Bring on the NLCS!


On the eve of the NLCS, I am sitting here typing away as a nervous wreck. Everyone around me, is predicting a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series. I hold my breath when they speak of it. I knock on wood. I cross every limb. Funny how superstitious one gets when the thing you want so badly is completely and totally out of your hands.

Could you imagine a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series? Torre against his old rivals. Manny against the team still paying his salary and the fans that turned against him. Wow. Emotions will run high.

But first we have to make it past the Phillies. They have a lot of lefties in their lineup. I wonder how we will match up considering our lack of lefty pitchers. Sometimes, the numbers kill me. Stats are an important part of the game. And on paper, this looks like it may be a tough series for us. The stats don’t cover heart and chemistry though. If we can pick up where we left off last week, I think we are unstoppable.

I can’t begin to express what it felt like to watch the Dodgers sweep the Cubs. All the media experts picked the Cubs in that series. That’s okay. Keep underestimating us. We don’t mind. It only makes for a better story in the end.

I leave you now with this YouTube video.

This has made me laugh out loud numerous times. If we win the World Series,  I hope Joe Biemel, Manny, Russell, and Furcal remake this.

And here are some photos of the game last Saturday:




And Baseball,

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That last picture of you is how I felt last night during the debates. Whooohooo go blue!!

I’m rooting for your Dodgers. Lets hope this fall brings amazing changes for all of us!!



WOW and WOW a Dodgers-Red Socks World Series would be totally amazing Talk about Irony Torre Brings the Blue machine to the world series only to face his old team.

The sweep of the cubs was fantastic I can’t wait for NCLS to happen.. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

And having watched the last Pres Debate I have to say GO OBAMA!!!!!!

love ya Alyssa

Hi Alyssa,

The Dodgers sweep of the Cubs was exciting to watch. I think they can beat the Phillies and advance to the World Series. The Phillies really didn’t hit against Milwaukee so it will be interesting to see what happens in the NLCS. I agree that the match ups are not favorable on paper for Blue. However, I think the Dodgers will beat the Phillies. It’s poetic justice that Joe Torre is in the playoffs and the Yankees aren’t.

If the Red Sox can get past the Rays – no small feat as Tampa Bay proved they were the best in the East during the regular season, there will be many Boston-L.A. storylines for the World Series. Derek Lowe, Nomie, Manny – all discarded by the Sox for various reasons-will certainly bring their best to beat Boston.

The Big Blue Wrecking video is funny – thanks for the link.

Nice pix from Saturday.

All the best,


omg! you looked like you were having soo much fun.
:] hope tomorrows game is just as fun.
I cant wait!!

haha i know im writing again like this soon but i cant resist… it’s just im sitting here watching coyote ugly on itv2 which started at 11 30 pm it’s now 5 to 1 am thursday morn and when i sent that comment it said i sent it at 4 56 pm on the 8th of october,, haha i never.
Anyway, that was random so… go dodgers!

I guess I have to root for the Dodgers now that the Angels got beat. I had a strong feeling that the Dodgers could make the post season and could make the World Series even. They just needed a catalyst; which they got in Manny Ramirez. I heard some newscasters calling him Mannywood because he seems so Hollywood I guess. Whatever, the guy can really hit, especially in the post season. He doesn’t seem to be effected by the stress of it but seems to thrive on it. Anyway I have to come over to your side now and root for the Dodgers since they are the next closest team to me. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your new show.


Hey Alyssa,
Here’s wishing for a MANNY RETURN ENGAGEMENT at FENWAY PARK…and being a NL fan, a NL WORLD SERIES winner…and for you, to keep SMILING🙂🙂🙂
P.S. Still a PO”ed baseball buddy of yours, later…

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hey alyssa!
so nice to hear from you again!😀
GO DODGERS!!! we sweptt!! oh baby!! i am giddy and CANNOT wait for the games againsst the phillies to start :]
and yes..the world series will be DODGERS vs. red sox heeheee heee ..i can see it now..the sstandds wil be so full people will be paying just to get in and stand on the stairss😀 so excited..
and that video..hilariouss!! they should most defineltely make a remake of that!! i get the chills just thinking about itt😀
p.s. im watching pathology rite now. i LOVE far. :]
p.p.s. how much are those manny wigs running for? i was thinking of getting one to match my touch dodgers satin jacket(which i LOVE)..maybe add a link to the wig in your next blog?? ;]

So glad for you, Alyssa. The media should have checked with me when they predicted a Cubs sweep. As a child of Chicago kids, I could have steered them right. Any team that is so cursed they have to get a priest to bless their dugout doesn’t stand a chance past October 1st.
Best of luck to the Dodgers.
Jim in Texas (banjoist2008)

Alyssa those pictures of you waving your towel and blowing your whistle remind of Steeler fans waving their terrible towels & urging their team on.

A Dodgers – Red Sox world series would be awesome on any level but first things first – getting past the Phillies. I hope the Dodgers do advance.


Nice to hear from you as always! I hope there is a red sox/dodgers world series. I love sitting in the back of my AP chem class listening to all the baseball jocks (who are red sox fans) complain about Manny being traded. I just sit there and laugh! I’m like HAHA we got him now suckers! You are goin down!
I really hope the dodgers make it this year.
Looks like you had fun at the game.
And to Kent and CJ…I’m totally jealous that you got to meet her but glad you got to all the same!!

Jessica B.

Cute pics.

But can we trade the Dodgers winning it all against Tampa Bay for having to sit through the Red Sox in the WS? I just wanna root for Torre to win the thing without THAT side story/drama interferring.

Gak. 🙂

Hello Alyssa,

First of all, it was great to meet you last year at one of your Touch promotions that you did at Shea Stadium. You were really sweet!
Being a Die-Hard Mets Fan, I am sooooo rooting for your Dodgers to massacre those Phillies!!
Enjoy this, your team deserves it!!

Kindest regards,
Queens, NY (of course)

Hi Alyssa,I’m very glad your Dodgers are having great success.I am happy for you.The photos are spectacular.You are definitely a beautiful sight.Thank you.

Prediction….Dodgers WILL win the World Series. Prediction….if you cross all your limbs, you’ll fall over!!🙂 Prediction….Cory’s blue “skullcap” will become the next fashion item for the masses🙂 Prediction….Cory for President in 2016, Your good self for World Empress and the planet will be a bright shade of blue very shortly :):)



From a Cubs fan:

I just wanted to say congratulations to your team and I wish the Dodgers the best of luck in the NLCS.

Hello! You looked like you had so much fun in Saturday’s game!🙂. I am glad that we have come this far – I’m sooooooooo excited!!! LOL…the youtube video was so cute. I DO hope that some of our Dodgers can remake that song……lol…..especially Martin (he’s my favorite player!). I would like to see Martin, Manny, Ethier, and Loney remake that video….hahahahaha…..Can’t wait until tomorrow’s game – game 1 of the NLCS. Well, as you say – peace, love, and baseball (by the way, I LOVE this saying of yours, it’s quite clever and sends the right message – after all, baseball is the BEST sport out there :-P).

I have been holding off for some time in responding to your last few posts (all great by the way) for fear of those superstitions you mentioned. I was lucky enough to catch the season ending series against the Giants, didn?t go so well losing 2 of 3 but there was just something about the way the boys in blue were carrying themselves. Not very often when living in the area of your biggest rival that you lose 2 of 3 and still walk away with a smile.

With that last series behind them and the post season ahead the possibilities were endless. The baseball pundits however, had the Cubs moving on and our team packing for the off-season? not so fast. Great pitching, the most timely 2 out hitting I have ever seen, and a few plays in the field by the Cubs that had me remembering something about the curse of a billy-goat (1945), black cat (1969), the 1984 Cubs who traded Buckner to Boston for Durham (ball through Durham?s legs in NLCS), 1986 Red Sox Buckner wearing a Cubs batting glove in game 6 (ball through Buckner?s legs) and last but not least Bartman (2003). Better luck next year, there?s always a next year.

So how to pass the time when waiting to see who the Dodgers would meet next? Check touch?em all to read some posts (hang in there Curt, on of my patients was a beat writer for the Cubbies back in the day and needless to say he is heartbroken but already looking forward to next year), stumbled across this which if you are a fan of Roberto Clemente is a must watch even if you have read books about him or think you know all there is to know, please take a moment.

Sorry getting off track a bit, on to the Phillies. No easy task slowing down Rollins and Victorino but I think that is the key above Burrell, Howard and Werth. Our pitching for the most part has seen us through this year and now that the hitting has come around, look out for the new Blue wrecking crew (thanks for that video, so bad you can?t stop watching).

World Series against the Red Sox, you couldn?t make that up with what has transpired if you tried. So let?s hope (for this and other events to happen in 08? maybe a subtle hint maybe not) for this match-up. My question, would Manny be able to use the facilities they installed in the wall for him or did they change the locks on his executive bathroom when they sent him to us?

One last thing, if Gibson starts limping around don?t fret, it is a sign. That 20 years later the Dodgers will be World Series champs again!

So here’s to being Dodger Blue in the S.F. bay,

firstly, i think it’s amazing that you guys looked like you were having a good time in such a lame section of the stadium. are u sure that wasn’t acting? secondly, how awesome is technology? lets take phones for example: we can receive emails directly about blog stuff, emails about baseball stuff, and emails about all kinds of stuff. basically, technology is awesome because it links us to the stuff we love even when we’re not around. enough about the obvious, how crazy was that sweep? super stoked about the upcoming phillies series. boston looks tough, but im sure manny has been waiting to be able to properly thank them for all that flow…it doesnt hurt that everyone else is playing to win too. go blue!

Congrats on the Cubs sweep! I think it’s more likely that if the Dodgers do make it to the WS, they’ll be playing the Rays. Anybody but the Red Sox this year..

LA has a way better fanatic than Philly has.
My feeling is that the Queen song could be cued up in the state of Florida, rather than Massachusetts.
Hey, looks like Lou in the background, cheering on the blue wrecking crew!!
What a rousing time for “Go Dodgers”
Alyssa, you really are a lovely fan. Makes me glad that I was born in LA.

Hey Alyssa!

Wow how much does this team rule? Amazing!
I was so excited, they won the first series now let’s hope they’ll sweep the Phillies too *joins you in knockin’ on wood :P*
Because of the time difference I could only check the scores the next morning at school (while working on a project) when I saw they’d won I wound up cheering, throwing my hands in the air and uhm causing a bit of a scene everyone was looking at me like I’d grown a second head lol,.. But it was well worth it.. I defenitely said a prayer of thanks to the man upstairs!

Have a great weekend! And let’s hope the dodgers will make it one to remember😉



Oh p.s Love the pics!😀

Great post, as always. And don’t worry, I’m crossing every limb possible, on my body, for your Dodgers to go up against the Red Sox in the World Series. WOOH, what a game that would be. I get butterflies in my stomach and chills down my spine just thinking about it. I’m nervous for the Phillie’s game though; mostly because of the stats, like you said, but I think your boys can pull it off. I mean, you creamed those Cubs, didn’t you? (GREAT game btw. You shoulda seen me, jumpin’ around like crazy and screaming my head off. My neighbors probably thought I was dying!) And, to top it all off, everyone thought the Dodger’s would lose in that game. HA, we showed them. Oh my gosh, look at me. Saying “we”, you really are turning me into a Dodger fan Alyssa! Well, it’s not a surprise, I knew it would happen one day haha. You are the one that got me interested in baseball so it’s to be expected I would soon become a Dodger’s fan. Not to mention THEY ARE THE BEST. Like your youtube video clearly showed! -hilarious by the way.
Thanks for chatting with us, and thanks for the pictures!

Alyssa, you were one of my first crushes growing up. But now, my Phillies get to crush your ridiculous World Series dreams. The Phils will beat “Blue” and play the Rays in the World Series. GO PHILLIES!

You forgot about Manny playing against the team that he quit on…….but I digress.

And may we finally get to see a well pitched series… both teams……I can only dream.

Congratulations Dodgers fans, I’m still beat battered and bruised from the sweep of the Cubs. I’m now a Dodgers fan, they MUST win now that they battered my boys! Philly is either hot or cold. Their pitching is suspect although that was not evident against Brewers. I must admit I’m starting to be a Manny fan. When he golfed that one low pitch out of wrigley, I was like wuz up with dat man. I’ll be watching tonight. Alyssa gosh you didn’t get sprayed with Champaign? You look pretty clean, next time I want to see your hair wet?

Hey Lyssie how is it going :)) I wish Dodgers good luck with that and tnx for the pics.. you look so cute sweetie😛

Hey Alyssa!

Wow! I`m so glad about
the world series
Dodgers VS Boston Red Sox!
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for:
The dodgers!

oh my gosh the video on youtube is so funny!
I can`t stop laugh! LOL
It`s hilarious!
and I hope we will be it AGAIN!

The pictures are awesome!
You look so wonderful happy in the photos,
when I saw them I was happy too!
Everytime when I see them
I would like to make the same
like you on the third pic!

love ya lyssa
AND lots of greetings to you

//Manny against the team still paying his salary and the fans that turned against him.//

How do you figure that, Alyssa? Manny still has many fans in Boston.

Convenient how you leave out, as someone else noted, that Manny quit on his team – and that even Manny admitted that.

Here’s to a Phillies sweep so we don’t have to deal with self-righteous fans like you!

Just want to say a few quick things. I don’t think that there is anything better or anytime better than post-season, cool weather, high emotion times than playoff baseball. I’m sorry to say guys that I have to pull for the phils on this one. I really think this will be the best matchup of this years playoffs. Both teams being on fire right now and I can’t wait for this series to go 7 with 1 run 9th inning heroics. I am a huge fan of Joe Torre and I think the dodgers are a very good ball club this year. I think if Manny can be contained then it goes well for the Phils if not, the dodgers win in 6. No harm at all meant by this post, I just think that now is the time to gather with old friends and family and watch something magical in this series. Hope this finds everyone doing well and have fun with this great time of the year.

Be good to each other!

I enjoy the blog, but let’s get something straight. As a Boston fan and resident, I can tell you that we did not turn on Manny. Manny turned on us. He quit playing. Just look at his numbers before the trade and after. I watched him every day. He wasn’t running out ground balls. He didn’t want to play. He faked a knee injury, and then forgot which way he was supposed to limp.

Yeah, he’s fine now in LA. But just wait. He is a spoiled baby, and eventually, he’s gonna quit on LA as well.

Go Sox!

Hey Red Sox fan’s: I don’t think Alyssa was “painting with a broad brush”, that ALL Red Sox fans are Manny haters…Some are, others aren’t…I know one thing, my team could have used a MANNY in the middle of their lineup.
Can you imagine the emotions if the two teams do meet in the WORLD SERIES.🙂

You need to watch more Sportscenter. Peter Gammons had the Dodgers over the Cubbies. Apparently, the man knows of what he speaks.

Again, they’re taking it all literally. I believe the general consensus was that the Cubs would beat the Dodgers. That’s why they play the games, as some teams(won’t name names) just think they show up and advance automatically…

The East Coast Sports Programming network is biased anyhow…

Alyssa, i love your pics from the game! ( I knew you had a great time!)
I hate to disappoint you, but it’s going to be the RAYS vs the Dodger in the World Series! People keep underestimating Tampa Bay and it will bite them in the butt!
Good luck to you and the Dodgers!
Till your next blog,
Your loyal and fellow baseball crazy,

This is shaping up to be a great series. I hope it goes 7 games and I hope the phillies win it but if they don’t I will be pulling for the Dodgers. Hope this finds everybody healthy and happy!

Good lord willing and the creeks don’t rise!!!


WORLD SERIES HERE WE COME..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Alyssa,
Just found the blog and love it! To be honest, I’m a die hard Red Sox fan…but it’s so nice to hear from other women who love to talk baseball! And thanks for helping us female fans look good as we support our teams! I’m rooting for your Dodgers and hoping for a Red Sox/Dodgers series but I’m pretty sure we’re planning for different outcomes…Good luck to you and your Dodgers…for now🙂

Bonjour ma belle,

I?m exhausted from excitement, all this thrill is killing me, just love it, I?m a little gloomy that I could not watch the last game against the Cubs, I Just came back from Paris (business trip), and I did not have the time or opportunity to watch it, but I saw the results on the net, thanks for ?Wiffi? in hotel rooms.

My “Good” luck seam bracelet, worked even if it did not look very chic with my black suit, to bad had to wear it !

I can not imagine A Dodgers-Red Sox World Series; it would be for me like a Belgian-Germany World Cup Soccer final: Horrifying!

Adore the picture sweetie, look astonishing and thrilled comme toujours !

Expected the unexpected, I just love this game?
Way to Go Boys?

T?embrasse fort,


I’m sorry but blowing a whistle anywhere is just plain annoying–especially at a baseball game.

I thought that kind of thing was reserved for the ultra-obnoxious fans in Japan. ???

p.s. Go Phils!

Ooh, looks like fan emotions are ALREADY running high. I mean just look at some of these comments. A little on edge, if you ask me. (Not to mention rude!) Anyway, the game last night was intense! In the bottom of the 6th inning I could barely contain myself. I was grinding my teeth, clenching my fists, and hoping with every last part of me that the game wouldn’t end with a 2-3 score. Too bad. But it’s ok, our Dodger’s still put up a good fight and there is always today to dominate!
Love, Katlyn
P.s. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

i agree with ^^^ katlyn… some of the comments ARE just plain rude! I hope tonights game gets the result we want.

I was all excited when I found out that Joe Torre had his own blog! But WOW!! Alyssa Milano!! UNBELIEVABLE!! You Dodger fans sure know how to live!! I ‘m still sticking with my original pick(DODGERS IN FIVE GAMES OVER PHILLY.)

Hey Alyssa,
RETURN THE FAVOR and “SWEEP” them in LA… Make some “NOISE”, whistle and all…
P.S. I like the fact that the Dodgers battled back after getting down early…Talk to you LATER…

Wow, another great game. Sure we didn’t win, but we put up a good fight! Good job boys! Plus, we still have a window of opportunity to get back into the series. Let’s hope the boys really bring it Sunday!

Hi Alyssa,
I’m a Phillies fan and would like to apologize for some of the trolls comments left here. I doubt they’re genuine Phillies fans anyway. This series is far from over and we all know how the Phils – Dodgers series went during the regular season. I just hope we can pick up another win or two😉 out in LA and keep Manny away from the fences. Sorry I missed your appearance in Philly earlier in the season and hope you’ll be back next year.
I think the whistle’s cool.

Hello, Alissa!
I want say you THANKS for that you are!
My name is Natalya. I am from Ukraine. Here called on Your site by chance.Decided you to write.

You, as usual, look SPLENDIDLY!

Wish you ENORMOUS,iskrenney And REAL LOVE!!!
Let in Your life a man will appear for which not only you will be treasure but also for whom He will be treasure! Treasure you will meet By…chance .
Thank you for the read letter!!!
Of Success to you in EVERYTHING!, Alissa!
Soory for my English…

how do feel about the dodgers this year?

how do you feel about the dodgers this year?

prettiest lady in the world…!!

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