Winter Meetings

This is me with my ?Winter Meetings rally cap? on. Okay, so it?s not really a cap, it?s a soft cooler and I?m only wearing it right now in spirit (I?d look pretty funny at my kitchen table, reading the paper in it). In my heart, this is what I?m wearing. While wearing it, I am saying a prayer, doing a ritual dance and chanting in a low hum: ?Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher. Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher.?



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Updated Dec. 9: Please see "Batboy Announcement" in the comments on this post. You know Batboys, they are always doing stuff, whether it’s picking up bats or giving umps baseballs or helping me monitor comments.


Alyssa, Great to read your new Blog. Rally cap is very cool and very cute. The Santana war between Minnesota and Boston is heating up. Interesting to see what happens next. Happy Holidays!


Great to hear a few words from you.
It’s a great picture🙂 You always look so sweet.
I hope you will whrite more often.
I have miss it <3′
You are the greatest!

/ Jennie

Hi Alyssa,
So tell us more about WISEGAL and Toronto!

Now, back to baseball! What are the Dodgers going to do with “Nomar power” Garciaparra? Are they going to bring back David Wells? I’m a big Bill Mueller fan, what will his role be with the Dodgers moving forward?

If the Dodgers can trade for Cabrera, I think they should do it even if it means trading away some of your youth. He’s only 24 & is still a youth himself!

What do you think?

Hi Alyssa,

Cute picture. It looks like Johan Santana may go to Boston in a 3-1 trade (including Jacoby Ellsbury) or a 4-1 (substituting Jon Lester and Coco Crisp for Ellsbury) – according to reports.

What’s going on with Blue? The only names I’ve seen mentioned are Scott Rolen possibly coming to the Dodgers in a trade (it’s over between him and LaRussa), and they are showing interest in Mariner pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. Also, Erik Bedard from Baltimore for outfielder Matt Kemp and reliever Jonathan Broxton is being mentioned in today’s reports as another possible deal.

All the best,


Hi Alyssa!! You look so funny with that ‘cap’!!! sweet!! You look cute even wearing it!!
Take Care!!
keep being like you are!!!


P.S: Just wanna say to the photographer that she/he has to focus on Alyssa not the background. je je. Thanks for the pic anyway!!!

You’re pretty goofy (in a totally good way.) Who wouldn’t want to run around in all up Dodgers gear just waiting for spring training to come? I know I want to…
Power hitter, who’s on your mind for that? I think Nomar is decent, he can hit the “rat” hard and far when it’s necessary. But, then again maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know…
Wow “rat” who says that anymore? Must be baseball blues. You know?
Good entry, keep dancing and hoping for boys in blue!

Bonsoir ma belle,

Just came home from a Oil Essence Conference, and I got me something to boost my emotional and physical energies trough the cold soggy European winter, so I can be ready for Spring Training. YEP.
I?m just happy A-Rod didn?t sign for the Dodgers and that Mickey is staying with the Red Sox (Thank You my Angels).

?No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking? by Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire ?.so please, people of the Dodgers Management, THINK !!!!

Nice picture sweetie, hope you could catch up on your dreams, have a great week.

Tembrasse fort,


I feel that way every morning reading the paper, wondering what my team is going to come up with in the spring…and also feel like I am looking for any baseball tidbit I can find in the sports section…the off-season makes me crazy!

Oh hunni you look so sweet and funny with that thing on your head lol. I love it, I love everything you do😛

I think it looks good on you. I know that the Dodgers will have a great season this coming year. Hum I wonder if I should get me one of those. Couldn’t hurt to have a rally cap.

Funny picture and cute. Thank for keeping us updated Alyssa.

Alyssa Milano, you rock, love that hat, hope it’s a new Touch item..


“Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher. Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher.” I’m with you Alyssa…as long as the Dodgers don’t have to give up Kemp and/or Kershaw to get it done.

Alyssa, that sounds like what the Rays want down here too! LOL on the hat! So what do your fellow Dodgers fans think about Walter O’ Malley getting into the Hall of Fame?

Love the pic, it’s funny, but you still look cute though. I just wanna say a Happy early Birthday to you, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have to go out of town for about a month or so to try to get my hip hop career started, but I just wanted to tell you this in case I don’t get to write you back before the year is over. Be careful out there during the holidays, I say that seriously, because this is a dangerous time of the year. Again, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year! Peace!

Ray Ray

Hey Alyssa

love the rally hat it says dodger blue bigtime

Keep up the chant….Poeer hitter….starting pitcher…Power hitter


Hi Lyssie:),
Been awhile since I wrote here but now I’m back online from home:) Cute piccie:). You know, that kinda suits you and I think you should try it on when you next read the newspapers. Might spark some inspiration!!!:):P

I think your mom hit on something here….is this some new line in TOUCH…CrAzY AcCEsSoRiEs!!!:P

Only one thing tops your “new” hat…your gorgeous smile:):)

Have Fun:),


Hey Alyssa

Great to hear from you!
I love the picture!
That was really funny I could totally imagine you doing that hahaha..

I’m really glad you’re in support of the writers! You’ve produced and acted in tv shows and in movies and I just figured you would know what the work of writers is like, and that they indeed get to little for their work. A lot of fans are in support of the writers by the way, they’ve created community’s on the internet and forums really cool.

I hope you’re doing good and that your chant will have the desired effect😉
I can’t wait to check out your new movies!!



Hey Alyssa!!! You look cute and sweet as always! Love ya!!! Kisses from Greece!

I stared at the picture for awhile trying to figure if this was new Touch Headgear or AJ Milano with a diaper bag on her head? No its a Rally Cap, I should have known.

I sure missed posts here while Alyssa was off working films and TV. I kept coming back hitting the AJM blog button with wild abandonment hoping for some type of reward. Today I finally got the stimuli I needed with this post. Alyssa, thank you for keeping me hooked.

I had a dream my dream is Mark Cubin, ya know the Dallas Mavericks owner, buys the Cubs. He actually pays for good players, turns things around and wins the world series for ten years straight. Then I woke up this morning. This Cuban charactor would be great for the Cubs. What we need is ownership that wants to win, not so focused on the bottom line. I want to thank Alyssa for supporting the Cubs after the Dodgers went down. Even if it was only for 3 games. Secretly, Alyssa wants to be a Cub fan, she cant though because the Milano’s would disown her.

Mm, just got on this blog for the first time and there I was, greeted by that cute picture of you wearing that ‘Rally Cap’. (: I was actually taken in by that cap thing until you said ‘soft cooler’ D:
Stay cute, I’ll be watching this blog every now and then

oh aye, happy early birthday~ (:

hey alyssa,
omg long time no blog! its good to hear you blogging again!! your “hat” is hilarious! you look like your having a lot of fun!! i CANNOT i repeat CANNOT wait until your new movie comes out! well i hope you have a happy christmas and new year! cant wait till your next blog! merry christmas!

p.s. HAPPY early BIRTHDAYYY!!!

Very cute, Lyssa. You look great.🙂
But how will you carry Lucy around?

I hope your prayers are answered and that you receive your power hitter and starting pitcher.

But if not, I’m pretty sure you can pick up the former from the Home Depot. As for the latter, I’d check Pep Boys.

Ah- it feels so good to be helpful.

I hope that you, your family, and friends have an amazing Christmas season.

Please continue to keep in touch.

Have a great weekend!

I told your mom I wouldn’t do this but due to the circumstances… Don?t freak. I?m coming to LA. Irvine actually. Be there on and off for the next three months. I really want to hit Bellflower and Hollywood. I know your mom hates me so I will steer clear. OK?

Congrats on your new project. Sounds like you had fun.


So are we gonna get some reaction on the pickup of Andruw Jones?

hehe cute picture. Nice cap. Maybe you’ll get your power hitter and starting pitcher if you dance around in that cap and chant in front of Dodger management. Ha! Just a thought. Keep us posted

Until next time,
Love you lots,

Hey Alyssa,

whatre your thoughts on aquiring Andruw Jones from my (beloved) Braves.I dont think he should make that amount of money. He is a great fielder (everybody has a better arm than Pierre) and he will save your pitchers a run every game, but he strikes out to much and lost most of his power. So you wont get what you were chanting for, he is no power hitter anymore. The Dodgers keep their misfortune of getting the wrong players.

keep it going


*Chuckles* Nice chant. Seems to have semi worked but I’d still like to see Aaron Rowand or Rolan at third. Either one would be a nice compliment to Jones who was just added. Get rid of Kent, bring up the talent they have waiting to take Kent’s spot, add Kershaw to the starting pitcher rotation and try to get one more decent starter, a reliever and I think the Dodgers will have pulled off a a good off year. They should be able to have a nice season in 08 too. Hopefully. If the Dodgers are looking for starters, Oakland has a couple younger guys like Haren and Blanton the Dodgers really should try adding. If they can get through this off season adding a power guy at 3rd and Jones while keeping Loney and Kershaw, I’ll actually have my confidence restored in the Organization which thus far has greatly disappointed me ever since 1988.

But as always, I remain true blue. Hey if I can cheer and stay loyal to the New York Jets? Nothing will change my loyalty to the Big Blue crew.

Hope you are doing well Alyssa, cute hat. *Chuckles*

Hello Alyssa, is the first time I have enter the blog and I love it. I’m not english or american but I am a reall fan of you I love Charmed ad I have just buy the complete season. I like you so much!!. Thanks and I give you my congratulations for all.
P.S: I wasn’t a baseball fan but i’m starting to like it thanks to you so I will be a good fan of the Dodgerrs and i’ll hope the win the MLB!
Thanks and bye Alyssa Milano.

Wow, this picture is sooo funny^^you look so beautiful!!! *smile*

lg Josi

Hey Alyssa!
I’m loving the look lol The pic is so cute, you look like a cheeky little girl hahaha

Lyssa when are you coming 2 London???
We wanna see you!
Lots of hugs n kisses *MHUAW*

I guess the chant can be An-druw Jones, An-druw Jones!

I forgot to say an early Happy Bithday to you!! I hope it is your best one yet!!!!!!! and that you have many many more!!!!
PS have you told Santa what you want this year??
Whatever it is that you want I hope you get it.

Andruw Jones will have the fifth-highest average salary in the game

That is a great addition

Dodgers are the team to beat out west

Love the hat!!! i think all of us from ss/cl will be following your new trend!! hehe

Happy birthday for the 19th !!!!
im so excited and its not even my birthday!!! have a great day!!
and a happy christmas too!!!

all my love,
Charley (from London!!)
[[Masive fan]]

love you lyssxxxxxx

Congrats on getting Andruw Jones. He should be a great help, but I am a bit unsure if he will be worth the $18.1 mil. for the next two years. I will be interested in hearing how you feel about this.

On another note, what about the Cabrera/Willis move? I am a diehard Red Sox fan currently residing in Michigan. Naturally, all of my Tiger fan friends are fired up and contacting me to express their joy over being the team with the best chances to compete with the Sox for the AL title next year. I have to admit, I am intimidated. But I am very happy with Boston’s lineup and their starting rotation, middle relief, and set-up/closing are still, in my opinion, the best baseball has to offer…even without aquiring Santana. 2008 promises to be an exciting season and I just can’t wait!! 2+ months until spring training…what will I do until then?

I guess prayers do get answered, for the Tigers.

I was wondering what you and your family think about the Andrew Jones deal?

It would be great if the Dodgers could sign Santana as well

Hey Lyssie how are you? What do u wish for Christmas? Anyways you’ll get it because you deserve everything which you want🙂

A L Y S S A we got our power hitter and it didn’t cost us anyone of our guys, ANDRUW pending a physical. Of course, I know you already knew that. I hope if they go for a starting pitcher it’ll be the same way through FA. Kemp & either battling it out for right field is better than nothing.

UWE from Germany:::: 26HR and 94 RBI is a power hitter to the Dodgers.

HEY. Alyssa !
Wow. That picture is just awsome !😛
I love it x]
Im not sure if you are adding a message before your birthday so .. Early HAPPY BRITHDAY Alyssa ! I really hope you’re getting many presents of your family and friends !

your biggest fan of hole Europe,


Miss Milano,
You have an interesting way of debuting the Touch batting helmet.
As far as your team goes, Andruw Jones for two years seems like a good idea. Moving Pierre to LF or to a comfy seat on the bench from a defensive perspective – solid. Offensively, this is a bit of a gamble, but if you consider this contract as a two-year audition for the pinstripes in 2010, maybe that helps the medicine of $18M for a .222 hitting CF go down. Overall, the management overpaid for him, true, but when you are dealing with the Baseball Anitchrist, that has a tendency to happen…
So the first part of your chant has been addressed, now see if Erik Bedard or Hiroki Kuroda can bring about the second. And if Loaiza or Schmidt rebound from injury and have anything worthy of dealing, bonus points. Dealing Matt Kemp to bring this to bear may be painful, but with the possibility of a VERY deep rotation to be had, you just have to nut up and do it.
Best wishes to you and yours in the coming year,

“Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher. Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher. Sweet Love Glitter.” I’m with you Alyssa, this is new for me! I’m open for everything, I just don’t know what to say about this new thing…😉 you’re so cute!
Great to hear a few words from you.
It’s a great picture🙂 You always look so sweet.
I love all the things you try, you’re my sweet inspiration, and always has been… an early Happy Birthday to you, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I will keep this space for searching some new things,
I will waiting, I know you were very bizzy… I hope it will pay you extra fortune, fame, and things you wanna do ever! Keep up the spirit as always….
Thank for your spare time.
I love you and missy you, Amen.
Love, Peace, Music, Happiness and *BASEBALL(*courtesy Alyssa M.) May this month will be peaceful, brings
rest in home for your beloved Momma Mia, and the family gang, your beloved animals, and your dear friends, HARRY (Netherlands)

BTW, We have to football in 2008 to Italy, France and Romenia, strong parties…Ruud Gullit stays in LA😉
Wish me luck, Dear!

ALYSSA In yesterday comment at 4:02PM I see a typo, that should’ve read**Kemp & Ethier battling it out for right field is better than nothing. Actually beside the typo the whole sentence should have read: (its better than not having them at all). Today though, I feel that Kemp & Ethier may each want to be the steady right fielder I think both are far passed being a 4th outfielder. I am still happy about JONES, he should be an upgrade over Gonzo but we’re still in somewhat of the same predicament except what makes it worse KEMP has already gone through this last year.

Great to have you back Alyssa!!!! You look son cool with your cooler!!

Very Happy Holidays!!!



HAHAHAHAHAHHA!! YOU’RE HILARIOUS!! You look so cute here!! “Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher. Power Hitter. Starting Pitcher.” There! Chant done…time for COOKIES, ROOT BEER, and GHOST STORIES!! YAY! LOLOL! Hi Alyssa! Welcome back from Toronto! Glad you had fun, and got back safely, just in time for your Birthday and Christmas! Waiting on pins and needles for your movies to come out! Missed you while you were gone! But now I can say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope you have a teriffic Birthday, and wonderful Holidays, Lyssa! Hope you get everything you ask for…you deserve it! “May the Light from your Soul, thru your Face and Heart, begin to shine.” It always will. Promise. Be good to yourself, Lyss, and I hope you and your family have wonderful Holidays! Happy Birthday, Sweet Beauty! Love you! TC!🙂 @>- Rick Walters

Hi Alyssa,you look beautiful in that picture.It is certainly fantastic to read your new blog.I have to admit that you bring me joy and peace.You’re the best.Thank you.

Such a cute photo of you!


Hey, everyone. On behalf of Alyssa: Going forward please keep all comments relevant to the subject matter of that post. In other words, let’s talk baseball here. Personal posts should go to the Celebrity Loop message boards. Have fun and Happy Holidays!!! – Batboy


Another week without baseball and so far the shuttles not doing well either…

Mr Jones…been reading around and think that he may just bring some support to your offense and provide a few hundred extra hits but his bat is fading so here’s hoping you got him in time.

Ya know you’re getting old dep’t..I look at your picture and see a beautiful woman but my eyes are looking over your shoulder into the sunlight of the stadium and I’m feeling that rush called baseball. Thanks for letting me feel it in December.

Boston’s home opener on the 9th is against the new,improved Detroit Tigers….Oh Boy.

Went to Sneak Peek 2008 but it was shut down…..guess I can wait till January to find out about mens caps.

Come on people…lets talk baseball ( and make nice with Alyssa )


Hi Alyssa,

Just a heads up! Did you know that some of the “touch” line clothing is made in Honduras, China, and Viet Nam? Do you know what, if any, labor standards are enforced in these Countries? I think that all MLB endorsed merchandise, including your clothing line, should be manufactured in the U.S. under controlled labor standards.

Looking forward to “Pathology” as I liked the trailer.

Tells me that you are a free spirit, fun-loving, and have a square head on your shoulders. To which that soft cooler fits. May you continue to have many happy days.
A ritual rain dance that I made up goes..”ooga booga” whilst ‘raising the roof.’ Perhaps something like that kind of mojo can help many players on the team to have power hitter status. And the pitchers to acquire it too.
Also a couple of new acquisitions to fulfill your own little request, or chant.
Have fun. Grown men know it’s just a kid’s game anyway.

Nice picture! =] I love it. Leave it up to Alyssa to leave you smileing after reading her blog. It never fails.🙂
Thanks for the smile…

Hi Alyssa,I think the Dodgers are a great team.I believe they are on the right track.I think they have players with incredible speed and power.They will be hard to beat this coming season.Thank you.

Hey, I am sad Joe Torre left NY, but I understand. Maybe you will throw out the first pitch this year.

It looks like your prayer may have been answered.

Andrew Jones has been singed and reports from Japan seem to suggest Hiroki Kuroda is going to sign with the Dodgers.

I am not sure the “hat” made the difference but, if it was maybe you can add it to your “touch” line. (-:

Happy Holidays from ATLANTA. ltl,ftc;-)
Im not going to go off on a tangent here so ill just say thank you to the dodgers for officially taking andruw off our hands. he’s nowhere near worth $18 mil per year. i wanted him traded after the he had the 51 homerun year while we could have gotten something in return. he is the best center fielder ever to play, but those days of making many of those “highlight reel” catches are gone. Best of luck. We’ll see you probably around the end of May.

Alyssa this is off topic a bit but still about baseball. If you want to delete this comment, I will wait to vent under a post pertaining to this topic. They say this Mitchell Report is huge news for baseball, it gets me worked up.

Waiting on Mitchell Report News Conference on Steriods in MLB. Roger Clemons, Andy Petite some big names reportably in the report? Guess we always wondered how Clemons could just keep playing like a 20 yr old well into his 40’s? Report says top to bottom complicity in both union and Mgt? What jumps out at me is MLB started testing for steriods in 2003? Huh? Woe I ASSumed they were tested. I will repeat my outdated 70’s statement which is “Steriods are designed as an off-season training enhancer not to be used year around. Therefore I always say anyone caught using them at the beginning of the season has a “PROBLEM”. Sounds like nowadays these guys are on that stuff year around? Give me a break, I dont like watching people on drugs meant for farm animals. Ugh!


Trade? Kemp..Kershaw..Laroche..? 2 of them🙂



can u tell the dodgers to do this for me thanks.

im a big nomar fan but i know he understands🙂.

What do you think of the Mitchell Report? Are you going to post a blog speaking about it? What do you think about Nomar the Nomad being on it?

Trading Kemp or Ethier is the height of insanity and I am amazed that anyone on this site is advocating it. Get rid of or bench girlie arm Juan Pierre. Or maybe platoon Pierre and Ethier.

Your picture is awesome!
You look so cute!!
Keep it up!
I also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today! I wish you ever happiness in the world, and i hope you get everything you want from family and frends.

Your number 1 fan,

Hey Alyssa,
Your picture is awesome!
You look so cute!!
I really wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and to wish you every happiness in the world.

Your number one fan,

Aww Alyssa! You look so pretty in any photo you have taken, I love hearing some words from you, I love hearing what you have to say!
Take care,

Peace, Love &&&& BASEBALL (cant forget baseball!)

Your number one fan

Hahahahaha I laughed my *** off… oh my god that is one FUNNY pic of you… hahahahaha… I really cant stop laughing.. its going to be my desktop background for a while… oh man… its nice to laugh once in a while…

Miss ya on screen Alyssa😉
Love ya, Peace yo

Cute, I hope it helps.
Go Red Sox!

Power hitter starting pitcher. Looks like you’re chanting what I suggested all last year. Nobody wanted to listen to my suggestion that Nomar wasn’t a good fit because they needed power from that position whether it be third or first. billingsley will be great. And expect power to show up in the form of Kent ethier and loney.

je suis franaise.Je suis fanne de charmed et tu est une de mes actrices prfrer.Est ce que, si tu comprend se message, faire un tour sur mon blog et me lacher quelques petits commentaires?


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