My 2008 All-Star Game Experience

I really can’t put into words what the last week has been like for me. It goes beyond baseball. It goes beyond TOUCH. Sure, it starts with both of those things that I am blessed to have in my life and ends with love and family. In between are the spectrum of memorable moments and a game that blew me away.

As my regular blog readers know from my previous post, my trip actually started last week in Philly where the fans and the Phillies organization took very good care of me at Citizens Bank Park. I always get nervous before a personal appearance for Touch. I think, “Oh God. What if no one shows up and there’s only a couple of people?” And to be honest, I’m always surprised when people do show up. So to all who did, thank you. I so appreciate the support. And to all the female fans who have embraced and donned Touch, I promise to continue to put out collections that make you proud to wear the brand. The icing on the very delicious cake was that I was given a ball signed by the entire Phillies team and the Cardinals bullpen signed a hat for me. Hellllloooo? I was so excited — I squealed. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t add that I made an inspiring new friend named Megan while there. Megan, if you are reading this, it was such a pleasure meeting you and your parents. You are the bee’s knees and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

springawakening.JPGAfter the game on Thursday we drove to New York and checked into the hotel. I slept like a rock. On Friday, I went shopping with my Aunt Toni. I met her at her store in Soho. It’s the Korres store. Korres is a Greek natural beauty line. Guava Body Butter. Yum. We then proceeded to do some sprint shopping in the area. Friday night, Aunt Toni took me to see the musical Spring Awakening (Buzz: Facebook | Myspace ). All I can say is: “Wow.” It is such a special show. The cast is unbelievably talented. If you are ever in the New York area you should definitely check it out. There is nothing more inspiring than good theater. On Saturday, I went with my cousin Jesse to see my Nanny Honey. We had fun. Saturday night, the rest of the family arrived from Los Angeles for the All-Star Game festivities. I was happy we were all together. I am very close to my family and due to us being spread out on two coasts it’s rare when we are all in the same room. This was the first time in years that we were and I was on cloud nine.


On Sunday, I had an appearance at the DHL All-Star FanFest! Oh God, I love FanFest. If you have never been, it is a huge display of everything baseball. There’s vendors, activities, memorabilia, all under one roof. While I was doing my signing, my brother got me a pin with some Yankee Stadium dirt in it!!! I am going to frame it in a shadow box and hang it with my Jackie Robinson at Ebbets Field photo. I thank everyone who stood in line. Thank you, New York.


After the signing, I went back to the hotel, took a little nap (or tried to) and then started getting ready for the party. I didn’t go to the prom. (No one asked me. True story.) But I would imagine the same prep work applies. Under eye pads, grooming, plucking, applying, combing, painting, spraying, blending, and after what seemed like an eternity, I was ready to go. My parents and Aunt came into our room to see us off and take pictures (really like a prom). My brother, his girlfriend Rachael, my cousin, my boyfriend and I piled into the car and off we went.

ASG1.jpgNow, let me tell you this… knows how to throw a party. There were thousands of people there. All the servers and dancers wore TOUCH, Wyclef Jean performed, DJ Jazzy Jeff was spinning and it was just a great all-around vibe. I co-hosted the party with Joba Chamberlain. Ummmm. I am pretty sure there isn’t a nicer human being on the planet. He was such a great guy. The highlight of the entire party was when my cousin realized that Derek Jeter was sitting right next to us. Jesse is a lifelong Yankees fan and to see his face when he realized Derek was five feet away was absolutely priceless. He got so starstruck. My second favorite moment was seeing Joba dance while standing on a chair. That big man has some moves. I said to him, “You are a really great host.” He replied, “I have to pick up the slack for you.” I was tempted to jump up on the chair next to him and challenge him to a dance-off but, alas, I didn’t for fear of the press making more of that moment than what it would have been. I can see the headlines now: “Alyssa and Joba doing the lambada” or something lame like that. I mean, I digress. Have you heard the new one???? That I dated Tom Glavine? I literally met him once briefly in passing. Anyhoo, back on target, we left the party at 3 a.m. when one of my blisters from my shoe started bleeding. Blisters are the barometers of a great party. Many thanks to Noah Garden for allowing me to be a part of such a special night and the blister.

Here are some pictures from the party:






(That’s starting AL All-Star catcher Joe Mauer of the Twins in the bottom photo, and the one right above that is me with Joba and Noah.)

ASG8.jpgOn Monday, it was time for the State Farm Home Run Derby. I brought my brother on the field for batting practice. After I was done doing my on-field press, we got a picture on the field. We are dorky. We are getting quite a collection of pictures of the two of us at different ballparks. It’s always a surreal moment for me to be on the field. I look around, seeing all my heroes do what they do, and count my blessings that somehow in the midst of life, I am part of this sport in the very, very small way that I am. I know all the sports journalists by name now. We hug when we see each other. The players graciously say “hi” as they walk by. It’s such a totally weird and yet amazing experience. Thank you, God.

How about Josh Hamilton’s historic first round of the derby? His longest home run was 518 feet, and that was his 18th of a record 28 baseballs that he would hit out that round. And what an amazing story this guy has. To see the New York fans give him a standing ovation gave me goose bumps. That performance was the highlight of the derby for me. When we were ready to leave, the amazing John, Ray and Mike security team (thank you for being so good to me and my family) walked us out. ASG12.jpgAnd lo and behold, there (again) was Derek Jeter. I literally bumped right into him. Why is this so special? It was special because my cousin Jesse was with me. Derek was kind enough to take a picture with him. You had to see Jesse during the car ride home. He literally stared at that picture the entire drive. Baseball will make little boys out of grown men. It’s one of the things I love so much about sports. It gets you in a place that you didn’t think existed anymore.

On Tuesday morning, at 6:15 (ugh), hair and makeup arrived to get me ready for my segment on TOUCH for Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” I went on around 8:45 and the gang over there was awesome. I had a great time doing the show.

I went back to hotel for a nap and then it was time to get ready for the game. We listened to sports radio on the way to Yankee Stadium, and the hot topic was Boston’s Jonathan Papelbon’s supposed comments about feeling he should close the game over Yankees great Mariano Rivera. (I find it really hard to believe that Papelbon would say such a thing, so I am going to choose to believe he was misquoted.) Cory and I were on the field again for batting practice. I did my TOUCH push for media. When it was all said and done, and as I was leaving the field, I turned around and just took a moment to breathe in Yankee Stadium and say a fond farewell to The House That Ruth Built.



Can we talk about the All-Star Game Hall of Fame Celebration (above) for one brief moment? I mean, what can you say? I had 16 friends and family in the crowd and everyone was weepy. It so exceeded any of my expectations. Forty-nine greats took the field for pregame introductions and walked to their former positions where they stood with this year’s All-Stars. I was in awe looking out and seeing all those legends together on one field. They included: Hank Aaron, Luis Aparicio, Ernie Banks, Yogi Berra, Wade Boggs, George Brett, Lou Brock, Steve Carlton, Rod Carew, Gary Carter, Orlando Cepeda, Dennis Eckersley, Bob Feller, Rollie Fingers, Whitey Ford, Bob Gibson, Goose Gossage, Tony Gwynn, Reggie Jackson, Ferguson Jenkins, Al Kaline, Harm
on Killebrew, Ralph Kiner, Tommy Lasorda, exec Lee MacPhail, Juan Marichal, Willie Mays, Bill Mazeroski, Willie McCovey, Paul Molitor, Eddie Murray, Phil Niekro, Jim Palmer, Tony Perez, Gaylord Perry, Cal Ripken Jr., Robin Roberts, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Ryne Sandberg, Mike Schmidt, Ozzie Smith, Bruce Sutter, Don Sutton, Earl Weaver, Billy Williams, Dick Williams, Dave Winfield and Robin Yount. I am kind of at a loss for words in trying to articulate how utterly moving the ceremony was. It was a perfect tribute to not only baseball, but also to the ballpark itself.

And that game? Russell Martin made the Dodgers organization and fans very proud as the sole representative from the team. He looked like a goalie on a couple of those plays protecting home plate, and he kept the game alive with the tag after Nate McLouth’s throw from center (video). A Hollywood writer couldn’t have written the game drama any better. A 15-inning battle and Michael Young won it for the AL just as he did a couple of years ago. Yup. It has now been 12 years since the NL won behind then-Dodger Mike Piazza. And even though I am a Dodgers fan and would love to see the NL win an All-Star Game and get home-field advantage for the World Series, I am happy that my goodbye to Yankee Stadium, where I saw my first baseball game, ended in a win for the home team.

At heart, I am still that little girl from Brooklyn walking around the streets holding my parents’ hands. I haven’t changed much. I look back on my life — and all that I am blessed to have experienced — and it truly all seems like a dream. Just like those two words burned into the barrel of Hamilton’s bat in the derby: “The Dream.” During this trip, walking the same streets of Brooklyn as a 35-year-old woman, being surrounded by my family at Yankee Stadium, it reminded me of those early days.

And so with time, baseball has changed and grown…but at heart, it hasn’t changed much either.

Thank you, Yankee Stadium. It was love at first sight.


P.S. Thanks to the readers who defended me and my loyalty to my fans. Despite what this person who posted negative things believes, the first thing I do in the morning is read the comments on this blog and the Celebrity Loop message boards. It’s my way of staying connected to the community we have all built here and there. I am always in the house. Pinky swear.

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Alyssa your experience sounds wonderful & I’m so glad you were able to share it with family & friends. What wonderful memories.

I watched the homerun contest & was totally blown away with Josh Hamilton’s first round display. His pitcher was amazing too.

I watched the game but have to admit I kept dozing during the extra innings. At least it was a competitive game.

Seeing all those hall of fame players must have been awesome. I actually remember all of them. Your cousin Jesse’s meeting of Derek Jeter will last him a lifetime. As I watched the game I thought of the story you tell about watching the Brooklyn Dodgers on your father’s lap and how your love of baseball began there & I could picture that.

Best wishes always Alyssa


Alyssa, Hi
A great posting by a great person…
Always an enjoy to read…
From one of your fans for life: Take care Alyssa and get some rest,

Alyssa, sorry I forgot to THANK YOU for sharing your ALL_STAR experience with us. You make us wish we were along for the ride with you.
Thanks Alyssa,
Curt (go cubs go… ok dodgers too)

Alyssa I apologize. In my first post I said you sat on your dad’s lap at Brooklyn Dodger games. It was the NY Yankee games you sat on his lap. I just remembered you spoke how devastated your dad was as a young man when the Dodgers left Brooklyn for LA. Sorry my bad.

Hi Alyssa

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and the wonderful pictures with us. I feel so happy right now I could fly.

The family Pics are so great and I love the ones with Cory and you at the parks🙂


Awww Alyssa as a born and bred New Yorker long before I took off for Hawaii and landed in St. Louis. I have to say you made me cry. Having grown up in Queens I will always be a Mets Fan of the heart. Though like you I adapted to the St. Louis Cardinals as you did the Dodgers. Glad you got to meet them all by the way. (Even if it wasn’t in St. Louis) I’ve been wishing I could get back to NYC to see one last game at Yankee Stadium, but I’m so glad that you got too.

I’m also so proud to see you are still Meeting With kids. I know from persoonal experience how much Megan’s life is now touched by meeting you and how it will be a constant source of joy for her to remember.

I’m so glad you got to spend time with your family I miss you and your mom so much. Please hug her for me and know that I’m hugging you from over here in St. Louis.

All my love always,
CJ (CJHeart)

Oh wow, I’m so happy to see another post from you–and a great one at that! You certainly have a way with words, you know that? You always manage to explain things so perfectly. Although I will admit I do have to look up a few of the words😉 Lol! Well atleast I can tell my mom that I’m not just browsing the internet mindlessly, I’m expanding my vocabulary as well! Haha, ok anyways, back on target (as you would say). I really enjoyed reading all about your week. It sounds like you’ve had a blast. But the great thing about you, Alyssa, is that you realize how fortunate you are and you never take that for granted. Just another thing I idolize about you. I so wish I could have been at the fanfest. It sounds amazing. I’ll get there one day though, and I’ll stand in line for HOURS if I have to. Just to meet you! I’m really glad you got to spend time with your family, and I’m just really glad everything is going so well for you. It fills me with joy to know that. I hope things stay good. Take care Alyssa–and thanks for all the lovely pictures. You are so beautiful.
Love, your girl,
P.s. When reading about your thoughts on your TOUCH appearances, I couldn’t help but think that it was extremely ironic that you feel so nervous that people may not show up. Are you kidding me? You’re Alyssa Milano for gods sake! Haha, people are going to show up! I mean, what’s not to love? :]
P.P.s. Your very welcome for defending you and your loyalty to us. I knew that you read our comments :] And I would be happy to defend you any day, you’re more than worth it!

Hi Alyssa,
Congratulations on you and your family and friends’ reunion / baseball / Touch / All-Star / Yankee Stadium celebration! It’s great to know that you all had an amazing time together. Those are some dazzling pictures. I’m sorry to hear that someone posted unkindly about you, and we appreciate the community of kindness that you have created over the Internet. Those attendees at the Hall of Fame celebration must be some big names in baseball… because I recognize a few of them. But doesn’t Willie Mays more commonly go by “Billie”? I mean, I know my Orange Glo commercials. Or did I buy my “Muddy Putty”, or whatever it is, from Babe Ruth? And doesn’t Eddie Murray double as a movie star? I’ve only ever been to New York City once (18 years ago), but I saw the outside of Yankee Stadium when I was there. The place looked very nice. It must be very special to you that you saw your first baseball game there. And I bet you’ve been to the place where I rode my first roller coaster. My first coaster was the Thunder Mountain over at Disneyland (in 1980 when I was 4). It seems like yesterday as well. I wonder if I can still buy the ride photo… I hope that you and your family and friends continue to have many great experiences and an amazing summer. – Love, Steve


Thanks for sharing all of your All Star experience with us again. Your blog is so great that I tell everyone about it and they’re surprised that a person of your celebrity (and a woman) knows so much about baaseball.

I was blown away by Josh Hamilton. I saw him and heard his story on the All Star Selection Show and he was so great, so humble, so grateful to be playing baseball and makes me believe in the players who are out there for the love of the game. I am a bonafide Josh Hamilton fan now and Congrats to his 71-yr old pitcher! Wow!

I went to work on Tuesday and told all the girls at work about the HomeRun Derby. Most of the time I think they tolerate my love of the Dodgers and baseball in general, (my desk is covered in Dodgers stuff) but in telling them about Josh Hamilton, I had them in the palm of my hand! They were as enraptured as I was. Little do they know, I’m slowly (but surely) teaching them the game! Ha!

I was SOOOOOO proud of Russell Martin. My son was watching with me and looked at me like I was crazy when I said, “Show ’em, Russell! Show ’em what Dodger baseball is all about!” And did he ever! Even my son stood up & cheered! I stayed up late & watched all 15-innings, even with my 5am wake-up the next morning. So close…so close…it’s been 11 years and counting. The thing I couldn’t stand was the fact that we didn’t hear about the longest All Star game in history until the 12th inning or so. If Vinny had been on, he would’ve told us as soon as the game went into extra innings. So I’m biased toward Vin Scully…so what?

As a 36-yr old woman, I still carry the magic of my first game with me as well. It carries me thru the winter until February rolls around & spring training begins.

Thanks for keeping it real. Thanks for making it cool to be a woman who loves her team and can be as big (or BIGGER!) a fan as any guy. I do envy your ability to be there and meet & greet the players that you have. But…in your blog, you take us with you. You let us see it with your eyes and experience it all in a whole new way.

Now, back to business: Arizona is in town this weekend and these games are HUGE. I’ll be there to watch every pitch & every inning. And looming ahead is the trade deadline. I’d love to know what you think the Dodgers should/shouldn’t do and how to get it done. Can the Dodgers afford to let go of some of the youthful talent? Will the talented veterans get well enough in time for the race to the pennant? What about Andruw Jones? I don’t ‘boo’ him (I don’t believe it’s right to ‘boo’ your own players), but most of time, when he’s up to bat, I can’t watch. How do you feel about Clayton Kershaw? He seems to have a case of the nerves for the first couple of innings, then settles down, but by then, the damage is done.

On to the rest of the season! Go Blue!

You are such a gift to the game, Alyssa. I hope you realize the people you are bringing to this sport.

We are quite proud here in Arlington, Texas of our Josh Hamilton! For a Texan to get a bunch of New Yorkers on their feet like that, he must be special! I was just waiting for him to point at the scoreboard…

Thanks for sharing the pics of your family. You are articulate, thoughtful, and sharp as a whip, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. You are so special.

I realize I’m really late in asking, but will you go to the prom with me? (hehe)


Hi Alyssa!
I’m so happy that you had good time.
Yankee Stadium looks beautiful!
I wanna tell you:
Do you know it’s something like… I can’t explain it ! I feel like you belong to my family or you’re my best friend- I’ve no idea why . I know you don’t even know me… xD haha
Probably it’s because you love your fans and you’ve never been like average actress who doesn’t care about fans.

Thanks for beautiful pics.
Thanks for everything


P.S I’m so happy that you checkt message boards and your blog everyday!
P.S.S. I hope you understand me. I know my English is bad…:/ Why my parents came back to Poland when I was young??!! xD who knows…

Sounds and looks like it was a great time. Now its time to get back to business. Your Dodgers are going to be playing my Dbacks this week. Hope you are in town for a game.

Rick M.

Bonjour ma belle,

Wow that?s a lot of lexis for some one who could not put it into words?
Nice family picture, you all seem to enjoy this very much and don?t look blas at all, a perfect ?petite? Italian FAMILIA.

Merci again for sharing this glorious week of yours, I did read some articles and watch some resumes on the net over the 2008 All Star Game festivities, but I was imaginatively waiting for your entry, your entries are always so true and vivid. And ones again, you did it, I escaped rainy Europe for a few minutes: the smell, the sounds of a ballpark, I could hear the cheers and the hearts pounding of the fans that were experiencing history.
Like NewBlueGirl2U, I annoy my co-workers all year round with my soccer and baseball enthusiasm commentaries and excitements, but this year they could not stop me, I watch the All Star Game on and didn?t sleep at all that night, I arrive at my work overwhelmed by striking emotions and delights, what an amazing game it was, with a gigantic performance by our ?beau mec?, Mister Russell Martin, I love the fact that you compare him to a goalie, he would unquestionably make a perfect soccer player. And I know in my heart that Jonathan Papelbon never said that, he is more than that.

All Star Game always means middle of the season, it hasn?t been a great season for the Blue Men Group but they should continue trying to balance the chemistry this movement should and can have, they should achieve some constancy in the game, I BELIEVE.

And like you, I start my day with checking out the baseball news (LA Times, mlb and your blog), I also read every comments (good and bad ones) from my fellow bloggers.
Merci to you for being you, we, Alyssa Milano fans are more than blessed, you feel, believe, embrace, appreciate life, and it shows. The fact that you allow us too peek a little is more than appreciate, merci ma belle.

PS: My Red Sox good luck t-shirt was again a lucky charmed for the big game
PSS: I copy Curt by saying GET SOME REST ma belle; you need to be in enormous form for your new sitcom ;-))) Have a Belgian Beer and relax.

T?embrasse fort,


Wow, It sure looks like you had a lot of fun with family!! I am so glad that you got share this wonderful time with them. Treasure you moment with them they are priceless. Can you belive how long the game went on!! I did not think a baseball game could last so long. I hope you are now home gettiging some much needed rest. Thanks for posting the pictures. My favorite is the one with you and the cake that has a sparkler on it. I had never seen a cake like that before. How very cool.
Forever peace,
McCollonugh (aka Makayla) Ceili


Your blog entry and re-cap of the All-Star festivities was just so inspiring. Your love of the game and the fans is very apparent. I have my own baseball blog and strive to express myself as well as you do. Congrats on all of your successes – you truly deserve the best!

From one sports loving girl to another!!

I forgot to say Top of the morning to you!! I hope reading these post is the start to a wonderful day. and that I had to laugh out loud when I read Pinky Swear. That is someting that I do with my friends Laurie and Christina, and I thought is was just someithing we did. I did not know that others outside of TV did it too.

Hey Alyssa!!!

It sounds like you had such a great time, and thank you for sharing those beautiful photos with us all!!
The All Star Game at the Yankees was on tv here Live which was about 2am in the morning but when i flicked over the channels and saw it was on i really could help but watch it!! The Hall of Fame thing i think it was called at the begining really touched me which was suprising as ive never really known much or watched much baseball! Your very right about the blisters meaning that you had a great night.. somehow i know just what you mean!!

And at your signing i hear it was packed with phillies fans!! so much for you thinking only 4 people would turn up! Come on that would never ever happen!! =]

I really love the photo with you and your family at the top and thank you so much for sharnig it with us all!!

I love how you take you time in writting to your fans, i think its really amazing, i feel like i know you really well even as a friend even though you have no idea who i am!! Kinda strange but thats how much i love and appreciate your blogs!!

Ok im really going to stop rambling on now because i dont think i make sense anymore but thanks alyssa!!

All My Love,
Charlotte (London!)

Hey Alyssa!
Thanks for sharing your All ? Star game experience and great pictures with us. Unfortunately I only watched the game until the end of the 3rd inning because the game was being shown live on Ch5 and it was past 2.30am here in London and I was startin to fall asleep lol. OMG the All-Star Game Hall of Fame Celebration was so great, just hearing all those cheers and seeing the amount of people that were there made feel so excited and jealous (in a good way) of all the people that were there. I really hope one day I?ll be able to go to an All ? Star game and who knows maybe even bump into you.

P.S. I can totally understand how you must have felt with the whole blisters ordeal lol, a couple of weeks ago my friends and I went out to celebrate our friends 19th and my 5 inch heels gave me the worst blisters ever that I was left with no choice but to walk through central London with no shoes on at 4am.

Lots of hugs n kisses from London town,

That was a great game and an emotional ceremony before the game. Its hard to believe the stadium is finally in its last season. So many memories from it. To me the best one is the yankees being in the world series weeks after the 9/11 attacks and tino and brosius hitting two out two run homers to tie the game in the ninth in games four and five. I thought nate was going to win it in the 14th but it fell just short. In the 11th he made a great throw and martain made a great tag. Anyway it was a great game and i’ll remember it for a long time. The second half is going to be great I hope the rays edge out the red sox and the dodgers and dbacks battle for the division until the last day of the season.


P.S. The dodgers are still interested in Jack Wilson I hope they can give the pirates something good in return if wilson is traded to them.

Wonderful post Alyssa – it really made me feel like I was there! And boy, do I wish I was🙂 I love your line about knowing the press and the players saying hi. Thank you God, indeed!

Glad you got to spend time with your family (my fam is on both coasts too, so I know what you mean) and go to some fun parties!

P.S. You look beautiful at the “prom”!

Alyssa you really came thru for me!! Thanks so very much for letting me see the All Star game thru your eyes and ears and for sharing your pictures. I love your TV shows and movies but dog gone you ornery rascal, your on-line stuff blogs, message boards are what I really love about you. I’m tied up in meetings today, but look forward to reading your article. You are my All Star! Love the Team Milano picture! I love being your fan, on-line mlb buddy and just being apart of something associated with a winner!

Rock on!

Martin deserved to start. He was robbed. ‘Nuff said.

hey alyssa,
long time no talk! im soo very sorry to hear that someone posted a negative comment. :[ who would do such a thing! luckily you know that you havve very loyal readers and bloggers
anyhoo.. im very gladd to kno that your trip to new york was great! i wish that i couldve been there!! it looked like so much fun!! unfortunately..trhe NL didnt win..again. :[
i hope that you blog again soon!!
until then…
-karen :]

Alyssa, you rock! I would given anything to be there! Fanfest sounds awesome. I have never been to any all-star games (yet), but would love to one year.
I hope you come to Tampa Bay soon. This year is the year to come! Despite what Bud the Dud says, Tropicana Field is a great stadium. You would love the Ted Williams Museum (a must see).
Too bad Martin had to tag out Navarro, but that how it goes. LOL
The love of baseball is eternal and don’t let ANYONE tell you different!
Till next time, A fellow baseball nut and your loyal fan,

Hi Alyssa,

What a great post! Yankee Stadium will truly be missed as it is one of the cathedrals of baseball. I go to New York City quite often and consider it the best city in the world. So much nightlife, culture, and of course baseball.

As for the event, the pregame festivity was one of the best I’ve seen. The most emotional All-Star pregame ceremony was perhaps 1999 in Boston when Ted Williams was feted before the game and the PA announcer made an incredible announcement by imploring the all time greats gathered on the field to leave the field so the game could start! Tony Gwynn said no one wanted to leave – they were having too good of a time with Ted.

Of course it made no difference if this year’s All Star game went 9 or 15 innings because the starting time of 8:45 p.m. precluded a good portion of the country from seeing the conclusion on a Tuesday night. Next year’s good Yankee tickets in the new stadium will be $650, $850, and $2,500 per seat/per game. Phil Mushnick has a very well written article on this in a New York paper today (“At the Fan’s Expense – MLB Will Learn Too Little Too Late”). He writes that the Yankees (and Mets) are “trying to bludgeon their most giving customers” with this price structure.

As for Papelbon – he said that he wanted to close the game (as any closer would) but also deferred to Rivera in the same interview. The New York Daily News took his quotes out of context and put the headline “Papel-Bum” on its back page raising the ire of its readers (remember, this is New York’s “picture newspaper”).

I think Josh Hamilton’s story is inspiring and I wish him the best. Some are comparing him to Barry Bonds saying that he deserves no sympathy for the years he missed because, like Bonds, his wounds were self inflicted. I disagree, as they are two very disparate situations. In fact, one of the best moments was during the Hall of Famers parade on Tuesday (6th Ave) when Hank Aaron was greeted by chants of “Home Run King! Home Run King!” from the fans as he rode by.

I haven’t heard the Glavine rumor – A-Rod’s libido has been monopolizing the tabloids of late.

It was nice of Jeter to take the picture with your cousin. I remember going to The Stadium a few years ago and Jeter and Pettitte signed for fans outside the players’ entrance for 20 minutes – and Pettitte was pitching that day.

All the best,


Hey Alyssa

I always enjoy reading your blog, but this time you outdid yourself this was so much fun to read.. The enthusiasm, everything..

I’m really glad you had such a great time and that you were able to catch up with your family on the east coast🙂

Loved the Fox&Friends interview..

I’m really sorry you had to read the negative comment someone posted.. It saddens me that people always try to say bad stuff about great people.. We know you value your fans and that you read our comments, we also know how busy you are.. And we appreciate the effort you put into this blog and the forum!

Have a great weekend!



Never asked to the PROM??????!!!!!! Whodathunkit?!?!?! Thats like saying Piazza never played catch with his dad!!! Its just not believable!!!! Thx for taking the time to share with your fans!! You are the bomb!!! You rock!!! ……Even though you’re not a football fan. (Haha, just kidding!!)

Hi Alyssa, Nice win by your dodgers last night (Loney and Nomar). Tied for first and I really think the dodgers are going to be the team to beat in the west. I see injuries are hurting your team too… That was a nice all-star game for Martin. I will say you can tell that he is a “Gamer”. That was a dramatic All-Star game. I stayed up and watched the whole game. I kept thinking one of the cubs would lose it (dempster or marmol), but they didn’t. It’s just too bad the NL didn’t win one. The whole Home-Team advantage rule just isn’t really fair, so they might as well go to AL vs NL in interleague play. Or just go back to every other year… It’s too bad it wouldn’t have gone longer, as we could have had Bud squirming to make up some new rule. As both teams were using their last pitchers and I don’t think they wanted a “position player” pitching, which was where it was headed. Oh well…
I see Hideo Nomo retired. I saw him pitch in St Louis once and I was “rooting” for the dodgers that night. Yes, the dodgers did win (a Tornado victory) and I will admit it here first: I’ve gone to many more cardinal games in my life then cub games. In central Illinois, it’s basically 50-50 (cub fan or cardinal fan).
Hey Alyssa, my Peoria Chiefs (remember Ryne Sandberg manages), first place (19-9) in the 2nd half. They play first half and second half. Theyre (49-47) for the whole season.
This is class A ball, but we do get the occasional re-hab player here: Kerry Wood, Mark Prior. Might even get an Alphonzo Soriano soon…Alyssa and I know you never knew this: NOMAR himself rehabbed in Peoria back in 2005. One of his games drew a franchise record crowd of 9,602. If you run into him, you can ask him if he remembers (just kidding Alyssa).
Alyssa, keep bloggin when you have the time…because I just love to read them and the comments. Alyssa, do you realize how many people you “touch”, in so many different ways. Thanks Alyssa…
Take Care Alyssa,
PS- My cubbie lead is down to 3 games and ANGST is starting to creep back in. We just cannot shake loose from the cardinals(how do they continue to do it?) or the brewers. (UGHH…)

Hey Alyssa,
Thanks so much for sharing your All Star experience with us. It is always great to read your posts. It looks like you had an awesome time in NY. I watched the game on TV and it was awesome! Anyway, just thought I’d drop in, c ya!

Jessica B.

Sorry you have to read the negative comments some people leave about you. Your real fans know that you care about us. Thanks for being a nice person unlike most celebs who don’t care about their fans.

It is fun to read about your intimate baseball experiences like FanFest and All-Star activities. Since I am not as fortunate as you are to get to see baseball on the field it is fun to connect my imagination and knowledge of baseball with what you write on your blog.
Since dreaming about playing on a MLB team or minor league team slowly fades away as I have just passed my 36 birthday my next dream is to run or own a team. Something I hope that will come true as I will need lots of help from baseball passionate people like yourself. It’s good to know that there are some of you people out there!


It’s a fondness not an obsession!

Hey Alyssa (me again),
I’m venting about my team. Can’t score any runs and the lead shrinks again (2 over the cards). Lou says you’re not going to win many games scoring 1 or 2 runs. Gee, you think.. 1 run tonight on a C Zambrano HR, his 2nd of the year. I think another trade is in order, maybe we need a “BIG STICK” too…. ANGST… Sorry for venting Alyssa, I know it’s only july.
Remember mild-mannered Ryne Sandberg when he played. He has now been ejected from 5 games this season for arguing calls. :} Hey, his Chiefs get to play a night game at Wrigley field later this month.
Alyssa, thanks for reading my vents and we will see where our teams stand next week. Later…..Alyssa.

Hey Alyssa,

You are such a sweet girl (woman), I really appreciate that you take the time to share your real life with your fans like me. In a world that sometimes seems so devoid of true love it is very refreshing that someone who has so much going for her takes the time to acknowledge her fans; it is so awesome. Thank you.



Another week in baseball….WOW…no, hang on a minute, OK, I just read it again, I was right the first time..WOW…you really put your heart and soul into this years All Star story….Good on you and thanks for sharing. I am so glad that above being a die hard Blue fan you are also a Baseball fan and can enjoy the many facets of such a great pastime. All the family stuff was a great plus to the story and helped to remind us all what this game can be about. I was sitting at my desk, at home, listening to the game and made the mistake of resting my head on my arms and waking up at 3am and feeling glad that Francona had pulled it off again. It was such a young players game this year and it’s too bad TV has to ruin it by playing it in the evening and the early morning. Seeing so much negative press, A-ROD, Papelbon and the like can make us forget the positive side, the good side. Thanks again….I remember reading your Phillie’s story and remembering that those sneaky guys are coming up on my own radar as far as spoiler material goes and it was nice to get a close up view….Thanks for a great story and in the words of someone unknown to me….What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us….Mort

I have been reading your blog for awhile, and this will be my first time commenting. I’m glad that you got to spend time with your family. It’s always been special to me to be able to spend time with my family, especially when we go to a baseball game together.
I loved looking at the pictures. I wish I could have been at the All-Star game, but as usual, I watched the whole thing at home. It was such a long game! It looks like you had such a great time.
Like you, I have been going to baseball games since I was a kid. My dad introduced me to the game by bringing me to college baseball games. I’ve loved baseball ever since. I’ve only been to one major league game, since there isn’t a major league or even a minor league team nearby. I’ve mainly gone to LSU games. I went to my first major league game at the beginning of this month when I was visiting family in Houston. It was an Astros vs. Dodgers game. I’ve always loved the Dodgers, so of course I was rooting for them.
You have brought so much to the game, and you really know how to bring the game to us.
Love, Jennifer
P.S. It’s hard to believe you were never asked to the prom. I definitely know how that feels.

alyssa you have a huge family
just as big as my family
oh mrs milano and mr milano are allsome parents
question has your new show been pickedup yet ??we all hope:-)
signed your fan and friend

Hey Alyssa,
Ok first off, loved the blog, it sounds like you and your family had a great time, i loved the pictures, and wow, your mom and aunt look so much alike, runs in the family huh? haha. And im glad you got to spend some time with your aunt, sounded like you had fun. And i would loved to of seen your cousins face after he found out who was next to him. haha. Also i feel for your, the times you had to get up, ugh, i hate getting up for school in the mornings. I bet you sleep alot when you got back home, i would of. I really do like the picture of you and cory, loving his glasses, let him know, i want to take them. haha. Well im glad you had a great time and thank you so much for sharing it with us, i wish i could have been able to go. And by the way, when the heck are you going to come to florida?? (hint: tampa area, tropicana field) I saw in an interview you said you will watch a Rays game, and as you should, we have been doing great this year huh? i mean what a comeback!! well againg, glad you and your family had fun.
stay safe

P.S. you werent asked to the prom??? well im sure they are sorry now. haha. well im glad you were able to kind of have a prom type thing. haha. I havent had one yet but im sure i’ll be doing the same prepping.
P.S.S. i know you might be grossed out a lil bit, but i think your brother and his grilfriend are cute together. As are you and your boyfriend, keep us updated with that, hahaha.

Hi Alyssa.

I just wanted to say that it is too cool to read your baseball blogs. I am 35 as well and grew up as a die-hard Cardinals fan here in St. Louis. Not having my own clothing line🙂, I’ve never had access to the field or the media or the players, but by reading your posts I can live vicariously through you! What an amazing experience you had at the All-Star festivities! How cool that you got to take your whole family. I can only dream of attending the All-Star Game here at Busch Stadium next season, but there’s no way I could afford the tickets. Hopefully you’ll go again next year and post another blog! There’s just nothing like baseball, is there?

Thanks again for your continued blogging – I really do enjoy reading it. Good luck with your pilot, too!



Hi Alyssa,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us !!! And also thanks a lot for sharing your pictures with us !!! I’m glad you had fun.

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated, Alyssa !!!

Lots of love,

PS : I hope you had a very good weekend. My weekend was very good. I surfed the Internet (Celebrity Loop and other sites), I went shopping and I watched TV.

Sounds like you had an amazing time. There’s nothing like this thing called baseball. I love it. If you haven’t already, you need to check out the latest episode of Costas Now on HBO. It’s a great Hall of Fame show. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.
Bringing my girls to see Spring Awakening in the city in a few weeks. They’re psyched about it. Glad you liked it.
Yankee Stadium…What a place..My dad took me to see my first game there in 1967 when I was 8 years old and Mickey Mantle hit a homer off Jack Hamilton of the White Sox. Two years later he took me to Shea and I saw Hank Aaron hit a homer and I was hooked. The Hammer and the Braves became my favorite team from then on. Nolan Ryan was a rookie and started for the Mets that game.
I love this game. I’m still working as an usher at a minor league park upstate for the Tri-City Valley Cats (Houston Astros short season Class A affiliate). Best job I ever had. I do it strictly for fun (sure isn’t for the money). The Astros 2008 first round pick, Jason Castro, just started with them last week and he’s having a rough start, but he’ll come around. Just needs to relax. Well, anyhoo, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts and keep up the good work. Btw…great pictures.
Peace Out…..

Great to see you at the All-Star Game. I still have that imaginary trade scenario if you are looking for a shortstop. It’s a good one. We’ll see what your Dodgers do … Keep up the great work. It’s great to see you share your passion for life and the game with so many people.

Take care,


I have noticed that you have pictures of yourself with other people who are suffering from cancer. I think it is an amazing this that you are not only looking out for others but making their wishes come true! I have some friends that are suffering from cancer and I know that they have so much fun when they are able to be around people who see them as the same person while other people are always more careful around them. You are blessed to have so many opportunities like this. And I am very glad that you take them to heart. Hope someday I can meet you!

I just read your article and it was great. I feel so connected to you as your fan almost guilty that you would communicate so frankly and openly. Just a few things to connect with you, I watched Hamilton and the home run derby when he blew the lid off it! WOW blew me away! That had to be worth the price of admission! Of course you know I want my picture taken with you but if you got Jeter to take a picture with me, well……. I dunno but you’d own me, I could never repay you for that kinda thing. Your cuz otta take you to diner or something. Actually I want to shake his hand with all the Actresses he’s been with, to touch the hand would be well….. magical. Who knows what my hand might be capable of after touching the great Derek Womanizer Jeter. Not sure which feats of Jeter’s I’m more impressed with on or off field? I dunno but I’ve read about guys like him before in like Playboy forum or something? Not that I would know but I read about it.

I also think its funny you know the sports writers by name, like hey Frank how’s the wife and kids yuk yuk.

Lastly, yes I read you dated Glavine but I also know people are trying to earn a living writing bogus mojo about who the good looking actresses are dating. Unfortunately, your on their list. I want to say I’m sorry for clicking on to articles talking smack about who your dating. I cant help it, I see your name I click on. Sorry. It doesnt mean I believe everything. I dont know how to change that? And yes if you dance with the DJ oh boy! Look out AJM romances DJ, you were all over him ect ect. Anyway, you dam well date whoever you want and dont pay attention to the press. And you dont have to tell your fans, we all just like you for being a special person. And for making some hot mlb ware!

Unfortunately for me, I gots to do my J-O-B now. I choose your blog over work this morning!

Also, I do not read other comments very often. In fact mostly never, only reason is I know from other blogs people like to strike out at people taking comments out of context. When I dont read other comments, there is no way for some AJM hater to affect me or upset me in any way. I’ve been a AJM fan for a very long time and I’ve learned a couple things along the way!


I used to watch you on Who’s the Boss years ago when I was little. I stumbled across your baseball blog and was surprised to see that you are such a diehard baseball fan like myself. I grew up watching Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken, Jr, since I’m from the Baltimore area. I’ve always loved baseball ever since I played Little League as a kid and looked up to my great-uncle Lefty Grove (I was shocked when I found out just who he was).

Anyway, thanks for the detailed report about the All-Star game and I’ll check back from time to time to read your other baseball thoughts.

Baseball is the great equalizer.


Hi Alyssa,
I had the pleasure of meeting you at FanFast and just wanted to say thank you. To be honest I had no idea about this blog or that you were such a hardcore baseball fan until after the fact, which is probably good because had I known, I probably would have tried to pull a Borat and kidnap you🙂
For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Alyssa, she was as nice as humanly possible. She was extremely friendly and personable. Unfortunately due to time constraints and the length of the line, most of us were rushed in and out by security but she definitely made everyone who came out to see her feel welcome and appreciated. Take care and thanks again!
– Mick

Hello my darling Alyssa! Australia sends you its’ love! What a novel of a post! First of all… I am so disgusted at the person who wrote those negative things about you… It’s easy to be tough behind a computer screen right? Jerk… You are so gracious with your fans and even with all of your ventures and responsibilities make time for fan days and posting regularly. You are awesomeeee girly! Now onto Touch… It’s starting to catch on in Australia even with the lack of Baseball here LOL. Your clothes are so gorgeous that I have people asking me where I got them when I wear them. You have to make a deal with the Australian sports teams to design for them as well! Something for you to consider… =P. And finally, the Home Run Derby. Oh my gosh… Josh Hamilton. There are no words. I was watching the Derby with my Mother who despises Baseball (yes, I think I was adopted) and it astounded even her. His comeback from his issues is so inspirational… He is incredible. Shame he didn’t win it. I laughed out loud when I read your mock Tabloid line – Alyssa and Joba doing the lambada’ OMG haha. Its so funny cus it’s true. It sounded like you had an amazing week, I’m glad you got the opportunity to let your hair down and relax with your loved ones, I’m sure it’s a rare occurance. Until your next post, take care and have a blast! — Love Lee xx =) —
—PS— I am SO jealous of all the people who have been able to meet you… Hopefully one day when I eventually travel to the US I’ll be lucky enough to meet you =).

I was just wondering if you have seen the news about Hank Aaron’s house in Mobile, AL. It turns out that it is going to become a museum! I would love to go there! Also it turns out that good old sandlot baseball is becoming less popular. I have grown up in a decent size town but eveyone I live near always has us go to the park and have a good baseball game. Statistics prove that most people learn the rules of baseball quicker if they aren’t said to them but if they play games using them in small parks near where they live. Hope to hear from you soon!



I am envious that you were able to be at the All-Star game during the final year at Yankee Stadium. It must have been amazing. I have been to many games there and each time, it is absolutely amazing. Baseball is the most relaxing thing I can think of. I look forward to each game every day. Whether I watch it at the stadium or on my couch, I cannot get enough. Even though I always root for my favorite team, the NYY, I find myself always wanting to watch other games as well. I am a fourth grade teacher and am always having discussions with my kids about baseball. Summer is what it is because of this sport. Hopefully next year?s inter league play will consist of the Yankees vs. Dodgers. I like some of the Dodgers players and would love to see Joe Torre at work again. I really miss him as manager.
You are right about Joba. He is a really great guy. I met him once at a bar in Hoboken. We chatted for a bit and he just has a great sense of humor. Not to mention, he is a wonderful pitcher. I love the pictures you posted of Mauer and Jeter as well.
Alyssa, keep doing what you are doing with Touch. It seems like you have some good products that I would like to wear at my next game. I am glad I am not the only female who eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball! Keep up the good work!


hey alyssa,
that was cool i no you have a lot to do but could you call me at 404-304-6385
ps: your my hero

Where was the greatest catcher of all time, Johnny Bench?

Hey Alyssa, Katlyn again. Just wanted to comment and say that no matter how many times I read this post it never gets old. You did such a great job of writing it, and I really appreciate you taking the time to do so :] You rock. Everytime I read the bottom half about your experience at the All-Star Game and about you being that little Brookyln girl it gives me goose bumps. You’re amazing, and don’t you ever forget it!

Love, your girl,

hey alyssa,
its shelby and i was just going to tell you that im just started on this site so if i dont make sence just right a note and i will try to make sence. ( im only 12 so im not good at typing) call me if you want to talk. (404-304-6385)

ps . your my hero

Hey Alyssa!
I’m from Portugal.
The blog is amazing. U’re amazing! LOL
“Alyssa and Joba doing the lambada” very nice headline! LOL

Ctia Costa

You are so amazing and the things you do are so worth while. I have been doing the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fo a long time. I really enjoy having someone who I am able to look up to who does something just like this. The world could always use more people like you. Now on to baseball. I have been noticing that Kemp is usually always scoring a run! It really makes me proud to have a player who is constantly scoring runs for the team. You are a great person. And since I am only in middle school it is great to have you to look up to. Mekarem

Hey Alyssa,
I even learned something new: I didn’t know the dodgers had an affiliate in the Midwest League. The GREAT LAKES LOONS. They play in Midland, Michigan (near Saginaw…100 miles from Detroit). There record is EHH…(42-59). But you can never tell, someone might make it to the “big leagues” someday. They had the all-star game there this year.
Alyssa, do they have TOUCH apparel in the minor leagues? There must be 150-200 minor league teams with some always trying to have the “coolest” names.
Sorry my cubbies didn’t take care of the Diamondbacks. The team has just quit hitting. One win out of three just isn’t going to “cut it” from here on out. Hope something changes and quick, because ANGST is “setting in”.
Alyssa, (well you know…) Later…,

Sorry Alyssa (it’s me),
You heard it here first. Mark Cuban will buy the Chicago Cubs. Maybe a billion dollars plus for the whole works (team, stadium, share of Comcast network…) There supposedly is 5 groups left in the running. (Alyssa, which group are you in?)🙂 Cuban has said that he will not be out-bid and now I hear rumors that the other owners will allow him to buy them. They don’t want a lawsuit and someone bringing up MLB antitrust exemption that the owners have enjoyed all these years.
Later, (I’m sure Alyssa)🙂

What a great post! Thanks for sharing your All-Star experience with me. I have enjoyed “*touch* ’em all” since your first entry. Great job – keep up the hard work!

Alyssa, I want to apologize to everyone about the display of my(maybe not) Peoria chiefs team (at least some of them) last night. Totally embarrassing!!! Hopefully, the Dominican pitcher(castillo) has pitched his last game within the cubs organization. Let the court system run it’s course. Ryne Sandberg wasn’t at the game, as he was in Cooperstown, NY for the Hall of Fame ceremony.
Sorry about their display Alyssa….Curt

Well, this has been a great thing for me since I have joined this blog. I have to go out of town for three weeks so I can’t blog for some time. I will respond after I get back. Gee, I do hope that the Dodgers are going to be able to snag a few more wins soon. The Diamondbacks are doing a great job at staying in first. Hope the Dodgers get back up to tieing with them!

You are kidding us that nobody asked you to the prom. You were probably to busy being famous. 😉🙂

Anyway, great post and pictures. I love Fan Fest. I went to the one when the game was in Boston. A great time.

It must have been incredible to be there for the whole weekend. The game was fun to watch on TV, until I fell asleep in the 11th. LOL.

I enjoy reading your posts, and look forward to more.


alyssa, did you see this article in the NY Daily News about Dodger Stadium? Thought you’d like it. Enjoy………-i

Alyssa, I have left a couple messages for you on your MySpace page, if it actually is your MySpace page. I guess you haven’t checked it in a while.

Anyway, I have had a big crush on you since your Who’s The Boss days. We are almost the same age, we are both Italian and we are both HUGE baseball fans. All we have to do is get you to start rooting for my Cubbies instead of the Dodgers and you and I can get something going. Look at all those things we have in common. How could it not work out? :-)))

It sounds like a great idea to me. I know you’re so beautiful and you could have pretty much any guy you wanted so why would you consider little old me, right? I just think we would be great together.

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!

Its time for “Lou Dew” Piniella to start kicking dirt on someone or something! I’m Having fits with Brewers and road woes. Lou needs to get kicked out of a game. Now is the time to start throwing around bases. I want to see some passion from my Cub Scout Den Father Piniella.


Wow, that’s one hell of a blog. Then again your a baseball fan, so it’s great to see you just love the sport. I’d love to go to the HR Derby like you got to.

Justin Hamilton didn’t hit those balls, he got mad at them. That shouldn’t be possible what he did out there.

don’t worry about the haters (what the hell am I giving you advice for? you deal with more crap from more people than I’ve ever) Anyway, you know the fans that love you (ME :D) and that’s all that matters!

Hey Alyssa, my favorite “Baseball Buddy”…
Baseball is such a fascinating game, but it can be so frustrating to watch. Maybe it’s because my team just can’t score runs right now. Can’t buy a 2 out hit and I know all teams experience this at sometime or another. The marlins got one in the 12th and won the game (3-2). Eight hits for each team in 12 innings. ANGST has pretty much set in now. GOSH….and for the most part, “decent pitching going down the drain”. So FRUSTRATING…. Next week, we get the brewers and you know what that means (Sheets and CC).
Casey Blake to your dodgers. I hope his bat gets the dodger offense going… hey, you’re only 1 game out of first.
Alyssa, thanks for reading me “vent” and if you ever want to “vent” to someone, feel free too… We’re all in this “thing” together…
Later Alyssa and yes, you are my favorite “baseball buddy”,
PS- Alyssa, you’re still my favorite “pitcher with the yips” too.🙂

Hi Alyssa, glad things are going well for you. The Day will come that I will visit the US only to visit an All Star Game.
I know, I said I quit commenting, but as a former Who’s -the-Boss-fan and a not Melrose Place Fan and a fanatic Charmed Fan who thinks Below Utopia is a incredibly underestimated movie and Pathology is disgusting because the Characters are all People I would not touch with a long stick I can’t let it go just like an old love (you hopefully get me right here).
I just wanna say: the About Alyssa Picture with the Jeans Jacket and the black trousers is so great: If I would be a girl, I would wear that!

Hey, Alyssa, my favorite in WTTB was:
Who needs parents – – I missed you so much

Hey Alyssa
It?s Anthony from you old block on Staten Island.
Glad to see things continue to go so well for you.
I was at the ASG this year ? what a rush.
Got a pic with LL Cool J and sat in the row next to Jeter?s Mom and Dad.
Would have loved to have bumped into you and say hello.
I plan to be at the Phillies vs. Dodgers game in early August.
Be well.


I have just found your site and learned about your MLB line! Wow! I love it! My boyfriend came across it and turned me on to it. (I have already picked out 4 items.) Your line is great! I too struggled when trying to pick something out at the gift shops of various Major League ball fields. As you commented, there was never anything cute for women or it was all pink. You have now allowed me to have a full St. Louis wardrobe I am excited to wear! Thank You!!

Your All-Star experience sounds amazing! I just completed an East Coast tour taking in 5 games in 5 days (Orioles, Phillies, Mets, Yankess and Nationals.) It was a gift to my boyfriend for his birthday and it was better than we could have imagined. We don’t have a major league team in Kentucky, but we have one heck of a minor league team with a first class stadium. (How about promoting your Touch line at Louisville Slugger Field in Louisville, Kentucky?)

One question, can the denim be purchased in size smaller sizes than waist size 29? Are there sizes available for smaller women like 24 or 25?

Thank you Alyssa for this line!

Hey Alyssa and all u Dodgers fans…. Take it from a long time Red sox fan…. You don’t need the nightmare we lived thru for too many years… Let Manny go to the Yankees like he wants too… Resign Blake, Lowe and Nomar… You can do alot better going after Holliday and Peavy… Manny cares only about how much he makes and not the fans… He couldn’t even bother to visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed last spring…. His spa time was more important… Good Luck next season…

Hey Alyssa and all other great Dodgers fans… The #1 Manny hater chiming in again… We will make this brief… You can sit here and fill this blog with reasons for re-signing Manny… It will all be the same reason… He is a good hitter ( when he finds time or wants to play)… Any one of you is more then welcome to e-mail me (make sure you put in topic Manny being Manny.. so i will reply)… I will be more then happy to give you reasons why you don’t want him and don’t need him…. The most important thing is Team rules… There are 2 sets of Team rules for teams Manny plays on… One set for all other players and one set for Manny… The only rule Manny follows is… Manny don’t have to follow team rules… Alyssa go talk to Bill Mueller… He was a team mate of Manny… Listen to what he has to say and then blog…. Good luck in the up coming season….

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.
– Air Jordan

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