The K.M.I.L.A.F.

MannySmiles.jpgEven though by my amateur estimation there will be (something like) $50 million freed up in salary, there is a lot of talk that the Dodgers won’t be able to keep Manny in L.A. next season, because his free agency price tag might be too steep.

How about this for an idea on how we can afford Manny next season? For every home game remaining, we should pass around a collection basket at the stadium. You know, like the collection baskets at church. We can call it the “Keep Manny In L.A. Fund.”

Let’s say the Dodgers average 48,000 fans for the remaining 20 home games, and everyone puts $10 into the “Keep Manny In L.A. Fund.”  That’s $480,000 a game and $9.6 million total. Add that to the $50 million in other contracts that will come off the books, and you have 59.6 million. That means the McCourts only would have to come up with another $40.4 million to reach the $100 million contract Manny most likely is seeking. Piece of cake.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to give him up. The energy he has brought to the team and the stadium is something that I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s amazing how one MANny can make a difference. And not to mention, how he can get us to wear these ridiculous wigs:







Dear Alyssa,

Joe Torre would like you to get your hair trimmed, please.


Hey Alyssa! How are you? They FINALLY broadcast another Dodgers game in Australia… On the 8/11 against the Phillies. It?s about the 4th Dodgers game I?ve seen all season =@. Stupid ESPN Australia. But I?m not bitter? How good was that game?! The neighbours heard me screaming and thought I was in trouble! Haha! I totally agree with the K.M.I.L.A.F. ? Brilliant idea babe. You don?t think that we?ll be able to afford his contract next year? The thought of that is so depressing! Manny in his few games already has made such a difference to the team and the general attitude and dynamic? Surely after seeing the impact he?s having and how well he?s playing for us, the Powers That Be will find a way to keep him. PLEASE GOD, let them find a way.

Take care Alyssa! Lots of love from Oz, Lee xx =)

Hey Alyssa! It’s so good to hear from you! Another great post, and I love all the pictures, haha. The K.M.I.L.A.F. is a great idea, and I can’t blame you for wanting to keep him! Hope all is well with you, your family, and your doggies :]

Love, Katlyn

Your idea to keep Manny sounds feasable. It may just work. Love the wigs. They are definite keepers. One of the commentators on the game the other night said that Manny was going to cut his hair but it does not look like he has yet.

It appears this arrangement is working out for all. So glad for that.


Hi Alyssa,

You are so pretty in your Manny braids. You are so pretty without them too but thats beside the point. You can try passing the plate but I don’t know if I would trust the average Dodger fan with a plate with something like $100,000 dollars in it though. I know Manny is really hitting well so far but do you think it will last? Maybe it will; I know he’s been a thorn in the Angels flesh in previous years’ chances for the Angels against the Red Sox. Anyway good luck to you and the Dodgers. I’m still hopeful about the Angels for this season.


Hey Alyssa !!!

Your idea to keep Manny sounds good !!!
It would be so nice if the team can keep him. He is so great and I think he brings a lot to the Dodgers.

Oh and you look very nice with those hair !!!! LOLL

Thanks for taking the time to post ^_^

take care


Awwww Lindze & Lin. How cute are all of you? I miss you guys!

That is an idea. At least you are thinking. Word out of Washington Heights (where Manny grew up) here in New York is that Manny wants to play with the Yankees and get some revenge on the Red Sox. It might be difficult for Manny to continue to play left-field throughout the course of a four year contract. He may be better served to go back to the American League so he can DH part of the time. Manny could be like a relationship. You are willing to overlook some things early in the relationship, but as time goes on they become aggravating. You should think long and hard about signing Manny. He may be more problems than he is worth. You are in the Honeymoon stage. How will the marriage be over the long term.

lol u look good with these dreads on😛 without them too, anyways..
K.M.I.L.A.F… lol sounds good🙂
Love ya Lyssie❤

PS – GREAT game tonight against the Phillies. TIED FOR FIRST BABY, YAY! =D Ramirez and Ethier’s homers were great. Hope you enjoyed it! Love the wig dah-ling, very you =). xx Lee

hey alyssa,
i am very sad to hear that we may not be able to afford manny on our team next season…but that is a great idea!! i woul definetley donate money into the “KEEP MANNY IN LA FUND” he has helped us so much id bet almost the whole stadium wouldl donate to that!! also, i love that hat! haha. i think im going to get one too! keep blogging!

Hi Alyssa!!!
Keep Manny in L.A. Fund- it’s a very good idea.
I like your new image – you look very nice with these dreads on your head😀 haha
Thanks for beautiful pics.
Love ya,


Hello everyone, good morning from Chicago. I love the wigs! Your K.M.I.L.A.F. sounds interesting, maybe it’ll work if everyone in the entire stadium is willing to participate. In the past I’ve never been much of a spectator, I’ve always been on the mound or on first. I’m attending a college were sports is not avalible which is hard because I’ve been on a team since I was 8. I’m still trying to get used to other people play the sport that I”M OBSESSED with but I do not have patients! I also do not have a specific team that I cheer for I’m just an all around baseball fan. I love the way Manny belts the ball so I might be drifting towards the Dodgers bleachers.
(next paragraph is off track but I really want to post it)
I have a feeling that you dont read all of these comments because there’s just too many! lol. I know you also get people screaming “I love you” to you every day so I’m not going to do that but what I will say is I respect you as a human being. You use your celebrity status to show people in our country that we have it good and to not take it for granted which is what every celeb should be doing! So thanks for being a great person and I hope to see you in person to tell you were you stand in my heart!

Are you kidding me?? you actually hit “enter” after you re-read this article more than once? wow. should have kept these ideas on the dodger dog napkin and threw it away. there are Seats in dodger stadium that still dont cost 10 bucks and you want everyone to pay 10?? ahah.. what a joke. Expect to lose some great DODGER STARS to keep Manny plain and simple. If not… expect another NL team to bag him up… dreads and all.

RANDY MOSS in Oakland made people wear more ridiculous outfits… those dreads have been around waaay too long to be a new fad.

am i the only one that sees all this stufF?

To Hey! Be nice! I don’t see you coming up with any better ideas. Alyssa is very devoted to baseball and to her Dodger’s and like she said in her blog; Manny has brought a whole new energy to the stadium that she hasn’t felt for a long time. So I can understand her wanting to do everything possible to keep him and I would think you and everyone else should understand that too. Plus, I’m sure there are plenty of other big Dodger’s fans, like Alyssa, who would be more then willing to donate to this cause. So if your not, then ok, but no need to bag on Alysssa. It’s a good idea.
Sorry for another rude comment Alyssa, don’t let it get to you. :]

Hey Alyssa!
I always read your blog and – it is always interesting! 🙂
I hope that you are well.
It`s a pity that manny not can be in this season
but your idea is brilliant idea to collect the money
and I hope it work!
The pictures are so beautiful and funny too =D

peace to everybody &
lyssa U`r the best!&
I love ya so much!


As a life long red sox fan, all I can say is good luck. I use to think that Manny could do no wrong. I didn’t care about Manny being Manny as long as he kept hitting home runs. But once he held our team captive for more money, I lost all the respect in the world for him. Manny cares about no one and no team. He only cares about getting paid. He is looking for a deal for 4 years at 100 million. I know his antics seem harmless now, but wait till he starts ripping apart the clubhouse. My friend is a clubhouse attandant for the red sox and he told me some crazy stories about the way Manny treats his fellow players. 95% of the teams was more than happy to see him go. So good luck, I hope he works out better for you then he did for the Indians and the Red Sox. He says he wants to finish his career as a dodger. we’ll see about that when the money isn’t there. There will be no discount and no love lost on his part.

hey sweetie check this out😛 u gon’ like it🙂

Hey Alyssa, the wigs are fun and I like your enthusiasm for Manny. I agree about the energy he was brought. He seems energized as well. The entire club has been much improved since his signing – coincidence? I think not! It’s too bad Andruw’s in a funk. The Dodgers have not had a veteran come in an contribute like Manny has and I’m glad it’s working out.

lol great idea Alyssa!
love the wigs, let’s hope you can keep him in LA..
I’ve been following the dodgers online because they only air a couple of games here from the dodgers on TV but I’ve definetely noticed the difference in the scores..

Hope you’re having a great day!



Gotta love those Dodgers fans!!

Hi Alyssa,

You look better in the dreads than Manny does. Did Manny bring L Monstro (his personal hair stylist) to L.A. with him?

Do not underestimate Scott Boras’ role in the Manny saga. Boras stood nothing to gain if the Red Sox exercised the team options on Manny (which they probably wouldn’t have anyway). The original deal was signed with another agent. Boras apparently convinced Manny that there was money in the tank- which is what precipitated the Sox to trade him after he dogged it and disrupted the clubhouse. Manny believes he can get 4 years at 100 million in the open market – an amount that Peter Gammons believes to be Manny’s fantasy and folly. Manny created such a distraction in the clubhouse that the Red Sox traded him and believed it was addition by subtraction.

Sox ace closer Jonathon Papelbon was asked about the mood in the Sox clubhouse before and after the trade. His candid response was that after the trade, all 25 players were playing as a team and pulling for each other with winning as the number one priority. He mentioned that was not true of the team before the trade. When the reporter asked him about Manny’s disappearing act Monday night in the ninth inning at Dodger Stadium (eventually Manny did return to the game), Papelbon said he hadn’t heard about it but said he was glad the team (Red Sox) didn’t have to deal with it.

I agree with the poster who wrote that this is a honeymoon period between Manny and L.A. It’s been likened in the press to a 3 month Hollywood romance – one that will sour when one partner can no longer use the other for career or monetary gain. Time will tell.

I think you are a very dedicated and intelligent fan. Your idea is cute. But remember, the Red Sox essentially passed the collection basket around to get Manny out of town at all costs – they lost two decent players in Hansen and Moss.

In a moment of insensitive self-aggrandizing Manny said he’d play in Iraq next year if he had to (contingent on him being able to find it on a map I suppose).

He is a first ballot Hall of Famer and he was an integral part of two World Championships in Boston. For that Red Sox fans will be forever grateful. But buyer beware. He will be 37 next year, he can’t run or play left field very well (especially in the NL). Once he gets his money, he may not play with the verve he displays now.

However, I do like your enthusiasm.

All the Best,


thats cool but what do you think about signing pictures of you for ten dollars instead. and you wont get bad emails if you respond to some of the letters. and please email me i just started school and cant check for a new one every day
you rock i rock we rock
see you later
ps. your my hero

I agree 100% and that’s a good idea, Alyssa.
It would be a shame if this MANny brings us to just a pennant and into the World Series and ends up playing with some other team next season.

The Dodgers would be foolish to let Manny go. He is doing great for them so far.
Alyssa, i love the pics of you and your friends in the Manny wigs. Very cool!
I would like to thank the Dodgers for helping the Mets also be in first place!
Till next time,
your loyal fellow baseball nut,

This is the first time I have to challenge your judgement. Let’s ask people that can hardly afford to fill up their cars can barely afford the price to bring their families to the ballpark you know the regular folks that don’t make more than 60,000 per year to donate money to a multi/multi millionaire. How about we pay our Teachers,Fireman and Policeman decent wages then we can worry about giving multi-millionaires more money.
For someone who has worked for worthy charities and understands the very poor by traveling to Africa, this statement is not well thought out.

With the millions of dollars these spoiled men get paid and you are going to suggest the average, hard working person “donate” to pay their salaries? I understand your heart may have been in the right place, but you may want to think a bit more before going in that direction. I am sure it is difficult for those who have a lot to understand the value of a dollar to those who do not. As for the person saying most don’t make more than 60k a year…can you please tell me where you work?? I am a school teacher and freelance writer and I don’t make anywhere near that! So, 60K? Sign me up man! Hee! Well, at least I love my job :o) Peace everyone!


Hello Alyssa,you are a living genius.I admire your ideas.I agree to all of your thoughts.Manny is a great player and I’m glad he’s playing for your Dodgers.You look amazing in the pictures.I feel blessed to have seen them.You are a beautiful sight.Thank you.


Now that?s creative finances. I could use a mind like that in my company. But here?s the bottom line, whether the Dodgers use your idea or pull their own rabbit out of a hat and figure out how to get Manny back next year, Congrats, on the best pick-up this side of the Sabathia trade in Milwaukee. In a Divisional race and picking up Manny?that?s a team thrown? down for its fans. Good luck this year ?unless you go up against the Cubs. I mean it?s been a hundred years and I?m not getting any younger.
You?re The Boss!

Hi Lyssie,
Just before we get to the fun part, I just want to air my views on player payments. Now, your idea for keeping Manny in LA is a good one. You should put it to the guys at the Dodgers. However, and this is the thing that really irks me…. no one, and I mean no one, is worth $50 million or more. I don’t care who they are what what sport they play, there’s not a person on this planet worth that much. Talk of $100 million for Manny’s match payments is nothing more than an example of sheer and unadulterated greed. Just think about it for a minute… a one year contract for $100 million is around $280,000 a day!!!, or to put it in an hourly rate (for an 8 hour day) $35,000 an hour!!!!. That’s utterly ridiculous. Sure, a player only has a finite shelf life before his has to retire, but even if someone players for 15-20 years in the major leagues, there’s no reason to be paying anyone ridiculously large amounts of money. No one would even work enough in an entire working lifetime to even deserve to be paid $100 million. When you think about the amount of time an ordinary working person puts into their job/jobs over a lifetime and some of the jobs that people have to do, and then you look at the renumeration they receive, you can see what I mean. There are a great many people working very long hours in pretty dire jobs for basically peanuts. Yet someone can player a sport (basically a swan job) and earn more in a year than most people would earn in a hundred lifetimes. Those people that have the great fortune to be able to do something they love and earn great wads of money can count themselves exceptionally lucky. But surely some sense of proportion and common sense should be exercised in the matter of earnings. Things have gone way out into the twilight zone and it’s time a sense of reality prevail about player renumerations.

Anyway…. I love your hair🙂😛 Must’ve taken you and Lindze hours just to plat it😛 . Your mom doesn’t look to impressed, although I think your Dad would look good in those long plats😛 Just had an idea….get the whole family done up and take a piccie. I can just see Cory wearing them. Get some for Gibson and Lucy too🙂. I see the piccie of the “Three Rupunzels”🙂 Let your hair down and you’ll be able to scale Mt Everest!!!!.

Maybe you could make a version of those wigs for your TOUCH collection :):P. Though, not to be worn in windy conditions🙂

Stay well and be good🙂



The basket is a cool idea, but don’t u think someone would take some for themselves? Dodger stadium does have guests beyond the Dodger Club who could use that cash for stuff like beer. In addition to that, i think his agent would be pissed that he/she was losing out on some of that coin. Basically, we shouldn’t focus on next season until it happens. The main objective to deal with a championship season is to take it one game at a time. Ill be there w/ some friends on Sun against the Brewers…no Dodger Club for us, we’ll be in the ‘nosebleeders’ watching for that basket.


Great Column on Ramirez. The Dodgers can afford to sign him as the $100 million that he will be seeking will be for four or (more likely) five years. The front office could take the approximately $10 million they are paying guys who are no longer with the club and some of the other salary money that will be rolling off at year end and sign Ramirez. Let him finish his playing career with the Dodgers. The fans want it and the team NEEDS it.

This is such an amazing this that Manny is on the Dodgers, but you pose a good question, Manny is an amazing player but he is also an expensive one. I hope that the Dodgers will be able to keep him for a long time as did the Red Sox! I am so glad I can be back and posting after being away from home and a computer for 3 weeks!

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Manny will be a different player once he signs a new monster deal. But, by all means, throw your money out the window. (We’ve seen this too many times here in YankeeLand.)

Btw how much does he charge now? I’m almost sure that he’s already a millionaire, if I was I wouldn’t be that greedy lol..

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Hey guys

to those with the slightly negative response.. I believe Alyssa was using a slightly absurd idea to point out how valueable Manny has been to the dodgers in the short time he’s been here and how she feels im would better the team if he stayed.

Lets lighten up a little ok🙂


Amen Gary!

Yeah – It’s true Gary!

I’m with Gary

I don’t understand anything about baseball…
But he is right..

For me the Wigs are not ridiculous..
I like the Wigs,

Peace and Love,
Ctia Costa (Portugal)


Another week in baseball….been a good one for you guys, it’s nice to have a Manny comfort zone, believe me, for eight years I had the feeling and it was a blessing most days…..Between the Olympics, baseball and Standard-de- Liege soccer I think I have sports shock this week….I actually wonder who would have been best for the Blue in the long run Sabathia or Ramirez and I think pitching won hands down, that’s only in the long run tho, Manny’s great for right here, right now, wonky knees and all. Fall baseball is always the best and the worst, here’s hoping it’s the best for the Blue and all their fans……Mort

hey alyssa did you see the ballgirl catch a home run ball on the field in mid air it a cool video look for it

Bonjour ma belle,

The summer is almost over and I?m getting more and more exhausted, extensive days at work, baseball late at night, the Olympics (Belgian soccer team is doing more than great), and least but not last : Standard de LIEGE (Would love to take you to a game Mort !) who are playing like GODS and I?m in heaven.

I have mixed emotions about Manny, so I?m containing myself of any comments?but 100.000 millions is a lot of money EVEN for him.
Love the wig by the way, look striking like always!

Have a great week; mine is going to be all about sports?

T?embrasse fort,


Bonjour ma belle,

The summer is almost over and I?m getting more and more exhausted, extensive days at work, baseball late at night, the Olympics (Belgian soccer team is doing more than great), and least but not last : Standard de LIEGE (Would love to take you to a game Mort !) who are playing like GODS and I?m in heaven.

I have mixed emotions about Manny, so I?m containing myself of any comments?but 100.000 millions is a lot of money EVEN for him.
Love the wig by the way, look striking like always!

Have a great week; mine is going to be all about sports?

T?embrasse fort,


Hey Alyssa! That idea sounds well good, i would put money in but well… you see i cant seeing as im in Scotland! Hopefully the dodgers will get to keep Manny and if not then the dodgers still will be loved by all us dodger fans!! If not then there not really a true follower! We dont want that now do we! Ok i gotta go my teachers shouting!


Nicole xxxx

People, please, chill out. She is using this thing called a “sense of humor.” Google it. Honestly.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is: Alyssa, I’m officially declaring my love for you. Please, marry me.

^^ Amen too that..
Seriously everyone lighten up, it was a joke..

I actually posted for this:

Can’t get enough of this! ;D

Thanks for the blog article Alyssa, I’m cranky lately and I’m less cranky when I get a blog from you. Lin Milano in a Manny wig? Come on? No way? I knew you’d wear one “AJ” but this is over the top when Lin shows up in one? First, my Government nonsense has rubbed off on Alyssa, she uses acronyms now (KMILAF) and talks like a Government Civil Servant. Then my numbers jumbles have got her thinking of number of fans times X number of dollars plus Y games equals SAVE MANNY MONEY. All my stats comments inspired her to get her calculator out and start figuren ya know. Figuren dis and dat? I bin figuren one thing. IT WILL HAPPEN!!! YES BIN FIGUREN IT WILL HAPPEN!!! YES THIS YEAR! I want the whole Milano family in Chicago, in Manny hats in Wrigley for a LSC series. The hair will come in handy to wipe away tears after the great Carlos Zambrano and friends deal up a wuppin. Looking forward to your stay in Chicago AJM!

Alyssa please forgive me for being a Cub fan and I’ll forgive you for your Dodger “Weakness”. You can still be my celebrity crush even though your a Dodger fan, I’ll overlook that ok. Now with that said, I formally invite you to Cinncinatti, on 6 Sept for Reds vs Cubs Game. Its a Sat, and I will be there with old college buddies. When I say old, their very old ok. You are invited and please bring the touch model team, please dont forget them ok. I want to meet you in person to see that your a real human bean. This is my only chance this year. I’ll take your entire crew family, models (especially them!) yourself, whoever your with and pay for your diner at a Steakhouse in Cinnci after the game. This offer is valid only on 6 Sept in Cinnci. Offer expires 7 Sept 2008. Valid for up to 12 members of Milano gang, tax and tip and transportation not included.

Alyssa thanks again for the great pics I loved seeing you guys in the Manny wigs Looks like you guys had a blast.🙂

Oh and to Kent I love the way you think buddy If I offer to clean up after can I come too?


Congrats on the Greg Maddux addition. He’s not the most dominant pitcher in the NL as he was in the 90s anymore, but he’s a solid starter.

Adding a guy with his experience can’t hurt, especially with Penny out (not that he was any good when he was available this year).

Lowe-Billingsley-Kuroda-Kershaw-Maddux is a pretty solid five down the stretch.

I love the idea about the K.M.I.L.F. it seems almost everytime he comes up to bat magic happens. Like you said he really seems to have evergized the whole team, we need to keep him


I think that it’s a good idea Alyssa! I mean, if I had Manny on my team I would be doing everything possible to keep him their!! So keep up the spirit girl.
Hope all is well,

Gr…my comment isn’t posting. So if this shows up a few times I apologize. Anyways, I think you’re idea is great Alyssa! I know if Manny were on my team I would do everything in my power to keep him their! So keep up your spirits girl.
Hope all is well with you :]

Wow I still can’t believe our good fortune! I am so happy that Manny is a Dodger! There is one this that does bug me about him. He is in the public eye and he knows it so it seems to me that he is taking adavantage of it. By creating the funky wigs and all of his “trademark” stuff. I just hope his head will still fit in his batting helmet so he can bring us some runs.

I told you I would be back… When I was here last, your Dodgers were a half game out and now they are 3 games out. So it’s starting to look like it’s either the division winner or next year. Come on Dodgers…Let’s Go…because as they always say: If the season ended right now(and it doesn’t)…Well, I don’t want to face Webb and the Diamondbacks- I want MANny and the Dodgers. 33 games to go and “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN”
Why is Martin batting 8th??? Hey, we’ve not got a 10,000,000 dollar player (Fukudome) batting 8th. He has really struggled at the plate the last couple of months. Would’nt surprise me to see “Uncle Lou” sit him on the bench soon. Believe he was a 3 time batting champ in Japan, but sure doesn’t look like it anymore and he’s got 3 more years😦 (shaking my head too…) Anyway we can get Zambrano to play the outfield (16 career HR’s) Hey, he could proably catch a few balls, I know “COMEDY”.
I believe’s we think many thought you were serious about “passing the basket around”. I knew it was just the “comedic side” of you coming out again. “PIECE OF CAKE… Going to have to start passing around one for CC too. I just love how passionate you are Alyssa, I really do…
Alyssa, KEEP THE FAITH as nothing is easy…
RYNO and his Peoria Chiefs have fallen too (from 1st to 7 back in the wildcard in about a month and their season ends in about a week – 6 ejections for Sandberg this season and counting. How many does Joe have this year. Alyssa, the first time I had the nerve to comment on your blog- I said something about Joe napping in the dugout, waking up and eating some “pasta” as he sits in his recliner. That was me, if you remember. Hey, it was the comedic side of me coming out too. Sorry🙂
Alyssa, well you know and when you have the time, later…,
Curt (GO BLUE…. I told you I would be back)

Oh, nice wig…..:) Did they have those in Boston too?

Hi!!! I’m your fan from Poland :)))
Nice photo:)))


Another week in baseball…..Just finished watching a nail biter in Toronto and now I hope the Blue can pull off thier own magic tonight….Well according to the folks who know more about baseball than I do here again are the percentages at this stage of the game for teams to make the playoffs…Ari.-73.2%…L.A.-25.4%….ChC-98.1%….Mil.-78.2%…NYM-62.5%….Phil-42.7….L.A.A-99.9%…TB-96.3%…Bos-70.3%…and last and least NYY…6.8%…As much as I hate what Tampa is doing to my guys I have to admit I really love the way they’re playing and think they’ll give the Cubs a run…The radio guys in Boston were talking about you the other day and remembering ” fondly ” your visit last year, I think Joe has a crush on you….. Ya know, the more I look at those wig pictures the more I realize that only guys can pull off dreads…Here’s hoping tonight’s game is great….Mort


Wow silly Mort, I forgot 2 important teams…CH.C-98.1%…Mil-78.2…My apologies fans It was a a simple slip…Mort

Starting to feel real Dumb now….forget the last post, the missing teams are Min-68.8% and ChW-54.4%….sheesh I need to get some sleep now that the Olympics are over for another few years….Mort

Try wearing a wig for Domato Peko, DT for the Cincinatti Bengals.

Check this out……

Come on Dodgers! Pick it up out there! Chop Chop! Chop Chop! Get past Arizona! Lets go, quit lolly gagging around! Dodgers have a date with Destiny. Destiny Cub she’s a hottie from Chicago. Come on now, Destiny is waiting.

Hey Alyssa! Heard your pilot was picked up by the network. Fantastic! Cant wait to hear the details.


In case your proposal doesn’t pass management’s financial stability litmus tests (not that it wouldn’t; it seems iron clad to me), what about state-wide taxes? Baseball is a source of pride, and with the condition of California sports currently what it is I think enough people would be willing to subsidize Manny’s contract to at least get the issue on the ballot.
If the voters don’t go for an overall tax hike, maybe lower property taxes or mortgage subsidies to make room for the KMILA fund. Because what’s more important than housing? Manny.

Alyssa and Dodger Nation,

I’d like to present to you a speech by my good friend Bluatlanta. Bluatlanta, although living in Louisana, BLEEDS Dodger Blue, eats Dodger Blue, sleeps Dodger Blue, breathes Dodger blue, and dreams Dodger Blue. He wants to live in Los Angeles for one and only one reason: THE DODGERS!

We should expand the KMILA fund to the KTWMILA (Keep the Winning Mojo In Los Angeles) fund.

Here is the locker speech for today’s game. Please if you can, someone, get this to the players and management. Thank you.


“Well boys…we’re 130 games into the season and we’re no better off than the first day. We started out at .500 and we’re still basically .500. Why do you think that is? Why is it that the Diamondbacks are in first place and we’re not? Is it because they’re better than us? NO! It’s not! I think you need to look at the guy sitting next to you and ask yourself this simple question. Do I want to let this guy down? Well? DO YOU?

Does all the hard work we’ve put in amount to this? A second place .500 season??? Does the guy sitting next to you deserve to be second place? What can YOU do to make sure that he finishes first? You see, guys, this isn’t about YOU. This is about something so much larger, so much more important. It’s about this organization…the same organization that deemed you worthy of wearing that uniform this year. The same organization that signs your paychecks and that proudly allows you to represent them on the field every day. The same organization that will draw 4 million people to your home games this year. You are but a piece of history…a minor addition to the tradition that IS Dodger baseball. I challenge you today to add to that formidable tradition in a way that will make proud the fans, your coaches, yourselves, and the man sitting next to you.

This is too important to squander. How shameful would that be? Would you be able to look the man sitting next to you in his eyes if you let him down? Think about it.

Today begins a 31 game season. Accept the challenge that has been lain before you. You will NEVER regret it. And neither will the guy sitting next to you. Now let’s get ’em boys!!!

THIS is DODGER baseball!!!”

Reposted with permission from Bluatlanta.


I think the KMILAF is a good idea. I agree the energy he has brought to the Stadium is awesome. I live in Utah and make a trip every year to see the Dodgers play. I went earlier in the year and the energy in the stadium seemed dead. Last week I Journey out to LA to see the Dodger against Colorado and the energy in the stadium was awesome! The Dodgers need to keep him around!

Congrats on Single with Parents being picked up! Looking forward to watching that!


CONGRATULATIONS ALYSSA ON YOUR PILOT GETTING PICKED UP!! Way to go Dog. Wuf Wuf. Look forward to welcoming you into my home on TV. I know you will work hard to bring me a good product. Hope I relate more with this new show, as I had trouble following the storyline for Charmed. I got lost after season one honey. This time, your going to have me addicted like you do on-line! Ok so the Dodger lineup I saw this morning in box score was something like: Eithier, Kemp, Kent,” The great Manny Rameriz King of the free world and outer galaxies”, Loney, Martin, Nomar, Blake. Come mon man, thats a dyno tested lineup? Wuz up lately?

HA! This idea actually might work. People would totally do it, if the energy at the stadium is any indicator!

I’m psyched because my Dad is coming to town Friday and he will be attending his FIRST EVER Dodger game Monday – thought I’d share😉

Congrats to you and Kristin on the pick-up!

Hey Alyssa
I hope you had or are having a “great” vacation. Speaking of vacations, I think the Dodger offense has been on one lately too.😦 Not a good time to start one either. The only good thing is the Diamondbacks are still only 3 games ahead. Lets see what happens before the end of the month.
My Cubs finally gained another game on the Brewers. Totally surprised by it too. I was watching the game (Brewers were up 3-1 in the 7th and got out of a bases loaded situation with 2 outs…Brewer relief pitcher (Villanu eva gets 3rd out on foul popup and then starts his “fist pumping routine and motioning… which ticks off Pujols, who was on deck….so the two start yelling at each other and umpire had to step in (sorry- long story short, Cardinals score 3 in the 8th and win it) Maybe the Dodgers need something to “shake them up” Lets “HOPE”…
Alyssa, CONGRATS on Single with Parents getting picked up for midseason. I guarantee you, that I will be watching…🙂
Later Alyssa……,

Hi Alyssa,

Congrats on your series being picked up by a network. As long as we are passing the collection basket for Manny, perhaps the basket should be passed to former major leaguer Andruw Jones. Since Andruw is collecting $36 million for hitting .161 with 3 homers and 14 RBIs, complemented by an .261 OBP and 74 strikeouts in 205 (36%) at bats , he should be more than willing to contribute to a fund for someone who can actually hit, and hit for power. The Dodgers had to send Andruw to the minors because they couldn’t justify paying a batboy $36 million – seemingly the only role left for him at the major league level.

Blue coach Larry Bowa was interviewed last week on New York radio and said that Andruw was taking things for granted and not working hard enough. Bowa hoped that the demotion will wake him up. He is a disgrace for someone who is only 32 years old and should still be in the prime of his career. On the plus side there is still time for him to turn it around – but he has collected nearly $18 million so far this year to make Torre and Colletti look bad for signing him.

All the best,


It feels like final crunch time, rock bottom, end of the line…,
but wait, there’s hope.
Yeah, that’s about all I got.

I was in Philly Saturday and I saw you kissing the Philly Phanatic ….on the big screen, at the ballpark HA HA HA. Serves you right for selling those Phillie items…..

If they could get rid of the corpses of Andruw Jones and Jason Schmidt currently on the roster, that’d free up plenty of money.

I hope you like this song parody.

(To the tune of “Look In My Heart”)

Never was the kind of guy to run and hide,
Never could you keep your big mouth shut.
Red Sox made a trade and now you’re on our side.
Least they can’t say you don’t have the guts.
Manny, hope Joe lets you stay in L.A.,
It won’t hurt for him to take a chance,
You know it just takes a minute
To show you that we love you.
Just takes a minute
To prove our love-oh-oh-oh,
Oh-look at our hair,
See all the fans who really love you,
We need you so-look at our hair,
We want you in the Blue forever.
Oh,-Oh look at our hair.

What’s this with this password change and new userid?

Although the Dodgers have not done well this week (I’m an Anaheim Angels fan anyways), this week was phenomenal for people with hope to change America for the better. I assume that you probably experienced the energy in Denver in person. Baseball has been an American icon, a traditional pastime for over a century; not possible without the dedication of those who have committed their lives to supporting and defending this great nation. I would like to thank you for your contribution to society in both your humanitarian efforts and your entertainment value.

To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie -True Poems flee. ~

Bonjour ma belle,

Not a great week, The Dodgers and The Red Sox did not play the game like they should or capable off. What?s up?
Standard de Lige played a awesome game in Liverpool, sadly they could not put the ball in the goal?but a terrific match, thanks American Giant.

Congratulations on the new show, I?m sure Europe will also pick it up, with you as leas personage, no doubt.

Have a great vacation, hope to read you soon!

T?embrasse fort,


Its the biggest weekend of the season for us. Your Dodgers and my Dbacks. Hope to see you make it this time around. I dont think that you would.

Good Luck,
Rick M.

Hey Alyssa,
Maybe Joe should let the entire team wear the dreadlock wigs. I don’t know…3 runs on 12 hits and 3 walks. Martin batting leadoff… Manny 4 for 4 plus a walk… next they will have him batting leadoff…Maybe the Dodgers just need to get home again. Lets all hope it turns around for them.
Later……., Curt

Hi Alyssa,

I know this is somewhat off-topic, but if the Brewers are fortunate enough to make the playoffs this year, I would like to invite you to come to Milwaukee for the biggest party in the history of sports. We here in Milwaukee have not seen playoff baseball in 26 years and so this will be really huge for us. The whole state of Wisconsin is just so excited about what our baseball team has done. If you want to see an amazing October atmosphere, please come and join us. The tailgate parties here are incredible and the fans are as passionate as you can find. I think you would love it here.

Hope to see you covering the Brewers in October. Good luck to your Dodgers.

Hi Alyssa,
Maybe this will get your Dodgers going…
Manny 4-5 2HR (8-9 the last 2 games)
3.5 back and closing in, I hope because I just don’t care about facing Webb and Co.
Later Alyssa…thanks for letting us connect with you in some way…I will be back,

Another week of baseball……Does recruiting out of high school bother anyone else or is it just me…..Glad to hear you’re back to work, wouldn’t want Gibson to miss any meals cause his Mom is unemployed…Just getting ready to listen to the game tonight, from what I read it’ll be a battle of sinkerballers, wonder if the offenses are going to show up to make it interesting…I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the Blue…..Mort

With all of the bad behavior of players like Manny, every true Baseball Fan must read Steve Garvey’s new book, My Bat Boy Days. Garvey talks about the lessons he learned from the Boys of Summer. It is a wonderful book about lessons in Life, Dignity, as well as Baseball (all purposely capitalized by myself), demonstrated by word and deed by the Pee Wee, Gil, Jackie, and other Dodger greats (and a couple of non-Dodgers). It is also a book that should be required reading of every current baseball player in the Majors and Minors. Maybe some of the lessons will sink in and they will show pride and leadership and dignity, rather than selfishness, arrogance, childishness, and self-centeredness. And maybe even ban Scott Boras from baseball (okay, so that is TOO much to hope for)! … Larry

Hey Alyssa!

I’m so happy to hear about your pilot being picked up! You have no idea how exciting that was for me! I cannot WAIT to see you on TV again. Anyways, can’t wait until you get back from your vacation to tell us all about it. Also can’t wait for you next post, they are always so interesting. I love reading them. Too bad baseball season’s almost up =[ It’s depressing to think about!!!

Hope all is well with you and your family!
Love, Katlyn

Ok, I think I jinxed Zambrano with all my hoopla at this Dodger Blog. I think the baseball Gods like Milano’s and Dodgers much more than surly Cub fans and our goats. In fact Milanos probably smell better, look better, talk better and maintain personal hygene much much better than Cub fans. They also probably pass their classes in school. Poor Mr. Zambrano needs to get his teddy bear and get some rest. Carlos “Average Joe” Zambrano probably knows hes hurt, and thats why he refused the MRI yesterday. Cuz if he took it, then he’d have to sit and he doesnt want that? Dodgers are winning, winning, winning keep the heat on Arz! Now… I hope the baseball Gods remove their jinz on Zambrano, and be nice to Cub fans around the world, regardless of our handicaps and hygene.

All you bitter Red Sox fans. You hate Manny, Manny was “bad”, you wanted Manny gone. Now he is. Now you should be gone too. Why do you even care about Manny and what he is doing? Bitter, bitter, bitter. I too am a Red Sox fan who happens to think that the Red Sox FO and the media made the whole Manny affair to be much more than it really way. I still love him, will always love him, and hope he does well as a Dodger or whatever team he may play for. You don’t like him, fine, get lost. No one here cares what you think.

Why would the Red Sox fans be bitter? Now I am no fan of the Red Sox (just check my blog :P), but Jason Bay has brought them a better attitude, nice overall stats, and an improvement in left field defensively. Not to mention they haven?t exactly fallen off the map since the deal and are pushing in the AL East for the lead.

Boras and Manny are going to look for that max deal out in free agency and they will probably get it. I just don?t see the Dodgers having the cap room to compete with the teams ready to pull out all stops on getting him and he will likely be gone this off-season.

Now I?m not saying it?s impossible he doesn?t stay a Dodger, just saying it?s very unlikely. In a pitchers park he has a .494 OBP, a .730 Slugging, 1.224 OPS, and is 5th in the NL in VORP among left fielders at despite the fact he hasn?t been in the NL for very long. Not to mention he helps the lineup throughout and Ethier has exploded hitting ahead of him.

That kind of player is not replaceable in free agency, the Dodgers know that. They knew what they were doing when they did this, they wanted 2 months of Manny to lead them to the playoffs, and they also knew they probably were only looking at a rental.

And in that sense I?m glad the Marlins didn?t do the Manny deal, we were giving up way too much for a rental that probably would not have even lead to a playoff spot.

BTW Alyssa I truly say you are awesome for updating a blog like this. Don?t know too many celebrity baseball fans as dedicated as you Kudos.

Yes, I know.
I’m still heartbroken here in Boston.

I get why it was done; doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

I’m not upset to say the least that Manny is out of Boston. He’s a great player (when he wants to be) I’m glad he’s some other teams problem.

oh and btw Alyssa–
i’m the one who designed the TOUCH logo.

Tom O’Keefe

Alyssa, I’ve been a HUGE fan of your’s since your early days and you are very sexy. Have you ever been to Wrigley Field? If so it is a very beautiful park and if you haven’t hope you get to go someday(I would like to be your date if possible…lol). Manny has been the SPARK PLUG for LA. He has brought leadership and confidence to the club. We will see how it plays out in LA and may the better team win(yes I am a DIE HARD CUBS FAN4LIFE). Only team I have a HATER for is THE YANKEES but I respect them at the same time. May you be blessed and hope to one day meet you

Hey there Bossgrrrl!!! As a Indians’ fan, long-suffering and beleaugered; I can tell you first hand that Manny Ramirez is probably once of the greatest talents of this generation!!! I can also tell you that with all that talent comes an immense amount of drama that he has brought to every club that he’s played with!!! If you hitch your Dodger blue wagon to his star, be forewarned that he’ll ultimately break your heart and your club’s pocketbook!!!

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