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Opening Day is almost a week away, and you already know I am following the Dodgers. But do you know who else I am following this season? People on Twitter. See my tweets at or simply follow @Alyssa_Milano if you already are on Twitter. (Which you probably are.)


alyssa please don’t tell me your other team is the yankees !! if so please stick with your Dodgers . and like i said before i see you in the world seris Detroit Tigers vs La Dodgers it has a ring to it. lol. even though i will still never forgive the Dodgers for stealing my fav. player and i think u know who that person was mr. Gibson lol. oh well at least you have manny now to drule over. well i hope all is well for you . and always keep up the good work .1 more thing I forgot please NEVER cut your hair again lol. u look so much better with longer hair . sorry i just had to say that . well keep in touch and good luck this up comeing season🙂 RON

Hi Alyssa.That’s great.I’m going to try and follow you on Twitter.You are always fun to follow.Thanks.

Hi Allyssa, welcome @Twitter🙂
I hope u like Twitter and maybe u would like to follow?

Greets from Germany

Now now now, Alyssa. You- are following the Dodgers?! You should tell someone to sit down before breaking that kind of news to them! I almost let a Dippin’ Dot dribble out of my mouth! Ok, ok now. You know I’m just being silly.🙂
I followed your link to Twitter. At first I was as confused there as I am in the stands when it comes to figuring out which team is at home. But after staring at the screen for about an hour and pressing everything on the keyboard with a large flyswatter, I think I got all the bugs worked out. And perhaps a few figurative ones as well. There should now be a Twitter message sent from me to you. Thank you for keeping in touch with us in this way, Alyssa! You’re awesome! Have a great weekend! -Steve

Awesome! Just joined😀

Have a great weekend!


p.s mine is

Very fitting.. Oh and I started to read your book for the second time and it’s still completely awesome😀

Hi Alyssa,

I’m so glad you’re on Twitter !!!! I’m gonna follow you there.

By the way, I’m gonna receive your book soon. I really can’t wait to read it !!!! And I thank you so much for your card that you sent me the other day. I’m gonna keep the envelope and card all my life.

Lots of love,

PS : Have a great weekend !

Hi Alyssa
You look great with your hair up.

Thats Awesome =) yay Go you =)
I joined twitter and i love its pretty cool🙂
I ‘ll Follow you on Twitter🙂

Oh btw Alyssa🙂 where can i buy your book here in germany is there any german site that sells it i dont think so though but it would be cool =) just please please let me know if🙂🙂 like the german amazon =)

Anyways have a nice Weekend🙂


I hope you like twitter Alyssa. It’s fun!

Hey Alyssa! Apparently I’ve been living under a rock lately because I am just now hearing about “twitter.” Of course, I haven’t had much internet access the past 2 weeks either, but still…not much of an excuse🙂 LOL. Anyways, I’m so happy that you are once again providing us with another way to stay in contact with you! It’s awesome! I’ll be joining twitter as soon as my mom is able to afford internet again (I’m at a friends house right now). Can’t wait! Oh and I also can’t wait to get your book! TWO MORE DAYS, and then it will be at my house. I’ve heard great reviews on it already, so I’m ever so anxious to read it myself. I can tell just from your blogs that you’re a gifted writer, so I know it’s going to be amazing🙂
Thanks for all you do Alyssa.

p.s. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful picture!!!

Hey Alyssa,
D___A__ Curt here(started filling in the blanks, but I won’t fill them all). I’m DONE with my Jack the Ripper thoughts, as I found myself being picked off 2nd again and having to crawl out to left and hide behind Manny’s very baggy but low-cut pants…Now to come FULL-CIRCLE with this, the first player that I remember to wear his uniform pants down to his shoe-tops was none other than: TA DA…Back in the mid 80’s, St Louis Cardinal SILENT George Hendrick…
Boy, I make alot of errors when I do this (no preview here,which I could use)
Alyssa, I’m going to have to quit talking about the Cardinals, because you might start to think that they’re MY TEAM. Trust me, they’re NOT…To prove it, one of my favorite Cubs growing up: OF JOSE CARDENAL (speedy, took a “BIG SWING” :
He had that late 70’s – early 80’s “BIG HAIR” thing going…
His last season 1980 KC Royal- he did get into the WORLD SERIES…Alyssa, didn’t you have that “big hair” look once…
Another former Cub with the really “BIG HAIR” was OSCAR GAMBLE, here with the Indians in the 70’s:
I see more errors coming here- MAYBE
Alyssa, I think the “big hair” looked better on you…
I did sign up to “FOLLOW your TWEETS”, THANKS…
ALYSSA, have a GREAT week and when you go to NYC for all the “HOOPLA”, SAVE me one autograph for my book, somewhere down the road………………
Alyssa, TAKE CARE…
PS-It’s supposed to SNOW tonight (WHAT…, well it is still march)

I knew that “E” was coming, I give you a “BIG” Rick Reuschel (214 wins). Another one of my favorites…that’s not just a “baggy uniform”, he was a rather “big guy”, but he could “field his position”) A 20 game winner in 1977. A 2 time GOLD GLOVE winner. His brother PAUL was his Cub teammate for a couple seasons too…
OSCAR pic:
Sorry Alyssa, you are the”GREATEST”…GO BLUE, just trying to throw you off, a little…

One more comment (YEA…), thats’s BIG RICK, he would always be standing on the mound, getting his grip on the ball while looking at it. Right in front of everybody, BATTER and all… 214 BIG LEAGUE WINS later…LATER to you too, ALYSAA…

See I was wrong Alyssa, you didn’t think Oscar could get that cap on, did you? It’s a little easier for MANNY. Alyssa, I’m out of here (REALLY,I AM)

Hi Alyssa,
I just finished your book, and twittering my replies to you as I read. Your book is awesome! Thank you for writing it, and for sharing yourself and your life with your supporters in this way! Reading and replying to your book has been one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have ever had! You are one of the most compassionate, generous, and inspiring people ever to live- and everything that helps me to know you better is something that I so deeply cherish. God bless you always. -Steve

Oh- It might be helpful for me to give you my twitter ID: SJTonline. 🙂 Have a nice night, Alyssa! -Steve


Another week without baseball…..but only a week to go…the excitement is GROWING….There is so much potential this year it even has those little hairs on the back of my neck moving, I hope you have a great ride this year. My Red Sox seem to be a bit on the robotic side, to me anyway, and hopefully we’ll still be marching in October. Between my toughest division in baseball and your left coast free for all this should be a really nice year. I love Baseball…Speaking of robots did you see those Koreans,my eyes we’re wide open thru that entire final game….Sorry, I don’t Twit but I’m sure your fans will be happy to hear more from you, just make sure you keep checking in here…It’s been a long winter I’m glad it’s time to Play Ball…….Mort

Hi Alyssa

I’m on chapter 11 of “Safe at Home” and I’m loving every minute. Plus I’m learning a lot. I finally understand the truth about Baseball and why its such an important part of our people. Thank you for bringing that to me you’re the best!


Oh I almost forgot See you on Twitter🙂


GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun at the park, Alyssa🙂

Hi, I just finished your book. I have to say that it was very enjoyable. I laughed when I read the section about the offseason. I thought that I was the only one that felt that way ! And the parts about having a guy who shares your interests/enthusiasm for the game, funny and true. I do not share your team interest so much, but I do love – not only my beloved Boston Red Sox, but baseball in general. I try to keep up with news, and am usually the “chick” at the sports bar who can speak baseball-ese. My parents both came over from Italy, so we learned the game of baseball together at our house (sorry,the most interesting thing about soccer is David Beckham) and up until 2004 – we suffered ever single year. Opening Day is only a week away, and I can almost smell the Fenway sausage and peppers grilling out on Yawkey Way right now !!
I miss Manny, he is weird, but a power hitter like no other, and our Big Papi misses his amigo too. Too bad Lowe and Garciaparra have moved-on, but maybe the Dodgers can pick up my old buddy Pedro Martinez. (That’s what the buzz is up here anyways.) From our coast to yours, good luck on your book tour, and enjoy every beautiful minute of the upcoming season. Ciao.

Twitter is quite the time-sucking machine. I’m still figuring out how to use the thing.

Glad baseball is finally starting, time to update the cable package to get as many games as possible!

Tweet, Tweet. Be careful, it’s addictive.

Hi….saw you on The View this morning; you did a great job! It is nice to see a female celebrity come out in support of baseball and really show genuine love for the sport. It is liberating for all the female fans out there who are often ignored in what had been touted as a man’s game. Score 1 extra point for the ladies :O)


I just added you! Twitter is a great site. Still learning it though.

Hi Alyssa,

It was awesome meeting you at your book signing. I am the guy who handed you the yellow rose by the way. I joined and am just learning the ins and outs. Thanks for having the signing, and I look forward to the next chance to meet you. Best luck with your book and new tv show.

Go Dodgers

Hey Alyssa,
Bears get CUTLER. Wait, wrong sport…OK, OPENING DAY will SOON be HERE…GREAT JOB in NYC. LATER…TAKE CARE,

awesome that you’re picking up new technology🙂 have fun!

Hey Alyssa
Was trying to figure that TWITTER thing out, yea, like I read the instructions. But I (I really don’t know if it happened) tried to send two, just experimenting…Then I go to check the Cubs game on TV and it’s 10-1 Yankees. Well,ok, I’ll send a comment instead. Gees, I really don’t know what to think of spring training anyhow. OPENING DAY for most is Monday and this year the White Sox get to play in the snow and cold (forecasted) Nice going as usual MLB. And I know my Cubs will soon be playing in that 30’s temp conditions too… GOOD LUCK to your Dodgers ( I do follow them now) and like I said, let our teams be part of postseason play. For some “bad news”, last night I caught some of the Cardinal game on TV. Man that PUJOLS just “mashes the heck out of the ball”, as I watched him “KILL” one into the leftfield corner for his 6th RBI in the game. (those it was against their AAA team). But that said, what’s better than another SEASON of BASEBALL…
My last comment (I KNOW), I used the word “hoopla” about your upcoming trip to NYC. Then after I hit SUBMIT (theres no changing it then), I wondered if that actually was the appropriate WORD to use. So I looked it up and it means : BUSTLING EXCITEMENT, so I think I’m SAFE. From all the pics and videos (You were all over…), you looked like you were having alot of FUN… Alyssa, (SORRY- It’s a FINAL Yankees 10 Cubs 1 – Our 20 something starting pitcher HARDEN sure didn’t have it AGAIN this spring) I know you signed alot of books, just remember to SAVE me one… THANKS ALYSSA… Alyssa , you almost made as many appearances as our ex-GOV BLOGO (I don’t know if he’s guilty, but he can TALK and he did say, when he’s gone, they would raise the income tax (50% increase has been proposed already)
Then I gave you a Rick Reuschel (my ‘E’). You know he really just threw one pitch (SINKERBALL). How else do you think he won all those games, KEEP the ball DOWN and let them hit it on the GROUND. Here’s his older brother Paul ( 16 career MLB wins):
HEY, it was 1978…maybe. His manager Herman Franks just died at the age of 95. Was one of the Cubs better managers for his 3 seasons too. I remember his for arguing with the umpires and spitting tobacco juice at their feet. He was a “character” and back then he was around 65. Alyssa, I’m boring you, but thanks for putting up (I think) and it did cover the “green” grass with SNOW last week, but was all gone in 2 days.
P.S. You REALLY didn’t think OSCAR could get his cap on, did you…Hey, Apr 2nd was the first night I could hear the FROGS going…LOOKING FORWARD to your next POSTING (OPENING DAY), I’m just guessing. THANKS ALYSSA, your’re the BEST…

One more thing ALYSSA, you did get “CUT OFF” on the VIEW. Too many people asking…and like I said somewhere else: an HOUR show, 2 GUESTS, 6 minutes. Maybe 6 minutes is the “norm”, but not for your FANS.


ANOTHER WEEK IN BASEBALL…..well almost….thanks to a lobotomy I said I’d work months ago on April the 6th., forgetting that MLB had backed off the season by a week. I won’t be able to watch the games till later so don’t tell me any spoilers ;)…..Was thinking about getting MLB TV this year but I was watching one of the pre-season Mets games and the announcers spent 5 minutes telling us where to get Tacos in the new stadium and 4 batters came and went before they started talking about the game again. I’m hoping you won’t be too busy this year working to give us your unique view of the game we all love and hope to see a lot of you. Gawd I can’t wait till I hear PLAAAY BAAALL……Mort

Hi Alyssa I’m from Brazil and I try know something about the Dodgers… your blog help me so much!Please add me on twitter is @rafa.ismerim.I have you but you don’t have me🙂
Love you

Hi Alyssa I’m from Brazil and I try know something about the Dodgers…but your blog help me so much!Please add me on twitter is @rafa.ismerim.I have you but you don’t have me🙂
Love you

Hi Alyssa – really enjoy your blog…


I have a design idea for – would like to share with you…


email i can send it to?

t. design concept…very high level…

Alyssa, as I die hard baseball fan myself I recently came up with an idea. I’m trying to start an extensive autographed baseball collection. A collection that includes athletes of all sports as well as actors, actress’, and any other person that intrests me. I’m choosing baseballs as my medium because it is a sport that means the world to me. I know how you feel about the sport so I would like you to be involved. If you are interested you can contact me at I’m looking at a collection to rival the Guinness book of world records, so if you know of anyone else who could appreciate my venture send them my way. Thanks for your time, Chuck P.S. Let’s Go RED SOX!

Oh yea I’ll also send you the ball so there would be no cost to you, just the signature. thanks again.

Chuck Southern.

Great site Alyssa, – brainwave entrainment keep up the fun!

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