Kim Ng: The Reluctant Trailblazer


I went to a wonderful event today for “Kids In Sports”. The goal of this great organization is to create community led after school sports programs for children and youth in underserved areas of Los Angeles County. In 1996, KIS initiated the Girls In Recreation, Leadership and Sports (GIRLS) Program to recruit and attract young girls to the sports clubs.

At the luncheon, Kim Ng was honored for her excellence in raising awareness for women in sports. For those of my blog readers that may not be Dodgers fans and don’t know, Kim Ng was the youngest person to present a salary arbitration case in the major leagues at age 26. She has three World Series rings from when she was the Yankees assistant GM. She is the first woman to interview for a general manager’s position in Major League Baseball history. Recently, she was picked as one of the most influential people in the game by Baseball America. AND Kim Ng is the Vice President and Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I have always been an admirer of Ms. Ng. I would imagine that she doesn’t want to be known as a trailblazer. Like any woman who has achieved absolute greatness, she wants to be recognized for her brain and talent, not her gender. But, my God, what an amazing role model she is for women everywhere.

KimNg.jpgWhen she accepted the award, she spoke of growing up and what sports meant to her and her sisters (she is the oldest of 5). With humility, she told the crowd how sports gave her self-esteem during those pivotal years of teen development, and taught her of teamwork and commitment. Playing sports as a young girl, gave her the foundation to grow into the smart, successful, business, woman she is today.

The words Kim shared are actually statistically proven. Girls who play sports have higher levels of self-esteem. They have a more positive body image. They have the experience of success, learn of the hard work to achieve goals and how to deal with failure.

Kim Ng is a great spokesperson for the game of baseball and inspired me today.

After Kim accepted her award, she graciously took a picture with me. In that fleeting moment, I thought about asking her what the Dodgers were going to do with the bullpen or if she had any plans to get another set up guy or a starter (that could maybe go more than four innings, maybe? Please?). But somehow, in that moment, baseball didn’t seem relevant. I wasn’t there as a fan of the Dodgers. I was there as a fan of Kim Ng.


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Here’s hoping she gets a GM job soon! She’s a great talent and a wonderful asset to any front office. The Dodgers are lucky.

One more step for women everywhere. Alyssa you are also an inspiration to thousands of women of all ages. Just remember the more you smell the flowers the less they make you sneeze and that we all need to remember to breath no matter how things are going whether they are bad or good. Take care and see you on twitter. HUGZ

Count me as a fan of Kim Ng. I can’t wait to see her as a MLB General Manager. The spirit she talks about in Youth Sports (very coincidently I assure you) is almost exactly what I was wishing for in my most recent blog post —

We can not only protect the future of our favorite sport but also help a lot of kids by giving them the gift of baseball. The values that many people say is missing in today’s youth is what the spirit of teamwork and confidence built up in little league (and all youth leagues really) helps instill.

Whatever award Kim Ng receives is well deserved. She’s long overdue to rise in her profession.
Oh by the way Alyssa, the Dodgers have 4 pitchers that are averaging at least 5 innings:
Kuroda……5 (DL)
BIllingsley 6
Wolf……… 6
Stults is averaging 4, but he only had on bad outing.

Wow that is so cool. Thanks for the post Alyssa. Beautifully written and very inspiring.❤

I’m sure she’ll make GM very soon. We’re all the better for her being here a true inspiration for Women and also for all of us


Alyssa, i would like to thank you for that. She is a truly wonderful woman! Seeing someone that humble is a rarity in this everyman for themselves world we live in now.
Thank you also for keeping things in perspective. Baseball was truly irrelevant on this day.
Till next time,
Your loyal fan and fellow baseball crazy,

Hi Alyssa,

Very nice post – Kim Ng may be a general manager soon. Her story is inspiring.


wow!! that sounded awesome! congras to Kim Ng! she deserve everything she getting right now. is great to see a woman being so involve in sports like she is. we’re all very proud of her!! glad to hear you had a good time.
and also you Alyssa you’re also a great inspiration for us women! thanks for representing us! we’re very proud of all of your accomplishments!!
lot’s of love
your fan,baseball fan(go yanks), and your biggest supporter..
God bless!!


Great post! From my experience volunteering in inner city programs and coaching kids, I know first hand what a sports experience will do for kid’s lives. Just as you said, the self esteem boost is huge! They smile so big when they accomplish something they once thought was impossible. It’s those moments that the kids never forget, and will carry with them for the rest of their lives. In addition, they learn so many other skills, like perseverance, working as a team, etc. Unfortunately, the cost to play many of today’s sports are out of reach for many families. It is my hope that ALL kids have access to the sports they want to play!

Thanks again for sharing this story and honoring and amazing woman, Kim Ng.

All the best,


Hi Alyssa.I enjoy reading new blog,I think women are very smart and holds the key to great success.Your photo is gorgeous.Thanks.

Hi Alyssa,

Very nice post about Kim Ng ! I don’t know her, but I see she does very good things for the sport. And I think her story is interesting.

Thanks for the post, Alyssa !


Hey Alyssa,
I remember first hearing about KIM when she was working for the SOX. Then last year, I saw an article on her where she was an ASST GM with the DODGERS. And all the things she’s had to endure along the way. The sexism of being a female in another of the so-called “GOOD OLE BOYS NETWORK, her Chinese heritage (even though she was born in the US). Lets hope a forward-thinking OWNER hires her to be a GM. Not because of her gender, but because of all her accomplishments and the fact that she hase EARNED the opportunity too. And I too know she would make a good GM. What KIM has had to endure sort of reminds me of what you had to when you started your BLOG and wrote your BOOK. Oh, what does SHE KNOW and who cares what SHE HAS TO SAY. It was all just a bunch of “@%#@”. And I for one am glad you continue to WRITE and SPEAK your MIND. Because I’ve found out you KNOW just as much and MORE about BASEBALL then the ones that alway want to criticize…You KNOW I’m a FAN of yours and I’m hoping that KIM get her shot at RUNNING a MAJOR LEAGUE TEAM. SHE WOULD MAKE A GOOD GM…
Alyssa, that KIDS IN SPORTS looks like a very worthwhile organization…and you know what, I didn’t even STRAY…
ALYSSA, you know…and TAKE CARE,
PS- I’ll stray the next time…

I tried to Direct message you on Twitter but you aren’t following me😦 so I thought I’d try to get you here. I caught your rescue fever. We just adopted a cute aussie/lab mix named buddy.

you inspired me🙂

Very inspiring!

BTW… do you play MLB fantasy baseball? Your blog caught my attention because the last two years I have had a player named “Touch ’em all” in the leagues I am in.

Keep up the Blog, what I’ve read has been interesting!


Hey Alyssa, KIM NG would be a GREAT ASSET to ANY TEAM, let it be as a GM NEXT…
I told you I would STRAY some, plus now I’ve been TOLD by others that they READ ALL of my COMMENTS. Talk about a little intimidation, I didn’t KNOW that or even THOUGHT about that. Getting a little WRITERS CRAMP now, so MANNY stay close. First, there was a NICE COMMENT on May2 by a GARY and CAROL under the LA TIMES FEST of BOOKS entry. You probably get requests like that all the time, but I thought it was REALLY NICE. And yes, I do READ the comments too and yes, I would also say I’ve been guilty of using your blog for sending FANMAIL too. IT’S JUST…
I sent you a TWEET today (good news- NATS, CUBS…) and it stayed that way 6-1 W’s for both teams. TED LILLY 8IP 1ER 10K’s and he hit a 2B. IT’S NICE TO SEE A PITCHER SWING THE BAT…ZAMBRANO has PH in the last 3 games and is 1-3. But LILLY said something PROFOUND after the game : AS A PITCHER, IT’S NICE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE THE CATCHER SOMETHING TO WORK WITH.
And my RANT last year, HAVING the PITCHER BAT 8TH. I see TORRE has been DOING IT with PIERRE. LaRussa always does it to have more batters in front of PUJOLS (by the way PUJOLS had the DAY OFF in the NATS WIN today).
And speaking of uniform pant legs dragging on the ground (IT’s THE STYLE), last night I was watching the SOX/RANGERS game and I saw the TEXAS pitcher BALK because his cleats got caught on his pants leg during the windup. YOU DON’T SEE THAT EVERY DAY… and saw PEORIA’s own JIM THOME go OVER the 1500 RBI MARK, with his BASES CLEARING DOUBLE (almost his 546 HR):
One more thought, if you need a TOUCH NASCAR team. Remember the RICHARD CHILDRESS RACING #31 team. He’s another GOOD GUY too:
Got to go watch the KENTUCKY DERBY on TV, MUSKETT MAN to WIN. That’s just a WILD GUESS on my behalf. But such BEAUTIFUL HORSES (YOUR’S TOO). WHY would anyone want to HARM HORSES or any other ANIMALS. JUST SENSELESS…

Another E for me, thats:
I HOPE this works, BYE ALYSSA…

Sorry, THANKS for PUTTING UP with ME, Thats:

Hey Alyssa, my predictions NEVER seem to work out. MUSKET MAN 3rd…the longshot MINE THAT BIRD wins..
AWESOME LOOKING…Hey, BIG GAME 7 tonight……………

Hmm, sounds like the Dodgers are extremely lucky to have Kim as one of our directors of operations. One would have to be knowledgeable of this sport to achieve such an honorable position within the Dodgers organization, big Kudos indeed!
Pretty cool to see the team winning so much, let us hope it continues.

Hi Alyssa .. I found a short video clip of Kim Ng speaking after reciving her award


Kim Ng is brilliant. I wish the Astros would have hired her to be the GM instead of Ed Wade. As far as starting pitching woes, be glad you’re not an Astros fan. You’d be crying 80% of the time.


Another week of baseball….What a great entry, I love learning new and interesting facts about baseball and you should feel really lucky she’s in the Blue corner….Ya, asking about pitching would have been a bit much, but darn I wish you had :)…..Noticed my Ken Griffy Jr autograph series glove is getting a little worn along the fingers from scooping up all the grounders and I’m not sure what I’m going to do….not going to buy an A Rod glove and that’s for sure.Blue’s up by 3 as I write this, I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed……Mort

WHAT’S with the DODGERS, ALYSSA??? DID you EVER see THIS HAPPENING…? AND I’M GIVING YOU another W and it’s only in the 8th. And HIT into a TRIPLE PLAY. ALYSSA, HAVE YOU EVER WITNESSED a TRIPLE PLAY in PERSON BEFORE? WERE YOU at DODGER STADIUM TONIGHT??? Thats almost like getting no-hit and still winning. WELL, SORT OF or maybe NOT…ALYSSA, LATER…Curt

Hey Alyssa, me again. KEEP SMILING…Now are best PH goes on the DL while beating out a BUNT for a HIT. VERY CUBLIKE…REMINDS ME of 1985, the year everyone (OR MOST) predicted them to WIN after losing the 84 NLCS. YES, I DID LOOK THIS UP, BUT I REMEMBER WATCHING IT ON TV…MAY 18th playing the BRAVES in ATLANTA with a 1st place record of 21-11. The RED BARON Rick Sutcliffe(84 CY YOUNG winner) was running to 1st, trying to beat out a DP. When suddenly, he PULLS UP LAME (torn hamstring) and goes on the DL. Then the season start to go downhill…………….as if I remember all to welll. Eventually all 5 STARTERS ended up on the DL at various TIMES OF THE SEASON…AND ENDED UP THE YEAR AT 77-84-1. A TIE, WHAT THE H—(SORRY) IS THAT? I DON’T REMEMBER TIES in BASEBALL. ALYSSA, HOW MANY TIES HAVE YOU SEEN? (and I don’t mean spring training). SO I LOOKED CLOSER and THERE IT WAS, SEPT 8th WRIGLEY FIELD vs REDS 5-5. That had to be one of those CALLED because of DARKNESS games that they had all the TIME before LIGHTS. AND ALYSSA, your DODGERS took 7 out of 12 that year. WOW…
ALYSSA, you’re the GREATEST…Later again, Curt

Me Again, 1985 are top pitcher was ECKERSLEY 11-7. The other SP’s- STEVE TROUT- 9-7, RICK SUTCLIFFE- 8-8, SCOTT SANDERSON- 5-6, and DICK RUTHVEN- 4-7. I remember them well. DODGERS now 11-0 at HOME…will they ever lose…ALYSSA, I’m out of here…for NOW…

It’s very nice and interesting blog entry, Alyssa!
About Kim: I don’t know her, but after I read it, I can say that : She’s an amazing woman with strong personality.
and about sport: (like I wrote on twitter), sport should be important for everyone🙂

Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez tested positive for a banned performance-enhancing substance, incurring an immediate 50-game ban and serving the highest-profile reminder yet that the use of such drugs in the testing area may have been reduced, but not eradicated.

Major League Baseball plans to announce the suspension later today. Ramirez, a baseball source told, explained to baseball officials he was uncertain that he was taking a banned substance and may have had a medical reason for using the substance.

The source said the substance was not classified as a steroid but was clearly defined as a banned performance-enhancer according to the drug agreement between baseball the players association. Banned substances can only be taken with prior knowledge and medical clearance from baseball’s drug program administrators. Such exceptions are known as Theraputic Use Exemptions, or TUEs. The suspension is an indication that Ramirez did not have a TUE for the substance.

Ramirez is the first major star to be suspended under baseball’s stricter drug-testing rules that went into effect in 2003. Until now, baseball and the players union have portrayed drug use in baseball has having been nearly eradicated in the past few years, pointing out that the major drug-related stories – involving Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez and the revelations in the Mitchell Report – involved drug use prior to the 2003 tightening of the program.

Ramirez ranks 17th on the all-time home run list with 533. Eight of those top 17 home run hitters played in what is commonly referred to as The Steroid Era. And six of those eight modern-day sluggers have been associated with performance-enhancing drugs: Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez. The only modern sluggers to have escaped such a connection are Ken Griffey Jr. and Jim Thome.

I’m mad honked off about Manny news. Not joking like I do about everything else, I’m serious for once. I did not do steriods because I’m too frickin lazy to do the workouts. They told me takin the pills and watching Johny Carson would not make me faster that I had to actually work out 3 times a day and eat like a pig to make them work. So I declined since I was already the fastest guy, but I did worry about someone being faster since the took roids. I thought Manny was like me, too lazy to do the workouts that go with steriods. I seriously never thought he was on them cuz I never ever thought he’s do the workouts, like me. I hate being wrong. My first comment is I feel like the kid in 1920’s who said to Joe Jackson JUST SAY IT AINT SO JOE< JUST SAY IT AINT SO! So JUST SAY IT AINT SO MANNY JUST SAY IT AINT SO. Thought he was lazy like me, now he’s not, I aint happy!

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