The Future of Dodger Stadium

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Looks & sounds awesome!! but how much is this going to cost me?

Wow, but what is going to happen to the surrounding communities: the businesses and houses? Are they going to be taken away by eminient domain? I can’t believe such a project of that scope won’t include removing some existing buildings. Also, he talks about public transit, but historically Southern Californians don’t do that, they want to drive. Of course, if gas really goes to $7.00 a gallon like they are predicting, maybe SC drivers will change their ways. But we live about 25 miles away from Dodger Stadium, I can’t believe we would opt for hopping on a metro line and transferring cars in downtown LA at 11:30 at night!

This sounds really great but what about the cost? Will the cost of this rebuild and maintaining the new layout be passed to the fans? Will this push the ticket cost out of reach for the average fan?


I so hope that I get to go there some time. it looks like it is going to be great.
Forever Peace,

Thank you for sharing this, Alyssa.🙂

The plans sound interesting and progressive. While replying to your last blog, I thought about the construction of a megamall around the stadium a create a comprehensive recreation venue. However, logistic and security challenges will arise in encouraging crowds to loiter outside of event hours, and there are more cost-effective ways to enhance the event experience. You’re probably excited about the new plans, and I don’t want to take that away from you. But you know how I feel… I’d be much prouder of a community with the nation’s most dilapidated stadium and no monuments to itself, but which first cared enough to center its attention on building a glistening future for those in danger’s way and our friends dying on Skid Row. Steve

Hi Alyssa,

A laudable enterprise, yes, but one that will have hidden costs within it, for sure. It would be great to see Dodgers Stadium renovated and made into a really great place to come to, and it will probably cost $500million by the looks of the plans. But at what cost will this come to the fans and to the people of LA. No matter all the well meaning talk of the executives of the franchise and the politicians who will no doubt support this (if for nothing more cynical than to get their faces seen to supporting this project), there will be costs to the fans. 50 years is a long time to be looking into the future for a project. No one really knows what that future may hold and the decisions made now might not be held so highly in the future. The people ultimately responsible for this project are business men, and the bottom line in any business is profit. Future executives of the Dodgers may not hold to the same principles as the present board. In any case, the cost to redevelop the stadium will inevitably rise as time goes by. That’s the nature of the beast. As well *** the stadium redevelopment, how much will it cost to provide a safe and effective public transport system to service the stadium, in particular, and LA as a whole. I’d suggest given the inertia of most city councils, state and federal governments, and private building contractors, it’s going to cost far more than they can even project….billions. Who’s going to pay for all this?? When will all this be built and will it even go ahead?? It’s a pity that laudable words and worthy sentiments can’t make everything happen. Unfortunately, it all gets lost in the money and the eventual politics of the situation.

I hope it all comes to fruition, but I doubt it will not come at a price to the fans and the people of the city….whether that be good or bad.

Hey Alyssa! I’m half away – Australian born ‘n’ bred – and I am soooo excited about the proposed upgrades and changes to Dodger Stadium. I think that Frank McCourt is doing great things with the franchise… I just hope that the bulk of the expenses aren’t passed onto the fans in the way of significant price increases and the like. Care to share your thoughts Alyssa – What do you think about it?

Lee =)


Hi Alyssa,
Thanks for posting this!
I’m a Dodger fan living in Toronto, hometown of the great Russell Martin. (Although he’s not the reason I root blue – the artistry of Vin Scully has dominated the sountrack of my life since the early 80’s).

I must say, Frank McCourt is impressive – this guy is clearly a businessman with a heart. Visited Chavez Ravine for the first time last year (Penny vs. Shawn Hill) and although I loved it, there is a obvious opportunity to integrate it with the comminity and turn it into a latter day Wrigley Field. To that end, the artistic renderings look very promising!

Also visited Vero Beach for the first time this Spring and it struck me how Dodgertown, with its tremendous community warmth, is so diametrically opposed to Dodger Stadium, which beautifully stands in pavement isolation. Looking forward to seeing the new facility in Glendale next year but it sure has a tough act to follow!

Always look forward to your blogs – your love of the game is an inspiration to me.
Go Blue!

I’m glad they are going to keep the basic design of the distinctive outfield bleachers with the “zigzag” canopy. Dodger Stadium is one of the best places to see a game, so I’m glad they’re just enhancing it, rather than replacing it all together.


Bonjour ma belle,

Frank wanted to build a bright new waterfront stadium in Boston for my Red Sox, but John Henry got the deal, so he wants to fulfill his dream by building an immense stadium in Los Angeles.

What I like about this project is the fact that he thought about the ecology and the environment, think Blue in Green, .but he already raised the tickets prices, how much is this going to cost the simple fan?

And the International Dodgers Center sounds like an imitation of The Red Sox Nation?enfin those are my opinion, what is yours sweetie ?

Imitation is the finest form of flattery?

T?embrasse fort,

PS: 10 days ma belle, 10 days?.
PSS : I?m crossing my fingers for the new ABC show, sounds super fun

i think it’s a wonderful idea. a great way to preserve dodger history and make it overall a more gratifying experience. plus, i’m tired of angel stadium getting all the credit of being a better stadium!🙂
go blue!

Hi Alyssa,

I think this project sounds theoretically fantastic. However, there is nothing substantive in the video. As others have mentioned, what happens to the surrounding communities? What are the economic details of this initiative? Will fans in southern Cal embrace public transit? Let’s see the project plan. A glib eco-friendly speech is nice, but we won’t know if it will work until we see the business plan. It would be nice if this comes to fruition for Dodgers fans.

What are your thoughts?

All the best,


I am so happy that Dodgers stadium is being preserved. As a Phillies fan, I have grown up with only Veteran’s Stadium and had no real history there. I love our new park Citizen’s Bank Park, but there is not connection to our past. This will preserve Dodgers history in LA and give the fans a state of the art experience. Enjoy!


Hi Alyssa,

This sounds like a great idea. I think it might make the fans a little classier so they won’t bad mouth the Angels when they play there. “Angels suck” etc. In addition, it will probably make the experience there better and more enjoyable. What do you think? There is a big article about this plan in todays LA Times; complete with artists rendering of what the new stadium would look like. Thank you for this video and for the new blog.


Frank McCourt proposed a new park when he was competing for Red Sox ownership back in 2001-2002. I’m glad he’s showing his commitment to his team in LA.


Hello Baseball fans!

The new stadium is exciting! I love going to a new ballpark!
I was going to say I saw Torre on ESPN last night and I see he picked the Arz game to get after the umpires! Just wait and see if Dodgers dont go on a win streak now. Pinella did the same thing last year in May I think? Its a head game and Torre knows how to play it. Lets see if the players respond. I bet they do!
This afternoon I did some whiz bang numbers comparison from games played 1 April thru 20 April a total of 17 games. As Dodger fans surely realize, they need to score more runs! Mucho more runs! Ok I did three teams Dodgers, Cubs and Arz. I laid down runs scored for all three teams for 17 games and Arz won 6 games, Dodgers 2 games and the Cubs 9 games when pitted against each other. Dodgers scored three runs or less in 10 games. OUCH! Arz scored three or less in one game. Cubs scored three or less in 7 games. Hum… I dont like that Cubs are streaky! Arz scored 112 runs or 6.58 runs per game. Cubs scored 108 runs or 6.35 runs per game. Dodgers scored 68 runs or 4 per game. I liked the Dodger lineup with Furcel and Pierre batting 1-2. I still think Dodgers need speed on the basepaths.

I have a friend who had a goat die and they need a good burial place? Perhaps a dead goat buried in Dodger stadium will bring good luck! I dunno I’d like to bury him in a Touch custom made goat coat. It could forever be called the Milano Goat! I dunno let me know if AJM has any Touch Goat coats. Something cute in Dodger blue.

The new plans for Dodgers stadium sounds neat, I hope it all goes though. Also crossing my fingers for your new pilot.
larondaA26 CL

All this is great but everyone has commented on “what will the cost be to the FANS of baseball?” How much more will it cost the already Tight cringed folks who spend their small excess money just to go spend time with their family and watch some wonderful dodger baseball. I’m a true blue fan and always will be. I came early to the game to see FANS walk up and down and see and feel the excitement in the air. Watch warm-ups… have an early dodger dog and drink before the game. Stop by the shops and just browse the new dodger items. Get to my seat and look beyond the pavilions towards the sunset sky. SERIOUSLY! What is going to happen to the game. I love upgrades and believe me I have loved every upgrade since Frank took over and well… it makes me want to think.. does he really feel baseball? or money? business? money?
Parking?? That has never been fixed ever since the days of my first dodger game in 1994. 14 years later it is actually worst. I’d rather drive to dodger stadium… leave the public transportation to the folks who don’t know how to get there. But with that said also… you are stealing the moment and gift of driving up to the main entrance and seeing it for yourself in your own views… not from a tinted bus window crowded with folks. It is like taking the tour in pHiladelphia and getting driven by Benjamin Franklin Parkway and not being able to get off and run the stairs to the top entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of ARt and not feel like ROCKY! Taking away the ROCKY moment.

I’m excited and scared. WHo’s park will this become? Dodger Fans? or Vanity Fans?
Give me dodger stadium the way it is now with my SUper Dodger dog and Peanuts and have my brother buy me a drink when i am thirsty. I love baseball and it feeds my life with “happyness”. As life intended it to do.

Hi Alyssa,I think it’s great.Thank you.

Miss Milano,
I believe this this is a well-meaning effort, but look at Camden yards. Some yeas of ooh and ahhs when it opened, but now? I believe that the Dodgers’ hierarchy should be focused on the ON-FIELD product, not off-field. I’m a Red Sox fan. Fenway? Not exactly posh. Still people go. Facilities? Not much. Still people go. Greenery? Outside of Monstah Green paint on that wall, nope. Still people go. Rats? Plenty. Still people go. Hawks that attack kids? Yep(well, she had it coming with the name Alexa Rodriguez). Still people go. Highest ticket prices around? Sure thing. Still people go. It’s the team in the end – always will be.
Eyes on the game, Mr McCourt.
PS NFNB – Matt Kemp as a defensive sub for Andruw Jones? Huh?

While we’re imagining, let’s imagine $2.00 beers and $1.50 hot dogs.

Bonsoir ma belle,

I couldn?t have said it better Bosh?

I?m crazy about Fenway Park, and I?m certain that I?m going to love Dodgers Stadium as well, the reason is that I adore baseball no matter where, a nice green field, a comfortable place to sit, a Hot-Dog and a beverage, that?s all folks?
So let?s concentrate and encourage the Blue Men group here first daccord ?

Tembrasse fort,


PS : It wasnt her name (Alexa Rodriguez) but her hairdooo!!!

This is such nonsense. The Dodgers need to come back home to Brooklyn already. LA can have the A’s.

Words, words, words… that sound great, but who’s gonna pay so much? The idea is cool, especially that one ‘Dodger Way’😛 but idk… it costs too much.
Anyways how are you Lyssie🙂 I saw Wisegal and the episodes of My name is Earl… lmao it’s so damn funny😛 and in Wisegal… no comment you’re so hot there :P:P:P now I have to see Pathology, I’m sure it’s great🙂 and btw congrats on the new show you are going to star in😛
I Love U Lyss🙂 keep it up😛

Hey Alyssa! I think these are some really cool ideas. It will make the whole Dodgers baseball experience THAT much better. Rock on🙂

Also–just saw Wisegal. Wow, it was awesome! It should have came to theatre’s..I think it would have done really well. You did an amazing job acting in it. (As always!)

And congratulations on your new show!!!! I can’t wait to see it!



Another week of baseball…..seems the rough spot is over with ( at least I hope so )…. definitely need to keep winning the day games… does the stadium need a face lift ? I guess so, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed as to how to manage it….Would you take the bus ?… Todays ( Sunday ) game ended well but I could hear people booing Jones in the late innings and tho I might agree on it for his hitting I think he’s doing great on defense. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that his hitting picks up…Nomar, Nomar, Nomar…damn I really hate it when this happens, I’m rooting for ya buddy, you are a class act….Live the moment…….Mort.

Not forgetting your glove. The anticipation of the drive to the stadium. The awe at the sheer size of the palace of dreams. Seeing the field open to view as you take your first steps into the open air of the playground for men. Hearing a wood bat for the first time. Smelling the intoxicating fumes from grass, dirt, vendors, etc. Realizing the men you idolize on the radio and TV are actually living, breathing hero giants of your personal fantasy. Remembering the look on your Dad’s face when you found out he was still a kid in your fantasy too. Leaving the game a lifelong fanatic of the greatest sport in the world.
These are just some of the reasons a team’s stadium is the most important tool in progressing this great sport.
As a fan of the Tigers for my whole life, I watch with teary eyes when I pass Old Tiger Stadium. It still stands rusting, overgrown, and dilapidated. I would happily have paid more for my tickets and food to be able to take my kids to such an iconic place, if only to hope they leave with the same impression as I once did.

One thought immediately comes to mind. In the wake of the Coke Scandal of the ’80s (at which time Coca Cola made one of the most serious gaffes in marketing history when it came out with “New Coke”), Hank Williams Jr. responded with a classic song, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”.

Likewise, Dodger Stadium is one of the few authentic, fan friendly stadiums left in baseball. I grow a bit weary of seeing teams hold cities for ransom (“Build us a stadium or we’re moving!”). And the Dodgers are one of the few teams left that, despite the enormous amount of revenue in which they transact business, still maintain some sense of a family atmosphere at the stadium.

Dodger Stadium is fine just like it is and right where it is. A few cosmetic upgrades are understandable, when necessary. But beyond that, Hank Williams Jr.’s aforementioned maxim says it all.

One needs to understand a bit of history about Dodger Stadium to realize what’s really going on. In brief, Walter O’Malley purchased Chavez Ravine from the City of Los Angeles for peanuts. In return he was severely limited to what he could build on his nearly 400 acres.

O’Malley never received the prime zoning necessary to build the hotels, offices, restaurants, shops and other attractions he had hoped for. This is why Dodger Stadium is little more than a stadium and a big parking lot.

McCourt wants to build those structures today and he’s wrapped it up in a very slick “Save Dodger Stadium Package.” If it was cheaper to build a new stadium and if he think he would get permission to build a new stadium with all the other structures, McCourt would bulldoze Dodger Stadium in a heartbeat.

I like what’s proposed but I think it’s being done in a terribly disingenuous manner.

congratulations manny is a good player
alyssa this year i see the dodgers win the world series good luck dodgers
and alyssa i hope they win the series
then you can celebrate
signed melody redsox and dodgers fan
we have a new player to
he is allso doing fantastic
jo to
signed melody redsox&dodgers-fan
goo red-goooooo blue-:)

to who said redsucks
its not true and the one who said to alyssa
if you don.t like alyssa don.t blog your just
eritating me and all of alyssas fan so please
stop the nonesence
signed melody i will allways support alyssa and her family

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