Blue in the Face

Okay. Alrighty then. What the? I have been in Spain for the last week and was completely out of the baseball loop. I caught up on everything baseball last night when I couldn?t sleep from my jet lag. Wow. What a difference a week makes.

And what?s going on with the Dodgers clubhouse in total disarray? My take is that Grady?s inconsistency with his lineups this entire year put the youth and the veterans in direct competition with each other. Had Grady solidified a youth-dominant lineup, only making adjustments when necessary, I believe it would have given everyone time to adjust to their positions on the team and how they were to be utilized. Instead, with his constant shifting, he got a divided clubhouse with a ?may the best man win? attitude. I have heard many times that Grady is a ?player?s manager.? If this is true, then how did he let this clubhouse fiasco get so far as to have players slam their teammates in the press? And by the way, Jeff Kent, people in glass houses shouldn?t throw stones. You gave your veterans a hard time in your youth, did you not?

?Wait ?til next year.?

It?s hard to believe that at the beginning of the season it seemed like this would be our year, with numerous publications predicting we would go all the way. That was six months ago. I will admit, when the organization chose to start the season without Loney, I began to doubt the system. At that time, it was blatantly apparent that the Dodgers didn?t know whether to stick with the vets or go with the youth. That single move was a great indicator of what was to come. Grady has recently stated that we will ?stay the course? with the youth movement. Okay — (a) he has been listening to too many Bush speeches and (b) this was not the course he was on in the beginning of the season. If the original plan was our youth, Loney would have started the season with the Dodgers and the kids would have been a permanent part of the daily lineup. Look at Colorado. Look at Arizona. Both organizations committed to their youth movement and look at them now.

?I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.? ? Thomas Jefferson


P.S. Kevin Kennedy for manager. He has fire. He has passion. I like what the guy has to say and I think our young players would respond well to playing for him.

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Bonsoir ma belle,

You back from Spain, me back from France, you brought back jet lag and I a quinsy,(stupid weather, and those French are always bragging about their perfect weather !) Anyway, back to baseball, I didn?t see any game for more than a week but the results speak for themselves:

I think that the Dodgers need to make a huge decision next year => Youth or Veteran

A sorry that I took the same pattern for the Dodgers like he did for the Sox : He needs to buy a house in Florida and STOP, please?

I would like to thank you for the great perspectives, toughs and meanings of the game during this season. I sometimes forgot that I wasn?t following all the games like I would love too. Made me feel very close to the game I love and miss over here.

This year was not a totally disaster for me ; The Red Sox made it !!!!! ? Super? they deserve it !!!!!

Good luck with all your other projects

Tembrasse fort,


I agree completely Alyssa

Grady turned the players against each other never a wining strategy. He needs to go he’s only hurting the team


Alyssa, welcome back! I know exactly how you feel. As a frustrated Mets fan, what i’ve seen this past month has beeen mind numbing. Nothing Willie Randolph did seemed to work. The offense went south and the pitching was even worse. The media says this is the biggest collaspe ever. Talk about a short memory. They forget about the 1964 Phillies or 1978 Red Sox. Oh well. Love your Hot Corner segment though! Alvin

One more thing => I?m a very positive person so I would like to say that next year will be a first-class year for the Dodgers, if they make the intelligent decisions : They have the potential…

?Yesterday ended last night? – Norman Vincent Peale

PS : Faultless performance as a correspondent.

Flicitations ma belle


When Grady was announced as the Red Sox manager in spring training 2002, the players gave him a standing ovation. The applause subsided over the next 2 years. Boston management, particularly John Henry, wanted him fired long before the Pedro debacle in the 2003 ALCS.

Grady wasn’t the best prepared manager, putting it mildly! He often would ignore scouting reports, playing hunches instead, which infuriated the Sabermetric driven Boston hierarchy. A specific example of this was in the 2003 ALDS vs. the A’s. Grady brought in Alan Embree (lefthander) in the 9th inning to face the left handed batter Erubiel Durazo with the Red Sox leading – a key point in the game. Without looking at the scouting reports, this seemed like ol’ Grady was playing the percentages. However, the old adage of lefty vs. lefty was flawed in this instance. The Red Sox scouting reports revealed that Durazo was a better hitter vs. lefthanders. Also, Embree was less effective vs. left handed batters. The perfect storm – Durazo delivered a key hit and the A’s went on to win the game. According to one report, at some point in Grady’s tenure, owner John Henry said that if the Red Sox won it all and he was asked if he was going to Disneyworld, his reply would be “I’m going to fire Grady Little.”

I’m not surprised by what happened in the Dodger clubhouse this year.

p.s. I enjoy your TBS segments.

I am sorry to hear about the dodgers but am glad you got back from Spain safely. Just remember there is always next year and next year they will go al the Way!!!
glad your back safe and sound,

love, makayla

Welcome back sweetie. Your 2nd Hot Corner was absolutely cool. Keep being the best🙂
I love you Lyss!

Lil’ Lyss

Hey Alyssa!!
Hope you had a nice time in spain. i am loving you mlb hot corner so much!!

i hope next time you come to london😦 as i would love to meet you!!

All the best,



Hi Alyssa, I am not finished with what you wrote. It is Oktoberfest, we are celebrating the beer in Bavaria, I am not proud of it, but the whole population here is drunken, so am I.
I will write again when I am sober: but this I must say now: I have seen the very best ever made about baseball: you showed me the working class behind the heroes; you showed me, who makes the big whoever possible: the installment together with the guy, who prepares the balls for the big game was bigger that 100 000 homeruns!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy, who rubs 12 dozend balls with mud.

You showed me the man who makes the homerun possible!!!!

You made a lot in your life, what never will be forgotten, but if everything of this will be forgotten, trust me, one thing will ever be remembered: it is this installment of yours!!!!!!

Soon more. I hoped, you take a little hollydays in Spain. Is a good place for that.

Und weil der Mensch ein Mensch ist

Hat er Stiefel im Gesicht nicht gern

Er will unter sich keine Sklaven sehn

Und ber sich keine Herrn!

Hear my heart?

Hey Alyssa –

I don’t think it’s fair to dump on Grady for the Dodgers’ two disastrous losing streaks. The manager’s job is a constant juggling act in which he has to mix the skill and experience of the veterans with their injuries and declining skills, and the youth and strength of the kids with their mistakes and brane cramps. Also, there are always egos and great competitive drives to deal with. They all think they should play every day or pitch every fourth day. Ned and Grady built a terrific team at the beginning of the season, and the gods of baseball conspired against them.

We’ve discussed how nearly the entire pitching staff seemed to have been in a train wreck. We even had a pitcher in the hospital with a suspected heart attack! Rafael Furcal evidently hurt his ankle in the spring and as tough as he is and as well as he played, it robbed him of his edge. Nomah spent two stints on the DL and never found his groove. I continue to think he could be one of the cornerstones of a championship team, but he has to stay healthy. We lost three or four of the fine pitchers we were depending on, and one and sometimes two key offensive players. This is in addition to the predictable dings and scrapes and slumps which come along. When you lay that on top of a tough division, the result was predictable.

The Dodgers didn’t stink. As you noted: Hairy-zona and the Pods and at the end, the Rockies, came on and played super good baseball. We got drubbed by three very good teams. If you look in the standings, the Dodgers went 20-16 against the east, 23-16 against the central, but only 33-37 against the west. We also kind of took it in the ear in interleague play, 5-10. We beat up on some good teams, but the NL West is the toughest division and it shows. We can parse it out however we want and examine every game, but the fact is, we just didn’t have the pitching after so many guys went down.

I’m sticking with Jeff Kent, too. He played his (rear end) off all season long. He isn’t a coach or a manager and doesn’t need to give pep talks or wipe noses. All those kids need only watch how he approaches the game and how hard he plays and how much he gives. If one of them wants his job, all they have to do is play better than he does. Good luck with that.

As for next season: Pitching is still a train wreck. Gonzo wants to go, but we should keep Kent and Nomah if they’ll stay. We have a terrific crop of kids and were able to play them a lot so they’ll be experienced and ready to go next spring. Baseball is always wonderful. It’s just that at times, it’s more wonderful than others.

Two fine new segments on Hot Corner! You asked good questions and got good responses and showed you have knowledge of the game!


Hi Alyssa,you are very skilled in understanding the qualities that creates a winner or a winning team.I grieve about the Dodgers not winning for you.Your analysis of the Dodgers have filled my mind with a righteous and virtuous comprehension of sports.Certainly,you are a strong leader that I follow.I am honored to have access to the architecture of your thoughts into words on this site.I viewed the two newer segments on HOT CORNER and consider myself blessed from heaven.You were clear with your points and objectives.You were nice and humble.You were kind and sympathetic.You were beautiful and fine.Your voice sounds really beautiful too.I am addicted to your segments on HOT CORNER.Well,I am eager to see more of you,read more from you and hear more from you.Thank you,I appreciate.

What? You were in Spain and I wasn’t informed? Oh well… Where in Spain have you been? Was it work or pleasure trip? Do you like Spain?

Moiss, a Spanish fan.

PS: Yay we won the AL East!

Welcome home, Alyssa.🙂

I hope you had a great time in Spain.

I’ve been out of town all week too, on business in Minnesota. As soon as I got back, I checked out your TBS videos and they are cool. Thank you for making them for us.🙂

I don’t understand how to manage a baseball team, but as long as everyone involved has a source of income and stability and happiness in their lives, then that’s all I ask. But I suppose that strategy isn’t necessarily conductive to winning.

I’m sorry to hear that there have been some abusive responses to your blogs, and am glad that corrective action is being taken.

P.S.: I need to think of something else to say…

P.P.S.: Ah Ha! I didn’t mention Dippin’ Dots in this post.

P.P.P.S.: Until that remark above.

P.P.P.P.S.: There we go- 4 PS’s. I win, Alyssa!🙂

Have a great week,


Hey Alyssa!

I’m really sorry to hear about the jetlag and the Dodgers.. I’ve been following it online, I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you as a die hard fan (I know what it’s like my team (soccer team) has been off as well (big time!!)), the results were frustrating for me as well and I’m not even a real fan.. Anyways I hope you had fun in Spain, from the pictures I could see there was a big group of fans when you arrived must be really cool..;)

Have a nice sunday!



P.S I love your installments for TBS you’re awesome🙂 Keep up the good work can’t wait until your next post..



Hey Alyssa!

You are back from Spain…cool!!!…How was europe? I live in Europe…Sometimes its a little bit cold but its nice!!!…I live in Germany! Ok the time different is enough!!! When you come to Germany?…I hope you come here! PLEASE…its nic here!!!


Love you Alyssa

Jenny(14) from Germany

Hi Alyssa,
This Dodger season is about all written into the history books. Lots of great games and tremendous efforts put in by the whole team.

I wonder if you see the games as a movie in process? The Manager being the Director. Changing scenes whenever he gets a whim?

Perhaps next season, new director, and a few new actors to the stage known as Chavez Ravine. Anyway, should be a good movie. Guess it’s about to go into post-production?

Ha, funny that you got your own little tv show, on the internet. A traveling road show, to right where you want to be, in the midst of the game of baseball. The sound additions add a lot to the flavor of the segments. You’ll never lose your kid-like qualities. Uh, speaking of age, as of today, you can know that I’m now twenty years older than you. But I could still crack a bat against a baseball, label up.


Hi Alyssa, was my Hemingway excursion inappropriate? My apologies. It came into my brain somehow as an answer to your Jefferson quote, imagine you in Spain together with it made it obvious to remember Hemingway in Spain, this novel anyway, which has the same meaning as the quotation. And wishing you a few days well deserved relaxation. If it was hurting you or insulting I am really sorry about that! I didn’t mean to! Just in case you got this use of words wrong: the beach with the book was meant as a symbol of relaxation. You with your italian roots in the south of our old continent gives me the fantasy like you are visiting where your family originally came from; I hope it was enjoyable for you. Spain, where the decision on Europe’s future was made. And we are still not recovered from the bad outcome. The book again that describes the process better than anyone from here could have. Again: I apologize, I had no bad intention, but I was talking without thinking. I should not use the net after a visit at the beer festival. Oops.

When people are able to explain things and give good suggestions, then of course other people think those people should be in charge.
Kevin Kennedy is a GM type of guy…but I have a feeling he likes what he does.

The Dodgers might never recover from not hiring Mike Scoccia when they had him. He was being groomed and right now the Dodger should have Mike as manager….Mickey as bench coach….Kirk as bench coach and Orel as pitching coach.

If people in charge believed in tradition then those people would be running the show.

You should check out my blog from last Wen…if you want a different take on why the Dodgers were elimanted.

Keep up the good work…both socially and sports related.


Michael T. McAlevey

Hey Alyssa –

We need to mention some guys who didn’t get a lot of ink or air time during the season but who played hard and helped win ballgames.

First up: Many made fun of Juan Pierre, and there’s no denying he’s colorful in center field and has the throwing arm of a first baseman. But after a slow start, he will hit almost .300 and have almost 200 hits. He has stolen 65 bases, and, for good measure, was the hardest guy in the league to strike out. He’s a sparkplug and a delight to watch, even tho he looks like a 9-year-old in his baggy uniform and oversize cap.

I will relentlessly plug Jeff Kent. He got knocked around and beat up, but the image of him staying on his feet and walking off the field after getting beaned says it all. The guy is a fighter. In 136 games, he hit 36 doubles and 20 homeruns for a slugging percent of .500, and for good measure, he only struck out 61 times.

Mike Lieberthal had probably the most thankless job on the team. We all groaned upon hearing Russell Martin wasn’t going to play now and then, but without Lieberthal, Martin would have been more beat up and had a poorer year. He didn’t get to play enough to sharpen his batting eye, but Lieberthal was still an excellent defensive catcher and his experience was especially valuable given the revolving door of kids and old guys we collected as a pitching staff.

Rudy Seanez should get some kind of medal. The guy is a suitcase and did not have high expectations even of making the club. When he did, most thought he would just do mop up and endure some bad innings in runaway games. Surprise! Rudy is 6-3 with an ERA of 3.79 and has a 73-27 strikeouts to walks ratio. He even recorded a save. He did this in spite of the many times he really was inserted into hopeless games just to eat up some innings.

Martin, Loney, Ethier, Kemp, Broxton, Billingsley – These kids are tomorrow’s superstars, and a couple more, like Hu and Young and Abreau, are maybe the stars of the day after tomorrow. But the guys mentioned here are the image of baseball. Kent will go to Cooperstown, but the others are just fine ballplayers who played hard and made the Dodgers fun to watch.

You know who I really hope comes back? Besides, Nomah, that is? Hong-Chi Kuo. That one game he pitched and the image of him tossing his bat after smacking a line drive homerun will carry me thru the dreary winter ahead.

Only six more months until spring training! Merry Christmas! Can’t wait!


Hi Alyssa!! I’ve never seen a baseball game (I would love to) but I love to see you on the TBS hot corner, it’s great stuff. I didn’t know they put that stuff on the balls.
By the way. In what part of the ballpark do you prefer to sit?

I love learning baseball with you with the TBS HOT CORNER. Thanks!!

Hi Alyssa: I have been wearing my NYY jeans all over the place and always get a reaction. Many people have asked (even men) where they can buy them, of course for the women but the men, oh well, these jeans are for woman only😉

I was proudly displaying my NYY jeans in May, prior to the historic comeback. And continue to show off my loyalty despite living in the Atl.

I would like to recommend, for your hotcorner thing, A tour through the stadium that will no longer be…the hallowed ground of Yankee stadium. due to be demolished at the end of 2008’s season. It will be sad to see it go, and I think an episode dedicated to it would be nice.

sorry about your dodgers. I was rooting for a 1981 rematch but it was not to be…

take care.



Another week in Baseball…a sad one for the Blue and I think I’ll wait awhile till I start any finger pointing. It’s nice to have MLB Gameday ’cause I can listen to all the games again and get a better sense of things with a little bit of time to temper my thoughts. Ya, the Blue ” blew “up but as to why….I don’t know yet.

Thanks va22…only six months till spring training…sheesh…

Appears my Red Sox will be playing the other LA team, hope you won’t be booing them…leave that to your brother.

Have seen three of your TBS spots and I liked them and will continue to tune in every week for something new.

Sorry to hear about the problems on your page and it’s good that MLB is keeping an eye on it…the good news means if they’re fixing it , it must mean you plan to keep it up and running over the winter.HooRah.


Sorry to hear about the Dodges not making the play-offs. I know you were counting on them 120% though the season,there is always next season.

p.s. ?I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.? ? Thomas Jefferson

I like this quote, it can be related to everything: baseball,personal life,or history in general.


As everyone knows by now, Grady and Ned are not going anywhere. It was on the news today so everyone might as well quit complaining about it. Has that topic been run into the ground enough already? I’ve gone to four games this week, and what I can see is the pitching is horrible except for Wells (the old guy). Stults was pretty bad, so was Bills. I was impressed with Hu. The fans love him. They chant his name when he’s up to bat. Delwyn can really hit the ball. And Russell, so he may be hurting but that homerun yesterday was pretty awesome. Later that game, he took a good hit in the mouth, and with bleeding lip, he continued on. I think you would call that a pro.

hey alyssa,
i watched all three vids nd i think they are all great. you seem so excited to be, u r like “yay!” or “wow!” haha very enthusiastic! what u said about jeff kent, i guess its kinda true, but u r gonna hafta look at it from his perspective. he is a dodger veteran and he just wants to protect his position and so do the rest of the vets. like for ex. you are on the team way longer than some new younger rookie player and he just comes and takes your postition…i think that a lot of people would be a just a tad crabby..dont u think?? anyways all im saying is jus look at it from his/their prospective.(sorry if you are offended or anything) other than that your entry is great. i hope u had fun in spain!!! cant wait for your next entry and vid.!


Hi Ya Alyssa, To your “Blue in the Face” I like to say, that in the beginning of the season, I felt the Dodgers would get back to the NLDS and not embarrass their fans, but unfortunately they didn’t keep up with the improvements of the D’back, Padres & Rockies. I always thought that Kevin Kennedy had the right mindset to manage the team. I like the way he reacts to their performances. As far as Kent & Kemp go, I for one, like it when both are in the lineup. That should be easy when Gonzo is no longer with the team (If Kent returns). Kent has a bad personality, that’s no secret, but he’s still one of the best offensive players to put on an LA Dodger uniform. I’m all for the youth movement, but I believe it should move at a moderate pace. No rushing. Keep up the great work at TBS HOT CORNER.

Alyssa, I hope to God I did not offend anyone with my rant about the Cubs Billy Goat Curse. I got very mad when the Cubs were losing games and I let some nonsense spill out of my mouth. Trying to be funny gets me in to all kinds of trouble sometimes. It makes me sick to my stomach to think I may have let you down this bad. If I did, please forgive me.

Hey Alyssa –

We need to focus on the good stuff. Consider: Even tho the Dodgers went 2-13 in the middle of the season and finished up 3-11, they still ended up 82-80.

There are no Mulligans in baseball, of course, but without those two streaks, we were 78-56, which is spectacular baseball. A streaky team is frequently the result of injuries, as in when one or two key guys go down and they lose several games in a row.

We also have plenty of power hitters. Had they played all season, Kent, Kemp, and Loney would probably have been near 30 homeruns, and Nomah, Martin, and Ethier are all good for 20 or more in a full season. Much better to have an array of guys who are all long ball threats than ONE guy who may hit 40 or more.

An opposing manager can’t pitch around SIX GUYS, any of whom might go yard at any time.

Here’s a special salute to Vin Scully. Where many teams have a pair of dolts doing inside jokes and tedious asides, we have the gold standard of baseball broadcasters. I met him one time, and he is as gracious and classy and funny for two minutes in person as he has been for over 50 years in the broadcast booth.

By the way: Loved the quick shot of you in that fine video which came on after sunday’s game. It showed a whole season of excitement in three minutes.

Can’t wait ’til next year!


Hi Alyssa,
I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been there before. I’m a Cubs fan and let’s just say that self-destructing seems to be the norm for us. 2003 haunts me to this day!

On another note: I love your new line of clothing for woman baseball fans!🙂 Thanks for coming out with something that girls can wear to the games that isn’t pink or extremely masculine!🙂



I hope you enjoyed your trip to Spain because all I can say about my country is that it is awesome!!!

Next time contact me if you want a touristic guide😉 in return for your contribution to the growth of my Dodger spirit which I found about 7 years ago, when I was a only 13 y.o. girl thousands of miles far from LA…

Amazing how far Dodgers have come, huh?

I love your blog, thanx!

Hi Alyssa, I’m Lynette btw haha. Um so this is my first time posting in one of your blogs even though i loved reading all of them. OK so much i wanna say but I’ll try to keep it short in sweet. (1) I cant wait to see both of your movie’s i know it’ll be super amazing, (2) Love your clothing line Touch even though at the moment all i can afford are two shirts i love them! And when i wore them to 2 games it was the most fun i ever had, there magic but thats a different story hehehe. (3) You already know but your blogs are amazing as always. (4) I think your doing an awesome job as an ambassador. (5) And I’m so trilled about your Hot Corner show cause i think its new and i love baseball but I’m not really knowledgeable about all the statistics and stuff like the other people who wright on your blog. Thats why i think its really great that your coming from a fans point of view prospective and i saw three so far-LOVE THEM! LOL. So i think thats about it. Oh i guess it wasn’t short after all but still sweet ahaha. Keep up the good work;) ~Nette~

P.S I know that this is not what this blog is for but i love your hair. Its so not fair lol. How do you get it so long or did it always just grow like that. K bye

You want KEVIN KENNEDY for your manager??? Grady might not be great, but c’mon . . .

There’s a reason Kennedy hasn’t managed since 1995. He’s terrible.


That is so awesome that you will be covering the playoffs. I think it’s great to have someone that loves the game of Baseball as much as you do covering it. It will be a more personal touch that we don’t usually get.
Now I am off to check out your clothing line.

And for next year….Go Mariners!

It is a shame when managers can not decide whether to go with veterans or youngsters & the team suffers with their indecision. Hopefully next year will be better for your dear Dodgers.

Hi Alyssa. I saw you on the Regis and Kelly show this morning. You are a class act and very charming. I’m glad that you are doing so well with your career but why are very talented. Too bad the Dodgers faded out but there’s next year with our baby Dodgers!! I can’t wait. Keep up the good work and stay Dodger blue!! As you can tell I’m a Russell fan. I guess we all heart him here in LA. Cat

Hiya Superstar:

Blue in the face indeed. First of all THANKS for being such a loyal fan of the Dodgers. Being at every game I have the privilege of witnessing the kind of fan that you are, but more importantly the kind of person that you are. While I think you receive a lot of respect for your knowledge and love for the game, and for Dodger blue in particular, I feel it still is not enough. You stick it out to the very bitter end on the most painful of games, but yet on those same times you are more than willing to pose for a picture with an adoring fan. You are simply amazing with everyone you meet not just fans, and you do not get the credit you deserve for all your philanthropic endeavors. Most of all, you have honored me in a special way that you don?t even realize. It was a disappointing end of the season to be sure. The sweep in Colorado took it out of the boys. When they came back the mood in the dugout was sad to see. All the air had been let out of the balloon. Rafael Furcal, the spark plug in the dugout when times were down, was as quiet as a church mouse. It was clearly over. The end of this season brought many mixed feelings. I was very happy for you that you were hired on by TBS to do Hot Corner, yet sad at the same time because I knew it would mean that you would probably be too busy to catch games at the ballpark, and there would go my chance at blowing you kisses in the stands. Darn! But your Hot Corner segments are great! Although in retrospect, what do you think Hoffman is feeling right now? Ouch! You more than anyone know how superstitious they are. It was good you came to visit the boys in the control room for your tour of the Stadium piece. If any of them were out of line let me know and I?ll set them straight. I hope this leads to other things for you and baseball. You bring a great perspective to the game of baseball and can bring a whole new audience to it as well. Evidenced by the fans of this blog. People from other countries that don?t even know anything about baseball are drawn to you and learn from you, that is outstanding in and of itself. For now though have fun in Boston! Hopefully the 50th Anniversary of Dodger baseball in Los Angeles will see the boys in the Big One come next season. Regardless it?ll be a special year, hopefully made more so by your continued presence at most, if not all, the games. Next time bring dad to the father?s day game (although I don?t think they play at home next year) and we?ll see if we can?t get mom and dad on kiss cam again next year.

Take care. Peace and Love to you!!


Hey Alyssa,

Hope you had a brilliant time in Spain, So lucky I have never been, although might be going next year hopefully! I just caught up on all your Hot corner segments, they look like so much fun! I also seen the Repis and Kelly on it and your interview was way to short!! But it was really good! I laughed at 4 strikes and your out! lol. I also seen your interview on (seriously girl where do you get the time??) Lucy is soooo adorable, whats she dressing up for Halloween this year?😛 And I agree with you Chloroform days are amazing! I would have the songs on my iPod only I don’t know how to get them so I just listen to them on myspace :p. And your Mom had give us the recipe for the meatballs!!!😀 gonna make them tomorrow :p yum yum lol This week I am supporting a different blue team (Gaelic football)from my town they have got to the finals!! They haven’t been there in a long time, fingers crossed they win!!😀 Have a great day!



Hi again Alyssa,

This morning I saw your clip from today’s Regis Ripa and Kelly Lee.

You did a great job- thanks for posting it. My VCR broke and I wouldn’t have been able to see you otherwise.

I hope you have fun with your future TBS segments.

Your mom just posted her secret meatball recipe at the Loop. I can’t wait to try it out.

But I’ll have to wait at least a few days as I’m presently home sick with the flu. Until then, it’s a strict diet of all Dippin’ Dots all the time.

Have a great week, Alyssa!


Hey Alyssa!

I love your blog and TBS segments. Will you continue to write here during the offseason?

Hey Alyssa,

Enjoyed reading you this year. Look forward to continued blogs. Sorry your Dodgers didn’t make it.

A quick note on Kennedy though, from a Red Sox fan. If you think Little is a player’s manager, Kennedy is a Veteran Player’s manager. He may spew nice little things on his TV show, but he would not be a good fit as the Dodgers manager with all their young talent.

Look forward to seeing you during the playoffs.

Take care,


Hey Alyssa,

Enjoy reading your articles. As a lifetime Dodgers fan this years team let me down.

Granted Coach Little didn’t do a bad job with what he was given I just think that in the end that not only was the GM at fault for not finding a bat and pitching (Loaiza and Wells are okay but not great) at the trade deadline but the players themselves quit on the staff and all of the fans.

Arguing amongst each other is really petty and should be kept behind closed doors not told to the media.

If I was the Dodgers GM, I don’t care if the man batted a bit over .220, he’s still got thump left in his bat, I’d go after Andruw Jones when free agency period starts. Jones, Ethier and or Kemp with Pierre in the OF. Lots of power and speed on the bases.

I’d also talk to Jeff Kent or any other ego maniac and tell them if you don’t like it here, there’s the door, we’ll talk to your agent about buying your contract out or trade you to some other team.

I’m done with my rant. I look forward to seeing you during the playoffs.

Take Care,


Hello Alyssa!

Yours is the only sports blog I will read. You will become the first blogger to make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame if you keep blogging. A worthy goal.

We understand here in Katrineholm, Sweden you have had no luck as yet in finding a suitable date. Well, here in Katrineholm, Sweden we have a solution for you. What’s that? Visit Katrineholm and check out the men! Yes, I’m sure we can find a worthy fellow for you to date.

You may wonder if Katrineholm a baseball town? Not yet and so Frankly, baseball is needed here. There is a form of baseball played here by school kids but soccer, ice hockey, and bandy are the dominant sports.

How to learn more about Katrineholm? Well, if you spoke Swedish you could visit the town site at (although there is some stuff in English). Or, you could visit and there’s lots in English there about the area in which Katrineholm is situated. Otherwise, visit my blog at

At any rate, GO DODGERS!

Hey Alyssa, First time poster here. Dunno if you even read these comments to be honest. First I’m 39 sadly disabled, live in CT and A Dodger fan since I was old enough to cheer them on. Hershiser was the greatest player I’ve seen in my time. As for the Dodgers now? Grady really can’t make up his mind. You are dead on. He needs to ditch the Old timers and play the incredibly talented young players. They also need to make a commitment to getting a Alex R to boost power or at the very LEAST, get some FREAKIN pitching to help back up Penny and Billingsly. BTW Billingsly is the new stud. He’s grown by leaps and bounds. Get two or three QUALITY pichers and they might do better.

To continue, I also wanted to add on another Blog. Date whoever the **** you want. You want to date Pichers, Movie Stars, freakin Astronauts or some shlep off the street, then do it. I’m surprised that you’d care one way or the other actually. Screw the tabloids or media. It’s your **** life, live it how you want but be prepared for the results, media or otherwise. Anyway, you’ve always seemed like an incredibly independent and straight forward woman. The more I learn about you the more impressed I am. BTW Been to Dodger stadium once and it rocks. Maybe some day I’ll catch a game there again. Good luck Alyssa and Go Dodger Blue.

O sweetie.

I know how you feel when baseball teams disappoint. I thought this was a M’s year. They were doing so great at the beginning of the season and then they just went PFFFFFF! (Haha, like that sound effect?) So yes, we’re in the same boat here, love.

But on a happier note. I haven’t been able to go to SS lately (well that’s not the happy part) but I was talking to a friend from Spain and she said that you were there and she met you and she was so ecstatic. (Just thought I’d share that cute little anecdote). I’m glad you had a good time.

Alright, now I just finished an History paper and now I have to go doctor my horse because he stuck a stick into his fetlock (ya, he’s a little special. hehe) Then I gotta run off to school. Fun fun.

I hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart.

Until next time,

Love always,


You can’t have an apprentice without a master..

It’s a paradox, similar to bombing for peace…

You need both the older and younger players to balance the evolution of the game.

The cycle.




I think I am finally dealing with the disappointment of the M’s not making it this year, they started out so strong…but I know you can relate.
Have a question ~ it seems like you are receiving so much positive feedback on the promotional touch items you are wearing with the Touch logo, have you thought about marketing any Touch Logo items?

First time post here, and I just wanted to say that I love it! I am a baseball fanatic (die hard RedSox fan), and I know everything about my team, I can’t miss a game. It’s just nice to hear a girl write an interesting, intelligent blog.

Anyway, I just bought one of your “Touch” shirts (the navy argyle one), I got it in the mail on Monday, just in time for the post season so thanks!

I look forward to reading more in the future.


Just saw you on Regis and Kelly, you looked fantastic. You spoke well about your new job with TBS Hot Corner for the MLB playoffs.

It’s strange that through all my frustrations with MLB the constant thought I have is there isn’t anyone involved speaking for the baseball fan. Even the media people have their own agenda in mind (careers). I know you think about your career moves just as much as anyone else but you come across as being excited about the game of baseball. It doesn’t matter to me that your a Dodger fan because your expressions and passions speak only baseball. I get the feeling that it doesn’t matter too you if your watching MLB, minor or little league but that it’s just baseball and it puts a smile on your face.

PS, I know we are all trying to make a buck but I want to purchase some of your great looking clothes for my wife because I know she will look “hot” going to Giant’s game next season but man the prices are a little steep. Then I hear you gave away a couple of T-shirts to Kelly. Man the TV stars get all the breaks!

It’s a fondness not an obsession!


Hey Alyssa!
I’m a huge brazilian Dodger’s fan and I couldn’t agree more with you! I thought that this was going to be ‘the’ year and now…what a disaster…anyway…let’s wait for next season!


P.S.: Loved your TBS hot corner!

Hey Alyssa,
You’ve obviously been busy lately! Well, the Dodgers should have a combination of both new fella’s and veterans. You know? The new fella’s will learn some good stuff, from the older guys, the more experienced one’s. But I mean, hey, the Indians are another great team to add to the list of combining “old with the new”, I mean look at ‘um now, The Al central division champions.

P.S. I do hope the Indians will beat the yanks, even though the last time Cle. beat the yanks was in July of 06. Wish the tribe luck!

P.P.S. Sorry ’bout the Dodgers, but I’ve got a feeling that next year will be a good one!



Hi Alyssa,
we believed and we ended up in fourth place, i don’ blame Graddy for the competition in the cubhouse. I believe that if the players performance was more consistent or more up to their standards there wouldn’t be an issue as to who would be in the lineup. I was also surprised with not having Loney at the beginning of the year, but where was nomar gonna play? I’m not completely dissapointed with the season, we found out what the youngsters are made of, i just hope colleti doesn’t bring in another washed up has been.

P.S. If Kent wants to _itch about what is going on, let him, he’s earned it.

This is actually a very pleasant interview:

(open in quick time or firefox)

I just missed a few words about “The blue Hour”.

Hey Alyssa,
Like I said before, I’m sorry about your Dodgers.😦 I hope they do better next year. I gotta agree with Casey about the mix of old and new players not being a terrible idea. I mean, that’s what we have on the Cubs and I think it’s been great.🙂 Hopefully next year both our teams will be in the postseason.

Meanwhile, have fun reporting on the post-season and say some good words about my Cubbies!🙂



Thanks again for making the cool clothes. I’m a college kid, so right now I can’t afford ’em, but I’m hoping for some for Christmas!🙂 Baseball is the greatest sport ever!🙂 I’m glad to see there are other women out there that love it as much as I do.


Saw you at Fenway last night – what a fun game. LOVED your “Peace Love and Baseball” Raglan – can’t find it anywhere though! HELP!

Hey again Miss Lyssa,

I just watched your 2 new interviews. Thanks for sharing them with us.

After a few tries at its spelling, I successfully arrived at

I hope you have a great weekend!


Despite the problems w/management, new players vs old, etc, there was one nice moment at the end of the season. I went to the game on Saturday night. The Dodgers had been officially eliminated days before, and not surprisingly, the game wasn’t sold out. We started in the hole, 4-0 and the Giants chased our pitcher out of the game in the 2nd inning.

But we came back and came back and came back. And we tied it. And in the 9th inning, w/bases loaded and 1 out you would have thought this was a game that determined whether or not we go to the playoffs. The crowd was on their feet, cheering loudly, living and dying by each pitch. The charge in the air was quite heartwarming. I wouldn’t have been surprised if we were an apathetic bunch that night, but i am so glad we weren’t. The cherry was winning it in the 10th, but it was a great feeling to be there.

Right On Alyssa to everything especially Kevin Kennedy! I love that guy and both he and your takes on So Cal Baseball!

I love you Alyssa. Will you marry me?

(I know you don’t know me but I’m a huge Red Sox fan and I had to deal with Grady in ’03… so we already have something in common. That’s a good start, right?)

Sorry about writing twice on one blog and about the dodgers. I like the dodgers but i had to say i am and will always be an Detroit Tigers fan, even if they do make me mad most of the time haha. Ok thats it but i just had to say that cause almost every other post says dodger, no offense so don’t get mad K lol.

Oh P.S I don’t expect anything, just saying, but ill let everyone know i am an aspiring actress and if you had any tips toward getting started or anything i would love to hear them. I also have a myspace. K Thanks & Peace


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