Whats hot? The TBS Hot Corner on MLB.com!

It was a heartbreaking day yesterday for our boys in blue and those who love them.

My first installment of HOT CORNER ON MLB.COM is up! Check it out and let me know what you think. Also, if you have any ideas for segments please share them with me. With my involvement, I want to bring you fans what you want to see.


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I loved your tour of Dodger Stadium. It was really neat to see all the retired jerseys. I remember Gibson hitting that home run & trying to get around the bases. I especially liked the part where you said you wave to Jackie Robinson’s picture & then rub his belly 4 times.

It would be nice to see the eating facilities at the stadiums & also the shops where one can buy team stuff, yours included.

Hello Alyssa

I am one of your fans Frenchwomen and I made a point of saying to you that your report was really brilliant, thanks to you I could discover Baseball which is not a sport that we have in France and I regret it because it is a formidable sport really thank you with you!!

Good Luck for the continuation!! SoSo

Great job on your first installment Alyssa. I’m looking forward to your next one. It would be nice if you could do interviews of our boys in blue.

As for the Dodgers, I hope we can take the next two game and split the series. Go Dodgers!

Alyssa – Loved the tour of Dodger Stadium. As the mother of 2 small boys I am always interested in things to keep them interested during the games, they still have pretty short attention spans. Stories about the players always help, but it would be cool to find out if any stadiums have kids activities before or after the games, not just on kids days.
Keep up the good work, we love it!

Hi Alyssa
I loved the tour of Dodger Stadium. It’s even bigger than I imagined🙂

Great job on your first installment; i can’t wait for the next one.

Also, it would be awesome if you could do some interviews or show us the shops where you can buy team stuff. I’ve always been curious about those shops lol

Keep up the good work🙂



Aww…sweetheart. It was amazing. I love going to baseball stadiums but I never see the “behind-the-scenes” stuff like you do. I’m very jealous of you right now. =D Thanks for reminding us to check it out. And next time make sure that people know what time to be there so you don’t have to wait for hours! haha😀

Until next time,

Love always


O yes…and i forgot to mention your tradition. I just have to laugh. You are amazing. Make sure to rub that belly!


Wow.. Loved the video..unfortunetly my speakers are on the blink but it looked amazing🙂 Well Done and keep up the good work.. ps. i LOVE you top i wish it went on sale :)!!

With ALL My Love,

A HUGE fan!!,


Hey Alyssa,

Your stadium tour was great. It looked like you were having loads of fun.🙂

I look forward to seeing you in all of your future reports.

You asked for future ideas, and here are a few of mine:

– A tour of a baseball factory

– A look at how the pyrotechnics of a baseball game are prepared

– A look at how a stadium of 50,000 seats can be cleaned inside of 24 hours

– A segment chatting with fans while working at the concession stand

– A visit to baseball-related charities

– An investigative report on why Dippin’ Dots are so expensive

I look forward to seeing you in anything you do.

But I’ll be out of town next week. So if there’s a lag in my ability to reply, that’s the reason.

Have a great weekend, Alyssa!


Bonsoir ma belle,

Extraordinary work but I didn?t expect less from you ma belle, it?s been a astonishing year for you, hope you are not to tired so you can enjoy the rest of ride.

It?s been also harsh for the Red Sox, they lost the last 3 games, merde (****), shattering days for both of my teams ?

I?ve have been wearing some of your TOUCH t-shirts here in Beer/Chocolate Kingdom (even with the bad weather that we had the last few weeks), and I received a lot of compliments, not just from fans but also people with great panache. So, I think that it would be interesting to find a way to sell them overseas.

Not everybody has a great friend (thank you Maureen, love you), who runs for all whimsical demands?

PS : It would be great to follow a player from the moment he leave the house and the moment he is on the field.

PSS : As usual, you look marvellous.

Tembrasse fort,


Howdy Alyssa!

Truly enjoyed the “behind-the-scenes” tour of Dodger Stadium. You did a fine job in the role of corespondent! I work as an Opera/Theatrical Stage Manager and know the frustration tardiness. Hopefully your next tour guide is able to make his call-time as scheduled😉

As for segment ideas, being a SM, my interest/inquiries tend to be with organization. Meaning, knowing everything that goes into getting the club ready for game time. Such as the following:

–*–Field Prep, when does it begin, how many peeps does it take to maintain post-game and “setup” game-day.

–*–Player Needs, equipment, uniform distribution, scheduling for trainer activities, are there any unusual/special needs done for players (i.e. addressing a player’s superstition / obsessive game activities), scheduling for coaching needs, or even a quick montague of player cameos stating what their special needs are…etc.

–*–Pregame Stadium Activities, prep. of vendor services, sanitation, merchandising activities, security, press setup/coordination, whatever else there may be???

I know. I know. That is a lot for one segment. However, you asked, so I told!

Laissez les bons temps, Alyssa, et Dodgers roules! (Let the good times, Alyssa, & Dodgers roll!)

J Creole

Southern Louisiana

Once again, Howdy!

How about a segment with the “Ultimate Fan” contest winner? By the way, how did that go for you–if you do not mind sharing?

J Creole

I liked Hot Corner cuz its Alyssa being herself not playing a role. Her real personality is better than what a writer can come up with. Ideas, Oh boy I’m long on ideas short on action.

For Wrigley Field I’ve always wanted to go behind the scoreboard in center field and find how they change scores. Whats it like watching from inside the scoreboard. Also, find out why in the world someone would pay to sit on a rooftop across the street and watch a game? No comprehendo? It might also be cool to see U catch a home run ball in the bleachers and throw it back? Perhaps some trick photography showing an AMAZING catch by AJM and a huge throwback by AJM that reaches home plate. Find out when this whole throw the home run ball back from the bleachers started? Who was the 1st one to supposedly do it?

Alyssa I hope your ready for living out of a suitcase. Sounds like they have plans to run you around pretty good to different parts of the country.

Hey Alyssa,

I loved your first Hot Corner! You did a wonderful job, and I cant wait to see more. As always, you look amazing (and I love your shoes!)

As far as suggestions go, I’d like to see you come to Shea Stadium, home of my New York Mets🙂

You’re lovely and fabulous as ever, looking foward to your next Hot Corner!

Great job!

peace&love, Carolyn Catania

NY Mets fan

Hey Alyssa,

I liked it! I thought it was nice to see, a new view, on Dodger Stadium! All those jersey’s hanging on the wall were just beautiful, and so was the feild that day! The stadium suite’s had an aaaaamazing view! But I really love the stadium suite’s in Jacob’s feild. I have been in one many times, and I just love it! The view is pretty too. I highly recommend going to Jacobs Feild and hang in one of them yourself, watching the Cleveland Indians, play,

trust me, you’ll have a great time.

Here’s some ideas,

Mabe you could interview some players.

Or take some underprivileged kids to the feild and show ‘um a good time.

Try to see how many seats you can sit in 30 sec.(It would be funny.)

Some maintence on Dodger Stadium, and what it requires to get ready for a game.

You making your own Dodger “veggie” dog.

Okay mabe the seats were far fetched, but you gotta admit it would be entertaining. (Plus it was an idea)

Good Luck and stuff : )


It always amazes me how at easy you are in front of the camera. You’re a natural. Good work.

I loved your first Hot Cornor. Can’t wait to see your next one. Hope you will be able to get a peak at other behind the scenes in other parks to. Maybe you could do a segment on the ground crews and how much it takes to keep the fields in shape for the baseball season. Maybe talk to some of the players to find out how they prepare for the games. Sorry about your boys in blue. But go Phillies. Hope you come to Philia sometime. Thanks for your great work. Keep it up I enjoy watching and reading your blogs.

Dodgers are no good you should become a padre fan.

where were the nooks and crannies? that was all?

Hey again Alyssa,

I have one more idea. I don’t know how this skipped my mind earlier. (Though in some yet-to-be-determined way, I’m certain that it’s all Dippin’ Dots’ fault.)

How about a segment of you and your family enjoying and commenting on a baseball game?

Again, I look forward to whatever you do.

Have a nice weekend,


Carolyn, i coundn’t agree more! A tour of Shea before it goes into history would be awesome! Great job Alyssa! Alvin

nice. could do without the goofy open, though.

Great Job Alyssa
I loved the tour of Dodger Stadium

Great segment, the behind-the scenes tour of Dodges stadium was cool. A little history about the Dodges. Can’t wait to see the next segment. A segment you could probably do is behind the phase: Baseball “America’s Past time”.

another heart-breaker tonight alyssa.

lets hope they can pull this off.. they need to get out of this slump. I need them to get out of this slump.

Hello Alyssa,I saw your segment.You were incredibly beautiful and worked in good harmony with the tour guide.I notice that you are the most beautiful person in the world.The segment was informative and enjoying.You gave a dominating performance.Your ideas are greater than my ideas and what I want to see is you.I appreciate the things you did and do.I became a stronger and smarter person because of you.Thanks for helping me.Thank you.

Yes your prestation on MLB hot corner, was great! I loved it, It was funny and interresting to know more about a stadium…

Hey Alyssa, great tour! I have a similar tradition. Whenever I’m riding my bicycle through downtown, here in Greenville, SC, I stop and say “Hey Joe, how ya doin’?” to the statue of Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Hi Alyssa

I loved the tour of Dodger stadium my favorite part was seeing the retired Jerseys. can you do one on the food stands next?🙂


I was suprised to hear that you cover up when the Dodger cam is on you. I can’t think of anybody’s mug I’d rather see on the big screen.

Anyway, nice spot! I’ll be looking forward to the next installment..



Hey Alyssa!!

Loved your first installment can’t wait for the next one!

As said before you really are very at ease infront of the camara anyways I really enjoyed it, must have been a great moment for you as well first day on the job and in your beloved Dodgers’ stadium..

Hope the Dodgers will break through their slumber by the way..



p.s the Shirt is awesome🙂

Hi Alyssa, I already told you my first spontaneous impression, but since you ask I like to tell a little more.
I have 3 main rules:

1: Show respect, even to those (or especially to those)who you don’t like or don’t understand.

(that has the limit, when a person constantly shows disrespect one has to stop him/her after a while; did you read Joseph Conrad: “Outcast of the Islands”? Sort of that.)

2: Listen carefully;

3: talk calm;

That would actually solve most of the international problems.

You are a person who naturally expresses one who lives that and the respect you show your favorite team is a pleasure to watch.

I support the Shea stadium idea. I was reading a lot about Mets history recently and I liked it. An introduction made by you would put a crown on my “studies”.

Another thing is how they run the stadium supply. Something like: Greenpeace has a section here where you can purchase the energy for your household, that is a good thing, because it makes sure that you avoid environment polluting resources. And a stadium has a lot of needs.

So far for now. I let you know, when a next question comes up and i feel like I want to ask you.

By the way: I was watching the “Blue Hour” Trailer. Wow, that was touching!***** it: I am so bankrupt at the minute, that I can not effort the fly there and hitchhiking to Spain takes at least 3 days.

I desperately hope it will come out on DVD. A DVD is cheap to produce and the people have it easy to get what they want.

Don’t worry, be happy;


Yes Alyssa,****It was a rough night again last night, just when you want to forget this season, Jonathon Broxton gives you something to worry about. I hope it is fatigue as most of our fans want to believe. I just hope it isn’t that the league has his number, and know just how to solve him. Nonetheless It was a joy so far watching him and Beimel set up Saito.

Alyssa, I just checked out the TBS Hot Corner,Rather than bore you with all kinds of comments let me say Congradulatons again and Lot’s of Luck, it looks like something that is really great and I’m looking forward to more of it & you.

Hi Alyssa,
I caught your first Hot Corner report yesterday & it was great to get an inside tour of Dodger Stadium. I don’t know if you saw my message from your last post but If you get out to Philadelphia I have an idea for you. If you’re doing reports on calorie counting I read that Citizens Bank Park was ranked as the most vegetarian-friendly ballpark in North America by PETA. Maybe you could do some type of spotlight interviews with Clemente Award candidates at various stadiums? Keep up the great work & hope to see you in Philly.


Hi Alyssa,

Great tour! The Kirk Gibson picture brought back some memories. I couldn’t believe it when it happened. How long did you have to wait before your tourguide showed up?

Keep up the nice work!

Fantastic tour!! Kudos to you! You had the best tour guide in the world Mark Langill!! Thanks Mark for all the insight and for helping become a fabulous tour guide!!


Dodgers Rock!

Hi Alyssa,

Feedback =

* Nice editing,

* Nice to see the no go areas for the general public,

* I really thought you were going to get in the cart??????

* Your excitement as you went around the stadium rubbed off!!!! By the end I had a grin on my face as big as yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Ideas =

* Your favourate clip of the day/week of a game

* Interview with club members who show what their job includes & get you to do a bit

* Read out a club fan letter & give your view

* Explain baseball terminolgy [nicknames] – I feel dumb asking but I don’t always understanding what the commentator is saying?????

* Competitions to meet you when buying a ticket??? (include outside USA – there are non-American baseball fans out there)

Hope it helps, keep up the great work because I love how you put a smile on my face and that i’m learning more about baseball.


Kind Regards,

Just Jo

From England


Hey Alyssa – Be careful and don’t let them present you as a piece of fluff, following some guy around all doe-eyed and being amazed.

(“Holy cow! It’s a GIRL and she’s interested in BASEBALL!”)

When you do your homework, you absolutely have the savvy and the chops to do serious baseball pieces. Let them show some hairy guy following YOU around and being amazed.

Best of luck. I’ll look back here now and then to see if this site gets back to being about Dodgers baseball.


here’s a rhyme:


In their white jerseys ready to play,

Coach says we can win the game,

Cap on, ball and glove in hands,

Mexican wave moving the stands,

Commentator on the edge of his seat,

Plenty to watch and plenty to eat,

Ready stance and bat held high,

Love for the game in his eye,

Pitcher throws, its a miss,

its part if the game, it really is,

Another throw, ball hits bat,

In seconds he touches the home mat.

The crowd go wild, cheer for their team,

The fans know its the place to be,

So here’s to all teams at MBL,

Good Luck we wish you well.

Kind Regards,

Just Jo

Hey Alyssa,

I seen last night that you had posted again, but I was just too exhausted to comment, I was volunteering in this group which look after people with disabilities, they had a little disco, and I had to dance with them, they have some awsome moves!! They put everyone to shame! lol. Oops sorry I went of course again, I wanted to comment on your installment of hot corner, I really enjoyed it! The tour guide being a diva tut tut lol It must have been a wonderful experience for you, as every so often you would say so cool or awsome I was actually waiting for you to say ‘so hot’ lol only joking! It would be good to do one when the Dodgers are training or something or during a game , Oh no that probably wouldn’t work with all the people and the cameras. Looking forward to your next installment!! And can’t wait to see ‘Blue Hour’ it has a really good story line from what I have read, very emotional but good.



P.S Oh almost forgot I wanted to thank you for being my inspiration for my Irish spoken presentation (yes there is a language not just our accent lol :p) for my GCSE’s I sent it away to be remarked and I got it back today and I have been moved up a grade!! I am so happy, Thank you!!

9 games left and 6.5 games out from the wild card. Tony Gwynn jinxed us… if anybody read his column or heard him on baseball tonight. IT’s over… does anybody talk baseball in this Blog anymore? Hot corner this? Clothing this? Magic number is 3… three more loses or three more wins for SD and it’s over. Are you kidding me? that’s like just saying.. put a fork in it.. it’s done!

Heeeeey great tour…🙂
in the begining you sounded nervous.. were you?😛 (*whispering* you should take your ball for next time) just kidding, you were great you were a absolutely great… I noticed you like rubbing, rubbing jackie robinson’s belly, rubbing balls (and me too I didnt mean that in a naughty way) hehehehe…

so Alyssa you are doing it now, something you have passion for, you finally are doing it… I’m really happy for you…



P.S. would you please say Hi to Lally and tell him I say Happy Birthday??😉

loved the black and white photos. intro needed to be a little more polished. good luck. no ideas for segments, not sure what they want from you.

Bonjour Alyssa!
Great video! You surely had a lot of fun! I can’t wait to watch others. It was very interesting to see behind the scenes. Some ideas now, you possiby could make us meet the players by interviewing them or make us discover a professional training(Sorry for my imprecise english). You were great as always, and I Love your shirt, is it possible to export “touch” in France?

Love you! Vive le Baseball!


PS : I’m really sorry for your boys in blue!! La prochaine fois c’est la bonne, I’m sure of that!
Vive le Baseball!

here’s my rhyme joannac

Baseball, baseball white and red,

if you crowd the plate,

I’ll embed stitches in your head.

Foul pole, fair pole who can say,

if the ball hits you, it’s a home run anyway.

Steroids, HGH, what’s your choice,

either way the home runs they prouce, will afford you a Rolls Royce

L.A., New York, St. Louis, Atlanta,

the end of the season, the clubhouse was stocked with mylanta.

dodger fan @hotmail, hot under the collar,

he/she wants more baseball talk not clothing line dollar

sleepy sleepy i must get,

if I don’t make it to work,

the boss will throw a fit

by the way, WHO’S THE BOSS?

could it be the umpire,

if you talk back to him he’ll give you the toss

Milano, Milano all dressed in dodger blue,

you have some crazy fans stalking you

astros padres and A’s your old unies(uniforms)were classic

hey what ryhmes with classic.

I’ve taken up too much blogging space,

last word, the cubbies will win the pennant race


the only thing I would change of your rhyme is:

pitcher throws, it’s a miss

it’s part of the game, it really is

to pitcher throws, it’s a ball

it’s part of the game, so is crashing into the wall

if you ever publish the poem and revise that line, give credit here.

So, how the dodgers plan to proceed?
Stronger tension now in the game for the last few days of the season.

Alyssa good job on the first segment. Dodgers stadium is great. It takes along time to get there from Anaheim during traffic.

Congratulations, Alyssa🙂 Your new role suits you to a T! You have a wonderful presence and your love of the game just shines through. That is what makes it so enjoyable! Keep on doing that.
You always have my support,


Like I say before. WOW!! you did such a good job. I can’t wait to see more.
peace now and always,


Alyssa’s Comedy Corner,
Ha, funny, slow-paced beginning. The princess awakes from her nap.

Entertaining with a variety of subjects. Liked Vin Scully part.

Remembering you handling the ‘mud’ that they put on the baseballs. That would be a great segment, some day. Going over the history, the special recipe, akin to a magical essence about it? And they send something like a coffee can amount to each stadium?

I’d also still like to see something on the style of bats that some of the players use. Do they select their models based upon players who have made significant impacts upon the game?

I’d imagine the equipment manager would be the guy to start out with.

Man, those final inning home runs recently have been some heavy bummers. There’s a slim chance yet that this season can be saved. If it was between slim & none, it’s looking like slim has packed his bags and made reservations for some time off.

Alyssa – I did more research and talked to other Cub fans about ideas for Hot Corner. I ASSume Cubs will win division and you will be shipped out to Chi Town. And on behalf of all Cubs fans, since the Dodgers look to be out of the playoffs, can you please be a Cub fan now?

My two angles for your Cubs experience/Hot Corner are the Scoreboard and Tradition of throwing back homerun balls.

Recommend you interview Darryl Wilson, Wrigley Field Groundskeeper. He started doing the scoreboard in 1991 and hasn’t seen a Cubs game from anyplace else since 1991. He sounds like a good interview and has many many stories from years past. Recommend you get Darryl to talk funny stories and get his perspective on being in the scoreboard.

As far as who threw the first homerun ball back? Web sites say custom of keeping foul balls and throwing back opposing team’s home runs started at Wrigley. My Cubs sources say one of the 10 original bleecher bums started it back in the 60’s or early 70’s. Recommend you interview one of the ten original bleecher bums. If you cant find any of them, find maybe ten really really drunk Cubs fans and see if you get a good sound bite outta it. Should be no problem finding ten of these at Wrigley.


Just trying to help out. Some of the original bleecher bums hang out now at Bernies, near Wrigley. Ray Meyer (Not the basketball coach), Bob Foley and Mike Murphy are some names I found on-line for original bleecher bums. Mike Murphy does a thing on-line with Score. There is claims people bring an extra ball in their pocket to throw back instead of the real ball. I wonder how many original bleecher bums could you get to show up at say Bernies for an interview? Do a where are the bleecher bums today segment? I assume they all eventually got day jobs at some point?

Do you really write this blog or is it your publicist? Come on, prove it! leave us a comment!
By the way, I like you.



Another eight days in baseball…I tried to sign in yesterday but you were closed.

After having so many nails put in the coffin last week it was a relief to get a win yesterday.I’m one of those guys who lives and dies for his team while the game is being played and it was sad to see the Blue go down for the count last week.Doesn’t mean they’re not still my National League team it just means I have to start thinking about next year now.

You helped me to get to know the Dodgers with your comments and your inside looks into life at the stadium.Don’t let the detractors accuse you of pushing a fashion page, you did so much more…you brought the Dodgers alive for me. So, OK there should be a rule that your fans have to at least use the word Dodgers correctly in a sentance in order to write to this page, but all in all I didn’t really mind most of the fawning.

If you plan on rooting for Team Evil now I guess I have to bite that bullet but maybe you need to do it on the QT since this is a Dodgers page.

Now that my BoSox are playing in October I guess I need to turn my attention to them but I won’t choose another National team now, my heart remains with the Blue.

If you do another Q and A my quetion will be…is there any hot stove action forseen for this page ? I plan on dropping by on a weekly basis and hope to continue to be entertained as I was all season.

Good Work !!


Well guys, it’s easy to take the side of the winner.
The fan proves being a fan with loyalty in the dark times.

hey alyssa,
i loved ur tour of the dodger stadium!! it was great! i cant wait for the next one!! by the way, when is the next one?? haha


Bonsoir ma belle,

You in Spain and me in the south of France for work, it’s hard not to be able to support the boys right ???…I was there in spirit, but it didn’t help.

Hope you had a good time in San Sebastian, it’s a cute little village.

Did you had fun with Alaa? gret food hey. T’embrasse fort;


Hi there, Alyssa, Well it goes without saying(It sure does, since you all ready know). As the old saying goes (proberbly invented by us), WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR. I was out celebrating and mourning(proberly the only people who can do that), last night, the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers last home game in their beloved birthplace. incidendently, let me repeat, you did a great job on your first installment of Hot Corner on MLB.

Mike Murphy, chicago radio host on 670 the score was on original bleacher bum, you may contact him for ideas. There is a documentary ‘wait til next year’ that may give you ideas. Comedian, producer Jeff Garland is interviewed in the doc and could give you invaluable info regarding Wrigley and history. Don’t interview Ron Santo, he’s played out.

Do something interesting if you do Wrigley. We’ve all heard about the scoreboard, the bleacher bums, the home run throwback. The bleacher bums these days are mostly inebreated. They gget too much attention they don’t deserve.
Rarely are the Tight confining spaces of the locker room exposed and the effects they have on multi million dollar ball players who are used to the best in facilities and technology. This is also unique in that whoever purchases the team may want to build a new facility somewhere, where they will own the stadium, the parking, have luxery box suitesand top of the line facilities for the players. If the Cubs’ new owner goes after ARod, they will surely need all the revenue they can get from such a move. Maybe explore that possibility.

I am a big fan and am constantly intrigued about your views on the Doyers. I am curious as to what you see is wrong with these guys? Is the age gap just too big? I look at the Rockies and there is a great blend of young and old and it is evident in the chemistry. Something has got to be done. What solution do you think is out there for the boys in blue?

Alyssa, I share your appreciation for the blue and look forward to viewing your TBS Hot Corner reports. I think this a fair question Dodger fans would like to know – where were you, Alyssa, during Gibson’s only at-bat in the ’88 Series?

Here’s a suggestion for a storyline, kind of a spin off on your pre-game ritual. I think you’d have fun revealing some of the more interesting pre-game rituals of players, coaches, managers, and even announcers. You’d get to talk to all the players and we the fans would learn something cool about the wacky world of baseball. Good luck.

I am going to have to agree with minger78 on the rituals…you had mentioned before that Nomar’s habits made you nervous. I am a huge M’s fan and Ichiro’s batting ritual of touching his jersey in 4 places makes me crazy. I am now trying to figure out everyone’s habits, I watch them pretty close when they come up to bat (neurotic, I know), but I would still love to hear about some of the batting rituals the players have.

Hey Lyss I saw you on MLB Hot Corner. You was great and a lil bit nervous😀 that was funny, I liked it. Now I’m watching it for many times every day.
If u have chance, COME TO BULGARIA PLEASE!!!

I love you ;):P


and Love

Lil’ Lyss🙂

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dont u not miss it all en all

do u still keep in touch with holly marie en rosie

the biggest charmed fan ever

plz repile


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I hate bother you on this latest blog again, but I want to say again that Hot Corner on Mlb.com is fantastic with a daily update. Too bad boy’s in blue will have a very small part. You stay the same with the tour of Dodger Stadium. Don’t ask me why but I’ve watched it several times, maybe I like the host.

I’m not sure if you read these comments or not but I saw you on “Best **** Sports” and I LOVE those L.A jeans you had on. I looked at your clothing line but couldn’t find them… I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! Can someone please tell me where to buy them? Thanks

hey alyssa,
i saw the first and second video! i think that both were totally awesome although i was kind of hoping that the second wouldve been longer!! it wasnt even three minutes!! but everything else was great! i wish i had gotten that ball u had rubbed, i wouldve like put it in a case nd like placed it somewhere special!! o gosh. i cant wait for your next show!


p.s. when is your next blog gonna be?!! (its been a lot of days since your last one)

Here is an interview CYInterview – Alyssa:

Watched the second Hot Corner Milano video on ball preparation. I learnt sumpthin new, and I doubt many people knew they had a designated ball rubber (DBR) at Dodger Park. Alyssa is so very nice, her videos will all be good. I found it interesting.


Hey, Alyssa Great job on the new hot corner. It was a brilliant idea. Can’t wait to see more installments of hot corner.

Opps… meant to write this in the other comment but must have missed it… Your touch line is a great!

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