All I want for Christmas


Dear Santa,

harley.jpgHello! I know you are very busy making toys and all, so I won’t take up too much of your time. I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a good girl I’ve been this year.

I have been very good. I ate my vegetables. I cleaned my room and made my bed. And when my TV show got canceled 10 days before we were supposed to start production, I didn’t even say any swear words! I didn’t even say “sh*!”. Nope. Not even once. How good is that? Instead, I looked at the bright side and saw the glass half full. I remembered how blessed I was regardless of being out of work.

I know you know how good I’ve been because you’ve been watching. So, in lieu of being nice and not naughty, I have composed my Christmas list for you.

1. Please ease the struggle for those who are suffering from the financial crisis.

2. Please end the war.

3. Please bring happiness and health to my friends and family.

That’s it! That is all I want for Christmas! I bet you thought I was going to ask for Manny and Furcal to be Dodgers, or for two starting pitchers, or for the Dodgers to win the World Series, or things like that. Nope. I would never. Not me. Well, I mean, if you wanted to bring me those things, I certainly wouldn’t send them back. You wouldn’t even have to make a special trip to my house for those things! I don’t think Manny would fit down my chimney anyway. Furcal might. You could just drop them off at Dodger Stadium. Yeah. That would be perfect.

Thank you, Santa Claus.


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Wow Alyssa,
I have the same wishes.
If the Dodgers really wanted Manny, I think the would make a better effort to get him.
Like the Yankees and Mets do when they know what they need.

Alyssa, i loved your wish list. Things will get better. It’s just too bad your show was yanked so soon. But you handled it like the classy person your are!
Happy Holidays and early Happy Birthday to you!
Your loyal fan and fellow baseball nut,

I would like to know where I can get a specific piece of Touch clothing for my girlfriend…..but it seems to be sold out everywhere. That’s all I wish for

Merry XMAS Alyssa and MLB Bloggers!

Ho Ho Ho its snowing now, 5-8 Inches on top of ice we had already. The CG (Commanding General) has let us all go home 1 hour early, please pray for me that I get back to my dog and big screen TV. I do wish for the war to end. I hate being involved always have since day one but I also need to eat and pay bills. Been sick last week so I add to AJM’s list I wish good health for all AJM fans and MLB bloggers. My XMAS list is good health for next year, return my lost stock market funds, put money in bank instead of taking out, wish Alyssa goes back on TV or movies, wish people here at MLB and Message Boards peeps keep their jobs or get new jobs if they are unemployed. Wish everyone can keep their pets. Happy Birthday Alyssa and hope your family is in good health and happy. Take care of your dogs and remember your horses need attention also, plus of course remember your fans, um like us MLB peeps! Thanks

Wow, nice blog! I’ll be sure to keep checking it out. I joined in late November, so Im new to this, but Im getting the hang of it. (:

Hey Alyssa!

I’m so glad to read a new &wonderful blog entry!
All the things you wrote about, it’s so sweet!
Your list is just perfect!
Merry Christmas to you ,your Family and your cute Dogs.
I hope all your wishes come true!

Love ya,
Peace and a nice
Christmas time to everyone of you!


I’m guessing the red sweater and the red ornaments are in celebration of the Phillies winning the World Series.

Have a great Holiday! You’re welcome back to Citizen’s Bank Park anytime.

Hi Alyssa!
Thanks for your next, sweet and wonderful blog entry.
You look so cute in this red sweater!
I agree with your wishing list – hope all your wishes come true!!!
Merry Christmas to you and your Family!
Oh and Happy Birthday🙂

P.S. I have the same glass balls on my Christmas tree🙂

I’m speechless..
Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly become a bigger fan, you blow me away again!
I hope your wishes come true! And that the things you didn’t wish for but wouldn’t return well I hope those things come your way too and so much more you defenitely deserve it!

Have a very merry christmas and I hope 2009 will be an amazing year for you and your loved ones!



Merry Christmas Alyssa🙂

I hope all your wishes come true, you are a very good girl and I’m sure Santa is checking all his connections so he can fill your list.

Between you and me I’m sure at least a couple of the things on your list are very likely

love you

Hey Alyssa!
Loved that blog!! I hope you have a lovely birthday a great christmas and even better new year =D
All My love,
Charlotte (London)
x x x x

Congratulations on being a very good girl and saying even one bad word when your series was cancelled. I wish the rest of us could say that. Your wish list for Santa is the same as mine. May we both get what we wished for.
May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

Until April and the first pitch is thrown.


Great wishes Alyssa! Well except for manny and furcal of course. Being a Rockies fan I need the Dodgers to win fewer games ; ) I’ll be travelling around this season following the Rockies as best I can, so I’ll make sure to look in Doger stadium to see you rockin Dodger blue.

Hey sweetie, you make me happy every time you post something new😛
I wish all the things you want to come true, and every next year to be better and better for you❤
Btw I want the same things too, but I put just one thing 1st in my list – to see and meet you my angel😛
But whatever is happening, know that someone 6000 miles away from you loves you more than everything in this world❤

Haha…Thanks for the post Alyssa. It made me smile, and I really needed one of those today. So again, thank you. -On a different note, our christmas lists are almost identical!Here’s mine: 1 please help my family and the many others who are struggling from the financial crisis. 2 please let my family find peace and happiness through this hard time. 3 please let everyone have a nice place to stay and a warm meal on christmas day. and 4 please, please, please, keep my dad safe at war.
I hope all of your christmas

Oops, it cut me off🙂
I was going to say that I hope all of your christmas AND BIRTHDAY wishes come true!!
And also, I’m very impressed by how good you’ve been this year🙂 I have to say, I often times didn’t eat all my veggies… and when I said I’d cleaned my room I actually just shoved everything under my bed…and my biggest “uh oh” was when I heard your show got cancled:/ oops, haha. BUT, I did make sure to always wash behind my ears;) so I should get some points for that one!
Haha, thanks again for your post Alyssa. You made my day.
Your girl from KC-Katlyn

I love the bike.🙂 Get me one of those, will you, Santa? I’ll be your best friend…

You’re a sweetheart, Alyssa.
If you don’t me adding my list for Santa Claus, I’ll do that here:

1. Please, Santa, bring me one of those bikes!
2. I also would love it if you could get me some credit while you’re out. Mine ran out like a week ago, and I have voicemail I still can’t listen to.
3. Please could you bring some sense to the doofi (that’s plural for doofus) that canceled Single With Parents. If you could get that back into Prod, it’d be winning.
4. Seriously, though, please could you save the animals who get mistreated and are affected by disasters. If you do that, you can leave the bike until next year.

Thanks, Santa!


I love the bike.🙂 Get me one of those, will you, Santa? I’ll be your best friend…

You’re a sweetheart, Alyssa.
If you don’t me adding my list for Santa Claus, I’ll do that here:

1. Please, Santa, bring me one of those bikes!
2. I also would love it if you could get me some credit while you’re out. Mine ran out like a week ago, and I have voicemail I still can’t listen to.
3. Please could you bring some sense to the doofi (that’s plural for doofus) that canceled Single With Parents. If you could get that back into Prod, it’d be winning.
4. Seriously, though, please could you save the animals who get mistreated and are affected by disasters. If you do that, you can leave the bike until next year.

Thanks, Santa!


Hey Alyssa,
I’m glad the you’re back and lets all hope your christmas wishes do come true. As Furcal looks like he will be back in LA, can I add a few more items to your list:
That Teixeira signs with the Angels, as I heard they might go after MANNY, if he doesn’t. That the Cubs can unload Marquis, so that maybe the Peavy talks can start back up. That my Cubbies sign a left-handed “thumper”, though two would be better. That Gov Bloggo goes away (regardless if he’s guilty or not), so that something could actually get DONE in this state of Illiniois.
Alyssa, thanks for being one of the NICEST…CARING persons around. Here’s wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR…
Take care Alyssa,
P.S.- All that “RED” in your picture is almost as bright as the cardinals against a snow covered Illinois yard, but not quite…and Alyssa, keep SMILING…

You’re hilarious Alyssa,

I hope you get everything you ask for. Those are some big Christmas tree bulbs you are holding in your hand! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Christmas, and new year!


Hi Alyssa,

I like your Christmas list. Manny is rumored to be considered by the Yankees – time will tell how seriously. We’ll see where he ends up. Mark Teixeira is the premiere position player free agent this winter. The Red Sox are purportedly the front runners for him. Furcal is said to be considering offers from the Braves and Dodgers.

Have a great Christmas!


Me again Alyssa…
Heard the Yankees are interested in MANNY…WHAT…NO…
See after two seasons of managing the Peoria Chiefs, that HOF Ryne Sandberg is moving up to manage the AA Tennessee Smokies this year. Wonder if he’e sin line to take over for Uncle LOU, when he decides to quit…
Wow Alyssa, you must have been really NICE, as Furcal signs 3year 30million contract, with a 4th year vesting option for 12 million…Oh, to be a professional ballplayer…
To my Favorite Hollywood entertainer, even if you are unemployed, Bye Alyssa…
P.S. Another list item, that nobody ever has to go hungry…
and your SMILE give those Illinois cardinals a “run for their money”…

Hey Alyssa,

Where did you see the LA motorcycle at?


Hi Alyssa,
That is a very beautiful letter. And a very beautiful picture.🙂

I hope that all of your Christmas wishes come true, and that your Dodger dreams are delivered as well. I also wish you a very happy birthday tomorrow, with many decades ahead all full of the same joy that you have already brought to others. Have a wonderful holiday season, Alyssa!

Hey Alyssa,

Nice Christmas list.😀
Merry Christmas tou you, your family and all your friends and fans. And a good New Year!!


Alyssa, we got FURCAL!!! One down, four wishes to go…

I’m really sorry to hear about your show. I was really looking forward to it. Something better is in store for you, I can feel it.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! May 2009 be better for all of us. I had a rough year: Divorce, can’t find work, my mother passed away. Its just been hard, but I try to look at the bright side of things. Hey, as in the words of Howard Jones, “Things Can Only Get Better”, right?. I do work part-time at a restaurant, though. Come visit me at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant in Arcadia, CA. I promise, you’ll love the food.

Take care and God bless you and your family.

Well…hopefully you get your wishes Alyssa. I wish I could meet you for Christmas! Thanks for adding me to your Myspace. Hope to hear from you on there. Merry Christmas!



We’re Italian… we are your best fans!!!!!!!!
We just wanted to wish you and your family a merry Christmas..(sorry for our English)…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Anna, Roby e Carlotta

Dear Alyssa!

Alyssa – you’re my

-MY Inspiration-
-MY favourit Actress 4ever-
-MY Angel-

Your always beautiful!

I’m just a girl, but one of your biggest fans!
AND wish you an perfect birthday!
I hope all your wishes come true


I hope you’re having an amazing day!I hope it’ll be filled with, lots of love, joy, good food and all your loved ones! And again may all your wishes come true! God knows you deserve it..

Love (and birthday hugs)


Hey, Alyssa!
That was really cute. That letter made me smile. Thanks! Great picture too- I like the ornaments! Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family…and the Dodgers!


Happy Birthday!!!!! Like great wine you just get better every year. So Sexy and wise you are a great role model to all. I hope you have a great birthday month, a merry Christmas, a happy new year and a wonderful life.

Your Favorite Angel fan,


Hi Alyssa,

I loved your new blog entry. You made me laugh when you said you’ve been very good. And you’ve eaten your vegetables, cleaned your room and made your bed. I gotta tell you that I really don’t like make my bed in the morning, but I gotta make it. Because my bed is prettier when it’s made lol.

Otherwise, I wish you a wonderful birthday. Please, can you keep me a piece of cake ? A big one, if possible lol

Hugs and lots of love,

PS : Merry Christmas !

Happy B-day, and Happy Holidays to you and yours! Looking forward to next season!!

Happy Birthday Alyssa !
And happy holidays to you and your family !


and many more.

Hi Alyssa….

Just wanted to tell you that I am a very huge fan of yours! Merry Christmas and I hope you get what you wish for this year!



I hope you are having a wonderful birthday today, filled with all of the same warmth and happiness that you have already brought to the world around you! This blog is so beautiful… I wish that I could have replied to it the same day that you posted it, and I feel really bad that I wasn’t able to. I only discovered it yesterday. I hope that you understand. You are a wonderful person and I am so proud of you. Thank you for always being the special person who you are. Peace, Love, and Baseball -Steve

Hey Alyssa,

Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a good one and you recieved everything you wished for. I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year’s too.🙂


Merry Xmas Alyssa.

The best Yule decoration is being wreathed in smiles?

Bonsoir ma belle,

So you have been a good girl; that?s wonderful because one of us is going to be spoiled by Santa, it’s definitely will noy be me…sorry Santa !

I certainly did not eat all my veggies (Since I have been going to Madrid a lot for work lately and they have a ?interesting? way to cook them ;-?), did not clean my house much, but going too, because I?m having my parents and two of my sisters for Christmas?

And finally I did say some bad words when I found out the canceling of your show; I was looking forward seeing you on the TV again, but any way like you said your glass is half full, and you will have more time to spend on your other jobs, creating more wonderful chic baseball clothes for example! I?m still waiting for a soccer line sweetie!

Careful list for Santa, but I will just had:

1. Furcal and one starting pitcher.
2. The World Series 2009, to the Red Sox or the Dodgers.
3. UEFA Cup Championship title for Standard de Lige and my American Giant.
4. A permanent government for my Beer/Chocolate Kingdom.
5. Fruitful year for myself?

Have a wonderful birthday ma belle and joyful holidays for you, your family and friends.

T?embrasse fort,


Hi Alyssa.That was an enlightenining blog.It filled me with joy to read such a cheerful blog.You are certainly a creative writer.Your photo is a beautiful sight.I think you want the right things for Christmas.You’re completely unselfish and you’ve inspired me to aim for the higher good.I appreciate your works.Thank you.

Hi Alyssa,

I want Santa to bring Manny a new attitude for Christmas. Please Santa never let us see the Manny be Manny attitude we saw in Boston again. Then maybe the Dodgers will sign him. If they don’t there will be no World Series in LA next year.

Ok Alyssa, that’s my wish. I’ll see you at Spring Training in Arizona on 2/17 the first date all players may report to Spring Training.

Merry Christmas,

Rich in AZ

Good Morning, Alyssa –

Your benevolent Christmas wishes aside (and you are definitely right on the money there), even though it’s just a couple of days until Christmas, I still think I might get up in the morning and take a drive past Dodger Stadium!

Christmas blessings on you and yours!

Mike M.

Your letter was pretty funny…i was cracking up. And as a major Yankees fan, i hope we get manny. sorry. im soo excited for the spring for a new season. im thinkin my Yanks are deffinately going to kick some butt, hopefully the dodgers too:) i hope ur list comes true, and have a good christmas and a new year. oh and sorry about ur show:( i was really looking forward to it. im still upset over the ending of Charmed:) don’t worry ur an amazing actress, (my favorite) im sure you’ll get a new show or movie in no time:) Good luck. —Alex

Your too sweet to be a Dodger fan. LOL.
No, just kiddin.
I am a Yankee Fan and I am almost embarrased by how much they have bought. I am a big Donnie Baseball fan so I root for the Bums too. Cant believe your pushing XL. You look xxv.
Be well.

O Alyssa:
Your wishes are very thoughtful and kind. True sentiments with meaning, for us all. It does hurt a lot to lose a close loved one around the holiday season. Gee, and that one was way back in ’92.
The Dodgers glasses are great looking. And, by the way, you look like you just turned 26, in that photo above. Judging by the size of those ornaments, I speculate that they help adorn a quite large Christmas tree in your house.
If I could I would deliver those special gifts to you personally, but I guess what you have really asked for is peace on earth, and good will towards each other. I have taken a look at you a few times, throughout the year, and you’ve appeared to be a good girl, in my eyes, so your wishes should stand a good chance of coming true!!
Ho Ho Ho you big kid.

I hope that you enjoy a wonderful holiday today and that all of your wishes and dreams come true. Thank you for everything that you have done and are doing to bring joy, hope, and happiness to the lives of others. Merry Christmas, Alyssa. -Love, Steve

Hi, Alyssa.
So glad you like your prezzies! I hope you had a fantastic birthday and Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do in 2009.

Take care, sweetie!


Great blog and happy holidays!
Check out my new post regarding the Dodgers at my blog:

Jonathan Heatt

Merry Christmas, Alyssa. And Happy New Year, too!

I did a mini-tribute to you, your blog, and clothing line-

Hey Lyss, hope you had a great holiday and hope 2009 brings you everything you ever wanted.

P.S. you were great in “Pathology.”

Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you Alyssa. Looks like the Dodgers are the only team left interested in Manny, so you may get him back for next season.

Red Sox Ramblings:

I hope you are having a wonderful evening, and that the upcoming year and all that follow see the realization of all of your dreams. Thank you for being the amazing inspiration who you are. May God bless you so that the joy in your heart knows no limits. Love, Steve

Hi Alyssa, hope you’re having a good year so far!

Looks like the Dodgers came to an agreement with Andruw Jones to defer some of his pay this year, with the understanding he won’t be back (after telling teammates that he didn’t want to be back this year).

Hopefully this will put us on the fasttrack to Manny. Nothing wrong with late Christmas presents!


Hey Alyssa,
HAPPY 2009, as I keep waiting for Ned to do something BIG…TRIVIA TIME- Name the former Dodger manager that won 427 games over 5 seasons and also managed the Peoria Chiefs for 2 seasons back in the 80’s (ANSWER to follow at the END, if I remember to)… I see the Dodgers are too, finding ways to cut payroll, just like my Cubbies are doing. Trade this guy here and this guy there and we have the money to sign former Dodger Milton Bradley. For some reason, I have my doubts on this one…A DH, waiting to get hurt playing the OF. OK, he can HIT, but you just don’t know the next time he “loses it”. Heard he might get 8-10 million a season. (IT’S THE ECONOMY…) It’s what happens when your GM like’s to give out NO TRADE BACKLOADED CONTRACTS. Even heard today that Peavy to the Cubs is about 80% likely to still happen, even if the current Padre owner sells to Manny’s old agent. Waiting on the OK from the new Cub owner to take on the remaing Peavy contract, after they’re named. Between 2 parties, but supposed to be named by the end of January. My Mark Cuban prediction went “south”, Ricketts family the leading candidate now(AMERITRADE)… When’s Ned going to sign MANNY??? LOWE?? What’s going on here. It’s the ECONOMY…I keep waiting for something BIG to happen, so we get a new entry from my FAVORITE MLB blogger… also a TOP 100, but I think you were TOP 10. But as always, #1 on my list. Come on Ned, make something happen… 53 days until that first spring training contest, CUBS vs DODGERS FEB 25th🙂
Take care Alyssa and as always THANKS…,
OH, that trivia answer- None other than JIM TRACY who managed the Chiefs in 87 and 88 with an overall record of 141-139. Hey, still 2 games over .500. Ex-Cub Jerome Walton was the team MVP in 1987. 1989 NL rookie of the year, then his baseball career sort of fizzled away??? Alyssa, thanks for putting up with me. I know, another year…
PS- Gov Bloggo to maybe get IMPEACHED this week, only in Illinois…

PSS- Those Illinois cardinals have gone into hiding as their is no SNOW on the ground. They really do “STAND OUT” against the snow…Keep smiling Alyssa…

Congratulations on your engagement! I loved your Christmas List, but with the way the free agent market has gone the last few years, maybe we should be sending letters to the Easter Bunny, too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alyssa. Even though your Dogers eliminated my Cubs this year I must say I have had the biggest crush on you since your Who’s the Boss days.
Cheers and all the best,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alyssa. Even though your Dogers eliminated my Cubs this year I must say I have had the biggest crush on you since your Who’s the Boss days.
Cheers and all the best,

Congratulations Alyssa on your engagement!!!

Will your “something blue” be Dodger Blue?

Bests wishes for a long happy life together!!!!

Hanford, CA

Congrats Alyssa!


Hey Alyssa it’s nice to see you’re a big baseball fan. I’m just sorry to find our you’re a Dodgers fan. lol jk Go Giants!

~King of Cali

Congrats on your engagement.

Congratulations Alyssa!

Happy New Year Alyssa! Congrats on your engagement!

Congratulations David and Alyssa. Saw article in today’s paper and noticed message on message board! I have wanted this for you very bad for a long time. So very happy to hear the good news. Of course I want you to be a big time movie and TV star, but this is the most important thing I ever wanted you to have. Best wishes and good luck. Go Dodgers also when they dont play the Cubs.


Congratulations on you new and wonderful engagement, what a great path for you. Just one quick question, OK make it two quick questions… Is he a baseball fan? and Is he an Angel or Dodger fan? If other please tell….LOL

Your Favorite Angel fan,


First and foremost… you do have style and your designs are cute but… they are designed for anorexic skinny people like yourself. Are you trying to send a message to girls that you must be a certain size to fit in in this world? That all girls must be a size zero because only a size zero can fit in your medium. You said you thought of your idea so that women can wear cuter things to games well you forgot to mention that it was for women certain sizes. How bout the rest of the women that won’t fit into your clothes? Most of your clothes only goes up to XL but an XL in your clothes is really like a Large or even medium in regular women clothes. So thanks for making us women who aren’t size zero feel inferior. I hope they cancel your line.

To 55lover,
I doubt if you will ever see this, but its one thing to comment on the sizing options. But to basically call Alyssa anorexic, I mean come on…Then to hope that they cancel her clothing line. First I really doubt that’s going to happen,
as I think the people running TOUCH know what they are doing… Be HAPPY for her…she really is a very NICE person…

I agree with cubfancurt! Nobody will cancel Alyssa’s line, because clothes from her line are really cool🙂
I don’t think that XL can be too small for somebody who’s normally using this size. I think XL is everywhere the same! but it’s only my opinion ;p

Just wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on your engagement and wish the best for you in 2009.

Hope your Dodger blue get the guys they need to defend that NL West crown, and I am jealous you might get to see that fantastic WBC finals games in Dodger Stadium.

Anyways, best of luck on your upcoming day, and hope the boys ib blue keep you smiling all year long.

Rays Renegade

Congratulations Alyssa with your engagement!! I was so thrilled and happy for you when I read the anouncement yesterday! I wish the both of you all the best for the future!
I’m very happy for you, you truly deserve to be happy!



@ 55lover.. You can disagree with someone but the name calling is completely uncalled for! Especially when you’re talking to someone like Alyssa Milano, and no not because she is famous but because she is one of those women who try to make this world a better place! I don’t know if you’ve seen the interview with Tyra Banks about weight issues in the bussiness, you’ll definitely change your mind about Alyssa when you see it! If you had been bothered to check into Alyssa and what she is all about you would know that she is an amazing person.. Who has been a great model for (teenage) girls ever since her career started.. She is a sweet, kindhearted person.. Someone who is the complete opposite of the Paris Hilton trend going on in Hollywood who tell young girls what you’re insinuating here about Alyssa.. Do some checking before you make judgements about people!

Hey Alyssa,
Kept waiting for Ned to do something “big” and then you go ahead and do something really “BIG”!!! Congratulations to the both of you… What’s the holdup with MANNY?? Must be the number of years, since this will probably be his last “BIG PAYDAY”. Don’t tell me the Dodgers are going to find themselves “SHOPPING IN THE DISCOUNT STORE”, like my Cubs always found themselves doing… Of course the way things are going most of the remaining free agents will find themselves in the discount store…Come on NED, before someone else comes into the picture…
So to my favorite Dodger fan and yes, also one of the NICEST… later Alyssa,
PS- It’s jan 10, 26 degrees outside (few snow flurries) and what did I see today… a ROBIN. That around here is a sign of “SPRING”, but thats not even close. SPRING TRAINING, maybe. GO FIGURE…Gov Bloggo, on his way OUT…I think

P.S.S. (Alyssa, I have to do it…)
Which is BRIGHTER?
– Cardinals against an Illinois landscape
– The Full Moon tonight (it is pretty bright)
– Your “SMILE”
Alyssa, I think you know the answer. KEEP SMILING ALYSSA

I just realized that I hadn’t yet posted here to congratulate you! I hope that you and David are happy together and share all of the joy in the world. Have a great weekend! -Steve

Another week without baseball….just checking in and wanting to congratulate you…I guess we know who got the best birthday present ever…Bless you both…It seems you have 15 new guys and I’ve not heard of any of them and was hoping you had some news…saving money for Manny ??…Ya, if Mr Colleti ever read the bottom line on a profit and loss report he should be after the guy, attitude problems and all…Sure am getting tired of all these ellipsis, wish someone would tell me how to make a new paragraph….Been looking at the stats on the Yanks and even after 400 million spent it looks like they are still 3rd in the American East after Tampa and Boston respectively, they’re just too old.Gawd I miss baseball….Mort

Alyssa, though I would love to have the strength in me to be a dodger fan after seeing you in dodger apparel and all your beauty, I would rather have Manny sign with the Blue Jays, and since that is not going to happen, I suppose Manny in LA would be better than Manny with the Evil Empire or the Red Sox!
Love YA
( my blog with lots of Blue Jay posts)

Bonjour ma belle,

Congratulations to you both ! Hope he will make you happy and give you a lot of mini you !

Can not wait for the SuperBowl and hope to find you here next season !

T’embrasse fort,


That is a great picture! I hope you had a wonderful xmas and a happy new year!!

Hey Alyssa,
Who blinks first? Boras or Ned. I can’t believe Manny would only get 2 years. A first ballot HOF player. Spring training is approaching…Some mighty fine bargains still out on the shelves.
OK, Dodger/Cub baseball trivia- He was a Dodgers first round draft pick back in the 70’s, won 17 game his rookie season to win NL Rookie of the Year. I remember seeing him on on the TONIGHT SHOW with Johnny Carson. (This is a clue) He wasn’t a guest, as he was in the studio audience. Somehow Johnny was talking to the audience and asked this person what he did and was surprised when told that he was an LA Dodger. Who is he? Ok, one more clue or two. Won 25 games for the Dodgers and then was traded away to the Indians. Also was a CY YOUNG winner in the 80’s. Who is he? (Answer to follow at the end)
I saw a robin (twice – a sign of spring last week). Then this week, 21 degrees below zero…Go figure…Those cardinals and a few bluejays were mighty cold eating (I feed them when there is snow on the ground). The bluejays like to push all the others out (they’re bigger). Alyssa, I really enjoy it when you put personal pictures on your blog, they really do mean alot…
So to my….well you know Alyssa,
The trivia answer- None other than the “RED BARON” himself, former CUB, Rick Sutcliffe. Take care Alyssa…

Alyssa, what an amazing year so far. Just a month ago today David made a committment to you to spend your lives together. Treasure this time together always, now and into the future. But also just a month from now spring training for the Dodgers opens in Arizona. Maybe this will be the year for Joe Torre and Dodger Blu. Stay safe and have a great time at the NHL All Star game next week.

Take care,

Thats very nice of you.

As a yankee fan I know you already hate me! lol. I am 43 and some of my earliest baseball memories were of the Yankee Dodger rivalry in the late 70’s. Oh I hated Davey Lopes and Ron Cey and I revelled in My glory when Reggie tagged 3 homers off of the Dodgers, but now I miss those days when Tommy Lasorda would prowl the dugout. As a Jersey guy I will always be a yankee fan, but I guess I can be an Alyssa fan too!

Not all Yankee fans are haters. lol. Besides The Dodgers already have a piece of the Yankees… Joe Torre.🙂

OK, this is totally inappropriate, bur somehow I am worried about you.
I will congratulate you at your wedding day, not a single second earlier.

Regarding your President I congratulate right now: you know,. I was supporting him from the beginning of his claim and I have the confidence, that he will not disappoint us.
Even Iran said: this is a chance for a new beginning: Mr President, please do not screw it!
But personally I am sure he will not.
All the best for you and your family, Johannes

Yea you got Torre(sigh), he is a class act and will always be a favorite no matter where he manages. I hate this time of year when football ends it seems like so long until baseball comes back. There is nothing like baseball! It is summer, it is America at its finest. I just wish that it wasn’t getting outpriced to the point that your average blue collar guy can’t even afford to go to games. Now that I’m not in the NY area anymore I need to subscribe to direct tv to see Yankee games, otherwise I gotta watch the Braves..GRRRRR!

More congratulations to the latest power couple of Hollywood.
Good going David, to get this gal to say yes, that must have taken some doin’…?
Hope you guys have fun at all kinds of pro sporting events!!
But, back to the Dodgers, it appears that Jon Garland could almost be in the bullpen, if things go well, soon.
Manny’s case seems uncertain, but for this team to be the most competitive, he is an absolute choice. Should it cost $25M @year.
The team is almost there. May good health prevail amongst all of us.

Hello again, Alyssa!
Congratulations on your new book!!! I pre-ordered it yesterday, and I can’t wait to read it!!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for everything that you do to make the world a better place. God bless you always. -Steve

The Dodgers will get Manny! He fits the situation. He likes being the toast of the town. Torre is the kind of manager that he needs to play for, and also, for many teams Manny would be a risk. As great as he can be, he can also be a distraction. He needs to be where he wants to be, and that seems to be in L.A.. I just like the fact that he is out of the AL East! He is a yankee killer. LOL

Hey Alyssa, There’s more BIG news about you than what’s going on with the Dodgers. AUTHOR…Can’t wait to read it and when you have the book signing. Well, can I have another “RAIN CHECK”?
MANNY- You can’t tell me the Dodgers are only going to give him 2 yrs, but then again I haven’t seen any other offers to him. Do you want Manny in the first yr of a contract or the last yr of it???
Dodger/Cub trivia. I would say your’e 0-2, but you might have gotten Sutcliffe. Doubtful, did you think I would make these EASY…OK, this player played parts of 4 yrs for the Dodgers. second base (I think). His best year ever ,he hit .289 17 HR 84 RBI’S. Held a record for the Dodgers for along time from the 70’s (only to be broken this past season -probably giving you too much, if you were paying close attention towards the end of the season), and yes, he did play for the Cubs. One more clue, he doesn’t have a very common last name. Who is this Dodger?
The President Obama, a White Sox fan…Threw out the first pitch (gm 2 2005 WS)…Hey, we got Michelle. (CUB FAN) Oh, did I tell you we also have “SOON TO BE OUSTED” Gov Blogo, NEVER MIND…Next GOV QUINN (WHITE SOX) but he’s a smart politician that actually roots for BOTH. Just heard that White Sox merchandise is up 25% since Nov, while all the rest is down 7%. From…Probably effecting your TOUCH clothing too, the economy. Things will turn around…
Soon to be Cubs new owner (Ricketts family) And its about time…Stability, and they’re CUB fans. Tired of the TRIBUNE (too many layers and too much bottom line) Though they did try to step up payroll the last few years. Total 1988 payroll was 12.5 million – 2008 was 140 million… Only corporate owner recently to win WS (and I know luck is involved) was the Angels (DISNEY and they were selling at the time)…
So Alyssa…take care of yourself and maybe your Dodgers will do something BIG…because alot of us really do like to read your entries. AUTHOR… Alyssa you really are a TALENTED person, who is NICE. Later Alyssa, Curt

PS- The trivia answer…Back in 1970 (his only “good” year -he was an ALL-STAR) He struck out 149 times – a Dodger team record until Kemp passed him up whiffing 153 times) His career faded away until he was out of baseball (1975) and yes, he was a CUB (in another insignificant Cub year of 1974). His name Billy Grabarkewitz. Alyssa, now 0-3…(I think, maybe)

Hi Alyssa,

I’m sorry to hear about your show getting canceled. But your a great actress and I’m sure you’ll be in another kick *** movie or TV show like Charmed. Great time of year, the NHL all star game, NBA all star game, Super bowl (Go Steelers), but no baseball. Mark McGuire did take steroids after all. I wonder if Sosa did. Good luck with any future movies or shows.


Hi Alyssa,
With spring training approaching, it’s like “musical chairs” with the remaining free agents…I think the “discount shelf” is turning into the “bargain basement”. One and two year deals. MANNY to sign by spring training, I wonder where…Is he even going to get 20 million a year??? I think there might even be a few more retirements too…
OK, trivia time…Dodger/Cub. You’re either 0-3 (though you might have gotten one). So to show you how nice I can be, I’m going to throw you a “BIG FAT HANGING CURVE BALL” here, up in your eyes (I think). This Dodger played parts of 12 seasons for LA (70’s-80’s), a 6 time All-Star, 238 Dodger HR’s, was on 4 LA postseason teams, but never ever won a Gold Glove…traded to the Cubs for a pitcher that never won a game in the majors and another that never even made the majors. With the Cubs, this former Dodger played 4 seasons, 74 HR’s, and went to the postseason one more time. Who is this former Dodger, Alyssa? OK, two more clues, if you need them. He played third base and his nickname was the same as an aquatic flightless bird…
Alyssa, have a fabulous time in Tampa and as always take care… Curt

Sorry Alyssa, I almost forgot this. But I think you’re on the “board” now.Tthat former Dodger/Cub/Athletic was none other than Ron Cey (The PENGUIN).
Later Alyssa…

Sorry Alyssa, it’s me again. Gov Blogo, now private citizen Blogo…trying to stay out of going to prison. I’m sure there our alot more politicians just like him…
My last trivia question got me thinking about a followup one.
Hey Alyssa, I just want you to know that I didn’t know alot of these either. Believe me, I didn’t know Billy G. held a Dodger record (I saw it in USA Today last fall). I just remember the name. Also I look up the stats. Here it is 1974, kid growing up going to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs. One of my favorite Cubs at the time ( 2B Manny Trillo – don’t ask me why). Get there and who’s playing 2nd for the Cubs (Grabarkowitz) What a letdown…and who were they playing. Ding ding…Cey and the Dodgers (dodgers won – beat the Cub ace Rick Reuschel too) Another letdown…
Anyhow my followup question (and I know you had probably just started going to Dodger games (you were only 11). But I was curious, who took over at 3rd after they traded away Cey? (ask your dad) So I looked it up. Dodger/Cardinal trivia (I know Cardinals too…) Who was this Dodger? He was already a Dodger outfielder. His first yr at 3rd he hit .298 32 HR 103 RBI’s. He played from 1978-88 with the Dodgers. 4 time All-Star. Traded to the Cardinals in 1988. Played 5 more seasons with the Cardinals (was Whitey Herzog’s “big bat” with all his “roadrunners”. Believe me I has to live thru those years of “Whitey ball” and they weren’t fun… He took the “big bat” position when Jack (the ripper) Clark left as a free agent. Who was this former Dodger?

Alyssa, Arizona Cardinal in the Super Bowl. Go figure…Growing up they were in St Louis. Know as the “Big Red”. I always thought it was strange that the football and baseball teams were the Cardinals. Then learned that they were the Cardinals from Chicago before they moved to St Louis (something to do with the national TV contract back in the day). The state bird of Illinois is the Cardinal. Anyhow the answer to the question was : Pedro Guerrero. Rememer him…
So to my….take care,

Alyssa, I just wanted to be the 100th comment. Big milestone for me (just kidding)…
Peace Alyssa, Later…

Hey Alyssa,
Did you check out those field renovations at Dodger Stadium? Pretty cool… Replaced the “old grass” with new sod. Reminds me when they did that at Wrigley a year ago…
Growing up, I always liked watching games in LA on tv. Dodger Stadium had that extra deck upstairs. Just looked so “BIG”. Always showed those hills behind the outfield…I never realized that the LA skyline was behind the stands, because they never ever showed that view back then. Would show this “huge parking lot” with the fans streaming in about the 2nd inning and then leaving about the 7th. They said thats the way LA fans were?? Maybe it was the traffic, I’m figuring. I know you’re there early and never leave early. I’m with you…Can’t beat fun at the “ole ballpark”…Did you check out those John Deere’s…? You once mentioned a “decoy owl” that you hang up. My dad had one to scare away the sparrows in his shed (didn’t seem to work to well either). I know you have horses and you know what horses eat, because I’ve toted quite a few of them in the day too… Alyssa, thanks for putting up with me…Later,
Curt (who’s in AWE of you for all the places you go, but you DESERVE it…Take care Alyssa…No trivia this time, but more to come…

Alyssa, when is your next post coming? Spring training is just around the corner and we haven’t seen you in a while!

Joe Boo


Another week without baseball……Happy Truck Day….I love saying that, it gets the brain cells to shifting around and gets me out searching for baseball magazines….Also a big Happy Birthday to Hank Aaron, 75 years young and while I’m at it Happy Birthday to The Babe,wherever he may be….Time to get out the glove and re-oil and re-tie it so it’ll be ready for April…. If you came up for the NHL All Star game you must have got a taste of how bitter this winter has been for us folk in the North ,so you can probably sympathize with how much we want spring to get here….Gee I managed to get thru this whole mail without mentioning Manny….Keep your stick on the ice…Mort

Hey Alyssa,

Congratulations again on engagement. Oh ya you get my standard line I say to the young ladies at work getting married. I might show up at your wedding riding a unicycle and playing some classic rock song on guitar wearing a Jimmy Hendrix wig if I dont get invited, so remember to mail me an invite or…… your guests could be entertained by crazed unicycle man? Just joking, its my standard wedding threat. A mlb blog post from you will suffice. Ok I have a World Series book with stats from all past world series games. I want to compile a list of pitching and hitting stats on World Series winners and post. Promise it wont be too many, I wont write a book, just some interesting stats. Take Care

Hey Alyssa, Less than 6 days until PITCHERS and CATCHERS REPORT… 63 degrees today – warmer then wet S Cal. Another week of baseball’s “musical chairs” and forced retirements. When and what “chair” will Manny sit down in? And it better not be that Pujols deal either…SF? LA??? Hold out til June or later??? Nice addition in Wolf…
OK, trivia – Dodger/Cardinal (just what you wanted) My last comment, I mentioned the RIPPER – Jack Clark. Who hit 340 HR’s (when HR’s were HR’s – Mr Arod – Sorry for the commentary). So I had to recall that “painful period” in the fall of 1985. A year when you were going on 13 years old starring on WHO’s THE BOSS. You REALLY were my favorite one on the show though…
OK, 85 NLCS (the 1st best of 7 series too) Gm 5 – Series tied at 2-2. Bottom of the 9th in St louis, in a tie game. Ozzie Smith (who had never homered from the left side- had 13 career HR’s at the time -you can probably see where this is headed… SORRY) is facing the Dodger “closer” with 1 out – bases empty. Then he proceeds to “gulf” a pitch just over the right field wall for the Cardinal victory, as the late Jack Buck is telling everyone to ” GO CRAZY FOLKS GO CRAZY” (I still CRINGE)
OK, GM 6 in LA (maybe you were at Dodger Stadium) Dodgers ahead 5-4 in the 9th. Lasorda pitches around Ozzie and ends up with a 2nd and 3rd situation with 2 out and 1st base open. Tommy decides to pitch to “THE RIPPER” (sorry Alyssa, you can probably remember where this one is going too) and he proceeds to hit a 450ft HR to left off this Dodger closer. WHO WAS THIS DODGER? He was a Dodger from 81-87 with 64 saves and in 1986, he was no longer the Dodger closer. He finished his career in St Louis in 1990 (go figure that)

Alyssa, You do a pretty good “robot” too…Nice to see you with your dogs too…THANKS for sharing those… Saw J Torre on “Letterman” discussing his book. Former Gov Blogo also on “Letterman” His 20th nationl tv appearance, he does have an “EGO” and he always seeked the “limelight”. Hey, when you have the “book signing” tour, remember my “rain check”.
Alyssa, to my… Take care,
PS- That Dodger closer was none other than Tom Niedenfuer (remember him, maybe…) Quick, name the closer in 1986? Actually (me bad), Ken Howell and Niedenfuer were the closers, but Howell had the most. Sorry Alyssa, if my clues threw you off. I owe you one…

Arod on roids? As a yankee fan all I have to say is “Where have you gone Joe Dimagio?”

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