Thanks to the Phillies for a great day

Thanks to the Phillies organization for making this day at Citizens Bank Park so special as I was able to spend time meeting other baseball fans, show new women’s ballpark fashions with TOUCH, visit with some of the personnel on the field, and spend half of the fifth inning of the Cards-Phillies game talking baseball with the Phillies’ TV broadcast crew in the press box. Here are some pictures from the appearance there:




WOW! Congrats on being able to show you clothes!
And on being able to have that wonderful interview!
Thanks for showing us your loyalty by posting!

Hi Alyssa,
It’s nice to hear from you again. I’m glad you had fun at today’s game. Have a great weekend! -Steve

Hi Alyssa!
Thanks for awesome video-interview.
It’s nice to hear from you, that you had fun today.
I’m in Vancouver right now,so I couldn’t go to Philadelphia:/
I have only 8 days before I’ll leave Canada and came back to Poland…:/
Do you plan visit Vancouver at the next week??? hahahaha
I’m kidding- I know it’s impossible!🙂
hugs & kisses

Hey Alyssa!
It’s so good to hear from you! That was a great video/interview, thanks for sharing it with us. I so wish I could have been there for the autograph signing. Too bad I live all the way down in Kansas…lol. That’s a little far from Phillie, although if I were older I so would have traveled their just to meet you. No joke. I will meet you one of these days though, I know it. I mean, I have to..I’m seriously your biggest fan!!! In fact, until I was “introduced” to you, I had always believed it to be a waste of time to be such a big fan of a superstar…I don’t know why, kind of hard to explain. Anyways, after I “met” you, that all changed :] And now I’m a very loyal and dedicated fan! Well I’m rambling, so I should probably get to the point and wrap this up, lol. You should really come visit the Royal’s stadium down here sometime though. We may not be the best baseball team, but it’s still pretty cool, not to mention I would freak!!
Hope you are well! Lots of love,
Your girl,

Cool interview.

Hope you enjoy the All-Star Break.


I Hart New York!

Hi Alyssa,
Glad you finally got to see the St. Louis Cardinals play. Now you just need to come to St. Louis and see Busch Stadium and do a signing. I want to see you. Even if I’ll always be a diehard Mets fan.

~ Your C.J.

Hi Alyssa

Thank you for the great video Sounds like you had a great time. I love the scene with the fanatic its good that he smelled great too🙂


Hey Lyss!!!
Thanks for the post… ive seen a few photos of you from Thursday with the meet and greet and i only wish i was there… its kinda sucks living here in London! One day i will be at one of them! =] You loo lovely in red =] and very happy in the pics i saw! m Im so happy that the clothing line is such a success!

I cant see the video at the moment because my computor has a mind of its own but i will get it working soon =]

Thankyou for keeping us updating!!

All my love..
Charlotte (London)

Hi Alyssa –

I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now (love it!), but this is the first time I’ve posted a message. I was wondering if you were planning on attending the All-Start game next week? I will be arriving in NYC the day OF the All-Star game (first time to NY) and I’m hoping to make my way to the stadium for some of the festivities. We’ve decided to make the trip to NYC to catch my first (and last) game at Yankee stadium on July 18th against the A’s. As a faithful Boston fan, I am not much a Yankee fan? but seeing the house that Ruth built is a MUST. Was wondering if you had any special memories at Yankee Stadium?

All the best Alyssa, keep up your great work!

It looked like you had a lot of fun!! I am so happy. Hope you got home safe and sound!!
Forever Peace,

If I ain’t startin’, I am departin’.” By Garry Templeton
(All Star Game, 1981)

Bonjour ma belle,

The weather has been nasty the last week in all North of Europe so I console myself with baseball and Special Agent DiNozzo and co.
I?m counting the days until the All Star Game and will be more than pleased to watch all the best guys in the MLB, play their finest game, especially our ?beau mec? Russell Martin, yep.

Thank you for sharing your promotion experience of TOUCH and the stopover that we could have in another ballpark, this one looks impressive, merci ma belle, looking tremendous in Red by the way, as usual.

Still crossing my fingers for ?Single with Parents? and I just had the opportunity to watch ?Pathology?, very well done.

Have a safe trip to New York next week,

T?embrasse fort,


I heard your radio interview. It sounds like things are going great. I will be in Torrance sometime in the next 3 weeks. I was thinking I would take the crew to one of the games. I hope it does not rain. Every time I have been to LA it has rained really hard.

Have a nice day


Its obvious you really mean “Oh she didn’t reply to me”

You are flat out wrong about Alyssa she has and does go out of her way for her fans more often then I can list here.

I know the lady personally and I can tell you without doubt she reads every single comment here. she adores and appreciates all her fans and would never let them down.


Hey cutie, tnx for sharing that interview with us… Ur great in it as always😛 Love ur voice, love ur smile… I LOVE YOU!

You were able to hang out with old friend of the New York Mets, Tom McCarthy. Great Guy!!! Tom did Mets radio games during the 2006 and 2007 baseball seasons. Citizens Bank Park is a beautiful stadium. I lived in South Philadelphia for a few years. Happy that you were able to market your woderful clothing line,Touch, in Philadelphia.

Hi Alyssa !
Nice interview !!
You have a lovely laugh and a lovely voice. I admire you for everything you do. You have a lot of Talend !! Your clothing line is brilliant !
I dream to meet you, but I live very far (in France).
But one day I will make this dream.

Many kisses and happiness,


hi alyssa, i did not know you are a baseball fan thats great, even though you are a dodger fan lol. have you ever been to fenway park? if not you should its great. good luck with your projects

To Mr. Dubrose…
I’m with Gary, I can read one of the next times, she mentioned a subject, I started!
So you’re not so lucky then, she’s so bizzy… 😉
Greetings, U.Gary, A song we all know from this group, U.S.Bonds (real name Gary Anderson, Florida) Now and then with Springsteen.
Much covered song, I say Hey, heey, heeey…
Love & kisses to you Angel, I saw your double in Hilversum, NL

OMG! My most favorite women on the face of the earth in my hometown!? And where was I!? So what do u think of Philly? Did u have a cheesesteak?
I’ve always had this dream (fantasy) that I would marry Alyssa Milano and live in Philly. Back to reality. Oh well….At least you got to see the Phillies play.
So do u go to all the Dodgers home games? And do u consider yourself more a New Yorker or a Angeleno?
The Phils are starting to slip a bit. Your Dodgers have a chance especially if the NL West remains a losing division.
And what’s with the Dodgers playing all these near perfect games!?
Everytime I see Dodger highlights I think of u. Anyhow.. have a good weekend.

Hi Alyssa,
Thanks for sharing…you really do a GOOD JOB and have FUN doing it. Have fun in NYC for the all-star festivities…
Root for the NL as it may help one of us this october.
So to my FAVORITE DODGER FAN: take care Alyssa,

We all had a dream or fantasy to marry Alyssa Milano.

Thx for blogging for us Alyssa!!!!

Alyssa, it’s me again,
I just wanted to mention that baseball lost another one of the good ones today, Bobby Murcer. The longtime Yankee great. Alyssa, he wore the Cub uniform for parts of 3 seasons in the late 70’s. (bet you didn’t know that). I can remember they always said he had a “rocking chair” in the clubhouse.
Alyssa, if you run into “Uncle Lou” Piniella in NYC. Tell him Cub Fan Curt says he’s the best cub manager ever. Don’t look for Kerry Wood to pitch in the all-star game tuesday, as he has a blister on his pitching hand. We could have used him in the 9th today.
To the NICEST DODGER FAN: Thanks Alyssa…

O.K. Alyssa, one more time (I think)
22 hits and you still lose the game on a walkoff HR in the 10th. Well that happened to the cub nemesis, the cardinals tonight. OH WELL, we gain a game (5.5 ahead now). They had a big lead late too. Just like the cubs did today, but they won it in 11th. Harden went into the 6th (no runs- 10 K’s), but no victory. I saw where you got a autographed cap by the cardinal bullpen. It’s OK, I’d keep it too. There the one’s that didn’t get it done tonight. Cub’s have been there and done that enough too…Haven’t we all though…
Alyssa, well you know….Later…. Keep bloggin

Alyssa and anyone else who can answer this question. Is there a way to get baseball cards for the this season’s Dodger team players? that whould be so cool to me if I could buy them.
thanks for reading all your comments from your fans, and keeping us posted with your baseball world.

ABout to get swept by the lonely MARLINS??? almost 100 MIllion less in the payroll? We are suppose to be elite player status? and this is what this blog talks about??


Another week in baseball….nice save today, those Florida teams can be pesky at times, tho the Rays seem to be on a fade….Glad to hear you’re expanding to the other sports with Touch , ain’t it nice when things come together….90+ games already, how time flies, if you’re heading to New York take some time to have fun but don’t forget to take lots of pics…Live the moment…….Mort

alyssa your intiew at the phellies game was allsome i hope you enjoy & im sorry for baseball.s and your friend signed.melody48-your fan.

sorry for baseballs.& your loss of your friends of baseball:-(
signed melody i still dream of a meeting and greet with you at a baseball field.or convention someday
talk to you soon.

Thanks Alyssa for the update. I liked the Raiders Touch items I saw online. Your idea is great for ladies specialized gear, people get opportunities in life but then you must make something of the opportunity. I admire you for making it happen with Touch. You also made me somewhat a Dodger fan with your blog. I bought TOUCH Cardinal gear for my special ladies. Yes they are the enemy but they look cute in your tops. Take care baseball buddy AJM and bloggers. May the best team win as long as thats the Cubs. Rock on.

homerun derby is overated like the nba slam dunk contest was between 2001-2006.

hey Alyssa!

Great interview, I enjoyed watching it!
Glad to see you had fun!
Just came back from vacation in Rome, so I couldn’t reply earlier..
Have a great weekend in NY!



I just saw an article on the All Star game that said people went crazy over Alyssa at a greet and meet event. Said she needed a State Police Escort to get in and out. The line for her was very long. Dog gone it, so to meet Alyssa I would have had to fight thousands of other fans to get an autograph? Even fight thru a Police Escort. People thought it was the Beatles and instead it was AJM. Dog gone it, I’ll need 7 offensive lineman to bust a hole for me to the AJM table? Dog gone it when do I meet AJM? I’m jealous of Philly people.

I’m jealous of people in NYC too. Alyssa the Quad Cities St Louis Single A team invites you to their park. You are cordially invited to Modern Woodman Park and bring the model team too. Stop by my house for a cookout after the game. You are welcome in Moline Illinois as well as NYC. Put us on your tour stop.

Hi Alyssa,I had fun watching the video.You’re looking totally good.The TOUCH clothing on the video looks totally cool.Thank you.

What a gracious, charming, and lovely woman. Thank you so much for making yourself so available to your fans. You are a model baseball fan and celebrity. You are the very best!

Great update Alyssa! Thanks for posting! You look so beautiful in all the pictures, and it seems as though you had a good time, so I’m glad :] That last picture of you talking with that little girl is the best. It is obvious how happy you are making her! You are such a kind-hearted person. I’m glad our world has someone as wonderful as yourself to look up to. You’re an awesome role model.
Love, your girl,

I couldn’t see the pictures before so I didn’t leave a comment but I don’t really know the players so maybe I still shouldn’t comment other then to say it looks like they enjoyed meeting you Alyssa!


Hi Alyssa,

Great interview, thanks a lot !!!

It’s really nice to hear from you and I always love to read your blogs.

I love the pics that you’ve put. You looks stunning as always. And I’m glad you had fun at Citizens Bank Park.

Have a great weekend !

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated !!!

Lots of love,

I forgot to tell you that my dad loves to read your blogs too and he says hello to you. And he thinks you’re a very good actress.

Lots of love,

Hi Alyssa

I love the update.. the pics are fantastic Thank you for sharing them with us🙂

Oh hey is that Megan in the last Philly picture?


Hi Alyssa,
I just saw the new pictures- they look great. Thanks for sharing them with us. -Steve

(ment to write this in one of your old blogs but my comment wouldnt go threw )

***look alyssa dont mean to sound like this is a negative comment or anything***

but your TOUCH line is making female fans look bad imean its a baseball game do you really have to look like your heading for a club or something imean i would be way more proud of female fans if they went to games with jerseys imean the thing that I TRULY DISLIKE is the pink at the shop imean the sign doesnt say THINK PINK

imean girls likeing baseball thats awsome (aslong as ur not a poser pretending ur into the game just cause u think a certain player is hot)

but girly clothes and baseball?? dont mix at all

as for me im a female dodger fan (a HUGE one at that) and im 15 years old and i go to the games in jerseys

*but thats my opinion i know u will disagree with me

keep ur luv 4 baseball

but really sorry if this was to negative just expressing my opinion

Hi, I’m new here althoug I didn’t read all of your posts and I didn’t see as many baseball games as I wished I’m truthly begin to like it even more that I liked before and choosed the LA Dodgers to be the team I shall have the experience and prove to myself if I really can start to see more games.

I think this is all for now

kisses 8D

P.S.: Sorry if I gave some mistakes but is the best I can wrote although I think for a Portuguese its really good.

just have a gorgeous day


Sorry if I am begining to bore you all and specially to Alyssa and I don’t know if this is the right place to say this but if someone wants to see how I am go to blog or to my HI5 link

bye and be yourself 8)

Sorry if I’m begining to be bored to you all and specially Alyssa and pobably this may not be the right place to do this but if Miss Alyssa or some else wants to “see me” go to or to my blog.

thanks for the attention

P.S.:I didn’t say but Alyssa is the most beautifful actress, girl, women ever 8D

I’m sorry but I didn’t mean this to happen but these two comments appeared cause they weren’t appearing


the cardinals bullpen is pretty pathetic. they need to bring up someone like they did with chris perez to do the job or should have gotten someone. There is injuries, but no excuse, since the bullpen of 06 came through flying high.

Alyssa is the hottest girl I have ever seen. There has never been any doubt in my mind.
That is all.

Hi Alyssa,

If you even read this….. I wanted to send my sympathy for your Dodgers 2 loses in Philly. Being a HUGE fan of yours since you and I were 12 (I am the same age as you lol) I hate to be on different teams now. I was at the Phillies Dodgers game last night rooting for my hometown Phillies. Though I rooted for the Dodgers since they got Manny I can’t root against my team. The stadium last night was electric and I just hope for your team that LA goes as nuts as Philly has the past couple of days. It definitely plays a role if the fans are very very loud. Not that I want the Phillies to lose but, I know LA has a reputation for supporting their teams for about 6 innings then leaving. I think your team needs the fans all 9 this time around. It has been a long time since either team has won so, I can only imagine the torture you must be feeling because, we have experienced it many time as well. I wish you guys luck but, not too much. Either way I will forever be a fan of yours!
Todd from Philly

wooo go phillies c u next year dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no offense

Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum.
– Air Jordan

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