Chris Young: Dodger Killer but I kind of respect the guy

chrisyoung.jpgDave Hollander interviewed Chris Young. The headline of the interview is: “Padres All-Star: Clean Players vs. Dirty Players Class Action Suit, Why Not?” Intrigued? The interview is quite compelling. It is refreshing to hear from one of the guys that didn’t get caught up in steroids. He is honest and frank about the topic. The article can be found here. If you have a moment, give it a read.

Also, if you are in New York, please come visit me at Citi Field on Saturday, where I will be celebrating the TOUCH flagship store ribbon cutting! I will be at the store from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. signing autographs and taking pictures. I’m very proud of the store and appreciative for this opportunity given to me by the Mets so… come join me! I’ll be the girl with misty eyes. (I get a little emotional when it comes to this stuff.)


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Hey Alyssa! I was at Opening Day at Citi Field with my brother Monday night and the stadium, while much smaller than Shea, definitely has it’s positive elements. Great to be present in a key historic moment in baseball history. I saw your store and I think it’s great the Mets gave you the opportunity to represent your line right there in the stadium. Pretty decent location too…and you know what they say about location! Congrats and enjoy the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday! : )

Prose and Ivy

Whoa, hold the virtual phone here; the flagship TOUCH store is NOT at Dodger Stadium? Oh, dear, I’m not sure this is acceptable here;-) Proper penetance is reporting on Twitter if Vinnie through a strike to Joe on Monday afternoon. Oh, also, if you recorded the ballgame last night, Vinnie was in rare form talking about the “42” game. Damn, but it has been an honor to grow up (assuming, of course, that at 48, I HAVE grown up) listening to Scully and Chick hearn.

Sorry Chick! Hearn!! You deserve the correction.

Hi Alyssa

I sooo wish I could come see you at the new store this sat but I can’t. I know the opening is going to be wonderful and I wish you all the continued success possible. Perhaps the next store can open at Dodger Stadium.🙂


Hey Alyssa!
Hope everything goes well at the opening of your new store. I really wish you could come to Texas soon, cause it would be awesome to meet you. I think Minute Maid park seriously needs to open a Touch store already! …I also think that most of your fans get more emotional when they meet YOU! : ) You have inspired so many! …and it’s nice to finally show the guys that women know just as much about sports as they do!

Words that weep and tears that speak…

Bonsoir ma belle,

Hope you have fun and a rainbow of emotions Saturday; enjoy your great moment with your fans and the people you love.

If you open a store in Boston, could it be in October please? I will be there a couple of weeks this year! Play Off?!

T’embrasse fort


Thanks for the link to the article about Chris Young. It was great hearing from someone on the other side if the issue and I agree with a lot he said


Great article by Chris Young, Alyssa. Like he said in the interview, you can’t always focus on the negatives (like the media would like)…when you hear about all these MLB players “cheating” by taking steroids, you also have to think about all the other hard-working, honest ones that aren’t. Another great point that was mentioned was that this was all a few years back, it’s 2009 now and if you cheat you’ll be caught. Nuff said🙂
Anyways, thanks for posting a new entry. Love hearing from you – which is why I’m so stoked you are so active on twitter (now that I know what it is, LOL). I totally agree with your title for this entry too…such a sad starting game to the season. But still, at the same time our boys have so much potential this season. I can’t wait. I’m even trying SO very hard to score tickets to a game when I fly out to L.A. at the end of the month – super excited, my first time ever. How cool would that be?
Talk to you later🙂

I think a ticket to the Met game is needed for Saturday’s game. Unless seeing you is for for free.

Hey Alyssa! I wish I can see you at CitiField but you need a ticket to get in which I don’t have.😦 I would love to be there. I did though get to see you in Ridgewood NJ a few weeks ago and The NBA Store yesterday. I’m glad I got to speak with you for a bit at the NBA store, since in Ridgewood I only got to see you for less then 5 seconds. haha. But yea seeing you yesterday was one of the greatest moments of my life so far. I look up to you so much. It would be cool to chat with you about working on Charmed and other film stuff because I’m studying TV/Film Production and I want to be work my way up on becoming a producer someday. Its actually working out for me and I think its something I’m meant to do, but great actors like you is what keeps me inspired to never give up. Thanks for being so sweet at the signings. By the way, I just finished your book and I LOVED it and I LOVE Touch. Also, I wanted to tell you this the other day but totally forgot. Congrats on your engagment! I’m so happy for you!!!


hey alyssa!
im so happy for you!! i cant believe that TOUCH has blown up so well! thats great. hopefully after this you’ll open a store in the Dodger Stadium?!! that would be totally great because i cant seem to find a website with ALL your TOUCH apparrel in one placcee. thatd be amazingg!! :]
anywayss..i hope you have a great time in NY. i hope you come back to LA soon!!
– Karen😀

Hello!! Congratulations on the store!! I wish the best to you! The best of luck and God bless!! I know is going to be a total hit, because touch clothing line is amazing!! Thank you for the clothing line!! again, CONGRAS!!


Hi Alyssa.I’m glad to see your Dodgers are doing well.Thanks.

Whats up folks,

I’ve been going to high school games this spring, but I dont see much dirty play at high school level. Ty Cobb was dirty they say one of the worst. Anyway, sorry Alyssa I can not make it to your appearance at Mets game. I want to bring Alex, my girlfriends son who is 17 to meet you sometime. He plays second base and is alot like Eckstein, small, fast really good in field. Please keep posting where your promotions are so I can perhaps bring Alex to meet you. I promise I wont bring a goat to Dodgers stadium, its the Cardinals that need a permanent goat living beneath the stadium. Cardinals are just lucky, not good and lucky just plain lucky. I’m sick of their BS, jealous of their stadium and wish general mayhem and bad mojo for them.

Alyssa – On behalf of all Texas Ranger fans, I wanted to thank you and all Dodgers fans for the gift of Andruw Jones. Since he arrived in Rangers camp (okay, maybe after the 9 SOs in his first 10 at bats in ST), he has done nothing but produce offensively. So far this year, he is hitting .545 with a homerun, 3 doubles and 4 RBI. We also appreciate the Dodgers for paying the overwhelming majority of Andruw’s salary this year. Anyway, love your blog! Keep up the good work! And if you’re interested, check out my Rangers blog at

Thanks for the update Alyssa,

I can’t make it to New York this weekend but I’m hoping to make it to your book signing at UCLA next saturday. Are you still planning on being there?


Hi Alyssa,

I read the Chris Young article and I agree it is a compelling read. Unfortunately, a lot of fans are now taking the approach that players are dirty until proven clean. So many players (a lot of marquee names ) have been linked to the juice and have done such a horrible job of denying/covering up once they were linked, that people are cynical towards players of this era.

What’s up with Zito? Another arson job for the Zen Master against the Dodgers. He should donate his salary to The Battered Pitchers Shelter.

Good luck tomorrow at Citi Field. If I’m in the city I’ll stop by.

All the best,



Today (as it already is in NYC) must be one of the happiest days of your life!!! I’m as excited for you as if were there myself. I hope that this day is everything that you have dreamt it will be!!! Congratulations, Alyssa!!!🙂 :BIG HUG: -Steve

Hey Alyssa,
First I wanted to CONGRATULATE YOU on the GRAND OPENING of your TOUCH BOUTIQUE at Citi Field. Very PROUD of you…(I’ll get back to that later…)
Interesting article on Chris Young…At least some are starting to give their OPINION on the steroid issue. It’s too bad alot more wouldn’t be more VOCAL on the subject. I even heard a disscussion awhile back on Frank Thomas (the debate was whether he’s a future 1st ballot HOF cadidate or not) Mentioned the MVP that Giambi won and Thomas was 2nd (that he lost out on) But it was a good thought provoking article.
Saw alot more of you in NYC AGAIN (but that’s GOOD…). Citi Field looks GREAT. It just gets Cub fans wondering. How long Wrigley Field will be around. Everybody else seems to be getting NEW STADIUMS. I believe it’s just Fenway and Wrigley as the OLD ones left and ISN’T it DODGER STADIUM the 3rd OLDEST now? Can you BELIEVE that…But DODGER STADIUM still looks GREAT. If it wasn’t for the FIELD at WRIGLEY…Well let just say it pretty much a DUMP from the back of the stands to the outside of the park. IT’S JUST OLD… But I keep hearing rumblings of tearing down Wrigley and building a NEW one on the SITE. But that would require them to PLAY elsewhere for awhile. JUST RUMBLINGS…
Nice 7 straight for your DODGERS and my Cubbies WON on a WALKOFF HR in the 11th over those DREADED CARDINALS. Every game is like 1RUN either way. Just SOMETHING ELSE trying to WATCH them. (CUB AGNST ) NICE 1-0 MET win you got to see TODAY (SATURDAY). Hey NICE GRAND OPENING, it’s NICE to see your SMILE…
Now, back to my NEVER-ENDING QUEST on your blog entries. Now, you have me SEARCHING for a CLUE. The only thing I could see here was the word (PROUD). Now I used that to DESCRIBE a PIC, I posted on your WEBSITE awhile back. COINCIDENSE, I DON’T know… maybe you just TOYING with me or not… and I do use the (…) ALOT, BUT…
Alyssa, I still don’t believe you read ALL those TWITTER tweets. I think it would take ALL of your day to do it, but It’s still NICE of you to GIVE to your FANS. And like I’ve said before, you gained ONE for LIFE here in ME. So I wanted to THANK YOU for being the NICE person that YOU ARE…
PS. This is for one of your TWEETER tweets I saw today (greatest play):
He was a CUB then (1976) batted LEADOFF and hit 32 HR’s that year, CENTERFIELDER and yes ,I do remember him. traded to the Dodgers in 77 for (GEE, NOT a very good trade for your DODGERS (well they did get MONDAY who did play for the Dodgers thru 1984, but nothing spetacular) BILLY BUCKNER and IVAN DeJESUS. More on THEM later…
LATER ALYSSA, you’re still the GREATEST… and YES, I”M very PROUD of YOU too…

One more thought ALYSSA, Rick Monday will be 69 years old later this year. WOW…Isn’t he an announcer for the DODGERS now? Don’t make me look it up…I’m kidding. See, I had two thoughts, one of these comments mentioned Chick Hearn, the longtime LAKER announcer. See, I KNOW who he was, but do you know where he started his career at? PEORIA, IL as radio announcer for the BRADLEY BRAVES. Back in the late 40’s and early 50’s…he attended BRADLEY. He moved to LA in 1956. WOW… See, you LEARNED something. THANKS for continuing to PUT-UP with me ALYSSA. Later…………………………………………………….

WOW ALYSSA, (2) FIRST PLACE TEAMS. Now lets KEEP this GOING……………………………………………………………………..

Hey , if you want a suggestion for a NASCAR team for TOUCH, how about the Richard Childress Racing #31 team:
You never know you could end up in town trying one out:
You know they do that some….not kidding

WOW, East Peoria’s very own Joe Girardi – 22-4 losers, OW…Going to the Yankee game anytime soon… SORRY ALYSSA, I’m DONE…BYE


Another week in baseball….just finished listening to today’s ( Sunday) game and lets hear it for Matt…now lets carry over into the road trip and we’ll be just fine…Interesting article and I hope people will somehow begin to believe that Baseball is cleaning up and will hopefully stay clean….It’s nice to know you guys can rally now and will help keep people interested into the later innings even if things are going bad….I know I’m a truly evil person but I really like what’s happening to the Yankees….Just when you thought it was safe to go out there’s some kind of ash bat bug infestation…will this be the end of baseball??? Stay Tuned……..Mort…..PS the last couple of times I wrote I got timed out messages when I submitted and then duplicate messages. This time I’m keeping my fingers crossed ( which probably won’t help )….M

I agree about Chris Young – it’s about time some players started stepping up and clearing the air. Congrats on the store Alyssa.

You’re pretty popular in New York, Alyssa.
You’re all over the newspapers and you’re certainly making a hit.
Just like the Dodgers.
Joe Pierre

Alyssa –

Thanks for showing some love to my Padres. We can use all the support we can this year! Hope our strong start can continue. Congrats on your book, Touch, and everything else you have going on, wish I could have been out in NY to check out CitiField, its looks beautiful.

As a baseball fan thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of the Nationals wearing unis where the team name is spelled wrong, that is if you have not seen it yet:

Love the blog! Keep the posts coming!

Hi Lyss,

I’m now joining you here after Twitter and your website. Now I’m becoming more and more keen on baseball and I’m glad I can follow your updates and thoughts here.

See ya soon

Messaoud, France x

You can’t like the Padres, Alyssa, ever. Nothing about the Padres is a good thing unless they’re looking up at the Dodgers in the papers. It’s almost blasphemous to like the Padres, except that they’re priests. And so it goes.

Your book reads very well. Nicely done.

~ Will the Smiler

HEY ALYSSA, I was going to put this on TWITTER, but I changed my mind. I figure you have a better chance of SEEING it here. Plus that 140 thing…might be quite a few of those…
But anyhow , I APPRECIATE ALL your PET PICS. YOU KNOW they are all ADORABLE, but the one that “CAUGHT ME” was your GERMAN SHEPHERD. Not because it was a G.S., (but when I was a little kid, we did have one…) but it was just the way it was LAYING in the YARD. It just gets one to THINKING…
Theres a job that I don’t look foward to again. Living in the country and consisting of several acres of: LAWNMOWING. Awhile back, it was kindof fun. The anticipation of getting out and mowing after several months off. But as one gets older, the desire soon wanes (especially by about MAY…). But the REAL REASON this year, for the first time in 15 of those, I won’t have to manuever around HEIDI. (she died last fall, she was the pup that got dumped out and wandered in off the road one morning and STAYED. She was the “outdoor dog” that was never penned up or chained up”. She had “free run” of the place 24hrs a day and was NEVER any trouble.) HEIDI didn’t like the riding mower (one of those John Deere’s). I suppose it was the NOISE??? as she would move from one spot to another whenever I approached. And she always seemed to move to a spot where I hadn’t mowed yet. I think maybe it was some sort of “GAME” to her. The indentations are still in the ground from 15 yrs worth of laying in them too…. If dogs could talk, I always could imagine her looking up at me as I neared saying: “NOT AGAIN” as she got up to move. Had to be careful the last year or so, because she had pretty much lost all of her hearing and had to be looking at you before she would move. And not very “FAST” by then either as she would make me wait. But I didn’t mind.
But I’m sure not looking foward to this again, because I REALLY DO MISS HER, STILL… MAYBE its time to get another DOG…
Sorry for the SAD story Alyssa and hang in there on TWITTER. Don’t let THEM drive you out…TAKE CARE…,
P.S. ALYSSA, you’re still the NICEST and to keep this some sort of baseball related. EIGHT out of NINE isn’t BAD…

SORRY RICK MONDAY – I believe I gave you 5 extra years to your age. ME BAD. Hey ALYSSA, HAVE A VERY NICE DAY…

And ALYSAA, anytime you want to TWEET me, FEEL FREE too…
Like I always say……………………..and HANG IN THERE. There are ALOT of us out HERE that appreciacte all that you DO…
WHAT am I doing that causes these red dotted lines???

FORGET the part about the red dotted lines, they didn’t appear on the comment. LATER ALYSSA…

Alyssa, ME again. Having an “outdoor dog” that runs free and knowing that dogs and roads DON’T mix very well. Believe me, I’ve seen it firsthand…Not mine, but when I was a kid, I saw it happen to a neighbor’s. But having an an “outdoor dog” again…Well when she was little, in the back-of-the-head. You just always had that fear of unknown of what Heidi was doing with nobody around. Would you come home and find her on the road or in the ditch…Her only encounter with a vehicle (she did have one and it may have taught her a lesson) she was pretty small and she started chasing a truck in the lane (driveway) and there’s a curve in it. And as the truck was turning (NOT ME, but I saw it) she was chasing along side and sort of got “clipped” by a tire. She sort of “rolled over”, yelped once and got up and just “hightailed it” up to the backdoor. I think she LEARNED something from that as I don’t ever remember her chasing vehicles again. And that “FEAR” just kindof passed away…
Plus she had to live through all the “STORMS”, she would go get in her DOGHOUSE (well built wooden one covered with shingles- looked like SNOOPY”S) and she would just lay in there until it passed. If it was a really severe one, into the garage she would come…Had a TORNADO in 2003 that was about a mile away where it passed…
I mentioned all the “long walks” we would take…Even in the winter with snow on the ground. SNOW and COLD do not mix well with DOG PAWS. The snow gets up in between the pads of their paws and they will just stop and lift their paws off the ground. Usually after a minute or so off she would continue. But it only happened one time. I could tell she didn’t want to keep going, SO I ended up having to CARRY HER all the way back. AND WER’E TALKING about a 75 LBS LAB/COLLIE mix…WE BOTH SURVIVED but I always discouraged walking in alot of SNOW…
ALYSSA, did you know you’re a GOOD “SOUNDING BOARD”…and if I’ve ever OFFENDED YOU…Well you know I didn’t MEAN TO and I APOLOGIZE. I don’t think I have, but if I ever did…ALYSSA, TAKE CARE…
PS- 8 out of 10 isn’t bad either… Dodgers still in 1st…My Cubs back to 2nd as all we got tonight was some ERRORS by the starter… MILTON BRADLEY batting .043 now,********** batting .348, and out weak-armed SS Theriot .378…

MY ********** was supposed to be ********* .348. MUST BE TIRED……………………………………………………….BYE

WHY IS IT DOING THIS,********** .348


Hey Alyssa, What is this, CY YOUNG BILLINGSLEY…and yes, I’m still the #1 commenter…
One more thing on HEIDI, at times in the middle of the night, she would start woofing (like 1 woof every 15 seconds). In the “pitch dark” always facing west. But there wasn’t anything “OUT THERE”. It was rather annoying at first when she would wake one up, but after awhile it didn’t really bother…But she would always end it with a “HIGHER PITCHED WOOF”. I don’t know if she was waiting for a response or what???. It wasn’t all the time, but occasionally…
One of my last comments, I mentioned if I OFFENDED YOU…
and I haven’t been going to TWITTER at night lately. And I hadn’t really asked you anything…So today, I seen you were ON (noon here), so I quick asked you a ? about offending you. And I know now from 1 of your comments that they come so many and so fast…I know now you probably didn’t see it, but at the time I really thought I had offended you, because you were answering questions after I had sent mine. And I panicked (REALLY DID, I DIDN”T KNOW WHAT TO DO, I WAS JUST GOING TO LEAVE), but I quickly asked you another “rushed ?” about the GAME ON THE LINE, WHO…and you don’t know how RELIEVED I was when you asked me PITCHERS or BATTERS…Alyssa, you made my DAY, my WEEK,…ALYSSA, WHAT YOU DO…

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