New role: TBS Hot Corner on

Hi, guys! I just wanted to share this exciting news with you all, and it includes a couple of pictures from my first day on the job…

For release:  September 13, 2007
TBS Scores Alyssa Milano for Online MLB Postseason Reporting Role
Actress Alyssa Milano to serve as correspondent for TBS Hot Corner on

TBS, exclusive home of the MLB Division Series and National League Championship Series (NLCS), announced today that Alyssa Milano will serve as an online personality for the network?s new baseball broadband channel, TBS Hot Corner on  Milano, whose extensive acting career has included television roles on Charmed, Melrose Place and Who?s the Boss? and was recently added as a reoccurring character on My Name is Earl, will be featured regularly on the channel providing reports and special features from ballparks across the country.  A longtime LA Dodgers fan and season-ticket holder, Milano is a baseball enthusiast who currently pens the Touch ?Em All blog on, the official website of Major League Baseball, at  The blog, which has attracted nearly 400,000 unique visitors in its first season, was cited as one of the top celebrity blogs by Entertainment Weekly.  Additionally, in 2007 she launched the clothing line Touch, specializing in women?s MLB apparel. Her latest film, Pathology, will be released by MGM in late November.

"This is a dream job,? said Milano. ?I am looking forward to bringing baseball fans a unique, insiders perspective on the game we love and I’m appreciative to TBS and for this amazing opportunity.?

Beginning Sept. 17, Milano will contribute regular reports and features from MLB parks as teams battle it out for postseason contention.  From interviews with players, coaches and fans, to features on calorie counting at the park and the best in baseball attire, Milano will serve as the hands-on roving reporter giving fans the inside-the-stadium scoop from a mix of American and National League ballparks.

?Alyssa Milano has been a popular figure in the world of entertainment for a number of years and we?re excited to pair her star power with her passion for baseball to give fans an insiders look at the MLB postseason,? said Jeff Ogan, Turner Sports senior director of production.  ?In her role on TBS Hot Corner she?ll take fans behind-the-scenes from the clubhouse to the concession stands, offering entertaining reports on all things baseball like only she can.?

In addition to the on-demand daily news reports and live webcasts found on TBS Hot Corner, beginning Oct. 3 the channel will also feature multiple streams of exclusive coverage from MLB match-ups carried on TBS, including a unique ?Dugout Cam? that will give fans a birds-eye view inside both team dugouts during each game.  Additional on-field cameras will be announced upon the Oct. 3rd launch.  TBS Hot Corner launched exclusively on on Sept. 10 and joins other Turner Sports new media properties, including,, and TNT OverTime on

Recognize the wording?
TBS television announcers, who include baseball Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr. (studio analyst) and Tony Gwynn (game analyst), two-time Emmy award-winning host Ernie Johnson, and Chip Caray (play-by-play), will also contribute regular features to the channel. The studio show featuring Ripken and Johnson will be available on-demand on TBS Hot Corner following the live telecasts.  TBS begins coverage of the Division Series on Wed., Oct. 3.

Turner Sports, Inc., a Time Warner company, presents some of the best and most popular sporting events worldwide and is a leader in televised sports programming.  With events airing on TBS and TNT, Turner Sports? line-up includes NASCAR and NASCAR.COM, the NBA, Major League Baseball, professional golf, and

TBS, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., is television?s ?very funny? network.  It serves as home to such hot contemporary comedies as Sex and the City, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, King of Queens, Seinfeld and Friends; original comedy series like My Boys, The Bill Engvall Show, 10 Items or Less and Frank TV (working title); first-run series like Tyler Perry?s House of Payne; specials and special events, such as Funniest Commercials of the Year and The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas; blockbuster movies; and hosted movie showcases.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a TimeWarner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment product around the world and the leading provider of programming to the basic cable industry.

# # #


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I have a great idea for a story about a fan😉

Check out my MLBlog

Over 2800 baseballs caught at Major League Games and I am going after game home run ball #100!

If it was any other female celebrity, I’d have thought it was simply a marketing ploy to gain a larger base of male viewers.🙂 I’m glad they went for not just looks but intelligence and a true love for baseball.

Looking forward to seeing the show.


Wow, if this is not good news, there never has been good news in the world!
‘can’t await September 17.

PS.: and I would love to have one of those green-white t-shirts you wear above!


Hey Alyssa

That’s great news! I’m really excited for you, wow you sure know how to keep yourself busy don’t you🙂..

As I said in one of your earlier posts you truly deserve all this succes and I couldn’t be more happy for you, good luck and congratulations with this fantastic new job.



p.s great pictures love the green-white shirt!

Congratulations Alyssa!!!🙂

I hope you have a great time with your exciting new dream job.

Your pictures, as always, are amazing.

Have a great weekend,


Hello !

Oh, I’m so happy for you, this is a great great news, because we all know how much you love baseball.

So, Good luck !!

And Thank you very much for this beautiful pictures, you look lovely😉

With kindest regards…


Bonsoir ma belle,

Wow, you spoil us, 3 entries in such a short time, we must be so good !!!

I?m going to be in Boston, October 18th until November first, hope you are going to be at Fenway during that period.

If you report as superb as you write, you are going a remarkable correspondent ?cross my fingers.

PS : Superbe photo ma belle, nice t-shirt !!!

Tembrasse fort,


Oups, pardon..

…your are going to be a remarkable..

YAY!!!!!!!! ALYSSA🙂

I’ll bet excited doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel right now. This is soo great I’m soo happy for you sweet lady I could bust🙂

Share your love of this great game



Sooooooooo happy to hear about your job Alyssa! Congrats!!!
Hope you get out to Chase Field in Arizona….

Much love.


OMG Alyssa!!
I am so excited for you I can?t stop smiling. I know you are going to be great. I hope to see some of it. I have not heard of the show My Name is Earl, but I will make sure to tune in now and maybe I will get to catch a glimpse of you. Okay enough said time for you to go celebrate with your family.

Love, Makayla

ps i reapate every thing Gary say.

Do you ever sleep?? lol where do you get the time to do all this amazing stuff? And here I am thinking I had it tough with school. But you are so lucky to be able to work with something you love.. baseball. I am really happy for you!! And I love your hair!! and your top!

Love reading your blogs!🙂


sorry that is supposed to be repeat. I am so excited I can’t type right
oh and I too love your shirt. Santosha vane ki baseball

Peace love and baseball. You go girl. Ok I promise i done writing now. It is 300 here and I have to do homework anyway YUCK!!

Hi Alyssa,

I’m so happy for you !!! Congratulations !!!

You looks so beautiful. Thanks a lot for these very lovely pics !

I think you do very amazing things, I’m so proud of you !

Lots of love,


This is FANtastic. Cant wait for this to get started. And OMG Cubs have to win now since that could bring AJM to Chicago.

Love the Chuck Taylor tennis shoes Alyssa! If you wore Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars to your first day on the job, your off to a good start!

Hey, congratulations on the new job! I was this close last summer to taking an internship with MLB, but declined. Who would of thought you’d get to work with Cal Ripken (one of my childhood heroes)?!?!?

If (and when) the Cubs make it to the postseason, be sure to give a shout out to me!

Thanks for the great blogs, though I wish you were a Cubs fan.



Congratulations Alyssa. Very few people ever get to have their dream job. You will bring a freshness and a new perspective to the playoffs.


Congrats on that, wow I can’t wait. Well I can’t wait for the playoffs to start but this just ads to it…LOL… This is really cool…

Also You do look great with your hair long in the photos..

I’m still rooting for a freeway world series… Lets keep them crossed..

Your Favorite Angel fan,



Now if all those great things you’ve done doesn’t get you out of bed, then this certainly will!!!!!!

You’ve put a smile on over 4000,000 people worldwide all at once!!! how many people can say that???!!!!!???

make sure you put copies of that top your wearing in the stores, from these comments, they’ll sell like hot cakes!

All the best hun,

Kind Regards,

Just Jo


Congratulation again, on “My Name Is Earl” and a reporter for MLB, WOW. This has to be the coolest job ever for you. Doing something you are truly passion about which is baseball and your team the Dodges. I’ll be tuned in.


Awesome news Alyssa! This years playoffs will be the best ever! Maybe your Dodgers will get the wild card. It’s not too late!🙂 Alvin

Congratulations Alyssa. Have you been to Milwaukee before? You are going to have a blast covering the Brewers in October. Get ready for the biggest party ever.


I just wanted to give you the BIGGEST HUGS and say congrats. I know you must be on cloud nine.

Who knows maybe one day soon you’ll make it to Busch stadium and we can argue Dodgers, Cardinals, or Mets. LOL

I love and miss you!


So far I’ve liked what I have seen on the Hot Corner. Now it’s going to be even better! Way to go, Alyssa.

I just wanted to send you a big hug full of great wishes for this new and wonderful job!

It’s always rewarding to hear about intelligent and enthusiastic female fans who understand and enjoy this beautiful game, and Im sure you will bring a great perspective into Hot Corner.

On another subject, I absolutely fell in love with you in “Charmed” 🙂

greetings from Mexico


talk about getting BUSY, way to go Alyssa…😀
I know the feeling when you do something you really like… its like when you get up in the morning even if you’re sleepy you wanted to go sooo bad..😀

and the color of your hair is amazing and the waves gives it more life more than when you do it straight… (well, its just what i like)😀

anyways.. wish you all the luck in everything you do…


USA Today has a quite OK article on the subject:

And you signed for your next movie too?! – :

You are definitely a girl who can not sit back and do nothing, are you?

I run a baseball website ( and would like to interview you. The site has been up and running 5 years and counting.

I already have a preset list of questions that you can answer at your convenience. The questions involve the Dodgers, baseball in general, your new gigs with TBS and “Earl”, and a little about your acting career.

As a fellow baseball fanatic, your comments would be greatly appreciated on my site. Please contact me if you would like to do the interview.



Alyssa, Longtime fan here. It’s meeeee! Geno! Can you make my life? Visit my blog at and post a quick hello? Please?🙂 Take care,

Congrats alyssa im sure youll do a great job. What a race in the wild card the padres, phillies rockies dodgers all seperated by 2 and a half games. well good luck.


“If the Mets can win the World Series, the United States can get out of Vietnam!” Tom Seaver, 15. October 1969
Just stumbled over this cool quote.

Sorry, was the 16th October. Who cares…

hey alyssa,
cant wait for the show, love the shirt!! i totally wantt one!!


Hi Alyssa,that is exciting news.I’m glad to hear of your new opportunities and I’m eager to add them to my collection of your public works.You are a special person of theatric talent with a wonderful personality.The new pictures of you are extremely beautiful.Pure beauty is one of the many great attributes you possess.I’m always happy to see pictures of you and always waiting to see new pictures of you.I’m enthusiastic and appreciate the opportunities to type comments to you on this website.I respect your beauty and your life.I admire you.Thank you.

Cnngratulations on the new job with TBS. Not only do you get to take a baseball road trip but it’s at the best time of the year. Have fun with it and I hope you get to visit Philadelphia during the new job. If you’re doing reports on calorie counting I read that Citizens Bank Park was ranked as the most vegetarian-friendly ballpark in North America by PETA.


wow, congratulations Alyssa! I’m so happy for you🙂 You sure know how to keep busy, don’t you?😉
take care



You, are beautiful.

Thank you.


Congratulations, love. That is so exciting. I hope you have a wonderful time doing this. Actually, I KNOW you’ll have a blast. I’ll keep my ears open for ya!

Until next time,

Love ya,


Happy for you – Alyssa.
Sounds like a real dream job for you. But, then again, only so many weeks to go. Have fun with it. Big Kudos.


Congratuations, Alyssa! My favorite team is the Chicago Cubs, but if I wasn’t a Cubs fan I would probably be a Dodgers fan for many reasons. First and foremost, and this is no bull, Jackie Robinson. The Dodgers organization in Brooklyn and Los Angeles has had an outstanding record on integrating African-American, Latino, Mexican, and Asian ballplayers for the past 60 years. Did you get a chance to watch the HBO documentary on the Brooklyn Dodgers last month? It was fascinating. I’m happy that you are now part of the Dodger family. Best of luck to you, Alyssa!

Lol! Very interesting quote johannes! I never heard that one before.

Oh Alyssa ! I am very very very happy for you, I am sure that you will be perfect in this role !

I admire you, I wish you much happiness and success for your news activities !!

Allan, one of your larger fan, a fan who respects you.

hi Alyssa!
oh im really happy for all stuff that’s happend in you life know!

and i think you will be perfect for this role!

and very beautiful pictur of you, i adore you. you ar so sweet! <3′

i wish you so much happiness and success for all the new things hos happen to you!

thank you for your fantastik blog, keep doing!

lots of love / jennie <3′

I just started a blog today. If you or anyone else wants to check it out, it is at

Thanks! Have a great week!

I love reading your blogs!

I have had such trouble in being a female baseball fan, and I was really excited to discover your blog. It was comforting for me to see another woman enjoying the game as much as I do. A lot of guys at my school (Florida State University) don’t understand why I love the sport as much as I do. But, I know that it doesn’t matter what they say, as long as I’m a fan of my team(s).

So, again, thanks for being an inspiration to all the female fans of Baseball.

Congratulations on the TBS job, that is absolutely wonderful!! You’ll be brilliant!


Kara Funcheon❤

P.S. are you going to be selling the “Peace, Love and Baseball” shirts? Because they’re amazing. :]

Hi Alyssa,___Apparently I’m getting better at using my computer. As you might know, you are not on anymore. So like I’ve done all my life, when I’m looking for a girl, I search for her. And lo & behold, I found you. I have to tell you I didn’t read this blog because it’s very late here in NY, but I will at an earlier time. Well the team has battled back and we have a shot. 2 1/2 games out of the wild card as I type this. As I tell everybody else, DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP.

Hello Alyssa,

Thrilled to see your blog still exists (I used to see it on the site). I was wondering if having to do some “objective” reporting will be tough for you, being such a Dodger loyalist (as I am). Regardless, we Dodger fans always know where your heart is. As for you personally, you gave me a high five at the game on Saturday (we beat the Snakes, great game by DLowe). You were so **** sweet, it’s like you don’t let the celebrity thing get to your head. D’s winning and getting a high five from prettiest Dodger fan, priceless! Thanks again. J. Russell.

Bonjour Alyssa!
I am a french fan of baseball, unfortunately this wonderful sport is not enough shown on the TV in France. This summer, I realized my dream when I went for the first time in a baseball stadium in Toronto (bluejays), it was amazing! By the same time I follow your perfect career and I am very glad to read your blog. Do you know if “touch” will be sold in Europe? (in France?). Thanks to be simply you. Love you. Congratulation for all your humanitarian engagements.

Clothilde, a french fan…


Wow, this must have been the best year for you in a long time, between some of your charity work, your TOUCH line taking off like it did, the success of this blog, getting back into primetime TV, and now this regular baseball segment you will have.

Let’s see, a role-model, humanitarian, movie star, TV actress phenom, clothing entrepeneur, and now sports journalist.

About the only thing you could do for an encore is become the first woman President. So when are you running???

Congrats on everything.

You’re perfect for the part of correspondent. I didn’t know until now you would be on Earl. I know you have performed in a comedy role in the past but it will be interesting to see your role in a different type of comedy. Good luck. When it rains it pours. This is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Congrats on everything! Can’t wait to see it! & I can’t wait to see you on My name is Earl! This has been a great year for you! Well, looking forward to seeing everything you’re throwing at us fans!🙂

By the way, your pictures are gorgeous!


what great ….. am so happy for u alyssa … am so happy and your new pics so amazing … with all my love to u hugs


from kuwait

woo-hoo! nice job, babe. rep the brook like a champ.

-brooklyn frank

Hey Alyssa, is everything OK?
You have been missing yesterday, haven’t you?

Last time I checked was 6.00h in the morning GMT, then I was a little concerned.


Congradulations , Alyssa_____I’m looking forward to seeing you on TBS, believe me , you’re the only girl in baseball I follow around. Oh incidentally, I picked you up a lot easier clicking “Post a Dodger Blog” right on the Dodger Website. It took me a while, I’m still new at this(it happened quite accidentally). So you haven’t gone anywhere, Have You?

Hey, little request for a feature, or side episode. Could you explore the different bats that players use?

Such as does a big guy choose a Frank Howard model, or a shortstop use a Maury Wills?

Or Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. What peculiar style was that bat that Big Papi gave to Vladi during the All Star Home Run Derby?

Do players always check themselves that the label is pointing straight up, if not down, because the grain of the wood is better on that side?

If nothing else, it could be an extra reason for you to be in the dugout, with the guys.

Many thanks if you can. That latest photo says a whole lotta Va-Va-Voom!

Luv Ya

Ms. Alyssa WOW!!!

I just saw you on TBS hot corner you where wonderful!! I can’t wait to see more. keep up the great work.

love, Makayla

Congratulations Alyssa, I’m sure you will do great at it.

That was soooo sweet, Alyssa.
Your voice sounds, as if one could hear your heartbeat!

You are entirely natural, same way you do the acting, nothing exaggerated and nothing artificial; just you and a subject that fills you with enthusiasm! I watched it 3 times one after another, because it was too short for me. I am so looking forward for your next clip!



Another two weeks in baseball…

Just got back from my cabin back in the woods and was looking forward to sitting down and catching the double header when I pulled up your sight.Just goes to show you can’t go away for two weeks without the whole world just marching along without you.

Congratulations on the new job (jobs it seems what with Earl)and I wish you all the best.

Cursed Rockies are breaking my heart after the first game so I guess I need to cheer louder for the second.

The diversity of mail on this baseball blogs always made it kind of special in my mind and made for some interesting readings sometimes. I’m not sure who moderates this page but I’d like to shake their hand for keeping all the trolls away and making it consistently enjoyable.

Big Poppi said it best about the Yanks…”they’ve been playing good…they’re not messing around.” I agree… and that comes hard from these Red Sox lips of mine, but we need to give them their due.

Good luck with all the upcoming work, show ’em your stuff.

Speaking of heartburn… Toronto is giving it to me at the moment…


So what happened to the DODGERS BLOG? ALL I read now is news about Senorita Alyssa? Clothes? tributes? hmm… 11 days left and no talk about the wildcard.. no talk about the crazy double header the dodgers just lost. 4.5 games back and with Tony Gwynn’s comments yet exciting… not very realistic. TBS corner doesn’t really support the dodger race to the wildcard. hmm…. what happened? I flew to LA for TOmmy’s birthday and went to the game… 1st baseline seats and caught me a foul ball. Happy birthday TOmmy. It was great to see you.

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