Greetings from Toronto

I am so sorry I haven?t posted in a while. I am in Toronto filming WISEGAL and I haven?t come up for air until this very moment.

Congratulations to all of the Red Sox fans. I am green with envy.

Two questions for you pertaining to the Dodgers:

  • With Joe Girardi set to manage the Yankees, what do you think of the possibility of Joe Torre and Don Mattingly wearing Dodger Blue?
  • A-Rod or Mike Lowell?

Talk amongst yourselves.


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Wow, you are one busy lady…

I don’t feel I have enough info to comment on the first choice, but for the 2nd I have to choose Mike Lowell. My choice. is not based on talent but on character, I just don’t feel that A-Rod is turning out to be someone that I can believe in.

Thanks again for your posts, I love them. Love the new Touch shirt as well!!


I think Torre will help your Dodgers. Also with Torre you will be getting one Don Mattingly and could also end up with Rivera and Pettite. Not a bad bullpen with Saito and Rivera.
Best wishes with WISEGAL… see you next time you are back in NY. Lets Go Mets🙂

Hi Lyssa

Far as Joe Torre is concerned I think we need him out here I mean anything has to be better then the last season.

From what I read Wisegal sounds good I can’t wait to see it you sure are one busy lady🙂

love you

A-Rod or Mike Lowell Hmmmm I have to go with Mike Lowell I think he would be better for the team over all meaning Character as well as ability


Joe Torre – He will bring some GREAT experience to the Dodgers… and a sense of loyalty… please just don’t treat him like Steiny did during the playoffs!

Lowell – Don’t give ARod his $$$ seriously… he may be a baseball god… but he is showing a lack of judgement lately… Lowell seems like a good all around nondrama choice!

Joe Torre — his record over the last 12 years speaks for itself

A-Rod is a man of great talent but very little character…Not really a team player and as far as I know this is a team sport….but on the other hand is the best player in the game right now….and most likely the best we will ever see

Mike Lowell on the other hand is not as talented but a GREAT TEAMMATE….and again..BAseball is a team SPORT

I am a Yankee Fan…but with the addition of Torre and Mattingly…..from the rumors I have read and heard possibily A-Rod…..Dodgers should be in the playoff next season….Good for them (I would not allow San Fran to scoop up A-Rod….Dodgers should make there move quick)

Hi Sweet Angel, You don’t have to excuse yourself, because you’re a bizzy “WISEGAL”😉
There has to be money on the bank for later!
Toronto is a beautiful city, possible a little colder than your average Californian temp. I like Mob Movies,
so I’m curious to your acting, think about as a messenger I’m watching you during filming from every angle, don’t be afraid you has proven to do this too!
I love you, kisses, and strenght for the movie.
QUOTE] Two questions for you pertaining to the Dodgers:

Joe Torre or Joe Girardi?

A-Rod or Mike Lowell?
You know I know a lot, but for Baseball, and more😉 I’m coming for you, so I ‘ll take a guess:
JOE GIRARDI, just because I like his name…
HARRY (Nethelands)

Yeah you are very busy. I dont know about those baseball players, sorry, but I Hope you’re fine, wish you GOOD LUCK with WISEGAL! and TAKE CARE!
love you

Lorena C.

P.S.: Post whenever you have time, love hearing from you. I would like to be able to answer the questions you’re asking. Im sorry I dont know about baseball.

Well Girardi will almost certainly be in NY next year and I can’t see Lowell leaving Boston.

Torre & A-Rod then. Might win the Dodgers the division – but we all know what Rodriguez is capable of doing in the division series…nothing.

Hey Alyssa – Mike Lowell had a fantastic season, but if you look him up, he’s not as good a hitter as Nomah and is the same age. We’d be better off hoping for Nomah to stay healthy than blowing a wad on a guy who had one terrific season.

Lowell is 33 but looks 53. How does he DO that?

A-Rod would cost a fortune, and interestingly enough, he, too, has a lower career batting average than Nomah. And Nomah may be better on defense. OK – A-Rod hits homeruns. We have about four or maybe even five guys who will go yard twenty times or more. We don’t need to break the bank for one guy who will hit forty.

I realize I keep plugging Nomah, but I like the guy and hope he stays and can play the entire season at full speed. If he does, he’ll hit about .315 with 27 homeruns and shine at third base.

Also – I don’t think the Dodgers need to change managers. The mid-season and September flops were not Grady Little’s fault. I think his avuncular style is good for all the young kids we have.

See you next spring in Dodger Stadium!


I love how you are always busy and I hope it’s fun,
It’s another thing to be proud of when it’s done,
With regards to your 2 questions I gotta say,
That I think Joe is such a cool name!!
I love to watch the way Torre and Lowell play,
Your passion make me want to see another game.

Torre and A-Rod all the way to the World Series.

Laissez les bons temps et Dodgers roules!
J Creole

cool u r filming Wisegal… good luck with that…

Peace yo,

Question: On the Sweatshirts / Fleece ('s%20ruffle%20full%20zip%20hoody&sr=1 ) with the Full Back Design, what do it say? The pic is not large enough for me to read it.

Thanks, J Creole


Thanks for stopping back AJM. Look forward to your movies. I saw today in the news the Dodgers are getting all cozy with Joe Torre and Grady Little is in talks on a buy out. First thing I thought of was AJM is going to be all fired up on this news. Sure enough gosh I was right? See post above?

I go with Joe Torre anyday over Girardi! Experience Experience Experience, aint no replacement for the big E. Mike Lowell over A-Rod. Maybe its seeing A-Rod with his other lady friend dancer gurl that lowers him in my book. You want to pay for a leader both in the clubhouse and out. I doubt A-Rod is that guy. Lowell is the answer. I hope the Dodgers owner has his wallet open, cuz he’ll need it to sign any of these guys.

Oh Toronto cool! I was there once…in the airport :p

From reading the plot of ‘Wisegal’ it sounds really good, interesting. Looking forward to it, I hope it is shown here.

Glad you and your family are safe from the fires in CA

Take care


Hey Alyssa,

We know and understand that you’re a very busy person. No need to apologize for not posting in a while.🙂
About the possible signings, I think I am ok with both. I kind of always liked Torre, so I wouldn’t mind having him behind the wheel here in L.A. Besides, I think he can also bring Mattingly with him. As far as A-Rod or Lowell… I’m not too sure. I liked A-Rod from a while back. They are both good though. We’ll see what happens.
Anyway, take care and don’t over work yourself.🙂

Hey Alyssa – keep your hands off of our Mr Lowell!! This from a Red Sox fan who seriously wants him to remain part of the Red Sox.


Im glad that you are a live.

I don’t feel I have enough info to comment on this question so i can say instead that Im happy for you that it’s going so good for you! But I also hope that you will have time to write someting to us fan to read, because I can’t get enough of it!

Tanks for your posta, I love them.
Take care

I would pick Torre over Girardi because he has more experience and since Girardi just made a deal with the Yankees you can’t really pick him. Plus if Torre goes he might bring Don Mattingly with him as the bench coach. As a Yankees fan I probably should pick A-Rod but Mike Lowell is a stronger fielder and he cares more about the team than the money which is all A-Rod cares about.

I just saw where Girardi was signed by the Yankees, today Tuesday, 30th Oct at 3:30 EST. Question I have now is should the Dodgers pick up Don Mattingly if Torre decides to golf and fish next year? Torre is a no brainer in my opinion. Question is does want the job?

I’m not sure on the first question. Since Joe Girardi is already named manager for the New York Yankees and I thought Torre retired, I don’t believe he will be fit to manage the Dodgers. For the second question, A-Rod, he is a really good batter. Have fun filming “Wisegal”


Awesome to see a true lady Dodgers fan…
I feel Joe Torre would be the best fit for the Dodgers considering that Girardi signed a contract with New York. For the second question I would have to go with Lowell because of his character and also his on field performance during the regular season, playoffs and world series… Just so you know, you are awesome, loved you on “Whos The Boss” love you now.

Torre is a better fit for the Dodgers, hands down. With all the good, young players on the team, he would teach and mold them all into great players. Torre has a knack of keeping the clubhouse on a even keel, whereas Girardi is known as something of a hot-head. In terms of the position players, Mike Lowell is a team player, while A-Rod plays for his own glory and is motivated more by a big paycheck than anything else. He’ll probably want to go back to playing short-stop as well, whereas Lowell is a natural third baseman.

Congrats to YOU on your staying busy and working a lot. I read your blogs about how you are working on this and working on that and it all sounds so amazing to be that busy. I dunno if you remember but I am the person who asked you about what it takes to make it as an actor….so of course I would love nothing more then to be able to experience something like you are.

Well as you may or may not have heard its rumored Torre is going to be our manager next year. So I guess in that regard there is no choice. I think either candidate brings the possibility to fix what everyone seems to think was the biggest problem with the Dodgers down the stretch…..that being the divide amongst the players. Torre will demand respect wherever he goes simply based on his resume. Someone who has had to deal with managing for the Yankees and working for Steinbrenner certainly can’t find the current Dodgers situation to be something out of the ordinary. And likewise Girardi is a younger manager himself so on that level he may be able to easily relate to the young talent and get them to gel with the veterans.

I think I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the idea of Torre coming. Of course everyone wants to speculate, especially on ESPN, and they said that the last time Grady Little left a team that same team won it all the next year…..and the last time Torre took over for a team they also won in his first year. Just something to think about, heh…..

And wow…..after the seasons either third basemen had how could you go wrong?? I guess it’d come down to other factors ie: what is the asking price, age, and what other players are the Dodgers looking to target. I’ve heard rumors that Torri Hunter or perhaps Andruw Jones are players the Dodgers might go after not to mention Miguel Cabrera. ANY of those guys will demand a lot so I suppose other things will have to fall, or not fall, into place for A-Rod or Lowell to come over. Maybe Torre joining as manager could sway A-Rod….??

What about pitching?? Last I heard Lowe wanted to test the free agent market and Wolf only had a one year contract right? If we plan to strengthen the pitching staff buy acquiring someone then I think that means the Dodgers are less likely to guarantee A-Rod the kind of money he’ll want.

It IS exciting still is it not??

Hey Alyssa

Nice to hear from you again!
Good luck with your new movie, can’t wait to see it. It sounds good from what I’ve heard about it!
I’m afraid I can’t answer your questions though..
Have a good time in Toronto!

And Red Sox fans congrats!



Alyssa, as of today, Joe Girardi has signed a 3-year contract with the NY Yankees; therefore, I would go with Joe Torre. He?s no slouch! ?

As for your Dodger?s 3B signing, I would need to ask you two questions. Do you want to make it to the playoffs or do you want to make it to the playoffs & win the World Series? If you are happy with just making the playoffs (and the Dodgers want to shell out $30M+ per year), then A-Rod?s your man. But if you want to win it all, I?d make a pitch for Lowell, if he makes it past the initial 10 days where he can only negotiate with the Red Sox. They just may not let him get past that date! I know if I were them I wouldn?t!

As an alternative idea, the Dodgers might want to trade with the Devil Rays about Akinori Iwamura seeing that they like Longoria more & are willing to move Iwamura to 2B where he is unaccustomed to playing. Welcome to our country, now move over to 2B for the American kid. Personally, I?d like to see Iwamura stay at third & just play somewhere else, maybe LA. Just a thought?

Well since I am still new to this whole baseball thing I don’t feel I can comment on your questions, but I can tell you not to feel bad that you have not posted. I hope you have fun where you are and don’t work to hard and come home to your family and friends safely.

Oh I forgot to wish you a happy halloween. are you going to dress up this year? Your coustumes are always so creative. I am not being creative this year and going as a Banshee.

Hi and greetings from Alabama. I hope that you’re enjoying your time in Toronto. Stay warm up there. This is an easy one…Joe Giardi – 2006 National League Manager of the Year, 3 World Series rings, member of the inaugural season of my beloved Rockies (Who I want to congratulate for making it as far as they did), etc. And Mike Lowell – Cancer survivor, 2007 World Series MVP, surpassed 100 RBI’s for the third time in his career in 2007, etc. Thanks, Alyssa, for a great season of your blog. Looking forward to baseball in the spring.

In regards to your questions:

Joe Torre – he has a lot more experience although I do not know if the Dodgers could afford him

I also choose A-Rod over Mike Lowell. They are both great players but A-Rod’s batting average etc. is a bit better than Mike’s. Again though can they afford him?

Bonsoir ma belle,

You wanted to know our best memories of the season, and I told you mine were still to come, and they came, Sunday and today, first The Sox won the World Series and today was the big parade. What a one in a life time experience it was for me, as a European fan to see my favorite team so close and to have eye contact with Youk, astonishing ! Merci boys, I will go back to Beer/Chocolate Kingdom well rest and content.
My TOUCH Red Sox t-shirt is since game 6 my lucky charmed, I wore it every game and they won (Thank You).
It would be good to keep Lowell in Boston, but I think he is too old for a 5 years contract!!!!
Have a great Halloween sweetie; I will go as a witch??
Good luck with the movie.
T?embrasse fort,


Hi there my lovely, I’m so happy to see a new post by you. You tell us a good news😛 I can’t wait to see WISEGAL🙂 Sry sweeety but I can’t answer to your questions, because we don’t have baseball here and I don’t understand anything, but anyways, I choose these ones who u choose :D:D I hope you have a great time in Toronto. I wish I were there now… just to see you❤
Have a great week!
😉 and you know how I always finish my comments…😛
This is my email, holla when u have time (if u want);)

If Joe Torre signs with the Dodgers and brings Don Mattingly along, the best thing about it would be that we have 2 very popular ex-New York Yankees on the Dodgers and that will make the team more recognizable in the big apple. It will put them back on the New York Map so to speak. At the moment they are just another out of town team. Of Course that will only be a start, from that point they have to win to stay there. A-Rod can make them winners.


The first question is fait accompli – Girardi has been named manager of the Yankees. Torre would be the perfect fit in L.A. to try to repair the dysfunctional Blue clubhouse. He is a class act and a proven winner. He is on an even keel and not easily rattled by fans, media or ownership (in George Steinbrenner’s megalomaniacal prime, Peter Gammons referred to the Yankee owner as Phineas T. Bluster).

As a Red Sox fan, I have to say that I hope the Sox re-sign Mike Lowell. The Marlins treated him as a throw in with the Beckett deal because he batted .236 in 2004 and purportedly had lost bat speed. He ends up the MVP of the World Champions this year during the regular season and the MVP of the World Series. He was clutch and drove in 120 runs. He is a Gold Glove caliber third baseman. He has been a treat to watch day-to-day – another classy guy ideal for team chemistry.

A-Rod will win his third MVP award this year. However, he has never played on a world championship team and has perfomed dismally in the post season, especially in the clutch. His regular season numbers are gaudy; post season-not so much. He has a radioactive aura about him and it seems like team chemistry dissipates with his presence. Boras’ shameless proclamation on Sunday that A-Rod was opting out of his present contract was an ominous omen – on a day when MLB was showcasing the two league chamions in the World Series Boras was shouting about A-Rod’s contract. As Gammons said on ESPN “this sends out a message of buyer beware”. Jerry Remy, Boston’s colorful analyst said he had “never seen anything so disgusting in my life” as the A-Rod announcement Sunday.

In summation, Torre would be a good fit in L.A. A-Rod would be perfect if you want to perpetuate the dysfunctional, shambolic Dodger clubhouse. Otherwise, Lowell is the better fit (but I hope he stays with us in Boston).

Thanks for your congratulations on the World Championship. There is no need for you to be envious -you are always welcome in The Nation! The Red Sox have proven that they have the best team and the best baseball operations personnel in the game. It’s also nice to see Terry Francona finally get the national recognition he deserves. The Boston fans’ love affair with the team is a pleasure to be a part of.

All the best,



As it has been stated since Girardi has already inked a deal with the Yankees, and Little has been let go seems as if Torre is the logical choice. As a side note, I was watching the Torre news conference with my dad and mentioned to him at the time that he would be the next Dodger skipper. Anyways, he is going to be costly my guess would be 2 years at $5m per season with mutual options for a third. And as someone mentioned above Donny baseball would probably come along as well (not too shabby).

As far as A-rod or Lowell, neither. Boston will lock down Lowell with a 4 year $60m deal before Thanksgiving. A-rod with his “leaked announcement” proved he is self-absorbed with very little respect for the game and traditions. The clubhouse is not big enough for his and Kent’s egos to exist, would destroy the team completely. The money and terms of A-Rod?s next contract are also going to hamper almost any team that meets his demands, way too much for one player, I don?t care what stats he puts up.

The Dodgers in my opinion would be better served to try and package a few young players and work a trade with Florida for Cabrera, wonder if they would take back Juan Pierre (we could only hope). It may cost a few very good young players (Delwyn Young amongst others), but worth it in the end if they can extend his contract. Much better to pay a player who is 24, $15-18m per year for 5-7 years than whatever you might be able to sign A-Rod or Lowell to. Another need, as it is for most teams is to improve the pitching staff.

Well time to start dreaming, hoping and wishing to see what the off months will bring us.

Dodger Blue in the S.F. bay!

Hey, After a super-fun round of golf, on an off-day, I heard Grady Little on the radio announcing his departure, from the Dodgers. And Joe Torre ripe for the position, with the team having it’s heart originally in New York City…, go with the guy. Give him whatever his agent asks for.
Now stick with the rest of the team. Plenty of time to heal some injuries that have been prolonged throughout the season, shortstop?
There are still a couple of pitcher rotations available.
May Brad Penny come back strong again, and Martin be there to receive his pitches. I sincerely hope to see that pudgy guy back on the mound again, man his enthusiasm almost got the team back into the swing of things, this time around.
Alyssa, stay well, eat some healthy veggies.

Alyssa, Hardest working woman in Hollywood!🙂 Joe Torre would be a fantastic fit for the Dodgers. Look at how Lou Pinella helped the Cubs. Plus Los Angeles would be a better change of pace for him than New York. As far as A-Rod or Lowell, i would go with Rodriguez. While not a popular choice, i look at the big picture. His leadership, combined with Nomar’s, would be just the thing the Dodgers need. Like Joe, Alex would greatly benfit from L.A.’s pace as compared to New York’s. (if only all the bitter Yankees fans would see that) Good luck in Canada!

Now that Grady has “resigned”, looks like the way is paved for Torre. As a Yankees fan, the Dodgers will be getting a calming force in Torre…and it sounds as if that clubhouse needs that stability. He did really well with the Yanks (the whole time despite what the Steinbrenners think) when their run started. That team was a mix of vets and young players and it ended with a ring. Getting Torre will most likely mean getting Donny too – that’s a duo!!

I think the Yanks made the right decision in hiring Girardi. He did well in his 1st managerial opportunity, is known for having a great knowledge of the game and with the way this off season has started is a hard knuckled type of guy which may be needed (looks like Steinbrenners sons are resurrecting the Bronx Zoo).

As for A-Rod – he is an amazing athelete. He can hit for power, take a walk, steal a base and his defense has improved (minus little pop-ups which make him looked like a lost pup). However, as a man….he is questionable. For months, I have listened to him speak of his desire to play in NY, all about his respect for the history and tradition….blah blah blah. It’s all about the money. He left Seattle for that monsterous $$ deal in Texas – a team that was in the basement of the division. He didn’t go there for a ring, he followed the $$. I think him and Boras want to set a new record. The only problem, they may have taken the 2 biggest money markets out of the running – the Yanks and BoSox. How incredibly classless was it to make the announcement during the world series. That ticked the Sox off a lot, rightly so. SO, to your question….sometimes getting all the power hitting does not equal rings (look at the Yanks – Giambi, A-Rod etc…). Chemistry is needed – look at the distress in the Dodgers clubhouse at the end of the season. A-Rod will be a huge addition to any team, but he is a one man entity. Lowell is known as a family man and team player. His numbers aren’t bad and his defense is stellar. Think of what may have been for the Red Sox if they got A-Rod 4 yrs ago – they wouldn’t have been able to have made some of the signings they did because of the money sunk into 1 guy. Do you want 1 man with a team around him or a team. I’d prefer Lowell over A-Rod……….(but if the Dodgers want A-Rod and the Yanks want Lowell, go right ahead Dodgers!)

This is easy.

I’m writing after NY has offered Girardi a contract, but I would have taken him easily. In fact I was hoping that my Rangers would have picked him up last summer instead of Ron Washington…I mean seriously…Ron Washington?

And between A-Rod and Lowell. The choice is easy. A-Rod. Yes he is a lot of money, but a well organized contract could put the bulk of that money towards the end of the deal when A-Rod is making chase for the homerun record. A-Rod alone will bring in more money than he cost, truck loads. And with A-Rod you have the option of moving him between 3rd and SS. And while A-Rod bore the weight of the failures in NY, the blame was plenty and could be spread among all the players. If you say he didn’t fit in, could that not be Jeter’s fault as well?

Yes I would want a team of respectable players, but we don’t know the seedy understories all these guys. A-Rod unfortunately is a lightning rod for press and captures the most attention. It doesn’t regulate him to the horrible person category.

Welcome to the Greatest city on earth.

Welcome back Alyssa!🙂

I’m assuming from your message that the men in red and the green monster have the rock stars feeling blue.

I hope you’re having fun in Toronto.🙂

I was out of town yesterday as well… to a distant land known as Buena Park. I took a day off work and went to Knott’s Berry Farm for the first time. The coasters were cool and the place was a lot of fun. And the crowds were so thin that there were virtually no lines.

You?re not far from an interesting coaster right in Toronto. The “Dragon Mountain” roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland, holder of the world height record from 1983-1988, measures more than a mile long and occupies 30 acres of land. Originally the ride was to have many lavish special effects, though last I heard they were never completed.

Joe Girardi, Joe Torre, A-Rod, and Mike Lowell don?t ring a bell. Though they do sound like the names of mechanics… especially “A-Rod”. Particularly if he named himself after his car.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Have fun with your film!


Hey Alyssa, I don’t know that much about baseball but since the Dodgers let Little go and since Torre turned down the Yankees offer. Maybe it would be a good fit. Plus your dad could have a Yankee coach to cheer for. Didn’t you play a sort of Dear Abbey character towards the end of Charmed? I mean I don’t know if you really are a Dear Abbey but I have a question for you. I stop fairly frequently at a donut store to get coffee on my way to work where there is this beautiful vietnamese woman and a man working there every day. I don’t know if they are a couple but it seems like they very well could be husband and wife. Is it wrong of me to notice her beauty every time I go in there; especially if she is working there with her husband or boyfriend? She is always friendly but he doesn’t seem as friendly. Secondly, should I stop going in there, if she is clearly together with the man she works with?

Alyssa, Glad to hear you and your family are ok. Another thought on Joe Torre to the Dodgers. What if Santana was brought in along with Joe. Santana and Martin worked very well together at the All Star game. Not sure if you could bring in both Santana and Hunter in a deal. I dont think A-rod would be a part of any deal. Best of luck on Wisegal!


Miss Milano,
Hope the world’s treating you OK.
Re A-Rod vs Mike Lowell:
Mike Lowell.
I’ve been a Sox fan since the days of Ray Culp, Sonny Siebert, and John Kennedy (the infielder, not the president). The choice is easy when you evaluate from a couple of different thought lines.
First thought – when you pay out A-Rod his 30+ million a year, that will raise holy **** in that clubhouse. In the history of the Red Sox that extends over a hundred years, they have had ONE other MVP. One. Manuel Aristides Ramirez. And this modern-day “Master Blaster” (Boras + A-Rod) thinks that A-Rod’s worth the combined salary of Manny, Papi, Youks, Papelbon, Pedroia, AND Ellsbury? Not in this lifetime.
Second thought – character. It has been well established that Mr Rodriguez has all of the character of the IBM Thinkpad on which I am typing my entry. By contrast, Mike Lowell is a cancer survivor. While passing the line of people standing out in the weather waiting for tickets to an ALCS game, Mike Lowell’s wife asked her husband to see what he could do. So here’s the eventual World Series MVP and probable AL Rookie of the Year (Dustin Pedroia helped him out) passing out food to the fans waiting in line. Can you imagine Captain Corporation, shortstop/assistant general manager, doing such a thing? Me neither. Over the course of the long season, character speaks just as loud as RBI’s.
Third thought – you will need to pay for all of those young guys when contracts come due down the road. Manny will enter his contract year this coming year. The question of Schilling’s return will need to be answered and will need cash to resolve. The ownership group will now be expanding their recruiting in Asia with the down payment of the successes of Dice-K and Oki. And there is a thought process that would endanger all of this for one guy?

As we say, “Whaddaya, retahded?”


And as far as Grady Little goes, congratulations. But as far as getting Joe Torre, look at his record before the Yankees. Not so hot, is it? Work on a GM that can properly evaluate talent, not gather up Red Sox castoffs.


Miss Milano,
Oops. Darn it. All of that typing and I misread the question.
As for the Dodgers and given what I entered previously, go with Lowell. Character, character, character. Question two? Mattingly has never managed at the major league level. Joe Torre’s record before the Yankees? Not so good. Take a look at John Farrell, pitching coach for the Sox. Maybe true that he has not managed at the major league level either, but the knock on most managers (old and young alike) is the inability to manage a pitching staff. He brings these chops to the table to start with.


Joe Torre would be a great addition. Mattingly I’m not sold on, but I don’t think he hurts you at all. Torre would keep the clubhouse in line. He’s a proven winner.

As far as third base, if you have a shot at A-Rod you have to take him. Money is not a concern to the Dodgers. Anyone who choses Lowell over A-Rod needs to watch more baseball. A-Rod is a complete monster. Put him in the middle of that lineup in the NL? Forget about it. This guy destroys American League pitching (which is better than NL pitching) and he’s a great addition. Also he respects Torre, which is important.

Oh cool Alyssa, I am sure that your role in Wisegal will be with the perfection !!

I admire you, I wish you much happiness and success for your news activities !!

Allan, one of your larger fan, a fan who respects you.

Happy Halloween!!!!
Lots of love

Yeap, Grady Little is finely gone, way to go Blue !!!

PS : A-Rod, I don’t have any comment about his game, but faced it, this man is a bad omen, he doesn’t bring luck to the teams he is played for so far. Will the City Of Angels change that ?

Bonne fin de semaine ma belle,



Hey how are you sweety, I hope everything’s good there. I guess u like Toronto, it’s a cool city.
Btw Happy Halloween hunni. Take care😉

wow your in toronto!! Shame im not going there until may:(!!! Hope the filimg goes well and have fun!!:)
I cant answer your questions as im from london so pretty unaware of some baseball things!! Oh and us on safe searchin/celeb loop are all wondering if you will add your peace love and baseball top to your touch range, we all LOVE it!!

All my love,

Hi, Ms. Milano, When are you comming to Maine??? We got nice lobstah here & I’m sure we can dig up a clam or 2 for you to w/ the lobstah & maybe some fries made w/ Maine Taters. Anyway, Good luck on your Movie & TV Work. Maybe someday you’ll get to Maine & work on a Steven King Movie in the Bangor area.
On to Baseball, I think Joe T. & his Staff from the Bronx will do wonders for the Dodgers & if he Brings A-Rod with him, That means we don’t have to see him in Fenway except maybe 1/Yr.(Although the Bosox do play the Dodgers in Spring Training).
Bound to be some shake ups in both Beantown & other places. I look for Jake Elsbury to be with the parent club when they come N. in the Spring. Schilling wants a 1 Yr. contract, but will not sign w/Yankees. Others still undecided.
Hot Stove League just getting fired up, Ain’t got warm yet. Wait till after Turkey Day for the Stove to be really warm.
FYI: If you’re a skier, Come to Sunday River in Rangely, Maine this Afternoon as the Mtn is open for sking on Halloween on the Advanced trail with man made snow.
73’s & 88’s
Don H.

I’m sometimes a little forgettable, but sweetie, what gets the winner of your question….:-) HARRY (Netherlands) have a good time in Torontoto…😉

Take all of ’em except Lowell. He should stay with the World Champs!

Hey again Lyss,

I didn’t notice that your original post was revised to mention Don Mattingly. His name rings a bell, though not as a mechanic. As for your question, I guess he could still be permitted to wear blue- but just this once.

When I originally mentioned Dragon Mountain, I forgot that many of the parks back east are finished from the main season. However, the Wonderpark is open for one last evening tonight. Also, construction of the Behemoth, new for ’08, should be well underway.

However you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have fun!


Hi, Alyssa !

How is it in Toronto ? I never been there before..
And about those questions; I’m just a new Dodgers-fan, so I have to learn and watch more about it. ‘Cause I really don’t know where you talkin’bout.
I’m also not from America, so I don’t see the games😦 But then I really LOVE to have internet ! So I can’t miss it😛

ps. I’ve got a stretch-thing for your schoolbooks of Dodgers !!😀 I am SO happy😛 If you don’t know where I’m talkin’bout; Sorry, Im not VERY good in English😛 Im just 14 years old..😛
pps. I really can’t wait to see your next movie !
ppps. The trailer of Pathology is Amazing ! But there are some rumors that the movie isn’t going to be in Holland (Europe) :(:( Do you know more about that ?

Well.. I’m gonna stop now😛 I have to go sleep..

and all m Love,
Your BIGGEST fan of HOLE Europe,

As far as A-Rod vs. Lowell, as a die hard Red Sox fan I say Lowell all the way. Mike Lowell plays his heart out for this team. People claim A-Rod is such a catch but he has never delivered for any team he has played for. Furthermore, he is not Red Sox material. That’s not to say that one team is better than another. He just doesn’t fit in here. These guys have a great chemistry, a brotherhood, and it’s something he’ll never be a part of.

if its joe he might as well get a nice recliner… maybe eat a little pasta…. take a little nap….maybe wake up once in awhile to see whats happening….make a managerial move once in awhile…then take another nap…

Hi Alyssa ! Welcome to Canada! But where are you coming in Paris? It’s the most beautiful city in the world! Maybe a day with chance ! Love and joy ! Romain

Hi Alyssa,

I’m glad you’re filming Wisegal in Toronto !!! I love Canada ! I went to Quebec in August 1999 with my grandma, aunt and cousin. It was great ! I’d really love to go back there.

I can’t wait to see Wisegal !!!

Lots of love,

PS : Happy Halloween !!!

Hi! Love your love for baseball, and you were already one of my fvs on tv! Frank McCourt’s a former Boston neighbor and friend, but he can’t have Mike Lowell. Wasn’t D-Lowe enough? Or Nomar? Or Mueller?

Good luck to the Dodgers, but in the end, they are still a NL team. Remember, there’s only one October ..

And it belongs to the American League and the Sox!


If you wanna watch someone put up great numbers, but never win a ring, go get A-Rod. Biggest clubhouse cancer in all of sports.

But then again, he’d fit right in with the rest of the gold-plated phonies out there in La-La Land.

Hi Alyssa,I don’t have any answers to your questions.I would like to see your Dodgers win next season.Thanks.

I like the Red Sox so Gratz to them. Well played baseball there. Domination.

As for Torre and Mattingly, I’d say he’s a given at this point, as is Mattingly. I say this because Mattingly is essentially his heir apparent. You don’t hire a 67 year old manager without his younger successor that he’s groomed for decade. I’m just shocked the Dodgers actually seem to be making thoughtful moves this offseason.

As for Mike or A-Rod. With the Dodgers already having an All-Star Catcher, I can’t see them going after Lowell. A-Rod loves Torre and will likely go where he goes at this point. Not only that but the Dodgers make perfect sense after the Yankees. A-Rod wants to be on a team with History. Aside from the yankees, the Dodgers certainly have plenty of that.

With the addition of A-Rod, they really need to axe Kent and bring up their highly touted minor league Second baseman. Lonely needs to be the every day starter with Garciapara the backup. That will make their infield younger and more powerful, as well as more consistent.

I’m not thrilled with their outfield aside from Juan Pierre who I think is a really good player. But it should still be fine. Pitching becomes their biggest problem. They have at least one really good minor league pitcher that they should bring up. Penny will be fine. And um um Chad Billingsly is a really solid pitcher. That would give them 3. They desperately need two more fairly young and solid pitchers. I might even keep Wells who I think could be great as a long reliever.

Shmidt, Stults, Wolf, Loaiza, Hendrickson and Seanez all need to be axed. They were absolutely horrendous. Old and injured. Their pitching staff was a disgrace for the most part. Axing them and adding a group of younger and healthier pitchers should go a long way in adding credibility to the staff.

But we’ll see just how committed the Dodgers are. Since 1988 they’ve been content to basque in mediocrity.

Hmm Mike Lowell is Boston’s 3rd Baseman? *Chuckles* Sorry, blame it on my meds after surgery. Again, he’s 33, A-Rod is 28. Lowell had 21 HR’s to A-Rods 54? Batting average for both was nearly similar. I’ll take youth over age anyday. Yeah Alex hasn’t really demonstrated being a “team” guy but nither did Kent or a few other Dodgers i could mention. Did any of them ever come close to 54 HR’s? Ummm no. I’m tired of the Big Blue patching their lineup with aged veterans who have 1 or 2 years left of quality ball. Especially when they have exceptional young talented players and can GET a younger and extremely gifted player like A-Rod.

Even if we get Joe Torre, it doesn’t mean anything. We need to build team chemistry. We can’t be champions unless we have great team chemistry, and great coaching. Hopefully we’ll get great coaching, but we have to hope that the players form better chemistry and play as one. We don’t need to sign any big time players. We just need to work with what we have. We’re not the Yankees, we don’t buy championships(I still like the Yanks though). In my opinion, we have all the players to win it all. The Colorado Rockies are proof that you don’t have to have lineups like the Yanks or Red Sox to be successful. All you need to do is play as team, but that’s easier said than done.

I’ve enjoyed seeing a woman who really knows and appreciates the game and it’s history. Very cool…As a lifelong Yankee fan I am obviously very sad to see Joe Torre go, but I also beleive that after a while that new blood is needed. Joe Girardi is a good call for us. You will be very lucky to have Joe Torre. He is a tremendous calming presence in the clubhouse and his being there will be a positive in signing Free Agents. He is a CLASS ACT. Don’t count on Mariano coming there, he wants to end his career a Yankee. Clearly you don’t need Posada. The one who is a real possibility is Andy Pettite…I’m biased because other than Joe DiMaggio, Donnie Baseball is my favorite all time Yankee. I grew up watching Donnie and no one had a burning passion for the game as much as he did. His knowledge and instincts on the field and approach and mentality at the plate were second to none. Not to mention his preparation. He’s not glitzy, but he’s a real baseball man through and through. Check out his book on hitting. You can have him for now but he’ll always be a Yankee (FYI- His son Preston was your first round draft pick either last year or the year before)…As for Scott “**** of the Earth” Boras and the dummy he pulls the strings for, they have to be the most classless duo I have ever seen. Even I, who hates the Red Sox more than life itself, was astonished at the timing of their announcement. Coincidentally, Brian Cashman-Yanks GM, said today that he had gotten 15 texts and phone messages by the time he had gotten to Boras’ on his cell phone. He was sleeping next to his kid and his wife had to wake him up. I would have loved to have him back, but since he truly showed that money is the most important thing to him and that he feels he is bigger than the game, the **** with him. Arod will go to whoever writes the biggest check because that is what Boras will tell him to do and he ALWAYS does what Boras says. LA could be it but I’m not sure McCourt will pony up. I think Anaheim or San Francisco…Lowell is going to re-up with Boston. However,the man has character and is a fighter. I’ll take players with guts and heart any day over talent and gutless (and I was rooting for A-Rod the whole time he was here).

Happy Halloween again, Alyssa.

This is embarrassing. I just tried to view the layout of “Dragon Mountain” at Canada’s Wonderland on Google Earth, and had a bit of trouble. And that would be because the coaster is not at that park, but at Marineland at Niagara Falls, Canada.

I’m very sorry. I hope you didn’t go there trying to find it. I apparently don’t know much more about coasters than I do about baseball.

I hope you had a great Halloween with many treats rather than unintentional tricks from misinformed SJT’s.


Correction A-Rod is 32. Swore he was younger. Eh let me put the Lowell/A-Rod question in these terms.

A-Rod 3rd base/SS (Age 32) League Leaders 2007

? Ranks 1st in AL in HR (54) ? Ranks 1st in AL in RBI (156)
? Ranks 1st in AL in R (143) ? Ranks 7th in AL in BB (95)
? Ranks 4th in AL in OBP (.422) ? Ranks 1st in AL in SLG (.645)
? Ranks 1st in AL in OPS (1.067)

2 Gold Gloves both at SS in 2002 and 2003 plus American League MVP 2003 and 2005

Lowell 3rd Base (Age 33)

League Leaders 2007
? Ranks 7th in AL in BA (.324) ? Ranks 5th in AL in RBI (120)

One Gold glove award in 2005

Since 1998 A-rod has had under 40 HR’s only twice.

In that same span, Lowell has hit the 30 HR mark ONE time.

Say what you want about Character but offensively and Defensively, A-Rod as a choice is a no brainer.

Sorry about my prior inaccuracies. Being out of surgery drugs have fogged my mind.

Hi, Alyssa! Good to hear from you again! I’m really glad you are safe from the fires, and your family too! Been worried for awhile, but I’m glad now! And don’t worry about being busy, you have alot to do, so it’s no wonder that you wouldn’t have a chance to write till now, np at all! “WISEGAL” should be really interesting! I’m not usually a fan of Mob movies, but with YOU in it, I’d DEF see it! Lol! I’m always ready to see you in a project, WHATEVER it is, lol! You were very funny on “Earl”, can’t wait til tonight, looking forward to it! About your questions, I don’t know ANYTHING about Baseball, so I’ll leave all the Expert knowledge up to you, lol! I’d just mess up the percolating ideas trying to figure out the ANSWERS…NOT a good idea, lol! Btw, I wish “Pathology” would have come out for Halloween, I was really looking forward to seeing it at “the Witching Hour” (pun intended, lol! Sorry, couldn’t resist, lol!) But I’ll def catch it, and all your other projects, when they come out. Hope you had a fun and SAFE Halloween! Be safe while in Toronto, and on your way back to California, ok? And have a good time filming! Take care of yourself, Sweet Beauty! Stay Safe! Be good to you! Bye for now! Love you, Alyssa!🙂 @>- Rick Walters, NC

One more thing, Lyssa: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tc!🙂 Rick

Happy Halloween Y’All, I misread the question too, I gamble on JOE TORRE.
Sorry for my quick reading, have a good time in Toronto Alyssa, a Hug… HARRY (Netherlands)

steve thomas….the only reason mike lowell hasnt won more gold gloves is because theres a guy by the name of ERIC CHAVEZ whose like a vacuum in OAKLAND and before that theres another guy by the name of SCOTT ROLEN whose practically the same….i do agree with u on the hitting stats though…AROD is a BEAST!!!!…he will be just fine in L.A….the RAVINE will look like the good ol’ days just like when we had fernando valenzuela

Ah…mystery in the winter! I love it! I always feel like I’m going thru withdrawl during the winter months & live for baseball news. And the Dodgers are doing all they can to keep us on our toes!

Joe Torre. What can you say? The name alone, demands respect. I would LOVE to see Joe Torre in Blue. The man brings knowledge, experience and a steady hand. We sorely need it. Not that Grady Little is a panicker of any sort, he’s not. BUT! More than once we’ve all screamed at the TV, “Time to pull the pitcher!” Grady waits until panic sets in and then it’s too late. Joe’s a smart guy. He knows how to get it done and I respect that.

A-Rod or Lowell? C’mon.

After JD Drew’s sudden & unexpected opt out, Ned Colletti isn’t speaking to his agent. And guess who that is? Right. Scott “The Shark” Boras. So, if they’re not talking to Boras, then A-Rod’s out. However…I’ve been hearing that one of the things that Torre wants in his contract is a say in player personnel. That may change things for LA & A-Rod. I don’t personally care to see A-Rod come here. The guy is not good karma. He brings strife & tension wherever he goes (a la Gary Sheffield) and the great baseball gods know that we have plenty of that already. Despite the need for a solid everyday 3rd baseman and a big bat, I don’t believe that A-Rod is a good fit.

On the flip side, there’s Mike Lowell. I don’t believe for one minute that the BoSox won’t try to keep him. They’d be foolish not to. I have mixed feelings about Lowell. He’s a steady player. Not a lot of flash, but neither the guy you dread having in the lineup. He’s solid & steady. He brings leadership, post-season experience and is likeable. However, there’s the issue of age and let’s be honest, the Dodgers youth movement is huge right now.

I believe the kids we have are the future of the Dodgers. Andy LaRoche is almost there. Between him & Loney at the corners, I can be a happy Dodger fan for a long time to come. In the meantime, however, do we use a 3rd-base-by-committee mentality? I don’t think that’s the answer either. So stay tuned, kids, same bat time, same bat channel, to see what Ned has in store.

I also want to comment on Torii Hunter. I want that big name center-fielder. Pierre is a good player, no doubt. But the arm kills me and has killed the Dodgers. We cannot constantly allow runners to take bases at will. It’s wrong. Period. Hunter has proved himself to be worthy and then you have Andruw Jones. I have to say that the first time I heard about Andruw Jones, I was excited. Think of it, people. Left field – Andre Ethier. Center – Andruw Jones. Right field – Matt Kemp. Makes our outfield look dangerous both offensively and defensively. And don’t talk to me about Gonzo. He was a joy to watch and a pleasure to have around, but he didn’t get what he wanted out of the season, either. The man is now a free agent. End of story.

(My hope is that Kemp, Ethier, LaRoche & Meloan are all playing winter ball.)

As for pitching…well…that one still bothers me. I think the bullpen is fine. I’m not sad to see Hernandez leave. He was terrible. I would be fine with letting Kuo go, as well. We have Seanez, Biemel, Broxton & Saito to rely on. They have all done a great job of letting us know their value. But when it comes to the starters, well, that one’s tough. Brad Penny had an amazing year & I look forward to next year. Derek Lowe needs to get back on track (physically) and pitch in his spot in the rotation and not just whenever he feels up to it. Losing Randy Wolf was a terrible blow. He was a great starter and has an amazing slider. We need that back. Jason Schmidt was just a complete disaster and I’ll reserve further judgement for next season. In light of that fact, we need to get rid of Loaiza. He is not fit for the starting rotation. Neither is Kuo. They need to be let go. I see that Curt Schilling has listed the Dodgers as a team he’s interested in, but he is not a long term fix. He’s made it clear he wants only a 1 yr deal, but then what? We all know he’s not the same Curt Schilling that intimidated everyone. Not that he isn’t a fine pitcher. He is. But those of you who really follow baseball will know what I mean.

The best free agent pitchers out there are: Petite, Russ Ortiz, Tom Glavine & Kenny Rogers. I’ll let you guys discuss your choices/opinions there.

There are a lot of holes to fill. It’s hard to know where to start and where to spend the most money. It’s a toss up. Once we have a manager in place, then we’ll have a better idea. Ned Colletti is a smart guy. Frank McCourt is a good owner. Whatever they decide, we know we’ll live with. And then we’ll discuss and armchair manage from our own viewpoints, like always.

1) Joe Torre has tendencies to overuse his favorite couple guys in the bullpen. Granted, with Farnsworth going all Danys Baez on him, it’s hard to blame him, but hopefully with Proctor and Broxton and Saito and Beimel, Torre will realize that he doesn’t have to kill the staff. I’d rather have Hershiser manage, but if Torre is a done deal, whatever. Also, if he draws A-Rod to LA, then he’s definitely worth it.

2) NOT MIKE LOWELL! DEAR GOD NO! Now LaRoche, even if he’s really good, will probably not be better than A-Rod until 5 or 6 years later (that’s accounting for LaRoche’s development and A-Rod’s inevitable decline), but Lowell is another story. Lowell is declining, and he won’t repeat his career year. I don’t doubt he’s a nice guy, but I do doubt that he’ll be better than LaRoche this year, and I’m certain LaRoche will be better next year and the year after. If you need a stopgap 3B for a year, that’s what Nomar’s for. If you need a backup plan for A-Rod, heck, go for Beltre. Bill Bavasi might do us a favor and take Juan Pierre in the deal.

It’s official!!! Torre is the new Dodgers skipper!!! Yay!

You were stunning on “My name is earl” Lyss!! You really can do whatever, and on comedy OMG you are really really great on comedy!! You are awesome like an actress, and like a person what can I say, You are the best!!! Keep being yourself!!
Take Care

Lorena C. (Proud to be Your(Spanish)fan);)

P.S.: My best wishes!! Hope your having a great time in Toronto!! Love hearing from you!!

I would said joe torre he is great at he’s job and I think he could be the best thing that could happen to the Dodgers. and alyssa I most said again thank you for the touch clothing line it’s awesome I love it!! you’re very talented God bless you!! work but dont work to hard ok! great hearing from you

from your friends of Orlando, Fl and Ponce Puerto rico.

[QUOTE] It’s official!!! Torre is the new Dodgers skipper!!! Yay!

Posted by: CJ | November 01, 2007 at 03:02 PM

For a nobody in Baseball World I had a good guess!!!!!
Ciao Bella, Harry (Netherlands)

I hope the Dodgers don’t waste money on A-Rod.

Hey Milano,

If the Dodgers would have traded for AROD last season, like I kept preaching, oh what might have been… So many losses in close games, Lowe would have been a benefactor of a few more wins. Let’s hope it’s not too late. The price just went up. There is so much great young talent on this team, you have to add AROD, a veteran in his prime. Furthermore, he will take away any early season pressure on the young guys to perform well. He’s is invaluable and particularly to the Dodgers, it’s the right team for AROD as well. The Dodgers have a storied history, this guy is just beginning to write history. He’s not only good for the present but will be good for the future long after retirement.

Lowell is staying in Boston. You can bet on it. He’ll take a discounted price even.

Well, as much as I admire Joe Girardi I think the Dodgers got the right guy. Torre is right where he belongs with a great organization and if anyone can get them back to the World Series, it’s Joe Torre.

As for A-Rod or Mike Lowell, I’d go with Mike Lowell. Even though he was with the Marlins when they beat my Cubs in the 2003 NLCS, I’ve always respected Lowell. This guy’s a cancer survivor and he’s a total professional on and off the field. And he just recently won yet another World Series ring and a World Series MVP award, too. That’s 2 World Series rings compared to 0 for A-Rod.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dodgers sign Alex Rodriguez. In spite of some of his shortcomings, the fact is that he had a stellar year in 2007. Lowell was the World Series MVP, but A-Rod is going to win the AL MVP Award for 2007. He’s also younger than Lowell and is the one guy who has a shot at breaking Barry Bonds’s homerun record. That would be another dig at the Giants, you know? To sign the guy who in a few years will be the new homerun king and ironically will be celebrated in a way Barry Bonds could never be.

A-Rod is not the most popular player and neither is Bonds, but Alex Rodriguez doesn’t have to answer questions about whether or not he took steroids. His character is frequently questioned, but no one can question Alex’s talent. My concern as a Dodger fan would be his postseason performances. You know that Lowell is going to deliver in the postseason. This team hasn’t won a World Series since you were on “Who’s The Boss”, Alyssa. Who would you rather have a third base in 2008? Me? I’d take Lowell over A-Rod, but given Rodriguez’s association with Torre, his age compared to Lowell, and the probability that if he stays healthy he’ll break Barry Bonds’s record, I think the Dodgers are going to sign him.

Ehyo Alyssa, how’s Toronto? You know, I live near downtown, if you want to buy me a couple of beers? Ha yeah right, but for real, I was just wondering about what you think about the Canadian sports media, regarding their MLB coverage? Have a good time, and please, more posts about your experience in TDOT.

I’m pretty new to following baseball (never show it in the UK unless you stay up till 0400) so I cant really comment on the Dodgers yet. However I’m a huge Redsox fan so id have to say A-Rod so that you don’t take Lowell from us!!

Well you got Torre and you can have A-Rod but stay away from Lowell. He is staying in Boston. Oh and I’m sorry that you are GREEN MONSTER with envy.🙂

alyssa jon lester just beat the royals
with a no hitter
i love it
signed melody a redsox game
and your friend & fan_)

and a redsox fan i ment the redsox 7 to nothing
thanks to jon lester that game is allsome
signed melody-redsox-fan

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