Offseason blues

I apologize for not writing in a long time. So many exciting things have happened since my last post. Most importantly, my lovely David proposed and I have been basking in engagement bliss. Needless to say, we are over the moon.

I also wanted to share some other news. I have spent the last year writing a book, and after lots of research, revisions, self-doubt, neuroses, drafts, and anxiety attacks it is finally finished! It will be released March 24 and I couldn’t be happier. Or more terrified. I am happy for all the obvious reasons and terrified for all the really, really obvious reasons.

The book is called Safe At Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic. When I initially began plotting out the book in my head, my intention simply was to write about baseball from a woman’s perspective. But once I actually sat down and started writing, it became much more of a personal experience. Throughout the book, I use baseball as a mirror to my life, experiences, and memories, dating back to my childhood. The result is part memoir and part philosophical love letter to the sport that found me when I needed it most.

And… Joe Torre wrote the forward which makes me prouder than you could ever friggin’ imagine. I’m so not worthy, but so damn appreciative.

Okay… so…. what a totally odd off-season. Have you guys read this article from the Los Angeles Times? What do you think? Collusion or contusion?

Have you watched the MLB Channel yet? It is awesome and made the off-season much, much, much, easier to get through.

Who is going to the World Baseball Classic? I went in 2006 and it was some of the best fundamental baseball I have ever seen.

A-Rod did steroids in 2003?  Who else wasn’t surprised by this? Puh-lease.

Hopefully, my next post will be about what a genius Ned is by being ever so patient and finally signing Manny. (Please).

Until then…





P.S. Here is a copy of the book cover.



Hi Alyssa!
WoW !!! I’m first ;D Maybe because it’s 4:46 pm here.

Thanks for next blog entry, full of news🙂
The book looks really good so if I have an oportunity to buy it, I’ll surely do it:)


P.S. I love your robot dance on your site, you’re really good 😛

Congrats on the book! I’ll look forward to it. More importantly – congrats on the engagement. My you have many happy years together. I think so many free agents left is a sign of the tight economic times and the fact that some teams don’t want to tie up a lot of money in risky players – say like Manny, for example! And sadly, no, I wasn’t surprised at the latest steroid news. Sad for all us fans.


Hey Boss,

I thought you might never show up here. Ya know flowers, church, what dresses for brides maids, band for reception ect ect. I thought we’d never get you back to mlb but glad you and David are back from the moon. First, your book. I love your blog soo soo much I’m thrilled to be getting a book from my favorite celeb/baseball fan. How did you get the great Joe Torre to do something for you on the book? Your good but your lucky too ok “Lucky Milano”. A-Rod, A-Fraud, A- “whatever you want to insert here” I have some naughty words I wont type? Ya man, square head, protruding eyebrows, high cheekbones. I had a former body builder show me the physical signs of steriod abuse A-Fraud fits the bill. When he’s 50 something, thats when you pay for your steriods. He’ll probably walk with a limp and thats not all that will be limp. Madonna wont go near him, she’ll be dating a young model and he’ll be gimpy. Glad to have ya back, in between wedding planning, please ablidge with mlb posts. For Cubs moves trading DeRosa was STUPID. I dont care about Woods or Marquis or Hill, but DeRosa was STUPID.

Hi Alyssa,

First of all I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement. I wish you the best of life and marriage. I havn’t heard the over the moon expression before. I imagine it means something like ecstatic though. I do like baseball but I’m not as passionate about it as you are. I’m not surprised that Alex may have done performance enhancing drugs but the discovery probably doesn’t help his psyche very much since didn’t he recently get divorced after the whole Madonna fiasco? Anyway you probably are celebrity gossip averse so I won’t mention it again. Anyway good luck with your book, your clothing line, your upcoming marriage, and whatever else you choose to do.


Hey, Lyssie.
I’m sure we can all forgive you for not posting in a while. Well, I’ll think about it.🙂

But really, though. Thank you so much for making the time to post. Your book, your engagement. Your clothing line. That you have time to figure out which room you’re in is amazing.🙂

Of course, I am, and everyone on your boards and here at MLB is, totally over the moon on hearing about your recent events, and you couldn’t be more supported right now. Congratulations on everything that’s going on. You deserve all the success and happiness!

Can’t wait to read your book. It’s gonna be great.🙂


Hey Lyss,

Glad you’re back! Well, it sounds like you’ve had a wonderful birthday, fantastic Christmas, and an awesome start to the new year! Congratulations on your engagement!
I am very much looking forward to buying your book. I love baseball and I simply adore you, so I’m really looking forward to it! Take care!
PS: I’m with you on this one: “Please sign Manny!!! Clap, Clap, Clapclapclap”




Hey hey hey can’t wait to see the book. I’m not down with Manny in a Dodgers uniform. lol😉 He needs to sign with the Giants! lol Don’t worry you will get your Manny in LA. =) Love to read your blogs. =)

~King of Cali

Alyssa congrats again on your engagement to David. I wish you nothing but happiness.

Also congrats on your book. I have it preordered & look forward to reading it once I get it. It sounds great.

A-Rod did not surprise me in the least. As to the rest of the free agents – times are tough all over. Manny has dug his own own grave with his attitude. He should be happy with whatever money a club offers him.

Have fun planning your wedding. BTW I was very pleased to see a Steeler logo on David’s jacket/shirt at the superbowl. I’m a diehard Steeler fan, so I’m quite happy with the final outcome of the superbowl.

Best of luck in the coming year for whatever you do.

I find that baseball is like music to me. I can hear a song and it brings me back to a certain time in my life, some happy, some sad, but all memorable. Baseball is the same way. I can remember certain teams and players that mark my life. When I was a kid it was George Brett, Reggie Jackson, Jim Rice, ect… Then in the 80’s it was Mattingly, Clemens, Dwight Gooden…. Baseball is like a historical marker. I hate that now we have to talk about drug testing and doping. Twenty years from now the memories will not be as special as those of the past. Oh well, I guess I’ll go watch “Field of dreams” again!

Hi Alyssa,


The MLB channel is very good – the 1956 WS Don Larsen game was a classic.

Yes, there are many free agents out there at this late stage. Ben Sheets has injury issues but should be worth signing. Manny railroaded his way out of Boston. Many teams do not want the attendant baggage associated with him. Plus he will be 37, can’t play the outfield and will play hard only when he feels like it – but will put up great hitting stats. The Dodgers probably will re-sign him however, as the market doesn’t appear to be strong for him. The Giants appear to be interested, but only mildly. Manny thinks he will get 4 years – unlikely in this market, especially considering his age and psyche.

I am reading Joe Torre’s book and I look forward to yours.

Last week we thought the only thing that A-Roid would have to address in spring training was the “A-Fraud” jibe in Torre’s book and being labeled with a “single white female” complex concerning Jeter (also from Torre’s book). Although the steroid news was not surprising, it is now official and taints his numbers. He is now grouped with Bonds, Clemens, Juicin’ Giambi, Pettitte, et al. The Yankees have 9 years left on their contract with him. A-Roid’s interview today with Peter Gammons (baseball’s de facto commish) made it sound more like he was sorry that he got caught cheating rather than sorry that he cheated. Of course, the NY tabloids are in overdrive: “Cheating Choker” is one headline.

There is no one who is above suspicion in baseball in the steroid era. I will not be shocked by anyone being named (unfortunately). They all deny, deny, deny, and then are implicated in government reports which are “leaked” to the media.

Pitchers and catchers report in a week and the World Baseball Classic begins early March so there will be a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks.

All the best,


Congrats on the engagement! I’d like to know if you’ll be doing any book signings. I’m a blue-blooded Dodger fan and my wife never missed an episode of Charmed, so this book couldn’t be any more perfect. (pic of our daughter Lily watching NLCS Game 5)

Congratulations on your engagement and your book, Alyssa! I am very happy for you and all of your exciting news! Don’t be nervous. I’m sure everyone will love your book. I will, and you know how much I know about baseball. Yes, it would fit in a Dippin’ Dot. Have a great week, Alyssa! Enjoy your favorite sport! -Steve

Congratulations big time on your engagement Alyssa I’m so happy for you I can’t say in words. I’m sure you’re so happy you feel like your flying. I saw the video of you and David at the superbowl and you two look so good together like you were made for each other. 🙂 so wonderful

I’ll be getting your book for certain I know its going to be great

love ya


Hey Alyssa!

I so can’t wait to read the book..
I tried to order it from amazon but wasn’t able to, I was completely bummed out but than I decided to try a local book shop here in the Netherlands and thank god I could order a copy there😀

Seriously though don’t be nervous I know it will be amazing! Can’t wait!

And congrats again on the engagement such amazing news!

You definitely deserve all this! And we’re all very proud of you!

Love ,


Ahhhhh! Alyssa I’m so happy for you! An engagement and a new book coming out!!!!! How in the world do you live with the excitement?!?!! I’m just so blown away and sooooo glad that David proposed. Wow. Amazing. And that video on your site with you two at the Superbowl is beyond adorable. You look so happy🙂 I can’t wait to read your book. I’m a huge fan of yours just like I am of baseball, so it will be perfect! All of this news has just made my day! Thanks Alyssa!!!!!!
Love, Katlyn

Alyssa, You finally got home,you…
Good luck with your book, I notice the name Dodgers was not written across your jacket on the cover, but I’m pretty sure they’re a big part of it. Baseball without the Dodgers? Never.
My best to you and David.
Colletti may be using the right strategy but it’s making me nervous. I think he should offer 2 years and see what happens. They’ll probably accept it, now that the rest of the market seems disinterest.

Congrats to you and David on your engagement. I will have to pick up my copy. I have a daughter and will be interested in sharing the book’s content with her. She has a love for the game so far. I hope she carries it into her adult life as you have chosen to do.

Take care and best wishes,


baseball from a woman’s perspective???

how is baseball from a woman’s perspective different from a guys ???

imean im a girl and i love baseball its like huge for me and i dont know how im any different from my guy cousins or my dad or my guy friends who love baseball also??

I can’t wait to read the book! I just finished Jane Heller’s book, “Confessions of a She-Fan”. She’s a Yankee girl, but she captures the essence of our love affair with the team with love.

Bonjour ma belle,

I?m very excited for you and David, like I said before; I hope you will have a lot of little ?Milanolets?!

Yes, I have read the article; and it?s a difficult time for every one! The all world is in a catastrophic state! But I have faith that we will come out stronger and more mature.

Don?t get me wrong, I love baseball but when I saw the amount of money mlb reported last year, I was kind of thunderstruck, even if I?m aware that it?s the same in every sport?

One wish, leave Manny go and keep Beimel!

Can not wait for your book, I don?t know when I will go to the US this year ( Big personal project in creation ), so I hope that my best friend who?s going to NY end of March will get me one ! Merci Oli!
I love to read, worship baseball, esteem and adore you, so I can not wait for it, nice cover by the way! Politically correct.

Torre and Milano: Dynamite

?When we lost, I couldn’t sleep at night. When we win, I can’t sleep at night. But, when you win, you wake up feeling better.?

PS: Can not wait for spring to start, I?m not just fed up with the cold I WANT baseball!

T?embrasse fort,


Most men and women do have different perspectives about alot of things. Most women didn’t run home from school so that they could play ball in the sandlot, or stickball in the street. Most men would have little perspective on what women are interested in. When I was a kid, we used to see who could tackle the hardest. Making your friend cry was an accomplishment. I wouldn’t expect a woman to view football the same way I see it! Why do women like shoes so much? I can’t see it from their point of view. We are different, and thats what makes things interesting. Always trying to see the world from equal views would lead to boredom. Hey, it’s not fair! I have a blog and it never gets read, Alyssa puts up one post and she gets 21 comments in two days! LOL. check out my blog

Congrats on the book, and your recent engagement. That’s so exciting!
I love the MLB Network. It’s great! I love all the specials that it has.
I’m going to try and go to the WBC. It would be a waste of an opportunity if I didn’t, it’s actually in FL!

Hey Alyssa, I’m glad you’re back with spring training approaching. Oct 07, I’m listening to WSCR out of Chicago and you were on with Mully and Hanley. I know you probably don’t remember it, but it was when I reconnecting as a fan of yours…it was the postseason and you were heading to Boston for TNT. Step ahead, Oct 11 – 7:05am (5:05am PST) who’s on WSCR – Ned Colletti for 20+ minutes. He’s on every so often because he’s from Chicago and used to work for the Cubs. He talked about: the “Manny dance” – Manny looking for the long term deal… No closer to signing him now then when they firsted talked last Oct… that Boras is a smart guy that he respects (the White Sox won’t even deal with him – with Abreu and Dunn signed – maybe it’s closer)
Ned want a deal the Dodgers can live with…hard to predict future revenue, especially on he “high side”, the sponsorship base… says it’s the ECONOMY…. The Dodgers have salary flexibility with as of now only 4 “key players” signed thru 2010 for 35million dollars. Have salary efficiency with his young core of players…
On steroid issue, Ned says you just don’t know who. When he was with SF, there was speculation about Bonds, but no way to prove it….It’s time to put this “historic time” in baseball behind us. Listen to it:
My view on Arod and steroids: GUILT BY ASSOCIATION and GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT…What if MANNY is one of the 103 left???
President Obama to be in Peoria today (will wave to him for you too) To meet with CATERPILLAR executives on his way to Springfield for Lincoln’s 200th birthday…So Alyssa, bring your “book signing tour here” and I won’t need a “rain check”. You can schedule it right before or after the all-star game in St Louis this July. ( you know I’m kidding, I think…
Hey, we have AAA hockey here to – the Rivermen, a St Louis Blues affiliate in the AHL…)
Alyssa, all the best from a fan for life,
PS- Ned said the Cubs were the “best team in the NL” last season, the Dodgers just wanted it more…I agree…

David certainly won the lottery, didn’t he? I can only imagine how proud he must be to say that Alyssa is his fiance. I’d have to pinch myself every 5 minutes if I was in his shoes. Congrats on the marriage and the new book! Things certainly are going well for you these days aren’t they?


Sorry Alyssa, When your’e in a HURRY, you make mistakes…TNT?? I meant…TNT- I think they carry CHARMED, I have some MAKING UP to do over there yet…
President Obama has left the area…Headed 60 miles to the south to the Capitol… I did see “AIR FORCE ONE” flying into Peoria. (3rd time in 2 years…) Later Alyssa, Curt

Hi Alyssa: Here’s a little tidbit from a sports book.
Chicken Wolf’s Homer
August 22, 1886
A player named Chicken Wolf hit a homer that could only be called a dog-gone shame.
He needed the help of a snarling canine to beat the Cincinnati Reds with a game-winning four-bagger.
The visiting Reds had battled the Louisville Colonels to a 3-3 tie when Wolf, the Colonel’s rightfielder, stepped to the plate in the bottom of the tenth inning. All eyes were on Wolf, who had already smacked a game-tying homer in the ninth. No eyes were on the curled-up, mangy mongrel dozing at the base of the center-field fence.
That would soon change. Chicken Wolf slammed a drive to deep center field. With the crack of the bat, Reds outfielder Abner Powell took off–and so did the suddenly awakened dog. The mutt reached Powell before the outfielder reached the ball.
Like a hound after a mailman, the dog clamped its iron jaws shut on Powell’s pants just below the back of the knee and wouldn’t let go. While Wolf galloped around the bases, Powell tried to shake himself free, and then in desperation, he started hopping toward the ball, dragging the dog behind him. Not until Wolf crossed home plate with the game-winning, inside-the-park home run did Powell break the mutt’s grip. Poor Powell–remembered after a century only for dogging it in the outfield.

Alyssa, i can’t wait for your book to come out. With your knowledge and love for the game, i’m sure it’ll be a must read.
Congratulations on your engagement, i wish you nothing but eternal happiness.
As far as Rodriguez goes, what a shock! (NOT) The Rangers track record in 2003 speaks for itself. Canseco, Palmiero, A-rod, Caminiti, etc. What a joke!
Manny was foolish for turning down the Dodgers offer. He may not find a better one.
Have fun at Spring Training.
As always,
You loyal fan and fellow baseball crazy,

ok, if women really liked baseball for what it is, they will have the same perspective as a man, they would love the game for what it is. the fact that she wants to tell people about a “womens perspective” about baseball, tells me that she enjoys the game for all the wrong reasons. baseball is a sport, a competitive game to enjoy, it is not a place to wear mini skirts with heels, checking out the players. there is no such thing as a “womens perspective” in baseball because it should be the same as a man. and yes women have a certain perspective towards shoes but how is that any different from a guy that has 50 pairs of sneakers? dont they both like the way their shoes look? this was just one example…

my comment above was to

Woah, woah, woah…what’s with the Alyssa bagging session? I’m pretty sure Alyssa is not the kind of girl to show up to a Dodger’s game in high-heels and a mini skirt. And if your doubting Alyssa’s love and passion for baseball (and the reasons behind them) than you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Alyssa has stated many times that the very core of her love for baseball (and most other sports) is the connection that it brought between her and her Dad/brother. It helped them bond, and that’s what started it all. Beyond that she simply began to develop her own undeniable love for the game. And was simply trying to point out that a man and a woman’s mind are obviously different and we aren’t going to view things in the same light. That’s what all of this is about. You don’t know how women think, so you can’t very well say that our perspective is paralleled with yours now can you? You should really think before you say things, or in this case write them.

I got your back Alyssa🙂

Hi Alyssa,

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your engagement. I’m so happy for you and David !!! I’m glad that you found the man of your life. I wish you both all the best.

Secondly, you don’t have to apologize. I understand you were busy, especially writing your book. And I’m glad that you did. I really can’t wait to buy it and read it. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what I think about it.

By the way, I saw the video of you and David at the superbowl on your site, you both looks so cute together.

Lots of love,

PS : Happy Valentine’s Day to you and David !!! May this day increase your happiness and joy !

PPS : My dad says hello to you both.

You can’t have the same perspective about something that you cannot experience the same way. Most men have probably wanted to be a professional baseball player at some time in their lives. Maybe they weren’t good enough, or maybe they didn’t practice enough, but there was always the chance. Women will never have that same oppurtunity to play MLB. Thats not being sexist, it is just reality, therefore, you cannot possibly view it the same way. There are many sports where women and men can relate: Golf, volleyball, softball, bowling, basketball, but pro baseball and football are really men’s sports to play. To assume that Alyssa’s book is about mini skirts and checking out guys crotches is about the dumbest thing I’ve read here. Did you read her book? I have not. Maybe baseball has a personal meaning to her that is beyond your comprehension. Maybe she had a relative that played ball. Maybe her dad was a minor league player. I don’t know, I haven’t read the book, but I bet it’s about more than just clothing!

Looks like an interesting book. Also fitting that it’s called “Safe at Home” with a forward by Torre. Torre is associated with a foundation called “Safe at Home”


Congrats on the engagement and your book. I am glad you took the approach you did on the writings will love to read it when it comes out. If in PA where will signings be on the new book or how to find this out? Yes, I see the Dodger blue in Pic’s, I know you are really a Phillies fan and did you write anything in book about going to games as a kid that made you the real baseball you are? How did you feel this year when they won the World Series? Would have been fun writing and reading for us baseball fans and a woman that knows 90% more on baseball then most men do as I, it could be real satisfying as it was for me. Take care,

Another week without baseball…Hope you had a happy Heart Day…Got all my baseball news from The Onion this week and I needed their take on the whole A-Rod mess( I loved their take on his name F**K-Rod )….I thought the guy was a bit crazy and New York wasn’t helping, but the fact of him juicing never really entered my mind and now there is no one, in the near future, who can wipe the smirk off Bonds face and clean up some of the records. The most important being the home run record. It’s one thing for injured player’s, say like Nomar, to use the stuff to get healthy again but another to do it for, bottom line, more money. I’m a tad disgusted by it all but I’m still going to head out the door and pick up the new Lindy’s and Athlon and try to get it the mood for baseball…Ahhhhh maybe opening day and the first crack of the bat for 2009 will bring back the old feelings….Mort

That’s just AWESOME!
I would like to read the book, however im in Spain, and is it possible that we wouldnt be able to read it… Time will see…
I just wanted to tell you that you are AMAZING, i completely love you so much, if you ever have time to write back, i’d be soooooo glad with you.
PEace and Love.

Can’t wait to read your book! It is so great to read a book written by someone who loves baseball as much as I do!!

i’m so happy for you becoming engaged. i can’t believe this offseason and how its came about. it’s just unbelievable that i have no words.


My friend has been teaching me about baseball alot, i never really cared before but now i do. And of course i start getting interested during the off-season. grrr, the anticipation. Its become an addiction. Im still learning about players and old games, so i geuss its a good time for me to learn.
so first off, congratulations on the engagement, im slowly becoming a fan of yours, because i recently relized you are phoebe from charmed.
second, from what ive learned you are right about A-rod. Not at all surprised.
and to your book, i wish you the best of luck with that, ill probably get it in hopes of learning more about all this.

Also, my mom thinks im phsyco, i live in a house full of complete football fanatics.

Anyway, i hope to hear more from you, ill be sure to pay atention. Cant wait till spring. i heard we have two straight weeks of rain coming up. I hope not. People need to stop messing up the envirement. Its causing drastic change in climate.

PS. nice book cover, it has a well put together layout

Congrats again on your pending nuptuals.

I look forward to reading your book. It sounds like a wild ride into the sane and insane worlds of celebrity and baseball……with baseball in capital letters.

Hope for the best for the Dodgers in the West this year. If you hit them hard starting in April, you can coast this September a bit more than in the last few seasons. Have a great time at the WBC and look frward to your next blog.

Rays Renegade

I am definitely going to go out and buy that book. It is so nice to see that other girls love the game as much as I do. Isn’t it the best?!?!?!

Congrats on your engagement! I knew someone from highschool that says you all were friends. There is a picture of you guys together but who knows. Do you remember Mike Esplin? hehe. anywho….

I am new to the blog scene and love it! I also love your clothing line I wrote a blog titled “Real Women Don’t Wear Pink.” I just can’t get into the pink and baby blue hats. I’m an A’s fan and I am going to wear Green and Gold!!!

Can’t wait to get the book!!!!!!

Wow, how in the heck did you have time to write a book?! Very impressive and I look forward to reading it. As for the unsigned people, I don’t think it’s collusion, I think it’s people being super-duper insanely cautious and scared about spending money just like EVERY other industry right now.

Can’t wait for your book! I am becoming addicted to confessions. lol. Isn’t Joe Torre the best?

Hey Alyssa!
Congrats on your engagement!
I saw that you were able to attend all the Superbowl events…LUCKY! : ) I can’t wait to read your new book. It looks and sounds like it’s going to be great. And, I can’t wait for baseball season!!! AHHHH! It’s almost here!!❤ Astrosfan
p.s. did you see the cartoon of a little kid asking A-Rod to sign his chemistry set? :p …

Shes hot and loves baseball to, pure craziness.

Go Cubs!

Since I’ve been taking a retrospective look at what is being called the ‘steroid era’, I can’t help but remember a lot of unusual home runs that happened. Whether it was a pitcher that rocked one out, or some no-name outfielder like Rick Ankiel. Most of the time, the announcers were describing how the baseball had been produced with a little bit more of a ‘spring effect’. And that the makers of the baseballs were the actual culprits in the unusual home runs fiasco.
Then, it seems that the baseballs were returned to normal, like Coca-Cola returned to its original formula, after its secret was stolen…? What the hell is NEW COKE anyway? Was?
You know, it’s like…DAMN!!! It’s not just 103 players!!!
Hundreds of major league ballplayers are under the gun of scrutiny. Many guys that have already hung up their cleats have to undergo the asterisk questioning program, that us fans must do.
It was so much easier to be a baseball fan when it was just a livelier ball that was being produced.

That is wonderful….

Hey Alyssa,
Still waiting on MANNY…Dodgers or Giants??? I’d be surprised if he even gets more than a 2yr deal. Who would have ever thought that last year? Nice “bargain” in Hudson (hope his wrist doesn’t affect his hitting) and maybe your Dodgers will catch that “lightning in a bottle” with all those pitchers signed to minor league deals. It only takes one…
I’m going to throw you another “hanger” here. This former Dodger pitcher retired at the age of 46 back in 1989. He pitched for the Dodgers from 72-78, winning 87 games. He won a total of 288 games. He was traded from the White Sox to the Dodgers for a player that went on to win the AL MVP in 1972. Here comes that “hanging curve” now – He missed the entire 1975 season with an arm injury and has a “surgical procedure” named after him. Who was this former Dodger? And a bonus, who was the former Dodger that they traded to the White Sox? This player spent one season (71) in LA, where he hit 23 HR’s (playing 3B, LF, 1B)
He hit 351 HR’s and was also a Cardinal too😦 Alyssa, who was this one season Dodger (before you were even born) ?
Alyssa, you know what would be “freaking cool”? That SAFE at HOME hits the NY Times best sellers list…and it wouldn’t surprise me either. Regardless, it will be #1 on my list and on many more…
Alyssa, take care…and keep smiling,

That first Dodger (the hanging curve one and I’m sure you would remember the name) was Tommy John. Now the harder one (and I didn’t even remember him being a Dodger) was Dick (Richie) Allen. He played 3 all star seasons for the White Sox from 72-74, hitting 85 HR’s in 348 games. Alyssa, he was their “BIG GUY” back in the day. And Alyssa, here’s an interesting note that I know you would NEVER had known or probably even believe. But this is TRUE – The “old” COMISKEY PARK (and I vaguely remember this) for several years (69-75) had an ASTROTURF infield with a GRASS outfield. And I kid you not:
Back in those days it wasn’t steroids, there was that famous SI cover with Dick Allen with a cigarette in his mouth. If I remember, Dick had his own “set of rules”…
Later Alyssa…

Sorry Alyssa (I think I may me ranked #1 commenter)
This might be a better look of Dick Allen:

Alyssa, have a GREAT day. Look foward to your next post…

Congratulations on your engagement and your book! I went to the bookstore today to see if I could find it. Until, I saw that it will not come out until April 1st. *smacks my forehead*.

Jen aka 3Bs

Sorry Alyssa, me again….Just think, could you ever imagine walking into a baseball stadium (major league) with an astroturf infield and a grass outfield… Even, old Busch Stadium in St Louis had a natural grass field when it first opened back in the 60’s. Then they went all astroturf for 25 years, before going back to grass. Now it’s ALL gone…
Didn’t I just read J Torre talking about retiring after the 2010 season???
So to my…
PS- Now if we can just get you back on TV, that would be really “FREAKING COOL”…

Congratulations on your engagement and of course on your book. I hope it comes to portugal so i can read it =). I wish you all the hapiness in the world, and like i said in the email i sent you, thank you.. For being the person that you are… I fyou ever get the chance to answer back, my email is
Thank you for being such an inspiration.
I hope everything goes great for you in every aspect of your life.


Yo, congrats on the engagement. That was a very quick and public move for such a diva… Anything is better than brad penny I guess. On to bigger better fish, wuts up w this manny non-sense? I’m bummed if he doesn’t sign, all of LA will be for that matter. Anyhow, gotta run Peace.

congratulations on your engagement and your book. I hope your book is successful. Your an inspiration to all.

Hi Alyssa. I love your writing. It gives me the itch!

I’d like your opinion on something I wrote. Do you remember when Mike Piazza was “called out” so to speak? This is how I think people in that position should respond. Thanks! You’re a cutie, btw.


Sorry, I mistyped the address:

I am not a huge Alyssa Milano fan, I used to watch her in her first sitcom, but other than that, I have not seen her in anything else(Oh I forgot Commando). I am a baseball fan and found this blog searching baseball sites. Somehow, It seems that I have taken the role of public defender of her position on a woman’s perspective of baseball. Who gives a rats *** what she wears to a baseball game, especially, what kind of shoes she wears. You are looking at her feet, watching her Utube clips, trying to approach her on the street, and shes the one with the problem? Go on a diet, get a job, read her book, buy yourself some nice shoes, and mind your own business! PS GO YANKEES!

Hey Alyssa,
Sounds like MANNY might want to take the latest offer with the escape clause after 1 year. I think ITS’ TIME…MANNY, the “ball’s in your court”, time to sign…
From an Alyssa’ fan, who can’t wait to read her book (or her next blog entry),
PS- To23dodgirl – Oh well, you don’t even deserve a response…


Another week with the first faint hint of baseball….just finished listening to Joe Castiglione as he begins the new Red Sox season…a loss alas, the Red and the Blue have that in common today….Seems some of your fans are cranky, sure am glad I don’t have any fans, just my dog Boz and come to think of it he’s been giving me some funny looks lately….Mort

I guess it’s 5 years or nothing… (maybe 4) PATIENCE doesn’t seem to be working Alyssa…
Take care Alyssa,

23dodgirl: All I have to say is that if you don’t think Alyssa really likes baseball, and you don’t think there’s such a thing as a woman’s perspective of baseball, and you don’t like Alyssa or her book (even though you’ve never read it…?) then fine. Don’t read her book, and don’t come on here and talk smack on Alyssa. Especially when you don’t even know her. You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.
Anyways, onto baseball. Ahh spring training is in the air🙂 Can’t you smell it? I’m staring to go a little crazy with this whole Manny thing though. He needs to take the Dodger’s 2 year offer!!!! Although I can see why he would turn it down. He plays a good year and then gets paid less the next year?…LOL bummer. (Although I know I personally would take $45 million dollars in a heartbeat, haha.) He doesn’t really have anywhere else to turn though….Hmm. I wonder what will happen.
I’m looking forward to your next post. Baseball season is almost here!!!!
Your biggest fan,

Congratulations Alyssa!!

I hope married life treats wyou well.


PS: Poor Phoebe February 26th 2009 was the day she burned at the stake. =( Morality Bites

WHOA…I didn’t know after seeing the comment above mine. I think i’m in the right place. It must be some sort of CHARMED reference??? And I know i’ve been GUILTY of going off topic too…(Gee, my Senator Burris is a B list politician who hadn’t held any office since 1995 – thanks ex Gov Blogo – only in ILLINOIS and thank you Senator for having the EGO to accept it – at least for the time being) SORRY ALYSSA…HI… I don’t think MANNY wants to have to go through this long……………….spring training and I don’t think the Dodgers are in any hurry to have him there “GOING THRU THE MOTIONS”. Just give him a week. OK, maybe two…
ALYSSA, you have a terrific week,

Another week of almost baseball….Got to hear Vin this afternoon and Yes I did miss him this winter. Nobody does it better not even Costigleone….Hows that old Three Stooges bit go…..Slowly I turn…inch by inch….step by step…..sounds like the Manny negotiations so far….I got a good feeling about it and hope I don’t jinx it…..White Sox are playing it tough……Mort

Hey Alyssa and Dodgers Fans,

I was looking at your depth chart and you guys seriously need Manny in the lineup. Changes the team completely. I’ve been following the Manny negotiation articles and its sounds to me like the Dodgers are trying to strong arm Manny and his agent since he’s not getting serious offers from other teams. Colletti said all the wanted was a yes or no answer on their last offer? Thats BS and a strong arm tactic like its yes or no to our way and we wont listen to any variation. Now Dodgers say oh were done with a phase of negotiations and were starting from scratch, again bull dunky! I’m actually starting to side with Manny. Team must consider present value of money with a deferred money agreement, thats how business works. Also when your that close to a deal you dont unilatterally declare oh Phase I is over, now we start from scratch. Thats bad business. Ball players are way way way overpaid anyway because their net worth to society is far overblown than the huge salaries they get, but I’ll rant on that later.

Hi Alyssa.Your book cover looks beautifully perfect.Certainly,I will try my best to obtain this great book.You are my favorite writer in the world.I would like for your Dodgers to have good success this year.Thank you.

Hi Alyssa.Congratulations to you and him.I’m happy for you and him.Thank you.

ok for the last time THERE ISNT SUCH THING AS A WOMENS PERSPECTIVE OF BASEBALL! Imean seriously, i said that before and some people in this blog try to correct me by saying that there is and ive read some really ridiculous examples here in this blog. the dumbest thing ive read here was “men could go on and play professional baseball and women cant so there for women have a different perspective” ok…well Duh its true that we cant go to the bigs (thank you for stating the obvious) so what was the point of this statement?? Can someone ATTEMPT to give me a straight answer and try to prove that there is a womens perspective of baseball. imean jeez its 2009 its still wierd that a girl could like baseball??. ok well my opinion im out and i know when people read this there gonna write “you obviously havent read her book” …yup its true i havent…”You dont even know her”…yupyup its true i dont, and last but not least…”You obviosly dont know what youre talking about”…well i do know what im talking about very much so =) just writing out my opinions. =)


Alyssa I can’t wait to get your book!

I am so excited about it, I even scheduled to take the day off when it comes out so I can read it!

Also congratulations on your engagement and I hope you two are happy together but just remember that lots of guys will still have CRUSH on you!

Ok enough from me lets get back to the blog! 🙂

Hi Alyssa!
First, congratulations on your engagement!!
Second, I hadn’t been visiting your blog lately since I knew you had been busy with your new show…and Im so excited about your book! When I first found out about your passion for baseball, I was thrilled that another female shared the love. I dont have any girlfriends I can talk baseball with and so I have enjoyed reading your insight on the game. I also agree with you on this… Baseball was there for me when I needed it most. Last season was hard on me emotionally and I can say I was at almost every Dodger home game and it was the best therapy.
Ive seen you at Dodgers Stadium a couple of times, but Ive never said hello as you walk by, dont wanna seem like a groupie, but next time, I will make sure I do. = ) Im proud of you.. congratulations once again!

Congrats on your engagement! Even though I wish it was me marrying u!😉 It’s been a rough off season for baseball..but hopefully my Phils can provide me with some fun. Anyhow..good luck with the new show and the book. I will have to buy a copy. I am a HUGE fan of yours since at least 1987. I have you on my Myspace and leave u messages occasionally. I also have your friend Kaley on my list as well. If u ever get a change to come say hi sometime, that would be cool.

I hope it’s gonna be a good baseball season. Take care Alyssa and have a good year!

Why March 24?
call me a

hi alyssa, welcome back.
Health News

SAFE AT HOME. If you’re not keen on baseball or Alyssa herself, you might wonder: “Why would an actress write a book about baseball ?” or stuff like “Another girl who is making more money, blah, blah”. Think what you want.
If you’re a fan, though, you may wonder the same. Not me.
I deeply care for Alyssa. And when I heard that her book was released, I tried my best to order it ASAP. And it arrived on a wednesday morning, right from the UK.
The first fact about the book is its cover: I’m afraid to tear it, because it’s always gone, and as I carry the book on my legs, I tear this kind of removable covers. Nevermind, it will be safe on my desk…
I rang a friend who’s living in the UK (I’m french!), and told her about my buying the book. I was on my way to college. She was telling me that she bought the entire ‘Twilight’ series. I said I bought Alyssa’s book, and she said: “Safe at Mom’s” ? As I was walking,
Let me tell you that I don’t know baseball at all. If we know a bit about Alyssa’s life, I don’t know a SINGLE thing about this national sport.
To me, Baseball represents the US. It always has. I always pictured weird clothes, children having the ball coming on them when it’s gone, pop corn, 1dollar beer and pop, well, pretty clich. Oh, and I forgot about the heat, I felt deep pain for the courageous boys playing when it’s like 102 degrees outside.

Back to the book…! After reading the dedication, which I found respectful, here comes the foreword. My first thought was: “Who the hell Joe Torre is?” My question found its answer when I read the first line: Joe Torre is managing the Dodgers, Aly’s fave team. Now I’m trying to stuck inside my head the team names, and more, coz as I said, I’m a total newbie. And then I think: The bag I’m carrying in college is a Yankees one, my hat says NY and not LA, lol, I’m looking forward to seeing what Alyssa is thinking about this later in the book !

I read, and read, and something popped into my head: If you’re a baseball fan, you will discover, rediscover, or share your passion with a woman who spent her entire life kind of living for baseball. You may be stunned about all the facts she knows about baseball, about the players, statistics even. A woman who’s trying to show us how baseball is a part of her life, of who she is. I didn’t know this side of Alyssa. And as she was recently talking on her blog about ‘reminders’, let me tell you what I realized again: We love our fave celebrities. We follow them (sometimes literally which is scary), we live for them, we breathe for them. I’m not that kind of fanatic but I really thank all of them for helping me through the good and bad times. And if you like, love Alyssa, you will just realize or realize again that she may have money, a great career, a great car, a great condo, but she is still the little Brooklyn girl who grew up watching baseball matches with her father, while listening to her mother supporting a sport she seemed she didn’t care about, lol, and a brother who couldn’t sleep when it was too silent. She’s a thirty-something woman who is having her struggles of her own, she was a twenty something girl who tried to find her way. It’s great remembering that our beloved stars felt the same. Great not because they had it, but because it shows we’re all human beings. As she is saying, people think they know you, and she’s right. We think, I think I know some of my fave stars sometimes. And it’s a mistake.

And when I was reading the book, I started comparing her memories or her feelings to mine. And sometimes I felt old enough to recall some stuff, like the walkman fact. She succeeds in showing us almost exactly how she felt, so we can imagine how it happened, where it happened, you can almost feel the smells, the weather, the clothes…Like a brilliant novelist would have done. That’s my first major positive feedback about the book. It’s brilliantly written.

Like I said, if you’re a baseball fan, you will smile while reading this book, saying to yourself stuff like “Oh she knows that one!” or “Way to go Lyss, I didn’t know that!”
Someone who knows better about Alyssa than baseball will think that Alyssa is giving some facts or her life directly, linking it brilliantly to baseball.

Some won’t be keen on Alyssa or baseball. And then they will think that it’s a brilliant (I use brilliant a lot!) mix between Alyssa’s life and baseball.

I wouldn’t say that. Frankly, I bought the book because Alyssa wrote it, and I wanted to read it. I didn’t expect my will to know more about baseball. You certainly know, if you’re not american, that every TV movie or else is making a reference to baseball. I remember a Sex And The City episode, where Carrie was dating a player, because she first wanted to make him signed the ball that arrived where she was standing. Made me immediately think about women having crushes on their fave baseball players, like the UK women have crushes on soccer players.

Alyssa, in ‘Safe at Home’, was able to give me the definitive feeling that all you need is to be surrounded by those you love. Family, friends, and boyfriends/girlfriends sometimes.
I was truly jealous, (yeh I was !!!) because for a second I felt like Alyssa’s got it all. Because her family is united. I love the way she’s writing about her brother, which made me laugh a lot (‘COME ON SNACKS!’) and the relationship she has with him. It’s kind of the same with two of my sisters, but you guys seem so united, so untouchable when you’re all together (I mean you, Alyssa, Cory and your parents, I quote your father’s birthday, the surprise was great). Loads of people don’t have that inside their homes, but I felt happy for her, because that’s probably part of what makes Alyssa the truly beautiful person we know.

Back to baseball ! Thanks for the Wild Pitches. I learned about the biggest players, all the backstage drama (the most scary events, which made me think that it was the same in every sport!)
I can relate though to the feelings Alyssa described when your fave team looses(though I was laughing about Dodger and your father, I totally understand your feelings, Aly, when you say that you cried with Cory, or stayed in the stadium after the match). It was the same in soccer last year, when Chelsea FC, my fave club, lost the Champions League Final against Manchester United (say Manure or Dirty Scum, or twats, whatever! > If you’re going to be cruel, be cool…lol!!!)

Before I spill everything about my global feelings about the book, let me tell you guys the other things I liked about ‘Safe At Home’:

The pics: It was nice to see Alyssa’s parents. and Dodger too. I once had the same dog, his name was Kiwi, but whatever.
I just loved the pics of Alyssa and Cory. Turns out you can feel that Alyssa is acting like the big sister watching over her lil bro, but on certain pics, you can feel that Cory, the youngest, is watching over her sister…

The ‘Never Underestimate your mother part: I got an example with you, Alyssa. As a ‘Charmed’ fan, I can’t get enough of my own reruns, and I watch telly at night with my mother, begging her to turn the DVD player on…And my mother just HAS to watch what I’m watching, lol. And as I’m watching an episode, she’s pretending to be a bit bothered, but knows about the character’s life. One day she told me, as I was watching the ‘7 Year witch’: “Wasn’t Cole killed by Phoebe herself?” and another stuff like: “Piper is my fave, because she’s kind and all, but her love life is less interesting than Phoebe’s”. Means that she knows about the show, and it’s the same for other ones like ‘Desperate Housewives’. I like that about my mom, that kind of statements shows that she cares about what we’re watching and loving, and she is maybe loving the same shows aswell, even if she won’t clearly show it!

The part about the twenties: I’m 22. Britney Spears would say “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”. But it’s the same here. I sometimes feel like I’m going nowhere, I don’t know what to do (well, I know, I wanna sing, like Cory, having my EP on iTunes, but I gotta have a job anyway). But thanks to you Alyssa, I know that it’s just a phase I will get through. For a year, maybe more.

The glossary: You saved me! I first read the book without looking at it and got quite confused sometimes!

As a conclusion, I learned some stuff about baseball. Stuff that created the will in me to know more about it. What I miss is probably someone to teach me. Like you said, to create a bond. The way you described the feelings when in the stadium are definately priceless and I’d like to experience it. When I’m in L.A., I really hope you will teach me. I will wear pink clothes so you can see me, or maybe I will buy some Touch jacket ?!!!! lol😉

You have a great of expressing your passion, a great way of giving a bit of it to us. And I thank you for that. Because it’s the same when you’re acting. You give us the strongest emotions, the greatest memories. Baseball is sure a part your life. You’re part of mine. Like you, who haven’t always been a fan of the Dodgers, I have not always been a fan of you. But the feelings you expressed about baseball, the way it found you, it’s the same for you. Baseball gives you the times of your life, music and people including you are just doing the same.

This book spoke to me in a way, and showed me again how down-to-earth you are, how kind, and I’m glad I, in a way, have you in my life. If you’re a fan, if you have feelings, then this book is for you. It’s brilliantly written by a brilliant person. Alyssa, you’re a great person, you’re a great actress, and now I can say that you’re a great novelist as well.

I’m now waiting for another book…You should begin tonight, lol, so it’s out before Xmas !! Joking. All the best for you Alyssa. You’re an angel. Two words, to finish this: WELL DONE. And oh, LOVE YOU, and oh, THANK YOU. FOR EVERYTHING.

Messaoud, 22, France

oh, and just found that, you may wanna see this for a future book or smg!

Top 20 Reasons Now to Date A Baseball Player

20. We peak our best in the spring, but well play all year long
19. We know how to use the bats
18. We know how to sacrifice for the team.
17. We prep the field before we get started, and clean it after were done.
16. Only the best play.
15. Were not done til sumone scores
14. Were taught to try to hit it into the gaps.
13. we love to get down and dirty.
12. Were used to going back to back doubleheaders.
11. We do it morning, day and night
10. We have great hands.
9. Were used to scoring no matter what base were on.
8. We have tremendous endurance.
7. We carry a big stick.
6. We don’t stop ’til the job is done, and there can always be extra innings.
5. We like to touch every base carefully.
4. We like to hit it hard.
3. We take the extra base if we can get it.
2. We slide into home really hard.
1. We can do it in all 9 positions.

ewwww ! lol

alyssa hi its me melody.your most loyal fan.
don.t mind nwhat usher said he was fresh
i love all you movies t.v show and book
and yes i am a alyssa milano fan
go red and go blue
i love both the red sox and the dodgers
please tell your father happy birthday and your mom happy mother.s day
signed melody-ss-cl-reporter-:)

Hi Alyssa Milano Fan and a Los Angeles Dodgers in
Germany Franz

Its really nice book. interesting!!!

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