldn’t agree more. The strategy, the ins & outs, the plays, the pitches, the setup of the fielders, all of it is simply wonderful!

The yips. HA! I can’t even imagine. I’m excited when we’re on the freeway and I can see the stadium up on the hill. If that gives me the yips, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to try to pitch in front of 50K people.

I began to play the hot corner when I was 14. I orginally played 2nd base, but my coach moved me. He said, “You throw too hard to play 2nd. You’re gonna take her (the 1st baseman) head off!” Been playing 3rd ever since and have been much happier there. As an adult, I’ve still played, from time to time, on co-ed teams and still love it just as much.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Tommy Lasorda, but my Dad did, when the Triple A club was still in Albuquerque. Tommy autographed a Dukes program for my Dad, chatted with him some and had a wonderful visit. When my dad told me, I told him that program needs to belong to me. I still don’t have it yet.

However, I was at Photo Day at Dodger Stadium this year and it was shortly after the Dodgers had played Milwaukee and Mariano Duncan had gotten into a war of words with the 3rd base coach for the Brewers. We all saw it on TV and had a little bit of a laugh that Duncan had to be restrained by Prince Fielder. At Photo Day, Mariano & Dave Jauss were 2 of the first Dodgers to come around. I just HAD to ask, so I said, “Hey Mariano! Heard from the Brewers lately?” He looked at me and said, “What?” I said, “We all saw you on TV. We know you wanted to fight!” He looked at me innocently, as Dave Jauss laughed, and said, “Me? I don’t fight with anyone!” It was fun & I got some great pictures.

I’ve met some players at the stadium, and out of it. I am pleased to say that I met Tim Crews a couple of years before the tragic boating accident with other players from the Cleveland Indians. Genuinely nice, stopped to talk and take pictures.

So, any bets on how Stults will do tonite? I’ll be catching at least the first 3 innings on the radio during the drive home.

Hey G – Didn’t get your note until after the game, but that is about what I expected. Stults is a good kid, but the Cubs aren’t dead yet. It’s true they fold like a roadmap every season (I’m originally from downstate Illinois.), but they have some pop left. Didn’t expect Lilly to mow the Dodgers down like that. He deserved the ovation he received.

I played MUCH co-ed slow pitch softball when I was with two different puter companies in LA. I played mostly third base and even caught some. When I got old enough I started making a fool of myself, I managed the team for a couple of years.

It wasn’t much like big league play, but it was a form of my beloved game I could still play for many years.

Speaking of catching: Martin made a bonehead baserunning blunder. As a catcher, he should have known the thing to do was either slide feet first or plow into the catcher, not try that ol trick which ripped his knee.

Makes you wonder. He’s done the same thing on the baselines two uther times in the past few days.

I was hoping to see Nomah, and I hope we’ll see him tomorrow. Wonder what kind of reception he’ll get from the Cubs fans?

I bumped into Steve Sax at a carwash in Canoga Park one day, and met him later when he was signing autographs at the Red Cross. Cost me a pint of O+ to get his signature on my 1981 World Series baseball.

It was worth it.


move to Riad and do your **** there arabianhorse. And be a man: don’t complain about the bill you pay!

Distasteful but remains on topic? Do you even have any idea where you are? This is the Blog of Alyssa Milano, where she discusses her *touch* line, baseball and the Dodgers! You’re not even close to being on topic. Good God. Please go do that somewhere else so the rest of us who wish to discuss baseball can do so.

Fellow Fans,

The wheels fell off the cart last nite & was dragged thru the mud. I haven’t seen the Boys play that fast & loose with the baseball in ages. It disturbs me greatly.

Stults hit better than he pitched and I would’ve sworn that last nite, Wrigley was as big as Comerica Park with all the balls dropping in & going over heads for hits. I’m distressed by the inability of certain parts of the bullpen. Grady pulls Biemel & brings in Hendrickson. 1 pitch, another hit. And another. And another run. Then he brings in Hernandez. Oh good! Even better! 1 pitch, another hit. And another. And another run.

I couldn’t stand it. I stopped watching in the 7th. Besides, Mythbusters was coming on shortly after that.

To Mike,

I’m unhappy that Martin is hurt. But on the other hand, we could all see for a while now that he’s tired & a little rundown. Fatigue keeps you from thinking straight. Doesn’t excuse the blunder. He gets paid a lot to know what to do & how to do it, so yes, he should’ve known better. Hopefully it’s not anything that will continue to hamper him and that a little rest will do him some good. On a more positive note, Lieberthal did a commendable job last nite & he can still get that ball to 2nd and/or 3rd in a hurry & accurately.

I met Sax when I was 15. I couldn’t even speak, I was so in AWE of him. He was very gracious to my family & I. I have the pictures, most of his baseball cards. I’m jealous you have an ’81 WS baseball.

The best face-to-face exeperience I’ve ever had was with Tommy Davis, but I think I told that story once already. Wonderful man!

My understanding is that Nomar, even tho off the DL, is available for limited pinch hitting use at this stage. And, did you see Meloan last nite? Wow. This guy is the next phenom? He better step up that game ‘cuz what I saw last nite did not match the stats I posted the other day. I was a little disappointed. I’m glad he’s young and has time to work on things.

I’m glad Wells will be back this weekend. I’m glad Derek Lowe is pitching tonite & I found out yesterday that a girlfriend of mine bought tickets to one of the games vs. the Pods next week & I’m very excited to go! My husband & the kids & I are also going to the last home game on Sept 30. We were at the same game last year & saw Nomar hit a GS in the bottom of the 9th to win it. My 8 yr old thinks Nomar is God, now. I haven’t yet decided whether or not to tell him that it’s not so. He asked me, about a year ago, why is the sky blue? I told him it’s because God is a Dodger fan.

Bonjour ma belle,

I’m very sad that Martin is hurt, but not surprise that it happend…it’s now the time to say “I told you so, Grady !”

Very unhappy about yesterday’s game.

Meloan,just one word WOW.



Dear Alyssa,
I?m a 17 year old girl from Greece. As a member of the SS family I read your posts frequently. I have to tell you that I love the creative way you express your love about baseball. I like the fact that (as you said) you are not just a fun, you are a fanatic!

I first learn about baseball at school when I was gum teacher was a Dodger fun

And she taught us how to play baseball. I love it from the 1st day. And since I tried to learn as more as I could about it. I?ve seen a lot of games but only from the TV.

I love your clothing line and I really hope in the future it?ll have even more success.

I?m not one of your consumers yet since the line is only in America. I really wish we

Could have it here too, but I know that?s not possible. But I want you to know that one day I?ll come to watch a game and I?ll buy sth. That is a promise to you and to myself. One day I?ll post my pic with a Touch shirt in the SS board.

Your line makes me proud for being a woman!!! Thank you for that!

I really hope you read this. Cause it was from my heart!

With all my love

And respect,


Your fanatic!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Big won! 7-4 and the kids were great today! That’s what I’m talking about!

Oh shoot. Big win, I meant to say.

I was so upset about the dodgers losing on my birthday but they made up for it today!! I just wish I could have seen the game!!

Are you kidding me? Signing Esteban Loaiza, David Wells and Shea Hillenbrand doesn’t make your team better.
1. Loaiza (or Lousy as I call him) hasn’t done anything since going 21-9 for the White Sox a few years ago. **** when he came to the Yankees he was God awful.

2 David Wells is way past it. Almost to the point of becoming a joke.

3. Shea Hillenbrand is the poster boy for being a pain in the ***. He got booted out of Toronto for being a jerk and he didn’t exactly endear himself to the Giants fans. This guy is on his fifth team in about seven years.

The Dodgers are 2.5 out of the wildcard and will be hard pressed to make it

And by the way, didn’t you grow up on Staten Island? Doesn’t that make you a Yankee or a Met fan? For shame.

Unfortunately, in response to your comment of “Onward!” the team is now going backward.

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