Thank you, Mr. McCourt

Thank you, Frank McCourt, for bringing Joe Torre to the Dodgers. As my father said today when he heard the news, and I quote, ?Oh my God. I am so excited . . . I am spitting.?

I think that about sums it up.


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Spitting? What will happen if ARod follows him? This is a good day; 2 best baseball sportscasters in my time have been Vin (of course) and Joe Torre, many years ago.

alyssa, your father is spot on. i am so frickin excited about our boys in ’08!

Thats great Alyssa! Now you and your dad can really be big Dodger fans with all your New York and Los Angeles and baseball history. And since the Dodgers originally came from New York. I’ve never been to New York myself but maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity. Congratulations I’m very happy for you, your dad, the Dodgers, and Joe Torre.

Bonjour, Bonsoir ma belle,

It?s 04AM in Boston but 09AM in Europe. Just got in…jet-leg. oh my god !!!!
One more reason to celebrate right !!!!
Hope I can see my second favorite team play the Play-O next year ??? Go Blue…

PS : So don?t sign A-Rod OK ?!
PSS : So the dog is keeping his name ?

Tembrasse fort,


Hey Alyssa!

Wow congrats! Lets hope that next year will be the year of the dodgers!
Have a great weekend!



Hi my sweety, I see you’re happy, then I’m happy too😀 You love that team Dodgers very much. We don’t have baseball here and I have never watched a game but I’m their fan too, because of you. I want they to win every single game and make you happy.
Btw look what I got this summer…
Guess what it says😛

Congrats to the dodgers for being wise!
and sorry you didn’t back the right team.

Go Sox!!

We want some more update Alyssa🙂
What have you doing the last weekes?

Take Care / J

I guess we will be seeing you in the Post Season. Have a great season! Lets Go Mets.

– Mike

Hi Alyssa!! Hope youre doing ok!! You still in Toronto?
Thanks for sharing yous dads phrase!!we can see you both are excited, hehe, so cool!!!
Take Care
Love you!!

Lorena C.

It’s good that your excited about Joe Torre coming to the dodgers, that must mean that it’ll be a good year, next year, for the dodgers. Yup, itll be a good one.

“I am spitting.” That’s hilarious; your dad sounds like a great guy!

Heard the news this morning about Joe coming to the Dodgers. Reports are now saying that Tori Hunter is trying very hard to stay in Minnesota. Not sure what the final decision will be. Great pictures on the set in Toronto. Have a safe trip back to LA.


Congratulations. Christmas comes early for Dodgers fans. Torre will walk on water, and turn bread into wine. Did not realize Dodgers have won only one playoff game since winning it all in 1988? Its about time to change that all. Glad Dodgers fans are happy. The value of a Dodgers ticket just went up.

I was watching the morning news on Tuesday when I founded out Joe Torre was going to manage the Dodgers. I was a bit surpise. but, hey maybe it’s best for the team. Glad you are happy.


Highly unlikely Torre will turn the tide in LA that fast. You can also take Mattingly; he and his childish antics will be just fine on the west coast.
The talent level in LA is nowhere near what Torre inherited here in NY.
Can he get results? Of course! But a world series with that crew in LA is a big stretch!

Alyssa I’m happy for you & your beloved Dodgers. Joe will bring a wealth of experience to them. Did you get a picture of your dad “spitting”? Next project – a consistant power hitter.

I’m happy for you & all dodger fans.

Hey Alyssa,

I’ve never heard people so excited about Frank and Joe since the Hardy Boys figured out that Jessica Fletcher was the one who done it.



Great news this is soo cool I’m beside myself here🙂 Nest season is going to ROCK!!!!


Joe Torre went from Giant fan living in Brooklyn To Met manager, to Yankee manager, to Dodger manager. I’m about Joe’s age from Brooklyn, been a Dodger fan all my life. I wecome Joe into the family.

Hey Alyssa – Joe Torre is a superb manager, to be sure, but it has been pointed out many times in the past it doesn’t take a genius to win games as manager of the Yankees, what with their payroll and the talent they always have.

The Dodgers will be a good test and opportunity for him. We have a terrific franchise and superb players and the best fans in baseball, and true enough, Joe’s winning mentality is a thing we need.

I’m still not convinced we need to blow a bundle on A-Rod and I certainly don’t think Mike Lowell would be an improvement over Nomah.

This coming season could be very interesting!


Hi Alyssa! That’s great for you!!! Congratulations..!!! but a have to say I’m a little sad because I’m with the yankees!! hahaha But well I think that the Dodgers deserve this!!! So cool!!! I’m sure that 2008 will be a very nice year for them!! and of course for you and your father!!!!🙂



Wow I am so happy that your day is Happy. this coming season with defently be thier year. They are going to go all the way!!!! I can feel it in my bones!!!!

His laid back style is a prefect fit for L.A. Just wondering about the raw deal Grady Little seems to be getting? You can expect many free agents wanting to play for a manager like Torre.

The way you put things makes me laugh,
My lake of knowledge of players makes feel daft,
But you help explain it in such a way,
That I wanna see a live Dodgers game someday,
Good luck to Joe he’ll have plenty support,
So we need to thank Mr Frank McCourt?
I’m sorry if I don’t completely know who they are,
I’m guessing they are like you are to us, a star.

kind regards,
from England

Haha must be pretty excitng then! That reminds me of something my granda said the other day when we were watching a match lol. So the Dodgers will be back on form next year whoohoo :p

peace yo😉


Alyssa, your father is the greatest! The Dodgers made a fantastic move by signing Torre. Good luck to the Dodgers in 2008!

Hi Alyssa,I’m glad that you like the Dodgers’ new manager.I really want to see your Dodgers do great.You’re a terrific person and it brings me great joy to read your beautiful blogs.I appreciate your standard of quality and dedication.You’re a person of supreme beauty.Thank you.

Desde Panam

Saludos Allyssa, Gracias por la buena noticia, espero que los Dodgers lleguen a post temporada y quizas la serie mundia.

besos guapa

Miss Milano,
As far as the hiring goes, I would be pleased but maybe not as much as your father. This is one small step in the right direction. But it IS one in the right direction. If he is able to bring Don Mattingly as a bench coach, it would be even more beneficial. This hiring is a good start to what could be a promising off season for your Dodgers. With a coach that promotes class and quiet dignity under the most glaring spotlight, this could be the springboard to attracting prospective free agents that may not have considered LA for a potential home until now.

But that was the easy part. Now the hard work for Mr Coletti. Johan Santana? Daniel Cabrera? Mike Lowell? Who stays? Who goes?

103 days until Truck Day. Fire up the hot stove.


Oh, I’m so excited for you, fans of Dodgers !!

I admire Alyssa,

Allan, one of your larger fan, a fan who respects you.

eat a little pasta…..lay back in the recliner…..take a little nap…..wake up and ask mattingly whats going on…..take another nap……good luck joe…..

Ha ha! Funny, Lyss! Hi Lyssa! Hope you’re doing great! Congratulations on Joe coming to the D’s! I’m glad you’re happy, and that makes me happy!😀 Hope he does a great job for You, your Dad, and your Team, and from the way you sound, I bet he will! Good luck with everything, and with filming! Have a fun time, and a SAFE trip back, ok? Love you, Alyssa! Always will! :):) TC always, Sweet Beauty! Be good to u! Bye for now! Go Dodgers!!🙂 @>- Rick Walters, NC

Alyssa – I’m a Yankees fan, and I just want to congratulate you and the rest of the Dodgers fans on this awesome event – JOE TORRE WEARING DODGER BLUE! I think it’s great and I think he’ll do a fantastic job. I expect the Dodgers will make the post season in 2008. As far as AROD or Mike Lowell….it’s hard to say. AROD is talented but quite an egomaniac. Perhaps it’s best to stay away from someone like that who will inevitably drain team budgets and who very well might be a post-season curse all by himself! GOOD LUCK..and, did I mention I love you to death? I DO!

Congratulations, Dodgers fans! Not only is Torre a great manager but he’s a great man, too.

I thought about that when I heard the news. I could see your dad jumping up and down. LOL Congrats!

Hey sweety I was just thinking of you (like always) and just came to say hi to my lovely. I hope everything is fine there, I saw the pics from Canada… OMG you are amazing❤ Haha, it seems easy just to shoulder you and run fast :D:D LOL I can’t wait till I see the movie.
Have a great day hunni😉
I LOVE YOU… you know😉 kisses🙂
~Lil’ Lyss a.k.a. Alyssa’s biggest fan~

Hi Angel, I’m glad for you and all the Dodgers fans, that there will be worked on a new strategy… etc!
The power you send me to choose Joe Torre is no coincedence, there were many wishes from people who are living with Dodgers, that vibrance catched me, and decided to choose Torre, even your hope on good
systematic organising triggered me, so now I will catch some of the photos in Toronto! Keep Lucky, kisses, love , music and your Baseball. HARRY (Netherlands)

Hi Alyssa,

Congratulations !!! I’m happy for you !!! That’s great the Dodgers will be back next year !!!

I laughed when I read “I am spitting”. Your dad sounds great !

Have a great weekend, Alyssa !

Lots of love,

Hi Alyssa,

I just got back from the domestic premiere of “The Blue Hour”. I’m sorry that you weren’t able to make it.

The film was very original and the crowd seemed mesmerized by it. I thought your performance was very realistic.

This world is full of suffering, but I hope that the audience understands that there is also so much more. God is real, and the reality of the justice, promise, and peace that extend infinitely beyond the limited drama of this world will not be shaken- no matter what possible chaos may transpire.

A baseball blog is not the place to prove it, but it can be proven. And I hope that those who scrutinize sports statistics and classify themselves as fanatics apply at least as much ongoing energy scrutinizing the very basis of why humanity exists and establishing a detailed methodology of how best to accomplish the purposes of its existence.

Have a great week!

I had to criticize your beloved Dodgers in my blog today and it made me sick to my stomach. I left a side note in there apologizing to you and explaining that I still love you.🙂 I’m happy for you and all of the Dodger faithful, I just wish they would’ve handled it a little better with Grady.

Love your blog and I especially love you. Keep it up.


I think i don’t known very good this game😛 but thank you for your life🙂

Just passing by to say Hi!! And as always hoping you’re doing OK Lyss!! I know that Ive said this a hundred of times but dont forget that you have a lot of people that love you and support you, and me one of them. And that Im here for whatever you want.
Take Care!!
Lorena C.

P.S.: Hope you liked my drawing, I was very excited to hear what you were saying to me. But seeing you, OMG, It was GREAT!!!


A week without baseball…I am seriously jonesing…

So you’re, or were, in Taaraanaa…it’s about a hundred miles from here…I wondered why the weather has been so nice, you brought it up with you.

Torres….good move, tho I’m not sure if he can solve whatever caused the melt down at the end of the season…that rookie/veteran excuse sounded a little lame to me, but what do I know.I’ll bet Torres lasts longer then Girardi does for Team Evil,did anyone tell him it’s a baseball team not football?

A-Rod, thanks to Boras his rep, has sort of become a stripper chasing, money grubber so I wonder sometimes why I care. I don’t remember him being so bad when he was at Texas, all I remember is thinking what a natural he was.Maybe with a new team, and an emphasis on team, he’ll get back to playing the game. You have to wonder if he might like the national league since he so dominates over the pitching and it would help him to reach Bonds a lot faster.

Spent 15 bucks and have been watching Arizona and Hawaii baseball on MLB and tho it ain’t the same it’s still baseball.Even get to go back and watch any MLB game I want from last year….what day was that when you caught that ball??


I heard about that a few days ago, and I think it’s great for the Dodgers! I do think it’s kind of ironic though, considering the Dodgers used to be in Brooklyn and are sometimes said to be the Yanks of the National leauge. Which can be somewhat true because I think the Dodgers are like the Yanks in the fact that you either love em’ or hate em’…simple as that. Anyways, congrats Dodgers! Torre seems like an amazing coach that can bring a lot to LA. And on the plus side A-rod isn’t going back to New York, maybe, just MAYBE he’ll follow Torre. Who knows? This is baseball afterall right?😀

Well today’s the day we finally hear from Joe Torre, Alyssa. Up to now all I read is that he agreed to a 3 year contract. I resheduled my Monday so I can work around the 1:00 PM ET introduction conference. It seems funny to be introduce to someone I read about everyday in the New York newspapers. I can’t predict what the future holds, but its nice having Joe on my side for a change after all these years.

Hey Alyssa, I know this is off topic but how will the writers strike affect you and the rest of the movie and tv industry?

Hi sweety… I was just thinking that we don’t have baseball here, so sad. We don’t have anything here😦 But anyways😉 someday when I get there in the US, I could see a real baseball match😛 For example a Dodgers game. At least I could see you😀 Oh that’s my dream, just to meet you :):):) and I know this will happen some day😛 I’m sure😉 I live for that moment honey😉

As a Dodger fan, I don’t think I was so excited about our manager since Tommmy Lasorda. I’m am thrilled & pleased that Joe Torre is wearing Dodger Blue. When I heard about the announcement last week, I stood up at work & did the ‘Happy Dance’ in front of the whole office. I don’t care what they think!

I’m tired of people already saying that there’s no way the Dodgers could win a World Series, even with Torre. Why don’t you folks shut up & wait til the 1st of May to decide. At least that way we’ll have everything covered, been playing for a month and then you can make your judgement calls. That would be like me saying there’s no way the Yankees can win another WS. They lost to the oh-so-lowly Indians and now they’re done. How ya like them apples?

I am excited about the winter and the season to start. I haven’t been excited about winter in forever. This is new for me & I intend to enjoy it! Thank you to the McCourts for bringing us Joe Torre. Thank you for being committed to winning and leaving a smart GM in place. Ned Colletti has been good for the Dodgers & I can’t remember the last time I actually said that about a GM.

I’m anxious for news to start trickling out from the GM meetings. Last year was pretty boring, if I remember correctly, and I’m laughing at those who’re saying the free agent market will have no impact this year. Lies! The free agent market impacts everyone from small market teams to large market teams. Did anyone else see that the Red Sox are high on the list for A-Rod? I can’t see that happening anytime soon. Theo Epstein is a smart guy & bringing A-Rod to Boston would be career suicide, I think.

Do I expect miracles in LA? Of course! I was raised to believe in the Great Dodger in the Sky and when my 8 yr old asked me why the sky is blue, I told him it’s because God is a Dodger fan. I’ve lived thru the highs & lows and I fully anticipate that if clubhouse chemistry is repaired and everyone knows their place and what’s expected of them, it will be a relatively seamless transition and a smoother season.

I do have one request, however: Could we please stop the losing skids at the most inopportune times? Two years in a row with 10 – 13 game losing streaks each time. I’ve had enough! If Mattingly comes to be the hitting coach, he better earn his keep to keep his reputation intact!

As soon as I heard the news I had a feeling you would be writing about the good news. I hope this will make a winning 2008 season for the Dodgers. As for A-Rod, I just think it would be great if all the teams got together and told him to lower his price…of course that will never happen, eh?


P.S. Noticed today that the NFL line of Touch is out ~ I’m so happy your line is doing well and expanding. I have been definitely been doing my part (i.e. spending lots o’ money on Touch clothes)to help it succeed!!

AROD is coming, Furcal going, Crede to third in a trade. Can they lure the right pitcher? Relief or starter? They can take a chance on an old guy like Schilling or Glavine because they would be considered third or forth or fifth in this rotation.

Congrats Alyssa..U have something to cheer for now! Now u will see how good we Yankee fans had it for 12 years with Joe Torre! If there were 3 people in the world I could sit down and have dinner with, it would be Joe Paterno, Joe Torre and you. Anyhow…now I bet u can’t wait till April!? Dodgers will be an instant contender. How’s Toronto? Nice city btw.

Okay I just re looked at my post and saw type oh. It was supposed to say I am so glad that your dad is happy, but i am glad when you are happy too.

It didn’t take Little to get run out of LA. Lets see what the Dodgers do with a real manager with Torre,Bowa and Mattingly.
A-Rod will probably end up with either the Dogers or the Angles. The only other place I could see him is on the north side with Uncle Lou.
I think I might be a little more green with envy over the Red Sox. I’m a fan of the only team in the majors not to have been in a world series in 62yrs or won a world series in 100yrs.But whats the saing we have on the north side oh yea wait till next year even if it adds up to a century.
Have a great week.

im glade for you alyssa maybe next year it will be a dodgers year for the world series good kuck dodgers.
signed melody a loyal alyssa fan since 1985

As an American League/RedSox fan I am excited Joe is In LA. I am believing he can add quility to the national league and show the other managers how its done!!!

As any good Dodger fan would admit, signing Torre to manage our team doesn’t guarantee a trip to the World Series … but it sure is a HUGE step in the right direction after last season’s fiasco! Go Dodgers!

Bonsoir ma belle,

After a hugh baseball season like 2007, thank God for soccer…

“You should enter the ballpark the way you enter the church”.

William Francis “Spaceman” Lee
Boston Red Sox

Tembrasse fort,


PS : Have a great week

It’s time to say hi to my sweetheart. I see you are very busy with the new projects now and I can’t wait to see them. I’m sure it’ll be great whatever it is – a movie, a show, an interview,.. oh whatever, you make everything cool. Btw I was wondering, are you about to promote TOUCH out of The USA, for example Europe… South-East Europe😛
Btw how is Lucy doing, she’s so little and sweet, say hello to her from me Lol😀 and you know ‘Go Blue’😛
Have a nice day my love❤
I LOVE YOU!!! and I will always do!

Congrats to Russell Martin and all of the other 2007 Golden Glove Winners! Russell is such a sweetie and rockin’ player. He earned this reward.

Laissez les bons temps et Dodgers roules!
J Creole

Congratulations. I’m a Red Sox fan but everyone knows Joe Torre’s class, intelligence and willingness to win. Best of luck to the Dodgers (but a little more for the Red Sox).🙂

Will the Dodgers show any interest in Dontrelle Willis? They could use a left handed starter.

The Cubs will struggle as long as Hendry is at the helm. Signing Soriano and Ramirez were huge mistakes. Band-aid solutions. He should have stood patient and waited one more year. He is the only one who was interested in Soriano and he paid dearly for it and so did the Cubs. That team is not fun to watch because they don’t know how to play baseball. They have impressive stats but those stats are deceiving.

h.e.l.l.o i am little ellie ever since i saw you on tv for the first time i have all way s wanted to meet you your so tatlented i wish i cold be like you someday when i see you on tv i smile and thnk one day i am going to be just like you hope we can keep in touch you can email me to if you want at this address

love and peace little ellie

Oh yes! This could be just the thing Da Blue needs to get into the playoffs again.

Hi Lyss! How you doing? Hope well. I have posted on CL somo pics of you in the premiere of “the blue hour” here in San Sebastian (Spain), you were great, stunning, awesome by the way!! If you want to see them, here is the link:

Take Care!!!!

Lorena C.

Hey how are you Lyssie, i just reminded of this pic
I thought you were the biggest Dodger fan but it seems Lucy is a bigger fan than you😛 lol jks
But be sure that there isn’t a bigger fan of you than me😛
You have my email address there if u have time sometimes you can write something, just a ‘Hi’ or whatever just from you, it doesn’t matter what is it :):)
I LOVE YOU ALYSSA! …forever sweety🙂
~Your Biggest Fan~❤


Ok, this has nothing at all to do with your blog, but it does have something to do with “touch”. I was wondering if I could ask you a question a little late for the “Ask Alyssa”. Well, I was wondering if at for the clothes, if the they will be restocked so I can get a small in the thing I want? I would get a medium and all, but I just don’t think that it would work :S. Sorry about the randomness of this question😛 I don’t know how you can answer my question I guess by either e-mail or via blog. Thanks bunches for you time!🙂

Love Always,
Andrea Elizabeth

AAAYe Alyssa, I’m very happy we got Larry Bower, I think he will be a fine addition to this team. You’ll see Why. I’m glad Mattingly is the batting coach and not the bench coach. The bench coach will be a suprise I hope it’s a former Dodger player. Welcome back Chan Ho Park, they say we have luck with pitcher taken off the scrap pile. I can’t wait to see this.

once upon a shooting star…

there, you were..

now, you are.


Hey Alyssa🙂

Russell Martin won the Silver Slugger Award🙂 YAY!!!!! isn’t that great I love it


Are you still a Penguins fan like you look to be in this picture?

I hope so!

Hi Alyssa, how are your new projects coming? I can’t wait to see them. I wanna see some new thing with you connected with baseball. Your favorite thing – baseball, and my favorite thing – YOU!😛
Have a nice day honey!❤

It’s ironic the players I hated (Mattingly and Bowa) Now are on the Dodgers coaching staff.

That aside I think the hiring of Torre was a great move but not just because he’s a great manager but because he’s bringing in solid managers as well. I firmly believe Torre will be handing the reins over to Mattingly in about three years. Mattingly has been groomed for a Managieral spot for the past decade.

As for A-Rod. It’s hard to Imagine the Dodgers actually shelling out that kind of Money. I am personally hoping the Dodgers see their pitching weakmess and try to trade for Santana. Then bring up their touted pitching prospect from the minors. That would go a LONG way in repairing their very old and below average pitching staff. Right now they have only 3 viable starters. Lowe whos what, 36? Penny and Billingsly. Name one other pitcher on their entire rotation right now who’s under 32 and hasn’t had injuries every single year or flat out stunk it out.

So yeah, it’s all well and good if they get A-Rod but all the hitting in the world won’t help you if your piching rots. Just ask the Yankees who had awesome hitting last year but who’s pitching stunk it out in the playoff series against the Indians. Pitching is what will determine any teams long term success, not hitting.

I’d also love to see a youth movement. The Dodgers have far to many young and extremely talented minor league talent for them to be hanging on to Jeff kent who’s hitting and attitude have dropped off dramatically over the past two years. Unlike Nomar who’s just classy (though still a veteran) Kent just irritates me now. And they have a very talented player in the minors plenty ready to replace Kent.

Take a clue from Arizona, Red Sox and Colorado, they have a lot of young players being instilled into their lineups and all three look to be playoff contenders for at least the next 5 years.

As a life-long, die-hard Yankee fan from NYC, I was crushed when Joe Torre decided to leave. I don’t blame him in the least, but it still hurts. He took Donnie Baseball with him, so that doubly hurts. I wish the Dodgers the best, now that they have the best. But if you get ARod too, you can kiss that championship goodbye. Can’t wait to see what April brings–especially full games of Joba. Ahh, Joba.

P.S. Your clothes are awesome.

I just see the Pic of Lucy wearing the Doger top. She looks so cute. How did you get her into it. my dog is just a little bit bigger then Lucy and she tries to bite anything I put on her. Oh well you must have the magic Touch.
Forever Peace,

Hi again Alyssa,

I just got back from the Egyptian theater again, and again I’m sorry that you weren’t able to be present for your honor.

Thank you for sending Dr. Hotez to accept the Artivist Award on your behalf. It was amazing to be in the same room with him and so many other world-changing visionaries.

I wish you could have been there. It was an amazing evening. The recipients were extremely inspiring. I?ll never forget it.

And I wouldn’t have been there or even known about it if you hadn’t won the award- so thank you, Alyssa.

Dr. Hotez told us that your involvement with GNNTDC is bringing lifesaving aid and a way out of poverty to tens of millions of people worldwide.

Congratulations hardly seems like enough of a response, but thank you for everything that you are doing to give voice and hope to the billion people- the colossal chunk of the world’s population- still in this day and age silently suffering from these horrific diseases.

I hope you know how much of a positive difference your life is making in the world, Alyssa. I?m so proud to be your fan.

Have a great week, Sweet Lyssa.

And please, someday, come back to America.


Hi Angel, Congratulations, I heard: “Alyssa to be Honored at Artivist”, and the financial decision for “Blue Hour” is your decision and nobody’s else business…, a hug, and continue your way! Love, Respect, etc, HARRY (Netherlands)

Dodgers fans are going to love Joe Torre. He knows how to handle the media and mixes in his veterans and young players really well. I’m a big fan of his and that’s saying something since I’m from KC and we’ve all hated the Yankees since we lost three playoff series in a row in the 70s. (Yes, that’s right, the entire city hates them. Everyone!)

And hope you get A-Rod because he really is a good guy; he just didn’t mesh well with the NY media horde. He’s practically as good a glove as Lowell and better offensively in every category. The Dodgers just need someone with some pop after him in the lineup to keep him from being walked 500 times. And I’m not sure there is anybody right now. Jeff Kent? uh…..

So here’s where I cause some trouble: sign Mr. Bonds.

What do you think?! Stunning idea, huh? It would **** off everyone in SF and Bonds just might do it for that reason alone. What’s everyone going to do with A-Rod and Bonds in the lineup, walk them both?

Plus, you know, if they respect each other, as they should, maybe their egos will cancel each other out and all will be sunny and roses in the clubhouse.


I grew up with you on Staten Island, do you still remember the old block?
Your career has taken you to LA, now Joe Torre is following ;o).
Enjoy Joe. We will miss him in New York.
Hope all is well with you.

Hey waz ap Lyss, I was waiting just to get home and post a comment😛 I just wanna say Hi to my beauty. Keep being the best honey… For me you are the best forever😛 and btw be proud of being an American!
I LOVE YOU!!!<3❤❤

Hi Alyssa,
I was just wondering are you missing baseball am much as I am. I am even starting to have dreams about baseball games and I never before have dream of the game. it was great cause you where a great pitcher in the dream and kept striking every one out. no one could hit your balls. I hope the Dodgers get a player like that this spring. till then have a good winter and a wonderful holiday with your family and friends and all the others you hold deep in your heart.

As a New York Yankee fan, I’m glad Joe Torre ended up at such a classy organization like the Dodgers. Once, at a New York Mets game back in ’84 (I know…. I’m showing my age), I was fortunate enough to meet Tommy Lasorda. Torre is exactly what the Dodgers need to get them back to the top of the National League as they were when Peter O’Malley was the owner.
Our loss is your gain.
Are you interested in acquiring George Steinbrenner?

I was reading how the Dodgers might trade for Miguel Cabrera but they’d have to give up Loney, Billingsly, Kershaw and another starter? If they make such a move I won’t even bother watching the Dodgers this year.

Billingsly has shown great talent and appears to be the next NL stud. And simply put, PITCHING WINS GAMES. Their staff ALREADY is suspect at best. trading away your best pitcher is beyond retarded.

Loney has a world of talent and is a class player. Trading him is another mistake. So they’d get rid of 4 young players to get one? What message is this sending other that “We as the Dodger owners know zero about baseball.”

Kershaw is their highly touted Minor league pitcher. Trading him when they NEED pitching DESPERATELY is just senseless.

Now Kemp and Andy Larouche? Fine. Trade them and another Minor leaguer for Miguel. That seems more than fair. Andy has a world of offensive talent as does Kemp and the dodgers have enough talent in the minors to make a deal work. If they touch either Loney or Billingsly or kershaw in any trade though, I’ll be way ticked off.

I couldn’t sleep tonight so I thought I would see if you posted anything new yet. I guess you’re still busy filming something. Are you going to the LA auto show? It starts tomorrow and goes through next weekend.


As exciting as it is about your Dad and the Dodgers getting Torre its great to see that you two share more than genetics.
Keep up the reltaionship with your Dad

Wow ~ I just read that …”Barry Bonds was indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice Thursday and could go to prison instead of the Hall of Fame for telling a federal grand jury he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs..”

Amazing, I’m not shocked, not speechless, yet I really don’t have anything else to say about it. I think I fully understand now how you felt when he broke the record — absolutely nothing.

A-Rod, $275 Million, 10 years, Yankees….

Saw article on Mr. Bonds today. In the past, I did not agree with the whole asterick thing but NOW I say yes put an asterick next to his name. Leave the asterick (I cant spell asterick right but ya know what I’m saying) up until he is convicted. Then remove his name from the books. Before today, it was all just talk, now I see this as something with substance to it as far as taking him off the record books. He aint just gonna let some trainer rub cream on him without knowing what it is? Ya right ok.

I think this Bonds issue gets me riled up. I did watch some Giants games before the record but as I recall the night he hit the record I was watching Hanna Montana with my girlfriend’s 10 year old daughter. I did flip back to check what was up but Hanna Montana beat out Barry Bonds for screen time. I guess you could say a hit from Hanna was more watchable (this is not a word do not use at home) than Barry on the cream.

Alyssa, Not sure if you have heard yet in Toronto, but there is a story out of LA today saying the writers and producers are scheduled to resume negotiations on November 26th. Maybe they can reach an agreement before the end of the year which would be a great holiday gift for everyone.


As a NYer it’s interesting reading blogs from other areas of the country, especially when the topic of the blog includes players/managers who have been so integral to the fabric of NY baseball for the past 20 years.

I think the most important aspect of what the Dodgers will get from having Joe is a calming influence in the clubhouse. Without trying, Joe creates a culture that is conducive to winning. He takes the pressure off of the players as much as possible so they can just go out and play and the media will be completely under control because NO ONE in sports handles the press better than Joe Torre.

A manager can’t make a team win or lose. Tactically they can affect a few ballgames along the way. Where they earn their paycheck is how they keep 25 men relaxed and focused over a 6 month season so all the players need to worry about is winning. Joe Torre is the best in the business at that.

Regarding Donnie Baseball, most of you seem to have it right. There are a few people that said some stupid things about him. All I can say is watch him work, listen to what your players say about him, and then if you see him out in public approach him. This man has forgotten more about baseball than most of us will ever know. If he hadn’t gotten hurt then he would have ended up in the Hall of Fame. He’s a class act. You can borrow him but Donnie Baseball is always going to be a Yankee.

Finally, Can we all please rejoice in the humiliation suffered by Scott Boras this week? Never has anyone gotten what they deserved as much as this guy. It came out today that Warren Buffett advised A-Rod to call the Yankees directly and go around his agent. So please do me a favor. Next time that you see Scott Boras in his seats at Chavez Ravine please start chanting “WARREN BUFFETT…WARREN BUFFETT”

Hey Alyssa

I saw a game of the Baseball world cup yesterday and I was wondering if it’s big in the US (the world cup I mean).. Is it something you all watch? The game was The Netherlands- USA btw.. when I had to leave for work it was 0-1 for the USA (homerun on the second pitch! in the first inning) Anyways I was just wondering because with other sports like soccer for example the World Cup is huge all across the globe..
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!



Hey Alyssa, Thanksgiving will be 3 weeks since you posted anything. If we don’t hear from you before then have yourself a nice day. Be sure and have some turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. You do celebrate Thanksgiving don’t you?

Hey Lyss, how are the things going there. I hope you are fine honey… LA – that sunny city, and I know why it’s always sunny, because my sun Alyssa shines there. Keep being the best Lyssie❤


Another two weeks without baseball….hope you’re not still in Ontario,nasty flu going round.

Seems Boston is playing Oakland, in Japan, on March 25&26, and they will be counted as regular season games. They then fly back and play the Blue in 3 exhibition games, 2 at the Stadium and 1 at the Colosseum before going on to Oakland to play opening day April 1st and 2nd ( all dates subject to change )Gee, I wonder what those three games are going to be like? Wish I lived in LA and could get tickets.

A-Rod staying on Team Evil’s payroll for 10 more years….here’s hoping he doesn’t turn into another Bonds…and speaking of which..Barry Alfonso Bonds…How can I miss you if you won’t go away…tho you really might be going away now.

Pitching…need I say more, lets get to work on our pitching.


As a Red Sox fan…I have had a love hate relationship over the years with Torre but I think this is a good move for him…you Dodger fans will treat him with respect…something he hasn’t gotten in NY for the past few years…

Hi just wondering what you think of the whole Bonds thing? I am also checking to see if you are still on the planet. ha ha.
-McCollonough ( makayla)
PS. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your family.

Ya! I’m really looking forward to Torre’s tenure as manager of the Dodgers!!! Now we just need to wait till the start of the season! personally, I don’t think the Dodgers can or should do much this off season with the way the market has been going.

Hey Alyssa, you better get out your electric blanket. It’s supposed to get down into the 30’s this week in the Los Angeles area. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. Only one month from today you will be 35! How could our little cute Samantha Micelli be 35 already?

Hi Alyssa!Hope youre doing OK. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING day!!
Take Care!!!

Lorena (L.A.87 on CL)

The Dodgers are not playing around this off season

There are a ton of rumors about them out there

But I think the Angels are going after the same players….It is going to be an interesting winter


Hi Angel, a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family,
wish you all the best, kisses, love, Music and Baseball, HARRY (NL)

Hey waz ap sweetheart look what I found
it looks so cool and so big… I’m curious to see a Dodger game🙂 It’ll be great to see such a match and meet you if it’s possible and more important to me😛

Dear Alyssa,

I hope you?re having a great Thanksgiving Day. I hope that you are able to celebrate this holiday with your family, but whether or not that is possible I just want to let you know that your Internet family is thinking of you and that we love you very much.

Thank you for all of the happiness that you bring to our lives. I?ll be thinking of you throughout the day.

Have a great weekend and a safe trip home!


Huge story out of Minneapolis today with the signing of Torii Hunter to the LA Angels. Just wondered what everyone thought about it.


Bonsoir ma belle,

I miss baseball, I miss your weekly intelligent baseball news and facts , I miss your TBS reports, I miss my baseball friends, Mort, Eric, Steve, Joe, Johannes?
It was a incredible baseball year for me, being there for the Playoffs and World Series helped a lot but your blog made me feel very close to all the games: Once again MERCI, hope you will be there next season.
So this is one off my ?thanks? this year?.

Tembrasse fort

PS : Hope you have a great holiday and that you can celebrate it at home with your family.

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” By Ambrose de Milan


HAPPY THANKSGIVING MISS MILANO To you and Yours from Joe Pierre and Mine. Although I feel it may be belated.

I just wanna say Happy Thanksgiving, Beautiful. Eat good. I hope you have fun and have a great weekend!


Dear Alyssa, I am a french girl and I do not know a lot of things about baseball (and my english is quite bad !) but I know one true thing : your baseball clothes are SO cool and you wear it so nicely ! I am a big fan of Charmed since 1998 and I was very sad when it stopped😦 but I am happy for your success ! Big congratulations !!
Lot of love, (please answer me !!!)
amel…..big fan of you ! :-))


Another week without baseball….not counting Hawaii….

Just one question this fine weekend…was it true what I read while looking at some articles on a possible new spring training site for the Blue…I’m pretty sure Vin Sculley may have said it…Is it true that you have to wear Dodger Blue to get into Heaven ??? Wow….. I know where I’m headed in my Boston colors.

Here’s hoping that smoky weather you’re having down there is blowing far away from you and yours.


Hey, I just saw — the Dodgers will play the Bosox at the old Coliseum — March 29, 2008.


Another week without baseball….not counting those gawdawfull guys in the Hawaiian shirts.

Wow…look at all the cobwebs…. and that dust bunny under the stove is enormous.

November and now December seems to be filled with rumors and innuendos galore and I for one am glad the Blue seem to be staying out of it. Let Joe try and work with the great people he already has and save all the dreaming about Santana for the Team Evil fans who still don’t realize that the 90’s are over.

Makes me wonder if your new PR staff of Mannion and Sternberg are going to come up with some quality work this year. A lot of milestones in the near future to think about.

Not long now….pitchers and catchers report on Feb.14.


Hi Alyssa,
I just wanted to say congradulations on the expansion of TOUCH Today the sports world tomorow the rest of it. Again Congradulations and I hope you are enjoying being back in your homeland.
Love from me to you.
PS I am still trying to figure out what rice balls are.
PPS Have the best holiday you have ever had this year.

Congratulations to all of the new inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame:

Former commissioner Bowie Kuhn, former Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley, managers **** Williams and Billy Southworth and ex-Pirates owner Barney Dreyfuss also were elected.

Great move to snag Joe Torre… But Andruw Jones?? He’s coming off his worse 2 years in the League.. BA is down, rbi’s are down, home runs and stolen bases both down.. but the real problem is that again, the Dodgers have gone to another guy thats been in the League a long time… We used to have the best Farm System in all of Major League baseball.. Look at all the great players that came through AAA Albuquerque and AA San Antonio… the rest of the League followed our lead with strong recruiting and developing of young prospects in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico…. Today it seems that we rely on trading for older players that have been or are going to be replaced by their own teams…. Where is all the young talent that we need for the future?? We are only 2 or 3 injuries away from a .500 season. Joe can make the players around him better. Now is the time to build for the future, not trade the present for players who’s best years are behind them…Peace, Out. Go Blue!!!!!

Hey Alyssa, just wanted to let you know that you also should thank Mr. McCourt for bringing you Dr. Charles Steinberg. I am the VP of Red Sox Nation (yes, we actually have such a position here in New England) and a big admirer of Steinberg, who has been Senior VP for Public Affairs at the Red Sox since 2002. Get ready for the premier fan experience in L.A. A year from now, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can read my blog tribute, “Goodbye, Dr. Steinberg” here:

As a Yankee fan, i was sadden to see him go but I also knew the Yankees needed a change in management. Hopefully, he will do what ever he did for the Yankees.

Glad you have this blog. The Yankees do not deserve Joe Torre any longer. (Well they never really did). Maybe he will get some youth back. You have to admire his being able to work for the dreaded Steinbrenner.

I will have to confess. I am a Mets and Red Sox fan.

Can the Dodgers be stopped this year?

I say no.


i will check the dodgers games for you

i will help you alyssa
your friend
love @

i understand alyssa your working
its all right we will see you soon on t.v soon i hope
baseball-go sox/dodgers


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