Manny will be Manny in Dodger Blue


I was in the middle of writing an entry blasting the Dodgers for not doing anything significant before the Trade Deadline and then, out of nowhere, my cell phone chimed alerting me of a text message. I expected to look down and see an MLB Text Alert saying, “Yup Alyssa, the Dodgers are lame,” but low and behold, instead it was an MLB alert that read, “Alyssa, the Dodgers got freaking Manny Ramirez!” Well, that’s not really what it said but … wow.


Now I am getting an email. I’ll be right back.

Ummmm. Okay. There were two emails in my inbox. One was an email from a friend/baseball insider that said “Congrats. Might be an interesting dynamic with Torre” and the other was from my Dad and he said, “I can’t even imagine Jeff Kent and Manny in the same clubhouse but I’m glad Ethier is safe.”

Oh, the drama.


Hold on. Another email.

mannyisoursnow.JPGI’m back. It was my brother. He is very excited about Manny. His email said, “I am very excited about Manny.”

Okay. Boston is paying the remainder of Manny’s contract. We didn’t have to give up Kemp, Loney or Ethier. We now definitely don’t have to play Jones (release him).


Oh. Another email. Hold please.

I’m back. It was Kevin Kennedy. His email said, “This is a difference maker. We will win the division.” From his mouth, to God’s ears. I love Kevin Kennedy. I love him. He is so passionate about the Dodgers.

Holy cow! Ding.

Another email. Jeeze. Sorry. Be right back.

It was Rachael (my brother’s sweet girlfriend). The subject said, “OMG”. Her email said, “M A N N Y” and that was it.

So, where was I? Oh yeah. Okay. Big bat. Didn’t have to give up much to get him.

When I was in Boston last year doing the postseason coverage for TBS, I met Manny in the parking lot. He rolled down his VERY tinted window of his VERY expensive car and said…


DEAR GOD PEOPLE STOP EMAILING ME!!!! I’m writing over here!!! Hold on a sec. So sorry.

whitecourtesyphoneairport.jpgHa! It was a very disgruntled Red Sox fan/friend of mine. Ha! He is so bitter. He said, “Manny is now YOUR headache.” Paging Dr. Bitterman. Dr. Bitterman, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Anyway, Manny rolled down his window and said “Hi Aleeeeesa. How are you?” I told him that it was nice to meet him and he smiled and rolled up his window and that was it. Kind of an anticlimactic story but it was cool to get to meet him.


I leave you now to go reply to all those emails in my inbox regarding our new outfielder. Talk amongst yourselves and let me know what you think.


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What to say. Manny definitely can provide power when he puts his heart into his game but whether his antics on and off the field will disappear only time will tell. At least now your dodgers have a good chance of making the playoff run. I do hope things work out for your dodgers & my Pirates.


Hey Alyssa,
Sounds like you will be busy for awhile. Good luck to you and the dodgers.
Later….., Curt

Wow you get lots of emails! Reading this made me laugh ALOT i love how you make me laugh so much with your blogs which is hard to do via a computor (well not for us who are naturally funny i guess😉 !!)

Thankyou for another great blog entry Alyssa!!

All My Love,
Charlotte (Londonnnn)

Ps. Please teach me more about baseball!! It sounds amazing and i know so little, damn London!! =]


Yes!!! As a life long Dodger fan I am so excited about this. I can’t wait to see him in Dodger blue. I love that they’re really going after the postseason. Woo!!!!

Kent and Manny were teammates in 1996 in Cleveland for a couple months. I don’t know if that helps or hurts the situation …

And Manny’s number has already been retired for Walter Alston, so that could be a problem.

Great Blog Alyssa. Made me laugh a lot! I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to put a smile on my face, no matter how bad my day was. You rock😉
Looks like the Dodgers have signed a great player… thou in fairness i dont know that much about baseball since here in Europe it’s not a very popular sport. But i’m learning thanks to you😉 thanks Alyssa for keeping us all updated!
Loads of love,

WOW MANNY!!!!!!!!!

The Division is ours Alyssa !!!!!!!!! This is so great I can’t sit still🙂


Wow…things just keep getting better for the Dodgers! I predict they take the NL West. Glad u had a good time in Philly and up at Yankee Stadium! That would of been an awesome experince to have been there with you! Yankee Stadium is an awesome place….I can’t believe they are tearing it down! My Phillies are choking like they always do…but they will come around in time for the playoffs.
I think Manny will help the Dodgers…the Red Sox got the bad end of the deal. And the Yankees just picked up Xavier Nady, Richie Sexton, and Ivan Rodriquez. They will turn it on as always come September.
So do you go to all Dodger’s home games? Everytime I see a Dodgers highlight on Sportcenter I am expecting to see you in the stands! lol..
Off topic now(baseball), I got my Philadelphia Eagles catalog this past week. Guess who’s in it!? I love seeing Alyssa Milano wearing some Eagle green! I don’t know if u r a big football fan, but you looked good with your Touche Eagles shirt! Hope u have a good weekend Alyssa.

ps…can I come to a game with you?😉 I am glad to know that you read ALL your comments on here. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with that guy! You’re an awesome person!

Hi Alyssa,

AS a Red Sox fan I congratulate you on getting Manny. The Dodgers gave up essentially nothing for him. Manny is now playing for a new contract so he SHOULD be motivated to do well. Remember, he recently hired Scott Boras as his agent and if his team options on the current contract were picked up by the Red Sox, Boras would not get paid for that as they were negotiated by Jeff Moorad (his agent in 2001 when he signed the $160 million deal with Boston). Now Boras will get paid wherever Manny ends up next year because those options no longer are in play.

He is one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time and should provide some pop to remedy the Dodgers’ power outage. The word is that Torre will go with the veteran players (sadly, this will include Andruw) and then go with the hot hand among the other outfielders.

Manny of course comes with quite a few caveats: as baseball’s de facto commissioner Peter Gammons wrote this week: “It’s about Manny being only about Manny — not the team that will have paid him $168 million when this season’s over, not ‘teammates’ he leaves to answer for him, not winning or any competitive motivation. … In the clubhouse, where Francona and his teammates have allowed him to live by his own rules knowing that his production is Cooperstown material, many are exhausted by his disdain for the game, for winning and for any form of authority. ”

He will however, be the best power hitter on the Dodgers the rest of the year. Enjoy.


I just hope Torre keeps Kemp in the lineup everyday. Jones shouldn’t see the light of day for the rest of the season. Hope it works out for you. Good luck.
– Mick

I had the same thought your dad had that Ethier was safe. Our outfield now should be Manny in LF, Matty in CF, and Dre in RF. I’m a little sad to see Andy. He never really got the chance to prove himself, but now he can play with his brother Adam.

– B

Hey Alyssa,

Congrats to you all on acquiring Manny. I hope he works out well for the Dodgers. He has, as of late, been an extremely disruptive force in “Red Sox Nation”. He was great for us for a long time with a few minor bumps in the road. Lately, though, he hasn’t even been trying to win games. He has only been concerned about his contract.

I hope you all have a good, long “honeymoon” period with him and that he doesn’t become the same disgruntled, disruptive player he has become here. He has helped us win two World Series titles, and for that we will always be grateful, but he’s made it impossible for the Sox to keep him.

Say “hey” to Nomar?we still miss him.

Best of luck,
Disappointed Sox fan from Maine

This is a great offensive add for the Dodgers! Congrats! This is something to be excited about, and the Dodger should win the NL West now! That is awesome! However, the baseball realist that lives in my head 24hrs a day feels that Dodgers need to do more. Damn this game, and the love I have for it! Something in my head keeps saying this is great, but the Dodgers need to get pitching if they truly want to do anything in the post season. Why can?t I just be happy about this? Why does my brain keeping think the Dodgers are turning into the Yankees of the NL West? Is this a good thing. I think the Dodgers still lack the pitching to do anything in the playoffs, with the addition of Manny it will allow the Dodger to outscore their opponents instead of out pitching their opponents. This strategy works great to make the playoffs, but it doesn’t work in the playoffs. This has been the Yankee?s model for the last 4 years and what has it gotten them? Early exits out of the playoffs. The Dodgers have a very crowded outfield. It is time to trade someone for some pitching! We need pitching! We have one starter that has a winning record. If you are happy making the playoffs every year and not doing anything once you make them, then this is great! I?m not. It is about the pennant and the ring. So let?s go out and get some good starting pitching and get that ring!
Take Care!


I am a big Red Sox fan and Manny is by far the best player and my favorite. He has been getting such a bad rap lately that even the Red Sox faithful have been turning on him but don’t believe it. I had a good cry earlier and now i am getting ready to watch my first Dodger’s game in awhile. Consider me a new fan. Congrats!

Heartbroken Red Sox Fan

Hi Alyssa !
First, I wanted to tell you that I love what you are doing, and that your blog is wonderful.
Then, I wanted to apologize for my english; I’m from Quebec, and habitually, I speak French.
So, this is my little story;
Four or five years ago, I was a huge fan of the Montreal Expos. Then they left Mtl, and I stopped watching baseball ( big error, I know).
After visiting your blog, I immediately understood why I was loving this sport so much. I’m now a Dogers fan (thanks to you!) and I’m so happy the team got Manny. I saw him play for the Red Sox, and he is a great player !

I wish you the best


Alyssa, i knew you’d be excited beyond belief! Like i said before, Manny will put the the Dodgers in the playoffs! If Kent doesn’t like it, tough. I agree with you, Jones needs to go.
Oh, by the way, I LOVE BASEBALL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace, love and BASEBALL!,
P.S. Why didn’t the Mets do anything? Disappointing.😦

Hey Alyssa,
Three words: Manny Freeking Ramirez!!
I can’t believe the Dodgers got him! SWEET! His .299 avg and 20 homers will definately help the Dodgers. I watch him all the time when the Red Sox are on the tube. But still, you gotta hate his hair…

Hope you have a great weekend.

Jessica B.

P.S. What’s up with your show? I hope it gets picked up. *fingers crossed*

P.P.S. If you like to read books I recommend the Twilight series. (The fourth one comes out on the 2nd and it’s all I can talk about LOL)

Hi Alyssa,

I had the opportunity to meet you at the All Star Fan Fest in NYC this year, as I was one the volunteer (the girl in the bright yellow shirt) that at the end of your signing asked you to please sign and autograph for my best friend in Panama, Central America (who by the way almost left me deaf in one ear when I told him I got him your autograph!).. anyways… to the point…
As a Yankees fan, I want to congratulate you for getting Manny… I must say, I’m quite jealous… I think I am one of the few Yankee fans that admit the man is an awesome player… but then, the man has a temper of a 5yrold.
Even though he was in the Bosuxs, I had respected Ortiz and him because they are the only ones who really never see talking trash about other players or other teams (ok maybe Manny being Manny always had an opinion here and there about his team and his organization, but that’s besides the point) unlike his other team mates (i.e. Papelbon, Varitek, etc…) and well… Oh gosh, I totally forgot my point!

Anyways, congrats on y’alls new aquisition, enjoy and best of luck… and if God permits, see you in the playoffs! (playing vs the Yankees of course!!)..

take care!

Lille Marie

Another Red Sox fan here. Enjoy Manny in L.A. while you have him; despite his frequent not-top-10 plays, he was always fun to watch. I can’t wait for the follow-up State Farm commercial where Joe introduces Manny to surfing and wheat grass!
I really enjoyed your All-Star post; thanks for defending Paps – he was definitely misquoted. I was at Yankee Stadium just three days later to take my boys to their first (and last) game there. Can you believe, three sons and two of them grow up Yankees fans?! What’s up with that?! Although I prefer the intimate surroundings of Fenway, I was still impressed with the history and grandeur of the old and new stadiums.
I have a favor to ask you (and your posters if they’re so inclined): I have thrown my hat into the ring to be a Governor of Red Sox Nation from Virginia. Although I moved to Virginia in 1988 (you were probably still doing Who’s The Boss? back then) I was born in Boston and have been a lifelong Sox fan. I would be forever grateful if you would go to:
and show your support.
Here?s to a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series!

Hi Alyssa
I think it was a good trade for everyone involved….except for the Dodger’s traveling secretary!

Alyssa and the Dodger Blue,

Congradulations are in order. Manny, despite his short comings is still one of the best pure hitters in the game today. As a diehard Red Sox fan I have seen him work magic with his bat for 7 plus years now. And his relationship with the team was like a fiery hot romance, with all its peeks and valleys. But like most good things in life they have to end at some point. I’m sure he will not be the distraction he was for the last weeks here in Boston. Just keep this in mind. For every “Manny Moment”, there is always a product hit around the corner.


manny dodger blue?? didnt see that one coming. my mouth drop when i find out. i’ve been so use to seeing manny with the red sox that is really hard for me to imagine him with the dodgers. and i’m a yankees fan!!!! lol! but hey i might be for the best only God knows. but anyways in my book he will always be a great baseball player. good luck to my domican brother from your puertorican sister. and yes the dodgers take another great good luck to the dodgers take care of my boy! and good luck to manny because even for us that come from the carribean the west coast is way to hot. YOU GOTTA LOVE BASEBALL!

P.S: I think he looks better in red. and this blog was very funny i really enjoy it.

While excited about the deal to get Manny, in all honesty it cost the Dodgers nothing (considering the Red Sox are paying him through the end of the season and LaRoche wouldn?t have seen any playing time), do they not also receive a compensatory draft pick or two due to Manny?s 10-5 status? I thought that was one of the reasons the Marlins were in the fold to begin with. His actions as of late leave me with some feelings of trepidation as well.

Manny will be motivated to play well solely for the desire that he has to ink that 4 year $100 million deal Scott Boras put in his head. He had become quite obstinate the last few weeks on when he would play depending on who was pitching (see sitting out Friday to avoid Chamberlain) and how hard (see his lolly-gagging it down to first against the Angels 3 times at a pace of around 5 seconds each yesterday). Manny forced the Red Sox to trade him; they had no choice with his recent actions and comments.

The question now becomes who plays in the other 2 outfield spots. In my opinion Kemp has to play everyday, and while Ethier may be safe from being traded Pierre is needed in the leadoff spot. Someone posted above that Torre was/is going to play his veterans more, including Jones. Please God, NO! Another stellar 0 for 4 tonight, now batting .163, ouch. While the majority of us wish Jones would be released I am not sure the Dodgers can just let him go, they would eat about $24 million if they did that.

With all his caveats Manny is still one of the greatest right-handed hitters the game has known. While I totally agree with you dad?s assessment of Jeff Kent and Manny in the clubhouse, they will enjoy each others company in the new powerful line-up.

Can?t wait for tomorrow?s game against the D-backs!

Oh almost forgot, do the Dodger?s have a personal appearance code? Will Manny have to cut his hair? Or will he claim the Sampson defense and state that is why he rakes the ball like few others, so the hair has to stay as is.

Dodger Blue in the S.F. bay


WOW, u get so many emails… if u want even more than that just tell me ur email and u’ll have an email per a day from me lol😀 ur great.. idk what to say😀 I LOVE U!

Alyssa, reading ur post sounded just like my day at work when the word got out…i got so many calls within 15 minutes from family and friends…it was great and amazing how the news spread! Everyones excited, we’ll see what happens, we may have just filled a big piece of the puzzle….GO BLUE!

Hey Alyssa,

Looks like your blog is pretty popular this time, already 25 responses in only about 7 hours. Thats great the Dodgers got Manny. I know he helped the Sox to win the world series last year. I don’t have quite the same enthusiasm for the Dodgers that you do. I am hopeful about the Angels though! Maybe it will be a freeway world series? If it is, I have to go with the team the bleeds red. I can’t imaging bleeding blue. What kind of a creature has blue blood anyway? Good luck with Manny. May he swing the Dodgers into the record books and maybe even another long awaited championship!


Hello Alyssa,

I’m a big fan of yours since Who’s the boss, anyway. I’m from the heart of Boston and a HUGE Redsox fan. As for Manny going to LA hes your headache now. Let’s look at the facts.

1. He requests days off due to knee problems that MRI’s Can’t find.

2. He constantly argues with players, coaches and managers all season.

3. Takes himself out of the lineup during crucial games (The yankees game, which we lost 1-0) (the Angels game just a few days before it)

Don’t get me wrong, he was a big part of Boston’s 2 world series and he is a great 4-5 hitter. but the headache and the drama that comes along with it.. is just far to much to bear. Yes LA is happy, Torre is happy, Dodgers are happy. but that’s because you have yet to have the Manny Ramirez Syndrome. Which i’m sure will start very soon. Remember, it’s Manny’s way or he don’t play.

Goodbye Manny Hello Jason Bay.

P.S In advance, i’m sorry for the soon to be Dodgers To Manny Problems

I’m always suprised when a deal like this goes down, and the reactions that people have. First, the dodgers have the best ERA in the league, and do not need pitching, they need run support, and Manny is instant run support. It reminds me of the Soriano deal. It’s so big it makes people nervous, and they can’t quite embrace the superstar newcommer without a sense of impending doom. The Dodgers just got ALOT better, and they did it without trading away the future of the team. They got a player who has massive numbers, plays adequate defense, has spent so much time in the post season he invested in a time share, and has a couple of those spiffy rings to prove it. My take on the situation in Boston is that Manny expected the Red Sox managment to bow down and chant “we’re not worthy!” each time he walked in the door, and with his career stats, they damn well should have! As a Cubs fan, I’m happy that Manny is a Dodger. Hopefully you guys will smack those pesky D-backs right out of playoff contention, and we can duel with the Dodgers in September. I’m not saying the Dodgers are pushovers, but the D-backs are Cub Killers and bad for D-backs=good for Cubs.

HAHAHAHAHAHA @ thinking Boston management should bow down to Manny.

You need to live here and follow everything manny has done and everything he HASNT done before you even think that.

i dont care what a player has for career stats. he has a sour attitude, ive met him, i did the carpet in his 7million dollar penthouse apartment. everyone who works at the plaza he lives (err lived) at would tell you how rude he is. if someone has a sour attitude and it causes you to have continuous bouts with players and management and puts the team on a bad edge, he takes days off when he wants to during crucial games which costs us the W. shows up whenever he feels like it for spring training constantly has it out with the players. im sorry i dont care how well your playing, how good your stats are, if your disrupting the chemisty of the team, you need to go.. and thats just what hes been doing all these years in boston. and we finally got rid of the headache. you ppl who dont live in boston and dont have the complete manny headache all you see is “omg manny ramirez” wait untill he’s your nightmare, then you will really be saying oh my god manny.

Bye Bye drama Queen,

Bonjour ma belle,

For me it was just 2 mails : MLB and my best friend from Boston telling me ?Anniebanani (that?s my US nickname lol) sweetie, I suppose you heard the good/bad news, Manny is leaving the Red but he signed for the Blue, Hollywood is the perfect place for his drama skills, now it?s time for another baseball nation to have a love/hate relation and a long migraine period.

Ok I?m going to admit it, I was venting for a few minutes there for losing a great player like Manny, even if I always abhor his attitude and behave they was no doubt that he is one of the best baseball player of all time and was a big contribution to the 2 World Series wins: But is genius play skills don?t balance anymore, I think there is a limit to everything : He crossed the line more than a few time and his TRANSFER to the Dodgers is a relieve for the Red Sox Nation.

Now I hope he?s going to be good for a few months and help the Man in Blue reach the playoffs, for the rest Manny will be Manny, and it?s going to start by whining for his NUMBER !!!

Just keep Kemp in the lineup everyday and protect Russell, merci

Hope you have a great sunny week end,

Tembrasse fort,


Hi Alyssa,
Great Blog – made me laugh a lot🙂
You got mannnnnnnnnny messages, so
You have to response on them!
It sounds like you’ll be busy for awhile.
Take care,

P.S Enjoy Manny while he’s in LA xD

Alyssa, I think this is nothing short of the card that will put you in the playoffs. Someone knew that it wasn’t going to happen without batting, and made the right call. Babe Ruth could be a tricky guy to manage, too, but who wouldn’t trade for him?

An announcer on ESPN said that he heard several die-hard Yankee fans stand up and cheer at the news. That speaks volumes as to how his batting is perceived by rivals. The outfield might be a little crowded, but what a tradeoff.

See you guys in the playoffs…


Blast the Dodgers??? give me a break. if you were really paying attention you would have known that Frank McCourt had already talked to the Redsox previously about this trade before yesterday. No way on earth we would have gave up Kemp nor Ethier for him… cmon. Blast the dodgers? pay attention a little more closely.

Manny in LA? remember… it’s for 2 months and whatever else we do if we make the playoffs. after that… Free Agent… and probably demand his 20 million a year back. Will you blast the dodgers again for not signing him to a 100 million 4-5 year contract? I think you should of blasted the dodgers when they signed ANDRUW JONES… go read the blogs on that signing a year ago and you’ll see LA FANS didnt agree with that. With a .222 avg the previous year… you knew something was wrong, but we signed him anyway.

Welcome to Hollywood Manny…

The Manny trade was really surprising. For three days all we heard was that he was going to Florida, and then yesterday I leave the house, go to a meeting, come back a few hours later, to be greeted by a breaking news banner on ESPNews. I agree. Wow. And you guys got him for practically nothing. The sportscasters/writers/bloggers here are talking now about an all-LA World Series. Manny is tempramental, and was probably a bit spoiled in Boston, but Joe Torre has tons of experience dealing with tempramental and spoiled baseball owners… er… players. I think he can handle Manny. Besides, if Manny wants a day off, then one of the younger outfielders can play, AND in 30 days you get to expand your roster so there will be other options available as well. In the mean-time, he will certainly worry opposing pitchers, as he is always an RBI threat at the plate. He will certainly make the NL-West race interesting. Congratulations.

Hi Alyssa,

Wow I see you have lots of e-mails ! It made me laugh a lot. I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to make me laugh, even when I’m sad. So, I thank you so much for that. You’re great !

That’s great the Dodgers have signed a great player. I hope everything works out well for the Dodgers.

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated, Alyssa !!!

Lots of love,

Hey Alyssa~ Congrats on Manny… I am a very proud and dedicated member of Red Sox Nation… I have been a Manny fan since day one, but I must say, over the past 2 years all the “Manny being Manny” drama has become rather exhausting. As much as I LOVE Manny as a player, I hate his ME ME ME attitude… Manny does what he wants, when he wants. You can expect Manny to give you his all… at first… but when he needs a few days off, or just doesn’t feel much like working, he will do what he wants! I hope he and Joe Torre are able to work well together… Maybe we will all meet again at the World Series! Best of luck to the Dodgers… The fans will miss Manny’s bat… and we will miss not knowing what he will do next🙂 ~

Hey Alyssa,
Congrats on getting Manny. What a deal for you guys. Look how it breaks down:

Dodgers give up:
LaRoche (rotted prospect)
Some minor league pitcher

Dodgers get:
Manny (HoF Lock)
7 million cash (To Pay Manny’s salary)
#1 Draft Pick from whatever team signs Manny in the offseason
Supplimental Draft pick (between 1st/2nd rd) for losing Manny.

So, literally, the Dodgers got Manny for nothing. They are going to be able to replace the two lost minor leaguers next June.

So, gotta love that deal for the Dodgers. Just keep Manny away from the Travelling Secratary. =P =)

Good luck.


Hahah wonderful post Alyssa. I was laughing through the whole thing. Loveee it! Anyways, back to baseball and MANNY FREAKING RAMIREZ! Ah I’m so jealous that your Dodger’s got such a good deal! I think Manny is a great addition to the team and with him and all the other magnificent players, your Dodger’s might just be unstoppable-I have no idea if I spelt that right ;] lol! I can’t help but wonder if Manny is going to change his attitude now that he’s in Dodger blue; but either way at least you have his great baseball skills…and that’s all that matters, right? Even if you do have to put up with a little extra drama a long the way, it’s worth the sacrifice. Ah baseball is so amazing, I LOVE IT!

Peace Manny. Have fun in LA LA land. Fitting. Had chance to be remain a legend in the Bean, and move on next season on good terms. Instead, this….acting like a bratty 10 year old, not honoring his contract and pouting, mailing it in, and ruining the hard work and goals for his teamates. What happened to the guy who showed up in the spring in pristine condition, who was happy, who was locked in early and looked ready to have a monster season and help defend a Championship and try to add another huge accomplishment to a HOF career? Could have had it all. It was only 2 1/2 more months. News flash!!!! You make more $$$$ than god. Honor your contract!!! PA-THETIC. Jerk. I like the Dodgers and all but I hope you get lost on your way to Chavez Ravine.

As an avid Red Sox fan, I have mixed feelings about Manny leaving Boston. On the one hand, I’m happy he’s leaving because his unhappiness was starting to affect his teammates as well as his own performance. On the other hand, I’ll miss his wacky antics, such as taking phone calls and bathroom breaks in the Green Monster. You know, “Manny being Manny” kind of stuff. But to be honest some of those antics can grow old.
Over the past few weeks, he has managed to anger his fans with some of the careless things he’s been saying to the media. Red Sox fans, and New England fans in general, can be very loyal to their players, but they can turn on you in a nano-second – just ask Johnny Damon.
It’s sad that after so many years of being the home town hero, like Damon, he will most likely be boo’d if he ever plays in Fenway again as a visitor.
Anyway, Good luck to Manny and the Dodgers. May you find happiness and peace with each other. Maybe we’ll see at the World Series.

Geez…and I thought he was going to Green Bay for Favre.

Hey Alyssa,

Congrats on the Manny coup.
It really is a coup for LAD. No money, just 2mos. of Manny. Manny is a great ball player and incredibly entertaining. I will miss watching games without Manny in the line-up: hitting monster HR’s, rubbing JT’s head, high-fiving a fan after catching the ball and then throwing the ball in to get an out, rolling his eyes at Schill, rolling himself silly on the ground floppin around, crazy hair cuts (btw – are those extentions?), long pajama bottom pant legs, short pulled up pant legs, great catches, big grins and booming HR’s where he stands there and watches! He will be missed, crazy ness and all.
I can’t really comment on what really went down with Manny and the ownership not having been involved. I suspect Boras did have a great deal to do with it (else why now)!? Manny’s been extreme before but not like the past couple months and the two altercations would indicate some greater than ever frustration on his part (although I don’t codone either). Good luck to you and the Dodgers!

~* a long time redsox fan wondering what could of been and what will be… *~

Don’t worry, from what I hear Jeff Kent doesn’t like anyone………don’t know if it’s true or not, but it is what I hear.

Where is Manny going to go for his siestas at Dodger Stadium, there isn’t any hiding places in the outfield wall.

This should make for an interesting couple of months.

Manny is formidable. Let us hope the chemistry is good.

Certainly got a great middle of the order hitter for virtually nothing in talent and cost. The Red Sox are paying the remaining $7M left on his 2008 contract. Gives the Dodgers offense presence. It should be a fun last two months of the season. Good Luck and Congratulations, Alyssa! For now, I have my Mets to watch and play in the NL East.

I have so many baseball related comments I would love to make but I am to busy laughing my hiney off at the ‘Paging Dr. Bitterman’ comment. That was freaking hilarious!!

The only thing ESPN talked about all morning was Manny, a bit about Griffey Jr. but mostly Manny. I was just sweeping Brewer dust off my porch, (pesky lil Brewers tisk tisk) when I heard the news. I thought Angels at first but when I heard Dodgers I thought hey… their broke wuz up? Then I hear Red Sox pay his dinero for rest of year? Ok its good to be good but always helps to be lucky too. Enjoy the Manny parade now cuz when the Cubs come to town, you will dam well know your in a dog fight. And the Dodgers will be wearing milkbisquit shorts. I have lucky Cardinal fans to deal with first before Lucky Dodgers fans can wait for now.

Dang Alyssa,
I love your passion for baseball. Your passion for baseball is almost as great as mine for football. It makes me want to watch a baseball game. It will have to be a Dogders game though.🙂 I’m already finding myself following Dodger news. Thanks a lot, I think I’m slowly converting to a baseball fan.


I guess I need to learn how to spell Dodgers correctly first before I become a Dodgers fan. 🙂

This is a no lose situation for the Dodgers. Getting the very best out of Manny who I am sure Boras has told this is an audition for another $20 mil, rent free for the Boys in Blue.

Can Colletti find it in his heart to finally admit a mistake and let Andruw Jones go? Will Torre do the right thing and play his BEST players, rather than play who makes the most?

These last few weeks of the regular season are going to determine quite a bit…Joe Torre’s first run at establishing his own legacy outside the Bronx, Manny’s ability to perform when he needs to rather than when he wants to, and whether or not the McCord family needs to be searching for a new General Manager. This could also be a final run for players such as Nomar, Kent and Pierre in Dodgers uniforms.

At some point, the young players (outside of Martin) are going to have to start playing up to their potential, for if they don’t, I can’t believe that all of the Dodger Young Guns will survive an offseason of safety, and a reunion during spring training 2009. Make your move, or move out.

Check out my blog if you get a chance at:

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I miss Manny already and we havent even played our first game without him yet!!! Wicked pissed lol… I havent been a Dodger fan since they had Pedro Guerrero and Steve Sax, might have to root a lil for the blue now…

Hi Alyssa,
Ned Coletti continually suprises me.
Pierre, AJones and now MRamirez.
Either we don’t think alike or we are not watching the same team.
Every time the Dodgers have an offensive weakness.
Mostly at 3rd or SS he suprises me with another outfielder.
With 5 outfielders, two of which, Andruw & Pierre, who you know will find playing time because of salary & experience, regardless of performance and now Manny.
Kemp & Ethier who have been performing brilliantly will now have to play even better to make sure they aren’t benched.
Ethier needs injuries sometimes to get into a game.
Well all I can say is I love baseball & the Dodgers, but I guess it’s not my line of work.
Here’s hoping Ned struck at rich this time and Torre can play musical chairs and it works out to the best interest to the Dodgers and us fans.

Do you think the addition of Manny will convince the so-called Dodger fan base to actually stay beyond the 6th inning of a game?

A good move to win the Division for the Dodgers. I don’t think it is so automatic for them though. I will watch the rest of the season with great passion to see what unfolds.
Kent does have some experience playing with a primadonna back with the Giants and Barry Bonds. However he did leave the Giants mainly because of Barry. Hope this won’t cause a problem going into next season. Wait what am I saying, as a Giants fan I hope Manny does cause a problem for the Blue Bums down South.

It’s a fondness, not an obsession.

Next season?

It’s funny you mention dropping Jones to play Manny. …they both play different positions keep that in mind. I mean, it doesn’t take an analyst to understand that a guy like Andruw Jones doesn’t deserve to even be on a big league roster. Getting paid the amount he gets paid… and going into tonight’s game with a .169 batting average is quite pathetic.

But I find it fascinating how all Dodger fans now bring up the fact that landing Ramirez is an automatic lock to win the NL West. I mean…yes, it probley is. But I mean… the NL West? I don’t see anything to special about winning in the Worse league in baseball…and the most uncompetitive division in the worse league.

I guess since I’ve been an Angel fan since 94′ (when I was seven) I carry greater expectations. =] being 28 over…and being just a freeway away from an NL team…in the worst division in the NL…and still having just as many losses as wins is about as pathetic as Andruw Jones batting average. Congrats on nearly nothing.

Just a note, rdepaul, the AL West isn’t much better.
Outside of the Angels, the rest are equally pathetic. The Mariners, A’s and Rangers are extremely awful. It’s nothing to brag about.
Let the Dodgers fans be. Even if it doesn’t work, let them have their moment of glory.
By the way, if your’re gonna be a hater, why are you here?

All you have to do is make the playoffs and then anything can happen. Just ask the St Louis Cardinals a couple years ago. 83 wins in 2006 and a World Series trophy. The best team doesn’t always win.

I was similarly surprised to hear that Manny would be wearing Dodger blue. When I heard that he was looking to be traded I was hoping that our team ( GO D-Backs!) would try to get him (knowing full well they wouldn’t).
I do not believe, however, that he will give them enough of a boost to overtake the D- backs to put the Dodgers into post-season play. Fortunately the D-backs are still a better team and will once again, for the 5th time in their 11 year history, see post-season play. I have become a fan of the game through the passion of my 8 year old son who has always ( and I do mean always!) loved baseball! I think it’s great that the Dodgers are doing better now and will push the D-backs to do even better by some healthy inter-division rivalry. Let the games begin!

P.S. Isn’t baseball amazing! Gotta love it!

Hi Alyssa,

Been too long. We need to hang and talk baseball, especially now that you have my favorite player EVAH. I mad a little mopey tribute movie for him and everything. Anyway, Hannah says hi (she’s headed to HIGH SCHOOL!). You are missed, hope to see you soon.


I had to look twice to see that it was actually “THE ALYSSA MILANO” who was the author of this blog. Always a fan of yours and I think you’re an incredible and beautiful actress and could never figure out why you didn’t get big screen movie roles?

Manny being Manny. I think I speak for the most Red Sox fans when I say that yes, we loved him and put up with his antics or made excuses for him. We’re also not surprised that once he found out he got traded, he changed his mind. Manny, IMHO, is like a little kid who likes to get in trouble for attention purposes and likes to push the limit to see how far he can go. I do truly believe he absolutely loves this game and I will miss him. However, he did get out of hand the past month or so and I really feel the Sox had no choice but to trade him. I don’t think it’s what he truly wanted. I think he’ll miss playing in Boston at some point in his career.

Manny is a relaxed guy and I think he’ll do great as an LA Dodger because his lifestyle will be much more relaxed than it was here in Boston. I just hope it’s not “too relaxed” for him and he becomes lazy.

I totally disagree with the poster who said Manny will be booed like Damon was. There is no way that he would get booed at Fenway Park unless he hits a game-running homerun for whatever team he’s on.

Manny has provided too many memories for Boston fans to be booed. And, even though most of us agree this had to be done, he will be greatly missed.

Enjoy Manny and the memories he will bring, hopefully all the way into October.

Hi Alyssa,

The reaction to Manny’s departure has been mixed in New England. Most agreed the Red Sox had to make the move as Manny had ostracized himself from teammates in the last couple of weeks. One post-trade headline read that (Red Sox GM) “Epstein Finds Cure For Cancer”. Epstein had approached veteran players on the Sox who all told him that Manny must be traded for the sake of the team. Obviously, the Sox are not as strong offensively without him but as erstwhile Yankee Paul O’Neill pointed out last night if veteran team leaders said he had to go then it was the right move for the Red Sox regardless of his offensive output. One Boston Herald writer commenting on how Manny couldn’t be bothered to meet Jimmy Fund children cancer patients in spring training, wrote in an article titled “Trash Removal” that “the team formerly known as “Dem Bums” is now getting the biggest bum of them all.”

Manny was booed this week in Fenway Park when it took him 5.7 seconds (the media timed him) to run to first base on a ground ball to third base that might have broken up a potential no hitter by John Lackey.

Manny Agent/Spin Doctor Scott Boras says that Manny wanted to leave the intensity of Boston. In today’s Boston Globe, Dan Shaughnessy , covering Manny’s press conference in L.A., wrote,”They’ll be none of that nasty “intensity” here in La-La-Land. Maybe they’ll let Manny leave in the seventh inning with the rest of the fans.”

The Nation is sad to see Manny leave but most fans believed that Manny forced this to happen by his petulance. Although his numbers have diminished slightly, he will be a welcome addition to Blue as long as he decides to give an effort – which he probably will as there is more money on the table now in the form of looming free agency.

All the best,


Hey Alyssa!
I can’t see Baseball, because in Germany is baseball not on TV, but i think your blog is beautiful.
Thanks for the blog.
Jenny (from Germany)

Hi Alyssa,
I like the one comment: maybe they(Dodgers) will let Manny leave in the 7th inning, like the rest of the fans.🙂 I know that doesn’t include you, because you’ve said that you never leave early. The object is to get into the postseason, so I can’t see how Manny can hurt that. He is a “big stick” in the middle of that Dodger lineup. I wouldn’t want to face the Dodgers in october, because they already have the pitching. They do lead the NL in era, if anyone is watching.
So now the Dodgers go to St Louis this week. (supposed to be 100 degrees there tuesday). So lets all “root” for a Dodger three game sweep, so that maybe my Cubs can put a little more distance between the Cardinals. OK…
Alyssa, I just love this blog. You just have that knack of writing that makes one want more. I also liked your “paging Dr Bitterman” line. You just have that way…🙂
Take care Alyssa as I”m sure I will be back….
Curt (go cubs go…)

MANNY : Career HR #511
Alyssa – I told you I’d be back… Alyssa did you know that you have the “featured blog” this week🙂
I bet you didn’t know that. 3-0 Dodgers lead, now kepp that up next week in St Lou………………….
Bye Alyssa….Keep bloggin🙂

That’s keep, not kepp (sorry…)

Alyssa, one last time,for now…I think?
Nice 4-2 win.
You need to check out the whacky 9th inning play in the mets/astros game. Two players sliding into home plate at about the same time. Both were safe, but both could have been out if the catcher doesn’t drop the ball. Check it out.🙂
I’m out of here…

Ms. Alyssa,

Most Yankee fans are very happy to see Manny go to LA. We hope that he stays in the NL.

Nice Blog.


One of the best trades the Dodgers have made in years. Manny is already paying dividends and will help them win the west. It’s unlikely he’ll be in L.A. next year, but who cares. It’s all about winning this year. It’s been far too long for the Dodgers.

Hi !

This morning, I was watching the sports channel, and they were talking about the Dodgers victory yesterday. I was so happy ! loll
anyway, after they talked about the highlights of the game, they said that Manny told the Dodgers he wanted to stay in LA for the rest of his carrer.
I don’t know if it’s true, but they said it on TV. I hope it is !!!



How come for 40 years LA could care less about our old country western actor owner Gene Autrie’s Angels until they won a world series. Then suddenly LA wants to claim the Angels even though they aren’t in LA? I tell you everyone loves a winner and hides from a loser it’s just the way we are, pretty pathetic I know. I wish LA would keep their paws off of our baseball team and quit calling them the LA Angels. They have always been right where they are now by Disneyland in Anaheim; not LA. Sorry for my tirade. Can’t yall in LA just be happy with your team which is the Dodgers? Especially now that you got Manny.


if only Torre would play Ethier too😦

hey Alyssa

That’s awesome congrats!
Really funny entry! Enjoyed reading..
Let’s hope the Dodgers take the division!
Have a great sunday!



I’m glad that the Dodgers finally got it together. The last time i saw that happened was a fri game against the Angels when we showed up 7-0. This weekend was strong with the addition of Manny “No Joke” Ramirez. The D-bags must’ve hated that trade. The future looks bright for us, Billingsley aka ‘The Ace’ pitches on tues…doesn’t get any better than that.

Very Sad news. Long time Braves baseball announcer Skip Caray passed away Sunday. I met him briefly when I worked in Atlanta. All my thoughts and prayers are with the Caray family. He was just 68.


Lo and behold,
Colletti just may have made a right move(2 if you count Casey Blake).
In fact, IMO, now that we have Manny Ramirez, I think we’ve found the man we’ve been looking for, for a long long time. To complete it —give him a contract next year.
Now the question is, How do we get rid of Juan Pierre & Andruw Jones?
I’d like Kemp back in center and Ethier in right.

I think Manny to the Dodgers will take them to the postseason easily (please, just don’t beat the Cubs; we’ve waited longer and The Goat needs to be sent to pasture).

Can someone explain why Andruw Jones has sucked so badly this year? I don’t buy any steroid thing – that could explain power numbers, but his average is so far below Mendoza that it don’t make sense. What a bust.

Hey, Alyssa, thanks for a fun blog; you get to live out what most of us can only dream about and we can live it vicariously through you. Oh, and I suspect there are maybe a handful of photos in the world with you in them where you aren’t the most adorable creature in the shot. Gibson is the winner in that one you posted. Literally lucky dog!!!

To marie_claude, by your comments you sound like a bandwagon angel fan that only started rooting for them. No the city of Los Angeles or anyone in L.A. had anything to do with naming the Halos The Los Angeles Angeles. It was the owner of that Orange County team who wanted them to be called that. Just so you know.

Bonjour ma belle,

I saw you on a picture of the LA Times; you were cheering Ramirez when he hit his first HR for the Dodgers, I know the feeling, it?s like winning the lottery, isn?t it!
Hope it will last a little bit but with Ramirez, you never know, let’s pray for the PlayOffs…
VIVA number 99!!!
Russell is still my number one in Blue.

T?embrasse fort,


To dangfrslo
I’ve been a Dodger fan over 61 years and I always said if they don’t win the pennant this year, I hope it’s the Cubs.
I watched eveyone of the 16 “original” teams win a pennant with the exception of the Cubs.
So Good luck this year, they have a wonderful chance.

Hi Lyssie🙂

That was one funny post🙂. I liked the line about you meeting Manny in Boston last year. It’s probably my warped sense of humor but one line you wrote is a classic…. after lowering the window of his car, he says “ding”….get it🙂. What’d make that even funnier is if he said that with a seriously straight face!!!!😛

Anyway, enough of that…. I only hope that the move to LA gives Manny a new sense of purpose and allows him to play upto his full potential. It would be ashame if the off field antics he’s gotten upto carries over and spoils the party for everyone at the Dodgers. A truly good player doesn’t need to set a bad example or act like an unruly kid.

Hi Alyssa, It looks like the Manny thing is a good thing! Hmmm… over .600 average and more bombs than any lf so far .. how many games? .. Oh, 3! Yea, he looks good in Dodger Blue. Number .. 9 Number.. 9 : )

Oh Manny looks right at home & Don?t give on Mr Jones just yet! Love the pup, my cat does the same thing.


I saw where Manny had 4 RBI’s or something like that when Dodgers scored 9 runs the other day. If he leads on the field, like he did that 4RBI night it wont matter what he does in the clubhouse. They keeping showing clips of him loafing in the OF and I’m not sure how that goes over? Bottom line is if he delivers like he has so far, I think its enough to put Dodgers over Arz. As a Dodger fan (Not me I may be “self proclaimed AJM midwest chapter biggest fan extraordinare” but I’m not starstruck enough to give up my beloved Cubs for Dodgers) people should be happy Torre and Mgt is doing what they can to win sooner rather than later. Alyssa would have to take a picture with me, her kissing my naughty cheeks wearing a Touch “Cub” shirt before I will ever consider being a full time Dodger fan. Oh ya and the picture must be posted at this blog. Since hell will freeze over first, lets not hold our breath? Until then, I weep, wallow, wean and wejoice as a Cub fan.

The cheaks I refer to in my comments above are located on my face. Although all my cheaks are naughty I was not getting frisky. I dont even make Cardinal fans kiss those cheaks!

congratulations this is the year the dodgers will be champ.s
signed melody

To inlanddodgers
If your comment was for me, I didn’t understand a thing you said. Please explain… if you want.

To m-c :
They put the wrong name with the comment. I believe they were commenting on the comment below yours. They mistake the comment goes with the name between the lines, when they don’t.

Hi Alyssa,
I see MANNY is at it again (career HR# 513).
Now let’s take it to the Cardinals… Tough loss last night after the Dodgers came back to tie.
Later Alyssa………………………….

Alyssa, I just realized Manny has tied MR CUB (ERNIE BANKS) on the all-time HR list.
Some LA history you probably don’t know: Ernie used to be on the tv series HOME RUN DERBY. He had another saying: “It’s either home run or nothing”. It was filmed at Wrigley Field in LA (scaled down version of Wrigley Field in Chicago). It was owned by the Wrigley family until they sold it and the AAA team that played there (Los Angeles Angels). They sold both to Walter O’malley in 1957, securing the territorial rights to LA for the Dodgers. Several movies were also filmed there…The AAA team (Angels) played there from 1925-1957. It was torn down around 1965 and is now a public park and senior home (near Hollywood). It was also home of the expansion Los Angeles Angels in 1961. (changed their name(s) later… and I’m not going to get into all that, but they played in LA first.( for at least one season)🙂 The Wrigley family also owned Catalina Island but donated it away…. I believe the Cubs used to have spring training there also.
Alyssa- I thought you might like some history🙂

Alyssa, Sorry
I gave Manny one extra Hr. I believe he has 512.
(unless he hits another one tonight and it looks like the Dodgers are going to need one or two…)

OK, Manny just passed Ernie and Eddie Mathews (two Hall of Fame members) I stand corrected (I think…)
Lets go Dodgers……………………………

To cubfancurt

Thank you for your answer, I appreciate ^_^

Alyssa- I guess I’m not “rooting” hard enough… KEEP THE FAITH, as there’s always tommorow (at least 49 more and anything can happen)🙂

I was wondering how Carlos Zambrano would stack up against some select Dodgers, in hitting stats. Assuming 600 AB’s for each player I took their current averages and projected what it might be for full season. Dont shoot me Dodgers fans, I’m just the messenger and the numbers are what they are? Here they are:
“Zambrano”, 18 HR,s 92 RBI’s 212 hits, 37 (2B), 9 (3B), 55 Runs. “Andrew Jones Sen for a hit” 9 HR’s, 42 RBI’s, 98 hits, 24 (2B), 3 (3B), 55 Runs, “Loney Tunes” 13 HR’s, 91 RBI, 174 hits, 40 2B, 7 3B, 80 Runs, “Kemp Seed” 19 HR, 89 RBI, 177 hits, 38 2B, 4 3B, 89 runs, “Rickey Martin Latin Lover” 15 HR’s, 80 RBI’s, 175 hits, 29 2B, 0 3B, 91 runs.

The winners by category are, Kemp Seed 19 HRs, Zambrano 92 RBI’s, Zambrano 212 hits, Loney Tunes 40 2B, Zambrano 9 3B and Rickey Martin 91 runs. According to my survey, the Dodgers dont have a better RBI, hit or triple man than Zambrano using 600 AB’s. Kemp Seed projects more HR’s barely and Loney Tunes projects more doubles barely. Dodgers do score more runs than Zambrano but that’s because Zambrano is on a weight watchers diet now. Once he slims down, he will lead in runs too. These Stats show Dodgers can not match “The great Carlos Zambrano” either in hitting or pitching. They might be able to beat him in “twiddly winks” or cards.

I was trying to explain to my boyfriend last night about your blog and everything. He was like, “Alyssa Milano? Really?” LOL I was like YES! She’s a HUGE baseball fan, seriously! Here he thought that you just put out awesome shirts (which I have, for the METS).

Love reading your blog when I can. Do you follow football also? Thoughts on the Favre-Jets?


ALYSSA… I LOVE YOU!!!❤ that’s what i wanted to tell you😛

Hey Alyssa,
Is it just me, but did Manny order “extra baggy” pants when he came to LA. 🙂 I was watching some of the game today… Gosh, the production the Dodgers are getting out of Manny is going to put pressure on the front office to sign him for 2009 and beyond. Especially, if he keeps it up.(#514)🙂 At least Manny knows not to “chase pitches” and take the walk, when they are obviously pitching around him. They pitched him a nice first pitch “center cut fastball” on his 2nd AB and Manny knew what to do with it. It’s nice to have someone with a “big stick” in the lineup.🙂
Plus the Dodgers are going to have to sign CC next year, as I don’t think the Brewers will….(they’re going to pitch him until his arm falls off, as I don’t think they care about 2009) I always heard he wanted to pitch for a NL west coast team (so he can bat too)
Nice win by Kershaw and your Dodgers today. You know who the Cubs play this weekend (Cardinals).
Later Alyssa (yes I will be back….sometime….darn, I wanted to be the 100th comment🙂 you never know…),

hey alyssa,
YAY!! so excited for manny!! i hope he helps a lot because well, we kind of need it? haha. it will be new to see him in dodger blue instead of red but i think this change will be for the better! i cant wait for the new season to start, and well i guess for this one to end…and hopefully well..
YAY!! gosh i lovedodgers..
p.s. … for a new dodger jacket..and from TOUCH i mite add :] and maybe a dodger MANNY RAMIREZ jersey😀

oh yeah.
pps. lets be verry happy and thankful that we ggot to keep the VERY good looking Andre Ethier :]



MANNY – 13 hits in 24 AB (could very well be 14 hits as ISSY took away a hit up the middle in the 8th and turned it into a DP) 4 HR’s… HOT-HOT-HOT…
CASEY – 15 hits in 44AB…

Hello Alyssa!
Veronica’s here (:

I’m a fan of Spain and have found this blog thankfully.
I’m charmed with the baseball!

Well, I like to see though at the moment I don’t understand it very well, though I’m in it haha.

It was happening and to allow signing.
I admire your career as actress and your humanitarian and sports labor.

Your rules!

Always, Vernica.

Hi Alyssa
MANN isn’t this guy something?
I don’t remember a Dodger start like Manny Ramirez is having in all my more than 60 years as a fan.
MANN if he can keep it up who knows how far we can go.

Hey again Alyssa!
Wow, lot’s of comments on this post. Must be a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings about the trade with Manny. No surprise though, he is a pretty big character in baseball. Anyways, just wanted to comment and let you know I just got a bunch of new TOUCH stuff! I love it and am super excited to wear it to the next royals game! I think I’ll probably end up wearing some of the shirts to school when it starts too. That’s what I love about them, they are so cute and fasionable that I can wear them anywhere! TOUCH was such a good idea Alyssa and I’m so glad you went through with it :] Speaking of school though, it starts next Thursday for me and I’m SO EXCITED. I’ll be in 11th grade, but it’ll be my first time going to school since 7th grade! (And my first time ever to highschool!) I’m kinda nervous, but I think that’s probably normal with my circumstances. I once saw a video of you talking about when you went to school for a little bit when you were a kid filming “Who’s the Boss”…you said that you didn’t really know anyone so not many kids talked to you and you didn’t like it very much. I hope that’s not the same way for me…..Anyways this is getting super long so I’ll wrap it up. Hope you’re having an awesome week!

Love, Katlyn

P.s. it’s August now so I hope we hear good news about your pilot! AND SOOOOON!

hey alyssa.
YES YES YES!! i LOVE manny! how many homeruns is it?? FOUR i think!! omg! i think this trade may have been one of the best things that they have done in a while!! yay manny!!
GO BLUE!! keep on trucking baby!

Hey Alyssa !
Another victory for the Dodgers!!!! I was so happy when I saw the scoreboard on the Internet ! Unfortunately, I couldn?t watch the game on TV, but I was very exited when I saw the final score !!! Woww
Hope they continue to win like that😀
I also wanted to thank you for all what you are doing for your fans, and for baseball fans ^_^
Have a nice week-end!


Dodgers win…Diamondbacks lose…Half game out and soon to be in first place along with my Cubbies🙂

Hey Alyssa,
I feel for you- tough loss tonight…The bottom of the 10th UGH….sure turned the wrong way in a hurry. Sort of like the 2nd,3rd,and 4th innings did for my team today (with Zambrano pitching). Baseball just doesn’t go the way you think it will (or should) at times….
Alyssa, keep bloggin when you have the time🙂 KEEP THE FAITH…Keep :)ing… and I will be back (might be a little while though, but I guarantee that I will be back.
So to Alyssa, the “nicest baseball blogger around”, I’m out of here (for a little while),
Bye Alyssa,

Ps- There’s always tomorrow….first place on the line again…


Another week in baseball…..Boy, you go in the woods for a couple of weeks to eat fish and the baseball world turns upside down…..You got a lot of opinions back on this go round and most of them were about baseball, Good on ya……Manny….I went to a site called Cursed At First to get a retrospect on Manny and it about sums up the love I have for the guy and the joy he brought Boston Fans everywhere….He IS Magic and I hope for a couple of months he can keep you on the monster roller coaster. Of course his ” dark ” side can cause pain tho so beware and be warned….If he’s around long enough you will truly find out what Manny being Manny means and how bitter sweet it is….I’m not at all cranky about his leaving , he was unhappy and showed it to one and all….Ahhhh, but when he was on he was one of the best….Enough said, enjoy the ride…..The Gibson shot was good and my 70 LB Boz does the same thing in the middle of the backyard at high noon, it’s the smile that cracks me up….OK my guys have lost so it’s up to the Blue to cheer me up, it’s tied right now…only 40 + left so let’s keep sharp….Mort

Let us look upon the last couple of losses as an unexpected gloominess, that happened in the latter innings. May it wash out with the tide, and the next series produces better results.
I know you’re a sunshiney person, so it’s just temporary gloominess. Still love ya…

there is a gossip that going around that you are coming to cumming, georgia. is this true. and im telling more people about the new tv show so if the gossip is not true. YOU SHOULD COME TO CUMMING GEORGIA AND THEN GO TO THE SCHOOL CUMMING AND ASK FOR MRS. KEMPTNER. SHE IS MY MOM.

You can get Manny or whoever else you want but the Dodgers will be lucky to even make the playoffs over Arizona. If they do, you’re going to have to deal with my Cubbies and you will not be able to compete with my boys!

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!

Are you going to accept my date offer? I would love to take you out. Have had a crush for a long time!

Hi Alyssa,it is a honor to read your blogs.I think you are a powerful writer.Your blogs capture my interest and move my emotions.I think it is amazing that you are beautiful complemented by brilliance.You are good complemented by righteousness.You are creative complemented by perfection.I’m glad that your Dodgers have acquired Manny.He is a strong player.I would like to see your Dodgers win the World Series.Because you have my sincerest faith and I like to see you happy.Thank you.

Ok so I’m from Boston and really interested in reading LA’s perspective. I would’ve loved to have kept Manny but if all the veteran players were getting distracted and the front office was fed up, along with the fact that I think Tito was about to have a heart attack dealing with him, he clearly had to go. But at the same time I’ve never seen such a good hitter in my life. For the record I really don’t have a problem with his long hair and know he’s never going to cut it. Don’t know if Torre really cares that much but I really respect Torre so I think he can handle him. The Dodgers are going to be a lot better but let’s be honest the NL West is a significantly flawed division. Not sure how deep in the playoffs they can go. That being said besides the Angles I don’t know that many totally dominant teams this year. So it’s really anyone’s guess what will happen in October.

Rumors going around Boston that Red Sox President Lucchino might be the next to go the Dodgers. Don’t know how happy Manny will be with that but I think Theo is pretty much done with dealing with him. Between him and Dr. Charles (now also in LA) I think they were the instigator of most of the press leaks that caused problems with the players and management.

Baseball is starting to get fun now that the races are tightening up. Would love to see a Boston/Dodgers October. I think that would go a long way to fueling a big rivalry between the 2. And of course we’d get great quotes from Manny/Nomah/Schilling, etc…

Keep up the good MLB bloggin Alyssa!


Alyssa we haven’t heard from you in awhile =[[[[[[ I hope you get some free time soon to post another blog.

I did some more wiz bang analysis of Manny R’s stats in his first 42 at bats with Dodgers. “***”uming Manny “The Great” ,just Manny TG from now on, had 600 AB’s with Dodgers what would his season totals be? From my computer bits and bytes I have Manny with 200 RBI’s (OUCH for Cub Fans!) 57 HR’s, 0 3B, 43 2B, 286 hits and 128 runs scored. That would put him up there with Babe Ruth. I dont know now what to call him either Manny “The Conqueror”, “King Manny” I dunno? “Chairman Manny?” We were driving down the road the other day and my girlfriend says what does that sign in the yard mean? The sign says IT WILL HAPPEN! I had to let her know it means Cubs will win this year. She said “oh division title?” I said NO World Series!. She laughed and pointed at me and thanked me for what was the best joke she had ever heard!. Problem is Cub fans say its now or never? I hope fossil records 1,000’s or years in the future show a Cub victory sometime within the 10,000 years we have between Ice Ages. A Cub hat was found next to Cro-Magnum man in a recent dig near Turkey. Researchers found evidence the Cubs won the Cro-magnum world tourney around 35,000 BC. I sure dont want to wait another 35,000 to 50,000 years for a banner.

oh I feel so bad because I don’t understand anything of baseball and I didn’t get anything of what these guys who have posted said, but if u sweetie say that Dodgers are the best so it’s true… make a fan of baseball please😀 lol if sometimes u wanna chat with someone hit me back by this email I’m on here😛 I LOVE U LYSSIE!

I just got back from camp and I couldn’t believe it! I was used to following Manny from the Red SOx and know I am so happy he is on the Dodgers!!!!


Well, the news that your show has been picked up is certainly a bright spot during this late-season slide. Much congratulations to you!! I look forward to seeing it on the air…

Heyas Alyssa!!! Just thought I’d write you like this to warn you as a long-suffering Indians’ fan that Manny Ramirez will end up breaking your heart like he did for us in Cleveland!!!Hate to say this but the only thing that he’s loyal to is the all-encompassing dollar!!! (Like most players…) He is already doing his petulant child routine now with you in LA, which is the exact same way he acted in both Boston and here in Cleveland!!! Once he gets bored with your club, he’ll go into jerk mode like he’s doing in contract negotiations currently!!! So, to you fair princess of the Dodger blue…caveat emptor!!!

Don’t you have anything to say about spring training.

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