Book Tour Dates

Hi everybody,

Due to the pilot schedule, my book tour dates have changed. If you are in the New York area, come by!

  • Borders Wall Street, New York, N.Y. — 12 p.m. ET on March 30
  • The BookMark Shoppe, Brooklyn, N.Y. — 7 p.m. on March 30
  • Bookends, Ridgewood, N.J. — 8 p.m. on March 31
  • Book Revue, Huntington, N.Y. — 8 p.m. on April 1


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Hi Alyssa,
Thanks for this update. I hope you have a lot of fun on your book tour! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the East Coast. But I will be thinking of you, and wishing you a wonderful time. I just saw your newest Touch slideshow, and it is awesome as always. You are very talented, Alyssa. Have a great week! -Steve

Hi Alyssa

I won’t be able to get to the east coast but I wish you all the best and success on your book tour You’ll be in my thoughts and fondest wishes.


Ohh I almost forgot

Say Hi to all the aunties and cousins in NY for me🙂


I can’t wait to read your book! Wish I could get to New York for your book tour, but i’m a broke college student. : ) Hope you have fun! My fingers are crossed that your show gets picked up!
Smiles from Houston!😀

Hi Alyssa!
I just saw your ESPN Fantasy commercial. So good! I love your blog!

Let us know when you make your first visit to Citi Field or the new Yankee Stadium.
My daughter enjoys the last item she bought from you at Shea Stadium.
Your fellow Dodger fan from Brooklyn.


I missed you at Shea Stadium and will do my best to make it to one of your book signings.

I would like to bring you flowers, what are your favorite?🙂

– Mike

Lets go Mets🙂

Ol Alyssa,
Provavelmente nunca ir receber este e-mail e mesmo que o receba talvez nem compreenda o que ele diz. Mesmo assim resolvi escrever e tentar a minha sorte ?
Pois , a sua fama chegou a Portugal com as Charmed, atravs da TVCabo. No canal AXN e no canal Sony possvel acompanhar a srie, demorou um bocadinho a chegar mas chegou. impossvel resistir as Charmed, os episdios so cativantes e nada de muito exagerados na parte da fico. No fim de cada um fica sempre a impresso de que se calhar at andam por a verdadeiros demnios.
A maneira como a Alyssa interpreta a mais nova das trs irms fabulosa. Alm de ser uma mulher muito bonita, tem um riso contagiante? difcil no gostar de si, a srio.
Tinha mesmo que lhe dar esta palavrinha (quer este mail lhe chegue ou no). A Alyssa uma boa pessoa, nota-se. Ajuda a Unicef como pode e at serve de inspirao aos senhores da Disney, no para todas?
Continuarei a ver as Charmed, e logo que possvel comprarei os DVD?s da srie, o dia corre melhor quando a ouo sorrir. Espero que a sua carreira continue de vento em poupa, e que lhe permitam alcanar o sucesso que merece.
Um beijinho muito grande desta sua f do outro lado do Atlntico,
Ctia Ramos

Please please please! I’m not ashamed to beg, haha obviously.
Katlyn-from KC

Hi Alyssa,

I wish you would do a book tour in Los Angeles. Perhaps La Canada Flintridge, where I live…(Wishful thinking, I know) I have already started reading your book. The bookstore I study in gave me the uncorrected proof copy the day after I pre-ordered your book. Believe me, I feel very special to have had the opportunity to read the book already. I will still get your actual book, of course. The proof copy, as you know, doesn’t have the foreward by Joe Torre, nor does it have pictures! But I have read over half of it and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Also, thanks for the glossary at the end! Brilliant idea! I never knew what WHIP was. Very cool.

Love ya!


Hi Alyssa,

I’d love to come to your book signing! I would also like to buy you dinner but I don’t think I’ll be able to do either one. I wish you the best of luck with your new book, new pilot, and new love.


Hey Alyssa,
A really quick comment (REALLY)…
When in NYC, you should try to go to the first (exihibition) game at the new YANKEE STADIUM…CUBS vs YANKEES APR 3rd and 4th. If possible… Later…., Curt

Hi, Alyssa,
unfortunately I am not a US citizen and will not have the opportunity to meet you on this tour😦 But I wish you a lot of luck with your book and I am sending you all my love.

Hey Alyssa,
On the person who wrote the foreword to your book, Joe Torre. There’s probably a generation of baseball fans that only think of Joe as a manager (YOU NOT INCLUDED) because they never saw him as a player back in the 60’s and 70’s. From the Milwaukee Braves until he was the player/manager of the Mets. I was a kid growing up when he was a St Louis Cardinal. Alyssa, back then he was the ENEMY. But when we had are very unorganized ballgames, most of the Cardinal fans emulated Joe when they were at bat. This brings back alot of memories:
Cub fans would go the other way with a Ron Santo in Dodger Stadium:
Some other photos from one of my other comments:
Wilbur Wood throwing his knuckleball:
HOF’s Ernie Banks and Billy Williams in Dodger Stadium:
and one of your VERY FAVORITE PLAYERS:
(I HOPE I TYPED THESE RIGHT, if not I’ll try again later…)
To one of the most TALENTED and also one of the NICEST… Alyssa, go SIGN alot of books… Later,

Gee, I was close: Banks and Williams,
Later Alyssa…Sorry, I was close…

Hey Alyssa

Too bad I can;t make it, living in Europe.. I do get my copy of your book on your last day of signing!

Anyways did you see us Dutchies in the classiscs.. Hah never guessed we would’ve gotten that far.. Maybe baseball will finally gain in popularity here!😀

Anyways have a great day and again good luck with the new show and the signing!




Where are your seats in Dodger Stadium? I am coming out the last weekend in July for the series against Florida and I would love to know which section to look into for tickets! I have never been to Dodger Stadium!


Okay…I have a new quest in life: to convince you to leave that LA team behind and root for LowCal….San Diego, baby! I won’t rest until I see you donning a Padres jacket in your pic!

Seriously, it’s great to see you’re such a fan of baseball. If you’re ever headed to the Albuquerque area, I’ll be sure to buy the book and get an autograph.

You’re a great ambassador for the game!!

Hey AJM and Bloggers,

Thanks for letting me know the schedule. I have not yet purchased the book but you can bet your sweet bootie cakes I will buy the book. Sometimes I travel to Picattiny NJ so NYC is a possibility but not this year. Alyssa I owe you world series stats. Unique stats that I will compile from a book I have at home. Not stats you can get anywhere else, they’ll be different things I want to look at all to solve the 8th wonder of the world, ie Why the Cubs cant win World series? I run an NCAA tourney pool, “oh please dont turn me into the Feds ok!!” So after March Madness I will turn my madness to “Cubs madness”. Cubs madness is a sickening disease ending in death or catrostrphic illness usually leading to a hospital stay. Brought on from years of insanity, tears, beatings, false hope, broken hearts and shear dumb luck. We call it “Cubs Madness”! Avoid at all cost!

Hi Alyssa.Wow.That’s sounds awesomely fun.Thanks.

Good luck with your book. You should come to see the Dodgers play at PNC Park against the Pirates. They’re here the final home stand of the season in September.


Hey Alyssa,
While searching for a Joe Torre picture in a Cardinal uniform (they are rather rare), I came across this website with hundreds of MLB players from the 60’s and 70’s. Some rather famous, some not…
Another Joe pic from the 1972 MLB all-star game:
An even RARER pic of Dick Allen in a Dodger uniform:
A Tommy John in LA:
A Ted Sizemore:
Its a website thats brings back ALOT of memories…A LINK to the PAST…
Last year Dwyane Wade was in town for the Illinios High School Basketball finals, then this year President Obama visited, and now Michael Jordan has been here for the state basketball finals (his son Marcus is playing for one of the championships tonight, the leading scorer for Chicago Whitney Young. The same high school that Michelle Obama attended. Michael’s older son is a walk-on on at the University of Illinois – he averaged like 1 point a game). ANYHOO, what celebrity will be here next? Alyssa…You know I’m kidding… Thanks Alyssa- you know….Take Care,
PS- I think I heard some FROGS today… now to figure out how to get my book autographed after I get it…

That 1972 all-star pic of Joe Torre has Joe Morgan, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Willie Stargell, and Pirate manager Danny Murtaugh. The game was played in Atlanta and guess what? (THE NL won…4-3) Hank Aaron hit a HR and Morgan was the MVP.
Remember Alyssa, SIGN alot of BOOKS in NYC… SWEET…

Not to leave you hanging (I’m kidding). Marcus Jordan and the rest of the Whitney Young Dolphins are the 4A Illinois state champions. Yes, the Dolphins??? (ONLY IN ILLINOIS) But they are a public school (magnet school) in Chicago.
I’ll leave you with these pics from the past:
Yes, Jack the RIPPER… SORRY…
Keep us posted on the book signings in NYC, THANKS…

Hey Alyssa

I finished reading your book today, I actually got it on thursday I was so suprised when I got a text message of the local book store I orderd the book from in december that my copy had arrived.. So I began to read and I have to say I loved every page it was like reading a really long blog and I mean that in the most positive way possible!

It was absolutely amazing, it blew me away. Because I knew I would like this book, I’ve been a fan for a long time and I know that the things you do are of good quality but I wasn;t prepared for a book that was this good.

It was honest, compelling, sentimental and so much more.. Especially the chapter of heroes and villains/ good and evil was so beautiful!

I’m gonna read it again tomorrow and that says a lot because I can read a book twice but once I’ve finished it I’m done with it for a while, you know.. I might read it in a couple of months/years again but your book ended to soon for me and I want to read it again!

Sorry for the long post but I’ve been so excited about this book and I just wanted to share it with you! Have a great sunday!



Hey, Alyssa and – i’ll def. try to to make it out. Love your work and…LET’S PLAY BALL!

warm regards,

Hi Alyssa,

I started reading your book today and completed the first two chapters. So far it is a heartwarming read. I can relate to how you and your brother intensely discuss Koufax and Drysdale even though you never saw them play. I feel the same way about Ted Williams. He was before my time but I always admired his skills and his guts and of course he still comes to life in his prime via newsreels and books. As Bob Costas says, Williams was the guy John Wayne played in the movies. I always make it a point to read Teddy Ballgame’s autobiography every few years.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your book. Joe Torre’s foreword was nice and set the context well. I like how you talk about your introduction to the game (“First Pitch”) with your dad. At five years old my dad had me playing hardball (bless his heart!) and took me to my first game that same year at Yankee Stadium (where a complete stranger told me if he caught a foul ball, he’d give it to me. Well, of course he caught one and was true to his word).

All the best with the book.


Hey Alyssa Bugliari,

I started reading your book and could not stop after I started. It was part of your book shown on-line at message board. I find you to be a very interesting person. For some darn reason I just find reading anything from you or about you interesting. Cant help it. Just want to say just like everyone else I think I know you but I know I dont REALLY know you. As a fan of many years I’ve read thousands of written replies from you, e-mail, message board, blog so I feel like in many ways I know you ok. But I know we’ve never spoke at any length, ok me stuttering to you in person but I’ve never sat down and had any conversation never got your perspective on things. The book makes me feel like I know you better but in the same breath it makes me realize I dont know you at all? Anyway, great to hear how you think about baseball and entertainment. Love being your fan as always.

I’ve read preview of your book and I love it!
I hope I’ll buy it soon, because it’s impossible for me to buy it now. I can’t wait!! yay!!
Have a nice week!


Hey Alyssa,
Hey, I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW TODAY and now I feel like such a ____ ____!!! I didn’t know that Jack the Ripper wore Dodger blue for awhile. That he was the hitting coach for a couple of years…But now it seems to be coming back to me vaguely… never was too good on hitting coaches, but somehow I seem to be seeing this image of Jack wearing a Dodger jacket with the sleeves rolled up (Does THAT RING A BELL???) I just don’t know…
Here’s what he up to now:
He will be the manager of the Springfield Sliders. They are not affiliated with any major league team. Located in Springfield Illinois (60 miles to the south – Obama’s old stomping grounds- on the way to St Louis) Alyssa, I actually saw a game there once (AAA game between the Redbirds and the Denver Bears). The Redbirds were the AAA affiliate of the Cardinals.
Anyhow or Anyhoo, back to Jack. Was replaced by the Dodgers with George (SILENT GEORGE) Hendrick. Another Cardinal for 7 seasons…Was the nickname Mike Shannon always called him…
Alyssa, travel safe and like I’ve told you: SIGN ALOT OF BOOKS in NYC. TAKE CARE…

SORRY Alyssa, thanks for puttin up with me…

Hey Alyssa🙂

I’m not sure if you read your comments on here or not, but I just wanted to let you know that I went and bought your book Tuesday and I finished reading it today! It was awesome and I absolutely loved reading it🙂 It’s so good to have a beautiful celebrity like yourself have such an amazing passion for baseball like you do! I’ve been a baseball fan my whole life and people always assumed I didn’t know anything because I’m a female fan. Thank you so much for starting your clothing line and giving female fans a voice in sports! One of my favorite parts was when your mom spoke of her love for Joe Beimel. I literally laughed out loud and shared it with my own mom, whom also loves baseball. You rock, Alyssa!🙂 Keep up the great work! Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to meet you one day! Good luck in all you do!


Hi Alyssa,
Congrats on the book. Can’t wait to get it. Was wondering since you are such a big Dodgers fan if you would be doing any book signings in L.A.? I think you’d have plenty of fans interested. Hope to find out one way or the other. Love your blog. Take care.


Hi Alyssa,

I met you earlier today at your signing at Borders. I gave you the Gibby baseball card. I want to thank you for signing my book. I read it and loved it. Great book, I gave it to my fiance tonight and she was excited. We can’t wait to go to Citi Field Friday and see the Touch store. You looked great today and I wish you nothing but the best in the future!

Paulie Parker

Hi alyssa

im literally crying, my mom forgot to telll me that u were going to be in huntington yesterday, she has been so busy with my grandpa becuase he had a stroke and is in the hospital and my grandma is also in the hospital because she broke her hip, and she had parent teacher conferences yesterday for my brother…..😦 she didnt tell me… im crying my eyes out……. ive seen every episode of charmed like a thousand times no joke, i loveeee charmed i watch it all the time….

crying crying Stephie in New York….

Hey Alyssa

i think u should do some more book signings in New York….. i have always wanted to meet u ever since i started watching charmed, which was a very long time ago i have been a fan of charmed for forever… but yeah i think u should come to New York for more book signings….🙂

Stephie in New York
(Post Script.. hehe that isnt my email just letting u know)

Hi Alyssa! You’re a true inspiration to women everywhere! I can’t wait to read your book! Knowing how much you love baseball I thought I’d share this cool iPhone app I just got on my phone, that’s ALL about baseball. It has scores, stats, bios etc. (and it’s free) Thought you’d want to check it out🙂 Here’s the link:
Go Dodgers!!!!!!

Hi Alyssa.

I have to say that I had to wait until I got back from the Bering Sea to even purchase your book and it kinda killed me. I’m about half way through it and while I’m a baseball dork, you totally beat me at some of that stuff. Any chance you’ll come to citizen’s bank park? Hopefully when I’m around and not out in the Bering Sea? I would totally love to talk baseball with you. Thanks for being a great actress and baseball dork too.🙂


thanks for the info.. Wish you success..

Will surely try to come by.. Love your stuff..🙂

I went to Wall Street.. Remember me? :o)

Hey nice to read all these information.Thanks.

Hi Alyssa–

I just finished reading your book while on vacation in Bermuda–it was great! I have been a huge baseball fan, especially of the Indians, for about 15 years, since I was 10 or 11. I have always been so devoted to keeping stats, following players, keeping score, watching Baseball Tonight religiously, etc.! I think you are such an inspiration by showing girls that they can love baseball too. My family and friends always encouraged my love of the game too when I was growing up. I was the first female batboy for an International League (AAA) baseball team when I served as a Richmond Braves “batgirl” for two seasons (2000 and 2001) while in my last years of high school–it was such an incredible experience (sadly the RBraves are no more now). Now I am quite busy, married and raising a two-year-old daughter (who I hope will share my baseball passions) while getting ready to enter a PhD program in history this fall, but I still make time for the Tribe (go Grady–get well and out of the AL Central basement!) and my favorite game. I just wanted to tell you thanks–keep up the good work and keep encouraging girls to follow their sports dreams! I would love to talk baseball wih you sometime🙂 PS–your Touch clothing line is fabulous, I am the proud owner of an Indians Touch shirt myself!

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