Hello, fellow baseball fanatics! It’s been far too long since I posted. Please excuse the manic nature of this entry. I have been so very busy with a whole array of activities. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m just going to dive in. Bear with me.

Here is a picture of my new puppy. His name is GIBSON. Yes, Kirk Gibson. My brother named him. I wandered into a pet shop in January and found Gibson. After learning that he had been in the pet shop since AUGUST, I had to get him. He was on sale. Yup, the bargain bin. I think he waited for me to find him. He is such a good puppy. I love him madly.


I’ve also done quite a bit of traveling for TOUCH since my last entry. I went to Atlanta for the NHL All-Star Game, Arizona for the Super Bowl, and New Orleans for the NBA All-Star Game. Tough life,

huh? I had amazing experiences at all the events but I felt like I was cheating on baseball. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I am so proud that the clothing line has taken off the way it has and that female sports fans have been so supportive. Female sports fans, if you are reading this, thank you so much for your support. Here are some pictures from all three of the events.

The NHL All-Star Game:


In Arizona with my two best buddies Alaa and David:


With Swin Cash of the Detroit Shock at the NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans:


I have been doing a lot of interviews for Wisegal (which airs March 15 on Lifetime) and Pathology (which finally will be in theaters April 18). I usually hate doing those kinds of interviews, but I’m really proud of both of these projects so it hasn’t been too bad. I start back to work on My Name Is Earl next week. I am happy the strike is over.

In my free time, I learned how to crochet (insert old lady joke here) and have been glued to the news for the primary coverage. It is so beautiful that people are engaged again in politics. And although I think both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would do a good job running the country, I voted for Obama on Super Tuesday. His message of hope has renewed my faith in politics. After the last (disenchanting) eight years of “fear politics” and controversy, it’s inspiring to feel hopeful again.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Now on to BASEBALL!!!! I am so freaking excited for the season to start. Woooooohooooo! Joe Torre in a Dodgers uni? Are you kidding me? Is there anything more amazing than that? I think not.

Some questions for all you Dodgers fans out there:

Third base: LaRoche or Nomar? Personally, I think Nomar coming off the bench gives us a lot more options. He can play all infielder positions well and he has enough pop to serve us well off the bench.

Pierre moving to left field and Jones playing center? Jones is a 10-time Gold Glove winner. Works for me. The real question is: Do you start Ethier or Pierre?

And a question for all you baseball fans out there: Thoughts on Clemens and his congressional testimony? In my opinion, it was a total circus that proved that little in congress is bipartisan.

ESPN is reporting that “There is a photo of Roger Clemens at Canseco’s house during the June 1998 party, according to the New York Daily News — a photo that would contradict Clemens’ sworn testimony that he never attended the party.”

Wow. That’s some bad news for Clemens.


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I guess this info is too late, but…

I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t buy puppies from pet stores because they are supplied by puppy mills. I know that sounds pretty generic but its just what I’ve heard.

After the last (disenchanting) eight years of ?fear politics? and controversy, it?s inspiring to feel hopeful again.

The Democrats are the ones who are the fear purveyors (“worst economy is 50 years”, “no blood for oil”, etc).

Welcome back, Alyssa! Your puppy is really cute! Boy, you have been very busy lately, glad your line is doing well.
Tough questions for the Dodgers this year, that’s for sure. As far as that photo is concerened, if it’s true, Clemens is royally screwed!

Thank you so much for taking time to update us on your travels. I personally am addicted to Touch cloting line and I think I am doing my part to support the cause!!! I have seen the new designs and have to admit it’s a toss up on whether I am more excited for the new clothes or the baseball season!!!!

Glad you are able to ‘live the dream’ and hit all of the sports you love. Glad to see you are excited for the new Torre Dodgers this year. As a Mariner’s fan I am excited for the new pitcher they acquired and hope they will be able to hang on to Jojima after this season.

On an ‘old lady’ note — I also have learned to crochet and am working on a blanket I started in December — no I won’t be taking it to “Knitting & Crocheting Night” at SafeCo Field (Yes, the really do that!!!) — No, I’m not an ‘Old Lady’ — I am 35 like yourself.

Thanks again for getting us amped up for the Baseball Season and I can’t wait to buy some more Touch!!!!!!

Bonsoir ma belle,

First my apologizes to you, because I?m going to admit that I was jealous at all those NHL; NBA; NFL fans for about 1 minute and , but than I thought how I would love a TOUCH line for my soccer team here in Beer/Chocolate Kingdom so I was content for them all, OK OK OK it was maybe 3 minutes and , but being number Six of Seven, I know sharing, enfin doesn?t mean that I?m always good at it?

The Super Bowl OK sweetie, you could not miss this one, to bad for the Patriots (Another short night for me..), the NHL is your second favorite sport, it?s hard not to see the sparkles in your eyes at those games also?and the NBA All Star Game was as well a big human effort, so BRAVO for the participation.

Let?s talk baseball :

– Nick Coletti calls Pierre a ?Strong asset for the team?, so if he improves his .331 on-base percentage, he will be fine
– Torre will go for the Veterans on those position : Go for Nomar
– Clemens?well?

Schmidt?s arm feels a little better and Kemp wants to improve his image, god luck with that guys?

PS : Congratulations on the new puppy, he looks so peaceful and super cute, hope big sister Lucy isn?t too jealous.
PPS : I would vote for Hillary but for now I?m just happy that my country has a interim government, yep !
PPPS : What happend to the Open letter to Mr. Little ??

I?m glad that you are back, you were missed ma belle,

?There is no delight in owning anything unshared.?

Tembrasse fort,


Hi Alyssa,

It’s nice to hear from you again. Congratulations on your new puppy. Gibson is very cute.

Congratulations on the success of Touch and the release of both of your new projects.

I agree with you on the election. Obama is my first choice, but I wouldn’t be disappointed with Hillary. At either rate, I’m eager for change.

I don’t speak the baseball lingo, but I care about you and am you glad that are happy and having fun.

Since I couldn?t answer any of your questions, perhaps I could ask you one instead.

What are your thoughts about the $350M recently committed by the President toward combating NTD?s in the underdeveloped world? It?s considerably short of the $1B necessary to solve the problem but a clear improvement over the trite $15M of the past.

I am happy to see the pictures of you helping with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and liked your interviews about volunteering. I can?t stress enough how much power every individual has and how important it is to make a difference. We live in a world of unimaginable opportunities compared to nearly any time or place in human history- yet stand at the brink of equally unprecedented challenges. It?s an amazing time to be alive, and a more important time than ever to get things right.

Every day is a gift and an opportunity to accomplish anything.

Have a great weekend and please keep in Touch.

No pun intended.


Thanks for the updates!

It’s great you saved a dog from the pet store! I believe everyone should save a dog.

Obama is a great choice! I voted for him as well on Super Tuesday. After 28 years of Bush (VP), Bush (pres), Clinton and Bush it is time for a change! Obama excites me about the future of our country.

Ok Baseball now.

I would start LaRouche. I think Torre will do the same. He will take a hot glove over a hot bat for the hot corner. I think proof of that is that he stayed with Scott Brosius for many years when the Yankees could of went out and bought a third baseman who had a bat.

Pierre will probably be the starter in left. I think we will see Pierre and Ethier split time starting. Until one earns the position. I think it will depend on how quickly Pierre can adjust to playing left field.

Back in 2000 I watch Clemens pitching for the Yankees very closely. My friend and I had a long conversation at Yankee stadium during one of his outing about him being on the juice. Ever since then, I’ve always thought he was juiced. The funny thing is we had the same conversation about Eric Gagne as we watched him close out a game. We both knew Gagne was juiced. We watched him play his triple A ball. His fast was around 90 mphs. How did he go from 90 to 99? I think that the only good thing from all of this is that it proves to me that Greg Maddux is the greatest pitcher of our generation. What are your thoughts on Greg Maddux?

Take Care!

What a cute puppy. I’m taking politcal science and i’m learning a lot about “this” government. I love the Touch designs can’t wait for them to come out. take care.


Hi Lyssie,
Been some time since you last wrote here, but we all know you’ve been busy and it’s good to see you back here:). Gibson is adorable….how old is he? He looks like he’s around 6-7 months of age. Now Lucy has a little playmate!!.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism about the political situation in the U.S. Whilst Obama seems to be a genuine sort of guy, and I hope he truly is, I’ve had enough experience of the political game (having been a party vice-president) to know just what sort of people politicians and their backers can be like. I have no confidence in any of them. I apologise for sounding so cynical…I hope Obama is the exception, but I’m not holding out for that.

Anyway, to baseball…I just hope the guys have a better season than they did last year. Let’s hope injury and indifferent form at the wrong time of the year doesn’t strike again. Hopefully, with the new signings, the guys can now play to their full potential. We’ll see soon enough. Just hope it’s a good start to the season, an opening winner!!!.

NHL…Go the Ducks!!!:p They’ll win again this year too :):P

Oh, and crochet….

Alyssa, she learnt how to crochet
She knitted and knotted really posh..hey
But as she grew older she got brassier and bolder
So she knitted the president a jumper…touche


Oz xx

Oh Alyssa, congratulations for your new puppy, Gibson, he’s really very beautiful, he’s small lucky ! A photograph of him with Lucy would be fantastic !!

I followed with attention your last public appearances, in particular that of the 2008 NBA All Star Weekend: Day of Service, it was a marvellous gesture of your share !

I’m very very impatient of see Pathology & Wisegal, the teasers really are successful ! And I saw you in the 2 episodes of My Name is Earl and I adored your character and your play.

I believe that you soon will leave to Ouganda, not?

I admire you, I wish you much happiness and success for your news activities !!

Allan, one of your larger fan, a fan who respects you.

Hey Alyssa! Congrats on your new puppy, he’s gorgeous. I?ve been begging my parents for a puppy since forever but I?m going to have to wait ?til we move to a bigger house.
I can?t wait for the baseball season to start again, I?m a big fan but because I live in London, it?s not as popular here as it is in the States so I usually don?t get to see all the games which is a downer but hey what can you do. Hopefully I should be moving to the States for the summer and hopefully (fingers, arms and legs crossed) I?ll be able to watch me first ever baseball game!!!
I can?t wait to see Wisegal and Pathology!!!! I?ve seen the trailers and they look SUPER ? CALIFRAGILISTIC ? EXPIALIDOCIOUS hahaha Hopefully me and my fellow British Alyssa fans won?t have to wait too long to see Pathology ?cause we are all dying to see it.

Take care and God bless
Lots of hugs n kisses from London town

It’s nice to see your back. Because of you, I have started to get back into baseball. After the last strike, I gave up on a sport that was the most important part of my life as a kid. It’s a slow road back, but I’ve come to enjoy listening to games on the radio as I’m going down the road. Gotta love satellite radio. Although I haven’t picked a team to follow yet, I do like listening to Phillies games because they have great announcers. What gets me thru the winter is my love for hockey. I was listening to Hockey Night in Canada and heard your interview to support Touch’s hockey line. When I found out you liked hockey too, I fell in love with you. If your looking to get married let me know. Keep up the good work on your Touch line and your support of baseball. A renewed baseball fan, Doug

It’s one heckuva time to be a baseball fan in Southern California, I must say.

Torre’s move to the Dodgers is as close to the ultimate middle finger to the Yankees management as you can get. The only bigger one would be to join the Red Sox.

I, personally, am hoping for a Dodgers/Angels World Series this year. I’m an Anaheim resident, and an Angels fan, but the Dodgers are my first love, and I won’t forget ’em.

Oh, yes, incidentally, my chihuahuas are cuter than your chihuahua. WOOF!

Hi Alyssa

Your new puppy is so adorable I just want to Hold him and never put him down.

Congratulations on the success of Touch Its so wonderful seeing it take off like this I’m so happy for you I could bust.

Politics: What you said about Senator Obama reminded me of what I was thinking the other day, Obama reminds me a lot of JFK someone that reminds us to look to tomorrow with optimism and hope of what we can do together🙂

Baseball I agree with Nomar for third base he seems to be more of a do all guy.

Stay sweet Pretty lady🙂 This world needs you now more then ever.


Hey Alyssa!!!
I have seen all the photos of your visits and you look amazing.. looks like you had a great time!! New Orleans looked like great fun, i watched the games here (London) on tv, it was actually on! I couldnt believe it! The camera zoomed in at you holding up your number 9 card and i was like Yey it lyss🙂 hehe

Oh and your new pup is so adorable, can i have him (pretty please🙂 ) hehe just kiding he is one lucky pup to have such a great mum!

And im so glad your back filming my name is earl next week, even though it hasnt been shown here yet, ive managed to get some sneaky peek of ‘Franks Girl’.

Hope you are well and not to tierd from all your travels!!

All my Love,

Alyssa, Great to have you back online. Just wondered what your thoughts were about the Mets signing Johann Santana and the Angels signing Tori Hunter from the Minnesota Twins? Gibson is very cute. Should be a great companion to Lucy.


Hi Alyssa I have to admit most of what you said it way over my head. Even though I am not of age to vote yet my mom still has me learning about all that is going on. We are for Obama too. I think your new puppy is so cute. If Lucy get to jeloues I take her. Just kiding I know you whould never give her up. I am glad that Gibson found you/or you found him. As far as your baseball/Dodger questions go I still have a lot to learn, but don’t worry I will. Have a great time with your work.
Love McCollonough
PS I so wish I could see Wise Gal.

Miss Milano, it’s great to have you back. Nice pictures. I always said we need another Gibson. He may be our “lucky charm”. I voted for Hillary but if she don’t make the post season it’s Barack for me. I agree with you on Nomar. I’m for Ethier in left but Mr. T’s the boss. Torre’s rest plan for Russell should help. I think McNamee put in some lies of his own and yes the hearing was very partisan. It doesn’t look good for Clemens, but what’s not good for Bonds should not be good for him either. I truly hope I can see Tommy in the dugout on MLB-TV this spring.

HEy Alyssa!

Great to hear from you again. Your new puppy is really cute!! ;D

I can’t wait to see your new movies! I hope Pathology will come to theaters here (the Netherlands) not too long after it’ll hit the theaters in the US. I’m really glad the strike is over as well, let’s hope something like this won’t be necessary in the future..

I’ve been following the primaries as well and I have to say, from what I’ve seen I’m leaning more towards Hillary (if I had a vote) but I think Obama is a great choice as well..

I also can’t wait for the baseball season to start, even though it’s difficult to follow from here. I could only see a couple of games the past season because of the time difference..

Hope you’ll post again soon!



Great to see you’re back, Alyssa. Can’t wait to hear more from you throughout the season. Best of luck to you on your projects and my sister loves the STL Touch apparel I got her for Christmas.


Always best to get a puppy from a shelter. They are not bred just so they can be sold and many of them, believe it or not, have been in shelters a lot longer than since August.

What about Ethier playing right? I think the little things Pierre does are extremely valuable. Kemp could play right vs lefty pitchers and Ethier can play vs righty pitchers. Pierre needs to be in the lineup everyday.

Hello Alyssa🙂

Great to have you back in bissnis😉 I have miss you great contribution and i hope you will whrite some more to us know if you have the time of course. And what a sweet puppy you have! The tiny once is so sweet😀 Of course is they other that to.

You look great on all the pictur from all the TOUCH things you done the latest time. I have a great side there I can se all pictur of you, and of course love I all of them!

I can’t whrite so much about Baseball because in Sweden we don’t have so much Baseball. But i wish you and you team(s) good luck and i hope it will be a good season! The sport how i can most on is riding! I had a horse in 4 years but not any more, but im stil riding. Something says me that you also have horse or have I got i wrong? But any way – I love it! You should test it🙂 It’s a really great feeling, you feel you so free when the wind take you hair and you float on clouds! It’s really great, that my best tips on relaxing!

Take care sweety and whrite soon again!
Lots of Love <3′
/ Jennie

Thanks Alyssa for your personal touch introduction to the new upcoming baseball season. Always nice to hear from you. I think you are doing wonders for female presence in baseball. From the UK I haven’t heard anything about women in baseball like basketball. What do you think about NFL in the UK for the next 3 years? Do you or anyone think MLB will try and be international in the same way too? Just wanna say as a UK fan of MLB I think MLB.TV is awesome and your blog is quite unique never seen anything like this in Europe for the major sports over here. Thanks.

Hi Allissa!

Good to hear you are back and thanks for the updates! Hey, despite of being very busy person, do you have any plan to include spring training in your agenda? I’m sure baseball world would love to see you again in the field, and hear (or read) what your comments are as baseball momentum keeps building.

Perhaps meeting with your team’s super legend Koufax and the NY Mets aces, Martinez and Santana, could be a good start. Not to say that a picture with all of them will be one that everyone will gladly remember.

Keep up the good work!

Venezuelan and Baseball Fan
Allentown, PA

alyssa, glad to see your’e back and that life is good for you. thanks for all that you do and for helping to inspire others to do the same. so for helping to make this world a better place, i “tip” my cub cap to you. go “blue” and of course, go cubs go.

Glad to see this is back again. Hopefully Torre can inspire some passionate season-long baseball this year.

WOW!! she been really busy.but we will always support her no matter what!!!and for what i can see in the pictures it looks like she had fun. the puppy is so cute God bless him! and that’s a very nice name also, enjoy your new puppy and dont work to hard.lol. and i love you touch clothing line i cant wait for the new stuff i recently when back to my home island Puerto Rico and i had my yankees shirts overthere and all my friends love them. now they’re buying the clothes too. something that is awesome. so thank you so much for the clothing line!!

from your boricua fan. YOUR #1 FAN AND OF YOU CLOTHING LINE.


After my NY Giants won, I just had to get the superbowl celebratory shirt, and who knew you made those too? Well I got one and its great. But I’m still not giving my brother back his strahan jersey…

I sincerely hope that torre can bring the kind of life to the Dodgers that he did to the yankees. Because I want a 1981 rematch!

Alyssa, great to read your initial post of the 2008 Baseball Season. Pitchers and catchers reported on Valentine’s Day Februay 14, 2008 this year. Thus, our love for baseball.
As for going to the NHL All-Star Game, NBA All-Star Game and the Super Bowl, you were not cheating on Baseball. The analogy is that when your true love is away from home for a few months, you embrace and spend time with some old friends, awaiting the return of your true love. Baseball is your true love and we are all pleased and excited you are back.
Sad that this is the final season for the Dodgers in Vero Beach, but I truly understand why they would feel compelled to move closer to their fan base and train in Arizona in 2009.
Anyway, it is exciting that baseball is back and equally exciting that the beautiful and talented Alyssa Milano is back on mlb.com.
Have a great 2008 Baseball Season!!! Happy New Year 2008!!!


Another week without baseball…I was going to change this to Another week without Alyssa, but now I don’t have to…welcome back…

Nomar is the class act of left coast baseball and I hope he can play injury free for a few more years and having Joe taking care of the day to day stuff is a prayer answered for the Blue.

I smiled when I read that Tommy Lasorda was going to coach the split squad when the boys go to China….somebody out there is trying to make this an anniversary year to remember and I like it.

My hope this year is the same as it was last year… so I’m hoping it’s Torre’s vs Franconna this fall.


Hey Alyssa,
Glad to see you are up and running again, as if you ever stop. Your short comments are succinct and to the point.
My flashbacks of the rocket go back to once upon a time that Mike Piazza busted a bat in Clemens way and the fool picked up the broken end and flung it at Mike. The astonished look on Piazza’s face was priceless.
Nomar is a fine fit at third, until his batting diminishes…, but let spring training sort out the starters from the guys riding the pine.
Feels like Jones is in center field. I probably prefer Ethier to start over Juan, mostly because of his better bat.
For safety’s sake, I’d still prefer the outer wall padded for the outfielders.
Baseball season is on its way, look forward to many Dodger wins.

Welcome back Alyssa,

I think that you are an astute political observer and hope that you will campaign for the Democratic Candidate for President this year. I also support Obama and am ready for an outsider to take control of the White House in ’09 and restore this government to the people instead of the entrenched special interest groups and their corrupting lobbyists.

Congress is finally making significant progress through Congressmen Wexler and Kucinich in holding the current administration accountable for their abuses of power by way of inevitable impeachment hearings in the House Judiciary Committee. Roger Clemens and MLB notwithstanding, our Congress has important work to do this year in reinforcing our Constitution and the rule of law in this Country.

I’m looking forward to “Wisegal” and “Pathology” as they will be a nice prelude to Opening Day this Spring! Best of luck to you and the boys in blue this year.

Miss Milano,
Congratulations on your new addition. Good to hear you are keeping yourself busy. To the matter at hand: I think Nomar and Pierre are going to have to play their way out of their positions. While a noble consideration to ponder the potential of youth, the estimated total salaries speak for themselves (2007 combined salary in excess of $16M). I do not believe that Mr Coletti would be to keen on leaving a LOT of salary by the wayside for “potential”. Keep in mind that this thought also includes Loaiza ($7.5M) and Schmidt ($15+M, although his early workouts sound promising). From a business perspective, you don’t leave all of that cash on the bench unless something’s really screwball. As for Clemens, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”. Enough said?
Best wishes to you and yours,

Hi Alyssa! I have been a huge fan of yours for years now. I was checking out the Oscar winners on imdb.com tonight and thought I would check your profile since I have recently seen the promos for Wisegal (looking forward to seeing it). In the trivia section, it lists your favorite sport as hockey!!?? Do you want to change that to baseball or at least add baseball? I’m looking forward to the season to start and need to go buy some TOUCH apparel for opening day!! Enjoy your puppy. He looks precious.

Hi MLB Bloggers and Alyssa!

Its cold and snowing with freezing rain today so perhaps baseball was not on my mind. High School baseball in Illinois was suppose to start next week and aint no way it’s gonna start on time. Unless they shovel a path for baserunning. But, Alyssa has a way of getting me fired up about most anything, so here are comments I chotted down in relation to this post:

1. Gibson is very very cute. How could no one buy that pooch since August? I like lovy duvy dogs in fact I like most all dogs.
2. I’m jealous Alyssa went to the Super Bowl. Maybe she will take along MLB Bloggers next year.
3. Touch Line is expanding and now Da Bears have Touch merchandise!!. Go Alyssa! your business is a perfect fall back if you ever get tired of acting. You can hire me when I retire from the Army. I can be had cheap very cheap.
4. Obama is a good choice. But McCain can still sway my vote. Obama is from my state so hopefully he wont forget where he comes from? I dont mind voting for a Democrat running as Republican.
5. I’m not a Dodger fan. I’m a Cub fan and not changing no matter what Alyssa writes ha ha ha ha ha. But I say Roche Clip over Nomar at 3rd. Nomar gets hurt all the time, lets rest him and let the young buck Roche Clip play everyday. Start Either over Pierre. Bring Milano off the bench.
6. Clemons wants us to know his Wife took HGH. So its really his wife who is a cheater? Wow! I guess he says she took HGH for Sports Illustrated photo shoot. So gosh he bought that stuff for her, not him? By golly we need to ban his wife from the Hall of Fame!

We need good weather here in Midwest! Help me I’m freezing!!!!

To make you smile😉 Baseball soon!


Welcome back Alyssa! Here are my thoughts:
– LaRoche at 3rd IF he can prove he deserves to start this Spring. Nomar off the bench or platooning is the best place for him right now – he’s an awesome infield sub.

– Ditto for Eithier and Pierre. I love Juan’s speed at the top of the line up with Raffy, but Eithier’s time is now. If we can move Pierre and that contract, I say do so while he can bring value in a trade.

Hey, check out my new Dodger blog at http://www.dodgerfan.net. I’d love to hear what you think of the site when you have a free moment (plus we link to your site).

Go Blue!

Hey Alyssa,
I’ll start with saying you are the luckiest girl in the world for getting to go to all of those amazing events.
1. Im jealous of you for 2 reasons.
One being because you went to the Super Bowl AND the NBA All-Star game. The show D. Howard gave for the slam dunk contest…WOW!I loved the superman dunk!🙂 You?
Two, Because your new puppy is soo adorable!
2. My thoughts on the Clemens thing are always changing from day to day. I’m an Astros fan, and I loved him when he played for us, but then again I don’t know what to believe about his steroid use. I’m flat out confused!
3. Obama for President Yall!🙂 Yes, i’m from Texas, AND I support Obama. His speeches give hope and are amazeing. I’ve been somewhat of a political nerd latley. But can you blame me? These elections are going to change history!
4. I can’t wait until baseball season! & I can’t wait to see Pathology and Wisegal!
Well, congrats on everything Alyssa!
Sending love from Houston,


youre so lucky to go to the super bowl and both all star games. Good luck in your upcoming movie it looks really good.

Bonjour ma belle,

I?m so lucky this year, my two favorites teams are playing this Friday, Spring Training. The Dodgers play early in the morning and with the time difference (GMT+6) and work I hope just to miss the first hour, I will fly true traffic, feed the cats in no time, and than FINALY enjoy my opening game of the season, yep?against The Braves, it?s going to be a piece of cake, right boys ?
And than later around 0105 AM The Red Sox vs Twins, an other piece of cake, correct? And for that game I?m going to wear my lucky charmed Touch Baseball shirt who brought the World Series to Boston last year…Merci encore ma belle.
And all this without looking like a zombie because I?m not working this weekend (It helps sometime when you are in charge of the duty weekends schedules, ;-)))).
Hope you will have the time to watch one of the games also, being back on the My Name is Earl set it?s going to be tough I presume ?but I?m sure that Bill Platschke and Dylan H. will do a perfect Reporter Job, like always.
Have a great week and good luck with the show and congratulations again for the ?Honorary Chair?, you merit all of it.

?AIDS is the biggest challenge, the major disaster facing this country and we would have wished for something more specific and far-reaching.?
By Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Zulu leader

Tembrasse fort,


can Gibson be more cuter?? now Lucy has a company😉 CUTE love him. cant wait to get my own. I LOVE ANIMALS

Love yooooou Lyss cant wait for Wisegal from the preview I loved Wisegal MORE!!



I think the third base situation is a toss-up. I see Nomar at third at least to start the season, but also see Torre giving Nomar a lot of rest during the season, so LaRoche still gets plenty of chances. He will probably also put him in a platoon of sorts with Loney when he needs a day off. Nomar is a .250 career PH, so his bat is not too hot coming off the bench. As for left field, I think it really depends on your batting order. Either has a lot of pop and can be an RBI machine, so he would be better in the middle of the line-up. Pierre strikes out less and has speed on the base paths. If you need your LF in the top of the lineup, then Pierre is the way to go.

From a long time braves fan, do not get your hopes up with andruw jones. He has only received 10 gold gloves because he just coasts to fly balls and dives at the last second. He really does not have much range(although he is still better than pierre). You can expect a .250 batting average with about 28 home runs. But with the SLIGHT power he will provide, you can also expect 150 stikeouts and plenty of double plays. Good luck to your dodgers. Hope to see them play my Braves in the playoffs.

hey alyssa! this is not really related to your current post, but i had to comment because i stumbled upon your ‘TOUCH’ line and absolutely LOVED it all! is it available in any stores? i’m mostly looking for NHL stuff, because i’m a HUGE Red Wings fan! i always thought the same thing about sports gear, it all seemed so boxy and not very form-fitting for women (and i too hated how any womens gear was baby pink–blech). i even tried wearing boys shirts in bigger sizes for a tighter fit, but it still didn’t really fit right. i just wish your line was cheaper (i’m a poor college student, unfortunately), because i want EVERYTHING! oh, and i heard theres gonna be accessories…when are they coming out? i haven’t seen any of them online. Thanks! -Angela

Dodgers to win the World Series this year! You heard it here first. Book it, take it to the bank, because it’s a FACT. I watched the Celebrity Game, oh how bad I wish I was there to shoot some hoops, and show everybody my skills. Next time you should do some actual coaching(just kidding). Maybe someday I’ll be a celebrity. But anyway, glad to hear from ya, it’s been a while. But I understand how busy you are. This should be a great baseball season, if we can ignore all of the controversy surrounding it. What type of puppy is that, by the way? I can’t tell, I’m not good in deciphering breeds of dogs. Anyway, good luck to TOUCH, hope you hit a homerun with it. Dodgers will win this year, Joe Torre=Best manager in baseball, and they Yanks will regret it.

Dodgers=2008 World Series Champions

Alyssa Milano=Goddess

Ray=Best rapper alive


My biggest concern is Kent. He’s a year older. He is going to be on and off the DL. He is not a guy you can count on to be penciled into the lineup everyday.
My next concern would be the lack of power. Jones, Loney and Kemp should supply plenty of it. If they do, I have no worries about *starting the season* with Nomar at third with his lack of power. LaRoache’s time will come.
You have to start Pierre in left, his speed is too valuable. Eithier is 26 and he needs to play every day. With the OF depth, I suspect he will be gone by the trade deadline. That would **** but I think they need Pierre’s speed.

My thoughts on Clemens are…let’s move on.

Pierre scored 96 runs for a team that didn’t score many. His speed allows him to take an extra base that other guys couldn’t. The 3,4,5 hitters love to have him on when they are at the plate. The pressure will be on Kemp to perform or Ethier will take his job. It’s a tough spot for Either because he is 26 and needs to play every day. Somebody in this outfield will be traded, they have depth.

I would agree Maddux is the greatest pitcher of this generation, but his post-season appearances haven’t been great. He had a winning record in the post season twice and a losing record 6 times. He posted a .500 record twice. Don’t you have to consider his performance in the post-season? I can’t put greatest in the same sentence with someone who has not dominated the post. I would have to suggest Johnson and Schilling.

Hi Alyssa,your puppy look cool.All of the activities you’ve been engaged in sound totally fun.I think your Dodgers are heading directly into a good season.The pictures of you are of perfect beauty.In my opinion,there is nothing better than you.Thank you.

how on earth is there any debate whether pierre should play over… anyone?!?

Steve – a guy with 668 PA should score a bunch of runs batting in front of the heart of the order.(only 18 ABs were NOT from the 1 or 2 spot) would you hope that he’d get on base better than at a clip of 33%???

i know we all love guys who “make things happen” but seriously.. he makes a ton of $ and has one valuable asset as a player and that wont improve with age.

Hello, Alyssa! My name is Masha, I from Russia. And tell to me about itself, please! The Dog such pretty, charming. At you excellent photos…

Cool puppy! I’m so burned out on politics. The thing I hate the most is that people are so rude about it nowadays. If you have a different view than them they act as if you’re stupid. Both sides are guilty of this.

I’m so ready for baseball season. Being a Braves fan I’m gonna miss seeing Andruw Jones roaming center field. Dodger fans are in for a treat because you never really notice how good Andruw is until he is on your team.

Hello Alyssa! Yes, it’s been terribly far too long!
I love your puppy, it’s adorable🙂 Looks like you’ve been really busy. Continue enjoying life ’cause it looks bright for you!

I’m turning into one fan that would KILL to see the Dodgers and them winning the 2008 World Series, yeah?

Hmm, I wonder if Wisegal would actually be released in this side of Earth.. haha.

Take care!

Hi Alyssa, glad to see you back.

I think LaRoche and Ethier will have to play substantially better for them to get the starting jobs. Nomar would open up a lot of options as a bench guy, but if he comes back strong and stays healthy, he could be a more valuable asset today than LaRoche, though we might regret it down the road if it stunts Andy’s development.

Also, I feel bad for Juan Pierre’s situation (well, as bad as I can feel for a guy making $40 million over 5 years). He’s a great player, a great gamer, puts in tireless effort, and on most teams, he’s a starting CF. I think we got what Ned knew we’d get in Pierre, but his shortcomings on the defensive end magnify the fact that he isn’t a longball threat. I’d imagine if you sign that contract, you think you’re going to be the starting CF for the next few years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m jazzed we got Andruw Jones, I’m just a little surprised that a lot of fans don’t see the importance in what Pierre brings to the team, what Walt Alston would’ve called a “punch and Judy” hitter.

Bonjour ma belle,

There is a little gray cloud in the blue sky this morning?3 : 10 lost against the Braves, all right not a perfect start but I have faith, and yep guys you need to wear a helmet? Kuroda did good, a little nervous but I think he pitched well for a first real game as a Dodgers.
But for the rest, faultless game for my Red Sox (For whom my baseball obsession started), can any pitcher be more precise, wow Dice-K?thanks, and last but not least I discover the black Dodgers jacket on the new slide TOUCH presentation, merci, merci, merci, great choice, black is classy and chic, and goes with all other colors. And now I?m going to be a spoiled brat and make Maureen run for my caprice (Already thanks, love and miss you).

One question for you all : What team can stop the Red Sox to win again this year ?

PS : I was reading Luis As blog the other day, and I discover that you like soccer a little bit, being a European, soccer is unsurprisingly my favorite sport ever, I played in high school and College. I don?t know about the American women but here in Europe and Asia soccer (soccer players) is very popular among young girls and women, so with your NAME (You know that you are more than huge here, right?) and those wonderful designs, it?s worth the thought. Please do it before Posh, I refuse to wear pink and look tacky. My preferred soccer player on my team here in Beer/Chocolate Kingdom is American, how eccentric is that, Gooch Onyewu, defense, he plays in Lige since 2004.

Have a great weekend,

Tembrasse fort,



Another week almost without baseball….

Ya, ya, I know it doesn’t count but man does it feel good plugging back into MLB Audio and listening to America’s pastime again ( Even tho I’m a Canuck )Don’t tell anyone but I think the TV broadcasts are inferior to the radio.

I see they’re sprucing up the Coliseum for my Sox on the 29th and they say they’ve sold 90,505 tickets and have 25,000 standing room only which will make it the largest baseball crowd in US history. Wish I lived in La La Land.Hope ya got some tickets and can give us a peek.

Then again I watched something called 86 Dodger Boogie Bunch Baseball Boogie on U Tube the other day and I’m still trying to purge the images from my brain…baseball players should not do videos…ever.

Life is sweet….


Texas also has the Texas Rangers. Every year we get excited and every year we sell our season tickets a 1/4 way through the season. I love your blog. Did not know you loved baseball. Give my Rangers a little post one of these days if you will. I love your work. Peace.

The Dodgers might get brandon inge, put him at third and move garciaparra to left, your thoughts? Good luck with your dodgers it is a good time of year as there is optimism for all baseball fans. Can you smell the grass?

Being a Politics buff in College during my day and even now, I’m extremely WARY of Obama. First off what has he said? Count the times he says “change” in his speeches. It’s all he spouts. While Hillary sits there and lays out step by step her plans in her uninspiring monotone voice, Obama says nothing with his usual RAH RAH tone. He reminds me of Regan who brought America the trickle down theory and the Iran-Contra fiasco yet America remembers him as a great guy because why, he simply waved the flag a lot and gave rousing speeches. Yes he was a master at the rah rah go America stuff. My point is this, all the inspirational, hope filled speeches don’t -necessarily- equal a good President. Hillary is experienced and extremely smart. She’s tough as **** and won’t be bullied. Let’s not forget Bill’s financial guy was largly credited for taking a huge deficit and making it 0. AND our economy soared and our environment made great strides. You’d have to think she’d emply a similar strategy as Bill and institute a National health care which we are long overdue for. I dunno I’m just very wary of anyone promising peace, love and prosperity while having no basis for even having the right to claim he can do it. Obama has one of the worst voting records in the Senate. He missed 130 votes in his one term that isn’t even up yet. He has no Foriegn Affair experience. His resume is rather weak when scrutinized. Where as Hillary has actually quite a long accomplished one. But in the end I’d vote for him over McCain any day, just as long as he chooses Hillary as his running mate. I won’t vote for him if he doesn’t. I doubt he can win without her either.

As for baseball. Nomar has had declining numbers for years. I’d put LaRoche at third though they really need a better 3rd baseman. Juan Pierre no longer really fits in the Dodger lineup. Jones at Center yes. Ethier over Pierre yes. But bottom line is this, they have several youngsters in the minors who should be playing. One should have replaced Kent. The kid is a bonified hitter and defender where as kent is old and bad for the club house. The other is a pitcher who is already 21. Billingsly was brought up by then and is not projected as a Star. You have to give these kids a chance to grow in the majors and not wait for them to grow in the minors. Kids tend to get discouraged. Kershaw needs to be in the5th spot in the rotation. Those two additions would make the Dodgers contenders. right now I see them as no better as a maybe at wildcard but i doubt it.

As for you Alyssa, you look amazing as always. Not that you read these but what the ****. *chuckles* I turn 40 march 18th. I feel so frickin old.


I think you’re right. Play Ethier, he’s young, give him the opportunity he deserves.

Hi Alysis,*******I think Clemens is lying.

I wanted to say thank you to Alyssa Milano for taking time to post messages and read comments. With all her fish in the pan so to speak, I’am sure she has to squeeze us into her schedule. Thank you Alyssa! Good luck on My name is Earl, saw your picture in the USA today laying in the street. Geez hope you didnt have to lay there very long. Thanks for being so accessable!! Love your blog!

Been busy myself and haven’t visited your blog in awhile. My Sox will be playing the Dodgers tomorrow (today) on ESPN as well as at the end of the month. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Red Sox/Dodger WS as long as the Sox win🙂.

I’d like to see a non-PED * for Greg Maddux. He has been excellent and overshadowed only by (cough, cough) Clemens. There is just no way anyone could suspect Greg of using PED’s. 4-time Cy-Young is still the best, in my opinion. Too bad this is likely to be his final year…

Finally, I agree 100% on Obama. I really hope he wins and saves us from what has become “politics as usual” for the last 8 (or more) years.



Thursday 1:00pm ( 10:00am your time )I’ll have my ear to the radio.

May the best team win



I guess we just got our answer with LaRoche:

“Andy LaRoche will miss eight-to-ten weeks after tearing the ulnar collateral ligament in his right thumb.” http://www.insidesocal.com/dodgers/archives/2008/03/laroche_to_miss.html


Love your blog, one of many new Dodger fans due to you!🙂

Take Care,


hey alyssa,
it has a been a LONG time since you have blogged..fer sure! UNFORTUNATELY i missed you at the NBA all star game on friday, BUT they showed you on sunday for the final all star game! i was so excited i screamed wen i saw you on the screen! my whole family looked at me like i was crazy! =P. so obviously, it has been such a long time since ive seen you on-screen. luckily i have been trying to keep up with you on charmed-net.com so im totally excited because i mite be going to wizard world to get an autograph and see you on MARCH 15!!!!! i kknow that there is no way that i will be able to sleep tonite! im am SOOO excited. plus your new movie WISEGAL is coming! and then in april your new movie is coming out!!! of course you already know that! im so excited for everything!! nd o yea..MY NAME IS EARL! the season finale where you got hit made a me A LITTLE mad!!! anyways! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU ON TV AGAIN! I LOVE YOU! BLOG AGAIN SOON!
-karen =D


hey alyssa
Pierre shoudlve stayed in center! hes so awesome! that way him AND Ethier couldve both started! der. they are my fav players! so excited for the new season!


It’s awesome that you are extremely interested in baseball. I enjoy reading your blogs because now I get to become familiar with many teams. I am a die hard Yankee fan and it’s good to hear other perspectives. It will be a bittersweet year because we lost Joe Torre. However, I am also looking forward to Girardi as manager.
I’m a big fan of yours and will look to your blogs for more information on other teams. Take care and good luck with everything!


The phrase “lucky dog” comes to mind. Glad to hear that Touch has taken off. Also glad to hear that you voted for Obama. The Repubs are going down hard this year. I’m looking forward to watching “Wisegal” next week.


Thank you for the update. Gibson is cute.

I am looking foward to the day we can put fear-based politics aside… and also to the day we say President Obama!

Many blessings!

Hi Alyssa,

We Always read your blog but never commented before, so we thought it was about time we did.
aww we love gibson, sooo adorable and so is lucy we love her too.
we knew that you loved baseball but reading this it shows you are a true follower more than we thought.
we love all the work you do for everything and you are a true inspiration to us.
we think you are so famous in europe, even more famous than the celebrites that are born in europe.
you are our idol.
Love your biggest fanz Demi And Nicole


Another week… almost without baseball..

Watching the game against my Sox was kind of bitter/sweet and I actually had to slap my hand over my mouth to stop saying yes…yes…yes, when Kemp smacked that three run homer off of Dice. First time I’d seen Vin this year and he looked and sounded great.

So far I’m impressed by what I’ve seen and heard of the Blue as they play and face it, that’s the only way to really get a handle on them. I’m happy to see them acting professionally.

Live in the moment.


Howzitgoin’ Alyssa, I guess you’re aware that since you last heard from me Andy LaRoche is out of action for 8-10 weeks, with a torn ligament in his right thump. Nomar who was hit on the wrist in the same game will have the hot-corner all to himself as soon as the swelling on his wrist goes down. All the kids are backing him.

Hey Alyssa! Glad to see that life is treating you well, and I love this blog. Can’t wait to see you in Wisegal on lifetime this friday! I have my TiVo set to 9 already🙂

Hi Alyssa!

I’m so glad that Pathology is coming out in theatres in April because I’ve been waiting to see it ever since I saw the trailer in November! And Wisegal looks amazing, too! Just wanted to say, also that Gibson is so cute! Do you still have Lucy? ANd I LOVE Charmed! I have all 8 seasons and have most of the episodes memorized! I know, I should get a life!🙂
To be honest, I don’t follow Baseball, but I do love hockey. I’m just a huge fan of yours and I’m glad that you are such an amazing role model!

Alyssa, Hi- One quick thought. With T Larussa always tooling around with the pitcher batting 8th and a position player batting 9th to get more on base in front of the 3,4,and 5 batters. Why don’t the dodgers try it with say Pierre batting 9th after the pitcher. The brewers are talking about doing it and heard rumors the cubs might try it some. Just a thought, any ideas? Saw you on REGIS the other day and I must say you are one of the nicest people around.

Hello Alyssa,

WOW! WOW! WOW! I am beyond excited! Today is March 15, and that means that tonight I will get to see Wisegal! I have been looking forward to seeing this ever since I saw the preview for it! It looks really powerful and dramatic! I can’t wait! I am so happy that you are starring in this! You really did a lot of interviews for this movie too! I saw every one, and you were great!

Also, I am very excited to hear that Pathology will be out on April 18! When I saw the film’s tagline: NO BODY IS SAFE, I knew it would be really cool! I am a big fan of movies that are scary thrillers, and have a lot of gore in them! The trailer looks great too!

Also, my family and I really like Barack Obama, but we are going to vote for Hillary Clinton instead! The reason why is because we think that she is just so incredible and strong, and it would be so amazing to see a woman be President, and run the country!

And finally, I am very happy that you are back to work on My Name is Earl! It will be interesting to see what happens to your character Billie, since the last time we saw her, she was just hit by a car! I am counting down the days to April 3, which is when the new episodes start!

Thank you so much for reading this Alyssa! It means a lot to me! By the way, I am very excited that the new season of baseball is starting up! I can’t wait to read more of your thoughts on it in the near future!



P.S. I really love the picture of your new dog Gibson! He is so cute! I have one that is very similar to him, except she is a girl and is pure white! Her name is Angel and I love her as much as you love Gibson!

hey alyssa!
i went to the la convention center yesterday to see u nd milo for the patholgy interview? i (girl with the long sleeve yellow shirt?) got an autograph and i think you guys are soo nice and real! the previews looked great and i cannot wait to see the movie!!! i also saw wisegal last night too and i thought that movie was great! a perfect ending to a perfect day..also i saw u crocheting in the movie too!!!! hahahahaha!! everything looked great and u looked even prettier in person!! =] i cannot wait to see you again be it real life or a movie!!
GO BLUE!!!!!
-karen =D


Another week…baseballs getting closer….

Between watching them build a giant robot in outer space and watching baseball in China I think my eyes are going square. I watched the Padres feed at MLB and wasn’t all that impressed tho they did settle down a bit for the second game.

Dextre….who says Canadians don’t have a sense of humor.

Got to thinking about how it’ll be better when you guys do your Spring training in Arizona next year. West coast games are usually later in the day so I won’t have to choose between the Sox and the Blue, I can get both.

Who’s idea was it to have Daylight Savings, St. Patrick’s and Easter all at the same time…Oh ya, Bush and the oil boys. It will be nice to see a change at your White House but I’m too cynical to think it will make any real difference…I just hope they bring your boys home expeditiously

Live the moment


Loved the movie “Wisegal” and watched it both nights! Great job Alyssa!

Okay Alyssa, to make a long story short I stumbled across your site by accident the other day. Since you are a Dodgers fan, I thought I would ask you for some insight into Billingsly. What is he going to do for my fantasy squad this year? Are you worried about Saito’s age? He’s got a lot of miles on that shoulder.

I’m going to be checking your blog for updates.

Was the fed, in Wisegal, the same dude that plays billy appleby or whatever his name was in charmed?

pz, luv & jheri juice!

Hello again Alyssa,

Today is March 18, and I am sorry that I didn’t write this before, but I have been really busy! First of all, I saw Wisegal both times last weekend! It was so good! I really loved your acting and the accent that you had! I hope that sometime in the future it will be released on DVD! I would love to see you in more drama movies because you are really great in them! Now that you have done your first mob movie, did you enjoy it so much that you would want to do another one? I was just wondering. I would love it!

Also, I saw some promo pictures for the next episode of My Name is Earl, and you looked really great in them! I loved how you looked like the perfect housewife! I can’t wait to see it, especially since it will be an hour long episode, and it is the first episode back after the strike! I am so glad that is over, and I am sure you are too! I think you are really good at comedy, and I hope you do a lot more episodes of My Name is Earl!

Also, I saw the pictures of you at Wizard World promoting Pathology! You looked so beautiful! By the way, I saw the new trailer for Pathology that was just released, and it is AMAZING! I am even more excited to see the movie than ever after I saw it! It looks like there is going to be a lot more gore and action in it than I realized! Great! I hope that it will come to a theater in my area! This is going to be the first thriller movie that I am going to see you in, except for Fear! When my friend Shelby Chadwick saw the new trailer she said, ” This is going to be freaking awesome!”

Finally, since Earth Day is coming up ( April 22) I would like to tell you some actions that you can do to make a difference:

1. CELEBRATE EARTH DAY: On April 22, celebrate Earth Day, by starting a new Earth-friendly habit! Spread the word! The more people who treat the Earth well, the safer all its inhabitants will be!

2. DON’T PILE YOUR PLATE: You should only take what you know you’ll really be able to eat. The reason why is because enough edible food to feed 49 million people ends up in landfills in the United States each year!

3. BAN ALL DRIPS: If you have a dripping faucet in the house, you should replace the washer inside it. If you stop a faucet from leaking one drop each second, you could save 2,700 gallons of water a year!

4. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE: Those are probably the three most important things that you can do to be eco-friendly!

Since I am learning about this now in my environmental science class, I just thought that it would be cool to share! If you are reading this Alyssa, I would like to thank you so much! Hope you are having a great 2008 so far, and I can’t wait to read more of your blog once the baseball season starts up!



P.S. I was watching some Charmed episodes the other day, and I really enjoyed them even though I have seen them before! I still wish the show was still going, but I am happy watching the reruns! I would love to see you on a TV series again!

Pierre or Ethier?

Alyssa how have you been, its Eric your Favorite Angel’s Fan from last season. Glad to hear from you again and glad to be back myself. Looking to hear your thoughts and opinions this year as well as what your fans have to say. Oh it sounds like you had a very interesting off-season, make sure you take some time off for opening day. Good luck to the Dodgers and Joe T. in the 08′ season. Tell your brother we all said “Whats up”!

Your Favorite Angel Fan,


Hi Lyssie!! Hope youre doing ok. Love the pics, thanks for sharing them with us. You have a very lovely puppy. so cute!

Take Care!!


I forgot to say that GIBSON is a very lucky puppy to be with you. 😉

Hmmm so you were at the Super Bowl, that is cool but I have one question. Did the Red Sox win or lose the day you were at Fenway? Please you can’t be a jinx’s for Boston

Oh Alyssa! I am so envious right now, of your beautiful little Gibson, I belive he waited for you to turn up and rescue him =)

He’s gorgeous.

My compliments also for the Wisegal performance. Patty had a penchant for pointing a pistol at people, hah.
Seems Billie is not afraid to do that either. Yet, still one can see the real you through it all, and that you’d never pull the trigger.
I like Derek’s ideas above, which sound very fruitful and productive. Like to plant a small garden, and tend to it, if not a single vegetable.
Ever hear of an idea that if they planted rows and rows of trees of tobacco plants along the freeways and roads that it would actually encourage fresher air in the area? Seemingly counteracting the effects of pollution from the exhausts. Yes, I did digress…
You’re great in all of your acting endeavors. May your next movie prove to be another success.
The Dodgers are still in a transition phase up to starting day. I’d guess it to be a mysterious way of testing a few guys to see if they’ve got the stuff to survive in the big show.
Many preseason losses could be attributed to little experiments here and there, especially with the pitching staff.
Expect a gellin’ to occur.
That little Gibby behaving himself?

Six days until baseball! I want to change my vote from Ethier to Pierre. Reason is Dodgers lack speed big time. Pierre stole 64 bases last year, Eithier zero. For starting lineup here is last years steals by player:

Pierre 64
Furcel 25
Martin 21
Kemp 10
A. Jones 5 (With Atlanta)
Nomar 3
Kent 1
Loney 0
Eithier 0

Pierre has to be lead off man. Eithier just doesnt have the wheels. Ok I’m not Joe Torre but here is my Dodgers lineup. I can be for them as long as they dont play the Cubs.

1. Pierre LF – Batted 293 is only Dodger to run 40 yard dash in less than 5 seconds. Career 300 hitter. Alyssa… you cant sit him.
2. Loney 1B – Batted 331 lefty. I put him at 2 spot
3. J. Kent 2B – Batted 302 but runs like grandpa. Sports Illustrated ran a vote among all MLB players and he was the most hated player in the clubhouse. BUT when you hit 300, guess you can be a jerk?
4. A. JOnes CF – Hit 222 last year. Slumping at end of season. I dunno? His homers are down only 26 last year.
5. Martin C – 293 with 19 dingers 87 RBIs. Even stole 21 bases. I say 5th
6. Kemp RF – Batted 342 last year! Dam play him or trade him!
7. Nomar 3B – Batted 283 with 7 dingers and 59 RBI’s. He better days are behind him now.
8. Furcal SS – hit 270 stole 25 bases. Batted 300 in 2006.

Dodger pitching has Kuroda listed as being in the rotation? I find no stats for him? Hum? Not sure going with untested pitcher is a good thing?



Red Sox start it right

Live the Moment


Bonsoir ma belle,

Great opening game from the Sox, I just could watch a resume of it and some parts during the afternoon, I was at work and in meetings, thanks for mlb.com ;-)))

Hope you have a great season,

PS : Two thumbs up for WISEGAL; I got a copy and watch it twice already;

T’embrasse fort,


PS : Nice lineup Kent

hey alyssa,
just an update- the dodgers lost! Dodgers:2 Rockies:8…wow. this is bad! hopefully we do wayyyy better later in the season! maybe this is good, instead of doing good all season then ******* at the end, it’ll be the other way around! or just maybe it wwas a bad game and we will still do good ALL season long!=D that would be GREEAATTT. well, i cant wait for you to blog again! ur greattt!!!

Hello again Alyssa,

Today is March 26, and I am very excited that we are now in spring! This is my favorite time of the year because it is when the flowers start to bloom again, the leaves come back, it gets warmer outside, and best of all, it does not get dark as early! Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed Easter on Sunday, and got to spend it with all your family and friends! My family and I got together for the first time in a long while, and I really loved it! It was nice to see everybody again and talk about what is going on in their lives!

Also, I recently heard that you are going to be in all of the remaining episodes of the third season of My Name is Earl, which is 9! I am beyond excited about that because I love the show and I love your character Billie! I think that it will be interesting to see what happens to her and Earl, since the last episode they were both hit by a car! I believe that the new episodes will begin airing on April 3, so I am counting down the days! I can’t wait because it seems like it has been so long since the last episode!

As you already know, I am a big environment lover and I try to encourage as many people as I can about what we can do to protect it. Since Earth Day is right around the corner, I would like to tell you and your fans about 10 ways we all affect the Earth! My environmental science teacher asked my class to share this with others, and I decided to share it with you and your fans because it is very important! When I found this out yesterday in school, I was so surprised! Here we go:

Every time you eat a snack, ride in a car, or take a shower, you leave a mark on the world-that’s your ” human footprint.” One look at these incredible facts will remind you that learning to use LESS really can add up to saving the planet!

In a lifetime, the average person will…

1. Drive approximately 627,000 miles- or 25 times around the world- using enough gasoline to fill 3 fuel tankers.

2. Chow down on 5,054 slices of pizza, or 632 whole pizza pies.

3. Snack on 14,518 candy bars, which would fill up about 12 shopping carts.

4. Eat an amount of hamburger meat equal to the weight of a family car!

5. Own 8 microwave ovens, 10 TV sets, and 13 cars.

6. Use more than 1.2 million gallons of water-enough to overflow two Olympic-size swimming pools!

7. Consume 12,888 oranges- a stack of fruit would be taller than 3 Eiffel Towers.

8. Throw away enough trash to fill up about five garbage trucks!

9. Gobble down 9,917 pounds of potatoes. That’s the weight of about eight average-size racehorses!

10. Scrub up with 656 bars of soap. A tower of the soaps would stand taller than a five-story building!

I just wanted to share those statistics with you guys, because I think that they are very incredible and make you think! If you want to know more, you can tune in and watch The Human Footprint on the National Geographic Channel on April 13 at 9 p.m. I encourage you all to watch it, because I am sure it will be amazing! Thank you all for reading this part of my entry!

And lastly, I am still counting down the days until the release of Pathology! I think there are about 23 days as of today! Also, I found a new website for Pathology, so I thought that I should let all you Alyssa fans know!

You can find it at:


Go check it out! It looks really great!

Thank you so much for reading this Alyssa, and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can! I hope you are having a happy AND healthy new year! I love you beyond words that I can type! I can’t wait until your next blog entry on here! I love reading them!



P.S. I would like to thank Brent for saying that he liked my ideas about how to help save our planet! I really appreciate that Brent! It means a lot to me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

hey Alyssa…cute puppy. Anyhow..there’s so much to comment on here. Let me first tell u that I’ve been in love with u for over 20 years. You’re #1 celeb I would wanna meet. But…our politics wouldn’t get along. I am surprised that u didn’t vote for Hillary. I don’t think that there was really anyone to vote for. But since I am stuck with John McCain I guess..I will vote for him. For me, there really isn’t a Ronald Reagan among them. Anyhow…I am kind of divided about celebs coming out with their political views. I know u could alienate some fans by making comments about politics. There are certain bands and artists that I don’t like since I found out about their political leanings. I know u r very vocal and opinionated when it comes to politics. That’s where I find in hard to be a fan…but it’s difficult to turn your back on your first celebrity crush. I am not saying that I want u to tame your opinions, but I just out loud wondering if we would actually get along. If u ever wanna email with your response, please do so. Thanks.
Back to baseball..the Dodgers should be good this year. But with the steriods controversy, I am not looking forward to the season like I normally am. Well, see when I see my first Yankees game this year on how I feel then.
Anyhow, hope life is good and take care Alyssa.

Hi Alyssa,
(It’s ok if you cannot get to this message. I don’t know how you can respond to everyone with your busy schedule. ) I would like to start by saying “WOW”. I cannot believe your knowledge in baseball/sports that I have read in your writing it is very impressive. I have been a huge Red Sox fan since my first game when I was 7 (1977) and I don’t think I know as much as you. Not being a brown noser. I did not know that you were a fan until after your visit here in Boston to “Twins” and had to start reading your blog.
I have an uncle in North Hollywood who is also a Dodger fan and I have some veins in my body that bleed blue because of him. As a Sox fan, I do not like the Yankees but secretly do like Joe Torre and I am happy for all Dodger fans that he is now manager. And that NomaHHH is still on the team. Maybe this weekends Dodger/Red Sox series at the Colosseum(have fun if your going) will be a preview of this years World Series. Anyway, “Go Blue” I think they will play very good this year.

Peace, Love and Baseball to you,
Joel S

P.S. Thanks for the congrats for all Red Sox fans!

Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.
– Air Jordan

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