Opening Day Roster and other Mumblings

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Happy Opening Day. Here is our 25-man roster:

  • Infielders – Casey Blake, Blake DeWitt, Rafael Furcal, Orlando Hudson, James Loney, Mark Loretta
  • Outfielders – Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Juan Pierre, Manny Ramirez, Delwyn Young
  • Catchers – Brad Ausmus, Russell Martin
  • Pitchers – Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, Clayton Kershaw, Hiroki Kuroda (OPENING DAY STARTER), Hong-Chih Kuo, James McDonald, Guillermo Mota, Ramon Troncoso, Claudio Vargas, Cory Wade, Randy Wolf

Well . . . if the starting rotation stays healthy, we should be okay. If (God forbid) Billingsley or Kuroda spend anytime on the DL, we may be screwed. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with another starter before the trade deadline.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (I actually live on a ranch), I returned home today from NY. I’m exhausted but had a productive time on the book tour. More than 60 interviews in four days! I was so sick of hearing my own voice by the end of it. I would like to thank HarperCollins again for giving me the opportunity to write my love letter to baseball.

I find it quite humorous that the media has tagged my book as a “tell-all”. I guess it would be the logical sensational angle, but just to clear some things up that have been inaccurately reported:

  • WHAT WAS REPORTED – The book is a tell-all where I go in depth about the baseball players who I’ve dated.
  • FACT – Ummmm. Not even close. It is a retrospective look back on how baseball has been a constant in my life and what the sport has meant to me though the years and how it brought my father and me closer. Considering that there are only four pages out of 253 that focus on my exes, if you are considering buying the book to read me kiss and tell, you will be disappointed.

  • WHAT WAS REPORTED – I write that Brad Penny made me wear his jersey to bed.
  • FACT – I wrote about wearing BP’s jersey in the batting cage at Dodger Stadium. I never wrote, nor would I ever write, anything about what I sleep in.

  • WHAT WAS REPORTED – I “URGED that troubled starlets should give sports a try.”
  • FACT – I would never be so bold. I do speak of how sporting events gave me a healthy escape and how baseball found me when I needed it most. I never wrote anything about troubled starlets “giving sports a try.”

Having said all that, I am amazed that journalists don’t have to read the books they write about and that their editors don’t actually fact-check.

If you have read the book, please leave an honest comment or review here on this blog entry so people can base their potential purchase on truthful and accurate information.

Most importantly: Thank you to all who came out to my book signings last week. My only wish is that I had more time to spend with each of you. I appreciate the support and hope no one left disappointed.


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Journalism has really taken a dive in recent years. Facts and researching have fallen far behind shock and sleaze in what a lot of media outlets value.

I’m surprised you guys didn’t deal Loretta for a pitcher. You could definitely use another arm.

Keep doing what you do.

I finished the book in a day. It was awesome! I could relate to soo much of it. Congrats on all your success, Alyssa🙂 It’s ridiculous how the media has to report things these days…Best of luck with everything!🙂

I loved the book! Very drama free and as far as I could tell nothing even close to a tell all.
Its Very light and gives more of an overall perspective of the feeling of the game in general. For me when I read it, it sort of has the feeling of watching the first opening day game, a breath of fresh air from all the headlines and just the raw feeling of the start of a new season! Nothing else that has happened matters and this reading this feels like your teams sleight has been cleaned. You don’t have to be a dodgers fan to enjoy this book and appreciate the perspective. Thank God cus’ I for one am not but I would have really been bummed if I hadn’t given this book a try. When ever I had a free moment from whatever I was doing I would pull the book out and read a few pages. As corny as it sounds each time I would read the next few pages I would get excited all over again. Not for any particular reason just how you feel when you read this its what everyone really loves about this game. Kinda crazy that all of this is captured with just one book. After I read it I would tell anyone who wanted to listen how great this was even as a Yankees fan not a Dodgers. My boyfriend has my copy now, and iv noticed that every time I see him with a free moment he has the book open reading it also. In short the book is just really light. I might not have been around for alot of baseballs incredible moments but I cant imagine not being around for this one however small it might have been. I imagine I will always remember where I was the first time I read it and how it made me feel each time I opened it.
Thank you!

I found the book to be a celebration of a true fans appreciation of baseball and a touching journey from the beginnings of her fandom as it passed from her father to her and of the difference it has made in her life and how in many ways it centered and focused her life outside of her profession. This is no tell all in any way. Some illusions about America?s pastime are put under the light, but only those that need to be In the end we are left with a fan that understands the true heart of the game and its history.


Oh and about the season…. I hope we do get another starter before the deadline.. We need an ACE.


I’ve been raving about your book ever since I read it, everywhere, all the time..
Honest to god I loved it, it is an amazing book.. And in the 2 to 3 weeks I’ve had it I’ve read it twice! I would’ve read it a third time if I hadn’t been so busy with school..

It was honest, witty and I gained a lot of insight from it.. Being a new fan of the game, I could follow it without it feeling like a baseball for dummies book LOL..
I loved the links to the past, family and family values.. Not only did a give a better insight in the game but to me it gave an insight in to how baseball made you the wonderful person you are right now, how being a fan can keep you grounded, how it can help you through your every day problems.. i found that as a fan of anything you can relate to the things you said in your book.. That being said, it gives an insight in you but not in you as a celebrity not to promote yourself but to promote being a fan and what it can do for you..

In short it’s an amazing and very smart book and I loved it..I was saddened to be at the last page because it meant I finished it and I wasnt ready yet LOL.. I hope you’ll write another book! Don’t let those ‘journalists’ get you down.. You wrote an amazing book and you should be proud of that, you should be proud of the fact that you put yourself out there.. You took a risk and to speak in baseball terminology you hammered it out of the park (I hope I used that one right!).. I’ve always been proud to call myself your fan and right now even more so!

And YAY for Opening Day! I can’t wait to see how this years ‘story’ will go, let’s hope it’ll have a happy ending for the Dodgers!

Have a great day!



I didn’t know anything about baseball. Your book made me understand this sport (thank you so much for the glossary by the way) through your own story. In only one book, you managed to retell baseball : its history, how it can link generations, its importance in your personal life.. so I encourage everybody who haven’t read your book yet to do it (knowing baseball or not!), don’t listen journalists’ opinion and form your own one !
PS: Attention ! If you don’t want to become a baseball fan, don’t read it, cause the book can really turn you into a Dodgers’ addict (I watch games now..)
Have a great day and a great Dodgers’ season !
— Julie —
(and sorry for my english…)

Having read your book, I did chuckle the first time I heard an interviewer say ‘tell all’ and I was a little puzzled why the topic of the book seemed to bring up 3 gigantic pictures of Pavano, Zito, and Penny…

It was an enjoyable, quick reading, yet educational experience. I was so thankful for the glossary at the end. I have grown up watching baseball and love the game, but admit that I haven’t always paid too much attention to the statistical portion. The book made it easy for me to understand and I am excited to add another ‘feature’ to the game this year.

As a female, who is the same age as the author, I could relate so much to the memories and the ‘feelings’ of time, I found myself saying ‘exactly!’ many times while reading the book.

As the mother of 2 young boys — I hope that I can pass my love baseball on to them, and this book gave me a few ideas.

As a ‘little known fact’ loving person — I really enjoyed the Wild Pitch tidbits troughout the book.

Thanks Alyssa!,

Bonjour ma belle,

In French we have a say: On rpond aux imbeciles par le silence
It means ?We answer imbecile with silence?.

What makes me angry about those idiots is that there is more significant stuff to write about: The Earthquake in Italy, the Automobile Crisis, and Homosexual man being killed in Iraq.

Not that your book is not important but I think that his publicity will raise for itself with your name and reputation!

I like the 25 Man roster a lot! But no injuries please
Have a great week and get some rest !
T’embrasse fort,




I’ve not finished your book quite yet but what I’ve read I have thoroughly enjoyed. The old baseball players you mention in it I actually or unfortnately remember. To quote you “insert old woman joke here”. I was privileged to have been able to see ball games at both Forbes Field & Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. My father was a die hard Pirates fan & to this day I am too, even though I now live in Ohio (probably because of him). He cried the day Roberto Clemente died (I remember that). Your book has brought back lovely memories of my father & me and his love of baseball. The day he died he was listening to a game on the radio (he died doing what he loved – listening to the Pirates). Thank you for bringing back these memories.

I’m sure your wonderful Dodgers will do much better than my Pirates but whether they win or lose, we remain fans.


Thanks Alyssa, for the new roster. This team has shown that they could have some awesome potential. It is also nice to know that Josh Lindblom is waiting in the wings, should the need ever come up to “send that guy to LA!” I’m glad that DeWitt has made it, he’s another great bat for the club.
Spring Training was fun, as it was, with the team playing in their new facility. Torre now knows a lot of the potential that awaits him, should he need it, every so often. It’s a risky game. OK, risk/reward. Should that pitcher risk one, right out over the plate to Manny, with the reward that the ump will call it a strike?
Be strong, young lady, and thanks again for this major league blog.

It is so refreshing to read what you write. Your analysis and response to the inept media regarding what they say about your book is so honest and informative, as I find is all of your writing. You are such a wonderful and amazing person. Thank you for your time and effort in writing these blogs. Looking forward to reading your book.

Alyssa, I did read the book, and I really enjoyed it. Your experience having baseball be the glue that held your family together was similar to mine and probably others. My dad taught me how to throw a baseball, play the game, and thanked me years later for voluntarily giving up on little league and moving to softball because he was afraid he was going to have to file a lawsuit on my behalf – which he gladly would have done – to allow me to play baseball on the high school team. And while there are other things for my dad and i talk about, baseball (and football) are part of nearly every conversation with me and my brother, my brother and my father, and my father and myself. It definitely helps bond with my male relatives – though I am not as psycho about statistics like they are. To be honest, if it were not for baseball, I’m certain my brother and father would rarely talk – the real deep talks about life – even though they live a mile apart….Anyway, you paint a realistic picture with humorous annecdotes, and anywoman & anyman who loves baseball and shares this with family will enjoy your book…BTW I had the same itchy velvet sofa growing up – was that just a family thing from the 70s? Good luck with the pilot. – i

OMGEEEEE : ) Today is opening day! ..Finally! I wish I could be at Minute Maid Park today, but I guess college is more important. ; ) I haven’t had the chance to read your book yet, but I’m excited to. It sounds like a great book. I’m a mass communications/jornalism major, and I can say that there are some naive journalist out there! They care more about getting people interested in reading what they’re writing, than the facts. However, you have true fans, that know the real facts about your book. Well, good luck with your pilot, my fingers are crossed! And have fuun at the ball park today! : )
GO ASTROS! Oswalt, you’re the man : ) [ Let’s start this season with a W!]

Re-bonsoir ma belle,

I don’t know if you ship to Europe but my best friend Olivia is going to New York next week. And she has 2 missions.
Bring me a Karen Millen handbag and your book!
With a penchant: your book of course…she better not come back without!

Still no plans for Europe sweetie?

T’embrasse fort

PS: Another hour at work and than mlb TV, yep it’s that time of year again, no sleep and a lot of coffee






Hey Baseball Fans!

Cubs are ready and I’m ready! Lets GET IT ON!! My new slogan this year is “PERHAPS – MAYBE? IT WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR!” I dont see any water in the glass, in fact I dont even see the glass, what’s half full? Whats half empty beats me? My scouting report on Dodgers says PITCHING SUSPECT? Hum… I like Billingsly, Kershaw and Sometimes I like Kuroda otherwise I dunno? I just ordered Alyssa’s book. I’ve read a few chapters but wont comment until I read the entire book. I will say that I knew it wasn’t a kiss and tell book I know better than that gosh I’m a Cubs fan but not STUPID well maybe about baseball but not Alyssa Milano. I know my Milano business ok or think I do? Ok Alyssa I googled Alyssa Milano Book Reviews and I found like one bad review but two good reviews. Thats 2-1 in baseball thats a win ok, chill some ok Alyssa dont get those Italian emotions rolling on bad reviews. Deadspin had good review, had positive and very good review. Just remember Alyssa bad news sells better than good news. Mark my words Hoffpair for Cubs will be a star, dude is super duper, you heard it here 1st. I will write bookd review, honest one after reading the book. Take Care and GO CUBS!

Your book was so amazing Alyssa! You are such a talented writer. I couldn’t put it down once I started! It was crazy, I got the package at my door and I was so excited I ripped it open as fast as I could and I sat right there on the floor in front of my door and read it all🙂 Then I took a little break, ate some food, and went upstairs to read it again.
It scares me a little to think that some people were so confused about the main theme of your book because I thought it was QUITE obvious and I’m 17 years old. And if they were just doing it to make their piece interesting, than shame on them! Your book was so heart-felt and not only showed your connection to baseball, but also helped me learn so much more about my own connection. So thank you for that. I again apologize for not being “around” as much lately. We still don’t have internet at home and I’m not sure when we’ll be able to get it back. Still here though, and I’m still reading your blog as often as possible. It’s the highlight of my day!
Love, Katlyn

Oh and also, I especially loved reading about all that baseball history you added into your book. You see, my Dad is more of a football guy, and unfortunately I don’t get to see him very often, so it’s hard for him to really “teach” me baseball (if you know what I mean) like your Dad did for you. So it’s always a great pleasure of mine to learn more about all the history behind the sport. You did such a great job with it all. You rock Alyssa🙂

I am so glad I saw the sign for the Wall Street Borders book signing it was truly a highlight in recent memory. I finished reading the book last night, I thought it was a great read. The pieces of baseball knowledge and personal experience were interwoven beautifully. I am more pumped for the new season than I would have been without it, Mets and Dodgers won their openers so hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.


Alyssa, you wrote a very good book about the impact baseball has had on your life. You included fascinating historical stories to add perspective about the evolution of the sport.

The interviewers who have not read the book have no right to conduct an interview about it. I don’t know how you had the patience to field all those meaningless questions about your love life. Shake them off.

In the words of Phoebe Halliwell, “You go girl!!!” You have achieved another great accomplishment. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

Re: Jackie Robinson, are you familiar with the documentary, “Only the Ball Was White”? If not, you would enjoy viewing it. I always showed it to my senior English classes before we began our study of the play Fences.

Again, great job.

Dear Sweetie,
I’m sorry to hear about these false reviews of your beautiful book. (Please bear with me as I capitalize portions of this message to accommodate any critics who may choose not to read this message either.) You know that I HAVE BEEN YOUR DEVOTED FAN FOR NEARLY A DECADE, and I READ YOUR BOOK FROM BEGINNING TO END, responding to it on Twitter with even more comments than the book has pages. (You can read my comments by following SJTonline at WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE, ALYSSA. WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. YOUR BOOK IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MEMOIRS I HAVE EVER READ. ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH YOU KNOWS THAT YOU WOULD NEVER WRITE A “TELL-ALL”. THAT’S THE CATEGORIC OPPOSITE OF WHO YOU ARE. I can hear the critics asking me, “How do you know who Alyssa is?” Thanks for asking. I’d love to take the time to answer. Here is my response, though it mentions only one example of a lifelong chain of wonderfully beautiful acts of compassion by Alyssa to transform a world in need. WHILE ALYSSA HERSELF HAS BEEN OUT OF STEADY ACTING WORK OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS AMIDST THE GREATEST FINANCIAL CRISIS SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION, SHE HAS PERSONALLY FINANCED MEDICAL TREATMENTS THAT HAVE DIRECTLY SAVED THE LIVES OF 7,000,000 OF THE WORLD’S POOREST PEOPLE! Yet in all the time that Alyssa has been doing this, I never heard her mention once the number of lives that she has saved. She hardly mentions that she?s doing anything. In fact, I didn’t find out the completeness of this news myself until a few months ago- and only then by fluke circumstances. (For more information about what Alyssa is doing and how you can save a life for just 50 cents, please visit For more about Alyssa’s actions in particular, please visit Thank you very much!) OVER AND OVER I HAVE SAID THAT ALYSSA’S ACTIONS TO SAVE THE LIVES OF MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF THE WORLD’S POOREST PEOPLE IS ONE OF THE MOST OVERLOOKED NEWS STORIES IN THE MODERN WORLD. Maybe you can change this by telling your friends. But to get back to the point, as I mentioned, this is just one example in a lifelong history of quiet, astonishing actions from Alyssa’s heart to do everything that she can to truly transform the world around her for the better. Do you think that this treasure from heaven is the person who would go and write a “tell-all”? Of course not! Of course Alyssa considers it ridiculous. And of course she is far too kind to respond in a similar way. And, most of all, she is far to humble to even mention her example of compassion that would shame the world. -Steve

Hi Alyssa.I’ll be cheering for your Dodgers.I read your great book,it is the greatest book.Your book skillfully attracted and affected my mind,my emotions very gently with a potent impact.It is as if your book has feelings,it is magic.It is a most brilliant book.Thank you.


Another week in baseball….The First….Yahoo, congrats on opening day, bet it was a blast…..Home, home on the ranch…where the frogs and the little doggies play…where often is heard, some discouraging words….about book reviewers and TV critics….OK so I’m not John Lennon….Due to inclement weather I get to partake of my Red Sox’s home opener. I just got the game running on MLB….Hope our luck is as good as yours, although hearing that the Yanks got spanked yesterday made my day as far as opening day in 2009 goes. Keep your chin up…..Mort

Hey, Alyssa (and the rest of fans)

Here we are once again! April has arrived. PLAY BALL!!! (And man, is it harder to get coverage here in Spain, at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!)

Best wishes for the Dodgers (which of course means NL champions and losing the World Series to Boston in seven games)😉

Also have the best luck with all your projects (actress, book writer, clothes designer… is there anything our Alyssa can’t do?) and personal life.

Signed: A fan in the wrong continent.

Hi Alyssa,

I’m surprised you left us a message before opening day! I went to see the Angels’ opening day game last night. They looked pretty good with 9 hits compared to the A’s 3. I guess the Dodgers won their opening day game also. Don’t worry what these jouralists say, you know they are motivated mostly only to sensationalize and get people to read what they write, not be accurate reporters.

take care and God bless,

I was gonna buy the book but now….
Hi ya there Alyssa

I haven’t got the book yet but I will. Good job posting this blog to clear the air about the book. =) Keep up the great work in everything you do. Oh yeah I’m a Giants fan so I guess you won’t be giving me any shout outs in your blogs huh?😉

~ King of Cali

Hey Alyssa, I have not read your book and, living in England, didn’t get to hear any of the negativities surrounding it. The first that I heard about it was on Around the Horn on a podcast I download each morning before work. I hope you get everything cleared up and that your book gets the reviews it deserves. As a hard-working journalist myself, it annoys me too when I read things that are clearly distorted. But from what I’ve read here, your real fans know the truth anyway. Keep up the good work.Ash

Oh, I’ll have to check out your book! BTW…GO PADRES!!!

I just ordered the book. Can’t wait to read it!! GO DODGERS!!!

I just ordered the book. Can’t wait to read it!! GO DODGERS!!!


Just checking in for the season, as you know I am A Baseball, Alyssa and Angel fan. We have come on a tragic start with our season. On Monday we had a fan killed after the game and we lost a fine young player last night in a starting pitcher after his major league starting debut. Nick Addenhardt was killed in an automobile accident shortly after the game. The comish has canceled our game for tonight so the team and family can grieve. You are always one for great words when we come across these difficult times as everyone in the baseball community knows your commitment and passion for the game. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your favorite angel fan,



I have truly enjoyed reading your book. I could relate to so many aspects of it. First of all, I actually grew up watching the Yankees on my dad’s lap! He introduced me to them at a very young age. Since I was 6 years of age, I have loved every part of baseball – particularly the Yankees. Even today (24 years old), it actually pains me to miss a game. I am able to return back to a simpler time when I watch the games. It is so calming and enjoyable, that I, at times, forget where I am. I still watch with my dad (not on his lap, haha) whenever he gets the chance. My mom tried to watch with us years ago, but cannot really understand the game. My sister is the same way. Therefore, baseball is a bond between my dad and me.
I came to your book signing @ Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ a few weeks ago. I only met you briefly, but you did sign my book. For the past week, I would bring the book to school (I am a teacher), and read it while my kids were at lunch or I had a prep period. It was great that Joe Torre wrote the forward. He was always, still is, and will forever be my favorite manager. You are lucky your team has him.
I also want to say that I think it is quite commendable how you spend much of your time with charities and different organizations. I would love to talk with you and ask you questions about some of the organizations, and how I could possibly get involved. As a teacher, I get the summers off. There is nothing I would like to do more than donate my time to help the less fortunate. I admire you for that. I also want to say thank you for writing this book. I can have normal baseball conversations with the guys I go out with, but cannot converse with my friends (females) about the sport. It is nice to know that you speak on behalf of the female fans out there. I have so much I’d like to talk about regarding baseball, now I just need someone who is interested enough to actually listen! Haha.
Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. I just want to say that you have truly captured the essence of what is means to be a baseball fan, and have a great amount of love and respect for the game. I can connect to much of what you share with us in your book. Baseball is just like life (at least to a certain extent). Take care!


Hi Alyssa,

I am still in the process of reading your book. I do agree with you – the media preoccupation with the alleged “tell all” aspect of the book which of course doesn’t even exist, is preposterous. I don’t think they took the time to read it before reviewing it. The NY Post headline was “Alyssa’s Diamond Flings”.

Last summer on NY radio station WFAN Mike Francesa asked one of his lackeys in the studio if you were still dating Josh Beckett – then he realized it wasn’t Beckett you dated, but Carl Pavano. Then someone in the studio asked if you were still dating Pavano. Francesa pondered this for a moment then said he didn’t think so because you wouldn’t wait around 2 years for Pavano to make his next start – incredible.

What I have read of the book so far (the first four chapters) is very good. I think it is a passionate and intelligent take on the game. I’ll write a better review once I’ve completed the book.

All the best.


Hey Alyssa – Would I recommend your book to anyone? Absolutely, let me equate this to when I came here. I was just some Cub fan who had no allegiance to you, for or against. I knew who you were, but didn’t know the person you were. I had heard all the snide comments about you over the years, but never really paid much attention. What’s it to me…I saw you talking about baseball on tv and thought you seemed nice, but didn’t act on it until after hearing you again on the radio. Found myself here at your blog. Even though it’s a Dodger blog, to me it was baseball blog. Even though I was 6 months late in arriving here, I went back to the beginning and read 6 months worth of entries and comments. Liked what I read,your style, funny,passionate, and knowlegable. Just thoroughly enjoyed it and got to know a little more about you and your life. Watched your postseason video clips. LONG STORY short, I found myself a FAN of yours.
It took me a couple of months before I had the nerve to comment. For you to possibly read what some Cub fan had to say…Well, a little INTIMIDATING, you being a TV CELEBRITY. Finally commented (under an alias, don’t ask)…Like 1 or 2 sentences on the Torre hiring. (was trying to be funny- Joe eating pasta sitting in a recliner) And I KNOW my comments became LONGER and OFTEN over time. But I think that MEANT something. Maybe I went OFF SUBJECT alot. Just waiting for your next entry, which I always looked forward to. In the meantime, I found myself going to your website and the boards. (where I found out the person you are) There it also took me awhile to reply. Some Cub fan there with alot of CHARMED watchers. I’m going to say it now (may have hinted before), that I never was a CHARMED watcher. Must have been something else on, I guess. SORRY, I was always afraid to mention that . You know,you playing Phoebe…I did watch you on EARL, but I was already a watcher. Still COUNTS…you were my FAVORITE. But I learned and seen that you are the NICEST. I have so much RESPECT for ALL THAT YOU DO.
AS for all the so-called jounalists, media, bloggers…always bringing up you ex’es. GIVE IT A REST…Sure that probably sells, but you’re much better than that. It’s your life and you seem to be doing a nice job with it.
to be continued…

Sorry Alyysa, it was getting LONG and you have to remember that I am biased now.
So you go to TWITTER. Sure what the h…, I’ll follow. Should have included the user manual (me being the dumb Cub fan). Though I probably wouldn’t have read it. Hey ,it took me awhile…helps to type right (I do make alot of E’s). So I’m doing the math… (2,000+ followers) (3,198 NOW and going up…tweeting you) I can only imagine the # of tweets you get. I know you said you read them all. HOW do you do it… So watching a CUB game (still a little P.O.ed yet from friday’s game- sorry- back where I was at), I checked twitter and you had tweeted just ONE (about days like these lasting forever) OK, so what the heck, I TWEETED you and then a few more during my CUB AGNST…I had noticed that you do answer followers tweets and I KNOW YOU CAN”T ANSWER THEM ALL (I THINK) and then you tweeted about eating sushi and watching the Dodger game. So I checked later and to my SURPRISE, you had sent me a tweet. Like I said ALYSSA, you will never know what that MEANT to me. Maybe that’s a reason why I say you’re the NICEST. I told you I’ll try NOT to send you alot of tweets and that might not be EASY to do. But if I ever send to MANY, just skip over some of them. Like I said , I can only IMAGINE what its like…But what YOU DO for your fans…You have a life to live too. If you ever end this TWITTER thing (3,203 followers), could you find away for me to continue on for the “RIDE”.
Alyssa, you are the NICEST…and anybody reading this, GO READ HER BOOK. You just might learn and GAIN “alot MORE”, because somehow I DID…
Alyssa, I’m DONE (SORRY). Have a HAPPY EASTER and always TAKE CARE…

P.S. Alyssa, thanks for your time. I keep mentioning the feeling that you DO read my comments from you blog entries you write. Sublimally??? It’s like the way you worded certain things or style. I just don’t know (just some dumb Cub fan here), but sometime I’m going to TWEET you for a Y or N answer to it. Don’t know when…Being some dumb Cub fan who always comments on old Cardinal players, ex-Gov Blogo, and bringing up old pics, I’m getting the feeling you won’t TWEET me back and you’ll have PICKED me off 2nd AGAIN. But I’m getting wiser, that TWEET you sent me had 3 words in it (KIDDING. I THINK). Coincidence, I JUST DON”T KNOW…but it seems like something I always USE… GO BLUE and GO CUBS GO… Can you imagine me doing this in 140 characters or less? LATER ALYSSA… (3,219 followers) (OFFICIALY 3,220 and going up…)

Dear Alyssa (and Readers),

****I’ve only read the first chapter of Alyssa’s new book (go here for it), but I know she’s an extraordinary, captivating writer. I recently read “Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson’s First Season” by Jonatha Eig and some of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s memoir “Wait ‘Till Next Year” (both classics works about the Brooklyn Dodgers) and I have enjoyed Alyssa’s writing every bit as much. So for anyone struggling through the haze of the single, enormous unbroken paragraph my comment will become, just rembemer this: BUY SAFE AT HOME IT IS WELL-WRITTEN AND AWESOME.

****I wrote the following observations about Alyssa’s wonderful writing in an extended comment (with many hyperlinks that actually explain what on earth I’m referring to) that I posted in the comments thread of your FanPost “Alyssa Milano Saluts the NL West.” on the Red Reporter blog on SBNation. ******************************************************************* *******************************************************************

****When I first clicked through a FanShot of ?Alyssa Milano Saluts the NL West!!? on Lookout Landing, my SBN home, my initial thought was, ?Oh no, some jerk stole a famous belle?s name and used it to post one of those odd lists of random pictures of hot chicks.? So I left the page. When I came back to it a little later, I noticed the commenters praising the post and gathered that you were actually Alyssa Milano, so I decided to read it.

****In fact, your FanPost was one of the funniest things I?ve ever read on a baseball blog. That?s one hell of a compliment, considering how spoiled I am by the amazing Mariners blogosphere (See M?s fans? takes on Bugs Bunny, GMZ?s Aumont decision, or the King-Felix-hits-Grand-Slam-off-Johan-Santana-and-is-pitching-shutout- then-Beltran-slide-spikes-Felix-and-injures-him-M’s-fans-despair gamethread from 6/23/2008 to see what I mean). Our humor writing gets an almost unfair advantage from our cosmic despair, of course. As Mark Twain once said, ?the secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in Heaven.? I didn?t sense much despair behind your ?Salut,? which made the humor in it all the more impressive to me.

***Your writing reminds me a great deal of P.J. O?Rourke?s, one of my favorite humorists (see ?The Innocents Abroad, Updated? or ?A Ramble Through Lebanon? in his book “Holidays in Hell” to see why, and don?t let his irreverent conservatism scare you off ? he values his laughs, which I like, far more than his politics, which I usually disagree with). Like O?Rourke, your writing is a mix of history, pop culture, bizarre allusions, political incorrectness, shocking revelations about your personal vices, and, lastly, the actual subject at hand. I especially liked the riffs on Wakamatsu and Soschsia [no, I?m not spell-checking that].

****I don?t get much chance to indulge my whimsey for insanely off-topic historical and literary allusions on Lookout Landing, so I loved seeing you do so in your writings with absolute fearlessness. I haven?t really gotten into the LL OFFTOP[ic] threads yet, and the LL moderators (quite rightly) bring down their fury on anyone who does that in the baseball-talk threads (i.e. most threads). It?s nice to see someone get the chance to do that here.

****All in all, great job. I can?t wait to read more of your stuff on your blog or on SBNation, and I?m sure you will be more than welcome to post on Lookout Landing!

****P.S. WHERE ARE MY PARAGRAPH BREAKS? No matter how many times I hit enter, it’s impossible for me to convey that I’m starting a new paragraph. You need have a word with and tell their programmers to get their act together (whether with sweetness or with fury, I leave for you to decide).

AAAGGHHH it seems ate my massive post. Buy Alyssa’s book and go here for my take on it if the LONG post I wrote for this doesn’t come through. You need to sic your people on programmers! I cannot bear the double posts and lack of paragraph breaks.

There was a Goat Head left at Wrigley last night. I know everyone here is wondering where I was at last night. I know people here think I have goat blood on my hands now. I was cooking Steak, Corn on the cob and only thing I cut was fresh strawberries. My idea was to show up to Dodger stadium with a goat in a custom made “Touch” goat sweater and to sit by the Milanos. Not leave the head at Wrigley.

the dodgers have a great team this year. i went to opening day (like i do every year) and there offense looked great, the pitching was also good. hope they can go all the way this year and not depend on manny’s bat so much.

p.s I read part of your book and its pretty good. you really know and respect the game alot thats cool. i love the game more than anything i wish i can still play but injurys happen. good luck with the book.


I have to say I have been a huge fan since the first episode of Charmed. I have seen them all, but still watch reruns almost every day on TNT. I picked up your book a few weeks ago while I was shopping with my aunt. I think I surprised her because it wasn’t the typical book for me, but like I said I’m a huge fan and I definitely have a love for baseball (Go Reds!!), so I thought I’d like it. I was surprised to find out how much of a fan you are! The book was great. It took me about a week to read (thanks to classes and softbal practice) but everything you said rang true. I feel deprived every spring because I am forced to watch Gameday on my computer while I’m at school. I saw your book tour dates and was wondering if you were going to make it anywhere else? If you’re every in Cincy I’ll do everything I can to stop by!


CONGLATULATIONS ALYSSA AND DAVID i really hope you both will find the greatest happiness the brightness of light
the deepest of love together forever this is the finest young
lady of the 21st century and this beautiful human being is
ALYSSA JAYNE MILANO godbless you from richard alfred palmer i also hope that lin and tom are dancing around
the house in utter joy richard is so happy for you no kidding

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