Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something magical happens. I am talking about the game last night between the Dodgers and The The Angels Angels Of Anaheim (yup, direct translation). For those of you who haven’t heard the news or didn’t watch the game, the Dodgers won 1-0 with no hits. Yes, you read that correctly. It is only the fifth time since 1900 that a team has won a game without a hit. And I was there for every pitch.

And this is why I love this sport. It takes on so many different forms of itself, each unique and different and yet, you can find solace in the comfort of the sights, sounds and smells being as they’ve always been.

There’s always a moment that reminds you why you fell in love with the game in the first place.


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Alyssa, I just KNEW you got a kick out of that game! I haven’t seen anything like that in years. Just imagine what the Angels fans are thinking. LOL
And your Dodgers are still in NL West contention too. Life is good!🙂

Hey Alyssa🙂

Wasn’t that a heck of a game It was the 1st no hitter I’ve seen. Thank you for bringing me to baseball🙂 I love it

And you too


Yes….that was pretty amazing Alyssa. The Dodgers are having a rough year, but this is definately a highlight. Maybe this is the turning point of the season. You have to love the sport of baseball. It must of been awesome to see that in person. Lucky you.

OMG I so wish I could have seen it. I love the fact that they one, thought I am still not sure on the how part. Just goes to show I have lots more to learn about the game. I am starting to learn how to pitch the ball. I copy what Gary say, Thanks for bringing me to baseball!! I think of you when ever I watch it.
Forever Peace,

I read that this morning. Amazing. You must have been so thrilled not only with the win but because you witnessed something rare that few people get to see. I’m very happy for you & your Dodgers.


Hey Alyssa

Wow that is remarkable! Congrats with the win!
I’m gonna second Gary as well, I love this game! ;D
Have a great sunday!




Another week of baseball….Yaaa ain’t it grand, these kind of memories stay in your heart not your head…Beats wanting to remember Loneys heartbreak today….Seems you guys did OK in inter league this time around so I guess we won’t be hearing any scathing comments….My guys just lost three in a row and now have to take on Tampa at home, ouch. Now if both our teams can play this well with injuries it makes you feel positively sunny about the future….Go Blue..Live the Moment…Mort

Hi Alyssa,

It’s cool that you were there. That’s why, as you say, baseball is such a great game: you can watch years of games and still see something you’ve never seen before. Torre called it the most bizarre game he’s been involved in.


Hi Alyssa,

I too was there and enjoyed the game. I was wondering where you were sitting though. I say this because I usually see you from my season seats in the reserved level (whenever you are there) but didn’t see you there yesterday. I saw somebody else sitting in your usual season seats during yesterday’s game.

I have been a fan of yours too for such a long time but was really impressed when I saw you a couple of years ago in San Diego for the World Baseball Classic. You knew I recognized you and waved hello. I always admired your acting career but never knew you were a baseball fan until then. I have since then enjoyed reading your blogs on the Dodgers and baseball in general here on this site. Keep up the good work and let me know if you ever need somebody to use your seats when you’re filming or otherwise can’t make it to the stadium.🙂


Hey Lyssita, I’m glad you had fun at the game, despite nobody managing to hit the ball with the bat. Hmm, is that what it takes to win? Maybe I figured my prospects of becoming a major league all-star all wrong. I’m pretty sure that I can go not only a whole game, but a whole season and a possibly a whole career without a hit. And with this ensuring every game to be a win, we’d be unable to avoid clean-sweeping the World Series. Now the Dodgers probably wouldn’t sign me up because they’d probably want me to do other things than not swing at the ball. Like show up for the games, and not eat Dippin’ Dots, and maybe throw a ball to a child in the stands. And that last one especially is totally beyond my scope. So we’d have to create our own expansion team. As you say, the “The The Anaheim’s Anaheim Angels of Anaheim and Parts of Los Angeles” took the last really good name out there, so we’d have to be a bit more creative. Our winning record would be on par with Babe Ruth, but a different ballpark snackfood might summarize what we do best… “The Dippin’ Dots… of Dodger Country… and the Dakotas… the the the Dakotas… Dakotas… and the other other Dakotas… the both Dakotas… and Anaheim”. Yep- that’s it. And you could make our uniforms. (Aren’t you glad?) They could each be a different color corresponding to a different Dippin’ Dot. And our numbers could correspond to the prices of each flavor. But are we allowed 5-digit numbers? It probably doesn’t matter. I mean it’s not like our team will be formal enough to require everyone to show up at the games. And as long as we continued to outnumber our fans, nobody would probably much notice. Yep- that’s my contribution to the world of baseball. You’re welcome, Alyssa. And if it has no takers, there are always Buffalo dots. And “Double Baseball”. -Mr. Baseball Himself, Steve

Ok Alyssa, don’t rub it in. I watched the game from JT Schmidts in Tustin CA. I saw the error that allowed the stolen base to turn in to a double stolen base and then the tag up on the following play that allowed the Dodgers to score. It was a tough game to see the Angels lose but a great victory for the Dodgers; congratulations. On a good note at least you didn’t bet $20 that I put on your Alyssa web site or I would have been down 20 bucks. I still don’t know who won the game today. I’m surprised this is only the fifth time this has happened in 100 years though. With 30 teams playing 160 games for the past 100 years. That comes out to only 5 times in 500,000 games approximately.


Where did my comment go? Anyway that was a heartbreaking game for the Angels but a great win for the Dodgers. Who won the game today?


Bonjour ma belle,

“The whole history of baseball has the quality of mythology.” by Bernard Malamud

Zut, zut, zut?..

I missed it, it was the traditional first weekend family gathering of the summer, so no time for baseball? bit we did watch the Euro 2008 final between Spain and Germany: What a disappointed performance the German gave, their usually hitting luck was a ?no-show? this time, but even if I?m a little sad my half compatriots didn?t win, it was a disserve victory for Spain. That?s what I love about soccer, you never know how the game is going to go.

So I missed a piece of history there, I will try to get a pick with mlb.TV

The Dodgers had zero hits and 50,000 cheers?and one of them was you?lucky you

PS : Any news for the new sitcom ?
PSS : Any vacation plans ? (Except baseball of course).

Have a great week,

Tembrasse fort,


It reminds me of a comment that supposedly took place during an exchange between Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax in the 1965 season. Drysdale was an occasional guest on The Beverly Hillbillies TV series. He took a couple of days off from a road trip to film an episode. When he caught up with the team again, legend has it that he had an exchange with Koufax that went something like this:

KOUFAX: Hey Don! Did you hear? I pitched a one hitter!
DRYSDALE: Did we win?

Thats pretty wild to win without a hit. I have never heard of that. The Angels are pretty good this year. I went to our local single A team’s stadium this weekend to watch a boys tourney. It was a huge success, they made a bucket full of cash for the baseball program. !5 Teams with some great teams from Chicago coming down. We got 3rd, but the sensation was a 16 year old kid who threw 90mph. They spent him on us in the semis then lost the final without him pitching. Ha ha.

Well, Sox paid me back by sweeping my beloved Cubs. I admit Ozzie is a great baseball man, he just needs to go to Ms. Manner’s school.

Take care sports fans.

Wow that’s so awesome! I can’t believe I missed it! I’ve never seen a no hitter before! Well I’m happy for your Dodger’s though Alyssa🙂 That’s great. I’m really excited for the fourth of July because me and a bunch of my friends are going up to our baseball stadium and watching the Royals play! Ah I can’t wait!!! Baseball is amazing isn’t it?

Love, your girl,

Miss Milano: What a great experience to be able to attend and enjoy this game. There was probably great excitment with the end of each inning right up to the costly error on the bunt single to allow the only Dodger run. It is hard to believe the All Star game is just over two weeks away. I suspect there will be very emotional MLB blogs coming out of Yankee Stadium during that week. Speaking of emotions I wanted to thank you for your kind tribute to Tim Russert. His presense on “Meet the Press” and his love of the game of baseball will be missed.


I guess we have to find some sort of excitement during the season with the dodgers now since winning and trying to make the playoffs is not one of them. hey…yes… thanks for the one nothing win with no hits. i bet the dodgers are thrilled about this one.

Your second and third paragraphs are as eloquent as those of the immortal Vin Scully.
No matter how many years and games we have all watched, there is always something new in baseball. I watched this game on and it was so terrific listening to the sound of baseball from Vin Scully. Nothing like Vin describing a baseball game, let alone a unique and wonderful game like the one you noted.
That you for sharing your thoughts and observations about a truly unique night at Dodger Stadium.
Baseball is a passion and nights like this do truly remind us why we fell in love with the great game of baseball in the first place.
Enjoy the second half of the 2008 Baseball Season!

So I love Alyssa and all, but I don’t really see the point of all us commenting on these blogs of hers. It’s not like she actually takes the time to read all of our comments? No offense though, I mean I know she’s a celebrity so she’s busy and blah blah but I’m just saying…kinda pointless if you ask me.

Hi Alyssa! Me, Katlyn, again. I was just reading through the other comments on here and then came across that last one posted above me, and felt a need to respond to it. So, as I said, in response to the comment above mine, it shouldn’t matter. We post comments on Alyssa’s blog to show our support and love for her. That’s what makes us true fan’s. Plus, this isn’t all about a love for Alyssa, this is also about a love for baseball. And I still believe that Alyssa DOES read our comments, she cares about her fans. I know it, and it means the world to me that she (somehow) finds the time to keep this blog up along with all her other sites, and responds to us as much as possible.

So anyways, I think I’ve said my share. Hope all is well with you and your family Lyss.

Love, Your girl,

Get over the name change already Alyssa! You Trolley Dodgers are too much.

Wow! I was looking at the ‘Charmed’ forums on and someone mentioned you have a MLB blog! I didn’t know you like baseball. I don’t know if you read these, but I am a Dodgers fan and the game was totally awesome. Wish I could have been there to see it (I’ve never been to a MLB game). Of course my grandpa is an Angels fan and he owed me 5 bucks! lol! Anyway, nice to read your blog and know some celebrities are as nice as they seem! I’ll be looking forward to your next post! U rock! 🙂

-Jessica B

Im sorry but Id have to agree with whoever was saying its rather pointless to be so devoted to Alyssa when shes not the least bit devoted to us. Ive been a fan of hers forever, but sometimes I feel like it might not be worth it. Not saying anything bad about Alyssa I mean I still think shes a very beautiful talented and good hearted person but the least she could do is read our comments. Especially since she made this blog. A lot of other celebrities take the time to talk to their fans and I just wish Alyssa would do the same. You see the one thing that all BIG celebrities have in common is their support systems. They all take the time to please their fans and thats why there careers turn out so good. Maybe Alyssa will figure that out one day. Again no offense Alyssa just trying to give you a few tips. Youve lost alot of fans over the years you know and I dont think you can afford to loose anymore.

That’s pretty darn cool! I have been in NYC which is nice because it’s baseball crazy there…but no so much with the Dodgers news. Glad you got to see it!

That’s why you need to come out to the ballpark everyday!! We blow a few kisses back and forth and BLAM, your boy Martin hits a Homer and they beat the Angels. The next night History is made! What can I say, you make things happen girl!

I just wanted to say a few things about Alyssa to the people who ask, “What’s the point of commenting?” I guess I’m in a unique position of getting to see her at all the games, and if you could see her with each and every fan that comes up, and how she devotes full attention to each and every one of them, you’d be amazed. And to say she doesn’t take the time to “talk to (her) fans” is just false. She is so good with her fans its unbelievable. I have met Aylssa only once, but in that time she honored me in a way she’ll never know. Besides, I have seen her address specific blog supporters on this site and give them feedback in her posts. Katlyn put it nicely. We comment to show support, so that Alyssa knows that people are reading and that time she puts into posting is worth it for her. I can’t say for certain if she reads each and every comment, but what I’ve seen from her I bet she does, and I bet we hear from her in her next entry. Even so this is a blog about baseball and I read it to hear a passionate fan’s views on our favorite team.

Keep it up girl you still have readers! Have a fun and safe 4th of July!!


Hi Alyssa,
Your dodgers just might find themselves in first in no time. With Furcal having back surgery: will the dodgers look for a shortstop? How about Juan Uribe from the white sox. He does bring some “lumber” to the plate and I do think he is available. Which dodger(s) will make the all-star team? (martin)
Alyssa, keep posting…because your fans do want to know what you’re thinking about. I agree with Rich’s comment above me. We do support you and care about you.
All the best to you Alyssa,

Bonjour ma belle,

Wow, 1 games back in the NLW, that?s why I love baseball, because it wasn?t so evident a few weeks back.

At this time, let?s pray for Nomar and Andruw returns and rejoice Ethier and Loney?s immense work in the offense;

Jon Lester first game for the Red Sox was perfect; I love it when MY Sox are winning against the NYY?

This a baseball blog for baseball fans all around the world, and the blog host is Alyssa Milano, so what?!
She is present, obsessive, passionate and faithful, all the perfect qualities of a hug fan, and that?s why we all going to continue commenting on this blog: Mort, Steve, Rich, Curt, Kent, Joe, ect?and ?humble? me from Bear/Chocolate Kingdom.

T?embrasse fort,

PS: Have a magnificent week-end every one!


Have a Happy and save 4th…

It’s Beer/Chocolate Kingdom and big fan ….

I was at that game also. I remember when it was over, turning around and looking at the scoreboard again, and shaking my head. Yes, the Dodgers won, but there was something funny about how it looked. It wasn’t until we were driving home and listening to the recap that I heard them saying the Dodgers won with NO HITS that I realized why the scoreboard looked funny to me. You never know with baseball just what is gonna happen next.

Happy 4th Alyssa! Be safe and have fun🙂
–and Curt, I must say I’m extremely jealous that you get to see Alyssa at all the games. That would be so amazing. Luckyyyy you!!!

Just wanted to wish you a happy 4th Alyssa! Dodgers vs. Giants should be interesting!🙂

-Jessica B.

Hi Alyssa,
Only half game out of first. I must say that the western division has become what the central division used to be. But hey, all you have to do is make the playoffs and then it’s anyones to win. I keep hearing C.C. to the brewers or the dodgers. I must say if thats the case, I’d rather your dodgers get him. Four straight for your dodgers. Hey, my Ryne Sandberg led Peoria Chiefs have won 11 straight and moved into first place in their division. My cubbies are playing the dreaded cardinals right now. Well at least Zambrano is off the DL and beat them on the 4th.
Take care Alyssa,

P.S. To Katlyn – You have the wrong person. I think you meant Rich see’s her at all the games. I’m about 2,000 miles away in Illinois. But I must confess, I’m a little jealous too…..

This is to

You are completely wrong about Alyssa my friend. She is more then devoted to all her fans. She comments back to her fans on her message boards and here as well and she always greets warmly anyone who comes up to her at the games and elsewhere.

We comment on this blog to show our support for her and to share our love of baseball with her And if I may get personal I’m devoted to her because I know her heart and her soul she is a good friend.



Another week in baseball….Well, hasn’t this been a great weekend for the boys in Blue, tho it would have been nicer if the Snakes would have lost a couple and you could have been in first. I was wearing my Division Series Champs 2006 hat and thinking it would be nice to have a new one this year….NOMAR IS BACK… Kermit would say and here’s hoping he can keep healthy…..Congrats to Russell for his 2nd year of All Star play, man that’s only a week away, how time flies. Well ,youth is proving to be the big thing this year now that steroids and such aren’t propping up the veteran hitters and pitchers anymore, as you can see with the Rays, but like the Snakes who seemed so powerful a month ago you have to save some of that exuberance for September and not burn out…I like the fact that you don’t answer letters myself, it would change the whole dynamic of this site. Over the last two years you’ve proved in many, many, little ways that you’re the real genus behind these words and not some ” batboy “. Besides you took us behind the Green Monster and for that you’re a friend for life in my book…Hope the holiday went well for ya and now it’s time to tune in the Tankee’s and the Red Sox ( yes I meant Tankee’s ) and tell your brother I’ll bet an Eskimo bar on the game…Live the Moment..Mort

Hey, Alyssa, any thoughts on the CC Sabathia trade?

Curt… I heard the dodgers were considering Jack Wilson of the Pirates.

I hope Wilson leaves the NL Central. He’s killed the Crew in the past. Although now… I think the Crew’s about to make its move. I mean, if Mark A. can open his checkbook in the offseason… the Crew would have an AWESOME rotation.

Hi Alyssa
Thats the 1st time i’ve ever seen that happen before the angels must feel sick after that. I dont get the dodgers or angels on tv where I live so I couldn’t watch it. My Dad told me about it and I didn’t believe it until i saw it on Baseball tonight. It probably won’t happen again in the next 20 years.


P.S. I heard the dodgers are interested in getting Jack Wilson. As a bucco fan Jack is my favorite player and I would hate to see him go. But if the Dodgers do get him, I’ll root for them to win it all. Maybe the NL will finally win an All star Game this year.

I expected a post this morning when your boys in blue tied for 1st. And against my Braves. The Dodgers tied for 1st in Torre’s first half season? Who’d a thunk? Kuroda was pitching out of his mind last night. My boys are dying quick. Congrats on the Dodgers.




Hey Alyssa,

I love your blog!!! You have such a busy life yet still find time to blog with your fans about baseball! Go Dodgers!

I made a Slideshow for you of you and dodger related stuff (for example pics of your apparel line)

Check it out and if you like it, feel free to post it your blog, website or myspace page.

Here’s the link:

Win some, lose one.
Another thing from last weekend, still feels pertinent to mention my comment made to a couple of Angels fans, as we were leaving the stands, after losing to our southern neighbors 1-0, after almost pulling out a win in the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded…”At least the Angels know that the Dodgers are a force to be reckoned with, to which one of them rightfully agreed with me.”
Every team throughout the rest of the season will be experiencing that same getting to know the Dodgers feeling of 2008, that the true blue fans are feeling this year!
Yeah, it is a magical year for LA. Let’s hope it keeps on keeping on…!

congrats Lyss😛 I LOVE YOU!

Glad R. Martin made the ALL STAR team. He deserves it big time. But my beech is that Loney did not make the squad. Loney tunes and Kemp seed are the two best players nobody knows about. And Furcel would have made it too if he was not hurt. Cubs got Harden and I heard Dodgers wanted him also? I guess lots of peeps wanted him. The fact that Chicago signed Harden tells me their serious about getting out of the 100 year mojo.

Ok now for my bombshell! Ready…….. I predict Cubs will win world series this year! Take it to the bank baby cakes! You heard it first here! Its a miracle waiting to happen! I shed tears thinking about it, me running down the street with nothing but a bath towel screaming CUBS WIN CUBS WIN CUBS WIN desperately trying to hug people. With people running for their lives from me as I jump on their legs in a desperate attempt to hug something. What a pretty site eh? I suggest mlb bloggers check smoking gun website for my mugshot after the series. There should also be some kinda headline like “Cubs fan caught with only bath towel on demands hugs from 110 year old grandma. Grandma knocks out Cub fan with purse, Cub fan arrested.”

Cant wait until October.

That game was THE best game I have ever seen in my life! At the moment my home team (Detroit Tigers) haven’t been having the most amazing games. THey win some and they lose some. Just like you said baseball is always up to something and it is always going to be a challenge to predict. You have good days and bad days, you never know what day it is until it ends.

Just found out you had this blog. Very cool! Too bad you dont like football as much as you like baseball. Oh well, nobody is perfect!!! Just Kidding!!!!! 🙂

I just want to clarify my joke I wrote earlier. Now as I try to explain, no forget it…. well the grandma would hit me because I was trying to hug her after the Cubs win series? No funny business just lonesome Cub fan looking for someone to hug. Bottom line is Cubs fans need hugs too. Hug a Cub fan today ok.

I am new to this blog and I am so glad I can write here! Hope that you are well and you are enjoying the summer!


I will just skip this post. LOL……

Your Favorite Angels Fan,


alyssa when i mean when the dodgers play against the redsox im will be
not cheering eitherway
alyssa i love both teams so dering the world seires i will be saying go red -and blue
sigmed melody-ss-cl-reporter
oh i wish huricane kyle next have ruined the plan me and m
husband was going to meet you for a autogragh
and photo oh shoot but have a good weekend

He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no one has no woes. Do you think so?
Air Jordan

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