TOUCH 2009 Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at a few TOUCH 2009 styles.


I wish Touch products were available for Nationals fans. It’s kind of frustrating.

Cool!🙂 Thank you for sharing this, Alyssa. Your clothes look great. I hope they are a huge success. Have a great weekend, Alyssa! -Steve

Thanks for the preview — you know I am an obsessed Touch ‘Fan’atic and I can’t wait to get some of these new items — good thing I have been saving $$ in my Touch ‘fund’ — I sure hope to see some Mariner’s items!!

Thank you so much Alyssa for the sneak peek. The new designs are fantastic.


Hello Alyssa! OMG! The line is better each year! The new styles are simply amazing. A lot more stylish and feminin than last year. This little preview lets us hope very great stuff! And you look very beautiful. Thanks for that.
PS. All French fans and I are crossing our fingers for your new pilot!😉

Hi Alyssa!
Thank you so much for sharing with us part of your new colection!
It’s totally amazing! I love it! Especially that white dress🙂
Oh I wish Touch products were available for international fans. It would be so cool :p


I’m hoping some of the new jackets come in 2X or 3x.. I really love them and I have a thing for jackets!!


Wow the new designs look GREAT Alyssa! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…🙂 haha. But really. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some TOUCH items this year. That would be the coolest thing.

Today’s my birthday and I treated myself to OPENING DAY! LOL! Can’t wait for it! It makes it better because it is against the Giants! It’s going to be a great seasoN!

WOW nothing like Dodger Blue and you, Allyssa.
Nice Video.

Love the logo hoodie! I’ve been struggling the past few seasons to get my designs noticed by the Brewers and MLB and would love to get your opinion. A couple things have been posted to my blog so far, but there is much, much more to come. Please feel free to check it out. Thanks!

Another week squeaking by without baseball…or maybe I should say ribbiting….I read somewhere that a good book and a good hat will get you farther in life then any other two things you can mention and it looks like you may be covering both of them…good on ya….So how’s it feel to be the favorite in the National League West …the roller coaster ride this year should be tremendous ….I’m wishing Nomar all the best which ever way he goes, it will be tough for him to leave The Show…Mort

Alyssa, your new fashion line looks awesome! Will you ever make a guys line?

Hi Alyssa.Wow.That’s great-looking clothing.Thanks.

Love it! Hope they’re available at the stadium too (I hate having these shipped, I need them ASAP).

Love the clothes… just wish you had some Giants stuff. They would make some good gifts for me to give out.

~King of Cali

I was wondering if you plan on branching out into college sports? My friends and I would love to have girly collegiate clothes!

Hey Alyssa – Glad to see you are accepting email and comments. I don’t want you to find this odd but I am a big SF fan and worked at a bar/rest next to the amazing Pac Bell Stadiium. In 2003, I always created my own tops when I worked before and after the game; thus I realized the need for a womens line because everyone would ask me “where did u get that”. But I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me when I called MLB and top printing companies. I am so glad you broke the barrior to this so needed market. I have a prosposal written up and created a logo back in 2003. My purpose in this email is would you like to create an alternative line. Its almost like the Gap which has Old Navy and Banana Republic. I would love to share my ideas with someone who has the same passion for baseball and the so needed womens baseball clothing line. I have this idea for a while but noone will listen to a girl who needs capital backing and just another fan. I really hope you can see the great opportunity this could bring to your line, Touch. Thanks for opportunity to hear my voice and I hope to hear from you. Great minds think alike.
Michele Di Leo
Peace out!

dear ms alyssa milano
i am a HUGE fan of yours, not only because you are talented and pretty but because you are a BIG baseball fan! I appreciate how you are really stepping up and whether you mean to or not kind of representing all the female baseball fans out there. Its hard being one because no one takes you seriously but i thank you for showing people out there that there are real female fans🙂

much love

p.s. I LOVE the Touch line. i have to get some of my own, the designs are not only adorable! but its in the team colors! Just how they should be

I love my Green Bay Packers jeans! Now I need a pair of Milwaukee Brewers jeans.

the new line looks amazing.. Especially the jackets and the jeans work is superb..

Awesome touch fashion line.. i wish i could lay my hands on them..😛
Tamil Movies Online

I appreciate the new clothing range.. Wish you success..

I wonder if you plan to release men’s line as well😉

its allright
oh what do you think of manny doing steroids
alyssa? oh i hope you family and friends a good
memorial day weekend
signed melody.

I was searching for it .Found here. thanks.

Those looks amazing. Especial on Alyssa Milano, the girl with the cookie brand name.

The new designs are awsome.

You know I am an obsessed Touch ‘Fan’atic and I can’t wait to get some of these new items — good thing I have been saving $$ in my Touch ‘fund’ — I sure hope to see some Mariner’s items!!
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I appreciate how you are really stepping up and whether you mean to or not kind of representing all the female baseball fans out there.

this is awesome. Alyssa! very nice!

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the new line looks sweet.

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