An Open Letter To All Sports Journalists

Dear sports media world,

I have never dated Josh Beckett nor was he ever an ?ex-flame?. Please fact check. You are journalists, not bloggers.

Thank you,

Alyssa Milano


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haha, great wrote!

You go girl ~ I knew it was all just trash talk ’bout Beckett.

Fact check? Journalists? Do you read Bill Plaschke’s “writing”?

Way to set the record straight! I’ve always distrusted journalists. they usually only put in information they want to share but leave other important parts out.

Hi Lyss,

I hope your message is received and that you have a great weekend.


Good for you! I love your take on the game and the fact that you don’t let these other guys get away with putting you down! Happy playoffs to you!🙂


Journalists don’t fact check. Bloggers do. I believe you just demonstrated this.

Way to go Lyss!! I dont know why the have to mess up someones live, what they want to get doing that? I will never understand those guys who publish things they dont even know it.
Hope youre fine Alyssa!! Take Care.


P.S.: We all support you here Lyss. We are your backup. So if you want something just ask.

Geez there are so many things people can concentrate on with you (all positive I might add) and all they do is link you to sports players??

To the journalists:

Give Alyssa a break!!!

She’s a great ,no scrap that, amazing person, who happends to be a huge sportsfan (with a lot of knowledge) and a celebrity, focus on sports not on rumors and gossip does every single piece of the media have to do with inaccurate paparazzi gossip?? Just wanted to add that😉..

I hope you’re doing well, don’t let them get to you! You’re a great person and they highly underestimate you it’s up to you to show them different and you’re doing a great job just wanted to let you know that..



And neither did I! Well said, Alyssa.

You show them who’s boss! :p Journalists are terrible, they will write about anything even if it completely untrue. Well done you for standing up and setting the record clear!!


Small girl with a BIG attitude!!! very nice!! hope they get the message to not mess with u…u tell them!!

Wow that one was good lol🙂 Your right hunni.
I LOVE U, u already know😛

Why are these so-called “journalists” reporting something like that? What does that have to do with the ALCS? Ridiculous!

Well said, Alyssa ! You’re right !

Lots of love,

woohoo!! yeah Alyssa!! I like it when you stand up for yourself😀


Way to go Alyssa. Why must people print/say such lies. You sure told them.

Journalists or any media outlit shouldn’t be writing lies/rumors about you. That’s disrespectful. I applaud you for standing up to them.


Give them Heck Alyssa

These socalled “journalists” need to be put in there place and reminded rumors are not facts.


Hello Alyssa,I admire the way you give out correct information of yourself.Following you can only lead to good and right.I need to admit that I think that any man who has dated or will be dating you is the most blessed or bless man alive.You are the most valuable thing on Earth.I am privilege to be your fan and witness your work into the world.Thank you.

hey alyssa,
way to stick it to them!! haha lol. well i havnt been on in a while nd i read like the past 5 blogs in like 5 min. haha. its sad to hear that your “gig” with tbs hot corner is over, but i cant wait for the new ones that you’ll be posting!! yay! i also cant wait to see you on my name is earl. i wasnt able to watch it last nite but im excited for next week!! well thats it for now, so i hope you keep blogging!

What do they know, they probably didn’t have anything to write about.

Love it, You show them!!
We love you alyssa & are all behind you!!🙂

All my Love..

Bonjour ma belle,

Show them sweetie…

It took me more than 8 hours on Thursday from Virginia to Boston, first the flight was 3 hours late, and than we could not land in Boston because of the fog, so we landed in Manchester, NH and drove to Logan by a shuttle (thank for radio), so it was around 10 when I could see the game, and the Sox won>>>>save the day, merci guys

Tonight is game number 6 and I?m HERE, YES

Have a great week end and don?t mind those ignorants ?connards?.

T?embrasse fort,


Good weekend with all !

Allan, one of your larger fan, a fan who respects you.

P.S. : Alyssa, I become a fan of baseball!!!

Dear Alyssa,

I’m glad you’re here to set the record straight,
And I think it’s a strong word to use ‘Hate’,
But I can only imagine tho the frustration it may cause,
When they can’t even get the info from the right source,
If they weren’t sure, they should just ask you,
Which is what all your worldwide fans normally do,
There’s one thing that the media haven’t got,
Fans that respect you and who care a lot!

[hug from me]🙂

Kind Regards

I Hate it when media writes false hoods about you. I am glad that you where able to set the record strait. as americans say You Go Girl!!


Many sports journalists are perplexingly out of their element when they attempt to comment on anything other than the banal cliches spouted by the athletes they cover so it doesn’t surprise me that they linked you as an “ex” of Beckett’s. Besides, the Indians trotted out Beckett’s real ex-honey Danielle Peck, to sing the National Anthem before Game 5 of the ALCS.

Some members of the Fourth Estate have a propensity to tell their readers, “Believe what you are told, not what you see”.

I, and others, wouldn’t waste time blogging here if you were some bimbo baseball groupie. I write because your posts are knowledgeable, intelligent and you appear to be genuine.

All the best.

You tell them Alyssa! You’re a spectacular person, and people like those shouldn’t try to bring you down! They need lives! Looking forward to all your projects! =)


Hey sweetie how are you, just coming by to say hi, cause I can’t wait till the next blog😛 lol
You’re making me really happy when you approve my comments and every time🙂
I LOVE U!!!x9999999999999…😉

Hi Angel, Good words, let them know the truth, and not speculate about your life, what subject it may be…, they write too easy something that they didn’t check, to get their papers or columns complete!
Good Open Letter to let them know where they must stand!
And also with who they have to deal with!
Love your attitude…, love you all the way.
Love, kisses, happiness and music, HARRY (Netherlands)
Keep on pushing “your” words and facts!!!

Hey Alyssa:

While your indignity at unfounded and erroneous gossip is understandable, you swung your tar brush pretty wide and got it on many fine, ethical, FACT-CHECKING sportswriters. You kind of led your followers here to believe they are all irresponsible dimwits.

Since the ones who named you in this way did so in their own columns under their own names, you would be entirely within your rights to out THEM by name here and anywhere else.

Most sportswriters are responsible and try very hard to be accurate, and we’d like to know which ones are truly privacy-invading rats and lighweights who can’t tell the difference between real sports news and gossip.

Your Hot Corner pieces are delightful! Thanks for doing them! See you next spring at Dodger Stadium!


Hi Alyssa!
How are you? Hope you’re good:*
Good job- You show them! Oh yeah yeah
I hope I’ll meet you someday- my Dream:)
I love you :* You are my best, my #1.
*love Joanne*

hey Alyssa,true words..very cool!!!!…
You know, we love you all!!!!!

HAve a good time…without me😦 !!!!!!
Love, Hugs and kisses

Hey Alyssa, It’s none of my business who you date anyway. Alyssa, I heard on the news they are having a big fire in Malibu this morning because of the high winds. They are showing people trying to get their animals out of there. I hope the fire isn’t close to you and you are safe. God bless,



Alyssa, you are soooo right! The media is a joke! Why do they ALWAYS bring up your personal life? It has NOTHING to do with sports and they should let it go! As always, Alvin


Another week in baseball…

National League-ZZZZZZZZZ

American League-The two teams who won more baseball games than any other, in both leagues, are playing Game 7 in a League Championship…Could it get any better.

My finger nails are bitten to the quick and I’m gazing at my toenails and cursing that I never took up yoga.

My Sox have ended their post season slump and head into the game against Cleveland tonight and I’m hoping my season will continue to Wednesday. What’s all this about picking ” Believeland ” last week, someone give you bad advice?

This series is what baseball is all about and I for one am just glad to be here to watch some good old fashion ball.

Did you know that Cleveland used to be called the Spiders…guess they figured The Indians would more acceptable…funny how things change.

Since I don’t read ‘the rags’ I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that you don’t know Beckett…I’m sure it’ll all work out.

Grab a chair and grab some peanuts and cracker jacks.. tonight should be a doozy .


Hey lovely, it’s me again lol, I just wanna tell you that u r da best… Keep doing the things that you do❤


I missed the comment about Josh Beckett, but I just wanted to say how impressed I was with TBS’s coverage of the MLB playoffs. I could have done without the non-stop commercials for Frank Caliendo’s new show, but TBS did a great job with the games. It was a refreshing change from FOX with all of their bells, whistles, snazzy graphics and unnecessary camera shots to the crowd.

Way to tell ’em

I think those stupid Journalists don’t look first if it’s true or not :O

Tell em’ Alyssa!😀 Why do people feel the urge to gossip?
On a baseball note…The Red Sox are going to the World Series! Though i’ll be cheering for the Rockies, the Sox are my favorite AL team. Can’t wait till the World Series! I’m sure you’ll be watching!😀
Lots of Love from Houston,

Hi Alyssa,

I just think people get all worked up in a lather about who the super good looking ladies like you date. If Hillary Clinton was single, do you think anyone would care who she dated? I know I dont. People think who you date is a news story. I just hope you dont let any of this media stuff prevent you exploring a relationship with someone who you have an attraction with whether they play baseball or stock shelves. Your standing in my eyes is not diminshed in anyway based on who you choose to spend time with, I’m your zombie like fan regardless.

Hi alyssa,
I know this has nothing do to with baseball, but I was watching the news with my mom and found out that LA and other places in CA are getting badly burned. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying that your family does not get hurt in this horrible fire.

Wow! Well put, Kent!

The end of your stories, what sadness! In any case a big thank you for letting us know about that share your passion with baseball really has its stories Alyssa Thanks! ! In hope that you will continue your blog! !

Ps: I saw the information in France, the disaster caused by fires at this time in California, I have a special thought for all those who have been affected by them …

Alyssa, Updating your blog is probably the least of your concerns right now. I hope webmaster protocol will allow this message. I have heard that you and your family are safe but the situation in Southern California is far from over. My thoughts and prayers are with all families to get through this crisis safely.


I saw about the fires on TV too, Im SO GLAD that you are fine. Hope all can make it and know that even though I live far away, I concern about the people who are afected by the fires and are in my prayers too.
My Best Whises for all of you!!

Lorena Cols (from San Sebastian, SPAIN)

Bonjour ma belle,

Life could not be more fantastic, I’m in Boston 10 days a year, and this year the Sox are playing the world series>….yeahhhhhh
Hope you are enjoying them too…
T’embrasse fort,


Aww hon,
The Indians (unfortunatley) are not going to the World Series : ( Boston is… Thats a huge bummer for a baseball and Tribe lover like me. They had a close game till about the 7-8 inning. Then we got blown out the park, just like one of the boston fella’s homerun. (I dont remember who it was) But i kind of dont want too. Gosh. I cant even say, how, sad that was… Our poor old DH a.k.a Pronk, didnt help us that much, Lofton had a huge chance to catch us up in the eighth, but no luck. That game broke my 14 year old heart…
But, I will give congrats to The Boston Red Sox (and the fans). You played us hard, you never gave up, and that’s really hard to find in teams these days. Good luck to Boston, Good luck to Rockies. Can’t wait till Wednesday.

Wishing you all the
best in life & more Alyssa,

Hi Alyssa!

Just wondering if you are going to be watching the world series? Who do you hope will win?


Hallo Alyssa,

wir lieben euer Baseball, wir fiebern immer mit euch.
Wenn du mal Zeit hast, komme doch mal bitte in die German Seite Alyssa dort giebst eine Chattbox wo Wir Dich einladen mchten.
Wir hoffen alle das Du und Holly nicht vom Feuer betroffen bist, Wir machen uns alle grosse Sorgen um Euch. Bitte Bitte komm mal kurtz in die Shotbox
Liebe Grsse deine Fans
Hoffe du kannst ein wenig Germen lessen??
Ich kann schlecht Englisch schreiben.

Wow 13-1 in the sixth! I guess Colorado is coming down off of their Rocky mountain high!

Bonjour Alyssa,

I heard that you and your family were fine, Im so reassured. Take Care and Be careful! I pray for all the californian people who are living this sad situation, and I really hope that there will be the less victims as possible.
We love you! We support you!
Love you alyssa.

Clothilde (a huge french fan)

Hithere, Alyssa, Well I guess the eight day layoff and Josh Beckett put a stop to the Rockies. But that’s only one game. I sure hope the Rockies wake up and show they are legitimate and beat some good teams, including our Dodgers, to get there. LET’S GO ROCKIES.

Where can I get that Peace, Love and Baseball shirt I always see you wearing?!

Hi Alyssa,
I hope you can read my english! My name is Jannie, and Iam from Denmark, just want to let you know, that we are supporting you allways! And then, I just want to thank you so much, for the photo I receive. We love you, for all the good things you have done in your life. you are a great philanthropist, a great mentor, and thank you for all your charitable work.
Now I will write in danish, its more easy for me, thank you for everything.

Kre Alyssa,
jeg vil bare lige fortlle dig, at jeg holder utrolig meget af dig som person. Du er en ildsjl, som elsker at hjlpe andre mennesker i nd ( ligesom mig selv ). Min store lidenskab er, at hjlpe mennesker og dyr i nd. Jeg prver at f folk til at hre min stemme, men det er desvrre bare ikke helt s nemt, nr man ikke har et kendt ansigt. Det er det jeg s godt kan lide ved dig, du bruger nemlig din succes fornuftigt, og fordi du er en kendt person, bliver din stemme ogs hrt meget bedre. Dette skal du have stor tak for. Selvom afstanden fra os er s stor, hber jeg inderligt p at kunne mde dig en dag. Til Januar rejser jeg en mned til Thailand, netop for at hjlpe til, hvor der er behov for det. Hber en dag vore veje mdes, hvem ved, mske bliver det ude i felten?


Tusind tak for det signerede foto jeg fik tilsendt, det var rigtig dejligt.

Love and

Jannie Petersen, Denmark

Well that’s 2 down for the Rockies Alyssa, They’re making us look bad. They’re going back home now so that should change things I Hope.

Hi, Alyssa!

Just wanted to say you were great on My Name is Earl last night and it’s so nice to see you back on TV!!

Hey again Lyssa,

I hope you and your family and friends are safe from the toxic smoke across the city, as well as the infernos. Please continue to stay safe throughout this fire season.

So it looks like the Cleveland Indians of Cleveland will not be in the World Series. Either that or their bus is running late. But that’s ok.

If my hometown is rebalancing its finances to enable more of its public school students to go to college- then I’m proud that we lost. And if the city went to town with its true responsibilities and its athletic teams all finished dead last- I’d be proudest of all.

I’m not sure who you’re cheering for, but I hope your team takes the victory.

Last night I also saw you on “The Earl of NBC”. The story started out very… un-Alyssa-like, but the ending of the episode put a lump in my throat.

Congratulations on your upcoming Artivist Award. I always look forward to hearing the latest news about your humanitarian adventures.

I hope you have a great weekend!


I had to ask this. Are you on myspace? There are alot of impersonators on there pretending to be you. I don’t think that you’re on myspace unless I’m mistaken. I almost sent a friend request to one, but then I found another page, that is “supposedly” you. I don’t know which one is the real you, if you even have one. By the way, I loved when you were on “My Name is Earl,” it was very funny. Seeing you rob that store was funny. You’re a very underrated actress. You’re a great actress. Peace!

Good job, Alyssa! Stand up for yourself! Don’t let anyone push you around! You’re a very sweet, beautiful, talented, amazing, ANGELIC woman, and you deserve to be treated with respect! Always remember how special you are, and that we’re all behind you, no matter what! I know you’re the bright spot in MY life, and definitely my favorite woman! You inspire me in a lot of ways, and I want to thank you for that! You’re a special lady, always have been, always will be! Remember that, ok? “Who’s the Boss? YOU’RE the Boss!” Lol! Take care, Sweet Beauty! Have a great weekend, and good luck in the playoffs! Bye for now! Be good to you!🙂 @>- Rick Walters

Hi again, Alyssa! One more thing, PLEASE, you and your family, STAY SAFE from the fires and smoke, ok? I hope you’ll all be ok, that EVERYONE will be ok, and that you get alot of rain soon, to quell the fires! BE SAFE! Have a great weekend! Rick Walters

Huge congratulations on your artivist award Alyssa I can’t think of anyone that deserves it more. you put your heart into everything you do and it shows in your actions and the compassion you have for everyone.

I really mean this straight from my heart Lyss when I do finaly grow up i want to be just like you.

Love you

The word right in the mouth!
Well said.
Journalists don’t fact check. Bloggers do.
And we all support you here Lyss. We are your backup.
Never forget that!!


(R)OCTOBER is almost past… I have nothing really to say, but has a last word for this month, keep this attitude, you’re a winner, I LOVE you the way you are, and I love you all the way, normally I would say, A kiss and say Goodbye, but I’m a soulman(mate)(I’m a white guy on the outside, but on the inside it’s full of fellings) and wanted to continue to learn more from you about you sport, and your bizzy life, I respect you, and love your animals, because I kow You feel comfort with them, and they are thankful,
more than humans… Continue with your dreams and ideas to expand the way to fulfill your life!
Keep our spirit-frequency the same… I love you, kisses, music an your BASEBALL sports, I keep thinking of you in my mind! HARRY (Netherlands)
YOU keep tracking me, I feel it… GoodLuck, and take that of life what you wanted, I say a little prayer to our Greater Good, (I call him God! )

Hey Alyssa,
Bummmer for the rockies, but a huge bummer for the Indians.
One of the commenters, Casey, their right, Boston played good, they didn’t give up even after getting some heartbreaknig ending scores. But they came back and knocked the air out of Cleveland. I was rooting for cleveland, because of their great passion and their great quality that kept the team going. They just came up short, this time.
Here’s a good one, why does it seem like AL is stronger then NL? It’s seem like it’s been that way for a while. Like the All Star game. When was the last time NL beat AL, like five years ago, or something? Does anybody have an answer, or guess about that?
Rockies are playing great, and It must be extremly exciting to be be from Colorado, to experience their first world series. Go Rockies!
Take care,

Hi alyssa congradtulations on getting an award. honsetly I do not know what it is for, but I do know that you diserve an award for all the great things you do for people around the world. I hope someday I can have as much of a postive influance on the world as you do.
Love, Makayla

Hi, Lyssa! Thankyou for putting my comments up, it PROVES to me that you’re safe and ok! And I’m glad! Congratulations on your Artivist Award! You’re amazing in alot of ways, and I know you deserve it! Tc, special lady, and have a great week! Love you alot, Alyssa! Be good to you! Bye for now!🙂 @>- Rick

Hey Alyssa!

You were great on My name is Earl! It was really funny especially the armed robery hehehe..

And congratulations on your Artivist Award.. I’m really happy for you, you deserve it.. I’m glad that more and more people realize what a great and talented person you are! You had me teary eyed on Tyra Banks’show btw, I’ve always disliked the WB (they never properly promoted Charmed, I miss Charmed we still have reruns but still it’s not the same) and what they said to you was a big reason to dislike them even more! Seriously, I’m a huge Charmed fan and by now I’ve watched almost all episodes (except for season 8) about 5 times and I never noticed anything different about you (physically or in your performance, you were great in that season). My point is not only was it unjustified what they said it was immoral and just rude, especially since you were going through a rough period. I mean the fact that you were going through that depression only shows what a compassionate, wonderful and caring person you are.

Well I hope you enjoy the world series!

Have a great weekend!



P.S I hope you and your loved ones stay safe from the fires!!

Oh, no not again! 6-0 in the third inning! I guess moving the series to Colorado hasn’t helped the rockies much yet. It seems if they are definitely crashed from their rocky mountain high so far anyway.

Well it took the Rockies 23 innings to finally get started in this World Series, but I guess it was too little too late. As we all know Alyssa, No team has ever come back from 0-3, in the Fall Classic. Aside from this they had a very good post season. I think 8 days off made it more difficult to beat a team like the Boston Redsox.

Hey sweetie how are you, just came to say hi. I hope everything is good there. Be careful with the fires.
I just saw the episode of ‘My name is Earl’ lol it’s so **** funny😀 You are so cool and funny there🙂
Keep being the best😉 Have a great week❤
I LOVE U! remember that😉

Let’s see if the Rockies can avoid being swept tonight.

I guess those journalists are bored Alyssa. I won’t ask who u r dating. LOL….Anyhow…this World Series has been completely boring. It’s the best team in baseball (Boston) vs the formerly hottest team in baseball (Colorado). I think the Rockies are just happy to be there. Bore me. I guess it’s a great time to be a Boston fan with the Patriots, Red Sox, Boston College. Now I hear the Celtics are gonna be good this yr. Too bad my Philly teams can’t do the same. Anyhow…let me know when Spring Training is here again…until then…I will have to watch my Eagles and Penn State struggle through another football season. Hope life is treating u alright Alyssa. Take care.


Another week in baseball and probably the most important for 2007….

A little overshadowed by the destruction going on in your adopted home town but we all need some lighter moments in life sometimes.Hope all is well.

My Red Sox look destined to start the 21 century as the team to beat and I for one am glad. In all the surveys I read only 15% of the people thought the Sox could do it in four but we’ll see tonight.

Half way through the Cleveland series I was wondering how long champagne keeps, a year I was hoping but it looks like tonight I get to pop a few corks and celebrate.

I wish the Blue had been here, I really,really do, now that would have made my year. Of course they would have lost too but I don’t think near as bad as the Rockies. What happened to that wonderful team, for months I was saying the team with momentum would win and they seemed to have it only to fold. It’s the regular season v/s the post season I guess and the fact that the Red Sox have rested up for the past 3 months for this few days in October that really matter the most.

Again, I hope all is well and let us hear if you were able to enjoy, at all,these 2007 World Series games.


Congrads to the Bosox on becoming the World Champs. At least I can say that the N.L. Champs are in the N.L. West. So Alyssa, whenever we beat the Rockies we know we be the best in the league. A-Rod is on the loose I wonder if we’ll get involved with that. Let me say again, you did a great job for TBS Hot Corner.


Another 12 hours of baseball….

HOOT!!! HOOT!!!! Red Sox are the champs.


So much for the Rockies and their winning streak. Maybe A rod and Joe Torre can both come to the Dodgers; or maybe to the Angels. I think I would just as soon keep the Angels the way they are. Mike Scoscia is a good coach; and maybe we could get more value for our money then getting A rod.

What do you think about all these rumors….Torre and A-Rod going to the Dodgers?


The Sox sweep of the Rockies was sweet to watch for us Sox fans and also showed how disparate the talent level is between the two leagues. The Rockies are N.L. Champs and had a great year, but the Sox are clearly the best team.

One of today’s New York tabloids had Joe Torre on the front page with a superimposed Dodger cap on his head calling him “L.A. Joe”. The buzz is that the Dodgers are negotiating a buyout with Grady to replace him with Torre.

Jerry Remy (Red Sox tv analyst) and Peter Gammons were disgusted with yesterday’s A-Rod announcement (because it was announced during the World Series) that he was opting out of his contract – typical Boras ploy. Gammons said that A-Rod has never been on a world championship team and “there’s a good reason for that.”

The World Champs’ parade is tomorrow in Boston.

Hope all is well.


Hi Alyssa – Off subject, I know, but I’m dying to know what you think about the rumors that have Joe Torre going to your Dodgers. (Also I’m still ticked that ABC didn’t pick up your pilot but are airing rubbish like Cavemen and Carpoolers. Ick.)

This is about a much better rumor: Joe Torre becoming manager of the Dodgers, and bringing Don Mattingly and Kevin Long along with him. How great would that be?

Are you going to go get your FREE TACO BELL CRUNCHY SEASONED BEEF TACO today?

I know that everyone says that they are your biggest fan. but seriously I AM YOUR BIGGEST NUMBER 1 FAN EVERR!!:D i hope one day i could meett uuuu!!!!:D

its so cool that u have ur own line of clothes for baseball and all that!!:D
even if this is a blog about u an baseball- i still have to say how u were SO good in charmed. and u are and always will be my fav out off it all.(even if u were acting!!) still-u act great!! and ARE great!! thnxxxx


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