What an unbelievable run the Rockies have had. I must say, even though they are an NL West team and I bleed blue, I have had a great time watching them soar this postseason. They are just so fundamentally sound. Lcs1Defense. Offense. Pitching. Clutch hits. Big outs. Chemistry. They?ve got it all and they?re playing like they have nothing to lose. They also seem to be a very humble bunch and so appreciative for the opportunity to compete at this level. At the top is me with their All-Star reliever Brian Fuentes (photo by John Leyba, staff photographer for The Denver Post), and below that a group shot with the Rockies grounds crew. To the right, that’s Rockies starting pitcher Jeff Francis, who’s just waiting to pitch to someone in the World Series. The AL team (Believeland Indians) that has to play them in the World Series better watch out! And how about those Rockies fans? The fans alone deserve the National League championship. Their fan passion made me so jealous. How many days until Spring Training?

Well, my gig with TBS ended with the final out last night. There will be more of my segments posted at Hot Corner, though, so don?t forget to keep checking the link. I have to say, I had an amazing time and I am so grateful to TBS for the opportunity. I just want to thank them all for believing in me and allowing me to be the voice of the fan. It truly was a memorable experience and one I will never forget. Needless to say, I am very proud to have been a part of the 2007 postseason TBS family. And thanks to all of you baseball fans who clicked on the site. It was you who made Hot Corner a great success.


PS, you can click here to find the new (and updated) TBS Hot Corner Photo Album, and here’s a little film fun below.

Click here for the Message Boards


Im so glad your having a great time!!!
I love your hot corners especially when you got to open the stadium roof!! i think i would have been pretty excited too!!:)

Keep up the hard work!!!

All My Love,
Charlotte x

Hi Alyssa I love your posts🙂 Why do you think the Hot Corner has success? Because of you of course, you made me love it. Btw tnx for the new pics😛 You look great on ’em, like always.

Bonjour ma belle,

For the moment I?m bleeding Red? but it?s my last day in Virginia so I?m going to cheer my guys life in Boston tomorrow.
I thought the line-up was strange last night, but anyway hope they will turn this around, but?

?It ain’t over till it’s over?

Merci toi, for all those great segments, it?s was very out of the ordinary and instructive (you would make a great teacher);
Hope you can enjoy this next year (TBS people????.

T?embrasse fort,


PS: Hope they have new TOUCH clothes at Fenway !!!!

Hey Alyssa

I’m glad you had such a great time..
It was a great experience for all of us as well.. you gave us a real look behind the scenes and I think I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say you made us truly appreciate how much preparation and work goes into baseball games behind the scenes.. I have enjoyed your segments and I can’t wait to see the last ones as well..

Thanks for yet again entertaining us with a great project!



P.S can’t wait to see you on Tyra!!

Alyssa I have so enjoyed your blog & your Hot Corner pieces. They have been very interesting & you’ve put your own energy into them.

I must tell you that last night, while watching The Indians beat the Red Sox, I saw a couple of women in the stands wearing what looked like your Touch t-shirts. I thought that was cool.

Thank you for making the postseason much more enjoyable.

Wouah it’s very funny, thank you Alyssa for your job !

I admire you, I wish you much happiness and success for your news activities !!

Allan, one of your larger fan, a fan who respects you.

Hey Alyssa !
I just want to say that your job on TBS is amazing. It’s really a great moment to discover new segments each day on the site. With you, I have discovered a world that I have never heard before, and I love it.
Thank you for beeing so nice with your fans, thank you for sharing your feelings with us.


P.S. The pictures are so fun😀 !

Congratulations on a job well done.
I’ve concluded that Reyes #7 was safe, sliding into second. It’s easy to tell that you’re fun to be around.
And thank you, too.

Hello Alyssa!
Oh,It’s are very beautiful pictures,really.Your blog is very informative,thankou so much for it,I am big fan LA Dodgers Team and this website i visit every day.Best wishes to you with TBS Hot Corner and ma lot of accomplishments on your life.

*Sorry for my grammatical mistakes,but I am from the czech republic and I can’t speak english very well🙂


Thanks for all your hot corner post, but I am sorry to see it end. I guess it is true that all good and great things must come to end. I am so glad that you had fun!! That makes me ever so happy. I know lots of people who will be waiting joyfully for your post next season. Have a great winter girl. And remember to have lots of fun as well as lots of work.
Love, Makayla

Hi Lyssita,

I’m glad you’re having fun with the Rockies, and that you had a great run with the TBS postseason team. You did a great job!🙂

Are you saying that you’ll be cheering the Rockies against my hometown Indians? That’s not very nice. Are you also the one pricing the Dippin’ Dots?

I’ll keep checking for your future segments.

Have fun at the games!

By the way just saw the pictures the slideshow didn’t work for me, my computer is awful! So I only just saw them.
Anyways great pictures, looks like you had a great time!



Hi Sweet Angel, I would also say “ROCK OCTOBER”, I’m glad that you like it, we love it, so it is a great success for all parties, TBS, we the admirers, and you sweet thing!
So make “ROCKTOBER” a month to remember, it cannot miss the top of your start at HotCorner, you little Italian beauty… (I almost would say, you little Italian devil…, I correct myself :-))
Go on and celebrate yourself some, drink, delicious food or something, jump…😉
Kisses, Love and Happiness, HARRY (Netherlands)

Wow, it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing everything with us, it was great to get a ‘fan’s point of view’ on the game. It’s nice to sometimes hear the fun of the sport rather than all of the statistics.

I’m sorry that it’s over so soon for you, I was hoping you would be there through the World Series…oh well.

Thanks again!

Hi Alyssa,

I really appreciate your blog! I recently started a baseball blog, too (see URL) & I was wondering if you had a blogroll on this site or is that something that MLB doesn’t allow? If you would or could add my site as a link then I would appreciate it & would gladly add your in return. BTW this doesn’t have to be posted. I totally understand if this can’t be posted, but I do hope to hear, ya or nay about this question. I honestly mean no harm, just thought it was worth asking.

Maybe next year you’ll get to work with FOX!

Hey Alyssa,
do you really read all the comments?! =)
ok now please read this one…
Three months ago I went to California with my friends for the summer school at the University of San Diego (USD), and we also spend a week-end in Los Angeles and four days in San Francisco, (yes, the best vacation I’ve ever done!)…I remember that one day at the station we met a man with his wife and we had a conversation with them, the man said that they were
going to see a baseball match (Padres – Giants, I think it was)… you know, it’s was so funny because I was sitting there with my dodgers cap and my san diego’s t-shirt, when he asked wich team I cheer and I said: “Oh, well… I’m italian and I don’t know so much about baseball!” …he was surprised and he explained the rules of the game and a lot of things, after we said goodbye. I met a lot of nice people…everyone was a baseball fan! It’s unbelieveble!
The next week, at the Universal Studios my friend and me were with our dodger’s hat and a guy who was wearing dodgers from head to feet said “Hey! nice cap! where do you came from?” I lived situations like this all the time: in the malls, in the university, in the airplane…I mean everywhere! When I came back home (what a sad day!), I remember my parents said “So, what did you see?!” and I answered “Dodgers fans!!!”

Ok that’s all. Thanks for reading.
Silvia. (From Italy)

p.s.= A question for you: how is New York?…because the next summer, maybe… =)
p.p.s= hey…good job for tbs hot corner! really amazing! =)

Thanks so much for blogging this season. It has been fun to read. Even though my Cincinnati Reds had an off year (again) I really enjoyed reading reports from someone who has such passion for the game.

Keep up the good work.

WOW! This baseball season has gone by too fast! I mean, gah, the World Series is almost here!! The Rockies seem like a great team, and I’ll be rooting for them all the way! Tomorow could be the Red Sox’s final game! Which makes me kind of sad, because I was rooting for them too. But hey, this IS baseball right? And it’s not over till the last out!😀 Well Alyssa, congrats on everything you did with TBS! You did AWESOME! I never realized how tall some baseball players are! If you look that tiny standing next to one, I’d be like up to their knees! (ha, cause i’m like 4’9):D

Hi Alyssa!! What can I say? Its all said. Well Thanks to you I know a lot more about baseball (a game I havent seen before) and I’ll surely see a baseball game when I get the chance to go to the USA. Thanks for all your videos on the tbs, they’re all great, You have made a great work. I’m gonna miss your posts here even I dont know very well what you talking about since I cant watch them not even on tv. So the videos help a lot. Thanks. Im very happy that you have had a great time😉
Wish you good luck sweetheart!!! by the way beautiful pictures thank you for sharing them with us, and I love your ^touch^ clothes, you look awesome on them.
Hugs and kisses
Take Care
Lorena C.

P.S.: I want to say you something and I came with this: Just knowing that you are in this world can warm my heart. (with affection)😉 I will keep seeing your last tbs videos. Know that you have a lot of people who loves you, never forget that. YOU ARE THE BEST!!
Thank you a lot. You make this world much better.😉
from your unconditional admirer!!

I absolutely love Alyssa’s Baseball Blog and I am a complete stranger to the world of baseball, although i would be grateful to anyone who would kindly explain the game to me in perhaps simple term for being 15 and a Milano fan leaves me a little confused and very discontent for not understanding a piece of your life which i can quiet obviously see is a big part of your life.
Anyway i just wanted to say i read your blog whenever you up-date it and find it very fascinating although i don’t understand half it content, Your doing a great Job!

From the Devils AND the Angels

I just saw your photo album. That all looked like so much fun. I am glad you got to do it.
Love, McCollonough

Just dropping you some lines. You look so pretty with your hair like that. But you look good with any hairstyle just like my mother. Anyway I enjoy your Hot Corner videos, but I feel stupid for saying that, because everybody else has already said it. I’m glad that you got a job you love. You deserve your blessings, because you’re so helpful in your philanthropy. There are alot of giving people, but there’s only one Alyssa Milano.

P.S. “The sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears. Things are not only what they are. They are, in very important respects, what they seem to be.” Hubert H. Humphrey

P.S.S. I had to write this, because this quote reminds me of you. You’re sweet, funny, smart, and definitely beautiful, and I believe that’s who you really are. I don’t think there’s anything fake about you. I really hope I meet you someday. Until then, I’m gonna keep writing music.

Hey Alyssa

Sorry for posting all these comments today, hope you don’t mind but I got inspired by your slideshow, so I made one myself with a song (great song btw, it reminds me of your humanitarian work)

Hope you like it, have a great day!


All I can say is how am I going to be entertained on-line if this blog and Hot Corner Videos dry up? Thank you Alyssa for being my baseball commentator this year! I love being your fan and just cant believe how you continually come up with things to entertain me. I will miss reading your blog articles. Again……, I’m somehwhat hooked on something Alyssa started on-line. First it was this message board thang now I’m an “OCD MLB blogger”. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Sincerely hope you have great success with Touch. Rockies lineup is littered with guys who have been around a long time like Liv Hernandez and Cirillo would be nice to see them win it all. Look forward to more blog stuff from ya but I realize the season is coming to an end. Just like the Message Board, Safesearching and everything you created for fans in the past, you’ve did it once again here at I want you to know I never once doubted you would be a huge success with the blog.

Alyssa, I just wanted to say that even though you didn’t make it to Busch Stadium this baseball season I’m so happy for you and proud. I can’t imagine what it is like to get your dream job but you have been my friend for 7 years and my hero for much longer. As October and baseball come to an end I have to say that there isn’t a more deserving, talented, and worthy person around to have taken us on this journey.

I can’t believe 10/25 marks seven years since I first met you on the Charmed set. You were struggling to grow, overcome, and embrace the world then and now look how far you’ve come. Okay I’m wrapping up this long comment before I cry. There ain’t no cryin’ in baseball. I love you always.

Your one time angel and forever friend,


HiYaThere Alyssa, Well there’s nothing to do now then wait to see who the Rockies will play in the World Series. They along with the rest of the division, {yes including the Giants, because these teams seem to develope so fast}, will represent, in my opinion, the stiffest competion the Dodgers will have to face in a long time in the NL WEST. Yes back in the days of the big Red machine and the chief knock a homer Braves. This is tougher because it will be 3 or 4 of them at the same time. We did a good job in those days, of playing second fiddle and suprising people pulling out victory after victory. We might have to tweek our offense a little first though. There are some things that could be done. Through Free agency, Trades or the developement of our young players or the combiation of the 3. Oh yes there is one other thing and that is having GOOD LUCK. By the way you’re doing a splended and if I’m allowed to say sexy job with TBS Hot Corner.

Alyssa: I hope that you do more “reporting” on baseball in the future. Would you consider calling a game? You certainly would have no problem since you know all the stats. I like your behind the scenes stuff we never think about. I’d like to see a one-on-one with Cashman of the NYY or other GMs for more behind the scenes info. Plus, maybe you could interview a baseball scout.

A side note, just wanted you to know what you started with your Touch clothes. I am going to show you an email excerpt that was sent to me re: said Touch jeans. The background: i was meeting up with my friend’s husband and his pals for a NY giant game here in the ATL (we won😉 ) and he sent me this:

“Cuz, Cuz’ brother, and Jim want to know if you are going to wear your Yankee pants. They are very excited about the possibility.”

I am not even sure how to take this, but you should know that it is not just women who appreciate your clothing line…apparently.

take care.


This baseball season was interesting. I got into watching baseball more(because you influence me. baseball is consider a “guy sport” but since you are repersenting the female fans, I don’t feel alone.)and I learned more on how this sport works. I wasn’t able to watch the NL series but, I did watch the AL series. When the Yankees didn’t win their second game for the AL series I was truthfully upset so instead I rooted for Boston. The AL series was a tough game it could have gone either way Red Sox or Indians, in this case it went to the Indians. Oh well there is anyways next season.
Your segments on TBS Hot Corner are great. I love them, its and all acess pass: behind the scenes of baseball.

p.s. your 1920’s theme slide show is cute

Bonjour Alyssa!

Merci pour tout! Thanks for everything. Your interventions on the TBS hot Corner were so great, I m gonna miss it, really. Keep giving news about you! I really learned a lot about baseball ( a sport which deserves better in Europe). You are so good hearted, warmhearted, keep being who you are! I hope to see you next year on this show, because being a great fan you acted like a professional. I m trying to get one of your touch cloth on the net, I don’t know if it is possible to receive it in France. I hope to see another baseball game one day. (The best sport I ever saw)

Take care!! A big french fan! (with a bad english sometimes!), Love you!


Hi Alyssa,

I’m so glad you had a great time !

I’ve really loved your blogs on MLB and videos on TBS Hot Corner. I gotta say that there is a video that made me laugh, the one where you say the guy is 7 minutes late and you look at your watch over and over again and then you pretend to sleep and then the guy wakes you up. I didn’t stop laughing. You’re really funny and I love your humor.

Thank you so much for blogging and making the postseason, Alyssa !!!

Lots of love,
Maureen (your fan who loves so much you).

Hi Alyssa,

You must have such a strong spirit because every picture I see of you, you’re always smiling! I’m glad you had such a good time covering the playoffs. Will you be at the World Series as well? I’m rooting for the Rockies since, as you say, they seem so humble, and also so on fire! 21 out of the last 22 games? Has there ever been such a run in baseball? Especially from such a Cinderella team. Well I have to go now. I think I gave myself a stomach ache eating too many graham crackers and milk. Mmm so good, you should try it sometime. You dip the graham crackers in the milk before you eat em.

Well you’ve had quite a ride this year,
With the season ending, don’t shed a tear,
So where do we watch you now?
oh yeah, right here, wow,
A Blonde moment just then,
With all that has been,
I hope this is not the end,
I can’t wait to hear from you again,
So see you soon my friend
TTFN.🙂 [he!he!]

your wonderful alyssa, l love you, in everything you do, your so beautiful, lm a huge fan of yours for over 20 yrs now, keep up the good work, lv paul.xoox

it’s humerous in a cynical sense; but, borderline hypocritical from my seat.. We all type about this, that and whatever else to distinguish a sense of false security for a given/brief time as we sit and type what we think and feel about this, that and whatever issue is bothering us; whether it be government, religion, what price did GW sell his soul for, where did Hillary get her nails done and whether or not the money spent should have been “given” to some homeless ********** to better supply her habit with taxpayers money or even Billy Clint making some woman famous for servicing his carnal presidential desires… Whatever it may be, we all sit and type and complain about who is what and where is when. Yet, once we hit the submit button we do nothing more. It’s time that we, as Americans, world citizens, Children of GOD or brothers and sisters in humanity actually start to act; not belittle and tear down others who are actually trying to make a change; whether right or wrong, demoNcrat or repukelican, left or right wing, athiest or minister. At least they are doing!

Not to be too entirely cliche, but action does speak louder than words, whether spoke or read. It’s time to do.

Also, before judging others we need to turn our mind’s eye into an internal microscope and look within ourselves to see what changes we can make to become better people vs. using the problems of others as “scapegoats” or “excuses” to make ourselves feel better about our own shortcomings. In the words of Alexander Standish, “we need to look within to what’s without.”

I apologize that this is not baseball related, I came here as a baseball fan and while reading the different comments (along with the rest of the world news) I couldn’t help but be overcome with thoughts of uneasiness regarding our species. Whether it’s your favorite sports team or your political positioning – we tend to be blind, deaf and ignorant to the opposition; instead of hopefully finding a common, compromised, middle ground. Don’t get me wrong, Sports have been a huge factor in my personal life, from paying for tuition in college to using “team” and “teamwork” sporting examples in business meetings to help get a point across. I would just like to be able to go an inner city game between the Cubs and Sox and not have to see people fighting afterwards in regards to what team they support or what shirt they are wearing. From the famous words of Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along?”

GOD Bless the world.

Hi Alyssa,
Just saw you on Tyra and you where so Good!! I am sorry to hear you once had depression I know all about what that is like I was diagnosed with PTSS a few years ago. And I am so glad that you are better. I know the jewelry and accessory part of your collection will also be a big hit.
Love and peace,

I just watched the Touch Fashion Show on Tyra Banks. I noticed that everyone in the audience got Peace, Love, and Baseball shirts. Are those going to be available for the rest of us. I would love a shirt like that…it would be good for those of us that support more than one baseball team (MLB, NCAA) or those of us whose teams don’t make it to the postseason, I am supporting Boston post season, but not sure I am actually ready to buy Red Sox merchandise, still a Mariners girl at heart.

Thanks again

Are the peace, love, & baseball shirts sold online?

I know you are a Dodger’s girl, but I just read the Torre rejected the Yankees’s offer and won’t be returning next year, I’m not really surprised, thoughts on his replacement? Might make for some interesting moves.

Hey Alyssa,
Your so lucky and it’s cool, that you know it. Most people, couldn’t even dream to do the things that you do! Wow, I would be a big bowl of green jello if I had to interview baseball stars. Gosh. I probably would need some crutches… haa, ok.
Do you do baseball photography? With photoshop and everything? I think you would be really good at that. Being able to catch the excitement and beauty of baseball. Just saying.
Hope the Indians take it, tonight! Then onward to play the rockies… hopefully, optimism is good in these situations.
P.s. Sorry that the Indians got your dad’s Yankee’s bummer for them, but they were a big fight, and so dangerous in their time to bat, I practically needed to hold my breath, everytime the Yankee boys came up!

Hi Alyssa,you do everything real well and really amazing.I’m astonish by your clips on HOT CORNER and I do grieve that it is coming to an end.You exhibited great enthusiasm with good spirits.I enjoy seeing you and you’re one of the greatest kind.Thanks,I appreciate you.

Hi Lyssie whats up, tnx for the new pic😛 When you are happy I’m happy too. Keep makin’ me happy lol


Hi again Lyssandra,

I like the new pics at your blog and TBS Hot Corner album. Thanks for sharing them.

Unfortunately, I missed your appearance today on Tyra.

So I was wondering if you could remember your answers to Tyra then say them the same way when they go back to tape the reruns of the show.

Thanks Alyssa.

I keep surfing the net trying to find out whether the Indians are in the World Series, and I can never get any conclusive answers.

I hope whoever’s in charge of picking the World Series teams makes up their minds by the 24th. If 3 teams show up to play, I don’t know what they’re gonna do.

They could go with my idea of playing with 2 baseballs, but that would double the speed of the game and overcompensate for the presence of the third team. So perhaps they could do an extended halftime show with Cirque du Soleil or a bird calling competition to draw out the game.

I see you have some PS’s this time…

P. S. – I like your film photo album.

P. E. Z. – Do you remember these things? They’re now selling them at the dollar store.

E. S. P. N. – I don’t really have anything else to say.

L. Y. S. S. A. – Oh yeah… Dippin’ Dots.

HI, OK so i guess this is my second and last time writing in this blog huh. Well i just wanted to say that you opened up a whole other world for me. Haha OK I’m not doing a very good job at not sounding too corny but living with brothers all my life I’ve pretty much have gotten used to watching games of all sorts instead of watching my favorite shows when it comes to sports lol. I cant denie that I’m a huge basketball fan of my own free will but now i also really like baseball. I don’t know if you understand but before i just watched it cause it was on but now I’m like so totally in love with it ya know. And now its over so fast, and its all you fault missy, i wouldn’t care before but know I’m kinda sad. LOL just kidding though i don’t blame you. I do thank you however for helping me to see baseball in a whole new light now that I’ve actually gave it a real chance. Anyway i guess what I’m trying to say is thank you and I’ll miss you. I’m sure everyone will.



Nice review of your clothing line at the bottom of this column:

“Red Sox and Indians, Clemens and Curses, Sex and Death, Fashion Tips and Blogging”

im glad that you having a great time!
and the clips are great!
you are the best alyssa

hi alyssa!You are my favourite star!you are best!congratulation!

Hello Alyssa!! Happy Birthday!!! xx

Hello Alyssa! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! xx

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