Hus Your Daddy, the Five Man Infield and Opening Day


We left the house at 6:30 on Friday. My brother (above) drove and we listened to “Home Plate” on XM Radio. We were giddy to be making the drive to the stadium for the first time in months. Giddy and giggly. My brother drove like a NY cab driver, weaving in and out of traffic. Normally this would drive me nuts but I knew he was just excited to get there.

Once there, we parked the car. We went through security where we were greeted with “welcome backs” and “how have you been’s?” As soon as we walked through the gates we noticed all the renovations on the field level at Dodger Stadium – our home away from home. Wowie! The stadium looks gorgeous. The McCourt’s have outdone themselves this off-season. Everything looks sparkly, clean and bright. There  are many new vendors like – Canters Deli, Mrs. Beasley’s (love their lemon cake), Ruby’s and Camacho’s. The walkway seems to have been widened. Say what you will about Frank McCourt but I think he has done an outstanding job with  maintaining and improving the stadium. I guess coming from real estate the man understands the value of property. I appreciate what he has done to better the fan experience at  the park. And that’s what it is all about isn’t it? The experience. Sitting there with your family and friends enjoying an evening in the yard.

What is it about the smell of a ballpark? It smells so deliciously distinct. You know how your home has a specific smell? As soon as I unlock my front door, it is the smell that tells me I’m home. I feel the same way about the ballpark. As soon as I walk through the gates, it is the smell that tells me I’m home.

We got to the seats and got settled in… and low and behold…there he was. Joe Torre in all his glory. So yeah, I squealed like a teenage girl at a Jonas Brother’s concert. So  what? He wears his hat down low and his jacket was zipped all the way up (it was chilly). All you could see was his tan nose. Tommy Lasorda was right there next to him. So exciting.

It was a good game. Billingsley looked good with 7 strikeouts in 5 innings. Sweeney, Kent and Ethier all doubled. The rooks  looked solid. My brother and I made endless jokes, a la Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First” routine. I would ask, “Who’s on deck?” and he would reply “Hu”. I would follow up with “I don’t know. I asked you.” That’s never going to get old. I can see us driving everyone nuts with banter like this. Brother and sister humor. Ah, thank God for siblings.

And then there was Saturday’s exhibition game celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers moving from Brooklyn. The  last game played in the Coliseum (pictured above and below) was in 1961. I was sitting next to a gentleman who used to go to those games with his dad. He was there with his son. Baseball is such a generational experience. I was there with my family. We lost but being a part of the record turnout and listening to Vin dedicate his tribute to the great Dodger fans was enough for me.

mainlogo.gifThere were 115,300 fans. That was the most ever for a baseball game, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The best part of all was that it benefited a wonderful cause: ThinkCure, the Dodgers’ new official team charity, which aims to raise funds for the treatment and eventual prevention of cancer. “This record is a tribute to the passion and compassion of our fans,
with whom this event clearly struck a chord,” Frank McCourt said. “It’s a marvelous launch for ‘ThinkCure‘ and great news for our partners at City of Hope and Childrens Hospital L.A.”

Poor Loaiza. He had his hands full with the odd shape of the field. Anyone know the distance of left field? It looked like  only 200 feet! Loney homered and rookie Dewitt made up for his two-out error in the second with a two run homer off Paplebon in the 9th. The fans created a massive wave. It was the biggest I have ever seen (inclusive of the players in both dugouts participating)!

It was a great weekend. Spring has sprung. You know how I know? Vin told me so. He said, “It’s time for Dodger baseball.”


P.S. How about that Opening Day win?

P.P.S. I have two words for you. Larry Freaking Bowa.

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spring is inded here. i am so excited about this new season. with two games down, i like what i see.
so lucky you went to the Coliseum game, i shouldhave gone, oh well.
go dodgers! sweep the gnats.

Thank God the season is finally here! There were so many great gameson opening day. Brewers/cubs, royals/tigers, etc. But the game I enjoyed most was when my buccos (entering their 16th year of misery) edged out the braves in 12 innings. After bay let that ball drop in I was ready to throw a lamp at my TV. Oh well at least they won. Dodgers look strong 2-0. But im picking the Rockies to win the division. Should be a great pennent race this year.


Yay! I am so excited to be hearing about an actual game instead of just waiting in the pre-season. Thanks for sharing your opening day experiences, I can’t wait to get to the stadium this season and live it all for myself.

Hi Alyssa

I love the pic of you and Corey I also have a great feeling about this season I bet the boys in blue go all the way.


Hey Alyssa,

It’s great to hear from you again!🙂 That picture of you and Cory is absolutely awesome!!! Can I just look at it all day instead of writing something?🙂 (PS- I’d start a new paragraph here, but the new reply format won’t let me. Instead I’ll do this: ) I’m glad you’re having a great time, and that your family enjoyed setting a world record this past weekend. I had a great day just knowing that you were having one. I hope that your Dods are successful in paving the way to a cure for cancer. That is an extremely noble cause, and I look forward to a day when cancer can join the ranks of diseases largely contained within history. I know what you mean about every house having its distinctive smell. Do you know what my apartment smells like… I’ll let you guess (as I try not to laugh…) A) Cacti B) Invisible Ink C) Ice Cubes D) Dippin’ Dots. You’re right! How did you know? I hope you have a great time with Cory and all of your family throughout the season, and that your baseball adventures are everything you dream. I look forward to all of your messages and blogs here and at the Loop- and can’t wait to hear from you again. PS- I already mentioned Dippin’ Dots, so I might have to start to think. (Holds head.) PPS- Do the folks from the Guinness Book already have something about how many P’s can come before an S? What about how about how many critters can fit into a blog reply? PPPS- I think I’m going to have a nightmare that a gang of ’s is chasing me. PPPPS Seriously, is it possible to restore paragraph formatting? PPPPPS Can I write anything else without saying anything? Have a great week, Alyssa! I miss you already and can’t wait to hear from you again. -Steve

Hi Alyssa,you look beautiful in that picture and your brother look strong and healthy.You have a great family.I think you and your family sharing a good experience is inspiring.I’m totally glad that you had such a wonderful time at this game.You are truly amazing.I’ll always be your loyal fan.Thank you.

Hey Alyssa,
I sent you a Happy Opening day message. Hope you got it. I couldn’t wait for the season to start this year, mainly so I could read your blog again. Spending last summer talking Baseball was so much fun.

Opening day got rained out in St. Louis and for the first time the Stadium didn’t sell out..definitely a slow start, but I’m hopeful. I think I’m feeling a little more Cardinal Red loyalty this year.. even though I’ll always have a true place in my heart for my Mets.

Maybe you’ll get to Busch stadium this year to check it out. Here’s to hoping. Big hugs to you and Cory! You look great.


Hey Alyssa, it is so much fun reading your blogs. You are a very good writer! So full of life! How come your brother has a Dodgers shirt but a Boston hat? Ok, I guess it’s ok. Be careful in all that LA traffic. I know how it is; I’ve driven in it too. You are so pretty. Are you dating anyone? I’m sure you are in for a very exciting baseball season. About the smells, could it be you recognize the smell of food at Dodger stadium? A friend of mine took me to Dodger stadium around 7 years ago; his company put in the phones there. We went to the press box where I got to meet Vin Scully! That was pretty exciting. He was talking to me like I was a friend of his and he’d never met me before, what an honor! I also met Tommy down here in Anaheim around 10 years ago. He was at a modeling convention and had a tall model on each arm. I was valet parking at the Anaheim Hilton where they had me greeting people at the door. I opened the door for him and asked “hey aren’t you Tommy Lasorda?” He looked at me eye to eye and said “yeah” I was at a loss for words so I just said something like welcome to the Hilton as I opened the door for him. Anyway I don’t want to bore you to death so I’ll just thank you for the great blog and leave it at that. Have an awesome day! Tell your mother I said hello.


Hey Alyssa!!

Im glad you had a great weekend and that picture of you and Cory is great! I wish i could go to the stadium some time and watch a game, as i dont know much about baseball yet living in Uk and all =]
My uncle lives in Los Angeles though and he is addicted to baseball and a very big fan of yourself too!! I think ill have to pay him a visit sometime and he can teach me all about it!

I must say i am loving your blog entries they get even better everytime you post!

Thank you for being such a huge inspiration,

All My Love,

Bonjour ma belle,

A new season, a renovate ballpark and a little face lift for the blog, let?s welcome 2008, fellow baseball maniacs!!!

?Either you give me what I demand, or I’ll take what you’re offering!” ? By Joe Torre?
And I belief after what I saw during the spring training and the first games with Torre as chief of staff, that this perfect assemble (Great youth alliance) will try to give everything they have?.

I know what you signify when you point out the smell and the awesome home feeling, sadly for me I just have that sentiment for a few games a year, for the rest thank God for mlb.TV, Red Bull and Coffee (I?m almost the all season in a jet lag mood) but when I?m physically there, I always feel like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve;

I really enjoyed the Guinness book game on Saturday, to see my two favorite teams facing each other was splendid t and it was a great and clean game, thank you boys?.

Perfect start for Martin (beau gosse), Kent, Ethier and even ?goblin? Peny?.

I have a feeling that it will be a great season for the ?Blue Men Group?; I?m a very optimistic person and I have faith in Torre and the guy?s talents, I?m also counting the days until my first life Dodgers game ?33 long days?.

PS: Your brother is very handsome and looks pleasant and I LOVE his hat (Go SOXXXXXXX and YouKKKKKKK)

PSS: Larry ?Attila? Bowa, Zen attitude please, 3 games suspension in not enough in my eyes?.

PSSS: I?m looking forward a second blogging season with you, merci;

T?embrasse fort,


Hi, Alyssa! Really great to see you back again! I’ve missed reading your blogs, and seeing your beautiful face alot!🙂 I’m glad you had a great time at the game! To hear you talk about it, and describe it, it’s like being there! (Even though I’ve never been to a PROFESSIONAL Baseball game before, it almost feels like I have now, lol!) I’m glad you had a really fun time! I don’t know the first thing about Baseball (I’m lucky I can SPELL “Baseball”! Lol! And I’m a GUY…go figure! LOL! :)), but I always love hearing about your experiences! You make it fun! I’m glad you love it, and know AN AWFUL LOT about it! You’re very passionate about it, and I like that. And you’re very smart! You could probably tell me all the stats on all the players thru baseball history! (And I STILL would have no clue what you’re talking about! Lol! Just say, “People hit balls with wooden sticks, run thru bases, and try to score homeruns and win games! They drink Kool-Aid, and then they go to Disney World!!” Lol! That’s enough for me! The rest is WAYY over my head! Lol!🙂 ) But, seriously, I’m glad you’re back, and look forward to reading more of your Dodger experiences. The stadium sounds beautiful, and its a nice picture. And it looks like you and your brother are very happy to be there, and were having alot of fun, so that’s great! Anyway, wish I could talk Baseball with u, that would be fun! If I knew anything about the sport, I bet they’d be great convos. But since I DON’T know anything about it, I wont give my opinions on who should play who, or how well they’ll do, or who’s better, or anything else. I don’t want to mess up anyone’s REAL predictions or opinions, with my nonsense! Especially you!🙂 So, I’m glad you’re back, and also, can’t wait for more of your projects to come out! I’m def looking forward to them! Tc, Alyssa, and I hope u have a teriffic day, week, and weekend! Have fun, and stay safe! Be good to yourself, Alyssa! I think you’re teriffic, and alot of other ppl do too! Tc, and I hope I can talk with you again later! Tc!🙂 @>- Rick Walters

Baseball Season is here again!😀 It seems like it’s been forever since i’ve been at Minute Maid. I miss the huge field…and I miss Carlos Lee.😀 Well, that’s going to change on Tuesday. I’ll be at Minute Maid on Tuesday and on Saturday! & the first 1,000 fans get a Carlos Lee mini statue on Tuesday. So that’s a plus. Mmmm. And I can smell the food already! Since I graduate in
May, my dad’s agreed to Season Tickets for this season. Man, it’s going to be an awesome Summer! Well, thanks for letting me vent Alyssa, and share my love for the game.
Go Astros!
p.s. Wisegal was an amazing movie. It’s now on my ipod.🙂
p.s.s. Can’t wait to see My Name is Earl tonight.
So I see you’ve met Paris huh?🙂

Thanks for a great opening day article! Great to see Cory and Alyssa happy and enjoying baseball. Hu am I to question how happy hu can make U when your a Dodger fan? Hu knew?

I’m excited about the 100 year itch. Ya see back before the automobile was invented the Cubs won the world series? I think Taft was president. Anyway, most of my friends in Chicago want Wrigley knocked down and a new stadium built. Seems they’ve unloaded one too many beers in the wrigley confines and the enchantment of the whole buy a beer and release it program has grown old.

My roomates from college want to all get together and meet at a Reds game in Cinnci. Reds versus Cubs of course. Seems someone has an in for Reds tickets. I know they built a new stadium right next to the old stadium. I’ve been there for a pro football game at the old stadium but it would be cool to be at the newer one.

Hey Alyssa and Cory I know Alyssa doesn’t want to play fantasy baseball, but have you considered a home run team? Its fun all you have to do is pick players and track homers. No substitutions, dont have to spend hours calculating scores.

Rock on, Go Dodgers Torre is God! I’m not worthy to be around Torre! I’m NOT WORTHY ok NOT WORTHY TORRE TAKES LINEUPS STRAIGHT FROM GOD!! I”M NOT WORTHY TO EVEN WATCH! If I ever question Torre, I ask for God’s forgiveness for I know not what I do!

Oups, sorry I forgot to ask . : How is bb Gibson doing ? Is big sister Lucy jealous at all ?

I will leave some real Belgian Chocolate at the Dodgers Stadium Information Center for you, the real think not the icky stuff that you can get in those international ?Confiserie? in every mall on this planet. (May 5th 2008)
Have a great week-end.



Hello Alyssa, What a great new format for your blog. Looks fantastic. It was so amazing to see all the Hall of Fame players on opening day. Hope you had a chance to meet them. I was looking at the schedule and saw that the All Star Game will be at Yankee Stadium in July. I can only imagine the emotions you, your family, The Dodgers and the Yankees will experience during All Star week. The last All Star game in the house the Ruth built will be an experience not soon forgotten. Have a great season with Dodger Blue!


Hey Alyssa

Great to hear from you again!
Congrats with winning the opening day.. I’m glad the season finally started can’t wait to see how the Dodgers will perform this year. So far so good, right?

I’m loving the new lay out!

Hope to hear from you soon!



Hey Alyssa, first time commenting on your blog which is awesome by the way.

I am a Mets fan so it’s kinda hard to root for the Dodgers but with Joe Torre on board I think you guys can take the NL West. As a Mets fan I am jealous that you have a young but great first baseman in James Loney. He is going to be good the Dodgers.

Good luck this season,


The start of a new baseball season. What a great picture of you and your brother Cory at Dodgers stadium. Opening day for the Yankees was rained out so, they played on April fool’s day which they won 3-2 against the Toronto blue jays. Also this will the last season the Yankees will be playing at Yankees stadium or should I say “the house that Ruth build.” I wish the Dodgers good luck this season.

larondaA26- CL


Look forward to reading your thoughts this year. Good luck to your Dodgers! As a Yankees fan, I will always wish Torre the best. Unless, of course, they square off against each other. But I’d take seeing that in the Series this year. 😉

Nice name choice for the dog, by the way.

Thank God baseball is back!


hi alyssa I love your blog its good to see another girl with as much passion for the dodgers as I have! I just bought your layered tank top and the zip up sweater but I saw in one of your posts you were wearing a shirt that said peace love and baseball.. Are those for sale because I’d really like to buy one!

Sounds like u had a good week Alyssa. I was trying to watch the Yankees home opener Monday, but ended up watching the Dodgers (since I am a fan of Joe Torre!). I had a feeling u would be at the game. The game at the Coliseum look pretty cool too. I bet that was something to see. I hate the Red Sox. As far as Larry Bowa….he’s a crazy ****! lol.. As a Phillie/Yankee fan, I got to watch alot of Bowa…and that man has lots of energy! He reminds me of college basketball’s Bobby Knight. I’ve never seen Torre have to restrain a coach or player before like that. I guess with the Yankees, Bowa was kept under a tight rein. I bet u will see more of that with the Dodgers! Like I said the other day on the other blog, I think the Dodgers could be good this yr if Joe can get his young talent working as a team.
I look forward to your blogs now that its baseball’s the only I can keep up with my fav actress. Have a good weekend Alyssa.

hey alyssa!!!
nice to have you blogging again! yay!!! season is starting agaiin!! once again…beautiful blog. gosh, you have such a wahy with wordds! im very dissappointed thaat we lost the game at the colliseum(however you spell it) but on the bright side…we still have the rest of the season to look up to! go dodgers!! im so excited which im sure you are too! im also very excited for pathology and my name is earl!! hope to see you more on the big screen or any screen..haha😀
Go BLUE!!!!
-karen :]

Hi, Alyssa. Welcome back to this lovely game that is baseball.

Here in Spain it’s quite harder to get the info, so I just get to check for the scores and stuff. And of course, to read what you have to offer to all us fans.

My Red Sox had a good start, let’s see how long it lasts, hehe…

A question I have for you: How high do you think Suzuki Ichiro-san would be now if he had started his career in the USA? I can envision all sort of records bearing his name.

That’s all for now. Best luck personally, professionally, and dodgerly (yep, I made this word up on the spot, so sue me).

PS: What’s the Right Fielder’s name?

Alyssa, your love of baseball is awesome! I have my ticket for the Tampa Bay Rays home opener and i’ll be feeling just the same way! The Dodgers are definetly off to good start this year.

Alyssa: You DO know “Larry freaking Bowa” is three words,right?🙂 But,having said that….

As far as how short the left field pole was from home,I think it was about 210 feet or so.

Hi Alyssa,

Sounds like it was a great weekend! I watched the Coliseum game on television. You asked the dimension of left field in your blog. I believe it was 200 feet down the line – however, Dodgers sources who apparently walked the distance off said it was closer to 190 feet. The left field screen was 60 feet high (The Screen Monster). Arena Baseball. It’s hard to believe that this stadium was used 4 years for major league baseball before Dodger Stadium opened. Still, it looked like a fun game to attend.

All the best,


I wore your Los Angeles Dodgers Women’s Rib Full Zip Hoody at the Colesium game and on Opening Day! I got many compliments! I’ll be buying the dress for my annual summer trip to San Fran to see the hated ones. Love Love Love the new stuff.😀

Hi alyssa,
I loved comming here and seeing the word HU, it has spiceal meaning for me in my faith. I also loved reading your blog. I too am looking forward to baseball this year. and know that I am going to go see the Dodgers play. I do not know how this will be done I just know that it will happen. I am also saving for the little blue Dodger dress. I can’t wait to get it. I am glad you had fun with your brother.

Alyssa, it’s refreshing to see someone with your celebrity so passionate about something so special as baseball. Although, after reading a few of your posts I figured passion could easily be your middle name.
There’s something very special about that. I’ve been told many times that I should check our your baseball blog. I’m glad I did. You have a refreshing way of presenting your thoughts. Mixing in your personal views and experiences along with knowledge of my favorite team (the Dodgers), and adding a mention or two of your celebrity lifestyle, gives everyone a little something they can relate to on your blog. You do come across as someone you can sit down and have a conversation with. Thank you for that.
I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis and hope to see you at the stadium.
Take care and congrats on Gibson.

Hey Alyssa,

It’s been a while. I’m so excited for baseball season. Maybe this year I’ll actually get to attend a game. =D But my M’s won the opening series. I’ve got high hopes for this season. Our starting pitchers look good so far. Yes yes, I know it’s the very beginning of the season but I can’t help getting so excited!

Until next time,


Hi Alyssa,
Awesome blog (the only baseball blog I read and enjoy).
In s cal, you have Vin to tell you when it’s spring. Being from central illinois (peoria – home of the Peoria Chiefs – class a affiliate of the cubs – whose manager is cub hall of famer Ryne Sandberg – bet you didn’t know that Alyssa), you know its spring here as the grass greens up and they plant palm trees (real) outside O’brien Field for their home opener next week. Alyssa, you have that unique way of describing your life with the dodgers. You make your fans wish they were right there watching baseball and listening to the comedy act , “The Milano’s”.
All the best,
Cub Fan Curt

Hello again Alyssa,

It is Derek Beu again! I wish I could have wrote this sooner, but I have been really busy with school! Anyway, I saw the new episode of you on My Name is Earl last Thursday, and I really enjoyed it! I love how you and Earl are both living the perfect life, even though it is only a dream! I hope that your character Billie and Earl both come out of their coma soon, because I can’t wait to see what kind of relationship will develop in the real world! I am very excited! By the way, that wig you are wearing is so funny and I love it!

Also, I love the new format for your blog! It is really cool! It was great hearing from you again, and you are definitely right when you say that spring is here! My family and I love this time of year, and can’t wait for summer to come! I really like that the baseball season is here, and I can’t wait to read more of your blog! You are such a great writer, and the words you use are absolutely amazing! Keep up the wonderful work Alyssa!

Finally, I believe that there are 12 days left until Pathology is released! That is sooo exciting! I am going to try to get my cousin Kyle to go with me to see it! I have been waiting for this to come out for so long!
For all you Alyssa fans out there, here is the link to the Pathology official website: Please, if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out!!
Also, for all Alyssa fans too, I believe she will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on April 17 to promote Pathology! If any of you haven’t heard of the show, it is on CBS and I think it starts at 12:35 P.M.! If you miss it, don’t worry because I am sure it will be put up on YouTube! Thank you so much Alyssa and Alyssa fans for reading this! I hope you all enjoy the baseball season, and I can’t wait until your next blog entry Alyssa!


Derek Beu

Hi Alyssa !

I’m from Brazil and here we don’t have baseball and we don’t have “touch”, so it kind of suck.

But, I just want to say that you’re the best! My dream is to be an actress and you are my inspiration. I love you actress work and your work at UNICEF, that’s why you’re the best, because you care!

Thank you.

and Love,


P.S.: you should visit Brazil !

Hello Everyone,

Here is a link to a Pathology clip:

And here is a link to a short video of Alyssa at Wizard World with Milo Ventimiglia:

Can we PLEASE get rid of Loaiza already? He was terrible last year and worse this year. Bring up Kershaw for crying out loud and stabilize that lineup. Until they actually make an effort to shore up the 5th spot with someone GOOD or even DECENT, the Dodgers are going to struggle.

On another note, I like Blake DeWitt and I like the fact Torre is using Chan lin hu or whatever his name is. He is a better defensive player than Kent. Good to see the Dodgers play their young guys. Now bring up Kershaw for crying out loud!

Miss Alyssa,

I know what your brother was feeling, I am 37 years old and was dancing in my seat on Friday for the Angels home opener. I only live 20 minutes from the stadium but it seemed like an eternity to get there. It was so worth it to be in the dug out suites for that game and stayed all weekend in the diamond club just saying hi and shaking hands with everyone. Baseball is the grandest of games and being on your home field feels so great.

Missed you in the off season but looking forward to reading your post so please keep them comming.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


P.S. to all of Alyssa’s fans, if you have not been to a baseball game try and get to one this year you will love it.

Good afternoon fellow baseball fans!

Thanks for the great blog, Alyssa. Opening Day is such a treat! I wasn’t able to get tickets this year, but it did happen to be my day off, so I was parked in front of the TV, in my Dodger Stadium seats, from the last renovation.

I loved that you mentioned Larry Bowa. The guy is a nut & I love it! I remember him being the hot-headed manager of the Padres & then the Phillies. I love that kind of fire & passion. But, did anyone else notice that when the Dodgers went down to San Diego that Glenn Hoffman was WAY out of the 3rd base coaching box & no one said a word to him about it!

It looks like Jeff Kent is having a good time. He’s the oldest Opening Day starter for the Dodgers, ever, and then the old man hits a HR! Blake DeWitt is trying deperately to hold down the fort at 3rd, and so far, he’s ok.

I struggle sometimes with Matt Kemp. Everyone says he’s the highly touted rookie, but I see a guy who lacks some confidence & is overzealous at the plate. He’s pressing, trying to hard. I know it’s a tough gig, but he needs to learn some patience.

I am really baffled about Loaiza. This guy is starting pitcher? On what planet? I was glad to see Hendrickson go and now I’d like to see Loaiza leave, too. One of the major issues we have is with pitching. We have got to have solid outings & innings eaten by the starters (a la Brad Penny, on Saturday vs Jake Peavy, what the hell happened???) and the relievers have to do their part too. I really believe we do not yet have a reliable 5th starter in the rotation. Billingsley is consistently in trouble. Kuo (even tho he did well the other day) is even less reliable. The guy’s had 2 Tommy John surgeries already. Kuroda looked like an ace when he took the mound & I’m anxious to watch him again tonite.

Last nite, my husband & I were discussing Fantasy Baseball & who we would put on our own ‘Dream Team.’ What do you guys think:

C – Russell Martin (of course!), Jason Varitek, Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez, Jason Kendall, AJ Pierzynski,
1b – Todd Helton or Prince Fielder
2b – Jeff Kent or Dan Uggla or Chase Utley
3b – Adrian Beltre or A-Rod or Chipper Jones or David Wright or Mark Reynolds (have you seen this guy?!?)
SS – This is a tough one, but: Troy Tulowitzki, or Derek Jeter, or Jose Reyes
OF: This is crazy easy: Matt Holliday, Eric Byrnes, Vlad Guerrero, Torii Hunter, Brad Hawpe, Manny Ramirez, Ichiro, Lance Berkman, Jacoby Ellsbury, and there are too many others I would love to see!
Pitching: Jake Peavy, Brad Penny, Josh Fogg, Brandon Webb, Jonathan Papelbon, Jeremy Bonderman, Justin Verlander, Dan Haren, Jonathan Broxton, Johan Santana, Mariano Rivera, Billy Wagner, Trevor Hoffman.

I know there’s more names there than you could fit on a team, but these are our favorites.

Can’t wait for the Dodgers to come back to LA. We’ll be there April 26 and I can’t wait to be home! Oh! By the by, I agree, completely about the smells of the ballpark. It’s SOOOO true! There’s nothing like it. The smell of the grass always hits me 1st. It’s my favorite!

Hi Alyssa,

I’m a little late with this, but my wife and I named our 4-year-old Shih Tzu GIBSON too!! Not after Mel Gibson, Debbie Gibson, Gibson guitars, The Gibson Girl, nor a Gibson martini. But after the great Kirk Gibson.

It is always nice to see an attractive savvy baseball gal write on the sport she loves. (Did I say attractive? I mean Liz Taylor circa 1959….WOW!)

Anywho, I love the mix of players you got in LA. I picked up Andre Ethier and James “no phoney baloney” Loney for Fantasy which has paid so far.

Being a Cub fan means FUKUDOME mania! I hope the Cubs will FUKUDOMED the Dodgers more than they get FUKUDOMED!!🙂

Love the blog and do my fair amount of that too.

Best successes in social issues, Hollywooding and blogging,

Your Spirit rivals your beauty… GOD Bless you.

Also, your beauty rivals your Spirt…

Hey Alyssa,

The only game I went to that weekend was the Saturday game at the Coliseum. That was a good game! (even though we lost) I sat in front of the Dodgers Live crew too, except I was like halfway up the Coliseum. My friends and I sat in the area where Roger “The Peanut Man” was. So we had to get some peanuts! And then the wave, I had a feeling it was going to be big! When my friends and I were walking through Exposition Park we saw some police officers with an LAPD jet ski……haha I figured they expected the wave to be huge too! But the rest of the game was great! Up to that last at bat. Too bad Jason had to strike out = / , oh and those flag incidences were uncalled for.
PS. It was 201 to left field I believe.
And then Opening Day was great too! I was in the sun for the first 2 innings or so but the burning and peeling were worth it! Haha. 5-0! Too bad we haven’t been able to score more runs but we will…..soon.
Well I shall be on my way out now. I have a Dodger game to attend to! Hopefully the Dodgers have Peavy figured out this time!

Hi Alyssa.
How’s everything going?
Man It looks like this season is starting just the way the last one ended.
Can’t get that offense going.
They better get going otherwise the Rox, Pods & D’Backs will be too far gone.
Let’s hope they’re not competing with the Jints for 4th place.


The start of baseball….yeeeehaaaaa……I left some comments a couple of weeks ago but they must have gotten eaten up before the Big Change….it’s nice I like it, I hope it’s easier….this stream of consciousness writing is a little odd tho…..Loved the picture of you and your bro ( Yo Brooklyn ) ….don’t let the slow start get ya down, there’s still 150 games to go…when will some fans realize that this is Baseball not Nascar. Ah, my Sox just came on the radio lets see how they do against the Yanks…..Live the Moment….Mort


Thank you for giving me my first youthful crush, watching “Who’s the Boss” after school. Did you ever help me get through those pubecant years. It was between you and Kelly Kopowski. You won by far. cool that you like baseball. Keep up the good work, on the blog.

“If a small man has any talent, the only way he can impress anyone is to give 100 percent.” ? Jerry Remy

Bonsoir ma belle,

Six losses in seven games? What?s wrong?

4-3 leads against Pittsburgh and Saito fails to protect this lead, giving up a three-run homer too McLouth with 2 out in ninth?Tough for him right?
I think that Jones, Martin and Rookie Blake DeWitt, (DeWitt it?s Dutch and means ?The White One?, shouldn?t it be the Blue One?), are doing a tremendous job, in my opinion of course!

Harsh start for Kuroda also?

Being on vacation in two weeks, (California here I come), I have a lot of things that I need to finish for work, so I have been missing a few games, the 9 hrs time differents are killing me, specially right now that I have to focus on getting everything done.
I couldn?t wear my lucky CHARMED Touch t-shirt, so my Red Sox lost also?it’s not a good week.

PS: I find out that you gave your sweet voice for a DVD, ?baseball for Kids?, you should do one for your European fans, ?Baseball for beginners?!

T?embrasse fort,



it’s good to see someone with such passion for a sport which the media wants to run down. You are fortunate to be a Dodgers fan, so you get to see very good baseball. I’m a Royals fan, or as some people call us the Double A team.

You write very well, but that’s no surprise! anyway, as a fellow blogger myself, It’s great to read good stuff!

here’s the next one…

Hu’s the boss! Hu’s the boss!

I swear I saw your brother at that game, that’s funny.

And I love the title of this entry – my friends and I started that cheer last year and we’re hoping it catches on this year. We were sitting near where you’re standing chanting it. That’s awesome!

Hi Alyssa,

Its great to see a woman who really knows her baseball and really cares about the sport. I took my wife to her first Brewer game two years ago and now she won’t stop bothering me to take her to more. I also like that you know the history of the game, including the “Who’s on First?” routine. As you can see, I incorporated it into my blog name. My Brewers blog is “Who’s in Right Field?” So named because right field is the only position they fail to name in the skit. Please feel free to check it out and leave a comment even (my wife and all my buddies would probably pass out). Thanks.


What a fun post to read! I love the picture of you and your brother. I know what you mean about the stadium being your home away from home. I go to many Twins games with my two sons who are 13 and 10. Even though it’s just the Metrodome for us, it really does feel like a home away from home. We go to at least 50 games a year and sit in the cheap seats. It’s really fun. I can’t imagine a stadium that can fit over 100,000 fans. That is amazing. I need to someday take a trip and bring my kids to some other stadiums besides the Metrodome. At least in a few years, the Twins will have a new stadium.

Take Care and thanks for your blog…it’s great!



Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.
– Air Jordan

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