L.A. Times Festival of Books Appearance – April 25

MeWithBook.JPGIf you are in the Los Angeles area come visit me tomorrow!

I am particularly excited about this appearance/signing. Why am I excited about this one in particular, you ask? My favorite Dodger blogger Jon Weisman will be the one asking the questions! He writes Dodger Thoughts.

And if you are a Dodgers fan, you must also check out his incredibly informative, passionately written book entitled, 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.

I’m reading the book now. It is an eloquent look at the Dodgers and a must read for anyone who is a fan of the team.

So… needless to say, I’m excited that I get to talk baseball tomorrow with Jon. I may even turn the interview around on him! You’ve been warned, Jon.

100Things.jpgHere is the info if you’re interested in coming to see us:

UCLA CAMPUS – Los Angeles Times Stage
1 p.m.: Interview Session with Jon Weisman
1:30 p.m.: Audience Q & A
1:50 p.m.: Book Signing for one hour

In regards to tickets, the book session is at an outdoor stage so there no tickets are necessary. You can just show up to the UCLA campus and walk over to the Los Angeles Times Stage! There are 400 seats available but plenty of standing room; they have had up to 1,000 people at that stage before with no problem.

I hope to see you there!


P.S. If you would like to see my behind the scenes video of my Citi Field visit, click here.

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Hi Alyssa

I for sure will be there tomorrow I can’t wait to see you and hear you talk baseball. I also bought Jon’s book Like you said its a great read🙂

can’t wait to see you Sweet lady

You may notice there is a little less of me…


I need to move to LA !

Have fun here, and if you didn’t have the time, friendly reminder: my review of your book is in the Offseason Blues blog !

Take care, and thanks for blogging

Messaoud, France x

Hey Alyssa!

Have fun! I hope I’ll get to see pics and vids of this interview🙂
Too bad I don’t live anywhere near LA, nor the US for that matter😛
I loved the video, it’s nice to see you so excited, I’m really thrilled for you. I hope you’ll have a great time!

Have a great weekend!



LOL I was just thinking the exact same things as the person above me!! I need to move to LA!!!!! But I actually do plan to🙂 Someday..haha. Anyways CONGRATS on the amazing success of your book Alyssa. You deserve it! You are an incredibly talented writer. I hope you write another book someday! I know you said it was hard to do, and you wanted to quit, but I’m SO glad you persevered! Go Alyssa! & that other book you were talking about sounds very interesting. I think I’ll have to go pick it up! Thanks for being so awesome Alyssa🙂 Have fun tomorrow!
Love, Katlyn

Have fun at the event Alyssa – Festival of Books is always a good time. Ironically I won’t be in town this weekend because I’m going to Denver for my Mom’s b-day. BUT the Dodgers are playing the Rockies (kismet!) so it’ll be my first Dodgers away game ever. Yay! Have fun and be sure to harass Jon as much as possible😉

Hi Alyssa,

I wish I was in Los Angeles tomorrow. I can’t be there, because I haven’t renewed my passport yet. I need to renew it soon so that I can go to Los Angeles and other places.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see pics and videos.

Thank you so much for being a wonderful person, Alyssa.

Have fun tomorrow !

Lots of love,

congrates on your books success
and are you comming to new england this year i need to have my touch baseball cap@new book signed signed melody-from cl-ri

congrates on your books success
and are you comming to new england this year i need to have my touch baseball cap@new book signed signed melody-from cl-ri

Hi Alyssa
I enjoyed your behind the scenes video of your Citi Field visit.
It’s a great looking ballpark isn’t it? Especially the outside’s “familiar looking” view. It certainly looks very familiar to an old guy like me.
WOW, what do you think of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda?
It makes me feel more at home than I did at Shea.
It makes me think of O’Malley when he said, “We’ll not be the Queens Dodgers”
He sure made a lot of L.A. fans happy.
I attended the Inaugural opening, with my daughter Claudine.
O’Malley might’ve taken the team out of Brooklyn, but not out of me.
We met once at Shea when I was with my daughter.
Joe Pierre


I guess I will have to ask for my 3rd, 4th…RAINCHECK…I’m starting to lose track. But “KNOCK ONE OUT OF THE PARK SATURDAY”…
WOW, Brad Ausmus…
? – GAME ON THE LINE, TIED at 3 in the 8th, 1 out bases empty. Who do you not want to face? OK, how about PUJOLS…GOOD ANSWER…He grounds one up the middle for a single, STEALS 2nd off MARMOL, and Ludwick hits one back up the middle, just off the SS’s glove, as PUJOLS scores. 4-3 GAME OVER. Cubs just aren’t hitting… as UNCLE LOU shakes up the lineup. Had Soriano batting 3rd. Down 3-0 in the 7th, CUBS score 2 and have the bases loaded-nobody out. And then proceed to score 1 run on a DP. SO CUBLIKE… Can’t get the 2out hit, the 1out hit ,the 0out hit… UGH…

Hi Alyssa.I saw your behind the scenes video,it is wonderful.You’re the greatest thing that ever happened.And,your Dodgers are playing great.Thanks.

I enjoyed your interview on Jim Rome’s show, Alyssa! You inspired me to assemble my baseball writings in one blog post.

I was at Game Two of the 1965 World Series with my dad when the Twins beat Koufax and the Dodgers. I was eight years old. Yes, L.A. stormed back and took the series but that wonderful memory will be with me always.

And then came 1987! (The Dodgers would have their magical carpet ride the very next year!) That was when the Minnesota Twins made their playoff run, eventually becoming World Series champions for the very first time.

As that magical season unfolded, I wrote a tribute to the team called “The Miracle Twins” and followed that up with “Thanks to the Twins” after they disposed of the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games. Fittingly, before the season had started, I had written a parody called “Hrbek at the Bat,” which was later published in “Joy in Mudville: The Big Book of Baseball Humor,” compiled by Dick Schaap.

Here they are. Hope you enjoy them!


Go Twins! (ummm, and Dodgers too!)

Phil Bolsta
Author of “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything” (www.sixtysecondsbook.com)

Hey Alyssa,
First, that really is a GREAT PICTURE of YOU on this blog entry and KEEP TWITTING your PET ones too. JUST ADORABLE… ALL of THEM…
Back to one of my earlier comments (I KNOW), but I mentioned, what turned out to be one of the GREATEST TRADES in CUB HISTORY. You know, that Rick Monday one to the DODGERS. Monday goes on to finish his career with the Dodgers and the Cubs got Bill Buckner and Ivan DeJesus. Bill (Billy Buck) Buckner was one of my FAVORITE CUBS (late 70’s -early 80’s). Mostly a first baseman, a little outfield. But a player that always HUSTLED and really had alot of PHYSICAL problems (bad ankles). He was like Pete Rose. I know this was before your time, but Rose always RAN to first base when he walked. Well Buckner did the SAME, even if it was a “gimpy run”. Ended up with over 2,700 hits and yes, he WON the NL BATTING TITLE with the Cubs in 1980. After 8 yrs with the Cubs he was traded during the 84 season to BOSTON (1984 was the 1st time the CUBS EVER DID ANYTHING that I had SEEN, even if they lost in the NLCS) for Dennis Eckersley. You probably only remember ECK as a CLOSER, but before that he was a SP. Now it seems like Buckner is only remembered for letting a ball go between his wobbly legs in the 86 WS. Some SO-CALLED JOURNALISTS seem to START SOMETHING and NEVER LET IT GO about some REALLY GOOD PEOPLE, EVEN TODAY…GIVE IT A REST and ALYSSA, that’s my COMMENTARY for TODAY)
Ivan DeJesus was an OK SS (decent player). Led the NL in RUNS back in 78 and also a TRIFECTA HOLDER for playing for the DODGERS, CUBS, and (yes) the CARDINALS too.
And yes, this MONDAY TO THE DODGER TRADE was one of the greatest in cub history. Not only did they end up getting ECK (decent SP for the Cubs), but they traded DeJesus to the Phillies in 82 for LARRY BOWA and RYNE SANDBERG.
One of these is Buckner with Joe Morgan, I better end this here to see how many E’s I made. Got to go watch the Cubs/Cards game (0-0 in the 4th) as you’re probably SIGNING about now (still working on getting one,but not real hard at it) to be cont…

Guess I should have continued here…Soon as I hit submit, well lets just say they just put a 3spot up on the board against my Cubs. GAME OVER, I think and I don’t think I’m KIDDING… Down 3-1 in the 5th (cubs just not putting any hitting together) and here’s a NICE STAT I heard last night. The Cardinal lead the NL in ERRORS (Puljols has 4) and look, they’re in 1ST. And they have another E today. GO FIGURE…
One of those pics of Buckner has Richie (the gravedigger) Hebner in it (yes, he did dig graves in the offseason – at least thats what they used to say -seemed to be alot of nicknames years ago) Bonus pic of Bucner:
Sorry, for my commentary, but I was also referring to You and some of the NONSENSE ( I toned it down) about YOU…
EX- GOV BLOGO (now they won’t let him leave the country to do that SHOW ? something about get me out of HERE) – and wasn’t THAT SHOW on a few years ago and now all of a sudden its back. But he’s doing PROMOS for it…SO WHAT, I don’t get it. But I have come up with a few TWITTER ?’s related to that, but I just never seem to ASK them. Which reminds me, I said I would ask you a Y or N one (which I didn’t and I may not) about your blog entries…See, now I’m looking closer at them (searching for something that might NOT BE THERE) I’m just the dumb Cub fan (still 3-1 Cards in the 6th). But that one TWEET with those 3 words in it, that was too much of a COINSIDENCE…Before I would read them and get that feeling, but anyhow ALYSSA, you’re still my FAVORITE…
Ever hear of this:
It’s that season around here. Find them, cook them, and eat them. (morel mushrooms) It’s what you did (when you were a little kid) go out in the timber,brush, and junk and look for them. It’s like “buried treasure”, you find a spot and you don’t tell anyone else where you found them. Its like a “BIG SECRET”. I USED to do it on and off, but NOT lately. (too much other stuff crawling around amongst them)
Bottom of the 7th, 3-1 still, NOT LOOKING GOOD…
ALYSSA, I always tell you these: Thanks for putting up with me and my comments, you’re still my FAVORITE, but more importantly, ONE of the NICEST… and also THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO…
Alyssa, TAKE CARE and keep us updated on your BOOK FESTIVAL appearance today. LATER, because you know I’ll RETURN, Curt
Ps- How many AUTOGRAPHS do you sign, like TODAY for instance. IF theres a TIME LIMIT, just CURIOUS and I’m NOT looking for an answer, but that’s OK…ALYSSA, you’re the GREATEST…

Another E, bonus pic of LA Dodgers Davey Lopes and Buckner (LOPES had the “big hair once too” and also was a CUB) http://tatsmyboy03.com/1111/target50.html and on the MORELS (as they are known) ONLY in ILLINOIS, but other STATES too. ALYSSA, I’m out of here, I think…


Alyssa, I covered the event for the LA Times Jacket Copy Blog. Here is the link: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/jacketcopy/2009/04/dodger-muse-and-author-alyssa-milanos-heavy-with-the-hugs.html

Despite me being a Padres fan I have to say nice job on the book. I read it prior to the event.

In HONOR of YOU and all the autographs YOU signed :
AND on a CUB bad note, I leave you with this:
(glad I didn’t see it LIVE too- are RULE 5 pitcher served it up)
Alyssa, have a GREAT WEEK and maybe I’ll see you on TWITTER (hint:come on in the AM again- MORE) Just look for my CUB logo.
PS – I HOPE this works…

ALYSSA- GOOD ANSWER even if the games NOT on the line.

Congrats on the success of your book – You are glowing! Awesome.


Alyssa – I met you at Citi Field. You were so personable and genuine. Thanks for that. I’m looking forward to reading your book. One comment about your new TOUCH store: love the clothes but, unfortunately, the store doesn’t carry larger sizes (a lament I heard from many women on line that day). Hopefully you can change that in the future and I can get one of those awesome peasant blouses. I am excited about your book and will probably blog-post about it when I’ve read it. Thanks again from NYC.

Another week in baseball….MANNYWOOD??..although come to think of it I’d pay a hundred bucks to sit there, just so I could say I had…Mort

Dear Alyssa,
I just finished reading your book and it really hit home for me. I’m a Jersey girl who moved to OH three years ago. (My hubby works for Ford Motor Co and when it closed in NJ he was transfered out here) My husband and I are always so homesick. But when we sit at the TV watching a Mets game with our son who is 5 and my daughter who is 5mo., its like we are at home again. We live outside of the Toledo area so we have to get the MLB package on cable, and we have xm to listen to the games. IOur neighors think we’re crazy when we sit in the drive way just listening to the games-but you get it. I can completely relate to your book. When we sit and watch our Mets we get a piece of home right here. We’re anxious to get to Citifield this summer and I’ll be checking out your store! Congrats! Oh and have you thought about a kids line? I’ve never been a fan of pink and all my daughter’s Mets outfits have the pink thing going on.
We all know she’s a girl-she doesn’t need the pink or a cheerleading outfit to prove it! LOL I hope you get this message because your philosophy on baseball and life rings true for us in the Romero household.


I wished you would have gave a few days noticed. I really wanted to meet you. When are you coming back to the LA area? Hope to see you soon.

Dodger Fan,


I wished you would have gave a few days noticed. I really wanted to meet you. When are you coming back to the LA area? Hope to see you soon.

Dodger Fan,

Hi Allysa – My wife and I have been Dodger fans for over 60 years. As a child, I lived in New Jersey, and either my Dad or my Uncle occassionally took me to Ebbets Field. When I was 5, we moved to LA. All the way through school I followed my team daily by radio and newspaper (on occassions, I “ditched” school to listen to the games. All of a sudden, in my junior year in High School, they moved to LA – at that age, that was the best thing that ever happened to me! I remained a good true blue fan ever since, but unfortunately life’s needs took us a long way away from Dodger Stadium. We are now retired in the state of Washington, so we don’t get to see them anymore (except on our MLB package on TV – almost every day!) But – We have saved up, and are planning a trip to LA to see the Dodgers whip the Giants on May 8th and May 9th. This will probably be our last visit to Dodger Stadium. We are also Allysa fans – you’re my favorite Dodger baseball analyst. I just bought your book, and we we’re hoping that you might be at one or both of those games so we could meet you and get our book signed by you. Of course we would also love to get some close up pictures of you and our Dodgers (I guess they might be hard to catch up with these days, huh?) Anyway, do you know if you will be attending any of those games? It would sure be an honor if we could meet you and ask you to sign our book. If you won’t be there, that’s the way it goes. But if you will, would it be ok to meet you and get our book signed? Thanx in Advance for any response, Allysa – I know you’re very busy. We’ve never blogged before, so we don’t even know if questions of this nature are appropriate. PS We also want to try to get Manny to sign his book that we bought! Sincerely, Gary and Carol

Hi Allysa,

I’m sorry I missed your book signing here in NYC a few weeks back. Nonetheless, I recently purchased and read it. One of the best baseball books I have read coming from the eyes (and heart) of a fan.

Born and raised in Pelham, NY (lower Westchester County), my earliest memories of MLB include day/night doubleheaders at Shea during the mid 1970’s. $5 to get in, a few dollars for a hot dog, soda, and of course a Mets program so I can score the games.

Your writings took me back to a time when baseball consumed my life. I saw some great ballplayers grace Shea Stadium (not many of them Mets however as I’m sure you know). Ballplayers that would become my heroes all throughout my childhood. I still love the game and am looking forward to sharing it with my children (Alexia, 2 1/2, and Kyle, 5 months).

It’s a different world today. You don’t see too many kids out playing baseball or stickball anymore. I think the time of the baseball hero because of what he does on the field is a thing of the past. I do think that if kids are taught the fundamentals of the game at an early age they can grow to appreciate the game for what it is, a game.

Would still love to get the book signed, so please post when you’ll be in the NY area signing again. Oh, and by the way. I can’t stand the beach balls either.


Hi Alyssa,

I’m sorry. I mispelled your name in the above post. Was typing with one hand and holding my 5 month old with the other.


Hi Alyssa,

I’ve been a long time fan of your work and also a fan of baseball. Mainly a Red Sox fan. I was relieved when Manny and the Dodgers FINALLY agreed to a deal, and yes, speaking from a Red Sox fan, Manny DOES bring a presence like no other. Besides the “Manny Being Manny” stuff, he can put up numbers like no body’s business. I just wish he can focus more on the outfield, cause he’s STILL “being Manny” with the Dodgers. Note, a recent blunder from a game last week on Sportscenter. I’m glad we got Jason Bay. Although, it was an adjustment to realize that Manny was gone. Just like when Nomar got traded, and when Johnny Damon went to the Yankees. Although, I REALLY miss the “One, Two Punch” of Manny and Ortiz. Now it’s more like the “One Punch” of YOUUKKK!!!! Oh Yeah, we got Brad Penny, remember him??? LOL! He’s not doing so well right now, he’s pitchin’ Sunday afternoon, and he better bring his A game! Our pitching has been less than superb lately. Thank goodness for Wakefield under the Dome!

I am about halfway through your book and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. I am a Braves, Marlins(thank you Steve Bartman) and Tampa Bay fan…..must be a southern thang. But I have the baseball package and I do enjoy watching the Dodgers at 10 o’clock…….and I always look for Vin’s broadcast. I love that guy! And of course, Skip Caray. I’m new to this bloggin’ thang……..but you know what? It’s fun! Oh, one more thing……….thank you for the glossary at the end of your book. I love the game and I pretty much know what is going on…but the glossary helped me with a couple of things I didn’t know. Take care, Gwen.

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