Happy Jackie Robinson Day

“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me…All I ask is that you respect me as a human being” – Jackie Robinson

HAPPY JACKIE ROBINSON DAY!!!! Sixty-one years ago, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. It is hard to imagine that just 62 years ago, there was segregation in the sport we love. Having said that, I just read that only eight percent of big leaguers are African American and that’s the lowest level in at least 20 years. So I ask you this: Why do you think this is and what can we do to engage our African American youth in the sport? I would love to get your thoughts on this.

Who watched that game last night? I got home from work and turned it on during the third inning. I’m completely aware that your closer can’t save every game, but being aware of that fact didn’t make watching that home run any easier. Ouch. I was by myself (well, with the doggies) and when McLouth hit that bomb in the ninth, I let out an audible yelp that spooked the Chihuahuas. They then proceeded to look at me like I was out of my mind, which I very well may be.

I know it is early in the season and it is a marathon not a sprint, blah, blah, blah. BUT…anyone frustrated?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated, but it’s weird, I also feel a tremendous amount of faith that things will turn around. I have this weird faith/hysteria combo going on (further proof that I may be out of my mind). And I think I feel the faith because of Joe Torre. There is something about having him at the helm that puts my mind at ease. I just feel like he has the brain capacity to make the appropriate changes and get things on track. More importantly, I think he will ask that some changes be made if he thinks he can’t win with this roster. Isn’t there something in his contract about player/roster consultation? Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes. Yes, I know that patience is a virtue but when we are in the basement of our division, patience eludes me.

Hence, the hysteria.

Going to the field in two hours and twenty minutes. GO BLUE.


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Keep the faith, the Dodgers look strong but have a new management scheme with young players. Not the best combo for a quick start but great for that serge of youth that is needed for a long race to the pennant. Just be glad the season is as long as it is and not a 50 game sprint.

Have a happy Jackie Robinson day and look forward to seeing you on TV during the game. Angels won today so my set will be tuned to KCAL with you and Vin.

Your favorite Angels fan,


Hi Alyssa

I know what your saying, when that home run went off I yelled something like “what the He… Well you know. But like you I have faith that JT will turn it around and I hope its soon.

love ya

Happy Jackie Robinson day Alyssa🙂


hey alyssa,
first of all YES? i hope that makes you happy😀
and i feel the same way! about the dodgers “losing streak”….i feel/hope very strongly! that the team will finally start winning like they should have been all season! i am so very excitted because im finally going to get to go to a game! which ive done before, just not in a very long timee😀 please blog again soon!! YOU ROCKK!!!
p.p.s. YES?. again

Alyssa, i feel your misery. My team is driving me nuts too. The Mets are suppost to be much better than they are playing. That idiot John Kruk has already written them off. IT’s only the THIRD WEEK of the season! Hopefully they’ll get better after Pedro returns from his injury. And hopefully your Dodgers will improve. And you’re absoluety right, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Hey Alyssa,
I know what you are saying about the African American players and there not being very many. I think part of their relentlessness to join and play sports is that there are still all of those ignorant, racist people out there who make them feel so much less important and insignificant that the African American community is being discouraged from joining. I know I hear all kinds of that stuff at school, I’m a junior and high school and it is being thrown around everywhere. It is horrible the things i hear being said, and especially now when we are studying the subject of segregation in my U.S. History class. The things they went through just to get their freedom, and i think there is more racism now then there has been for a while. I don’t know exactly what can be done to get more of the African American youth involved but I think it needs to start with encouraging them more and teaching more on the subject of racism and segregation in the schools. I know you are EXTEREMELY busy and all but i would love to hear back from you about your thoughts to what I said, so if you have a little bit of time maybe you could send me an e-mail or someting, but if you can’t I totally understand. I would just really like to know what your thoughts on this subject are.


Hey Alyssa,

Didn’t you say something about yelling like a teenage girl when you found out Joe Torre was coming to the Dodgers? And didn’t you say so what? Why are you worried about it now? I saw you yell about Joe Torre when you were at Wizard World. I thought you seemed a little loopy then too but so what? I can see your patience is getting tested; but you do know that patience is a virtue don’t you? It’s testing your character and faith in your team. Any faith that cannot stand against some challenges is a weak faith. Having said that I feel your pain even though so far the Angels are doing a little better with our ex Dodger coach. Keep the faith, I’m sure they will turn it around soon.

Heyy!!! I’m in southamerica so I cant watch the game because they are broadcasting the other game!!!😦

Let me tell you that I feel the same way !!! I’m kind of frustrated, but I always think about Torre!!! hahaha… the good news is that the game now is 3 to 1 so Go BLUE!!!! yeiii!!

Have fun!!!! Good luck and think positive, think blue!!!


Happy Jackie Robinson Day, Alyssa!
Cool action photo. I don’t know how to improve the demographic appeal of baseball without knowing more about the situation. But asking the question is the first step toward finding the answer. (As long as you ask someone more knowledgeable than me.) I didn’t see the game last night. But it sounds like you and your Chihuahuas had a fun time. I hope you enjoy the game tonight and that your Dodgers take the win. PS- As far as other ideas in broadening the excitement of baseball, how about having LCD screens and keypads on all of the stadium seats enabling real-time polls over the course of the game for display on the Jumbotron. Fans could see how their answers compare to the crowd and how everyone’s answers compare to reality. More and larger prizes distributed to the crowds over the course of the games would make the events more interactive and exciting. Better acoustics and more and larger Jumbotrons would bring the story of the game closer. PPS- What about more Dippin’ Dots? PPPS- “Dodger Dots”? PPPPS- “Dod Duds”? I look forward to your next message, Alyssa. Have a great week. -Steve

Hi Alyssa,

Angels fan here. Listen, I know all about worrying about your closer. I hate to say this because I root for the Dodgers too, but I don’t think this is going to be the last time you are disappointed in Saito. For 2 years now I have been hoping a move would be made.. like maybe giving Broxton a chance to close (and I don’t mean just as a fill-in for when Saito is injured). But I think you nailed it when you mentioned Joe Torre. I have a lot of faith in him as a manager. Certainly way more than I had in the last 2 managers, and I trust his decision-making. Therefore, I chalk this up to “it happens” and he will get into a groove. If he doesn’t, it will be handled. Hopefully the game tonight made you feel better and reminded you that your offense can learn to just skip the closer situation all together when it needs to🙂 Good game tonight. Hopefully they can stay hot. It worries me the Diamondbacks have jumped out so far ahead so early.

Take me to a game in your awesome seats sometime. I promise you good baseball and hot men conversations, and I’ll even buy you a hot dog.


Well, I’m much better now that we scored that 11-2 victory tonight! Seriously though, these daily lineup changes have been killing the fans (and I imagine the players). Interesting to note that the Pierre has been out the last two nights and the bats have been alive. The rally killer is gone, at least for the moment!


?Beware the fury of a patient man (or WOMAN)? by John Dryden

Bonjour ma belle,

I understand perfectly your frustration, I feel the same way and I?m not EVEN watching the games, I watch resumes, read the LA Times and your blog.
Enfin, they won last night what a relief?

I?m, as I said before a very positive person so I belief strongly that their season is not over yet, it?s impossible, with this mix of great and talent young players.
I think that this youth alliance is new for them, so they just need a adjustment time?SVP boys?

I also have FAITH in JT but please more stability in the daily lineup

20 days to go, and I will be there encouraging my guys for a WIN, I will be so wound up like at all my life ballgames, but disappointment is a feeling I don?t want to experience this day. OK ???

Tembrasse fort,


PS : Happy Robinson Day
PSS : Don?t forget to get your chocolate May 5th !!!

?Beware the fury of a patient man (or WOMAN)? by John Dryden

Bonjour ma belle,

I understand perfectly your frustration, I feel the same way and I?m not EVEN watching the games, I watch resumes, read the LA Times and your blog.
Enfin, they won last night what a relief?

I?m, as I said before a very positive person so I belief strongly that their season is not over yet, it?s impossible, with this mix of great and talent young players.
I think that this youth alliance is new for them, so they just need a adjustment time?SVP boys?

I also have FAITH in JT but please more stability in the daily lineup

20 days to go, and I will be there encouraging my guys for a WIN, I will be so wound up like at all my life ballgames, disappointment is a feeling I don?t want to experience this day. OK ???

Tembrasse fort,


PS : Happy Robinson Day
PSS : Don?t forget to get your chocolate May 5th !!!

Hi Alyssa,

What would baseball fans who truly enjoy the sport if not patience and faith? Without the two, the length of the season would make you go nuts!! Too long an agonizing period to go through.

Agree with all the JT comments. And here’s to having faith that he has a great relationship already formed with front office management. I never could figure out where that really stood with the Yankees.

My other “faith” comment is about the NL West. God love it, because its rare that a team in the NLW can really make a sustained break for the top, and almost as rare that a team falls so far down the cellar stairs that they can’t climb back up. The flip side is that the group can be so darn close at the end of the season that they’ll give you a friggin heart attack! But that’s what makes all of this so fun!

A Big AJM and Dodger fan


Alyssa, Forgot to ask. Dodgers in the beautiful confines (as Ernie Banks used to say) of Wrigley Field the end of May. I’m in Chicago now and have my tickets. Was wondering if you are going to be at any of the games and singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Park” for the 7th inning stretch?
– Doug

There are ways to lose and ways to lose. And this must be one of the most painful ones.
I think you are not out of your mind. Your short-term shoulder demon is frustrated because you guys gave up that HR. Your long-term shoulder demon understands that there are about 150 games left and things are not how they start off, but rather how they finish up. The only standing that counts is that after Game 162.
In this game everything can happen. We won yesterday, and we had Wakefield on the mound, so go figure.
More painful is having to watch the info from mlb.com because you don’t get coverage of games here in Spain.

On the topic of having fewer afro-american players, how about asian players? That number is rising, right? I guess times change, and these numbers are going to naturally flow up and down.
Best wishes to you.

don’t worry Alyssa, your boys in blue. will go a long way this year. I think they will even make it to the world series. all we have to do is keep the faith. hope you had fun at the game.

Recently, the Dodgers invited a few people who write blogs about the team to come out and enjoy a game in a luxury suite. Josh Rawitch, the PR guy for the Dodgers, brought in special guests Ned Colletti and Frank McCourt to talk about the team, as well as Tommy Lasorda, who entertained the group with stories.

When I wrote my post about the night, I jokingly mentioned that you had stopped by, seeing as how you write this blog. I thought I made it obvious that this was a joke, but a few people thought I was being serious. I’ve corrected them, but it was pretty funny nonetheless.

Anyway, I thought you might like to read the post. I was the only female Dodger blogger in the room that night, and one of (I think) only a few out there, so it seems like if the Dodgers do this again, you should stop by to give me a little sisterly solidarity. 🙂


The direct link to the post I’m talking about– http://www.beantownwest.com/2008/04/bloggers_leave_moms_basement_g.php

Hey Alyssa this isn’t Dodger or baseball related but I have a friend who wants me to shoot a video of him caddying for his dad in a golf tournament. Do you have any advice on how to make it a good video?


hehe…the chihuahuas.

I really don’t know what to say about the decline in African-American players, but the number of Asian and latin players has climbed. I wonder what the numbers are on those?

Well, yes. I was shocked by that 3-run shot into the pavillions by McLouth off of Saito on Tuesday, but I still believe in Saito regardless. Sometimes these things happen. Though, the past week’s worth of out pitching has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Lowe was the best of them I felt and even though Kuo had a rocky 1st inning last night he came back and battled with 5 consecutive strikeouts.

The hitting last night and on Saturday was fantastic. Why it didn’t show on Sunday and Monday was a mystery. However, its nice to see Jones hitting for extra bases, striking out less and watching Russel hit that homer last night to boot. Also Kent’s 3-run shot into the pavillion desrves a mention.

This April is just as frustrating to me as it is for you. However, I still figure that Torre can right the ship and put us back on course. Once he gets to know the abilities of his players that should show in the coming weeks. All the club’s efforts to play with a split squad and overseas representation and his unfamilarity with the team made it hard to make things happen early for us. Patience and all will be well.🙂

Hey Alyssa,

Your first topic is a sensitive topic and I hope NOT to anger people in any way by commenting on that topic. I’m a mixed race individual, half Spanish half Irish. A combustable combination, watch out HOT BLOOD!. So I hope to see things from both sides. I’m neither white or hispanic, just an American.

My father asked my ex-football coach why he could not win at UT high school. You see he won a state championship in Iowa, had winning teams for like 12 years in a row. Came over to UT on the Illinois side and everyone, myself included thought Caz would wipe up the league and win it every year. People know UT always has talent, I thought they just needed a good coach like Caz. Well guess what Caz never had a winning team. His teams loused up and he got fired. Year before he left my Dad asked him why he could not win at UT. Caz says he could not get the black kids to go out for football. He tried but for whatever reason, the good black athletes would not go out for Caz. I can only speculate (Which gets me into trouble) why they would not play football but the simple plain truth is there are too many other choices besides sports these days. Same goes for white kids and hispanic, they have soo many options to choose from as far as extra curricular activities, sports is simply not as popular as it used to be?

Got to go now, have fun at Dodgers games. Torre is changing the lineup more times than a Cher wardrobe person if there is such a person.

Thanks for the entertainment Alyssa and Milano family, hope people enjoy reading my bubabalou! I sure enjoy writing bubabulou!

Hi Alyssa,

Jackie Robinson was a special man who deserves all the accolades given him. A true pioneer.

Concerning your question as to why there is a declining number of black players, I believe there are a myriad of factors:

1. Some believe that black athletes prefer basketball and football over baseball. Whether this is a social or cultural inclination is debatable. In any event, baseball is losing out on some great athletes.

2. Baseball has received an influx of players from Latin America.

3. The paucity of black players extends to the front office. There are very few black executives in MLB. Whether an unspoken bias exists or not, the results are hardly encouraging.

4. Baseball players are not seen as top marketing targets. Most athletes in the marketing top ten are basketball players or football players. Therefore, aspiring athletes may gravitate to the other sports.

Be patient with Blue Alyssa. They should get better. Torre is an excellent manger. However, I must warn you: in New York his handling of the pen was seen as his Achilles Heel. He had a propensity to burn out one reliever on the staff as his “go to” middle reliever. Last year he was accused in the New York press of burning out Scott Proctor. After one particular gas can outing against the Angels, the New York press referred to Proctor as “Proctor Do Little”.

What’s up with Andruw? Last night on the Red Sox pre-game, he was a topic of discussion. Nick Cafardo (Globe Red Sox beat writer) opined that Andruw was very overweight and is hitting .114. He noted that Andruw is getting booed in a place that usually doesn’t get on their players. He cost himself years on a free agent contract by having a Mendoza Line season last year.

Blue has a very good nucleus of young players and will rebound. Torre is a class manager and person and will lobby to get the players he wants.

Keep the faith luv,


Alyssa, What passionate baseball fan can’t be accused of “being out of their mind” at sometime before. Some a little more than others. Like you’ve said before: That all fans go through the “same emotions” regardless of what team they “root for”. It’s a “long season”, enjoy the ride.
Take care, Cub Fan Curt.

To answer your questions the reason their aren’t many African-American baseball players is because they are not expose to it as much, compared to other sports like basketball or football. As being a female African-American I believe to promo baseball to the African-American community is to include it in physical education and at local community centers. Go Dodgers!!!

larondaA26 CL


Game 1 or Game 162, when a win gets snatched away from you it’s like a giant kick in the gut. I’d say you’re completely normal – don’t worry about it. 🙂 (and, the Dodgers will be fine – it still IS a marathon and yadda yadda)…

I had the opportunity to do a couple of papers on Jackie Robinson in my school days. Of course as a sports nut all my life anything sports related was always easy to pick as a subject. But when you really get in depth in researching the man and what he went through – even beyond what we all have heard through the years – you gain an even greater appreciation for him.

I love that MLB lets players wear #42 on Jackie Robinson Day every year. Watching the Yankees game and I saw that Tampa Bay was one of the entire rosters that wore #42. One day I would love to see every player on every team wearing #42 on Jackie Robinson Day.

As for the lack of African-American players in MLB, I think it’s just a case of basketball and football being the preferred sports in those communities right now. I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood and played baseball all my life, but the number of kids that I grew up with who played diminished as the years went on. By the time we got to high school we couldn’t even field an RBI team anymore.

The 2 sports were definitely the “kings” of my high school as well. The football and basketball teams would get new uniforms every year. The overwhelming majority of the sports budget went to those 2 sports. I played varsity baseball all 4 years and we had the same uniform each year. We didn’t even get buses to games. They added on to the football field complex and made our CF about 270 feet while RF was without a fence at all until you got to the road which was a football field away (and I know this because they used RF for practice).

It’s up to MLB to figure out how to get the African-American kids interested in baseball again and I’m not sure how they are going to do it. Basketball and football and considered the more interesting/exciting sports (“baseball is boring” – blasphemy, I know).

Unfortunately, I don’t see things changing in the near future.

Take care,

(sorry for the length!)

Hey again, Alyssa and all! I just have a question for Gibby:

Can you tell me how you are able to put spaces between your paragraphs?


Hi Alyssa, I attend Jackie Robinson day every year because I support diversity in Baseball as well as all other sports. I wanted to say that I agree with the comments that say marketing is one of the reasons there are less African American Players in Baseball. This sport I love is experiencing a change as well. There is an extreme Latin influence now with most teams having facilities in Latin America. Joe Torre is the the man! You can tell by watching him that he is incredible. He’s still familiarizing himself with his weapons and I think that phase is coming to an end. He has seen what he has and is going to kick them into high gear. Dewitt has been a joy to watch, and I’m so glad Nomar is back. Its been a joy to sit in the Dugout Club three out of the last four nights. I saw two 11 run games(I wish they still had the Hooters deal) and got amazingly close. I yelled at Jones to not swing and he got a walk. Haha. Alyssa take care and keep the faith. We have a great team, and Joe Torre is the Man!

As recently as 1995, 19 percent of big leaguers were black, according to Richard Lapchick, director of the University of Central Florida?s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports. Nine percent were black in both 2004 and 2005, and the current figure is the lowest since at least the mid-1980s, he said. “That has been a concern of Major League Baseball and leaders in the African-American community as the numbers have consistently gone down,” Lapchick said. “On the other hand, with 40.5 percent players of color, MLB is close to its all-time high of 42 percent” set in 1997.

And that’s a point worth making. So let’s acknowledge and celebrate the 40% of players on the field whose jobs Jackie Robinson made possible.

Major League Baseball has been trying with their Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program (http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/community/rbi.jsp). Interesting read for us Dodger fans, if you read it you will see why, a lot to be proud of. I personally feel that this program deserves more attention (additional funding through corporate sponsorship) and media coverage, it has been in existence for 20 years and yet many people don?t even know about it. It has more components (scholastic and lifestyle) than just the sport, which in all honesty is even more important.

This is a topic that could easily become a dissertation due to the complex nature of the problem and potential solutions. ?Gibby? makes some great points even in high school football and basketball (as in college) are the money sports, media coverage of the next great phenom leaving college after his freshman year to enter the NBA and makes millions, especially the last two weeks, dominates sporting news. I think that some of the attrition of kids from sports can be attributed to their overbearing parents, I better stop there, talk about a dissertation unto itself.

Look how your patience has already paid off, two days after your post a 2 game winning streak and we?re outta the cellar! Maybe this series against the Braves will do Jones some good, being back in his old stomping grounds and all. Considering how he and Martin have been swinging the bat in the early part of the season one game under .500 isn?t all that bad.

Dodger Blue in the S.F. bay

Welcome back

Nate McLouth has turned into a young star so far. I like him a lot. You guys still took two out of three from us though and embarresed us in the last two games. Matt Morris sucks.
Anyway glad to see you’re posting again.


Hey Alyssa. the Dodgers should turn things around.🙂

hey i had an “entertainment industry” question for you.
i’m the author of “The Perfect Pitch” and Roger Owens’ nephew. when possible, send me a message that you got this at contact(at)rogerowenspeanutman.com

from one Dodger fan to another, it would be great to get your help or advice on it, especially since it’s a Dodger project for all to enjoy.

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I think it’s easier to go from college Basketball or Football into the pros. Almost like one step.
Baseball, although there aren’t that many levels as there use to be, it is still a step latter and many get left behind.
I also think that African-Americans prefer the above mentioned sports.
There is something about those sports that seem to attract them more than Baseball.
It is truly ashamed that this happened since we had so many great black players.
Growing up Jackie was my favorite player.
In fact I started out as a 2nd baseman because of him.

This is my first comment, I really enjoy your blogs, I wish more women were as passionate about the greatest sport in the world. I can understand your frustrations with the Dodgers, I went through it most all year last year with my Cardinals. This year so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised, it’s so nice to see team baseball prevail again. Keep the faith, but I hope your boys struggle when my boys come to town (winks). Yours in baseball..tim

Miss Milano,
Hope all is well with you and yours. To the matter at hand:
MLB has a solid and successful program that has blossomed over 20 years called RBI (Reviving Baseball in the Inner cities) that has produced such stars as CC Sabathia, Coco Crisp, and Carl Crawford. I believe that greater exposure of this program to the public eye could go a long way to bring a better racial balance to baseball.
As for the Dodgers, your outburst is a good thing. Maybe not to a small animal’s nervous system, but for a baseball fan, it’s a good thing – and after watching them fall to the Braves tonight 6-1, perfectly justified. A team with that high a payroll that is third in the NL West in pitching and third in the NL West in Defensive Efficiency, you should be plenty irked. And with the crown jewel of the offseason acquisitions hitting .167…yikes…If things persist, would you be averse to the idea of another open letter to the management? Best wishes to you and yours, Bosh

As for the relative lack of black players in MLB, I’d speculate that it might be because of increased opportunities in other fields, both athletic and non-athletic. The raod to MLB is not an easy one. All but the best players spend years riding minor league buses and wondering if they’re going to ever make it. Compare that to hoops or football where the opportunity to get right to the “bigs” is so much more available. A 1st round draft choice in the NBA goes to LA, Houston, or Chicago. A #1 draft choice in MLB goes to Spokane.

In addition, as much as we all love MLB, it does not have the same flash as football or basketball. The NBA is clearly the hip-hop league of choice.

So, it seems to me all is well. The important point is that the opportunity to play MLB is available to all. Any MLB team that ignores a talented player based on race is idiotic. If the opportunity exists that’s what matters. That way everyone can make their own career choices based on what feels right for them without artificial barriers based on irrelevant concerns like skin color.

Gary in LV

After my last post…I realize I may be wrong about the Dodgers, Alyssa. As much as I love Joe Torre, I don’t think he knows how to put a good line up together when it’s not Jeter, ARod or Giambi! I looked at their lineup last night and I said wtf? I don’t know why he has Jeff Kent batting fourth when u have Andruw Jones that is a home run hitter? And he doensn’t give Nomar any respect by batting him down in the lineup! Why are there 2 young players batting around Kent? Here’s my projected lineup for the Dodgers:

Pierre- LF,
Furcal- SS,
Garciaparra- 3B,
A Jones- CF,
Kent- 2B,
Loney- 1B,
R Martin- C,
Kemp- CF,

I think if Joe Torre followed that basic line up I think u might see more wins. What do u think Alyssa? As far as the Yankees go, Joe Girardi seems clueless. If someone from Major League Baseball reads this…please let me be a manager!🙂 Hope u had a good weekend Alyssa…take care. Shawn


Another week in baseball….not a real good one for the Blue, but like I always say, lets get the slump out of the way early and then we can get our ducks in order…ya need to get your ducks in order real soon cause you’re walking into a buzz saw this week with the Snakes and the Rocs ( yes Rocs..big dumb birds )…..Andruw got his first home run against his old mates and good for him, I hope someone is making sure he’s not still celebrating with snacks….Don’t think there’s any organized racism in baseball, except against women, and people are just going where the money is being thrown, which is for the most part football and basketball
…of course all I know about modern sports is what I read in Tank McNamara…As far as frustration goes I think everyone gnashes their teeth and wails occasionally, I know I do and for me small sips of sour mash works wonders….Just finished listening to the heartbreaking ending to Sundays game, grrrrrrr…Yes put your faith in Joe and with Mattingly coming back lets hope some wrinkles get ironed out….Live the moment…..Mort

Bonsoir ma belle,

It was a fantastic week end, first I got my Dodgers tickets finally, 11 days before my departure date, extremely close, and for my immense surprise, my ticket had the picture of one of the greatest Dodgers player ever, Kirk ?We shall nev-ah surrend-ah? Gibson, I almost cried, my best friend (European girl who doesn?t like sports at all) has accepted to be dragged to the Ballpark, left field, box seats, I love her for that, you must all think, what human being would make her best companion fly 10.000 KM to attend a game of a sport she doesn?t like or understand ? I would answer, a person who for that accepted a long week end in one of the ?Kitschiest? hotel in Vegas, I know, Noblesse Oblige?.

And than Sunday was the apogee, my soccer team won the Belgian Champion title, and with 35 thousands fellows fans, I embraced this victory like a gift of God, after 25 years it was close to a miracle (the all City partied all night), DieuDonn-DieuMerci (God Giving God Thanks), with this first name, this young African player from Congo, was destined to bring back the title of Champion, merci, merci, merci?and special thanks to my favorite player Oguchi Onyewu, best US soccer player ever (American Giant).

So when I see my second preferred baseball team struggle like this, is horrible , this struggle in the offensive is killing me, even Martin seems to have lost his faith, he looks a little down, Kuroda is doing all he can: But what my soccer team showed me again this week end, is that everything is achievable, All “The Blue Man Group” need to do, is playing their best and the rest will follow?patience, and YES sweetie it?s a virtue.

Tembrasse fort,


PS : http://www.7sur7.be/7s7/fr/1509/Football-Belge/article/detail/250180/2008/04/21/Envoyez-vos-felicitations-et-souvenirs-a-Defour-.dhtml

Wow my first comment directly to you! It’s crazy that I’ve just now find this blog of yours. I’ve been talking on your message boards (alyssa.com) for months now. Well anyways, I should probably admit that I did not become a Dodgers fan too long ago, but that’s ok right? I mean you gotta start somewhere! But they have me ready to strangle myself right now! I about died watching that game the other night!!! Awell..I’m a true fan til the end🙂 –just like I am of yours! In fact this past weekend me and my friends spent all of it watching the fourth season of charmed. You did a really great job in that season. I mean you had a really hard and dramatic role to play and I think you did fantastic! Had me in tears at least! Good job…ok off subject sorry. Ha. Well That’s funny about your chihuahuahs. I have 3 dogs myself, and they already think I’m psycho, but you gotta love ’em!

Keep your spirits up. Our boys will pull through!

Love, Katlyn.


Alyssa, I know you don’t have experience in this, but baseball really needs some descent maternity baseball clothes. Though my wife has always been a Pirates fan, thanks to my 4-year-old(Reds Fan) and myself (Dodgers Fan), she now loves baseball. She is currently pregnant with our 2nd child. We’re heading to New York next week to see the Pirates @ Mets and she has nothing to wear!!! Only a handful of team have a maternitiy shirt available. That’s it, a lousy long-sleave t-shirt.

We also have tickets to see the Tigers @ Yankees. It’s all part of my goal of taking my son to all 30 parks, and getting a baseball from each, by the time he’s 18. (So far he has Cincy & Seattle).

Though it won’t help us now, please use your connections to get the someone to come up with something.

Thanks from me and my wife says, “Thanks Phoebe!”,

Kevin from “The Derby City”


Hi Alyssa,
Gave your questions a couple of days of pondering, and still don’t have a definitive answer.
It would seem that those drawn to the great game of baseball, already have the innate sense of what is going on with the sport. Those not, haven’t a care in the world for it.
I believe the somewhat newer ‘electronic age’ has a bit to do with pulling some prospective athletes away from pursuing the game. A few gangsters, hip-hop, and football and basketball, have attracted a fare share of impressionable young blacks, to the ‘other side.’
OK, that didn’t sound right, when one considers Michael Jordan, or Bo Jackson. Exceptional athletes in dual sports, as professionals, even.
It could help encourage some young African American kids to pursue the sport if some notable big-league players were to be part of some campaign to promote the sport, in areas where it is not seen to often.
There really are plenty of good-natured, charismatic guys that could be recruited for that kind of mission. Sounds like something that MLB could put together as a package.
Mz. Milano would probably be one of the hosts, in one way or another…
As far as out of one’s mind, how about some guy as old as me having some kind of boyhood crush on a pretty movie star. And even considering (in his own mad mind) she is still trying to find time in her hectic schedule for him. Then remembering that she would rather crochet than bat a little nerf ball around, in getting ready for that big Hollywood Stars debut!
So there’s no doubt, I do kinda like you. And i will remain an hour’s drive away.
buh bye.

Hi Alyssa,I enjoy reading your blog.Thank you.

i agree with you alyssa new players will bee sucsissfull.
signed melody.your fan and friend

alyssa i think the dodgers. may someday
win the world series you nevr know.
signed melody

I would like to add to the “solutions” to get more African-American youth into baseball:

*Have more celebrities that are idolized today by the black community do PSA’s or have them in the front row of baseball games. (They are always at basketball games…)

*Substitute MLB jerseys instead of NBA jerseys in music videos & on award shows.

*MLB needs to affiliate itself with BET and other African American media outlets to create ads that push baseball & Jackie.

MLB is at fault here for the following reasons:

They HAD the #1 sport in America (finish the phrase “____________”, hot dogs & apple pie)
The missing word is baseball. Not hockey, basketball, football, bowling, golf, soccer or lacrosse or any other sport.

Nearly everyone knows that the first African-American to break the color line was Jackie. How many people know who broke the color line in the NBA? NFL? NHL? I rest my case…

The breaking of baseball’s color line begat the breaking of the color line in all of the other major sports. And today, we are 3rd behind NBA and NFL in popularity with African American youth.

Just my .02…


heyy lyssa,
its sarah i really love your blog you got me into baseball and my friends did too but coz its not a german sport i cant watch it, my friend Demi always tells me the news tho Lol and ohh yeahh me and demi were having a weird debate about your tattoos Lol. I think you have 8 but demi is saying you have 9 (Demi commented your blog like 1 hour before me tellin you Lol) much appreciated if you would settle this for us .


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