Separated at birth


Happy 80th birthday on Friday to Tommy Lasorda. 50,000 of these bobbleheads on the left will be given away at Dodger Stadium that night to celebrate it. Do you see a resemblance?

Tommy and Me — a *touch ’em all* rerun from the April 16 post.

Updated 9/14: Pictured below watching Yankees vs. Pirates in June 2005. (AP Photo)



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Wow. Tommy is looking fantastic these these days.

Hey Alyssa – I certainly NOPE there’s no resemblence between these two!

One of them is a wonderful man who’s brought happiness to millions of people over fifty years or more.

I’ve met Tommy on two occasions and he is funny and nice and an incredible gentleman. He hosted me and my then-92-year-old mom in his skybox during a game. On that same occasion, we bumped into Vin Scully coming out of the broadcast booth after the game.

He, too, is a marvelous gentleman and class act!

We are fortunate to have two of baseball’s finest guys and all-time legends.

Now for a pitcher or two ….


Small resemblence between the two

No, I…wait. Umm..*studies pictures* No. I just don’t see the resemblance. Maybe you need to get your eyes checked. =D

Tell him happy bday for me.

Until next time,

Luv ya,


That is really neat that they are going to do that on his birthday. Wow 80 years old. That is a long time. I wish him 20 more years at best that way he will see 100. I hope you get one of those bobble heads.
PS can some one tell me who the guy in the photo is, He looks familiar but I can not remember his name.



haha maybee. slight resemblence ;]. haha.hilarious. Happy 80th Tommy!!

Alyssa, that is just too classic! That bobble looks like clinton alot more than Tommy! LOL Alvin

I guess I see some resemblence yes; although I think the bobble head is better looking. The one on the right might become the first first man in US history! While at the same time being Mr. president! I saw Tommy Lasorda at a Dodger game maybe 5 years ago or so when my friend took us there and we also met Vin Scully. We pigged out in the press box on Dodger dogs and I was amazed at how down to earth and humble Vin Scully was. I could hardly believe I was standing there talking to him. About 7 years before that I was working at a hotel near Disneyland when they had a modeling convention at the Anaheim convention center, next the the Hilton hotel. I worked as a valet and they made me open the doors that day for people. A short grey haired man approached with a foot taller blonde woman on each arm. I recognized the short balding man as Tommy Lasorda, so I opened the door for them and asked; “hey aren’t you Tommy Lasorda?” He looked at me eye to eye and said “yeah” I should have said welcome to the Hilton but I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say so I just opened the door for them and let them all go in. Anyway so much for my celebrity sitings. Have you had anybody do something like that to you?

Happy 80th Birthday, Santa-Tommy-Billibob… Sorta…

Thank you for participating in Alyssa’s dream for the children of Mattel Children’s Hospital.

And thank you for writing to us, Alyssa. It’s always great to hear from you.

Have a great week,


Weird,maybe they were separated at birth…


So you’re a Clinton fan?

Hello Alyssa,okay,Happy Birthday to Tommy Lasorda.Eighty years of life is a great achievement.I appreciate.

LOL.. i can see some resemblance between the two…😀
Happy Birthday Tommy!


Natty82 (ss/cl)

Bonjour ma belle,

“I bleed Dodger blue and when I die, I’m going to the big Dodger in the sky.” – Tommy Lasorda

?When our memories outweigh our dreams, we have grown old.?- Bill Clinton

Two different men from two different worlds but each one very unique and immense personalities, Happy Birthday Tommy.

Did you see David ORTIZ last night ?, wow?

And nice victory for the Dodgers also?


Tembrasse fort,


PS : Have a great weekend

Maybe with some sort of humor.
Kind regards,

Dr. Bruce Banner

Hi Alyssa,

Lol ! Yes, I see a resemblance.

Happy Birthday Tommy !

Lots of love,


Hey Alyssa – I see on the site fans can vote for their all-time favorite LA Dodgers player at each position and the all-time team will be named as part of the celebration of 50 years in LA.

This week is first basemen.

While Eddie Murray is by far the most fearsome player of those named, he played only three seasons here and shouldn’t be the LA Dodgers all-time first baseman.

The obvious choice is Steve Garvey. His stats and accomplishments exceed both Gil Hodges (who did not play in LA) and Bill Buckner, and his snub by the Hall of Fame voters is incredible.

I’m voting for Garvey. Next week is second basemen. Let us know who YOU like!


Oh my goodness. The resemblance of the bobble head and Bill clinton is uncanny! that’s too funny! again…Love the pic of you and tommy…eventhough it is a little CREEPY. **** no offense but I would not want to be sitting on that santa’s lap. haha



Ooops. Hodges DID play four seasons in LA, but it was at the end of his career and he did not post the same numbers he put up while in Brooklyn.


Hi Alyssa!!! I love you, I’m your BIGGEST FAN (and I mean it!)! Please come to Greece!? And just to be on topic I see the reseblance! Happy birthday Tommy!

Oh Alyssa, can you visit this site? It’s about you!

Thank you!

Wish I could go to a Dodgers Game. I have only been to LA one time and that was for 1991 Rose Bowl. The Hawkeyes have to be in the Rose Bowl to get me out there. I know if I was to meet Alyssa Milano at an autograph session or something 1 of 4 things would happen:
1. I would forget the entire English language and talk pig laten the whole time. Then go to sign language trying to tell her I’m an original message board peeps.

2. Have a Heart Attack and get wheeled away in an ambulance before my touch jersey was autographed.

3. Faint and get carried away by Alyssa’s bodyguard. Wake up in Dodgers Sick Bay.

4. Cry like a baby with snot dripping down my nose while holding tight to a Teddy Bear. Unfortunately I’m a middle aged man.

I dunno maybe I should stay home and order my Slick Willy/Lasorda Bobble Head on-line.

pmsl Thats freaky that is! lol

Visiting Dodger Stadium is one of my dreams… as you might imagine, being from Mexico we feel close to the Dodgers

By the way, great win yesterday by “Boomer”


Nice pic today, Alyssa.

I see President Clinton and President Carter, but where’s Tommy?😉

Oops, I’m a little bit late late :-S but Happy Birthday to Tommy Lasorda, he looks so kind!

Your message is very funny, thank you Alyssa.


Well, one thing that they have in common is that they are both “dodgers.”

WOW! They look like twins! Must have been seperated at birth huh? lol
Thanks for the laugh!


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