Time flies when you are having fun

It is hard to believe that the season is over. Where does the time go? It really does speed up the older you get. To all my readers in your twenties: Enjoy it. Don’t rush. Bask in the glory of this time in your life.

kemp.jpgI hate the end of regular season baseball. Not only because it means that we will shortly be without baseball, but also because it means winter is coming. That’s another thing about baseball that I love. I love that it is so representative of a passing year and time. The postseason brings fall. The offseason brings winter. Spring Training brings the promise of the summer and a clean slate.

We have clinched the NL West and that is glorious. Manny should be the NL MVP. We wouldn’t be where we are right now without him. And Andre Ethier had a breakout year. I am very proud of you, Andre.

The season has had its ups and downs but overall, it was a great reminder of what I love about the sport. With a little bit of hope, an amazing skipper, and a player with a big bat and a seemingly bigger heart, the boys in blue fought the good fight and made it to the postseason.

I just want to take a moment to thank St. Louis for their unbelievable hospitality during my visit. Thank you, St. Louis Cardinals and thank you to everyone who stood in line and supported the TOUCH appearance (Kent Loan and CJ – you are the best!). I truly had a wonderful time and will remember it with great fondness. I am such a lucky girl.

Here are some pictures from the event:

See you in the postseason! We’re back!

And Baseball,

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Hi Alyssa, let’s hope the Dodgers can win it all !!!🙂


Hi sweetie🙂,

Well, I’m first of the rank here….a bit of a change!!!. It’s great to see the boys have managed to do well enough to get into the post season games. Now, all they have to do is keep up the effort and they’ll come away with the big prize. Let’s keep our fingers (and toes, eyes, nerves etc etc) crossed:). It’s also wonderful to see TOUCH going along so well and doing great in the stores. You’ve done so well🙂. I’m happy that CJ got to see you again. CJ has been itching to see you again and I’m glad she got the chance.

Anyway, lets hope the boys do great over the post season. I only wish they’d put the games on over here a lot earlier than they do. I’m usually pretty tired by the time the 3rd or 4th innings has come around because it’s 2am in the morning!!!. But much when you have to get up early that morning!!!. Oh well, gonna have to record the games, but that’s no problem🙂. Catch you again soon.



Well, not quite first :)….anyway, GO BLUE!!!!!.


I truly believe that the Dodgers wouldn’t be where they are without Manny Ramirez… and I agree, he should be considered for NL MVP. Also, thanks to the advice on enjoying life in your twenties. This season has certainly been more enjoyable for me. Take care, and let’s cheer on our Dodgers and Think Blue!


Hi Alyssa🙂
It’s nice to hear from you!
Yeah it’s true that Time flies when you’re have fun… ;/ aww but why?:/ I hate when something I like it’s ending.

Btw Thanks for new pics – you’re look so happy – like always🙂
Take care & have a nice week,

P.S. I’ve changed my e-mail address from joanne17@vp.pl to joanne-17@hotmail.com

Hi Alyssa

Its so great the boys is blue clinched the west I agree completely Manny should get MVP. Thank you for the great pics of your ST Louis visit The pic of you and CJ is so wonderfull You both have my heart Always.


it’s a glorious time…the dodgers are in the playoffs and i’m off to palm springs tomorrow. hopefully, somewhere in that golf obsessed town there is a tv that will be broadcasting the game on wed. the playoffs just started and the world series is still weeks away…one game at at time. go blue!

Woohoo! Go BLUE!
Very poetic of you, with the seasons.. If you think about it, it truly fits!

Anyways lets hope the play offs will bring more glory for the boys in blue!

I’m glad you had a good time in St Louis!
And I loved your reaction at that worst dressed mistake (she didnt even resemble you :S) Anyways I totally LOL’ed at your sign! Classic!



Hey Alyssa!
I’m so thrilled about the Dodgers being in the playoffs, fingers, arms and legs crossed that we can continue to do well.
I’m glad to hear you had a great time St. Louis, as usual you look beautiful in all the pics!

Lots of hugs n kisses from London town

It’s good to hear from you! I was hoping after your appearance in St. Lou that you would post with an awesome update and some pictures; and woohoo, you did! Thanks for that! Also, I just want to thank you for caring such much about (well everything) but mostly us fans. It’s so good to know that you read what we write to you and you always take the time and effort to stay communicated with us. It means the world to me that you do that. Looks like you had a great time at your appearance and I’m glad. Of course I knew you would though=] I still wish I could have gone, but like I said, my mom has promised to take me up another time. So I’ll meet you one of these days! Major congrats to your Dodgers, I’m pulling for them! Also, major congrats on all of your TOUCH accomplishments. It’s really come a long way, and I only hope for more success for you.

Hey Lyssa! I am so proud of our Dodgers, they’ve come a long way in one season. Time does fly… I just moments ago realised that it had been nearly 2 weeks since I had come on your blog! =O What with college assignments and my very unhealthy 90210 obsession, I completly forgot to check in. Hope all is well, I’ll be cheering on the boys in blue alongside ya.

Love you! Lee xx =)

Oh, and also – I am 20 years old and I fully agree that time moves quicker with age =( it’s so depressing! I will heed your advice and live it up while I still can. =) xx

?Baseball is reassuring, it makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow up? by Sharon Olds

Bonjour ma belle,

I?m on cloud nine; my Sox and The Man in Blue are playing the playoffs, charming October?

And even if I?m in my thirties (One summer older than you), I still enjoy every moment (yep, life is sweet) even if I can embrace your observation but saying that time flies, it really does and much more when life is enjoyable!!!!
I concur with the fact that our boys fought the good fight and played their best, but Manny should not have all the credit, he was a enormous help, I?m not going to refute that but the all team had a astonishing year, it was like a rollercoaster ride, a real thriller, with a rainbow of feelings and emotions (bad and good ones): Merci
And that goes for the Red Sox as well!
I?m going to Boston mid November: Cross my fingers for the World Series.

PS: During the baseball break I always have Soccer (My team: Standard de Lige is doing gigantic this season, right Mort?), you should choose a Soccer team to support sweetie!?
PSS: Nice picture of you in St-Louis, specially the one with the baby ;-))

T?embrasse fort,


Alyssa yes time does fly the older you, but I think we appreciate things more as we get older.

Congrats on your Dodgers winning the division. I wish them well in the post season.

I’m very glad CJ got to meet with you. You both look quite happy & I know CJ was walking on cloud nine at getting to see you again.

My best always.


Thanks Alyssa for mentioning me on the blog! I looked and looked for CJ but must have been too late? CJ sorry I missed you honey. Gosh Alyssa you about gave an old man (Me) a heart attack this morning when I saw my name here! Let me try and explain how things went so people here can have an idea what to expect when meeting Alyssa at a event. We got in line at first outside the store but that was for people who had purchased touch items the previous day. So we went into the stadium store thru the inside and touch items were on one wall. They carry many different brands and be careful you get a touch item. So the girls, Eileen, Elise and Jadai picked out their stuff and of course I hurried them ya know like MOVE IT GURLS! You get one coupon per item so we had four since we bought four items. Jadai was just thrilled with her Touch Cardinal jacket. Alyssa.. Jadai slept in the jacket and told me she wished I was her Dad after I bought it. I think that means she liked it! The gurls all changed into their Touch stuff in the restroom at the game since they all wanted to wear their stuff! Ok Alyssa looks just as beautiful in person as on TV. She is stunning, very stunning. If she was not a celebrity I promise you she would stick out in a crowd. She is truly a physical specimen. So my moment, ok I was very nervious I walk up and say my name and that she might know me? She thought and then said YES and mentioned to her assistant that a blog guy was here! I had the deer in the headlights look on my face and I must have thrown her off a bit (I was 150th person in line) cuz she had a mental block what to write and she says what do I write here? And I had her write it to Elise, yuk yuk as if it was for the kid ya know. Anyway, I sheepishly said I liked being her fan and she thanked me twice. I think twice because I was stuttering. So now Alyssa Milano thinks I stutter? Great? They said no pictures but I want people to know Alyssa gave people pictures anyway. She did not have to. Alyssa laughed and enjoyed meeting my girlfriend which made me feel good. My girlfriend said She’s the girl next store was her exact comment. Anyway, Dodgers Cubs series should be great. Congratulation Dodgers Fans, put on your hardhats cuz here come the Cubs. Enjoy the series and again thanks Alyssa for being so great to everyone at St. Louis. I dont usually look like a deer in a spotlight and I dont stutter usually. And if I had 15 minutes with you I’m sure I could convince you I was a halfway normal fan well maybe?

Kent Loan, thanks for posting all that! I really enjoyed reading it! I almost feel like I was their with all the pictures and talk about it. It sounds just as incredible as I’ve imagined it to be, to meet Alyssa. Oh, and don’t worry about the deer in headlights look or the stuttering, I’m sure many fans are the same way; and Alyssa is probably used to it by now! LOL. Plus, when I meet her, I just know I’m going to be a MESS. It’s not everyday you get to meet your idol! Wow, I get butterfly’s in my stomach just thinking about it! And ya, I’ve heard before about there being a “no picture rule”, but Alyssa is always kind enough to take a few pictures with her fans anyways. Isn’t she just the best?!?!?!

P.s. Kent & CJ–even my own heart skipped a beat what I saw Alyssa had mentioned you guys in her post…so I can’t imagine how you both felt when reading it! Wow! That has got to be the coolest thing ever! I’m so glad you both got to meet her: and for CJ, meet her again. I bet it was incredible.
Katlyn-promise, last post for now! LOL

Hey Alyssa!!
Another great blog! thanks for always keeping us updated =]
i saw lots of pics from various sites from when you visited St.Louis…they are amazing.. i only wish i was there =[

Next summer im coming out to LA for a holiday/vacation;)
So im hoping to see a game!! =] it would be amazing to experience especially after hearing and now knowing so much about baseball! Thanks to you of course!

Love Charlotte (London)

Kent and CJ are the lucky ones! We’re so lucky to have you as a friend, Alyssa…

Jim in Texas

Hey Alyssa,I couldn’t agree with you more about the end of the baseball season. Those thoughts seemed to have been extracted from my brain. Haha. Good luck to you in the Dodgers. A lot of people around here are hoping for a Dodgers-Red Sox series. That would be a lot of interesting drama with Nomar, Lowe, AND Mannywood coming back to Boston. That would be crazy.We going to see you around on TBS coverage again this postseason?GregClick here: Red Sox Ramblings @ mlblogs.com

I’ve said this already but thanks so much for everything. You continue to fill my heart up with hope. We were blessed to have you in St. Louis and I hope you come back one of these days for a football or a hockey game. Here in St. Louis we’re crazy about all sports!

Love our picture and LOVE LOVE the pictures of you with the Cardinals batting helmets. Too cute!!


I had a feeling the Dodgers would make the playoffs. Just wanted to stop by and say congrats to your team. I haven’t posted a comment since the beginning of the season. Anyway, I really hope the Dodgers win the NL, and I hope the Red Sox win the AL, because I really wanna see those two teams play in the World Series. Could you imagine Manny returning to Boston in the same season that they traded him? In the same sense, I’m tired of the Cubs curse. I wouldn’t mind seeing them finally win that World Series. But just for the sake of me being one of your biggest fans, I have to go for the Dodgers to win it all. Let me take the time to just talk about Manny:

The guy is a beast. He has single handedly changed the outlook of this team. He provides the lineup with great protection. One of the greatest hitters of all time. The epitome of plate discipline, vision, contact, and power. His OPS has been godly this year, especially since he got traded to the blue. The guy is just amazing. It’s amazing that this guy gets pitched to.

One of the things that scares me the most about the Dodgers chances this year in the postseason, is the fact that I can’t see teams wanting to pitch to Manny. It would really suck if Manny gets IBBed everytime he goes to the plate. It would just really suck for the Dodgers this postseason, if the Cubs play like pansies and not pitch to him.

If Manny gets the pitches, the Dodgers can do some damage and upset the Cubs, but if the Cubs play like pansies, I just don’t like the Dodgers chances. Hopefully somebody will step up if the Cubs act like pansies and not pitch to Manny.

Anyway, just my two cents. Good luck to the Dodgers, and I’m hoping for a World Series for the Dodgers, and I’m hoping that they put a smile on that beautiful face of yours.


Hi Alyssa,
I guess I should have seen this coming “way down the road”. Dodgers vs Cubs. But if you expect to win the World Series, you should be able to beat anybody. Your Dodgers are sure alot better now (MANNY), the when we played them earlier. Still I would have rather faced the Mets (nice going Mets – Santana with no bullpen). Now that CC and the Brewers are in. (no bullpen and CC can’t pitch every game…) I worry about the Cub bullpen too. Who does “Uncle Lou” count on to get to Marmol and Wood? I’ve seen enough of Howry (straight and fast) and he better not “pitch to Manny” either. (SORRY ALYSSA). Plus I hate these “3 of 5” series too. Make them all best of 7…. Maybe it’s just my “CUB ANGST” creeping in.
A little side bet Alyssa, one like those governor?mayor ones. Say my Cubs win, I get……………………………………….
Alyssa, I was thinking “BIG” here, but I’m also being realistic. But then again, if you don’t ask (like nobody asked you to the prom)… The trouble was if the Dodgers win (little iffy…), then what…I guess we’ll never know🙂, plus there’s that little thing of you agreeing to also….Maybe I’ll just hold out on my (maybe) “rain check” instead.🙂
Anyhow Alyssa, regardless of the outcome. Win or lose, I will still be one of you “baseball buddys”, who hopes to meet you someday. Plus you will still be my “favorite actress- person” (ALWAYS…) And another thing Alyssa, I will return.🙂
P.S. You know Alyssa, I would wish you luck. But under the circumstances…Well , you understand.
NOTE- This was about where I was at the first time I was typing this, when I hit ( I think the TAB key) by mistake.and it went BYE,BYE…so I’ve had to redo this (I’m a true ALYSSA MILANO FAN🙂, (I am Alyssa)
P.S.S. Looked at the Chicago forecast: Wed High – 55 Low- 43 windy chance of showers…Thurs high- 57 Low – 41 sunny (but it’s a night game – don’t you just love all these different starting times too…) Wind probably blowing in too… BYE Alyssa, I will return…

P.S.S.S. Thanks for the pictures… (WINK,WINK…)

Even if it with LaRussa and Cesar Izturis… Just kidding Alyssa. See, I know those Cardinals too… Alyssa, you are the “greatest”. THANKS…

To cubfancurt,

Just wanna wish your Cubs good luck. I just wanna say, I wouldn’t worry too much about the Cubs bullpen. I think they will be fine. The only thing I think you should have to worry about his how the Cubs play on the road. They did, however, finished with a winning record on the road, but the home/road splits are just so far apart. The Cubs at home are flat out dominant. The team OPS at home is off the charts, but when you look at the road splits, it’s so much completely different. Not that the Dodgers are much better on the road, but all I’m saying is, the Cubs can’t afford to lose one or the first two games of the series, because if they do, they have a good chance of losing.

I just checked out the Dodgers home/away splits, and the Cubs are far better, but I’m not sure what the Dodgers home/away splits are since they got Manny. I’m sure with Manny, their team OPS has went up dramatically, and overall makes them a better team than the stats would indicate. So for now, I would say that the Dodgers have a better chance of winning on the road than the Cubs do even though I think the Cubs are the better team, period. If the Cubs pitch to Manny in this series, the Cubs could go on the road down 2-0 and more than likely get put out early. Manny would dominate Wrigley[just like how he dominates pretty much any other park], so I advise the Cubs coaching staff to not pitch to Manny.

Anyway, that’s just my little two cents. I think the Cubs have the best team in the majors, and if I could put my money on a team to win it all, it would be on the Cubs. Just wanna say good luck to your Cubs again. Unfortunately, my Marlins couldn’t make the playoffs, but at least we put out the Mets. (‘_’) Peace.


Back in the playoffs and, in the First Round, at least, I can’t lose. I’ll be rooting for the Cubs (don’t sick Gibby on me); it’s been 100 years and I’m tired of the curse of Merkle’s Boner (if you don’t know the story, I’ll leave it to Google to inform you of how the Cubs were even in the playoffs in 1908). Cmon, Cubbies!!! But, if it doesn’t happen, I’m a big Joe Torre fan and Manny has been great (one side of me would like to see a LA/Boston series). Agree with you completely on the time of year thing – the nights are getting earlier and soon we will Fall Back; since Basketball is my first love, I should be happy to get to this transitional season – also known as Football – but I much prefer summer and going to the ballpark (in my case, minor league ball; Dodger Stadium is just a little too far, but I can still listen to Vinny on the Tube – hey, if you get another dog, maybe name him Vinny or Manny?). Oh, and I hope this doesn’t get me banned (I figure the Merkle reference is already thin ice territory, but that’s what it’s called) can I just say … Obama!!!

Alyssa, you put it so well! Time goes way too fast. You are a very lucky girl. You can follow baseball all over the country, meet all of your fans and hang with the great players!
Congratulations to the Dodgers and good luck vs the Cubs!
It does suck that the Mets failed on the last day to make the playoffs on the last day but it’s not all bad (thank goodness for Jerry Manuel).
Go Rays!
Till next time,
Your loyal and fellow baseball junkie,

Hi Alyssa,

I completely agree with you regarding the end of the season. Even though the post season is extremely exciting, it is sad that the regular season has come to an end. Even though I am upset that the Yankees did not make it, I love the fact that Joe Torre made it. He was always, and will always be my favorite manager. I also agree that Manny should win NL MVP. He deserves it. What was his average w/ the Dodgers? .400? When he wants to hit, he’s hot! Will you be going to any of the post season games?
You may have mentioned this previously, but I was wondering when Single with Parents is due to come out. Congratulations on the pilot being picked up. You are too good to not have something in the works.
I will also heed your advice about living it up in my twenties. It feels like it’s going fast, but I do have another 6 years. So I will definetely take your advice. Well, take care and hope to see another post from you soon! GO BLUE!


I could not have said it better myself. I’ll be pulling for my beloved Chicago Cubs. Congrats to the Dodgers!

Time passes you by, that’s why it’s important to take chances. Don’t think twice! have faith in what you do, and try to contribute positively to others.
that’s the key.

everything comes back, one way or the other…

Hey alyssa!
How are you sweety?
I hope you`re fine.
And YES sometimes I do ask myself too
where the time goes by.
A BIG congratulation to the dodgers!
And I`m very proud about the great
pool of them.

lots of greetings to you and your family

Hey alyssa!
How are you sweety?
I hope you`re fine.
And YES sometimes I do ask myself too
where the time goes by.
A BIG congratulation to the dodgers!
And I`m very proud about the great
pool of them.

lots of greetings to you and your family

Hey alyssa!
How are you sweety?
I hope you`re fine.
And YES sometimes I do ask myself too
where the time goes by.
A BIG congratulation to the dodgers!
And I`m very proud about the great
pool of them.

lots of greetings to you and your family

Hey alyssa!
Thanx for posting a new fantastic blog!
How are you sweety?
I hope you`re fine.
And YES sometimes I do ask myself too
where the time goes by.
A BIG congratulation to the dodgers!
And I`m very proud about the great
pool of them.

lots of greetings to you and your family

Sry for posting the same comment to often!
It was a mistake!
I hope you all understand that it wasn`t my mind.
But I wish alyssa read this truly.

Sorry again.

Peace at all
love ya alyssa!

Me again!
– I`ve forgotten that I would like to say that the pictures are
so cute! Alyssa you look fantastic!
Love you!!

Ok by by again

Team speed of the Dodgers has me worried? Cubs have 89 Stolen Bases total. Dodgers have 126 SB’s. Three Dodger players have more SB’s than entire Cub team, Kemp, Martin and Pierre (93 vs 89). It also shows Torre is more agressive on the bases. I’m very worried about this series? I’ll

Team speed of the Dodgers has me worried? Cubs have 89 Stolen Bases total. Dodgers have 126 SB’s. Three Dodger players have more SB’s than entire Cub team, Kemp, Martin and Pierre (93 vs 89). It also shows Torre is more agressive on the bases. I’m very worried about this series?

Team speed of the Dodgers has me worried? Cubs have 89 Stolen Bases total. Dodgers have 126 SB’s. Three Dodger players have more SB’s than entire Cub team, Kemp, Martin and Pierre (93 vs 89). It also shows Torre is more agressive on the bases. I’m very worried about this series?

Dodger Cub Series should be great!

hey alyssa!
thanks for posting again.😀
i completely agree with youu! where would we be without MANNY?😀 i mean realy. haha and how about some props to furcal for FINALLY getting off the injured list and coming back to play JUST IN TIME? actually if u read my last entry in your last blog itll basically say everything i want to say here. :]
alsooo.. when are you planning on showing your touch items at the DODGER stadium?? (i asked this question a while back for your last Q&A, but you didnt quite answer the whole question, like the details on when?
anyways.. MAYBE we can keep on winning and take it!!😀 (she said HOPEFULLY) :] it would help if there was NO MORE INJURIES!😀
-karen😀 (cannt wait till your new series comes out!!)
p.s. was that the dodger pep rally i saw?? and a crazy man throwing beer aroundd??😀

Hey Alyssa,

Sometimes words fail me, I think this might be such a moment. Anyway, I’m so glad you had a good time in St Louis. So much seems to be going on right now with the playoffs, the election, football etc. I’m hoping the Dodgers and the Angels make it to the world series and play each other. It would be the first time it happened. I read an article in the LA Times a few days ago that said they should let Manny leave LA. I tend to agree with you that the Dodgers wouldn’t even be in the playoffs right now if it wasn’t for Manny so I don’t understand how this writer could say that. When will you start filming your new show? You are awesome Alyssa!


Hey Alyssa,

Just wanted to congratulate your squad on winning the division and wish you guys luck in the playoffs. As a Yankee fan I can objectively say I really can see the Dodgers pulling it off. I actually having them losing in the WS but hopefully I’m off a little for your sake. I was wondering what your feelings are about this possibly being Vin Scully’s last season. Even though I have no emotional ties to the Dodgers, I love watching their games just so I can hear him call a game. That man could make the dictionary sound interesting. I really hope he stays on as the voice of the Dodgers. Again good luck with the show and the Dodgers. Take care.

Hi Alyssa! Wew!! Well you got me now in the Throws of October. I am drawn to the success of Joe Torre and the Dodgers not because my favorite color is blue, business cards are blue, truck is blue, my best dress shirts-blue, but moreso as a Coach and a mentor to young people. I love the word Champion-it brings sense to life. Division Champions they are.
Whatcha want, whatcha whatcha want, whatch really really want!!!? is a Pennant Ring right! Well i’m not an oracle so i can’t say. But i can look into the details of who they are playing an get back to ya on it. I am with ya on this one because i need it, i gotta have it, i gotta gitt dowwweiiiin!!

Oh Lyssie, I’m so happy, when ur happy too😛 tnx for the great pics u shared, u look so cute on all of them :)) good luck with everything and keep being happy, and know that I’m always thinkin’ of you sweetie… I LOVE U SO MUCH❤

Hey Alyssa,
Here I find myself at your blog, right after Loney’s grandslam. All I could think about was Alyssa must sure be up and cheering. Gosh, Dempster reminds me of when he was trying to play “closer” the last two years. Why “waste” a pitch, when your’re “walking” everyone in sight. Then come back and hang a splitter, when I’m sure Loney knew it was coming. Frustrating, Alyssa…as I don’t see “my team” coming back tonight.😦 Anyhow, win or lose, we’re still buddy’s. What was that, 7 walks, only in the 5th. Haven’t seen that all year, “collar must be geting tight”…
A frustrated, but happy for you buddy,

It’s funny. I went to sleep the other night, and dreamed that the major housing lenders all went broke, the government was bailing out lenders to the tune of 700 billion, and then the news came on and announced that there was the chance of an all Chicago series, but also a chance for an all LA series. What a crazy dream! I wonder when I’ll wake up? I believe I just saw a herd of pigs flying overhead. This is kind of cool!

Jim in Texas where the tumbleweeds roam across the field at the BallPark in Arlington

banjoist2008 on CL

Just wanted to say I absolutely envy you. As a 17 year old girl I am extremelyyyyy jealous. Congrats to your Dodgers, too. Pllleeeaaaase sweep the Cubs so fans around here will stop the relentless boasting. Go White Sox🙂

ROFL @ the Cubs. Derek Lowe is so clutch. Congrats on the victory tonight. Only two more baby. The Cubs are garbage on the road, so hopefully if the Dodgers don’t win tomorrow, they’ll wrap it up in LA baby. ROFL @ Alfonso Soriano. 0/5, he is not clutch and never will be. I feel sorry for Cubs fans though. Go Dodgers!


Hi Alyssa,I’m happy that your Dodgers are having good success.I’m happy for you.I’m happy to see your new pictures.I think you look great.Your picture give me joy and peace.I enjoy reading your blogs.Thank you.

Dodgers Vs. Red Sox in the World Series.

You heard it here first.


We’ll try to even it up thursday Alyssa. That’s why I hate these short series. Go down early and you have to win 3 of 4. Lowe had his sinker/slider combo going again. Have to give him credit..8 walks Alyssa, not going to win many that way. It’s pretty much a “must win” for my Cubs thursday or I mave have to go into “HIDING”. Yea, like that’s going to happen. (THE HIDING part)…
P.S.- Thanks for “PUTTING UP WITH ME” Alyssa…

Well congrats Alyssa on the Dodgers making the post season! U have a ex Yankee and Red Sox leading the way! Anyhow…only b/c of Torre and u will I root for the Dodgers over the Cubs. Because when they meet my Phillies, I have to root for my team. The Dodgers are a hot team right now. But I think its Philly’s year. So are u gonna make an appearance on TBS this year? I hope I get to see you this year. It could be an interesting World Series. An all LA final, or an all Chicago final or Cubs/Red Sox. OR Phillies-Angels is what I think it will be. Phillies-Red Sox would be good too. Well…Phillies are on right now..so gotta run. Go Dodgers!😉

Well I guess with the Yankees out of the playoffs (speaking of time flying, I was in the 8th grade or so the last time that happened. Oof!) I’ll be pulling for Joe and Donnie to win it all.

Go Dodgers.

Sorry no exclamation point, that’s as excited as I can get rooting for a team other than my own. 😉

Good Luck!

Hi alyssa
It’s great to be back in the post season especially because the Dodgers finally got the monkey off their backs after 20 years.
They’ve taken a lead in the NLDS. Let’s hope they can maintain this lead and finally get to the NLCS and you know the rest.

Hey Alyssa,
MAYBE congrats…would be in order, but I will hold off for now. ( I’m trying anything at this point) But I don’t see any miracle for my Cubs. To just come out and “lay an egg”, like those 2 games. (EMBARASSING) A team that wins 97 out of 161 games and now this. Surprised, yes, but not totally unexpected. It is the postseason…I don’t know why they all aren’t best of 7 either. No hitting, pitching, and now the fielding goes. What is “Uncle Lou” supposed to do, but I’ve got issues with him too. To play Fukudome is one thing(when he hasn’t played him much the last month), but to bat him 2nd, what’s that?. The guy has been in a slump for 3+ months. He has no clue what to do…he used to walk some and now the Cub’s are on the hook for 3 more years at 12million a year. Sound familiar, at least the Dodgers on ly have 1 more year. And the White Sox offered him more money….I know I’m ranting Alyssa. It’s frustrating…It used to bother me, but now , I’m just kind of “NUMB”. It’s getting to be the norm (8 postseason losses in a row, going back to the “DEBACLE OF 2003”. ANY IDEAS ALYSSA, I’m open…
I give the DODGERS credit. Tough-hard-nosed team…And I thought one of the key AB’s of the 2nd inning was Furcal’s bunt for a hit. After Martin’s baseclearing double, I had enough and quit watching, because I knew it was over….
Alyssa, thanks for reading🙂, sorry I’m ranting….it is FRUSTRATING, but I’m not on any ledge, YET (I’m kidding)
I’ll leave you with a quote: IF IT WAS EASY, IT WOULDN’T BE THE CUBS.
Take care Alyssa and go easy on my Cubs saturday. Talk to you later…I’m not leaving,
P.S. I see the White Sox are trailing in gm2. They might be down 0-2, but at least they are going HOME. White Sox win it all in 2005 and then 2006, it’s the Cardinal’s turn (83 win team). Do you think that easy to live thru around here (Cub fan). I’t not Alyssa, trust me. Bye Alyssa…..

Hi Alyssa,
Congrats on your Dodgers advancing!! What are you going to do after the Dodgers win it all???

and FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!

Hey there miss milano mr richard alfred palmer is in a
complete state euphoria! I’m crazy happy for the la dodgers
i’ve watched game 1 the score was 7-2 i’ve watched game 2
the score was 10-3 and omg these dodgers guys are the new nuclear bombs now all i have to do is watch game 3
against the cubs. This is what make’s america so great
alyssa milano, La dodgers lin milano, joe torre,
manny ramirez, what more do we want ? you people make
united states of america the best country in the world
Godbless you all and not forgeting Barak Obama a truly
great man, please have a nice day.


Another week in baseball…Champions….take a second and savor that word…let it roll around in the gray matter until it brings a smile to your face…Champions….I just ordered the 2008 Division Champions hat from MLB ( if you had mens hats kiddo, I would have got one from you ) and know that every time I put it on I’ll be remembering this feeling…The Blue has proven they have what it takes to play in October and play well… lets hope the roller coaster keeps on rolling…Blue on a roll, my Red Sox likewise and the Standard unbeaten in soccer, I’m having a great month and loving it….Winter ain’t so bad, it brings hockey, and even tho I’m a Leaf fan I still enjoy every minute of it all…what a great way to escape…Mort

Alyssa, CONG (just getting warmed up) Just a total letdown by this team. Just going thru the motions..as if they don’t even care…No EMOTION…Nothing out of LOU…just stand there with that nothing look. I don’t even think he wanted to come back next year and then the Cubs go and pick up his option for the following year. Look in the Cub dugout and the just sit there with their heads down. 6 more years of Soriano (swinging at everything- then walk back to the dugout with you head down). It’s getting old and embarassing….To bad baseball contracts weren’t like football (I know better union), then you could just cut them and save alot of money. Same “CRAP PERFORMANCE and ATTITUDE” every postseason. Then have to go thru it all over again, just to try and get back to THIS. SORRY ALYSSA, I”M frustrated, numb, and tired of this CRAP. I could go on…but you know it’s BASEBALL and you always “root” for your team, regardless. But there better be alot of changes…
And another thing, SORRY ALYSSA, why does Lou let Harden bat with 2 on- 2 out in the 4th (this is do or die LOU…), then take him out in the 5th after giving up his 3rd run. And what’s Fukudome doing out there again. Oh, he got a hit (to little to late)…I’m done ranting Alyssa, finally….You have any answers for me Alyssa, but like I said, I just don’t know….Thanks for letting me rant Alyssa…I’ll be back to finish this…it won’t be long now.
A very PO’ed buddy of yours, Curt

CONGRATULATIONS ALYSSA…………I wish you and your DODGERS well…. at least your team deserves it. At least you have some players that step-up and perform… I not going to rant this time…sorry I did before.
A still PO’ed buddy of yours,
Curt ( I will return…I promise)

I’m so PO’ed ,I can’t spell right. Good Luck ALyssa Bye…Another long year, but that’s BASEBALL….

Congrats, from a die-hard Cubs Fan. Your guy really took it to us. Manny is the real deal go 5 for 10. I wish you and the Dodgers the best. Go get’em and show Chicago hoow it’s done.

Love and Baseball
Greg Dantona

Wow! What a fantastic series: to see the Dogers flourish against the anemic cubs and see the guys suck all the energy out of Wrigley Field and take it back with them to the Ravine was just awesome! I think Joe Torre deserves tons of kudos for keeping this team loose and confident. It was evident from after (Houston native) Loney’s SLAM in the first game that the cubs were pressured and trying to force everything to go their way. Go Dodgers!

I LOVE YOU ALYSSA.. that’s what I have to say for today..😛 ..my sweetie :))


I think this is great that your Dodgers are doing so well, have to say good by to your cub fans who had a great year but now have to go home and the Dodgers head to Philly. I have been a long time supporter of yours and been on this site since day one as your biggest Angel fan. Lets just hope the other LA team can pull this off against Boston.

Your Biggest Angel Fan,


WOW! I just want to say that YOUR THE BEST! Yup,I’m a huge Dodgers fan! and everyone is always like what the you like baseball,but your a girlie girlie and I’m like AND?! and I’m like yes i love baseball but i love the Dodgers. I swear I’m you just that I’m 14 years old and a freshman! haha! I hope i meet you SOON! i really do!

Love your blog, Alyssa. Keep it up@!

I really enjoyed reading your blog🙂
I must admit i dont really know alot about baseball because im from england and it’s not very popular sport here but, you’ve made it sound very fun and interesting. I love sports and you’ve definately made me realise that i should probably start following baseball. I’ll be sure to come again and read your blog sometime =]. x

cross your fingers for game 1!

Alyssa! Ok so this is very off topic, so I apologize, but I just wanted to say that me (and a lot of other members at CL) have just seen your promo for single with parents, and it’s HILARIOUS! We all love it to death and cannot wait for the show. So good job Lyss=] Oh, and also, I’m pretty sure all of our favorite part was the “Oh…I made a noise” hahaha. Can’t get over how funny that was! Anyways, looks like your Dodger’s are still in the game and hangin’ strong. Woohoo!
Love, Katlyn.
P.s. We were talking about this on a thread on the boards, but just in case you didn’t see it, I wanted to make sure you knew how excited we all are for your show!

okay so i wrote the other day and i just wanted to inform you that i have now officially opened my heart to baseball. I’m gunna stay up to watch the game this week… 4AM! ridiculous! thinking about it i think im gunna go sleep early then wake up at 3 30. Anyway more to the point i wont miss the game for the world and thanks x

I’m thanking you because if it wasn’t for you i wouldnt have found this new sport to enjoy🙂

It is a wonderful time when our team clinches the NL West division!! I am so glad that this has happened. I really hope that we make it to the World Series. We really deserve it.!

hola me llamo alex soy espaol y no se ingles.Solo queria mandar un besazo y un abrazo muy grande alyssa milano.Dejo mi web por si alguien le da un vistazo.alyssa eres la mejor sigue enbrujandonos asi.un beso

alex: Os dejo mi web:

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