Thank You and Other Mumblings


Firstly, I just want to say thank you to all those who left words of support regarding SINGLE WITH PARENTS being picked up. I am extremely appreciative that ABC has given me the opportunity to be on the network and hope that you guys like the show. I can’t wait to start filming.

Now, on to why we are all here — VERY IMPORTANT SERIES THIS WEEKEND AGAINST THE D-BACKS! Oh God, it gives me heartburn. We’re a game and a half behind Arizona. There are 22 games left to go. You do the math. Dodger Dugout has listed our numbers this season against the D’Backs, so take a look.

And now I pose a question:
Do you think it is a coincidence that the Dodgers have been winning ever since Jeff Kent, the supposed “clubhouse cancer,” hasn’t been in the clubhouse?


P.S. I was being sarcastic in my last post about the K.M.I.L.A.F. Jeeze, tough crowd. But Manny did wave to me from the dugout Wednesday night so if he keeps that up, I may just defer my weekly paychecks from SINGLE WITH PARENTS to help the McCourts out. Yup. Team player here. Again…sarcastic. (My weekly paychecks probably couldn’t even pay for Manny’s dreadlock maintenance.)

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Hey Alyssa!
Thanx for your new message here in
your blog!
I hope you`re fine!
I`m so glad about the new serie!
I don`t know how it comes in germany.
I hope I can see it soon at the TV here,
because I live not in the U.S.A.
About your Question:
I think it isn`t a coincidence.
But I don`t really know it 100% of course =D
The life is full off secrets.
I`m sorry about my english.
It is not very good.
But I hope you understand all my words xD

I like U so much Alyssa!
Your my biggest inspiration in my life!
I hope I can be a so perfect actress like you!
4 Eva

love ya so much
lots of greetings too U and your fam

Good luck on your new show. Cant wait to watch it!! Good luck with your Dodgers too!!

Hey Alyssa,

Good luck with the new show (I’ll be watching) and with the series against the D-Backs. I must say, I am hoping the Dodgers (mostly Manny) do not make the playoffs because as I don’t think the way Manny handled himself was respectful to his teammates in Boston, and the fans who supported him ferociously for 99% of his time in Boston.

As for Kent, who knows, but he seems like he is a miserable guy.


CONGRATS on being picked up!!! I can’t wait to see the show!!

This weekend should be pretty awesome. Personally, I think anything could happen… dodgers or diamondbacks sweep or anything in between. If I had to guess the series outcome, I would say that it goes 2 to 1 dodgers since we have homecourt advantage.

Also, I agree that the dodgers are better off without Kent. What kind of a**hole disses on Vin Scully. How great is it that Blake Dewitt has been going deep- and Angel Berroa too. Hopefully Berroa keeps hitting well, because Nomar has been eating one too many pieces of cake in his old age.

Hey Alyssa

Congrats again with the show! I can’t wait to see it🙂
I LOL’d at your comment about KMILAF!
I hope the Dodgers can keep the new found winning streak up against the D-backs!

Have a great weekend!



Congratas on the good news sweetheart, I knew that they would pick it up😛 You deserve to get everything you want sweetie🙂 Good luck with everything and have a great time while ur filming… U r happy.. that means I’m happy too🙂 Keep it up honey😉

…oh n 1 more thing.. the pic u posted is perfect, u r so cute.. I LOVE U..

Hey Liss,

I’m so tired this morning as I only got a few hours of sleep last night. The freeway was shut down late last night because of an accident. Anyway I think this is an important series this weekend for the Dodgers chances at a post season. I don’t know about Jeff Kent being a clubhouse cancer. Who named him that? Anyway good luck with your new series.


I can’t wait to see the series, Alyssa. What a great cast!

Maybe the worst news to come out of Kent’s injury is that he may not be out all season. I believe this is the last year of his contract, anyway, isn’t it?

Hi Alyssa,

Congratulations !!! I’m so glad your new show was picked up, I can’t wait to see it. You posted a very lovely picture.

Have a great weekend !

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated !!!

Lots of love,

PS : Sorry, if I didn’t posted comments lately. That’s because my internet plays up from time to time. But, don’t worry I’ll never forget you.

Hey Alyssa

I can’t wait to see your new show Congratulations again sweet lady.

This weekend should be amazing I bet our boys in blue pull out all the stops take the weekend. I’ll be crossing my fingers, toes, eyes everything🙂

Don’t worry about the ones who didn’t get the KLMF thing they’re just wound too tight.


Hi Alyssa,

Congratulations !!! I’m so glad your new show was picked up, I can’t wait to see it. You posted a very lovely picture.

Have a great weekend !

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated !!!

Lots of love,

PS : Sorry, if I didn’t post comments lately. That’s because my internet plays up from time to time. But, don’t worry I’ll never forget you.

Hi Alyssa,

Again, congrats on your show. Let’s hope that whoever wins the NL West finishes above .500. The Dodgers have a very good chance to win the division. ESPN announcers recently said during a game broadcast that the Dodgers lacked professionalism and winning attitude – we’ll see. Perhaps Jeff Kent is at the vanguard of that. If Kent is/was a “clubhouse cancer” – and you have hinted at disparaging remarks about him in the past – don’t be surprised if he passes the torch to Manny (AFTER Manny signs his new contract of course). Manny proudly held that title in Boston this year. The Dodgers have demonstrated a propensity to sign broken down icons like Kent and Nomie.

Although some took it literally, I think the majority of us realized the sarcastic nature of your last post. My reply (i.e., fusillade) that former major leaguer Andruw Jones should be a generous contributor to the K.M.I.L.A. fund was also slightly sardonic.

All the best,


Hi Alyssa,

I sure hope the Dogers can take this series. It would set them up for a good push to the end. After the D-Backs the only teams they play are the Padres, Giants and the ever so dominate Pirates hahaha. Since my favorite team has been out of contention since June (the Mariners) I’m glad to see my second favorite team is still alive. Go Dodgers. Oh, and about the Jeff Kent thing, I think it gives the younger players a chance to relax and bond as a team. Nothing personal against him, but I hope he hangs it up at the end of the season.


Alyssa, congratulations on your new show! It’ll do great! Jeff Kent needed to go. He has been a menace everyplace he goes (even the Mets).
As far as your folks taking your last post seriously, LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! I swear, some people take life WAY too seriously.
Till next time,
You loyal and equally baseball crazy fan,

hey alyssa
what up i was wonder have you filmed the first espisode yet
come to georgia thats my dream i would stay outside all day please or i will send it a lot please please please please please please please please please please please please E> JAPAN

Alyssa! Yay I’m so happy to hear from you. (Again!) lol. So anyways, I’ve already expressed to you my extreme thrill and all the other wonderful feelings I’m having about your new show. I am soo happy for you and cannot WAIT to see the premiere. Now, about your question: all I have to say is..I don’t believe in coincidences =). Good luck to your Dodger’s! I’ll be rooting for you, since my Royals are down in the pits again this year!!

Love your biggest fan,

P.s. In the defense of the people who didn’t catch the sarcasm thing, I guess it is pretty hard to tell over the computer! Lol, but still…they shouldn’t have been so mean! Don’t worry about it though, we all love you!!!!!!!!!

hello funny lady,
that’s what I think we’ll be regarding you as, after seeing your new comedy show.
Oh, Jeff “Idon’thaveapianoonmyback” Kent?
I thought he had gotten into a good groove, whether Manny helped that out or not. But to then make his caustic comment towards Vin Scully, well, current players should at least know not to denigrate one of the icons of their franchise.
So, it must be yes, the team is playing better without him in their way. Up until reading Jeff’s comment, I had given him the benefit of the doubt, now, I know better.
He’s got a cool motorcycle dealership to retire to…adios.
Alyssa, you’re just as much pretty lady too!

Hello Alyssa!
Congratulations for the success of the pilot. I’m so much happy for you and I can’t wait to see it! The cast already looks like a real family on the picture!
Oh, and I’m sure you will inspire the writers of the show with your humour, your messages are always so funny😀
I wish good luck to the team. Thank you for being who you are. Have a nice end of vacations!

I’m sure that Jeff Kent’s absence does make a difference in the team’s performance, but maybe not for the reasons you think. The Astros lost Carlos Lee on August 10, and have gone 16-8 since then. Are the Astros playing better because of Lee’s absence, or in spite of it? Carlos Lee is known to be a great team guy, and a huge bat for our line-up. But his absence has required our bench players to take on more responsibilities in the field and in the batter’s box. So it could just be a case of some under-utilized players being allowed to show their value to the team and to rise above expectations.



Hey Alyssa,
Great to hear from you, as always. Uber grats on the show getting picked up!! I’ll definately be watching!
The D-Backs situation is definately heartbrun inducing, but thankfully, I have my Pepcid AC and Tums handy🙂
It’s no coincidence that our boys in blue have been doing better without Kent lately (Of course, he used to play for the Giants so he’s jinxed in my opinion lol).
Your p.s. had me cracking up! Dreadlock maintenance! LOL
I don’t get why some people didn’t get your last post. People are too serious these days.
I’ve been p-oed lately because they’ve stopped showing baseball on tv as much to show freaking football! But anyways, I hope you have a G-reat baseball filled weekend!! Give my best to Gibson (lol). And grats again on the show.
Jessica B.

P.S. (Don’t read anymore if you didn’t see the game today don’t wanna ruin it lol)

OMG I got an e-mail just now! The Dodgers won against the D-Backs 7 to 2 to get to #1 in the NL west. Manny got 5 RBIs. SWEET

Hey Alyssa!!!
We’re number 1 in the N.L West!!!!
Congrats on the show!!!
I’ll be watching!!!!!!

hey alyssa,
i am SO HAPPY to hear that your new show has been picked up!!😀 i CANNOT wait to see it! it looks like itll be worth watchingg!!
onto baseball!! YAY! we are tied for first baby!! 7-0? there are only two words that can describe it…OH YEAH. :]
hopefully the dodgers can keep it upp!! becuase we totally need itt!! PLEASE keep blogging(which i noticed you are doing less and less) and keeping the rest of us..who are very busy and dont even have time to check the score…updated. :] (even though i know you are a very busy woman yourself :])
p.s. (this is to your little question about jeff kent) ;]
oh yeah. and the k.m.i.l.a.f was a great idea haha. ITS CALLED A SENSE OF HUMOR PEOPLE. :]
keep blogging!😀

Bonjour ma belle,

“It’s not first place until the year is over?, I think you are totally right but it?s a start Russell! But this is one more reason I love you Mr. Martin, you are so down to hearth and authentic, trop fort beau mec!
For me, the man of yesterday?s game was Chad Billingsley; a flawless game for him?Manny did well because he wanted too: ?When the going gets tough the Manny gets going?;

Congratulations again on the show, I?m sure it will be a hit, something different from all those medical, forensics (Even if I?m addicted to NCIS), criminal, crime, law and secants going on TV at the moment!

PS: Dodgers Club House cured, the Bellflower malignant cell has been removed?

Have a nice week end sweetie,

T?embrasse fort,


Glad to hear the show picked up, and I can’t wait to see it. If you need a good PA I’m your girl.

Now for our boys in blue, I have to say I won’t be tuning in this weekend, I swear when I do they lose. So for the betterment of the team, I’ll be waiting until Monday to even look at the scores. My fingers are crossed!


Hi Alyssa,
how are you?
I hope you`re fine.
Congrulations and Good Luck with the show..

Catia (Portugal)😀


Another week in baseball….and what a glorious week for the Blue….I love fall ball….I figure now that your Mom is working again you may have to fill in from time to time so she can get her rest…I know you’ll carry on the proud tradition of thoughtful comments and insights…Gooood Boy… Maybe you shouldn’t point fingers at Kent just yet I read he may be coming back for October, don’t want him any more PO’d then he already is…Did I say I loved fall ball ?…both my teams seem to be in a groove now and I’m happy as a clam and here’s hoping it only gets better…..Mort

I have to disagree with you, Alyssa on what I think your feeling are of Jeff Kent.
I think Jeff, a future HOFer, is the best hitting 2nd baseman, the Dodgers ever had in Los Angeles and no I don’t think his not playing has anything to do with the present winning streak.

Oh I also wanted to add that I’m watching “Wisegal” on Lifetime right now and it’s really good🙂

Jessica B.


i didn’t catch much baseball this weekend but the word on the street is the d-bags had a rough trip…good for them. 7-0 on fri nite, i think the last shut out we had at home was against the angels 1-0 june 28th. jeff who? kidding, the dude is a hall of famer all the way but it’s definitely time to close up shop before he embarrasses himself or tears up his knee any worse. i’m sure he was a much brighter personality in his youth when he played for reasons other than money. on to more important issues, my birthday. i turned the big 27 this sat and didnt get what i really wanted: 1. alyssa milano’s cell num 2. Dugout Club seats. maybe you can help me with at least one of the two?


i was totally wrong, the last shutout @ home was against philly 5-0 aug 25th…there goes that statistician job i was hoping for. peace

Hi Alyssa

I was thinking about your theory about “Kent” and you may be right..


To answer your question…no coincidence with Kent out of the line-up but Manny didn’t hurt either. Kent being gone is kinda like Shockey getting hurt in NY last season. There’s no way the Giants would’ve made it to the Super Bowl with him on the field. I think the same holds true for Kent. No Kent = better shot at the big prize.
Good luck with the show.

Congrats on your new show. Looking forward to it! You crack me up on the “dreadlock maintenance”. LOL!!
I really hope Manny decides to stay in LA, but even Torre said, “He’s welcome to stay, but he has to do what’s best for his family”. You think he’d have enough money to survive for the rest of his life as of now. Oh well. Watch, we’ll have a big earthquake and he’ll high-tail it back east real quick. I just love the excitement and energy he has brought to LA. The fans go wild when he’s up to bat. I don’t want to see that end. See you at the game! -Janet, La Canada, CA

Hey Alyssa! I’m SOOOO GLAD that you have a new show, even though I live in Greece, I’m gonna watch it via the net, like I did with My name is Earl when you were on the show! Congratulations you are THE BEST, love ya!!!! Niki

Went to last Sat Cub/Reds game in Cinnci. I have never before seen another team’s stadium completely taken over by the opposing team’s fans. It was about 6-1 Cubs fans vs Reds. Its was stunning to be honest even for my friends from Chicago. Leaving the game, it was a sea of Cubs fans all singing the Cub song in unison well sorta in unison anyway. I want to say if the Cubs never win it all, I’m still proud to be a part of such a great thing, win or lose. My renunion trip with my seven friends was very special. Reds stadium was super cool, sweat ya know! Try a Chili dog their great! We walked across a suspension bridge from Covington Kentucky which was very scenic. I love being a Cub fan seriously and if they lose, so what it still feels great to be a Cub fan. Only thing to possibly make the trip better would have been to meet Alyssa Milano! My free steak coupon did not work? Oh well? Sorry Alyssa you snooze you lose, maybe next year. I love being an Alyssa Milano fan also and I want Alyssa to know she will always have my love and support just like the Cubs. Although, she wins unlike the Cubs. But Alyssa if you ever get down about this whole true love marriage family thang, just think of your fans. We love you! Although its not romantic love leading to marriage and stable family like you probably want, its a form of love nonetheless. And you have that “TYPE” of love from me for the rest of your life as long as I walk this planet. Thats what being a fan is all about, unconditional love, and just remember you have that from all your fans here at this blog.

Congrats again on being picked up can’t wait to see the show!!!


Hey Alyssa. Congrats on the show! Its good to see the Dodgers are pulling away in the NL West. Now my other favorite team, the Chicago White Sox, need some magic of their own. We lost Konerko tonight for I don’t know how long and need some of that good L.A. mojo in order to fend off the pesky Twins. Send some good vibes our way!

Take care Alyssa.


Hi Alyssa,
I’m glad things are going well, good luck with the next stage.
I’m still struggling to understand all the rules but I just love the way you talk about it, it make me want to see a game, i’ve started to save up for the flights, hotel and the most important ticket!
Keep it up.
Kind Regards,
p.s. on a different note you’ll please to hear that I have become a Unicef Champion within my job for British Airways, collecting unwanted holiday change for the charity.

Hi Alyssa,
Just came in off the “LEDGE” for a minute. Just kidding Alyssa. I’m not too concerned yet (give me a couple of weeks and then maybe a little) Still up 7-8 games for the wildcard, if the Brewers catch us. Nice that they’ve been stumbling along with us…Maybe the wildcard would work out better, because (maybe I changed my mind) I don’t think I want Manny and the Dodgers.
What happened besides the Dodgers getting HOT…I don’t think I want your Dodgers anymore, but I want your team in the playoffs too. Isn’t it NICE, when your team goes on a “winning streak” this time of the year, when others don’t get the pitching, don’t get the “timely hitting”, decide to quit playing defense…Just a lack of fundamentals. OH, maybe I’m talking about my Cubs and they would be in St Louis right now… But I am happy for your Dodgers, just keep it up…
Going back out on the LEDGE now Alyssa (JUST KIDDING),

Hi Alyssa,I’m glad to see that your Dodgers are having true success.You and your Dodgers are where you all belong ,on top.SINGLE WITH PARENTS will be a great show.Your acting skill is the best.The way you give actual life to your character is outstanding.I’m lucky to be your dedicated fan.You have my sincerest devotion.Thank you.

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the link to! Much appreciated. Would love to have a permanent link here on your blog.

Thanks for considering, and good luck with the new show!


Alyssa –
The hottest team(s) in MLB: Dodgers, Astros, and Bluejays
The coldest team: No, not the D-backs (close second – what happened to them???) it’s the Orioles.
One of the hottest hitters since Aug 1: MANNY (can you imagine where the Dodgers would be without him) 14 HR’s
3.5 game lead for your Dodgers🙂🙂🙂
Later Alyssa…..
P.S. My Cubs score 4 in the first 2 innings, then don’t score anymore and half to hang on with K Wood giving up a 2run HR in the 9th (Ludwick) 4-3 victory. I mentioned a lack of fundamentals: Here’s one tonight – runners on 2nd and 3rd Lilly on 3rd – Soriano on 2nd (1 out ) (infield in) Lee bounces one to 3rd baseman who throws home as Lilly runs over the catcher (Molina) who is blocking home. Lilly out as Molina hangs onto the ball as he’s laying on his back. So where do you think Soriano ends up at? Most would probably say 3rd. No, he’s still standing on 2nd as Bob Brenly says it’s not surprising, as Soriano has a habit of standing around watching the action. Sort of like when he “poses” when he thinks it’s a HR and then ends up with a single or a double, when it isn’t) But there seems to be alot of that anymore. Later Alyssa….. Thanks for listening or reading…

In fairness to Soriano, he did go 2 for 4 with a run and an RBI. Also an outfield assist, as he threw out former Dodger and Cub Cesar Isturis tring to score from 2nd on a hit to left by Pujols. Later…. 48 degrees the other night – was cold out on the LEDGE Bye Alyssa, thanks for “putting up with me”

todays the day we remember as the day the soldiers died
9-11 please pray for them alyssa

Hey Alyssa,
If you had “heartburn” before the D-back series, what are you feeling now? The Dodger magic # is 14 with 16 games to go. My Cub magic # is 11 with 16 to go, but always have the wildcard to fall back on.
Hypothetical, if the Cub/Astro game was moved to Dodger Stadium, would you go watch? They talk about moving it elsewhere, depending on what IKE does to the Houston area. (lets hope nothing big happens). They talk about St Louis and KC. (well golly, I think thats where the rain eventually goes too – Had 3inches up here in Illinois in one day from Gustav and it looks like IKE is moving this way too)
But if it did get moved to LA (but have heard no rumors), would you go do a little “advance scouting”. Because I just have that feeling that the 2 teams are going to be playing each other. And those Astros are starting to close in on the wildcard… Later Alyssa….Curt

Hi Alyssa! Congrats on the show. 🙂 It’s September 12th, and we’re 3 1/2 games IN FRONT. What a difference a week makes! Let’s root our team on; go DODGERS!

(and I think Dwitt’s doing a GREAT job at second; it’s great to see the young’uns stepping up!)

Hey Alyssa,
4.5 game lead with 14 games to go. Dodger magic # is 11 (I think). 12 wins in their last 13 games…(HOT-HOT_HOT)
Those Cub/Astro games are to be played in Milwaukee, though I heard the Astro’s didn’t want to play them there. More important things happening in the Houston area, then some baseball games…Dodger’s go to Pittsburg this coming week. Saw Andy LaRoche make some nifty defensive plays at 3rd the last couple of nights. Had to watch some baseball with the Cubs being idle the last 2 days…
Take care Alyssa,
P.S. You know it was about a year ago when I just happened to catch you on a rerun of THE BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW…Well I’m still here and I gained my favorite actress and that will never change…Thanks Alyssa….

I had no idea you were such an avid Baseball Fan! I’ve been a fan of baseball (and you) since the “Who’s the Boss?” days.

Wow, never thought I would get the opportunity to tell Alyssa Milano that I had a crush on her as a kid…I love the internet…haha

I wanted to take a second and post the link to a story I wrote at my blog, Treasure Never Buried, a couple of months back about taking my son to his first MiLB game at the Mississippi Braves Stadium.

It’s a tearjerker near the end but I thought you and your readers might enjoy it.

You have a great looking blog here and I look forward to reading more in the future!! Good luck with the new show! My wife and I will be watching…

Here’s the link for anyone interested…

I had no idea you were such an avid Baseball Fan! I’ve been a fan of baseball (and you) since the “Who’s the Boss?” days.

Wow, never thought I would get the opportunity to tell Alyssa Milano that I had a crush on her as a kid…I love the internet…haha

I wanted to take a second and post the link to a story I wrote at my blog, Treasure Never Buried, a couple of months back about taking my son to his first MiLB game at the Mississippi Braves Stadium.

It’s a tearjerker near the end but I thought you and your readers might enjoy it.

You have a great looking blog here and I look forward to reading more in the future!! Good luck with the new show! My wife and I will be watching…

Here’s the link for anyone interested…

SCARED NOW! I mention Manny and the Dodgers (Just like that “Manny” and the Dodgers) and all I get are blank stares from Cubs fans? I say aren’t you worried about Dodgers and I get no response? Its because Cubs fans have no clue how to think about playoffs before their team is in? We dont go their prematurely? But I will… First off Philly scares me more than anybody in NL. Then I’m scared of Manny and friends. I’m scared of most AL teams in general but LA Angels scare me, Boston scares me the most, Sox and the foul mouth coach scare me as do the upstart Devil Rays. I saw my shadow today and I’m scared. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I’m frightened. Look at my funny and I RUN! Dodgers people have me very fearful and jealous. I will re-look Manny the conquerers stats to see what a full season would have could have been? Will report that later. Brad Penny scares me despite what Torre says about starting him? Alyssa scares me too, I want her home taking care of animals or at work. Please dont go to a game AJM? TV is much more important to me than ball? Do you believe that AJM?

After 41 games as a Dodger SuperManny’s stats would be as follows assuming 600 AB’s: 114 Runs, 231 Hits, 41 2B, 0 3B, 57 HRs, 166 RBI’s using his 385 batting average. WOW. Only thing I notice is no triples? Has to have something to do with the ballpark? Anyway, Dodgers are different team with Manny. PMS Jeff Kent makes no difference when you add Babe Ruth ie SuperManny to the lineup. Kent can sell shoes at the local mall and it makes no difference. SuperManny is the hero, him and all that hair.

hey alyssa richard palmer here every time i look at your
beautiful face you make me smile all the time when i’m on the internet why are you so BEAUTIFUL ? I think because
you have a beautiful mother she is my very best friend
my international best friend my aunty lin ! the brooklyn
beauty and by the way your mother name in chinese
means the PRETTY ONE okay thank you have a nice day.

Just sticking up for Jeff – you know he’s a good player, always giving his all and an RBI machine. Could be the absence of Andruw, or the addition of Manny, or being on an andreline high rolling into the post season….. why try to blame Jeff?

Sticking up for my pal Jeff here – you KNOW he’s a good player, plays hard all the time, and is an RBI machine! The Dodgers have great timing – going on a tear right when they need to. Why blame anyone? That’s negative thinking. We should give the whole team praise for coming together and playing strong right now.

it would be a greatest thing to meet Alyssa Milano in real life
I love your clothing lines its great..!!


Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Do you think so?
Air Jordan

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