Next stop NLCS

What an October! It was a thrill to sign the inside of the historic Green Monster in Boston and I am enjoying this dream job with the TBS Hot Corner on There are a lot of new clips posted there and we’ll keep them coming. It was also fun to chat with Ernie, Cal and Big Hurt while they were in the studio for Game 4 of the Indians-Yankees series. I am excited to be going to Arizona tomorow and then to Colorado for the National League Championship Series. Those are two teams I obviously see quite often during the season in LA, and hopefully you will see a unique view of their worlds in this big series on TBS that starts Thursday night at Chase Field. Also, I want to extend my gratitude to Heather (pictured) and Matt for doing the TOUCH fashion show on the TBS Hot Corner — thanks for thinking of me!


P.S. I am curious what some of your favorite memories are from this unforgettable year in baseball.

P.S.S. Here are four other MLBlogs you have to see: Helton | Clark | Garko | Youk

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What I remember about this year’s baseball season is the countdown to Barry Bonds breaking the home run total and the snowed out games in the beginning of the season. The Indians are going to the LCS and of course your fashion line coming out & being a big hit.

Hi Alyssa! I just can say to you that your great on TBS HOT CORNER!! Keep doing such a great job!! What a shame Im not from there to comment all about baseball, I would love to. Love to seeing you so thrilled (like signing the wall)!! Its wonderful seing you so happy doing all this!! Take care.
Lorena Cols (Is your pencil drawing safe??)😉
P.S.: For whatever you want just ask.

Hi Alyssa I am so glad you are having fun. As for my favorite moment from this year was going to my very first baseball game. It may have only been a minor league game and we (the Nashville Sounds) lost but it was still an experience I will always remember, for that is where I discovered slushes (sp?), and painted spider webs (cotton candy) and also learned how to keep score when I watch the Dodgers at home they are my favorite Major league team and I will only watch Dodger baseball. And just how much fun the game can be and it is all thanks to you and your blog. Like I say in an earlier posted Thank you so much for making touch and more importanly introducing me to the wonderful world of baseball.
Ps I try some of your links but they do not work. They are the sneek peek and the touch headwear links all the others I find to work fine.
Forever peace,

oh another ps I forgot to wish you safe travels. I hope you have fun and return to LA saftely this goes also for all who travel with you and in your heart.

I have enjoyed my favorite Mariner Raul Ibanez have a great season. He is an amazing player that they always seem to be able to count on. He is also an amazing person & humanitarian.

My all-time favorite moment this year was taking my 2 year old to his first baseball game at Safeco Field – Mariners vs. Blue Jays. He had a great time and loved the game and learned to take off his ball cap during the national anthem. Ok, so he rooted for everyone (on both teams) to hit a home run. He just enjoyed the entire experience and I enjoyed watching him.

Alyssa, i gotta say, you’re living a baseball fans dream! You get to go to all the playoff games, tour all of the ballparks and love every minute of it! Your clothing line is a smash (of course). Have fun in the nlcs/alcs!

This season was a season to remember because all of the milestones! At the beginning of the season you knew that we could see: some new members of the 500 hr club, possibly two new members of the 600 hr club, another 3,000 hit, possibly the last 300th win, a 350th win, another 300th save, a 500th save and a new hr leader. The regular season has ended and we watched Frank Thomas, A-Rod and Thome hit their 500th hr. We saw Sosa hit his 600th and Griffey should join him next year. We watched Todd Jones pitch his 300th save and Hoffman get his 500th. We saw Clemens throw his 350th win while Glavine threw his 300th win, which may be the last one we see. Watching Biggio hit his 3,000 was wonderful especially seeing his typical play hard style try to leg out the single into a double. And the day he announces his retirement, he hits a granny:) There was a lot of media coverage about Bonds becoming the **home run king**, but more importantly, a new generation has become aware of Hank Aaron and the true definition of integrity. There are many more moments like the no hitters, game saving catches, watching Josh Hamilton return etc… but the defining moment was seeing Cal Ripken Jr and Tony Gwynn get inducted into the HOF first ballot. Both embody what it means to be a dedicated baseball player.

This is a great gig you have. I have always been a baseball addict. I listen to Dibs and Kennedy on my drive home from work, enjoy listening to other teams/games with their home radio announcers and enjoy getting the various perspectives of the game including the “from the fans” view.

With all that has happened this season, it has been a season to remember : )

Ms. Milano,

Wow, looks like we get carded at the door now, that’s unfortunate. Just stopped by to say thank you for taking time out to answer all of those questions from your readers over the summer. That was very nice of you, and I’m sure you made more than one person’s day. Good job. I was hoping you’d have been more specific in answering mine, but that’s understandable, and I’m not complaining.

You must be having a blast traveling city to city for the LDS & LCS’s – I know I’d be! My favorite team (The Mutts) spit the proverbial bit the last three weeks of the season, conceding a record 7 game lead with just 17 games to go, getting blown out on their own field by the woeful Floriduh Marlins on the last day of the season. In fact, it was a collapse of historic proportions, as the Mutts became the team with the largest lead (7), at the latest point in the season (Sept 12th), to miss out on post-season play.

Being the baseball purist that I am, I will continue to pull for the Cleveland Indians (who haven’t won since 1948) and the Colorado Rockies (who have never played in an LCS, let alone a WS, in their 15 year history. ‘Zona has a notch under their belts (2001) and Bah-ston (most recently in 2004). Even had the Mets made the dance, they’d have been sliced and diced by either of the upstart D-Backs or Rockies, IMO. We all know how they fared against Philly the last 8 games of the season (*LOL*). Rox, winners of last 17 of 18 ? Simply incredible.

Just watched a few of your skits from ‘TBS Hot Corner’. I especially enjoyed the view from *inside the monster* and the trip around Dodger Stadium — Vin Scully’s booth = hallowed ground! Good stuff all around, Alyssa. I don’t think you will continue to be accused of having your publicist or some other third party write this blog, as witnessed by the charisma you displayed in those skits. It is easy to see that you have a genuine passion for baseball and by no means is it contrived.

The piece where you and the guy from the Dodgers are scuffing up the balls before the game, gave me an idea — Since you are off to Colorado for the NLCS, how about an ‘educational’ piece on baseball and how it relates to physics when played at one mile above sea-level. Take the fans inside the humidor at Coors Field and explain how balls are now kept inside the yard with much more regularity. Or how about this — Run all around the upper deck, from the left most corner to the right most corner, and back! (Just make sure oxygen masks are provided, we want you to live to see another game!)

Last but not least — I think you’ll get a kick out of this. Couple of months ago, I came home from work, threw my junk down, and immediately made a bee-line for the remote in an effort to tune into the Mets game. The games are usually shown on Ch. 60 here, but oddly enough (and I do mean *oddly*), I turned on Ch. 3 (which is PAX, apparently). Before I could change the channel, the theme music for ‘Who’s the Boss’ came on (which also oddly enough, is the first time I have heard that music in nearly 20 years…I must have been in the 8th grade the last time). So it’s now past 7 PM, and my beloved N.Y. Metropolitans are taking a back seat to Sam Micelli *lol*.

Even more oddly enough, this was the episode where Sam’s wealthy Connecticut friends are going on an overnight ski trip, so Tony conspires to come up with the cash to send her, by any means necessary — including selling ‘Uncle Louie’s’ 1962 Mets team autographed baseball :-j. Long story short, Sam realizes that the family heirloom/history is more important than the ski trip, and buys the ball back for her father. Aww, cute.

I’d imagine in today’s tv world the storyline would have gone much differently — Kid needs money to go on school trip. Parent cannot afford it. Kid steals cherished baseball from parent. Kid sells it on Ebay for $40k. Kid spends entire month in Aspen huddled in lodge with a plethora of designer drugs & booze.

Apologies for ending this post on a ‘downer’, it wasn’t my intention.

Thank God for turning leaves, crisp Canadian breezes, and October baseball! God bless.

Paulie B **==

(deadline to register to vote in the NY State Presidential Primary is this Friday, October 12th….HURRY!!)

Hey again Lyssie,

I hope you have fun on your Western baseball roundup.🙂

All of your TBS segments are great- and I look forward to what the future holds.

I just surfed over to Helton, Clark, Garko, & Youk. Isn’t that a law firm? Perhaps they can help with my copyright applications.

P.S. My favorite baseball memory of this year was meeting you at your Angel Stadium signing.🙂

P.S.S. I think I already mentioned Helton, Clark, Garlo, and Youk. I’ll be watching for them on Boston Legal.

P.P.S.S. What do these P’s and S’s stand for anyway.

P.S.P.S.P. I’m hungry for Dippin’ Dots.

Have a great trip!

I mean Garko, not Garlo. Sorry Garko. Everyone knows that Garlo hasn’t passed the bar yet.

Hi Alyssa, I am really happy that you enjoy it so much doing Hot Corner and your blog, happy for you and happy for us.
Happy for you is obvious, because I want you having the life you desire and filled with good feelings (I can’t even see Sam or Phoebe suffering without pressure on my stomach although I know this is acting and as a horror fan I am quite hard boiled in what I watch). Happy for us, because when people love what they do, they give everything and we others get the good stuff!
And this leads me to on what you are curious:
In my case it is easy, because it is almost everything. As someone who lives far away from where the real action is going on I liked the game itself a lot, but did not follow teams or scores much. The only team I did know better have been the Yankees. Since you started the blog I invested much more activity in learning the Major League reality. So everything was exciting! And following your blog and your tbs activity is my biggest media pleasure at the minute and that is a part of this baseball year too. A big part actually because you brought something new into the baseball world that haven’t been before, say, you added a few words to the annals of baseball this year as well. I know this was not always as easy as it looks in the result and I am sure it took a big effort sometimes.
The nature of human social life has it, that when you come out with something, you have to struggle with obstacles and you are apparently very sovereign in dealing with this circumstance.
So then: I am looking forward to what you bring from Arizona & Colorado!
And have a nice trip!
Best wishes, Johannes

Hi Alyssa,I saw the TOUCH fashion show and was totally impressed.The clothing looks outstanding and they justify the female body well.You have a good eye for fashion.My favorite memory of this baseball year was when your Dodgers was leading their division.I’m glad that your having such a good time working on HOT CORNER.I have been enjoying your clips and I’m overwhelm with joy to know more is coming.I can’t get enough of you.More,I just want more.Reasonably.I respect your works and you.Thanks.

hey Alyssa!
am LOVING Hot corner! and all the behind the scenes clips.. What a great moment to be able to sign the green monster! the look on your face was priceless! truly!
My favorite moment this year in baseball had to be the fact that I was home in New England the night Boston Clinched. Though I was there for a sad occasion, the untimely death of my young cousin.. being with family and being home for Boston’s win is something that will stay with me.
RIP Jimmy! and GO Boston!

Hi Alyssa, I’m still smarting over the second game loss from the Angels to the Red Sox. After that kid robbed our catcher of an out, and then the next batter got a home run, and the final home run that ended the game. If the kid wouldn’t have robbed our catcher of the out we probably would have won that game and then maybe we would have been in better spirits for game 3 in Anaheim. Oh well have to wait for next season just like you. If I have to root for a team to go all the way I guess it would be Colorado since they have come on so strong at the end here, much like the Angels did in 02. Didn’t one of the Rockies players get killed this year by getting hit by a baseball? I have a half sister in Denver, and my dad is from Colorado also so I have some connection there. I have relatives in Arizona also so I guess whichever national league team wins I’ll have relatives that live in that city. I have some relatives in Boston also; I have a cousin and a step sister living in or near there.

My favorite thing about this season was getting into the Legends Suite at Fenway for game one of the Red Sox/Angels series. Although I didn’t get to meet you (you must have left right before I got there), I was watching the game sitting next to “El Tiante”. And to think, one week before I was sitting in the bleachers and the week before that I was in Iraq. Life is good.

My favorite moment of this baseball season was I saw the Mets play the Washington Nationals, the Mets won 3-1. That was my first baseball game I went to, my mom says they won because we were their. Who knows,lol. It was fun, hopefully I can go to more games next season.

p.s. Have fun on your trip to AZ.

Whouaa!! I am so happy that you come to arizona!, hum maybe not that it is during the weekday, because I work but If I am lucky I can have a chance to see you! ok I dream a little too much but, what is the life without dreaming, and try to realize them!! I hope you gonna have a good game here in phoenix!, and it is still hot here! hope so much to meet you! bye

Hi Alyssa! Love the job you are doing on the Hot Corner. I really like the interview with the Red Sox valet. I like learning about things that happen behind the scenes. As a huge Met fan, the final two weeks left a sour taste in my mouth for the whole 2007. Looking back though, I think my favorite moment was seeing the Mets come from five runs down to beat the Cubs in the bottom of the ninth in a game in late May that I was at. Hopefully 2008 will be better for the Mets and your Dodgers. Who do you like in the NLCS?
Looking foward to seeing you on TBS!

Just when I think I saw enough of those D’Backs & Rockies all summer long, You guys are going to give us the both of them at the same time. Com’on Alyssa, Knock it off. Seriously, I hope DEM BUMS are watching maybe, just maybe they will learn something. I took a stroll around the Ebbets Field Apartments to reminisce the Dodgers of old, but they’ve been in LA the last 50 years and they are starting to act like those people. They got to watch those Snakes and those Califlour Rockheads.

Oh, im glad that you having fun!
I saw the clips with TOUCH, and there are great! I love it.
I hope you enyoj you trip to Arizona and Colorado.
Its wonderful seing you so happy doing all this!! You deserv this the most!
Take care

Bonjour ma belle,

Last day in Beer/Chocolate Kingdom, I?m finishing packing and doing my last necessary shopping (a lot of chocolate).
One of my favorite memories will be like every year, the excitement of the first Red Sox game, and this year I was lucky enough not to stay awake all night and have a 10 coffee cups morning !!!!!
And also Russell many great hits, he just so amazing and full off passion for the game, keep the great job ?beau mec?.

But the baseball season is just starting for me, I unquestionably going to have great memories at the Playoffs games at Fenway this October.

Be safe,

Tembrasse fort,


PS : Next year, I?m planning a trip to LA for a Dodgers game, I will bring you some chocolate (you know that she was more than a box off chocolate right ????).

What a great yet sad season for my Angels. I have so many memorable moments this season i would take up way too much space. For me I think it might be going to the freeway series with my brother and just getting a chance to hang out with him. That night started a friendship and a great cross town team rivalry that will live on forever! (he’s a Dodger Fan) Baseball wise seeing all of the milestones reached by so many players made for an electrifying season.

P.S. meeting you wasn’t too shabby either.
– Can’t wait for more TOUCH items, they made a great addition to my wardrobe.


Hey Lyssie waz ap? Your Hot Corners are just perfect. I love them. Every time I can’t wait for the next one. Keep the best work… Of course we are thinking of you🙂 especially me😛 Good luck with everything u do;)
I Love U!!!

My favorite moment was July 1st at Jacobs Field.The Indians scored 5 runs off Todd Jones in the ninth to beat Detroit 12-11.This was one of the most exciting games I ever went to and shows why the Tribe has gone as far as they have.

Hi again Miss Lyssa,

I hope you enjoy your trip to the Grand Canyon State today.

I just googled ?Garlo?, and it turns out that it actually is the name of a law firm. So to avoid being sued, I just wanted to note that Garlo in fact is the one who passed the bar and that Garko is the baseball player, who may or may not someday have a cameo on Boston Legal.

Does that make sense?

I hope so.

Anyway, have fun at the games! Don?t forget to pack your team Rubix cubes (for the plane flights of course)!🙂


Hey Alyssa!

Hope all is well🙂
Great to hear from you again, glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself. Can’t wait to see all the upcoming TBS interviews! Have a lot of fun in Arizona and Colorado🙂..



It has GOT to be YOU opening your fashion line😀😀😀

My favorite moments are ahead of me hopefully (GO TRIBE!) But I have some good ones from the season: June 1st the Indians come back from down 4 runs in the 9th inning to beat the Tigers and I was there. The last homestand of the season I went to 4 games: the first two Casey Blake hit GW Walk-off HRs to win each. The third was a come-from-behind win aganist the Tigers to pretty much knock them out of it.

But my favorite moment so far: Grady Sizemore sliding under that Joba Chamberlin tag in Game 2 last week

Jason Hirsh of the Rockies pitching 6 shutout innings on a broken leg!!!!

Hey, Alyssa
I’d first up thank you for bringing me back into the Dodger-fold, for the season. I was more enthused to follow the team. They did occupy first place, and hovered around there for a long time.
Bonds might have stolen the show, record-wise, but many others achieved more fame than he will ever get. The Balco scandal continues to reverberate throughout the professional sports world. I expect more revelations to happen, over time. Announcements, apologies, and “Gee, I never knew…”
There has been a few blowouts, this postseason. Let’s see if these teams can take it to the limit.
And with the shout out “Play Ball,” let the war begin!
Oh yeah, do you get to sit near the field, and the action, or a luxury seat, up above?
Spotting some of your merchandise in the stands? It’s a classy thing that you have done, for your fellow female fans.
Are you going to need a sidekick for the WS games? Just kidding with you, of course.

i’m so glad it going good for you!
and i love the clips with TOUCH fashion show on the TBS Hot Corner.
and have so fun in Arizona and then Colorado!
i hope you enjoy everything you are doing, beacause you deserve it most of us all!
lots of love

Hi alyssa

I’m 18 years old and I’m from the Netherlands.
I’m a big fan of yours and it’s really nice to see you so happy. In Holland baseballl is’nt as popular as it is in America, we’re more into soccer (maybe david beckam can turn you into a fan). anyway have fun and I’m sure your clothing line will be a succes it looks great.
take care
doei (means bye in Dutch)

Bonjour Alyssa!

It’s so great to see you on the TBS Hot corner, You look so happy! I love to learn more about baseball thanks to you, we miss baseball games in France (in Europe!), fortunately internet exists! I would love to meet you one day, It would be nice that you come in France soon. I think I m gonna go to LA before. I went to Toronto last summer and I saw my first baseball game (bluejays), It was my best memory of this season, because I was in a stadium for the first time! So cool! Take care, and go on your dreams!
Love you!

One of my favorite memories of this season was going to Fenway to witness Clay Bucholz’s no-hitter against the Orioles. Pedroia made a spectacular play in the 7th inning robbing Tejada of a hit up the middle to preserve the no-no. Coco Crisp also displayed his range in center field that night running down a few balls in the gap.

Hi Alyssa,
Keep up the great posts on the Hot Corner. In spite of all the historic home run, wins and saves records this year, I would say my favorite moment this season had to be the Sept 28th game when the Phillies moved into first palce in the NL East. I was at the game and can’t recall a time where I have seen a more electrified crowd. The fans were up for just about every pitch with rally towels at the ready & the concession stands looked like ghost towns whenever the Phillies were up to bat. Everyone would gather along back of of the lower deck seating just to watch the Phils at bats and scramble for the concession stands between innings. I also enjoyed your Q&A blog you posted earlier this season, you responded to my question with the Field of Dreams clip. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this great sport with us all season and hopefully the Dodgers and Phils can meet up in the playoffs next season.

Hey Alyssa, tried posting last night and got an error message. So will try again.

Memories of the year?

(Arizona) Brandon Webb’s shutout streak that nearly made Orel sweat a tiny bit. Webb is really solid.

(Boston) I’m really surprised no one mentioned their pitcher Lester? With Boston in the Division title, it has to be one of the typical emotion heart tugging stories. Young guy who’s promising carreer is seemingly cut short by Cancer only to come back this year. he even won his very first start while his mom cried.

(Boston) How about their rookie they brought up and ended up pitching a no-hitter?

The Mets historical collapse. Up 7 games with 17 to go? Disgraceful.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Colorado’s amazing come from forth place in the NL West to snatch the wildcard. 7 back I believe they were at one point, only to roar back in September. Good bunch of young talented guys who seem to be enjoying the wave.

The Yankees horrible end to a terrific season. Great season for Alex though. 52 HR’s?

Bonds..Kudos to breaking Hank’s record despite the fact I really dislike him. A record is a record, steroids or no steroids. You can say what you want about cheating but guess what? He still had to connect the the bat to the ball. If y’all think it’s so easy with steroids? Well 75% of the majors likely uses them and always has to some degree. How many have hit 700+ homers? Case closed there. I just wish he was a more likeable guy.

James Loney of the Dodgers. Why is he a story? He came up last year hit 4 homers in 6 days. Had a huge amount of confidence and like two or three weeks later they sent the kid to the Minors despite being a clearly superior fielder and hitter to at least 2/3rds of the Dodgers. Having come back this year you can see how he struggled all year like he was worried about being demoted again. Never underestimate how crushing it is for a young kid to play his guts out only to get sent back. Still, when September came, he proved again he is clearly one among a few in their future. Lonely has boatloads of talent. Kudos to him for fighting off the disappointment of last year.

(San Diego) Um um the name skips me and I’m tired but the Dodgers released this kid last year because he was a hot head and a distraction. San Diego trades for him and at a crucial time of the year, he gets himself into a fight and tears a muscle or tendon, I forget. It’s a memory for me because I saw it coming a mile away.

That’s about it for me..Oh yeah, Alyssa on T.V during the Playoffs. HeH though I will always remember her in “Let of some steam bennet” Or Who’s the Boss with Tony Danza who seems like a decent guy. Coincidentally to tie in with Baseball, few know he actually played a season with the Cardinals? I think it was them. Loved who’s the Boss. Yes I’m old.

Anyway, see y’all soon.

Hi Alyssa

One of my favorite moments was in the 9-27-07 Dodgers vs Rockies when Pierre made that diving catch and held on for the out.

I loved the fashion show on Hot Corner best part was the sun dresses. Can’t wait to see what you bring us from NLCS


hi alyssa,
I’m happy you’re having a good time and I’m happy to see you everywhere!!!!!you’re so sweet and beautiful…and very nice!

i love u!!!!!!!!!!

veronica….your Italian fan!!!!

p.s.your clothes are awesom and dodgers the best!!!!!!

Hi Alyssa,

I really can’t comment about baseball, because I don’t get to see baseball matches over here in France. But I’d really love to, because I love this sport. Because when I was 13 years old, I played it. And I’d really love to play it again.

I’m happy you’re having a good time ! I hope you enjoy your trip to Arizona and Colorado.

Thanks a lot for blogging, Alyssa !!!

Lots of love,

Hey Alyssa just wanna say what’s up. I know you’re busy and everything, but I just hope you find the time to read my blog on my myspace page. I figured since I read yours all the time maybe you can read mine.
It’s titled “People in America need to get their prioritis straight.” I think you’ll like it. Well anyway, have fun at the NLCS cutie. By the way that Red Sox Valet stuff was shocking on MLB Hot Corner. I can’t believe they park all those expensive cars so close together. You’re pretty good with that interviewing stuff. Is there anything you can’t do? Be careful out there at the NLCS games.

That first NLCS game went as good as expected, I hope the Dodgers paid attention. I know the D’Backs & Rockies almost as well as I know my own team. These are good lineups, I don’t know if I feel like a scout or a spy. I have no favorite, may the best team win.

Favorite 2007 regular season moment: Matt Holliday’s face plant slide to win the “play-in” game, Padres v. Rockies. The NL West is the pride and joy of the league, a great division top to bottom (I know, I know, but even the Giants have some great arms). Good luck to your boys in blue next year,they will be tough. You have the same type of young talent as the Rox and D-Backs, plus big market money. You seem kinda tough on Grady Little every once in awhile, though. He’s a really good manager, keep the faith. Anyway, the Rockies just took Game 1 of the NLCS and the autumn leaves are turning purple and black here in Colorado.

Best, Mike

P.S. Peace, love and baseball!

Hey Alyssa

Just leaving you a quick note, I’m at school right now so I have to hurry.. I forgot to answer your question, from this Baseball season I’ll never forget the couple of games I could see on TV from the dodgers, we don’t get to many baseball games here and the time differences makes it nearly impossible for me to watch but anyways I watched a couple of games and I followed a lot of games on the internet. The whole controversion around Barry Bonds and the record, your blog🙂 It’s great to read and I always look forward to new entries and of course your new Hot Corner gig and the clothing line :)…
Makes baseball more available for us Europeans (except for the clothing which will hopefully come to Europe as well!)..

By the way the new line for 2008 looks great and I love the caps!!!

Gotta goo!



I forgot something! I read that you said that you are always talking about baseball, and your friends are bored to listening to you talking about baseball all the time. Well, You can talk about baseball with me all you want!! I really mean it. So you know, I’m here for whatever you want😉
Take care
Lorena Cols

P.S.: One more thing. Did Eric gave you the note I gave him to give you? I was going to ask you in person, but words didnt came out (I was so nervous that you were in front of me).I really want to know. Thanks.

hi alyssa,
you need a baseball nickname for the playoffs. how ’bout maybe,”the kid”(child star),”the boss”,”touch ’em all” (as in homerun, for your clothing line) etc. i thought it might be fun, a-ha, made you laugh, lol. only game 1 and my d-backs not looking too good, i suppose you’re cheering against them,lol, for that matter, both NL West teams,lol. jus’ kiddin’. anyway, when is your next round of new interviews? can you please advertise when or if they will happen? and remember alyssa, say it with me, c’mon you can do it, GO D-BACKS!!! thx, good luck! you’re a natural!

hi alyssa, again,
favorite memories from this yr., uummmm, seeing minute maid park in person for the first time, d-backs winning the west,sorry,and d-backs beating the cubs,watching in semi-sadness the end of probably a torre-yankee era and watching you on tbs hotcorner, you are absolutely beautiful, what a hottie! what makes you attractive too is your beautiful personality, really! worst memory, having to watch first part of playoffs on computer with a bad connection because i don’t have cable. boo-hoo,lol.

Chello Alyssa!
Great work for the Hot Corner so far and congrats on all the success of Touch (I’m currently typing this while wearing a Red Sox shirt from the line!). Now, I’m not an Astros fan by any means, but I am most certainly a Craig Biggio fan. So my favorite moment of the year revolves around him. What an achievement to get 3,000 hits. That’s a feat few baseball players ever get to touch. I was in tears watching his final game ever. I can’t imagine being a professional athlete playing the last game of his or her career. And what a great career his was. The Astros’ fans and players at the stadium treated the event perfectly. Everytime one of the players departed the game and came up and hugged Biggio on the field, my heart broke. All I can say is, Cooperstown, Craig Biggio is ready for ya!

Hi Alyssa!I am hearty your website about MLB!I too like baseball and now too Dodgers😉 Your fashion colection Touch is very beautiful,is damage that this colection isn’t too in the Czech republic.

Hope you are enjoying the NLCS, I am looking forward to your updates on Hot Corner. I saw a picture of you at the D’backs-Rockies Game, I loved the necklace you were wearing. Is that something from the upcoming jewelery line?

Hi Alyssa,

I hope you’re having a great weekend.

I just saw your cool new tour of the TBS production facilities. Very nicely done! That was a great idea for a segment.

It sure looks like it would be fun working in the control room. The place is more decked out than an air traffic control center.

I hope you enjoy the championship series.

Have fun at the games!

Well Alyssa, Another big contest between the Rockies & D’Backs. These two ball clubs are exciting to watch, and it looks like the Dodgers have to make some moves this off season, otherwise their work will be cut out for them.

Hi Alyssa

Just caught the new segment where you take us on a tour of the TBS production facilities its was great, I had no idea it the director had that many cameras to keep track of. WOW!!

Have a great weekend


Well Alyssa; Colorado won again last night and now are 2-0 as I’m sure you know. Boston also won big. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next. How have your experiences at the NL championship series been going?


How come they always start football season about a month before the world series? It seems like it sort of dilutes everything so they have to talk about football and baseball at the same time. I guess basketball and hockey have started too.

Hi Alyssa,
Greetings from Canada!
First of all let me say that I love your BLOG and as a baseball fan in general, I look forward to reading what you have to say each week. I’m sure that you can understand how tough a season it was for me a loyal White sox fan, But there were two special moments. Mark Buhrle’s no-hitter and Jim Thome’s Walk-off homerun for #500. They were two special moments that I will remember for a long time to come. I would have liked to have included the Big Hurt’s 500th but I mssed it because it wasn’t on TV in Toronto and it was blacked out on MLB TV (not sure why)
ps You are doing a great job on TBS Hotcorner. any chance this could become a full season thing?

On behalf of your many fans in Colorado, welcome to Denver and Coors Field! We hope you enjoy the NLCS and the Rockie’s amazing run. They really are “Charmed” this year! Love your TBS Hot Corner segments!

WoW Alyssa!
I just saw your behind the workings (can?t remember the other word) tour. I can?t believe how much goes in to just one game!! Thanks for another great interview. Hope you are having fun!!
Love, Makayla

My favorite moment of this season is now the 11th inning of ALCS game 2.My Tribe is on fire!I am keeping my fingers crossed in C-town this October.Love your work Alyssa and it is just to cool that you are a baseball fanatic like me.

Hi Alyssa! My name Henrietta, I live on Hungary. You are my ideal. Why? I respect it for being UNICEF large you are an ambassador, and that you help many men. Unfortunately here, baseball is not performed in our homeland, I cannot make a statement about your passion for the baseball in this manner. Will you not visit sometime to us? I am asking you if he is a yes note it! Thank you.

Peace with you:

Hi Angel,
I’m happy you’re having a good time and I’m happy to see you everywhere! You’re so sweet and beautiful…and very nice! And from all angles you’re looking good, just be yourself, sometimes I have differences to understand you, bcause you’re talking so fast, but I like that..

HARRY….your DUTCH admirer! On every step you take, I love you, we’re on the same spirit frequency, and don’t forget your human, you may feeling down sometimes, I do too… and left a tear, after that you become stronger! I pray for you to our greater good…
I follow everything about you, I don’t understand all about baseball, but if you’re so fanatic, I follow you, and become curious.
Music helps me, I can’t withouth it, so you’re bizzy
but when you have the time for instance with make-up,
you can listen a shortwile to a CD from a miserable
subject from Miles Davis with Marcus Miller and Joe Zawinul, but that gives you after that the positive power! Thumbs Up!😉 And you can take the world…
Love, Happiness, Music and Baseball… HARRY (Netherlands)

I forgot the title “TUTU”, HARRY (Netherlands)

Hi Alyssa, convenient Sunday for me. In the morning I was watching your TBS production facilities segment: was cool as always, I was a little bit surprised that this can still impress a girl with your expertises; I found that kinda cute. Then I was watching the Al Gore documentary “An inconvenient Truth”; I have ordered that long ago, so it’s a funny coincidence that I got it right as he got the Nobel Prize; quite recommendable actually, but concerning the prize something inside of me says Greenpeace would have deserved it first. Well, I take it as a sign who should have been president not only for the sake of the USA.
Then some daily business and in the evening Alyssa’s adventure with the roof, very enjoyable. I see your journey is nice and I am looking forward what comes next,
take care, Johannes

Hey Lyss waz ap, I saw your newest hot corner behind the scenes… OMG you are so cool, keep being the best. Btw what about to visit Bulgaria a😉
I love U, tnx for making me happy every single minute😛 p.s.🙂

Alyssa, I want you to know, I’m hoping the Rockies sweep the Diamondbacks, if only to lesson the impact of both these teams looking so dominent. I want to get one of these teams out of the picture as soon as possible. Even if this happens I still think the Dodgers will have trouble playing the D’Backs. We have to improve our offense to compete with the teams in our division. Let’s hope we are successful with our young pitchers on the farm that are coming up and they can help our starting pitching problems and that we do not spend to much on pitchers who are now in other organizations and use that money to improve our offense. If we spend any money on a free agent I hope it is for an infielder, preferably a 3rd baseman, since we are O.K at the other three positions. We need a (proven) 50-60 HR man. I think our outfield is set, except I wish Pierre {my name sake} would move over to right or left field. By the way I love the job you’re doing at TBS.


Another week in baseball and Oh how sweet it is….
National…who’d of thunk it…carry on Colorado
American…I’ve been waiting all year for some nail biting play and here it is…I love it.

Favorite memories….
A) Bonds while not a favorite was probably the biggest, tho memorable more for the public outcry then for the breaking of the record.
B) Meeting you here and learning so much more about the Blue and even my own Sox then I ever could have at some dry and dusty stats page.Your use of video and pictures and written word brought this season to life for me on so many different levels. Bravo.
C) Learned doei means bye in Dutch…
D) My favorite memory has yet to happen but my Red Sox winning the World Series would make my year,tho I’m sorry they don’t get to face the Blue.
Why does it take 5 hours to play a ball game…stupid commercials…sorry didn’t mean to bite the hand that feeds you.
Bought a case of bubbly and hope I get to use it in the next few weeks….Tiny bubbles,in the wine,make me feel happy, make me feel fine.

Just when I think you can?t amaze me any more you go and do something like that. I love how you asked and that you got to go up so high. I could just feel your happiness flow from the camera all the way to little me sitting at a computer so many miles away i don?t want to count. I am so glad that you got to do something that made you so happy that you where glowing.
Keep going girl your doing great!!!!!!
Love, McCollonough
PS I hope all that made sense. I am too happy to talk/type well.
PPS if you are not there already have a safe trip home.

I am so jealous, I would love to open the roof!!! Every time I am at Safeco I want it to rain so I can see the roof close, but would you believe everytime I go to Seattle it’s sunny — what are the odds of that!!

Bonsoir ma belle,

Four days in the US and already the pleasure to watch two long Red Sox games(To bad for the second one, but Youkkkk said it?s ok to loose, but they will win Monday, promise);
I?m in Virginia Beach, the weather in beautiful, I?m on vacation and I?m watching BASEBALL, ?Paradis?.
I just saw your latest Hot Corner segment; it?s great to discover all those different not known but vital jobs around the big stadium. Thank you for them.
As always nice job sweetie, but slow down a bit, you look tired.

“Fenway is the essence of baseball.” – Tom Seaver

T?embrasse fort,


PS: Can not wait for the second part of my vacation?BOSTON

This loss by the D’backs. I hope is a blow to their confidence, they are still a very good young ballclub, gaining post season experience, making them that much better than our younger Dodgers. The sooner this series ends the better. The more games the losers win in this series will be a credit to them. If the D’backs pull a Red Sox on the Rockies then we’re back to two dominent western teams and remember the Padres lost on a close play or an umpires judgement, so they(the Padres) can feel good about themselves. So, I feel the quicker this is over, the better. If the Rockies win this NLCS, especially if they sweep, they will be in a class of their own, riding high, the NL team to beat, at least that’s the way they’ll feel and I believe confidence goes a long way in sports. We haven’t had a dominent team in this division since the Braves. With the Giants, not knowing where they are, which isn’t to bad these days, will proberbly be rebuilding next year, and be about where the Diamondbacks were this year. Will they have the same success? Who knows? Yes, Who Knows? It’s hard to predict this game, but I know the Dodgers will have to improve themselves next year. They may already have the starting pitching they will need, if they are used correctly. Their defense never really hurt them. I feel that the Pen is as good as the other 4 teams, including the top 3 in the division, yes we have a very good bullpen. I think our offense needs to be adjusted, we need a power hitter in the middle of the line, a 50-60 HR man, to make up the difference, to match the other teams offense, maybe a better hitting coach, someone who can get them to hit IN SYNC, we’ll need that to beat the ROCKIES. And if we can beat the Rockies, we proberbly can beat anybody.

Thanks for having the courtesy to try to explain to the “east” that just because our teams are out here in the silly west that doesn’t make them any less capable of playing great ball! We are unique! We are phenomenal, and we just may have our selves a world series victory out here in the west! Keep up the unbiased commentary!

Hey again, Lyss Jaynie M.,

I hope you had fun playing with the Chase Field sunroof. The horsepower is impressive and I hear the place also comes with air conditioning and an AM/FM radio. So how many miles do you think are on it?

Could you bring it out here on a test drive? Maybe they’d take the Hollywood Bowl and/or my Chevy Malibu as a trade-in.

It’s amazing how much steel goes into those giant structures. Awhile ago I was designing a long-span roof for an event hall, and the material savings just in the final tuning was 70 tons of steel!

I look forward to your future adventures.

Have a great week, Alyssa.

In one of the segments, you say you’re trying to be the voice of the fan. I couldn’t agree more. You’ve brought a terrifically personal and human touch to this greatest of games. You’re asking all the questions with all the wonder and excitement that I wish I could’ve asked since I was a kid. You got *inside* the Green Monster?? Wow!
Thanks for doing such a great job – but I bet you don’t consider it a “job” do you? Looking forward to the next clip.

Hi Alyssa!! Love your 2 last videos, you seemed so excited opening the roof, I love seeing you so happy doing that, its really cool to work on what you want, Im happy for you😉.
And about the video of the control room. Oh my god they use 26 cameras. There must be a lot of people working there, I dont want to think the work they have to do putting the cameras, adjust them all with the CCU’s, setting the conections of the patch panel…
Im sure its funny to see all that!! Really interesting videos! Keep up the great work!!
And to see you enjoying so much doing that, putting a lot of excitement and pasion, I can feel all that from here and let me tell ya, thats not easy my friend, its because you communicate a lot, and the way you communicate its awesome.

Great work on “the blue hour” too. By the way seeing you crying even if its in a movie I cry too, I know its a nonsense but what can I do? thats the way I…
Take Care
Lots of love
Lorena C.

My favorite memory from this season was Brewers/Braves game in late May. Braves won 9-3 on late rally. I’m a lifelong Cubs fan and you could say I both love and hate the Cubs, but I chose the Brewers game because the Cubs were out of town and I had never been to Miller Park. The day was a Wed and I thought about how lucky I was to escape my desk job for one day. One thing that makes baseball great is its a family affair. Football games are festive too but festive more like a college Frat party. Baseball is about families young and old getting together to watch a game everyone understands. Miller Park was easy to find. The food was great, and I got lucky to have a seat behind home plate. Dave Bush pitched great that day. His junk pitches get three to four feet break on them. The break on his pitches is insane. Bush was 12-10 this year with 5.12 ERA and I just cant believe a guy this good was only a 500 pitcher with plus 5 ERA? Go figure? Dave Bush has been in the league 4 years and I predict bigger things from him in the future. Prince Fielder hit his 18th homerun that day. He’s like a not so mini version of his Dad Cecil. Overall, my experience at Miller Park was excellent. What I took away with me that day, was a memory of being in the midst of one big picnic with a baseball game going on in the background.

Hey Alyssa you are reading our comments… TNX TNX TNX TNX TNX TNX TNX… yahooo😛 I love you…
~Your biggest fan forever~😉

Love the red dress, it’s real pretty,
My lack of fashion makes me feel silly,
Almost as bad as my knowledge of Baseball,
But the way you put it, I feel less small,
I can’t believe how excited I get,
Your love for this sport is so set.
You get me jumping up and down,
Behind the scenes in different towns,
Learning new things you’d never hear,
Not meeting you is what I mostly fear,
Please trust me, I don’t want to scare,
When I say, If you need me, I’ll be there.🙂

oh yeah….your question,mmm…. favourate memory of Baseball this year…..
2nd time watching a game on TV, last month: Philadelphia Vs Washington, Myers was great. And of course your clips on the web!!!! he! he!

Hey Alyssa!

My fav Baseball memory this year?
Well I’ll have to say The Indians V.s. Red Sox game on Saturday. Oh my gosh! Did you watch that game? One word AAAA-Mazing! I was soo proud of the Indians, especially, after taking a beating from the red sox, the previous game, then being tied with them in the ninth, and going into the tenth! Okay, we practically doubled the score (6-13) in the eleventh. And the RBI single in the 11th inning, plus the Three run homer by Gutierrez. Wow that sure got us Cleveland Fans kicking, and jumping out of our seats! Five hours and 14 minutes I sat on my living room couch (ok so I casually jumped to my feet and cheared)and watched that awesome over-coming! I really hope that Cleveland is getting good baseball rep for this. Because I believe the Indians are the most overlooked team in this whole series so far. We’ve got awesome guys who know how to get this done, like Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore, (who’s super cute) and Kenny Lofton, who’s a beast in the feild. We got the goods, and the spirit to take this AlCS, and move onward. To bad that Manny Ramirez took the money and ran from the tribe, to put on some Red Sox, but hey maybe he’s having second thoughts now… Can’t cry over spilled milk.
Whoosh, I feel better, now.
P.s. Love the Hot Corner, keep it up, Alyssa.
Sorry I’ve gotta


Maybe because I’m a chick….that’s great. My husband actually makes fun of me every game we watch together because I asked him once if they washed the uniforms or if they got new ones for every game because they are always so clean. I think he might have actually said to me, ‘you are **** a chick…’ Oh well, thanks for the info, this inquiring mind did want to know!

hi alyssa-your reports are truly interesting,maybe i’ve seen stuff like this 30 yrs. ago but don’t really remember, these are great,and it took a girl,lol,sorry, woman,pretty one at that, to do it. shame on you guys,lol! really interesting reports, keep it up, fun to watch and you’re funny too, in a good way. thx

Hi again Lyssa,

I just saw your clip from the laundry room.

See, this is a perfect example of why baseball players should be wearing paper clothing.

No washing, no drying, and if you get bored waiting to make a catch, perhaps you’re wearing a copy of last week’s sudoku.

You just pick up the paper in the morning, read the headlines, do a bit of origami, and you’re in a tux, or a baseball uniform, or whatever you choose. At least until it rains.

I?m sure Touch could make a mint with this.

At least until it rains?

Have a great week!

Hi Alyssa. Greetings from Denver. I hope that you had a great time in Colorado. You’ve done a wonderful job on the blogs this season. It’s evident that TBS Hot Corner is your dream job. I’m very happy for you. It’s nice to see your passion for baseball and life in general. Enjoyed your interview on Regis. One of my favorite baseball memories from this season, besides the playoffs, was the Biscuits repeating as AA Southern League champions. I wish you the best, and keep up the good work!

21 out of 22, was that just a hot streak or are the Rockies for real. I watched them a lot through that streak and they look for real and their confidence should really be growing. Yes I think they are going to be hard to beat. They are a solid club. If the Dodgers stay the way they are it will be a real battle and an uphill climb, now that the D’backs have post season experience. I hope the McCourts are not worrying about raising ticket and concession prices if A-Rod becomes available. If you want him you shouldn’t mind paying for him. If they want donations let me know. We’ve had so much bad luck with free agents, it is bound to change. Hey Alyssa, I saw you working that big roof and then you ended up in the laundry room, man you’re something. Looks like the Dodgers are going to change some coaches, I just hope they can get a good guy to work with the offense.

Hi Angel, I like the part of HotCorner subject “Motorized Roof”, we have them in Holland as well, in Amsterdam “ArenA”, Arnhem “Gelredome” and a few others, not to keep the warmth out, but protect the players from rain and wind, in Arnhem the grass-ground can be moved bij electrical motors to breath
in the night, because that is natural grass, we have more and more synthetic-grass elsewhere in Holland, because the weather overhere isn’t that stable…
And I LOVE the part that you get counted down to just push the button, and close the roof, and get APLAUSSED for that!
We all have different from our real age “a child” in us!
I saw you enjoyed that part too!
Keep on doing that, invent ideas just to let us see how it works, my compliments!
In one of the interviews with the director/producer of TBS, you mentioned “tell this little italian girl…”, do you speak or read some italian?
Do you know Zucchero “Fornaciari”?
He once had the opportunety to play a duet with Miles Davis, when he still was alive “Dune Mosse”
He’s great in Europe.
Love and Kisses, HARRY (Netherlands) Love, Happiness and BASEBALL (Courtesy of Alyssa)

Hey Alyssa

Wow just saw the last 3 TBS segments.. Weren’t you afraid being up that high?!?!0_0′ I have a major fear of hights made me scared even looking at it hehehe..
I for one, wouldn’t want to wash all those uniforms by the way, it’s really fascinating to see how much preparation goes into one single game..
Hope you’re doing well🙂



Hi Alyssa,
the laundry room interview was really funny. I love how you so surprised when he said they put fabric softener in the washer with the uniforms. That grass stain removal thing would come in handy at my house. I always play in the grass with Abby (she our dog)
love and peace,

Hey again Lyssa M.,

I just saw your visit to the equipment room.

I haven?t seen that many bats in one place since a clip of a Dracula film. Or Cave Mammal Week on the Discovery Channel.

And you weren?t even scared…

I hope you have fun with your future baseball adventures.


Hey Alyssa that new pic of you is so cool, you look so😛 wow on it, I love it😉 Give us more😛
I love U Lyss!!!
~Your BIGGEST fan ever~😉

Hey Alyssa, Howz about covering a ping pong tournament? I’ve been playing ping pong at church for the past year and was playing at work before I transfered to a different department that didn’t have a ping pong table. I know it’s not a high dollar sport but it sure is a lot of fun. How about those Rockies? I guess they are on a rocky mountain high! My dad told me their stadium was built on a dump site (landfill) that him and his buddy used to ride their motorcycles on. Did I tell you my dad gave Grace Kelly a ride on his motorcycle back in Colorado before she became famous?

Ok…I just found your blog today and I know this is late but my favorite memory of last year was when Johan Santana had 17 strikeouts for the Twins in August. That was fun! And there was a game where Justin Morneau hit 3 home runs in one game. There’s too many to remember!

Take Care,

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