Mothers, Kershaw and Jones

pinkbats.jpgHappy Mother’s Day (pink bat day) to all you mommies out there. I wish you a happy day.

It is time. We can’t wait any longer. It is time to bring up Clayton Kershaw. I don’t know what is going on with our starting pitching (it is hard to not point fingers at our pitching coach considering all of our starters are struggling), but it’s time to give the kid a chance.

The Dodgers called up Yhency Brazoban for relief. For those of you who don’t remember, he had surgery last June to repair his labrum. It seems as though Jason Schmidt is going to make a rehab start today. He is expected to pitch one inning for Inland Empire at Lancaster tomorrow. Wow. One whole inning. At that pace he should be healthy to golf in the offseason. Let’s hope I am wrong.

At this rate, we are going to have to make some moves. I don’t have a clue what they should be but…surely this can’t continue.

Totally switching gears to our offense — I have a favor to ask of all you Dodger fans who attend the games. Please try and refrain from booing our players. And you know who I am referring to. I know what you will say. You will say, “It’s our right to show our displeasure.” But come on. It hurts my heart a little. Andruw Jones clearly has a flaw in his swing. We know that. I have news for you — he knows that. But what started out as a technical flaw has now clearly turned mental. There is no way the guy has just physically lost his ability to hit a baseball. Heandruwjonesprofile2.JPG hit a double Friday night, for crying out loud. No amount of booing is going to help him find his way. Let’s show some support. Compassion. I get the frustration, but don’t you want him to get better for the sake of the team? I sure do.

Which brings me to another point: If a player isn’t producing, I don’t care how much we are paying him ($18 million a year, is it?) — either sit him or send him down to Triple-A. Putting him out there every night isn’t helping matters. Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre and Matt Kemp should be our outfield right now, especially since every Jones at-bat is riddled with a vocal crowd that is causing more harm to the issue.

Andruw, if you happen to be reading this (by some miracle), hang in there buddy. I know this can’t be an easy time for you. You are a competitor. Of course, I can’t speak for every Dodger fan out there, but in my circle of family and friends, we want you to succeed. We have compassion for what you are going through and know that you will eventually pull out of this. I’ll be cheering you on from my couch and the stands.

And baseball,

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I know what your saying I heard the booing at the game on the 5th and I thought “what is this for??” I didn’t get it. If someone is in a slump this is the time to build him up not tear him down. I agree completely Alyssa


Hi Alyssa,

The Andruw conundrum is perplexing. Don Mattingly is a good hitting coach but it may be not be that easy to correct Andruw’s mechanics. Andruw batted .222 last year, albeit with 26 HRs and 94 ribbys. ESPN’s Steve Phillips showed the difference in Andruw’s mechanics from 2005 (when he was in sync) to 2008. Phillips didn’t think his swing could be corrected in the middle of a season. That is debatable. He is only 31 years old so he can still bounce back. Although he appears to be a bit “pudgy”, this shouldn’t end up as his “Fat Elvis Tour”.

As for the fan issue: I agree with you – I personally don’t see the benefit of booing your own players or derisively jeering them. When I played in organized leagues as a kid, I always encouraged teammates. Now as a fan, I continue to accentuate the positive towards my team (lifelong Red Sox fan). However, there is an element who seem to derive pleasure from the negative. It’s very unusual for Blue fans to deride one of their own. Andruw looks a bit out of shape and that doesn’t help.

I think as ticket prices and concessions continue to escalate to a point where it costs a family of four hundreds of dollars to go to a game, fans have become less tolerant or intolerant of poor performances by athletes making $18 mil per annum. Furthermore, when an athlete secures a rich multi year deal and becomes injured and inactive (Pavano being the easy example) the media and fans will jump on this- especially if the athlete is perceived as not being fully committed to rehab. In Pavano’s case, teammates (Mussina for one) and Yankee brass were opening questioning his commitment to rehab last year. The New York tabloids dubbed him “American Idle.” The athlete becomes a punchline. Fans read this and react – many perceive the athlete as a money grabber who is not fully dedicated to his craft. Whether this is true or not – perception becomes reality. In Andruw’s case, a hot streak will silence his detractors. But I think the flaws in his mechanics are serious.

Sorry for the long post, but your comments were (typically) thought provoking.

All the best,


I can understand the frustration of fans when they see a player who is obviously not performing as well as they should making life hard for the team, but when it’s something beyond their control then you have to feel some sorrow for the player and hope he can recover. However, if it’s just an attitude problem or the player just feels lazy, then it’s something entirely different. To be honest about it, $18 million is a ridiculous amount of money to be paying anyone, let alone a player in a sport. Sure, they need to be compensated for the amount of work they do, and they do have limited playing careers, but so much money?? Sheesh ,for $18 million, I’d not only perform….I’d bake cakes for the local old people’s home, wash pets and paint the lines on the roads with a toothbrush!!!!. They should be eternally grateful that someone is willing to pay and believes that they’re worth that much money.

What Jones needs to do is to take a step back and look at what his problem stems from. Obviously, his injury has affected his batting technique, so what he has to do is modify his technique to accommodate the change in his body. What will happen if he doesn’t is he will continue to be plagued by poor batting (even if he does hit the occasional double) and he could do himself more injury by aggravating what he already has. It could even cut his playing career short if he doesn’t. Goes the same for any player, in any sport. You need time to recover properly from an injury and continually playing on it whilst it’s still sore will do it no good, or your playing ability no good either. People recover at different rates and the public should be aware of that and not judge a player on what he “should” be doing at this and that stage. I’d like to see some of the fans (and the media reps) do the same work that the players put in week in and out. Many can’t even muster the energy to go grab a hot dog and a drink, let alone put the effort into training for and playing baseball.

To sum it all up, I totally agree with your comments. I only hope that some of the players actually listen to what you have to say….it’s not just your baseball knowledge which counts, it’s the fact that you genuinely care about their welfare as players which really should hit home to them.

Keep Pitchin’,

Carl (“Ozzie”)


Another week in baseball…..Happy Moms Day…speaking of which…doesn’t Russell Martins Mom dress him funny….what a heartbreaker game today ( Sunday )…Kuroda was a gem…but you’re right , the bullpen let him down.

I still have my hopes set on Jones and hope he can get it together .There’s nothing better than watching a talented man ( or woman ) doing what they do best and Jones can be one of the best given the chance. …The Blue it seems to me are sitting pretty at this moment in May and I’m glad for ’em but they really need to get better sunglasses for these day games, or change the color of some of those seats…Live the Moment……….Mort

Happy moms day to you too Alyssa! Did you call your mother?

This seems like such a delicate matter. I don’t follow the Dodgers that closely but I don’t understand why the fans would Boo their own players. You didn’t comment since your last blog about how the Dodgers won 8 games in a row! They went from second to last to second in their division! A great improvement I would say. They are only a few games out of first place. It seems like they have really turned their season around and gotten on the right track. Maybe you should have a little patience with them? Congratulations on your upcoming new tv role.


Hey Alyssa🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to you too, for all of the compassion, nurturing, and care that you show to so many myriads of people in need in all walks of life around the world- and to all of your animals. I can’t follow all of the technicalities of your post, but I hope that Andruw Jones understands that we support him and wish him great success. I hope you have a great week ahead, Alyssa. Please continue to keep in touch! PS- I was at Universal Studios recently and they were selling cotton candy at the Dippin’ Dots stand! And Dodger Dogs at the Citywalk! Is the 101 getting so bad that the stadium concession trucks just pull off at the first exit when they hit gridlock? The 101’s been a parking lot, but soon those little traffic lights at the entrances will probably dispense tickets as well. PPS- More dots. More fun. Six dots. PPPS- Alright, I’m annoying myself now. Have a great week, Alyssa! -Steve

Hi Lyssie, happy mother’s day to your mother and to all the moms over there😛
I Love U Lyss!!!❤

Hey Alyssa!

I agree with you on the booing it really doesn’t help.. I was watching the game last night (it was around 10 pm here) and I get the frustration of throwing away a 3-1 lead but booing won’t help the players to step up it only demotivates them.. Lets hope they’ll win next game😉



I thought Dodgers were hot last week going 9-1 in last ten, now that changed to 5-5 for last ten. Wuz up with Furcel is he hurt? I see Hu replaced him at SS. Ok your boy A. Jones is “Jones sen” for some luv and support. Sugar always works better than Vinegar. Luvin Jones even in his days of agony is tuff luv. Perhaps AJM is right that the tuff luv should shining shoes in the dugout or AAA ball, but I never boo players. I also say no excessive swearing. Too many kids at the game. Thanks for the Dodger update but I thought you’d be happier now Ms. Milano. I need to research who these unknown player’s names are your throwing about.

Hello again Alyssa!🙂
I agree with you completely. Sure Andruw hasn’t been doing great, but with a whole stadium of people booing him, it’s not gonna make him any better. We need to keep encouraging him! I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to have so many people watching you fail and then booing at you! It would make it almost impossible! And like you said, it’s probably more of a mental thing now. The guy didn’t just forget how to bat all of a sudden! So hopefully if this behavior stops he will improve.
Hope you had an awesome mother’s day!
Love your girl, Katlyn
P.s. beautiful picture you have up! It’s stunning.


Sorry, I don’t agree. The fans have a right to boo.
As long as it doesn’t turn into name calling and
nasty comments which are totally uncalled for.
We pay good money to see the Dodgers
and expect to see the best team possible on the
field for that given day. Right now A. Jones isn’t
one of the 3 best outfielders on the squad. I was
at the game Saturday night and the crowd gave him
all kinds of positive energy during one of his A.B.’s
It turned into a 2 base error with Jones ending up
on second base. He just looks lost at the plate.
Andre Either had a big game on Sunday. It is going
to be harder and harder for Joe to keep him out of
the lineup. Your idea of sending him down to Triple A to work on his swing might just get him back on track.
D.Y. can be the fourth outfielder.

Hi Alyssa
Being a lifelong Braves fan (sorry) I watched Andruw start to decline after his injury and I had a bad feeling he was going to have a tough time coming back performance-wise. I’m thinking the Braves’ brass saw that too. I’ve been following the Dodgers (my Dad’s turning in his grave) this year just to keep tabs on Andruw and it’s difficult to see him continuing to struggle. He had a monster career for us. His swing is completely different now and, I think no matter how good Mattingly is as a hitting coach, the problem is in Andruw’s head and it’s not coming out any time soon. Is the answer a trip to the minors? Not too sure. A trip to a hypnotist? who knows? But no matter what, beating the guy up isn’t helping. I just hope he doesn’t fall completely apart for your team’s sake. If and when he comes around, believe me, the Dodgers will reap the benefits we Braves fans cherished for many seasons.


I appreciate this commentary. You are corrent – as a competitor, even the player himself must realize what is happening and do what is necessary to fix the issues. Torree must realize that a stint on the pine or even minor leagues may be imminent. He is doing a similar AROD job – move him out of the power positions in the lineup and see if he can work it back – lets see what happens.

Also want to say that I appreciate this blog and what you are doing for baseball – stupendous that you are such a fan that there is a female clothing line and a woman’s perspective on the game. I mean come on – there is a ridiculous among of women out there cheering for their teams – espeaciially in NY, LA, SF, Chicago, etc…. And until a couple of years ago, they are wearing their husbands jersey🙂 – Now at least they can flash their bling, enjoy the game, and contribute to the alive atmosphere they are a part of!

Good job! As a 33 year old in Brooklyn, NY, all i say to end is that now we need you back cheering for the hometown NY Mets! Maybe that is your 2nd favorite team – hmmm…..



Part of the problem with Kershaw is that he is not on the 40-man roster. To move Kershaw up, the Dodgers would have to take someone off the roster AND send them down, essentially cutting them from the team. So it’s not that easy to just “call him up.” And while you might be frustrated with the starting pitching, if you look at the record more closely, in 10 of their 18 losses, the Dodgers have scored only one or zero runs. It makes it really tough for a starting pitcher when they have such limited run support. Pitchers don’t have to be perfect when the offense gives them a lead to work with.

As for Andruw Jones, he could probably benefit for a few days off to clear his head, review tapes, and spend some time in the batting cage with (hitting coach) Mike Easler. That is, if Jones is open to some instruction. Easler did a great job with the guys from Double-and-Triple-A, and I’m sure he could help Jones, but only if he will listen to the advice. As for sending Jones down to Triple-A, I’m pretty sure that he would be more upset by that than by a spattering of boos from the outfield bleachers. Then you’d never get a good return from your $14 million and change.

hey alyssa,
is has been a VERY long time since you’ve blogged in case you havnt noticed =p. im just glad to see you blog again! i went to the game saturday against the astros and YIKES. we will just say that they were having a bad day…yea, sounds good?…anywayss! i totally get what you were tryng to say about jones. saturday nite’s game was, well, REALLY bad. not only ffor jones but for everybody. it just seemed like we couldnt get the ball to just, fly. you know? also, the thing about the pitching coaches? i think it really isnt their fault. they’ve done as much as they can. the only thing that matters is the actual pitcher/player. its up to them whther or not they do well or well, NOT. its the pitching coaches responsiblilty to do as much as they can for the pitcher and if they player is in the majors then, obviously they’ve done a VERY good job. well, i guess thats it for now until you blog again..hopefully soon!!! :]
until next timee.😀

I don’t think the Dodgers fans should be booing their team no matter what. What they should be doing is encouraging their team in blue.

LarondaA26 CL

Performance-based Salary and Compensation.

It’s a simple game. It’s a simple idea. The better you perform, the more you get paid.


I feel your pain, I’m an Orioles fan. I’ve been waiting for a winning season for the last ten years. The Dodgers signings of Schmitt and Jones over the last two years were risky at best. Hope they both get back to their form. I really hate to see talented guys, who don’t play for the Yankees, struggle so much…..

Although I am by no means anything resembling a Dodgers fan, I am VERY disappointed in the boobirds who have nested in Dodger Stadium. I was horrified while watching the series last weekend. I’ve never heard real booing of a home player. It disgusts me that people could be so blatantly unhelpful to and disrespectful of their own players. Booing Albert Pujols for that home run off Brad Lidge, yes. Booing my own players constantly? No! Granted, I have been known to boo pitchers who allow three or more runs without recording an out, but that’s different.

I hope for Andruw’s and your team’s sake that these people close their mouths. Keep blogging! =)

Bonjour, Bonsoir ma belle,

First of all : Happy mother?s day to you also, hope you had a great Sunday !

I was blessed May 5th (5-1 against the Mets) to see a strong team who had amazing few last games, still struggling in the offense but it was a great game anyway, merci : DeWitt first Major League HR, Juan Pierre steels second base, Chad?s pitching, all this excitement almost made me forget to eat and being a walking stomach is was more than unusual, so I finally had one of the famous Dodgers Hot Dog, delicious. It could have been the best day of my vacation if it wasn?t for the little gray cloud in the Dodger Blue sky !!! The black Satin TOUCH jacket that I wanted to wear on that perfect day, I did both Club Houses (Universal and the Stadium), but nothing, nada, rien,…I?m not embarrassed to say that I was a little upset, OK I got over it when I saw Russell coming out on the field, I was sitting front raw box/left field, between third base and outfield, incredible view, ?trop beau le mec?. The ambiance is more hectic and strident than Fenway but I enjoyed it very much and I will came back if they make it too the Play-Offs?

About Clayton Kershaw, I agree completely with you, why is a young player who is compiling a record of 2-0 with a 1.95 ERA and a 93-94 fastball still sitting on that bench ?
And for the Andruw dilemma, I?m not a giant fan of his game, but I think that booing is just a ?non-sportive? behavior and I thought that only English soccer fans did that.

PS : About your chocolate, it was shared : One piece went to ?Jesus?, a valet at the Car Rental place at Lax, who was so nice to give me tips for my first game, and the second one, went to a Homeless lady who was sitting across the street from my hotel (Hollywood Highlands), I certain you don?t mind !

PSS : Good luck with the pilot, fantastic cast.

PSSS : I should not have skipped so many Spanish classes in College, they would have been helpful for my first South California experience?

Tembrasse fort,


Hi Alyssa,
Nice come-from-behind victory wednesday night. Talk about bullpen’s imploding (milw). Maybe this will get Andruw Jones going (2-5). Maybe the boo’s are directed more towards management, instead of Andruw. But probably at both… I’m sure he’s trying as hard as anyone. The only way to come out of it, is to keep batting and there’s no way he would agree to go to AAA. If not, the dodgers are only on the hook for 2 years. Good Luck….
Take care Alyssa…
ps- Your blog makes me keep track of the dodgers. Keep up your good work. (THE BEST BASEBALL BLOG around…)

Alyssa (I know (2) comments),
Maybe Andruw is starting to come around (HR), (2) wins in a row for your team. Now if the cubs can get Jim Edmonds going. How I “disliked” him when he was with the cardinals (with all of his “choreographed catches” and his “hopping around at the plate” and now this. I guess I have to CHEER for him now, but it’s not easy. But hey, if the padres want to pay all but $290,000 of his salary. Well, I say: “go for it”.
Bye Alyssa
ps- Have to catch the season finale of EARL tonight. You did a “fabulous job” on it this season.

As far as Andruw Jones goes, the Dodgers made a HUGE mistake getting him in the first place. He’s clearly not the player he once was. Think about it: why else would Atlanta give him up so easily?
And Mattingly, he’s a better player than coach and it shows. THAT’S why Joe Girardi is manager in New York and not him.
Have faith Alyssa, it’s only may 15th, your Dodgers will turn it around yet!

Hi Alyssa, how’s everything going?
It’s really something when fans start picking favorites and start booing their own team players.
On some of the blogs it seems more important who should be playing than winning and losing.
Then you got these guys with their “fantasy teams” that are actually scoring the game differently.
How many times are we reading that even though so-&-so, beat us with an HR, it’s O.K. because he’s one of my players?
If you’re confused you’re not reading enough blogs.
We’re 21-19 after 40 games, not to worry we we were 20-20 in ’06 and won the wild card.

You are a bigger fan than I would’ve guessed.
There’s a dude on youtube imitating batting stances to a “T”
Check out your Boyz in Blue-


Hello Alyssa!

First of all reading this entry reminds me of when I read an article on Yahoo! Sports about the Dodgers, and this was back before they won 8 straight, and a bunch of people were posting comments saying how Andruw is terrible and needs to go and Honeycutt is to blame for the pitching and all this negative stuff. I was tempted to leave a comment but figured it’d only be met with someone just wanting to be mad and not bothering to enter an intelligent discussion. It is always such a breath of fresh air to be able to turn to any of your entries to find intelligent and knowledgable conversations occuring within. So thank you!!

The same thing I wanted to say back on this other site I feel must be said now. I don’t suspect any of this to be news to anyone but I think its worth keeping in perspective. Currently we’re 2 games over .500, 4.5 out of second, and there are promising things in the not too distant future for the Dodgers as far as players returning (basically ANY of our third basemen as well as our MVP so far in Furcal) or being called up (Kershaw). I know its easy to say, “Things will get better!” but you certainly have to think they couldn’t get much worse, at least in the case of Andruw. So I pose the question, “What IF Andruw gets hot….??” It will obviously a trickle down affect and the players batting around Andruw will get better pitches to hit and so on and so forth. I guess my point is that back before they won 8 straight a lot of people seemed intent on blowing this team up and all they would have needed to do was hold back on those negative remarks just a WEEK and realize that this team is capable of playing really good baseball and do it mostly on the road then.

Baseball is 162 games, nearly 6 months long, and is a game of failure. There will be ups and downs and everything in between. Obviously the team(s) that can stay the most consistent will find the greatest success but you gotta realize a lot of new things are still going on with this team. Torre probably STILL doesn’t feel comfortable with ONE lineup day in and day out. Furcal is missing, Martin is having to fill in at third (which he does wonderfully but obviously we need him behind the plate) and the pitching is struggling lately. Despite all that they are only 4.5 out of 1st. I always feel that at this juncture in the season you can’t get too concerned with records but instead should look to stay competitive within your division. Consider the hot start by the Diamonbacks this year…..they’re sure to go through a cold period and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dodgers reel off another string of victories in the week(s) to come. Any of that could find the Dodgers atop their division and then suddenly all is forgotten! We’re very much a “Jekyll and Hyde” team right now but it IS only May. Last I checked you don’t win a world series in May.

As the season progresses I have nothing but faith that things will click. Will Andruw hit 300 this year, not likely. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hitting around 260 by late August and his bat having obviously come alive.

As far as the whole booing thing…..I don’t think its terribly necessary. Showing frustration is one thing but to rain down boo’s on him as though he were Barry Bonds is a little overboard. And like Alyssa stated, he KNOWS he is struggling. Its not like he’ll get up to the plate one random game and hear all the boo’s more clearly and think, “Wow, they must be booing for a reason. I wonder why….?? Oh wait! It must be my swing! Oooooh, I would have never guessed…..thanks booing fans!”

I get mad and frustrated and grow critical of the Dodgers right along with the rest of them but keep in mind that ANYONE can be a fan when a team wins and plays well, its easy, but the TRUE fans cheer just as loudly for them and support them just as much when they are struggling. We’re not fair weather fans are we?? Show support, standup and cheer, and THINK BLUE!

You’d think with such a long post I would have covered everything but I forgot about Kershaw….

In my heart I agree with your desire to see Kershaw throwing in the bigs right now but if all the articles and reports are correct, and the Dodgers are closely monitoring his innings pitched, then I have to agree with that decision. He’s SO young and has SO much hype, and ability obviously, that he needs to be handled carefully. Perhaps more then those in the past.

As Dodger fans we all know what its like to have top tier pitchers as well as see them go thru injuries. Afterall, Dreifort was supposed to be the next big thing too….and….yeah. I think Kershaw COULD be called up tomorrow, be inserted into the roation immediately, and start pitching now and probably have a very very impressive season. But how badly will that affect him for even next season??

I think the Dodgers have the right plan in mind…..soon enough he’ll be up here and then his performance will depend on where he goes from there. Until then I have a lot of faith in our pitching, perhaps more than our offense currently, given Penny will bounce back, as will Lowe, and Billingsley has been pitching a lot better. Kuroda seems to get no support or just bad luck and has pitched well, and the 5th spot is obviously still an enigma. I have a lot of faith and a REALLY good feeling about this team, for what its worth, I know my opinion carries hardly any weight to a lot of people and that every year fans say, “this is our yea!” and “I feel great about this team” and it goes the other way but as a fan there is only so much I can do and I will ALWAYS support the Dodgers! I wouldn’t want to be a fan of any other team!

They’ll probably be cautious with Kershaw, to keep his innings low. The trend in the league now is to manage the innings of kids until they turn 23 or so.

Hi Alyssa,
Regarding Andruw Jones – I had a feeling that Dodger fans would be going through the same frustrations that Braves fans did last year. Eveyone in the city of Atlanta could see what Andruw was doing wrong. He was falling down during his swing and trying to pull every pitch out of the park. He played the entire ’07 season with this strategy, and he couldn’t admit that his approach was flawed. Nobody can be successful in the bigs with his approach. He needs to stop watching video of himself and watch a real hitter – Chipper Jones. OK, OK . . . that may be a stretch. BUT – Andruw is a .260 hitter – is it too hard to ask that he hit .260?

Andruw Jones is not in a slump, he HAS “physically lost his ability to hit a baseball”. You will boo him by the end of the year.

love your blog,

Bonsoir ma belle,

Just wanted to congratulate the boys for the superb game yesterday?world class performance really, merci,merci,merci (made my day now that I?m back in rainy Beer/Chocolate Kingdom).
Martin, Ethier, DeWitt, well done, you are the best and thanks to this Asian trio, keep up the first-rate job guys.


Have a great week,



Another week in baseball….My thanks to the Blue for softening up the Brewers for my guys this weekend , there’s nothing like some high scoring baseball to send away the blahhs of springs wet weather days…speaking of high scoring I noticed Big Poppi has changed his hitting and is now putting almost 70% of his shots in the opposite field. If Jones can follow that lead, look out boo birds you’ll have to find somebody else to bug…..Some interesting comments sent in here this go around and much food for thought as far as the direction the team can go in the following months….I myself am feeling really positive, you may be 5 back but heck everyone else is 10 and those snakes can not go on like this forever, ya just got to hang in there…Quick aside, Anne if you read this and know of an English page for your soccer team could you send it along I’d like to follow them, Thanks….Live the moment……Mort

I see the headline “Giambi wears slump breaking thong”. My first thought was hey A. Jones I got it! A. Jones needs to wear a thong! If a kind lady, perhaps a Dodger fan who works on TV shows, hint hint, sent A. Jones a spare thong. He’d put it on for a game? Headline would read “Milano thong breaks A. Jones slump” Oh well just an idea. I actually did not read the Giambi article because its just not something I want details on.

Seriously though I saw where Torre put A. Jones in the two spot and he produced some O.

Dodgers play Cubs next week!

did you hear about the redsox jonlester piched a no hitter and i know soon the dodgers will bein the world series
signed melody-redsox fan

Hey Alyssa,

First off I’m a Red Sox fan. I know you’re a fan of baseball and love the game but I also know you’re a big Yanks fan so .. um.. we’ll leave it at that I guess. But you bring up a great topic with what to do when players are slumping. Gold thongs aside remember a few years ago when Giambi was slumping really bad (kind of like now) and they wanted him to accept a AAA assignment. First it’s not easy doing that in terms of options and second you have huge egos. And I’m sure Andruw Jones is a great guy but I’m also sure he wouldn’t accept going down even to try and fix his mechanics. He’s been a stuf for so long up until the last few years and its hard to let go of that. Some players as they get older will realize they have to reprove themselves (see Bartolo Colon, he’s easy to find). Others will never lose that whole I’m awesome. Sheffield comes to mind. He’s clearly not good enough to play the outfield anymore but insists on it. That’s why making that much money playing the game as a whole other degree with managers that old school managers never had to deal with that to its extent. It would be nice to always put the best player in the game over a veteran and sometimes that happens (Ellsbury over Coco) but its a different time period now. I don’t know what the answer is but I do know Sox fans are glad that we had Orlando Cabrera over Nomah in 04. On a side note. I think getting Joe Torre was a great move. I don’t know what management was thinking getting Grady Little but they made a good decision with Joe. Huge respect for him.

Hi Alyssa!

First off, let me start by saying “THANK YOU!” Thank you for being a very vocal (female) fan of the game (and of your Dodgers). Your “vocalness” over the last several years, and your upstart/idea of/for the apparel line, is what FINALLY prompted me this year to start up my own baseball blog, cheering on MY “boys in blue” (the Midwest boys in blue)- the Cubbies.

I too, share in your thoughts about booing your own player. Don’t do it. Yes, we are all human and we have the tendency to share what we like and what we dislike, vocally at that. But, to boo your own player does nothing to help their production and play. Booing just drives them into a bigger mental rut. (I’m hoping some of the “boo-ers” at Wrigley hold back now on Fonzie, in our instance, since he has caught a hot streak).

I also share your pain, in terms of the pitching situation. Ours too (don’t know if u have followed anything with the Cubs this season) has been shaky and questionable ( if you care to read my blog I have A LOT to say on bad pitching). Its frustrating as a fan. When u see what’s wrong. When u feel u are right in what you are seeing and can’t say anything to anyone in the club. Or you can’t go out there and “clot the bleeding wound”. It brings down everything. It becomes hard to enjoy a game, let alone a season. But, I guess this is why we blog! Tis better to blog than boo!

I wish you all the best with TOUCH and I look forward to reading more of your entries on here.
Best Wishes,
A Bleeding Blue Diamond Darling in Chicago

Hi Alyssa,
I see they listened and called up Kershaw. I wish him well, as it looks like he will face the cardinals on sunday. Go dodgers…. Will watch them on tv back here in central illinois. Like I said: GO DODGERS until mon, tues, and weds. When its back to: GO CUBS GO….Sorry Alyssa, we’ve got our own set of problems.

Take care of yourself Alyssa,

So we’re finally bringing up Kershaw to start tomorrow, and eating just over $8 million on Loiaza to do it. I’m more interested to know what you thought of bringing Jones up to bat with 2 on and 2 out in the bottom of the 9th, down by 1 run after an hour rain delay in Friday night’s game. I guess the only other options were… what, Maza or Ardoin? Neither of them need knee surgery to fix a mechanical problem with their swings, do they? I agree with you that fans should be supporting Jones, not booing him, but doesn’t management have a responsibility not to put his head on a platter like that? You were fantastic on Earl this season, by the way!! Let’s hope ABC finds a way to order some episodes of Single With Parents or whatever it’s called these days…

Bonjour ma belle,

Bonne chance Kershaw…thank You Joe and I think MrsRussellMartin (Nice name, even if I?m jealous I can share, hihihi) is right when she says that the management is putting his head on a GOLDEN platter, not very kind.

Have a great game, I know I will !

Tembrasse fort,



Another week in baseball……What a great last minute win ( Sunday ), lets hear it for Andre……Kershaw comes at a much needed time, your next day off is June 9th and thats quite a few holes in the rotation he can fill, lets hope for the best….Jones is out for the next couple of months, maybe he’ll come back in the later part of the season a new bat, maybe not……Nomar, Nomar, Nomar, say it ain’t so, I think, often, that my hopes get in the way of the reality and no more so then with Nomar. I love the guy but I’m starting to sense that it’s over as far as ever coming back to the roster. Damn…..Ya know, even to win 90 games in a season you have to lose 70, so disappointment comes easy in baseball, it makes it so worthwhile when you win…Live the moment….Mort

Very interesting blog, Alyssa. Your Dodgers are coming to Wrigley for a 3-game set against my Cubs.

Sorry your heart was hurting, over stadium issues. Yet, it looks like your wishes are being granted.
With Kershaw coming up, and Andruw going down, changes are in the works. With another win, for the better.
Thanks for doing what you do, for us fans.

even so im a redsox fan & AND DODGERS FAN

i agree, we’re not yankee fans…..

congratulations my fall planes are comming true thanks alyssa for the goodnews
signed melody-your most loyal fan
do you know the date my fall plan to watch you

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