Its not easy being green

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The frogs at my house have started gribbetting! It happens every year around this time. As soon as the sun starts to set they get really loud. They are impassioned frogs. They just gribbett like there is no tomorrow. At around 8 p.m., my outdoor lights click on via the timer and all at once the frogs will just stop. For about 25 seconds there is silence. Not a sound. And then… “Gribbet”. greencapauthentic.jpgThe silence is broken by a singular frog, the apparent ringleader, who gribbetts and in doing so lets the other frogs know that it is okay for them to join back in.

I tell you this, not because I am annoyed by all the ruckus (on the contrary, I love the ruckus) but because when the frogs come, when I hear their chirps, I know it is almost time for Opening Day!

So… speaking of green, Nomar possibly to the A’s? I am going to miss him.

Did you hear Vin call Hudson: “O Dog”, on Sunday? My dad and I laughed.

And… speaking of another kind of green, the whole Manny fiasco was kind of numbing. I am happy to hear that he and the club finally have agreed on the two-year deal. Don’t get me wrong; I love the guy on our team. I want the guy on our team. He makes the difference. green2.jpgHe is worth big money. But when we are in a time where people are struggling to keep their homes and jobs, following this obscene negotiation seemed like a total alternate reality. If I were Manny, I would have taken a big (and I mean BIG) sum of the first year’s salary and given it to outreach organizations for at-risk children in and around Los Angeles. Or even better…he could have settled on 40 million for two years, 20 million a year, and negotiated another 8 million in donations that could be “deferred payments”, to the charities of Manny’s choice. Frank then could have just written off the 8 mil as donations, Manny would be making a difference in a struggling economy, and we could have just moved on from all this craziness and play ball. Instead, it dragged into Spring Training and now is finally settled.

Anyhoo, I’m venting. I’ve just noticed that this entry kind of has a green theme.

In other news, I’m about to start another pilot for ABC. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Yup. I don’t want to jinx it. Gribbet.


P.S. The Dodgers wore green in 1937.

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Well we are now close to signing Manny apparently. Let’s see if they really mean it this time.
I can’t wait for Opening Day either! You know I have this thing about not eating Dodger Dogs anywhere but at Dodger Stadium, so I miss them. LOL.

Wow Manny is a masterpiece. If I was a Dodger fan, I would be questioning myself if he is really worth the time and money. He is being a little too childish. Same with his agent Scott Boras.

Hi Alyssa…I’m actually waiting to hear about a pilot myself I recently went into contracts with NBC over. I’ve been doing stand up and acting for 11 years now, writing for just as long and waiting to see if maybe this pilot is the one that takes it all to the next level. I know how stressful that whole scene can be so hope it all works out for you with this show! Your green theme got me I must admit as I just started a job with Greenpeace running their office in NYC. Definitely a lot of people taking the environment more seriously nowadays which is always great to see. I can’t say I own any green Cubs gear but I do have plenty other options to choose from if our teams cross paths in the post-season again this year. Only, of course, I must admit I hope if they do the outcome favors Chicago this time around. : ) Love your thoughts on Manny and the real world. Would be great to see someone with that kind of access to making a difference step up to the plate and do so. Yes, pun intended. : )

Prose and Ivy

Hi Alyssa

I agree completely about Manny he makes a big difference on the team and we need to keep him. Perhaps Those in charge at the Dodgers could borrow you for the next round of talks, I know you could convince him to stay.

I can’t wait to read your book I know your heart is in tune with the true heart of the game. What is it What it was and what it can be again. You always have all my support My sweet friend.


Hi Alyssa,
Thank you for your great, green blog. And it’s not even St. Patrick’s Day yet!🙂
I hope that you continue to enjoy your backyard soundtrack of spring. Thank you for keeping in touch with us. I wish you the best of success with your new show and with all of your endeavors! Don’t be nervous, Alyssa. Have a great week! -Steve

One more thing, Alyssa, and the most important thing. I know that you completely mean it when you say that if you were Manny you would give a huge part of your income to those in need. Thank you again for being the special person who you are, and for always supporting those in need. You are an absolutely amazing inspiration. If everyone in the world were as compassionate and generous as you, the world as a whole would be a very different place. -Steve

To be pefectly honest, I think his reluctance to sign with the Dodgers at this point is more about Manny not wanting to go to Spring Training yet than about him wanting more money. Is being lazy better or worse than being greedy?

Anyway…keep up the great writing. Hope to hear from you more during the season!

Hey, Alyssa.

Thanks for the update. It’s always a pleasure to hear your thoughts and sample your humor.

I’m sitting here with everything crossed, hoping like crazy your show gets picked up. You were awesome in My Name Is Earl, and you’re gonna be awesome in Threesome (or whatever it finally gets called). Can’t wait to see it!

Hey Steve and Gary.😀

Steve’s right, Alyssa. If we all expressed a fraction of the compassion and tolerance you display, this world would be one free from poverty and violence, and it would be safe to walk down the street at night (or in the day, in some places).

Anyway, here’s to the frogs, your new show, the Touch line, and the Dodgers. Bottoms up!

Love, light, beer, and frogs.


So have you been to Camelback Ranch yet? i was there last weekend and when we were driving back, we all wanted to be back already. Most likely I am driving back this coming weekend. I have been to Vero Beach and Camelback Ranch is not yet as fan friendly as Vero Beach but they are working on it.
I knew Vin was going to have fun with O-Dog in Dodger Blue. He always did when he broadcasted the games from Arizona. I was so happy to see him Sunday.

Go Dodgers!!!

Manny and Charity. I don’t think those two words have EVER gone in the same sentence together. LOL!!! Manny cares about himself and money. And that’s about it. He’s a great hitter, and really fun to watch, but don’t ever expect him to “give back to the community”. You’ll be lucky if you can get an autograph for less then $50 bucks. I saw him at spring training a few years ago when he played for the red sox, and a little boy, maybe 5 or 6 asked him for his autograph when he was walking ack to the clubhouse. Manny actually stopped, turn to the kid, and asked him if he had $50. The kid said no, and started laughing, thinking Manny was joking with him, and Manny just looked right at the kid, and said sorry I can’t give it for free or everyone will want it. And he walked away. That’s the type of “person” that Manny is.

Hi Alyssa,

Manny coming back to LA just agreed to a deal. Good luck with your new show!


Baseball is finally here!

Hi Milanos, Bugliaris and Bloggers,

Say that 3 times fast, thats a mouthfull. I pinched a green loaf in my britches when I saw Manny had signed. If your a Cub fan its not a good thing but reluctantly congrats ok. I realize now I should have never given up Little league baseball. I should have hired a swing coach, pitching coach, fielding coach and lifted weights 10 hours a day but its over now my body aches, knees bad, should trouble, back trouble, ankles, feet, hips, toes, fingers and neck all bad. I’m the $2.00 man now, no hope to be like Manny. Girlfriends boy just had high school baseball tryouts. Elise (11ys old) has softball season starting in April I think and yes its green time although things are still brown here in bad weather land (Illinois). So I will going to high school baseball games and softball games pretty much every other night. Its fun and I’m in no way super serious like some of the other adults. My biggest worry is which kinda ice cream place to go to after game. Anyway, good luck Dodgers, Milanos, Bloggers, Bugliari’s. I have my Cubs cry towel ready and I expect to use it often. Take Care

Boras painted himself and his client into a corner. I don’t really think these guys operate in the same reality as everyone else. I have little patience for Boras and his tactics. I’ll be glad when he’s out of the sport.

The Dodgers look much improved with O-Dog (This is a guy you will absolutely love, Dodgers fans) and Manny returning.

Hi Alyssa,

I agree with your comments about Manny. He essentially signed the same deal offered to him four months ago (rejected by him a few times). Just because he signed doesn’t mean he is happy. How long will it take before Manny goes Manny and expresses dissatisfaction with the contract, decks an elderly team official, or swings at a teammate (all thing that he did in Boston)?

Charity is a word that is not in Manny’s lexicon. In Boston he was notorious for ignoring charities.

Good luck on the new pilot.


Hey Alyssa

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your new project!
I love the green theme you’ve got going and the frogs..
About Manny I think you’re right but with what little I have heard about him I have gathered that he’s not exactly the generous type.. I have to agree with Gary and Steve, too bad not everyone is as good and generous a person as you are, the world’s problems would’ve most likely been solved!
I can’t wait for the new season and I can’t wait for your book a little less than one month for me! (my copy will arrive april 1st and nope that’s not a joke!😛 )

Anyways again good luck, you deserve it!




They signed Manny YAY!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for the season to start


hi alyssa congrates on your engagement
and don.t mind manny remires he did that alote when he played for the redsox
signed your friend and fan

Hey Alyssa🙂
I’m overjoyed that the baseball season is so close, I can’t even explain how I’m feeling. It’s just so comforting for me. There are so many warm, and good memories attached to baseball for me. It’s seriously like my outlet. Plus it also means more updates from you, which I enjoy equally as much🙂
Anyways, wow, I’m enthralled with your thoughts on Manny. I mean, when I really think about it and relate it to my own life or “real life” honestly, it makes me a little sick to think of that much money being turned down? Seriously? 40-45 million dollars, do you know how much that could help people?!?! …well obviously all 45 million (or however much) wouldn’t be given away, but if every pro-athlete would just give say 5% of his/her income the outcome would be incredible. But hey, what am I preaching to you for, LOL. You surely give more than your fair share, and I know that there ARE a lot of athletes that give as well. I’m just thinking about if everyone joined in together….what a difference it would make. Ooh, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. But I’m writing a novel here, so I’ll wrap it up.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and your new pilot! Ah, so excited. So much excitement lately. There’s your new book, your new pilot (and hopefully new show), and BASEBALL!
On that note….🙂

Love, Katlyn.

P.s. I hope you read this: I’m a part of the Dream Factory and my wish is to meet you! However, I’m not sure how it will work out with your busy schedule, but just know that it would be a dream come true for me, so if you have any extra time… :):):):):):):):) -those are smiley faces by the way, just turn your head sideways to the left and you’ll see them!
Love, Katlyn.

Between “happy” frogs and Manny signing today, you’ve had a busy week! As far as Nomar goes, i guess it’s for the best for both. Maybe he’ll stay healthy there.
Come to St. Pete this season!
Till next time,
Your loyal fan and fellow baseball crazy,

You finally made it back.
We’ve been waiting the whole offseason for you.
Yes, Manny could do a lot of good with that money, but it’s up to him, what he does with it.
Most people care more about what he does with his bat.
It was a struggle, but be proud that the team didn’t bid against themselves.
Oh by the way, the Dodgers are only guaranteed that he’ll play one year.

I heard they were going to try to make frogs gribbet louder by giving them amphibian growth hormone….they are going to call them A-Frogs. See Yankee fans hate steroids too!

And so begins the more regular checking in at this blog. I can’t wait for this season to start either. I’m looking forward to it for the first time in awhile.

The All Star game is being played in St. Louis this year and we’ve already started getting ready as a city. It is a bright spot in a pace that has been hit unbelivably hard in this economic crisis.

Let’s play ball!!


We’re starting to get into the March weather roller coaster here in the St. Louis area, but the trees are budding and the grass and other plants are finally turning green again. That’s when I know Opening Day is close. And the first time I walk into Busch Stadium and see that green grass, I know it’s finally time to play ball!

Alyssa, are you going to make it here for the All Star Game?


Hey Alyssa,
A BIG round of applause to Frank McCourt for having Manny donate a million dollars to the DODGERS DREAM FOUNDATION to build a Dodgers Dream Field. And for putting in the “Ramirez Provision” in future Dodger contract negotiations…A BIG THANK YOU to The McCourts and MANNY. Your 8 million dollar suggestion would have been better and would a gone a VERY LONG WAY… Thanks for being the person you are Alyssa…
PS- I’ll be back for more later…

Hi Alyssa,
Congrats on your new pilot for ABC!..My fingers remain crossed. : ) The new styles you have coming out for TOUCH this year are AMAZING! I love that you can wear them anywhere, and not just at the ballpark. I hope more styles will be coming out soon for NBA teams as well. Baseball season is sooooooo close! April 6th is the Astros home opener! Gotta love firework fridays! : )..can’t wait!!
God Bless.

For all you Dodger fans who wondered how SF fans could love Barry , well now you know. A great player will make you forgive him being a complete A-hole. Enjoy holding your noses for the next 2 years (or less if Manny gets a better offer someplace else but in this economy that’s doubtful plus unless the Angels , NY or Chicago want him there’s really no place for him to go. It’s going to be fun watching LA fans apologize for Manny’s exploits just as Yankee fans now are standing behind A-Rod.

hi, alyssa , i know u get tons of fan mail ! but i have to say that your #1 of the best female actors out there . i just have to say that from my heart. about baseball i am sorry to say i don’t like the dodgers , the reason because you guys took away my biggest hero Kirk Gibson !BOO!! I remember that walk off Homer he hit for not only my Detroit Tigers but your Dodgers also. but hey i think it was worth putting a smile on your face also:) at least i hope it did. i used to like the dodgers when they had fernado V. pitching dont u think he pitch weired lol. but anyways I hope the best for you!!! K.I.T ……RON ps. sorry forgot something i will see you in the post season the big dance sweetheart …….Detroit Tigers vs La Dodgers . so bring your whistle…:) chow.

Hey Alyssa,
There is no gribbetting going on around here yet. Kermit and company are still hibernating…Cold blooded, you know. But it’s March and we seem to have started that pendulem swing between winter and spring. Cold then warm… But soon it will transition into spring and the frogs will be out doing their “thing”. And it is rather soothing listening to the frogs before finally falling asleep… GREEN, no..not here yet. Though the yards are just starting to green up a little. Will be a welcome change from that “dormant brown” look, but will then have to start mowing again…The ROBINS are out in full force though as the CARDINALS have seem to retreated to Florida for SPRING TRAINING…
Spring training is too long, lets get the season started. Cubs/Dodgers in the NLCS this October…Good luck with MANNY. Hope the EXCITEMENT returns to Dodger Stadium this season.
I vented about ABC awhile back, so I’m glad to see that you didn’t “burn any bridges”. You know we want what you want and when that “LIGHTNING” strikes (it actually was lightning last night), it’s going to be really “FREAKING COOL” again. And thats all I’m going to say…
Alyssa, last year I once commented that I really thought you actually read my comments. And I know you do read all of them from everyone. But I’ve had that feeling again (don’t ask me why, I know you won’t) and if I’m being “caught off base” here by my favorite “pitcher with the yips”. Well then you got me and I’ll just go crawl over here and hide behind Manny’s baggy uniform in left field. But if any of this made sense, well I appreciate it. You know you should WRITE a book…Oh wait, I think you already did. Can’t wait to read it…Still trying to figure out that “rain check” for an autograph thing, but haven’t worked to hard on it…
So to my…take care of yourself Alyssa and keep SMILING,

P.S. Those 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers had a record of 62-91. Maybe thats why that GREEN look only lasted one season..To a great fashion designer, Alyssa. Can you do anything to augment this uniform design:
P.S.S. Who else would throw in a Jack (the Ripper) Clark or a Dick (don’t call me Richie) Allen in their comments? Hey 1969 NL Rookie of the Year was LA Dodger Ted Sizemore who had the trifecta of playing for all 3 of these teams (Dodgers, Cardinals, and yes, the Cubs in another insignificant Cub season back in 1979. They were 80-82 (that’s not BAD) but 5th place in the NL EAST 18 games behind the Pirates (that I think was the “we are family” Pirates that won the WS (Willie Stargell and Co…) Alyssa (thanks for putting up with me), I’m out of HERE (I think…)

Sorry Alyssa, If you look at that 1976 White Sox (so-called fashion statement). Thats SS Bucky Dent, P Clay Carroll, and sitting on the GRASS, OF Chet Lemon. (ask you Dad about them…) Not too good that season 64-97, Chet Lemon (was a pretty good player (rookie) and his salary was 19,000 dollars) SP Wilbur Wood (4 time 20 gm winner) was the highest paid at $140,000. My have “TIMES CHANGED”
Later Alyssa,

Hey Alyssa,
To finish my comment on Ted Sizemore. Second baseman traded from the Dodgers to the Cardinals for Dick Allen in 1971. (Dodgers had a glut of 2B- Grabarkewitz, a Jim Lefebvre, an up and coming Davey Lopes). Saw and heard him bat 2nd behind Lou Brock for 5 seasons (would take alot of pitches for Brock to steal 371sb’s in 5 seasons) and for alot of those years there was another player in the lineup. NL MVP in 1971 when he hit .363,230 hits,and 137 rbi’s. A 3yr stretch where he had 338 rbi’s playing 1B, C, and 3B. He also wrote the foreward to your book…
Later Alyssa, have another GREAT week…
P.S. GREAT ESPN commercial…

Sorry Alyssa, my typing skills are not up to par. Thats FOREWORD to your book and GREAT commercial.

Hi Alyssa.I’m glad Opening Day is coming soon.I’m foward to your Dodgers’ season.Thanks.

Hi Alyssa.I’m glad Opening Day is coming soon.I’m looking foward to your Dodgers’ season.Thanks.

Right On Alyssa. I love your involvment in baseball🙂 !

hey babe,
last year i found your blog, and wrote some stuff to you that maybe you read or maybe you didn’t. And i have been thinkin lately bout ya. so i’m happy to say youve done such a good job w/ saying a lot on the greeness, financials, and goodwill and of course Baseball! here i go
Come with me, My Love, to the Sea , Forever we?ll be, I wanna tell ya, just how much, I love thee? du..da da duh, du da da duhhh…That?s what all you blue dogs should be sayin after your most recent acquisition. When I wake up in the morning singing a song that strikes a chord I know I?m on the right course.
A congratulations goes out to all the Dodger fans for retaining their Slugger. Well your gonna think I?m crazy but I have to tell you Mr. Manny would have played for ya?ll regardless of the price because Guess What? He did not want to play any place else more so. Ned might have just realized that Torre-Land is the place to be. . Picture this if you will for just a moment, There?s a train station in a western town, a train pulls up, the conductor steps out and calls ?Haul a Board!!!!!?. Some good coaches get on board, then some moderately talented ball players are on, Then of course a couple of stragglers. The conductor says once more ?haul aboard, LAST CALL!!!?. Inside some of the passengers ask ?Just where is this train headed?? And some one yell?s out ?Were goin to Torre Land!? ?What?s Torre Land?? another asks. ?Well if ya don?t know-I?ll tell ya, You see it is Thee Place to be, Thee Place where Championships are won on an annual basis. And what most of the other passengers don?t realize is that they?re probably going to be involved in something bigger than life itself. It?s called History. The thing that comes from people organized and unified under the right Leader.? The T man is gonna hit mid stride in the next couple years and any of those that want it, ? With no exceptions, Ram-man included. Marcias beau coupe
Early today I wake in the morning doves Sound
The sound of yearn be as it is most Dear
Sitting up, looking out to see trees without leaves
Could the promise of Spring truly be here?
The cozy, fluffy crystalline snow scarf, hat, boots, and mittens
Of Quan Yin give way to the beginnings of this years garden
Now her friend Lil Dragon is visible front left.
His wings are small and his protection Grand
That he cannot fit Quan?s sizeable quantities under his wing
Though it would not be prudent to test his reserve
Why his thoughts proper and principle she has found her Guard and counterpart. She is much wiser now. She is walking in the magic of her own light. Knowing blossoms will soon be here for those that notice. Their passions so similar, lasting goodwill will stand. Without even so much as a word , like the mourning dove, they take an oath of existence, change, openness, and love to each other in union forever.
This morning I awake to the doves call
The announcement of who cannot be less clear
Could the promise of Spring be brightfully here
Early awake, Spring comes before all

Forgot to sign name

lol i simply love you humor.. xD

I love green..
And re:the frogs/toads, come over here and you wont even be able to hear anything.. they will make a rock band look like dwarf..

Green is clean.. I wish there were more bloggers spreading the greenery..😉

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