Until We Meet Again

Well, at least now we can look back and say that in 2008 we were eliminated by the World Champions. Congratulations to all of you Phillies fans out there. It must feel good.

After the elimination game, there were some fans that stuck around cheering and showing appreciation, for about a half hour straight. It was a cool thing to be a part of. My voice was hoarse for two days. Nomar came out of the dugout, waved, and put his hand over his heart as if to say: “Thank you.” It seemed like he was saying goodbye to something. Maybe he was saying goodbye to the stadium, maybe he was saying goodbye to baseball. The moment made me well up.

Mr. McCourt stuck around and the fans started a chant specifically for his behalf.

“Please sign Manny! (clap,clap,clap,clap,clap) Please sign Manny!” we chanted.

dodgers.jpgI said goodbye to my neighbors in my section, wished them a good offseason, and made the sad walk to the car with my brother (who was inconsolable), David and Rachael.

As I walked through the stadium to get to my parking lot, I saw sleepy children holding their gloves in one hand and their daddy’s hand in the other. I realized, a whole new generation of Dodger fans got to experience the NLCS for the first time and that was special. Their fathers were probably kids the last time we had made it that far.

I didn’t post a blog entry after that game because quite frankly, I didn’t know what to say. I sat down to try and write something, anything, to express what I was feeling. Alas, I couldn’t find the words and thought that it would be best just to be quiet for a moment and get some distance.

With that distance, I realized the good so outweighed the bad this season. With all the ups and downs, it felt like every game had its own heartbeat.

Thank you, Dodgers, for a great season.

Spring will be here before you know it and in the interim, we have the rumors and deals of the offseason to keep us occupied. Dodger free agents:

  • Casey Blake
  • Rafael Furcal
  • Nomar Garciaparra
  • Jason Johnson
  • Derek Lowe
  • Jeff Kent
  • Greg Maddux
  • Joe Biemel
  • Chan Ho Park
  • Mark Sweeney
  • Manny Ramirez
  • Pablo Ozuna

If you were Ned Colletti, what would YOU do?

I will try to continue to blog during the offseason when there’s something to say. Until then, I will be working on Single With Parents and missing baseball.


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Hey Alyssa,
If I was the GM, I would:
Blake- EH…
Furcal- Try to sign him(let the Cubs have him)
Nomar- Gone
Jonhson- Gone
Kent- Gone
Maddux- Gone, don’t think he would want to be pitching coach
Biemel- Keep
Park- Try to keep
Sweeney- try to sign
Ozuna- Gone
Good Luck with the show and take care Alyssa…
Curt (I’m taking care of a house cat for 2+ weeks
Later Alyssa…

Hi Alyssa

You right there was so much more good then bad it was a great year and I can’t wait till next.. Yes thank you Dodgers for a great year and Also

Alyssa my father never took me to the game so I never really knew how wonderful it can be Till you came into my life Thank you for bringing me to Baseball and in your heartfelt was the true spirit of the game.

Thank you Alyssa


Seems to me the best team won overall; congratulations to the Phil’s (and, to the Rays also; that team is young and loaded and, if I were them, I would trade some arms for the Upton brother in Arizona – shame they have such a lousy stadium and are in a brutal division). If I were Colleti, at first pass, I’d certainly sign Blake, Furcal, Nomar (I assume Kent is retiring and Nomar can take over that spot, assuming he doesn’t want to retire and only play the position of Dad with Mia and Company) and Sweeney (pinch hitting is an art that is valuable). Lessee, who does that leave off your list? Kent, presume retiring, Maddux, presume retiring…ok, I guess you also have to pick up Lowe and Biemel…Who did I miss? Oh, yeah, Manny. I don’t know. His history scares me, but he’s also the reason the Dodgers played in October. I’m guessing he really wants to be a DH someplace (and can you make it a mission to rid us of the DH? Thanks in advance). And, no fair, you’ve never announced the night your new show is going to be on (if it’s been slotted yet); as long as your not against House, you’re good to go from me.

Allyssa I understand how you feel about your Dodgers. Try being a Pittsburgh Pirate fan. Willie Stargell was still playing the last time they won(if I remember correctly). My father took me to games at the old Forbes Field when I was a child (that was neat). As to who the Dodgers should sign or not, I have no clue. Each year is different.

As they say “there is always next year”. Enjoy the off season and good luck on your sitcom.


Thanks Alyssa….for once the city of Philadelphia has something to root for! As a proud Phillie fan, I am gonna say I think the LA series was more interesting and dramatic than the World Series. The Rays are a good team, but they were in over their heads. Phillies weren’t even hitting and they STILL won! Now I get to see if Penn State can win the National Championship, then I will truly be happy! (unless I got to meet u!)
As of for the Dodgers, if they can keep the core of their team they should win the NL West again. The BIG question is Manny. I think the Dodgers should go for it and just offer what he wants and sign him. You have the manager, the young players, the pitching, and the superstar in Manny. The question is, will Dodger management allow them to be like big market teams like the Yankees and spend money to get to a World Series or not. The Phillies have players brought up through the farm system, just like the Yankees of the 90’s. I don’t know how many of the Dodgers came up through the system (I am sure alot), but that seems to be a formula for success. Not signing big name stars like the current Yankees have done. So where do the Dodgers go?
I think the Dodgers are on the correct path to a Series, but I would hate to see them become the Yankees.
Hope u have a good winter Alyssa and can’t wait till next season!

Alyssa, as a Rays and Mets fan, i know how you feel. I can’t be too disappointed though. The Rays had a fantastic season! Congrats to the Phillies! (Can’t wait to go to Clearwater in february LOL)
It’s just 4 long months til Spring Training. (WAH!)
Till next year,
Your loyal and fellow baseball nut,

Hey sweetie, I’m sry for The Dodgers but who knows, may be next year they’ll have better luck🙂

But now just spend a great time and have a lot fun on the set of Single Withe Parents, can’t wait to watch it😛


Alyssa, I just wanted to tell you and I know I have before: THANKS for continuing this blog and for everything that you do. God bless you Alyssa…
P.S. And I will be watching SINGLE WITH PARENTS and yes, I will RETURN…Until the next time, BYE ALYSSA…

Have to admit I was looking forward to an LA-Tampa Bay World Series myself.
It was a great year for baseball in general. the league is beginning to show a new side to it to the younger fans. Teams are beginnig to realize that catering to the kids can be the base for a future ticketholder.

That sometimes gets lost in the financial side of baseball, but it is getting closer views in our park, and some that I have visited this year. I am hoping to hit the old Ravine next year and see this grand ballpark for myself.

Looking forward to seeing the show, and glad to see that Nomar did give the great fans some love. Manny was being a great Manny in LA…….. hope he finds what he needs in LA

Rays Renegade


Thank you for blogging Alyssa;

I watched the first part of game 5 of the world series but wasn’t able to see the final deciding part. I think I read in the newspaper that it was quite the show though. Anyhow I’m tired now and have to get some sleep. It would be great if you could keep in touch with us. Sorry we are so nosy. How is it going so far on your new show? Is the kraft service good? Do you like how things are going? I so want to talk to you like I know you which I know I don’t.



Hey Alyssa!

I was hope you’d post again🙂 I was so bummed after they lost.. But yeah there’s always next year let’s hope they can keep Manny!
Good luck with the show, I can’t wait to see it.. It looks hilarious ;D It was a blast reading your blog this season! (as always).. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insight with us🙂

Have a great weekend!



Sry Alyssa and Dodgers fans… Been a Sox fan all my life.. was rooting that the Dodgers took NL title… ur best bet for a title next year is to bring back Lowe.. he has a good year left in him… Blake.. he has the bat… take it from some1 who has lived the Manny era… Let him go… He wants to go to the Yankees anyways…. Let them have the headache.. He has all the ability in the world.. but no team spirit and no heart for the fans… He couldn’t even be bothered to visit wounded soldiers. When the Sox went to Washington D.C to see the soldiers in the hospital and the president… Manny took the flight to D.C. with the team…. but had more important things to do… like going to the spa… Good riddens Manny.. definitely go for Blake, Lowe , Nomar, and Park.. good thing to come from them… be safe and gl in the ’09 season…

Bonsoir ma belle,

“In a competition of love we’ll all share in the victory, no matter who comes first?

Bravo to Philadelphia, great victory!

Blake ? Non comment
Nomar ? Gone
Kent ? definitely gone
Manny ? I?m not shure yet!

I?m going to miss baseball, this blog, my fellow bloggers and last but not least TOI (You);

I think it was a great season for both of my ?darling? teams and I would like to thank them for immense moments, merci.

Hope to see you soon on the small screen, happy Halloween sweetie and let us all pray for a bright vote ;-))))

T?embrasse fort,


It makes me so sad to know that this season is over. It has been SUCH a magical year for the Dodgers. And although I’m not really a little little kid, this is the first time I’ve got to experience the NLCS myself, and it was incredible! Thanks for all your wonderful posts throughout this season, and I’m really looking forward to watching your new show!
Lots and lots of love,
P.s. congrats to the Phillies! After the Dodgers were eliminated I was rooting for them. That way (like you said) at least we can say we were taken out by the World Champions! –Which is something to be very proud of.

Hey Basebal Fans,

My hats off to PHILLY! They deserve it for having such a great team plus it had been so long since they won it all. Gosh I had a bit of trouble getting into this site? Anyway, thanks so much to everyone here unfortunately my Cubbies have to wait another year? Maybe next century? I could not believe all the free agents from Dodgers? Man Nomar probably played his last game, what a career though. If I could be a baseball player he’s one of the guys I wish I could be like, good at everything. Manny wuz up with Manny? Tisk tisk got 100Million? He will be 40 something if they sign him to 5-6 years? My body gave out at 35. I had to give up my second love which is basketball because of a bad lower back. My first love is football, baseball has always been a spectator sport for me. Well, thanks Alyssa it was great meeting you this year. Now I have to quit moaning about meeting Alyssa. Looking forward to next year, thats what Cub fans do best. You can’t say we dont know how to lose? Hope everyone has love laughter and luck in their lives! We here have our differences over players and teams but lets all stick together and as a whole were much stronger than individuals!

Hi Alyssa.
Nice to hear you again.

Probably nobody will believe it,
but in the last days, I visited the blog,
perhaps 2 or 3 times a day.. 😛

I don’t understand nothing about baseball.
Just soccer, but who doesn’t understand.. Even just a little..🙂

I’m here to show you my support..

Well, I hope everything goes well in the future.

Ctia Costa


What a way to celebrate 50 years in LA, but in the end it all seems too short and ends too soon. Hopefully they got a good taste of what it means to play for something and the experience will carry over, even if Manny doesn’t re-sign.

I was glad that you guys got the DVD; your brother was very gracious!

I think Blake and Furcal are musts to get signed. I don’t see Beimel staying, especially the way he was utilized this year. And who knows with Manny.

Funny you should mention Nomar. I got a nice little souvenir from him, and that’s all I’ll say for now.

I’ll be at the Super Bowl (but not on camera) if you’re there this year stop by and say hello!

Until we meet again!!


Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for blogging – I look forward to next season’s installments.

A lot of the free agents that you listed are well past their prime (Kent, Nomie, Maddux to name a few). I doubt they will be back. Manny will be difficult to sign (Boras client) but the Dodgers may wind up inking a deal with him. Manny with a guaranteed long term contract will likely be a different animal than he was in his contract drive. He will still hit but may be come a distraction (see Boston).

I wish you well with your TV series.


happy halloween

Hi Alyssa,I enjoy reading that blog.You write beautiful blogs.I’m eager to read more.I’m anxious to see you on SINGLE WITH PARENTS.I think you know that you’re my favorite thing in the whole world.This was a magical DODGERS’ season,in my opinion.I feel honored to be a part of this magical season.You made this a great season.You made it very interesting and magical,for me.I appreciate what you did.I always have fun reading from you and writing to you.Thank you.

this was quite a…SEASON. im sure everyone was feeling…indescribable after the game. and thanks for that explanation on why you didnt blog after the were eliminated. A few hours after the game i went on to find that, well, there was no new blog from you. i thought that you were either really mad about the loss or just lost faith. fortunately, it was neither of those. :] im glad to see that you finally blogged.
anyways.. *sigh. its so sad to hear that so many of our great dodgers will be gone next season. :[ hopefully we might possibly see them once again in dodger blue next season!! especially manny and furcal..😀
its great to hear that you will be on tv regularly again. frankly, you on my name is earl just wasnt enough to fill the void. and charmed can only air so much on tnt! so thank goodness for abc, they are officially my new favorite tv station.
hope to hear from you soon!!
and Happy Halloween!!!
-Karen.. :D\
Love Yah!!

Lit’l Mz Sweetness:
I will also offer my thanks to you for providing this entertaining blog, and your opinions.
I’d forecast a lot of the young talent returning for another season. Whilst many of the older veterans, of this grand game, wandering out the door of the locker room, for the last time.
Manny was truly great for the Dodgers, for a couple of months. Yet, my feeling is that he may become more valuable as leverage in obtaining another pitcher, which could be more critical than having one exceptional hitter.
Ultimately, Joe Torre must have the most input towards keeping, or trading certain players, all according to his plans, and how to execute the game.
Then again, back to you, I’ve noticed your NFL gear being advertised during commercial breaks of the Ex-List. There is something to be said about demographics. To which, I hope ABC chooses the right day for your new comedy, the time slot may not be as important as the day of the week?
Anyway, have a great off-season, you’re still lovely, charming, cute, funny, and smart. So smart, that you are just about an intellectual. I think I like you most for your funniness.
You’ve made me smile on many occasions, hope that I’ve returned the favor, a few times.
Brent S.

Hey Alyssa!
I hope you are well. I can’t believe the season has already finished and even though the Doggers didn’t win, I’m happy they made it as far as they did.

I can’t wait for the next season to start. Hopefully I’ll be able to fly over to the US and watch the Dodgers play and who knows maybe even get to see you lol

I wish you all the best shooting ‘Single With Parents’. Please keep us posted with how things go on set!
Lots of hugs n kisses from a very cold and wet London,

I am so sad that we didn’t win the series I really wish we did. But you know all things came to teams who wait. I can’t wait until the preseason!!! GOD I know we will make it even farther next season.

Tres nice blog on Dodgers, thank you for continuing this blog and good continuance as actress. PS: desoler for my English (I am french )


Tres nice blog on Dodgers, thank you for continuing this blog and good continuance as actress. PS: desoler for my English (I am french )


Your reflection when watching a sleepy child walking to their car after the game and thinking of their first experience with playoff baseball struck a cord with me. It has been a while since the Dodgers have had a little success and since it’s better for a Giants fan, as I am, to see the Giants winning and competing in the playoffs it’s similarly good to watch the Dodger loose on the national stage. I do feel for the young children that had their hopes raised so much only to be crushed. As baseball fans of the game and the game of life we need these episodes of failure to build our character. Here’s to more memories of success and failure in the 2009 baseball season and beyond.


PS It’s a fondness not an obsession.

Sorry to see that about the Single show. Hang in there.

Hey Alyssa, I just read about your new show. Don’t take it hard girl, it’s obviously not your fault. With your talent I’m sure you would get another show. Stay strong!

hey Alyssa..sorry to hear about your show being dropped. Too many egos it sounds like to me. Hopefully, it can still find another network or something. Good luck. I will be thinking of u.

Great blog Alyssa, but you did forget one upcoming Dodger free agent, Brad Penny. I’m hopeful that both he and Manny will be heading north of the border for next season. GL to you and the Dodgers though!

Oh Alyssa..I’m missing baseball and your wonderful blogs already😦

Hope all is well…so sorry about your show. We’ve started a petition to save it though. I think there’s about 500 signatures as of right now. Maybe it will get ABC’s attention? One can only hope!!! If you wanna check it out, the link is on your CL page!

Love your number 1 fan,
Katlyn -from KC-

Hi Allyssa
Happy Offseason.
I guess that all depends on how it works out.
As I write this there is a rumor we might lose Raffy, either to the A’s or some other team. It’s tough with him, his injuries and all.
Although Lowe said he’d rather return to an east coast team I hope we convince him to come back.
Manny, Manny, Manny—Boras,Boras, Boras…What can I say?
Just keep your fingers crossed.
I was wondering if you still remember meeting me and my daughter in the Shea Stadium Store.

Think of it this way Alyssa.
They can spend tons of cash and time on Manny who they’ll probably only have 3, 4 maybe 5 years tops.
They could build on the rest of the team that helped get them to the NLCS.
It would be totally sweet to have Manny back, but Manny and not much else won’t even get you back to the playoffs, let alone the World Series.

Every season’s a mystery, tough. But you’re still the hottest baseball fan out there. I’m trying to get my girlfriend in some of your fashion.

Thanks for the congratulations to my Phillies. We’ve been waiting a long time.

~ Scott


Do your best to re-up Furcal and Lowe…. the rest are gone. No Manny? Yes. He wants mulit-years, and the Dodgers are already committed to big contracts where they will pay big bucks for players that won’t help. Two years from now Manny would be making $25 M aand be on the decline.

Hey Alyssa
The Dodgers must sign Manny if they want to get past the NLCS and I think they will. I also think they have a shot at CC even though the Yankees offered him all that money. Maybe hes one of those guys that plays for the love of the game and not for money. CC wants to be on the west coast so its a possibility. I hope Manny stays a dodger even though i’m not a dodgers fan.



Another week without baseball…….Just dropped by to wish you a happy B-Day….you got a tough choice this year…on the one hand you want a pony and on the other you want Manny…pony….Manny…Manny…pony…I think I know what Vegas would give you better odds for getting…I’d also go for Sabathia myself, tho it seems the Yankees are going ridiculous…I’ve read Sabathia likes the left coast and he likes to play baseball and not just pitch…hard to turn down 140 million + …really hard…Sorry to hear about your job, don’t worry there will be others…only a 141 days till opening day so wear that championship hat at a jaunty angle , I will be….Mort

Hey Alyssa,
My names Will and I live about 2 hrs north of L.a. Im a huge Dodger fan. Now the offseason starts I am very excited to see what tricks Colletti has up his sleeves. Hopefully one of them not being overpaying for a washed up veteran….Andruw J….nevermind. I realize everyone loves Manny as do I, but I am not sure signing him is a great idea. They are offering him a lot of money where we need to fill numerous gaps in the infield. I also think we need to address our pitching situation. I hope Colletti goes after Ryan Dempster. He would be an awesome asset to the team and for somewhere around 60 million. A.J Burnett would be a mistake, before he went to the Jays he was not that great as a Marlin.

Oh and I am very sad to hear that Preacher Roe died because he was a very close friend of my grandmother. They grew up 10 miles from eachother and knew eachother very well. I have a signed book from him and also one of his baseball cards. So it was pretty weird on Friday night when I was chillen with my friends and I get an Espn Alert saying he had died.😦
Well I enjoy your blog and its awesome that you are such a huge fan.
Go Dodgers

Hi Alyssa,

I now understand the scale and can only imagaine the atmosphere at a game at the Dodgers Stadium!!!!

I managed to jump on my twin sisters flight to LA, beg her to hire a car and drag her to the stadium so I could see it for real, well OMG I was stunned and unfortunately for me my twin and I were the only ones there but I did manage to buy my first ‘Touch’ piece of clothing to show my support. I can’t wait to show it off back home – Go Blue!!!

Here’s a pic of me at the stadium….

Kind Regrds


Just stumbled across your blog. I read a few of your post and you kept me interested and I am not even a fan of the Dodgers. Sorry once the Expos left, I haven’t found a team. Maybe it will be the Dodgers. Nice work and you should be a GM🙂

Hello Alyssa,
I’m 19 years old and I’m your regular French girl – of course, I’m a fan of you.
I guess you read a ginormous amount of messages that sound just like what I’m about to write.

What the heck, I wanted to post a comment here anyway because you seem more approchable than loads of stars since you have a blog, that’s awesome, by the way🙂
I’ll try to watch some episodes of My name is Earl and it would also be great if I could watch your new show!

I really love Charmed, and I’ve watched it quite a few times -a few years back in French, and now only in English, since I apply a no-French policy when it comes to TV and books.

Now, this may seem odd but I feel like Phoebe has the same cheeky humor as you, even though she’s a fictional character. And that’s why I love your Charmed “you” so much. I’m so happy to have stumbled on your blog! You sound so nice and funny🙂
You should actually try to publish a book, I’m sure it would be a bestseller!

As I’m still learning English, Charmed has been very helpful for my language skills, and has also helped me through personal problems.
I’ve been looking for a “better American (or British) show than Charmed” for years, and I just can’t find one that steps up to the plate.
Charmed is the bestest show ever – yeah, that word’s not grammatical, but who cares since it just reflects the truth.

My mom is also a fan of you, but she resents the fact that I only watch Charmed in English, because she can’t understand a thing!

However, she got it all wrong, because you sound waaay better than that stupid French chick who dubs you🙂

Anyway, I watched Charmed so much that a teacher blatantly told me “okay, high school in the US?” during an oral exam in literature. He actually doubled my grade thanks to that – and this allowed me to pass my year too – I’m an English major in her second year of college.
I guess that the time I spent watching you and your fellow witchy sisters was well-spent for I had a great time and learned something🙂
Phoebe is my favorite char in Charmed – that kinda makes sense – and something tells me I’ll like your new shows a lot.

Plus, I don’t want to freak you out because I’m not one of those obsessed fans, but I’ve been looking for a great American actress so that I could copy her speech and better my English and I may just use your appearance as Phoebe🙂 Somehow, you just stand out in a good way.
At least, if they need someone to play your character again, but with a weird American accent, I’d be ready haha.

I hope I don’t come across as stupid or just plain weird, but that’s how much I love watching your shows🙂

Have a nice Thanksgiving!
Hope to hear from you soon, and sorry if I butchered your language a bit in the process!


hello i am samsam2, i like the dodgers a lot

Hi ghost,
that email was mad too the the heart….

Predicaments with the team are in a strange limbo at this stage of the proceedings.
Should the money get ponied up to support it, somehow, the Dodgers could have an extremely better team next season.
C. C. Sabathia on the mound, Manny Ramirez holding ground in left, and the rest of the supporting cast, mostly returning from last year. Casey Blake 3B, Blake DeWitt 2B, Furcal SS, Loney 1B, Andre Ethier RF, Matt Kemp CF, Jones if he can find a guru? Russell Martin behind the plate.
Management has stated that they would like to still look from within, meaning the lower leagues, and that sounds pretty good, since LA has always been known for their outstanding minor league instructions, and training of the basics, and fundamentals.
And dammit, bunting is well…, something any player should be able to do, when the Skipper calls for one.
On another note, sorry to hear that Single got nixed.
Consider it an opening for an even better thing.
Good luck and enjoy the holiday season, let us hope for more peace, and an end to all wars.
One answer I have is to bring all U.S. troops home.

Keep up the good work with Touch. My girlfriend and myself really liked the winter coats. I dont normally give successful people advice but Dont let anyone or anything change your plans, keep to your regular schedule. The world is full of all different types of people, your just exposed to more people than most. Keep smiling and taking pictures with fans!🙂

omg alyssa i just herd the news i hope that that man is not on this site because that is weird
ps; come to goergia

Hey Alyssa. Don’t know if anyone remembers me. Highly doubtful. I’ve been gone a long time. Comp died, bad time of year with family remembering mom’s passing. Economy. Go Barak.

Anyway, I’m back. As for the Free Agents? Manny and Casey will be Dodgers. Casey already signed. Everyone else is gone. They have Kershaw coming back and that other young Stud, Wade? I forget. He’ll be starting. That gives them Billingsly, Kershaw and Wade. YOUNG rotation. They REALLY need to make a play for reliever Hoffman to add depth in the pen. They also really should make a play for Sheets or Peavy. You need experience to settle a young rotation. Sheets or Peavy give you that. That was obviously their biggest hole last year. Their starting rotation let them down in the playoffs. I’ll be hugely disappointed with the money they have this year if they don’t get a Peavy or Sheets type pitcher.

They also need to ditch the great waste, their two outfielders making 67 million combined. They add nothing.

Anyway, hope the big Blue keeps improving and that someday I make it back out to Los Angelos to see a game. Tough being a die hard fan and not being able to see them live.

Hope all is well Alyssa, not that you actually read these. *chuckles*

Another week without baseball….Silly me just realized that I sent you a Happy B-Day a month early, should have remembered that yours was the week before and mine 3 weeks after Christmas…I wonder who got the worse presents ( mine were re-wrapped and wool )….It’s hard to believe it but Manny is still hanging about and tho I love the guy as a great player I wonder if his attitude is catching up to him, should know in a short while…I do like the names Blake and Loretta tho and hope they can fill the void…It’s funny that the Yanks had to offer CC 20 more million just to cover his lease on a compound where he can live while he’s there and I love the 3 year opt-out option….I hope your recent fan problem hasn’t soured you to writing this blog, I remember your first year when you answered a bunch of our silly questions, mine being one, and thought that was fine, but when I read this stuff about people wanting you to answer all the time I’m afraid it will turn into a fan sight and not a Blue sight. Keep writing and bringing us some unique views, I’ll be here…..Have a Great Christmas….Mort

Wow, Casey is a free agent again?
Wouldn’t that be weird if we added him
to the Indians again? See, I really hope
he comes back to Cleveland. And there is a deeper
reason for that. My fifth grade math teacher [Im in 9th now]
is related to Casey. They are cousins, and I met him once because of it. He is a great guy. Since his cousin and us are in Ohio, I think he belongs back here. I miss him. D:

I appreciate your good sportsmanship and you’re love for our coveted Dodger Blue. I think you were entirely too nice to the Philly fans despite their cowardly display of championship baseball. I think there should be a new rule limiting how many times you can walk a single batter during a championship series. Charley Manuel has proven to me just how scared he is of the Dodgers, particularly of Manny Ramirez. Walking a guy in the first inning with nobody on base is cowardly, the scum walked him about 3 times a game. There is a term for that type of lowly engagement, they call it “CHICKEN BALL”. So in his cowardly honor, I will be producing T-shirts that read “CHARLEY PLAYS CHICKEN BALL” to be issued to fans at the Phillies games. Cole Hamells, keep running you’re mouth (Chicken Ball Artist), soon there will be a T-shirt for you too, Scum! -Rudy Jr.

My Fellow Dodgers,
I must say, I’m quite embarrassed to say Manny Ramirez and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the same sentence. I don’t like the way the team has treated Manny, I believe hiring an ex-Giants’ general manager was a huge mistake to begin with. As he very well knows, a player like this comes to a point where every game and home run is a piece of history (Ex:Bonds in SF). For the first time Dodger stadium would be involved in something like it never has before, the chase for the Home Run Crown. Attendance will “Sky Rocket”.

You have to be stupid not sign a player that good who shows no sign of slowing down , he gives pitchers the fear that we haven’t had in the line up for 50 years. He already draws the fans. We can’t let the Yanks get him, it won’t be good for us or Boston just in case of a likely future series match up. Also, Boston won’t want to deal us good players anymore, (a good relationship that has lasted along time) we shouldn’t do that to them.

We’re starting to look like jokers and we don’t have the nerve to sign him. If anybody in the league can draw the fans in hard times like the Babe did, it’s Manny. Clubs spend years trying to find players like this, we have one dropped in our lap, tested out the product , and still we are not satisfied? Ned, treat Manny like he should be treated. Let’s face it, the guy saved your butt, give Manny 5 years! Don’t we want him to stay? 2 years is not what I call “Fair” after he showed such enthusiasm for playing for us. Think of how juiced he’ll be after you make him happy….-Rudy Jr

Mike Piazza 1994: .362ba,201h,40hr,124rbi,104r-traded,
Adrian Beltre
2004: .334ba,200h,48hr,121rbi,104r-traded,

Manny Ramirez
2008: .332ba,183h,37hr,121rbi,102r
(53G W/ L.A.D.) .396ba,74h,17hr,53rbi,35r-?

Next season:
(160G) .350ba,210h,45hr,150rbi,105r,

At least make him a fair offer (4yrs.@100m if not 5@125m). If we don’t, we are going to see a huge dip in attendance (fans will be angry). I hope we’re all just paranoid and management has some type of hush-hush agreement with Manny in the works. I guess we should be use to this crap by now, a team that does an average of 3 million attendance a year in a city like Los Angeles should have no excuses. We’ve been patient during yet another great youth
movement, It’s now time to cash in our chips and try to win this thing. Manny has proven to be the answer, you can’t offer 60 when he asked for 100!-Rudy Jr

Sign Biemel, you can never have too many lefties in the pen. I am optimistic about Kershaw and Schmidt, but the pen may have too put in a lot of work this year.

alyssa im soo sorry about the angels players
i give my condolence.s tohis family.
oh i just love your new book i love
to say thank you.
and i hope you meet you this year i have a new book&touch cap i got from the redsox game i went on april 9th i hope you autogragh someday in 09 if my hope comes true
signed melody your loyal friend and fan

oh congratulations on your engagment
i seen photos of your man he is a handsome gentlemen

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