My amazing Dodgers and a St. Louis appearance

Four games against the Pirates, six against the Giants, and three against the Padres. That’s all that stands in the way of a trip back to the postseason, and everyone knows that all you have to do is be one of the eight these days and anything can happen. Obviously I am happy with a 4 1/2-game lead entering the Pirates series. Let’s take it one game at a time and GO BLUE! In the meantime, thanks for your continued comments and I wanted to pass along this press release for my upcoming appearance in St. Louis for TOUCH. I look forward to meeting more fans.


Sportservice, the Food and Retail Provider at Busch Stadium, Welcomes Actress and Fashion Designer Alyssa Milano for an Autograph Signing for her TOUCH Fashion Collection

ST. LOUIS (Sept. 12, 2008) – Cardinals fans purchasing their favorite team’s apparel will receive more for their money on Friday, Sept. 26. Thanks to the St. Louis Cardinals and Delaware North Companies Sportservice, the food service and retail provider at Busch Stadium, actress Alyssa Milano will be greeting Cardinals fans from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. for a promotional autograph signing of her TOUCH clothing line at the Official Cardinals Team Store.

cardinalsturtleneck.jpg“I created TOUCH for women who love sports as much as I do and want to be comfy, but still stylish, while cheering on their favorite team,” said Alyssa Milano. “Cardinals fans are known for their passion for their team, and I was inspired to create the TOUCH collection for exactly that kind of fan!”

Milano, a celebrated actress best known for her role on the hit television shows “Charmed” and “Who’s the Boss,” created the women’s fashion line TOUCH by Alyssa Milano to give female fans a chic option for sporting their team’s logo. Major League Baseball and G-III Sports partnered with Milano to bring the TOUCH collection to baseball stadiums across the country, including Busch Stadium and select retailers.

“The St. Louis Cardinals and Sportservice have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to providing St. Louis fans with the most innovative, fashion-forward apparel available. We’re proud to have been one of the front-runners in offering fans Alyssa’s wildly popular fashions,” said Loren Pawlitz, Sportservice retail manager at Busch Stadium. “Women appreciate the versatility of the TOUCH line because it’s both stylish and comfortable, and the pieces are hip enough to transition to post-game celebrations.”

Sportservice oversees all retail operations within Busch Stadium and was instrumental in bringing Milano to St. Louis for this event. Retail managers made the decision to carry Milano’s line in 2007, in response to fans’ needs. Milano’s TOUCH line is one of hundreds of retail options making the Official Cardinals Team Store one of the most diverse and authentic selections of Cardinals merchandise available.

“We’re thrilled to host Alyssa and are excited to see the fans’ reactions,” added Pawlitz. “Cardinals fans are some of the most passionate fans in the country, and we have no doubt they’ll convey this enthusiasm when they welcome Alyssa to St. Louis for this special event.”


Hi Alyssa

I’ll be rooting the dodgers all the way no worries🙂 Great news about the St Louis Visit The Cardinal fans will love you I know it🙂 Say Hi to CJ for me


Omgsh! St. Louis, that’s only like 4 hours from where I live!!!!! And considering it is my dream come true to meet you, 4 hours is NOTHING! Ah, I’m going to try really hard to get my mom to drive me up their! Even though I’m not a Cardinals fan, I don’t care. I’ll pretend to be one, if I have to=] Yay, I’m really excited. I really hope I can meet you! ….wow, sorry I sound like a crazy psycho fan right now, lol. I’m just really excited, this is as close as I’ve come to actually meeting you, or even seeing you in person. I’ll be really upset if I can’t come, but I’ll get over it! I’ll just keep hoping one day you come down to KC!! Anyways, I’m rooting for your Dodger’s now because obviously my Royals don’t have a chance. So woohoo, let’s go Dodger’s!
Love your biggest fan
P.s. even if I can’t get down to St. Louis on the 26th, at least I still get to see you on Jimmey Kimmel Wednesday night!=]=]=]

P.p.s. (even though I know you will be) don’t worry, people are going to come! You’re Alyssa Milano!!! In fact, you will probably have so many people that the line will go all the way out the door and rap around the building multiple times! And hopefully I’ll be one of those people!!!!!!!=]

Ooooh yeah there will definitely be a line out the door in St. Louis. I’m sooooooooo excited.

I think while you’re in St. Louie though your slogan should be “Go RED” just for one day. You know peope in St. Louis know more about baseball then who’s running for president.

Maybe you slogan for the 26th should be “Go Cardinal Red for Obama.” LOL

With Penny coming off the list possibly into the bullpen in days to come, perhaps anything can happen. Hey, the Cubs had a no hitter yesterday. ANYTHING can happen!
Maybe Manny can become LA’s own Mr. October…

Jim in Texas

so i just finished drinking beers & eating wings…just so u know, malloy’s in hermosa has 10cent wings for monday night football (which is a total score.) i’m so pumped for these upcoming games. ill be there vs the padres on the 23rd, so that’s exciting. any chance ur meeting fans that day? we’re 4 1/2 ahead of the d-bags, so that’s a nice lead we should hold onto. it’s finally fun to watch the dodgers play healthy without their cancer. now we are looking like we’re playing to have fun, which translates: playing to win…the only reason to play. like you said, if we take it one game at a time, it’ll be all good. go blue!

Hi Lyssie🙂

Go BLUE!!!….and hopefully they’ll win well….and I like your strategy there. Design a really sexy top for the ladies, all the Cardinals girls will buy one (since they’re so good) and when they cheer their team, the Cardinals players will get distracted and keep striking out!!!. That way, they’ll lose badly and the boys will win🙂. Brilliant idea!!!!!🙂

Say hi to CJ for me, too (hopefully she’ll get to see you).



Hi lyss!

That’s awesome! I’m really glad touch is doing so well! You truly deserve all the success you’re having right now🙂

And Go blue, they’re on a roll! Let’s hope they keep it up!
HAve a great week!

Love ,


I tried posting this on the official blog, but for some reason I couldn’t.

I wish you lots of success on this new project!
(back to the photos topic on the other blog post) I think is interesting the fact that those people in the black and white photos on your site seem to be attached somehow to the notion of identity/religion. (hence the crucifixes in the photos). I think religion is what helps people go by everyday, what helps them to survive, this is what gives meaning to their lives. Now, I’m an agnostic, I don’t know whether God exists or not, I’m only 24 and I’m looking for ways to connect to “the higher power”. I don’t have answers to everything. Sometimes I’m sure it exists, other times I’m not so sure… but I admire your spiritual life. all I know is that I have intuition, and this usually guides me in the right direction.
Anyway, I think it’s up to us to do something about our reality. It’s people like you with humanitarian work we need. For example, here in Brazil I don’t think is fair that others don’t enjoy the same privileges as I do, but it seems I’m the only one who wants to change things or do something about it! and 1 person unfortunately cannot do much, not in this country anyway. We don’t have many strong voices as in N. America. I lived in California (Santa Barbara), studying for a couple of years and I know that Americans know how to change things, if they want to. I also learned that the country’s image overseas needs to be refreshed again. Let’s hope Obama can help raise that awareness. Sorry for my long post. And sorry for posting this on your baseball blog!

I’ve been wondering when you were going to blog about your first place Dodgers. They should have no trouble with my Pirates. I wish them nothing but good luck throughout the playoff season.

Have fun in St. Louis and say hi to CJ.

Ok this is my chance to meet you in St Louis. First glad your going to CJ Hearts hometown. I dont know of a bigger fan for you Alyssa and CJ deserves the chance to meet you even though she’s a Cards fan. I can overlook that for CJ same way I ignore your Dodger problem. Anyway, I owe my girlfriend a trip since I was out with the boys last weekend. I want to bring Elise her 11 yr old daughter with us also so I will check for tickets. I want to stay downtown so we can walk to the game. Please lie in some way for me to my girlfriend by saying something nice about me to her, I will slip you money under the table afterwards. Now darn it I hope I dont have like 15,000 people waiting in line to meet you? Anyway, I dont have anything earth shattering to say to you that I have not already wrote in millions of blog and board messages. All I would say in person is read my letter in your book of love. Thats all I want to say in one page. What I’m saying is I would love to talk to you but realize I cant at the signing so all I could say is see my letter in book of love and that sums up everything I would want to say to you. The beauty of being an Alyssa Milano fan is I’ve already had so many chances to communicate with her, all I have to do when I meet her is say hi I’m Kent. Ya know Kent… Checking tickets now, this gets me out of the doghouse with my lady for running off to Kentucky without her.

I’m soo excited about meeting Alyssa in St. Louis, just waiting for signed permission slip from my girlfriend. Six Flaggs is my backup plan, if I cant get tickets to the game. I will ask her daughter first and get her pumped up, then we will pressure her Mom. I hope to get approved today!

Hi Alyssa. How are you?
I have a suggestion for you.. it’s silly, ’cause you should have thought about this… but anyway.

Perhaps you will create “TOUCH” clothing line in europe for soccer fans..😀
Do you will think about it?🙂
I hope so.😛

Catia (Portugal)

Hey Alyssa,

I noticed more people are starting to wear the Dodgers jerseys down here in the OC. Everybody always loves a winner. No one would wear anything but an Angels jersey until the Dodgers started to look like winners. Maybe this year will be the first freeway world series. Anyway good luck with your signing in St. Louis.


ITS OFFICIAL!! I”M COMING DOWN FOR 26 Sept Cards game with my girlfriend her daughter and one of her daughters friends. Were going to Six Flags the next day! Gosh I’m nervious now about meeting Alyssa, I’m scared or something. I look like dogmeat, hopefully I’ll smell ok. Anyway Alyssa finally gets something out of me, three touch jerseys for my girls. I’ll be in a Cubs Jersey, so Alyssa you may want to sign my jersey to keep me from getting beat up in St. Louis. I’ll say dont hit me! Take the Jersey Alyssa Milano signed it, spare me though.

Hey Lyssa =)
It`s very cool that you go to st.louis
to promot your baseball line “TOUCH”
Omg! I love your collection!
I try to buy it then all peolple knows:
Alyssa Milano is not just a great actress!
She`s a good designer too!
I`m so sad that I can`t go to St.Louis.
It`s not just 4 hours….
It`s at the other side from the world!
For me of course…
I live in germany
AND it is SO BAD that I can not go
to St. Louis to see U!
It makes me cry! =(

I love the dodgers! there soo good!
But all baseball teams have there cool things.
But the dodgers are my fav!
I`m sooooo sorry for my english!
its not good, I know and I learn and learn and learn
to can speak here without one mistake!

that was it =)
Good luck, greetings to you and your family
love ya

PS: Please come to germany!
I think you wasn`t here just one time!
And I understand that because you have
so many things to do. But I hope it really!
Love yaaa sooo muuuuchhh

bay bay =)

I’m soo pumped up about meeting Alyssa Milano! Just deciding which hotel to stay in and whether its the zoo or Six Flags the next day. Thanks soo soo much Alyssa for coming to CJ’s turf, and my neck of the woods. I did not tell my girlfriend yet that my celebrity crush just happens to be at the game. When I get to the stadium I’m going for an acadamy award by saying OH MY GOD ALYSSA MILANO IS HERE TODAY? What a coincidence? WOW! Ok honey lets get in line woe who wudda thunk it? Actually I’m kidding I will tell her on the way down after she’s in the car traveling 75MPH and there is no way to turn back. Its either jump out going 75MPH or let me meet my hero in Hollywood, its her choice.

Ok this is my last comment before meeting Alyssa at Cards Reds game. I’ve waited many years to meet and greet AJM and finally I have my chance, thanks Alyssa. We are taking my girlfriends daughter and her friend out of school early and driving down to St. Louis Friday. Have a great weekend planned and meeting Alyssa is just part of the fun. I also want to meet CJ Heart if possible? So CJ stick around the team store if possible so I can meet you along with Alyssa? Anyway, bottom line is I try to be a good fan towards Alyssa and if I offend anyone with my humor or off balanced posts I appologize, I mean well and try to be respectful. For Alyssa when I look into your eyes and say I love being your fan, you should know I’m not joking around. See ya at the game and CJ stick around so my girls can meet you too! My next comment will be after my trip. Thanks, I soo very excited.

“To me right now, I want the ability to mess around with the two-hole”. J. TORRE

Bonsoir ma belle,

My fingers are crossed and I’m been wearing my Dodgers bracelet (day and night) that I bought when I was in LA last May, like my TOUCH Red Sox T-shirt, it is my lucky charmed.
I really hope they are going to make it; I just love the month OCTOBER! Being half German October Fest is unquestionably my favorite time of the year, but I drink Belgian beer of course!

Let?s Go Dodgers!!!

PS : Cardinals fans are so lucky, hope you will come back to Boston any time soon ! November ?
PSS : When are you coming to Europe ?

T’embrasse fort,


Hey Alyssa,
It’s me, Katlyn, again. Just wanted to let you know that I’m crushed I wont be able to come down and meet you on the 26th=[. You see, my parents are going to Germany tomorrow and wont be back for 3 weeks! My grandparents are taking care of my siblings and me…anyways that’s not my point. My point is I’m only 16, St. Louis is a 4 & 1/2 hour drive, and I have school Friday. So since my mom wont be in the COUNTRY to take me out of school and drive me down, I can’t come=[. I’m so upset, I can’t explain. Of course, I know you will have tons of other fans their keeping you busy..I just wish I was gonna be one of them…..Well & CJ & everyone else have a GREAT time, and please tell us all about it afterward=] I’ll be looking forward to you’re guys’ comments!
Love you Alyssa! Hopefully I’ll meet you one day!

Well, at least your Dodgers are having a great year. My Mets are a deja vu relaspe like last year. The Rays are the only saving grace to my season. LOL
It’s cool how you always meet with the fans. And Touch is a great success! Come to St Pete soon please!
Till next time,
Your loyal (and bummed out) fellow baseball junkie,

Hey Alyssa,
A rather dismal night with both our teams losing, plus losing a game on our leads… and then you came on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so the night wasn’t a total loss. Saw your “dodger jeans”… and I know you don’t care about doing the “talk circuit”, but you did the usual “fantastic job”.
Hang in there Alyssa….talk to you later,

Can’t wait to see the pilot! Congrats on your St. Louis appearance! I hope you cann come to Detroit some time. i am dying to find some decent clothes to represent my team.( Although I prefer the Dodgers.)
Can’t wait!

Dont worry Alyssa theres no way the dodgers can blow this lead. The dbacks completely fell apart and i dont think they can recover. Im hoping for a split against my pirates with 15 runs last night i dont think the buccos will score at all today, so the dodgers should win. The dodgers should be able to beat the giants and padres and make it to the postseason.


PS. I hate Instant Reply what do you think about it?

Just want to clear something up, my co-workers think I’m a dead hombre for taking my girlfriend down to St. Louis for the Alyssa meet and greet. They think my girlfriend will be mad at me for going all the way down there for Alyssa’s autograph. I just talked to her about it (Eileen), hum after the non-refundable hotel reservation anyway. She is fine with it, she know’s I’m like a big kid when it come to Alyssa and she didn’t bat an eye over it. She laughs at me about it and actually I think its funny too. My face should turn beat red when I see Alyssa. I’m kinda scared too. The people at work also laugh at me when I say Alyssa kinda knows me. Their like she does not fool! They say how? I say they owe me $20 if I get a picture with her, they say no She’s doing that for everyone? I say what if she signs TO Kent my old buddy? NO…. OK, fine Anyway, I explained to my girlfriend that were also going there to meet CJ so that its not like I’m catting around or something. Meeting this girl and that girl. My co-workers are off man, they say their just concerned I’m going to come home like that Bobbitt guy ya know chop chop. BS

Hey Alyssa (me again),
Is this a coincidence? Both our teams take 12 inning victories…Dodger bullpen comes thru after blowing a save and Loney’s game winner. Martin holding onto the ball…
My Cubbies score 4 in the last of the 9th to tie (Soto’s 3 run HR to tie it with 2 out). These games are just “nail biting”…especially after K Wood gets out of “his” runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out in the top of the 12th. OH GOSH ALYSSA… and we have a 9 game lead again. It’s just a matter of time for us- GO BLUE too…Alyssa, do you watch these east coast “get away” games at 9:00am or whatever on the west coast? You’re too busy, I think…
Later Alyssa, I promise. EARL is coming on, I believe it was your last appearance on it (season finale). Billie was my favorite character last season, but can’t wait until SINGLE comes on…

Hey Alyssa,
Hope the dodgers make it to postseason this year. Fingers crossed!
Good luck in St. Louis, wish I could go, but it’s a long way from Oklahoma City 😦
I saw you on Jimmy Kimmel yesterday and you were great! When you said “show me your butt” I busted out laughing! Have a great weekend!
Jessica B.

P.S. good luck finding bear urine lol

Hey Alyssa!!
Katlyn again=] So even though I’m still crushed I wont be able to see you in St. Louis…=[=[=[=[=[=[=[=[…I’m also in a great mood because I DID get to see you on Jimmy Kimmel last night! Wooh what a show=] I stayed up until 12:30 to watch that! And yes, I did have school today, and I did get up and go! lol…just thought I’d let you know=] You were so great! And of course you looked fabulous. (As always). Like Jessica B. I was cracking up when you were like, “show me YOUR butt!” haha. You are so funny. And I liked hearing about your ranch. I’m a big country girl=] Which is slightly ironic considering I live in a (somewhat) large city. But I was actually born in Memphis, Tennessee and I do a ton of horseback riding. I know you enjoy that too. Maybe we can go together someday? Ha..I know, in my dreams…but still, it’s a thought!

Hi Alyssa,I’m happy to see your Dodgers leading their division.I’m happy to see TOUCH is having good success.You are blessed with success.You are very smart and full of brilliant ideas.You’re a good example of the right woman.You are a model of the finest beauty.Your thinking power is superior.Thank you.


One game at a time! We can totally do it, we really needed that winning streak that was a few weeks ago, thank god we have a cushion now.

I, too, would love to know what you think of the instant replay situation.

Have fun in St. Louis!

Four words Alyssa:
Ok, I lied. Has anyone ever figured this GAME out. From a no-hitter to not getting out of the 2nd inning. Well maybe the rest will do him good. Alyssa in St Lou….? Later Alyssa…

Hi Alyssa: I love your TOUCH line at Dodger Stadium!! But, I have been unable to buy anything as the sizes are not big enough. Have you considered making sizes in 3x or 4x?? It would be great and I would love to show off TOUCH for you!! Dodger fan for life.

In fairness to C Zambrano, his grandmother died and he had been to Venezuela wednesday and didn’t return until thursday night…

Hey Alyssa,
Can I have a “rain check” on your St Louis appearance? The desire to go meet you is here, but as they say, the “previous commitment” will keep me from. And I’m just 150 miles up the interstate too. Darn…I know there will be a crowd to see you, so you can forget about nobody showing up to see you. Even though the Cardinals have “cashed in their chips” for the season, there will be alot go. Hey, it’s Red Schoendienst Bobblehead Night. You say: who’s him? He was a player a long time ago and then he was the Cardinal manager (late 60’s and 70’s). Red is his nickname (red hair) and he weilds a pretty “mean” fungo bat. I’m not going to tell you what a fungo bat is, because I think you’ve heard the term. He has to be in his 80’s now, but I think he’s still listed as a coach (part-time). I know a Cub fan who knows this stuff, go figure. It’s just kind of “forced upon” you around this area. Cub/Cardinal country… I do have to give the Cardinal’s credit for going out and bringing in you. You know: One of the nicest…you can be at a “hollywood premiere” one night and I know you were at the Dodger game the next night. At least I assume you were…you just fit in anywhere.
Go Rockies…Go Reds…It worked last night. I’m not going to say anymore, don’t want to “jinx it up”. But one of those teams is winning right now (Reds). I’m not saying anymore.
Alyssa, when I first came to your blog, I always wondered if you actually read these…you know in the “back of your mind”, let’s say I was the 59th comment out of 100 in a couple of weeks worth of comments. I know you’ve said you read them all (you’re always in the house). I believe you too…But before you said that, I just had this feeling that you really were reading mine. Don’t ask me why, but there was just something about your blog entries that made me think that. I don’t know…If any of this makes sense….I appreciate it, if not, just ignore this last part.🙂
Here’s wishing you a “great week” Alyssa. Thanks for reading and putting up with me…because you know: I will return…
P.S.- Alyssa, we want pictures of your St Louis visit…Thanks, Alyssa
Got to finish watching the game on FOX right now🙂 I’m not saying anything else….

Alyssa, we’re IN…These 1-run games, OH GOSH…GOOD LUCK tonight….Isn’t much nicer to be in the “pennant race”, then way out of it by august. Later…
P.S.- One of my favorite lines of yours from EARL: WRONG ANSWER🙂🙂 :)…

Hang in there Alyssa. Keep smiling…Will be cheering on the Cardinals next week and this from a Cub fan. Go figure…You’re still in first…This games not over yet. 6-5 Dodgers in the 7th. Hang on……as I’m going to bed.
Thanks Alyssa,

Hey Alyssa!!!!
GREAT NEWS! Ok…so I still can’t come see you this Friday in St. Louis=[ BUT my mom saw how disappointed and upset I was about it so she PROMISED that we will plan a trip to see you in the future=] And well, you don’t know my mom, so you don’t know this…but when she promises something, she ALWAYS goes through with it=] So I WILL GET TO MEET YOU ONE DAY AFTER ALL! And I can’t wait for that day. Ah, yay=] Well anyways, I hope you have a great time in St. Louis, and like Curt said, please post pictures!=] Oh and sorry this comment is totally off topic (baseball). Your Dodger’s are doing good though! Hopefully they can keep this up; I’m cheerin’ for them!!!!
Love, Katlyn.
P.s. I agree with Curt, one of your funniest parts in Earl is when you smack him over the head with a phone and go…WRONG ANSWER. Hahahahaha, loved it=] You rock Alyssa!!!!!!!!


Another week of baseball……was it only three weeks ago the Blues chances of a playoff spot were around 25% and now they come in at 97%…what a glorious game this baseball is….tell your brother, gently, that it ain’t gonna happen for the 1% Yankees…what a heart breaker today, what the heck happened to Saito, these one run games are a killer…is it just me or does the picture of the Cardinals Top look like something Beverly Crusher would wear…My guys look to be heading to LA to take on the Angels ( best guess ) this October and I’m not quite as confident as I was last year as to the outcome…not sure how that makes me feel, course us Red Sox fans have always been a paranoid bunch, thanks to the Yankees, so I think I’m looking forward with anticipation…How far can the Blue go ???…It’s going to be a blast finding out and I’ll be there with bells on…..Mort

Hi Alyssa,
Glad you liked the drawings, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’m psyched for this series against San Diego, hopefully the Dodgers will break that September stigma they’ve had in years past when having to go through San Diego to get to October. And I’m not too happy about closing out the series in San Francisco, but as you know, could it really be any other way? GO DODGERS

P.S. Liked you on Earl last week, that was definitely a standout role!

how awesome are the dodgers right now? even though we had a tough fight against the giants, we definitely showed up to play tonight. manny hit just about everything that was thrown at him, which is what he does well…and chad billingsley was all over the place. i had a hawk-eye view of the whole game, and totally i’m glad i did because it was awesome to watch. DeWitt got on the board a couple of times (which was cool to see.) amazingly, kent is off the DL. however, he didnt produce much today since he wasn’t on the field at all. angel berroa stepped in and handled business exceedingly well. all in all i had a great time at the game tonight, except i wasnt in the dugout club (which is lame.) hopefully, we dont take this team lightly tomorrow. so long as that happens, the padres will get worked all over again. go blue! peace.


Hello there, so what am I talking about? We’ll being the Raider fan that I am I saw that you are scheduled to make an apperance at the CityWalk Raider Image, which I was immediately planning on attending but it’s on October 4th!!! Do you know what October 4th is? As a Dodger Season Ticket holder you should. October 4th will most likely be the 1st Dodger Home Game for the NLDS.
I would like nothing more than to be able to meet you at the Raider Image but I do have priorities and my tickets to Game 1 at Dodger Stadium have a higher priority.

Peace, Love and…THE DODGERS IN THE NLDS!!!!


CJ and Alyssa, coming down to Cards vs Reds with Eileen my girlfriend and her daughter, Elise 11 yrs old. I’ve waited many years to meet both of you as well as Lin, Tom, and Cory. Hope they will be there too! I will be wearing a blue Nike shirt and Newfangled Bears baseball cap. Hollor hey Gator cuz nobody calls me Kent, I’m known as Gator. That should completely freak out Eileen and Elise. Alyssa could have thousands of Kent fans but only one Gator. I look forward to meeting my old on-line friends in person! Elise is very excited to meet Alyssa, she wonders where Holly is?

Hey Alyssa,
I’m trying to root for the Cardinals, but it’s not easy. T LaRussa isn’t doing the Dodgers any favors either. No Pujols or Ludwick in tonights lineup. I can only work with the material I’m given, but I’ve got an early 2 run Cardinal lead. I’m pretty good, ain’t I.🙂
Just when I started thinking who I want my Cubs to play first (Dodgers, Mets, Phillies), Zamrano decides to start walking everyone. Then gives up the grandslam. 5 Met runs on 2 hits, but my Cubs just came back with 4 to tie it at 5 apiece. I don’t like our chances, if Big Z isn’t pitching effectively…
Maybe I should switch back to the Cardinal game as the D-backs just tied it up. Sorry Alyssa. Later….

Hey Alyssa=]
Just wanted to pop in and say I LOVED the way you told the paparazzi off about the whole “worst dressed/white dress” thing. Haha, that made my day!! You show ’em girl!!! Plus, I saw that picture, and it looked nothing like you! What were they thinking?! I mean, the girl was pretty…but I’ve never seen anyone who compares to your beauty. And I swear I’m not just saying that..I mean it=] Ok, but I admit I may be a tad bias….just a tad though;]
Love you, and I hope you are doing well. I know your Dodger’s are kickin’ major butt right now, so that should make you happy!!!
Katlyn -still heartbroken about this Friday-

Good thing I switched back and cheered on the Cardinals to a 4-2 victory. Thats 2 out 3 so far this week, but I must admit that I didn’t cheer very hard monday. Forgot about it monday and when I checked the game I saw Pujols on deck with 2 outs and a runner on. F Lopez (who doesn’t walk) had a 3-2 count. I kept saying walk him and Lopez proceeds to hit a groudball on the next pitch…and there’s Pujols just standing there… WHAT??? UGH…
My Cubbies pulled out a 10 inning 9-6 win…I still don’t know who I want first. Could go any 3 ways…

Four games up with four to go…One Dodger win or one D-back loss. We don’t want a 163rd game either…
Safe travels Alyssa and take care of yourself,
P.S.- If you happen to run into Al Hrabosky: tell him he’s alot more tolerable when he lays off the Cubs. Haven’t heard much out of him the last 2 years..Two others, with Dodger connections in Cardinal broadcasts: Rick Horton (former Dodger in the 80’s) and there was a player back in the 80’s (I believe 1985) that I still can not see why T Lasorda pitched to him (what was he thinking, the only guy in the Cardinal lineup that could hurt you – in fact I think he did it twice – you might even remember Alyssa ) anyhow, if you see a LARGE figure that looks like JACK (the ripper) CLARK. Well it is none other than him….
P.S. Pictures Alyssa. Thank you. I’m leaning to wanting the Mets to win the wildcard, but now the Brewers (with CC pitching every 3 days) are tied with them and I think the Phils are only 1 game up on the Mets… Later…..🙂

Good luck to the Dodgers in the playoffs…too bad they’re going to get run down by the buzzsaw that is the Cubbies!


Looks like the Dodgers are going to win the division today, courtesy of Arizona getting blown out by the Cardinals. Congrats! What do you think Torre’s pitching rotation will look like for the Division Series?

Hey Alyssa,
CONGRATS (I know it’s not over yet) to YOU and your DODGERS….I cheered the Cards on to 12 runs and 17 hits and we’re only in the 8th. That’s not EASY for a Cub fan to do either… Just remember “rain check”
Later Alyssa,
P.S. Have FUN…on your weekend trip, as your Dodgers are in the postseason…Pictures Alyssa, if possible (at least they will be YOU)… THANKS…


Let me be the first to congratulate the Dodgers on making it to the post season. All of Alyssa’s fans that read my post know that I am an Angel fan and would love to see a freeway world series. So to Alyssa and Dodger fans alike, In the words of the great philosopher (LTCB) lets “Get’er Done”.

Hope to see you in the world series.

Your Favorite Angel Fan,


The Boys are in! Hope you can make it out to the Ravine and enjoy the champagne. Enjoy your trip to St. Louis and heap some thanks on those guys. Hope to see you at the ball park for the playoffs. Could we see Kershaw start game 3? I think that’d be awesome.

Take Care,


Congrats to the Boys in blue for clinching the NL west….YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Break out the bubbley and the Nachos!!



Almost another week in baseball…I had a mental image of Joe Torre sitting with his feet up, at his desk, sipping a fine Scotch and ruminating on the fact that the Yankees have been eliminated from the playoffs. I can see him thinking about the Stienbreners and the New York media and I’m thinking that the capitalized 6th letter and 21 letter are prominent in his mind…..Way to go Joe…….Mort


Thank you so much Alyssa for coming to Busch Stadium tonight! My BF and I will be attending the game (we are season ticket holders and are hopelessly obsessed w/ the Cards)!! Congrats to your Dodgers and I was so happy the the Cardinals were able to help you guys out a little. Still somewhat bummed about the Cardinals not making it but I guess we can’t get in every year, depressing as it is. Oh well, hope you guys meet up w/ the Cubbies in the playoffs and kick their ***! Wish your Dodgers the best and hope you win it all! Anyway, I pray I get to meet you tonight(hope it won’t be too crazy out there)! It’s always packed but tonight I’m sure it will be even more so! Can’t wait!!! Go Cards and again I wish the Dodgers the best in the postseason!

Hi Alyssa,

Congratulations on the Dodgers making the NLDS. Manny made a difference. The Yankees did not include Torre in their celebration of Yankee Stadium last Sunday – a tacit omission. Joe Torre is one of the classiest (and winningest) managers in in the game.

All the best,


Hi Alyssa. I just wanted to thank you again for coming to St. Louis. I got to meet you earlier tonight and it was a thrill. I took a few pictures and if I can figure out where, I’ll post them. Hope you enjoy your stay in St. Louis!
Thanks again.


hey alyssa!!
o my goodness! why havnt u bloggedd?!! we ARE IN!!! YAYY!! WE CLINCHEEDD!!! ayiyi! and furcal is back! woo hoo. could this get any better?!
p.s. GO BLUE!

Hey Alyssa…
I look for a “new” entry from you anytime soon…Great job (as usual) in St Louis. Some nice interviews of you too. Alyssa, how many people have ever asked you for a “rain check”??? I bet I’m the first, but then again, I really don’t know if your appearance in St Louis would qaulify for one. You let me know (I’m kidding, I think…)🙂
It’s either going to be the Dodgers (OH NO) or the Mets in Wrigley Field wednesday. Should find out in the next day or two. Supposed to be around 60 degrees in the day and in the 40″s at night next wednesday and thursday in Chicago. Northwest wind (windy – that’s what happens when a coldfront goes thru). Then again, they always say “colder near the lake”. I’m playing meteoroligist here…
Now we got DeRosa and Soto “banged up”. BASEBALL, you just never know what will happen…(the best team doesn’t always win) But I’m glad our teams are in the postseason🙂
Later Alyssa…and you know by now, I will.
P.S. And no Cardinals (in postseason) again…and the White Sox (when they need to win, they can’t). They “hung on” after blowing a big lead in 2005 and then went on to win 11 out of 12 games in the postseason…but they could use a win sunday and monday (makeup game, only if the win sunday)…These are the three teams I follow (pretty much have to around here, even if you don’t want too)🙂, but this year I added a 4th team, the Dodgers (I wonder why…thanks, Alyssa…Talk to you later…

Heya, I just saw a commercial for your line of NFL clothes for women at First time I’ve seen an ad for it. Congrats.

Click here: Red Sox Rumblings @

Me again Alyssa, that north – northwest wind means the wind will be “blowing in”, not “out” at Wrigley Field next week. I,m OUT OF HERE, Bye Alyssa…

We have a clinched division spot!!!
THis is so good I am so happy!!!

Hey Alyssa!
You did great at your St. Louis appearance. Lot’s of great videos and pictures of you=] My favorite pictures were of you making googly faces at a baby, haha. So cute! I know you love babies though, and who can blame you? They are precious. I’ll be watching your Dodger’s through the postseason. Aren’t you just thrilled about them getting a clinched spot? I know I am, and I’m not even that big a fan of the Dodger’s. No offense=] I’m just loyal to my home team, that’s all. Even though the Royals are REALLY bad, and that’s the truth. You may just slowly sway me over into being a Dodger’s fan Miss Alyssa!


Another week in baseball….looks like you guys get to walk into a buzz saw called the Cubbies…can you believe the Mets blowing it again, Brewer fans must be going nuts…Congrats on putting almost 4 million in seats at Dodger Stadium so far, now if only you can pick 25 guys for the playoffs ….Saw the clip of Nomar in Dodger Blue congratulating Johnny Pesky ( of Pesky Pole Fame ) on the retirement of his number and am keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll get to play next month….I was listening to the Red Sox/Yankee game when I heard that the Mets were knocked out and I would hate to live in that city right now if I played baseball. Ah well, it looks good on ’em, their ego’s need the deflating…Thanks to TV we may be watching baseball well into November next year…does anybody else out there remember when they used to play baseball in the daytime??..Let the good times roll…Mort

Hey, hows it going? I kinda pictured you flying to St. Louis in a small prop job, behind the wheel, yelling across to your co-pilot whatever you were saying…
How was the event? Hope many gals like to to wear your creations, quite stylish and team supportive, too.
I’m guessing that the entire film crew, for your new series, is on hold until, if and when the Dodgers meet and beat the Angels, in this postseason time of the year?
Ya know, I’m just sayin…

not even a small note when the dodgers clinched the postseason spot and division title???? like charles barkley would say… tuurrriible!


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