How Sweep It Is!

It was a great weekend for the boys in blue.
It was a good feeling to sweep the Rockies after they won seven in a
row last season. Two walk-off victories in one series! Let’s hope we
can ride this momentum and keep it going.

Some highlights for me:

  • Matt
    Kemp: To ask a guy like that to bunt, the night after he hit a grand
    slam, is pretty unorthodox and he bunted like he does it every day.
    Effortless and effective.
  • James Loney: After he had hit into
    that double play in the eighth, for him to mentally come back by
    bringing Rafael Furcal home with a single in the 10th to win the game
    was outstanding.
  • Esteban Loaiza: He had a ribbie that led to
    two runs in the fourth, and he pitched like he had the fifth spot in
    the rotation to lose with those four scoreless innings to begin. A
    solid outing, even though he didn’t get the win.
  • Russell Martin: Saturday night, the guy played third
    (his Minor League position) when Nomar Garciaparra got hurt. Then in
    the 13th, Martin hit the ball deep enough to get Matt Kemp home for the
    win. Martin is batting .414 (12-for-29) in his last 10 games and has
    raised his average nearly 100 points to .280.
  • Brad Penny: He looks good. He always looks good. The guy is solid.
  • Ten runs against Mark Redman in the first.
  • Jonathan Broxton: There is nothing like watching a pitcher pitch his way out of trouble.
  • Joe
    Torre: I love watching him manage this team. Some of it works, some of
    it doesn’t, but at least there is guidance and some semblance of a plan
    with every at bat.

Well done, my beloved Dodgers. Well done.


P.S. I think my Dad should be worried. It seems like my mother has a little crush on Joe Beimel.


Thank you for this….letter^^. I find its so great that you tell us something about your secret live^.^!

ps: Sorry but my englisch is not so good, i hope you can read this^^


Welcome back to florida. Let’s hope they can finish April at .500. Some of your call out highlights seem basic and “doing their job” references. Kemp’s Grandslam was the highlight… his bunt while great… isn’t unorthodox. Winning first. Redman did the same thing almost against Detroit a couple years back. All in the first. Saturday probably brought back memories!

hey hey hey Alyssa … u he best and the cutess and he amazing person i even know . u just make me happy every day maybe without even u know that … i love u and good luck with everything u do … i am u biggest fan … hugs with kiss … u mean alot to me ,.. and thanks for postting ur letters .. and u ones answer me …in ur blog .. and ur bro cory gosh i started to listen to his sons .. it’s amazing


from Kuwait

i am sorry to post 2 time

hey hey hey Alyssa … u the best and the cutess and the amazing person i even know . u just make me happy every day maybe without even u know that … i love u and good luck with everything u do … i am u biggest fan … hugs with kiss … u mean alot to me ,.. and thanks for postting ur letters .. and u ones answer me …in ur blog .. and ur bro cory gosh i started to listen to his songs .. it’s amazing
bless to ur family ….

from Kuwait

Beyond the mountains there are mountains again…

Bonsoir ma belle,

It was indeed a wonderful weekend, the sun made a valid appearance for the first time this year in old Bier/Chocolate Kingdom and the Dodgers won?.YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
You can imagine how frustrated I was starting to feel after those last games, I couldn?t visualize being actually there for the first time and mixing excitement plus frustration all at ones, NON NON NON, please, keep the first-class work and I will even wear BLUE (And for the people who know me, that?s more than a marvel).

James Loney : I like patient men?
Russell Martin : Three words for you ?sense of balance?, but he should not push it, it?s a long season (Belles fesses en plus).
Goblin ?Penny? : no comment?
DeWitt : I like his game a lot
Joe Beimel : Nice escape

PS : Even if Beimel sounds very German, he looks Italian, that could explain your mum s crush !!!
PSS : Have a great last day at the set, it?s more than ok to cry.
PSSS : The security will almost certainly not accept my chocolate for you so I will post it when I?m in LA

Tembrasse fort,


Hi Alyssa

It was a great two games wasn’t it? I agree about manager Torre he really seems to be in there giving it his all. We’re going all the way I feel it


LOL! Your mom’s “crush” is too funny! Congrats to the Dodgers on their sweep. Sounds like the Rays last two sweeps, especially over the champs!

Hey Alyssa! I live in Australia & sadly we don’t see many of the Dodgers games =( We usually get the Red Sox and the Yankees games.. Pfft. I’m so cut I missed that series.. GAH! Matt Kemp is INCREDIBLE! What a great hitter =). And Broxton is just awesome to watch. Keep up the good work boys, Go Blue!

PS – I was on the Gold Coast and saw a woman wearing Touch. Just thought I’d let you know.. It’s cool that we love your designs so much that we’re buying them in countries that don’t even have pro Baseball, so theres no games to wear them to. As soon as I get my credit card next month, I’m buying out the MLB Touch shop LOL =).
– Lee =)

Hey again, Alyssa!🙂

It’s nice to know you had a great weekend. Congratulations to your Dods on their sporty moves. I hope that they continue to win.

Have a great week! -Steve

Congratulations to the Dodgers! Maybe you should post a blog after every win. That way the Dodgers will know you really are a true fan. You could recap every game for us. Sort of like sports writer. You could be famous! Oh yeah, I forgot, you already are famous. You could become famouser. Like Vin Scully and an actress to boot! I’m sorry I don’t know who Joe Beimel is. Have a great week.


Glad to hear the Dodgers are doing well.

I so happys that they make you so happy. I have only been able to see one Dodger game this year. They do not show them on my TV much.😦 but I have been making it up by going to Sounds games. I will be seeing my 3rd game this week. My mother asked me who got me hooked on base ball and I say Alyssa. Well I am glad that the Dodgers are doing so well and thanks for keeping me and all else who come here up to date.
Love and Forever Peace
McCollonough Ceili (Makayla)

Hey Alyssa!

Great to hear from you!
Congrats on the big win, good to read your boys in blue are doing so well🙂

Hope to hear from you again soon! Lets hope the dodgers will keep their good work up!



Miss Alyssa,

Hope the Dodgers keep it up, and the Lakers also. I voted for my all stars today all the Dodgers and All the angels except our short stop had to go with O. Cabrera the Angels have M. Izturis listed when it is Eric Aybar. So any way my point hope you would vote all Angels for A.L. for me. Also you guys can register for the All Star game lottery to be able to purchase tickets first when they release them. It is free to register and no obligation to buy if you get picked. Well the A’s are in town so getting ready to go to the game.

Your favorite Angel fan,


P.S. Alyssa vote for my Angels for All Stars

Glad to see Dodgers winning. Best I could tell, Torre has found the lineup: Furcel, Ethier, Kemp, Kent, Hu, Martin, Loney, Dewitt. Dodgers bats are hot. My hammocks are tightening up just thinking about a Big Blue Machine matchup against Lou Pinella and boys in the playoffs.

Hello again darling🙂

I love how often you have been updating lately! I can barely keep up!! But don’t worry that’s a good thing. I’m sure I can speak for all of “us” fans when I say we really appreciate you keeping us in the loop on your life.

I have a question for you though. What does it feel like to have so many people look up to you and stuff? Like people from all over the world know your name and watch you on TV everyday! Seriously! I know Charmed comes on like 4 hours everyday plus now that the writers strike is over My Name is Earl is coming back on too! I love it though. You are definitely my favorite actress of all time, not to mention my role model/hero🙂 …you know, my Dad actually got to meet you once. I’m so sooo jealous. He got a picture and everything! It was a few years ago in Iraq. You (being the amazing person that you are) came over to support the troops! I wish I could have been there..he brags about meeting you all the time–just to get on my nerves cause he knows what a big fan of yours I am!

ANYWAYS wow way off topic here…back to the beloved baseball. OUR BOYS MADE ME PROUD THIS WEEKEND! Yayayayayyy for them. Didn’t that win just feel soooo good? did! Haha, I hope they keep it up!

P.s. I really really really REALLY TIMES A BILLION hope that ABC runs this new show your starring in. It sounds good and I know I would watch it! Good luck, and congrats to your brother on his new song!!! That’s really great.

Well..sorry this comment’s one of my longer ones, I hope you read it anyways🙂

Talk to you later!!!
Your BIGGGEST fan, Katlyn.

ok sorry..just realized that my “P.s” on my last comment was a little out of place. haha woops, my bad!

Hi, Alyssa!

Just wondering what your take is on Andruw Jones. I personally am frustrated that he’s on the All-Star ballot and Kemp is not. I think Karros was saying on the pregame show Tuesday night that Torre should sit Jones for five games while he corrects his swing. What do you think — would it allow him time to remaster the fundamentals, or would it just wound his pride even more?

Hi Alyssa,

The Dodgers keep winning (six straight). Juan Pierre sparked them yesterday and Blake DeWitt has filled in well at third base. Of course, Torre is one of the best managers in the game. He certainly can’t miss what’s happening in the Bronx right now. The Yanks have 3 players on the 15 day Disabled List, also referred to as the “15 day Pavano.” Torre left at the right time.

Take care,


p.s. – Tell your dad to relax – Joe Beimel is married!

I just happened to come across your blog. I love it and I think it’s great that you write this! I am a huge Minnesota Twins fan (and I love Charmed too) and I know you like the Dodgers but you should maybe check out Torii Hunter with the Angels too! I am so jealous of everyone who lives in LA and can see Torii play!

Hi Alyssa,

What gives…. 8 in a row!!!!. I guess that means “frustration” has not been happening for you in awhile. Thats good…Can’t say the same about “my cubbies”, as they have let a few wins slip away late in the game lately. Uncle Lou was just about ready to have a “meltdown”, which can be amusing, if it wasn’t so frustrating all at the same time. I know, “SETTLE BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE”.

Take care of yourself Alyssa,
Curt (cub fan curt)
PS. Here’s wishing that ABC picks up that pilot, starring ALYSSA MILANO.

Hi Beautiful. Hate to be the one to tell you the Dodgers are finishing behind the Giants. They just wont be able to handle our young pitchers. Well besides Zito. How about a little wager. If the Giants record is better than the Dodgers by allstar you come watch some of the game in our suite or box. If You win I do 80 hrs at any charity of your choice. Or free plumbing labor for any charity building homes. win win either way. souds likes a great deal for you.🙂

Hello, Alyssa. I just wanted to let you know that James Loney knocked in six RBIs in tonight’s game (there is no typo). You must be having a great week!

Be sure to check out my recap of the memorable game at Also, thank you for supporting the Dodgers – simply the greatest baseball team on Earth!

It sounds like the Dodgers took some of my advice in my previous comments. (Did u read those comments Alyssa?) Maybe..maybe not..I’d like to think so. I knew they’d get their act together. How was your weekend Alyssa?


Another week of baseball….I always love it when I hear the words Play Ball and the Blue have been giving me that feeling this week…well, except for today (Sunday)….Martin playing third, what a hoot… there is a lot of fun in this game and after weeks of worry it’s nice to see the bats waking up for ya ( and for my Sox also ) I was keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Jones but I was walking funny and people started to notice and typing is no joy either…come on Andruw…Still, it’s only May and you’re playing better then 500 ball… so now you got to get out the Arizona voodoo dolls and those really long pins. Live the Moment…..Mort

Time for the New York Metropolitans to make their yearly trip to Dodger Stadium. The Mets have been inconsistent thus far in 2008 with a 16-13 start. They are coming off an impressive series win in Arizona (2 out of 3). The Dodgers are very hot. Will be interesting facing off against Joe Torre after 12 years of playing against him in so many Subway Series, including the World Series in 2000. Talk to you later about this exciting series.

Round One to your Los Angeles Dodgers over my New York Metropolitans. Oliver Perez had given up just one home-run in his first six starts in 2008. Last night, he gave up three, including a lead-off home-run by the red hot Rafael Furcal. Blake DeWitt and Matt Kemp added homers in the the 5-1 Dodgers victory. This was the ninth victory in the last ten games for Los Angeles. The Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball. Chad Billingsley, the much maligned right hander, was sharp for the most part. He pitched out of jams in the second, third and fourth innings. Game 2 tonight in Chavez Ravine.

Just got tickets to Red versus Cubs Sept 6th in Cinnci. Meeting about 7 old friends from college and everyone is getting pumped up! We talked about what we would do though if Cubs were in a hot pennant race and someone waved $500 at us for our tickets? Sorry, guess we’d be going to a 5 star seafood place or something and watching the game on TV. I’m a baseball fan ya know but I can be bought. Shows ya how delusional we are to think were getting rich off the Cubs! Yuk yuk yuk

Alyssa, I didn’t know after this year LA will have the third oldest active stadium. It looks pretty good.

R.I.P. Buzzie Bavassi

Alyssa –

Great to see your MLBlog. I am the Clubby for the Dodgers affiliate over in San Bernardino. Any chance we might see you out at a game to check out the Dodgers of the future?

This is an open invitation, we would love to have you out to a game!

In the meantime check out what it is like to be a Minor League Clubhouse Manager at my MLBlog. You can also read about the Dodgers of the future!

MiLB Clubhouse Manager

Hey Alyssa, just saw you in My Name is Earl, you were great.

Penny – “always looks good; solid”….huh? How about this line from last week:

Yikes! Still love ya though, Alyssa.

Hi Alyssa! Me (Katlyn) again🙂 haha well just wanted to wish you a happy “early” mothers day…tomorrow! Even though you’re not a mother yet, that’s ok. I know you want kids, and adore them–and for all it’s worth, I think you would make a fantastic mother. Any kid would be SO lucky to have you as a mom! Seriously! Well I hope you are doing well.
Love love love,
Your girl, Katlyn!

omg i love you so so so much❤

Hello Alyssa!
I find you formidable to encourage dodgers! You are my actress preferred. You are an example for me:). I looked for a long time has to get in touch with you! I always wanted to speak to you! I do not speak English I come from Canada that is why my English is bad:P. Continue your beautiful work and I am going to encourage the team!
Mallia xxx

How about those Rays Alyssa !!!

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