Hello, Baseball Buddies!

I owe everyone an apology for not posting in a while. I am knee deep in shooting my pilot and needless to say, I am stressed and the time has quickly slipped away. Did I mention the stress? Oye. The stress.

My stress reliever is usually baseball. In fact, sometimes when I can’t sleep because my mind is racing, I close my eyes and think about being at the stadium. I create game-winning situations. I think of the sound of the bat cracking. And you know what? It usually works. Ah baseball, I can never be mad at you.

So I have a favor to ask of you all, for the next few weeks please keep me posted on what’s going on with the Dodgers and around MLB. I would really appreciate so I don’t feel completely out of the loop.

Thank you.


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Hey Alyssa

I know I do and I’m sure everyone else understands how busy you are sometimes and we all have our fingers crossed that your Pilot is picked up🙂

The dodgers right now are not looking too good Defense is still working but it seem the offense is failing we’re not getting good batting or Pitching. I hope it can be turned around soon.


First of all, you never need to apologize for working!!

As a Mariner’s Fan, I have started using your mantra ~ ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint’ to try to help me get through the season.

And, finally, I will share what has made me love baseball all over again this yer — My 2 & 3 year old sons have starting playing baseball outside. One of them is the ‘hitter guy’ and the other is the ‘pitcher guy’ — whether or not anyone hits the ball, my 3 year old tries to make the sound of the bat cracking. I asked him why he did that every time — and he said —

‘Mommy, it’s the best sound in the world!!!’

Hey Alyssa,

Sorry to hear you’re stressed out, I can’t wait to see the new pilot.. (still keeping my fingers crossed😉 )
Hope you’ll find the time to watch some baseball🙂 Don’t get too stressed out ok?!



Bonsoir ma belle,

?There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full? Henry Kissinger .

Don?t let me get started on stress?!!! After almost 3 weeks off, work is nuts, but it was all worth it, after the Dodgers game the Grand Canyon trip was the finest experience of this vacation, Las Vegas was a must do, but alright.

With the EURO 2008 starting next week my 24 hours day will be beyond doubt not sufficient, making choices is going to be the hardest part : soccer, baseball or sleep ?!
My Red Sox are not at their best also at the moment, Josh is playing good, Manny is breaking records, but it?s not enough, believe ?les mecs? I do, OK, the Dodgers are not doing better, need a elucidation for this poor offense, somebody help !?

Good luck for the pilot, I will find time to cross my fingers for you sweetie.

PS : The Black Satin jacket is on his way, hope it will fit me, I?m 5?8?.
PSS : You heard her baseball buddies, report please?

Tembrasse fort,


Hi Lyss😛 U r the biggest baseball maniac i know, u r addicted to baseball n I’m addicted to u :)) Usually when I can’t fall asleep I think of u, n when I fall asleep I dream about u…
Oh n please honey try not to get stressed, just be easy, think about the next win😛
I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa, Hi

No apology is necessary, as your work is far more important. Here’s wishing that your pilot gets picked up and ultimately becomes a “SUCCESS”. Sorry that my “cubbies” swept the dodgers, but it’s a “long season”. I do keep track of the dodgers too. They need a “big stick” in the middle of the lineup. Nice debut by Kershaw.

All the best Alyssa,

Hahaha, you are too funny Alyssa. Thinking about baseball to help you sleep, wow! Anyways, no need to apologize! All of us fans understand that you Miss Milano are very busy, especially with your new pilot and all! I hope everything is going ok for you though, even with your stressful and busy life…..don’t forget to take care of yourself though!!! Man, I sound like my mom, lol.

love, your girl,

Hi Alyssa,

Ok, we forgive you for not posting in a while; though we do love to hear from you whenever possible. Do you get any stress release when you write a post to us? I think the Dodgers have been struggling of late but I think they are still above .500 and still only a few games out of first place so don’t lose hope! I have been keeping track of the Angels since I live only a few miles from their stadium. I hope your filming is going well and always remember we are here for you and love to hear what you’re thinking and doing. Did you do anything special for memorial day? I went to a picnic and got sun burned playing volleyball and tennis. I’m a fair complected white boy and forgot to put sunblock on. What do you think about the Lakers?


Dodgers are really struggling girl. Their bats wake up whenever they feel like it. That CUBS series really sucked. That could have easily been a sweep if they played like they did last night over the METS. I’ll keep watching but there is another team in LA that may take up some time… a little something called THE NBA FINALS. GO LAKERS!

Well, here it goes: the Gnats turned a triple play (Castillo to Durham to Bowker) against San Diego last night (May 30). While it was impressive, it was only the third best play on ESPN’s Top Ten this morning, probably because the Gnats ended up LOSING the game in the 13th inning.

The geologically confused Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will host the 2010 All-Star Game.

The results for first round of All-Star voting were announced this week.

And, in saving the best for last, your favorite catcher went 4-for-4 (a triple short of a cycle), with 3 ribbies last night against NYM. In his last 6 games, he’s 10 for 21 (.476) with 5 ribbies.

Hopefully your pilot gets picked up–you were excellent on My Name Is Earl–and I would like to see the Dodgers beat the Mets this weekend.

-Brenton http://braverays.mlblogs.com

you are an incredible and talented actress, so you haven’t be under stress.:) haha don’t forget we all keep our fingers crossed for you all the time :*
It’s wonderful to know that you deal with stress thinking about baseball- I always think about you and that’s help me a lot.
Luv ya,

P.S So sorry for mistakes ;/

Hi Alyssa,

I too use baseball as a stress vacation. Thinking about the pitching matchups, checking the standings, and watching the game on Gameday at work or at home helps distract me for a little while and gives me a break from whatever is bothering me.

BTW, out of sheer curiosty I googled the aforementioned pilot and found..

“The untitled [Kristin] Newman project, from ABC Studios, is a single-camera comedy that centers on a thirtysomething woman (Milano) who tries to break free of her overbearing and dysfunctional family, friends and boss.”


Sounds cool, and I hope it works out well. Take care, Alyssa.


Welcome back, Alyssa!🙂 I hope that you are able to relax from your stress and enjoy the summer. I’m probably not the best person to keep you updated on the sport for a couple of reasons. 1- I don’t know anything about it. 2- My internet service will be on-and-off for the next few days as I move to my cool new Culver City pad, after which I’ll be out of town in Cleveland. I hope you don’t feel completely out of the loop, but if you do- believe me- you aren’t alone.🙂 I hope you enjoy the pilot and have as much of a stressfree summer as you can. -Love, Steve PS- The day has finally arrived. I have nothing left to say about Dippin’ Dots. PPS- At least until next time.

Don’t feel bad about not having time to post Alyssa. We all know how busy you are. I am glad that baseball can help you relax at night. I will have to try that. I wish I could keep you upto date on the Dodgers but I am too far away. Now if you want to know someting about the Sounds I am your girl. I am learning lots this year about that team and the sport of baseball and it all start with you and you sharing your passion with others like me.
forever peace,
PS I guess I alone on this but I happen to like Dippin Dot’s ice cream. the only place I find it is at the baseball staduim so it has become baseball icecream for me and my little cousin.

Hey Alyssa,
No need to apologise at all, we all know how busy you are and i hope your not too stressed out!! think baseball!!! =]
I just got back from canada vancouver oh and Washington and my family are addicted to baseball out there, so they taught me loads about the game and we played too!!! Was so much fun =]

Good Luck with the pilot i hope it gets picked up!!! Fingers crossed!

Thank you for the post!! =]

All My Love,
Charlotte (London)

Hey Lyssa! Gosh, don’t even try to apologise. Life happens. So does stress. I totally sympathise, my Uni course is kinda kicking my butt at the moment lol and I’m not getting very much time for the trivial things in life, like oh, sleeping and eating haha. Never mind. It’s all gonna work out for the best.LOL I was so over stuff at Uni the other day that I logged onto MLB during a lecture and watched the videos that are posted online during the game haha. Baseball is one of my relaxants as well. My finders are crossed for the poilet! I wanna see you back on my TV already! hehe.

****- – – – – – – – Take care and all the best! Love Lee =) xx

Hi Alyssa,

Some thoughts with respect to a couple of your recent posts.

RE: Dodger Stadium upgrades – For those who don’t understand why ballpark enhancements might be important, consider what Bonnie Hunt has to say about Wrigley Field:

RE: Jackie Robinson Day – I recently visited the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City. Highly recommended for baseball fans and young people. Nothing short of excellent.

Featured on TWIB this weekend as well.

RE: Clayton Kershaw. You got your wish! Fantastic debut….and one tough start in New York does not a career make. Let’s hope we see FernandoMania Part 2 in the back half!!

Rick from Blue Toronto

Hey Alyssa,

It’s your Boston fan again. So Manny FINALLY hit his 500th and now he can go “have fun” playing ball again. Good for him. Apparently, A-Rod thanked him and it will be played on the jumbotron in Fenway for the next game. Well good for A-Rod for putting down the rivalry for a second and cheering baseball. We’ll still boo you though. Griffy is one away from 600. Good for him. He’s had so many ups and downs. The Mets are in turmoil but maybe Randolph will get some help and support from Torre when they’re playing against each other this weekend. Hopefully they can right that ship. Not baseball but don’t tell me you don’t have goosebumps for Celts vs. Lakers. I loved that rivalry growing up. It’s great to see 2 great franchise rivalries back in it. Can’t wait. I was Red Sox poor last October and now on my way to becoming Celts poor. Totally worth it though. Good luck on the pilot. No more Ed?


Another week in baseball…..Baseball Buddy ……hmmm guess I been called worse things, a lot worse things……So it seems the Blue are trying to set the record for the most men left on base this week, what’s with that…How can you have such good offense and yet just not enough to get down that final stretch between third and home, frustrating ain’t it…..Is it just me or did Joe wait just one run too long on Saturday to pull Broxton, made for a heart breaker ending…..Watched Manny Being Manny score his 500 th home run and it got me wondering if there were any dreadlocks in Cooperstown or will he be the first….Speaking of bats maybe you shouldn’t mention ” the crack of the bat ” right now seeing how those maple ones are getting out of hand…..Was reading about the mother at Dodger Stadium who turned to talk to her son and woke up six hours later in hospital with a concussion. Not good. Guys like Bonds swore by the things and I guess 70%+ players like to use them but still, hitting a 100 mile an hour fastball is like hitting a brick and people and splinters just don’t mix so my vote goes to getting rid of them……Well I plan on putting my feet up and listening to tonights game with interest, I kinda like Kuroda and Santana scares me so it should prove fun…Luck with all you do Mz Milano and remember…Live the Moment……Mort

Hey, don’t worry about it! Work is much more important than blogging, and I wish that I would take my own advice. Good luck with the new pilot! You were so right about Clayton Kershaw! OH MY GOD he is so fantastic! It’s wonderful to watch him pitch. Fortunately, I will be visiting Dodger Stadium three times this week so I will be able to enjoy it for you! I’ll send you happy stadium thoughts. Dodger Stadium is one of my favorite old parks. Wow, I just used SO many exclamation points.
I tried on some of your *touch* stuff at Chick’s (yes, not Dick’s) Sporting Goods, and I’m sad to say that none of it fit me. When you come up with a plus-size line, I will be the first to buy it all!Take care!

Hey baseball fans!

Cubs are hottest team in the league. But…. its May and the term “June Swoon” was invented in Chicago. Cubs are now on a road trip starting in SD and going to LA. My Cubs mentor and all around baseball know it all told me this morning he feels not so good about Cubs being on the road. I dont know how to feel, but this thing about Cubs being in 1st in wins at end of May for 1st time since 1908 is a good thing I think? I dont really know how to act now about all this winning. I guess I’m happy but what if its another 100 years until we lead at the end of May? Dont we really care about leading in October.

Watched Some Dodgers versus Mets this weekend. Torre had the look in his eyes. Kinda like you mess up I kilt you look. Cubs travel to LA next week I think.

Alyssa I saw the cast lineup for your show and your in with some studs and power hitters in the industry. How can they not pick up a show with that type of cast? I dont understand how they put out the investment in a pilot, then not pick it up? Anyway, thats why you worry about that stuff, dont worry too much. Your like a ball player ya know, you just have to step up to the plate and do what you’ve been trained to do all your life. Good luck, I want to see more of you on TV.

Hey Alyssa,

Hope your less stressed, I tend to listen to music or have a chat with my friends, when I’m stessed it helps alot lol, I herd the Dodgers lost 3-2 to the New York mets unfortunatley. hope everything is ‘a ok’ speak to you soon.

Natalie UK

Hi Alyssa,

I was just wondering whether I can buy any of your ‘TOUCH’ gear, with me being in the UK?


Natalie UK

As you know by now yours boys in blue are struggling offensively. Not to be outdone, so are my Braves. Talk about a rough road trip. Cincy spanked us this weekend. Hudson’s hurt again. We need to get home and regroup. Smoltzie’s coming back and he’ll be in the pen for the remainder of the season. That’s good news. If he becomes the closer that’s even better. Chipper is still hitting like he’s out of his mind. So that’s a plus. It’s still real early and nobody in their right mind would count the Bravos out yet.

hey alyssa!
yay! u FINALLY and i repeat FINALLY blogged again! by the way even though it seemed like time was flying for you everyday was like FOREVER that you didnt blog. anyways. i am like praying that your new pilot gets picked up. and details on that new pilot also please!
kay. back to baseball. basically we are NOT doing very good. Kershaw i must say is AWESOME. he is amazing and something we need to win! unfortunately something that we REALLY are in need of rite now would be some bats! i mean honestly! we lost twice out of 2 games against the mets this weekend! ugh! OYE VEY. really. i mean sure, russel martin’s homerun was great but helloooo! y dont we play monkey see monkey do every once in while? haha. nd wow. rite now the last thing we need is more injuries! i mean really! furcal nd garciaparra? :[ that is definetely gonna leave a dent in our team. hopefully we can just pull together and wake up our bats before season ends!
until you blog again!
p.s. dont forget the details on ur new pilot! yay!


Hey your Dodgers won big with 8-2 Monday night incase you get this late. The D-backs lost so puts the Dogers just 3.5 games back.

For the rest of the league:
AL east Tampa Bay leading the AL
AL central White Sox by .5 games
AL west Angels by 4 games and the Third best record in MLB

NL east Philly 1.5 games over Marlins
NL central Cubs the best MLB record 36-21 w/ .632 %
NL west D-backs just 3.5 over Dodgers

Pluses for Dodgers they are playing the Rockies who have the worst baseball record this year and the Dodgers are just 1 game under 500 so can go even on Tues.

Just FYI I thought I saw John Lovitz at the game didn’t know he was a fan.

Your Favorite Angel fan Eric

p.s. Hope this helps and will try and keep you updated

Its probably for the best you don’t have time to get too invested in this season. The San Francisco Giants are going to win the Division. That’s right, They are 8 games under .500 but not for long.



Another week in baseball……OH Canada…..Our Home and Native Land……..Lets hear it for Russel Martin and all the lucky Canuks who get to visit the stadium today (Tuesday)…Wishing I was there…..Mort

Hello Little Lyss!
When TOUCH came from we in Italy? I❤ this line of clothes, and I❤ u!
I am not very well to write a comment but 4 u I’ll do everything! =)
u don’t need anything or anyone..! u re perfect!
and 4 u was born a rapport of friendly!^^
I hope u READ my (ugly) comment and in the next post u write of me, just 4 know that u know that I live! LIVE 4 U! =P

with love..

Cubs have won 9 in a row and you can tell now by how I walk. My chest is pumped out, I have a funky hitch in my giddy up, I point fingers at others and smirk (especially at Cardinal Fans) and basically my you know what dont stink. We, ya… its we now, go into LA for a series with the Dodgers. I ask all Dodgers fans to stay home, please find other things to do especially you AJM. Here is a comparison of lineups, average followed by number if hits in parenthesis:

Catch – Soto .293 (56) versus Ricky Martin .315 (62) Soto leads in the All Star Balloting by the nod goes to Martin. Peeps think Soto’s numbers are a fluke so far. Advantage Dodgers
1st – D. Lee .291 (71) versus J. Loney tunes .280 (61). Nod goes to D. Lee last season was a fluke for him, Loney tunes is strong very strong but not over the great D. Lee. Advantage Cubs.
2nd – M. DeRosa .299 (56) versus J. Kent .244 (43) I wonder if Kent is still a horses pitute in the clubhouse now that he struggles. I give the nod to DeRosa although he is another player people think will cool off.
SS – R. Theriot .321 (69) verus C. Hu .160 (15) I know Milanos were in love with Hu early but the honeymoon is over. Hu luv u now hu? Advantage Cubs
3rd – A. Ramerez .317 (64) verus B. DeWitt .293 (48) Dodgers have a solid 3B guy but Rameriz has experience and better numbers. Go Cubs
LF – Soriano .285 (53) versus J. Pierre .284 (50) I dont think Soriano is a winner. He’s a good player but is he a champion? I dunno? I give Peppy LaPierre the nod.
CF – Edmonds .208 (26) versus Eithier .302 (55) Edmonds is an ex-cardinal and its hard for me to like the guy. Ethier is mucho better. Advantage Dodgers
RF – K. Fukudome .305 (62) versus M. Kemp .312 (62) Kemp has better numbers in hits and average. Wow he sure doesnt get the press Fukudome gets? But he gets the nod here.

Take Care hope everyone’s team does great!

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Hey Alyssa

The dodgers just chose

Right-handed high school pitcher Ethan Martin with the 15th overall pick in the first round during Thursday’s 2008 First-Year Player Draft.

Position: Pitcher
School: Stephens County HS (Ga.)
Height/Weight: 6’2″/195 lbs.
Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Hopefully this will improve the Pitching. Now all we need are some Batters.



Here’s some more on the new guy

Fastball: Martin threw his fastball in the 91-96 mph range. He maintained the velocity, throwing 94 mph in the seventh inning.

Fastball movement: He had hard, four-seamer life.

Curve: He showed a consistently plus curve, a power breaking ball in the 79-82 mph range, that he used as a strikeout pitch to lefties and righties.

Splitter: He showed flashes of a plus split-fingered fastball, up to 84 mph, that worked as an out pitch as well.

Control: He was solid-average all night, at times above-average, filling up the strike zone with three pitches. He can throw his fastball for strikes to both sides of the plate.

Sounds pretty good.


We’re playing the Cubs tonight, as you know, one of the better teams in baseball at the moment.
It’s tough to beat them but we’re having a lot of trouble just beating anybody these days.
I think we have to think more as a team then each individual wanting to be a hero.
Have patience and being selective at the plate.
Moving the runners over and going the other way.
Trying to get on via a walk, letting the pitcher work.

Hi Alyssa’
I have to admit: nice outing by Kuroda and the Dodgers against my Cubbies tonight. 11 k’s 0 bb- couldn’t catch up to his “high fastball”. Hang in there Alyssa, as your Dodgers are only 4 back (long season). Alyssa, we’re thinking of you this week (Thanks for being the person that you are).
All the best to you,

Alyssa- My “cubbies” need to get out of LA. I thought we had this one until the defense lets us down and “big Z” has to pitch a little longer then necessary. He gets to “hyper” when things don’t go his way. I don’t look for a “Cub Comeback” as I type this down 4 in the 8th. I wish the Dodgers well after tomorrow: Let’s meet again this fall in the playoffs. Hang in there Alyssa….
Keep bloggin, when you have the time,

Dodgers doing good this weekend… CUbbies got their hands full.. i bet they were hoping it would be like back in Chicago when we were there. BUt our boys have been very BLUE lately. Last two games… 2-0. Before that.. last 14 games.. 3-11! ouch!! Let’s get the bats awake!! Like Matt KEmp big 400 FT PLUS last night off ZAMBRANO… that was nice! hey… i’m sure you know Russell Martin… what’s up with the mustache??? give me the honest girl truth… how does it look. Look WACK to me. ALmost looks like Charlie Chaplin. We’ll see how dodgers/cubs finish off today…. plus.. i’ll have to be flippin back and forth between GAME 2 of NBA finals. GO LAKERS!!

Miss Milano,
I hope this finds you well. I also hope that “shooting your pilot” is either an entertainment term or I am left to hope that you have competent representation now that you have admitted wrongdoing.
As for your Dodgers – if your Rolodex contains the name of someone capable of healing Rafael Furcal faster than nature and the Dodgers medical staff, then I would pursue this with all pertinent dispatch. It appears that the Dodgers offense is crawling without him.
As an old school Red Sox fan, I think it was Johnny Pesky who said that the most beautiful thing he ever saw was “…bases loaded, 3-2, and the runners going with the pitch…” I’m going with that. No matter what happens or what perspective you are observing this instant from, there is that most perfect moment of chaos and motion.

Dodgers lose.
This was really a strong weekend for the team, competing with the Cubs at their own level. Which is tops in the league. Now, I foresee the guys going on the road with a renewed confidence.
Looks like the opportunity to go ahead and occupy first place, in the West, is about to happen.
Good luck with shooting…, and may you be funny…, with a straight face.

Well ok 2 game split between Dodgers and Cubs but nobody likes a tie. After losing games 2 and 3, I had my beat battered and bruised speach ready, but I’ll pack that away until October. Cubs stunk in Zambrano’s loss. From the highlights, Zambrano needs to work on his Gatorade Cooler toss. He throws a cooler like a 15 year old kid, he should kick the thing and save his arm. Anyway, looked like lots of Cubs fans at the game. I want to say with Furcel and Nomar back and perhaps adding a pitcher or two and the Dodgers are right up there with the best teams in baseball. I soil my britches at the thought of a healthy Dodger team in October with Torre and friends. I hope the Dodgers stay home in October and save me a new pair of pants. Rock on bloggers!

Alyssa if you read this, Are you playing in the 50th Annual Hollywood Stars Game Sat June 21St at Dodger Stadium after the Dodgers Cleveland game? Game benefits the Dodgers Dream Foundation and fans can bid on packages that give them tickets to the game and a chance to walk on the field for an autograph from a celebrity. Tom Arnold (Great guy and Hawkeye fan from my neck of the woods), Abdul Jabbar, George Thorogood and others will be there but no mention of Alyssa Milano. Since it would cost me half my net worth in gas to drive to LA I can not attend. But, if you posted a notice here that you will play, perhaps the foundation could get more bids and some fan from here at the blog could meet you at the game. Thanks so much for your time. Of course, I’m your dedicated fan regardless of whether or not you see my surly looking self. Its really my girlfriend’s daughter who is into drama and she is the one you should meet to inspire. There aint no hope left for me, I can limp into retirement and lick my wounds.

Bonjour ma belle,

Hope the filming of your pilot is going as planned and that you are not too stressed and enjoying this new project.

Me, I?m more than fully booked, work, work and work, and than comes soccer, 2 games per day the first week and than late at night: baseball, I?m little stressed out by the time the baseball games are starting, so when they are losing and not playing well, it?s more than gloomy…

But, last night Russell played like a Baseball Divinity: way to go beau mec!
LaRoche is playing first baseman tonight, good luck?

My formula for stress: Herbal tea in my Russell Martin mug, reading Paulo Coelho and listening to the best of HIM.

T?embrasse fort,


Russell shaved his mustache… went 3 for 5… 3 RBIS.. help beat the PADRES which I know we all hate. Don’t lie folks! “You aint gotta lie craig!” Lakers won Game 3… Billingsley vs Ex-Dodgers WOLF tonight. Kuroda vs coming off the disable list PEAVEY.. hopefully he won’t be 100%. Peavy is a badass. here is my favorite stat… which the dodgers need to do something about if they REALLY REALLY WANT TO BE COMPETITIVE in MLB. Combined BATTING AVG is .290 for the following players – Martin, Kemp, Ethier, DeWitt, Loney, Pierre, and Kent. Very good. But not soo good? is the total homeruns between them… 33!

Hey Alyssa. Been a fan since “Who’s the Boss?”. Dodgers lost to the Friars tonight, 4-1. They split with my Cubs at Dodger Stadium after being swept at Wrigley.

Hey Alyssa,
Me again (cub fan curt)…Like you said last season: the dodgers need some power. Will it be A Jones?? I see he’s ahead of schedule and starting to take batting practice. Or will it be someone else or not?? Of all the luck (cubs can’t seem to shake loose from the cardinals), cards lose Wainright and Pujols to the DL. (Alyssa, I bet you didn’t know that Pujols one year played for the Peoria Chiefs). Anyhow, now my cubbies lose Soriano for 6 weeks with a broken finger. What gives…. What happens next? Stay tuned….
Later Alyssa (take care….), Curt

Bonjour ma belle,

One step forward, one step backward…OMG, offense is more than scrawny, and like Curt say, and yourself last year, the Dodgers need more POWER!!!
I?m so glad that Russell shaved his mustache; he looked too French for me!
Have a great weekend,

T?embrasse fort


Another week in baseball…..You’re busy working and I’ve had hardware problems for a week and tho catching up can be a little wrenching I seem to notice a trend this week, nothing much has changed, for better or worse we seem to be in the same place….Oh except for one thing, I noticed in the last few weeks I have heard absolutely nothing about the Yankees….What a breath of fresh air…A-Rod Who? Even Mr Hanky is keeping mum. Switching leagues for a week so why don’t you follow my team and I’ll follow yours..Mort

Hey Alyssa

Just wanted to tell you about this one forum called In the clutch. On it you can talk about Baseball and other sports too.
You can find it at http://www.nes247.com/intheclutch

This is for everyone else too it really needs members and is free to join.


Another week in baseball……Wow, bad timing for Detroit to turn into a buzz saw but they do seem to have their ups and downs….You’d think with Joe having so much savvy with the American League things would be easier but I guess it’s rough dealing with so many injuries….Nomars back on the 25th ( maybe ) and at short if the rumors are true. I’ll admit it’s the spot where he gained his fame but if he’s still playing there by the All Star Game I’ll be much surprised. Short stop is the ultimate pivot and torque position and even when you’re healthy it’s a rough place to be. Good Luck….Here’s hoping my guys softened up Cinnci for ya…Live the Moment….Mort

Hey Alyssa, Big fan…..you need to get out and attend a few batting practices..good excercise and good for the soul..if your bored check out my blog on here..Rock Pile Rant..Looking forward to your Pilot…D

Wish the Dodgers were not so beat battered and bruised cuz somebody must put pressure on Arizona. Penny is a big loss. The thing is Arz is weak and so is the division the year. Dodgers just need to hang till they get their big boys back. A lot of it is scheduling, and the Tigers were suppose to be good this year. As for my Cubs and their 100 year itch, I’m still asleep because I never dreamed they would win like this in June. The weird thing is I’m forced to read so many stories about the 1908 Cub team, I feel like I lived the season already. Anyway, I have mucho work to do and I need to quit lollygagging around.

AJM, hope you get the TV show. I think you will connect much more with me with this show. Work hard but remember to take time for yourself.

I LOVE U LYSSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a fan of the ‘official’ worst team in MLB right now…I hope that this change in Mariner’s land will make a difference!

“…As we replace Bill Bavasi as Executive Vice President and General Manager on an interim basis with Lee Pelekoudas, we have determined new leadership is needed in the GM position. With new leadership will come a new plan and a new approach. A search for a permanent GM, led by Chuck Armstrong, will begin immediately, and Lee will be a candidate for the position…” (from Mariners.com)

Hi Alyssa….hope your work is going well. It’s been awhile since you’ve posted again! So it looks like the Dodgers are struggling to stay in second place with a losing record. sad. My Yankees and Phillies are in opposite directions. Yankees suck. They were just starting to win some, but now Wang is injured. There goes the season. As for the Phils…there are tearing it up! They are looking good. My prediction, (you heard it hear first), Red Sox vs. Phillies with Philadelphia winning in 6 games. GO Phils!

ps..do you have a Myspace?

I love baseball and I love your clothing line! I was wondering, though, if they were ever going to be available for the smaller market teams? I am a huge Indians fan and have been since birth – I only wish there were more stylish clothes for us women Indians fans to wear and I’m sure that’s true for women in the other small market areas. Please share the style with everyone! Thanks.

Well the Dodgers just ended their 5-game losing streak.
They failed to score many runs again but Billz, Beimel, Broxton and Saito were able to hold on to the 3-1 lead. We seriously need a bat. And it looks like pitching will become another necessity because Penny has now gone on the 15-day DL and Kuroda will miss his next start because of shoulder pain = / Eric Stults has been called up and will pitch on Thursday. On another note, Willie Randolph has been dismissed as the Met’s manager and the Lakers lost to the Celtics in 6 games. I guess those are the news for now. Hope the shootings go well and I wish you the best!
Love. Peace. Chicken grease!

I was hoping AJM goes to the All Star game and takes some good pictures. I want to be spoiled with some inside story into the game or just spoil me in general. I dont care how I get pampered just pamper me with something from the All Star game. Please with sugar on top. I promise to behave myself mostly for the rest of the year if possible, if AJM can throw me a bone from the ALL star game. Just one all star bone please. I dont ask for the whole cow.

It’s perfectly fine – work can tie a person up. It happens.

By the way, do you have any idea who this player to be named later is? He must be a hot commodity, since he seems to be involved in a lot of trades.

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